November 2011 Issue - The Woodroffe School

November 2011 Issue - The Woodroffe School


November 2011



More and more parents/guardians are using our on-line payment system,

Wisepay, to pay for trips, uniform, school meals etc. and we strongly recommend

all parents use this system. The system is a web-based application, managed

and maintained in a secure data centre. All users are able to access the service

on-line using a standard internet connection. There is a link from the school’s

website. Parents are able to pay by debit or credit card. The system is accessible

24/7 allowing parents flexibility to pay at a time and place that suits them. We

also have a computer available in school which can be used by parents who do

not have access to the internet at home. Please contact the school for details. We

recommend that students do not bring cash into school and the school will not be

held liable for any lost cash.

Cashless Catering

The new cashless catering system has been up and running for just over a month.

There have been a few teething problems but these are being sorted out gradually.

Parents can see what their children are eating on a daily basis via Wisepay.

There is a set daily spend limit of £4 on the system which parents can increase or

decrease as they wish but the school needs to have this instruction in writing or

via email. Please note we do not allow students to ‘overdraw’ on their accounts so

parents/carers need to ensure that they ‘top’ up their child’s account regularly to

ensure they have enough money to purchase food.

We have been made aware that some parents are sending in small amounts of

cash for the school to put this money onto their child’s Wisepay account. We will

be unable to accept cash payments for school meals from now on.

Be the First to Get the News

Sign up to Parentmail and be the first to receive Rough Notes plus any information

concerning the School such as bad weather arrangements. It’s so easy, all you

have to do is send your email address to Alix Smith (asmith@woodroffe.dorset.sch.

uk) to set up your Parentmail account.

Health & Safety

Please would parents/guardians NOT

pick up or drop off students outside the

school buildings before and at the end

of the day. This causes problems with

traffic as the school drive is only single

lane. There is no reason why students

cannot be dropped off in bus bay or

along by the zebra crossing so they walk

up to school.

Bus Bay

Please would parents/guardians not

park in bus bay either at the end of

school or when you are waiting for a

school trip to return. It makes it very

difficult for coaches to park and students

to alight safely if there are cars blocking

the bus bay. Also please do not park

where you might cause an obstruction or

reduce visibility for other car users and

the buses – especially at the right hand

side of the school drive.

Stay Warm this Winter

If there’s one place in School that’s

really exposed to the elements, it’s got

to be Top Pitch. So what better way

to wrap up than with a pair of tracksuit

bottoms and a named hoodie. Available

from the School Shop or online via

Wisepay, students are guaranteed a

little warmth as the weather gets colder!

You’ll also find Navy V-neck jumpers

stocked in the Shop, perfect for wearing

under the School blazer!

There has been some confusion with

the Wisepay system and the shop. The

Biometric System (finger recognition)

cannot be used in the shop. Uniform

items costing more than £10.00 can be

purchased online using Wisepay and for

convenience, ties can also be bought at

a cost of £6.00.

All proceeds from the Shop are returned

to the School to support the students’

education. Many thanks for all the

support you continue to give.

Gillian Butcher, Shop Manager.

01297 445435

Students on Site Early

We are seeing a number of students

arriving early in the morning, some

before 8.00am. The school is not open

to students until 8.30am and accepts no

responsibility for them if they are on the

school site before this time.

Harvey Werb

Now that the sudden visit of the

Ofsted team is fading into the

distance, it is worth taking a

moment to reflect upon the reality of

what goes on in class at Woodroffe and

the experiences of students as they

pursue their day-to-day studies. Two

recent incidents illustrate what I mean.

First, as part of the last staff training

day, we asked three students to

show us some of the things they had

been working on recently. Harvey

Werb took us on a journey through

his ICT experiences at Woodroffe,

demonstrating astonishingly

sophisticated website design skills;

Dominic Kirtley entertained us with

an enthusiastic introduction to the

complexities of the music industry,

demonstrating each stage in the

production of a cover version of a

song he and his friends had recorded

and then transformed using the music

program Logic Pro; and Moss Hayman

left us all thinking about how limited

our own ICT skills were as he showed

us a series of fascinating videos

created using sophisticated animation

techniques. Usually it is members of

staff who lead our training sessions but

this was much more powerful. Teachers

were really excited by what they saw

and inspired by the skills and maturity of

the students. It is sobering to think that

there are, in fact, many students working

at the level of the three described above

all over the school and it is always a

pleasure to pause for a moment to

celebrate their achievements.

The second incident relates to a reading

class I took part in recently. A group

of students was asked to read Chinua

Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and be

prepared to join in a discussion of

the novel for two hour-long sessions.

Though not particularly well known, the

novel is a classic of African and, indeed,

world literature, and was undoubtedly

new to the students. Any doubts I may

have had regarding the class’s ability

to appreciate the complexities of the

story were quickly dispelled by both the

intensity and the depth of the discussion.

Given the right stimuli, it is clear that

students of this age can take part in

complex and intellectually challenging

discussions, which would not be out of

place among groups of undergraduates.

Both events serve to remind us what

we are here for. It was very heartening

to learn that we were successful in

jumping through the Ofsted hoops but

an appreciation of the depth of learning

going on all over the school is a much

more profound experience.

Ofsted were right, this is an outstanding

school but it is the quality of the

students’ involvement in their day-to-day

learning which makes it so.

Dr R P Steward


Sculpture Inspiration for Sixth Form

Early October saw 16 Sixth Form Art students visiting the beautiful grounds of the Roche Court Sculpture Park near

Salisbury. Hosted by fantastic teacher in residence, Briony Biles, the group were provided with a tour of the park with

expert commentary, viewing some genuinely thought provoking and internationally renowned artwork.

The work supports students’ 3D projects on the Art and Applied Art courses,” said Mr Vine, who organised the visit. “Being

able to get so close to these sculptures in such fabulous surroundings is a great advantage to their studies.”

The group also paid a visit to Salisbury Cathedral in the afternoon where Sean Henry’s numerous figurative sculptures are on

display. Many students also took the opportunity to look at the Magna Carta.

Life Drawing Success

Twenty students attended a series

of evening life drawing sessions in

the Thornton Pearn Studio organised

by Head of Art and Digital Technology,

Mr Vine. Aimed at honing their skills the

sessions provided particular support for

their AS and A2 Level Art and Design


Students started each session with

a series of short warm up drawing

exercises before developing their

observational skills on a long pose.

“We firmly believe that providing this sort

of additional opportunity for students is

crucial to their growth and development

as an artist, building confidence in their

own abilities and a better understanding

and appreciation of Art,” commented Mr


The work will contribute towards the

students’ A2 Level portfolio which will

also help in preparing for their Higher

Education interviews.

The sessions will run again in the spring


Dia de los Muertos

Year Nine students on the new Graphics course celebrated the 2nd November

Dia de los Muertos festival by putting the finishing touches on their ‘practical

graphics’ group project: a bench adorned with personal stamps based on Mexican

Iconography. The students looked at the mix of Aztec belief systems and Spanish

Catholicism that merged to create characters like La Calavera Catrina, the

celebration’s key figurehead immortalised in the artwork of Jose Posada Nad

Manuel Manila. Ideas and envelopes complete with their designs were developed

using adobe illustrator.

Love Art? Join Art Club!

Art Club has proved to be a real success with a large number of Year 7 students

attending each week. If you enjoy art, would like to improve your skills and

learn new ones, then Art Club is the place for you. You’ll find the club every Monday

lunchtime in C14. See Mrs Bowskill.

Taking Art to the Next Level

There are already 25 Year 8 students

who are keen to take their Arts

Award. They have been inspired by the

ten Year 11 and Year 12 students who all

passed their Silver Level and received

their certificates at the beginning of term.

Through Silver Arts Award, students

have the opportunity to develop their

arts skills and understanding, lead

activities in the art form of their choice,

and achieve a Level 2 qualification.

Here are some of their comments

about the award: “The leadership part

has helped me feel more confident

about working with young people”. “It

was useful finding out about careers

and opportunities and meeting people

involved in the Arts”. “I enjoyed the

‘Challenge’ part where I learnt a new


If you’d like more information about the

Arts Award scheme, please see Mrs


London Inspires Sixth Form Textiles

Big Ben, the London Eye and

Westminster Abbey set the scene

for what proved to be a truly inspiring

Textiles visit to London! Travelling up on

the Friday before half term, we kicked

off our weekend with a trip to the theatre

to see Billy Elliot, which was absolutely


Saturday morning saw all ten of

us up early and off to the National

Theatre where we had a tour with Miss

Barnes’ uncle who showed us all the

sets being made for upcoming shows.

He also took us to other fascinating

departments including the Wig

Department which we all loved. The

wigs were so realistic!

Then we went to the Tommy Nutter

exhibition, a renowned tailor who was

responsible for reinventing the Savile

Row suit in the 1960s. Berwick Street

provided the source for many of the

fabrics we needed for the Textiles

course – the main priority for the trip!

We also saw a number of designer

shops on our travels including Browns,

Vivienne Westwood where we saw Pete

Burns and from there we came across a

selection of vintage fabric shops!

Savile Row was awesome, Miss Barnes

introduced us to Oswald Boatang,

Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and the

Mulberry shops - the customers were

as fascinating as the products - no

purchases were made, but it was a treat

to be able to see these designers first

hand. To finish off a great, but tiring, day

we went to Convent Garden and had a

meal in an Italian restaurant which was

by the Royal Opera House, keeping our

eyes open for famous people!

Sunday involved a stroll down Sloane

Street. Starting at an early hour meant

there was no-one around but that

was great as we studied each window

display and saw all the amazing

buildings especially Harvey Nichols

which had the best window displays we

have ever seen!

After gazing at what we could never

afford we went over to The Victoria and

Albert Museum focusing on the costume

area. There were many costumes

including some from the Lion King which

inspired some great drawings! To finish

off our trip we went to some more fabric

shops including Peter Jones where the

last of us managed to find the materials

for our course projects - finally!

A truly great trip which was very inspiring

for all of us! Thanks Miss Barnes and

Mrs Humphreys!

By Hannah Gait, Alex Morgan and Joy

Hayman, Year 12

Year 9 Foodies Visit Local Hotel

Last week Year 9 food students from

the Woodroffe School visited the

Mariners Hotel for afternoon tea. As

part of their choice of pathway including

business and design the pupils were

taken to the Mariners Hotel Restaurant

for an afternoon tea. They enjoyed a

very thoughtful menu designed to give

them a good understanding of what

afternoon tea is. The menu consisted

of sandwiches with a variety of fillings,

scones with jam and cream, a lovely

spread of cakes and coffee and tea.

The students were treated to brilliant

hospitality and all recommend the

services of the Hotel for anyone looking

for a traditional afternoon tea. The pupils

from Woodroffe will now continue with

their topic of afternoon tea. At the end

of term the students intend to impress

a teacher with their cooking and social

etiquette skills.

Alfie Bellworthy, Year 9

River Cottage Sets the Scene for Sustainability

The Year 11 GCSE Food & Nutrition groups spent a very informative and

enjoyable two hours at Park Farm. We accessed the farm in a covered trailer

pulled by a tractor and immediately felt we had left our busy lives in the car park as

we descended the bumpy track.

We were welcomed by our guide, Steve, the Farm and Events Manager, who

explained the principles behind River Cottage HQ. Their aim is to be less

dependent on the outside world and produce food with integrity. In the dining room

the food that guests enjoy is home grown, local and seasonal produce prepared

by a team of chefs which included Neil Matthews an ex–Woodroffe student (he

seemed pleased to see Miss Kabia!).

The chefs took the time to explain the processes behind the recipes they were

preparing and we watched fish being, skinned, boned and stuffed with great skill.

Ingredients included food that had been foraged and grown by the staff. We saw

the butchery area, bacons being cured and bread making.

Park Farm has developed a holistic approach that ensures nothing goes to waste,

from the materials sourced to the systems used. They try to have minimal impact

on the environment. There are numerous systems like a bio-mass boiler that is

fuelled with clearings from local forests, to the reed beds used to process effluent

from the site; sustainability has been the overriding focus of the projects on the


We were lucky enough to meet the Home Economist who works on the new

television series of River Cottage who explained the making of a ‘segment’ for the

programme and saw the preparation that takes place before filming.

We had a lovely morning despite being fed edible flowers and look forward to the

visit to Woodroffe by Neil who has promised to do some demonstrations for us.

Year 11

Drugs and Ethics @ Bristol

In October the A2 Biology students

travelled to @Bristol to take part in

a health workshop. Their first task

was to isolate, then combine certain

chemicals to produce a drug for the

potential treatment of Parkinson’s

disease. During the practical session,

they were able to gain hands on

access to a range of techniques used

in scientific laboratory. After lunch they

were able to measure the success

of their experiments using thin layer


In addition to the practical workshop, the

students had the opportunity to discuss

the ethics behind the development of

drugs and the treatment of patients with

a range of diseases. They also spent

time exploring the interactive exhibitions,

enjoying the DNA/heredity displays and

the under 8s dinosaur play area!

Maths Students Take First Place

On Friday 7 th October a small team

of Maths students (Chris De Bank,

Ben Sivier-Voller, Duncan Love, and

Ed Firman) attended a practice Senior

Maths Challenge Team competition in

Blandford Forum.

They were asked to solve challenging

Maths problems working effectively as

a team. In two out of three of the tasks

they had to use the other pair’s answers

to solve their own problems, which

required a high degree of cooperation.

The four boys worked together really

well, trying out different pairs in the

practice session.

In the mini competition they came equal

first out of nine other teams from all over

Dorset and Wiltshire.

Dr C Kelly

Creating Your Future

5.30pm, Tuesday 29 th November

If you’re a Year 11 student or parent

thinking about the next step, then

come and discover what The Woodroffe

School Sixth Form can do for you.

Starting at 5.30pm on Tuesday 29 th

November, The Sixth Form Launch

Evening promises to be packed with

information about each subject area and

the range of extra-curricular activities on


Meet the team of tutors and teachers

and take the opportunity to discuss the

right course choice for you.

Rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted, the

Sixth Form offers a comprehensive

choice of subjects and extra-curricular

opportunities guaranteed to give you the

right start in creating your future.

“We are committed to delivering

academic excellence,” says Jim

Thomas, Head of Sixth Form. “But we

also focus on the students as individuals

providing pastoral care to help them

grow and mature. We are extremely

fortunate to have an experienced and

highly skilled team of tutors, teachers

and support staff who all encourage

passion and motivation in each subject

and school life in general.”

The dedicated and

passionate leadership by

the head of sixth form and

the wider school team has

ensured a highly effective

sixth form.”


The new Sixth Form prospectus and

application form will be available at the

event and from the Sixth Form office

(email:6formadmin@woodroffe.dorset., and on the School website from

30 th November.

Students at The Woodroffe

School achieved excellent

results at A2 Level in 2011.

• 25% achieved A*/A grades

• 99% pass rate (gaining

grades A* - E)

• 6 students achieved 3 or

more A*/A grades

• 49% gained A*, A or a B

• 90% of the 2011 Year 13s

progressed onto a Higher

Education course

Students Star in CBBC Show!

Very early in the morning on 8 th

October, six star-struck Woodroffe

students and their parents went on set

in Lyme Regis to film an episode of

the forthcoming CBBC show, The Big

Adventure. The programme was all

set on the Jurassic Coast and involved

the students and their parents carrying

out several crazy challenges with five

celebrities. The production company

kept us all in suspense right up until the

last minute, but we had already guessed

that Jedward would be two of them, as

they had already been seen in Lyme.

You will have to watch the programme

to find out more about the crazy stuff

we did, but let’s just say it involved

crushing a car, gunge and dinosaur poo!

We travelled all over the Jurassic Coast

area to film the programme, right down

to Portland, and were very tired by the

end! You can see the programme on 5 th

December on CBBC.

George Chantler, Year 8

Oliver Brown, Year 7: “My favourite

part of the day was when we crushed

the car with Edward!”

Max Bowskill, Year 7: “The Big

Adventure was awesome, especially

as we met some great celebs and did

some awesome activities.”

Harry Eastwood, Year 9: “The Big

Adventure was a fantastic experience

and I really enjoyed gunging John!”

Isla Lorenzo, Year 7: “Today was

an adventure and very interesting. I

loved it!”

Jack Ratcliff, Year 8: “It was weird

being with Jedward all day but I

got used to it and they weren’t as

annoying as I expected!”

Under a Foreign Sky

The Theatre Centre recently came

into school to perform ‘Under a

Foreign Sky’. The story follows three

immigrants who have travelled to

England to escape their previous lives,

to start afresh.

Drina is a 14 year-old, who wishes to

reunite with her mother after ten years

apart. Bojan is a young, exciting chef

who wants to make it big in Britain

at the age of just 19. Also, Ibi is a

12 year-old boy who, as soon as he

arrives in the airport, gets lost in the

busy environment and mysteriously

disappears. Throughout the play we

learn about the different relationships,

fears and ambitions immigrants have

when they want a new start in a foreign

country. However, the experience can be

very different to the way they originally

thought their lives would change.

The use of sound effects and music in

the performance added a lot by helping

to set the scene and let the audience

imagine the place, for example, at

the very beginning when the actors

were at the airport. The music during

the performance was also very good

for creating suspense and tension,

underneath the actor’s dialogue and

actions. Without the music, the play

would not have been as gripping.

The actors used many different skills to

perform and deliver the play very well.

They engaged the audience by walking

around and talking openly to us. They

did this to particularly great effect when

Elma, the Serbian investigator, showed

the audience a poster of Ibi by walking

around the edge of the stage, holding it

up for us to see. This made us feel as if

we were part of the performance.

The actors also changed their accents,

so that it was more convincing. By doing

this, you could easily distinguish who

was who and it absorbed you into the

overall foreign feel to the play.

I think the message that was being

portrayed in the play was that

thousands of immigrants try to go to

foreign countries to have a new start.

However, because they are vulnerable

in a new, strange country, people

like to take advantage of them. They

especially like to use children, as they

are inexperienced. We can see this has

happened with Ibi in the play and so I

can see how this relates to the issue of

child trafficking. The playwright is trying

to bring attention to the fact that this is

wrong and immigrants should be given

chances to succeed with their ambitions,

like the people that live in that country.

I felt a bit sad at the end of the play, as

I realised how immigrants can be taken

advantage of so easily. I feel that they

should get the same opportunities as

everyone else. Overall, I thought the

story of the play was intriguing and the

actors made everything fit together for

the audience.

Rosa Sawer, Year 9

The Dark Lady of DNA

Her ideas stolen by male colleagues,

Rosalind Franklin is a scientist we

should all have heard of, but few of us

ever have. Her work was instrumental

in the discovery of DNA. This 30 minute

play, performed by our talented A2

Drama students and starting at 6pm on

1 st and 2 nd of December, is a devised

piece exploring the life and work of this

eminent, but unrecognised, scientist

bringing her story to a wider audience.

B# Hit the High Notes

2 0th October saw the culmination of

the B# Project with a very successful

performance in the Thornton Pearn


Panto Hiigh Jinks for Year 7

Please don’t forget to return the

consent form and payment for the

Year 7 pantomime visit. All Year 7 with

their tutors and co-tutors will be going

to watch ‘Cinderella’ at the Octagon

Theatre in Yeovil on Wednesday 14 th

December. Leaving at 11.30am, we will

return at approximately 4.30pm. It will be

great fun!

Ms A Cruwys-Finnigan

Sixth Form Explore the History of


On Friday 4th November the Sixth

form Music and Music Technology

students went on a trip to the O2

British Music Experience in London.

The exhibition combines cutting edge

audio-visual technology with some of

the most coveted memorabilia of all

time taking you through the history of

British pop music. The displays were

interactive meaning the visitors had

the opportunity to swipe their electronic

ticket, retaining the chosen content

and media recordings which could be

accessed later.

For the Year 12s it was extremely

relevant and useful as their topic of

study for this year - Brit-Pop - looks at

recordings from the 1960s up to the

present day and the cultural changes

which affected British music. The

Technology students could concentrate

on the history of music technology and

everyone had great fun playing the

instruments in the Gibson Interactive

Studio. The day then finished with a

festive visit to Covent Garden, and the

long train journey home!

Celia Cruwys-Finnigan, Year 13

BP Trading Challenge

Year 11 spent a morning learning

about trading on world markets,

evaluating media accounts of world

events and using that information to

‘trade oil’ competitively, working in

teams. The event was run by BP, and

included discussion of environmental

issues as well as our global dependency

on oil. Students expanded their

knowledge of world affairs as well as

their team-working skills, facilitated

by some very lively and personable

presenters (with a wild sense of

humour…). The urge to win resulted in

some rather reckless trading at times, as

well as some idiosyncratic accounting,

but ‘soft skills’ and understanding of

trading developed very noticeably during

the morning. The visiting presenters

were very complimentary about the

behaviour and attitude of the whole of

Year 11.

Mrs J Golding

Cricketing Sensation Gets


Dorset Cricketer, Sam Farrow

(10SMC), was named player of

the year at the recent county awards

ceremony in Sturminster Newton. Sam,

completing his fifth year as a county

player, played in all 14 games last

season and was the leading bowler in

the Dorset U14 team taking a total of

17 wickets. Sam also achieved the best

bowling performance in all county age

groups when he took six wickets for 18

runs against Derbyshire at the Taunton

Cricket Festival last July. Sam is also

the captain of the U14 West Dorset

side who enjoyed their most successful

season in recent years winning the

Dorset district league. Sam has recently

been selected for trials to join the Dorset

ECB Emerging Players Programme.

Students Win Training Day with Top


Woodroffe students, Layla Felgate and

Sophie Benger, plus former Woodroffe

student, Olivia Benger, formed the

majority of the successful Cotley Hunt

Pony Club Intermediate Event Team

that won at the Pony Club National

Championships held at Draycott House

in Derbyshire. Teams from all over

the country and Ireland were there

representing their regions at the event.

Both Layla and Sophie did particularly

well to each produce double clears.

Their team wins a training day (16 th

November) with three of the country’s

top riders: William Fox Pitt, Olympian,

Mary King and Harry Meade. The

Cotley team also received silver salvers,

sashes and saddle cloths.

Royal Society Recognition

The Woodroffe School Science

Department has become an

Associate School member of the Royal

Society. This makes us one of fewer

than 50 secondary schools accepted

into the scheme.

Being a part of the Associate Schools

and Colleges scheme gives the school

the opportunity to have our say and to

feed our views into the work of the Royal

Society and engage with their projects

and activities. It recognises us as a

school that is committed to promoting

excellence in science.

In return, the Royal Society benefits

from working closely with us when they

conduct research, ask us to respond to

policy consultations and create teaching

resources which we can trial.

We look forward to a long and close

relationship with the Royal Society which

will enhance the sciences for students

and staff alike.

Mr S Ransome-Williams

The second Inter-schools Cross

Country Championships took

place at Budmouth in torrential rain

on 9 th November. Woodroffe results

were outstanding with the Junior

Boys and Senior Girls both winning

the team events. There were some

superb individual performances as

shown above. These were even an

improvement on the excellent results

last week at Colfox.

Top Places Secured in Cross-Country

Year 7 Girls Junior Girls (Year 8/9) Senior Girls (Year 10/11)

Tamsin Edge 1 st Abi O’Leary 9 th Layla Felgate 1 st

Somer Horsfield 9 th Florence Swan 12 th Abi Dare 3 rd

Hope Horsfield 16 th

Mollie Hansford 5 th

Abi Speake 6 th

Lydia Clapp 7 th

Georgia Down 11 th

Mr A R Brown

Year 7 Boys Junior Boys (Year 8/9) Senior Boys (Year 10/11)

Oliver Caute 2 nd Henry Riddle 2 nd Jack Videan 4 th

Lewis Pearson 3 rd Ross Scadding 3 rd Joshua Caute 5 th

Devon Wellman 6 th Kieran Yorke 4 th Reuben Heeler-Frood 13 th

Ollie Achieves Gold!

The School is very proud of the

achievements of our 2009-10

Head Boy. Ollie Rice, has achieved his

ultimate goal, a Duke of Edinburgh Gold

Award. He started his journey at The

Woodroffe School and completed his

final award earlier this year. In an email

to Mrs Vincent, Ollie said: “I have done

it! I went to St. James Palace today to

Oliver Browne 11 th

Angus Staples 15 th

Henry Bartlett 25 th

Iain Ross 6 th

Henry Felgate 12 th

Jack Ratcliff 28 th

Oli Pennington 31 st

Bryn Davis 41 st

collect my Gold Award Certificate. It was

a brilliant day and getting to meet and

speak to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

really was the icing on the cake,

although it feels so strange to have

completed the Award after it was part of

my life for quite a long time.

“I just wanted to send you this email to

say a massive thank you for all of the

hard work that you and Mr Vincent put

into helping complete the D of E’s at all

levels but especially at Gold with there

being a lot of happy memories. I also

wanted to thank you for the constructive

criticism you gave on the expeditions

and I have definitely taken the things

you said on board.

“I feel like I have come in full circle in

terms of D of E as with the ACF I will

soon be going on a course to manage

the Award within the Platoon here in

Bath, I have to say I’m looking forward

to others enjoying the award as much as

I did.”

New Parent Governor Announced

We are delighted to announce that

Mr Jon Oates was recently elected

in the Parent Governor Ballot. Jon is a

Chartered Structural Engineer working

from his own practice near Hawkchurch

and has four years’ previous experience

working as a Parent Governor at his

daughter’s primary school on the

building and finance committees.

Jon commented on his election,

saying, “I am looking forward to the

interaction with the school and hope

that my contribution over the next four

years will be instrumental in helping to

maintain the extremely high standards of

the body I am about to join.”

We would also like to extend our thanks

to all the other candidates for their

participation and continued support.

Mock Bar Trial, 12th November

smartly attired group of sixth

A formers participated in the regional

heats of the Bar National Mock Trial

Competition at Plymouth Crown Court

on 12 November. They defended cases

against Queen Elizabeth Academy

Trust (Credition) and Truro College and

prosecuted against Devonport High

School for Girls. The event is organised

by the Citizenship Foundation.

In preparation for the event the group of

15 had spent two months studying the

cases and preparing for their parts.

Jack Keenan made a very convincing

defendant – charged with the robbery

of a building society and driving the

getaway car in the first case and a

student accused of assault in the

second. His defence lawyers, a terrier

like Tasmin Fowler and calm calculated

Tom Clarke did an excellent job.

Tasmin’s confident summing up

speeches to the jury were remarkable

considering she had celebrated her 18 th

birthday the evening before, with many

of the other participating members!

James Dunford and Jo Hillier

thoughtfully questioned their witnesses

asking some difficult questions as

prosecuting barristers. Jo in particular

had the defendant’s father squirming in

the witness box.

Charlie Taylor carried out her duties

as court usher most efficiently and Ed

Firman made an excellent court clerk.

Finlay Prescot, Duncan Love and

Lucy Caton expertly played the part of

witnesses. Lucy’s portrayal of a junior

clerk who had witnessed the robbery

was firm and she responded resolutely

to some challenging questions.

Duncan’s knowledge of and interest in

fashion clothing was a revelation. It was

Finlay’s dodgy past, in his role as Jack’s

father that resulted in Jack being found

guilty. We hope Jack’s sentence won’t

be too severe.

Harvey Werb, Megan Vincent-Pearsall,

Holly Dascombe, Jenny Baker and

Nichola Williams concentrated well in

their roles as jury members gaining

much from the experience.

The judges commented favourably on

the performances of all participants.

Each of the cases was presided over

by a practising barrister. They are most

professional and provide some excellent

feedback on their role, the expectations

of the jury and the operation of the legal

system and courts.

The team is grateful to Mrs Cropp who

spent many hours helping them prepare,

understanding the workings of the crown

court and instilling some confidence in

them whenever they had self doubt.

Also a big thank you to Mr John Riley

(a district judge from Bridport) who

kindly gave his time to help the team

prepare and also provided great support

attending the event itself. Also to his

wife Christine for bringing some tasty

treats so no one got hungry.

Mr J R Thomas

PTA Initiatives Fund Improvements

Raising a staggering £12,000 a

year, the Parents and Teachers

Association is an essential ingredient

in Woodroffe’s success. “This is a

significant sum of money that directly

benefits students and their learning by

providing vital equipment,” says Deputy

Head, Jo Culham. “We are indebted to

the PTA for their endless energy and

enthusiasm in raising funds for School.

Over the last few years PTA funds have

contributed to significant improvements

in the Hall, purchasing of computers,

digital projectors and whiteboards plus a

trampoline for the PE Department. Many

thanks go to Chrissie Williams and her

dedicated team.”

Please come and support forthcoming

PTA events including A Taste of

Christmas (2 December 2011) and the

Glam Rock night.

PTA News

We’ve been really delighted to meet all

of the new folk who have been coming

along to our informal PTA meetings and

over the coming months hope to meet

even more. Just turn up at the meetings

when you can, or failing that, if you can

offer to help at any of our events we’d

love to hear from you.

A little time to spare?

Please contact Julie for our forthcoming

coming Taste of Christmas event:

jcthomas@btinternet, or our new

chairperson Chrissie Williams 01297

444495. For information about where

and when meetings are held please

contact our secretary, Nickylevan@aol.

com or check out the school website.

A Taste of Christmas is coming and

it is one of the school’s biggest annual

fund raisers, a great community event,

which involves everyone, please bring

your friends and family along, support

us by buying the draw tickets or selling

them to others and if you don’t wish to

shop, then your help on the day, would

be greatly appreciated. We really need

your help with prizes for the Tombola.

Any donations would be very welcome.

Please drop them in at Reception.

The Giving Machine: for those of

you about to embark on an internet

Christmas shopping expedition, please,

please sign up to this great fund-raising

scheme beforehand, if we all do it, the

school coffers will be overflowing! There

are over 300 major retailers involved in

this scheme. Go to, it’s easy.

The Woodroffe 70s


Dust off your stacks,

don your wig & frock


Prepare to ROCK!!

Friday 24 th Feb 2012 @ Woodroffe,

7.30pm ‘til late.

Nibbles, Cocktail Bar & three course

70’s supper with fab, live band,

loads of singing and dancing.

Prizes for most promising rockers in

dress, dance, song & air guitar solo!

There will be a licensed bar.

Please book tickets/tables, well in

advance from Wendy on

01404 881207 or

Tickets £12.50

Please note: tickets will be for sale at

‘A Taste of Christmas’: what a brilliant


Mo-Bros Storm School

Fund-raising for Testicular and Prostate

Cancer, ten Woodroffe staff members

are participating in Movember – a

month long moustache-growing

extravaganza. Starting on 1 st November

the ten volunteers including Mr Vine, Mr

Goodrick, Mr Greenhough, Mr Sloan, Mr

Weaver, Mr Cullimore, Mr Harrison, Mr

Wickins, Mr Mould and Mr Holding have

become Woodroffe’s resident Mo-Bros.

The funds raised in the UK are

directed to programmes run directly

by Movember including The Prostate

Cancer Charity and the Institute of

Cancer Research. The Mo-Bros would

greatly appreciate your support, please

donate at


Look out for the final Mo-Bro

Moustaches in the next edition of Rough


School dates for your diary:





The Woodroffe School is a hive of

activity this term; here are just some

of the things coming up in the next

month or so:

25 th November

Year 9 Blitz Roadshow

25 th November

PTA Disco for Years 7, 8, 9

29 th November

Sixth Form Launch Evening

1-2 nd December

A2 Drama Performances

2 nd December

PTA Taste of Christmas

14 th December

Year 7 Pantomime Trip

14 th December

UCAS Applications Deadline

15 th December

School Carol Concert


November 2011


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