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Summer sports in Austria

Special offers and extensive information on active holidays in Austria.

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So near to heaven




Muscle power

That joyous feeling

True evergreens

Treasure seekers and buggalo hunters

Holidays with children




Petra Stolba

Austrian National Tourist Office

Holidays in Austria. Some of us spend half

our lives working at a desk. Our minds revolve

around our job and day-to-day routine. But on

holiday we can really come to life. So, treat your body

to fresh air, unspoilt Nature, an invigorating climate,

pure water. As your body strives for balance and

adapts to exercise, your heart and mind find their

rhythm. With every stride in the mountains, the

cares of everyday life become less significant until

they vanish altogether. What does Austria actually

look like from the air? Paragliders and hanggliders

have the answer. And brave souls who take the


challenge of white-water rafting in the mountains

will feel the thrill of teamwork and adventure long

after the event. Water attracts us: Austria has 300

bathing lakes of enviable purity and some of the

world’s finest golf courses. Riding stables, childfriendly

farms, hiking villages, climbing camps,

tennis hotels, schools for surfing, kiting and

wakeboarding – Austria will get you moving.

A very warm welcome to you all. I wish you

an eventful activity holiday in Austria.

Yours, Petra Stolba

03 so near to heaven.

Hiking in Austria is a real delight.

06 hiking.

What the Austrian Provinces can offer.

20 sheer enjoyment.

It feels good to bathe in really pure water.

22 water.

What the Austrian Provinces can offer.

24 muscle power.

Cycling in Austria combines sport and culture.

26 cycling.

What the Austrian Provinces can offer.

28 that joyous feeling.

Discovering the most beautiful areas in walking shoes.

30 true evergreens.

Golf, riding and tennis are among the most popular sports.

32 running, nordic walking, riding, golf, tennis.

What the Austrian Provinces can offer.

38 treasure-seekers and buffalo hunters.

We have come up with all sorts of ideas for children.

40 holiday with children.

What the Austrian Provinces can offer.

45 jangling nerves.

A couple of special adrenalin rushes for the really brave.

48 important addresses.





If hiking had been invented in Austria –

who would have been surprised? This

country is so rich in wonderful hiking

areas, that even couch potatoes quickly

get the taste for it. From majestic mountains

and primeval upland pastures via

vast, dense forests and flower-filled

meadows to gentle hills and vineyards –

the variety is such that it offers the right

holiday destination for every requirement

and taste. If you are fit and climb up the

peaks in the west of the country, you will

be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas.

The Muttersberg in Vorarlberg, for

example, provides an unforgettable view

of the Rätikon and into the Silvretta.

And the Tiroler Adlerweg – at about

500 km the longest continuous hiking

trail in Europe – looks not just from its

German name of “Tirolean eagle trail”

1 The view is stunning from the

Kirchlispitze in the Rätikon, Vorarlberg

2 Hiking over lush alpine meadows near

the Rauchkögerl in the Gasteinertal

So near to heaven

The high one experiences when hiking in Austria does not

necessarily have anything to do with the altitude

as if it were taken straight from a travel

film. Here one really is accompanied

once in a while by eagles living in the

wild. In the west, the trail leads as far

as the Arlberg, in the east to Kalms,

which is already at the gateway to the

Salzburger Land – and incidentally at the

foot of the highest mountain in Austria:

the Grossglockner.

At which point we would already be in

the lushest province of Austria, whose

particular beauty is motivation enough

to explore it on foot. The Salzburger

Almenweg links about 120 alpine

pastures or Almen, and in so doing

leads past romantic mountain lakes and

thundering waterfalls. The Grossarltal

valley is enticing too with its idyllic alpine

pasture trails and the cosy mountain

lodges by the wayside.






Delicious treats such as fresh farm-baked

bread with home-made cheese taste

particularly good after exercise in the

fresh air.

Discovering Austria on foot is not just a

delightful, but an educational adventure:

A wealth of themed hiking trails gives a

good insight along the way into the

special characteristics or history of a

region. The “Teufelsgraben” or “Devil’s

Dyke” in Salzburg awaits the hiker, with

romantic legends and information about

the special geological features of the

area. Equally gripping is the 12 km

Styrian “Wilde Wasser” themed hiking

trail, along the course of the Talbach’s

‘wild waters’ from its source in the high

mountains to where it joins the Enns.

Nerves jangle particularly when crossing

the vertiginous suspension bridge across

the Riesachfall – Styria’s highest waterfall.

The “Tal der Stürzenden Wasser” in

Carinthia, besides its imposing waterfalls,

offers a similar adrenalin rush on a suspension

bridge, which spans the massive

ravine, at 175 m the longest in the Alps.

On the other hand, landscapes in the

east of the country are perfect for those

who prefer gentler pleasures. The “Cherry

Blossom Trail” in Burgenland is transformed

in spring into a sea of white

blossom, and autumn suffuses the

forests and vineyards of Styria and Lower

Austria with flaming colours. You can

combine walking with wine-tasting along

the “Weinberg.Walking.Weg” in the

southern wine-growing region. The trail

leads past some idyllic wine cellars –

spontaneous wine tastings are definitely

on the cards. Several themed hiking trails

focus on one of the most important habitats

in the country: the forest. You can

appreciate the magic of this pristine

world when walking along the tranquil



1 A quick dip gives tired legs new

strength, here in the Schiederweiher

in Hinterstoder

2 The Dachstein Sky-Walk at 2,700 m:

one of the most spectacular viewing

platforms in the Alps

3 An alpine pasture: Early morning in

the Hohe Tauern National Park in the

Salzburger Land

“Trail of the Senses”, or take in the vast

scale of everything on an exhilarating

“Treetop Trail” by the River Inn, where you

follow aerial walkways up to twenty metres

above the ground. And in Styria a ramble

inevitably leads into woods – this province

is by far the most densely forested in the

country. Vorarlberg makes Nature fun for

its younger guests. On the interactive

forest adventure trail in Großes Walsertal

they can have answers to questions such

as “How far can a deer jump?” •

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For every taste

* NOSTALGIC. On the Semmeringbahnweg

you can hike along the old, World

Heritage railway line from Semmering to

Mürzzuschlag. Restaurants tempt you with

typical Styrian dishes along the way.


* HISTORICAL. The 2,000 year old Via

Claudia Augusta Roman road is one of the

most important cultural hiking trails in the

Alps, and leads past numerous archaeological

and historical cultural monuments in the Tirol.

Information. or

* PLEASURABLE. “Kostaleweg” means

much the same as the “Try Our Tasty

Samples Trail” – the name says it all. On the

Gerlitzen in Carinthia, four mountain lodge

owners offer hikers delicious home-made

snacks. A tour of all the lodges takes seven



* EXCITING. Anyone daring to swing

across a precipice will never forget it.

Suspension bridges, parachute swings,

barefoot paths and water sports are the

highlights on the three kilometre “Trail of

Metamorphoses” near Eibiswald in Styria.


* EDUCATIONAL. On the Geo-Trail in

Carinthia, 500 million years of the Earth’s

history pass you by in a few hours. The trail,

with five different paths, is a total of 20 km.


* PICTURESQUE. Gustav Klimt often

enjoyed visits to the Upper Austrian lake

Attersee. The theme trail “Klimt at the

Attersee” leads you directly to all the places

once frequented by the Viennese Art

Nouveau painter.


* REJUVENATING. The Jungbrunnenweg

“Fountain of Youth Trail” in the Salzburger

Land does what it promises. Over 200

different medicinal herbs and flowers grow

along the trail and physical exercises, forest

lore and stories about herbs have an

invigorating effect.


* AGRICULTURAL. How much milk does a

cow yield per day, and what does freshly

mown hay feel like? Questions like these are

answered on the Vierjahreszeitenweg “Four

Seasons Trail” on the Hahnenkamm above






austria’s hiking villages

The magic of walking …

Travelling on foot to Austria’s hiking villages

The natural landscapes in the No 1 hiking country in Europe, Austria,

are breathtaking and full of variety. The Austrians themselves are a

charming people and warm-hearted hosts, who, in addition to old-fashioned

values and high standards of quality, have “outstanding landscapes” right

on their doorsteps – the perfect hiking holiday.

For 17 years Austria’s hiking villages have served the best hiking

regions in the Alps, from Bregenzerwald with its architecturally charming

villages to Burgenland, where easy-going hikers feel particularly at

home. Each of the 50 or so hiking destinations provides a unique

experience. Many of them change with the seasons, from winter

sports resort to enchanting summer mountain village. Not a trace

of skiing, just the cable cars to remind you, and there to make the

ascent so much easier.

The magic of walking in Austria’s hiking villages is a harmony of pristine

natural landscapes, hiking trails characterised by excellent signposting,

“Brettljause”. An excursion into the mountains is not complete without a tasty

Brettljause, all sorts of cold food served on a wooden platter. This dish strengthens

the legs, and makes one fit for such a long hike. A typical Austrian Brettljause has

bacon and farmhouse bread, but must also include a piece of cheese and smoked

stunning natural attractions, original character and the natural lie

of the land.

You can start making your preparations for 2008 as early as December,

with the new hiking brochure and its touring supplement. Naturally you can

also hike virtually from village to village on the Internet, as some 600 hiking

tours are available online. From 2008 there will also be an information

channel for climbing enthusiasts.

If you have already set your heart on a holiday in Austria’s hiking villages,

holiday packages can be identified quickly and comfortably online. Using

the holiday planner, hike your way in four simple steps to a tailor-made

package. Experience the magic of walking … in Austria’s hiking villages,

the hiking specialists.


Österreichs Wanderdörfer

A-9500 Villach, Unterwollaniger Strasse 53

Tel. +43 (0)4242/25 75 31



hard sausage. One might perhaps add a couple of radishes, farmhouse butter and an

apple or plum. At lunchtime there might be a slice of juicy roast pork with crackling.

The meal is rounded off with a home-distilled schnapps to aid digestion, and suitably

fortified, one can set off again.

Book your hiking for 2008 now

The informative, 120 page brochure covering Austria’s hiking villages

is the ideal hiking holiday planner, providing valuable information and

• the TOP hiking destinations • an overview of the 40,000 km hiking trail

network • the important details about the hiking service and web

addresses • the loveliest photographs

Order free of charge the hiking brochure including touring supplement

by telephone on +43 (0)4242/25 75 31 or on the Internet at

Information. Österreichs

Wanderdörfer, A-9500 Villach

Unterwollaniger Strasse 53

Tel. +43 (0)4242/25 75 31

Active in the Waldviertel region

The Waldviertel is an unforgiving land. The region in northern

Austria stretches from the Danube to the Thayatal. Mysterious moors,

clear pools, rivers deeply cut into the valleys, chains of hills and even

1,000 m peaks – the Waldviertel – variety in the North. This pure, fresh

landscape can most perceptively be discovered on foot.

150 hiking routes covering more than 2,000 km of dedicated

hiking trails.

Information & booking.

Waldviertel Tourismus

A-3910 Zwettl, Sparkassenplatz 4

Tel. +43 (0)2822/541 09


austria’s hiking villages

lower austria

salzburger land

On the heels of the dairyman …

… Enjoy hiking from lodge to lodge in the “Valley of the alpine


Experience the charm of cosy lodges, the scent of flower-filled pastures,

the purity of crystal-clear mountain lakes and the breathtaking

panorama in the Hohe Tauern National Park. 40 managed pastures,

250 km of the best waymarked hiking trails and 120 km of mountain bike

routes await you in the two hiking villages of Grossarl and Hüttschlag.

Further highlights of the package:

• Summer service of Grossarl cableways • hiking shuttle bus and taxis to

the pastures • guided cycle and mountain tours • fishing, swimming,

tennis • wellness and Nordic walking • over 100 tour tips and interactive

hiking map on the Internet • varied accommodation in the “Alpine Rose

Weeks” and “Farmers’ Autumn in the Valley of Pastures” Packages:

7 nights/half-board in a 3-star hotel including 1 Almjause packed lunch,

1 ascent by cable car, 1 hiking map starting at €263

(Details and further offers on the Internet)

Information & booking.

Tourismusverband Großarltal

A-5611 Großarl 1

Tel. +43 (0)6414/281, Fax: -81 93




austria’s hiking villages


upper austria

Ramsau am Dachstein –

the source of your strength

The region for sports and exercise on three floors.

Spend your summer in the mountains – at your own rhythm. Whether

running, as a hiker, climber or Nordic walker. All these sports promote

body fitness in a pleasant, rhythmical and active way, clearly assisted by

the climate in the resort of Ramsau on the Dachstein. Action and fun for

the whole family in the Ramsau Leisure Park, with the children’s climbing

route, Nature and environment experience trail, high ropes course and

much more.

• Running and Nordic walking courses from 1.5 to 42 km

• Cycle and mountain bike path network

• Indoor training centre for teams, clubs and individuals

• Hiking, scrambling and climbing on 3 levels

• Training centre on the Dachstein Glacier

• Glacier cross-country ski runs, ski tours centre, snowboard fun park

• Sky walk, ice rink

Ask for the free information package

Information & booking.

Tourismusverband Ramsau am Dachstein

A-8972 Ramsau am Dachstein

Ramsau 40/5

Tel. +43 (0)3687/818 33, Fax: 810 85

Hiking friends – Hallstatt/

Dachstein Salzkammergut

Breathe the refreshing mountain air and renew your strength with a

hearty platter of local produce. Anticipate the pleasure of stunning

panoramas like the Hallstätter See, the Gosausee or the Krippenstein.

Or walk through the “Eternal Wall” and enjoy the unique view into the

World Heritage Region. “There’s no sin on the Alpine pasture”

hiking packages start at €136 per person for 5 days.

Information & booking.

Inneres Salzkammergut

A-4822 Bad Goisern, Kirchengasse 4

Tel. +43 (0)6135/83 29, Fax: DW 74

Apfelstrudel. It is known in the whole of Austria, but also far beyond.

The art of preparation of a true Apfelstrudel is primarily in the rolling out of the

pastry. Tradition requires that the dough for the Strudel is thin enough for one to be

able to read a newspaper through it. The filling is then laid on it, and lovingly rolled

Alpine wellness –

1,600 m above sea-level

Enjoy a holiday with mountain lodge flair, extensive wellness offers

and a family atmosphere. Guided hiking tours, a hikers’ taxi, an

Alpinewellness complex with sauna, Brechlbad sauna, heated wooden

tub bath and natural bathing pool, rooms with shower/WC, half-board

with organic breakfast buffet and regional delicacies.

Alpine wellness taster package: 3 or 4 nights half-board, including

introduction to Nordic walking with trainer, sticks for hire, a guided hike,

one massage from €199/person

Information & booking.


A-8822 Mühlen,

Tel. und Fax: +43 (0)3586/300 77



up. The traditional filling of Apfelstrudel consists of finely chopped apples, cinnamon, currants

and roasted breadcrumbs. It should be eaten straight from the oven, lightly dusted with icing sugar.

Apfelstrudel is often served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, and sometimes

also with warm vanilla sauce or custard.

Lake and mountain encounters

around the Millstätter See

Discover the lake and mountains around the Millstätter See

On mystical Mirnock mountain, Millstätter Alpe and in the

Granatschlucht (garnet ravine), your hike becomes an exciting

treasure hunt for blood-red garnets.

Noah himself used a lamp of garnets to steer the Ark safely on a dark

night. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans adorned themselves with the

bright, deep red gemstone. Known in the Middle Ages by the name

“carbuncle”, the garnet was particularly prized in the 19th Century – as

the “Bohemian Garnet” it graced the heads of the European


Have your precious find polished by one of the local garnet polishers,

and its power will protect you.

Information & booking.

Infocenter Millstätter See, A-9871 Seeboden

Thomas-Morgenstern-Platz 1

Tel. +43 (0)4766/37 00-0

The Zillertal has to be enjoyed


In the heart of the Tirol, surrounded by the majestic panorama of

the Zillertal and Tuxer Alps with 55 three-thousand-metre-peaks, the

Zillertal valley has about 1,000 km of hiking routes between 500 and

3,500 m above sea-level, which make the hearts of mountain and

Nature lovers beat faster. 35% of the Zillertal has been declared a

High Mountain Nature Reserve.

No wonder that in this region no one sits still for long, because with

the Zillertal Activcard you are ideally equipped for every adventure

All the advantages at a glance

• Free travel on the Zillertal cableways

• Free entry to the Zillertal open air swimming pools

• Free use of most public transport in the region

• Free entry to the Königsleiten observatory

• At least 10% reduction at over 40 “advantage partners”

• Special offer for families

Availability: from 6 days

Price: from €39.80 for adults


austria’s hiking villages



Information & booking.

Zillertal Tourismus GmbH

A-6262 Schlitters, Bundesstrasse 27d

Tel. +43 (0)5288/871 87, Fax: -1




austria’s hiking villages



More holiday fun for the

whole family …

… in St. Anton am Arlberg with the Summer Active Card

More holiday fun for young and old. The offer includes guided hikes,

mountain bike tours, summer curling, Nordic walking, golf taster

courses, a torchlight walk, archery and ball sports.

The Summer Aktive Card also includes equipment and guides, who

initiate newcomers into each sport.. Younger guests between five and

14 years old can be given a treat with Hoppl’s adventure programme.

From Monday to Friday a friendly bunny rabbit has put various

activities on his programme for you.

The Summer AktiveCard 2008, which is valid from the beginning of

July to the middle of September, gives you a large number of reductions

and is available free of charge when booking at numerous hotels and

guest houses.

Visit the St. Anton am Arlberg holiday region and enjoy

new experiences.

Information & booking.

A-6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

Tel. +43 (0)5446/226 90

Fax: +43 (0)5446/25 32

Dumpling paradise. One thing you can’t avoid in Austria is the dumpling. The Knödel is

the perfect example of traditional cuisine. This speciality is differently prepared in each region

and enjoyed as a side dish or main course. The Waldviertel dumpling is made from potatoes,

which goes excellently with roast pork, or there’s the Semmelknödel, a dumpling made of

Lech am Arlberg …

… is a place in this world, which was voted “Europe’s Most

Beautiful Village” in 2004 and is among the “Best of the Alps”.

Unique to Lech is the active inclusive card, which you receive free of

charge with one overnight stay. The following are included:

• all open cable cars and chairlifts

• the local and hiking shuttle buses

• childcare in the Kids Active Club

• selected guided hikes

• forest swimming pool with flume

and children’s pool

• football pitch, tennis courts and

indoor tennis court

• fitness course and Welltain® Trail

• the green fee at the Lech Golf Academy (driving range,

putting green and 3 holes)

• library, heritage museum, slide lectures, open-air concerts

• Lech Leisure Centre: minigolf, pit-pat, billiards, toddlers’ and

babies’ paradise

Welltain ® : The fitness formula of the mountains is a new formula

for experiencing exercise and relaxation in Nature, so increasing your

physical and mental

Information & booking.

Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH

A-6764 Lech am Arlberg, Dorf 2

Tel. +43 (0)5583/21 61-0, Fax: 31 55



diced bread rolls. Tirolean dumplings contain pieces of smoked meat and are eaten in a hearty beef broth or with

cabbage. Everyone with a sweet tooth loves Topfen- und Marillenknödel dumplings made from curd cheese and

apricots, rolled in sugared breadcrumbs. In winter, and therefore in all the ski lodges, the preference is for Germknödel

yeast dumplings, filled with stewed plums, drizzled with melted butter, and dusted with ground poppy seeds and sugar.

Wanderparadies Arlberg

hiking paradise


+43 (0)5583/229 10

Hotel Austria

+43 (0)5583/238 20

Hotel Mohnenfluh

+43 (0)5583/331 10

Hotel Jägeralpe

+43 (0)5583/42 50

Hotel Gotthard

+43 (0)5583/356 00

Discover Arlberg’s mountainous world. Flower-filled alpine pastures

and steep peaks. Mountain adventures and sophisticated hospitality.

Free active inclusive card. Use of all summer cable cars free of charge.

Hiking shuttle buses. Forest swimming pool. Guided hikes with our

registered guides are included. The “Arlberg Wanderer” family hotels for

hikers make the best time of the year into an unforgettable experience.

Personal service, luxurious wellness facilities and lovingly furnished

hotels make holidays in the Arlberg special. In the winter too, Arlberg

provides a winter fairy tale beyond compare. Fantastic pistes, unique

deep-snow slopes, winter hiking trails and cross-country ski runs.

Information & booking.

Die Arlberg Wanderer

A-6764 Lech am Arlberg

Omesberg 119

Tradition, flair & charm …

… are the attributes that our guests appreciate

Completely refurbished rooms and suites are available

from autumn 2007. Enjoy gastronomic highlights on our sun terrace

or in the Martin Stüberl restaurant. Pamper yourself with total relaxation

in our wellness facility.

Lech in summer: green alpine pastures, clear mountain lakes, blue sky –

and in addition, the active inclusive card free of charge: childcare, free

use of cable cars, bus, guided hikes and much more.

Wanderlust with fun


austria’s hiking villages


Information & booking.

Hotel Tannbergerhof, A-6764 Lech

Tel. +43 (0)5583/22 02

Fax: +43 (0)5583/33 13

Alpine luxury with extravagant charm: The exclusive Welltain ® partner

hotel can be reached from the resort comfortably in its own lift. The

quiet rooms offer extraordinary views. Experiences for the senses await

you in the elegant spa. The neat garden terrace is the perfect place to

relax and is right beside the Golf Academy. Unique: the active inclusive

card is your free leisure ticket (local and hiking buses, forest swimming

pool, guided hikes, golf ...).

Information & booking.

der berghof, A-6764 Lech

Tel. +43 (0)5583/26 35

Fax: +43 (0)5583/26 35-5





salzburger land

“I have very simple tastes” Oscar Wilde confessed. “I am always happy with the best.”

In order to be true to this claim, the businesses listed

below were checked against the EU’s most stringent

criteria by independent experts and from the point of view

of guests, and may thus claim the following marks of


“alpannonia ® –

boundless hiking”

Detailed information and other excellent

businesses are at:

Best Health Austria Gesellschaft für Gesundheitstourismus

mbH, A-9523 Landskron/Villach

Tel. +43 (0)4242/442 00-50

alpannonia ® is a 104 km long distance hiking trail, which lies between

the furthest peaks of the Eastern Alps and the Hungarian Plain. This

themed altitude and panoramic trail provides unique hiking pleasure.

The distinctly different regions from the alpine region of Semmering über

Hochwechsel (1,743 m) via the densely forested mid-alpine area of the

Burgenland down to the vineyards around Köszeg in Hungary can comfortably

be walked in six days. Dotted along the hiking system with its

main trail and feeders

there are alpannonia ®

hiking hosts, who are

happy to provide specialist


and services for hikers.


information at

Information & booking.

KOMET Incoming

A-7423 Pinkafeld, Ing.-Julius-Raab-Strasse 7a

Tel. +43 (0)3357/460 03-21,

Wiener Schnitzel. Where the Wiener Schnitzel got its name is a question

considered way beyond the Austrian capital. However, it is certain that the “genuine

Wiener” is made from veal. It can be found on menus nationwide and is often made

with pork or, more recently, turkey. But the most important thing is the preparation:

Best Health Austria – feeling good with a guarantee of quality

A feel-good experience with demonstrable health benefits,

the best care by trained and particularly friendly and attentive

staff, as well as the integration of regional and local

resources incorporated into the total package and activity

programmes. The businesses are checked annually.

The following hotels and businesses in this list are

certificated and count among the best:

• Gesundheitshotel Klosterberg (Lower Austria) health hotel,

page 15. • Thermenresort Warmbad-Villach (Carinthia)

thermal spa resort, page 35. • Thermenparadies Der

Karawankenhof (Carinthia) thermal spa paradise, page 40

Hay life instead of high life

Farms to hike to in the Salzburger Land

Hikers have access to


farmland on 365 days a

year. Whether in the

mountains or by the

lakes – a multi-faceted

landscape with so much

to enjoy awaits you

throughout the year.

Fresh air and magnificent

views, delicious local delicacies, the chance to stay in luxurious

holiday apartments or comfortable rooms with a snug and cosy atmosphere.

With all this, traditional hospitality, cycling, riding or simply lying

back and savouring the fragrance of freshly cut hay – this is the

unscripted holiday experience in the land of farms.

1 week from as little as €150 per person/night with breakfast.

Category: 2 flowers

Information & booking.

Landesverein Urlaub am Bauernhof

A-5024 Salzburg, Schwarzstrasse 19

Tel. +43 (0)662/87 05 71-248, Fax: -326



The meat is beaten to about four millimetres thick, then coated in flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs,

and fried on both sides until golden brown. Traditionally, the Wiener Schnitzel is served with parsley

potatoes, a green salad or potato salad. The essentional extra is a lemon wedge, which one squeezes

over the golden brown, crisp coating.

Alpine Spa Haus Hirt****

The hideaway in the Alps. An idyllic spot where you can lose yourself, in

order to conquer the mountains. You will find a stylish base camp with a

refreshingly new “feel”, as a bridge to the breathtaking natural world in

the heart of the Alps, with waterfalls and hot springs. Aveda Spa – former

refuge of many famous artists (Thomas Mann).

Information & booking.

Alpine Spa Haus Hirt****

Ihr Hideaway in den Alpen

A-5640 Bad Gastein

An der Kaiserpromenade

Tel. +43 (0)6434/27 97, Fax: -48

Mountains & thermal spas


salzburger land

“Moisl’s wonderful hiking and

wellness world with ❤”

As soon as you cross the threshold of our hotel, you escape from

everyday life and enter a wonderful world of well-being, Moisl’s

wellness world anno 1890. Our fabulous massage and beauty department

(St. Barth) will spoil you with gorgeous, aromatic essences. Feel-good

baths to enjoy – it all

brings sunshine to the

soul. We look forward

to seeing you.

Alpine wellness –

days of pleasure.

3 nights/4 days,

3/4 pension, 1 partial

body massage,

1 rock oil bath,

1 hayseed bath,

€199 per person

Information & booking. Hotel Moisl

A-5441 Abtenau, Markt 26

Tel. +43 (0)6243/22 32-0

Fax: +43 (0)6243/22 10-612

The Gastein hiking specialists. In the middle of the imposing mountain panorama of the Hohen

Tauern, where crystal-clear, healing spa water has gushed from the primeval rocks for thousands of

years, lies the Gasteinertal valley. It makes every “hiking heart” beat faster with its vast array of

Nature’s treasure and clear, invigorating mountain air, reaching from the ancient and friendly hamlet

up to the exclusive resort nestling against the steep slope with its thundering waterfall.

It is in this way that hiking makes truly joyful friends. The service provided at the 13 hotels

designated “hiking specialists” makes a hiking holiday in the Gasteinertal a real delight. Holiday guests

here take part in guided hikes, travel in chauffeur-driven comfort by hiking taxi to the starting point of

the most magnificent tours and are brought back down after a strenuous day in the mountains.

A further plus is the free loan of equipment (sticks and backpack) as well as a complete hiking

information pack.

Hiking and feel-good package (24.05.–18.10.08)

• 7 nights inclusive of the respective meals • 6 days free ascents and descents on all Gastein

cableways • 1 entry to the alpine spa in Bad Hofgastein • 1 entry to the rock spa in Bad Gastein

• free equipment rental at “Sport Bergfreund” (backpack and sticks) • Gastein hiking information pack

• 1x gold panning • 1x guided hike “on the track of gold”

starting at €304 per person in a double room

Information & booking.

Gasteiner Wanderspezialisten

A-5630 Bad Hofgastein, Tauernplatz 1

Tel. +43 (0)6432/33 93-102, Fax: -120





Faaker See is ON THE MOVE

The Faaker See lake is idyllically placed in the heart of Carinthia.

It’s impossible to resist a ramble in the fresh air of the magnificent

Karawanken mountain range with the imposing Mittagskogel and more

gentle hills.

Whether you prefer a climbing tour in the Kanzianiberg rock climbing

practice area, an active adventure with canoeing, Nordic walking, running,

mountain biking or survival training, a cross-country tour on tracks which

end where the tour begins – everything is possible in one of the most

beautiful regions by the Faaker See in Carinthia.

A special highlight is the Alpine-Adria hiking week. Discover the loveliest

hiking trails in Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia with a professional guide. Take

the hiking shuttle bus to explore some breathtaking mountain panoramas

and secrets of Nature. An experience for all the senses.

Information & booking.

Tourismusinformation Faak am See

A-9583 Faak am See

Dietrichsteinerstrasse 2

Tel. +43 (0)4254/21 10, Fax: -21,

Stuffed noodles. It is not just dumplings that are deliciously stuffed in

Austria, noodles are too. The dough is rolled out thinly, and given a piquant or sweet

filling. Popular Carinthian Kasnudel have a mixture of curd cheese and potato,

flavoured with mint or chervil. After filling, the dough is sealed all round by hand

Dorfhotel is naturally beautiful

The sun glistens on the Faaker See, with its backdrop of magnificent

mountains, green forests and lush meadows. DORFHOTEL on the

Faaker See is a collection of lovingly restored, genuine farmhouses in the

very middle of the triangle formed by Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia.

The rustically comfortable apartments provide ample space for a relaxed

holiday. Surrounded by Nature, you can discover the many attractions of the

mountain world in all four seasons. On a sunrise hike on the Ferlacher

Spitze, a pleasant family ramble or an altitude hike up onto the Mittagskogel,

our professional mountain guide will show you the most beautiful

hiking trails in the region. Back from your hike, there’s nothing better than a

dip in the Faaker Sea or a soothing treatment in the wellness facility.

Take time out all to yourself.

DORFHOTEL – here I feel at home.

1 week in an apartment for up to 4 persons starting at €343

Information & booking. DORFHOTEL

A-9582 Latschach o.d. Faaker See

Dorfstrasse 26

Tel. +43 (0)4254/23 84, Fax: -404



in a jagged pattern. Carinthian Schlipfkrapfen are somewhat smaller pasta pockets, with a

spinach or meat filling. The dough of the Tirolean Schlutzkrapfen on the other hand is made

from a mixture of rye and wheat flour. But one thing they all have in common:

They all taste delicious.

“Boundless” hiking in

Carinthia’s Natural Arena

Spring, summer or autumn

– hiking is always in

season in the five holiday

regions of Gailtal, Gitschtal,

Lesachtal, Weissensee and


See. Because this lake and

valley holiday paradise in the

south-west of Carinthia, directly on the Italian border, provides a wide variety

of options: 1,000 km of signposted trails in the Carnic and Gailtal Alps –

ranging from an undemanding ramble round a lake or up to a pasture, to

strenuous climbs on Alpine peaks. The combination of a hiking and

swimming holiday is ideal – bathing in the absolutely pure lake water of the

Weissensee and Pressegger See, plus 52 Alpine adventure programmes

such as white-water rafting or canyoning. The 26 themed hiking trails make

this sun-blessed region a “themed hiking park” for the whole family.

Information & booking.

Kärntens Naturarena

A-9620 Hermagor, Hauptstrasse 14

Tel. +43 (0)4282/31 31-0, Fax: -31

The other holiday

Therapeutic fasting with hiking means saying “stop”, to cleanse

oneself, throw ballast overboard and bring body, mind and soul back

into harmony – underpinned by plenty of exercise in the fresh, clear air.

Simply breathe deeply and take in oxygen, draw strength and recharge

batteries. The package price for 10 days in a double room per person

starts at €764. Feel-good summer: 25.7.–17.8.2008, starting at €45.

Package offers: Luxury for Him & Her, Nordic walking, hiking week,

detox and inner body cleansing.

Information & booking.

Gesundheitshotel Klosterberg****

A-3921 Langschlag 170

Tel. +43 (0)2814/82 76, Fax: -170

The fascination of Alpine Gösing



lower austria

Exercise, Nature and well-being on your doorstep

Alpenhotel Gösing nestles in 1,000 hectares of its own forest with an

uninterrupted view of the mighty Ötscher peak. Careful attention to detail and

the most modern 4-star standards make this century old hotel something rather

special. The variety of options available allows us to fulfil your individual wishes.

The Ötscher region provides the optimum conditions to feed a passion for hiking.

For first-timers, but also for hiking veterans, there are endless choices in the

Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park, the Ötschergräben, the 2,000 metre high Ötscher,

the Tiroler Kogel, the Hochbärneck, the local mountain pastures and the many

alpine hiking paths.

In winter many of the hiking paths and mountain routes can also be conquered

with snowshoes and touring skis, or you can try out cross-country skiing on the

hotel’s own trail. Following a day’s exertions, treat your body and soul to time out

as well: Indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steam bath, infra-red cabin, massages,

beauty treatment, ayurvedic treatments, fitness room, and a tennis court leave

no wish unsatisfied.

The Alpenhotel Gösing – your personal retreat close to home.

Information & booking.

Alpenhotel Gösing

A-3221 Gösing an der Mariazellerbahn 4

Tel. +43 (0)2728/217




upper austria

This project is supported in the

context of the EU Community Intitiative

Interreg III A Bavaria/Austria with grants

from the European Fund for Regional

Development, the Upper Austria Nature

Conservation Department and the

Landkreis Passau.

Experience the pleasures of hiker-friendly Gmunden

The most agreeable way of getting to know the Salzkammergut round Gmunden is

definitely on foot. You need nothing more than a spring in your step and strong

footwear to explore for example the trails on Grünberg mountain (1,004 m).

Gmunden’s local mountain is an eldorado for lovers of hiking, and provides a view of

its big brother, the Traunstein (1,691 m) with the Ramsaueralm, Laudachalm and

Mairalm. Guests at the Schlosshotel Freisitz Roith even have their rucksacks packed

for them. Light natural produce from the region provides sustenance for the hike, and

with a detailed hiking map it would be very hard to get lost. The tour is best undertaken

with Sepp Vockenhuber, Freisitz Roith’s captain of the MS “Hocklecken”, who is

not just an enthusiastic mountaineer (with Matterhorn experience), but also knows at

close quarters virtually every corner of his beloved Salzkammergut

Book your “Joy of Hiking” package now:

4 or 7 nights in stylishly furnished rooms including Freisitz-Roith-Arrangement

• Welcome cocktail • Hiking map & rucksack stocked daily with regional delicacies

• Cruise on the Traunsee with associated hike and packed lunch • Hike on the Grünberg,

visit to the fungus nature trail, return by cableway • Book your “Wandergenuss”

“Joy of Hiking” package now at

Kaiserschmarren. There are a number of legends surrounding the

creation of the Kaiserschmarren. However, one thing is certain: This sweet dessert

tasted exceptionally good to Kaiser Franz Joseph I, so he made Kaiserschmarren

one of Austria’s most famous dishes. For Kaiserschmarren, a batter of flour,

Information & booking.

Schlosshotel Freisitz Roith

A-4810 Gmunden, Traunsteinstrasse 87

Tel. +43 (0)7612/649 05

Fax: +43 (0)7612/649 05-17,

Enjoyment of Nature: Short

holidays on the Danube

The Donauengtal European Conservation Area between

Hofkirchen in Lower Bavaria and Aschach/Donau in

Upper Austria is a unique nature reserve. More than 2,888 km

and the longest river in Central Europe, the Danube has

been an artery, not just for humans, but also for a huge variety

of flora and fauna.

27 short holiday packages with tips for guided hikes

can be found in the new, free brochure “Experience Nature”.

For example, “A Guest of Dr Faustus” in the Hotel

Faustschlössl in Feldkirchen/ Donau costs €148 per

person in a double room for two nights with half-board and

numerous services. Alternatively, you can hike “With your

backpack through the Danube Valley” from Passau to the

Schlögener Donauschlinge starting at €199 per person

in a double room including luggage transport and three

boat trips.

Information & booking.

Werbegemeinschaft Donau OÖ

A-4040 Linz, Lindengasse 9

Tel. +43 (0)732/72 77-800



milk, eggs and sugar is cooked golden brown on both sides in a pan. It is then carefully

cut into bite-sized pieces. The pancake or Schmarren then has currants added, and is finally

dusted with icing sugar. It is traditionally served in most restaurants with

stewed plums.

Alpine hoteliers

Breathe deeply and enjoy the mountain air, or take advantage of the

varied sports programme – many options are available for holidaymakers

in the Alpine region. If you are planning your next journey, be

inspired by the Alpine Hoteliers – an association of 450 small, individual

hotels in the Salzburger Land, the Tirol and Upper Bavaria which offer

holidaymakers accommodation at outstanding prices.

If you seek an active holiday, you will find idyllic countryside in which

to hike, bike and Nordic walk in the Alpine regions. Alpine hoteliers are

ready with numerous tips for excursions, and on occasion even join their

guests, to show them the loveliest places in the region. Well-known as

both a place for excursions and a place to stay is Alpengasthof Gramai, a

member of the association and lying in the middle of Karwendel Alpine

Park. A night including breakfast with produce from its own alpine

pasture costs from €29 per person.

Information is available via the homepage

and enquiries can be sent directly to member hotels.

Supported with grants from the European Fund for Regional Development (Intereg IIIA), the

Federal Ministry for the Economy and Employment and from the Provinces of Salzburg and Tirol.

Information & catalogue.

Tirol Info

Tel. +43 (0)512/72 72-0

Reutte holiday region



The Reutte holiday region on the border with Bavaria has an

impressive variety of cultural and sporting attractions.

Highlights of this magnificent high altitude hiking area (1,700 m)

include a barefoot hiking trail and an Alpine flower garden. 48 km of

well constructed cycle paths and over 138 km of mountain bike trails at

all levels of difficulty provide the perfect holiday experience for all ages.

Romantic feelings will be aroused by an evening stroll to the Alpsee

where you can admire the floodlit royal castles of Neuschwanstein and

Hohenschwangau. Locals and guests come together under the slogan

“Running and Nordic walking in Lech” on new Nordic walking courses in

Lechaschau, Wängle and Höfen as well as the three sections from

Weißenbach. Moreover, all the lakes in the Reutte holiday region,

such as the Plansee, Alatsee, Urisee and Frauensee, are of drinking

water quality.

Information & booking.

TVB Ferienregion Reutte

A-6600 Reutte, Untermarkt 34

Tel. +43 (0)5672/623 36, Fax: -40





Hotel “Das Pfandler”

The Pfandler stands in an open, quiet location, and is a holiday

destination for everyone who would like to have sport, Nature, water,

recuperation and enjoyment all tied up in one holiday package. They will

find traditional hospitality in a homely, pleasant and stylish atmosphere.

Your every need is taken care of. Relax like the Tiroleans in our healthy

world – simply feel good and holiday to your heart’s content.

The Wiesenhof Hotel

Information & booking.

Hotel „Das Pfandler“

Familie Anton & Andrea Entner

A-6213 Pertisau/Achensee/Tirol

Tel. +43 (0)5243/52 23, Fax: -62,

The Wiesenhof stands in an idyllic location at the centre of the village,

surrounded by lush meadows. Two or three minutes’ walk brings you

to the largest lake in the Tirol, the romantic Karwendel cable car and the

oldest golf course in the country, but even so it is a haven of calm around

the hotel. As an ideal starting point for hikes, the Achensee region offers

450 km of hiking trails, from relaxing rambles along the lake shore to

challenging ascents up to about 2,500 m.

Information & booking.

Hotel Der Wiesenhof

Familie Johannes Entner

A-6213 Pertisau Nr. 9

Tel. +43 (0)5243/52 46, Fax: -48,

Cheese. Many regions in Austria have a long tradition of cheese-making.

In Vorarlberg Bergkäse mountain cheese has been made the same way for centuries.

The milk used by the Alpine dairymen to make the strong and intensely pungent

cheese is particularly aromatic, as the cows graze on lush alpine meadows

Imst-Gurgltal – Land of Adventure

In the heart of the Tirol, the Imst-Gurgltal region has the whole gamut of

mountain experiences. Relax in Alpine meadows, or take off on a mountain

bike. With 350 km of hiking

trails, 200 km of mountain

bike and cycling paths, indoor

and rock climbing practice

areas, rafting in the Imst

gorge, canyoning, Rosengarten

gorge, the Alpine

Coaster – the world’s longest

8-seater gondola in Imst;

linked to Inntal and the Tirol

bike trails, Adlerweg Tirol,

Jakobsweg, Lechtaler Höhenweg,

E 4 and E 5 trails; official

host of the Tour and Bike

Trans-Alp Challenge, and the

Pitztal-Imst glacier marathon.

Information & booking.

Tourismusverband Imst-Gurgltal

A-6460 Imst

Tel. +43 (0)5412/69 10-0

Insiders’ tip for Nature lovers

• Family-run business on the sun balcony of the Ötztal (1,550 m) • Magnificent

panoramic terrace and children’s play area • Luxury and family rooms

and apartments • Starting point for magnificent hiking and mountain tours

• Varied weekly programme • Snow-assured location, ski lift and children’s lift,

and one of the loveliest cross-country ski runs in the Tirol, with a roller-blading

track immediately in front of the hotel. Half-board starting at €39 per person.

Weekly packages: guided hikes, Nordic walking, mountain bike tour,

gala evening of entertainment, 7 days HB €306 p.pers.

Information & booking.

Hotel Tauferberg

A-6441 Niederthai/Ötztal

Tel. +43 (0)5255/55 09

Fax: +43 (0)5255/56 69-5,



and mountain herbs. Graukäse is a speciality of the Tirol; it is a hand-produced curd cheese,

ripened for some weeks in a cellar. Its name comes from its green-grey crust of mould.

This full-flavoured and very low-fat cheese is essential to some Tirolean specialities, giving

Kaspressknödel dumplings their characteristic flavour.

Active in Bregenzerwald

The Bregenzerwald region is rich in natural charm, from lush Alpine

foothills to high mountain peaks. Some 2,000 km of signposted hiking

trails lead to the loveliest spots. Golf, Nordic walking, cycling, paragliding,

climbing or white-water rafting – everything is possible.

From May to the end of October, summer guests benefit from the

Bregenzerwald guest card: access to all cable cars, swimming pools

and public buses in Bregenzerwald is included in the overnight price with a

stay of three nights. Winter in the Bregenzerwald is perfect for winter sports

enthusiasts and Nature-lovers. Skiing variety is guaranteed with the Three

Valleys ski pass. There are 300 km of cross-country ski runs, numerous

natural toboggan runs and 200 km of signposted winter hiking trails to

choose from.

Kids Snow Campaign

(12 to 19 January, 1 to 8 March and 29 March to 5 April 2008)

During these dates, children between 3 and 6 years old (born in

2002/2003/2004) ski free of charge and can also have a free 4-day ski

course. (Condition: 7 nights stay accompanied by at least one adult)

Information & booking.

Bregenzerwald Tourismus, A-6863 Egg

Impulszentrum 1135, Tel. +43 (0)5512/23 65

Fax: +43 (0)5512/30 10

Damüls – The world’s

snowiest village



The mountain village lies at over 1,400 m and is a beacon of snow

reliabilty, underlined by its 2006 prize of “world’s snowiest village”.

Besides 64 km of marked pistes and ski routes, eleven sunny altitude

cross-country ski kilometres and 22.5 km of winter hiking trails, winter in

Damüls provides a varied programme of events for the whole family.

Take a holiday from your car. In Damüls, a winter holiday awaits both

you and your car, because at almost all the hotels you can enjoy skiing

right up to the door.

Winter brings much that is new. Two new detachable 6-seater

gondolas are the highlight this coming season, with the Argental service

opening up new, top quality north-facing slopes .

Our winter packages:


8 to 22 December 2007; 19 to 26 January 2008; 29 March to 6 April 2008

Kids Snow Campaign

12 to 19 January 2008; 29 March to 6 April 2008

Information & booking.

Damüls Tourismus, A-6884 Damüls

Tel. +43 (0)5510/620

Fax: +43 (0)5510/549




Sheer pleasure

It feels good to bathe in really pure drinking water

The clear Austrian

lakes lend themselves

to diving

Nothing is nicer on a hot summer’s

day than taking a cooling dip. Exactly

where to take the plunge is no easy decision,

so varied is the choice of Austrian

bathing lakes. Anyone who likes to

combine cool bathing with the hot scene

will love a holiday by the Wörther See.

Summer festivals such as the “Fête

blanche” attract a young crowd every

year to the banks of the largest lake in

Carinthia. Its two neighbours, the Ossiacher

See and the Millstätter See, are in

fact almost as large, but provide more

peace and quiet – ideal for holiday-

makers for whom life already provides

enough excitement. All 42 Carinthian

bathing lakes are of proven drinkingwater

quality, as is the Weissensee (1,000

m), which remains deliciously refreshing,

even in summer.

For anyone who does not find the

water temperature sufficiently like the

Caribbean, the family-friendly Klopeiner

See in Carinthia or the Mondsee in Upper

Austria may be close to the heart. Whilst

the bathing lakes score above all with

their beneficial combination of recuperation

and entertainment, mountain waters

such as Tirol’s Achensee are more of an

acquired taste: glacier water straight from

the spring reaches 19° max – so you are

often alone in the water.



A charming alternative is offered by lovely

old river-fed baths, some with a history

stretching back over 100 years, for

example in Zwettl, Langenlois, Gars or

Krumau in Lower Austria. One of the finest

is the lovingly restored river-fed swimming

pool on the Ybbs in Hollenstein. Lovers of

the unusual are recommended to visit the

Donauflussbad Aggsbach, where the

Danube, obeying a counter-current, flows

uphill. Whilst time seems to stand still in

the old baths, elsewhere it goes at breakneck

speed: intrepid rafting and canoeing

fans will not be disappointed on whitewater

rivers such as the Salza or the

Enns in Styria. •

Link tips to the text...

can be found on page 23 of this magazine.



1 Lake Attersee in the Salzkammergut:

a bathing lake of drinking water quality

2 Lake Woerth seen somewhat

differently – a bird’s-eye view

3 Enjoying peace on the water in a

rowing boat

4 The old baths in Gars are mirrored in

the dark waters of the Kamp river

Pack your swimwear!

* LUNZER SEEN. The three lakes in Lower Austria are worth a visit at any time of year, but at

Whitsun they provide a beautiful springtime spectacle with hosts of daffodils.

* OBERINNVIERTLER SEENPLATTE. Lying between the Ibmer Moor, lush meadows and shady

forests, these three peat-bottomed lakes invite you to bathe as early as May.

* SEEWALDSEE. The romantic mountain lake in the Großes Walsertal in Vorarlberg is reached at

the end of a one-hour hike. The reward: a unique natural experience.

* ERLAUFSEE. This lake on the border between Styria and Lower Austria is so clean and clear that

in places you can see the bottom up to 20 m below the surface.

* FERNSTEINSEE. One of the most beautiful of all Alpine lakes is the emerald green Fernsteinsee,

best viewed from a pedalo.

* BAD FISCHAU. Lying south of Vienna, the Bad Fischau-Brunn, fed by a cool, clear spring, is a

real jewel in Nature’s crown. Dotted with historic wooden cabins from Imperial times, it exudes the

romantic flair of the 19th century.

* FUSCHLSEE. Not far from the festival city of Salzburg lie Hintersee and Fuschlsee lakes – in the

middle of the magnificent landscapes of the Salzkammergut.






Klopeiner See – South Carinthia

sport & fun without limits.

The most sunshine and the

warmest bathing lakes in

Austria (up to 28° C and

of drinking-water quality)

ensure pure relaxation in

the Klopeiner See-South

Carinthia holiday region. No

less than seven lakes invite

you to bathe, surf, dive or

fish. But this is also a biking and hiking paradise full of contrasts, between

the Klagenfurt basin, the Karawanken range, and the Saualpe and Koralpe

mountains. 1,246 km of superbly maintained trails will suit every taste

and ability. 28 mountainbiking and trekking routes, 7 themed bike trails

through South Carinthia’s lake district and the popular Drau bike trail

provide the right mixture of sporting challenge and natural pleasure.

The highlights: The Santa Lucia suspension bridge and biking

through mining tunnels.

Information & booking.

Infocenter Millstätter See

A-9871 Seeboden, Thomas-Morgenstern-Platz 1

Tel. +43 (0)4766/37 00-0

Information & booking.

Region Klopeiner See-Südkärnten

A-9122 St. Kanzian, Schulstrasse 10

Tel. +43 (0)4239/22 22, Fax: -33

Moonlight plays on the waters of Millstätter See. On a small island

there’s a festively set table and in the candlelight a couple raise their

glasses to each other, in romantic togetherness – doesn’t it sound like a

fairy tale? It is too, yet the romantic “Dinner for Two on Millstätter See” can

be yours. The exclusive package includes an aperitif, a motorboat ride

and a 7-course dinner.

Sachertorte. Created in 1832 by 16 year old apprentice chef Franz Sacher

at the court of Prince Metternich, it must be the most famous chocolate cake in the

world today. The recipe for the original Sachertorte is a well-kept secret, known only

to confectioners at Hotel Sacher in Vienna. Despite this, there is hardly a cake shop

Bathing delights at lakes Weissensee

and Pressegger See

Summer sunshine playing on crystal-clear, pure bathing lakes, and over

two thousand hours of sunshine per year – these are just some of the

advantages of a group of holiday regions in south-west Carinthia, right on

the Italian frontier: the Gailtal, Gitschtal and Lesachtal valleys, the Weissensee

and Nassfeld-Hermagor-Pressegger See. Relax your body, mind

and soul while sunbathing, taking healthy exercise or enjoying a swim in

the pleasantly warm Pressegger See (up to 28° C), or the fjord-like Weissensee

(up to 24° C).

Kids enjoy special programmes

in Carinthia’s

No. 1 Adventure Park at

Pressegger See. Besides

bathing, diving and

swimming, the lakes are

also a true paradise for

surfers and sailors.

Information & booking.

Kärntens Naturarena

A-9620 Hermagor, Hauptstrasse 14

Tel. +43 (0)4282/31 31-0, Fax: -31

Seeberührungen ® lake encounters around the Millstätter See

The Forelle Hotel offers wellness treatments right by the lake.

Enjoy a lake and mountain backdrop in this 4-star hotel with its lake pool,

wellness area with various saunas, steam bath and quiet room with lake

panorama. Travel the world with special treatments – fragrances from the

South Sea, the energy of Asia, the rhythm of Tibetan bells – a feast for

the senses.

Information & booking.

Hotel am See – Die Forelle

A-9872 Millstatt am See

Tel. +43 (0)4766/20 50



in Austria that does not sell it and, if even if not eating the original, all Torten à la Sacher have one

thing in common: they taste blissfully of chocolate. After baking, the cake is filled with apricot jam,

which is also thinly spread all over the outside. A sweet chocolate glaze seals in the cake.

Served with a spoonful of whipped cream, the confectionery pleasure is complete.

The click for an activity holiday: Web addresses for this magazine


More on the hiking trails mentioned on pages 2 to 5 at: (Tiroler Adlerweg),

(Salzburger Almenweg), (Teufelsgraben), (Wilde Wasser), (Tal

der Stürzenden Wasser),,

(Weinberg.Walking.Weg),,, (Baumkronenweg),


Information on the lakes mentioned in the text at:,,,,,,,,,; river-fed baths: Hollenstein/Ybbs:

Tel. 07445/218-0, Aggsbach Markt: Tel. 02712/214


Information on the cycle paths mentioned in the text: (Wiener


* SEITE 28/29: “THAT JOYOUS FEELING” (Franziskusweg), (Alpincircus), (Stodertal),,

Your Alpine hosts

Breathe deeply and enjoy the mountain air, or take advantage of a

varied sports programme – many options are available for holidaymakers

in the Alpine regions. If you are planning your next journey, be inspired by

the Alpine Hoteliers – an association of 450 small, individual hotels in the

Salzburger Land, the Tirol and Upper Bavaria, which offer holidaymakers

accommodation at outstanding prices. The following example shows what

attractive options there are for a holiday: Alpine hotels are not only the

perfect starting point for outdoor activities, many are also situated on

enchanting lakes. The Seeappartement Kitzsteinhorn, a member hotel in

Zell am See, with its own bathing beach, meadow for sunbathing, mooring

facilities and lakeside terrace, invites you to sail, surf or simply just relax.

A night in a comfortable and sympathetically furnished holiday apartment

starts from €44/apartment.

Information is available at and enquiries

can be sent directly to the member hotels.

(Bad Ischl),,

(Laufkompetenzzentren), (Bad Tatzmannsdorf)


salzburger land

Supported with grants from the European Fund for Regional Development (Intereg IIIA), from the

Federal Ministry for the Economy and Employment and the Provinces of Salzburg and Tirol.

Information & catalogue.

SalzburgerLand Tourismus

Tel. +43 (0)662/66 88-44

* PAGES 38/39: “TREASURE-SEEKERS AND BUFFALO HUNTERS” (Lernbauernhof/Pinzgau),,, (Habachtal),,,

(Moorpfad „Leckermoor“), (Hexenhaus in Fiss)





Muscle power

Seeking sport and culture? Cycling in Austria gives the best of both worlds

Cyclists take a

cultural break at Lentos

art gallery in Linz

Faster than on foot, and yet much

more peaceful than by car – a wonderful

way to discover Austria is on two

wheels. You will have time to appreciate

the most varied landscapes, but also one

cultural site after another – and never

more so than on the sight-seeing cycle

path along the Ringstraße in Vienna, also

called the “Showcase of the Monarchy”.

You can research your route in detail on

the Internet, but impulsive cyclists prefer

to get pedalling and let the surprises

unfold, for example colourful birdlife nesting

in the ring of reeds round Neusiedler See.

The World Heritage cycle path round the

lake goes through nature conservation

areas and other idyllic spots, including

some picturesque vineyards.

You could also cycle from spa town

to spa town, down to southern Styria,

where you can happily stop for refreshment

and something hearty in a wine

tavern – you will have already pedalled off

so many calories. In regard to pedalling:

Even on cycle paths in the mountains you

won’t have to work too hard.



1 The well-known Donauradweg

opens up unforgettable vistas, here

on the Schlögener Schlinge

2 The cycle path goes straight past

the Schloss Schönbühel in Wachau

3 Less peaceful and more of an

adrenalin rush is a descent on a

mountain bike

4 For young cyclists too there is

much to see and be amazed by

2 3

The Tauern cycle path through Hohe

Tauern National Park certainly runs past

quite a few three-thousand-metre-peaks,

but only rises about 200 m. One of the

highlights of the tour is the Krimmler

Waterfalls – the highest in Europe. The

many delights of the landscape in

Salzburgerland can also be discovered

very effectively on a wide variety of day

tours. If you are looking for a real

challenge, try the numerous mountain

bike routes in Austria: The “Kärnten-

Seen-Biking” network has twelve stages

through the most beautiful mountain

regions in Carinthia, each one ending by

a lake. Tirol’s mountains meanwhile offer


Pedal hard, then stop and stare


IMPRESSIONS. The Ennsradweg cycle

path goes past National Parks, impressive

mountains, romantic ravines and enchanting

towns. The Innradweg also provides charming

contrasts: wild mountain ranges and

gently rolling hills, romantic fortresses and

picturesque towns.

* MOZARTRADWEG. Starting from

Mozart’s birthplace, Salzburg, this 450 km

long cycle path leads past various sites

associated with the life of the genius.


delightful trail that crosses frontiers, and

links well with individual steamer passages.

An important tip: Don’t forget your passport.


heavy panniers on your bicycle – you only

need them when you reach your destination

for the day. The finest cycle tours in Austria

already provide their own luggage transfer.

Further information at


find more cycle tours at www.austria.

info/radfahren or

They include special offers like cycling with

professionals (the Tirol, Carinthia), or “Von

Klosterpforte zu Klosterpforte”, travelling

“from monastery to monastery”.

mountain bike routes totalling over

5,000 km. Two new freeriding trails have

just been opened In the Tiroler Zugspitz

arena, and in Sölden there is a new bike

arena. Less demanding by far are cycle

paths along rivers. On the Donauradweg

you cycle along the Danube, through the

romantic Wachau, where vineyards reach

almost to the river bank. And the 365 km

long Mur-Randwanderweg follows the

River Mur from its origins in the Hohe

Tauern down to Bad Radkersburg in

the south of Styria. •

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Mörbisch on the Neusiedler See

This cyclists’ village at Neusiedler See extends a warm invitation to

discover its picturesque landscapes and unique flora and fauna by

bicycle. Use our nearby frontier crossing point for a detour into Hungary, or

cross the lake on one of the regular cycle ferry services.

Let your soul be soothed and experience Mörbisch hospitality, writ large in

this village of lakeside festivals. A walk through its famous alleyways, which

are part of this Unesco World Heritage Site, bears witness to old customs

and traditions.

As wine grapes have been cultivated here for centuries, you should not miss

the opportunity to convince yourself of the quality of excellent wines from

Mörbisch’s vintners, who also produce the official wine for the Viennese

Opera Ball. This is best done in one of the Mörbisch’s long-established wine

cellars, in the Mörbisch Vinothek or in the many restaurants and taverns.

Frittatensuppe. Frittatensuppe, a clear soup with strips of pancake, is a

traditional Austrian national dish. Whether as a starter or main course – it is served

in the same way in all the Provinces. It could also be called “Palatschinkensuppe”,

Palatschinken being another term for a pancake, a further typical Austrian speciality.

Bicycle hire:

• Fahrradverleih Posch, A-7072 Mörbisch, Blumentalgasse 9,

Tel. +43 (0)2685/82 42

• Fahrradverleih Sonnenhof, A-7072 Mörbisch, Nussau 18,

Tel. +43 (0)2685/609 73, Fax: -4,

Cycle ferry services in Mörbisch:

• Drescher Lines, Tel. +43 (0)2685/88 20,

Fax: +43 (0)2685/88 40-8,,

Schiffahrt Weiss-Sommer:

Tel. +43 (0)2685/83 24, Fax: +43 (0)2685/82 24,

Information. Tourismusverband Mörbisch

A-7072 Mörbisch, Hauptstrasse 23

Tel. +43 (0)2685/84 30, Fax: -9,



The pancake mixture is prepared only from the best, natural ingredients, such as flour,

milk and eggs. A special extra is a pinch of nutmeg. Immediately after cooking in a hot pan,

the pancakes are cut into strips or Frittaten, to be put into hot beef broth just before serving.

Enjoy your meal.

Biking pleasure without frontiers

in Carinthia’s Natural Arena

Carinthia’s Natural Arena,

comprising Gailtal, Gitschtal

and Lesachtal, the Weissensee

and the Nassfeld-

Hermagor-Pressegger See, is

a mecca for all bikers. Mountain

bikers find true happiness

and a perfect challenge

on more than 800 km of trails

with 31 routes of varying

difficulty, whilst the scenic family tour – the Karnische Radweg (90 km) –

runs gently downhill along the Gail River from Kötschach-Mauthen to

Villach. Guided tours, mountainbiking routes, bike transport by cable car

and above all the “frontierless” biking enjoyment of riding into Italy are,

along with the absolutely pure Pressegger See and Weissensee bathing

lakes, some of the special features of Carinthia’s Natural Arena.

Cycling delights in the


Information & booking.

Kärntens Naturarena

A-9620 Hermagor, Hauptstrasse 14

Tel. +43 (0)4282/31 31-0, Fax: -31

The Zillertal valley is one of the most varied bike

destinations in the Alps, and so an ideal goal for all

cycling enthusiasts. Over 800 km of mountain bike and cycle

routes at between 500 and 3,400 m above sea-level invite

one actively to experience the distinctive mountain panorama

of the Zillertal with its 55 three-thousand-metre-peaks.

When taking breaks, more than 130 lodges are available to

enjoy the popular Zillertal natural produce. In the evening one

can let oneself be spoilt in one of the numerous gourmet

restaurants in the Valley.

Bike facts:

• 214 km blue routes / 274 km red routes /

336 km black routes

• 20 GPS bike tours with a total of about 30,000 m of

altitude (with GPS hire)

• regenerative fitness tours in combination with wellequipped

bike transportation by the mountain track and

cable railways, e.g. the Zillertalbahn

• well-known alpine roads, ideal as a fitness test for

racing cyclists

• for families, the wide, sunny valley floor is available

as a quiet cycle path




salzburger land


Undemanding, romantic cycling

The Salzburger Seenland comprises twelve traditional, longestablished

parishes, where customs and culture thrive. The four

lakes of the Salzburger Seenland (Wallersee, Obertrumer See, Mattsee

and Grabensee) provide beauty, clear and clean drinking water, and much

more. The cyclists’ paradise almost on the doorstep of the

festival city of Salzburg provides some 1,000 km of cycle paths,

which are car-free or only lightly used. Lush green Alpine foothills

delight the cyclist with their gentle slopes and warm, deep-blue lakes

and circular cycle paths

round our lakes are very

popular with families.

Salzburg’s meadows,

forests, rivers and

lakes provide the best

ingredients for the

region’s typical dishes.

Let yourself be enchanted

by Nature.

Information & booking.

Salzburger Seenland Tourismus GmbH

Tel. +43 (0)6212/303 70-23

Fax: +43 (0)6212/303 70-9

Information & booking.

Zillertal Tourismus GmbH

A-6262 Schlitters, Zillertal, Bundesstrasse 27d

Tel. +43 (0)5288/871 87

Fax: +43 (0)5288/871 87-1,



running. nordic walking.



That joyous feeling

If you think the whole subject of endorphins is completely fictitious

you’ve obviously never been in running shoes

The beauty of running is that you need

no previous experience. But even

experienced runners should pace themselves.

Anyone setting off too fast soon

starts panting and risks missing the best

part: the wonderful surroundings. On the

Franziskusweg in the Tiroler Wildschönau

one runs past splendid farms and rustic

mountain lodges; imposing views in the

Salzburger Alpincircus have caused many

a runner to take an unscheduled break. In

the Stodertal valley, you can try crosscountry

running, which guarantees

unique and varied experiences.

Nordic walking sticks – an increasingly

popular alternative – are available for

anyone wishing to spare their joints.

On the routes in and around Bad Ischl,

it might interest you to know that you

will be treading in the ancient footprints of

Kaiser Franz and his Sisi, who spent

many happy summers here. And the

Kulmbergrunde circuit in Ramsau with its

many woodland tracks and panoramic

viewing points must surely be one of the

most beautiful routes in the Province.

Igls and Lans in the Tirol are the locations

of centres of ‘running excellence’.

Besides a network of routes 70 km long,

visitors can obtain comprehensive advice

on running and sports medicine care.

And the Bad Tatzmannsdorf running and

Nordic walking arena has mainly developed

into an advertisement for Austria

as a “running” country. This is not just

because of the many seminars on running

and Nordic walking, but also the network

of routes covering a record 138 km of

running tracks and 280 km of Nordic

walking trails. The first step is in fact

easier than you think: After just a couple

of runs, as your own movements become

more fluent, you will feel more strength

with every breath. And sure enough you

will finally experience one of those often

quoted “joyous feelings”. •

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2 3

1 When Nordic walking, one can

enjoy the landscape

2 Moving at a relaxed tempo on

varied running routes

3 There is always a nice spot to

stretch and catch one’s breath

With and without sticks


35 hotels in Lower Austria offer their guests

beautifully maintained and signposted

running trails, which start immediately in

front of the hotel entrance.


Tackle one of the eleven running and

Nordic walking courses, then head for the

spa – a wonderful relaxation. Tip: the

panoramic tour on Schlossalm.


The stimulating climate of Ramsau in Styria

(1,200 m) is ideal for altitude training. 45

trails really do provide running enthusiasts

with all levels of difficulty.


SEEFELD. The “running & Nordic walking

arena” has 18 routes at three levels of

difficulty, with a total length of 162 km.

Extras: Sawdust running track and mountain




riding. golf. tennis.

True evergreens

Golf, riding and tennis are still some of the favourite sports

A good match: Golf

in the mountains

No wonder that more and more

holidaymakers enjoy life on the

green – golf is the perfect opportunity

to link the “experience of Nature” with

sport and exercise. The special feature

in Austria is the many golf courses in

Alpine surroundings – on which you are

astounded not just by your partner’s

handicap, but also by the fantastic

backdrop: Gastein Golf Club lies in the

middle of the majestic Salzburg mountains

and is one of the loveliest golf

courses in the Alps. The 18-hole course

in Brand in Vorarlberg with its terraced

fairways also fits harmoniously into the

surrounding nature reserve. In Zell am

See you tee off on each of the five golf

courses in front of the fascinating

panorama of Pinzgau mountain.

You can feel Nature even more

intensely on horseback. You could

enjoy a guided tour on Icelandic



ponies at the largest Icelandic stud in

Europe, the Hausruckhof in


Youngsters love the riding adventure

weeks in Styria’s Hohentauern: At

Moscher sports centre they can try

riding for the first time and improve

their technique, whilst their parents

enjoy some golf tuition. If you prefer a

racquet you can choose from 17 tennis

hotels with a total of 94 outdoor and

55 indoor courts. More on this at •

2 3


* MULTI-TENNIS AUSTRIA. 17 tennis hotels with a total of 94 outdoor courts and 55 indoor

courts provide everything that a tennis fan could desire, as well as combinations with mountain

biking, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, relaxation and pleasure.

* GOLFPARK KLOPEINER SEE. Due to the mild climate, the golf season in Carinthia lasts into

November on these spacious, gently rolling to hilly fairways (par 72). Less fit golfers value the wide

and less closely cut fairways.

* LANDHOTEL KLEEBAUER. Specialising in horse-riding, the Landhotel Kleebauer was developed

from a 700 year old farm into a romantic and luxury hotel. It lies in 350,000 m2 of its own forests

and meadows in Altenfelden in Upper Austria, and here not only riders but also golfers and tennis

fans really feel at home

Holiday specialist:

Three tips for three sports

1 Teeing off by the Attersee: No finer

place to hone one’s technique

2 Golf at the foot of the Kitzsteinhorn

with a view of the snow-capped peaks

3 Riding adventures on Mühlviertler Alm

4 Like cowboys: Relaxed in the saddle

through the Waldviertel

5 A new beginning: Tennis is slowly but

surely coming back into fashion





nordic walking.

lower austria


Xundwärts – the “towards health” running & exercise centre

Information & booking.


A-3970 Moorbad Harbach

Tel. +43 (0)2858/52 55-1650

Fax: -1605,

Kneipp-Kurhaus Marienkron

The convent and spa are open to all those seeking peace, relaxation,

spiritual awareness and recuperation. Very easily reached from

Vienna, the Cistercian Abbey of Marienkron provides conference

delegates with seven pleasant and modern seminar rooms and halls

(for five to 150 people).

Located in the middle of a park and right by the vineyards, guests

enjoy the comfort and amenities of a 4-star spa (individual spa

treatments are available, e.g. massages, sauna) and the peace and

quiet of a convent.

Information & booking.

Kneipp-Kurhaus Marienkron

A-7123 Mönchhof/Seewinkel

Tel. +43 (0)2173/802 05-0, Fax: -40

Mohnnudeln – “Noodles with poppy seeds”. About 500 hectares of poppies are

grown every year in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria, which equates to about half the

poppy crop in the whole of Austria. Every year in early summer the poppies flower in a

magnificent kaleidoscope of red, white, purple and pink. Besides this feast for the eyes,

In one of the most modern running and sports centres in Europe

the Xundheitswelt health world with its Xundwärts running and

exercise centre provides a wide range of options – for beginners

and professionals alike.

Xundwärts guests have a comprehensive, professionally marked

out network of trails totalling some 180 km – the Xundwärts routes –

at their disposal at all three Xundheitswelt locations – Moorbad

Harbach, Weitra and Groß Gerungs. They can also access three

comprehensive Xundwärts fitness courses (exercise joy in the

Motorik-Park © ), to learn and improve coordination abilities.

The high-tech Xundwärts centre (analysis and training centre)

provides programmes for learning and perfecting running and

Nordic walking. The staff will draw up individual training schedules

and nutritional medical programmes, to round off the holistic,

sports medical care with Xundwärts-Med.

Nordic walking – but in the “xundwärts” style

3 days with half-board, the performance package “The right technique

for optimum Nordic walking” (2 units with a Nordic walking instructor),

use of the Xundwärts centre, the Xundwärts fitness course and the

Xundwärts routes, heart-rate monitor and Nordic walking sticks for the

duration of your stay, welcome Xund drink, use of the leisure facilities

of the respective Xundheitswelt establishment. Bookable in all six

Xundheitswelt establishments starting at €116.

Knowing how things run


EXCELLENCE. So that you

don’t overdo the running, which

means not overtaxing yourself or

choosing a route that is beyond

your own abilities, you can call

on the services of an Austrian

centre of running excellence.

There, you will find details of a

broad range of different running

and Nordic walking routes

together with all the necessary

information. Amateurs, but

also professionals, can bring

themselves to the peak of fitness

here. A centre of running excellence must satisfy various criteria to

be allowed to use this title. Amongst other things, the network must

comprise at least 70 km of running and Nordic walking routes. Moreover,

there should be at least three routes per speed category, as well as

special routes for beginners. There must also be circuit training guides,

fitness courses and professional supervision. In Austria numerous

running and Nordic walking routes at all degrees of difficulty are waiting

to be tried out by running enthusiasts and Nordic walking fans.

Information at



here you can discover special culinary delicacies using poppy seeds: dumplings, pasta envelopes, gingerbread and

strudel are enriched with this distinctive flavour. The most well-known speciality from the Waldviertel is, however,

Mohnnudeln. This pasta is rolled by hand from succulent potato dough and then boiled. Shortly before serving,

it is tossed in poppy seed and sugar, and then dusted with icing sugar. It is usually served with stewed fruit.

Running paradise by the Achensee

The Wiesenhof provides guests who are running enthusiasts with the ideal

starting point for an exploration of the countryside. A network of 26 running

routes at all levels of difficulty with a total length of almost 170 km guarantees

variety. An ideal way to round this off is with pure relaxation in our “Karwendeltherme”

health and spa area. In the restaurant we also demonstrate an

awareness of regional produce and the needs of an athletic body: our kitchen

team makes your stay a culinary pleasure. The Achenseelauf is a race which

takes place at the beginning of September. The 23.2 km long course leads

around the lake and is considered Austria’s loveliest panoramic run.

Information & booking.

Der Wiesenhof

Familie Johannes Entner

A-6213 Pertisau am Achensee

Tel. +43 (0)5243/52 46, Fax: -48,


nordic walking.



Carinthia’s Natural Arena –

the natural fitness studio

The five holiday regions of Gailtal, Gitschtal, Lesachtal, Weissensee and

Nassfeld-Hermagor-Pressegger See really are an “outdoor fitness studio”:

Whether running, Nordic walking, taking a pleasant stroll or a healthy hike,

every form of exercise in the open air becomes a real pleasure. A new

feature is the Nordic Fitness.Sports.Park by the Pressegger See, with its

145 km of running and Nordic

walking trails. The perfectly

designed Aktiv Fitness Park on the

Weissensee brings “Exercise into

your Life” with its nine “healthy”

hiking routes, twelve running fitness

courses and nine Nordic walking

trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

Numerous other picturesque Nordic

walking routes round off the range

of activities in the region.

Information & booking.

Kärntens Naturarena

A-9620 Hermagor, Hauptstrasse 14

Tel. +43 (0)4282/31 31-0, Fax: -31

Villach-Warmbad •

Faaker See • Ossiacher See

Summer, sun, southern flair, sport – these themes highlight what

active holiday-makers expect from the “loveliest time of the year”.

And they really can expect to find it all in the Villach-Warmbad • Faaker

See • Ossiacher See region. Here, in Southern Austria, known for its

joie de vivre, one is also close to the heartbeat of Nature, by the gentle

shores of crystal-clear lakes and yet just a stone’s throw away from

vibrant living.

Keep on walking

Of course, all kinds of water sports can be enjoyed by the Faaker See

and Ossiacher See. But because even the most ardent swimmers

occasionally want to exercise in the fresh air, Nordic Fitness Sports

parks with fantastic running and Nordic walking courses of varying

length and difficulty have been created round both lakes. For runners

and Nordic walkers who want to go further afield, the Gerlitzen

mountains (up to 1,440 m) provide a Nordic walking trail marked

by checkpoints and with three degrees of difficulty.

Information & booking. Villach-Warmbad /

Faaker See / Ossiacher See Information

A-9523 Villach-Landskron, Töbringer Strasse 1

Tel. +43 (0)4242/420 00-0, Fax: -42




nordic walking.


Rogner Bad Blumau

Dive into the colours of the rainbow. Rogner Bad

Blumau is a voyage of discovery. It is the departure

into a fairy tale world, in which everything flows. The

gentle Melchior thermal spring and the unique Vulkania

medicinal spring.

Vulkania – a water like silk …

… unadulterated, powerful, volcanic in origin – under a

clear sky. Warm and soft, captured in a lake with music.

Time for two …

… experience life with all your senses. In stylish rooms –

if desired, without a television – in magic oases of peace,

hidden away under small bridges and trees of life.

Points of contact …

… unique combinations of the most varied therapies,

massages and beauty treatments – chosen especially

for you in personal consultation with the spa assistant

of your choice.

Information & catalogue.

Rogner Bad Blumau

A-8283 Bad Blumau 100

Tel. +43 (0)3383/51 00-0

Healthy oils. Plant oils are particularly healthy, as they contain no cholesterol

but have plenty of unsaturated fatty acids. The latter are the so-called “good” fats.

Plant oils include two of the traditional edible oils from Austria: Styrian pumpkin

seed oil, called “seed oil” for short, and grape seed oil from the Burgenland.



Seed oil, because of its special colour, is also known as “green gold”. It tastes best as a dressing for salads,

but it is also frequently used as a decoration for soups. The elixir of health from the Burgenland, grape seed

oil, is obtained from the seeds of wine grapes, and likewise provides refinement to many a dish.

Most recently it has also been used as a health supplement and in beauty treatments.

Warmbad-Villach spa resort

The source of a healthy life. Located close to the Italian border, this spa resort offers the

greatest variety in Austria: It aims to give the best in holidaying, sport and health. It is both a

health hotel with tradition and style – the Warmbaderhof****, and a sport-themed spa paradise

and family hotel – the Karawankenhof**** with direct access to the thermal spa and activities

such as tennis, Nordic walking, golf and much more. The hotels in the Warmbad-Villach resort

are Golfland-Carinthia Partners, and so also offer reduced green fees. The offers can be

combined as you wish, to create an individual holiday experience for every guest.

Details of the hotels are on page 40, and in the well-being catalogue on page 21.

Taster days in the Warmbaderhof****

For first-timers: Active idleness – feel-good and enjoy. Allow yourself a couple of days to

unwind. Two nights with half-board • “Active Awakening” • health centre with indoor and

outdoor pool, sauna world, whirlpool, and much more, €168 per person/stay,

1 additional night €84 per person

Thermal spa weekday offers at the Karawankenhof****

3 nights including half-board and use of all the hotel’s facilities.

Valid from 4.1.–21.3. and 24.3. to 11.7.2008 starting at €198 per person/ stay.

Valid between Sunday and Friday, last departure Friday.

Information & booking.

ThermenResort Warmbad-Villach

A-9504 Warmbad-Villach

Tel. +43 (0)4242/30 01-10,

Fax: -1309,

Ready for island life?

Then you are absolutely in the right place with Inselhotel Faakersee. Our own

motorboat brings you to the island hotel, where the crew of the 4-star hotel

make you very welcome. Live out your holiday dream on 80,000 m2 of land in

the middle of the lake, surrounded by Nature and tranquility.

Open our treasure chest with its Carinthian hospitality, comfortable rooms,

unspoilt Nature and a fantastic view of the Karawanken mountains. Savour a

delicious combination of international and regional cuisine.

Go fishing, surfing or sailing. Enjoy the idyllic peace on the tennis court or visit

one of twelve centrally located golf courses.

Sweat “like the Finns” in our sauna. Dive into and swim in the Faakersee.

Our traditional bathhouse awaits you.

The Inselhotel Faakersee is a unique location for your seminars, conferences,

workshops or your company’s incentive trip.

You can even get married on the island and make your wedding

dreams a reality.





Information & booking.

Inselhotel Faakersee****

A-9583 Faak am See

Tel. +43 (0)4254/21 45

Fax: +43 (0)4254/21 36 77,


w w w . b a d w a l t e r s d o r f . c o m

Spa region

Bad Waltersdorf

Auffen-Großhart • Sebersdorf • St. Magdalena

Feel life

Keep busy and choose from numerous leisure and sports offers from the

Bad Waltersdorf thermal spa region: golf, hiking, tennis, Nordic walking,

running or cycling.

Be active and recuperate

The Bad Waltersdorf leisure park with its 8 well-maintained outdoor tennis

courts, 4 indoor courts and squash courts ensures that everyone can have a

game. Well signposted cycle and hiking trails and first-class Nordic walking and

running routes get your body in gear. Finally, enjoy the beneficial and curative

thermal springs in the region.

Inquiries: Infobüro Bad Waltersdorf, A-8271 Bad Waltersdorf,

Hauptplatz 90, Tel: +43 (0) 3333/3150, Fax: -15,,

Bad Waltersdorf gift vouchers: Simple and easy to

order at

Hotel & Spa Der Steirerhof***** Bad Waltersdorf

A-8271 Bad Waltersdorf, Tel: +43 (0)3333 / 3211-0

Fax: -444,,

Exercise & well-being

at the Hotel & Spa Der Steirerhof***** Bad Waltersdorf

A feel-good holiday at the Steirerhof is a relaxing pleasure in any weather. Dive into

the water world of the Steirerhof with its six pools, and learn new forms of exercise

in our activity programme. The Vitality & Spa Department for massages, baths,

wraps, packs and the Health Department with its spa doctor, physiotherapists and

sports scientists are the ideal partners in all things health- and exercise-related.

The daily activity programme with Pilates, five Tibetan treatments, Qui Gong,

Tai-Chi, Nordic walking and much more, plus our outdoor tennis courts, bicycles

for hire and a modern fitness arena with an

indoor and outdoor section round off our hotel’s

comprehensive offer. NEW: 25% green fee

reduction at the 18-hole Bad Waltersdorf golf

course, and many other top advantages for

Steirerhof guests.

“Steirerhof golf pleasure”

3 nights including well-being half-board,

all Steirerhof luxury services and two green

fees at the Bad Waltersdorf

golf course.

Per person starting at €396

Wellness and golf

One of the most beautiful courses in Styria has just recently opened up its fairways

with a new 18-hole golf course (par 72). Take the opportunity to play golf on the only

course in Styria equipped with Feng Shui power points! Under the slogan “Hole out

and dive in”, the pleasures of golf and thermal baths ideally combine in the Bad

Waltersdorf thermal spa region. The new course provides perfect conditions for both

beginners and advanced golfers with a low handicap. Take part in our golf classes

– certificates for general play and tournaments – under the direction of golf

professional Sandra Fischer. “Golf and thermal baths” in Bad Waltersdorf are a

fascinating combination – and will also leave you feeling great.

Golf tasters for two

3 days/ 2 nights in a luxurious double room in a 4-star guest house with a

magnificent breakfast buffet, 1 day admission each to Bad Waltersdorf thermal

baths, together with 1 golf partners’ taster lesson –

Price for two persons in a double room €180

More from the Infobüro Bad Waltersdorf. Tel: +43 (0)3333 / 3150, Fax: DW-15,,

Hotel Thermenhof Paierl**** Superior

A-8271 Bad Waltersdorf, Wagerberg 120, Tel: +43 (0)3333 / 2801-0

Fax: -400,,

Golf-Wellness-Pleasure in the Hotel **** Superior Thermenhof Paierl

The Thermenhof Paierl spa hotel lies in the middle of Styria’s magnificent thermal

springs region. With us you will experience the feeling of being at one with yourself.

In the hotel’s own spa and sauna world with 3 thermal pools, year-round outdoor

swimming pool, Styrian sweat room, Aqua Relax room, mineral steam room, ice

fountain, unique showers and much more, and all just for you as a hotel guest.

Let yourself be spoilt in the “Realm of the Senses”, our centre for massages and

cosmetic treatments. We spoil you in our hotel restaurant with culinary delicacies

throughout the day. As a partner hotel we give you a 25% reduction on the

green fees at Bad Waltersdorf golf course.

More at

The Paierl Family and the Thermenhof team

wish you “A good game”.

“Short game”

3 nights including Wellness full-board = all

inclusive, daily activity programme,

1 relaxation-energy massage, 2 green fees

at the Bad Waltersdorf golf course

Per person in a double room starting at €407


Salzburger Nockerln. Salzburger Nockerln dumplings are, along with Mozartkugeln

(chocolate truffles), the most well-known sweet from Salzburg. This gorgeous treat is made from

beaten egg yolks and sugar, into which egg white stiffened with flour or cornflour has been added,

then baked golden brown in the oven. With a sprinkling of icing sugar it is simply delicious.


Hotel Jagdhof

Welcome to the Salzburger Land, welcome to the Fuschlsee.

Our hotel in the heart of the Salzkammergut golf region has its own

9-hole golf course and additional 18-hole golf courses nearby. Only twenty

minutes away from Mozart’s city of Salzburg, above legendary Schloss

Fuschl castle and Fuschlsee lake. A location created to revitalise you –

with hikes, guided Nordic

walking tours or mountain

biking on one of many different

trails. The fascination

of golf has not passed us by

either. Guests from our hotel

receive a 50% reduction on

the green fee at our own

GC-Fuschl golf course, and

30% at the Arabella championship

golf course.

Info & booking. ArabellaSheraton Hotel Jagdhof

A-5322 Hof bei Salzburg, Schloss-Strasse 1

Tel. +43 (0)6229/23 72-0, Fax: -2531

Simply learning to ride


Happiness on this earth is found

on horseback. For beginners,

riding happiness is above all

astride an Icelandic pony.

Because these relatively small

horses from the northern

regions are ideal for learners.

They are very robust and suitable

for cross-country work, do

not shy away from water or

deep snow and are also not as

easily startled as many breeding

stock. They are patient partners

for a first ride in the open countryside.

The special feature of Nordic ponies is however that they have

two further gaits besides the three normal walk, trot and gallop: the tolt

and the canter. The tolt is a faster form of walk, similar to the trot, but

very easy to sit to. This means than after just a few lessons you can

ride faster and sit more securely in the saddle. Many equestrian

centres in Austria know well the advantages of small horses, and offer

riding on Icelandic ponies. More information concerning equestrian

centres and holiday offers involving riding at




salzburger land/vorarlberg

Berggut Gaicht equestrian centre

ANature and leisure adventure of a special kind awaits you at the Berggut

Gaicht, on a plateau on the east side of the Tannheim Tal valley. We

provide childcare as well as instruction for beginners and advanced riders on

Icelandic ponies and larger horses. Children are welcome to help out on the

farm or ride in the tractors. Children’s riding holidays with/without overnight

stays are very popular. Our holiday apartments and the holiday house offer

modern, cosy and comfortable living.

Information & booking.

Reiterhof Berggut Gaicht GmbH

A-6672 Nesselwängle, Gaicht 17

Tel. +43 (0)5675/81 82, Fax: -14

Golf professionals of the future

GOLF IS CHILD’S PLAY. Austria is now one of the top golf destinations

in Europe. Every province attracts holidaymakers with unique courses

in the most beautiful countryside, as well as with special offers for the

old, and most recently for the young as well. The earlier one begins to

swing a club, the better. Could you play like Tiger Woods? With a bit of

practice, perhaps. Specially trained instructors and instructresses show

interested young talent how it is done on more and more Austrian golf

courses. There are even children’s golf schools and initiation for the

next generation into the sport of golf is made extra attractive in special

children’s golf camps. Besides learning the sporting skills and

necessary tricks, instruction is also given in golf etiquette. oder



holidays with children.


and buffalo hunters

We have come up with all sorts of ideas for children

ZOOM Museum in

Vienna in bad weather

Providing babies’ bottles and

child seats is no longer enough:

Austria’s hoteliers strive to provide the

equipment and ideas to give parents

and children a fabulous holiday. The

most exciting adventures still take place

in the countryside or on the farm.

At the hands-on farm in Pinzgau near

Salzburg, children can milk cows and

ride ponies or get to know rabbits and

goats in the pets’ corner. At Sporthotel

Beck in Vorarlberg the “young farmers”

help in the stables, feed the animals or

even experience with some joy how a

calf comes into the world. In Wildkogel

holiday arena an adventure day on the

farm is combined with exciting hikes

under the leadership of an experienced

National Park ranger. The mini-trappers

discover interesting aspects of the

natural world, and hunt for legendary

treasure. Treasure hunts are one of the

most popular activities for children – in

the Habachtal near Salzburg they seek

emeralds, whilst in Obervellach in

Carinthia they tirelessly pan for gold.

What a thrill if a tiny nugget of gold is

actually caught in the sieve. One of the

best “playgrounds” for children is water.

The Uttendorfer bathing lake in the



Salzburger Land entrances wide-eyed

children, with its floating iceberg for

climbing and a pirate ship. A hike

through the Leckermoor in Lower Austria

is a fascinating biology field trip. The

bravest youngsters even dare to take

part in magic: The witch’s house in Fiss

in the Tirol stands spookily on its roof.

How it has come to this can be

explained by solving all sorts of puzzles

along the “witch’s trail”. A treat for many

parents on the other hand: their tiny

tearaways quickly become little dormice

in the evening – something to do with

fresh air and too much fun. •

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1 Headlong into pleasure, because

boredom is not an option

2 Open countryside remains the best


3 Exploring the area in Gmunden on

Traunsee by bicycle

4 The climbing professionals of

tomorrow in Ramsau on Dachstein

Plenty of fun for younger guests…

* BUFFALO & LIPIZZANERS: Reiter’s Burgenland Resort in Bad Tatzmannsdorf with Kasimir the

water buffalo and riding fun on Lipizzaner horses.

* TOBOGGANING IN SUMMER: Summer toboggan runs are fun for the whole family, especially

the spectacular Arena Coaster in the Zillertal in Tirol.

* FAMILY BIKE TOUR ALONG THE DANUBE: Short stages by bike and supplementary

passages by boat make a family holiday on two wheels unforgettable for every age group.

* CHILDREN’S OLYMPIAD & KASERASI RALLY: The weekly children’s Olympiad with

“Kaserasi Rally” goes from Red Indian festival to mountain pasture adventure trail, from flume to

geology park, with its remains from the Ice Age.

* YOUTH CAMP IN THE HOHE TAUERN NATIONAL PARK: Besides adventure activities like

panning for gold, tracking or catching fish, children get to know the animal and plant world of the

Hohe Tauern.

* ZILLERTAL ALPINE DAIRY. First experience the production processes for milk and cheese,

then sample the delicious produce.




holiday with



The Karawankenhof**** Thermal Spa Paradise

Thermal spa weekend: 2 nights including

half-board and use of all our hotel’s own facilities

starting at €132 per person/stay. Valid from

11.01.–17.03., 28.03.–07.07. and 05.09.–

29.09.2008 (arrival only on Friday and Saturday)

Children’s summer round

the Millstätter See

The “Black Pearl” with its terrifying skull and crossbones

at the masthead sets sail on Millstätter See bound for the

southern shore. On board: Captain Barbossa and his young

pirates – suitably equipped with eye patches, bandannas and

telescopes. They seek long lost buried treasure, which is

hidden near notorious Laggerbucht bay. Up hill and down dale,

treasure map in hand, past all kinds of clues, the trail leads

to the secret hiding place.

Less demanding, but no less exciting, is a trip to Millstätter

Alpine summer pasture: On the short ramble to Alexanderhütte,

kids discover the world of the pasture’s animals and plants.

A planned rest stop allows for story-time and a snack on the

Alpine meadow, followed by a child-orientated guided visit to

a dairy. After enjoying a barbecue round the camp fire, the

afternoon is rounded off with games, fun and music on the

Millstätter Alpe.

Info & booking. Infocenter Millstätter See

A-9871 Seeboden

Thomas-Morgenstern-Platz 1

Tel. +43 (0)4766/37 00-0

Fish from local waters. It is guaranteed that the fish here are in good

condition, because the water in most of the Austrian lakes and rivers is not only pure,

but of drinking water quality. So it is no wonder that many different sorts of fish

flourish. The carp population, for example, first brought by the Romans from Asia to

In the relaxed atmosphere created by our specialists

in family care, both parents and children feel at home.

Everyone can follow their preferred pursuits whilst still

enjoying a holiday with the whole family.

Children can fulfil their dreams while the parents

have their freedom. Let your children play in the water

all day and watch them from the sun terrace or – while

your children are in safe hands at the miniclub – enjoy a

sauna, jacuzzi or steam bath in peace. And in the Fitness

Section we provide you with a different kind of activity

programme: from Nordic walking and aerobics with

spinal column training, to an introduction to competitive

sport. Find your own balance between action and


Week-long offer at the Karawankenhof****

7 nights with half-board per person/week starting at

€483, children up to 6 years old free of charge

Information & booking.

Thermenparadies „Der Karawankenhof****“

Tel. +43 (0)4242/30 01-10

Fax: +43 (0)4242/30 02-2061



Europe, is increasing today particularly in the Waldviertel region, the Burgenland and Styria. Tasty trout

and delicious charr can also be found in many lakes in Carinthia. The most recent breed of fish comes from

Lower Austria and is called “Alpine salmon”. This survives entirely without salt water and lives in streams,

but has as much healthy omega-3 fatty acids as its salt-water relative.

Luxury packages for pleasure-seekers both young and old

Discover the secrets of children’s hotels with their special,

individually tailored luxury packages for the whole family.

We do not set trends, we live them. And so do our guests young and old. So

now we offer special luxury packages, designed to cater not just for the

wellness of parents, but for their kids too.

Family in balance. Balancing releases energies. For expectant mothers

and fathers, unborn children and kids. Holistic relaxation is the holiday

motto. In the Family Balance Centre with its flotation pool and unique Blue

Box with deep relaxation loungers. Rounded off with gentle massages for

expectant mothers, soothing peelings and relaxing baths.

Wellness soon becomes a way of life. Children learn quickly what is

good for them. “Mummy, I’m having a peeling!”. Could only be heard by

parents in the only beauty and wellness centre for kids in the world. The

stresses of school are simply massaged away in pleasant surroundings

with aroma and sound therapy, massages and treatments. Children learn

about themselves and their bodies, how to look after themselves, eat

properly and be good to one another.

Baby massages. Babies love massage and Ayurveda, the Indian medicine

over 3,000 years old. Under the direction of specially trained specialists,

mothers learn the secrets of baby-Ayurveda.

Decide for yourself what really stimulates your body, mind and soul.

Choose a personal wellness package in your favourite Kinderhotel.

Achieve balance, joie de vivre and harmony

for the whole family.

Info & catalogue. Die Kinderhotels Europa

A-9580 Villach/Drobollach, Seeblickstrasse 49a

Tel. +43 (0)4254/44 11

Fax: +43 (0)4254/45 55

holidays with


the kinderhotels



holidays with





Carinthia’s Natural Arena – A

holiday paradise for young and old

Carinthia’s Natural Arena, with its Pressegger See and Weissensee

bathing lakes of drinking water quality, was just made for an actionpacked

family holiday. Of the 52 Alpine adventure programmes, many

are specially targeted at

families – such as Carinthia’s

No.1 adventure park on the

Pressegger See, children’s

climbing, riding, gypsy coach

rides, the “Pendolino” summer

toboggan run, pirate and

Viking rafting, family


And at the fairy tale camp in

the Lesachtal all the family

can go prospecting for gold

and precious stones.

Information & booking.

Kärntens Naturarena

A-9620 Hermagor, Hauptstrasse 14

Tel. +43 (0)4282/31 31-0, Fax: -31

Käsknöpfle. Käsknöpfle, homemade cheese dumplings also called Kässpätzle,

are considered the Vorarlberg national dish. Hardly any other dish in the Province is

as popular as this is. In the good old days, Käsknöpfle were just a simple meal, but

now they are considered a speciality. Making Knöpfle is a science all of its own.

The extraordinary holiday

hotel for three generations

• 4 stars • 5 roses

(awarded by our guests

for professional service,

warm and personal hospitality

and atmosphere)

• 6 country-style

houses/chalets with

elegantly appointed

rooms/suites of truly

extravagant proportions

• 77 Rosenhof inclusives

such as wellness, fitness,

beauty, mountain activity programme, Bartlis the Dwarf’s Realm, childcare

from 3–13 years old, Rosenhof Tischlein-Deck-Dich buffet • a thousand

thoughtful extras • and numerous ways to spend magnificent days on

holiday against the natural backdrop of the Kleinwalsertal valley.

Kinderhotel Appelhof

Children’s Hotel

Information & booking.

Der Kleinwalsertaler Rosenhof

Familie Hugger, A-6993 Mittelberg

Tel. +43 (0)5517/51 94

Fax: +43 (0)5517/65 85 40,

Where adults do things for youngsters, and kids look after their parents.

In spring and summer the green meadows invite children to play games,

rush around and have fun. Action kids look forward to mountain climbing or

camp-fires. Calmer kids enjoy the children’s wellness programme or try their

hands at glass painting in the creative workshop. Toddlers just love the “Appelwurm”

programme in the children’s club. A good atmosphere , sun and relaxation

make a summer holiday at the Appelhof unforgettable. In winter there is real

pleasure in the snow – whether in the Snowpark Niederalpl ski area (approx.

10 km), on the cross-country ski run and the ice rink in front of the hotel, or in

the tiny tots ski school and on the toboggan run in the hotel grounds.

Your stay includes

• breakfast, midday and evening buffet, drinks • pool complex and wellness

section • fairy tale castle, indoor play area, bouncy castle, children’s club with

baby and child care, entertainment programme

• sports centre, keep fit programme for adults • Degi’s adventure school for

adults and children from 7 years old • model car racing centre,

pony riding, pets’ corner, and much more

Info & booking.

Kinderhotel Appelhof

A-8693 Mürzsteg 4

Tel. +43 (0)3859/22 23



The main ingredient consists of a dough prepared from flour, salt, egg and water. The semi-set dough

is sliced into “Knöpfle” and simmered until they rise to the surface. The most important feature is the

local cheese, such as full-flavoured Rasskäse, Surakäse curd cheese or Vorarlberg Bergkäse

mountain cheese, which are sprinkled to taste on the Knöpfle before serving.

Montafon Activity Park in


Vorarlberg’s largest sports and leisure park

One in six Montafon guests stays in an Aktivpark partner hotel and

so can enjoy a “club holiday” in Montafon. Children’s entertainment

programmes, open-air swimming pool free of charge, minigolf, guided

mountain bike tours, etc – carefree family holidays for young and old with

no extra costs. All information at

Information & booking.

Montafon Tourismus

A-6780 Schruns, Montafoner Strasse 21

Tel. +43 (0)5556/722 53-0

Fax: +43 (0)5556/748 56,

Montafon …

… lies in the south of Vorarlberg, and stretches as far as Piz Buin,

which, at 3,312 m, is the highest mountain in the region. The popular

and scenic Silvretta High Alpine Road connects Montafon to the

Province of Tirol.

Over 500 km of marked hiking trails lead to the peaks of the Rätikon,

Silvretta and Verwall mountain ranges, as well as to some unique opportunities

for climbing. In addition, there are 860 km of mountain bike routes,

five open-air swimming pools, two indoor tennis courts and several outdoor

courts, as well as two 9-hole golf courses. Montafon Activity Park and the

Family Fun Club provide attractive leisure programmes for the whole family.

The MONTAFON-Silvretta-CARD enables holders to enjoy unrestricted use of

numerous services, like travel on cable cars and chairlifts, public outdoor and

indoor swimming pools, entrance to museums, as well as public transport,

and much more. Detailed information is available at

Gargellen Family Fun Club

Information & booking.

Family Fun Club Gargellen

oder im

Tourismusbüro Gargellen

Tel. +43 (0)5557/63 03

holidays with



Unique in Montafon. • Free for guests’ children staying in Gargellen

• Games, fun and action with entertainers and mountain guides • Via Ferrata,

rock climbing practice area and indoor climbing centre • “Fun Forest” high

ropes course with balance training, aerial runway, and much more

• Barbecue by the camp fire • All information at

Information & booking.

Aktivpark Montafon

oder im

Tourismusbüro Schruns-Tschagguns

Tel. +43 (0)5556/721 66-0



holidays with



Hotel Kaiser in the Tirol

Family magic: “Have fun discovering Nature” – under this motto we

provide children and grown-ups with a great range of activities: guided

hikes, hiking at dawn, mountain bike tours, high ropes, rock climbing

practice area, climbing wall, and much more. The Kaiser Kids Club

keeps our youngest visitors (from four years old) amused with fun

and entertainment.

Aktiv & Vital: Take this opportunity to test the extensive hydrotherapy

programme at the No. 1 “Kneipp” village in the Tirol, Scheffau on the

Wilder Kaiser mountain. Exercise, fitness, healthy and balanced nutrition

– with us you will be introduced to the world of kneipp and given useful tips

for use at home. With Aktiv & Vital, the emphasis is not on performance and

speed, rather on sensible, sustainable exercise, tailored to you.

Food and drink: Summer ALL INCLUSIVE package, with an extensive

breakfast buffet, midday snack, coffee and cakes at teatime, and in the

evening various themed buffets, a variety of alcohol-free drinks, still and

carbonated Kaiser Wasser mineral water. Also included in the meals: Egger

Naturbräu lager and high-quality red and white wine. Let us spoil you.

Information & booking.

Hotel Kaiser in Tirol, Fam. Landlinger

A-6351 Scheffau, Dorf 11

Tel. +43 (0)5358/80 00, Fax: +43 (0)5358/80 00-340

Children’s hearts beat faster on a Tirolean farm

Tiroler Gröstl. This speciality was traditionally a meal of leftovers. However,

today’s Tiroler Gröstl only consists of the best ingredients – potatoes and cubes of

roast pork, lightly browned with onions in a pan. A fried egg is often served on top

of the Gröstl, which is flavoured with marjoram, caraway seed and parsley.

From compact Alpine farmsteads via beautiful farmhouses

in the highlands to the rambling farms of the Inntalfurche,

our member farms can be found across the whole of the Tirol.

A “Farm Holiday” here means simple pleasures and getting

right back to Nature.

Your children will be in seventh heaven with all the new experiences

that await them on a Tirolean farm. They can amuse

themselves in so many ways: • playing in the meadows •

getting up close with farm animals • watching the farmer at

work – and joining in • having all kinds of adventures in the

countryside, and much more.

Playmates are quickly found at every farm; the farmworkers’

children will be pleased to show your sons and daughters the


From ski piste to cow byre, from a ramble amongst meadow

flowers to a cosy farm parlour – it’s always the season for a

Tirolean farm holiday.

Information & booking.

Urlaub am Bauernhof in Tirol

A-6020 Innsbruck, Brixner Strasse 1

Tel. +43 (0)5/92 92-117, Fax: +43 (0)5/92 92-1179,



Something for your nerves.

Ever faster, higher, harder: extreme adrenalin rushes for daredevils

Just a couple of square metres of

material keep you in the air – hundreds

of metres above the ground: sky

diving is one of the most thrilling experiences

that you can enjoy in this area, for

example in the Tirolean “Soul country”.

Whether on a paraglider or hangglider,

alone or with a tandem pilot, the feeling

of freedom is simply overwhelming.

Endless opportunities for climbing can be

found here: Over 1,300 boulder climbing

challenges, 3,000 rock climbing routes,

and about 5,000 Alpine climbing routes –

that’s more than enough for several holidays.

Just as much excitement is guaranteed

on a visit to Gröbming adventure park,

the largest rock climbing area and high

ropes course in the country: Visitors

can test their courage and skill at some

160 stations and on a climbing route of

1,700 m. For the particularly daring, a

brand new “sensations fitness course” is

opening in 2008. The latest adrenalin kick

is called “Trikke”, and is a combination of

rollerblades, roller skates and scooter. As

mad as carving and with a similar technique

– just without snow, you sweep

from side to side down the slope on the

“Trikke”. “River tubing” on the other hand

is pure action, in water. You head downstream

in a circular rubber dinghy,

wearing full white-water equipment. The

attraction of this activity is that the raft

cannot actually be steered. Trikkes, river

tubes and other fun equipment can best

be tried out at the CUBE Hotel on the

Nassfeld in Carinthia. •

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1 There are many ways to get your kicks

2 White-water challenge



Brave enough?




weekend in Styria’s Gesäuse National Park

you can discover the fascination of whitewater

sports for yourself. Maximum attention

is paid to safety.

* FREE FALL FOR TWO. Tandem jumping

together with a trained, registered instructor

is the ideal entry to sport parachuting – and

a life-enhancing experience.

* GOODBYE GRAVITY. Climbing is one of

the most extreme sports and comes in many

forms – sports climbing, Alpine mountaineering

or boulder clambering. Information

on routes, climbs and indoor climbing

centres is available at

* BUNGEE JUMPING. Plunge 165 m

in just three seconds – if you dare . The

highest dam wall in Austria, in the Maltatal

in Carinthia, is one of the most spectacular

venues of all for bungee jumping.

Carinthia’s Natural Attractions

– Pride and precipice

There’s extreme adventure on

offer in the lake and valley holiday

region which comprises Gailtal,

Gitschtal and Lesachtal, Weissensee

and Nassfeld-Hermagor-Pressegger

See: On the “Mega Dive”, the

largest swing in the Alps, adrenalin

junkies swing at about 100 km/h

over treetops and peaks. You’ll need

plenty of courage for the “Acapulco”

jump on the Weissensee and if you

try white-water rafting, canyoning or hydrospeeding. You’ll be swinging

through the air like Tarzan on the brand new “Flying Fox Mile” in the

labyrinth of rocks on Nassfeld, but there are also other routes of different

levels of difficulty and skill to explore. Sensational too is the “Pendolino”

summer toboggan run – thrills and spills for the whole family.

Information & booking.

Kärntens Naturarena

A-9620 Hermagor, Hauptstrasse 14

Tel. +43 (0)4282/31 31-0, Fax: -31,


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