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spring 2013

Greenleaf Publishing

Greenleaf Publishing is an independent publisher specializing in corporate responsibility, business

ethics, environmental policy and management, future business strategy and practice, and

sustainable development. Greenleaf has worked with some of the largest multilateral, governmental

and corporate organizations involved in sustainable development, including UNEP, the

UN Global Compact, the WBCSD; the Dutch government; Amnesty International; the International

Business Leaders Forum; and the ILO. Along with its ground-breaking flagship journal The Journal

of Corporate Citizenship, Greenleaf has produced several book series on stakeholder management,

business education for sustainability, system innovation for sustainability, and responsible


Greenleaf is currently running a series on Responsible Investment (see page 22), with two key

titles on the subject to date. And 2012 has seen the launch of the Greenleaf Publishing/Principles

for Responsible Management Education (PRME) book series (see pages 6–7). Future plans

include a Gender and Diversity series.

In 2012 Greenleaf Publishing entered into a strategic alliance with GSE Research, the online

scholarly publisher specializing in governance, sustainability and the environment. They will be

working closely together to create the world’s leading independent sustainability publisher.

GSE will be investing significantly to digitize the whole of Greenleaf’s backlist – approximately

2,500 papers drawn from across the journals and from nearly 150 books – and provide these

through the GSE Research Sustainable Organization Library (turn to the back of the catalogue for

more details).

In addition, Greenleaf will be significantly increasing the number of titles it commissions and

publishes from 2013 onwards.


Greenleaf Publishing believes that authors writing on topics related to corporate responsibility/

sustainable development should receive a high-quality service from their publisher. We endeavour

to provide a timely response to proposals received, constructive feedback, excellent terms

for projects we contract, and comprehensive administrative backup in order to create a relatively

painless experience for our authors and editors.

We are interested in receiving manuscripts and proposals from both individual authors and

prospective editors of collections.

Contact details are given below. For more information go to:

Contact details

Greenleaf Publishing

Aizlewood Business Centre, Aizlewood’s Mill

Nursery Street, Sheffield S3 8GG, UK

Tel: +44 114 282 3475

Fax: +44 114 282 3476

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new title

Corporate Responsibility


The Past, Present, and Future of Alliances for Sustainable


David Grayson and Jane Nelson

l The first book to chronicle the progress and potential of business-led corporate responsibility


l Includes in-depth profiles of the most strategic, effective and long-standing coalitions

It is estimated that there are more than 110

national and international business-led corporate

responsibility coalitions. Given the size

and significance of these alliances, there is now

a critical need for an informed and balanced

analysis of their achievements, their progress,

and their potential.

In Corporate Responsibility Coalitions

authors David Grayson and Jane Nelson

explore the past, present, and future of these

coalitions in the first book on these alliances.

They consider the emergence of new

models of collective corporate action over the

past four decades; the increasing number of

these coalitions, their diversity and complexity;

and how they network with each other

and a broader set of institutions that promote

responsible business. Drawing on their careful

study, the authors light the way for the future

development of these influential collectives. In

addition, the book provides in-depth profiles of

the most strategic, effective and long-standing

coalitions, including: Business for Social

Responsibility; Business in the Community;

CSR Europe; Instituto Ethos; International

Business Leaders Forum; the UN Global Compact;

and the WBCSD.

This book will be required reading for key

supporters and potential partners of such coalitions

in companies, governments, international

development agencies, foundations, non-governmental

organizations, academic institutions

and think-tanks. It also aims to inspire a future

generation of leaders to be more aware of the

role of business as a partner in driving more

inclusive, green and responsible growth.

“David Grayson and Jane Nelson tell a story that too few know: the story of corporate-led

coalitions and the role that they play in redefining business in society. It is a story of social

innovation at its best. Understanding these powerful coalitions and learning as much as we

can from them will be essential to creating a more sustainable world.”

Cheryl Y. Kiser, Executive Director, The Lewis Institute & Babson Social Innovation Lab, Babson


“This book’s greatest value lies in its analysis of what is driving coalitions at this point in

time, and the potential they have in resetting corporate responsibility in the era ahead. Corporate

Responsibility Coalitions opens up the collective opportunity to innovate just in time

to provide the business community with an instrument for building sustainable business.”

Bradley Googins, Boston College Carroll School of Management

February 2013 450 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-81-5 £24.95 €30.00

Rights: excluding North America PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-56-9 £24.95 €30.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 1

new title


A Frank Conversation about Sustainability

John R. Ehrenfeld and Andrew J. Hoffman

l A remarkable conversation between teacher and student as they discuss

how to create a sustainable world

l Sustainability thought leaders Ehrenfeld and Hoffman sketch out a plan of

the road to a flourishing future

This astonishing book invites you into a conversation

between a teacher, John R. Ehrenfeld,

and his former student now professor,

Andrew J. Hoffman, as they discuss how to

create a sustainable world. Unlike virtually all

other books about sustainability, this one goes

beyond the typical stories that we tell ourselves

about repairing the environmental damages of

human progress.

Through their dialogue and essays that open

each section, the authors uncover two core facets

of our culture that drive the unsustainable,

unsatisfying and unfair social and economic

machines that dominate our lives. First, our

collective model of the way the world works

cannot cope with the inherent complexity of

today’s highly connected, high-speed reality.

Second, our understanding of human behaviour

is rooted in this outdated model. Driven by

the old guard, sustainability has become little

more than a fashionable idea. As a result, both

business and government are following the

wrong path – at best applying temporary, less

unsustainable solutions that will fail to leave

future generations in better shape.

To shift the pendulum, this book tells a new

story, driven by being and caring, as opposed

to having and needing, rooted in the beauty of

complexity and arguing for the transformative

cultural shift that we can make based on

our collective wisdom and lived experiences.

Then, the authors sketch out a plan of the

road to a flourishing future, a change in our

consumption and a new approach to understanding

and acting.

There is no middle ground; without serious

change at the most basic level, we will

continue to head down a false path. Indeed,

this book is a clarion call to action. Candid and

insightful, it leaves readers with cautious hope.

“These are unexpectedly deep and moving conversations about where we can go, and

where we must go, both as individuals and as a planet. This book is a hardheaded account

of the sacredness of the earth, and what that implies for our work and society.”

Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

“John Ehrenfeld’s thinking about our species and our place in the world is indeed a thing

of beauty, as Andrew Hoffman’s intelligent dialogue with him brings out on every page.”

James Gustave Speth, author of America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy

“This is a deeply illuminating conversation between two sustainability thought leaders on

whom I wish I had been able to eavesdrop. Now, happily and inspirationally, we all can.”

John Elkington, Co-founder of ENDS, SustainAbility and Volans; author of The Zeronauts:

Breaking the Sustainability Barrier

March 2013 144 pp 228 x 152 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-93-8 £12.95 €15.00

Rights: print, excluding North America; electronic, none

2 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

new title

The Future Makers

A Journey to People who are Changing the World –

and what we can learn from them

Joanna Hafenmayer and Wolfgang Hafenmayer

With an essay by Mohammed Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

l Global issues and solutions framed in 23 compelling personal stories

l Material selected from 230 interviews conducted in 26 countries during the authors’ one-year

journey around the world

l Aims at inspiring careers with meaning and shows how they are possible using the examples of

the 23 entrepreneurs

l Highly inspiring real-life stories with the potential for a life-changing impact on readers

l A practical “how-to guide” with a step-by-step process and relevant models and questions

l A guide and question-and-answer segment for readers: “Your Path to Positive Impact”, based

on patterns observed in the 230 interviews

l Renowned authors from the business and social innovation/sustainability and impact investing


l Already a viral phenomenon in Germany in the original German edition

l Includes an essay by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus

Are you looking for sense and meaning in your

work? Would you like to be successful but

expect more in the way of reward and fulfilment

than just a pay cheque?

The Future Makers offers 23 encouraging

responses to these questions. It tells the diverse

stories of people from around the world who

have made a sustainable mark on the world

through their careers: from an American

financial market specialist to tree planters in

Africa; from Japanese environmental experts

to dancers in Argentina. The Future Makers

are people who make the world a better, more

beautiful and livable place for current and

coming generations.

The Hafenmayers present these inspiring

stories in an accessible, entertaining and

thoughtful way. But they also do far more.

The book presents a toolkit on how you can

forge a career that has a positive impact on the

world. This step-by-step process has already

had a life-changing impact on readers of the

original German edition. It is packed with helpful

suggestions for personal development and

reorientation – for a work life that will make

you happier and deeply satisfied.

The Future Makers takes you on a journey to

people whose values and visions aren’t compartmentalized

into corners of their lives. They

live their dreams every day. This book will

show you how you can do the same.

April 2013 250 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-85-3 £16.95 €20.00 $25.00

hardback ISBN 978-1-907643-58-3 £50.00 €65.00 $85.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-59-0 £16.95 €20.00 $25.00

Rights: excluding German, Polish and Korean language

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 3

new title

Big Bang Being

Developing The Sustainability Mindset

Isabel Rimanoczy

l Interviews with 16 business leaders provide a window on the sustainability mindset

l An opportunity to evolve as humans developing a new way of thinking and being on this planet

In this book we find how 16 business leaders

brought together their compassion, their caring

for others and the world, with their work.

What is seen publicly is the initiative, the

impact on the bottom line and the community,

or sometimes on the environment. Yet it is their

personal stories that can be most inspirational,

since they draw our attention to the fact that

amazing achievements start in simple ways,

with just the thinking of one individual.

The interviews, however, were only the

beginning of the journey. The lessons of the

interviews made it possible to identify how

we can all develop a sustainability mindset: in

other words, the thinking and the being that

can take us from breakdown to breakthrough

on this planet.

Part I presents the 16 leaders, their story and

their initiatives. Part II offers two dimensions

underlying the way these leaders championed

the initiatives: the Thinking and the Being.

Part III explores why sustainability change is

so slow, and addresses the values and beliefs

that anchor our Western Weltanschauung. Part

IV looks at the alternatives that we have to

convert our unsustainable values into opportunities

that will permit humanity to thrive and

to break through the obstructions that keep

us in stasis. And Part V takes us beyond the

tipping point, and presents us with an opportunity

to evolve as humans developing a new

way of thinking and being on this planet. This

transformation is so radical and significant that

the author calls it the Big Bang Being.

“This is an ambitious and admirable book.”

Harry Strachan, Former Professor at INCAE and Harvard Business School; Director Emeritus,

Bain & Co.

“Anybody who has worked in the sustainability field for as long as I have has often asked

themselves a key question, which Isabel Rimanoczy also poses in Big Bang Being: Why is

the pace of change so glacial? And a key part of the answer, as she explains, is that we are

dealing not just with vested interests but with vested emotions, vested behaviours, vested

psychology and vested cultures. Changing all of these will be an intergenerational task, but

important clues on how it can best be done can be found within.”

John Elkington, Executive Chairman, Volans; co-founder, SustainAbility; author of The Zeronauts:

Breaking the Sustainability Barrier

“Read and act on this fundamental wisdom.”

Rick Schnieders, Chairman and CEO (Retired), Sysco Corporation

March 2013 280 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-87-7 £16.95 €20.00 $25.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-06-3 £16.95 €20.00 $25.00

4 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

new title

The Sustainable Business

A Practitioner’s Guide to Achieving Long-Term

Profitability and Competitiveness

Jonathan T. Scott

l The fundamentals of sustainability (waste elimination and resource extension) from a business

application angle

l 2nd edition of The Sustainable Business (2010), winner of The President’s Award for Excellence

in a Published Body of Work at Kozminski University, Poland

Recommended for managers, employees, teachers

and students, this readable and informative

guide explains the importance of waste

minimization as a first step toward sustainability.

Within its pages, the breadth and depth

of long-term profitable business practices

are explored with an emphasis on optimizing

resources (including labour and markets) and

maximizing purchases and investments while

eliminating the costs of non-product (waste),

unemployment, short-term thinking and environmental

degradation. As proof of its potency,

The Sustainable Business has already been

disseminated to over 1.3 million people around

the world and the first edition is available in

four different languages.

The bottom line: if you’re looking to gain

insight on the future of business, this is it!

“[S]ustainable measures . . . have the happy side-effect of helping to preserve our environment

at the same time. This book is one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful guides

as to how we might do that.”

Professor Eric Cornuel, Director General and CEO, EFMD

“A great book. Highly recommended . . . there is much to be gained from this guide.”

Zachary Shahn, Earth & Industry

January 2013 208 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-83-9 £19.95 €25.00 $35.00

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-907643-89-7 £60.00 €78.00 $95.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-52-1 £19.95 €25.00 $35.00

also available

The Sustainable Business Workbook

Jonathan T. Scott and Walter R. Stahel

better together . . . Buy

these 2 titles together for

£24.95 €31.00 $40.00

l Companion to The Sustainable Business

l Use this Workbook to increase your knowledge and understanding, subject-specific skills and

personal and transferable skills

l Follow a step-by-step approach using the 7-P Roadmap to Sustainability Model

January 2013 32pp 297 x 210 mm wiro-bound ISBN 978-1-906093-84-6 £9.95 €12.95 $17.95

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-07-0 £9.95 €12.95 $17.95

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 5

new recent title title

Inspirational Guide for the

Implementation of PRME

Placing Sustainability at the Heart of Management


l Real-world examples from PRME signatories

l 63 case stories from 47 institutions, representing 25 countries across Asia,

Oceania, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Since the inception of the United Nations Global

Compact-sponsored initiative Principles for

Responsible Management Education (PRME) in

2007, there has been increased debate over how

to adapt management education to best meet

the demands of the 21st-century business environment.

While consensus has been reached by

the majority of globally focused management

education institutions that sustainability must

be incorporated into management education

curricula, the relevant question is no longer

why management education should change, but


Although the PRME initiative is set to

increase to 1,000 signatories by 2015, it is

equally important for PRME to cultivate

actively engaged participants. Therefore, the

next step is for current participants to transition

from a global learning community to an

action community. For this purpose, the PRME

Secretariat invited a small group of experts

to coordinate an Inspirational Guide for the

Implementation of PRME which was presented

at the 3rd Global Forum for Responsible

Management Education, the official platform

the Greenleaf


for Responsible

Management Education


book series

for management-related Higher Education

Institutions (HEIs) at both the Global Compact

Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum and the

UN Conference on Sustainable Development –

Rio+20 – in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. The

Guide answers the most frequently asked questions

concerning the implementation of PRME

by highlighting real-world examples from the

most engaged signatories.

The exercise has proven successful, and this

publication features 63 case stories from 47

institutions, representing 25 countries across

Asia, Oceania, the Americas, Europe, the Middle

East and Africa. They are the real actors in

this effort, and their stories are truly inspirational.

Their experiences are classified into

six sections, which address the Six Principles

of PRME (Purpose, Values, Method, Research,

Partnership, and Dialogue) as well as important

related aspects, such as how to get started, how

to successfully report on PRME adoption, and

so on. The full richness of experiences set forth

in this Guide is captured only by reading the

wealth of innovative practices found in each


The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is a United Nations Global Compact sponsored

initiative with the mission to inspire and champion responsible management education, research

and thought leadership globally. The Six Principles of PRME are inspired by internationally accepted

values, such as the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. They seek to establish a process

of continuous improvement among institutions of management education in order to develop a

new generation of business leaders capable of managing the complex challenges faced by business and

society in the 21st century.

June 2012 325+xii pp 210 x 148 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-909201-01-9 £29.95 €37.50 $48.95

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-909201-07-1 £90.00 €115.00 $150.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909201-00-2 £29.95 €37.50 $48.95

6 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

new title

Learning to Read the Signs

[2nd edition]

Reclaiming Pragmatism for the Practice of Sustainable


F. Byron (Ron) Nahser PhD

Forewords by Robert N. Bellah (1997) and Georg Kell (2012)

l Reclaim pragmatism in order to better understand the reality we operate in

l A practical philosophy that calls into question our outworn assumptions

the Greenleaf


for Responsible

Management Education


book series

It’s not what we know, but how we learn.

Learning to Read the Signs reclaims pragmatism:

an activity of thought involving four

parts: Investigation, Hypothesis, Action and

Testing. It is a method of interpretation or

inquiry which offers a way to better understand

the reality in which we operate, to think

critically and creatively, to make the best use

of all our talents. So what are the signs telling

us? Where are we headed and why? Why are

things going the way they are? What is our


Examples abound of companies and organizations

that have failed to “read the signs”:

the automobile and the financial services

industries are obvious examples. Doing business

successfully in the 21st century means

becoming aware of the filters that modify and

limit business vision in our culture, leading

to short-term reactive thinking. With today’s

unprecedented challenges, learning to read the

signs is a business imperative.

This is not a how-to book in the sense that

it provides ten easy answers to everyday business

problems. The help it gives is much more

profound. This book outlines a mode of inquiry

that can be used to solve cognitive as well as

ethical questions. Nahser shows us that often

we do not even know the right question to

ask, that we must start by trusting our doubts

and seeing where they lead, so that we can

begin to ask the right questions. He shows that

a practical philosophy can call into question

our outworn assumptions, open up new lines

in inquiry, and lead to conclusions we never

imagined at the beginning of the process –

conclusions not just about what to do next, but

about our larger purposes, those frameworks

that give us meaning and direction.

In this long-overdue and radical update to

his seminal book, Ron Nahser turns his attention

to how pragmatism can be applied by

business to create both success and a better

world for all.

“Ron Nahser’s remarkable effort to resurrect this profound philosophy [of pragmatism] in the

business world is a bold and noble move and, when applied effectively, will bring forth better,

more significant decisions that will enhance both our physical and our spiritual well-being.”

Dr Stephen R. Covey, author, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

“. . . if only all business executives were to read and comprehend Learning to Read the Signs,

the world would be a dramatically better place, and corporations would be far more resilient

and better prepared to manage present and future challenges.”

Georg Kell, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Secretariat

March 2013 250 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-79-2 £21.95 €27.50 $37.50

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-907643-90-3 £65.00 €80.00 $100.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-08-7 £21.95 €27.50 $37.50

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 7

new title


A Business Fable on Clean Energy

Dennis Posadas

l A “Green Thinking Fable”, highlighting the most important debate of our


l Accessible and readable

l Gets the general reader up to speed on the renewables versus fossil fuels


Renewable energy versus fossil fuels: the

debate on rages on, worldwide. At stake is

nothing less than the protection of our planet

from the ravages of climate change. But the

costs involved in making the switch to clean

energy are daunting. How do we pay for solar

and wind energy? Do we scrap all our gasoline-driven

autos? How do we move forward?

Although the importance of this topic is hard

to overstate, it nevertheless consistently fails

to engage at the level that it so patently needs

to. This is what has led technology expert

and seasoned commentator Dennis Posadas to

approach the issues in a new and intriguing

way. Posadas understands that we respond best

to narratives, and that is why he has written

what he describes as a “Green Thinking Fable”.

In this fable, we meet Daniel, a young

graduate of the fictional Oriental College, who

is thrust into a debate between José, an oil

man, and Professor Ruiz, an advocate of clean

energy. We follow the lines of argument as

Daniel’s awareness increases, and he experiences

a paradigm shift in his thinking. We see

how his short-term outlook focusing on the

cost of renewable energy evolves into longterm

thinking about the cost of not making the

shift to renewables.

Posadas’s business fable puts the issues in

front of the general reader in an engaging

and digestible way. It covers concepts such as

solar, wind, electric vehicles, waste to energy,

feed-in-tariffs, carbon tax, intermittent sources,

cost of fossil fuels, health impact of fossil

fuel use, energy efficiency, and other relevant

topics necessary in understanding this debate.

The story and characters may be fictional, but

the situations and the technology discussions

are based on current facts. Decide for yourself

where you stand on the renewables versus

fossil fuels debate, and discuss this story with

your friends and colleagues.

Greenergized! is a much-needed route into the

issues surrounding the most serious debate our

generation faces. And it pulls off the brilliant

trick of being highly readable at the same time.

“For those new to the energy discussion, this easy-to-understand approach is a great introduction

to some complex issues.”

Eric Spiegel, CEO, Siemens USA

“. . . does a great job of relating the development of renewables to efficiency innovation and

improved systems to enable consumers and power providers to benefit. It is the best job I

have seen of any clean energy fictional narrative in relating concepts like early adopters,

smart grid, consumer/provider sharing of benefits, etc.”

John Topping Jr, President, Climate Institute; co-author, Sudden and Disruptive Climate Change

April 2013 128 pp 198 x 129 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-88-4 £14.95 €19.95 $24.95

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-17-9 £14.95 €19.95 $24.95

8 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

new title

The Necessary


The Journey towards the Sustainable

Enterprise Economy

Edited by Malcolm McIntosh

l The questions to be answered in the journey

towards a sustainable enterprise economy

l Leading international researchers and practitioners

share expertise

At this point of great change there is much

to be learnt about previous great disruptions.

The key words are adaptation and transformation.

This book addresses the many transitions

taking place around the world: from high- to

low-carbon economies, from gross inequality

to egalitarianism, from massive human rights

abuses to socially just societies, and from high

corruption to societies with high social cohesion

and integrity. It brings together leading

international researchers and practitioners to

share their knowledge and expertise; contributors

include: Sara Parkin, Founder-Director and

Trustee of the UK’s Forum for the Future; Bill

Champion, Managing Director, Rio Tinto Coal

Australia; and Mark Swilling, co-author of

Just Transitions and Academic Director of the

Sustainability Institute, South Africa.

The key question is: “Is a transition to a

sustainable future possible within the logic

of conventional capitalism and 20th-century

models of development?” This book provides

radical perspectives from varying entry points

and will be essential reading for academics and

practitioners interested in how we plan, speed

and scale such necessary transitions.

June 2013 268 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-89-1 £22.95 €30.00 $40.00

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-907643-91-0 £65.00 €80.00 $100.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-17-9 £13.75 €17.95 $23.95

Rare Diseases

Challenges and Opportunities for Social


Nick Sireau

l Latest developments in the world of rare

disease entrepreneurship

l From business and patient perspectives

new title

There are 7,000 rare diseases affecting 6%–8%

of the global population. That’s 3.5 million

people in the UK alone. Yet only 200 rare

diseases have approved treatments. In recent

years, there has been a surge of interest from

business and social entrepreneurs in the field of

health – including looking at ways to treat rare

disease patients better and faster.

This book presents some of the latest developments

in the world of rare disease entrepreneurship

from a global group of experts. It

examines the topic from the business angle,

considering the drug development process and

providing case studies of successful orphan

drug enterprises. It also looks at rare diseases

from the perspective of the patient, analysing

the growing rare disease patient movement, a

successful patient group that uses social enterprise

techniques, and chapters on key requirements

for helping patients with rare diseases

through registries and centres of excellence.

The book will be an essential toolkit for

social and business entrepreneurs who are

interested in the world of rare/orphan diseases.

It has the rigour of an academic publication,

along with the clarity of a lay publication. An

original and timely book, Rare Diseases will

help to add knowledge and awareness to a

vastly under-published subject.

April 2013 320 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-52-5 £25.00 €32.00 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-20-9 £25.00 €32.00 $45.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 9

ecent title

Natural Corporate


From the Big Bang to Wall Street

William C. Frederick

l Acclaimed business scholar William C. Frederick presents “a natural theory of the firm”

l A revolutionary view of corporate management based on a union of business and nature

l Described as “the most important business book of the new millennium”

This groundbreaking new book by business

scholar William C. Frederick presents an innovative,

exciting – even revolutionary – view

of corporate management and the challenges

it confronts in today’s world. The book’s

central theme is that business and nature are

locked into an evolutionary partnership that

defines all aspects of corporate management.

This partnership of Nature and Nurture yields

economic, social and ecological dividends for

corporations, their stakeholders and the global


Natural Corporate Management will be

essential reading for managers and researchers

at all levels who wish to engage seriously with

the challenges of organic life and its long-term


“William Frederick has given us the most important business book of the new millennium,

and it could not be more urgently required. He is our economic Copernicus, introducing a

model of business that is radical yet instantly definitive. Students, professors, and, above

all, business leaders must learn and apply the principles of Natural Corporate Management,

lest they continue to limit their success in the face of the most fundamental forces bearing

on the corporation.”

Thomas Petzinger Jr, former editor, reporter, and Front Lines columnist, Wall Street Journal;

serial biotechnology entrepreneur

“Bill Frederick brilliantly synthesizes a vast array of disparate scientific findings into a

coherent roadmap for guiding both business and governmental decision-makers.”

Paul Herr, author of Primal Management: Unraveling the Secrets of Human Nature to Drive

High Performance

“Natural Corporate Management presents a unique theory of the firm from a natural science/biological

perspective. Its contribution is potentially substantial to the organizational

sciences and business literature in providing a new perspective on the processes and forms

of business organizations. The reader’s conception of a corporation will never be the

same after reading this important book.”

David Wasieleski, Associate Professor, Chair of Management Department, Business School,

Duquesne University

November 2012 272+viii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-80-8 £19.95 €25.00 $32.95

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-51-4 £11.95 €14.95 $19.75

10 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

Healing Capitalism

Five Years in the Life of Business, Finance

and Corporate Responsibility

Jem Bendell and Ian Doyle

l Key events, issues and trends in corporate

responsibility during the first decade of the

21st century

l A vision and practice of a new form of capitalism

l Drawn on Lifeworth’s annual CR reviews

The global response from business to social and

environmental issues during the past decade

has created a corporate responsibility movement.

But what has been the impact of this

movement? The financial crisis that began in

2007 has led more and more people to question

the fundamentals of our economic system.

new title

Now, some within the corporate responsibility

movement are developing a vision and

practice of a new form of capitalism, one that

will require collective action to achieve.

Bendell and Doyle draw on Lifeworth’s

annual reviews of corporate responsibility and

propose a wellness framework whereby business

is a conduit for enhancing life and the

systems that support it. They explain how business

leaders, stakeholders and related academe

now need to experiment with new models that

address the fundamental flaws of contemporary

capitalism, including monetary systems, enterprise

ownership, and regulation. This book will

be a fantastic resource for business libraries, as

it records and analyses key events, issues and

trends in corporate responsibility during the

first decade of the 21st century. It is a sequel

and companion to Bendell’s previous work, The

Corporate Responsibility Movement (Greenleaf

Publishing, 2009).

July 2013 450 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-91-4 £49.95 €60.00 $90.00

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-907643-92-7 £90.00 €120.00 $150.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-21-6 £49.95 €60.00 $90.00

The Quest for

Sustainable Business

An Epic Journey in Search of Corporate


Wayne Visser

l Insights from the author’s 2010 “CSR Quest

World Tour”

l Stories, ideas and links to video interviews

with some of the biggest names in sustainable

business practices

recent title

The author shares what he

has learned in encounters

with mega-corporations

and small farmers, and

conversations with CEOs

and social entrepreneurs.

There are facts and figures

about world trends, and

interviews with thought

leaders and activists. This

is a tale that consciously

weaves the personal and the professional, mixing

anecdotes and case studies. It looks outwards

and reflects inwards, and is both autobiography

and the life story of a global movement.

“The Quest for Sustainable Business is two things: the most important and, in certain respects

the only, historical account of corporate responsibility to date, and a bloody good read.”

Ben Hickman, Ethical Performance

June 2012 256+ viii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-76-1 £25.00 €32.00 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-49-1 £25.00 €32.00 $45.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-88-0 £25.00 €32.00 $45.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 11

new title

Sustainability in Fashion

and Textiles

Values, Design, Production and Consumption

Edited by Miguel Angel Gardetti and Ana Laura Torres

l A substantial and wide-ranging collection of current analysis

l Covers management, value chain, materials, production processes, consumption, disposal,

innovation and design

The textile industry – the production of clothing,

fabrics, thread, fibre and related products –

plays a significant part in the global economy.

It also frequently operates with disregard to its

environmental and social impacts. The textile

industry uses large quantities of water and

outputs large quantities of waste. As for social

aspects, many unskilled jobs have disappeared

in regions that rely heavily on these industries.

And textile industry companies, faced with

fierce international competition, are increasingly

failing to offer job security. This is without

even considering the informal-sector work

proliferating both in developing and developed

countries. Child labour persists within this sector

despite growing pressure to halt it.

Fashion demands continuous consumption.

In seeking to own the latest trends consumers

quickly come to regard their existing garments

as inferior, if not useless. “Old” items become

unwanted as quickly as new ones come into

demand. This tendency towards disposability

results in the increased use of resources and

thus the accelerated accumulation of waste. It

is obvious to many that current fashion industry

practices are in direct competition with

sustainability objectives; yet this is frequently

overlooked as a pressing concern.

However, sustainability in the sector has

been gaining attention in recent years from

those who believe that it should be held

accountable for the pressure it places on

the individual, as well as its contribution to

increases in consumption and waste disposal.

This book takes a wide-screen approach to

the topic, covering, among other issues: sustainability

and business management in textile

and fashion companies; value chain management;

use of materials; sustainable production

processes; fashion, needs and consumption;

disposal; and innovation and design.

The book will be essential reading for

researchers and practitioners in the global

fashion business.

“The broad range of contributions from across the spectrum of scholarly exploration and

analysis reflected in the[se] pages . . . are complete with a sense of the lively, ethical and

reflective nature of the subject. They show many threads in the web of relationships at

play. For me they touch on the emergence of key themes that show the increasing sophistication

of the debate: that systemic change is an essential part of the dialogue; that consumption

must be grappled with head-on; and that solutions are not only technological in


Kate Fletcher, Researcher, Author, Consultant and Change-Maker

February 2013 432 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-78-5 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-61-2 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

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Environmental Ethics

An Introduction and Learning Guide

Edited by Kees Vromans, Rainer Paslack,

Gamze Yücel Isildar, Rob de Vrind and

Jürgen Walter Simon

l An ethical training manual

l Based on the pioneering work of the

Env-Ethics Project

Today we are becoming more aware of the

importance of and our responsibilities towards

environmental protection. The causes of our

problems are anthropogenic. The number of

people working in what might be termed “environmental

industries” or with environmental

responsibilities in their day-to-day work has

mushroomed. In many cases, however, individuals

charged with protecting the environment

have a set of empirical priorities: what is done,

rather than moral priorities which consider

what should be done. The need to harmonize

environmental knowledge with ethical behaviour

and thus achieve behavioural change and

the internalization of environmentally ethical

values has never been more urgent.

This book, developed as part of an EU

recent new title

programme to diffuse the

application of environmental

ethics to decision-making

on pollution control, is

a response to the need for a

restatement of environmental

ethics and for a code of

behaviour and set of values

that can be internalized and

adopted to guide the actions

by individuals at the sharp

end of protecting the environment:

decision-makers and environmental

experts/executives/staff working in municipalities

and public/government organizations

throughout the EU and Turkey. It is nothing

short of an ethical training manual that will

guide environmental experts/decision-makers

in making sound judgements and decisions

and will act as a bridge between environmental

knowledge and environmental behaviour.

The book will be essential reading for

decision-makers and experts working in local

authorities and governmental organizations

with responsibility for environmental protection:

for both graduate and postgraduate

students in environment-related disciplines and

for vocational education teachers with a focus

on the environment.

October 2012 177+xiii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-72-3 £19.95 €25.00 $40.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-62-9 £19.95 €25.00 $40.00

Rights: excluding Turkish, Dutch, German languages

new title


System Design for


Edited by Carlo Vezzoli, Cindy Kohtala

and Amrit Srinivasan with Liu Xin, Moi Fusakul,

Deepta Sateesh and J.C. Diehl

This book, based on a huge European and

Asian research project, is a state-of-the-art

examination of the theory and practice of

system innovation through Product-Service

System (PSS) design for sustainability from a

trans-cultural viewpoint. PSS design incorporates

innovative strategies that shift businesses

away from simply designing and selling physical

products to developing integrated systems

of products and services that satisfy human

needs. The book provides background, advice

and tools for designers interested in sustainable

PSSs and has a wealth of case studies for

practitioners to digest.

June 2013 320 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-67-9 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

Rights: print, all; electronic, none PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-69-8 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 13


Changing Business from

the Inside Out

A Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations

Timothy J. Mohin

l A manual for every CSR professional by a veteran corporate responsibility practitioner

l How to steer the corporate supertanker toward doing good for people and our planet

A fascinating roadmap to the corporate responsibility

and sustainability field, from beginning

a career, to forming a program, to navigating

the complicated politics of a corporation.

Mohin likens the corporate treehugger role

to “being the designated driver at the corporate

cocktail party”. Throughout his book, he

argues strongly that activists can accomplish

more for the planet and society by serving as

a voice of responsibility within the corporation

rather than protesting outside the factory

gates. The CR practitioner has an essential role

in bringing ethical and sustainable values to

the C-suite.

“essential reading for anyone who wants to build a meaningful career”

Aron Cramer, CEO, Business for Social Responsibility

“This is one of the most valuable and useful guides to working in CR written to date. Tim

uses his extensive experience working in organisations such as the EPA, Intel, Apple, and

AMD to provide practical tools and advice to not only those seeking to enter the sector but

also to seasoned CR professionals and business leaders . . . The fact that this book is written

by an insider, someone who has implemented these types of activities in some of the

world’s leading corporations, sets it apart from many of the other books that speak to case

studies and theories. This guide is a recommended must-read as it inspires the reader to

action with its invaluable insights and lessons learned.”

Jennifer Roynon, CSR International Book Review Digest

“Find the right company. Take the initiative. Strike the balance between permission and


Mark Spears, Director, Sustainable Business Practices, Disney Consumer Products

“When I set out to interview experts for my book Green to Gold, Tim was one of my first

stops. His new book will show you why.”

Andrew Winston, sustainability strategist; co-author of Green to Gold

“a must-read for anyone working a corporate job”

Darrell Hammond, Founder and CEO, KaBOOM!

“Tim’s wit, candor and insight transform this from an operator’s manual into a good read.

His reputation as a collaborative and seasoned leader jumps off the pages here.”

Mark Newton, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, The Timberland Company

May 2012 262+xviii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-70-9 £17.50 €25.00

Rights: excluding North America PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-46-0 £17.50 €25.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-87-3 £17.50 €25.00

14 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013


Embedded Sustainability

The Next Big Competitive Advantage

Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva

l What if sustainability was embedded into the DNA of your organization?

l The incorporation of environmental, health, and social value into the heartbeat of the product

life-cycle with no trade-off in price or quality

Many companies “bolt on” sustainability as an

afterthought to their core strategies. They trumpet

green initiatives and social philanthropy

which lie at the margins of the business, with

symbolic wins that inadvertently highlight the

unsustainability of the rest of their activities.

Today’s ecological and social pressures

require a different business response – one that

existing strategy frameworks fail adequately to


This book shows how companies can better

leverage global challenges for enduring profit

and sustained growth. At its best, embedded

sustainability is invisible, similar to quality. In

addition to delivering socially and environmentally

conscious products for consumers, it

is capable of considerably motivating employees.

Most of all, it enables smart companies to

create even more value for both their shareholders

and stakeholders.

“. . . truly stretches our minds and turns sustainable value into a compelling direction which

is within our capability . . . both delightful and frightful . . . It is a highly intelligent (and

intellectual) roadmap of the gearshift in corporate thinking and actions that are needed to

transform sustainability bandaids into sustainable business.”

Elaine Cohen, CSRwire

“Laszlo and Zhexembayeva show clearly that the defining characteristic of the successful

21st-century corporation will be its ability to embed sustainability in every fiber of its

being. And, even more importantly, embedded sustainability will hold the key to future

profit and value creation.”

Stuart L. Hart, author of Capitalism at the Crossroads

“In this elegantly written book, authors Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva make a

very compelling case for what is effectively not only a new business model and new business

paradigm, but indeed a business imperative.”

Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor of International Political Economy, IMD; Founding Director,

The Evian Group

“This book should be required reading in the environmental studies programs on our campuses

from which future leaders of business will surely emerge.”

Rebecca Chopp, President, Swarthmore College

March 2011 270+xviii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-58-7 £22.95 €30.00

Rights: excluding North America PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-39-2 £22.95 €30.00 $40.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-84-2 £22.95 €30.00 $40.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 15

ecent title

Putting the Poor First

How Base-of-the-Pyramid Ventures Can Learn from

Development Approaches

Piera Waibel

l The first comprehensive study rigorously examining BoP ventures from a bottom-up development


l The reconnection of development approaches with BoP strategies

l With three in-depth case studies and eight companies participating in a survey

Development researchers argue that the poor

should no longer be viewed as the target of

poverty reduction efforts, but as partners in,

and an asset to, the development process.

So-called Next Generation, or BoP 2.0,

strategies can bring companies and their target

groups closer together. The goal is to co-create

new business models as well as product and

service solutions together with the target

group. Integrating BoP into the innovation

process – be it in terms of idea generation,

product/service development, production or

distribution/marketing – is seen as way to

increase not only the impact on poverty alleviation,

but also the benefits to the company.

Putting the Poor First examines the applicability

of different elements in the bottom-up

development literature to the innovation process

of BoP ventures. It unveils connections

between the two concepts and builds a theoretical

base for the case study research. With three

in-depth case studies and eight companies

participating in a survey, the current state and

experiences of businesses applying a bottom-up

development perspective with BoP ventures in

Latin America and the Caribbean is analysed.

This is a key book for BoP researchers and

practitioners on the ground. The reconnection

of development approaches with BoP strategies

puts the poor first.

“In this important new book, Piera Waibel has zeroed in on the key challenge when it

comes to generating successful BoP businesses – how to effectively embed value propositions

and business models. The first ten years of BoP business was all about cost reduction

and business model innovation; the next ten years will be all about co-creation and

bottom-up innovation”

Stuart L. Hart, author of Capitalism at the Crossroads

“I believe Dr Waibel’s research provides a valuable resource for the private sector in proactively

promoting development among the poor by listening to their voices.”

Miguel Angel Gardetti, Center for Study of Corporate Sustainability, Argentina

“Putting the Poor First provides important insights for organisations looking to optimise

their business model innovation processes in view of enabling ‘win–win’ solutions at


Filippo Veglio, Deputy Director, Development Focus Area, WBCSD

September 2012 224+xx pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-74-7 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-55-2 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

16 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

The Three Levels of


Elena Cavagnaro and George Curiel


l The missing link in current debates around sustainability

l A holistic approach to sustainable development, which starts and ends with the human being

l With an in-depth discussion of the theoretical background of sustainable development this is

an excellent primer for students

The authors frame their ideas around the three

levels of sustainability (TLS) framework, which

is placed firmly in its historical context, via

informed discussions on the history of economics,

business-and-environment, social development,

the corporation and the profit principle,

CSR, and measurement and reporting. The

approach encompasses societal, organizational,

and individual levels; and, by looking through

the lens of how sustainability has evolved,

provides a roadmap for producing the kind of

leaders necessary for sustainable development.

This book has been designed as both a text for

students as well as those already in management

and leadership positions in the private,

public, or non-profit sectors; and will also

prove invaluable to those wishing to familiarize

themselves with sustainability.

“This book should be on the bookshelf of any management practitioner or management

researcher with a genuine interest in sustainability. And if I were to pick a textbook for a

course on sustainability or corporate social responsibility The Three Levels of Sustainability

would definitely be my first choice.”

Prof. Dr Aimé Heene, Ghent University, Antwerp University, College of Europe Bruges

“The book combines realism and intellectual precision with hope and a fundamental faith

in the possibilities of humanity. It significantly enlarges our vision of sustainability and it

is a required read for any thinking person who wants to understand the roots of today’s

difficult relationship between the economy and the other spheres of our life.”

Nicola Misani, Assistant Professor of Management, Università Bocconi, Italy

“A must-read for leaders and policy advisers of all disciplines.”

Paul Comenencia, Diplomat and former Chamber of Commerce Executive

“This book tells us not only where to go but also gives us the roadmap of how to get there.

The latter is particularly valuable as the road will be rough and difficult.”

Frans N. Stokman, Professor of Social Science Methodology, University of Groningen

“To me, the major achievement of the book is its presentation of complicated and sometimes

controversial topics . . . analyzed from a variety of different perspectives and disciplines,

and yet producing an engaging, readable, and practical text.”

Alex Mollen MBA, Management Consultant, Curaçao

January 2012 310+xviii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-68-6 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-50-7 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 17

ecent title

Cranfield on Corporate


Edited by David Grayson and Nadine Exter

l Stimulates the debate about what business

schools across the globe should be teaching

l Contributions from more than 30 Cranfield

faculty and associates across multiple management


Business schools have a special contribution

to make in developing globally responsible,

critical and independent-thinking future

leaders and managers. Cranfield School of

Management’s core ideology is to transform

the practice of learning and create leaders

who action their knowledge and become

stewards of the common good. Such thinking

forms the basis of this book and its theme of

developing responsible

and ethical leaders for

next-generation enterprises.

This book aims to

provide a roadmap both

for business students – the

leaders of tomorrow – and

for existing and engaged

leaders who need support,

coaching and counselling

to address the challenges

of the sustainability agenda.

Business schools need to generate understanding

of and sensitivity to this new and

changing world of work. Today, the challenge

for business schools and business itself is to

establish a new maxim: “the business of business

is sustainable business”.

This unique book is a manifesto for a new

holistic, embedded approach to corporate sustainability

management education

June 2012 264+xvi pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-82-2 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-54-5 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00

recent title

Environment: Why

Read the Classics?

Edited by Sofia Guedes Vaz

l Six important essays by some of the world’s

leading environmental thinkers

l Six of the most emblematic books ever written

on the environment

The six books chosen – Walden; A Sand County

Almanac; Small is Beautiful; Silent Spring; The

Limits to Growth; and Our Common Future –

taken together have been hugely important in

the development of global

environmental awareness,

activism and policy.

The essayists – Viriato

Soromenho-Marques, J.

Baird Callicott, José Lima

Santos, Tim O’Riordan,

Satish Kumar and Marina

Silva – invite readers to

reflect on these groundbreaking

works and

examine their historical importance, as well as

what they should mean to us today and what relevance

they will have to future generations. Their

significance is now more apparent than ever.

“. . . the six classics discussed here . . . unsettle common sense, they offer a new perspective of our

place in space, in time. They are, in this regard, revolutionary, and we need a revolution of thought

and practice if we are to reach the next century, let alone a third millennium, at peace with the natural

world.” Andrew Dobson, Professor of Politics, Keele University, UK

June 2012 178+vi pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-75-4 £19.95 €25.00 $40.00

Rights: excluding Portuguese language PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-53-8 £19.95 €25.00 $40.00

18 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

textbook • bestseller

Making Sustainability


Best Practices in Managing and Measuring

Corporate Social, Environmental, and

Economic Impacts

Marc J. Epstein

l A thorough guidebook on implementing sustainability

for managers, strategists, academics

and consultants

l The ultimate “how to”

guide with almost 100

examples of best practice


l One of Choice’s Outstanding

Academic Titles

for 2008

l One of Sustainable

Industries’ Best Books of


l Free 38pp Study Guide

available to faculty members/course

leaders from the publishers

“Buy this book! . . . Epstein’s latest book is instrumental and indispensable for moving

sustainability to the next level in business.”

Aaron Berg, Sustainable Industries magazine

“. . . an outstanding contribution to the field. This book will be an invaluable resource for

senior executives, boards, and managers looking to integrate sustainability into their decision

making.” Strategic Finance

January 2008 288 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-05-1 £17.50 €26.95

Rights: excluding North American distribution and all language rights except French

The New Rules of

Green Marketing

Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for

Sustainable Branding

Jacquelyn A. Ottman

l In her best work yet, Jacquelyn

Ottman applies

over 20 years of green

marketing lessons

l How sustainable brands

tackle the challenges of

this expanding global opportunity,

and how and

why the best succeed

“Ottman’s book is the green marketing bible – and a must-read for

every businessperson who wants to succeed in this new age of sustainability.” Peter Senge

“Hurrah for this book showing how going green pays off in delivering a triple bottom line

– profits, people, and planet.” Philip Kotler

“the definitive text for any organization that is looking to brand itself or its products as

green or sustainable” L. Hunter Lovins

“People will be referring to these 20 rules for at least the next 20 years.” John Grant,

author of The Green Marketing Manifesto

“listen to these insights from the guru in the field” Andrew Winston

November 2010 252+xx pp 229 x 152 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-44-0 £16.95 €25.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-32-3 £16.95 €25.00

Rights: excluding North America; excluding audiobook; excluding e-rights except PDF/Kindle outside North America

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 19


From Me to We

The Five Transformational Commitments

Required to Rescue the Planet, Your

Organization, and Your Life

Bob Doppelt

l Five transformational “commitments” to

help you change your perspective

l A wake-up call to the creed of individualism

Systems change expert Bob

Doppelt calls for recognition

of the laws of interdependence,

cause and effect,

moral justice, trusteeship,

and free will. This book

shows how we can enable

the necessary behavioural

change we need to deal

with the myriad environmental

and social pressures

consuming the planet.

“This is a thoughtful, timely and hugely significant contribution to today’s all-important

politics of transformation.” Jonathon Porritt

“The five transformative commitments described by Bob Doppelt in his engaging new book

provide a much-needed and compelling set of first-order principles that can guide every

organization toward true sustainability.” L. Hunter Lovins

March 2012 176+x pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-71-6 £16.95 €20.00 $30.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-45-3 £16.95 €20.00 $30.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-86-6 £16.95 €20.00 $30.00


Leadership for


An Action Research Approach

Judi Marshall, Gill Coleman and

Peter Reason

l What an action research based practice of

leadership for sustainability looks like

l Includes stories from 29 people who are

seeking to make the world more environmentally

sustainable and socially just

This book focuses on what

it means to take up leadership

for sustainability, from

a variety of organizational

and social positions, and

considers the consequences

of different strategies and

practices for influencing


The examples in this

book show how people in

very different contexts have seized the opportunities

open to them and acted with courage and

initiative to make a difference.

“These are front-line stories from the battle to save the planet.” Tessa Tennant

“How can we can harness the power of leadership to create a more sustainable, inclusive,

and just society? Leadership for Sustainability opens a fascinating window into this line of

inquiry. Highly recommended!” Otto Scharmer

April 2011 262+x pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-59-4 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-48-4 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

20 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013


Innovation and


Edited by Marcus Wagner

l High-quality research illuminating the relationship

between the three fields of entrepreneurship,

innovation and sustainability

Addresses the intersection of entrepreneurship,

innovation and sustainability (EIS). The EIS

nexus is particularly relevant from an EU point

of view; and the rapid economic growth witnessed

especially in the BRIC countries in recent

years requires that firms reconcile sustainability

aspects with profitability and innovation, and

entrepreneurs are seen as key diffusers of these

March 2012 310+x pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-73-0 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-47-7 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00


How Social Entrepreneurs are Building a

New Road to Development

Edited by Nicolas Sireau

l The franchise model as a response to Africa’s

endemic economic stagnation

l A ground-breaking set of case studies and

analysis of microfranchising for development

There is a new movement surging ahead in its

attempt to reduce poverty and generate wealth

in Africa: microfranchising. Set up by pioneering

organizations such as VisionSpring and Health-

Store, it is based on one of the most successful

market-based models in Western economies. And

results have been inspiring: instead of dependency

generated by traditional charity development

projects, these new social capitalists have

generated enterprise and self-sustainability in the

most challenging environments of rural Africa.

recent title

aims. Innovations required

for sustainability often

come from SMEs and so

the role of the entrepreneur

is key to their success.

Section I examines the

nexus in detail focusing on

system-oriented connectivity

between sustainability,

innovation and entrepreneurship.

Section II looks

at how to nurture corporate entrepreneurship

for sustainability. Section III considers “mature”

industries such as automotives, chemicals and

electronics. Section IV examines the nexus

through the lens of developing countries in

Africa. Section V concentrates on SMEs. In

section VI the EIS nexus is approached from

a network perspective and focuses on interorganizational

partnerships, which are often an

important facilitator or spark for EIS initiatives.

This long-needed book

provides practical steps

from the world’s leading

experts on how to set up

a microfranchise, from

recruiting franchisees,

to building a brand and

a supply chain. It gives

case studies of successful

microfranchises, told by

the enterprises themselves.

It continues with a theoretical analysis of the

place of microfranchising within global social

entrepreneurship. It ends with a look at the

future for microfranchising, with recommendations

for development.

Edited by the former CEO of SolarAid, which

created the Sunny Money microfranchise, the

book brings together academics and practitioners

to provide context, analysis and practical

advice to guide any entrepreneur, NGO, business

or government interested in setting up their own

microfranchise scheme.

February 2011 216+viii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-43-3 £24.95 €35.00 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-34-7 £24.95 €35.00 $45.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 21

esponsible investment

Dilemmas in



Céline Louche and Steve Lydenberg

l The first book specifically written for teaching

and professional training in responsible investment

l 12 diverse hypothetical case studies that examine

a wide spectrum of the challenges facing RI


This book examines the problems responsible

investment practitioners face daily. The cases

present a dilemma, possible approaches, variable

factors, quotations and suggested responses

from 35 leading professionals in the responsible

investment community, real-world examples and

comparisons and recommendations.

“A fascinating read . . . for anyone even remotely interested in understanding

the connections between sustainability, ethics, financial

services and our global economy.”

Elaine Cohen, CSR Wire

“one of the most profound and important books that has been written

on the subject of responsible investment”

Rory Sullivan, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Leeds

June 2011 230+x pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-51-8 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-98-8 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00




How Do Investors Really Use Corporate

Responsibility Information?

Rory Sullivan

l Aims to get reporters and the investment community

speaking a common language

l Written by one of the world’s leading experts

on responsible investment

There is a striking lack of understanding among

companies of investors’ interests. So, despite

many companies identifying investors as one of

the critical audiences for their corporate responsibility

(CR) reports, most investors see these

reports as irrelevant to their investment decisionmaking.

This books, addressing the “dialogue of

the deaf” between companies and their investors

on CR issues, is one of the most important books

to be written on CR over

the past decade.

“This book exposes the chasm in understanding that currently separates

companies and investors on the critical issue of corporate


Nick Robins, Head, HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence

“Rory Sullivan is one of most provocative thinkers in responsible


James Gifford, Executive Director, Principles for Responsible Investment

March 2011 202+xiv pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-60-0 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-94-0 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

22 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013


The Global Carbon


Emerging Carbon Constraints and

Strategic Management Options

Timo Busch and Paul Shrivastava

l Gets the message of the carbon crisis across

to a business audience

l Carbon as both an economic threat as well

as an opportunity for companies

l Succinctly translates

important insights from

the natural sciences,

economics and equity


“essential reading for managers seeking to develop strategies to generate

competitive advantage in a carbon-constrained economy, policymakers

seeking to design incentives for a low-carbon economy, and

academics seeking research topics that will help alleviate the looming

carbon crisis.” Sanjay Sharma, University of Vermont

“a significant contribution to the increased understanding within the corporate world of the

choices that lie ahead.”

David O’Brien, Chairman, Royal Bank of Canada and Encana Energy

July 2011 200+viii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-61-7 £25.00 €35.00 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-40-8 £25.00 €35.00 $45.00

The Social and

Behavioural Aspects of

Climate Change

Linking Vulnerability, Adaptation and


Edited by Pim Martens and Chiung Ting


l Multi-disciplinary


l The science of climate

change translated for


l A product of the

Vulnerability, Adaptation

and Mitigation

research programme

by the Netherlands Organization

for Scientific


“Climate Change is a topic that affects everyone in some way. Those not yet convinced

of this statement are well advised to read The Social and Behavioural Aspects of Climate

Change. In 12 case studies and five essays, mostly written by Dutch academics, the book

successfully presents the variety of ways in which Climate Change influences businesses,

science, policies and individuals . . . The editors and authors of the individual chapters put

great effort to taking the reader with them at every step . . . every reader can benefit from

the thought-provoking text, regardless of whether they are an old hand at Climate Change

matters or comparatively new to the topics.”

Pia Niehues, CSR International

September 2010 312+viii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-42-6 £40.00 €55.00 $75.00

Rights: excluding Dutch language PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-29-3 £40.00 €55.00 $75.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 23

ecent title

User Integration in

Sustainable Product


Organisational Learning through

Boundary-Spanning Processes

Esther Hoffmann

l The interaction between

companies and

users in innovation


l A systematic analysis of

organizational learning

l Introduces a new

approach: INNOCOPE

(Innovating through


product development)

“an original contribution to the field”

Professor Ariane Berthoin Antal, WZB Social Science Research Center, Berlin

“an excellent overview of user integration methods and their suitability for sustainable

product development . . . a must-read for all those who are interested in user integration

and an important contribution to the research field of corporate sustainability.”

Professor Uwe Schneidewind, Wuppertal Institute

February 2012 332+xii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-69-3 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-99-5 £35.00 €45.00 $65.00

What is Sustainable


Perceptions, Paradoxes and Possibilities

Edited by Karel Mulder, Didac Ferrer and

Harro van Lente

l The sustainability impact of a technology is

often much more complicated and ambivalent

than you might expect

l Case studies of different technologies in

contrasting contexts

l Essential for product designers, engineers

and material scientists

How do we allocate resources and attention

when there are myriad issues under the umbrella

of “sustainable development” currently in competition

with one another? How do we arrive at

precise specifications for the sustainable technologies

that are to be developed and, furthermore,

reach consensus on these specifications? What

if our sustainable technological

solutions aggravate

other problems or create

new ones? And, because

sustainable development

is all about the long-term

consequences of our

actions, how do we assess

the effects of modifying

existing landscapes, infrastructures

and patterns of

life? How could we be sure in advance that the

changes that new technologies bring will make

our society more sustainable? These dilemmas

and paradoxes are the subject of this provocative


Case studies ask: What articulations of sustainability

played a role in the design process?

What sustainability effects did this technology

lead to? Who was affected, where, and when?

Could the designer have foreseen these consequences?

How did the designer anticipate them?

How was societal interaction dealt with during

the design process?

September 2011 258+vi pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-50-1 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-41-5 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

24 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

community involvement

Getting it Right

Making Corporate–Community Relations


Luc Zandvliet and Mary B. Anderson

l The bible on corporate–community relations

l Based on 7 years of grounded field experience

at over 25 company sites

l Lessons drawn from, among others, BP,

ChevronTexaco, Barrick, Shell, Total and

Newmont, operating in Africa, Asia, Latin

America, Australia and North America

“It is one of the most practical and focussed books on the topic of corporate–community

relations that I have read.” Eagle Bulletin, May 2010

“essential reading for company managers and construction contractors working on major

projects in developing countries. It should be read by their bankers too . . . the three key

themes of benefits distribution, behaviours, and side effects are as much relevant to traditional

development practitioners as they are to company managers.”

Jill Shankleman, Woodrow Wilson Center, in Development in Practice

“This is by far the best book on community relations for corporate practitioners that I have read.”

Dr Chris Anderson, Director, Corporate and External Affairs Africa, Newmont Mining Corporation

April 2009 240 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-19-8 £25.00 €35.00 $40.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-11-8 £25.00 €35.00 $40.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-6-3 £25.00 €35.00 $40.00

Corporate Community


The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Your

Business’ Societal Engagement

Nick Lakin and Veronica Scheubel

l A hands-on guide for those who want to do

Community Involvement better

l Building on the authors’

extensive global experience

at Nokia and E.ON

l Backed up by interviews

with Microsoft, Glaxo-

SmithKline, Ericsson,

Deutsche Bank and

leading international

Corporate Responsibility

and Community Involvement


“the most comprehensive guide ever written . . . This book speaks head on to those charged

with developing CCI programs.” Elaine Cohen, CSRwire

“I can’t imagine a better guidebook for any company that plans to enter or improve its

community relations.”

Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management

“A thorough and comprehensive, invaluable guide to help make your company a truly good

corporate global citizen, written by authors who within a few years quietly and assiduously

each built up a multi-country network – phenomenal!”

Marjorie Ellis Thompson, author of Brand Spirit

March 2010 269+x pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-33-4 £22.95 €30.00

Rights: excluding North America; PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-13-2 £22.95 €30.00

excluding Korean language rights ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-9-4 £22.95 €30.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 25

codes and standards

ISO 26000

The Business Guide to the New Standard

on Social Responsibility

Lars Moratis and Timo Cochius

l A comprehensive roadmap to the new standard,

covering all the key content

l Rich in tools and benchmarking exercises, illustrative

material, case examples, and help

for companies looking

to base their CSR

policy on ISO 26000

“Overall, Moratis and Cochius have presented us with a clear and concise

guidebook to ISO 26000. Companies and organizations new to CSR

activities will certainly find the book useful as a basic reference guide.

Organizations with existing CSR initiatives will also benefit from this

volume, since, as the authors suggest, ISO 26000 will likely be applied

to increase the credibility of specific CSR claims. Before investing a

large sum in the ISO 26000 standard itself (for example, it is available

for $223 from ANSI, the national standards body in the US), a better initial approach for

sustainability professionals may be to acquire the Moratis and Cochius book.”

Ira Feldman, President & Senior Counsel, greentrack strategies; leader of ISO/SR stakeholder group

“Service, Support, Research & Others” and co-chair of “Environment” core topic drafting team

May 2011 206+x pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-40-2 £29.95 €40.00 $55.00

Rights: Excluding Dutch language PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-96-4 £29.95 €40.00 $55.00


The Corporate

Responsibility Code


Revised Second Edition

Deborah Leipziger

l The key reference text on corporate codes of


l Fully revised 2nd

edition with new initiatives

and updated


l Over 500 pages

l Includes full text of

key codes

“Occasionally, a book comes along and you know this is going to used

again and again . . . it is simply a great book of reference and will save

us all buckets full of work.” Social and Environmental Accounting Journal

“truly a masterpiece in the landscape of CSR and sustainability reference books”

Elaine Cohen, CSRwire

“everything you could possibly want to know about CSR goals and what they ask of business.

It should be on the desk of every corporate CEO and in the library of all the world’s

business schools. William C. Frederick, Katz Graduate School of Business

July 2010 536 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-39-6 £50.00 €75.00 $90.00

Rights: excluding South Asia PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-27-9 £50.00 €75.00 $90.00

26 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

textbooks • bestsellers

The oikos collections are two volumes of award-winning case studies which make for invaluable teaching

resources. Both titles: l Provide excellent learning opportunities; l Have comprehensive teaching notes

available to faculty; l Tell engaging stories dealing with recent situations; l Require decision-making;

and l Provide clear take-aways

Case Studies in Sustainability

Management and Strategy

The oikos collection

Edited by Jost Hamschmidt

“an invaluable resource for both students and

case writers in strategy and sustainability.”

Ulrich Steger, IMD Lausanne

“fills an important gap and should be a ready

resource for any instructor . . . succinctly

convey[s] the characteristics of great cases.”

Pratima Bansal, Richard Ivey School of Business

October 2009 320 pp 234 x 156 mm

hbk ISBN 978-1-906093-22-8 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

PDF ISBN 978-1-909493-71-1 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

Rights: all

The Dark Side

Critical Cases on the Downside of Business

Edited by Emmanuel Raufflet and Albert J. Mills

l Case studies about real business practice —

including some of the worst

l All cases award-winners/finalists in the Academy

of Management’s “Dark Side of Business”

Case Competition

l An essential text for courses on Business Ethics

— comprehensive teaching notes are available

for faculty

Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship

and Sustainability

The oikos collection Vol. 2

Edited by Jost Hamschmidt and Michael Pirson

“prize-winning teaching cases in the field of Social

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.”

Stephen J. Kobrin, The Wharton School

“A must-read for any Entrepreneurship class.”

Anil K. Gupta, Indian Institute of Management

“A source of inspiration.”

Johanna Mair, IESE Business School

June 2011 452+xii pp 234 x 156 mm

hbk ISBN 978-1-906093-47-1 £25.00 €35.00 $45.00

PDF ISBN 978-1-909493-97-1 £25.00 €35.00 $45.00

Rights: all

This books offers a rare

insight into problematic

cases and managerial failures.

Sixteen varied case

studies, intended for teaching

purposes, complete

with questions, deal with

staff exploitation, health

and safety failures, poor

community relations, and

cover small companies and

large multinationals. A resource for all levels of

management education.

“this book begins to fill a large gap in the market. It is especially important for universities or businesses

that wish to ensure those working in CSR understand that good ethical performance is not just

about winning prizes.” Adrian Henriques in Ethical Performance

“This book has many useful and thought provoking messages for Sustainability Managers and directors

dealing with corporate social responsibility and ethics issues.” Arend Hoogevorst, Eagle Bulletin

“a valuable addition to booklists in all MBA programmes.” Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee, CSR International

Book Review Digest

August 2009 294+vi pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-20-4 £24.95 €37.50 $45.00

Rights: excluding language rights PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-85-8 £24.95 €37.50 $45.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 27

sustainable production and consumption

System Innovation for


l The fruit of the EU-funded “Sustainable

Consumption Research Exchanges” (SCORE!)


l A unique positive confrontation between

experts from business, design, consumer and

system innovation

The “System Innovation for Sustainability”

series is the fruit of the only major international

research network on SCP and will set the standard

in this field for some years to come. It will

be required reading for all involved in the policy

debate on sustainable production and consumption

from government,

business, academia and

NGOs for designers,

scientists, businesses and

system innovators.

“This series will become a classic in the growing field of sustainability

literature.” Hazel Henderson

Volume 1: Perspectives on

Radical Changes to Sustainable

Consumption and Production

Edited by Arnold Tukker, Martin Charter,

Carlo Vezzoli, Eivind Stø and Maj Munch


Examines what SCP is

and what it could be,

provides a state-of-the-art review on the governance

of change in SCP policy and looks at the

strengths and weaknesses of current approaches.

Each chapter examines problems from a business,

design, consumer and system innovation


December 2007 470+x pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-03-7 £50.00 €75.00 $100.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-36-1 £50.00 €75.00 $100.00

Volume 2: Case Studies in

Sustainable Consumption and

Production — Mobility

Edited by Theo Geerken and Mads Borup

November 2009 178+vi pp 234 x 156 mm

hbk ISBN 978-1-906093-23-5 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

PDF ISBN 978-1-907643-16-3 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

Rights: all

Volume 3: Case Studies in

Sustainable Consumption

and Production — Food and


Edited by Ursula Tischner, Eivind Stø,

Unni Kjærnes and Arnold Tukker

July 2010 312+x pp 234 x 156 mm

hbk ISBN 978-1-906093-24-2 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

PDF ISBN 978-1-907643-28-6 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

Rights: all

Volumes 2–4 consist of case studies covering,

respectively, the three key consumption areas:

mobility; food and agriculture; and energy use

and housing. These case studies aim to stimulate,

foster or force change to SCP theory in practice.

better together . . . Buy all 4 titles

together for £108.50 €162.75 $206.50

Volume 4: Case Studies in

Sustainable Consumption and

Production — Energy Use and the

Built Environment

Edited by Saadi Lahlou

January 2011 226+vi pp 234 x 156 mm

hbk ISBN 978-1-906093-25-9 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

PDF ISBN 978-1-907643-37-8 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

Rights: all

28 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013


The Top 50

Sustainability Books

Wayne Visser on behalf of the University of

Cambridge Programme for Sustainability


l The result of a poll of over 3,000 senior

leaders from around the world

l Includes updates and exclusive interviews

with authors

l A distillation in one full-colour volume of

leading thought on the environmental and

social problems of our age

From Carson and Nader to Korten, Schlosser and

Bakan; from Lovins, Hawken and Porritt to Lovelock

and Schumacher; from Benyus to Elkington;

from Prahalad to Stiglitz – this book distils a

remarkable collective intelligence, one that provides

devastating evidence of the problems we

face as a global society, yet

also inspiring examples of

innovative solutions.

“quirky and fun but also engrossing and unsettling in a good way. The list

amounts to something far more than the sum of its 50 separate pieces.”

Crosslands Bulletin

“Not only an excellent idea but, more importantly, well executed . . . It would

be ideal if everyone read all these books in their original form, but this crash

course is the next best thing.” Peter Mason, Ethical Performance

November 2009 256 pp 200 x 160 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-32-7 £25.00 €37.50 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-44-6 £25.00 €37.50 $45.00

Landmarks for


Events and Initiatives That Have Changed

Our World

Wayne Visser on behalf of the University of

Cambridge Programme for Sustainability


l Quick-reference guide to critical world

events and initiatives from over the past 20

years and more

l Full-colour, high-impact,


l World’s most comprehensive


timeline: 190 key

events, 1919–2008

By shining a spotlight on

landmark events and initiatives,

the book draws into

sharp relief the most significant social and environmental

challenges of our time — from climate

change and the state of the planet to poverty

and corruption. A single-source reference book,

packed with useful facts and figures.

“. . . informative, authoritative, reliable . . . A brief 8-page chapter neatly summarizes each global indicator,

gives prominent examples, quotes authorities, provides graphic photos and statistical displays,

and includes authoritative pro-and-con bibliographies and website addresses . . . Each of these capsule

accounts is a small treasure beautifully packed with solid information and human drama . . . A marvelous

handbook for executives. It slips compactly into student backpacks. A savior for faculty looking

for quick examples to squeeze into a lecture. A delight for website geeks and bloggers international. A

jewel for libraries.” William C. Frederick

April 2009 200 pp 200 x 160 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-17-4 £25.00 €37.50 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-82-7 £25.00 €37.50 $45.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 29


The World Guide to CSR

A Country-by-Country Analysis

of Corporate Sustainability and


Edited by Wayne Visser and Nick Tolhurst

l The evolution and practice of CSR for 58

countries and 5 global regions

l Each regional and national

profile includes

key information about

the relevant CSR history,


issues, trends, research

and leading organizations

l Expert contributors

from around the world

“wherever you are in the world, the World Guide to CSR will prime you on what is most important to

know about CSR. . . . The impressive list of contributors to this volume . . . are the crème de la crème of

CSR knowledge . . . The profiles are superbly edited to give consistency of scope and depth, country by

country.” Elaine Cohen, CSRwire

“It is the best and most systematic map of CSR and an essential read for everyone who thinks about

and decides on CSR in a global context. A must-have.” Dirk Matten, Schulich School of Business

“This is going to be around for a long time and it will grow in value as we learn to use it more.”

Michael Kelly, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, KPMG Europe LLP

June 2010 451+xxviii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-38-9 £30.00 €45.00 $55.00

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-37-2 £60.00 €90.00 $110.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-09-5 £30.00 €45.00 $55.00


Sustainable Value

How the World’s Leading Companies Are

Doing Well by Doing Good

Chris Laszlo

l By the author of the acclaimed The Sustainable


l A three-part approach using management

fable, case studies, and toolkit

l Shows how huge business opportunities are

available not only for niche players, but also

for mainstream businesses

“Read Sustainable Value, dispel the myth that environmental responsibility is

expensive, and form a new vision of industry as part of the solution rather than

a part of the problem; and more profitable at that, not less.”

Ray Anderson, Founder and Chairman, Interface, Inc.

“In the swelling sea of sustainability literature, Chris Laszlo’s Sustainable Value

offers an island of clarity and focus.”

Stuart Hart, author of Capitalism at the Crossroads

“Chris Laszlo’s message is huge and simple: we are on the eve of one of the

greatest revolutions in management history, an era of deep-seated transformation

. . . Laszlo makes the vital point not with abstractions but with the real

thing.” David Cooperrider, Case Western Reserve University

January 2008 224 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-06-8 £16.95 €25.50

Rights: excluding North American distribution PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-00-2 £16.95 €25.50 $31.95

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-0-1 £16.95 €25.50 $31.95

30 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

Stakeholder Politics

Social Capital, Sustainable Development,

and the Corporation

Robert Boutilier

l A typology of stakeholder networks to identify

and improve social capital


l The “Stakeholder 360” tool aids stakeholder


This “how to” guide teaches managers how to

both play stakeholder politics and collaborate

with stakeholders towards

sustainability goals — and

identify and improve the

social capital patterns in

their own networks.

“This is a one-of-a-kind book that explores the politics of creating value for

stakeholders from a unique and very practical perspective. Managers will gain

much insight into their business models from reading and applying this book.

Stakeholder Politics can make a real difference to your business.”

R. Edward Freeman, The Darden School, University of Virginia

“This book should be on the desk of every corporate community relations manager.”

Jim Cooney, Retired Vice President, International Government Affairs, Placer Dome Inc.

“This is definitely the best book on stakeholder management ever written.”

Erwin Bendl, Think Tank for International Governance Research, Austria

January 2009 248+viii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-15-0 £24.95 €37.50

Rights: excluding North America PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-10-1 £24.95 €37.50 $44.45

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-8-7 £24.95 €37.50 $44.45

Local Content in


Creating Local Jobs and Competitive

Domestic Industries in Supply Chains

Michael Warner

l How procurement can promote sustainable jobs

and competitive national industries

l Strategies and procurement processes to realize

social benefits

Written for those working

for the procurement, strategy

and social responsibility

departments of major

private and public companies

and international

suppliers, for industrial and

economic policy-makers

and regulators of local

content, and for all those

involved in the management

of procurement expenditure to develop

national and local industries.

“This book is a first-class highly recommended guide by the foremost authority on the subject.

Extraordinary clarity and insight have been combined to produce a must-have handbook for the serious

international business executive and consultant.”

Hon. Tam Brisibe, former Chairman, Committee of Petroleum Resources Upstream, House of Representatives,

National Assembly, Nigeria

“This clearly written book describes the pitfalls and outlines some of the solutions to this conundrum

and should serve as a useful handbook to regulators and industry practitioners alike.”

Joe Leahy, Brazil Bureau Chief, Financial Times

September 2011 228+xii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-64-8 £25.00 €32.50 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-42-2 £25.00 €32.50 $45.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 31

natural resource use

Sustainable Resource


Global Trends, Visions and Policies

Stefan Bringezu and Raimund Bleischwitz

l Visions of sustainable resource use

l Based on exhaustive research by Germany’s

Wuppertal Institute

Looking at material flows, industrial and societal

metabolism and their implications for the

economy, this important

new book provides radical

perspectives on how the

global economy should

use natural resources in

intelligent ways that maximize

well-being without

destroying life-supporting

ecosystems. It presents

a vision of a potentially

sustainable future and the

fundamental elements necessary for the sustainable

management of the Earth’s resources.

“This book will make an important contribution to achieving the goal of a 21st century Green Economy.

It puts natural resources centre stage backed by a vision and compelling policy options.”

Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and UN Environment Programme Executive Director

“This book provides profound analysis; eye-opening and inspiring reading.”

Ernst U. von Weizsäcker, Chair of the International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management

September 2009 352 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-26-6 £40.00 €50.00 $65.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-07-1 £40.00 €50.00 $65.00

better together . . . Buy these 2 titles together and save £30.00 / €30.00 / $40.00

Order “Resources” bundle for £50.00 / €70.00 / $90.00

Sustainable Growth

and Resource


Economic and Global Policy Issues

Edited by Raimund Bleischwitz, Paul J.J.

Welfens and ZhongXiang Zhang

l Why resources are back on the agenda

l A comprehensive overview of global issues of

raw materials supply and resource use

Written by international experts in their respective

fields, Sustainable Growth and Resource

Productivity provides a comprehensive overview

of global issues of raw materials supply and

resource use. It also introduces new views and

perspectives on the sustainable

growth of emerging

economies and develops

a rationale for a new

resource economics.

This book emphasizes

why resources are back on

the agenda: first, because

of their fundamental economic

role in technological

progress and long-term

prosperity; second, because deficits in raw material

markets are now intertwined with deficits

in the financial markets; and, third, because the

sustainable management of natural resources is a

crucial element in responses to new global challenges

such as climate change.

It concludes with the positing of a new theory

of resource economics: an emerging sub-discipline

that puts resources at its heart.

September 2009 352 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-28-0 £40.00 €50.00 $65.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-06-4 £40.00 €50.00 $65.00

32 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

new organizational models

Innovative CSR

From Risk Management to Value Creation

Edited by Céline Louche, Samuel O. Idowu

and Walter Leal Filho

l How to shift attention from risk management to

value creation

l Contributions from a crème de la crème of

scholars from 12 countries

This book aims to explore, inspire and support

creative, innovative and strategic CSR.

“Innovation” in this book means new products,

services and technologies

and, in addition, new

organizational and institutional

systems, structures

and new business

models that empower the

organization to advance

strategically in an ever

more competitive business


Innovative CSR gathers

together a cornucopia of innovative practices

that will be essential reading for academics and

practitioners alike.

“Insights abound in this packed volume . . . It is rare to find an academic textbook that is utterly riveting,

highly readable and well-structured, providing a wide range of case studies and commentaries on

the practical aspects of CSR in a multitude of companies and organizations. This book does it superbly.

Each paper is a gem.” Elaine Cohen, CSRwire

May 2010 442+xiv pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-35-8 £50.00 €75.00 $90.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-26-2 £50.00 €75.00 $90.00

Hybrid Organizations

New Business Models for Environmental


Brewster Boyd, Nina Henning,

Emily Reyna, Daniel E. Wang, and

Matthew D. Welch

l New organizational models achieve marketand

mission-driven goals

l Includes five best-in-class case studies

l Built on an analysis of survey data from 47

hybrid organizations

This book offers a glimpse into the future. The

companies it describes are pioneers, the firstmovers

in market shifts that will eventually

become mainstream.

Using a combination of high-level survey

analysis and in-depth executive interviews,

Hybrid Organizations fills a gap in the literature.

It highlights key trends and critical themes

that enable this new wave of socially conscious

and fiscally minded enterprises to be successful

in meeting both sets of goals. The lessons in

this book will help other

social entrepreneurs, business

managers, non-profit

leaders, or students interested

in careers that fuse

profitability and responsibility

do it even better.

“Hybrid Organizations probes some fascinating corporate hybrids — offering

powerful lessons about twenty-first century markets.” John Elkington

For those looking to simultaneously make a difference and make a living, this

book is for you.” Stuart L. Hart

June 2009 172+xii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-27-3 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-12-5 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-7-0 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 33


The Difference Makers

How Social and Institutional Entrepreneurs

Created the Corporate Responsibility


Sandra Waddock

l Winner of the 2011 Book Prize of the Social

Issues in Management division of the Academy

of Management

l 23 key players in the development of the corporate

responsibility movement

l Based on exclusive interviews

It is not often that we have the opportunity to

hear from the early pioneers of a social movement

about how it grew and evolved. This book

tells the stories of these social and institutional

entrepreneurs and the organizations they have

founded and led, largely in their own words.

They include John Ruggie and the Global Compact,

Allen White and the Global Reporting

Initiative, John Elkington and SustainAbility,

Simon Zadek and AccountAbility, Alice Tepper

Marlin and Social Accountability International,

Bob Dunn and Business for Social Responsibility,

and Joan Bavaria and Ceres — along with

many others. A history

and detailed analysis of

how CR has emerged as

a key political, social,

and business issue, and

the visions of its thought

leaders for the future.

“This is a remarkable book about two dozen remarkable leaders . . . And what fascinating

stories they are!” William C. Frederick, Katz Graduate School of Business

“. . . terrific . . . Their stories inform and inspire.” James P. Walsh, University of Michigan

May 2008 320 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-04-4 £21.95 €32.95 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-02-6 £21.95 €32.95 $45.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-2-5 £21.95 €32.95 $45.00

SEE Change

Making the Transition to a Sustainable

Enterprise Economy

Sandra Waddock and Malcolm McIntosh

l A new form of capitalism is both necessary and


l The systemic changes that are necessary for all


Deep change is needed: in the purposing, goals

and practice of business enterprise; in the ways

that we relate to nature; and in the ways that

we relate to each other. This book documents

some of the changes that

are already in progress and

provides optimism that

a sustainable enterprise

economy geared to innovation,

creativity, problemsolving,


and enthusiasm for life can

produce wealth, preserve

the natural environment

and nurture social capital.

“I find SEE Change hugely interesting and inspiring. I think the authors have made a really important

contribution.” Georg Kell, Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact

“Sandra Waddock and Malcolm McIntosh have written a book that frames the issues, focuses the mind

on what matters most, and defines where we need to go as a human beings with conscience, intelligence

and courage. Their strategic view rests on an impressive body of scientific knowledge and

practical wisdom.” James E. Post

May 2011 202+xiv pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-45-7 £25.00 €32.50 $45.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-95-7 £25.00 €32.50 $45.00

34 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

textbook • bestseller

Leading Change

toward Sustainability

[2nd edn]

A Change-Management Guide for

Business, Government and Civil Society

Bob Doppelt

l The sustainability changemanagement


l Ranked as “one of the best

ten publications on sustainable


l Crammed with case

examples, interviews and


l New revised edition with a

focus on de-carbonization

“Read it and you can make a difference.” Consultnet

“Based on a study of practices at firms like Interface, Herman Miller, Patagonia, Collins Companies,

Chiquita, Xerox and Starbucks, this book serves both as a primer and study of the cutting edge. (4/5)”

Business Ethics

“I sincerely hope this book finds its way into the hands of managers of all kinds of businesses, small

and large.” Paul de Jongh, Policy Advisor for Sustainable Development to the Dutch government; former

Deputy Director-General for the Environment, The Netherlands

January 2010 296 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-34-1 £17.50 €25.00 $35.00

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-36-5 £50.00 €75.00 $90.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-04-0 £17.50 €25.00 $35.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-4-9 £17.50 €25.00 $35.00

Managing the

Business Case for


The Integration of Social, Environmental

and Economic Performance

Edited by Stefan Schaltegger and

Marcus Wagner

l The most comprehensive book yet published on

“the business case”

l 31 chapters from over 40

experts across Europe

and USA

l Conceptual frameworks,

case studies, concepts

and tools, and analysis


Insights on the link

between sustainability performance,

business competitiveness

and economic

success. A substantial

body of work, it provides an unrivalled source of

knowledge on the state of theory and practice in

this field and identifies prospective future areas

of work.

“This is a critical area — and a key book . . . probably the most comprehensive collection to date of

business case analyses.” John Elkington, Founder and Chief Entrepreneur, SustainAbility

“an indispensable resource” Bill Baue,

April 2006 626+xiv pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-95-3 £55.00 €82.50 $100.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-25-5 £55.00 €82.50 $100.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 35


CSR for HR

A Necessary Partnership for Advancing

Responsible Business Practices

Elaine Cohen

l A practical step-by-step guide to the way CSR

interfaces with every HR function

l Argues that the HR function is the key partner

in embedding CSR and sustainability

The HR function plays a critical role in embedding

a values-based, strategic CSR mind-set

and establishing an

organizational culture that

meets the needs of today’s

stakeholders. HR professionals

who understand

this and adapt accordingly

will reap the benefits.

The book explains why,

how and what to do next,

offering detailed advice,

tools, a roadmap to get

started and hundreds of tips from companies

around the world, including original content

from HR managers of large corporations.

Cohen does an outstanding job showing the connection between HR and CSR . . . Her ideas are fresh;

her examples are relevant; and her writing is clear.” Dave Ulrich

“A book that brings CSR to life . . . this is a must-read for HR professionals, students and those interested

in holistic management.” Solitaire Townsend

October 2010 314+vi pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-46-4 £24.95 €37.50 $45.00

Rights: excluding Romanian language PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-30-9 £24.95 €37.50 $45.00


Corporate Social


Seven Steps to Make Corporate Social

Responsibility Work for your Business

David Grayson and Adrian Hodges

l Moves the argument from the “why” of CSR to

the “how” and beyond

l Improve CSR performance and gain competitive


From their unique vantage

point working with leaders

of global businesses and

of local communities, and

with examples from 200

companies, the authors

outline in theory and

practice a seven-step process

managers can apply

to assess the implications

of CSR on their business

strategy and identify their own corporate social


“the first book I read on CSR on becoming a minister . . . it is one of the most important and influential

books on corporate responsibility . . . it cuts through the wooliness.”

Nigel Griffiths, MP, Minister with Responsibility for CSR, UK

“Grayson and Hodges are globetrotters and when it comes to giving practical examples of CSR, it is

what gives them the cutting edge compared to other CSR books.”

Chris Wainwright, Business Community Intelligence

July 2004 390 pp 234 x 151 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-874719-83-0 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-84-7 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-44-5 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

36 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013


Profession and Purpose

A Resource Guide for MBA Careers in


Katie Kross

l The sustainability coach MBAs have been waiting


l Key job search resources and tips for MBAs

interested in sustainability careers

l Based on hundreds of conversations with MBA

students, professionals, and recruiters

Profession and Purpose provides ideas for

researching companies, making the most of your

networking, identifying job and internship openings,

and preparing for interviews.

No matter what stage of your MBA career

search process you’re in, this book will help you

better understand your

career options in the many

fields of sustainability,

direct you to the best

resources and help you to

fine-tune your sustainability

job search strategy.

“Profession and Purpose is an essential resource for connecting MBA students

and graduates with careers that will literally reinvent the way business is done

in the future.” L. Hunter Lovins

“a great resource for MBAs who want to marry business acumen with their commitment to the environment.”

Andrew Winston, author of Green Recovery and Green to Gold

September 2009 160 pp 210 x 148 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-29-7 £15.00 €22.50 $25.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-08-8 £15.00 €22.50 $25.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-5-6 £15.00 €22.50 $25.00

Bazaars, Conversations

and Freedom

For a Market Culture Beyond Greed and Fear

Rajni Bakshi

l Demonstrates that a more compassionate market

culture is both possible and desirable

l Fully updated and revised UK version

new title

l 2009 Vodafone Crossword Book Award winner

for non-fiction

This sweeping narrative takes you from the

ancient Greek Agora, Indian choupal, and Native

American gift culture, on

to present-day Wall Street

to illuminate ideas, subversive

and prudent, about

how the market can serve

society rather than being

its master.

“In this striking book, Rajni Bakshi insightfully explores how the working of

markets can be improved through a modern version of the combination of trade

and conversation that characterizes the age-old bazaars.” Amartya Sen

“Rajni is a bridge-builder, a connector, a catalyst . . . Bazaars, Conversations and Freedom beautifully

illustrates [her] ability to move between worlds, to bring the best of the traditional world into the

modern, and vice versa . . . I am impressed by the accuracy of her historical research and her ability to

link past, present and future.” John Elkington

April 2012 480+xvi pp 198 x 130 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-63-1 £17.50

Rights: UK only PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-75-9 £17.50

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 37

meaning and purpose

The Map of Meaning

A Guide to Sustaining our Humanity in the

World of Work

Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris

l A clear, simple and profound framework of the

dimensions and process of living and working


l A “Map of Meaning” called the Holistic Development


l Based on over 15 years’ research by the authors

For anyone, from a CEO

to a blue-collar worker or

consultant, interested in

creating more meaning

and purpose in work and

organizations, and wants

to get others on board.

Find ways to re-energize

your role or change your

career. This book is for

anyone who firmly believes

that it must be possible to align our deeper life

purposes with our daily actions in the workplace.

“This book can make a major impact on the lives of many, wherever they work and whatever their

faith . . . It provides a highly practical, easy-to-follow yet thorough treatment of what we mean by

‘meaning’ in our lives, and how we can increase that meaning. In a world where there is ever-growing

stress and where the economic and social system based on individualism is being challenged, it is a

very timely publication.”

John Kay, Director of Change Management in Transforming Business, University of Cambridge

September 2011 238+x pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-65-5 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00

Rights: all hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-66-2 £50.00 €65.00 $95.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-43-9 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00

Leading with Wisdom

Spiritual-based Leadership in Business

Peter Pruzan and Kirsten Pruzan Mikkelsen

together with Debra and William Miller

l Portrays the emerging culture of spiritualbased


l Voted “Book of the Year 2007” by International

Center for Spirit at Work

l Based on extensive

personal interviews

with 31 business leaders

from 15 countries

l 31 down-to-earth, reallife


“Leading with Wisdom is an absolutely sensational book. I’ve never seen anything

like it. I can’t wait to share it with the leaders I meet.”

Patricia Aburdene, author of Megatrends 2010

“This book reminds us that true leadership does not exist unless you are a friend of all mankind and

have that as a guiding higher principle. Leading with Wisdom inspires and gives you the courage to

preach what you practise.”

Mads Øvlisen, Chairman of LEGO; Board member, UN Global Compact

“Leading with Wisdom . . . may well provide a fundamental shift in the way we look at the very purpose

of business. It is a trend-setter and a refreshing contrast to conventional success literature.”

Debashis Chatterjee, Professor and Head, Leadership Centre, Indian Institute of Management

“a deeply enjoyable and enlightening journey into the potential of spiritual-based leadership.”

Elena Bonfiglioli, Director, Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa

June 2007 352 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-59-5 £24.95 €37.50 $45.00

Rights: excluding South Asian distribution PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-70-4 £24.95 €37.50 $45.00

38 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013


Unfolding Stakeholder


Theory, Responsibility and Engagement

Edited by Jörg Andriof, Sandra Waddock,

Bryan Husted and Sandra Sutherland Rahman

l Brings together leading

academic thought on

stakeholder thinking for

the first time

l Stakeholder thinking

now establishes the very

context of doing modern


“The work that needs to be done in order to rescue business from the moral

scrapheap is being done by the authors and editors of this volume . . . The right

book at the right time.” R. Edward Freeman

“within this book you will find . . . a vision with which to refine your sense of purpose.”

Ethical Corporation

Greenleaf have produced an excellent ‘manual’ of stakeholder theory, practice, engagement thinking

and perception which should grace the office shelf of any practitioner who works with all or some of

the stakeholder sector.” Eagle Bulletin

“The papers provide a very readable guide to existing research. The extensive, up-to-date bibliography

will prove invaluable to anyone interested in further exploring the issues.”

Natural Resources Forum

“demands detailed study. Overall, it moves the study of stakeholder theory from a legitimacy perspective

. . . to an increasing concern with stakeholder dialogue.”

Social and Environmental Accounting

October 2002 320 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-52-6 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-28-5 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00

better together . . . Buy these 2 titles together and save £45.00 / €72.50 / $85.00

Order “Unfolding Stakeholder Thinking” bundle for £35.00 / €47.50 / $65.00

Unfolding Stakeholder

Thinking 2

Relationships, Communication, Reporting

and Performance

Edited by Jörg Andriof, Sandra Waddock,

Bryan Husted and Sandra Sutherland Rahman

l Essays by leading researchers worldwide focusing

on the practice of stakeholder engagement

l Looks at relationship management, communication,

reporting and performance

“If you wish to keep pace with the developments

of thought reflecting this core area of your

practice, this book and its companion are a great

place to start.”

Ethical Corporation

“This book provides crucial current impulses

as to how companies can view themselves as

corporate citizens and, as such, can fulfil their

responsibility towards society. The book is also

comprehensive reading for academics as well as

students trying to unfold stakeholder thinking.

This is a book with a vision. It is not simply a

compendium of information and ideas.”

Dr Andreas Pohlmann, Chief Administrative Officer,

Celanese AG

April 2003 296 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-53-3 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-32-2 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 39


Make Poverty Business

Increase Profits and Reduce Risks by

Engaging with the Poor

Craig Wilson and Peter Wilson

l A rigorous profit-making argument for MNCs to

do more business with the poor

l Shows business managers how base-of-thepyramid

initiatives can work in practice

Aims to redesign, redefine

and reinvigorate working

with the world’s poor

by focusing on numerous

low-risk, low-cost

recommendations on how

business can interact with

and positively influence

the lives of people at the

bottom of the pyramid.

“Entertaining, well written and refreshingly free of management jargon, this is an engaging contribution

to the debate on development.”

William Keegan, Senior Economics Commentator, The Observer

“This slim volume takes Prahalad’s bottom of the pyramid philosophy and makes it actionable for the

business manager who lives in blissful ignorance of international development jargon. A great airplane

read, it also avoids the ‘well, duh’ statements that infect so many management books. I highly recommend


World Bank and IFC Private Sector Development Blog, 5 January 2007

November 2006 190 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-96-0 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-03-3 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-3-2 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00


Sustainability Challenges

and Solutions at the Base

of the Pyramid

Business, Technology and the Poor

Edited by Prabhu Kandachar and

Minna Halme

l The most comprehensive work published on

this nascent topic

l A globally diverse collection comprising 27

chapters and over 500 pages

Although the BoP concept has unleashed an

extensive and generally enthusiastic response

from academics, businesses, NGOs and governments,

the knowledge domain around this

concept is still in the early stages of development.

This book addresses that need with a focus

on the needs of the end-users — the poor — as

a starting point for BoP products and innovations.

With contributions from both supporters

and critics, it provides a treasure trove of global

knowledge on how the concept has developed,

what its successes and failures have been and

what promise it holds as a long-term strategy for

alleviating poverty and tackling global sustainability.

“This wonderful collection of essays . . . a rich set of contributions by a diverse set of highly qualified

authors . . . between these covers lie many answers, but also a host of new and important questions

regarding the promising new approach to sustainable development called the Base of the Pyramid.”

Stuart L. Hart

September 2008 532+xii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-11-2 £50.00 €75.00 $95.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-77-3 £50.00 €75.00 $95.00

40 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

textbook • bestseller


Development for


A Handbook and Resource Guide

Edited by Karel Mulder

l A definitive introduction to SD

l Concise but comprehensive

l Developed by committed educators in engineering

departments across Europe

This book examines the

key tools, skills and techniques

that can be used

in engineering design and

management to ensure

that whole-life costs and

impacts are addressed at

every stage. It also demonstrates

through real-life

examples the tangible

benefits that have already

been achieved. Each chapter ends with a series

of questions and exercises for the student to


“This excellent handbook and resource guide is labeled for engineers but it is just as relevant for other

professional disciplines and will provide them with valuable insights and sources of information to

demystify the concept of sustainable development . . . The book is clearly written in a no-nonsense,

plain language style which makes for easy absorption of information . . . Excellent basic sustainable

development and sustainability text for all — highly recommended.” Eagle Bulletin

April 2006 288 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-19-9 £24.95 €37.95 $45.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-38-5 £24.95 €37.95 $45.00

Rights: excluding Dutch, Portuguese and French languages

An Introduction to Corporate

Environmental Management

Striving for Sustainability

Stefan Schaltegger, Roger Burritt and Holger Petersen

textbook • bestseller

“This wide-ranging introductory text puts the manager center stage and the

relationship between management and environmental issues at the very core

of the book’s many themes. It provides a comprehensive and succinct introduction and review of the

world of corporate environmental management and the current issues in that world . . . we have to see

the academics teaching this and similar material in Business Schools and Universities.”

Social and Environmental Accounting

“This is one of the first texts to offer a comprehensive overview of the principles of corporate environmental

management . . . few readers will fail to find something new and useful here . . . it succeeds

in providing an integrated approach to corporate environmental management that will be of value to

students and to practitioners.”

Environment, June 2004

May 2003 384 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-874719-65-6 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Rights: excluding German language hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-66-3 £60.00 €75.00 $100.00

PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-909493-33-9 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 41

selected backlist

Sustainability in Austerity: How Local Government Can Deliver During Times of Crisis

Philip Monaghan

November 2010 234+xxii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-57-0 £21.95 €30.00 $40.00 Rights: all

New Perspectives on Human Security

Edited by Malcolm McIntosh and Alan Hunter

October 2010 270+xviii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-41-9 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

Rights: excluding Turkish language eBook (PDF) ISBN 978-1-907643-31-6 £40.00 €50.00 $75.00

Responsible Investment

Edited by Rory Sullivan and Craig Mackenzie

February 2006 382 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-03-8 £45.00 €67.50 $85.00 Rights: all

Contemporary Environmental Accounting: Issues, Concepts and Practice

Stefan Schaltegger and Roger Burritt

October 2000 462 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-874719-35-9 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Rights: excluding German, Japanese and Chinese languages

Teaching Business Sustainability Vol. 1: From Theory to Practice

Edited by Chris Galea

August 2004 342 pp 234 x 151 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-54-0 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

Teaching Business Sustainability Vol. 2: Cases, Simulations and Experiential Approaches

Edited by Chris Galea

March 2007 208 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-73-1 £35.00 €52.50 $65.00 Rights: all

Design + Environment: A Global Guide to Designing Greener Goods

Helen Lewis and John Gertsakis, with Tim Grant, Nicola Morelli and Andrew Sweatman

October 2001 200 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-874719-43-4 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Rights: excluding Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai languages

Sustainable Solutions: Developing Products and Services for the Future

Edited by Martin Charter and Ursula Tischner

February 2001 469 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-36-6 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

Earth Matters: Indigenous Peoples, the Extractive Industries and Corporate Social

Responsibility Edited by Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh and Saleem Ali

November 2008 272+viii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-16-7 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

Consulting for Business Sustainability Edited by Chris Galea

July 2009 232+viii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-21-1 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

Evolving Partnerships: A Guide to Working with Business for Greater Social Change

Jem Bendell

July 2011 160 pp 297 x 210 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-62-4 £17.50 €21.50 $29.50

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-17-0 £17.50 €21.50 $29.50

SA8000: The First Decade. Implementation, Influence, and Impact

Edited by Deborah Leipziger

May 2009 192+viii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-12-9 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

Rights: excluding South Asia

The Corporate Responsibility Movement: Five Years of Global Corporate Responsibility

Analysis from Lifeworth, 2001–2005

Jem Bendell et al.

March 2009 387+viii pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-18-1 £80.00 €120.00 $150.00 Rights: all

Total Responsibility Management: The Manual Sandra Waddock and Charles Bodwell

February 2007 192 pp 210 x 148 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-98-4 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

Rights: all PDF eBook ISBN 978-1-907643-01-9 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

ePub eBook ISBN 978-0-9554505-1-8 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

42 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

Green CITYnomics: The Urban War against Climate Change

selected backlist

Edited by Kenny Tang

October 2009 298+xiv pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-22-8 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

Management for a Small Planet: Third Edition

Jean Garner Stead and W. Edward Stead

September 2009 232 pp 229 x 152 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-30-3 £25.00 €37.50

Rights: excluding North America hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-31-0 £50.00 €75.00

Corporate Responses to Climate Change: Achieving Emissions Reductions through

Regulation, Self-regulation and Economic Incentives Edited by Rory Sullivan

November 2008 356+viii pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-08-2 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

The Living Code: Embedding Ethics into the Corporate DNA

Muel Kaptein

October 2008 176+viii pp 210 x 148 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-906093-14-3 £14.95 €22.50 $30.00 Rights: all

The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together

Edited by Jeana Wirtenberg with William G. Russell and David Lipsky

July 2008 320 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-906093-09-9 £21.95 €32.95 Rights: excluding North America

Sustainable Innovation: The Organisational, Human and Knowledge Dimension

Contributing Editor: René Jorna

October 2006 360 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-99-1 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

Rights: excluding Dutch language

Governance of Integrated Product Policy: In Search of Sustainable Production and

Consumption Edited by Dirk Scheer and Frieder Rubik

February 2006 377 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-32-8 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

The Future of Eco-labelling: Making Environmental Product Information Systems Effective

Frieder Rubik and Dirk Scheer

May 2005 357 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-87-8 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

Governance and Sustainability: New Challenges for States, Companies and Civil Society

Edited by Ulrich Petschow, James Rosenau and Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

December 2005 245 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-79-3 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

New Business for Old Europe: Product-Service Development, Competitiveness and

Sustainability Edited by Arnold Tukker and Ursula Tischner

September 2006 479 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-92-2 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

Eco-service Development: Reinventing Supply and Demand in the European Union

Siegfried Behrendt, Christine Jasch, Jaap Kortman, Gabriele Hrauda, Ralf Pfitzner and Daniela Velt

January 2003 216 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-44-1 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

The Business of Sustainable Mobility: From Vision to Reality

Edited by Paul Nieuwenhuis, Philip Vergragt and Peter Wells

June 2006 256 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-80-9 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00

Rights: excluding Chinese language

Perspectives on Industrial Ecology Edited by Dominique Bourg and Suren Erkman

March 2003 384 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-46-5 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00

Rights: excluding French language

Eco-industrial Strategies: Unleashing Synergy between Economic Development and the

Environment Edited by Edward Cohen-Rosenthal with Judy Musnikow

October 2003 376 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-62-5 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013 43

selected backlist

The Business of Climate Change: Corporate Responses to Kyoto

Edited by Kathryn Begg, Frans van der Woerd and David Levy

March 2005 284 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-57-1 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

Walking the Talk: The Business Case for Sustainable Development

Charles O. Holliday, Jr, Stephan Schmidheiny and Philip Watts

August 2002 288 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-50-2 £21.95 €32.95 $29.95

Rights: excluding North American distribution and Portuguese and French languages

Societal Learning and Change: How Governments, Business and Civil Society are Creating

Solutions to Complex Multi-Stakeholder Problems Steve Waddell

May 2005 164 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback: ISBN 978-1-874719-88-5 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

Rights: all paperback: ISBN 978-1-874719-93-9 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Strategic Sustainability: The State of the Art in Corporate Environmental Management

Systems Edited by Robert Sroufe and Joseph Sarkis

May 2007 288 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-61-8 £35.00 €52.50 $65.00 Rights: all

The Profit of Peace: Corporate Responsibility in Conflict Regions

Karolien Bais and Mijnd Huijser

July 2005 144 pp 216 x 135 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-874719-90-8 £16.95 €29.95 $35.00

Rights: Excluding Dutch language

Business and Human Rights: Dilemmas and Solutions Edited by Rory Sullivan

November 2003 336 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-874719-81-6 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00 Rights: all

Sustainable Banking: The Greening of Finance

Edited by Jan Jaap Bouma, Marcel Jeucken and Leon Klinkers

March 2001 480 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-38-0 £45.00 €67.50 $84.00 Rights: all

Perspectives on Corporate Citizenship Edited by Jörg Andriof and Malcolm McIntosh

June 2001 332 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-39-7 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

ISO 14001: Case Studies and Practical Experiences Edited by Ruth Hillary

November 2000 384 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback ISBN 978-1-874719-27-4 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Rights: excluding Spanish language

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Environment: Business Imperatives

Contributing Editor: Ruth Hillary

February 2000 416 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-22-9 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00 Rights: all

Terms for Endearment: Business, NGOs and Sustainable Development

Contributing Editor: Jem Bendell

July 2000 280 pp 234 x 156 mm paperback: ISBN 978-1-874719-29-8 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Rights: all hardback: ISBN 978-1-874719-28-1 £35.00 €47.50 $65.00

PDF eBook: ISBN 978-1-907643-14-9 £19.95 €29.95 $40.00

Putting Partnerships to Work: Strategic Alliances for Development between Government,

the Private Sector and Civil Society Edited by Michael Warner and Rory Sullivan

May 2004 336 pp 234 x 151 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-72-4 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalisation: An Action Plan for Business

Jacqueline Cramer

December 2006 160 pp 210 x 148 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-31-1 £21.95 €32.00 $40.00

Rights: excluding Dutch language

Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Governance: Global Perspectives

Edited by Istemi Demirag

October 2005 378 pp 234 x 156 mm hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-56-4 £40.00 €60.00 $75.00 Rights: all

44 Greenleaf PUBLISHING catalogue spring 2013

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Share global best practice and knowledge across your organization

with SOL: the GSE Research Sustainable Organization Library

The Sustainable Organization Library 2012 is an online collection of books (almost 400 volumes) covering the key

areas of governance, sustainability and environmental management. It forms a comprehensive and substantial information

and reference library, available across your entire organization, from any workstation.

Imagine being able to offer unlimited access to the world’s best writers on sustainability; case studies on best

practice from international organizations; evidence-based research to support managerial decision-making – to all

your staff. This is what SOL can do for you.

Partners in the Sustainable Organization Library

SOL is a collaboration in sustainability publishing from GSE Research and other respected specialist publishers and

organizations in the field including:

Greenleaf Publishing: the leading independent sustainability publisher. Greenleaf publishes in the areas of

corporate responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy, business strategy and practice, and sustainable


• Practical Action Publishing: specializing in developing-world issues, Practical Action collaborates with international

development organizations including UNDP, DFID, IFRC, Save the Children, Oxfam, UNICEF, FAO and

many others.

• Peter Lang: long-established publisher of English-, German- and French-language books in the humanities and

social sciences. The SOL draws on the Peter Lang environment and sustainability list.

• Cambridge Scholars Publishing: broad-based publisher of around 500 new titles a year in science, the arts and

humanities. The SOL draws on the Cambridge Scholars environment and sustainability list.

• United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME): with more than 450 business school

signatories worldwide.

• The Academy of Business in Society: more than 120 of the world’s leading companies and business schools.

• Institute of Directors India: serving more than 30,000 directors in corporations in India and worldwide.

SOL is delivered on the well-established IngentaConnect platform, and offers full compliance with all major standards.

It is brought to you by GSE Research, with a customer licence that is simple and jargon-free, with no restrictions

on downloads or access. All the content is searchable at chapter/article level.

The Sustainable Organization Library can be used in many ways including:

• As a practical support for Learning and Development activities

• Senior managers can “prompt” individuals or teams to look at a particular book, article or report

• As the basis for formulation of strategy and initiatives

• To provoke “bottom-up” thinking and engagement

• To support new recruits in understanding company values

• To support practical initiatives on waste reduction or energy-saving

• In R&D, and product/service development

• To support community relations initiatives

• As a resource for every management function, including marketing, HR, supply chain management and legal


Rental (subscription) or purchase options available – contact us for details or to arrange a trial


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