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Battle of the teens

Battle of the teens

1a Girl talk - Boy talk

1a Girl talk - Boy talk 1 2 Warm-up Read Answer the following questions. • What do you and your friends talk about on the phone? • Do girls and boys talk about different things? A. Read the dialogues and decide if the people A-H are boys or girls. SAY WHAT? Teenagers spend a lot of time chatting on the phone. But do boys and girls talk about the same things? Do girls gossip more? Or is it the other way round? Read these phone conversations and decide who's talking... Boys? Girls? Or a boy and a girl? 1 2 3 A: ... and what about her jeans? B: Oh, I know. They're about twenty years old. A: You're right there. And she usually wears that awful green top with them. B: Yeah, it's horrible. C: Are you watching the game tonight? D: Of course. My team is playing. Come on United! C: Do you really think they're going to win? D: Yeah! C: But they've got some terrible players and they always lose. E: I'm thinking about going to the cinema tonight. F: Great! What's on? E: At First Sight. It starts at eight. F: Isn't that a boring film? E: I don't think so. F: Why don't we watch Teen Cop? E: That's on next week. We can watch it then. F: OK. 4G: Hi, mate. What are you up to? H: Not much. I'm just playing my new computer game. G: Do you fancy going round to Sean's house? H: No way! I always argue with him. G: Come on, please. H: Wait a minute. You just want to see his new camera, right? G: No, I don't. H: Yes, you do. I knew it! G: Don't be ridiculous!

B. Read again and answer the questions. Dialogue 1: What don't the speakers like about the girl? Dialogue 2: What’s on TV tonight? Dialogue 3: What's on at the cinema next week? Dialogue 4: Why does G want to go to Sheila's house? C. Can you find an incomplete sentence in dialogue 2 in activity A? Underline and complete it. 3 4 Vocabulary Listen. What do the verbs in bold mean? Match them with the definitions a-f. 1. At the start of the lesson, our teacher explains what she wants us to do. 2. My sister spends all of her time chatting to friends on the phone. 3. Tina held her hand up and yelled, “Taxi!” 4. Why are you whispering? I can’t hear you. 5. My brother and I always argue about what TV programme to watch. 6. I don’t like Julie. All she does is gossip about other people. a b c shout d e f talk very quietly talk informally, usually with a friend speak angrily because you disagree talk about other people and their private lives make somebody understand something Grammar Present Simple vs Present Progressive I can’t help you, I’m studying now. When my grandparents come to London, they usually stay at a hotel. But this week they’re staying with us at our new house. A: Are you coming with us to the cinema? The film starts at 9:00. B: Sorry, I don’t want to come. NOTE: Stative verbs (see, like, love, hate, want, need, understand, know, etc.) are not usually used in the Present Progressive. Complete with the Present Simple or the Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets. 1. My friends and I rarely (study) on Saturday evenings. We usually (go) out. This Saturday we (go) to see an adventure film. We (love) going to the cinema. 2. A: Excuse me, what time the train to Oxford (leave)? B: At 10pm and it (arrive) at 11:30. 3. A: Hey, Thomas. Can you explain this text to me? I (not understand) it. B: Not now, Beth. I (work). 5 A. Listen to a telephone conversation between three teenagers and answer the question below. B. Listen again. Read the statements and write J for Jenny, M for Mark or W for Wendy in the boxes. 1. I’m having a party on Saturday. 2. I don’t really like basketball. 3. I don’t like Mark’s friends. 4. I bought a new top for the party. 5. I decided to go to the party 6 Listen What’s the main topic of the conversation? a. clothes b. a basketball game c. a party in the end. Speak Talk in pairs. Imagine you’re on the phone with your partner. Discuss your plans for tonight. Use some of the ideas below or your own. • cinema • football match • party I’m thinking about going to the cinema tonight. Do you want to come? Of course. Which film...? / No, I don’t think so. I’m watching ...

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