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Your full service provider for the Precast Industry

Two new production facilities for the Van Nieuwpoort Group:

Production of insulated floor panels and

lattice girder floors at the highest stage

Fully automatic shuttering and deshuttering robot in Kampen, Netherlands (page 2)

Thailand: new production plant with

output of 150 houses per month

Sansiri AG, based in Bangkok, has increased their monthly production output by

a factor of three with the new production line for high quality detached houses.

The Sansiri group builds and sells detached houses, townhouses, condomin-iums

and commercial buildings. In this function they are industry leaders in the South

East Asian market particularly in matters of quality and innovation. Founded

in 1984 as Sansiri Public Company Ltd., they have traded as an incorporated

company since 1995 and are listed on the Thai stock exchange. Today the Sansiri

group comprises 18 subsidiary companies. The mission states: Create new forms

of seamless, high-quality, value-added property and services with the highest

standards for all market segments. In order to be able to maintain this claim

sustainably they have invested in a new production line with EBAWE technology

"Made in Germany".

Flexibility meets efficiency

Thailand's growing middle class is

now looking for much more than

mass housing - they are looking for

Removal area of the finished wall panels

premium-quality houses. Anyone

who wishes to meet the customers'

demands, as Sansiri does, must be

able to offer tasteful and modern

products for the living space. The new

High quality house from Sansiri at an affordable price

precast panel system for building

houses with floor areas of between

180 and 250 m2 achieves the flexibility

required for this on a solid

technological foundation. With the

new "Made in Germany" technology

Sansiri produces concrete elements

in the highest quality with high

precision accuracy.

Compared to the previous manufacturing

process, the output could

be tripled with almost 50 percent less

personnel outlay.

See article page 2

Quality up and costs down

The new production line at Sansiri

is designed for the manufacturing

of solid walls and comprises 60

pallets, a fully automatic shuttering

robot, a concrete distributor as well

as a variety of smoothing devices.

Furthermore, the plant is equipped

with a pallet stacker with four towers

each 13 levels, two tilting devices, a

product removal carriage, as well as

a complete manufacturing execution

system and a new mixing plant.

All-in-all this new production line

accelerates the construction process

enormously - to its current level of

150 detached houses per month.

Company group


EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH

belongs to the Progress Group,

which has further strengthened

itself on an international basis.

In October 2012, the Progress

Group took over 100% of the

shares in Echo Engineering N.V.

from the Belgian Echo Group

and subsequently founded the

new company Echo Precast

Engineering N.V.

The new company offers expertise

with an impressive history: Echo

has developed over the past 50

years from a family company into

Europe‘s market leader in the field

of prestressed hollow core slabs.

The Belgian company Echo Precast

Engineering N.V. now optimally

compliments the portfolio of our


With the product range of

EBAWE, progress Maschinen

& Automation, tecnocom and

Echo Precast Engineering, we

have further expanded our core

competences and underlined

our claim as market leader with

fully equipped precast concrete


We are looking forward

to interesting projects!

Your EBAWE team

Two new production facilities for the Van Nieuwpoort Group:

▪ Floor panels with integrated

insulation for Netherlands

New production facility in Kampen for the fabrication of insulated floors

panels for houses without basement

Construction raw materials, readymix

concrete and concrete products

– the success of the Van Nieuwpoort

group has been based on these

three foundations for decades. Today

around 1,400 employees are active

in 70 companies and shareholdings.

Betonson too, part of the group since

1996, has a long tradition as one

of the largest floor and ram piles

manufacturers in the Netherlands. In

the meantime they also have facilities

in Belgium and Germany.

The plant for manufacturing the floor

panels with integrated insulation for

buildings without basements comprises

33 specially designed pallets with two

folding longitudinal shuttering and

fixed central shuttering as well as a

flexible shuttering insert for 900mm

precast panel width. The EBA S 16

stirrup bender is used for bending

and cutting reinforcement off the

coil. The fully automated concrete

distribution is tailored exactly to the

specific precast elements. Monitoring

and control of the complete carrousel

system is realized by the ebos

manufacturing execution system.

Finished insulated floor

Fully automatic casting

▪ Fully automatic fabrication of lattice girder floors

Filigree elements for ceilings and roofing in commercial and residential construction enable slim roof designs and complex floor

layouts. The second plant from Ebawe progress in Kampen facilitates an economic production process.

Stationary concrete distributor

with 3m casting width

Welding of lattice girders

Betonson is distinguished by innovative

construction concepts and as a supplier

combines an impressive production

capacity with specialised expertise.

These special skills are applied in the

construction of residential and commercial

property, in order to deliver

apartments, detached houses or commercial

properties of high architectural


A new example is the quick carrousel

system for the fully automatic production

of lattice girder floors with a

capacity of 10 pallets per hour. Shuttering

and deshuttering is effected

fully automatically by robots once

a production cycle is completed. A

further core element of the plant

presents the complete prefabrication

of reinforcement by progress, the

sister company to EBAWE: The fully

automated mesh welding plant

"M-System" and the lattice girder welding

machine "VGA Versa" produce the

reinforcement required just-in-time.

Welding robots ensure the welding of

the lattice girders onto the meshes.

The stationary concrete distributor

offers a casting width of 3 metres.

There is also a transport system for

the handling and immersion of the

finished reinforcement into the fresh

concrete. After that, the compacting

equipment is employed. After curing

the lattice girder floors are removed

from the pallet by means of a demoulding

crane and installed at the

construction site.

Prefabrication area for reinforcement

Immersion of reinforcement into fresh concrete

Russia celebrates with EBAWE:

first precast plant with

shuttering robot for exterior walls

The precast factory OOO "Domostroitelny Kombinat" in Nabereschnyje Tschelny,

Tatarstan, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012 with a country-wide innovation: the

fully automated production of sandwich and solid wall elements.


At was a grand opening ceremony: Over 800 guests, including the President of

the Republic of Tatarstan, the minister for housing and construction as well as

the heads of the largest construction companies in the country, celebrated the

start of the new OOO "Domostroitelny Kombinat" production. Negotiations

were undertaken with several international plant manufacturers for this

large-scale project. In the end the contract was awarded to EBAWE thanks

to the convincing concept. Another factor was that EBAWE is as a full-service

provider, making coordination in the planning phase and the installation work

on site much easier.






From Lada to Mercedes

The goals of OOO "Domostroitelny Kombinat" are ambitious: After the

modernisation the output capacity of 100,000 m2 of living area per year

should be increased by a factor of three. This shall be reached with a smaller

personnel outlay than previously. "The conversion of the factory from the

Soviet construction style to German construction technology is comparable

with a changeover from a Lada to a Mercedes", says Managing Director Raschid

Saifutdinow explaining the scale of the project.

New production plant in

Nabereschnyje Tschelny

1 2

Mesh welding plant

for just-in-time production

3 4

Two concrete distributors

for casting

Battery moulds

5 6

for parallel fabrication of interior walls

Fully automatic

shuttering robot

Tilting equipment

for removal of wall panels

External storage area

for concrete elements

More quality through automation

The new plant is designed for

the manufacturing of sandwich

walls, solid and floor panels. The

distinguishing feature is the high

degree of automation. The shuttering

for exterior walls is placed with a

shuttering robot for the first time

in Russia. This leads to time savings

and a higher degree of dimension

accuracy in the concrete elements.

This technology also enables

more modern architecture – with

completely new options for room

planning and for increased quality of

living with reduced costs.

Alongside the carrousel system the

scope of delivery also comprises

the modernisation of the concrete

batching plant, a flying bucket

system for concrete transport, several

battery moulds for the production

as well as the manufacturing

of the reinforcement including

a fully automatic "just-in-time"

mesh welding plant. Two concrete

distributors are used for casting the

concrete into the reinforced pallets;

moreover a levelling beam and

helicopter smoothing device are

available. For curing the pallets they

are fed into a curing rack by means of

a fully automated pallet stacker.

Central manufacturing execution

system for all machines

Monitoring and control of the

complete carrousel system is realized

by the ebos. All process relevant

data are visualised, evaluated and


The completely modernised factory

also sends a visual message: It

surprises with its new design and

bright colours – drafted by Moscow

architect Artemij Konyukhov.

Building with precast concrete panels

Reference objects realized by our customers the world over



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