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Appetite for life - WALK OF LOVE

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VOL.10 OCT-DEC 2008

Appetite for life

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Minister for Social Development

and Urbanisation

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Yang Berhormat

Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom

Appetite for Life” is the theme of the 10 th issue of this magazine. It

explores the diverse cultures, numerous ethnic groups, local delicacies,

wondrous and breathtaking nature and national parks, and tranquil

homestays in Sarawak. In fact there is so much to see and enjoy in

Sarawak and I welcome you to explore it with me.

With its peace-loving and friendly people present everywhere,

Sarawak houses a multitude of unique homes with modern designs,

which are well suited for the tropical climate and living in the

interior. This continues to reflect the changing lifestyle of the local

people. Advancements in the traditional housing market caters to

the higher expectations of the people who are moving towards an

affluent lifestyle with the growth of the economy and the emergence

of towns and cities in many different parts of the State. In fact, the

concept of a second home here among the expatriates has been

gaining ground and many visitors have seriously considered that

option with the idea of investing in the housing industry.

In line with the idea of homes, the hospitality industry here is also

a significant partner in drawing visitors to Sarawak from far and near.

The quality of services offered is among the highest found in the

country and the prices are very competitive, leading to high occupancy

rates during certain times of the year. The choices too can be

considered a blessing for visitors as you can stay in a luxurious

five-star hotel or just dump your bags in the homestay bedrooms and

live like the locals do. These accommodations are situated near to the

sea, close to the city and even next to the world’s largest cave in Mulu.

The ideals of this magazine are indeed in line with the aspirations

of the government in promoting the State to the rest of the world.

Currently, it is the only magazine in Sarawak that showcases a host

of activities ranging from social events to sports and even to the

development of the state.

Being a ‘free’ magazine also makes it a most welcome “friend” for

various hotels and establishments as it makes its rounds on a quarterly

basis. With new and innovative themes for each issue, there is always

something exciting to be discovered in the magazine. It also helps

provide avenues for many to showcase their products, services and

expertise. The magazine’s website is another important way in which

those who have no direct access to BorneoTalk may get the chance to

see Sarawak and make it a favoured destination.

Thank you and enjoy yourself exploring all the interesting places,

events and outlets covered in this issue.

Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom

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Atmosfera • The Original Carwash • Mitsu Shabu


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Freedom to Express

4 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

We hold in our hands, the most

precious gift of all: Freedom. The

freedom to express our art, our love.

The freedom to be who we want

to be. At Goodrich, we know that

it takes hands to build a house, but

only hearts can build a home. That’s

why we believe in helping you create

a living space you can call your own.

We have developed an extensive

collection of wallcoverings, carpets,

fabrics, and floorings to cater to your

heart’s desire, so that you can create

a furnished home that truly reflects

who you are.

At Goodrich, we know that variety

is the essence of creativity. That is

why we are constantly adding to

our range of wallcoverings, carpets,

fabrics and floorings. We want you

to have the creative freedom you

need to bring your dream home or

establishment to life.

Nothing allows for self-expression

like wallcoverings. Goodrich offers

the widest selection of wallcoverings

in Southeast Asia, from metallic

hues, textured or intricately printed

coverings to rich textiles, our range

will give you the flexibility to balance

your aesthetic preference with

functional benefits.

Only carpets can bring the warmth,

elegance and luxurious comfort to

your home or a professional touch for

your office. Our extensive collection

includes carpet, broadloom, tufted

and hand-tufted, woven and printed

carpets as well as carpet rungs in all

colours and designs.

From curtains to furniture upholstery,

our fabrics can be coordinated with

your choice of wallcovering to create

any ambience you desire. These fabrics

come in all shades, prints and textures,

giving you a multitude of decorative

possibilities to explore. We can even

customise your own personal rug

because we want you to discover a

myriad of creative possibilities.

Nothing brings more tranquility to a

home than high quality wooden

floorings. Our wide spectrum of

beautiful designs and finishes, from

modern to vintage, will suit any lifestyle.

Goodrich is the authorised distributor of

Pergo and Tarkett Floorings, reputable

brands in the industry.

Established in 1983, Goodrich has

grown to become Southeast Asia’s

leading supplier of interior wallcoverings

today. Despite being a leader in its

field, the company is mindful not to

rest on its laurels. Instead, it continues

to improve and innovate through

its design, application and services.

Goodrich operates 16 regional offices

in 6 countries: Singapore, China,

Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and

Thailand. The newest addition to the

Goodrich family being Dubai, which

will serve the Middle East region.

At Goodrich we pride ourselves in

bringing you only the best in interior

furnishing. Nothing speaks more for

this than the accolades we received

over the years. In, 1996, we became

the first company to be awarded the

prestigious International Organisation

for Standardisation (ISO) 9002

certification. We also take great pride

in having been honoured with the

annual “Enterprise 50 Awards” four

times respectively in 1998, 2001, 2002

and 2005. In additional, our brand

communications efforts were rewarded

consecutively in 2004, 2005 and

2006, with the “Distinctive Award”

at the Singapore Promising Brand

Award (SPBA). These distinctions keep

Goodrich firmly focused on what really

matters - delivering quality products

now and into the future.

In the business of self-expression,

nothing means more than being

truly unique. That is why Goodrich is

constantly pushing the boundaries to

actively seek out and develop the latest

and most innovative interior products

available. We are proud to present you

with a unique range of breakthrough

products that will give you creative


license like no other. Since no two

people are alike, why should their living

space look the same? With Poetry of

Nature - the world’s first hand-painted

wallcovering, each wallcovering is

passionately crafted by our top artist to

create breathtaking scenes and intricate

designs that will never be duplicated.

Limited edition Stone Carpets give the

impression that they are made from

tiny stones, creating the illusion that

will take your breath away. What’s

more all our Stone Carpets and a wide

range of rugs are superbly comfortable

and will give any space a touch of

elegance. Form and function come

together with Goodrich laminate

floorings. All our laminate floorings

come with Compact SoundBloc that

significantly reduces impact sound in

the room below. Plus, for added

durability, PERGO® patented TitanX

surface delivers impeccable scratch,

wear and impact resistance so the

beauty of our flooring will grace your

home for years to come.

A house is made of walls and beams; a

home is built with love and dreams. At

Goodrich, we understand that a home

is like a piece of white canvas for one

to express one’s utmost imagination

and flair for living. It is that special

place that holds a beating heart that

underlines the passion and attitude for

living. With Goodrich, your home

becomes a gallery of your selfexpressions;

a canvas for your

creativity; a space for your soul; a

showcase of your taste for life; and

a manifestation of your life story. At

Goodrich, we understand that the

home is where the heart is.

For more information please contact GOODRICH GLOBAL (E.M.) SDN BHD, No. 527, Ground Floor, Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak,

Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 415757 / 425757 Fax: (6) 082 255757 • Lot No. S-0-16, Jalan Untas, Ground Floor, Block D, City Mall, 88300 Kota Kinabalu Sabah,

Malaysia. Tel: (6) 088 484357 Fax: (6) 088 484457 • Website:



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6 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

One earth • One World •

Computer/Tech: Compumart Sales & Services (S) Sdn. Bhd. • Intercom Sales &

Services • Hong Kuok 99 • Compuway Marketing Sdn. Bhd. • 3e • WayMart

Computer Sales & Services • PC Image • Magnetone MediaWorld (Kch) Sdn.

Bhd. • Sri Sarjana (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. • Vertex Distribution Sdn. Bhd. • Veonic

Sdn. Bhd. • SIS Systems Sdn. Bhd. • Quantum Optimum Sdn. Bhd. • Micron

TM (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. • Compubuzz Computer Centre • QT Services (S) Sdn.

Bhd. • Minsoft • Fosa D’Mobile Group • Apple Tree Computer Dict. Sdn. Bhd.

• deConnecXion • Telecommunication: SkyTel Enterprise • Skyway Telecommunication

Centre • 89 Telecommunication • Arrow Marketing • Apple Telecommunication

Center • Andrew’s Mobile • Gottake Technology Sdn. Bhd. (Celcom Kiosk) • Sheer

Unique • Net2u Sdn. Bhd. • Tip-Top Mobile Trading Co. • TM Point Service Outlet

• Hello Enterprise • Phone Art Enterprise • K & W Enterprise • Variety: Hair Plus

Stylist Centre • Fureva Concept • University Book Store • JS Boutique Accessories •

Scratch Collection • Peaceful World Enterprise • Alpha Titan Health Shop Sdn.

Bhd. • SaMBa Zone: Ambrose Chicken Rice • Sizzling Hot Plates & Claypot Rice •

Anjung Tris Javanese Noodles • Teo’s Economy Fast Food • The Chef • Sweet Toast

House • ABC Special • Apollo Chicken • Fresh & Taste

The Lifestyle Mall

OneJaya is a 4-storey commercial

complex located just on the

outskirt of the city and is a

leisure lifestyle mall for everyone.

This is one of the city’s latest

additions to a whole new world of

shopping experience and also wide

range of food choices.

Located at Jalan Song it is ideally

suited to the growing residential

Jalan Song

community in the area. The existing

residential area and community centres

coming up here ensure that the

mall will be a main shopping centre.

OneJaya is the place for everyone

Jalan Urat Mata

For more information, please contact:



• 22 nd November 2008 •


as almost everything that you will

need can be found here and there is

certainly no need to drive all the way

to city to shop.

Architecturally pleasing and imposing,

OneJaya mall is easily accessible

from any direction. Unlike the busy

city traffic which makes shopping a

headache at times, OneJaya is free

from congestion so there are no long

queues when coming or going. Once

inside, various outlets and shops allow

for each member of the family to go

separate ways in search of things to buy.

KENBEST SDN BHD, 1 st Floor, Lot 10503, Taman Stutong Indah,

Jalan Setia Raja, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 082 362226 / 362726 Fax: (6) 082 360170

Email: Website:

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The New Contemporary

Urban Getaway

Escape from the hustle and bustle of

city life, lavish in the comfort of your

own home, relax your body, mind and

soul, at Desa Pujut 2, smooth transition

to luxury living.

Imagine being able to literally leave

work right at the office door and get

away from it all while relaxing in the

comfort of your own home. Naim

Cendera’s very own Desa Pujut 2 urban

residential community offers just that

for the family, work or leisure. Located

in Bandar Baru Permyjaya, Miri, this

flagship community project is situated

in one of the fastest satellite towns in

Sarawak. A mere 15 minutes drive

from the city, it’s also a very short

distance from Lutong Town, Curtin

University and Brunei.



The Malaysian Construction Malaysia Corporate

Industry Excellence Awards & Social Environment

Contractor Award : Grade G7 Responsibility Award

Abelia, single storey semi-detached


Spain 17th International

Construction Award

New Millennium Award


KPMG Shareholder

Value Awards

Desa Pujut 2 is an urban residential

project that makes up 12% of the

entire BandarBaru Permyjaya. Among

all of Naim’s projects, Desa Pujut 2 has

the most varieties of design available

in the entire township. Interested

buyers can decide from a variety of

house types still available such as

Alphina and Violett double storey semidetached

houses, from single storey

semi-detached like Abelia and Freesia,

to double-storey terraces like Clematis

and Waterlily.

The special property spotlighted is the

Alphinia Double Storey Semi-Detached.

This latest offering from Naim comes

with a spacious car porch that can

house up to 3 vehicles. It offers 4

bedrooms and 3 washrooms. It has 3

phase electrical wiring, hot and cold

piping system and stainless steel gate

and front fencing. The show house can

be viewed everyday from 9am to 5pm

at Desa Pujut 2.

Naim has launched “Sarawak 45 th

Anniversary in Malaysia Celebration

promotion” (ending 31 st October

2008). Desa Pujut 2 property purchased


The Malaysian Construction

Industry Excellence Awards

Builder of The Year

Alphinia, Double Story Semi-Detached


The Malaysian Construction

Industry Excellence Awards

Medium Engineering Project


Malaysia Canada Business

Council Industry Excellence

for Construction Award

Style & Elegance

by anyone born on 16 th September or in

the year 1963 will get a further discount

of RM4,500. Purchasers of residential

detached land will get 10% discounts

plus additional RM4,500 cash

discount. Purchasers of any corner

terrace units will receive RM4,500

gift voucher for electrical goods.

There is also a “Family & Friends

Package” for those purchasing any

additional units together. They will

be entitled to receive 1% additional

discount. Commercial unit purchasers

will also be entitled to various cash

discounts too. The “Syok Raya

Promotion” offers additional discounts

on top of the aforementioned

anniversary promotion. Purchasers

will also stand a chance to win various


SCCI Annual Corporate

Report Awards

Best Annual Report



The Malaysian Construction

Industry Excellence Awards

Medium Building Project


CIDB Contractor

Industry Award


Building Project

Developer License No: L0801/KP/HD/9/57

‘The information, perspective drawing, plans & specifications contains in this leaflet / advertisement are subject to amendment as may be required by the authorities or the project

8 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

Desa Ilmu

Upgrade your business to future standard

lucky draw prizes. These include the

1 st Prize of a 40” LCD TV, 2 nd Prize of

a home theater system, 3 rd prize of a

2-door refrigerator, and 2 consolation

prize of a vacuum cleaner each.

As for the Kuching Branch Packages,

many of the same promotions apply.

In addition, any purchase of 2 units

of residential houses (excluding show

house) in Riveria or Desa Ilmu will

be entitled to an attractive discount.

What’s more free landscaping worth

RM4,500 will be given to residential

terrace corner units. Purchasers of

any show house or detached lot will

enjoy up to RM4,500 discount. A

RM450 rebate will be given to those

buying any unit of apartment at Desa

Ilmu. Like the Miri Branch promotion,

the Kuching Branch also offers various

cash discounts to purchasers for

commercial unit buyers.

Please note that to be entitled for

the promotion SPA must be signed

within time period, down payment

For more


please contact:

(Kuching Branch)

Ground Floor, Wisma Naim, 2½ Mile, Lot 2689, Rock Road,

93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 082 422001, 422236 Fax: (6) 082 412001

H/P: (6) 019 8566738 (Gary Kho)

Comfort & Luxury

must be paid in full within the time

period, and (where loan is required)

all legal documentation must have

been duly signed and stamped.

Current Naim Home owners can

participate in the “Introducer

Scheme” (till 31 st December 2008),

whereby every Naim house buyer

can be an introducer, earn extra

income and win a trip to China

for 2 plus cash rewards, and even

a 10 gram gold coin. For

more information about the

various special promotions,

please feel free to contact

the sales office.

Desa Ilmu, is a well-established new

township with close proximity to the

education hub of Kota Samarahan. It

is merely a few minutes walk away

from Unimas, UiTM and Tun Abdul

Razak Teachers’ Training College.

Furthermore, it is just twenty minutes

drive from Kuching city centre. Desa

Ilmu, offers various types of houses,

apartments and shophouses. The

new Kota Samarahan highway will

be completed soon. Desa Ilmu’s


residential escalation has doubled

over the years, now reaching up to

five thousand units of properties.

Riveria is located at the northwestern

part of Kuching city, approximately

fifteen minutes from the city centre.

Iris, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Allamanda,

Lavender, Zero Boundary and Primrose

are the various types of design and

concept houses at Riveria which are

built to complement a quality lifestyle.

The new RIVERIA Square promises to

bring a totally new shopping experience

to the residents. Commercial units will

provide ample business opportunities

from supermarkets, food courts, offices

to alfresco coffee bars, fast food

franchises and etc.

During this celebration season until

the end of October 2008, Naim is

offering future investors and home

owners an opportunity to win attractive

gifts and also enjoy extra incentives up

to RM2,888 on selected properties.

Other promotional packages are also

available. All promotions are subjected

to terms and conditions. Check out

today for chance of a life time!

(Miri Branch)

Lot 889, Blk 9 MCLD, Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre,

Jalan Permaisuri, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 085 434801, 434802 Fax: (6) 085 434804

H/P: (6) 016 8705099 (Alice Ting)


Advertising & Sale Permit No: P0767/KP/HD/9/57

consultants and cannot form part of an offer or contract. Whilst every care has been taken in providing this information, the developer cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.’

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Opening its doors to the public in

July, 2008, Dormani Hotel is the

newest hotel in Kuching. Upon

entering this most modern of

establishments, guests are invited

to take a seat, and are served a

refreshing welcome drink, while

waiting to be checked in. This

signals the start of the special

attention to detail and the

distinctive treatment that the hotel

strives to achieve in redefining the

hotel staying experience of their

guests. That is why at the hotel

guests can check-in the traditional

way at the counter or take

advantage of the hotel’s unique

and personalised in-room check-in.

Dormani Hotel offers a business

boutique style that is a blend of

modern and contemporary design.

The interior of this 70-room hotel

pulsates with the essence of true

Sarawakian hospitality. From the

courteous and friendly staff, right

up to rooms that spell practicality

and comfort, the aim of the hotel

is to redefine the expectations of

their guest. It’s no surprise that

all rooms come equipped with

LCD TV, free wireless internet

connection, mini fridge with

complimentary drinking water

and tea and coffee. Anything

else is a push of a button away,

be it airport transfer, room service

or laundry service.

10 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

The hotel’s aim is to pamper. The

superior and standard rooms

highlight the fact that the best

thing in life come in small packages.

The deluxe rooms are designed

to be extra spacious, and this is

expressed with simplicity in mind.

The studios are the hotel’s pride

and joy and reflect its hospitable

personality as well as giving guest

a panoramic view of various

prominent Sarawak landmarks.

While maintaining its minimalist

aspect, these rooms fulfill the goal

of relaxation and connectivity to

the outside world. All the rooms

use keycard wave technology and

the doors have alarms for safety.

A happy stomach makes for a

satisfied guest. At Café de

Dormani a fine selections of

western and local cuisine await

the discerning guest. Chef

Ambrim Mahat is always on hand

to prepare sumptuous delights

using the freshest and healthiest

ingredients. Just ask him for

local mouth-watering Malaysian

delicacies like nasi goreng and

kway tiaw and be prepared to be

amazed. Coffee lovers can rejoice

in the selection of Segafredo

Zanetti, a fine Italian coffee.

Those coming for a feast or just

to drink the coffee can partake

in the free wireless broadband


Dormani Hotel is located in the

heart of what is known as the old

part of Kuching town. Perched

at the gateway to an old Malay

Village, it is within walking distance

of numerous famous tourist

locations, namely the newly

restored city mosque, the Sarawak

Museum, the Satok Market, India

Street, and the Kuching Waterfront.

This family-owned and run business

takes great pride in the fact that

it offers traditional Malay-style

hospitality in an environment that

fully incorporates its tagline:

“halal, the benchmark for quality.”

At Dormani Hotel nothing is left

to chance to insure a comfortable


For further information, please contact: DORMANI HOTEL, Lot 68, Jalan Datuk Ajibah Abol,

93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 241111 Resv: (6) 082 242222 Fax: (6) 082 243333

Email: Website:

Located in the heart of Kuching city centre is the newly opened

360 Hotel, which offers both the business and leisure travellers

sheer comfort while visiting the capital city of Sarawak.

Soothing water fountains greet each guest as they arrive in a hotel

lobby that exudes a warm and inviting ambience. In one corner is a

lounge where guests can rest and relax and even make use of the

complimentary internet access.

The hotel comprises ninety-five comfortable, spacious and wellequipped

rooms, each reflecting the needs of their guests who

can retreat to their rooms after a busy day in town.

Consisting of fifty superior and deluxe rooms as well as forty-five

apartment suites, the rooms boast a panoramic city view and are

equipped with modern amenities for the convenience of guests.

Among the amenities in each suite are 32” LCD television with

19 local and cable TV channels, complimentary wired broadband

internet access, mini-bar fridge, in-room security safe, tea/coffee

making facilities and hair dryer.

The hospitality and

comfort of

For further information, please contact:

Hock Lee Centre, Hotel Tower, Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak,

Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 484888 Fax: (6) 082 484999 Website:


In addition to that, the apartment suites also

include a kitchenette with facilities that include

a fridge, microwave oven, gas-fired stove,

cooking utensils and cutleries. Guests also have

complimentary use of washing machine and

dryer at the hotel.

In house guests can also make full use of the

hotel recreational facilities by working up a

sweat in the hotel’s gym before taking a dip

and soaking up the tropical sun by the hotel’s

outdoor swimming pool.

The convenient location of the hotel also means

that one is never too far away from the centre

of the city’s shopping districts.

On the other hand, for a quick fix of retail therapy,

guests can simply pop to Hock Lee Shopping

Centre which is connected directly to the hotel

through a secured guest access.

360 Hotel is guaranteed to provide guests with

the finest experience during their stay here,

enjoying the comfort and amenities of a hotel

at prices that are truly affordable.

To celebrate its opening, 360 Hotel is offering

a special promotional rate of RM147.20 and

RM181.70 for its superior and deluxe rooms.

Prices quoted are nett and valid until further


Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 11


Telang Usan Hotel

Uniquely Ethnic

In the centre of Kuching City is a

truly unique hotel, adorned with

the traditional arts and crafts of the

Kenyah people, one of the many

ethnic groups of Sarawak. This aspect

makes the Telang Usan hotel different

from the other 3 star hotels. It is also

well known for its array of specially

prepared local delicacies served.

Sarawak has over 20 ethnic groups

and the Kenyahs are one of the

Orang Ulu who are known for their

intricate and exquisite wood carvings.

Walk into the Telang Usan and you

will immediately be surrounded by

these diverse range of Kenyah crafts

– paintings, wood carvings and

beads. This is the only hotel with

such decorations in the state. The

paintings and wood carvings are

collectors items in the hotel and are

works from one of Sarawak’s very

own famous Kenyah artist - the late

Tusau Padan. It is no surprise that

a number of guests here are repeat

12 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

visitors from Australia, Germany,

Holland, Italy and other western

nations as well as peninsular Malaysia,

all attracted by its services, décor

and excellent facilities. All 66 rooms

here come with individually controlled

air-conditioning units, international

direct dialing telephone, TV, coffee/tea

making facilities and private bathrooms.

Wi-fi services are provided free within

the hotel premises and deluxe, superior

rooms also have minibars.

For convenience, the Dulit Coffee

House serves a host of local and

international dishes daily and stays

open from 7am to midnight. Try out

the umai-umai or local sushi, the

pansoh chicken which is cooked

inside bamboo stems, sambal made

from chilies mixed with seafood paste

and the tasty venison. If you have

never tried bamboo or coconut shoots

cooked with local herbs and spices,

place your orders for these favourite

dishes with the staff of the coffee

house a day in advance and then settle

down for an evening of festive dining.

In addition, steamboat and a host of

refreshing drinks are available each

evening as you dine the night away!

Infact, ethnic themed parties with

traditional entertainment can be

arranged. The venue is ideal for about

100 guests per sitting.

Don’t just stay inside the hotel!

Kuching and its surroundings offer a

good range of places and activities

for visitors and most are within easy

reach by coach or personally driven

cars. Drop by the reception and

enquire with the Telang Usan Travel

& Tours personnel for daily excursions

to these places. They can make the

necessary arrangements for you and

also help you plan your itinerary to

have the most pleasant stay while in

the state capital and sample what it

can offer!

For more information contact the friendly folks of Telang Usan Hotel Kuching, Ban Hock Road, 93732 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 082 415588 Fax: (6) 082 425316 • Telang Usan Travel & Tours, Tel: (6) 082 236945, 236946 Fax: (6) 082 236589

Email: Website:

Perfection has a name:

Eastwood Valley Golf

and Country Club

As a resort city, Miri has much to offer in terms of

entertainment, but nothing beats playing a round of golf.

Avid golfers can quail their passion for golf by heading to

the panoramic splendour of The Eastwood Valley Golf and

Country Club. A mere 5km from the city, nestled amid the

conclave of a tranquil natural forest, sits this 18-hole, par-72

golf course. Tee off at this Nickles Golf Group of USAsculptured

greens and experience the ultimate pleasure

of what a perfect round of golf is all about.

To be the best you can be on the greens takes a lot of

practice. That’s why Eastwood Valley Golf and Country

Club is always ready to cater to all your golfing needs.

There are 46 bays at the outdoor driving range and practice

greens to help you perfect your swing. Golf buggies

make it convenient to traverse this 6,630 meter golf

course that has hosted international tournaments. The

2008 World Amateur Inter Team Golf Championship was

played here. Be it a friendly match among colleagues or

a competitive team tournament, the course has challenging

water hazards, sand bunkers and natural tree cover, to

make this a truly satisfying golfing experience. What’s more

the course is suitably tailored to meet the needs of serious

and social golfers alike.

The pro-shop at the Clubhouse caters to all your golfing

needs. Looking for that particular branded driver, sand

wedge, or putter, as seen on TV? Name it, and whatever

club you desire can be found here, together with all your

other golfing accessories. Be spoilt for choices when

it comes to eating the very best of Western, Chinese

or local cuisine at the Clubhouse. Those looking for a

more spacious setting for elaborate functions will find


their needs met at The Grand Ballroom, which can easily

accommodate 1000 patrons in dining comfort. They

say size matters, and that aptly applies to the Musical

Corridor, which can house a whopping 8000 people for

sit-down dinner. Furthermore, there are nine meeting

rooms available for seminars or private gatherings.

With all golfing and gastronomical needs taken care of,

it is logical for guests to retire for the night at the numerous

Deluxe, Chalet or Longhouse-style accommodations.

These rooms come equipped with the very latest facilities

to insure a good rest. All rooms are equipped with TV,

IDD, internet, and tea and coffee making service. So it

comes as no surprise that the Club is the ideal destination

for private and social functions. Tourists from overseas

or Southeast Asia can enjoy the airport pick up service to

either the Club or the city.

There is always something for everyone. Superb facilities

are available for team building activities. These include

obstacle courses, boat race, rafting where teams build

their own raft, and outdoor aerobic or “Poco-poco”. So

whether you are here on business or want to lull in tranquil

comfort or just escape from the hustle and bustle of

city life, Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club is the

perfect go-to place. Fun and recreation is now a phone

call away. Contact us at the number listed below.

Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club • Lot 1379, Block 17, Jalan Miri-by-pass,

98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 085 421010 Fax: (6) 085 430515

Website: Email:

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Cooling off

at the

top of the town

Bintulu, Sarawak’s premier Gas Town

can get quite warm and there is no

better way than to cool off the late

afternoon in a swimming pool. Take

it one step further, get the fresh feel

of water with the breeze blowing your

hats off at the top of the Regency

Plaza Hotel here. Guests will literally be

swimming at the highest swimming

pool in the town and having the

best view of the surroundings as

the hotel is right in the heart of the

town. Convenience is the word

when checking into the Regency Plaza

Hotel as there are ample parking bays



for guests and distances to most

places within the town are just mere

short walks.

The area offers guests with choice

of many food stalls, shops and

entertainment outlets which explains

why this is the favourite place for many

whenever they come here. Furthermore,

everyone of the 161 rooms here is

elegantly furnished and come standard

with TV, IDD phones and tea/coffee

making facilities. Anytime you feel the

hunger pangs, a fine array of food is

just a phone call away. Open 24-hours

For information and reservations, contact the hotel at:

Regency Plaza Hotel Bintulu • 116, Taman Sri Dagang, Jalan Abang Galau, 97000 Bintulu,

Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 086 335111 Fax: (6) 086 332742 Email:

14 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

a day, this service makes it unnecessary

to leave even the room should you

need to work through the night!

The Kemena Coffee House is the

place for a relaxing meal during

breakfast, lunch, dinner or late snacks

and is open until 1am. Located at the

ground floor, this is also the ideal place

to meet guests and chat with friends

over fine food which range from local

choices to western fares.

For business, the Regency Plaza has a

number of seminar and function rooms

which can be converted into banquet

rooms too. In fact, the hotel has even

catered to over 1600 guests at one

outside catering event so finding the

right place for large events is again

solved by letting the experienced staff

of the hotel take care of your needs.

The smart customer knows that there is

no better way to handle a multitude of

details when organising events than to

get those who have the experience and

skills to do these with ease.

Regency Plaza Hotel as an established

name in the town certainly has what it

takes to meet your needs. Give them

a call and be surprised with what they

can offer.

Indulge in the exquisite comfort...

Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites has a potent sense of colonial history. It is located at close proximity to

the business districts, historical trails, tourism spots, entertainment centres and is only 20 minutes away from the

Kuching International Airport.

Be it for business or leisure, guests can experience luxury, refinement and the distinctive warm hospitality from

the moment you step into the hotel lobby. Overlooking the ceremonial Padang Merdeka, it features a luxurious

accommodation with comprehensive facilities, ensuring pleasure and comfort during your stay.

Spoilt for choice

Aurora Court, the all-day dining coffeehouse provides

diners a delightful blend of traditional Malaysian

and Western fares, offering an invigorating fusion of

tastes, textures, and scents.

Sunday to Thursday & Public Holiday: 6.30am to 11.00pm

Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 6.30am to 12.00mn

Yn Cellar, conveniently located opposite the English

pub, carries one of the widest selection of wines in

town. The cozy setting with relaxing environment

makes it an ideal venue for private functions.

Monday to Friday & Public Holiday: 5.00pm to 1.00am

Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 5.00pm to 2.00am

Sunday: Close

For that exquisitely authentic Italian journey,

Ristorante Beccari promises a perfect dining

experience, with its nostalgic setting, offers the best

in fine Italian cuisine complimented with an extensive

wine list.

12.00noon to 11.00pm Daily

La Habana Cigar Divan offers a warm ambience

dominated by elegantly plush furnishings and

comfortable sofas, with an extensive list of single

malt whiskies, wines and Cuban cigars. Suitable

for private parties.

Sunday to Thursday & Public Holiday: 3.00pm to 11.00pm

Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 3.00pm to 12.00mn



. . . at Merdeka PaLace HOTel & SuiTeS


Victoria Arms, the elegant English pub serves a wide

range of beverages with daily happy hours discounts.

Besides nightly live band performance, patrons may

also unwind with a game of pool.

Sunday to Friday & Public Holiday: 5.00pm to 1.00am

Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 5.00pm to 2.00am

Savour the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea

blends at Seattle Coffee & Tea. It also features a

bountiful display of freshly baked cakes, delicate

pastries, and irresistible sandwiches with delicious


Sunday to Thursday & Public Holiday: 7.00am to 12.00mn

Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 7.00am to 1.00am

For further information or reservation, please contact:

Telephone: (6) 082 258000 • Aurora Court ext. 8061 • Ristorante Beccari ext. 8080 • Victoria Arms ext. 8070

La Habana Cigar Divan ext. 8098 • Seattle Coffee & Tea ext. 8087 • Yn Cellar ext. 8075 • F&B Office ext. 8054

Facsimile: (6) 082 425400 • E-mail: • Website:

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to Petra Jaya

Jalan Kulas

Satok Bridge



to Kuching City

We are here



Jalan Satok




Wisma Market

Sandhu ING Insurance

Jalan Rubber Barat Jalan Rubber

Jalan Nanas Barat


Green Road

Jalan Nanas


Chung Hwa

Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce



Land & Intan


“A leading gallery in

Contemporary Arts. We invite

you to share our love for

Contemporary Arts.”

Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg

We look forward to your visit at the gallery.

Wesberly House Suite 1 - 3, Lot 2812, Block 195, Rubber Road West, 93400, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 082 429361 Fax: (6) 082 243521 Email : Website :

A good night’s sleep for a succesful day only from

Continental Comfort

For best deals please check out our website



Private check-in • Welcome drink & fruit basket •

Daily fresh fruit platter • Afternoon tea and snacks

• Complimentary daily newspaper • Free unlimited

usage of wireless internet access - zone •

Complementary tea & coffee making facilities &

bottle drinking water • Turn down service • 10%

discount on all ala carte meals at Brasserie Kuching

Coffeehouse • 10% discount on normal wash laundry

• Continental Comfort Lounge services • In room

ironing board with iron • Free pressing - 2 pieces

of garment per day • Extended check out time at

3pm (subject to room availability)

Hotel Grand Continental • Kuching

Tel: + (6) 082 230399 Fax: + (6) 082 230339


16 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

Continental Comfort Room Kuching

* Subject to Terms and Conditions Apply


Bella’s Café:

Local Delights

Health experts are generally in agreement

that the best way to kick start the day is to

have a hearty breakfast after some exercise.

Kuching is a city of diverse cultures, where

the populace is spoilt for choices when

meals are concerned. The locals will have

soft boiled eggs, kaya toast and kopi “O”

one day, and the very next day it will be

laksa and teh tarik, and the day after it will

be nasi lemak and teh “C”. For tourists

who don’t know what these breakfast

items are, rest assured the locals swear by

them to get through the morning. Others

will be partaking in kolo mee, congee or

popiah. The list is gastronomically boggling.

Bella’s Café has all the popular local

delights under one roof in air-conditioned

comfort. What’s more, the owner is truly

passionate about giving the very best to

patrons. This can be seen in the effort that

goes into his creations. Take the exotic

sounding otak otak toast. It’s actually

mashed mackerel with prawns. Care is

taken to insure that the prawns are cut into

cubes and imbedded inside the patty.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but

the customer will be assured of experiencing

the full flavour of this delectable breakfast

treat. Such is the pleasing power of

this delicacy that second helpings aren’t


The laksa is a Sarawak specialty, and

the State takes pride in having the most

sumptuous example of it, even if there

are those in other parts of Malaysia that

think their versions are better. The dish is

a thick creamy broth made from coconut

milk, chicken and prawn stock and various

spices, with a unique taste, totally unlike

curries, that is served with vermicelli and

garnished with slices of chicken, omelette

and prawns. Add more bite to the laksa

by adding sambal (a spicy shrimp paste)

and a squeeze of lime. At Bella Café,

the laksa gravy flatters the palate with a

light taste that brings the goodness of the

prawns to the forefront.

Even the nasi lemak, a Malay breakfast

staple that consists of rice cooked in coconut

milk and comes with a fried egg and

chicken, slices of cucumber, and generous

helpings of fried peanuts, anchovies, and

sambal, looks as good as it tastes. Those

who want to savour a popular Chinese

dish should give the kolo mee with cha

siu a try. The yellow noodles is toasted in

shallot oil and garnished with thick slices

of honey roasted pork, fried shallots and

green onions. The simplistic nature of the

dish belies its delectable taste. At Bella’s

Café care is taken to give the finest fresh

fruit juice concoctions. The kedondong is a

popular local sour fruit that is loaded with

vitamin C and a standout thirst quencher.

Several eateries in Kuching claim to have

the best local delights housed under one

roof. Bella’s Café makes no such boast.

The owner, who is a well-renown chef

in his own right, and owns another fine

dining establishment in the city, expresses

his inner joy in his cooking. He wants

patrons to experience the quality. Even

the hot chocolate tastes different. Why?

Bars of real French chocolate are used.

This easily compliments the wide variety

of freshly baked goodies available. When

it comes to local delicacies, think Bella’s

Café for the finest in quality.

Bella’s Café

152 Jalan Padungan,

93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 082 241618

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 7am - 6pm (Closed on Sunday)

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Indonesian food is, unquestionably,

some of the most delicious in the

world. The cuisine reflects the

vast variety of people that live on

the 6,000 populated islands that

make up the country. Southeast

Asia, India, the Middle East, China

and finally Europe, have influenced

Indonesian cooking. In fact Spanish

and Portuguese traders brought

New World produce long before

the Dutch came to colonise most of


Gamelan music is an integral part of all

cultural activities in Java. The word

“gamelan” comes from the Javanese

word that refers to the musical

ensemble featuring a variety of

instruments such as xylophones,

drums, and gongs. In his book Music

of Java, Jaap Kunst says, “Gamelan

is comparable to only two things,

moonlight and flowing water.

…mysterious like moonlight and

always changing like flowing water …”

So it’s no surprise that the name

Gamelan adorns a restaurant

synonymous with authentic Indonesian

cuisine found in Kuching. While the

restaurant is familiar to locals, what

many might not know is that it

has gone through a management

change a year and a half back.

However, rest assured the very best

Javanese chefs are on hand to insure

that discerning taste buds will get a

slice of Indonesian delights right at

the doorstep.

18 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

Appetizers include kroket, lumpia,

risoles, emping and empek-empek.

For soups there are soto ayam, sop

buntut and bakso. Names that

sounds exotic even in Malaysia. These

merely pave the way for the discerning

diner to savour the main meal.

Poultry lovers must give the wide

array of chicken dishes on the menu

a try. Ayam Gamelan is the house

specialty, and is chicken and bean

curd served in mildly spicy coconut

milk sauce. For those looking for

something hot and spicy, there’s

ayam rica rica. Spring chicken dishes

come fried or roasted with a special

chili dip. The ayam kinawok comes

mixed with melinjo leaves. The leaves

come from the gnemon tree, whose

seeds are used to produce deep fried

crisps known as melinjo crackers.

Beef lovers will have various classical

dishes to choose from. The empal

daging and daging balado are both

fried varieties served in differing

styles. The rendang is beef cooked

in thick, dry gravy. For those into

lamb dishes, there’s the kari kambing

which comes in milk curry.

Gamelan boasts mouthwatering

seafood delicacies. The ikan nila

goreng is an eye opener. Presented

in “dancing fish” style, the fried

fish tastes as wonderful as it looks.

The bandeng presto is an amazing

smoked fish dish that is cooked in such

a way that the bones can be eaten too.

The wide range of Indonesian cooking

is best expressed in the seafood dishes,

and these come cooked in Sundanese,

Padangnese and Balinese styles. The

diner will be spoilt for choices.

Where vegetables are concerned, do

not give tumis pakis manado a miss. It

is a mouthwatering mix of fried wild

fern, water spinach and melinjo leaves.

Gado-gado, the famous Indonesian

mixed vegetables dish is served with

bean curd and boiled eggs, topped

with a mild peanut sauce and melinjo

crackers. Be amazed at the tahu

telor, a Gamelan special dish of deep

fried tofu coated with fried eggs and

served with veggies, which looks like

a volcano about to erupt. Like many

of restaurant’s dishes, its creation and

presentation is simply outstanding.

None other than Megawati

Sukarnoputri, the former Indonesian

President, dined on Gamelan’s famed

dishes. A certificate, signed by her,

adorns the wall. That in itself is the

final stamp of approval for Gamelan’s

menu. Good food, a cooling and

cosy ambience, and friendly, prompt

and attentive service, insure a

fantabulous eating experience. The

restaurant can accommodate parties

for groups of up to 80 people and

karaoke is also available. Those

wanting to try something familiar,

yet tantalizingly different in terms of

taste sensation only need to step into

Gamelan, where your expectations

will be exceeded.

Lot 7407, Ground Floor, Wisma Gaya, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. (behind RHB Bank,

Simpang Tiga) Tel: (6) 082 410026 Fax: (6) 082 245423 Email:

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00am – 11.00pm, Sunday 5.00pm – 10.30pm

Feeling the need to try

something different, why

not head to Premier 101

Commercial Centre. That’s where Asian

Recipe Café is located. The recently

opened eatery boasts the distinction of

having numerous Southeast and East

Asian dishes to choose from. That

means the diner can choose meals from

countries like Thailand, Vietnam, China,

Korea and Japan. Malaysia is not left

out, which gives special emphasis on

the island of Penang. When in doubt

the customer should give the fiery

Penang laksa a try, and be amazed

at the difference to other local

competitors. The secret is not only in

the gravy but also in the noodles used.

When the house name is on the dish

be sure to give it a try. That’s just the

case with the Asian Recipe Special

noodle. Two types of noodles (Thai

noodle and Emperor noodle) are

combined in a special sauce to produce

this sensational dish. Just go down

the menu list to find the very best our

neighbouring nations have to offer.

The ala carte menu also has a wide

selection. Choose from the Thai-style

boneless chicken, the sizzling Japanese

tofu with mince prawn and chicken,

the green curry chicken, the seafood

Tom Yam soup, or the buttered

prawns. These are but some of the

most requested items on the menu.

At a loss on what to choose from

the menu, why not give the Boat

Set meals a try. These meals come

in lacquer bento boxes that are

boat-shaped. There are four sets

to choose from. There’s basil leaf

chicken, the garlic chicken, the sliced

squid with Tom Yam paste, and the

sliced fish fillet with butter sauce. All

the Boat Sets come with papaya salad,

soup, rice and a soft drink (iced

lemon tea or Rozel). These meals

are ideal for those on the go who

want something quick and satisfying.

Prices range from RM10.90 (for the

meals with chicken) to RM13.90 (for

the meals with seafood).

Tea Break Specials are from 2pm to

5pm. There are four set menus to

choose from. “Set A” consists of Asian

Recipe Fly Bread. There is no spelling

error here. The bread comes with

either a fish or prawn topping. “Set B”

is the local favourite of homemade kaya

and toast bread. “Set C” comprises of

homemade fish filled sandwiches. It

may look like tuna, but undoubtedly

tastes different. “Set D” is an egg

sandwich. All four set menus comes

with a choice of tea or coffee, which

can be ordered hot or cold. Each Tea

Break special costs only RM5.90.

Who needs to take a trip to the various

cities in Southeast and East Asia to

sample meals when the very same

thing is available right in the heart

of Kuching? The patron will be so

spoilt for choices when faced with

the menu that repeated visits are

advised. The chefs may be trained

in Thai cuisine, but they know their

Asian cooking, and can dish out the

very best from all over the continent.

Everything depends on what the

diner wants to eat on that particular

day. A wise person once said that

variety is the spice of life, and at


Amazing Variety

Asian Recipe Café that is no different.

Every effort is made to source for the

original ingredients, even if it means

importing them from that country.

Asian Recipe Café is a great place

to dine with family and friends.

Reservations are available for group

meets, birthday parties, anniversaries,

corporate events, special occasions

or company gatherings. The eatery

is open from 10am to 9.30pm daily,

with Tuesday being the rest day.

Customers are assured of a pork free

eating experience.

This eatery has the patron’s satisfaction

at heart and is always coming up

with a myriad of meal choices to sate

the customer’s appetite at the most

reasonable of prices. So the next

time you are hungry for something

different do pay a visit to the café

and be prepared to be pleasantly

surprised by having Asian’s most

popular meals served to you under

one roof. At Asian Recipe Café the

diner gets to play taste tourist in

his own country, while the tourist

will be equally amazed by the variety

of foods available. It isn’t every

day that a country’s food does the

talking, and here they speak many

different languages, but all of them

are equally tantalizing, and certainly

most delicious.

Asian Recipe Café

Sublot 13, Permier 101, Jalan Tun Jugah,

93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 016 8862265

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday & Public Holidays

10.00am - 9.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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Welcome to Atmosfera Café, the

newest and trendiest café in town.

Located next to Swinburne University

Sarawak and opposite The Spring, it

consists of two levels. The exotic sounding

name is taken from the Malay word

for ‘atmosphere,’ and that’s what this

establishment has in abundance. The café

is all about fine dining in an environment

that is relaxing, while radiating the warmth

and coziness of its chic surroundings.

There’s a serving island for Malay-style

buffet in the center that blends with the

café’s modernist concept. Hotel-trained

chefs are on hand to whip up Asian fusion

meals for even the finickiest palate.

The traditional Nasi Goreng Atmosfera

is its signature dish. Consisting of

chicken with black pepper, egg and

mayonnaise, served on fried rice, it

highlights what makes this café stand out

from the rest of the crowd – something

familiar, yet boldly different. The two

worlds meet to form a gastronomical

perfection. The Mix Grill is a must for

hefty appetites. Those wanting

something lighter should give the Soup

Atmosfera a taste. This comes with

cod fish and veggies, and comes with

steamed rice, it will appease even the

most health conscious patron. All the

‘kopitiam’ delicacies are available too.

What sets Atmosfera Café apart from

other eateries is that it goes that extra

kilometer to make the diner feel at home.

Lounges can be found at every corner,

and this is especially so on the second

20 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

level. There diners can catch up on world

news, watch a favourite DVD, or even

support their football team on live

satellite TV thanks to the three LCD

screens that line the walls. Need to check

your e-mails? Just bring along your

laptop and you can do so with the free

Wi-Fi. Sip all manner of exotic coffees

and teas, have them iced or hot. If you

don’t see you favourite drink listed,

just ask for it, and it will be created just

for you.

Of course if chatting is your thing, you

have come to the right place. The

lounges give diners just the right amount

of privacy to sip a drink and talk in

comfort. Patrons are made to feel

pampered, with your every whim catered

to via prompt and discreet service. Feel

the need to play board games? Bring

your chess set or backgammon set and

have a blast. The possibilities are only

limited to your imagination. Atmosfera

aims to cater to the complete dining

experience. Take off your shoes and

stretch those tired feet. In fact dining

away from home never felt so good.

Open daily from 10am to midnight,

Atmosfera Café also caters for private

functions. Need a place to have a

working lunch; then look no further.

Become a privilege member and benefit

from promotions, including discounts on

meals and drinks. Registration is free.

Eat, talk and relax in an alcohol-free

café. That’s what Atmosfera Café is

all about.

Lot 7434, S/L 10781-10782, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 013 8362816

Ever sent your vehicle to be washed

and wondered what to do to kill

time? If so, you are one of many.

What happens when your tummy

rumbles and the heat and the waiting

becomes unbearable? The answer

is right around the corner. Just drive

up to The Original Carwash. There’s

a reason why it’s called that. This is

the only place in Kuching where you

can leave your keys in the ignition

while drinking and lunching in an airconditioned

restaurant. Impossible?

Not here. Highly trained staff will

wash your car while you take care of

your tired feet and hunger and thirst

pangs. What’s more the place comes

with free wi-fi connectivity, so you

can surf the Internet and read your

e-mails in comfort.

If you haven’t already heard, this

is the place to go to in Kuching to

get fresh fruit drinks. Since its part

of the Ming Kiong Garden family,

diners will be assured of the freshest

organic fruits available. In fact it

is safe to say that as much as the

whole fruit is used, like in the popular

fresh fruit drinks. The only thing

added to all this natural goodness

is ice. So a thirst quenching mango

drink is actually a mango in a glass.

If rich and creamy ice drinks, like the

vanilla caramel, pecan nut or peanut

chocolate, are what quenches your

thirst, they have that too. All these

drinks come in tall glasses and cost

RM5. If that sounds too good to be

true, take a sip and be prepared to

be amazed.

These drinks come free for a wash

and a vacuum (RM15) or a wash

and a wax (RM50). That’s why

they are called original car wash

juices. So-called fresh juices from

the supermarket will never taste the

same again. Tea, coffee and fizzy

drinkers need not feel left out, as it

is available too in whatever style you

can imagine. What’s more there is

an extensive selection of fine red and

white wines from New Zealand,

Australia and Chile. Whiskey drinkers

can choose Balvenie, a 12-year

matured malt Scotch whiskey. Those

with something special to celebrate

can pop a bottle of Moet & Chardon

Brut Imperial Champagne.

Feeling hungry, need to quench that

‘big man’ appetite? The Original

Carwash Fried Rice Special is the

answer. They call it that for a reason

too. Diners will get fried rice, beef

rendang, whole chicken wings,

pickled veggies, fried egg and local

crackers. Rest assured that this is

a lot of food on a plate. Craving a

burger? Why not give The Original

Carwash Burger a try? It has ‘big

man’ appetite written all over it too.

The homemade beef patty on a bun

comes with cucumber slices, pineapple

rings, grilled mushroom and onion,

and a fried egg with fries on the

side. When planning your meal it

is best to ask advice from the ever

attentive staff on portion sizes.

If Thai-style and Italian-style cuisine are

what excites your gastric juices, there’s

plenty of that too. In fact The Original

Carwash boasts some of the most

authentic tasting food from outside

Sarawak. Do not give the plad tai or

fettuccine carbonara a miss. The more

adventurous should give the kway tiaw

rad na a go too. It comes with flat rice

- Wash & Dine


noodles and beef, chicken and shrimp.

Remember portions are big, so sharing

is recommended. What’s more the

spiciness of the dishes can be tailored

to individual tastes. Those wanting

colour to go with the bite of their

curries should give the green curry

chicken and the duck (red) curry a try.

Western-style dishes are also served,

but when it comes to The Original

Carwash, it comes with a special

twist too. Take the chicken chop

as an example. It is actually teriyaki

chicken served with fries and salad.

Weekly specials are also available. Of

course there will be those who come

only for one thing – to have their

cash washed, and you will get your

wish for only a minimum RM10.

The Original Carwash is not only

about washing cars. People are most

welcome to just have a business

lunch or even a cool thirst quenching

drink. It does after all combine the

best of both worlds – a carwash and

a restaurant. Need to bring home

some organic fresh fruits? Just get

some from the fruit shop. What’s

more people can call in their orders

and pick it up at the appointed time

and hey presto it’s a drive in diner

too. There’s plenty of room inside and

out, and patrons can choose whatever

setting suits them. It is also ideally

suited for weddings, anniversaries

and various office functions. The

place can accommodate easily 200

patrons. There is an undeniable

trendy old school charm and new

school chic about the place. Take a

trip to The Original Carwash and

savour one of the most unique

places in Kuching.

Lot 211-214, Section 9, KTLD Rubber Road, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. (contact Miss Roselyn Ling at 019 8892044)

website: • Carwash hours: 8am to 8pm daily • Restaurant hours: 10am to 10pm daily • Closed on Tuesday

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 21


What’s in a name? That which we call

a rose by another name would smell as

sweet, once wrote William Shakespeare

for his “Romeo and Juliet.” Those

seeing the signage of Mitsu Shabu

Shabu for the first time would be

forgiven in thinking that it is a Japanese

restaurant. In Japanese it means ‘light

swish-swish’, from the onomatopoeic,

where a word imitates a sound, in this

case, being swirled around in water, like

in a steamboat. This new steamboat

restaurant with the wonderfully apt

sounding name is actually part of a

franchise that first started in Sibu 8

years ago, and has branched out to

Miri too. The Kuching franchise retains

all the familiar delights, but in a pork

free environment.

What attracts the steamboat enthusiasts

to Mitsu Shabu Shabu is the fact that

each diner has their own pot to cook

with. Szechuan spicy paste or Tom

Yam paste can be added to the clear

chicken broth, according to customer

preference. What is for certain is that,

patrons can partake in this clear soup

alone and still enjoy the benefits of the

steamboat. The special secret dipping

sauce is what matters. Steamboat

enthusiasts will also know that when

more food is cooked, the tastier and

richer the soup becomes. That is one

of the big attractions with steamboat

dining. Of course at Mitsu Shabu

Shabu, there is a multitude of food


The alphabetized menu is easy to

follow. The set meals are in the ‘A’

section, and the side orders are from

‘B’ through ‘F’ section. At Mitsu Shabu

Shabu nothing is left to chance. The

menu is filled with beef, lamb, chicken

and seafood combinations. It also

comes with a vegetable set (RM8) that

can be ordered as standalone. Patrons

can mix and match or try the various

‘Special Sets.’ The side-orders are a

gastronomical delight. Diners will feel

spoilt for choice. Portion sizes vary, but

sharing is the name of the game here.

People with special eating needs would

not feel left out as they will have their

own pot to eat from.

If steamboat dining isn’t your thing,

no worries, Mitsu Shabu Shabu also

caters to those patrons who want

to eat other kind of meals. All the


Shabu Shabu

popular dishes are readily available

here. The Taiwanese beef noodle

is truly unique. The black vinegar

noodle and the yam soup are to call

home to mama about. In fact when

it comes to meals in a bowl, nothing

beats the fish head noodle soup. It

can easily feed three hungry people.

Those wanting to try a fusion-style

noodle dish should give the Fair Lady

a try; it comes in a creamy seafood

sauce which is truly delightful.

The pinnacle of any visit to Mitsu

Shabu Shabu should be the chicken

dumplings. For RM5, the customer

will get five dumplings. Nothing

special you say, wait till you see how

big these are. In fact the eatery

boasts the biggest dumpling for your

ringgit in Kuching. The dumplings

have been specially made for the

restaurant and you won’t find them

anywhere else in the city, and that is

no exaggeration. There are customers

who come from Sibu and Miri just

to eat these dumplings, which have

become synonymous with Mitsu

Shabu Shabu.

Need a thirst quencher? Flip the menu

to the other side and get spoilt for

choices again. There’s a smorgasbord

of fruit juice, ice-blended drinks, teas,

coffees and iced blended milk teas to

choose from. The fruit juices that stick

out are the champagne grape and egg

Mitsu Shabu Shabu • No. 8 & 9, Lot 7434, Section 64, Lorong Uplands, Jalan Simpang Tiga,

93300 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 417814

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10.00am - 2.00pm and 5.30pm - 10.00pm,

Saturday to Sunday: 9.00am - 2.00pm and 5.30pm - 10.00pm (Monday off)

22 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

honey. The ice-blended sees all types

of flavours mixed with chocolate.

Everyone has their favourite, and you

will find yours here too. Apart from

red and green tea there is also honey

chlorophyll tea. Mitsu coffee is a

must try. Those wanting something

eye-catching should give the iceblended

blue curacao milk tea and the

blue curacao mint tea a try. Nearly all

the drinks are priced at RM3!

The Bard knew what he was talking

about. The same applies to the

people of Mitsu Shabu Shabu when

they chose the restaurant’s name. It

conjures up a fun dining environment

for friends and family. Prices are

very reasonable and patrons will be

tempted to order even more food.

Be sure to listen to the advice of the

owner to help plan your meal. In

fact Mitsu Shabu Shabu is a place

to go to constantly create delightful

and different meal combinations and

taste sensations every time. Experience

the thrill of steamboat dining where

the magic is made in your own pot

with the wave of your ladle.

Your crowning glory

The secret to luscious, gorgeous hair is

not just the result of many sessions of

“wash & blow” at the hair salon.

In between your regular cuts and hair

wash sessions, one should also indulge

in a little hair spa therapy that would

certainly do wonders for the hair.

Mcphee hair studio’s Craft Scalp Clinic

Professional System is guaranteed to

heal and restore your scalp and hair to

its true and natural beauty.

Using the specialised Craft Head Spa

Punch, which massages the stressed

and unhealthy scalp, the 1½ hour hair

spa treatment is known to prevent hair

loss, improve hair growth as well as

blood circulation on the scalp.

While customers will definitely notice

visible improvement in their hair within

one treatment, the salon’s creative

director, Mcphee, advises that this

be maintained with the home care

range of the same brand.

“These products include the shampoo,

tonic, and leave-in treatment, which

unlike hair conditioner, is used on

shampooed, towel-dried hair and

should not be rinsed off,” he said.

According to Mcphee, this highly

recommended spa treatment is very

much sought after in West Malaysia.

“Currently, we are the only hair salon

in Kuching offering the Craft Scalp

Clinic Professional System here,” he


Apart from that, customers will be

able to indulge in invigorating hair

wash sessions or have their hair cut

by the salon’s two senior hair stylists,

Antonia and Patrick or Mcphee himself,

who has eleven years of experience in

the hair-styling industry, having trained

internationally in countries such as

Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Antonia has ten years of experience

from her days spent training in Hong

Kong, Taiwan and Singapore while

Patrick trained in Taiwan and Kuala

Lumpur since embarking into the

hair stylist career four years ago.

Other services at the salon include

services such as perming, straightening

as well as hair dye treatments.

Besides products from Craft,

customers will also be able to

purchase products from Joico,

a popular haircare brand from

the United States.

But no matter what sort of

treatment you are after when

visiting Mcphee Hair Studio, bear

in mind that you and your hair

are in good hands of Mcphee and

his team.

So sit back, relax and let them transform

your hair to a new you.

After all, your hair is your crowning



211, 2 nd floor, Crown Square Shopping Centre, 88, Jalan Pending, 93450 Kuching. Tel: (6) 016 8887672

Business Hours: 10.00am to 8.30pm (Monday to Saturday) • 10.00am to 6.30pm (Sunday & Public Holidays)




Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 23


Elegant & Exclusive

Opulent chandeliers, plush seating,

amid a luxurious interior await those

who visit this sparkling new addition

for fashionista’s in Kuching. The

spacious M’s Boutique is located above

Atmosfera Café and just opposite

The Spring, and is synonymous with

elegance and exclusiveness. The

boutique’s name is derived from the

initials of the sisters who run the

business. Being avid travellers, who

bought clothing and fabrics from

the various cities they visited, they

were amazed when friends and

acquaintances started inquiring where

they had made their purchases,

wanting to buy what they had bought

too. That was when the siblings knew

they had hit on something, and so M’s

Boutique was born.

Mannequins dressed in vibrant and chic

colours give a hint of what is to come.

Clients are buzzed in through glass

doors, shoes are left at the entrance;

while the men accompanying the

ladies can rest on the cosy couches and

sip mineral water, and let the women’s

comfortable journey into fine and

exotic clothing and fabrics begin. M’s

Boutique has a choice selection of silk

material, be it fabric or clothing. The

range caters to various age groups, and

the clients are assured of exclusivity, as

only a limited number of a particular

cut or design is available. Mixing and

matching are what this boutique is all

about. If the customer cannot find a

particular fabric, rest assured it can be

ordered for them.

Being a Malay-owned establishment,

there are various clothing tailored

towards Muslims too. Everything

from long flowing tops to religiousthemed

dresses can be found here.

These can be matched with loose-fitting

pants to give a more contemporary

feel. Scarves are also available in

colours to compliment this attire.

For those into accessories, a variety

of trendy necklaces and bracelets are

available. These too are available in

limited quantities, and clients can

be assured of owning one-of-a-kind

jewellery. Due to the positive feedback

from the public, the boutique will

soon be adding a selection of quality

shoes and handbags to the collection.

There is also a wonderful selection of

clothing for the young ones.

What was once a hobby for these

entrepreneurs has morphed into a

passionate business. Those on a tight

budget need not worry as the boutique

also stocks clothing in various price

ranges. Clients can be assured that

they are getting good value for their

money because M’s Boutique takes

great pride in bringing the very best

of modern and traditional fabric and

2 nd floor, S/L 1, Lot 7434, Section 64, KTLD, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 082 412372 Fax: (6) 082 344235

24 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

clothing from all over the world to

Kuching. The operating hours are from

10am to 8pm every Monday through

Friday and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays.

The boutique is closed on Sundays and

public holidays. Make a date with M’s

Boutique and discover a whole new

fashion experience. Shopping for

fabric and clothing will never be the

same again at M’s.

.…and don’t forget to


Play with white, silver, black

and gold accessories as

they look great against a

red background.

Designer-inspired Gold & Silver Necklace, Rm39

Two-tones Handbag, Rm59

Pointed Heels With Gold Sequein, Rm79

Peep-toe Heels, Rm69

For all these and more great finds, head over to

Waterdrop Earring, Rm19






Ruched V-neck Maxi

Dress, Rm109

Dress With Belt, Rm109


Tube Dress With Pleats Details, Rm89



Fashion Focus!

Red Delights

As festive seasons are just down the lane, we pay tribute

to the little black dress’s sister, the fabulous red dress.

DUBS Commercial Centre, Lot 376, Section 54, L2_01, Jalan Petanak, 93675 Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 422526 Website:

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 25


Take Control Of

For those who are interested in Joining as distributor, please contact Jennifer Ng at (6) 012 2339032



C-0-7, Block C, Plaza Damas, No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas

1, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 03 6203 9409 Fax: (6) 03 6203 5721

Consultant: Celeste Yaw - (6) 017 3084898

the signs of aging

Get A

Starter Kit

Worth RM160

Email: Website:


Young Skin Program aims to reduce skin imperfections with

our patented rapid skin cell renewal program.

Inefficient cell replication will result in skin problems such as

dull complexion, uneven skin tone, large pores, oily or dry skin,

pigmentation, age spots, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles.

Using the latest skin diagnostic tools, we will scan to detect

any skin imperfections, identify problematic areas and eradicate

these with our proven program.

Age Reversal Rejuvenation Program

1. Regulating the rate of cell renewal

2. Enzymatic regulation

3. Normalizing Cellular Functions

4. Stimulating tissue regeneration







+ (6) 012 2339032



No. 166, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93100 Kuching,

Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Tel: (6) 082 410 723 Fax: (6) 082 412 660

M A L AY S I A • I N D O N E S I A • T H A I L A N D • V I E T N A M • T A I W A N • C H I N A

26 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

Bleu Nuit

Power up your image

Confidence comes from choosing the right image

for yourself. Your face will be perfected with ease.

Tips on how to use foundation & face powder. Your

lips will be accented with vibrant colours. Eyes get

an instant shine with long-lasting natural colours.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Learn to

mix & match with ease.

Our Services

Welcome to the world of e-image Academy, a one

stop centre for all your personal image & grooming

needs. We offer a full range of consultations

designed to enhance the real you. We will define

your personal style and organise the details so that

you present a confident, more refined image”.

Special Occasions Consultations

Whether it is a special occasion to your corporate

dinner or just trying to impress that special someone,

we will assist you with wardrobe and arrange for

a makeup artist, hairstylist and other services to

achieve the image you want to present.


How to enhance your personality?

Answer to all your beauty challenges.

Personalized makeover sessions

Our sessions will help you transpire your image into

the individual you have always inspired to be. We

will work with you closely and provide advice &

tips which will point you in the right direction on

the best way to emphasise your looks.

Style Solutions

“You might not think that you suit a certain colour,

but there will always be a shade that will suit

you….” Make-up,, grooming, clothes, hair, nail

care & ultimately the image you desire.

Ensure what image works for you

e.Image . Make-up . Hair Creation . Nail Beauty . Academy

Kuching Office: No. 166, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak,

East Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 410723 Fax: (6) 082 412660 KL Office: C-0-7,

Block C, Plaza Damas, No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480

KL, West Malaysia. Tel: (6) 03 62039409 Fax: (6) 03 62035721 Web: Email:

Make a

stunning statement

on your windows ...

Draperies • Blinds • Sofas • Soft Furnishings

(Company No. 160534-U)

Curtain & Sofa Showroom

No. 96, Lorong 19, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 421919 Fax: (6) 082 418331

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | | 3727



Kampung Gersi Kampung Surabay Kampung Panglima

Seman Lama



Kampung Boya

Kampung Semaran

Fort Margherita

Square Tower


India Mosque



28 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008



Tourist Booth





Wet Market &

Hawker Centre


Riverbank Suite


H Sarawak

Plaza Centrepoint

Shopping Centre



Plaza H Statue


Tun Jugah

Kuching Wisma

Great Wall Crossway

Ting Pek



Thiam Ming

Top Spot

CAT Carus

Food Court





at&a Home

Ideas Sdn. Bhd.

H Secret Recipe





Open Air


Souvenirs Shops

Siang Ti


Little Lebanon












Divisional Mosque

Chinese Museum

General Post



Residen Office

Yayasan Sarawak












Dormani Hotel







Hong San Si



Tua Pek

Kong Temple

St. Thomas Church

Sikh Temple






State & DBKU


Red Crescent




St. Mary�s



Merdeka Palace

Hotel & Suites







Dewan Tun Abdul

Razak Muzeum

Mian Ann




St. Thomas�s


Sarawak Museum

Islamic Museum



Spring Organic

Spring Florist &







Chung Hua



Bella�s Cafe

Buan Kua Hng









Usan Hotel








Sara Fruits

Sdn. Bhd.




Hock Lee Centre











Sri Shan

Wisma Satok

360 Hotel












Hotel Grand











Choon Hui








Chung Hua

No. 3 School

Chung Hua

No. 1 School


Pasar Tamu

Crown Square







St. Theresa�s


St. Joseph�s



Hockey Stadium

St. Joseph Church






Sarawak Club















St. Peter�s Church


to Magenta

Kuching South City

Council (MBKS)

SRB Chung

Hua No. 4

Tunku Putra




Land & Survey

Divisional Office



Civic Centre




Kua Ning


Sarakraf Pavilion

hodist Church


Kuching Area



Green Road



Litaran “Go Cart”

Oct – Dec 2008


Chin Lian Long

Petra Jaya Transport

Taxi Station

Bank / Money Changer

Shopping Complex



Hotel / Motel Shop House / Office


Sarawak Transport

Co. Station

Food Outlet / Restaurant

/ Entertainment Outlet

H Kuching Matang


Sarawak Tourism Board

New Hospital


Sarikei Area


Bas Station H

Taxi Station

Jalan Pisang Emas


Jalan Manggis

Hotel H

Terminal I & II

Visitors’ Information


Sarawak Tourism


Tourism Malaysia Office

Sarawak Craft Council

Taman Lalulintas,



11 th OcTObEr

SRDC HaRi Raya Open HOuSe

Venue: Dewan Sebaguna SRDC Sibu Jaya, Sibu

19 th OcTObEr

BORneO HigHlanDS BiRD RaCe 2008

Venue: Borneo Highlands Resort, Padawan, Kuching

25th – 26th OCTOber

RiveR SafaRi - paDawan

Venue: Kg. Danu (Flag Off) Kg.Git (Finishing)

Kota Padawan

26th – 27th OCTOber

peSta lumBa Rakit (Raft RaCe)

Venue: Julau, Sarikei

1st NOvember

BORneO Half maRatHOn HaSH

Venue: Miri

8th – 15th NOvember

nanyang wuSHu pROmOtiOn &

ReCRuitment pROgRamme

Venue: Kuching

Tourism Malaysia-Sarawak

082-246575 / 246775

Infoline 1300-88-5050

Sarawak Tourism Board


MAS Office

082-244144 / 246622

Air Asia


KCH International Airport

082-454255 / 454242

Immigration Department

082-245661 / 230280



24-hour Public Service Line



Taxi Service

082-480000 / 341818

Police Station

082-245522 / 999 / 241222

Traffic Police



082-258811 / 628700




082-238080 / 242311


082-429191 / 255994

Post Office

082-244141 / 339937

Weather Forecast (October-December 2008) For Kuching, Bintulu & Miri

Month (Kuching) Temperature Rainfall

October 2008 20.5˚C - 35.2˚C moderate

November 2008 20.5˚C - 34.5˚C much rain

December 2008 18.9˚C - 36.5˚C much rain

Jalan Bunga Raya


Jalan Cempaka

Post Office

Jalan Allamanda

Wau Garden


8th – 9th NOvember

miRi BaRam inteRnatiOnal RugBy tROpHy

Venue: Pusat Belia, Miri

9th NOvember

inteRnatiOnal DanCe fOR Humanity

Venue: Miri

10th – 16th NOvember

12tH SaRawak CHief miniSteR’S Cup itf

wORlD JuniOR tenniS CHampiOnSHip

(gROup 3)

Venue: Miri

29th & 30th NOvember

pReliminaRy BOutS Of nanyang wuSHu

‘DRum’ feStival

Venue: Nanyang Wushu Centre of Excellence, Kuching

NOvember / DeCember

SaRawak HORnBill tOuRiSm awaRD 2008

Venue: Kuching

Month (Bintulu) Temperature Rainfall

October 2008 21.3˚C - 34.6˚C much rain

November 2008 21.3˚C - 34.0˚C much rain

December 2008 20.8˚C - 34.7˚C much rain

Weather forecast provided by courtesy of Meteorological Services Department of Malaysia.


Normah Medical Centre


General Hospital

082-230689 / 257855

Padawan Council




Kuching Water Board


BOMBA (Fire Brigade)

082-241033 / 994 /


Rescue 991




5th – 7th DeCember

“peSta nenaS” (pineapple feStival)

Venue: Sarikei


miRi inteRnatiOnal mOtORCyCle SpRint

CHallenge – SeRieS 4

Venue: Lutong Airstrip, Miri

6th – 7th DeCember

OffiCial Opening Of nanyang wuSHu

‘DRum’ feStival

Venue: Crown Square, Kuching (Tentative)

20th DeCember


Venue: Sibu Town Sqare, Sibu

31st DeCember

an evening in Bintulu

Venue: Esplanade, Bintulu

(Note: Event dates are subject to change without prior notice) For further enquiries, please contact:

Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) Tel: (6) 082 446688 • Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Tel: (6) 082 242311 • Padawan Municipal Council Tel: (6) 082 615566

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) Tel: (6) 082 423600 • Miri City Council (Tel: (6) 085 424111) • Sibu Municipal Council (Tel: (6) 084 333411)


Jalan Sharif Minahor

Jalan Abdul Rahman

Jalan Century

Jalan Masjid Lama

Jln Bindang

Jalan Haji Karim

Jalan Masjid Baru


Jln Hua Tai 2

Jln Hua Tai 1


Taman Merdeka





Jln Friendship

Jln Hospital


Sarikei Bangunan

Sri Nyelong



Sarikei Mosque JKR

J a l a n Re p o k



Jln Wharf

Jalan Sing Lee

Jalan Fortune

Jalan Tai Ping




to Taman Rimba


Jln Central

Jln Nyelong

J a l a n G e t a h



Jln Bersatu

Wisma Jubli Mutiara



Jalan Muhibah

Jln Taman Nyelong 2


Jln Taman Nyelong 1

Jalan Jelulong

Jln Kiong Soon Police



Jalan Kapur

J a l a n H i j a u

Sarikei Buddhist


J a l a n M e r a n t i

Month (Miri) Temperature Rainfall

October 2008 21.1˚C - 34.4˚C moderate

November 2008 20.8˚C - 33.7˚C much rain

December 2008 20.2˚C - 33.9˚C much rain

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 29

Terminal Bas


f i l m review

Tel: 6 082 234 077 *All booked tickets must be collected 45 min before show times.

Genre: Action Rated: PG-13 Cast: Mark

Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, Ludacris

In Cineplex: 16th Max Payne

October 2008

Synopsis: Based on the video game

of the same name, Max Payne is a cop

whose family and partner are brutally

murdered. He embarks on a maverick

path, venturing into the underworld to

find those responsible for the murders.

Payne finds that he faces enemies from

beyond the natural world and that he

will be betrayed.

Tuesday | Ladies Day, Ticket only RM6

(not applicable for male and public holiday)

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy and Remake

Rated: PG-13 Cast: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer

Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith In Cineplex:

6th The Day The earTh STooD STill

November 2008

Synopsis: Keanu Reeves portrays

Klaatu, an alien whose arrival on our

planet triggers a global upheaval. As

governments and scientists race to

unravel the mystery behind the visitor’s

appearance, a woman (Jennifer Connelly)

and her young stepson get caught up in

his mission – and come to understand

the ramifications of his being a selfdescribed

“friend to the Earth.”

BOOK Reviews

P.s. i love You

by Cecelia Ahern

Harper (503 pages) paperback • RM31.90

P.S. I Love You is Irish writer Cecelia

Ahern’s first novel. Set in Ireland, it

chronicles the life of Holly Kennedy.

Beautiful and smart, she is married to

Gerry, a passionate, funny and impetuous

Irishman. When Gerry dies from an

illness, it sucks the life out of Holly.

However Gerry has planned ahead. Before

he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of 10

letters that will guide her, not only through

her grief but in rediscovering herself. Each

letter is delivered in a surprising way, sending

her on a new adventure, and signing off in

the same way: “P.S. I Love You.”

lovers and strangers Revisited

by Robert Raymer

MPH (228 pages) paperback • RM32.90

Robert Raymer lives in Sarawak where he teaches creative

writing at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. The American-born

Raymer likes to write short stories that give people a truly

personal glimpse of Malaysia. With his keen observation to

detail he is able to capture the nuances of the locals from a

foreign perspective, and in doing so he helps Malaysian readers

understand what the ‘Mat Sallehs’ see in us and our country.

There are 17 stories that deal in love, family and culture, with a

few being semi-autobiographical in nature.


Wednesday | Movie Day, Ticket only RM5

(not applicable for movie marked (“) and public holiday)

Genre: Action / Thriller Rated: PG-13 Cast: Daniel Craig,

Dame Judi Dench, Jesper Christensen & Mathieu Amalric In

Cineplex: 6th QuanTuM of Solace

November 2008

Synopsis: Quantum Of Solace” continues the

high-octane adventures of James Bond (Daniel

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Forensic intelligence links an MI6 traitor to a bank

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As he gets closer

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my favourite wife

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Tony Parsons is a veritable Barbara Cartland in trousers;

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“Exhibition Celebrating 45 Years of Sarawak’s Progress

in Malaysia” launched by Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib

Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak (2 nd left) with

other State Cabinet Ministers.

The People’s Choice…

Our Dreams Fulfilled

Sarawak celebrated the 45 th anniversary

of its independence through the

formation of Malaysia in 2008. This

historic event was commemorated

by various occasion encompassing

the whole year, one of the biggest

being the exhibition held at the State

Indoor Stadium in Petra Jaya. The

exhibition showcased the achievements

of Sarawak and her people during

those 45 years of independence

while instilling a sense of pride for

these achievements. The goal was to

present the story of Sarawakians as a

model of unity in diversity and show

the State’s achievements as a result

of that unity.

The exhibition highlighted the State’s

‘First Wave of Prosperity,’ made

possible through the significant

choices and contributions of the

people. At the same time, it showed

the public what could be possible if

32 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

The Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah with the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Haji

Abdul Taib Mahmud and other cabinet ministers at the Exhibition at Indoor Stadium Kuching.

Dato Sri Mohd. Asfia Awang Nassar, Speaker of State Legistative Assembly engaged in light conversation

with Sir Michael Somare, the Prime Minister of Puapua New Guinea during his visit to the Exhibition.

Exhibition Celebrating 45 Years of

Sarawak’s Progress in Malaysia


Sarawakians continued to make the

right choices and lead the way to

Sarawak’s ‘Second Wave of Prosperity’.

The exhibition was divided into three

main sections, which covered the

past, present and future of Sarawak’s

development story. However in total

there were 20 galleries: The Days We

Were, Strong Spiritual Foundation,

Birth of Malaysia, Sarawak’s Leaders

of the Era, Education: Unlocking the

Doors to Opportunities, Economic

Situation of the Era, Dark Days of

Unrest, Strengthening of the Bangsa

Malaysia Spirit, A New Era Begins,

Politics of Development and the Barisan

National, Politics of Development

and the Public Sector, Politics of

Development and the Private Sector,

Politics of Development and the Civil

Society, Our Transformed Communities,

Education, Agriculture, Infrastructure

and the Economy, Tourism, Forestry,

and finally, The Future.

On entering the venue, visitors were

greeted by a large mural, which

featured the 45 th Celebration logo

and the theme of the exhibition,

which was ‘The People’s Choice …

Our Dreams Fulfilled.’ As they

proceeded forward, visitors would

come to a theatrette area, where

various documentaries were screened,

as well as excerpts of short films

produced for the exhibition. From

there, visitors proceeded to a kampong

(village) scene from the 1960s, featuring

large wall panels and cut-outs of

children’s images from the era.

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 33


The next section illuminated on the

role of religion in Sarawak. This

showed how the spiritual development

of the people also helped shape the

development of the State. Education

was the focus of the next section,

where displays show the education

opportunities provided to the people

of this young nation. Visitors then

entered an area that showcased the

economic situation in the 1960s.

Undoubtedly the nicest sections

were those that dealt with Sarawak’s

past. Quaint touches included an

old-fashioned ‘kopitiam’ (coffee shop)

table laid out with breakfast items, a

life-sized black and white photography

of a grocery store, and life-sized

cutouts of people looking just like

they were about to step out of the

photographs. This promises to lead

to ardent discussions about prices of

food items and what was sold back

34 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

then. Friendly guides were on hand at

each section to readily assist the visitor.

The next area was a period in

Sarawak’s history known as ‘the dark

days of unrest’, which showed how

the communist terrorist created an

atmosphere of fear and instability

in the State during that time. Leaving

the area of ‘unrest’, the visitor

entered the section displaying

Sarawak’s aim at strengthening the

‘Bangsa Malaysia’ spirit; when nationbuilding

began in earnest. In the

section called ‘A New Era Begins,

the Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji

Abdul Taib Mahmud introduced his

philosophy of ‘Politics of Development’.

This philosophy was given a detailed

explanation over the next few sections

in relation to the Barisan Nasional

(National Front) government, the public

sector, the private sector and civil


On leaving the section, visitors

entered the second part of the

exhibition which covers topics

relevant to education, housing,

healthcare, sports, infrastructure and

industrial development, agriculture,

forestry and tourism. In the forestry

and tourism sections, there was also

a dedicated area to display photos of

Sarawak’s national parks.

From there visitors entered the third

and final part – called the ‘Second

Wave of Prosperity’ – highlighting

Sarawak’s future development plans

in the various economic fields.

Prominently featured is the Sarawak

Corridor of Renewable Energy

(SCORE). Its role as the energy hub

for the region is explained. The five

new ‘Growth Nodes’, and the 10

priority industries are focused on in

this Corridor.

At the end of the exhibition, there

was an interactive multimedia area

that appealed to the young and

young at heart. In this area, visitors

would also have the opportunity to

tack onto a large wall panel known

as the ‘People’s Gallery,’ and become

part of the exhibits themselves. In fact

this was one of the few exhibitions that

encourage photography by turning it

into a contest and provided numerous

photo opportunities along the way.

The exhibition was open daily to the

public. On weekdays, it was open

from 10am to 5pm and from 10am

to 8pm on Saturdays, Sundays and

Public Holidays. A souvenir was also

given to visitors who completed the

feedback form.

This tribute to the State’s past, present

and future was organised by the

Sarawak Government through the

State Implementation Monitoring

Unit of the Chief Minister’s Department,

and conceptualised, developed and

produced by Faradale Media-M Sdn

Bhd, the main consultant and event

manager. For those who missed the

exhibition in Kuching, they may still

have the chance to see it – although

on a smaller scale – at various places

throughout the State, as the organisers

have planned to bring it on tour to

all the Divisions.


State Implementation Monitoring Unit

Chief Minister’s Department, 5 th Floor, Wisma Bapa Malaysia, 93502 Petra Jaya,

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 441957 ext: 2575 / 31 3701(DL)

Fax: (6) 082 447095 / 444676

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Loagan Bunut National Park

The Loagan Bunut National Park is

located 130km from Miri. Situated

along the upper reaches of the Sungai

Bunut, it is the site of Sarawak’s largest

natural lake. The lake gets its name

from the local Berawan fishermen,

who call it ‘Logan Bunut’. Comprising

650 hectares, the lake is not big by

world standards. However, there is

more to this lake than meets the eye.

The large lake is the meeting point

for three rivers, namely Sungai Bunut,

Sungai Tinjar and Sungai Baram. Since

the water levels of these rivers tend to

fluctuate throughout the year, it affects

the overall water level of Loagan Bunut

Lake as well. In fact there are times

during the year when the area is so

dry that for about 2 to 3 weeks the

lake is reduced to nothing more than a

large area of baked and cracked mud.

Then when the rain comes the lake will

amazingly return to its former glory.

36 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

Loagan Bunut National Park comprises

wholly of peat swamp forests with

many large and rare species of birds.

Amongst the ones of interest are the

darters, bittrerns, egrets, herons,

hornbills and kites. The primates

found here consist mainly of gibbons.

Watching them swing around like a

pendulum on trees is a sight to behold.

This spectacle is accompanied by the

loud piercing calls of the female of the

species. The activity is more noticeable

in the early mornings.

This is one national park that is ideally

suited for those who want to enjoy a

totally different sort of adventure. The

drastic changes in water levels that

cause the lake to take on a desertlike

lake appearance during the arid

months of February, May or June, must

be experienced to be believed. After

all, how many people get a chance to

walk on the bed of a dried up lake?

Only the truly adventurous can say

they strolled barefoot on Loagan Bunut

without getting wet.

Be it high water or low water, the areas

surrounding the lake continue to be a

hive of activity for the fauna and the

abundant flora is always an amazing

botanical sight. However, the dry spell

also offers the special opportunity to

check out the “Selambau” fishing

method. This is a unique fishing

style that is used by the local

Berawan fishermen. The method

takes advantage of the migrating

fishes during the period of low water

levels. It has been used for centuries

to effectively manage the fishery

and sustain it for many generations.

Loagan Bunut National Park comes

with accommodation facilities. The

forest hostel can house a total of 56

visitors at any one time. There is also

a canteen. Electricity is generatorpowered

and treated tap water is

available. Activities include a one

hour boat ride around the lake and

bird watching.

For further information, please call

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB)

at (6) 082 423600, fax: (6) 082 416700 or

email to


Wind Cave Fairy Cave

Wind & Fairy Cave Nature Reserves

Some 35km by road from Kuching, is

the site of numerous caves that form

part of the Bau Formation. It lies in a

narrow belt which extends from the

Kalimantan border to the southwest

of the town of Bau. Covering

approximately 155.4 square kilometers,

it is the largest most accessible cave

region in Sarawak with the highest

number of recorded caves. Among the

most well-known of these is the Wind

Cave, formed during the Jurrassic-

Cretaceous period. Excavations have

shown that people once inhabited the

cave until recent times. Also, deep pits

within the cave may have been made

by gold prospectors in the 1930’s.

Fairy Cave

Wind Cave

Today the Wind Cave is a very popular

destination for local tourist. The cave

probably got its name from the air

passing through the passage leading to

the Sungai Sarawak Kanan. It is also

called “Cave of Winds” by the locals.

At the western entrance of the cave is

a small beach adjacent to the Sarawak

River. This is a favourite picnic and

swimming spot. A little stream flows

through the caves out to the river. The

more adventurous will of course

enter the caves to explore its many

passages. There are proper boardwalks

throughout the caves. Make sure

to bring a torchlight though as it

will get very dark inside. There are

breathtaking chambers filled with

swiftlet nests and bats hanging upside

down. On returning, a refreshing dip

in the river is highly recommended.

There are also toilet and changing

room facilities at the site. The entrance

fee is RM5.

A further 6km down the road is the

Fairy Cave. There is a tower that leads

straight into the entrance of this cave.

A lot more stair climbing is involved,

and in some sections a torchlight

must be used. The main chamber of

the cave is huge and impressive, with

plenty of light permeating in. This has

led to the growth of plant life inside

part of the chamber. There are lots

of bats, swiftlets, cave frogs, and

numerous bizarre insects and even cave

crabs. Higher up into the chamber

(opposite from the bright area) is

where the real fun begins. Total

darkness greets the intrepid explorer.

Boardwalks and stairs can only be

found near the majestic viewing

points. Entrance is free.

There is so much to explore in both

caves. The major features include

stalagmites and stalactites, and pillars

which form when they join together.

The limestone is pale grey or blue in

colour. Those into hiking can even

follow the tracks that run beyond the

boardwalk and climb to the top of

the caves and explore the vegetation

outside it. The trip can be an arduous

one, but the trail is well marked, and

there is no possibility of getting lost on

the hike up to the summit. The paths

are rather steep but the jungle vistas

are worth the effort. Do wear suitable

hiking shoes and bring water just in

case of dehydration. It is also prudent

to go in a group.

For further information, please call

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB)

at (6) 082 423600, fax: (6) 082 416700 or

email to

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 37


Similajau National Park is

situated in the Bintulu Division

of Sarawak. Located about 45

minutes from town, it is one of the

most beautiful coastal areas in Malaysia

with miles of unspoiled white and

golden sand and rocky beaches facing

the South China Sea.

Gazetted in 1978, the park covers

70 square kilometers of virgin coastal

forest, starting from Likau River in

the south to as far as Similajau River

in the north, covering a stretch of

30km. This strip of land is abundant

in flora and fauna and offers visitors

a wonderful experience exploring

kilometers of empty beach. A further

19.32 square kilometers were added

to the park in February, 2000.

The terrestrial fauna of the park boasts

24 recorded species of mammals,

such as gibbons, banded langurs and

long-tailed macaques. The Park has

also recorded 230 species of birds,

which include hornbills and migratory

water birds like Storm’s Stork. This area

is home to the Saltwater Crocodile.

There is also a chance to see dolphins

out amongst the waves. Green turtles

are known to come ashore to lay their

eggs. Visitors are advised that turtles

are totally protected animals and

that it is an offence to disturb them

or their eggs.

38 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008


National Park

Noteworthy flora includes the

Tongkat Ali, which are found in

abundance in the park. Known as

Malaysia’s answer to the ginseng

root, it is often used as an aphrodisiac.

Also prevalent is the Bintangor tree.

There are many species of this tree

here but only two are reputed to

have medicinal value.

There are many places of interest

here too. The visitor can go to

Batu Mandi, located 4km offshore.

Then there’s the View Point at the

headlands of Kuala Sungai Likau. It

is a shelter ideally suited for viewing

marine life and birds. A black bare

rock known as Baru Anchau can be

reached via a 2km walk from the

Park Office. Selunsur Rapid is 6.8km

away. The two Turtle Beaches are the

places where turtles land for laying

eggs. This happens during the month

of March until September. There is

also a splendid stretch of golden sand

beach known as the Golden Beach that

is a 10km walk from the Park Office.

The Sebubong Pool at the Sebubong

River is also a must visit, but it can only

be reached by boat.

Many more activities are available

at the Park. Trekking is among the

most popular for nature lovers.

There is also bird watching. Keep

an eye out for the Black hornbills.

Snorkeling can be carried out along

the shoreline. Those interested in

seeing crocodiles can charter a boat

along the Likau River. There is also

sea and river cruising. There are 20

concrete barbecue sets to cater to

visitors who love barbecuing. Just

remember to bring along a wire mesh

and charcoal to do the barbeque.

Swimming and picnicking is usually

carried out at the beach in front of

the park office. Other facilities include

jungle trails, public toilets and

washrooms, canteen, information

centre and 24-hour electricity. Four

types of accommodation are available.

For further information, please call Sarawak Tourism Board (STB)

at (6) 082 423600, fax: (6) 082 416700 or email to

Experience a whole new way of life when you

next visit Sarawak - no more hotel rooms and

luxury settings but a genuine kampong lifestyle

with warm, friendly native people.

The venue is Kampong Mongkos where

homestay programs involving 15 families now

give visitors an opportunity to share carefree

time in a rural setting. Morning calls are sounds

of the jungle and the roosters‚ majestically

complimenting the unmistakable tinge of

charcoal smoke from the tiny kitchens where

breakfasts are prepared. Welcome to an alternative

holiday experience - living among the Bidayuh

folks at Kampong Mongkos, about two hours

drive from Kuching City.

Kampong mongkos

Tranquil kampong life

Set amidst lush greenery in a secluded spot,

the longhouse is home to about 900 inhabitants

who welcome visitors to share their simple

lifestyle as practiced for generations here. Foster

families take visitors to their farms where padi

or rice are planted together with other fruits

and greens, gather wild vegetables and

partake in the occasional hunting and fishing

activities. Take your first river bath by jumping

into the clear flowing water to cool off after

a hard day’s walk and learn to play the brass

gongs which accompany the evening’s

dancing program. The women folk will

guide you on the proper footsteps to master

the ngajat or Iban dance which is a common

feature of the native culture here.

Due to the close proximity to the Indonesian

border, Kampong Mongkos also conducts

barter trade with their neighbours and these

exchanges are always interesting to participate

in. Just don’t barter away your air tickets amidst

the excitement of trading! On your way back to

the city after a few days stay, drop by the town of

Serian, about an hour’s drive from the kampong

and practice your new found language skills with

the farmers at the local produce market where

virtually all kinds of products are available.

For further information, please call Sarawak Tourism

Board (STB) at (6) 082 423600, fax: (6) 082 416700

or email to


Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 39


Rumah Patrick Libau Homestay

Exploring an Iban

way of life

Many visitors to Sarawak know

about the Ibans, the biggest ethnic

group here but few can truly say they

have experienced their lifestyle. Now,

this unique experience is possible as

a community based homestay project

is set up in Miri with the support

from the Sarawak and Federal Ministry

of Tourism.

Located just 15 minutes from the

internationally famous Niah Cave

National Park, this Iban community

with over 100 families where 76

are still residing in the traditional

longhouse, is open to welcome visitors.

In all 23 families are involved in the

project and guests will stay with

individual families in their own bilik

(rooms) and share the community

lifestyle. This means sharing the ruai

or open space in front of the rooms

where it is used to hold discussions

40 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

between friends and neighbours as

well as for the traditional dances by the

women folk and warriors.

Wake up early to catch the morning

dew and savour home brewed coffee

or tea and then follow the villagers

to their farms as they tend to their

fruit trees, rice fields or simply fishing

in the river, the traditional way.

There are plenty to see and learn

along the way and coming back, it

is not uncommon to pick vegetables

for the evening meal. Guests may

venture into the kitchen for the meal

preparation and pick up local cuisine

tips from their landlords! Evenings

are the ideal time for folk tales and

songs, dance and some may even

do weaving of baskets and other

age-old handicrafts using rattans,

bamboo and hard wood.

Trips to the Niah Cave to see the

historic site can be arranged with

the host. As many members of the

longhouse are also expert birds’ nest

collectors, the trip could be a double

thrill as guests will enjoy visiting the

caves while witnessing the task of

collecting the nests up on the roof

of the caves. This nerve wrecking

endeavour, is not for those with

weak hearts!

The longhouse homestay programme

starts from as low as RM40 for a single

room only, while a family of five in a

double room complete with meals

cost only RM150. This is definitely not

your everyday adventure holiday as

there are no modern comforts of life

like air-conditioning and phones but

then again, this promises to be the

adventure of a lifetime!

For further information, please contact: Patrick Libau Homestay, Tuai Rumah. Libau ak Sullai, Sungai

Tanggap, Niah, 98200, Niah, Miri, Sarawak. H/P: (6) 019 8052415 • C/O National Park HQ, Niah National

Park, 98200 Batu Niah, Sarawak. Tel: (6) 085 737450 • Visitor’s Information Centre Miri, Lot 452 Jalan

Melayu, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. Tel: (6) 085 434181 Fax: (6) 085 434179

In Miri on the northern fringe of

Sarawak where the Gatas, Peliau and

Jambu rivers are located, lies a Kedayan

village called Kampong Tanjong Bungai.

The occupants are mainly of the

Kedayan ethnic group, one of the

indigenous people in the state and

mostly fishermen by profession. To

conserve their traditions and cultures,

the Kedayan here have been active

in the promotion of their dances

and costumes at various events and

festivals. They have now gone one step

further by opening up their homes to

visitors under the Kedayan Homestay

experience at Sibuti, some 56 kilometers

from Miri.


Kedayan homestay

Living the lifestyle of the Kedayan people

The kampong or village is home to

some 1300 people who are mostly

of the Islamic faith and proud of

their unique heritage. Presently 28

families are involved in the homestay

programme and at each of these

homes, guests will get a room for the

duration of their stay with the family.

Usually guests who have booked

with the homestay programme

arrange to be picked up from the

airport and driven to the kampong.

The charges for the stay will depend

on the package desired and range

from RM120 per person for a

one-night, two-day stay to RM180

each for a two-night, two-day stay.

The rooms are simple and each is

equipped with a bed, fan, closet and

mirror. Guest share bathrooms. Eating

is done with the family and those

with a passion to cook can always try

their hands at the kitchen!

For groups of ten or more people

booked with the programme, these

guests will be greeted with a

traditional welcome dance and

drinks by the village folks. Guests will

be introduced to the individual families

and taken on a tour of the village as

well as to the fruit farms. As herbs

and spices make up a significant

portion of the daily consumption of

the people, guests are also invited to

join the family members during these

trips around the surrounding area of

the village. Those who are more

adventurous may also go and visit

the rock outcrop at Tanjong Batu, a

small hill near to the village. After

dinner, there will be a cultural dance

performance by the village group

for the guests and in most instances

guests too are invited to join in the fun.

For either the one or two-day stay,

visitors will be treated to breakfast

consisting of the local delights. Then

it is off to the morning market tour

at Bungai or Bekenu and opportunity

to pick up some useful tips on local

food varieties. Those who opt for the

longer stay also experience the thrill of

fishing as well as jungle trekking and

the more adventurous can, with a little

fee, even join the fishermen when they

go out to sea in their boats. A little bit

of luck and advice from the experts will

probably land the first time fishermen

some catch of the day to proudly bring

home! Those who prefer to keep their

feet dry can opt to ride bicycles or

motorbikes around the kampong and

spend some time at the craftsmen

homes and pick up some handicraft

skills as well as get some home-made



The late afternoon and early evening

is best known for relaxing and

watching the sun set for the day at

the beach. Leisurely walks with the

sea breeze blowing your hair and quiet

moments like these are something to

be treasured here, especially with the

last warm rays of the sun of the day

slowly fading away. When dinner

is over, why not go for the fire flies

trip among the mangrove forest.

The blinking show of thousands of

these insects can mesmerise the first

timer. This is a treat that is sure to be

remembered for a long time.

Each year during the months of

March to July, the Kedayan annual

food festival takes place. Every family

contributes some food to the fair,

ranging from traditional cakes to

cooked foodstuff and members of

the tribe will also play traditional

games in the evenings. There will

also be other displays of Kedayan

culture during the festival and guests

who drop by during this time get

to sample the best of the Kedayan


For more information please contact Abdul Gani bin Kamit, Lot 1247, Jalan Datuk Muip 2A, Piasaujaya,

Fasa 2, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Fax: (6) 085 650237 HP: (6) 019 8247826

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 41


The Malaysia

Book of Records

Bintulu record breaking kites

Getting into the Malaysia Book of Records is an

achievement that many strive for and the success

of the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) in

setting the record of having the most number

of kites in the air at one time is both sweet and


Watching the 1655 colourful kites from Malaysian

enthusiasts fluttering in the sky over Bintulu,

Sarawak’s premier Gas Town, was indeed

inspirational, especially considering that the

event was also in conjunction with Sarawak’s

45 years of progress within Malaysia, the 30 th

Anniversary of BDA and the fourth anniversary of

the Borneo International Kite Festival. An official

from the Malaysia Book of Records was present

to witness the event and to certify the feat which

has now given Bintulu more reasons to be proud

of the accomplishment.

The memorable event was held at the old airport

in Bintulu which is right in the heart of the town.

Thousands of people from all walks of life, whole

families with elderly and young ones, took time

42 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

out to participate and witness this occasion. This

was an incredible achievement for the people of

Bintulu, as without them this record breaking feat

would not have been possible. For a moment in

time on a hot and windy day on August 17 history

was created thanks to everyone who participated.

Literally, all types of kites were seen, with many

flying for the first time. The main objectives for

the annual affair was for people to enjoy the sport

of kite flying. While the participants and visitors

shared in the fun aspects of the event, sponsors

too were overjoyed by the huge turnout. There

were big smiles everywhere thanks to the large

number of visitors coming to see the colourful

kites and equally colourful participants.

Stall operators were smiling too from ear to ear

during the event. The BDA’s aim of providing the

opportunities for such operators was to further

improve their earnings and also provide services to

the public.

With the latest success from the annual event,

BDA is putting in place other entertainment

features apart from the various stalls. The shows

by artists and musicians as well as others add to

the attraction of the International Kite Festival.

Young and old alike were entertained by these

artists and this shows that even if kite flying may

not be your thing, there are certainly other activities

that you can do while here. So, make a date

to come join the fun next year in the Borneo

International Kite Festival 2009 and who knows,

you might even witness another record breaking


For further information, please contact Bintulu Development Authority at (6) 086 334680 / 332277 or fax to (6) 086 330099


An Evening in Bintulu Countdown 2009

31 st December 2008

Interaction, Cooperation,

Collaboration, Inclusiveness & Unity in Diversity

Usher in the new year with songs and dances in Bintulu. Sarawak’s

very own Gas Town is hosting the countdown to 2009. “An Evening

in Bintulu” is an annual event organised by Bintulu Administration

in collaboration with all government departments and fully supported

by various agencies from the corporate sector as well as NGOs

(non-governmental organisations). This extravaganza will feature

singers and dancers from the various ethnic groups of Sarawak. Be

wowed by the sight of the colourful and intricately made traditional

costumes, which help distinguish the different ethnic groups from

each other. Mingle with the friendly people and enjoy the multitude

of shows throughout the evening.

This event showcases just how unique Sarawak truly is with all the

different ethnic groups under one roof. This is a chance to rejoice

in making new friends too. After all the interactive aspect of the

event aims to help inculcate cooperation, collaboration and unity

among all the people in the town. What makes it even more exciting

is that the majority of visitors have come from all over Sarawak

just to be a part of this joyous occasion.

While the majority of the performers are local groups, there are several

guest performers and special invitees. In the past some outstanding

performers have participated in the event. This trend promises to

continue this year with the increase in numbers of singers and dancers.

This attractive occasion is also a family affair which aims to promote

harmony and unity among family members.

The locals always embrace this event with open arms. The atmosphere

is a cheerful celebration of what makes Sarawakians standout from

the rest of the crowd in Malaysia. It’s a sight to behold with all

the different races enjoying themselves harmoniously through music.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this wonderful moment in

the most perfect of settings. This may just be a once in a lifetime

opportunity for tourists and locals. The countdown promises to

linger in the hearts and minds of those who participated in it for

years to come. Feel the heart beat of Sarawak under one roof,

come countdown to the new year in Bintulu and be entertained to

the extreme.

Happy New Year 2009

For further information, please contact Resident’s Office, Bintulu, Wisma Residen,

Jalan Tun Razak, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 086 335573, 331896 Fax:

(6) 086 336620

This page is sponsored through the courtesy of Bintulu Development Authority,

No. 1, Jalan Tg. Kidurung, P.O.Box 55, 97007 Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 086

332011 (15 lines) Fax: (6) 086 332255, 336066 Hotline: (6) 086 332277 Email: bda@bda. Website:

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 43


The food bowl

of Sarawak

Nowhere else in Sarawak is food and

fruit production as important than this

riverine town in the central region of

the vast state. Consider this – Sarikei

is estimated to supply about 60% of

the vegetables produced in the region

alone and is also the main supplier

for fruits, especially pineapple and

oranges. In fact, the town’s emblem

is the pineapple and almost everyone

44 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

here agrees that the best pineapple

comes from Sarikei!

Quiet the town may be but nevertheless

there is much activity daily as trucks

transport vegetables to the surrounding

towns in the vast hinterland area. This

food bowl of Sarawak continues to

be blessed with abundant fertile land

and favourable weather conditions for

the cultivation of food. A number of

innovative and enterprising individuals

have also started to bring visitors to

these fruit farms in the town and the

orchards tour is both fun and fulfilling!

Visitors get to pick their own fruits

and sample these sweet oranges and

other fresh varieties from the trees

and also take it with them when they

pass through the town. These orchards

excursions are becoming popular as the

tourists enjoy a respite from the road

trips and a chance to pluck their own

fruits. Other fruits of significance

include bananas, watermelons, guavas,

dragon fruits and starfruits.

Fresh vegetable production is

nevertheless the main economic lifeline

of many entrepreneurs and farmers

here. The unique setting of Sarikei,

at the central point of many smaller

surrounding towns, makes it the ideal

supplier. Traditional farming has given

way to modern farming methods in

many farms, using a variety of

machinery and techniques to improve

quality and quantity. Assistance from

the agricultural department over the

years has greatly benefited the farmers

in their expansion plans for the

production of selected crops and the

use of better seeds have all contributed

to the continuing importance of

the town for daily fresh vegetables.

Oil palm and pepper are the major

large scale crops here and the labour

intensive nature of these make them

confined mainly to large corporations.

Rubber production continues to be

a popular activity for many small

holders here.

Animal husbandry too has grown

significantly in numbers and variety due

mainly to the continuing demand of an

expanding hinterland area. Chicken and

ducks still dominate many farms but

cattle and goat rearing are also catching

on. Fresh fish cultivation is not a major

activity as most of the surrounding

towns are fishing ports and villages

where supply is usually abundant.

Sarikei will continue to be one of

the main food suppliers in the years

to come for the central region of

Sarawak. Significantly with the coming

of major development plans along the

state’s coastal corridor, the demand for

food will continue to rise in tandem

with such changes.

Ideally situated in the central zone of

Sarawak, Sarikei is a natural feeder

town for many surrounding towns

and destinations in the vast hinterland

of the mighty Rejang River. The

largest town here, Sibu is just to the

north while Betong is on the south

end of Sarikei and much closer is

the new fishing port of Tanjong

Manis with its own airport and port

facilities. Other smaller towns include

Julau and Pekan while Bintangor

is also easily within reach. With so

many destinations within easy reach

from Sarikei, it is clear that the town

is poised to become the natural

launching point for visitors in the


Sarikei shares many of the characteristics

of Sibu in terms of location and food

choices, both being served by the

Rejang River and populated mainly

by Chinese in the town area where

the main business activities occur.

Not surprising too then are the types

of food found here like the favourite

kampua mee and foochow mee

sua made of fine silky noodles with

generous serving of chicken in a big

bowl with herbal broth. Bintangor too

is quite similar in its food choices and

also an important fruit producing area.

Julau is most noted for the Brooke Fort,

built during the reign of the White

Rajahs as the lookout point for pirates

coming down the Rejang in the early

years. It is a heritage building for the

division and is destined to be a tour

destination when the place is restored

to its former glory. Pekan remains

a small town in the division and its

population is mainly made up of the

indigenous Ibans. Longhouses are still

a feature in the area as many of the

urban Ibans keep their ties with their

ancestral heritage by maintaining these

bilik or rooms even when they are

living in other towns or cities.



Sarikei and its surrounding


Sarikei received its status as a Division

in 1973 but the existence of the

town goes way back even further

than its first entry in the history text,

in 1845, with the visit by the First

Rajah, James Brooke. In fact, the

town was razed in 1856 and rebuilt

later and has served as a hotspot for

insurgency by pirates and locals in

its colourful history. It had also been

acknowledged that the creation of

the Sarikei division was mainly to

check the threats from communist

rebels who were active there during

the height of the confrontation.

Today, Sarikei is an emerging town of

the central region and poised to benefit

from the numerous developments

planned for the region. The small and

friendly community still maintains its

ever smiling tradition whenever visitors

drop by and offer assistance where

necessary. Remember to sample some

of the local delicacies and especially its

array of fruits as this is the state’s food

producing area!

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 45


Sarikei and its places of interest

Presently Sarikei is not on the list of

destinations for many tour operators

and most inland excursions only pass

through the town as a convenient stop

over point. But all these will change

with the upcoming developments

planned for the area under the

government’s coastal belt economic

development initiative which will see

the transformation of the stretch of

area into a vibrant zone for numerous

activities. Meanwhile, the simple and

easy going nature of the town provides

visitors a unique opportunity to

sample it’s charm.

Trips to fruits orchards in Sarikei are

becoming popular for many local and

foreign visitors with the acceleration

of inland transportation beginning

to make its presence felt in the

state. As the main gateway to Sibu

via road from Kuching, Sarikei can

confidently look forward to greater

developments, especially as a rest

46 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

and recreational stop over point. Its

vast hinterland is an attraction for

nature lovers as they can make short

excursions to coastal villages and also

interesting places near the town.

The Lake Garden built in 1995 has

become a favourite social gathering

venue for the town’s people in the

evening for recreation and exercising.

Pleasant and relaxing to the eyes, the

garden’s vast stretch of water and

surrounding landscape naturally makes

it the choice for those seeking tranquility

and calmness. Another favourite place

is Taman Rimba Sebangkoi (Sebangkoi

Forest Park), just 25 kilometers from

the town and served by the Sebangkoi

Country Resort which provides

convenient hospitality facilities for

visitors. The Sebangkoi Rest and

Recreational Commercial Centre is

some 14 kilometers from Sarikei and

serves as another venue for visitors

to spend the night.

Pala Munsoh is a waterfall located

about 45 minutes drive from the town

with an extra 45 minutes of jungle

trekking from the nearest longhouse

in the area. This cascading water feature

attracts those who are into the great

outdoors and has received its share

of visitors. A more well known venue

is the Rentap memorial at Bukit Sibau,

which is a day’s journey away to Ulu

Wuak, the nearest town. This small

building serves as a reminder of the

great Iban warrior who fought against

the first White Rajah of Sarawak during

the early history of the state’s march

towards independence. The rebellion

failed as the natives were no match

for the superior guns and canons of

the British vessel which led eventually

to the establishment of the reign of

the White Rajahs in Sarawak. Other

interesting places for visitors in the area

are found in the outlaying towns

surrounding Sarikei and most are

easily accessible by road.

The Pineapple Festival

5 th – 7 th December

Every year without fail, this festival

in the food bowl of Sarawak, Sarikei

attracts people from all over the

State. Many come for the ‘original’

Sarikei pineapple which means the

sweet, succulent variety found here,

in this the pineapple town! Now,

there are numerous varieties of these

juicy fruits to choose from; depending

on your choice, you could look for the

biggest ones, sweetest ones, juiciest

ones or simply one for the curry

dishes – you name it, they have it

and will recommend the right one

for your needs. So, this year, come

December, make the trip to the town

and discover for yourself the numerous

varieties available.

Certainly, pineapples will be your main

attraction at the festival but browse

around the stalls set up specially for

the event. Almost all types of food and

pastries using pineapple as the main

ingredient can be found and that’s just

the beginning. Try the pineapple juice

mixed with other fruits and this punch

will certainly make you come back for

more. And don’t forget the very tasty

pineapple fried rice which is sure to

please the guests when served using

the hollowed out skin of the fruit!

Most foreigners are familiar with

canned varieties of pineapple, in cubes,

slices or juices. These too are found

at the festival and there will be stalls

that give demonstrations of making

the most of these canned fruits in

daily cooking and food presentations.

In the hands of innovative chefs, the

pineapple can really be quite a surprise

package both as an ingredient and also

for garnishing.

Locals know too that when processing

the pineapple, all the discarded parts

can also be used for animal feed and

more recent research work have come

up with other uses for these discards.

Though not common here, pineapple

has been converted into alcohol and

perfume as well as other chemical

agents for use in industries.

For those interested in the cultivation

of the fruit, the various departments

and agencies will also be on hand


En. Abang Mohd Borkan (left) presenting souvenir to

En. Michael Dawi Ali, Resident of Sarikei

– only one of its kind in Sarawak!

to give advice on all aspects of small

and large scale cultivations. The soil

in Sarawak favours the crop and so

many varieties can be successfully

planted here. From acquiring seeds to

marketing the fruit, the whole exercise

of pineapple farming is available at

the festival. As in previous years the

event awards prizes to the winners in

the various categories of pineapple

competition and the proud farmers

walk home with smiles and goodies

from the organisers. Like at every

festival in the State, there will be

songs and dance performances to

add to the liveliness of the event.

Even if you are only interested in

eating the fresh fruit, make a trip

there to learn more about what

makes it fascinating.

For further information, please call

Sarikei District Office

8 Floor, Wisma Jubli Mutiara, Jalan Bersatu,

96100 Sarikei, Sarawak.

Tel: (6) 084 656725 Fax: (6) 084 651012

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 47

From Sibu Airport

From Sibu Town



Youth Training Camp

Jalan Oya



Jalan Kemuyang

Golf Club Sibu


Youth Training

Camp, Sibu

SMK Jalan Oya

48 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

The government fully recognises the

importance of youth in the nation as

the main assets for future growth and

development and in Sarawak , this

has been taken a step further with

the setting up of youth development

camps. Such training camps come

under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of

Social Development and Urbanisation

and bring together youths from all over

the State to receive guidance and team

spirit building as well as other social

skills to equip them for the tasks of

bringing the State to greater heights in

time to come.

The Kemuyang Youth Training Camp

in Sibu began operations in 1997

and now with over ten years under

its belt, is one of the main centres

for training youths from the central

regions of the State. Situated just 23

kilometers from the riverine town of

Sibu, its secluded location inspires

trainees and all others who come

here for their activities. With lush

greenery all around the camp, every

day here is waking up to nature’s

calls and sounds and fresh morning

air! Participants from the public and

private sectors can choose either

the Rest house or the hostels when

undergoing training, team building or

other activities here as the facilities

can easily accommodate about 120

people at any onetime. Large or

small groups, there is something for

everyone who comes here for these

important and fun filled activities.

Other than the sleeping quarters, the

camp offers a whole range of facilities

like a surau for prayers, seminar rooms,

hall that seats about 300 participants

per session and dining blocks that

serves over 100 participants at any one

sitting. The facilities offered are up to

the expectations of such centres and

the charges are equally reasonable for

the utilisation of them. Cleanliness

is one aspect of the camp that the

commanders focus on so participants

can always expect a clean and safe

environment when attending the

course here.

Outdoor facilities

The main aspect of the training camp

is to provide adequate facilities for

team building, physical training, solo

and mass camping as well as jungle

trekking. These and other outdoor

activities can be arranged with the

camp supervisors or facilitators. They

can also be brought in to conduct

these trainings, depending on the

choice of the participants. Other than

the fun and physical aspect of the

activities, the underlying aim is to instill

character building on participants

when undergoing these trainings.

Many course instructors start their

training with the simple obstacle

course to get the participants into

the mood of things. Then it is to the

giant spider web where the participants

have to navigate through by using

their wits and strength. Certainly

when it comes to the monkey rag,

some of the participants will have

already exhausted their energy and

end up panting on the ground. Upon

reaching the wall, most would just

stare in awe at the height of the

perpendicular wall face and wonder

how they would ever make it up and

over that! The next task involves the

beam – a straight pole that participants

have to somehow climb up and touch

the tip! Sounds impossible? Yet,

almost all participants manage these

feats and come away satisfied and

oozing with confidence as well as

a new found self belief. The jungle

trekking and camping feats are more

challenging to some and are usually

reserved for the hardened few who

show great determination and skills

in their trainings. That’s what these

facilities can do to you; they just

make you overcome the mental blocks

that hinder progress and emphasises

on the importance of team spirit as

well as strength of a good team effort.

It certainly seems that nothing is


impossible when one has overcome

all these obstacles and the bond

that binds these participants stays

with them as long as they are


If a training facility is what you are

looking for, consider the Kemuyang

Youth Training camp in Sibu and

make the most of the trip.

For further information, please contact Kemuyang Youth Training Camp, GPO L/B 18, NCS 50038,

96009 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 084 212144 Fax: (6) 084 212142 • Youth Section, Ministry of

Social Development and Urbanisation, Tel: (6) 082 440441, 444857, 444921 Fax: (6) 082 312531

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 49


Creating Entrepreneurs of


YB Haji Mohd Naroden bin Haji Majais,

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office

(Bumiputera Entrepreneur Development)

50 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

The Bumiputera (indigenous races of

Sarawak) Entrepreneur Development

Unit (UPUB) was initiated by the

Sarawak State Government, and

operated under the Chief Minister’s

Department. In August 2007, UPUB

was given a new entity and placed

under the portfolio of YB Tuan Haji

Mohd Naroden Haji Majais, Assistant

Minister to the Chief Minister’s

Office (Bumiputera Entrepreneur

Development). Under the new entity,

UPUB is entrusted with the task to

plan, implement and coordinate

the entrepreneur development

programmes in Sarawak. This is in

congruent with the national goal i.e.,

to create the Bumiputera Commerce

and Industrial Community (BCIC) in

the country.

Towards this aim, UPUB sets its

vision to be the main driving force

for the development of Bumiputera

entrepreneurs in Sarawak. The mission

is therefore, to develop a more

vibrant Bumiputera Commerce

and Industrial Community as well

as to inculcate entrepreneurship

as a way of life. Inevitably, this will

increase their contribution towards

generating income and creation of

wealth and thus to national income,

as well as for better socio-economic

development in the State and Malaysia

in general.

Guests and organising committee members “Gerak Usahawan 2008” Participating entrepreneurs at the “Gerak Usahawan 2008”

Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak (right), the guest of honour at the “Gerak Usahawan 2008” also

present was YB Datuk Safiudin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur & Cooperative Development (MeCD) - fifth left

YB Haji Mohd Naroden bin Haji Majais visits the FG Multifarm at Mukah also seen at right is

State Secretary, YB Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot

In creating a viable and competitive

Bumiputera entrepreneurs in Sarawak,

UPUB implements and coordinates

various policies and strategies

of entrepreneurial development

programmes. Specifically, the objectives

of UPUB include;

• to increase the number of

entrepreneurs in the state as

well as to produce a better quality

and competitive entrepreneurs;

• to help entrepreneurs to advance

in new strategic sectors;

• to formulate strategical framework

and execution plans for the

development of entrepreneurs;


• to coordinate the management

planning of entrepreneur

development agencies.

The three-pronged strategy consists of

first, upgrading of entrepreneurship

through training and skill programmes,

via inculcating right business acumen

and attitude. Secondly, to identify

and develop market-driven products

(goods and services) as well as creating

appropriate business opportunities for

the participation of the entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, UPUB helps to

promote the right environment and

coordinate the implemention plan and

programmes by related ministries and

agencies including NGOs involved in

entrepreneurial development.

Towards achieving the Bumiputera

Commerce and Industrial Community

in Sarawak, the Federal Government

collaborates with the State Government

to define the sources and infrastructure

that would be made available to

target groups for greater impact

Locally produced pineapple cordial

of success. UPUB will assist the

federal and state governments in

allocating resources to provide

appropriate infrastructure, financing

facilities and training programmes to

increase Bumiputera participation in

business and commerce. In this manner,

UPUB is proactive, dynamic and

coherent with government policies

in its efforts to provide the enabling

factors to enhance entrepreneurial

development among the Bumiputeras.

To realise the mission and vision,

UPUB undertakes four development

strategies, namely;

• to enhance capacity building,

i.e. to give priority to training

in human capital and exposure

to the right technology and


• to intensify product development

as well as promoting and

marketing of entrepreneurs’


• to recommend approprite funding

packages and infrastructure

facilities that are made available

by relevant agencies;

• to encourage participation of

entrepreneurs in marketing and

promotion programmes aimed

at creating business networking

among local entrepreneurs both at

national and international levels;

UPUB in collaboration with other

related ministries and agencies

will provide a conducive business

environment for entrepreneurs to

participate in business opportunities.

Undoubtedly, with the implementation

of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable

Energy (SCORE), there are tremendous

new business opportunities that local


communities can take advantage

and venture in. UPUB will identify

potential businesses especially in

agriculture sector and also will help

to recommend appropriate packages

available to ensure local communities

benefit from SCORE.

With the current economic situation

and global market phenomena, our

local entreprenuers have to be more

agile, innovative and creative in their

business efforts to ensure that they

remain competitive and resilient to

market uncertainties. Realising the

global market situation and needs,

our government will continue to

improve and provide the infrastructure

and incentive towards creating

entrepreneurs that are capable to

compete in the global market.

As a concluding remark, to achieve

a strong economical growth, an

exemplary social development and

improve living standards towards those

seen in developed countries, there

must be a smart partnership between

the three major parties; government,

private sector and the communities.

The private sector must act as an

economy driver to higher levels of

value chain, while the government

continuously give support in providing

suitable environment for this sector to

perform. The communities themselves

need to be open and be ready to

accept change to allow for positive

development. They need to be astute

at finding business opportunities and

to make entrepreneurship as a new

way of life. A harmonious sharing

amongst these three parties will

ensure a successful economic growth

and prosperity of the country.

A selection of “Kek Lapis” (layered cake) of Sarawak

For further information, please contact

contact Associate Professor Dr. Rosni Bakar,

Bumiputera Entrepreneur Development

Unit (UPUB), 12 th Floor, Wisma Bapa

Malaysia,, 93502 Petra Jaya, Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 492453

Fax: (6) 082 449079

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 51


Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS)

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

One-Stop Accessibility

The Centre for Academic Information

Services (CAIS) officially started

operations in the new building

on 6 th February 2006. The 22,600

square meters building is spread over

five floors and has been specially

designed to be one of the pull

centres in the campus. A variety of

services and facilities are available

at the centre, including spacious

exhibition areas, an auditorium,

seminar rooms, computer laboratories,

discussion rooms, carrel rooms,

media room, 24-hour reading room

as well as chill-out rooms.

CAIS driven by its vision - “to be

an efficient and effective one-stop

52 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

information centre”, is a community

friendly centre. External users are

most welcome to use the library’s

services. Only a nominal fee for

registration and membership card

need to be paid. Depending on the

category, the external users pay a

yearly annual fee and a deposit fee.

This facility is available to alumni/

pensioners, part time/full time

students from Malaysian institutes

of higher learning, individuals,

corporations, government officers,

and various other groups and

individuals. Individuals need only

pay a yearly fee of RM400 to

borrow two books for up to 2

weeks, with the book deposit fee

being RM400. To use the library’s

reference facilities a yearly fee of

RM200 need to be paid.

There is a reserve collection of books

known as the Special Collection. It

comprises materials on Borneo,

UNIMAS publications as well as private

collections. The collection was

initiated in 2001 with contributions

from Prof. Marvin Rogers and

Anthony Richards’ personal collection

which is particularly strong in the

history of Indochina, Malaysia

and Indonesia. It is also rich with

information on Borneo. The

collection also includes a publication

dated back to 1881.

The efficient and user-friendly

Millennium Library Management

System serves as a one-stop access

point to all the services and facilities

provided by the centre.

An Online Suggestion Box is available

for patrons to suggest materials to

be acquired. The Online Interloan &

Document Delivery Service Form can

be filled up for unavailable materials.

Online Patron Registration Form is

available for outside communities

to use its services and facilities. This

significant contribution is to assist the

communities to have easy access to

information and knowledge in this

era of life-long education.

The campus community can reserve

available facilities through the

Facility Booking Module.

The Material Flow Management

System supports and automates

daily activities in security, materials

processing, self check-in and check

out as well as inventory control. The

smart-in system or the Book Drop

allows daily 24 hour check-in. Radio

Frequency Identification (RFID) tags

further enhances stocktaking.

CAIS Digital has been created to

provide patrons with more efficient

access to knowledge as well as

develop the University’s intellectual

property. All the University’s

publications are contained in

the database. These include

monographs, serials, theses and

undergraduate’s final year project

papers, papers/proceedings of

seminars, conferences and

workshops, research papers as

well as photos/videos of the

University’s activities.

The Extended Modules were

acquired to further enhance the

effectiveness of services available.

Smart Library Skills module is a

web-based self-learning module

of instruction. It supports and

complements the existing information

Skills Classes.

The Smart Reference Desk is a user

enquiry system to provide online


information. It facilitates interaction

between individuals and a virtual

reference desk. Ask the Librarian

provides quick reference service

and basic answers to brief factual

questions, while the FAQ database

contains answers to questions


Visitor Tracking allows for the

monitoring of visitors as well as the

automatic registration of interested

visitors as members.

CAIS is a living testimony to excellence

that offers patrons an impressive

array of services and facilities. Like

a magnet it pulls the very best in

information from all corners of the

globe to be made available at the

push of a button. Technological

excellence is now at our doorstep

thanks to CAIS. The community

friendly centre welcomes people

from all walks of life to quench

their thirst for knowledge here. Its

user-friendly one-stop accessibility

makes CAIS the go-to place for all

your information needs.

For further information, please contact

Centre for Academic Information Services,

UNIMAS, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel: (6) 082 581000 Fax:

(6) 082 665088 Website:

Enquiries can also be sent to The Chief Librarian:

Oct-Dec2008BorneoTalk | 53


Bobby Ting

Dedication and attention to details

54 | BorneoTalkOct-Dec2008

Any young person in Bobby Ting’s

position as Assistant Managing

Director, Global Upline Sdn Bhd, a

Malaysian private limited company with

a reputation as a fast-track contractor

in the building industry, would surely

be the envy of many. And he humbly

acknowledged that as one of the

privileged few who had been given

the opportunity to make use of their

talents and skills while learning the finer

points of their trade, the experience had

been invaluable.

“On the job training is both challenging

and rewarding and I certainly would

recommend it for those who want to

excel,” he smilingly pointed out. But

with position comes responsibilities

and that, according to him, can be


“It’s not the work that’s frightening per

se but the knowledge that at times it

can be a lonely place and decisions have

to be made! Fortunately, my dad has

been my mentor and I enjoy learning

from his wealth of experience to guide

me at times when answers are just not

forthcoming when dealing with certain

issues.” With master builder Tan Sri Ting

Pek Khiing as mentor, Bobby is indeed


Currently, Bobby is overseeing the

construction of the company’s very

own hotel, the Four Points Sheraton

Hotel, a 4-star premise located near to

Kuching International Airport .

“Now that I am tasked with the

building and completion of the hotel,

suddenly, every small detail about every

aspect becomes a decision making

process. Now I even make it a point to

notice minute details of every hotel I

happened to be in during my business

travels!” he confided.

Known for his passion for cars, having

picked it up while living and studying

in Sydney for 20 years, Bobby has even

turned that interest into a business,

with the setting up of ‘The Original Car

Wash’. The premise is a place where

people from all walks of life can have

their cars cleaned, interact with each

other, make use of WIFI facilities or

even enjoy meals and complimentary

fruit drinks. Looking ahead, he has

been contemplating setting up similar

concept-style car wash outlets in KL

and Sabah .

“I certainly would like to see more

developments in Sarawak as the

potential is just there, in areas like

tourism and agriculture. Many young

entrepreneurs now just won’t want

to touch agriculture, often citing the

hard work under the sun as tough and

not rewarding enough. For me, I think

there are lots of opportunities for those

who want to strive for success.”

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An Evening In Bintulu

Countdown 2009

Interaction, Cooperation, Collaboration,

Inclusiveness & Unity in Diversity

31 st December 2008

Esplanade Bintulu • 5.00pm – 1.00am

Organised by

bintulu AdministrAtion

This page is sponsored through the courtesy of


18 th Km Tanjung Kidurong, P.O. Box 482, 97008 Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

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Happy New Year 2009

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