Filter. Secure. Monitor. Archive. Manage. Communicate. Collaborate ...

Filter. Secure. Monitor. Archive. Manage. Communicate. Collaborate ...

Filter.Secure.Monitor.Archive.Manage.Communicate.Collaborate.Engage.Learn.Empowering IT | Transforming Education

The Lightspeed SuiteTECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS to TRANSFORM EDUCATION.The Lightspeed Suite of products provides a complete solution for IT to manage school networkusage, health, and security. Either on the network or off, you can set policies for use, monitor activity,ensure Acceptable Use Policies are followed, reduce dangerous and costly security threats, openup collaborative learning, and easily view and share critical information with custom reports.Manage your school network the way you want: an all-in-one solution or individual components.Web FilterAllow students to safelybrowse the Internet withcustomizable filteringBlock inappropriate sites and allowvaluable content with granularlycustomizable policies and aneducation-specific database.Mobile FilterExtend filtering policies tosafely open up mobile learningExtend your filtering policies andprotection to off-network usersand devices, including iPad,iPhone and iPod touch devices.Extend the classroomwith a safe, engagingonline environmentEngage students with a safe, sociallearning platform. Provide safeaccess to resources and people forcollaborative, blended learning.EducationalResource LibraryShare educationalYouTube videos, websites,documents, and moreShare safe, educational YouTubevideos, sites, and documents.Hosted EmailOpen up communicationwith safe email accountsand private file storageOpen up communication withsafe email accounts and privatefile storage (hosted solution).Hosted DistrictWeb SiteShare district news,announcements, calendarsand more.Email ArchivingMeet eDiscovery regulationswith unalterable email archivingMeet eDiscovery regulationsand Federal Rules of CivilProcedure with secure, searchablearchiving of communications.Spam FilterFilter out spam toincrease productivity andblock security risksGet the emails you want; filterthe spam and viruses.AntivirusBlock viruses, spyware,and malware with desktopand gateway securitySecure your network againstviruses and spyware, at the desktopand the gateway, with email,file, and content scanning.Power ManagementReduce energy use withautomated power managementConserve energy and reducecosts with automated shut-downs(available as an add-on to anyLightspeed implementation).Advanced WebTraffic ReportingDetailed information on useractivity and web traffic.Campus Collaboration BundleCombine web/mobile filtering, My Big Campus, HostedEmail and a Hosted District Web Site in a single solution.2

“The entire suite of products, includingspam blocking, desktop security, filteringand mobile filtering, is every bit asgood as the other products out thereAND it’s more cost effective becauseit’s a single, consolidated solutionwith a single price per workstation.”– J.J. McDermott, Network Administrator,Carroll County SchoolsHigh-performance, scalable school network solutions delivered the way you want.HARDWAREHOSTEDPowerful appliances loaded with just the componentsyou want provide easy installation and a 3-year advancedreplacement warranty for ongoing peace of mind.Lightspeed Rocket AppliancesA hosted solution can provide theperfect combination of accessibilityand cost-savings. Many of oursolutions are available in the cloud.Our high-speed, redundant, scalable appliances provide a single point of on-sitemanagement for your network.WE CAN HELP YOU CREATE THE PERFECT, CUSTOMIZEDSOLUTION FOR YOUR NETWORK AND YOUR NEEDS.“It took me 20 minutes to set upthe web filtering Rocket. I justplugged it in, and it worked with myconfigurations. It was so easy.”– David Walker, Director of Technology,Telfair County School District3

– BeReports and policies to providesafe online learning opportunities.MORE INFORMATION. FEWER HEADACHES.Comprehensive reporting. Actionable information.Lightspeed solutions give you access to detailedinformation about how your network is beingused in easy-to-understand reports. View,investigate, and share information such as:• Busiest Protocols• Top Network Users• Blocked Content• Search Engine Queries• Mail Traffic Chart• Traffic by Category• Computers: Hardware• Computers: System Information• Computers: Software Inventory• Suspicious Search Engine Queries• Suspicious Instant Messages• Suspicious Traffic• Top Email Senders• Top Email ReceiversLightspeed Systems solutions can give your district:• A safe, easily-managed solution for collaboration and Web 2.0,so you can reap the benefits of blended learning.• The ability to encourage mobile learning (whether BYOD orschool-provided) without worrying about safety and security.• A host of customizable components to manage your network whileensuring it delivers educational services.• Confidence that all federal and state technology mandates are being met.• A cost-effective, time-saving all-in-one network management solution.“My Big Cbetween the fiand access to YInternet sourcesneed, but also gto informatio4

Mobile and social learning are here.Is your network ready?BALANCE LEARNING and SAFETY IN WEB 2.0and MOBILE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS.Smarter filtering means knowing what you allow is as important as what you block. IT needs tokeep things safe, secure, and efficient—while at the same time allowing teachers and studentsto access all the online resources and tools that make learning engaging and real.Our filtering solutions are designed to allow 21st-century learning to safely take place in today’s schools.MobilityAccessCollaborationBalanceEnable 24/7 learning whilekeeping kids safe withfiltering for mobile devices,including iPad, iPod touch,iPhone and Android devices.Encourage research withsafe access to educationalYouTube videos, websites,and documents.Promote collaborative, blendedlearning by extending theclassroom to a safe, engagingonline environment.Provide teacher overridesand flexible policies forfiltering, then monitor activityto strike a balance betweenlearning and safety.How can a smarter filter encourage education?ampus provides a mergerltering side of LightspeedouTube videos and other. It gives me the features Iives teachers safe accessn that enhances learning.”n Rice, Technology Director,Atlanta ISD•Teach students about responsible online communication and the power of the web.•Educate students in critical thinking and researching on the Internet.•Promote learning in a real-world environment.•Encourage anytime, anywhere safe learning with mobile filtering.•Increase participation and meet the needs of all learning styles and personalities.•Access thousands of educational videos, websites, documents, and other resourcesto augment learning.•Enhance communication between students, teachers, and parents.•Improve teaching with peer feedback on teaching ideas and lesson plans.•Provide professional learning communities for staff development.5

Solutions for IT.Benefits for everyone.POWERFUL FEATURES. EASIER MANAGEMENT. REAL LEARNING.Administrators• Safely and effectively deliver the latest mobile, collaborative, and engaging technologies.• Assure users, staff, boards, and parents that policies for acceptable use are monitored and enforced.• Ensure compliance with CIPA and other regulations and minimize district liability.• Access reports on network use, with detailed information on individual users.IT Staff• Simplify network management with a single, consolidated solution for filtering, security, archiving,management, monitoring and more.• Search and retrieve unalterable archived email.• Operate in an authenticated, monitored environment.• Provide tools for a safe collaborative learning environment.• Store unlimited files in the cloud to save on hardware costs and prevent virus spread.Teachers/Curriculum Directors• Access and share valuable resources easily: videos, web sites, documents, and more.• Utilize web resources based on a database categorized specifically for education.• Extend the classroom with a safe, engaging online environment.• Ensure learning and teaching aren’t hampered by filtering with teacher override capabilities.• Easily post, review and grade assignments; assign quizzes.Students• Access blogging, messaging, discussions, online assignments, and more.• Engage in learning through collaboration with peers and teachers.• Work in an environment that mimics out-of-school use of the Internet.• Get easy 24/7 access to your assignments, quizzes, classwork and more.Parents• Be assured that students are safe in a monitored, CIPA-compliant environment.• Know that students are working with the latest technology, ensuring future competitiveness.• View teacher web sites and see student assignments, calendars, and more.6

The Lightspeed Difference.What sets us apart?Our SolutionsSmart. Mobile. Secure. Fast. Comprehensive.• Integrate Web 2.0 and help advancestudent achievement with the web filter.• Accommodate the ever increasing numberof mobile users and 1:1 initiatives on a widevariety of platforms with the mobile filter.• Secure your network through extensivemonitoring/reporting and desktopvirus protection.• Manage high email and network trafficwith our rocket solutions with nonegative impact on performance.• Save time and budget with our comprehensive,all-in-one, and customizable solution.Our ServicesOur feature-rich solutions designed specifically for K-12 schoolsare the answer to your network management and security needs.But our unparalleled 24/7 service and support mean our solutionswill continue to deliver, long after their implementation.Exceptional 24/7 Service and SupportWith any Lightspeed Systems solution, you can depend on:• 24/7 live-person phone technical support.• Comprehensive online knowledge bases.• The Lightspeed Wiki, full of peer reviews and best practices.Professional DevelopmentWe provide customized professional development servicesto address your specific needs. For more information, pleasecontact help you fully leverage your investment in LightspeedSystems, we offer an array of training options.Administrator Certification: Become a Lightspeed CertifiedAdministrator to get the most from your investment and keepup with the latest security issues and industry best practices.Supplemental Training: Enroll in a variety of supplementaltraining opportunities, available online, onsite, and atconferences across the United States.Overall Customer Support Survey Rating 95.9%*99.95% of support cases handled in less than 2 hours.59% of support cases were reopenedOverall Customer Training Survey Rating 93.25%*End-User Training: Provide end users the training they need toeffectively use your Lightspeed Systems solution with brieftwo- to five-minute videos.Annual Conferences: Attend our annual customer conferenceswhich offer unmatched training and networking opportunities.*Based on a 2010 customer survey.7

Learn how you can Filter, Secure, Monitor, Archive,and Manage your network while promotingCommunication, Collaboration, and Learning.Schedule an online Lightspeed SystemsTo us, education isn’t an industry; it’s a passion.Our solutions make it safe, secure, and easy for ITstaff to give users access to resources that makelearning engaging, collaborative–and real.Since 1999, Lightspeed Systems has been partneringwith, listening to, and supporting IT staff in schools–making their day-to-day tasks manageable and theireducational goals reachable. Today our solutions areused in more than 2,000 school districts for morethan 7 million students. While our products have wonnumerous awards, what we’re most interested in iswhat we can do together to transform education.To learn more about our products and services:www.lightspeedsystems.comMain: 877.447.6244Support: 800.444.9267Sales: sales@lightspeedsystems.comSupport:

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