january 2012 monthly report (pdf, 2.6mb) - The Banks Public ...


january 2012 monthly report (pdf, 2.6mb) - The Banks Public ...

Executive Summary

Summary1. Block 2 addition to the Central Riverfront IntermodalGarage and the Riverfront Street Grid with its underlying utilitynetwork are complete and in service. A minor punch listremains. The electronic system to support both the eventmanagement and valet parking is in operation.

Phase 2a: Parking 1/31/12New Second St Entrance

Approved Valet Parking Locations14219 17LOT25LOT27Lot22Lot21Lot203LOT28VALET PARKINGLOCATIONS

Summary2. All Public Parties work envisioned as Phase 1 andthe additional Phase 2a construction made possibleby the ARRA program is now complete. Workunderway with the Developer for next phases.

Summary3. Both construction phases of the PublicParties work continue to be within approvedbudgets and on target to meet SBE, DBE andsafety goals and should remain so through allcontract closeouts in March. The projectcontinues to have no lost-time accidents.

Summary4. Because of ODOT and OKI cooperation, all grant moniesnot projected to be spent in current work have been reprogrammedinto the two parts of Bid Package #12 toundertake important pedestrian, public safety and trafficmanagement improvements such as replacement of thistemporary pedestrian facility with a permanent improvement.

Bid Package #12Street Grid Pedestrian ImprovementsPart one: ODOT Local Public Agency Agreement (LPA)in place1. Traffic and Public Safety Technology2. Second Street/Transit Center Pedestrian Upgrade3. Freedom Way, Rosa Parks Street to Walnut Street4. Removal of Temporary Race Street south of FreedomWayPart two: LPA ready for approval1. Suspension Bridge Approach Pedestrian Connection2. Riverwalk Trail3. Broadway/Pete Rose Way Pedestrian Connection

Bid Package #12Public Safety Technology TC-28 AwardBID EVALUATION FORMITB# 006-12- The Banks Project –– Public Infrastructure Development – Parking Garage and Street grid – Bid Package #12, TC#28 –Central Riverfront Safety Technologies.Agent – JW Date: February 2, 2012Description Vendor #1 Vendor #2 Vendor #3 Vendor #4 AwardGlenwood CraftsmanESI Inc.Federal SignalElectric ElectricBid Cost- Total Labor andMaterial Costs$306,280 $415,450 $442,712 $512,759.13or Selection:easons for selecting your vendor (s) for this bid: (Check all that apply)est Pricet Products Our Specific Needr (Please Specify) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________RCHASING USE ONLY:OODS (Send standard award letter)Bid Bond:Please return bid bond checks? □ Yes □ NoPerformance bond required in amount of: ___________________________________Authorization:Signature: ____________________________________________________________Date Signed: __________________________________________________________□ SERVICE (Notify the surety agent)

SummaryCarter-Dawson reports Phase 1a residentialis 99% leased and that retail is 80% leased.

14Developer’s Leasing ScheduleAs of January 31, 2012• Toby Keith’s prepared for opening• The Tin Roof awaiting construction permit;opening projected for Spring 2012• Orange Leaf beginning construction• Mahogany’s designing their build-out• The Wine Guy executed their lease• Ruth’s Chris signed lease; construction set tobegin second quarter 2012

Budget Summary• The project is operating within the Phase 2a budgetpassed by the Commission in May 12, 2010; projectionsshow that no additional funds will be required for currentor future Bid Package #12 work.• The LPA Agreement for approval covers all federalfunds in hand that remain unspent.• The Developer is current with all billings from the PublicParties, including interest payments for the DeveloperEconomic Development Loan.• ODOT is current with all billings from the County forwork in place.

Budget Summary• According to budgetprojections, local fundsremaining from the February2009 budget are sufficient tocover necessary match and softcosts not eligible for federalfunds.• Phase 1 has just over $1Mcontingency remaining whichcan be moved to Phase 2.•Click here for full supportdocumentation

Economic Inclusion

The Banks Project: Economic InclusionAs of December 25, 2011:1. Construction Small Business Enterprise (SBE)participation goal is 30%• SBE 36%• MBE 15.9%• WBE 2.9%2. Professional Services• SBE 8.0%• MBE 6.8%• WBE 2.1%

The Banks Project: Economic InclusionFederal/ODOT Funding – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise ProgramBid Package No. ODOT DBEGoalContractorCommitmentActual DBEParticipation5 8.0% 10.8% 12.0%7 8.0% 10.7% 11.7%6 5.0% 5.0% 5.4%Bid Package No. ODOT DBEGoalContractorCommitmentActual DBEParticipation9 4% 4.9% 2.8%11 8% 8.4% 7.4%Bid Packages #5, #6, and #7 are closed out. Substantial work isbeing completed this month by the DBE contractors on Bid Packages#9 & #11; final billings are projected to meet ODOT goals.

The Banks Project: Economic Inclusion• Combined Minority/Female Workforce participation is17.42% as of December 25, 2011• Minority Workforce (female and male) is 16.12%• For the one-month period ending December 25, 2011,nearly 89.7% of workers lived within the 15-CountyCincinnati-Middletown MSA• Local residency analysis as of October 25, 2011(1,397 workers)• Tri-State 97.6%• Cincinnati-Middletown MSA 76.9%• Hamilton County 25.6%• City of Cincinnati 9.2%There are no local residency participation goals.

The Banks Project: Economic InclusionClick here to access supporting EconomicInclusion data on The Banks Public Partnershipwebsite.

22Safety•Over 416,000 hours worked without a lost-timeaccident through both Public Parties constructionphases, to date.

Schedule: ConstructionBid Package #9 complete; closeout underwayMehring Way and Elm Street guardrails the only work remainingBid Package #11 complete; closeout underwayCertificate of occupancy expected in FebruaryBid Package #12• Riverfront Public Safety technology contract out to bid• Part 1 to be bid Spring 2013Widening Second St. sidewalk, removal of Race St. Bridge, reconstruction ofportion of Freedom Way, completion of Public Safety technology• Part 2 to be bid Fall 2012Sidewalk upstream side of Roebling Bridge, steps and pedestrian bridge overPete Rose Way near Broadway; construction of Ohio River Trail from SteamboatMonument to Joe Nuxhall Way

Coordination with Cincinnati ParksMoerlein Lager House Opening February 25, 2012

Coordination with Cincinnati ParksWalnut Street Fountain, Grand Stair & Bike Center

Coordination with Cincinnati ParksWork South of Mehring Way

Communication: January EventThe Banks Project in the NewsTransfer of Artifacts from ArchaeologicalInvestigation to the Cincinnati Museum Center

CommunicationsThe Banks Project in the Newshttp://www.thebankspublicpartnership.com/media

Progress: January 2012For more information:John F. DeatrickThe Banks Project Executive(513) 946-4434john.deatrick@hamilton-co.orghttp://www.thebankspublicpartnership.com

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