Linz, November 10, 2008

Premiere – the new Banner Energy Bull

• Banner product innovation 2008

• special battery for the hobby and leisure sector

• up to three times the cycle resistance of standard starter batteries

• better operational safety and easy to maintain

• broad assortment

• available from specialised traders from November 2008

The new Banner Energy Bull was developed as a special battery for the hobby

and leisure sector. The strengths of this product innovation, available from November

2008 are the exceptional cycle resistance, a better operational safety

and a friendliness to maintain. Banner pursues with a broad Energy Bull assortment

his strategy of being a full-line supplier of lead-acid batteries

Banner recognises that in the hobby and leisure segment, special demands are

made on long-term discharge batteries, such as excellent cyclical resistance and

simple charging. In addition, Banner is aware of the fact that users are seeking easy

maintenance, cost efficiency and a particularly high degree of operational security.

Therefore, in order to meet these needs, the company has further developed and improved

its Energy Bull.

The Energy Bull is a special battery for the hobby and leisure sector. It supplies portable

energy for yachts and boats with electric motors, motor caravans/caravans and

camping. In addition, it can be used for signalling systems, solar panels and in electric


The Energy Bull offers up to three times the cycle resistance of standard starter batteries

and this represents the main characteristic of high quality, long-life discharge

batteries. To this end, in its battery design Banner employs robust grid structures,

special mass compositions and bag separators with a glass web covering.

The labyrinth structure in the battery lid and the use of special screws prevent the

uncontrolled escape of battery acid in the case of powerful vibration and impacts. In

addition, integrated backfire protection and central degassing also help to ensure operational


Grid alloys and additives in the separator furnish a general guarantee for low water

consumption and self-discharge. Markings on the transparent battery casing provide

a constant source of information regarding the ideal acid level and thanks to the easily

unwound screws, battery water can be refilled simply.


Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR

Banner GmbH

Banner Straße 1;4021 Linz-Leonding (A)

Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax DW 61550

Mobil +43/(0)676/873 81 550



The Energy Bull range consists of eight models with capacities of 60 - 230Ah. The

output of the individual types has been optimised in line with cyclical loads.

The new Energy Bull is available for delivery from november 2008 onwards and Andreas

Bawart, Banner’s commercial CEO, is already convinced of its success, “With

the further development of the Energy Bull, we are looking to step up our involvement

in the long-life discharge battery area. We have put all our extensive battery manufacturing

experience into this battery with the aim of meeting increased customer requirements

to the full and I believe we have entirely succeeded.”

The new Energy Bull represents a convincing long-term discharge battery for the

hobby and leisure sector

Banner is an innovative, steadily expanding producer of top quality starter batteries. The company,

which is based in Leonding, Austria, has been manufacturing batteries for all types of vehicles since

1937. The family-owned firm, which is headed by Andreas Bawart and Thomas Bawart, employs a

workforce of around 670 across Europe. Banner produces and sells over 3.6 million starter batteries

and 43 million wheel weights annually. In other words, Banner numbers among the oldest, most experienced

and important brands in the battery manufacturing field. Banner batteries are used for the

first fitting of numerous models from BMW, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, smart, VW, Kässbohrer, Liebherr,

MAN and Jungheinrich. Sales take place via Group companies with a total of 29 branches in Austria,

Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Poland, the Czech and Slovak

Republics, Hungary, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria. Moreover, Banner products are sold in a further

40 European, African and Asian states via direct importers. Future-oriented technology and outstanding

quality underline the international reputation of these exemplary products with “buffalo

power”, which are also characterised by the Banner logo. Further information is available under:


Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR

Banner GmbH

Banner Straße 1;4021 Linz-Leonding (A)

Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax DW 61550

Mobil +43/(0)676/873 81 550


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