The Alabama Academy of General Dentistry's 37th ... -

The Alabama Academy of General Dentistry's 37th ... -

Dr. John CokeDr. Mike EdwardsThe Medically Complex Patient andthe Use of Minimal SedationTuesday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM1:00 PM - 5:00 PMDr. Coke received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado--Boulderand then graduated with a DDS degree from Loyola University School of Dentistry inChicago. Immediately following, he completed a one-year General Practice Residencyat Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, VA. After two years as a Naval DentalOfficer in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, he completed a two-year certificate program inOral Medicine and Oral Diagnosis from the University of Illinois--Chicago. Dr. Cokehas been involved with GPR hospital-based programs in Chicago, IL, Denver, CO andGainesville, FL. Currently, Dr. Coke is Professor and Program Director for the AEGDand GPR post-graduate programs at the University of Alabama-Birmingham School ofDentistry. He is board certified by the American Board of Oral Medicine, Diplomate ofthe American Board of Special Care Dentistry and Fellow of the American Associationof Hospital Dentists. Dr. Coke has been active with the American Dental AssociationCommission on Dental Accreditation serving as a Site Evaluator since 1984 and ispast Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Advanced Education in General PracticeResidency. He has given over one hundred CE presentations nationally on commonsense pharmacology for the general dentist, medical risk management, infection controland adult minimal sedation for the general dentist. He is the author and co-author oftwentyy eight refereed publications.Dr. Mike Edwards graduated with a DMD degree from the University of Alabama Schoolof Dentistry in Birmingham. He completed an externship with the United States PublicHealth/Indian Health Service in St. Ignatius, Montana. Dr. Edwards began privatepractice in 1979 and has received both his Fellowship and Mastership in The Academyof General Dentistry.Dr. Edwards has held numerous national appointments with the Alabama Academy ofGeneral Dentistry as well as serving as state president of the ALAGD. He is currentlythe chairman of the American Dental Association Anesthesia Council (committee H) andthe Chairman of the Task Force on Oral Sedation for the National Academy of GeneralDentistry. He presently serves on the Council for Dental Education and Licensure. Dr.Edwards has presented numerous lectures nationally on parenteral and enteral sedationas well as other dental continuing education lectures. He has practiced sedationdentistry for over twenty eight years and has been involved with developing both stateand national guidelines for safe use of sedation published in the Journal of the AmericanDental Association in 2006.Dr. Edwards is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of GeneralDentistry, The American Equilibration Society, a Fellow of the American College ofDentists and Pierre Fauchard Society, and the OKU Honorary Dental Society.The Medically Complex Patient and the Use of MinimalSedationTuesday AM: 4 Hours AGD 754Tuesday PM: 4 Hours AGD 754The morning session of this course will identify medically complex patientsthat can present as potential problems for the general dentist. The course willdescribe how they can safely be managed by the dental team.The patients include:• Advanced cardiovascular disease• Recent CVA/stroke• Neurologic disease• The elderly patientThe afternoon session will address the use of minimal sedation in these patients.Topics to be discussed:• Do I sedate?• Sedation drug selection--which agent is safest• Dose modification--when to decrease the MRD• Special pre and post operative instructionsSally McKenzie, CEOLost Patients.... How Dentists Lose Patients...Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMUncovering Practice Profit KillersTuesday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PMSally McKenzie is a Certified Management Consultant and founder and CEOof McKenzie Management. For over 25 years, Sally has immersed herselfin techniques, systems and methods to improve the performance of dentalpractices. She was a dental auxiliary, dental business administrator anddental educator for several years prior to founding McKenzie Management in1980.Sally was also an instructor of dental auxiliary utilization techniques withthe Ohio State University College of Dentistry where she was an AdjunctProfessor. Sally continues to proficiently direct the efforts at McKenzieManagement, insuring attendance to her developed Practice EnrichmentPrograms, Dental Consulting Services, Educational Management Products,Dental Seminars, and Advanced Training Center.Sally has also been a featured speaker for the nation’s top dental meetingsand has lectured to dental societies, dental schools, study clubs, andstate dental associations throughout the United States and Internationally.Her informative articles are featured in every major dental publication andshe is a Contributing Editor to Dentistry Today Magazine.Sally is also the Editor of the McKenzie E-Management Newsletter, aweekly email newsletter providing management tips to the dental industryand Founder and Editor of The Dentist’s Network e-Newsletter as well as thePublisher and Editor of The New Dentist Magazine.Lost Patients...How Dentists Lose Patients EverydayTuesday AM: 4 Hours AGD 560Seventy-eight percent of 128,000 general dentists in the U.S. are solopractitioners. Considering the length of time in practice, 15-30+ years, whyis there only enough work to keep one dentist busy? Because you are losingmore patients out the back door...than are coming in the front door.Dentists lose patients every day and don’t know it’s happening. You willlearn how poor customer service, poor hiring techniques, lack of employeetraining, lack of job descriptions, lack of accountability, priority confusion, andineffective systems become the main impetus behind why patients leave:• Poor Customer Service and Systems• Lack of Training• Recall--The most neglected of all dental business operational systems• Patient Retention MeasurementsLearning Objectives:• This course will provide a general understanding of why patients do notreturn to the practice.• The participant will exit with a clear knowledge of operational functionsand their impact on service to patients.• The participant will obtain a better understanding of how to provide bettercustomer service to patients.• The participant will expand their knowledge in the area of communicatingwith patients.Uncovering Practice Profit KillersTuesday PM: 4 Hours AGD 552Production flucuates regularly. Collections are shaky. The schedule isfeast or famine. Hygiene is booked solid but the hygienist is spending moretime sitting than scaling. Practice profits become the victim. Factors thatinfluence overhead that are the most frequent offenders are: high expenses,inconsistent production and low collections. Tips, techniques and strategiesto guarantee a profitable and successful practice are presented.

Dr. Michael ReddyDr. Jean O’NealDental Implants:Why, When, and HowWednesday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM1:00 PM - 5:00 PMDr. Michael Reddy is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Periodontologyat the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. Dr. Reddy is a 1981graduate of the University of Hartford. He attended the Harvard School of DentalMedicine where he earned his DMD degree in 1986, and Certificate of Periodontologyand Doctorate of Medical Sciences degree in Oral Biology in 1989. He is a Diplomateof the American Board of Periodontology and the recipient of the Clinical ResearchAward from the American Academy of Periodontology. He has published more than180 scientific manuscripts and abstracts and has been the recipient of numerous researchgrants. He is actively involved as a scientist in the UAB Center for Aging andthe UAB Center for Metabolic Bone Disease and the Periodontal Research Clinic. Dr.Reddy’s research is focused on the understanding of the pathogenesis of periodontaldiseases through the modeling of clinical disease progression. The focus has beenthe understanding of the pattern of alveolar bone loss and its potential mechanisticassociation with osteoporosis. In addition, his laboratory works on development andevaluation of regenerative medicine and biomimetic therapeutic approaches to guidedbone regeneration for periodontal disease, dental implants and oral bone loss. A majoremphasis has been development of diagnostic systems to evaluate bone resorption.These diagnostics are currently being applied to the development and testing ofdental implants and surgical techniques aimed at the regeneration of bone.A native of Paint Rock, Alabama, Dr. Jean O’Neal graduated from Judson College in1969. She subsequently graduated from the University of Alabama School of Dentistryin 1977 and received her Masters of Science in Dentistry in 1980.Dr. O’Neal recently retired as Chair, Department of Prosthodontics at the University ofAlabama School of Dentistry. She was named Chair and Professor Emeritus at TheUniversity of Alabama and maintains a part time faculty position. She practices in aprosthodontic practice outside of Birmingham, Alabama at Calera Dental Center.Dr. O’Neal’s research activities are primarily clinically related focusing on evaluatingtreatment modalities in implant dentistry and esthetics. She has also presentednumerous continuing education courses nationally, internationally and particularlyto local district dental societies, study clubs, and the Academy of General DentistryPrograms.Dr. O’Neal’s primary passion is teaching and practicing crown and bridge prosthodonticswith emphasis on esthetics, implant rehabilitation and occlusion.Dental Implants: Why, When, and HowWednesday AM: 4 Hours AGD 697Wednesday PM: 4 Hours AGD 697The most significant new dental treatment innovation in the last 30 years indentistry is implant dentistry. This is a combined case based program whereall aspects of dental implant treatment decision making will be discussed.The course will focus on evidence based dentistry for long term favorableprognosis and achieving desirable esthetics. The course will address:• Decisions based on patients’ health conditions, including the impact ofosteoporosis and bisphosphonates, cardiovascular disease, diabetesand smoking• Comparison decision making of conventional prosthetics versus implantsbased on loss of key teeth, prognosis and cost analysis• Planning complex multi-disciplinary treatment through long treatmenttransitional phases with the use of temporary restorations and the use ofhopeless teeth• When to retreat endodontics and crown, lengthen a tooth versus extraction,and dental implant placement• Why a patient lost a tooth matters for esthetics as well as prognosis• Understanding the role of the extraction, implant placement and temporaryrestoration on the gingival margin and the esthetic outcome• Abutment and crown selection for esthetic outcomes and long termpatient satisfactionDr. Charles BlairFocus on Profitability:Wednesday: 8:00 AM-12:00PMThe Top Coding Errors:Wednesday: 1:00 PM-5:00PMHygiene EconomicsThursday:8:00 AM-12:00PMDr. Charles Blair is dentistry’s leading authority on practice profitability,fee analysis, insurance coding strategies and overhead control. He hasindividually consulted with thousands of practices, helping them identify andimplement new strategies for greater productivity and profitability. He holdsdegrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Mathematics, and DentalSurgery. Dr. Blair is the developer of PracticeBooster®, Dentistry’s ClinicalTreatment Intensifier. Dr. Blair is a Contributing Editor for Dental Economicsmagazine. He is located in Mount Holly, North Carolina.Focus on Profitability for the Efficient PracticeWednesday AM: 4 Hours AGD 552Are you working “in” your practice rather than “on” it? Learn to see the“big picture,” analyze the business side of your practice, and take solid stepstoward increasing profitability.Hear strategies, tips and “pearls” on:• Coping with a Down Economy• Fee Profiling and PPO Strategies• Procedure Mix Enhancement• Optimum Staff Ratios• Hygiene Department StrategiesAlso hear insight on how to:• Move from “cost-based” to “revenue-savvy”• Diminish broken appointments--an “economic killer”• Planning a productive and profitable future for your practiceThe participants will gain insight into running a practice like a business, bechallenged to new thinking to survive in a changing world, and understandthe cost of doing businessStay Out Of Jail: The Top Coding ErrorsWednesday PM: 4 Hours AGD 554Based on several thousand dental practices studied, these common problemswere identified:• Consistent Coding Errors• Clinical Protocol Issues• Potentially Fraudulent ActivitiesCoding and fee positioning errors are predictable in today’s dental practice.Learn the top coding errors--and how not to make them! You will alsoreceive new, valuable information on some of the “hot”sections of the CDTcode, which you can use to identify and “fix”coding problems that lurk in yourpractice. Most practices can expect legitimate net increases in cash flowimmediately by learning how to do it right.The participants will learn through predictive error correction, typical codingerrors, gain knowledge into clinical protocol sequences and into fee forgiveness,discounting, multiple fees, etc.Hygiene EconomicsThursday AM: 4 Hours AGD 554How is the Hygiene Department analyzed? What should the dentist “ask”when a new member of your hygiene staff is sitting in front of you? Whatshould the hygienist “ask” the dentist in an employment interview?• Total Compensation Calculation• Hygiene Production Issues• Service Mix History or Expectations• Bonus Systems--How and Why• Clinical Work Load Evaluation• Efficiency Concepts: A guide for making your hygiene department moreefficient and productive.

Dr. Philip VassilopoulosPeriodontal Treatment for HygienistsWednesday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMPhilip Vassilopoulos is an Assistant Professor in the Department ofPeriodontology at the UAB School of Dentistry. He received his dentaldegree at the University of Athens School of Dentistry in Athens, Greecein 1994. Dr. Vassilopoulos obtained clinical training in Periodontology atthe University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, receivinga certificate in Periodontology in 2003. In May 2004, he successfullypassed the examination required to become Board Certified by theAmerican Board of Periodontology.Dr. Vassilopoulos serves as a member of the National Board Test ConstructionCommittee.Dr. Vassilopoulos is a member of several dental organizations includingthe American Academy of Periodontology, the American Board of Periodontology,the American Dental Association, the Academy of Osseointegration,the Southern Academy of Periodontology, the Alabama Societyof Periodontists and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.Dr. Vassilopoulos is the Postgraduate Periodontal Clinic Director as wellas Coursemaster of Periodontology II for sophomores and PeriodontologyIV for senior students. He recently became the surgical director ofthe Graduate Prosthodontic Implant Clinic and is actively involved inthe Implant Fellowship Program at UAB School of Dentistry. In addition,he participates in ongoing research projects in the Departmentof Periodontology such as how periodontal disease affects pregnancyoutcomes and the impact of periodontal disease on the systemic healthand studies involving different types of dental implants as well as softtissue and hard tissue grafting techniques. Dr. Vassilopoulos maintainsa private practice limited in periodontic and dental implants with emphasison esthetics.Periodontal Treatment for HygienistsWednesday AM: 4 Hours AGD 495Course Description: This program will cover the following topics:• Medical and dental history of periodontal patient• Clinical assessment and radiographic evaluation• Diagnosis and prognosis of periodontal diseases• Surgical and non surgical periodontal treatment• Supportive periodontal maintenanceLearning Objectives: Upon completion of this program the participantwill be able to accomplish the following:• Obtain and interpret information in order to properly and safely treatperiodontal patients• Collect data and use findings for accurate assessment and diagnosisof patients with periodontal diseases• Establish a prognosis for patients diagnosed with periodontaldisease• Develop and apply the indicated therapy for the periodontal patient• Prevent relapse of periodontal disease and maintain periodontalhealthDr. Philip VassilopoulosDr. Mia GeisingerPeriodontal Hygiene LabWednesday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PMDr. Mia Geisinger received her Doctoral of Dental Surgery from ColumbiaUniversity School of Dental Medicine and completed her Certificatein Periodontics and Implantology and her Master of Scienceat The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Dr.Geisinger is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.She worked in a private practice limited to Periodontology in Goodlettsville,TN and joined the faculty at the University of Alabama atBirmingham in 2007. Dr. Geisinger is the recipient of the 2009 AADRWilliam Clark Fellowship Award and the American Board of PeriodontologyFoundation Teaching Fellowship. She has lectured both nationallyand internationally on Periodontology and Periodontal Education.Dr. Geisinger’s clinical practice includes all aspects of periodontologyand implant dentistry and focuses on root coverage and aestheticprocedures as well as the links between systemic disease and periodontalinflammation.Periodontal Hygiene LabWednesday PM: 4 Hours AGD 495Course Description: This program will cover the following topics:• Examination procedures• Supragingival and subgingival scaling technique with the use ofanterior and posterior scalers• Scaling and root planning technique with the use of universal andsite-specific curets as well as periodontal files• Magnetostrictive and piezolelectric ultrasonic instrumentation ofcrown and root tooth surfacesLearning Objectives: Upon completion of this program the participantwill be able to accomplish the following on a mannequin:• Properly use a periodontal probe and explorers to complete acomprehensive periodontal evaluation• Apply the fundamental skills of scaling and root planning with theuse of proper instruments• Master the use of different ultrasonic scalers• Apply examination and scaling and root planning techniques tothe maintenance of endosseous dental implants

Dr. Andrei BaraschInternal Medicine for the Dental StaffThursday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM1:00 PM - 5:00 PMDr. Andrei Barasch is an Oral Medicine specialist currently engaged inacademic activities at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Hegraduated cum laude from Hunter College (New York) and obtaineda DMD degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989. He thencompleted a general practice residency at Harvard’s Brigham andWomen’s Hospital and advanced training in Oral Medicine at the Universityof Connecticut.Dr. Barasch’s research interests revolve around the oral diseases andcare of medically complex patients. He has published over 30 articlesin peer reviewed journals and lectures widely on medical issues andpharmacotherapeutics as they relate to dentistry. He maintains an OralMedicine practice at the Hospital of the University of Alabama Birmingham.In his free time he is trying unsuccessfully to learn Chinese.Internal Medicine for the Dental StaffThursday AM: 4 Hours AGD 734Thursday PM: 4 Hours AGD 734In this lecture, Dr. Barasch will present up-to-date evidence in generalinternal medicine that affects provision of dental treatment. Topicsinclude: cardiovascular disease, cancer, infectious disease and their respectivetreatments. Special emphasis is placed on levels of evidenceand shifts in paradigm that have occurred in the recent past. Thislecture will apprise the audience of current approaches to systemic diseaseand the way these approaches influence the practice of dentistry.At the end of this lecture, the participant will have developed an understandingof new, evidence-based medical paradigms in medical care forcardiovascular, malignant and infectious diseases; and understand thechanges in dental treatment required by these paradigm changes.Dr. Charles BlairHygiene EconomicsThursday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMHygiene EconomicsThursday AM: 4 Hours AGD 554How is the Hygiene Department analyzed? What should the dentist “ask”when a new member of your hygiene staff is sitting in front of you? Whatshould the hygienist “ask” the dentist in an employment interview?• Total Compensation Calculation• Hygiene Production Issues• Service Mix History or Expectations• Bonus Systems--How and Why• Clinical Work Load Evaluation• Efficiency Concepts: A guide to making your hygiene department moreefficient and productiveDr. Dan NathansonStaying Updated with Treatment Planning, Materials,and Technology in a Prosthodontic..........Thursday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM1:00 PM - 5:00 PMDr. Dan Nathanson is Professor and Chairman of the Department of RestorativeSciences & Biomaterials at Boston University, a department comprisingthe programs of Prosthodontics, Advanced Operative/Esthetics, AEGDand Biomaterials. After receiving his dental degree in Jerusalem, Israel, Dr.Nathanson completed postdoctoral training at Harvard University and BostonUniversity. A Fellow of the Academy of Prosthodontics, American Academy ofEsthetic Dentistry, Academy of Dental Materials, and the Greater NY Academyof Prothodontics, Dr. Nathanson also holds memberships in the AmericanCollege of Prosthodontists, American & International Associations for DentalResearch (Past President, Boston Chapter), and other organizations. He iscurrently the President of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry andVice President of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Among otherawards, he received the 2006 “Clinician of the Year” award of the MassachusettsDental Society. With a primary research interest in restorative/prostheticmaterials, Dr. Nathanson is a member of a number of editorial boards and haspublished extensively. He teaches and lectures nationally and internationally.Staying Updated with Treatment Planning, Materials,and Technology in a Prosthodontic-Restorative-Esthetic PracticeThursday AM: 4 Hours AGD 780Thursday PM: 4 Hours AGD 780Modern dentistry is changing quickly, moving from the venerable PFMto newer all-ceramic systems, digital impressions, automated fabricationtechnologies, and more. These changes approaching at a fast pacecan be exciting but also frustrating. Will restorations have a better fitwith the new systems? Will patients be more satisfied? Are we readyfor the changes? This course will review the new materials options andtechnologies available for restorative and prosthetic dentistry, describingattributes, indications and limitations. Innovations in ceramics,cements, adhesives, color matching tools, etc will be presented usingclinical cases as a demonstration of their application and performance.Learning Objectives:• Review new materials systems and technologies for restorative/prosthodontic practices• Review the correct manipulation/use of new products (adhesiveresins, cements, new post systems, all-ceramic systems)• Discuss indications and contraindications for use of new estheticposts• Highlight methods and systems that can improve clinical performanceand satisfy patients

Ms. Nancy TomlinRules Make CentsThursday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMFriday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PMMs. Nancy Tomlin is the Compliance Officer at the University ofAlabama School of Dentistry, where she also serves as the InfectionControl Coordinator. She earned her BS in Dental Hygiene fromUAB in 1984. Ms. Tomlin has worked in private practice and servedas the Adult and Professional Coordinator for the Dental Bureau atthe Jefferson County Department of Health. She has also providednumerous OSHA and Infection Control presentations to the dentalcommunity, locally and statewide.Rules Make Cents Thurs. AM Fri. PMThursday AM: 4 Hours AGD 551Friday PM: 4 Hours AGD 551Rules, rules, rules and more rules are governing the dental environment.Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Centers forDisease Control and Prevention, American Dental Association, andthe Alabama Department of Environmental Management have rules,recommendations or regulations that impact our office practicesconstantly. This presentation reviews the requirements pertaining toinfection control including waterline treatment, personal protectionand practices, hazardous and biohazardous waste disposal and givespractical suggestions that can save time and money.The objectives of this course are:• Review daily infection control procedures to ensure compliancewith CDC recommendations and provide economical solutions.• Explore safe, time and money saving solutions to infection controldilemmas.• Review the rationale for the ADA dental waterline recommendations;explore solutions and expense of sample systems.• Address the cost of forbidden and improper office attire.• Review the history of ADEM, its regulations and the environmentaland economic impact of proper waste disposal.Dr. Perng-Ru LiuAvoid Clinical Failures:Understanding Materials and Techniques toAchieve Excellence in Esthetic DentistryFriday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PMDr. Perng-Ru Liu is a 1985 graduate of Chung-Shan Medical University,Taiwan. He received his Prosthodontic Certificate (1991),MS Degree(1992) and DMD Degree (1999) from UAB School of Dentistry.Currently, he is Professor and Chair of the Department of Prosthodonticsat the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry.He served as Chair of the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry atUAB School of Dentistry from 2000 to 2009.Dr. Liu has been very actively involved in several grant supportedclinical dental implant research projects at the UAB School of Dentistry.His research interests have been focused on clinical research ofthe restorative phases of several dental implant systems and in-vivoevaluations of the various esthetic resorative systems. Dr. Liu is amember of the American Dental Association, the International Associationfor Dental Research, the American College of Prosthodontistsand Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Honorary Dental Fraternity. Heis a fellow of the American College of Dentists. Dr. Liu has publishednumerous scientific abstracts and articles in refereed journals. Healso lectured nationally and internationally on computer generatedceramic restorations, esthetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Liu was therecipient of the 1997 and 2005 UAB President’s Award for Excellencein Teaching, the highest university-wide honor for teaching excellencein the School of DentistryAvoid Clinical Failures: Understanding Materials andTechniques to Achieve Excellence in EstheticDentistryFriday AM: 4 Hours AGD 780Friday PM: 4 Hours AGD 780Course Description: A proper understanding of the fundamentals ofdental materials and techniques is essential to the long-term successof esthetic dentistry. This course is designed to provide a comprehensiveand clinically relevant update of current techniques and dentalmaterials in restorative dentistry. The speaker will share his expertiseand lessons learned from a broad array of topics to include:• Common reasons for restoration failure (ceramic veneers, pressableceramics, Cerec restorations, and indirect alumina andzirconia CAD-CAM restorations)• Factors that determine longevity of various resorative materials• How to select and utilize proper materials to maximize theirbenefits and longevityEducational Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participantswill be able to:• Apply knowledge on how to achieve predictable results in estheticdentistry• Be familiar with common failure modes in restorative dentistry• Select proper techniques and materials for various restorations• Properly manage complications and failure in restorative dentistry

Dr. Robert L. Meador, Jr.Am I Ready for Lasers?Friday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMDr. E. Gaylon McColloughThe Beautifully Balanced LifeFriday: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PMDr. Robert Meador is a 1979 graduate from the University of AlabamaSchool of Dentistry in Birmingham. He practiced general dentistry inMobile for twenty years and is now a full time faculty member at theuniversity. Dr. Meador received his Fellowship in the Academy ofGeneral Dentistry and is currently completing his Mastership. He isa Group Manager in the Department of General Dental Sciences andteaches Practice Management courses to the senior dental students.Dr. Meador is involved with directing the school’s Laser Study Clubalong with teaching residents and students an introductory course inLaser Dentistry which includes demonstrations and clinical applicationin the Comprehensive Care Clinic.Am I Ready for Lasers?Friday AM: 4 Hours AGD 260The use of lasers in dentistry is rapidly becoming an integral part ofan everyday dental practice. This course is designed to give a broadoverview of lasers and their use in dentistry. The course will beginwith several hours of lecture and the remainder will be devoted to theparticipants using lasers to operate on extracted teeth and soft tissuespecimens. The laboratory session will be conducted in an informalmanner in order to facilitate discussion and hands-on learning.Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course participants willbe familiar with:• The various types of dental lasers, their application and limitations• How lasers operate• Everyday procedures that can be performed in your practice• Using lasers to prepare teeth for restorations• Using lasers on soft tissue to perform various proceduresSince entering practice, Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough has obtained internationalrecognition as a surgeon and teacher. Dr. McCollough was an AcademicAll American center on Alabama Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s 1964 NationalChampionship Team. Dr. McCollough was honored by the March of Dimesas Alabama Citizen of the Year for 1994-1995 and is listed in the NationalRegistry of Who’s Who in Medicine. Dr. McCollough has been included inThe Best Doctors in America since 1994 and listed among America’s TopPlastic Surgeons.Dr. McCollough is the co-author of several major textbooks on facial andnasal plastic surgery. Dr. McCollough completed an approved program ofspecialized training in facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California, NewOrleans, Louisiana, and Boston, Massachusetts, and is board certified bythe American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and hasserved as the Board’s President. He is founder of the American College ofRejuvenology and serves as the college’s president. He was also electedPresident of the International Council of Integrative Medicine. He is also certifiedby the American Board of Otolaryngology, (representing the specialty ofotolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery).Dr. McCollough was also inducted into the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeryas an honorary member and served as president of the American Associationof Cosmetic Surgeons and the American Academy of Facial Plasticand Reconstructive Surgery. He was recently honored for the internationalrelease of his newest book, Let Us Make Man at the Waldorf Astoria in NewYork City, New York. Dr. McCollough has traveled globally to teach seminarand techniques of head and neck plastic surgery to surgeons from aroundthe world. After 25 successful years in Birmingham, One of the Best Doctorsin America, Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgeon, E. Gaylon McCollough, M.D.,F.A.C.S and the internationally acclaimed McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinicmoved to Gulf Shores, Alabama, where he founded the 35,000 square footMcCollough Institute For Appearance & Health, an interdisciplinary professionalcomplex dedicated to helping people from all walks of life look, feeland perform better...longer. The McCollough Institute was honored by theAlabama Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce as ‘Business of the Year’ 2002.Dr. McCollough and his wife, Susan, have two children and four grandchildrenThe Beautifully Balanced LifeCourse Description: This presentation is designed to demonstrate theinseparable links between Appearance, Health, Happiness, and Success.Dr. McCollough will provide real life examples of how these fourfactors are synergistic.Goals and Objectives: Attendees will come away with a better understandingof how to live a healthier, happier, and more successful lifethrough balancing the four factors mentioned above.

Dr. Nicholas R. Conte, Jr.Provisional Fixed Restorations-Keys to SuccessFriday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMProvisional Restorations LabFriday 1:00 - 5:00 PMDr. Nicholas Conte, Jr. is Clinical Research Manager for DENTSPLYCaulk in Milford, Delaware. He is a board eligible prosthodontist andcurrently holds an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor atUMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School. Dr. Conte earned a BA from theUniversity of Rochester. He has been in private practice since completinghis prosthodontic residency in 2000. As a faculty member atNJDS, he has developed and directed the Esthetic Dentistry Curriculumand managed an undergraduate dental clinic. He enjoys lecturingon principles of esthetic dentistry and is a member of the AmericanAssociation for Dental Research.Provisional Fixed Restorations-Keys to SuccessFriday AM: 4 Hours AGD 610Friday PM: 4 Hours AGD 610PThe fabrication of a provisional restoration is one of the most importantsteps in assuring high quality dentistry. While the dental teamfocuses on recording an impression and the subsequent final restoration,the provisional is often overlooked as being a critical step in theprocess. The provisional restoration should serve not as a spacemaintainer but as a diagnostic and evaluative tool for the dentist,patient, and laboratory. A properly fabricated provisional restorationaffords us the opportunity to evaluate esthetics, pulp status, periodontalresponses, occlusion and phonetics.Considering the provisional restoration can be as important as thefinal restoration. Dentists and auxillaries must be able to fabricateexcellent provisional restorations that are durable, functional, andesthetic. This course will provide an overview of the new and currentprovisional materials and the evolution of the products and their deliverysystems. Dr. Conte will discuss the current problems associatedwith provisional fabrication and provide trouble-shooting techniques tocombat the frustration involved in the process. This hands-on coursewill help develop the knowledge, skill, speed and confidence that willallow the dentist and auxiliary to fabricate provisional restorationsconsistently, quickly and easily!Course Topics:• Understanding the importance of provisional restorations from amechanical, biological and esthetic perspective• Overview of marketplace and materials• Benefits and obstacles in selecting a material• Description of techniques for fabricating provisional restorations• Troubleshooting provisional fabrication/offer solutions to commonproblems• Hands-on opportunity to work with materials & techniques discussedMr. Scott HerndonCPRThursday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PMFriday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMFor the fourth consecutive year, Scott Herndon will bring his experienceand enthusiasm to the Alabama Academy of General Dentistry’sAnnual Review of Dentistry, instructing American Heart AssociationCPR classes.Scott has over 25 years experience in occupational safety and healthand emergency response as well as experience instructing. In additionto basic life support courses, Scott has been certified as a FireService Instructor and is an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer.Here is what past ALAGD conference participants have had to sayregarding Scott’s CPR classes:• “Best CPR course I’ve had over the past 38 years of dentalpractice.”• “I am 64 years old, a retired dentist, and this is the best taughtcourse I have ever taken.”• “Best CPR course and instructor I have had.”• “Most conprehensive treatment of subject matter I have receivedsince dental school (28 years ago).”• “This was the most thorough training I have received in CPR. Itwas very obvious the instructor was knowledgeable and caredthat everyone actually learned the technique.”Scott is a Regional Manager of Safety and Health for a leading manufacturerof building products. In addition to managing efforts regardingaccident prevention and OSHA compliance, Scott spends the majorityof his time managing industry leading best practices for safety andhealth. His past industrial experience includes steel making, petroleumrefining, textiles, and other light/medium manufacturing.In addition to his professional career, Scott volunteers as a Firefighter/EMT with the Carroll’s Creek Fire Department in Tuscaloosa County,Alabama.CPRThursday PM: 4 Hours AGD 142Friday AM: 4 Hours AGD 142Attention!Mark Your Calendars Nowfor the 38th Annual Review of Dentistry.Dr. Gordon Christensenwill be a featured speaker.**Thursday-Saturday, September 8-10, 2011**

Exhibit Hall Party!!!!Schedule of EventsThursday, September 9, 20104:30 PMLight Hors d’oveurs Served5:30 PM-Heavy Hors d’oveurs Served6:00 PMDrawing Begins for Fabulous Prizes(must be present to win)Every Registered Participant Welcome!Come Hungry!Come Thirsty!Just Come!Make sure to spend some time withour valued exhibitors!

Children’s Sand Art on the BeachThursday3:00 pm - 5:00 pmMeet on the Beach!Everyone Invited!Cash Prizes!Dr. Gaylon McCollough2010 Spouse Luncheonat SegarsFriday, September 10, 201011:00 am - 12:30 pmThe Beautifully Balanced Lifeby reknown Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Gaylon McColloughAppearance .Health . Happiness .SuccessFull Bio for Dr. McCollough on page 9.$30.00 Fee

ALAGD 2010 OfficersPresident: Milton Essig, DMDPresident Elect: Ray McLaughlin, DMD, FAGDVice President: Bob Moore, DMD, MAGDSecretary: Alan Vines, DMD, FAGDTreasurer: Douglas Beckham, DMD, FAGDExecutive Director: Howard Gamble, DMD, FAGDEditor:Bill Chesser, DMD, MAGDExecutive Secretary: Angela GilliverALAGD 2009 Board of DirectorsJim Clark, DMDCharles Graffeo, DMD, MAGDElizabeth Jackson, DMDToni Neumeier, DMD, MAGDHunter Pope, DMD, FAGDDavid Scott, DMD, FAGDDavid Skees, DMD, FAGDAlan Vines, DMD, FAGDALAGD Review of DentistrySandestin ChairpersonsProgram Chair:Arrangements Chair:Corp. Sponsor Chair:Exhibits Chair:AV Chair:Display Chair:Brochure Design:National CouncilMembers:Paul Bussman, DMD, FAGDBill Chesser, DMD, MAGDMike Edwards, DMD, MAGDHoward Gamble, DMD, MAGDGary Myers, DMD, MAGDKenneth Suggs, DMD, FAGDMilton Essig, DMDBobby Babb, DMD, MAGDAlan Vines, DMD, FAGDBob DeShazer, DMD, MAGDBud Rogers, DMD, FAGDGary Myers, DMD, MAGDAngela GilliverAGD DelegatesBill Chesser, DMD, MAGDGary Myers, DMD, MAGDTim Brooks, DMD, MAGDAlternates:Milton Essig, DMDRay McLaughlin, DMD, FAGDALAGD Committee ChairpersonsContinuing Education:Charles Graffeo, DMD, MAGDLegislative:Gary Myers, DMD, MAGDPublic Information:William Ingram, DMD, MAGDMembership:David Scott, DMD, FAGDFinance:Douglas Beckham, DMD, FAGDUAB SOD Liaison:Toni Neumeier, DMD, MAGDPast Presidents of the ALAGD2009 W. Timothy Brooks, DMD, MAGD2008 Guy Rosenstiel, DMD, MAGD2007 William Ingram, V. DMD, MAGD2006 Gary Myers, DMD, MAGD2005 Robert DeShazer, DMD, MAGD2004 Steve Stricklin, DMD, MAGD2003 Bud Rogers, DMD, FAGD2002 Leigh Ann Nevins, DMD2001 Allen Kessler, DMD, MAGD2000 Paul Bussman, DMD, FAGD1999 Tony Dollar, DMD, MAGD1998 G. Lewis Mitchell, DMD, MAGD1997 A. Kenneth Suggs, DMD1996 Mark Evans, DMD, FAGD1995 Mike Edwards, DMD, MAGD1994 John Barnes, DMD, FAGD1993 Bobby Babb, DMD, MAGD1992 I.J. Tortorici, DMD1991 Howard Gamble, DMD, FAGD1990 Gordon Isbell, III, DMD, MAGD1989 Bill Chesser, DMD, MAGD1988 A. Stephen Rouss, DMD, MAGD1987 Don Shotts, DMD1986 William Gafford, DMD1985 Philip Timberlake, DMD1984 Chalmus Strickland, DMD1983 William Wright, DMD, MAGD1982 Barry Isenberg, DMD1981 Jack McIntyre, DMD1980 Robert Lumpkin, DMD1979 Lyldon Strickland, DMD, MAGD1978 John Orr, Jr. DMD, MAGD1977 James Bailey, DMD1976 J. Calvin McCulloh, DMD, MAGD1975 Joseph Pullen, DMD1974 William Bellande, DMD, MAGD1973 J.E. Snead, DMD1972 John Gray, DMD

NameAddressCity State ZipName on Badge AGD Member? Y NAGD NumberFirst Time Attendee? Y NPhone #( ) Other #( )Email AddressPlease include an email address for your confirmation of registration and paymentStaff Members AttendingRegistration FormFees:Postmarked byMay 29Postmarked byAug. 14PostmarkedAfter Aug. 14AGD Member $435.00 $510.00 $540.00Non Member $565.00 $640.00 $680.00Retired Dentist $85.00 $85.00 $85.00Dental Student $30.00 $50.00 $70.001st Year Practice $30.00 $50.00 $70.00Children AttendingAgeAgePlease include additional staff/children on a separate sheet of paperPlease reserve the following sessions:Tuesday8:00AM-5:00PMTuesday8:00AM-12:00PMTuesday1:00PM-5:00PMWednesday8:00AM-5:00PMWednesday8:00AM-12:00PMWednesday1:00PM-5:00PMDr.John Coke / Dr. Mike EdwardsThe Medically Complex Patient and the Use of Minimal SedationMs. Sally McKenzieLost Patients...How Dentists Lose Patients EverydayMs. Sally McKenzieUncovering Practice Profit KillersDr. Sandra O’Neal / Dr. Michael ReddyDental Implants: Why, When, And HowDr. Charles BlairFocus on Profitability for the Efficient PracticeDr. Charles BlairStay Out of Jail: The Top Coding ErrorsNumber AttendingStaff $95.00 $95.00 $95.00Spouse $25.00 $25.00 $25.00New Member Application Fee: $ 2.00 $Staff Registration: Number of Staff X $95.00 $**First staff member must register at Dr. rate if the Dr. is not attendingSpouse Registration: $25.00 $Spouse Name for Badge**Spouse Registration must be paid to receive a badgeParticipation Fee RegistrationDr. Vassilopoulis/Dr. Geisinger Perio Lab X $35.00 $Thursday CPR Hands On PM Number X $35.00 $Friday CPR Hands On AM Number X $35.00 $Dr. Nicholas Conte Prov. Restor. Lab. X $35.00 $Wednesday8:00AM-12:00PMWednesday1:00AM-5:00PMThursday8:00AM-5:00PMThursday8:00AM-12:00PMThursday8:00AM-12:00PMThursday1:00PM-5:00PMDr. Philip VassilopoulisPeriodontal Treatment for HygienistsDr. Philip Vassilopoulis / Dr. Mia GeisingerPerio Hygiene Lab Participation Fee $35.00Dr. Dan NathansonTreatment Planning, Biomaterials, Prosthodontic TechnologyDr. Charles BlairHygiene EconomicsMs. Nancy TomlinRules Make Cents (Infection Control)Dr. Andrei BaraschInternal Medicine for Dental StaffSpouse Luncheon Friday $30.00 $TOTAL $We now accept Visa/Mastercard/AX/PersonalChecksCard NumberExpiration Date:Billing Zip CodeSignature:Thursday1:00PM-5:00PMFriday8:00AM-5:00PMFriday8:00AM-12:00PMFriday8:00AM-12:00PMFriday1:00PM-5:00PMFriday1:00PM-3:00PMFriday8:00AM-12:00PMFriday1:00PM-5:00PMMr. Scott HerndonCPR Participation Fee $35.00Dr. Perng-Ru LiuAvoid Clinical Failures: Achieving Excellence.........Dr. Robert MeadorAm I Ready for Lasers?Dr. Nicholas ConteRapid Esthetic Provisional Fabrication and Equilibration..........Dr. Nicholas ConteProvisional Restoration Lab Participation Fee $35.00Dr. Gaylon McColloughThe Beautifully Balanced LifeMr. Scott HerndonCPR $35.00 Fee Hands OnMs. Nancy TomlinRules Make Cents (Infection Control)Please complete entire registration form.Make checks payable and mail to:Alabama Academy of General Dentistry2723 Elberta StreetNorthport, AL 35475For Additional Information:Phone: 205.333.0460Fax: 205.333.0466Toll Free: 888.243.2262www.alagd.organgie4alagd@bellsouth.netAlabama Academy of General Dentistry’s Refund PolicyA full refund will be given if the cancellation request is received by e-mail or postmarkedby 30 days prior to the beginning of the meeting. An administrative fee of$50.00 will be charged if the cancellation request is received by e-mail or postmarkedbetween 29 to 8 days, inclusive, prior to the meeting. Pre-registration is consideredclosed 7 days prior to the meeting and refund requests will not be made after thistime.Any registrant denied a refund that has extenuating circumstances is eligible to appealin writing to the Board of Directors for special consideration. The written requestmust include details and any documentation of the extenuating circumstance andmust be received within 30 days of the close of the meeting.I have read and understand the refund policy of the Alabama Academy of GeneralDentistry.Doctor’s Signature

Housing Request/Hilton SandestinRate: $169.00 per night. Return reservation request to theHilton Sandestin no later than Monday,August 9, 2010. Reserve your room early due to limited availability.AVAILABLE UPGRADES FOR ADDITIONAL COSTSPA TOWER ACCOMMODATIONSEMERALD TOWER ACCOMMODATIONSEXECUTIVE BEACH VIEW $219.00 DELUXE BEACH VIEW $219.00EXECUTIVE LANAI $269.00 DELUXE LANAI $319.00EXECUTIVE BEACH FRONT $319.00 DELUXE FAMILY SUITE $369.00AMBASSADOR SUITE $369.00 DELUXE BEACH FRONT-DBL BEDS $319.00PRESIDENTIAL SUITE $669.00 DELUXE BEACH FRONT-KING BED $369.00Name Group Alabama Academy of General DentistryAddressCity State ZipTelephone( )Arrival Day Date / /Departure Day Date / /Number of Rooms Circle Request: 1 King 2 Double Beds 2 Double Bedswith bunk beds without bunk bedsCheck-In Time: 4:00 PM, Check-Out 11:00 AM$50 Early Departure Fee (for check-out prior to confirmed departure date)Advance Deposit of One Night’s Room and Tax is Required to Confirm ReservationsNEW For 2010!!FREE INTERNET AND SELF-PARKINGAT THE HILTON SANDESTIN TO ALLALAGD REGISTRANTS!!!!!Method of Payment....(circle one) Check or Credit CardVisa MasterCard American ExpressCard Number Expiration Date / /Security Code on CardSignatureRegional Jet Service: Okaloosa Regional Airport (VPS) Ground Transportation Services are available 24 hours at approx. $50.00Send Form To: Hilton Sandestin, Attn: ALAGD Reservations, 4000 Sandestin Blvd. South, Destin, Florida 32550Reservations On-Line Code: AGD www.sandestinresort.hilton.com1.800.367.1271

Alabama Academy of General Dentistry2723 Elberta StreetNorthport, AL 354752010

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