Wed., March 14, 2012 Location - Quad-Lock Building Systems


Wed., March 14, 2012 Location - Quad-Lock Building Systems

Sustainable Building Envelopes with

Insulating Concrete Forms

6 Hour Seminar

• “Net-Zero Ready” * Concrete Walls to


• “Hands On” ICF Construction Basics

• Meet and Exceed New US & CDN

Energy Codes

The Quad-Lock Building Advantage:

• Wide range of R-Values to fit local climate

• Local dealer / representation

• Meets & exceeds new energy codes

• Tall walls and multi-storey

• Lower labor costs - smaller crews

• Integrated wall to floor connection

• Self-bracing corners and angles

• Lightweight - no heavy forms to haul around

• No stripping or furring out walls

• No vapor barrier

• Bracing / scaffolding system

Basic Installer Regional Training

March 14, 2012, Morehead KY

Solid & Secure • Versatility in Design • Environmentally Friendly • World Class Support

Learn Construction Techniques for:

* ICF contribution to Net-Zero performance varies with climate zone and will depend on addition of other systems and components.

• Cost Effective Structures - Above &

Below Grade

• Exterior & Interior Finish Basics

• Introduction to R-ETRO High Performance

Insulation System

Your Registration Fee Includes:

• All materials for hands-on sessions

• Lunch and refreshments

• Reference materials

• Installer qualification exam

• Registration Fee - $75/attendee

In light of the recent tornado in West Liberty,

Wells Group is waiving the registration fee

to give more participants the opportunity to

learn about the benefits of ICF construction.

Build Smart • Build Sustainable

Build Your Future with Quad-Lock


Insulating Concrete Forms

Pre-Registration Still



Course Date: Wed., March 14, 2012

Location: Hampton Inn

500 Hampton Way

Morehead, KY 40351


Basic Installer Training Registration

Company: ________________________________________ Contact: ___________________________________

(Circle One) Builder/Contractor Design Professional Building Owner Other

Name of Attendee: ______________________________ Name of Attendee: ______________________________

Name of Attendee: ______________________________ Name of Attendee: ______________________________

Name of Attendee: ______________________________ Name of Attendee: ______________________________

Payment: (Circle One) Visa MCard Cardholder Name: ___________________________________________

Cardholder Billing Address:________________________________________ Tel: __________________________

Registration Fee Waived Courtesy of

Wells Group LLC

City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________ Cell/Work: __________________________

Card #: __________________________________________________ Expiry: __________________________

I hereby authorize Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. to charge my credit card as follows:

Registrations Fee: USD $75 per attendee.

I further agree that the fees are non-refundable except as stated below and that banks may charge separate fees for credit

cards from outside Canada. Quad-Lock Building Systems reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel a class up to 10 calendar

days before the class (your payment can be refunded or applied to other training / orders). Any travel and other costs associated

with attendance are the responsibility of the attendees.

Cardholder Signature: __________________________________________________________________________

Email Address for Confirmation: __________________________________________________________________

• In order to register, please complete and sign the above registration, then fax to +1-604-590-8412 or scan and email to

• Fees include lunch and refreshments for attendees and all course materials, such as our Installation DVD with instructions on

pre-planning, estimating, basic and advanced sections on Quad-Lock and Quad-Deck, etc.

• Hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm with breaks, qualification exam (optional) may start afterwards

• For additional information, visit our website at or call 888-711-5625.

• GST/HST Registration #14011 8225 RT0001

DISCLAIMERS: Neither Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. nor its affiliates or suppliers can be held liable for any general, special, direct, indirect or consequential

damages including bodily harm, that may be suffered by any person, including without limitation, the installer, contractor, architect, engineer or homeowner due to the

assembly or the installation of Quad-Lock products. Quad-Lock Building Systems Ltd. assumes no responsibility regarding the use of its products or any other third

party products referred to. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all applicable regulations and building code requirements concerning the use of these products.

It is further the responsibility of the user to research and understand safe methods of use and handling of these products.

Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. Head Office: 7398-132 St., Surrey, BC V3W 4M7 Canada | Tel: +1-604-590-3111 or +1-888-711-5625 | Fax: +1-604-590-8412

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