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Terms South Eastern Europe - Quality Austria

General Terms and Conditions

System Certification, Evaluation, Validation

Valid as of September 1 st , 2009

South Eastern Europe

www.qualityaustria.com Quality Austria is accredited at the BMWFJ

Succeed with Quality Austria

More than 14,000 REFERENCES

in all the sectors and sizes: More than 14,000 certifications,

evaluations, verifications and assessments

of quality, environmental and safety management

systems in all the sectors and company sizes guarantee

you are well known and offer you comprehensive

know-how and long-standing experience.

IQNet Certificates

These certificates are sought after and recognized

world-wide. In Austria they can only be issued by

qualityaustria Training, Certification and Evaluation

Ltd., the national main Certification Body. The IQNet

Certificate will be issued free of charge.

International Network

Thanks to national organizations, regional managements,

participations and co-operations, qualityaustria

is, above all, represented in South Europe,

Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa and South America.

Accredited or registered FIRST

OQS as a member of qualityaustria Training, Certification

and Evaluation Ltd. was the first Certification

Body to be accredited for conducting certifications

acc. to ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and SCC by the Austrian

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour

and to be registered for VDA6.x, ISO/TS 16949 and TL

9000 by VDA. The emphasis is on Austrian accreditation.

For in Austria, accreditation is regulated by law and

therefore is regarded as being particularly demanding.

More than 500 auditors and assessors

in 50 Countries

from daily practice are, in their main professions, active

in organizations of all sizes and sectors. Therefore,

they can, in their capacity of managers, also directly

refer to practice in the audit.

Informed FIRST

Employees of qualityaustria are permanent representatives

in all the relevant standardization bodies

(Technical Standard Committee, Technical Committees).

Therefore, they also participate in shaping and

designing new trends and can thus provide first-hand

and topical information.

Publication on the INTERNET

Organizations certified by qualityaustria will be published

on the website http://www.qualityaustria.com.

Upon request, a link to the homepage of the certified

organization will be established.

qualityaustria Forum

Having more than 600 participants, this event, which

is exclusively organized for customers of qualityaustria

and VIP’s from trade and industry and public

administration, is one of the biggest European events

in the field of “management systems”.

Price Policy Classification in Small,

Medium-Sized and

Large-Scale Companies


The expenditure of hours is stated in the offer and

the invoice for each service. This means services are

clearly traceable and comparable.

Enhancing confidence

qualityaustria offers a quality guarantee. qualityaustria

on-site services with which the customer

is not satisfied will not be charged according to the

General Terms and Conditions for Services provided

by qualityaustria.

Granting the same rights to all


The respectively applicable prices will apply. Rebates

for qualityaustria services will only be granted on

the basis of the fixed qualityaustria subsidies. This

fully is in line with the principle of equality in the sense

of Austrian accreditation.

Service and performance oriented

qualityaustria does not conclude any contracts

that are binding in commercial terms for three years.

Therefore, there will not be any commercial expenditure

(penalties, fees for the cancellation of a contract,

release payments, etc.) if no surveillance services for

maintaining the Attestation of Conformity are ordered.

Conforming to accreditation or


Services are offered relating to hours and not as a

lump sum. Thanks to this, compliance with the minimum

audit time specified in the respectively applicable

Accreditation and Registration Guidelines is perfectly

traceable for the customer as well as for the Accreditation

/ Registration Body.

Visible asset in your balance sheet

When paying the royalty, you acquire the right of use

and enjoyment relating to the qualityaustria Attestations

of Conformity (Certificates). Rights of use and

enjoyment are so-called open rights that can be stated

as part of your assets in your balance sheet. This means

the right to use the qualityaustria Attestations

of Conformity (Certificates) enables the management

system to be published as an asset of the organization

in the annual financial statement or to be shown in

financial terms.

Classification of organizations

Plc (public limited company) and private limited


n If it is a matter of a joint stock company, the respectively

latest classification acc. to UGB §221

shall apply. Since late 1998, it has also been possible

to take this classification from the Abstract of

the Company Register.

n If an organization has a legal form other than that

of a joint stock company, a classification in accordance

with the rules of the following abstract of

UGB §221 will have to be evidenced and justified

on the basis of other adequate evidence in cooperation

with the qualityaustria Auditor.

ATTENTION: Legal formulations of UGB §221 have been replaced

by qualityaustria specific formulations in the following

abstract and are printed „in italics“ so that they can be clearly


§221 al. 1 UGB: Medium-sized companies are organizations that

have not exceeded at least two of the three following characteristics

for the last two business years at the moment of the

compulsory Conformity Assessments (e.g. Certification Audits,

Surveillance Audits):

n a balance sheet total to the amount of EUR 3.65 million

n sales revenues in the twelve months before the balance

sheet closing date to the amount of EUR 7.3 million

n 50 employees on the annual average (The average number

of employees depends on the number of employees on the

last day of a month within the business year).

§221 al. 4 UGB: Organizations will be reclassified between the

size categories „small, medium-sized and large-scale companies“

from the following business year if these characteristics

n are exceeded on the balance sheet closing dates of two

consecutive business years or are no longer exceeded;

n are present in case of change of legal form (merger,

conversion, bringing in, joining, real division or splitting) and

business startups on the first balance sheet closing date

after the change of legal form or business startup. This shall

also apply in case of the abandonment of a facility or a partial facility

if the values of the size characteristics are lower by at least the half.

Price Summary Eastern Europe

Binding Services

For the Issue/Maintenance of Quality Austria Conformity Certificates

Information talk Free of charge

Review of Documents


Preparing Programmes

Certification and/or Assessment Audit

Supervisory and/or Renewal Audit

Post-Audit and/or Post-Assessment

Usage Right

Initial Issue


of qualityaustria Attestations of Conformity

and qualityaustria Conformity Marks

Travel And Accommodation


Initial Issue

of Sub-Attestations of Conformity and Attestations

of Conformity in a foreign language

Multiple Issuance

Additional Issuance

Amendment Issuance

of qualityaustria Attestations of Conformity


Review Documents


Preparing Programmes

for Short Audits and Extraordinary

Conformity Assessments

Short Audits, Pre-Audits,

Extraordinary Conformity Assessments

Prices for Services on the basis

of the EFQM Excellence Modell

per office hour

per on-site hour

expenses are calculated according to the

accreditation or licensing provisions

applicable in each case

Usage Fee

per organization and year of validity,

independent of the number of varying sets

of regulations and/or areas of applicability

According To Expenditure

max. 8 hours plus travel time needed

between audit-/service-sites

Optional Services For Additional Value-Increase


per conformity certificate issued

per Unit

according to volume-based scale of prices

per office-hour

per on-site hour

*Red marked prices are applicable if services are delivered by Austrian

qualityaustria preofessionals only (according to the General Terms and Conditions).

Small Organizations

EUR 45.–/EUR 110.–*

EUR 385.–

EUR 385.–*

EUR 55.–/EUR 140.–*

per km official mileage allowance

EUR 22.–/EUR 73.–* per hour of travel

Expenses and accommodation

expenditure acc. to the accruing costs

Small Organizations

EUR 110.–/EUR 110.–*

1 unit EUR 40.–/EUR 40.–*

5 units EUR 140.–/EUR 140.–*

10 units EUR 180.–/EUR 180.–*

EUR 45.–/EUR 110.–*

EUR 55.–/EUR 140.–*

on request

Medium/Large Org.

EUR 45.–/EUR 110.–*

EUR 755.–

EUR 755.–*

Medium/Large Org.

All the prices are stated exclusive of VAT

Bonus System

Quality Austria Pioneer Bonus


For the first three organizations that

are assessed in terms of their business

activities and the applied standard or

regulation by qualityaustria as pioneers.

These organizations must be

independent one from another.


Quality Austria Company Group Bonus


For one or more subsidiaries or the parent

company with a valid qualityaustria

Attestation of Conformity,

the respective company belonging to

the company group can apply for the

qualityaustria Company Group

Bonus. For this, the respective annual

financial statements must be incorporated

into a consolidated financial

statement acc. to UGB §244 (UGB

– Unternehmensgesetzbuch – Commercial


Quality Austria Group Bonus


If several companies belonging to

one company group coordinate their

activities to such an extent that the

respective management systems are

implemented, certified and developed

together, the respective company

group can apply for a qualityaustria

Group Bonus.


Once at the moment the offer is made

by qualityaustria. qualityaustria

must justify the pioneer bonus

in the offer.


Once a year a copy of the latest consolidated

financial statement, which

shows that the annual financial statements

of the respective company belonging

to the company group have

been incorporated, must be presented

before the audit date of the ongoing

year of use.


Once a year an enumeration of the

certified companies belonging to

a company group that implement,

maintain and develop the management

system together must be submitted

in valid system documentation

before the audit date of the ongoing

year of use.

Amount of the Subsidy

15% rebate on all prices that are

charged up to the initial issuance of

the Attestation of Conformity.

Amount of the Subsidy

50% rebate on the respective

royalty for the respectively evidenced

year along with invoicing for the respective


Amount of the Subsidy

50% rebate on the respective

royalty for the respectively evidenced

year along with invoicing for the respective


Non-tariff rebates are not permitted due to the principle of equality acc. to accreditation. If an organization might simultaneously

claim different bonuses relating to the qualityaustria Subsidies within one year, only the bonus that will lead to the

highest rebate in terms of the absolute amount of money will apply.

There will not be any right to claim a subsidy if the respective pieces of evidence do not exist at the relevant date or if they no

longer exist at this date.

General Terms and Conditions of

Quality Austria Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH

for system certification, evaluation, and validation

I. Validity and Scope

1. These General Terms and Conditions govern all services provided by

qualityaustria Austria Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs

GmbH (hereinafter „QA“) in connection with system certification, evaluation,

and validation. This area includes, but is not limited to, the certification,

evaluation, auditing, validation, assessment and appraisal of organizations,

includ-ing their management systems, and other related auditing activities

on the basis of normative evaluation models, standards and schemes.

2. These Terms and Conditions shall form an integral part of any contract

made by and between qualityaustria and the client.

3. Any deviating terms and conditions (general terms and conditions, terms

and conditions of purchase or payment terms) of the client are applicable

only if qualityaustria has expressly acknowledged these in writing.

II. Validity of qualityaustria Tariffs, Subsidies,

and Taxes and Duties

1. qualityaustria services will be charged in accordance with the

qualityaustria tariffs and subsidies which are applicable when the

relevant services are provided. Unless otherwise stated, all tariffs are in

Euros exclusive of value added tax.

2. Any change in qualityaustria tariffs and subsidies will be communicated

by written notice to all organizations no later than four weeks before

these enter into force/are valid along with a valid qualityaustria declaration

of conformity.

3. qualityaustria will pass on fees charged by international registration

agencies (e.g. IATF, IFS, FSC) to the client and these fees will have to be

borne by the client. The amount of these fees depends on the point in time

at which the services are provided. As a result, the client will have to pay

any increase in fees between the submission of the offer and the provision

of services.

4 Taxes and additional duties are calculated on the basis of legislations in

place when the services are provided. The client is also required to pay any

taxes and/or duties which may be imposed with retroactive effect.

III. Deadlines and Dates for qualityaustria Services

1. The client is required to direct any request for cancellation or change of a

booking to qualityaustria in writing. Orders may be cancelled and

bookings changed only in agreement with qualityaustria.

2. If a booking is changed within 2 weeks prior to the agreed date,

qualityaustria may charge a handling fee of € 140,–. Any additional

costs which may arise shall be reimbursed in any event.

3. In case of cancellations, qualityaustria may not only charge the services

already provided and the related costs, but also a cancellation fee equal

to 30% of the contract value for the outstanding services.

VI. Terms of Payment

1. Unless otherwise agreed, qualityaustria prices will be charged according

to actual expenditure step-by-step based on service provision or at

the end of a month. The fee for the use of the certificate and the conformity

mark will be charged annually in advance.

2. Invoices are due and payable without deduction and free and clear of charges

within 14 days after the invoice date.

3. qualityaustria may require the client to make adequate advance

payments. In these events, compliance with payment dates is an absolute

requirement for a timely provision of qualityaustria‘s services.

4. In case of delay in payment, qualityaustria may charge default interest

at a rate of 8% above the prime lending rate.

V. Secrecy, Confidentiality, Data Protection between

qualityaustria and the Client, Approval to Pass on

Addresses and Advertising Materials

1. qualityaustria undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions

of the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG 2000). Any information which the

client may have made available to qualityaustria and which is not

public domain will be kept confidential.

2. qualityaustria undertakes not to disclose to third parties any confidential

information about the client which may arise from its activities (including

but not limited to audit reports and other written statements concerning

the results of its activities), except with the client‘s written consent, unless

qualityaustria is required to so disclose these by law. This applies

also during the period after the order was executed in accordance with its

terms and conditions. These documents will be destroyed after the expiration

of twelve years.

3. The client agrees that the information referred to in paragraph 2 (including

but not limited to audit reports) of the accreditation or registration agency

(e.g. BMWA, VDA-QMC, IATF, KBA) will be made available on the latter‘s

request and that that agency may participate and be present at audits.

4. The client agrees that qualityaustria will process his address details

in order to send him information and advertising material about

qualityaustria‘s services and products. The client further agrees that

the information mentioned above will be transmitted to the affiliated organizations

ÖQS, ÖVQ, ÖQA and AFQM, which will use that information for

promotional material concerning their training, evaluation, and certification

services and products. The client agrees to receive a reasonable amount

of promotional material and information about the products and services of

qualityaustria, ÖQS, ÖVQ, ÖQA and AFQM by surface mail, fax, and

e-mail. The client may revoke that consent at any time.

5. The client acknowledges that Section 33 of the Austrian Accreditation Act

requires qualityaustria to make available a publicly accessible registry

of the certifications granted. The registry which may be retrieved on

qualityaustria‘s website will list the valid certificates and their holders

along with the following information: name/company name and address

of the certificate holder, certificate number, scope of application, and applicable

normative documents. The client agrees that this information be

published on qualityaustria‘s website. The client also agrees that a

link be created to the certified organization‘s homepage.

VI. Liability of qualityaustria

1. qualityaustria is liable to the client only for intentional and grossly

negligent breach of its contractual obligations subject to the following terms

and conditions. qualityaustria shall not be liable in any event for slight

and plain gross negligence.

2. qualityaustria‘s liability shall be limited to typically predictable damage

which the client has incurred and, in terms of amount, to the contractually

agreed com- pensations paid to qualityaustria on the maturity

date for the underlying services.

3. qualityaustria shall not be liable in any event for lost profit, consequential

damage, direct and indirect damage, and pure property damage of

any kind.

4. Any claim for damages shall become statute-barred, unless it is asserted

in court within six months after the beneficiary has become aware of the

damage, and in any event no later than within two years after the triggering

event has occurred.

5. To the extent permitted by law and unless specifically otherwise agreed

with qualityaustria in writing, the client guarantees that quality-

austria‘ services will be used solely for the client‘s and not for third parties‘

purposes. If services provided by qualityaustria are nevertheless

passed on to third parties or used for third parties, this will not create a

liability on the part of qualityaustria toward that third party.

6. Should qualityaustria be liable toward a third party by way of exception,

the terms and conditions of this Section VII, including but not limited to

all limitations of liability included therein, shall be applicable not only in connection

with the relationship between qualityaustria and the client,

but also in connection with the relationship with that third party. Whenever a

third party is asserting damages against qualityaustria, the client will

fully hold harmless and indemnify qualityaustria for and against these


7. The agreed maximum liability referred to in paragraph 2 shall be applicable

in total only once for all injured parties, even if several persons (the client

and a third party or even several third parties) have incurred a loss. Injured

parties will be compensated in the chronological order of arrival of their


VII. Client‘s Rights

1. qualityaustria services will be provided as economically and troublefree

as possible during regular operations at the client‘s location, and if

necessary also during shift operation or at places of performance, e.g. at

local construction sites.

2. qualityaustria undertakes to disclose to the client the names of those

persons who will be employed. Should the client reject these persons for

substantiated reasons, qualityaustria will endeavour to make another

proposal. Unless prescribed by national and international rules, e.g. IAF/EA

Directives, requirements imposed by the accreditation agency and laws/

regulations, e.g. EMAS Regulation, qualityaustria may select the executing

persons at its own free election.

3. If a person assigned by qualityaustria is incapacitated due to illness

immediately prior to or during the provision of a service, a replacement will

be nominated or a new date set in agreement with the client.

VIII. Client‘s Obligations

1. The client shall be responsible to deliver to qualityaustria without the

latter‘s special request all documents, data, and other information which

may be necessary for the provision of the relevant qualityaustria services

and to disclose to qualityaustria all events and circumstances

which may be relevant for the execution of the order.

2. The client will permit access to the rooms, facilities and places of performance.

3. The client will take adequate organizational precautions to ensure that the

responsible employees are present at the site and prepared for practical


4. The client ensures that those employees which qualityaustria interviews

will provide open and true information about all internal affairs which

are relevant for an evaluation of the relevant management system.

IX. Intellectual Property Rights

1. All documents such as self-assessment forms, other forms and checklists

which qualityaustria may provide either as hard copies or in electronic

form shall be qualityaustria‘s intellectual property and may

be used only for the purposes intended by qualityaustria. Any other

use or dissemination shall be prohibited, except with qualityaustria‘s

express written consent. Failing such consent, these documents may

neither be reproduced nor made available to third parties. Otherwise,

qualityaustria may assert a contractual penalty of € 30,000,– for

each violation, notwithstanding its right to assert further damages.

X. qualityaustria Quality Guarantee

1. Should on-site services provided by qualityaustria be defective,

these will not be charged, provided that the client gives written notice of

defect prior to using the next qualityaustria service, and no later

than five work days after the relevant on-site service has been provided.

Should that notice of defect be justified and the relevant defect material,

the relevant service will not be charged. Alternatively, qualityaustria

may rectify that defect at its own discretion. That service not charged by

qualityaustria shall be deemed not provided and will therefore not be

acknowledged as a service provided to maintain the qualityaustria

certificate. Any further warranty claims shall be excluded.

XI. Safeguarding qualityaustria‘s Impartiality and


1. The client ensures that he will refrain from anything that could prejudice the

independence of the persons assigned by qualityaustria. This applies

particularly to offers for consulting activities or employment or orders

for that person‘s own account.

2. In order to guarantee its impartiality, qualityaustria will not provide

consulting services that are the object of a commissioned conformity assessment

which will lead to the granting of a certificate.

XII. Requirements for the Granting/Maintenance of

qualityaustria Certificates and Certificates (e.g.

IQNet Certificates) issued in Connection with a

qualityaustria Service

1. The following terms and conditions of Sections XII through XIV are applicable

to qualityaustria certificates (hereinafter referred to as

„qualityaustria Certificates“) including but not limited to certificates

which are issued in connection with a qualityaustria service (e.g. IQ-

Net certificates), unless the latter‘s own terms and conditions of use provide


2. qualityaustria Certificates have a date of first issuance, a validity date,

and an issuing date. Each qualityaustria Certificate has also a registration

number which qualityaustria will assign only once and which

is therefore clearly traceable.

3. The date of first issue will remain unchanged throughout the entire life cycle

and hence during the uninterrupted validity of a qualityaustria Certificate

and will document the date of first issuance.

4. The validity date defines the validity of the certificate. During the relevant

validity period, the client is required to commission qualityaustria

with annual surveillance audits. Unless otherwise agreed or prescribed by

the accreditation or registration agency, a qualityaustria Certificate

shall be valid for three years and the surveillance audits conducted every

year shall be valid for twelve months. Surveillance audits may be postponed

by not more than +/– three months, provided that a written statement of

reasons is issued.

5. The issuing date documents the date of the most recent change of the

certificate, for example an extension of the certificate‘s scope of application

or a renewal of its validity.

6. The scope of application is the entire organization. A pertinent note in the

certificate will describe whether it is confined to certain business or product

areas, industries, locations or subsidiaries.

7. Sub-certificates may be issued for organizations with several independent

scopes/management systems. The collective right to independently use

these is acquired by payment of the relevant royalties per organization for

all scopes.

8. Certificates may be renewed at most three months after or prior to the expiration

of their validity for another validity period, provided that it is proven

during a qualityaustria re-certification audit that the management

system as a whole is effective. The maintenance of the renewed certificate

will again be governed by the conditions described above.

9. Should qualityaustria determine any non-conformities, these shall be

effectively eliminated within not more than six months in order to maintain

that certificate, although shorter deadlines may apply by virtue of national

and international regulations such as IAF/EA Directives, requirements of the

accreditation agency or laws/regulations (EMAS Regulation, etc.). Improvement

actions shall be evidenced in the course of a post-audit and/or by way

of documentation, at qualityaustria‘s discretion. Unless corrective

action is taken within the agreed period, certification may be limited, temporarily

suspended or per- manently withdrawn.

XIII. Rights and Obligations of Holders of a qualityaustria

Certificate and Conformity Mark

1. A holder of a qualityaustria Certificate may use the qualityaustria

conformity mark (hereinafter referred to as „qualityaustria

Mark“) subject to the terms and conditions described below. Graphic modifications

of this mark are permitted only with qualityaustria‘s written


2. The right to use the qualityaustria Mark may not be transferred to

third parties.

3. The qualityaustria Mark may be carried and used for advertising

purposes up to six months after the validity of the qualityaustria

Mark has expired. Advertising may not be misleading and shall clearly imply

whether an organization or organi- zational unit or a process is certified.

The qualityaustria Mark may not be used in a manner which could

be interpreted as marking the product conformity. The qualityaustria

Mark may not be used on laboratory test reports, calibration certificates or

inspection reports. The precise wording of the certificate must be used to

indicate its scope.

4. The holder of a qualityaustria Certificate or of a qualityaustria

Mark undertakes to use these strictly in compliance with the rules of

fair competition. The qualityaustria Certificate and the qualityaustria

Mark may not be used in a misleading or abusive form.

5. The holder of a qualityaustria Certificate is required to report organizational

changes in the scope, e.g. reorganizations, abandonment of existing

and extension of new business activities, and other material changes of a

certified management system (within five work days) by promptly written

notice to qualityaustria.

6. The management system must be demonstrably developed by taking systematic

actions (e.g. internal audits, periodic assessment of the management

system) within the respectively applicable periodicity – right now twelve

months, if the relevant standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc…)

demand it.

7. All third-party complaints concerning the management system shall be immediately

reported to qualityaustria (within five work days) by written

notice. Every complaint shall be assessed, and the necessary corrective action

shall be launched. These complaints and actions shall automatically be

disclosed to qualityaustria in the course of qualityaustria‘s

next on-site service.

XIV. Withdrawal of qualityaustria Certificates and

qualityaustria Conformity Marks

1. qualityaustria may limit the certification scope accordingly or may

temporarily or permanently withdraw certification with immediate effect if

the requirements for maintaining a certificate described in Section XII or

the requirements described in Section XIII are not fulfilled. The same is true

if the client does not fulfil his payment obligations referred to in Section IV

despite a reminder and granting of a grace period of at least 14 days or has

to file for bankruptcy.

2. Any such limitation or withdrawal will be communicated by qualityaustria

by written notice, will be published and shall be valid upon receipt

of such notice

3. In case of any limitation or withdrawal of a certification, the holder undertakes

to return to qualityaustria the qualityaustria Certificates

by registered letter, to cease any use of the qualityaustria Mark,

and to ensure that documents which contain a reference to his certification,

including those documents distributed to business partners, no longer

be disseminated or use thereof be ceased within six months. Otherwise,

qualityaustria may assert a contractual penalty of € 30,000,– for

each violation, notwithstanding its right to assert further damages.

XV. Final Provisions

1. Any amendment of and modification to these Terms and Conditions shall be

made in writing.

2. Should one or several terms hereof be invalid, this shall not affect the validity

of the remaining terms hereof. The invalid term shall be replaced by

a term that closest reflects the commercial purpose of these Terms and


3. All disputes which may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement

shall be exclusively referred to the courts in Vienna, Innere Stadt.

4. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with

Austrian law, to the exclusion of its conflict of law rules and the UN Sales


Quality Austria

Training, Certification

and Evaluation Ltd.


Zelinkagasse 10/3

1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone: (+43 1) 274 87 47

Fax: (+43 1) 274 87 47-100

Customer Service Center

Am Winterhafen 1/1

4020 Linz, Austria

Phone: (+43 732) 34 23 22

Fax: (+43 732) 34 23 23

E-Mail: office@qualityaustria.com

www.qualityaustria.com Doc. No. RE_06_02e, Edition September 2009

The scope of accreditation or registration can

be taken from the respectively applicable regulations,

administrative decisions or recognition

documents of the BGBl (Bundesgesetzblatt –

Federal Law Gazette).

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