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Make a splashSwimming, sailing and surfing areamong our best known water sportsbut there’s a long list of others. Herewe highlight four you may not haveheard of.WATER POLO:What is it? First up, it’s nothing like thepolo played with horses and mallets.Water Polo NZ business managerRussell McConnochie describes theaquatic version as a combination ofsoccer, basketball and handball. It’sIn June, Auckland hosts one of thebiggest sporting events in the Southernhemisphere - the Pan-Pacific YouthWorld Polo Festival. In excess of100 teams will compete in under 14,under 16, under 18 and under 20games at the Millennium Institute ofSport and Health on the North Shore,the West Wave Aquatic Centre inWest Auckland and the Sacred HeartAquatic Centre.SURF LIFE SAVING:a team sport played by seven players What is it? Surf Life Saving isaside in the water, one of whom is thegoalkeeper. Six more players fromeach team sit poolside as reserves.both a sport and a communityservice, says Surf Life Saving NZ’swebsite. The organisation is theThe aim is to get the ball from one country’s leading water safetyend of the pool to the other and score organisation, providing life guardsgoals. There are four eight minute to patrol some of our mostquarters.dangerous beaches. In addition tobeach and water safety, juniors andWhat’s great about it? It’s a fast qualified lifeguards are also taughtmoving contact sport with the added first aid and CPR to various levelsfun of being played in the water. right up to pre-hospital emergencyWho can play? Everyone - and you care.don’t have to be a strong swimmer, As a sport, surf life saving is aalthough it helps. Flippa Ball collection of activities designed foris a modified version of the gamedesigned for youngsters aged eight to12. After 12, there are various agegroup levels right through to masters.New Zealand has national men’s andwomen’s teams.Where can I find out more? You canqualified lifeguards to participate in tokeep their water rescue skills honed.Surf sports can include surf swimming,board paddling, surf ski, beach flags,beach sprint, Ironman, surf canoe,surf boat and racing inflatable rescueboats (IRB).go to the Water Polo NZ website at What’s great about it? Courtneywww.waterpolo.org.nz ; youcould visit one of the clubs in Aucklandincluding the Mountford Park WaterPolo Club based at Manurewa’sMountford Park Aquatic Centre.McConnochie, of Surf Life SavingNorthern Region and daughter ofWaterpolo NZ’s Russell McConnochie,says surf life saving is fantastic forbeach-lovers who adore the sea andwant to help others share their passion- safely. Surf life saving, or surf sports,are fun yet competitive and a greatway for lifeguards to keep themselves‘rescue ready’.Who can take part? All surf life savingclubs run a junior programme, calledNippers. This is open to seven to 14year olds who learn beach and watersafety skills and get to know what ittakes to be a life guard. There’s nowa programme called City Nippers forkids who don’t have access to a surfbeach.Those aged seven to 13 participatein surf sports through the juniorprogramme; once they turn 14 andachieve their Surf Lifeguard Award,they can join in adult surf sportevents. These range from clubbasedcompetitions to district andnational championships. The NZChampionships are next month.Where can I find out more?www.surflifesaving.org.nzThe Kariaotahi Surf Life SavingClub, near Waiuku, is the closest toManukau.WATER SKIING:What is it? The Auckland Water SkiClub’s Emma Wingrove sums it upneatly when she says it started withsomeone being towed behind aboat with their feet strapped to twoplanks of wood - the skis - and hasdeveloped into a more sophisticatedsport in which you have to try to getacross the wake created by the boatand get around a turn buoy. Thereare different events: slalom, trick andjumping.What’s great about it? Emma sayswater skiing is completely differentto anything you’ll ever do. It’s anadrenalin rush and, you’re out on thewater.Who can ski? Anyone. The AucklandWater Ski Club (Inc) is now 56 yearsold and has more than 100 membersconsisting of children, juniors,and seniors, family, social and lifemembers. Some come along for thecasual and social activities; otherstake part in tournament competitionsand represent the club at national leveland NZ in international competition.Where can I find out more?www.awsc.co.nzTRIATHLON:What is it? Triathlon is a combinationof swimming, cycling and running.The sport encompasses a hugerange of events - 500 across thecountry each year - with a range ofdistances and combinations to suit allskill levels. There’s everything fromthe Weetbix Kids Triathlon, which isopen to children who swim 100m,bike 2km and run 100m, to theIronman where competitors swim up to3.8km, bike for 180m and then run amarathon - 42kms!What’s great about it? BrendonDowney, sport development directorfor Triathlon NZ, says it offers variety,pathways for beginners through toOlympic athletes and, with so manyevents on offer and a growing numberof clubs, it is accessible to all.Who can take part? Anyone. There aresocial and competitive events as wellas a club programme for those new tothe sport. Where can I find out more:www.triathlon.org.nzBaton change: Surf lifesavers practice passing the baton during a sprint exercise.GREAT SOUTH ROADATKINSON AVEAVENUE RDOTAHUHUGreat Taste,Great ValuePARK AVEQUEEN STGREAT STH RDAloha

321 Great South Road, Takanini.Ph 09-296-2032 Open 7 days24,000 sq feet of furniture for you to look through2 WEEKS PAY!Bring your payslip & we’ll give you 2 weekspay cash back on vehicles purchased*BENTLEY3 pce package• solid NZ pine• metal runner drawers$4202000 Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia2000 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed2006 VW PoloLOWINTEREST!2003 Nissan PresagePINEHURST• Table: 1800x1050mm• 6xchairs$699FINANCE OPTIONS AVAILABLETINAmattress not inc.Sgl $199 K/sgl $239Q $279 Bedside $75• Good Credit• Learners License• Work Permit• Bad Credit• No License• Overseas LicenseOVER 200 CARS IN STOCK*Conditions apply19 Princes St OtahuhuPH 276 5777 TEXT 021 2982 343Manurewa(BDHMw)Prescriptions Medicines Baby Care First AidBDHMw provides comprehensive GP servicesfrom its new facility at 7 Hill Road Manurewa.At the southern end of the Manurewa LibraryBuilding its purpose built clinic provides:• GP services• Well Child Care and Immunization• Family Planning• Well Men and Women’s Clinic• Immigration Medicals• Community Health Education Services• Quit Smoking ServicesIt runs clinics for its enrolled patients for chronicconditions such as Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic AirwaysDisease and Cardiovascular Conditions. BDHMwis a provider under TaPasefika Primary HealthOrganization(PHO)Hill Road Pharmacy focuses on delivering a quality healthservice by listening to our customers needs• Fast, accurate service • Blister Packing• Free Pharmaceutical advice• Home Delivery (conditions apply)• Convenient parking • Friendly helpful serviceOPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pmIts staff is highly skilled drawn from differentbackgrounds. They are of Samoan, Niuean, Tongan,European, Cook Island, Iraqian and Indian ethnicities.Most recent addition has been an Iraqian GP who hasa wide interest in primary care and can speak bothAramiec (Assyrian) & Arabic languages.Sharing the same facility is Hill Road Pharmacy wherepatients can obtain medicines and other requirementsbefore leaving the center.The opening hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.Telephone 09 2668598.Cnr Hill Rd & Newhook Lane,Manurewa(opp Manurewa Central School and nearManurewa Library)Ph 280 6212 Fax 267 0330Opening Saturdays soonNewhook LaneWe are hereHill RoadManurewaLibraryManurewaCentralSchoolBader Drive Health CareDoctors ClinicShop 4-6, 7 Hill Road, ManurewaT 09 266 8598 Fax 09 266 8597

Fresh, Friendly, LocalHOWICK VILLAGE FARMERS MARKETIN239168Open every Saturday 8.30am to 12.30pmOutside Howick Information Service 91 Picton StreetWelcome to...MANUKAU GOLF CLUBGet into the swing of things with FREE*range balls before you playthe best course south of the city1. Player Passport entitle the bearer to 4 x$40rounds of golf at the Manukau Golf Club2. Restricted to non-affiliated players3. Valid until 30 November 2010Getting into Golf?Grab a Player Passport sowe can help make startingout just that little bit easierand affordable.Enjoy our HospitalityWith plenty of sizzlingsensations to sate yourappetite our new chefwill add the right finishingtouch to your Manukaugolfing experienceTalk to us TODAY...Phone 266 8297Email: golf@manukaugolf.co.nz* Coupon redeemable for 1 x medium bucket of practice range ballsValid until 31 May 2010Hillpark ShopsGrande Vue Rd, Manurewa • Phone 267 5006Stockists of PPS, Joico & FudgeHours: Tues, Wed & Sat 9am-5pmThurs 9am-8pm • Fri 9am-6pmTo market, to marketTwo Scottish tourists are sittingon a hay-bale eating paellaunder a willow tree; they’vebeen talking with a Japanesecouple who are now proudlywatching their children take apony ride.As the kids sprint back tomum and dad, they stop topat a cute dog belonging toa young couple who, judgingby their upmarket countrycasual meets city chic clothes,look like they might be artistsor graphic designers fromcentral Auckland.Welcome to the verycosmopolitan ClevedonFarmers Market, where townmeets country every Sundaymorning. That’s whenAucklanders from all over theregion head into the southAuckland township to enjoythe fruits - and vegetables,meats, breads, oils and sweettreats - of local growers,farmers and food producers.Clevedon Farmers Marketturns five this year andis going from strength tostrength.Having travelled extensively,founder Helen Dorresteynwas inspired to start themarket by those she hadvisited overseas, particularlyin Europe, and the SouthIsland.Before son Hugo startedschool, Helen and husbandRichard packed the familyinto a camper van and spenttwo months touring round theSouth Island. They lived onfresh produce from variouscountry markets.It made Helen think of theabundance around her inClevedon. Returning home,she started to contact localgrowers and farmers whomight have products to sell ata local farmers’ market.Often accompanied bybaby daughter Saskia,Helen dropped notes intoletterboxes and stopped atfarm gates to talk to owners.She advertised extensivelyin local newspaper andeventually held a meeting todiscuss the idea. It attractedaround 30 people, some ofwhom remain stallholdersnow.“I saw that a lot of smallerscaleproducers were beingsqueezed out of the marketbut I figured they still hadproduce that they wanted tosell and they could still makea living by coming to a localmarket.”Helen also thought there maybe small block owners witha glut of seasonal producewho would find it useful tosupplement their income byselling some of their surplusat the market.“A market must be a placewhere the produce is solddirectly by the farmer,grower or producer so thatFRESH AS: Jim, from Dullumbunda Farm, with some of the produce he grows.Picture courtesy of Helen Dorresteyn.the benefits pass directlyto them,” she says. “Thisencourages a re-generationin the local economy anddiversity in local farming andhorticultural enterprise.”The Clevedon FarmersMarket opened on Sunday,20 November 2005 witharound 20 stallholders.Stallholders now includean eclectic mix of growersselling seasonal producefrom avocados to zucchini -and everything in between- fishmongers, bakers likeWild Wheat and WofemBagels, cheese makersincluding artisan cheesesfrom Clevedon Valley Cheeseand buffalo cheese productsfrom Clevedon Valley BuffaloCompany, vintners, oliveoil producers, fresh pastaproducts, pie makers, meatproducers and well, the listgoes on.There’s also a range ofdelicious goodies whichcan be eaten on the spot:authentic Spanish-style paellafrom Paella Pan, fruit juicesfrom Pacific Skye, pies fromI Love Pies and sweet treatsfrom Oh...Fudge!“I wanted this to be amarket where people wouldcome and do their fruit andvegetable shopping yearround and we now havea pool of very dedicatedpeople who do just that eachweek,” says Helen.“It is quite a leap of faithto go from shopping at, forexample, a supermarketwhere most things areavailable year round tocoming to a market wherethings are seasonal and youbasically have to buy what’sin season.”That said, she points outthere’s probably a biggerrange of fruit ‘n’ vegthan can be found in thelocal supermarket: greentomatoes, heritage tomatoes,an assortment of cucumbers,locally grown berries, arange of eggplants, andlettuce varieties that ourgrandparents enjoyed.Helen says the market’ssuccess has much to do withthe dedication of growers,farmers and producers whoarrive at the market everySunday - rain or shine - to selltheir goods. She says theyrealise the market’s successdepends on everyone “pullingtheir weight”.“A market is only as goodas the stalls it has - and ifsomeone doesn’t turn up oneSunday because it’s raining,well, that just lets everybodydown.”Despite the variety of goodssold at the market, Helensees scope for still more. Shewould love to have someonesell fresh, locally farmedlamb products, a mushroomgrower marketing unusualfungi, someone doing venisonand wild meats, mussel andoyster sellers.Watch how the marketdevelops during the next fiveyears!Howick Village Farmer’s MarketThe Howick Village Farmer’sMarket has been activefor around 10 years andwas originally a smalleroperation called HowickBazaar.In May of last year,the supervision andmanagement of the marketwas taken over by theHowick Village Associationand under the guidanceof Village manager JennyFoster it has quadrupledin size and now has asmany as 40 stalls on mostSaturdays.Located on Howick’s mainstreet it has a broad spreadof stallholders and alsoattracts music, dancers andbuskers as well.

Showcasing Local WomenWhen you are out and about in our cities now you will notice thateverywhere you look there are more and more women who arerunning or owning a business. Generally this occupation has beena man’s world but now women are coming into their own as theyjuggle home life with a rewarding career and learn each day howto cope with the strains of both sides. Balancing both work andfamily life has been made easier with the technology available sowomen can be at home while still having control of the every dayhappenings within their business. Have a look at the profiles in ourfeature to see a range of different women from funeral directing,teeth whitening, hair stylists to making and cleaning curtains. Theyare doing exactly what they enjoy and will keep working this wayas it works well. Women strive in business and like to feel rewardedas they know they have done a great job!Mobile Teeth WhiteningComing to South Auckland...A low cost way to look younger and sexier sounds too good to be true. At only $149 Sparklewhite Teeth MobileTeeth Whitening provides a painless 30-minute treatment!Returning from Sparklewhite Teeth’s formal training, Michelle is excited to introduce ateeth whitening service to South Auckland where she will come to your home, workplace, salon or given venue.That Hollywood smile you have always wanted will be available at your doorstep inearly March. This cosmetic procedure is FDA approved, using the latest LED light,and in just 30 minutes your teeth can be 2-8 shades brighter and can last up to twoyears with good dental hygiene.Michelle’s 12 years beauty experience has motivated her to find a moreconvenient and affordable cosmetic service for you.For more information phone Michelle on 296 7000, 021 02540577or email her at sthauckland@sparklewhite.co.nz.Website www.sparklewhite.co.nz.“Sparkle White”Mobile TeethWhiteningMichelle Julianbrings convenient andaffordable teeth whiteningto Auckland.Clendon Barber ShopOffer FREE CutsTo All CustomersIf you have been searching for a high quality salon that offers an excellent range of services at a good price,then consider your search over.For over 22 years, Clendon Barbershop has been THE hairstylist for the whole family! The contemporarydecor is designed for privacy, and the friendly and qualified staff will make you feel totally at ease. ClendonBarbershop also has a loyalty programme that offers ALL clients free cuts. Whether you stop in for a light trim, athorough styling regimen, or decide to sport a new colour, you’ll love the way you look when you leave.Bronwen, Pam and Colleen:A passion for hairdressing.According to owner Bronwen Jones, who has over 26 years experience in the industry, it istheir passion for hairdressing that makes them a cut above therest. Her experienced stylists, Pam and Colleen, like to keepabreast of fashion trends so they are able to offer customersthe latest styles.They also offer a quick key cutting service.They are open seven days: 9am-5.30pm Mondayto Saturday and 9am-2pm Sunday. ClendonBarbershop, B2 Clendon Shopping Centre,Clendon. Ph 267 1616THE ART OF KNOWINGWHAT TO DOWhen funeral directors Wendy Hunt and JoNevin talk about job satisfaction, your firstreaction may be one of surprise. Until youmeet them and realise that their warmth andhumanity is unlimited, and that hundreds oflocal families have had some of their painand grief eased through these women’spatience and understanding.Much of what Wendy and Jo do is instinctive- knowing when to reach out, when to standback, when to be clear in instruction or gentlein advice. Both talk passionately about whatthey do: Wendy for eight years and Jo for 15at Fountains Funeral Directors in Papakura andManukau City Funeral Services, Maich Rd,Manurewa. Both are members of the FuneralDirectors Association of New Zealand.Wendy is a qualified funeral director, andthe manager of both locations.For Jo her career was a natural progressionfrom nursing and social work, leading her toher most meaningful role. “You have to havea passion for it,” she explains, “as it is more alifestyle than a job, with different challengesnearly every single day.”Wendy agrees: “You need to be bothextremely organised and know what todo, especially when others don’t have theirthinking processes straight.”Both women bring much of their personalitiesJo Nevin & Wendy HuntThe Curtain ChallengeFifteen years ago Angela Jones started a business that wasproblem-solving in more ways than one. First off, the very natureof her curtain cleaning and maintenance service solved a lot ofirksome problems for her clients! Second, it was the beginning ofher steps towards self-sufficiency, operating a business that wouldalso enable her to raise and support her two young children,eventually as a single parent.From genuine cottage operation to one of Auckland’s best andmost recommended services in the curtain industry, Angela’sCurtain Clinic is a lesson to all about drive, determination and apassion for meeting the challenge.Today Angela heads, in her words, “a professional, all-girlteam, a fabulous bunch of girls who pride themselves on havinga combined wealth of experience when dealing with fabrics,achieving excellent results and delivering great customerservice.”If the business is her “baby”, challenging her on a daily basis,Angela is also both a proud and dedicated mother, and an activeparticipant in community affairs. On a regular basis she worksalongside the other members of the Quota Club of Papakura toraise funds for disadvantaged people in the community.Angela is quick to thank those around her - her son (24) andher daughter (16 who have “grown to be well grounded,understanding and with great attitudes”; her workmates, manyloyal customers, friends and fellow Quota service club members.into funeral directing, using their powers ofobservation and their growing understandingof different cultures to suggest personaltouches that have meaning for families of thedeceased.There has certainly been a lot of change in theway funerals are conducted, with the adventof celebrants; technology advances in filming,and celebrating people’s lives; alternativevenues; personalised fl oral arrangements,to name only a few. The branches offer botha large venue and a smaller, more intimateoption; catering facilities and staff that knowwhat options can be offered to families and‘know what to do’.Family support is something both womenvalue in their careers. “This is not a job youcan separate out from home life,” Jo observes,“although you do need personal interests.”Funerals are about dignity for the deceasedand support and care for families, and bothJo and Wendy feel their role is to make thedetails as painless as possible, so that peoplecan grieve and say their farewell in their ownway. “It can be emotionally exhausting foreveryone,” Wendy says, “but we do get asense of satisfaction that we are offeringfamilies every appropriate option open tothem to pay tribute to their loved one, andcontinue on with their own lives.”36 Maich Rd, Manurewa • Ph 266 6177 Cnr Elliot St & Wood St, Papakura • Ph 298 29573 Old Wairoa Rd, PapakuraPH 298 7070 • www.curtainclinic.co.nz

For all your home environmental solutions, talk toWardchandler Air Conditioning first.Heat pumpsAir ConditioningHome Ventilation SystemsHeat Transfer KitsServicingElectricalCertificate of Compliance issued withevery installation as required by theInsurance CouncilFree phone 0800 883 0057 Days a weekEmail sales@wardchandlerac.co.nzCall us today for an obligation-free quotation & consultation21 st BirthdayCelebration$500 DRAWCollect your free tickets in store232 Great South RoadManurewa267 0083We accept Farmers Card, Q Card, Winz quote,and all major Credit cards.Family Entertainment Centre36C Cavendish Dr, Manukau CityBring this advert inand Get 1 hourFREE!!!**Conditions applyBring the Kids down foran hour of fun!OPEN from 10am till lateFood & Drinks Available, GamingMachines, Sky Sport, Ping Pong &Student DiscountsIN239173Group Bookings Welcome Phone (09) 263-8028Sailing a link with ourmaritime pastLooking down from historicphotographs on the walls ofthe Manukau Yacht and BoatClub in Mangere Bridge, theclub’s founding fathers appearproud - and they have much tobe pleased about.At 119 years old, their club isthe second oldest sailing club inAuckland and the third oldest inNew Zealand.Now based on Kiwi Esplanadein Mangere Bridge, theorganisation has always beena part of club president KeithVazey and his family’s life; hisgreat-grandfather served onone of its first committees.Keith joined in 1958 aged12 and remembers manyweekends, school holidays andsummer evenings spent learninghow to sail in and racing ‘flyingants’. These first appeared in1959 and were designed byJohn Spencer for youngsters toobig for ‘P’ Class but not readyfor two-man boats.Keith took a break from sailingto go motor racing but hasreturned, saying he loves beingout on the water especially withfriends from the MYMBC whichhas been so important to hisfamily.Ruth Ballard, in ManukauYacht & Motor Boat Club OneHundred Years 1891-1991,wrote:‘Lifestyles one hundred yearsago were, of course, verydifferent from today - no TV,no cars, travel limited. Workand play tended to happenall pretty close to home, andleisure activities were much lessdiverse. No doubt boating wasa popular choice of sport...’Old-fired launches, trainers,flying ants and yachts up to 26ftlong racing alongside 18 footersmay have been replaced bythe like of Optimists, Starlings,Paper Tigers and formal classdistinctions. The sailors don’twear suits anymore - andboating is no longer an activitystrictly for men.But given its long history in theregion and the fact Manukauresidents enjoy unparalleledaccess to two fabulousharbours - the Manukau andthe Waitemata - it’s no surprisepleasure boating remainspopular.The MYMBC is not the onlysailing organisation on KiwiEsplanade. The waterside roadis also home to the MangereBoating Club.Its website states that theclub’s goals are to gather anddistribute local knowledge,increase safety awareness ofthe Manukau Harbour, to givefisher-folk an opportunity toshare ideas and techniques,provide an arena for friendlycompetition and camaraderieand, of course, have fun.MBC has clubrooms, boatlaunching facilities and a weighstationgantry where a numberof record fish have weighedin. The club hosts the ManukauOne Base fishing tournament.The Manukau Cruising Club,across the harbour in the historicblue building on OrpheusDrive which once housed theMYMBC, was formed in 1923.While it arose following adispute between members ofthe MYMBC, there were boatsthat belonged to both clubs andcombined race meets.On the Eastern side of Manukau,with access to the WaitemataHabour, are two more clubswith long and proud histories.John Kydd started the HowickSailing Club in 1933, whenhe organised a meeting ofHowickians interested inboating. With a 34-strongmembership and a fleet of sixboats, including Zeddies and16-footers, headquarters werein the garage of a Mr TomGranger whose property was atthe water’s edge.Apart from going into recessduring World War II, the clubhas been alive and sailing eversince. As well as a busy racingand teaching calendar, the clubis home to Auckland’s PaperTiger (catamarans) fleet.According to its website, TheBucklands Beach Yacht Clubis the biggest family club inthe country with some 4000members. They include notableCup Day: On the Manukau Harbour in 1893. Won by `Iolanthe’international and Olympicsailing stars such as sister andbrother Barbara and BruceKendall, Aaron McIntosh, NickBurfoot and Joey Allen of TeamNZ.The club started in 1949, whenpioneering centreboarderssought a base for racing. Theanswer to their request was aportable plywood box, 8ft x 6ft,which could be stored behindthe local post office and carriedto the beach each Saturday.The group got its first clubhousein the 1950s and the presentclubhouse was built in 1981. A100 berth marina was addedin 1988, along with revampedand extended kitchen andclubroom facilities. Nowmembers enjoy fine dining andmillion dollar views across theTamaki Estuary.It runs a number of learn to sailprogrammes and qualificationcourses.In recent times some clubs haveput out an SOS for new members.In October, Weymouth YachtClub commodore Simon Tidburytold the Manukau Couriernewspaper there had been asizeable drop in membershipand interest had waned sincethe America’s Cup sailing trophywas lost and moved overseas.Mr Tidbury says the club hasa clubroom full of boats but noone to sail them: “We’ve gotboats, we’ve got members herewho will teach people how tosail. We’ve got a club right onthe foreshore,” he says.The Weymouth club wasestablished in 1953 and has afleet of 18 boats for membersto use. Membership is $100 ayear for a family, which is twoadults and up to four children. A‘learn how to sail’ course startsin early in March and there isstill room for those wishing totake the weekend and eveningclasses.The club may be about to write anew chapter in its history, joiningforces with the Weymouth SeaScouts to see if they can helpeach other out. Simon Tidburycan be contacted on 021-254-0372.

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Full Day, Part Time & SeasonalChildcareFor 2 to 5 year oldsNanaksar Education PhulwariCommunity Based Quality EducationTel: 269 3546106a Great South RoadManurewawww.childcarephulwari.co.nzGood Beginnings Never EndFood and fitness linkedIt’s now February which, formany of us, means the grandNew Year’s resolution to spend2010 getting fit and eatinghealthier food is already adistant memory. What is itabout New Year’s resolutions,especially the fitness ones,which makes them so difficultto keep?Claire Turnbull runs MissionNutrition and is a nutritionistfor the popular Healthy FoodGuide magazine. As anaccredited sports nutritionistand fitness instructor, Claireknows all about eating,exercise and ensuring we stickto our goals concerning both.She says overlooking thebigger picture is the greatestgaffe we make with food andfitness. We don’t ask - andthen analyse - why we havethe eating and exercise habitswe do and the barriers tochanging these.“Resolutions should be aboutcreating new habits ratherthan doing things on a whim.You want any changes youmake to be sustainable overyour lifetime, not just in theshort term.“Habits, or behaviours, needto change gradually. To tryto do it all at once sets us upto fail. This in itself can leadus to sit down on the couch infront on the TV and ‘comforteat’ because we feel bad thatwe haven’t achieved what weset out to.”Like petrol in a car, food isfuel for the body. We needit to power ourselves up - butwe only require a certainamount. On average, adultNew Zealanders need 2040calories or 8700 kilojoules perday but this varies dependingon age, gender and activitylevels.Calories and kilojoules are thesame thing; a kilojoule is themetric unit of energy, caloriethe imperial and 1 calorieequals about 4 kilojoules.Eat above this amount, orabove what your body needsto maintain it through theday, and you start to store theexcess as fat. Claire says itis VERY easy to eat more kjsthan we need; it might be100kj, it might be 1000kj butduring time, it adds up andwill be stored.“It can be as simple of upsizingthe muffin we eat for morningtea or having an extra latteduring the day. In fact,drinking an extra two lattesa day can equal weight gainof up to 15kgs a year but itseems like such an insignificantchange to our eating habitsthat we don’t notice it.“This is why anyone wantingto get fit, lose weight or eat amore balanced diet needs tothink about their consumptionhabits.”Essentially, we need toconsume per day:• At least six servings ofcarbohydrate rich foods,preferably of wholegrainvarieties. A serving is a sliceof bread, one cup of rice orpasta, ½ cup of muesli or onecup of a flaky cereal.• Two - three pieces of fruit,best spread out during theday.• At least two - threehandfuls of variously colouredvegetables, which providea mix of necessary and lifeenhancingantioxidants.• Three servings of low fatdairy products – a servingbeing a pot of yogurt, cupof milk or two small slices ofcheese.• Lean meat, poultry or fishonce to twice a day - a servingis roughly the size of yourpalm.Claire says the best way toburn excess kjs is to do amix of cardiovascular andresistance exercises. The aimis to increase your lean musclemass because the more muscleyou have, the more fat youburn off even at rest.Dreaming of anew Kitchen?If you have got plans drawn thenbring them in to us for a quoteYou’ll love:1 The savings, by dealing direct with the manufacturer2 Our huge range of products to meet all budgets3 Experienced trades people who tidy up7yearGuaranteeCall now on 278 3380 to book your FREE in home consultation includingmeasure and quote or call into our showroom. Every quotation receivesa Free solid Oak timber bread board valued at $80. While stocks last.Showroom 77 Shirley Rd, Papatoetoepeter@zenithkitchens.co.nz

in battling the bulgeInterval training, consistingof moderate paced exercisesinterspersed with bursts offaster activity, is ideal. Itgets your heart pumping butcan allow you to exercise forlonger and, subsequently,shed more excess kjs.The higher the intensity of theexercise, the more kilojoulesyou burn off but for safety’ssake, you need to start slowlyand analyse the activity levelsyou can sustain. A moderateto fast paced run burns 40- 48 kjs an hour, freestyleswimming burns around40kjs an hour and a briskwalk 20kjs an hour.“It’s no good trying to takeup running if you can onlyrun for 10 minutes beforerunning out of puff. It maybe better to go for a briskwalk, if you can sustain thatfor, say, an hour, and as youprogress, add some joggingto this walk and then build upto a run.”It gets harder to move theexcess weight as we age.Beginning as early as ourthirties, we start to losemuscle mass and graduallyour metabolism slows down.To counteract this, exercise isthe answer.Staying physically active,at any age, means pickingexercises we enjoy, onesStaying fit: Any type of physical activity from a brisk walk, to a run or swimwill help burn those excess kilojoules.that don’t feel like chores.Claire says it is vital to varythe activities you do partlyfor enjoyment’s sake but alsobecause our bodies adapt.For information about howMission Nutrition can helpyou live a healthier life, go towww.missionnutrition.co.nz; and for fabuloushealthy recipes go to www.healthyfood.co.nz.NEED ANEXTRA ROOM?Be it an office, a bedroom, or a studio,beautiful, easy space is possible!Many people have beautiful blocks of land,-but they can not afford to build, just yet. Ormaybe they have a house, but there is notenough rooms for the friends and family, thatseem to come in droves. Or even the ‘Workfrom Home’ dream has gone sour,- because youreally need that room for a bed, not an office.WE HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTIONThe classic Cedar Cabin, offers an immediate answer to a vast range of needs.Whatever you may need another room for, - you will find a Cedar Cabin will fill thebill perfectly.SO STRONG ! - SO ATTRACTIVE! - SO COST-EFFECTIVE !- Pre-made panels make for a quickand easy construction.- Western Red Cedar Cladding for awarm and durable beauty- Range of options so you cancustomise your cabin- Low maintenance materials so youcan enjoy your time- Over 70 years combined experience -you are dealing with experts – restassured- Personal friendly service – here tohelpPHONE NOW FOR A FREE INFO PACK 0800 233 277GOT BADCREDIT ?Tired of catching the bus or train due to your bad credithistory? Worry No More!We have good news for you! We’re specialists in bad credit &it doesn’t matter how bad it is. Drive away with your vehicletoday from G-Mana Wholesale Autos. (Conditions Apply)And Don’t Forget Our UnbeatableDB BrewriesBairds RdGreat South RdLaureston AveWe arehereCommercial OfficeEquipment LtdCash Prices!G-Mana Wholesale Autos Limited745 Great South Rd, PapatoetoePh 276 6699Tai 021 548 645 Harry 021 865 249Manukau’s most soughtafter hair salon Call NOW ON 262 3338

Get your motor running…If the roar of a throaty engine getsyour blood pumping and the sightof the sleek lines of a car designedfor speed causes you to catch yourbreath, then you have a busy fewmonths ahead.The year started off with some bigcalendar car events. We havealready seen the Kumeu ClassicCar and Hot Rod Festival, whichthese days claims to be the largestclassic car festival in the SouthernHemisphere. Then there wasMOTAT’s Galaxy of Cars with morethan 600 from Model T Ford classicsto souped-up Corvettes.But there are always more showsaround Auckland, so you are nevershort of something to see if you’re acar fan. We are also lucky that wehave some great motor racing tracksin the region, all within easy drivingdistance.The latest circuit is at HamptonDowns, technically in the northWaikato, 60kms south of centralAuckland, but adopted by many citymotoring clubs as a natural localvenue. Sitting in a natural valley,surrounded by 450 acres of hillside,it has pretty good views of the trackanywhere you want to sit.The track officially only opened inJanuary, though its first race washeld in October with some of thecountry’s motoring royalty such asChris Amon and Pattie and AmandaMcLaren in attendance.Already records are being set atthe track. The reigning lap recordis held by Ken Smith in a Lola T430Formula 5000. He scorched roundthe 2.8 km international length circuitin 1:02.279 at the Festival of MotorRacing celebrating Bruce McLaren inJanuary. He reached a high speed of257.30 kmh. But that’s not the fastestspeed on the track, that honour isheld by Andrew Stroud in a Suzukiat 287 kph.For those who love the technicalities,the 2.8 standard length track hasfour right hand corners and two lefthand. When it is extended out toa 3.8km track, it has another tworight hand and two left hand cornersadded on.There is more action on the track inthe coming months. Some of thehottest race meets anywhere arethose hosted by the Thoroughbredand Classic Car Owners ClubIncorporated – you’ll see them inmotoring circles usually referred tojust as TACCOC. The club is madeup of enthusiasts for English andEuropean racing, sports and touringcars. Its next meet is at HamptonDowns is on March 7.If you can’t make that, you haveanother chance to enjoy HamptonDowns on March 20 and 21 withthe Legends of Speed hosted by theHistoric Racing Club. Like TACCOC,the Historic Racing Club is madeup of enthusiasts - owners of F5000cars, Can Am cars, Indy cars,Formula Pacifics, and other types ofsingle seater classics.Or for the more adventurous, thetrack hosts a series of open dayswhere you can, if you have the rightkind of car and the right safety gear,get out on the tarmac yourself. Tracktime is broken into 20 minute sessionsand cars are divided into threeclasses - Saloon Race, Saloon Roadand Open Wheeler. Drivers have toregister, have a current warrant offitness or appropriate paperwork,and get a briefing.There are plenty of choices otherthan a trek to Hampton Downs too.The Pukekohe Track is long regardedas one of the best venues in Auckland.For fans of more conventionalcars, like the awesome Holden, theCommodore Car Club is hosting arace day at Pukekohe on March 14.Once again, it is a chance to get outon a race track yourself and try yourhand at motorsport. You race againstup to six competitors on three fourlapsprints over the day - there is noside by side racing and no passing,just you against the clock. You don’thave to have a Holden to entereither - any car will do as long as ithas a current warrant of fitness andregistration.The Auckland Car Club is anothergroup of enthusiasts who are busyhosting events around the region. OnMarch 21 they stage a Motorcross atGlen Rd, Massey. The club has oneof the best pedigrees in the country,having been founded in 1932.Waikaraka speedway is a classicvenue for those who love to see theircars engage in a little bit of closecontact sport. On March 12 and 13it hosts a night of stock car actionwith the nationals for the big boysof the track, the super stocks – theyhave engines pounding out 400 plushorsepower and capable of speedsup to 150kph. All designed to crunchinto each other.But also on display at the track are thesuper saloons, a strictly non-contactform of speedway racing in cars thatare cousins to what we drive on thestreet. But these Pontiacs, Corvettes,Mustangs and Sierras are unlimitedin engine size, methanol fuelled carsand produce 800-horsepower.More speedway action is regularlyoffered at the Western Springsspeedway which hosts sprint caraction on March 6.If speed is your thing though, youcan’t go past Meremere wherethe New Zealand Drag RacingAssociation national finals are to beheld over March 19, 20 and 21. TheFram Autolite Dragway was openedin 1973 and ever since has been thehome to dragging in Auckland.But for those who like their carssmaller and quieter this is one to lookfor – a Diecast Models and Old Toyscollectors fair will be held on April17 at the Glenfield Memorial Hall onthe North Shore.With around 50 car clubs inAuckland, all easily contactableonline, there is bound to be somecar action for you somewhere inAuckland in the next few weeks.Jan McLaren: The sister of late racing driver Bruce McLaren, pictured at the New Zealandfestival of motor racing at Hampton Downs race track on January 23.Smashing Deals!www.esquare.co.nz•Mobile Phones •Car Audio •Electronics •Perfumes* Terms & Conditions apply. 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