Where to go Berlin in - IFA International


Where to go Berlin in - IFA International

IFA 2009 - A New Dimension

for the Economy



Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President, Sony Corporation




HALL 5.2

In this period, still difficult,

but henceforth in a phase

of rebound, IFA is more

than ever demonstrating

its dynamism but also its

position as a “sure value”

upon which the industry is

wagering in massive terms

in order to ensure a turnaround.

The extraordinary

quality of this year’s keynote

speakers' Andrea Ragnetti,

Boo-Keun Yoon, Fabio

De'Longhi, Hamid Akhavan,

Dr Reinhard Zinkmann

and Ferdinand Kayser is

reinforced by the presence

at IFA of industry legends

such as Sir Howard Stringer

(see photo on left), Gee

Sung Choi and Fumio

Ohtsubo. The veritable

arrival of 3D TV applications

with films of breath-taking

reality combined with

major progress in terms

of hardware, as well as

The announcement by

Sir Howard Stringer (left)

that Sony would “lead the

commercialisation of 3D"

and by Panasonic (right)

of the "3D Revolution"

are just two of a number

of major initiatives in this

sense throughout the

industry. In this, the first

live 2009 edition of IFA

International we offer you

"New channels

of market


in the fields

of Consumer

Electronics and

Home Appliances"

the strong development

of Internet on TV opens

new channels of market

development in the field

of Consumer Electronics.

At the same time, the

industry is this year very

much awakening to the

importance of sustainable

development, or “green”

issues not only as a USP,

but indeed as an ingrained

philosophy demonstrating

earth consciousness, and

giving strong arguments to

Home Appliance products

respecting the environment.

The 3D Revolution!

a full round-up of what’s

happening when it comes

to 3D technology. See our

special “3D Feature”…

3D Feature - pages 10-13

DAy 1

Friday 4 th



Hall 5.2

Stand 101


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Hall 4.2


04 > NEWS

10 > SpEcial fEaTURE:

3D cOMES aliVE!




31 > GREEN paGE





From left to right:

Jens Heithecker, Executive Director IFA

Dr Reinhard Zinnkann, Chairman of

the Board Division Home Appliances


Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the

Supervisory Board, gfu

Dr Christian Göke, COO Messe Berlin

With more international

visitors, retailers and top

managers attending and

exhibition space pegged

close to last years record

level, IFA executives have

every reason to be optimistic

as the curtain rises at this

years trade fair.

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From left to right: Jens Heithecker, Director IFA - Dr Reinhard Zinnkann, Chairman of the Board Division Home Appliances of ZVEI -

Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, gfu - Dr Christian Göke, COO Messe Berlin

Optimism at iFa amid signs

OF market recOvery

By Mark Dezzani and Neil Crossley

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“In these difficult times we

are extremely pleased that

we have sustained what was

a record level last year,” said

Dr. Christian Göke, Chief

Operating Officer of Messe

Berlin. “We have major

new exhibitors such as

Vodafone, and other major

players such as Pioneer have


Göke says that IFA is of

paramount importance for

the consumer electronics

market and now also

for the home appliances

"Home cinema and mp4 will

be significant growth sectors

in the European consumer

electronics market", said Dr.

Rainer Hecker, Chairman of

the Supervisory Board, gfu,

at the IFA Opening Press

Conference on Wednesday.

Hecker, who stressed that IFA

is an accurate mirror of the

market, said that the market

for consumer electronics

and home appliances will

be driven by the “cocooning

effect” of consumers, who

4 www.ifa-international.org

industry. “Trade investment

in IFA is at record levels.

Globally IFA is the most

important show for product

launches with the highest

number of international

visitors. The presence of

the most senior executives

from Sony, Samsung

and Panasonic amongst

others demonstrates the

importance of IFA.”

The addition of home

appliances at IFA has proved

to be a major success. “We

had a great debut in 2008,”

will spend on high quality

items in hard times.

"Energy efficiency is

motivating consumers to buy

new equipment, as devices

such as fridges, TVs and

washing machines continue

to be replaced," he said. "Flat

TV will prove increasingly

attractive in the near future,"

he continued, "while Bluray,

mobile entertainment,

and broadcast and internet

convergence will all gain

ground in the marketplace."

says Dr. Reinhard Zinkann,

Chairman of the Board

Division Home Appliances

of ZVEI. “Even though we

prepared well for it, we

still didn’t expect it would

be such a great success.

Consumer Electronics

and white goods actually

compliment each other.”

The volume of business

generated by IFA has risen

steadily from e2.5 billion of

orders in 2006 to e3 billion

last year. Media attendance

has grown from 1,308 from

60 countries in 2006 to 1,415

tastes and trends

majOr industry players Outline the

FactOrs that will shape the markets

By Neil Crossley

Download Podcast

at w w w.ifa-international.org

Download Video

at w w w.ifa-international.org

Hecker outlined how

the uptake of HDTV had

accelerated significantly

in Germany, and he

cited as an example the

recent increase in HDTV

household penetration for

the broadcast of the World

Championships in Athletics,

Berlin 2009.

Future trends in the home

appliances market were

explored by Dr. Reinhard

Zinkann, Chairman of

the Board Division Home

from 67 countries last year.

This year sees an increase

in pre-registered media,

with more international

media and communication

channels expected. IFA’s

full service approach sees

another round of vital

forums encompassing

media trends to future

technology and customer

service. “Mediawoche is

one of the biggest media

platforms with 15,000

visitors. TecWatch is an

exciting vehicle for retailers

to discover new technology

and therefore to prepare

for new business,” says

Dr. Reiner Hecker, Chairman

of the Supervisory Board,

gfu. “IFA is precisely

focused on the needs

of exhibitors and their

Appliances of ZVEI.

"Increased health awareness

among consumers is a

pivotal trend," he added,

citing as examples optimised

freshness systems in cooling

appliances and a desire

for fresh food and healthy

cooking, as exemplified by

the adoption of appliances

such as cooking steamers.

"Convenience is also

an influencing factor in

home appliance market

trends," continued Zinkann,

with smart electronics

superseding mechanics for

ease-of-use. He pointed

to booming markets for

personal care and beauty

appliances, and said that

energy efficiency is pivotal to

the sales of small appliances,


goals and as ever is a true

reflection of the market.

IFA combines a unique mix

of innovation, information

and entertainment. The

combination of Consumer

Electronics and Home

Appliances has proved to

be a winning formula.” IFA

COO Göke says that IFA has

made impressive progress

over the past five years.

“We are on the right track.

IFA is perfectly positioned to

inform our VIP trade visitors

and we have made strides

this year to restore top

class entertainment for the

end consumer. IFA is now

even more attractive to the

youth market. We have the

products that they want to


such as vacuum cleaners

and coffee machines.

Zinkann referred to a 15%

rise in the sales of tumble

driers in the first half of

2009. He also highlighted

the importance of lifestyle

product factors, such as fine

cuisine in the home and the

use of home appliances as

designer pieces.

“Good taste will become

more important, from

coffee to cooling wine,“ he

said, before highlighting the

increasingly integrated openplan

design in household

kitchens and living rooms.

“Kitchen appliances must be

adapted to these changing

lifestyle habits,” he said.

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009




seT new sTAnDARDs'

Dr Rainer Hecker, chairman of the supervisory board, gfu

The economy may be down,

but IFA is on the up, says

Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman

of the supervisory board of

IFA organiser Gesellschaft

fur Unterhaltungs- und


(gfu). Interview by Richard


IFA is a reflection of

the market — and the

market, at the moment,

is going through testing

times. However, Germany

is not suffering as much

as many other European

territories. Why do you

think that is?

In Germany, the

government's stimulation

package to support the

German economy has had

a very positive impact. Also,

German companies have

compensated for the lack

of orders by introducing

shorter working weeks,

which has helped to reduce

the unemployment rate. As

a result, a lot of Germans

are working very flexible

hours, have a regular income

and are prepared to spend

their money on attractive



If someone asked you to

describe IFA, what would

you say?

IFA is unique, because it

combines several functions.

It's a venue for presenting

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

new products. It's an order

fair, where dealers from

around the world came to

buy the latest products. And

it's also a media event —

not only because it provides

a platform for new-media

launches, but also because

it helps to define the market,

set standards and norms, and

develop market segments.

What are key trends

driving the consumerelectronics


First of all, there is the

ongoing process of

digitalisation and the change

from CRT [cathode ray tube]

sets to flat-panel televisions.

And now we have a big

step ahead with the change

to HDTV from standard

definition television, which

will be especially challenging

for the public-service

providers. And last but not

least, energy efficiency has

become a pivotal concern,

not only for household

appliances, but also across

the consumer-electronics


This year, IFA is pretty

much on a level with last

year, which is impressive

in view of the economic

climate. What is your

vision for the future?

We will look for new partners

in the field of audio and hifi

— and perhaps also in the

games sector.



Dr Christian Göke, COO of Messe Berlin

This year’s IFA is looking

quite good, very different

from most other trade

shows, In fact, IFA is

looking like a steadfast

trade show in the

industry. How would you

describe it?

I couldn’t have put it better.

'Steady as a rock' is a good

description. Compared to

other shows, it was able to

maintain the record level of

2008. That’s the punchline

of IFA 2009.

We’re not out of the

difficult times yet. Do you

think people are gripping

to IFA like an island in the


That’s a good comparison. I

think that in difficult times,

you are looking at the end

of the day for security. And

who could give you security

in these difficult times? For

example, if you are a supplier

or a consultant in the

industry, you need to talk to

the real decision-takers and

where better than at the No1

trade show worldwide.

So I think that exhibitors,

visitors and media are looking

for valid statements from the

heads of the industry and the

decision-takers. Therefore,

this year it’s more valuable

than ever that we have an

impressive number of CEOs

and the presidents from the

industry at our premises.

This is also a record for IFA

the number of top line

people at IFA here this


That's because these decision

takers have noticed that IFA is

the place, especially in regard

to new product launches. On

the other hand, the fact that

they are here is so valuable

for the others.

Speaking of product

launches, a lot of

companies tend to launch

products at the beginning

of the year, then come

to IFA to reinforce their

marketing. Are there more

launching products here?

You know, it is a kind of

'chicken and egg' situation.

We have had a steep

and incredible amount of

broadcasters sending live

feed from IFA, and have

doubled this figure in the

last three years. On the other

hand, we had a shift from

the product launches in the

beginning of the end to our

show. So I don’t know who is

influencing who more – does

the media coverage launch

the product or does the

product launch the media


This year, will media

coverage be as good as

last year or better?

The pre-registration of the

media this year is significantly

higher than last year. And last

year, we had the record of

9,000 accredited journalists.

Is there a change in the

way people are looking

at IFA? Dr Zinkann said

that it was a change from

working tools to lifestyle

products. And we thought

that was very apt.

Yes, I couldn’t express it

better. That’s a good way

to put it. In the case of the

normal apartment, you can’t

divide between kitchen,

living spaces, entertainment

or bedroom. From the

design standpoint, there

is no difference from the

white goods and consumer

electronics products.

So IFA In a sentence?

We are on a very good and

stable track. I personally

think that this is going to be

a very good IFA.

www.ifa-international.org 5





Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive

Director, explains what the trends

are looking like this year…

We’ve just witnessed some

impressive figures at the

international press conference

and things are looking very

positive for the IFA 2009. What

are the trends for the year


One of the main trends coming from

the past is the TV, which is bigger

and sharper, and HD is coming up in

the market now in Europe. We are a

little bit behind the US and Japanese

markets but HD is one of the most

important reasons that the outlook

for the industry is optimistic for TV


You’ve been visiting the world,

meeting with all the top

manufacturers, talking to them

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

about getting into the show

again this year. What is the feeling

among these manufacturers

about how the market’s going?

Companies have to invest in the

next generation of technology, and

there are huge investments they

have to make. This means that if

we come to one of the main key

players and we ask them for a huge

investment in our show, of course

they will look a little bit astonished

but the main point is that it’s not

enough to have the right products

and the right technology. We need

to contact the markets and it’s part

of the success of the industry to get

in contact with the right retailers and

Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Chairman of the homeappliances

division ZVEI

the right buyers. It’s the first step to

the success of the European markets

and the markets worldwide.

In the last few years, we’ve seen

an increase in the number of

deals done at IFA. Last year three

billion Euros in deals, what is the

target this year? Do you have any

sort of hopeful target of what

might be the deals done?

If we achieve the same level as we

got last year, we would be very

satisfied. The question is what

about the stocks of the retailers?

Are the stocks empty by now, or

filled? We have to hope that the

retailers are realising these are the

right products for the next pushes in

the market, expected by the soccer

championship, expected by the HD

contents, and we hope that the

retailers are realising these are the

right products and we hope they are

ordering these products.




The home-appliance sector is

out in force at IFA 2009. Dr

Reinhard Zinkann, Chairman of

the home-appliances division of

the German industry group ZVEI,

talks Richard Barnes through this

year's highlights…

What are the key trends in home


Energy consumption and consumer

convenience are both gaining in

importance and are giving rise to

many new products and ideas. I

think we will see a lot of exciting

developments in both these areas at

IFA 2009.

The German market is proving to

be more resilient than many of

its European counterparts. Why

do you believe that is? What's

Germany doing right?

First, I think the German economy is

still performing a little bit stronger

than some other economies,

especially those in Central Europe.

Second — and perhaps more

important — many Germans have

household products that now older

than 10 or 15 years, which gives us a

huge domestic replacement market.

Added to that, when Germans

spend money in insecure times,

they tend to spend it on fewer but

better products — products that

they believe will give them better

service, are of better quality and

will last them for longer. I think this

is also one of the reasons why the

domestic-appliance industry has

done better in Germany than it has

in some other European countries.

The last point I would like to make

is that, last year, IFA threw the

spotlight on the home-appliance

industry and that really helped to

stimulate the local market. It didn't

just generate interest among the

trade, but it also raised awareness

among German consumers.

What do you expect from IFA


It is very important in tough

economic times to have positive

news — and IFA has a very, very

positive story to tell in terms of

household appliances. As a result,

it generates positive feelings

in everybody involved — from

consumers to the trade. Everybody

is happy. I'm convinced the

household-appliance industry will

be as successful at IFA 2009 as it

was at last year's event.

www.ifa-international.org 7

conference & event

IfA InternAtIonAl Keynotes 2009

What direction will technology take? What will future standards look like? How will these developments affect my present business model?

You will find out all about these topics at the IFA International Keynotes - in exciting lectures from international top managers from the CE

and Household Appliances industry. They will convey their insider knowledge to you regarding the latest product developments, industry

trends and strategies. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet the industry stars and to get the latest industry news firsthand.

Statement of Motivation

As one of the leading trade

shows of any industry, it is my

honor to deliver the opening

keynote speech at IFA 2009.

IFA brings together many of our

most important stakeholders

in one place at the same

time. It provides an invaluable

opportunity to demonstrate our

business activities, not only in the

traditional consumer electronics

domain, but increasingly across

the broad spectrum of consumer

lifestyle. With this in mind, our IFA

keynote speech this year will offer

an excellent platform to outline

Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s

evolution into a company focused

on consumer health and wellbeing.

Abstract of Speech

Philips continues to advance

as a leading consumer brand,

driven by the changing needs of

consumers and the dynamics of

the markets we play in. Andrea

Fabio de’Longhi

Chief Executive Officer

De’Longhi Group

Hamid Akhavan

Chief Operating Officer

(COO) Member of the

Board of Management

Deutsche Telekom AG

Andrea Ragnetti

Chief Executive Officer,

Philips Consumer Lifestyle

4 th September 2009

@ 9:45 – 10:30

Location: ICC, Saal 3

Philips Consumer Lifestyle -

focusing on consumer health

and well-being

Ragnetti, Chief Executive Officer

of Philips Consumer Lifestyle,

will provide an update on our

evolution into a company focused

on consumer health and wellbeing.

This year, Philips developed

the most comprehensive

study into consumer health

and well-being of its kind. We

gathered data from thousands

of consumers in European and

growth markets, and following

detailed analysis have used this

knowledge to further refine our

strategy. Mr. Ragnetti will outline

findings which address what

consumers are really looking for to

improve the quality of their lives.

He will use product examples to

demonstrate how Philips is already

venturing into new value spaces.

Using examples of acquisitions

Philips has made across its three

sectors, Healthcare, Lighting and

Consumer Lifestyle, Mr. Ragnetti

will show how Philips as a brand

has a consistent strategy and


5 th September 2009 @ 9:45 – 10:30 a.m

Location: Hall 7.1a, IFA International

Keynote Area

The DE’LONGHI GROUP: “Living Innovation”

in a challenging market

5 th September 2009 @ 3:00 – 3:45 p.m.

Location: Hall 7.1a, IFA International

Keynote Area

Telecommunications Innovation drives

Digital Lifestyle

Statement of Motivation

IFA is one of the most important

events in the global consumer

electronics industry. In particular

this year it is critical for

companies such as Samsung,

to demonstrate a compelling

vision for the future. Economic

conditions notwithstanding, our

industry certainly is experiencing

many positives for instance:

strong growth in flat panel TV´s,

monitors, Blu-ray and other

connected digital products. I am

honored to outline Samsung’s

vision of the consumer electronics

industry and highlight many

of the exciting and innovative

technology experiences we will

be offering to the market.

Dr. Reinhard


Managing Director

and Co-Proprietor at

Miele & Cie. KG

Ferdinand Kayser

President & CEO


Boo-Keun Yoon

President & General

Manager, Visual Display

Division, Samsung

Electronics Co., Ltd.

4 th September 2009

@ 15:00 – 15:45

Location: Hall 7.1.a, IFA

International Keynote


Towards Digital Humanism;

Dreams Made Real

Abstract of Speech

Consumers continue to demand

more emotional and selfexpressive

experiences from

their technology products.

Samsung calls this phenomena

“Digital Humanism”. Future

technology products must

now reflect individual human

values, lifestyles and cultural

experiences. Samsung’s ongoing

efforts to realize the promise

of “Digital Humanism” is the

fundamental motivation behind

the company’s future product

plans. Samsung will introduce

its 2nd half 2009 products

at IFA which will highlight,

through an “e-Story”, the core

values of our upcoming product

portfolio: Essence, Engagement,

Expression, Experience, Eco.

6 th September 2009 @ 15:00 - 15:45

Location: Hall 7.1.a, IFA International

Keynote Area

Sustainable thinking and action: Challenges

facing the industry in taking targeted action

to support the retail trade and to introduce

calm in times of crisis

7 th September 2009 @ 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.

Location: Hall 7.1a, IFA International

Keynote Area

SES ASTRA, the right partner for business

- shaping new markets, driving innovation,

developing HDTV. A recipe for joint success

8 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009






AROUND By Joanna Stephens, Gary Smith and Neil Crossley

The second IFA edition of Showstoppers welcomed the cream of the electronics

industry’s journalists, alongside top management from LG, Samsung and

Sharp. “In total, 325 people came by to check out the innovative products on

display,” said Dave Leon, a partner at Showstoppers.

Bianca Wagner,


Communications, Navteq

“It’s the quality of our maps

that sets us apart. We’re on

the road every day so we

can even include major road

works if they are long-term.

We’re here to launch a new

service called Motorway

Junction Objects which

enables 3D animation of

complex motorway rings

and highway junctions.”

Jackie Ballinger,

PR Director, Griffi n

“Our chargers and iPod

docks exist because we’re

constantly looking for new

solutions and innovation.

We’re now launching our

products in Europe after

having had quite some

success in the US. Despite

the economic climate,

people love gadgets.”

Sharon Cuppett,

Vice-President of

Marketing, Wi-Ex

“Our device boosts cell

phone signals in the home,

plus it also cleans it up. It

works across spaces up to

220 square metres and so far in

the US we’ve sold over 100,000

units. We’re now launching in

Europe and our products are

available on Amazon.com and


Maurice Quarre,

Head of Product

Management, Sennheiser

“Our USP is very simple, it’s

our quality of sound. It’s also

our essence and we are here

with the best headphones

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

in the world, the HD 800. If

you check out any hi-fi blog

you’ll fi nd that it’s not just

us making that claim, they

really are the best.”

Thomas Kunz, Market

Manager Photo, X-Rite

“X-Rite is the global

leader in colour solutions,

colour science and colour

technology. Our mission is

to make our products more

affordable for a broader

base of users — and our

USP is to ensure that our

customers get their colour

right fi rst time, every time."

Phlip Vanhoutte,

Managing Director,


“We bought Altec Lansing

a couple of years back and

I’m very proud to work with

such an amazing team. The

company really is a specialist

in sound. It made the fi rst

iPod dock and the fi rst dock

that was truly compatible

with an iPhone. There is

a huge concentration of

engineering talent at Altec


Gareth Jones,

UK & Ireland Regional

Manager, Cisco

“This is Cisco’s new division,

called Cisco Consumer

Products Division. The

Flip Mino & Flip Ultra are

revolutionising the way

that people share videos.

It’s basically a marriage

between a camcorder and

software. The software is

on the camera and boots up

wherever you are. So you

can take this anywhere with

you and share your videos.

In terms of what it offers, it’s


Nick Hucker,

Marketing Manager

EMEA, iRobot

“We’re here with a wet

fl oor vacuum cleaner called

Scooba and a dry fl oor

vacuum cleaner called

Roomba. Basically, you set

them and they come on

automatically. They’re both

fully automated and can

be scheduled to clean four

rooms, seven times a week.

They have been created by

guys who have worked with

NASA. We have 65 patents

in robotics and we specialise

in robotics technologies.”

Joseph Lee,

Marketing Manager,

Creative Labs

The Zen X-Fi 2 is a media

player device with a

3-inch touchscreen. It’s

the fi rst in the Creative

series that supports the

touchscreen. It has a wide

variety of audio and video

formats, including very

high quality formats such

as Lossless.”

Dan Salmonsen,

Director, Product

Management, DivX Inc

Download Podcast

at w w w.ifa-international.org

Download Podcast

at w w w.ifa-international.org

“DivX is one of the most

popular internet-based video

formats today, one that can

be used from the PC and

into the living room. You can

take a DivX video from the

internet, put it on a disk or

on a USB drive and plug it

into your TV and it will play,

without any fuss.”

Download Video

at w w w.ifa-international.org

Download Video

at w w w.ifa-international.org


www.ifa-international.org 9

3D in the home has come

a step closer with the news

that Sony is to introduce

a 3D-compatible BRAVIA

LCD television set in 2010.

The official announcement

was made by Sony

Corporation Chairman,

CEO and President

Sir Howard Stringer

at a packed IFA press

conference on Wednesday,

amid rumours in the

world's business press that

the consumer-electronics

giant was set to throw

its weight behind the


"Today, 3D is clearly on its way

to the mass market through

technology, distribution and

content," Stringer said. "As

with HD a few years back,

there are a variety of issues

yet to be addressed. But the

3D train is on the track —

and we, at Sony, are ready

to drive it home." Sony's

decision to board the 3D

express will be welcomed

by the wider 3D industry,

which remains focused on

cinema and has yet to take

ownership of the TV market.

In addition to 3D-compatible

BRAVIA sets, Sony will also

develop 3D compatibility

into several devices, such as

Blu-Ray discs, VAIO laptops

and PlayStation3 consoles,

expanding the ways in which

3D content — from movies

to games — can be enjoyed

in the home. Stringer added:

"Sony's technological

leadership, together with

our unique understanding of

all forms of content, means

we will be able to deliver

SPEcial fEaTURE - 3D cOMES aliVE!


SONy aNNOUNcES glObal laUNcH Of

3D-ENablED TVS iN 2010 by Jo Stevens

the entire 3D value chain in

cinemas, at home and on

a variety of Sony devices."

Stringer also announced

the European launch of

the PlayStation Network

(PSN) video-download

service, which starts its

roll-out this November in

France, Germany, Spain

and the UK. The service

will feature hundreds of

movie titles from all the

major Hollywood studios,

alongside local content from

Sony's European partners.

"In the US, the PSN videodelivery

service now offers

over 12,000 TV episodes and

more than 2,200 movies,

with more than 35% of

these movies in HD," Stringer


Hall 4.2 / Stand 101

10 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

sPeCIAL feAtUre - 3d Comes ALIve

A WAtershed event for 3d!

sCI-fI And 3d Come together on the

movIe sCreen WIth AvAtAr!

Many of us grew up

enthralled by science fiction

and in love with the movies.

In many cases, we have been

fascinated by 3D. These

three continuing interests

will all come together on

December 18th with the

release of Avatar. As has

been well publicised, Avatar

is a movie that is being

filmed in photo-realistic,

stereoscopic 3D. It hopes

to mix live action and CGI

imagery in a seamless blend.

Insight Media Consultant

Art Berman tells us more…

Making a film using digital

3D technology is still very

new. This means that much

of the filming process itself is

being improvised along the

way, with new technologies

being developed as they

are needed. Consider first

the Computer Graphics

aspects of the film. Avatar’s

footage is built from about

70% CGI. But it will also

include computerized

images from real human

action, which is called

"performance capture."

This is accomplished by

the cast donning motion


LAUnChes 3d



At IfA

Sisvel Technology, a

subsidiary of the Sisvel

Group dedicated to

fostering innovation

and R&D activities, and

3DSwitch, a start-up

devoted to 3D stereoscopic

imaging, are collaborating

on the development of

3Dready, a new method for

automatic 2D/3D format

recognition and conversion

that greatly enhances your

3D TV viewing experience.

3Dready allows seamless

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

capture suits, essentially

leotards covered in sensors

that feed the movements

of the body back to a bank

of computers. In Avatar,

scenes were accomplished

on a "performance capture"

stage six times bigger than

anything previously used

in Hollywood. The realism

of the performance was

enhanced by improving the

way the suits captured the

actors’ facial expressions.

Facial Performance


The new technique is

called Facial Performance

Replacement. The FRP

process calls for the use of

a skullcap with a camera

enhancement that closely

monitors the actor’s eyes

and mouth as well as

other small movements.

Each frame is analyzed for

facial details such as pores

and wrinkles all of which

enable creation of a moving,

computerized image that

better reproduces human

emotions. In addition,

FPR allows the Director

to digitally re-work an

transition from the current

2D broadcasts to 3D. Thanks

to 3Dready, it is no longer

necessary to modify 3D TV

setups from the menu each

time you switch from a 3D to

a 2D channel. Furthermore,

3D is guaranteed to function

on 2D TV sets (in 2D view)

as long as the decoder has

been updated correctly.

3Dready doesn’t replace

existing 3D standards for

broadcasting and display, but

rather unifies them under a

single roof by tagging video

content and converting the

format as necessary.

In addition to 3Dready, Sisvel

Technology and 3DSwitch

are also developing new

technologies related to

stereoscopic 3D imaging

and broadcasting.

actor’s facial movements.

The performance capture

workflow on Avatar used

a so-called "Simulcam" or

"virtual camera." This tool

allows the director to hold

a camera (really a monitor)

in his hands, point it at the

actors and see them in real

time as their CG characters.

The virtual camera allows the

Director to move through,

edit and record the computer

generated 3D scene as if he

were the actual cameraman.

The effect on screen of this

approach is that of a "shaky

cam." The effect makes

action sequences seem upclose

and can be used to

focus audience attention on

a particular part of a scene.

Next consider the live action

3D capture aspects of the

film. When James Cameron

directed his first 3D film,

"Terminator 2: 3D," for

Universal Studios theme

parks more than a decade

ago, the bulky camera

equipment made some shots

awkward or impossible. The

450 pound contraption, had

two film cameras mounted

on a metal frame and was

so heavy that producers

3DSwitch and Sisvel

Technology provide services

in 3D content creation,

management, editing,

and display. The combined

expertise of 3DSwitch and

Sisvel Technology offers

partners state of the art

technology and know how

to achieve an unparalleled

user experience.

By utilizing custom hardware

and patented algorithms

and through know-how

transfer 3DSwitch and Sisvel

Technology greatly simplify

3D workflow, from shooting

to delivering content to end

users. 3Dready technology

will be on display during IFA


Hall 2.2 / Stand 114

had to jury-rig construction

equipment to lift it off

the ground for shots from

above. The cameras,

slightly set apart, had to

be mechanically pointed at

the subject and then locked

into place to create the

3D effect. To address the

camera problem, Cameron

collaborated with Vince

Pace, a cinematographer

and the founder of a

Los Angeles based 3D

production company.

Together they developed

and patented a so-called

"fusion digital 3D camera

system." This camera was

first employed in Cameron’s

2003 documentary, Ghosts

of the Abyss, and has

subsequently been refined

and adapted. The camera rig

now weighs only 50 pounds.

The complete filming

suite consists of a number

of stereoscopic cameras

that each use two camera

lenses that can dynamically

converge on a focal point

with the help of a computer.

With these cameras,

the cinematographer

can capture two images

simultaneously and with

perfect alignment both of

which are crucial in 3D for

sweeping camera moves

and action sequences.

During production,

Cameron needed a way to

review just-shot footage

in 3D. Since no equipment

existed to do this, Texas

Instruments customized

three large screen DLP TVs

to allow a scene shot in 3D

to be immediately reviewed,

enabling on-the-spot

directorial decisions. Those

of us on the "technology

side" of 3D should

remember a point well

made by Director Cameron:

"Ideally, the technology is

advanced enough to make

itself go away. That’s how

it should work. All of the

technology should wave its

own wand and make itself


IFA International would like to thank

Art Berman, Display Daily, www.

DisplayDaily.com (published by

Insight Media www.insightmedia.

info) for the use of this article.

Hall 5.2 / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 11

When PICtUres Come ALIve

There is no question that

one of the big themes

of this year's IFA show is

3D. Technologies often

accelerate in development

when they change from

analogue to digital and

over recent years, TV set

makers have moved from

the CRT, where progress and

development was gradual,

to LCD and PDP which are

developing rapidly.

In the end, a display is a

communication device, an

interface. A TV without

a viewer has no purpose.

The better that the output

interface (the TV) can match

to the input interface (the

viewer's perception), the

better the connection, the

closer the involvement of

the viewer in the content

that is being displayed.

Humans evolved stereovision

and if the display

doesn't take advantage of

this, it really isn't using the

full bandwidth potential

of the human 'perception


Improvements in the speed

of driving of PDPs and

advances in LCD technology

are allowing stereo images

to be delivered to viewers. In

the case of LCD, in monitors,

we've seen double speed

sets from companies such

as ViewSonic and Samsung

that can run each eye at

full resolution to exploit

the power of the latest

graphics cards. There are

real technical challenges to

be overcome to make Full-

HD 3D on LCDs successful.

PDP makers have an

advantage here. PDPs are

fundamentally digital and

have very fast response

times, so they can maintain

full resolution for each eye,

something that we believe

is very important to a great

user experience. However,

you also need to have the

content in 3D and then to

get it to the viewer.

Over the last three or four

years, Hollywood, led by

Disney's Pixar studios but

backed by others including

Dreamworks Animation

have developed some great

content for viewing in 3D

and studios are increasingly

committing to making all of

sPeCIAL feAtUre - 3d Comes ALIve

meko’s bob rAIkes Looks At the onset of 3d teChnoLogIes

Bob Raikes,

Founder and President of Meko

As the Blu-ray Disc Association

announces official plans for

incorporating 3D into the

Blu-ray format, Hollywood

appears on its side to be right

behind the project.

“Consumer adoption of Bluray

continues to grow at a

very steady pace,” said Bob

Chapek, President, Walt Disney

Studios Home Entertainment.

“The 3D theatrical market has

been very successful this year.

We are just now seeing all of

the true capabilities of 3D and

with Blu-ray Disc’s superior

technical characteristics, as

well as the broad industry

support of the format, it

makes it the ideal packaged

media platform for 3D home


According to Victor Matsuda,

Blu-ray Disc Association


Home Master

Source: SMPTE




Line Event


Post Production

their content available in 3D.

This has been made possible

by the switch to digital

cinema projectors that can

deliver a really compelling

viewer experience in 3D. The

US movie and TV standards

body, SMPTE, has developed

its 3D Home Master concept

to help the standardisation

3D content.

In times past, getting that

content to the viewer in the

home would have been a

nearly impossible problem.

TV viewers would have been

limited by the decisions of

broadcasters in supporting

3D. Few broadcasters have

really committed strongly to

Global Promotions Committee

Chairman, “The BDA intends

to take full advantage of the

format’s high bandwidth and

capacity to achieve the very

highest possible quality 3D


“Just as Blu-ray Disc has paved

the way for next generation,

high definition home

entertainment, it will also set

the standard for 3D home


Source Master


Cinema Master

HD, so the chances of them

going quickly to 3D are

very, very small. (Although

BSKyB in the UK which

has a good HD service is

going to launch a single

experimental 3D channel

in 2010, although it will be

half resolution to fit into its

existing infrastructure)

However, the Blu-ray Disc

Association is going as fast

as it can to finalise and

publish a specification for

3D content that can be

played in FullHD in 3D on

new players, but is also

fully compatible with the

existing 2D player installed

base. The latest version of

viewing in the future”, said Mr


The BDA, comprised of major

motion picture studio, IT

and consumer electronics

companies, is working on

a uniform specification to

ensure consistent delivery of

3D content across the Blu-ray

Disc Platform. The Association

is examining a number of

criteria and at a minimum,

the HDMI interface, version

1.4, which will appear in

products in 2010 supports

image transfer from a player

to a display.

That means that 3D content

with high quality and high

definition, in line with the

Blu-ray aim to be 'the best

quality viewing experience

in the home', will arrive in

the next year.

The other enabler may

well be what is known as

'over the top' TV - that is

TV that is supplied through

the internet without the

need for a conventional


WALt dIsney stUdIos home entertAInment

bACk 3d on bLU-rAy dIsC

hoLLyWood bACks formAt As the “IdeAL PACkAged medIA

PLAtform for 3d home entertAInment” By Gérard Lefebvre

the specification will require

delivery of 1080p resolution

to each eye and backward

compatibility for both discs

and players, meaning that 3D

discs will also include a 2D

version of the film that can be

viewed on existing 2D players

and 3D players will enable

consumers to playback their

existing libraries of 2D content.

12 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

















How mASAyUkI kozUkA IS dRIvINg FoRwARd


In April this year, Masayuki

Kozuka was appointed

General Manager, Storage

Devices Business Strategy

Office Corporate R&D Division,

Panasonic Corporation. Here,

he talks about his role in

developing Blu-ray Disc,

3D and other optical media

for the modern-day digital


You’ve had an interesting

and varied career. Could

you start by telling us

about it…

I’ve worked for Panasonic

for 27 years. I have an

engineering degree and

after joining the company I

spent a lot of time working

overseas. I was in Hollywood

for six years working on a

variety of projects including

the joint-venture with

Universal Studios 15 years

ago, which was a dream

appointment because

movies are my hobby.

I was there as Project Leader

on the development of DVD

and then Blu-ray. I was also

involved in a digital music

distribution system long

before the iPod appeared.

The SD card was part of the

music distribution system.

It was developed in cooperation

with SanDisk and

the distribution side was in

conjunction with Universal

Music and BMG.

In 2001 I was asked to

concentrate on HD picture

quality, specialising in

compression and broadband

distribution. So we started

working with the studios to

make the Blu-ray disc.

You’ve been at the heart

of Blu-ray discs since the

start. What new ways do

you think are needed to

drive the demand for the


From the studio point of

view, a company like Disney

whose main business is

aimed at kids, is crucial

because kids love to play

games. Now, a DVD or Bluray

disc can end up being

watched once or twice and

then forgotten but Disney’s

discs offer much greater

value because they are all

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

packed with extra features,

and of course the Blu-ray

can have so many more

extras than a DVD and much

greater levels of interactivity.

What is the roadmap for


After the demonstrations

this year our CEO has said

that he wants to start

commercialising the system

next year. We are not just

thinking about a 3D TV and

HDMI. We’re developing a

player and discs. We’re also

working together with the

studios on developing a 3D


Are there differing

systems for rendering the

3D images?

There are several

intermediate formats but

we don’t care about them.

We are committed to the

Blu-ray Association 3HD

format. In terms of TVs we

don’t need standardisation

but we adhere to the HDMI

cable standard and the Bluray

format. Screen-wise, the

challenge with LCD is that

it reads the information line

by line so 120Hz would not

be enough. I think 240Hz

would be sufficient though.

Plasma, on the other hand,

reads frame by frame so

that works well and it has

enough brightness.

James Cameron is a big

supporter of the 3D

project. Have you met


Yes. Funnily enough, two

years ago I was involved in

a joint-promotion with Fox

and Disney for Blu-ray. They

invited me to look at their

joint-project with James

Cameron to produce Avatar,

his next film. The system had

very nice picture quality and I

was very impressed by what

I saw, so I made an internal

report saying that I thought

that we should perhaps be

thinking about developing


So this was the seed of

the current project?

Yes indeed. Plus we started

providing Avatar with

cameras plus LCD and

Plasma displays. We arn’t

a fully-fledged collaborator

though, just a technology


So the 3D rollout starts in

2009. When will we see

3D TVs in the shop?

3D screens will start

appearing in cinemas very

soon but as for 3D DVD for

the public, we are committed

to having products available

in the US market next

year. In fact there’ll be an

announcement at IFA this

year with more details about

our rollout plans.

Hall 5.2 / Stand 101

by Richard Barnes

Masayuki Kozuka,General Manager, Storage Devices Business Strategy Office Corporate R&D Division, Panasonic Corporation.

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Philips Consumer Lifestyle

celebrates its first

birthday at IFA 2009. CEO

Andrea Ragnetti talks

to Richard Barnes about

the 'sense and simplicity'

that has characterised

the sector's first year of


Philips Consumer Lifestyle

has added a broad

spectrum of consumerlifestyle

products to its

traditional consumer

electronics range. How is

this evolving?

Last year, I told you about

the birth of Philips Consumer

Lifestyle, which is the sector

for which I am responsible.

As we move towards our

second birthday, in January

2010, we are more and

more focused on health and

wellbeing. Within this vast

domain, we have identified

four key platforms for

innovation and growth.

We call them healthy life,

personal care, home living

and interactive living.

The first one is our healthylife

platform, which includes

categories such as dental

care, preventive health

diagnostics, mother- and

childcare, and lifestyle

management. The personalcare

segment is about

looking and feeling good,

and includes solutions in the

areas of skincare, shaving,

grooming, hair care and

sleep. The third platform is

home living, which includes

categories such as coffee,

water and air, indoor and

outdoor cookery, and floor

care. And finally, interactive

living includes categories

like home cinema, audio

entertainment and lifestyle


How is Philips' focus


Philips is transforming

into a company focused

on health and wellbeing,

while delivering sense and

simplicity. This applies across

our three sectors: healthcare,

lighting and lifestyle.

Meet the visionaries

oFFerinG a neW

kind oF LiFestYLe

In your keynote, you will

be outlining the findings

of a huge study that was

undertaken by Philips this

year. Without giving too

much away, could you tell

us a little more about this


This year, we embarked upon

what we believe is one of

the largest-ever consumerresearch

studies in the in the

field of health and wellbeing.

We interviewed more than

8,000 consumers across

the world. They confirmed

that, for most consumers,

health is a rational concept,

while wellbeing is a more

emotional concept. Health is

about physical health - being

sick or healthy. Wellbeing

is about the little events in

everyday life: sharing time

with family and friends,

having time off from a hectic

schedule, and enjoying

moments of comfort, fun

and caring.

What are some of the

new product categories

Andrea Ragnetti, Executive Vice-President and CEO of Philips Consumer Lifestyle

raGnetti positions phiLips For a

heaLthier, WeaLthier Future By Richard Barnes

that are flowing from this


The research has given us

deep consumer knowledge,

which is the basis of the

innovation roadmap we have

identified for our sector. This

roadmap has resulted in

the four consumer lifestyle

platforms for innovation and

growth mentioned above.

When we look at these

four platforms, we see a

mix of existing businesses

and embryonic or emerging

growth areas. In order to

capture opportunities in

all these areas, we need

to leverage resources and

creativity within the Philips


An example of an area in

embryonic stage is sleep,

which is a primary source of

human vitality and health.

Sleeping is also one of the top-

10 activities that contributes

to people's wellbeing. Busy

lifestyles, however, come

with health risks caused by

stress, poor sleep quality, bad

nutrition and lack of activity.

In the US, it's estimated that

65% of adults experience

sleeping issues. Only one in

five of those adults seeks

help with their problem and,

for those who do, 50% are

prescribed pills they find

ineffective. Lack of sleep can

negatively affect behaviour

and relationships. At Philips,

we are looking at clinical and

non-clinical solutions to this

challenge. This area provides

clear opportunities for crosssector

co-operation with

Philips Lighting.

In the professional and homehealthcare

areas, Philips

knows a lot about sleep

management, respiratory

care and non-invasive

ventilation for conditions

such as sleep apnea. For

those of you unfamiliar

with the condition, apnea is

where people stop breathing

repeatedly while asleep as

a result of a blockage of

the upper airway. Between

18 to 20 million Americans

suffer from the condition.

14 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

Meet the visionaries

Our recent acquisition of

Respironics has driven our

leadership in that field.

At the level below clinical

need, Philips is also creating

solutions for millions of

'problem sleepers', or

consumers who have

occasional sleep issues. Light

is a key factor in that strategy,

with different types of light

impacting on energy levels

and the body clock.

Our Wake-up Light is one

example of how we are

making a positive impact on

sleep patterns. The light's

function to help you to fall

to sleep - the dusk function

- and a function to support

a better wake-up, which we

call the dawn function.

Some of you will remember

from our Simplicity

Event that we have been

investigating the benefits

of blue light for some time.

The recent acquisition of

Respironics has brought us

new expertise, which helped

us to launch goLITE BLU. This

is a product that emits blue

light - the same blue light as

the summer sky. Researchers

have shown that blue light is

converted into the chemicals

that help our bodies to be

active and energetic, and

may lead to better sleep.

Blue LED technology was

recently used by NASA to

adjust researchers' body

clocks, in order to keep the

team synchronised for the

Mars probe mission.

Are there other examples

of consumer lifestyle

categories at embryonic


Yes - lifestyle management.

According to the World

Health Organization, we

are now less active and

more overweight than at

any time in history. The

WHO recommends at least

30 minutes of moderate to

intense activity five times

a week. The impact of this

reduced activity can be seen

in the rise of lifestyle-related

diseases, such as cancer,

obesity, heart disease and

type-two diabetes, to name

but a few. In fact, cancer is

so prevalent that one in every

two and a half people will

suffer from it at some point

in their lives. That means 27

million new cancer cases

before 2030.

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

People want to be more

physically active, but most

can't find the time. The first

step we have made to help

people improve their life

quality is a personal coaching

and service platform called

DirectLife. This is based

on the simple idea that

'what gets measured gets

managed'. Here's how it

works: DirectLife combines

advanced technology - to

track activity daily - with

proven psychology in

the form of step-by-step

coaching. The solution shows

you how to improve your

physical fitness by making

small changes to your daily

routine. It can be as simple

as walking in the park, biking

to work or playing catch with

your child. Based on your

personal profile, DirectLife

helps you to set balanced,

achievable goals to become

more active. It's not about

sports - it's about learning

how to gradually increase

your everyday activity level

and therefore to improve

your fitness.

DirectLife is being offered to

companies on a group basis

to boost employee fitness.

It provides everything that's

needed to get a company

into shape.

Your company has made a

number of acquisitions in

the fields of healthcare,

lighting and consumer

lifestyle over the past

year. Could you please

tell us more about these

acquisitions and why you

felt it was better to 'buy

in' solutions rather than

grow them in house?

We engage in organic as well

as inorganic growth. A recent

example is our acquisition of

Saeco International in Italy,

which is one of the world's

leading espresso machinemakers.

This move makes us

one of the leading coffeeappliance


in the world. It is also a

category that has a very

direct relationship with the

wellbeing of people. Indeed,

the acquisition of Saeco,

along with the development

of our Senseo range of

coffee-makers, gives Philips

a much stronger foothold in

the 'coffee culture' sector.

Through this acquisition, we

are creating a new, dynamic

market leader in coffee

machines with excellent

growth prospects for the


It also makes total sense

for Philips to establish a

strong foothold in espresso

machines. Our reputed and

reliable brand in coffee

appliances puts us in an

excellent position to win in

this space. With Saeco, we

have acquired a company

with massive experience and

credibility in the espressomachine

market and a

strong management team,

which has agreed to stay on

following this acquisition. I

believe Saeco's expertise and

technical know-how, coupled

with Philips' strong marketing

and sales capabilities,

will create a winning

combination, allowing us to

capitalise on the completely

renewed range of espresso

machine propositions that

Saeco will be launching from

September onwards.

The enjoyment of quality

coffee, along with the

pleasant and positive

experience this can create

for consumers, ties this

acquisition to the very heart

of Philips' strategy to become

the leading company in

heath ahnd wellbeing. At the

same time, the acquisition of

Saeco is a real step forward

in further positioning the

Consumer Lifestyle sector

for the future. We are now

clearly entering a new phase

of this process."

Why do you think coffee

drinking is becoming so

much more important as

a social activity?

Attitudes to coffee vary

widely from culture to

culture, and individual

preferences can change

depending on the time of

day. What's more, consumer

tastes and preferences are

constantly evolving. As a

result, tracking consumer

trends as they emerge is at

the heart of Philips' strategy,

enabling the identification

of new markets and new

opportunities for innovation.

The home coffee market

can be divided into several

categories: instant, multiserve

or drip-filter, singleserve

open systems, singleserve

closed systems, single

serve espresso capsules and

fully automatic espresso.

Philips has a solution for

consumers in each category.

The espresso machine

segment is generally regarded

as the most valuable market

space within the global

coffee-appliances market, as

it typically achieves doubledigit

sales growth and profit


What strategy would you

recommend for surviving the

current economic slump?

Forecasts about the impact

of the financial crisis on

the consumer industries

remain unclear, but there

are some small indicators

of improvement in some

markets. But to emerge

stronger from the present

downturn, the consumerproducts

industry needs

to return to the basics -

delivering superior value

to consumers, identifying

new markets, creating new

categories and running

leaner organisations.

Hall 22 / Stand 101

IFA Intl Keynote 2009

Andrea Ragnetti, CEO Philips Consumer Lifestyle

4 th September 2009 - 9:45 to 10:30

Philips Consumer Lifestyle focusing on consumer health

and well-being.

www.ifa-international.org 15

Exclusive Interview

Boo-Keun Yoon

President & General Manager,

Visual Display Division

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Meet the visionaries

We all love to DreaM!

saMsung Keynote sets an optiMistic (anD huMan)

tone for the ce MarKet By Richard Barnes

Consumers continue to demand more emotional and self-expressive experiences from their technology products today. Samsung calls this

phenomenon "Digital Humanism", and this is at the heart of President Boo-Keun Yoon’s keynote at IFA today. We asked Mr Yoon to give

us a foretaste of his presentation…

The technology products

of the future must

reflect individual values,

lifestyle and cultural

environment. Samsung's

pursuit of the promise of

"Digital Humanism" is the

fundamental philosophy

behind our future product

plans. Samsung will

introduce its latest products

and highlight, through

an "e-Story", the core

values of our upcoming

product portfolio: Essence,

Engagement, Expression,

Experience, Eco.

Your upcoming product

portfolio is based on

what you term “Essence,

Engagement, Expression,

Experience, Eco”. Can you

please explain this?

"Digital Humanism" philosophy

is based on five key elements:

Essence: Products’ core

values will be strengthened,

so they deliver at the highest

levels of performance


Engagement: Products

will be networkable and

interoperable, so that

consumers can share

content, messages, and their

daily experiences with others;

Expression: Consumers

will have greater choice in

colour and design, to better

reflect personality and


Experience: Products will

emphasize intuitive interface

and ease of use;

Eco: Products will reflect

consumers’ growing

affinity for environmental

awareness, emphasizing

eco-friendly materials and

energy savings.

In the past, our focus

was to embed the most

advanced technology into

our products. Today, our

priority is to create harmony

between our products and

the five E that make the

consumer experience more

meaningful - and that is

what Digital Humanism is.

You have been with

Samsung for more than

30 years in various

positions… Tell us a

little about your past…

and what would you

say were your biggest

achievements to date?

I first joined the TV R&D

Team and since then I

have held various positions

including at the European

Lab, the Business Process

Innovation Group and the

Global Operations Team at

the Visual Display Division.

This rich experience gives

me broad insights and helps

me a lot in making critical

decisions as President.

My biggest achievement

to date is the success of

Samsung LED TV.

I believe the success of

Samsung LED TV is primarily

due to our own Crystal

Engine. At home, I have

LED, LCD and PDP TVs so I

can compare the experience

and I clearly feel the

difference of picture quality.

There is a 'natural mode' in

LED TV that is so vivid that

makes me feel like I am in an

alternative reality. I believe

our customers can also feel

the difference in picture

quality and colours, and we

have the results to prove it.

You have claimed that you

would like Samsung to

move into the top position

for brand recognition as

a CE company by 2011.

How do you aim to do

that? What would you

say is your “innovation


When you change your way

of thinking, your behaviour

is changed, and so is your


Because of our salespeople's

positive attitude and strong

confidence that we are a

16 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

Meet the visionaries

global leader and Samsung

was able to achieve the

leadership in the TV industry

- first in Europe and now in

the US as well. Similarly, our

development team strongly

believes that we can develop

better TV than competitors,

and we did - from the

Samsung Bordeaux LCD


Senior Manager Technology Marketing,

Sony Consumer Marketing Europe, United

Kingdom & Chairman European Promotion

Committee, Blu-ray Disc Association.

Ever felt the desire to create and perfect

your own Home-Theatre system? What

started as a hobby for Niels Leibbrandt

and small company in designing and selling

custom made speakers at the age of

20, turned out to become the start of a

professional career.

Now years later, Leibbrandt is in the unique

position to co-operate intensively with

some of the most respected companies in

the industry on best High-Definition home

entertainment standard ever created.

Niels Leibbrandt was elected Chairman

of the Blu-ray Disc Association European

promotion Committee per January 2009 for

a two-year appointment. Leibbrandt brings a

wealth of experience and modern marketing

methods in the arena of introducing new

entertainment formats.

Before working within Sony Consumer

Marketing Europe, on the marketing of

new technologies and innovations, he was

promoting home entertainment standards

like DVD+RW within Royal Philips

Electronics. Born in the Netherlands, he

holds a B.Sc. as Commercial Technical

Engineer and a M.Sc. in Business


IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

TV to the "new species" of

Samsung LED TV.

"Ownership" is also key to

my philosophy. During my

thirty years working in the

TV industry, I took care of

it as it is my own business.

Having that in mind, I have

affection to every single TV

that we have developed

and sold. These TVs are like

my own children. Since I

love my job, I always think

about how to continue to

improve and innovate our

offering and that focus and

dedication pay off.

You have been instrumental

at Samsung in

developing partnerships

with companies like

Yahoo in order to get

the Internet on TV, and

to this end, you said

this was the future of

TV. Just how important

will this “convergence”

become? What’s the

roadmap for that?

I believe that Internet

services on the TV will have

a major impact on TV sales

in the near future; Actually

we are already seeing

that functionalities like

Medi@2.0 are becoming

more and more demanded

by customers and are

turning into an important

differentiation point for TV


With the continuous growth

Blu-ray is again among the hot topics

at this year’s IFA. Since making its

breakthrough last year, the format has

been growing strongly despite the difficult

economic situation. The key reason for

this is undoubtedly the fascination that

Blu-ray provides: stunning cinema quality

pictures in sharp HD quality, excellent

sound, huge storage capacity and ease

of use make Blu-ray a fashionable and

cutting-edge medium – and not just in

home cinema.

It therefore comes as no surprise that

Blu-ray will once again make a good

impression at IFA 2009. What is surprising

is how many Blu-ray innovations there

are at the show. «The partners of the

Blu-ray Disc Association are displaying

lots of innovative products and features

that not only raise the bar even higher

in terms of picture and sound quality,

but also provide potential new uses

and intelligent solutions for the key

interface between home cinema, IT and

the internet», says Niels Leibbrandt,

Chairman of the BDA EU Promotion

Committee. In other words, IFA shows

the full potential and complete diversity

of the Blu-ray standard.

However, as well as being at the forefront,

the Blu-ray technology is also well

positioned in terms of range. As a result of

of online services, Internet

infrastructure and usage,

and the desire of consumers

to be able to get online

at any time and from any

device, we see many reasons

to believe that the Internetconnected

TV market will

grow exponentially in the

coming years and that

connectivity of televisions

will be more and more

valued by customers as

Web functionalities on TV

sets evolve.When saying

that convergence is the

future of TV, I believe that

convergence will be a major

element of competition

between TV manufacturers

in the next few years, and

Samsung will be doing

everything possible to be a

leader in this market. I am

sure that our strong assets

in a wide range of devices,

televisions, Blu-ray Disc

players, mobile phones or

set-top-boxes, will help us

create new ways of enjoying

multimedia content and are

actively working in this field.

Finally, how important

is IFA as an event for

Samsung, and why?

Along with CES, IFA is the

most important global fair in

the TV industry. At IFA, we

usually layout our road map

and direction of strategic

products while at CES we

unveil those new products.

IFA has its own European

colour - it offers a unique

combination of emotion,

practicality and ecoawareness

that makes IFA

very meaningful event for

TV industry.

Hall 20 / Stand 101

IFA International Keynotes 2009

Boo-Keun Yoon, President & General Manager Visual

Display Division Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

4th September 2009 @ 15:00 - 15:45

Towards Digital Humanism; Dreams Made Real

lower license costs, more

hardware and software

manufacturers have joined

us on the BD journey

worldwide – a major

reason why the number

of companies embracing

Blu-ray continues to rise.

Therefore, the range of

players in all price classes

and the number of

available film and music

titles are also growing.

The wider choice, greater

competition and additional sales channels

are opening up new customer segments

– and ensure constantly rising demand.

For instance, more and more film fans

are discovering the format’s qualities.

«Word of Blu-ray’s capabilities and

performance has spread throughout

Europe», says Niels Leibbrandt. There is

already a Blu-ray player in close to one

in ten households in the EU, if you count

Sony’s PS 3 and it is expected that 20%


Blu-ray Disc

Technology wiTh greaT PoTenTial

of European homes will be BD enabled

by the end of 2011.The IFA, which

traditionally sends out strong growth

signals and motivates new sales, and

the forthcoming Christmas business are

two of the main reasons why the BDA

expects a positive market development

within 12 months – the Blu-ray market

is booming. «I am sure that with the Bluray

presence at IFA, we will also carry

this momentum through into 2010», says

Niels Leibbrandt.

www.ifa-international.org 17






Fujio Nishida, President Sony Europe

Armed with the new brand message of ‘make.believe’,

Sony is set to reinforce the role of the living room as the

hub of home entertainment. Fujio Nishida, President

Sony Europe, outlines how the company will meet the

challenges of the European market.

With the constant

evolution of the way

people use entertainment

devices of different kinds,

how is this affecting the

grouping and sales of

these products under the

Sony brand name?

We have indeed seen an

evolution in the consumer

electronics landscape both

in terms of technology and

devices, as well as the actual

gateways to content delivery.

The convergence of IT, CE

and telecommunications

now enables a multitude of

new ways to enjoy content.

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

However, the hub of

entertainment in the home

continues to be the living

room and the TV naturally

takes centre stage. Sony

has been at the forefront of

high definition, in Blu-ray,

in video games, and in the

creation of exciting content

– through our pictures and

music businesses – and its

delivery to consumers.

Similar to the adoption

of HD, now 3D is clearly

on its way to the mass

market through technology,

distribution and content.

As with HD a few years

back, there are a number of

issues yet to be addressed,

but Sony’s technological

leadership, together with

our ownership and unique

understanding of all forms of

content, means that we will

be able to deliver the entire

3D value chain, both to

our customers in the movie

creation and distribution

business and, of course, to

our consumers in cinemas,

or at home on a variety of

Sony devices. We will see

the commercialisation of 3D

Sony products for the home

in 2010.

Other exciting news for

Europe is the launch of the

PlayStation Network Video

Delivery Service, which

enables movie titles and

episodes of TV series to be

downloaded for purchase or

rental to both the PlayStation

3 and PSP. The service will

initially go live in France,

Germany, Spain and the

UK. The PSN video delivery

service currently available

in the U.S. now offers over

12,000 TV episodes and

more than 2,200 movies,

with more than 35% of

those movies in HD.

How has the world

financial crisis changed

the way Sony does


The global economic crisis

has irrevocably changed

our businesses and the

world around us. With an

outlook on convergence

and connectivity in the

consumer electronics driving

us forward, we could not

anticipate the turmoil

that would force us to reevaluate

all that we do.

One year later, it does seem

that the lessons learned

have brought productive

and necessary change to

our entire industry. Today

we do not view ourselves

as a company operating in

the middle of an economic

crisis, or waiting for one to

pass. We are aggressively

and strategically running

our business in a new and

permanently changed reality

- one that we must meet

head-on every day.

How important is IFA to

Sony in terms of getting

your message out to the


For the second consecutive

year, Sony is presenting its

entire breadth of products

and content at the biggest

booth for any single

company at IFA this year.

Being the world’s biggest

consumer electronics fair, IFA

continues to provide us with

an excellent opportunity to

present our products to a

pan-European audience in

time for the peak buying

season, which this year will

be even more crucial to our

industry than in previous

years. Most importantly, we

are excited about the prime

opportunity to interact

directly with our customers

and consumers and share

the latest highlights which

Sony as a global technology

and entertainment brand

has to offer.

What can the consumers

expect to see from Sony

at IFA this year and the

next few years down the


At our IFA press conference,

our Chairman, CEO and

President, Sir Howard

Stringer, made a global

announcement, unveiling

our new global brand

message entitled ‘make.

believe’. It symbolises

Sony’s spirit of creativity and

innovation, and its ability

to turn ideas into reality.

It is the first time we have

ever introduced a single

overarching brand message

for all of our entertainment

and electronics businesses

around the globe.

The key for us is how

‘make.believe’ translates

into compelling products,

content and services for

the consumer, all aimed at

delivering unparalleled user

experiences, which we will

see come to life between

now and during the years


Being true to the spirit of

‘make.believe’, Sony will

bring 3D to the home in

2010 and reinforce the role

of the living-room as the hub

of home entertainment, with

exciting and outstanding 3D

entertainment experiences.

Hall 4.2 / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 19






Philips Consumer Lifestyle

CEO Andrea Ragnetti

introduced several

spectacular new products at

IFA yesterday, including the

Cinema 21:9, the world’s

first cinema-proportioned

LCD TV set.

Billed as the "ultimate

viewing experience in the

comfort of your own home",

Cinema 21:9 recently won

the EISA European Home

Theatre Innovation award.

Also featured was a 3D

Cinema 21:9 prototype,

which could indicate a future

direction for the Dutch

consumer-electronics giant.

However, Ragnetti said there

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

were no plans to launch 3D

products commercially in the

short term. The prototype

was created by modifying

a Cinema 21:9 set with

updated firmware and the

addition of a micro-polarising

lens on the screen.

Ragnetti also unveiled a new

3D Blu-Ray prototype. The

Blu-ray Disc format, with its

high capacity and pristine

picture quality, is a natural

carrier for 3D. Philips is thus

observing the development

of the 3D market and is

actively participating in the

Blu-ray Disc Association's

specification work. Philips'

lifestyle products also

received a boost with the

introduction of the Senseo

Quadrante and the Senseo

Marcel Wanders coffeemakers.

The latter, designed

in collaboration with the

award-winning Dutch

designer, is aimed at styleconscious

coffee enthusiasts.



Jon Landau, producer of the

forthcoming 3D Hollywood

blockbuster Avatar, was on

hand to help Panasonic unveil

their Full-HD 3D Plasma

Home Theatre System.

Said to be a world first, the

system enables the viewing

of full-HD 3D images on

Panasonic's 103-inch plasma

HDTV and a Panasonic Bluray

Disc player, and is capable

of distributing full HD (1920

x 1080 pixels) for both eyes.

The viewer experiences 3D

images formed with twice




The BlueTechVision

Blu-ray player

the volume of information

than regular full-HD images

by using a special pair of

active-shutter glasses that

work in synchronisation with

the Plasma Theatre's HDTV.

"The full-HD 3D experience

is like entering a whole new

universe," Landau said. "We

were using Panasonic plasma

screens in our edit suite,

so it was natural for us to

partner with them on the

forthcoming Avatar movie."

Panasonic also debuts the

DMC-GF1 digital camera

at IFA, billed as the world's

High-end manufacturer

Loewe has brought two

new products to its range of

systems in the form of the

AudioVision audio system

and the BlueTech Vision

interactive Blu-ray player.

The AudioVision system

combines several products

by being able to play CDs,

DVDs and also having a

built-in radio. The system

can also be used with a USB

stick or an iPod. It also plays

CD R/RWs and DVD R/RWs.

The BlueTech Vision Blu-ray

The Senseo


inspired by

the latest


design trends

Hall 22 / Stand 101

smallest and lightest system

camera with built-in flash.

The new compact model,

which has an interchangeable

lens system, also features

AVCHD Lite for recording

extended HD movies and

networking with other AV

devices. The DMC-GF1's

functions include exposure

meter, aperture preview

and shutter-speed preview

through the live view.

(See also interview on page


Hall 5.2 / Stand 101

system com bines technology

and aesthetics and is one of

the fastest polayers currently

available which allows the

user to enjoy a film shortly

after inserting the disc. The

player supports BD Live

and also has a 1GB internal

memory. Another new

product, the MediaNetwork

is a new internet feature

for flat-screen Tvs that also

provides interactive access

to music, digital photos and

myriad radio stations.

Hall 6.2 / Stand 201




Niek Jan van Damme, the

Deutsche Telekom board

member responsible for

T-Home, sales and services,

believes that 2009 is all

about the further integration

of fixed-line and mobile


“The broadband market of

the future will be dominated

by easy-to-use products and

services, alongside integrated

service and sales,” he said.

“Our market share of over

40% of new DSL business is

the platform for our success

in the future.”

Deutsche Telekom is

introducing the T-Mobile

Pulse at IFA. The smartphone,

which is equipped with the

Android operating system,

supports the MyCommunity

and Media Center services,

and offers fast internet

access with direct links to

Google, Google Mail and

Google Maps.

Hall 6.2 / Stand 101

Hall X.X / Stand XXX

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Samsung's Michael Zoller: "Another step towards

our vision of full integration"

Samsung expects to sell around

2 million LED TVs this year —

which makes it a clear leader in the

market, according to Boo-Keun

Yoon, President of Samsung's Visual

Display Division. Speaking at an IFA

press conference yesterday, Yoon

reported that Samsung is also now

the global number two in mobile

phones, with more than 200 million

units sold and a 20% market share.

"Our computer sales have also grown

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

by 200% this year, with the N140 a

particularly good seller," he added.

"We are also investing $4.3bn in

our Planet First initiative, in order to

be more ecologically responsible."

Michael Zoller, Marketing Director for

Samsung's European visual office,

also announced a new range of

internet-enabled televisions, which

feature a programmable, intelligent

music channel. This allows the user

to choose by genre and to input

their musical preferences, which are

then used by the system to provide

recommendations. "The system can

also be controlled from your mobile

phone," Zoller said. "The TV also has

a YouTube tab and we are also now

starting to roll out Blu-ray players

that can access YouTube videos.

Another step towards our vision of

full integration is that our HMX-U10

camera has a single touch YouTube

upload facility."

Hall 20 / Stand 101



Lg's Ulrich Kemp: “Our new BORDERLESS televisions

are both a technical and lifestyle reflection of

everyone’s desire to strive for freedom"

Korea's LG Electronics has been

crossing borders for years — and it is

doing it again with it new flat-screen

BORDERLESS televisions. “Our new

BORDERLESS televisions are both

a technical and lifestyle reflection

of everyone’s desire to strive for

freedom,” said Ulrich Kemp, Chief

Operating Officer of LG Electronics

Deutschland. LG's SL9000 and

SL8000 models, with a state-of-theart

contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1,

made their market debut at IFA

and are the first TVs to completely

eliminate the seam between the

screen and the surrounding bezel.

Other features include Bluetooth,

HD DivX compatibility with a topend

full-HD 1080p SuperIPS panel

and TruMotion 200Hz, ensuring fast

on-screen action. “It has taken years

of R&D to make this unique design

concept a reality,” said Simon Kang,

CEO and President of LG Home

Entertainment Company. He added

that the LIVE BORDERLESS concept,

which employs a new injectioncompression

moulding technique

developed by LG, will define LG's

brand identity for years to come.

“The BORDERLESS TV sets new

standards in home entertainment,"

Kang said. "These televisions look

better than any others on the

market and the viewing experience

they provide is second to none.”

Hall 11.2 / Stand 101

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Next year will be the year that LCD

TVs with LED backlight technology

take centre stage, according to

Sharp Electronics Europe's CEO,

Hiroshi Sasaoka.

"LED technology is a quantum leap

for LCD TVs," Sasaoka said. "It is

Sharp's new

Aquos TV

sets with full

LED backlight






New digital






Dr. Christian


Chief Operating

Officer, Messe


IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

revolutionising the future of the

television market. LED backlight

technology is bringing both image

brilliance and energy consumption

to new levels."

Sharp is launching two new Aquos

sets at IFA — the LE700E and

Otmar Frey

Head of



Policy, ZvEi

Publisher of

IFA International

IFA Special Edition

Highlights of

The EISA Green


Exclusive interview with

Jorge Gonçalves, President,



Green Products

at iFA


LE600E, both featuring full LED

backlight technology. With less

than 100 watts, the new LCD TVs

have amongst the smallest power

consumptions worldwide. They

also feature a 2,000,000:1 dynamic

contrast ratio and constant screen

illumination of over 90%. The sets

are available in sizes ranging from

32 to 52 inches.

Sharp forecasts that, starting in

2010, LCD TVs with LED backlight

technology will become fi rmly

established on the market,

especially in Western Europe.

The company also believes they

will replace conventional LCD

technology completely in the midterm.

"We predict that, in 2009, the LCD

TV market in Europe will grow to

over 40 million units," Sasaoka

added. "Sharp plans to sell two

million LCD TVs in Europe this year,

most of which already have the LED

backlight technology."

Hall 21 / Stand 102

YourÊ bi-annualÊ GuideÊ toÊ SustainableÊ DevelopmentÊ

InitiativesÊ inÊ ConsumerÊ Electronics

YourÊCh anceÊt oÊP utÊY ourÊComp anyÕ sÊGR EENÊ

FootÊF orward

WithÊNDS ,Êyou rÊ companyÊ hasÊ theÊ chanceÊ toÊ promoteÊ itsÊ environmentalÊ

friendlinessÊin ÊaÊp urpose-builtÊ publication!

From the publishers of IFA International

ConceivedÊ byÊ Cleverdis,Ê theÊ publishersÊ ofÊ IFAÊ International,Ê thisÊ isÊ aÊ specialÊ bi-annualÊ editionÊ

helpingÊ channelÊ partners,Ê retailersÊ andÊ theÊ buyingÊ publicÊ understandÊ whatÊ makesÊ aÊ Ògr eenÓÊ

productÊor Êcomp any,Êan dÊwh atÊt heÊs takesÊar eÊf orÊs ustainableÊd evelopment!

ThisÊ publicationÊ supportsÊ theÊ ideaÊ ofÊ harmoniousÊ balanceÊ betweenÊ peoplesÕÊ needsÊ andÊ theÊ

Earth’s resources – the balance between benefi ts and costs on both a short and long term basis.

WeÊ areÊ onÊ theÊ eveÊ ofÊ anÊ industrialÊ transformationÊ thatÊ aims,Ê weÊ hope,Ê toÊ leadÊ toÊ sustainableÊ

development for society.

ButÊ theÊ marketÊ needsÊ toÊ beÊ EDUCATEDÊ aboutÊ whatÊ thisÊ allÊ meansÊ andÊ whyÊ itÕ sÊ important,Ê andÊ

NDS is the FIRST PUBLICATION to do this.

OurÊP artners:

Hall 3.2 / Stand 101

CONTACT: Jooree Cho - Tel: +33 (0)4 42 77 46 08 - jooree.cho@cleverdis.com




Metz comes to IFA with several new

products, including two high-quality

surround-sound systems. Both the

Metz Sound System 80 and 100 can

also be expanded into full 5.1 systems

through the LS 5.1 add-on.

The company is also premiering

television sets with 32-, 37- and 42inch

screens. All three models feature

an integrated function for delayed

viewing, which allows the viewer to

interrupt an ongoing programme and

watch it later.

The Linus 37 FHDTV features an

integrated Timeshift function that, by

the end of this year, will be included

on eight other models.

www.ifa-international.org 25




Navigon's new smart functions now

cover the 'last mile' from car to final

destination. As well as making sure that

you don't get lost on the road and on

foot, Navigon also helps you find your

car again. No more wandering aimlessly

around multi-story car parks! Navigon's

Last Mile function automatically saves

the position where your car is parked.

On the way back, just select My

Vehicle to be guided back to your car.

Navigon's smart functions are available

on its entry, high-end and premium

models. The company is also launching

its new Live Services at IFA. Users of the

premium Navigon 8450 Live and highend

6350 Live devices can now access

real-time information in 32 countries

across Europe for a single annual

subscription of e 79.95.

Hall 9 / Stand 209

TomTom launches its GO x50 LIVE flagship series

at IFA. The three new portable navigation devices

— TomTom GO 950 LIVE, GO 750 LIVE and GO 550

LIVE — combine TomTom's IQ Routes technology

with a fully optimised user interface. This makes it

more intuitive and easier to operate, giving drivers

all the information they need about their journey

at a glance. Safety alerts and fuel prices are clearly

displayed via the new LIVE snapshot function. Once

on the road, drivers automatically receive real-time

updates on their chosen journey. The TomTom GO

x50 LIVE series also comes with an expanded LIVE

Services offering.

Hall 9 / Stand 204






A study commissioned by NAVTEQ shows that up to four days of your life each year could be saved from

traffic delays by installing traffic-enabled navigation devices. Fuel efficiency savings of up to 21% and an

average decrease of 0.79 metric tonnes of CO emissions are an additional benefit. At IFA, the in-vehicle


data specialist announces the European launch of NAVTEQ Traffic, a comprehensive real-time traffic solution

that delivers uninterrupted data across 11 European countries. The Netherlands and Luxembourg will be

added to the list of territories by the end of 2009.


Sanus Systems unveils full-motion wall mounts

Sanus Systems has announced the shipment of two new VisionMount HDpro Series full-motion wall mounts at IFA. The

company is a division of Milestone AV Technologies which is the largest manufacturer of flat panel TV mounts worldwide.

Steve Frank, Sanus’ Director of Product Management said the company has really listened to the needs of pro-AV installers

and invested a lot of thought in the engineering of its HDpro products.

“The features on the new XF228 and LF228, from post-installation adjustment to cable management, make it incredibly

easy for an installer to create a professional TV display in any room,” said Frank, “and they can do it in significantly less

time than is required to install mounts without these features.”

Frank highlighted the benefits of the two new wall mounts. Both feature

Sanus’ ProSet post-installation adjustment, he said, while the FollowThru

cable management system conceals and routes cables through the length

of the mounting arm without inhibiting movement. The mounts also feature pre-assembled interfaces and strong, ultralight

extruded aluminium wall plates for ease of installation. Furthermore, both new products are weather resistant and

can be placed outdoors.

The XF228 and LF228 offer 28 inches (71 cm) of full-motion extension, Virtual Axis tilting technology for effortless

viewing angle adjustment without the use of tools, and an open wall-plate design that provides generous space for

cable management.

The XF228 supports TVs from 42 to 63 inches (107 to 160 cm) and up to 200 lbs (91kg), and retails at e 499.99. The

LF228 supports TVs from 37 to 58 inches (94 – 147 cm) and up to 130 lbs (59 kg), and retails at e 399.99.


Inside Sales & Customer Service Department

Milestone AV Technologies BV


(p) +31 (0)40 2324700

(f) +31 (0)40 2324710

Visit Sanus @ IFA: Hall25 / Stand 125

26 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009







Introducing yet

another batch of

innovative products,

Volker Klodwig, CEO

of Bosch Household

Appliances, admitted he

was excited to be back at


“Last year we were full of

enthusiasm because we

were introducing 200 new

products," he said. "But this

year, we have managed to

bring along a further 100plus

innovations. We have

also grown our sales in

both Germany and Austria

— by 3.9% and 4.9%

respectively — and we now

have a total of 11.7% of

the local market, which

puts us in second place.”

While the results are good,

Klodwig is focused on

offering ever better value

to consumers: "We are

determined to generate

added value and we aim

to remain the number-one

company in Germany in

terms of sustainability. Our

idea of sustainability is very

simple: we believe that, for

every tree chopped down

on behalf of the needs of

consumers, another should

be planted. And in order to

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

spread the message about

our ecological responsibility,

we have evolved the Green

Technology Inside logo. Our

ultimate aim is to be able to

clearly prove any and every

claim that we make about

our green credentials."

Bosch is introducing a new

dishwasher that uses a

mere seven litres of water

per cycle. Overall, the

company is launching 83

new products in the A++

energy category. "Our

new dishwasher has the

lowest water consumption

on the market," Klodwig

said. "That's a fine thing

but, really, the message we

want to send out is that

this is a win-win situation

for people and the

environment."The same

applies to Bosch's new

fridges. "The fridge is an

object that is on 24 hours

a day and therefore offers

many possibilities for energy

savings," Klodwig said. He

added: "We are looking

forward to demonstrating

these products to the

approximately 3,500 buyers

that we expect to visit our

stand during IFA."

Hall 3.1 / Stand 106

Bosch's Volker Klodwig: "a win-win situation for people and the environment"



Miele's Reinhard Zinkann: "We have withstood the difficult last year very well"

Miele was the first

company to produce a

dishwasher in Europe —

and that was back in 1929.

"When it was launched,

everyone said we were mad,"

said Reinhard Zinkann, CEO

and co-owner of Miele, at the

German company's opening

Siemen's new discControl

technology for ovens and

cooktops is just one of the

250 new products that the

German home-appliances

manufacturer is presenting

at IFA.

Energy efficiency is also at the

top of Siemen's agenda, with

a 350-strong range of ecoPlus

appliances. "Siemens strives

to be the innovation leader in

energy efficiency," says Roland

IFA press conference. "It was

right at the beginning of the

Depression and the machine

cost the equivalent of a maid's

wages for three years. But we

stuck to our guns and, now,

80 years later we can look

back with pride at a machine

that was highly efficient in

Hagenbucher, Managing

Director of Siemens Electrical

Appliances. "Fifty per cent of

electricity is consumed in the

home and 50% of this is from

home appliances. Our industry

can be pushed towards

more energy efficiency if

we work hard." He adds:

"Siemens offers lower energy

consumption combined

with optimum performance

and convenience." Siemens'

its use of both water and

electricity. It needed only eight

litres of water for 14 place

settings. Today, after 80 years

of dishwashing, our products

provide shining examples of

energy efficiency." Zinkann

also pointed to his company's

latest financial results which,

overall, were down by a

mere 1.3%. Its performance,

Zinkaan said, was helped by

an increase of 8% in turnover

in Germany. "Compared to

the industry in general, we

have withstood the difficult

last year very well," he added.

"While the major appliance

sector grew by 2.3%, Miele's

share of sales grew by 11.3%.

Miele is countering the slump

thanks to new models, an

exceptional brand image, and

excellent sales and service


Hall 2.1 / Stand 101



Siemens' Roland Hagenbucher: delivering "lower energy consumption, performance

and convenience"

discControl device for its

induction and ceramic

cooktops — said to be a

world first — is designed

for convenience. According

to Siemens' research, most

consumers still prefer to use

classic rotary controls on

their cookers and discControl

satisfies that demand with a

modern twist. It is a smooth

magnetic disk that spins

to the required setting and

then clicks in to maintain

that setting. "This year, we

are focusing on hobs and

cooktops," Hagenbucher

adds. "Our new power

induction technology ensures

that nothing gets burnt or

boils over." Hagenbucher

says the consumer's desire

to save energy has been a

driving force in maintaining

healthy sales in Siemens'

domestic market. "Our sales

in Germany rose 4.3% in the

first six months of this year,

thanks to our increasing range

of energy-efficient products,"

he says.

Hall 1.1 / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 27






The De'Longhi press

conference focused on

stylish, robust and practical

and above all silent kitchen

equipment from their

Kenwood brand.

Among the highlights

were the new-look Chef

Titanium Event, featuring

a metal body and a

brushed finish. The food

mixer is as sophisticated

on the inside as it is on the

exterior: its state-of-theart

technology includes a

1,400-watt motor and the

planetary whip system.

Thanks to the quality of

the workmanship, the

Chef Titanium Event is

also exceptionally quiet.

The 4.5-litre mixing bowl

allows the user to prepare

Dyson are at IFA this

year with new hand held

vacuum machines, boasting

constant suction and a

smaller-than-ever motor

which will mean innovative

new “mini” products…

but still with very high

power – including patented

“cyclonic” technology.

Eric Geisser, Managing

Director – Dyson says the

machines will make cleaning

even easier: “The launch of

the new motor means no

carbon dust edition, and

enables the manufacture

of a new hand-held which

people can see for the first

time at IFA!”

The new-tech motor

develops up to 68 air

watts. Autonomy is from

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

ingredients for large dinner


Another Kenwood innovation

with a large capacity is

the Multipro Excel FP 972.



6-10 minutes depending

on which power setting is


This is Dyson’s first official

appearance at IFA. According

to Mr Geisser, “We are

The food mixer has a

1,200 watt motor, as well

as a 1.5-litre liquidiser and

a 4-litre processing bowl.

Hall 6.1 / Stand 101



number three in Germany,

so it’s only natural we

should be at IFA!”

Hall 4.1 / Stand 204

Eric Geisser demonstrates new machines and “tiny” motor

Dyson’s presents most advanced motor

technology for vacuum cleaners

Dyson’s latest motor technology powers the most advanced

handheld vacuum cleaners. The Dyson digital motor V2 has enabled

Dyson to engineer small and light machines with constant, strong


Dyson press conference

4 September, 12.00, Hall 4.1/204


www.ifa-international.org 29





Young Ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company

As Korean manufacturers

attempt to position

themselves in a white goods

market traditionally

dominated by European

companies, a whole

range of innovative

products is emerging

onto the marketplace.

One of the prime movers

is LG Electronics Home

Appliance Company, the

first Korean manufacturer

to launch an 11kg washing

machine onto the market.

Richard Barnes talks to

Young Ha Lee, President

and CEO of LG Electronics

Home Appliance Company

about some major new


Can you briefly introduce

your new 11kg washing


The new 11kg washing

machine features the

industry’s largest 11kg

wash load and 78 litre drum

volume in a standard 61cm

cabinet. The core benefit for

consumers is that they don’t

have to wash as frequently

and it uses less energy for

each wash cycle. In terms

of energy efficiency, there

are less moving parts which

means that the machine

is far more efficient. The

absence of a belt system

also provides a much greater

internal capacity so you can

wash far more items, and

much bigger items, at a


What are the core

technologies and features

behind the new machine?

Firstly, there’s the Direct

Drive Technology, which

enables LG’s Direct Drive

motor to eliminate the

belt and pulley to create

one single, quiet, durable

motor attached directly

to the drum. This helps to

maximise the inner space of

the washing machine and

saves a lot of energy. Other

new technologies include

our new damping system,

which helps to reduce

the washing machine’s

vibration. LG’s cutting-edge

steam technology helps

eliminate allergens, mites

and even detergent residue

from clothing and linens

for people with allergies or

sensitive skins.

LG has been instrumental

in developing the use of

steam. Could you please

tell us more?

When you think about it,

the way we do laundry

hadn’t really changed for

decades. So it was a case

of completely rethinking

the machine, challenging

not just aesthetic design or

secondary features but the

fundamentals of laundry

itself. That’s where the

idea for steam instead of

just water came from, and

obviously it’s revolutionising

the laundry industry. Steam

helps to minimise the pain

of laundry, and I think that’s

why it’s such a success with

consumers as they move

over to it.

But probably the biggest

news with our steam cycle

is the Allergiene function.

This steam literally dissolves

allergens, and it kills

dust mites, germs and

parasites – that’s a massive


What are the other major

developments that have

happened over the past


Clearly, energy efficiency

isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ any

more, it’s an elementary

part of appliances and it’s

been fascinating to watch

over the past year or so as

it’s risen to become a major

purchase motivator for


It’s obviously even more of a

concern as consumers look

to save money in the current

global economy, but needless

to say they don’t want to

compromise on innovation

and performance, so our big

challenge is to meet both

those challenges.

Is there any change in

your strategy caused by

economic downturn?

We’re focusing on core

capabilities, the real hero

products and innovations,

to keep sustainable growth

on m/s and profitability

in advanced markets.

And we’re preparing for

expansion, specifically the

with the built-in market in

North America and Europe,

the oven market in North

America, and bagless

vacuum cleaner market in

Europe (short-term) and

North America (mid/longterm).

Those are our big

goals for the near future. It’s


Hall 1.1 / Stand 103

Hall X.X / Stand XXX

30 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009





Serge Foucher, Sony's

Executive Vice-President,


Green practices are, according

to Serge Foucher, Sony’s

Executive Vice-President,

Europe, deeply integrated

into the company's structure

and overall ethos. The

electronics giant is, alongside

its competitors, profoundly

aware of the mood among

consumers, who increasingly

demand bona fi de green

practices by manufacturers,

preferably accompanied

by accountability and

transparency. Greenwashing

has, it seems, made us all a

bit more cynical.

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

Environmental practices are

very much integrated into

every aspect of the company,

from manufacturing through

to R&D and even our

marketing,” said Foucher.

“It’s genuinely part of our

process and it has been for a

long time. As far as I know,

Sony was the fi rst Japanese

company to issue a report

detailing its environmental

impact and, as a result of

having been involved in

ecological activities for so

long, it’s part of the company


The company may well be

exemplary in its conduct but

there is always more that

can be done: “Our future

environmental efforts will be

heading in three directions.

The fi rst is to reduce the

impact on the environment

caused by the life cycles

of our products and the

reduction of greenhouse

gasses,” Foucher said. “The

second area in which we are

upping our game is chemical

substances. This might not

be a very sexy area in terms

of PR, but the management

of chemical substances is

hugely important. It requires

a lot of work and does make

an important difference. The

third area is the development

of a recycling scheme for

fi nished products.”

CO 2 gasses come from three

main sources, continued

Foucher. “Greenhouse

gasses come from

manufacturing, the energy

consumption of our products

and transportation,” he

said. “If you look at the

quantities of emissions from

these three sources you

see that one of the main

contributors of gasses is the

electrical consumption of

our products. This is why

the company is determined

to drastically reduce the

energy consumption of all

our products but particularly

with the TVs.

Our sets now have heavily

reduced energy consumption

and even on standby mode

and in the remote controls,

there has been signifi cant

progress in cutting down

consumption. I think that

there are still a lot of people

who do not realise that the

standby consumes energy.

Consequently, we have cut

that back to between 0.1

and 0.2 watts, whereas the

maximum recommended by

the European Community

is 1 watt and we are well

below that. In fact, in 2007,

we were given an award by

the EC for our extremely low

standby mode consumption

of the Bravia TV.”

Manufacturing is also

an important source of

emissions with Sony’s total

manufacturing process

producing 2 million tonnes of

CO 2 . “Even though we are a

long way from being one of

the planet’s biggest polluters

we are constantly making

more efforts to reduce our

emissions,” Foucher said.

In our European

manufacturing operations

we managed to decrease

our CO 2 output by 90%

between 2000 and 2008. In

2000 it was 93,000 tonnes

and by 2008 we had got it

down to 9,000, which was

made possible by working

in two areas. We reduced

the energy consumption of

our manufacturing processes

and sites plus we switched to

100% renewable electricity

and consequently achieved

a drastic reduction. The only

things that now create CO 2

are the heating systems, airconditioning

and the cars of

our employees, which are

very diffi cult to reduce.”

Sony has even started

creating its own electricity:

“Of course, the electricity

that we buy has in part been

created by solar energy but

we have also installed panels

in some factories where there

is enough sunlight, such as in

Stuttgart,” Foucher said.

The fi nal area that the

company has been focusing

on is logistics and transport:

“We’ve done obvious things

such as shifting away from

trucks to using railways

much more, but we have

also seriously rationalised our

transport operations,” he

said. “So on the factory and

manufacturing side, I think

we’ve taken things as far

as we can for the moment,

but for sure there are plenty

of areas within our product

ranges that can still be


Hall 4.2 / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 31

Discover the Consumer Lifestyle World!

Daily, starting at 10 a.m., trade visitors will be able to obtain background information on industry

trends and product debuts relating to key topics at IFA 2009. Morning daily tours for trade visitors

will begin at 10 a.m. at the Trade Visitor Reception in Hall 1.1 / 2.1 at the South Entrance. Afternoon

tours will begin daily at 1.30 p.m. in Hall 24. Eight theme tours are scheduled, with visits to 3 to 4

leading brand manufacturers respectively.



home cinema (TV and audio)

Home Cinema represents a genuine home movie

experience and conjures a desire for higher quality sets for

listening and viewing.

IpTV / web TV

With IPTV, viewers are able to receive TV programmes via an internet

connection. As well as allowing telephone and internet access

a telephone connection also makes it possible to watch television.

Web TV enables broadband transmission of television programmes

and movies over the internet. The only difference is in the quality of

the transmissions.

Wireless hDTV

The first wireless television sets in full high-definition

quality are one of the highlights at IFA. All connections are

wired into an external media box which transmits wireless

audio and video signals to the television set with no loss in


Entertainment centres /

media servers

Media centres represent a collection of numerous multimedia

programmes on a common graphical user interface

(media servers). They combine devices which store mp3 or

mpeg files and play them back over a television set or hifi



IFA 2009


3D television is a hot topic at IFA. 3D television captures

numerous different viewing angles and employs a 3D

screen to realistically reproduce TV programmes in three


Large home appliances –


The manufacturers of domestic appliances have long been aiming

to employ modern concepts to improve energy efficiency and

increase resource savings. Thus from 1997 to 2007, a 30 per cent

increase in energy savings was achieved for washing machines,

40 per cent for dishwashers, and even around 45 per cent for


Digital imaging (photos / videos)

Digital imaging describes all stages of electronic image processing.

Source materials are digital images and videos produced by digital

cameras, but also slides and negatives digitalised using scanners.

Digital imaging consists of processing, editing, archiving and

presenting these media using computers, as well as printing and

duplicating photos.

Small home appliances –


The latest domestic appliances not only make life better and easier,

but are also pioneering lifestyle trends with easy-to-use, stylish

control panels, intelligent technology, outstanding design and

efficient energy usage.

Please note: the guided tours are all in German, there are no English ones.

trade news

Increase In retaIl trade

VIsItors UnderlIned

retaIlers’ cooperatIVes from soUthern

eUrope at Ifa for the fIrst tIme

In 2009 leading distributors

from Greece, Portugal,

Spain and Turkey are

represented at IFA for the

first time. Members of

the Representations from

southern Europe will be

on hand with services

and expertise to provide

answers and information

to trade visitors in their

respective languages.

Trade visitors interested in

meeting retailers from these

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

countries can get in touch

with the representations

in question. The European

Representations are located

at the International Trade

Visitor Reception in Hall 2.2.


Diaktis is one of eleven

major distributors, with an

annual turnover of around

EUR 4 million. Products sold

by Diaktis have a market

share of around 18 per cent.

PartIcIPate Part IN

the IFa IF INterNatIoNal

Buyer's survey… aNd


If you are a professional international buyer, we’d like to know

what is important for YOU when coming to IFA!

This is your chance to express your views, with the chance of

your comments being published in the new “Buyer’s Corner”

section of IFA International!

Fill-out our questionnaire online – on www.ifa-international.

org/buyers - and win one of many great prizes, including free

admission to several Berlin attractions, cultural venues or

nightlife spots!


Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA

Diaktis’ leading retailers,

such as Germanos (14%),

Multirama (8%), Plaisio

(12%), Fnac (5%), Carrefour

(5%), Kotsovolos/Dixons

(8%), Ilektroniki Athinion

(5%), MediaMarkt (20%)

and Public (5%), represent

80 per cent of the market in

Greece. Diaktis cooperates

with affiliated distributors in

Bulgaria, Romania, Albania,

Macedonia and Cyprus.

Greece has a population of

approximately 11 million,

50 per cent of whom live

in Athens, with another 20

per cent in Thessaloniki and


Trading is divided up among

24 distributors, nine major

retail branches, around

2,800 retail stores and some

12,000 electronics operator

stores. Products and brands

marketed include Sony,

Microsoft, Madcatz Comp

and aqipa accessories for

electronic equipment.

Contact: George Paraginis,

managing director and coowner,



in3net is one of four major

sales organisations and

works for distributors such

as Brightpoint Italia, Esprinet,

Softeam, Executive, Botari

Car, etc. With its numerous

products in3net has a

market share of 33%. With

approximately 80 % of the

market, the leading retailers

in Italy are Mediaworld/

Saturn 26%, Euronics/

Groups 22%, Expert Group/

MarcoPolo 12%, Trony

(8%), UniEuro (8%), Fnac,

ELDO, Carrefour, Auchan,

Darty, Copre, Conforama,

Elite, SuperMedia, etc. Italy

has a population of around

60 million. 60 per cent live

in the provinces north of

Rome. Trading is split up

among some 50 distributors,

12 major retail branches and

around 14,000 operator

stores. in3net markets

products and brands

from HTC, Acer Comp,

BUYer’s VoIce

IFA is definitely the

place to meet the

right people and

make decisions on a

European scale.”

In this section, every

day we will field the

thoughts and opinions

of key buyers at IFA. In

this first edition, we are

very happy to welcome

Ulric Jérome, Executive

Director and New

Business Line Director –

PIXmania Group.

IFA International:

What are your main

reasons for coming to


There are four main

reasons for us to come to

IFA. The first is to meet

our current partners,

the second is that this

tradeshow offers a

very good opportunity

to actually meet their

European management.

We also have the greatest

showroom to discover

new product lines and

trends. And last but

not least we meet new

brands to add them to

our product portfolio.

How are your

company's supply

strategies changing at

the moment? Why?

The so-called “crisis”

made us work closer with

the brands. The crisis

mostly hurts traditional

high street shops.

E-commerce has not

been affected. The global

online business in Europe

across the 27 countries

knows an average growth

of 25 to 30%. If the

average basket lowered

down a bit, the number

of orders increased

significantly. 98% of our

business consists of a

direct relationship with

Brands. Brands need a

better leverage online

and attend to work more

with the main European

top 5 ecommerce players,

among whom we offer

the largest coverage in

terms of countries … 26!

As they now more and

more embrace the longterm

relationship with us,

they invest more in some

communication tools

online such as the shop

in shop dedicated to their

image and products.

How have issues

of sustainable

development been

affecting your

purchasing decisions?

We’ve always been very

cautious, as part of the

strategy, as to the quality

of our products meeting

customer needs. The

complexity of Europe

means we have to address

each market by country

in term of product but

also in term of local

legislation. The perfect

example is the complexity

of dealing with Waste

Electrical and Electronic

Equipment (WEEE) where

implementation and time

lines have been different

How important is IFA

for you as a forum

for learning more and

"networking" and


IFA is more and more a

key event for us. We have

50 people going to IFA

(buyers and sales people).

IFA is definitely the place

to meet the right people

and make decisions on a

European scale.

Ulric Jérome, Executive Director and

New Business Line Director – PIXmania


www.ifa-international.org 33

LG, Blaupunkt Car, aqipa

accessories for electronic

equipment, ApolloBell and

mobile sat nav devices.

Contact: Marco Verderio,

managing director and coowner,



Concentra is one of six major

distributors in Portugal,

with a focus on sports and

games, and has a market

share of around 24 per cent.

The first Nintendo branch

was opened by Concentra.

With approximately 80 %

of the market, the leading

retailers in Portugal are

MediaMarkt (35%), Worten

(25%), Fnac (5%), Carrefour

(8%), Auchan (5%), staples


(5%) and Radio Popular


Portugal has a population of

over 11 million, 70 per cent

of whom live in the north

and around 10 per cent of

whom live in Lisbon and

Porto. Trading is divided up

among 16 distributors, seven

major retail branches, more

than 2,500 retail stores and

4,000 operator stores.

Contact: Miguel and Ricardo

Feist, managing directors

and co-owners,



Esprinet is the largest

distributor with an annual

turnover of EUR 600

million, and has more than

12,000 online customers.

Esprinet sells more than

80 international brands

and products from HP,

IBM, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,

Samsung, JVC, Philips,

Navigon, ApolloBell and

Aqipa. Depending on the

distributor Esprinet takes

care of major retailers such

as MediaMarkt, Saturn, El

Corte Ingles, PC City, Fnac,

Carrefour, Auchan, Urende,

MDH, Miro and Master.

Spain has a population of

around 47 million, some 20

per cent of whom live in the

four largest cities, in Madrid,

Barcelona, Valencia and

Sevilla. Trading is divided up

among 10 distributors, some

eleven major retail branches,

4,500 retail stores and more

than 16,000 operator stores.


Nortec Eurasia is one of

seven major distributors of

electronics products. With

its numerous products

Nortec Eurasia has a market

share of around 22 per

cent. With a market share

of 80 per cent in Turkey,

the leading Nortec Eurasia

retailers are TeknoSA

(24%), MediaMarkt (20%),

Electroworld (10%), Bimeks

(10%), Darty (5%), Vatan

(6%), Gold (5%), D&R,

Vestel, BestBuy and Fnac.

Nortec Eurasia cooperates

with affiliated distributors

in seven major countries,

among them Kazakhstan,

Uzbekistan and Israel.

Turkey has a population of

approximately 80 million.

60 per cent live in the

seven largest cities such as

Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

Trading is divided up among

60 distributors, 16 major

retail branches, around

4,500 retail stores and

more than 40,000 operator

stores. Trading companies in

Turkey generate an annual

turnover of more than EUR

14 billion. Products and

brands marketed include

Nintendo, Nintendo Games,

Madcatz accessories,

Navigon mobile navigation,

and aqipa accessories for

electronic equipment.

The leading retailers’

cooperatives will be

continuing their traditional

partnerships at IFA 2009.

They have achieved their

aim of ensuring that the

world’s leading trade show

for consumer electronics

and home appliances now

reflects the interests of

cooperating retailers to an

even greater extent. The

entire range from both

sectors is now available

to specialist retailers at a

single location. The retailers’

cooperatives are also closely

involved in the planning

of the International Trade

Visitors’ Centre and the

various discussion forums at

IFA. The services provided

by the cooperatives and

IFA for visiting retailers are

rounded off by a number of

special packages for trade

visitors from Germany and

from around the world.

This will help to ensure that

IFA provides a common,

professional platform for

the worldwide consumer

electronics and home

appliance sectors, as well as

serving as an exhibition and

convention venue where the

trade can meet and place

orders. This combination

of the two sectors gives

retailers and trade visitors

access to an unprecedented

diversity of products and

services. IFA has entered into

a strategic partnership with

EURONICS International.

EURONICS International

EURONICS International,

under the leadership of

EURONICS Deutschland

eG, will have its own

display area at IFA 2009,

presenting the goods,

services and shop concepts

that are available from the

international EURONICS

sales organisations.

trade news

Ifa 2009 contInUes


partnershIps wIth the

retaIlers’ cooperatIVes

electronIcpartner, eUronIcs

InternatIonal, expert, telerIng and

eK/serVIcegroUp BacK In force


The well-established and

reliable partnership with

the worldwide retailers’

cooperative expert is also

being intensified. At IFA

2009, expert will have its

own stand, serving in the

traditional way as a focal

point and communications


34 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

Hall 23

Hall 1.2

telering Marketing GmbH

& CoKG

The third link in the chain

of cooperatives working

hand in hand with |FA is

telering Marketing GmbH

& CoKG, which will be

actively supporting IFA.

As in previous years,

during IFA 2009 telering

Marketing GmbH & CoKG

will be represented with

its own large stand at

the international retailers’

reception area.

Hall 2.2


ElectronicPartner is putting a

great deal of effort into its

stand at IFA, where visitors

can see for themselves the

work that the organisation

carries out on behalf of

consumers in terms of

innovation, design and


Hall 18


A partner of IFA since

2008, EK/servicegroup

is a retailers’ cooperative

organisation concentrating

on home appliances. This is

yet another way in which IFA

emphasises and strengthens

its focus on international

specialist retailers.

Hall 3.1

Hall 1.2

Hall 2.2

Hall 18

Hall 3.1

trade news

the reseller Park at IFa

ProFessIonal “hub”

In our preview edition,

we already had a quick

tour of some of the key

exhibitors at the Reseller

Park at IFA. In this edition,

we asked Jan Nintemann,

initiator of the Park, to

give us some more detail

about who we might find

at this BtoB platform.

In addition to the mobile

specialists we mentioned in

your last edition, traditional

CE / IT segments are present

at the Reseller Park, such as

Creative Labs (Sound) and

Aver Media (PC Multimedia

environment). Aver Media is

one of the leaders in design

and production of digital

multimedia products for

future TV solutions.

Furthermore, accessory

specialists like Bandridge

from the Netherlands,

operating in 55 countries

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

and ambitions to now

expand into the German

market will surely have a

lot to offer for specialist

dealers. Another product

field is represented by Lexar

in the Reseller Park-Business

Lounge who is worldwide

at the forefront of memory


Represented with a bigger

booth at Reseller Park,

Kodak will introduce their

innovations in the imaging

market, offering end

consumers, business clients

and professionals customerfriendly

and unlimited

possibilities for the handling

of photos and videos.

Highlights are digital frames

with integrated rechargeable

batteries, the new pocket

video camera Kodak Zi8

as well as the new digital

cameras Kodak EasyShare

Z950 and M381. Particularly

interesting is the launch of

their new all-in-one-inject

printers ESP 3250 and ESP

5250; an enlargement of

Kodak’s portfolio offering

quality, performance and an

attractive price.

There are plenty more

exhibitors and media

partners participating in this

year’s Reseller Park – this

makes it definitely worth a


The Reseller Park is

again this year in hall 9,

where the main theme

is Communication with

emphasis on Mobile and

Navigation. Nevertheless,

the Reseller Park represents

the whole basket of goods

for CE at IFA. The focus is

definitely the trade visitor.

Our attractive niche defines

itself as an exclusive market

place in the field of B2B(2C)

with the aim to optimise

communication between

business associates, vendors

and customers, suppliers and

marketers and also between

the press and customers.

Especially in times of critical

economic constraints the

need for conversations

increases and gains in

importance. This is also

something that the Reseller

Park provides the exhibitors

and trade visitors with – lots

of expert discussion!

Hall 9 / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 35

going out


Mercure Hotel &

residence Berlin

cHeckpoint cHarlie

All you need for Business

& Relaxation...

The 4 star Mercure Hotel &

Residenz Berlin Checkpoint

Charlie is located in the Quarter

Schützenstrasse of the famous

Italian architect Aldo Rossi. Thanks

to the central location of the hotel,

all major attractions are easily

accessible and public transports

are about 3 minutes away.

The hotel, which reflects a mix

of old and new, offers 115

rooms and suites as well as 20

apartments for longer stays

completed with kitchenettes. The

12 Mercure privilege rooms offer

even more features: spacious

room, VIP bathroom fittings incl.

bath robe, free bottle of water,

daily newspaper, coffee/tea in the

room & free Wi-Fi access on day

of arrival. And for all business

travellers, the rooms are equipped

with satellite TV, telephone, fax

and WIFI.

In addition, meeting rooms

available for up to 25 people are

equipped with modern facilities as

well as high speed Wi-Fi, which is

available also in all public areas.

Relaxing is also possible in the free

Wellness area (open 24 hours),

featuring a sauna with a relax zone

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

Where to go



and terrace, where every Tuesday

specialists offer free massages.

Their newest addition is their wine

garden in the green courtyard, the

best place to finish a successful

day at the IFA show.

Nürnberger Strasse 50-55

10789 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 683 154 000

Metro: U-Augsburger Strasse/





In the Restaurant Quarré with

its spectacular view of the

Brandenburg Gate, chef Axel

Hirtzbruch presents regional

specialties and classic dishes

with a twist. Seated between the

columns of this bright, elegant

Mediterranean-style restaurant,

guests are served a wide array of

sophisticated, enticing dishes.

Don’t miss Fridays as the

sommelière of the Quarré offers

their wines half-off. There are

more than 650 wines, which you

can taste with the weekly menu.

The daily business lunch is served

Monday through Friday from

12.00 to 3.00 pm. Excellent dishes

and upmost service will give you a

little boost to start your afternoon

full of energy. Finally, come for

the Sunday Brunch where you can

Mercure Hotel & Residenz Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie

Schützenstr. 11 • 10117 Berlin

Tel +49 (0)30/206 320

Fax +49 (0)30/206 32 111

Email: h3120-RE@accor.com

people-watch on the terrace. It is

open daily from 6.30 am to 11.00


Unter den Linden 77

10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 22611 555

Metro : S-Unter den Linden

The 4 star Mercure Berlin Checkpoint

Charlie hotel offers 135 large,

airconditioned rooms and suites, a

breakfast restaurant, wine garden, bar,

solarium, sauna and sundeck. Enjoy the

best of Berlin from the comfort of these

individual rooms, suites and apartments

– a quiet oasis in the heart of Berlin,

designed by the Italian architect Aldo

Rossi. The 4-star Mercure Hotel Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie is located in the

historic centre of the town, the rooms

are for up to 4 persons, and the family

suites have two separate bedrooms.

The attractions of Berlin are easily

accessible due to the central location of

the hotel. It is only 500 metres from the

famous shopping mile Friedrichstraße,

the Gendarmenmarkt and Checkpoint

Charlie, while Potsdamer Platz lies 1

kilometre away.



solar Bar

Feel at home at the Solar


This lounge has the views to be

beat in Berlin! Located on the 17th

floor, the Solar Bar offer modern

and classic cocktails, selected

champagnes and outstanding

wines. First, take the exterior

glass lift that offers an impressive

panoramic view. Comfortable

sofas and large swings are the main

feature of the panorama level with

its black and white decor. National

and international DJ line-up in

various styles, including jazz, dub,

lounge, minimal electro, impressive

live acts, video performances and

contemporary art in the exhibition


The Solar Bar is a place to linger,

enjoy and relax over dinner and

drinks. Feel at home!

Stresemannstrasse 76

10963 Berlin

Tel : +49 163 7652700

Metro : U-Bülowstrasse / S-

Anhalter Bahnhof



One of Berlin’s most

beautiful clubs !

Searching a stylish and glamorous

dancing hall with a cozy atmosphere?

In the middle of the metropolis,

situated directly at Potsdamer

Platz, you can find the Adagio –

THE starting point for a long night.

The club has become an established

institution in Berlin’s nightlife, and

perhaps the most attractive venue

in town. Clubbers, party animals

and night owls feel right at home,

enjoying the casual atmosphere at

the bars and the sizable cocktail


It’s obvious why the Adagio club

has been one of the “World’s Finest

Clubs” since 2007. From Thursday

to Saturday this club is popular

with Berliners as well as visitors.

Attracted by the wide range of

theme parties, many visitors can

cross paths with VIP’s such as Will

Smith, Sean Connery or Heidi Klum

at the Aftershow-Events. From the

Top 40, Club-Hits to house music,

they offer something for everyone.

Let yourself be seduced…

Marlene- Dietrich - Platz 1

10785 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 25 89 89-0

Metro : U-Bülowstrasse

38 www.trendset.biz

Qi at tHe

> FriedricHstadtpalast

Welcome to the fantastic

world of Qi!

Shown at the Friedrichstadtpalast,

the largest theatre stage in the

world, Qi is a world-class show of

thrilling dance and ballet numbers,

high-powered music and incredible

artistic feats combined with an

extravaganza of haute-couture

costumes and sumptuous stage


Qi – pronounced “key” – is world

class entertainment in two senses.

Immersed in a stunning whirl of

colours, costumes and fabulous

music, you see international

award-winning show numbers on

the biggest theatre stage in the

world! This show is a highlight

for all Berliners and a must for all

visitors to Berlin.

Friedrichstraße 107

10117 Berlin

Tel : +49 30 23 26 23 26

Metro : U-Friedrichstrasse


tHe Martin-


One of the most famous

and most beautiful

exhibition halls in Germany.

The architects Martin Gropius and

Heino Schmieden originally built

this Renaissance style house as

an arts and crafts museum. It was

ceremoniously opened in 1881.

Since its meticulous restoration in

the 1970s, the Martin-Gropius-

Bau has become one of the

most famous exhibition halls in

Germany. Not to miss:

9 July to 5 October 2009

Le Corbusier – Art and


Le Corbusier (1887–1965) is

considered to be one of the most

significant architects of the 20th

century. His work continues to

exert a considerable influence on

architecture and town planning to

this day. The exhibition will take

an explicitly contemporary view

of its subject that takes account

of the latest research while at

the same time attempting to do

justice to the perennial discourse

on Le Corbusier.

Niederkirchnerstraße 7 | Corner

Stresemannstr. 110

10963 Berlin

Tel : +49 (0)30 254 86-0

Metro : U-Friedrichstrasse

going out

Berlin is the city of diversity.

And we know all about it!

Hotels. Tickets. Infos.

+49 (0)30 - 25 00 25


or locally in our BERLIN infostores

(Berlin Main Station, Brandenburg Gate,

Neues Kranzler Eck, ALEXA Shopping Center)



Welcome to the

Spielbank Berlin.

Right where Marlene Dietrich

once shot to world fame, Berlin’s

famous casino is located at the very

heart of the new Berlin city centre,

the Potsdamer Platz, which is a

highlight for tourists and guests

visiting from around the globe.

Spread over four floors, the

SPIELBANK BERLIN offers a world

of extraordinary entertainment-

from its glamorous casino royal,

continuing with the wide variety

of slots, to its exclusive event

location, the Sternberg. It consists

of 8 roulette tables, 12 poker

tables, 4 Quick Tables, 3 blackjack

tables as well as 26 Touch Bet

Roulette Stations and 350 slot

machines. And for the hungry

ones they offer snacks and meals

from their restaurant. The casino is

open from 11:00 AM to 5 PM

Guests must be 18 or over and

show a valid ID card.

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1

10785 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 25599-0

Metro: S-Postdamer Platz

IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

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