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Application and Database Development

Lowering Costs and Improving Productivity

• Current Application Development Trends

• Key Challenges

• Best Practices

• Guaranteeing Application Success

• Conclusion

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Application Development - Lowering

Costs and Improving Productivity

Noel Yuhanna

Principal Analyst

Forrester Research

Quest Software


•Current Application Development Trends

Application Development Lifecycle

•Key Issues In Application Development

•Best Practices


IT Under Pressure To Reduce Cost ..

Forecast: US IT Purchases, 2009 To 2010

Current Application Development Trends

• Enterprises are under pressure to lower IT cost during recession.

Many have either stagnant or lower IT budgets compared to 2008.

Enterprises are looking to reduce cost for Databases, Infrastructure and

Staff. Application resources are now limited but business still need to


Application environments have become increasing complex.

Complex application infrastructure such as Grid Computing, Clustering,

Cloud and Virtualization are changing the way Apps are written, tested

and managed. Most developers don’t focus on application infrastructure

or performance when writing applications.

• Collaboration has become critical to support App Development.

Application development has become more sophisticated and

challenging largely because of changing Application requirements of

new Apps such as Web 2.0, SOA, IaaS, RFID, Mashup and other large

Apps. This is requiring developers to collaborate more closely.

• Performance challenges continue to be a key concern. Despite

servers becoming more powerful, Application performance issues

remain, and many of such issues can be pointed back to poorly written

Application code.

Application Development Lifecycle













What percent of DBA time is spent on various tasks?

Doc and planning


Loading and



Patch databases


Install and Upgrade



Backup and



Database security




Troubleshooting &

Performance Tuning


General Admin


Survey: Forrester Research Global Survey of 148 Enterprises over $500M in Revenue, November 2008

Challenges in Application Development

• Shorter development cycle .. Apps are under pressure

» Sixty percent of Application dev today is done on shorter timelines than

5 years ago … often creates Apps reliability issues.

» Under pressure to release new App code, even when its not complete

tested or all functionality incorporated.

• Many don’t follow standards and have manual processes in place

» Thirty percent of developers don’t use coding and naming standards ..

often creates collaboration and maintainability issues.

» Enterprises struggle with manual processes and structures that creates

development bottlenecks

Application infrastructure .. Often limited and wide spread

» Eighty percent of Organizations Test Apps on smaller infrastructure

compared to production … often creates performance related issues.

» Development teams are often spread across different geographical

locations … often creates collaboration challenges.

Challenges in Application Development .. Cont’d

• Project and business requirements keep changing

» Changes in project requirements … often creates inconsistencies in

coding and application function.

» Changes to applications have become difficult because of ongoing

changing business requirements.

» Most developers struggle with understanding business requirements.

• Performance challenges often get overlooked

» Ninety percent of developers don’t write code with performance in

mind … often creates performance related issues

» Seventy-five percent of database related performance issues are tied

to poor SQL access code.

Best Practices in App Development and Deployment

• Improve Application reliability through quality & testing

» Well defined specifications, Quality code and strong testing

» Minimize bugs and errors before rolling out to production

Application performance & scalability needs stronger focus

» Ensure acceptable response times – testing become critical

» Simulate workloads, establish baselines and test, re-test

Application maintainability is critical factor of development success

» Focus on standards, document and collaboration

» Create easy to manage and maintain code, minimize complexity

• Simplify and automate Application development

» Use tools to automate – bug detection, automated testing

» Can help reduce cost and improve productivity

Key recommendations

• Focus on improving code quality through standards and


• Automate repetitive tasks to make developers more


• Minimize inefficient code to improve performance, availability,

productivity and to reduce cost.

• Enable collaboration to reuse code, standards and best


• Test your application thoroughly especially when supporting

larger workloads and complex infrastructure

Application development tools can improve productivity,

performance, manageability, enable collaboration and lower


Thank you

Noel Yuhanna

Guarantee Application Success with

Toad ® Development Suite for Oracle

John Pocknell

Product Manager - Toad for Oracle Solutions

Copyright © 2007 Quest Software


Key Factors in Guaranteeing Application Success

• Ensure Code Quality, Performance and Maintainability

• Collaboration

• Productivity

• The Solution

• Business Impact

• Resources

Guarantee Application Success

Guarantee Application Success


Make it work properly: code must meet user requirements

The Solution

• Better understand code and data relationships

• Improve code quality by applying consistent,

industry-standard coding best practices

• Test to ensure application functions properly







Developer Resource Distribution

Guarantee Quality

• Integrated code reviews look at all aspects of code quality

• PL/SQL coding self-improvement with built-in advisories

Guarantee Quality

• Integrated functional code testing

– Simply describe how your code should behave

• Test case code is generated automatically

• Test cases grouped into “test suites” for full regression testing

Guarantee Application Success


Make it work fast: code must run efficiently

The Solution

• Detect inefficient SQL as code is being developed

• Tune and optimize SQL for performance simply and accurately, using an

automated process

• Validate SQL and PL/SQL performance prior

to deployment



Root of Database

Performance Impact

Guarantee Performance

• Scan and classify SQL statements in SGA, text or binary files

and PL/SQL source code to easily identify tuning candidates

• Automatic re-write of single or multiple SQL statements

• Automated SQL scanning and batch optimization

– Leaves developers with more time to perform other tasks

Guarantee Performance

• SQL scanning and classification during code review

• PL/SQL can be optimized on-the-fly and tuned code returned to Toad’s


Guarantee Performance

• Performance testing enables code to be tested for

production scalability and to validate performance SLAs

Guarantee Application Success


Make it easy to maintain: code must be easily understood

The Solution

• Apply code formatting, naming conventions and standards for internal


• Analyze code for readability and maintainability

Guarantee Maintainability

• Ensure code meets organization’s formatting standards

• Focused code review on readability and maintainability

• Rules are configurable per project and shareable

Guarantee Maintainability

• Oracle standard code snippets and user-definable,

shareable code templates ensure consistency for better


Guarantee Application Success


Share it: re-use project assets for consistency

The Solution

• Share project assets, templates, scripts and code snippets among team


• Establish coding standards across a development team

• Set-up baseline for quality, performance and maintainability regardless of

development team location or skill set

Guarantee Collaboration

• Project Manager ensures team access to common objects

• Team Coding & VCS integration ensures code consistency and integrity

Guarantee Collaboration

• Set, distribute and manage development standards to

teams from one central place using Group Policy Manager

Domain.user or computer name

Options &






Managed User ?

Guarantee Collaboration

• Assess code quality and sub-performing SQL across the

entire team, check for regression and report via e-mail

Guarantee Application Success


Get it done quickly: utilize automation and best practices

The Solution

• Automation and scheduling for repetitive or time-consuming


• Intuitive, self improvement-based code quality assessment

and reporting

• Team-based repeatable workflow

• Automated functional testing and SQL tuning

Guarantee Productivity

• Toad’s AppDesigner macros encapsulate common tasks

• Apps can be saved and shared to create a standardized workflow

Guarantee Productivity

• Many tasks enable contextual information to be presented

when needed, minimizing navigation and maximizing productivity

Guarantee Application Success

Introducing the Solution

Toad ® Development Suite for Oracle…

With the Toad Development Suite for Oracle, you can ensure the code that

you deploy functions properly, has been tested and optimized ready for


• Automate frequent and repetitive tasks and make the development organization more


• Successfully deploy high-quality applications that meet user requirements and perform

reliably in production, ensuring production service levels are met

• Lower the total cost of ownership for new applications by reducing the impact of

inefficient code on productivity, future development cycles and application performance

and availability

Guarantee Application Success

The Toad Development Suite for Oracle includes:

• Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition (includes Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle):

ensure efficient and accurate development, utilizing a best practices workflow

and validate database code for the best-possible performance

• Toad for Data Analysts: query, understand and report on data directly from

almost any database or data source

Quest Code Tester for Oracle: perform thorough, automated functional code


• Benchmark Factory for Databases Oracle Edition: validate code against

performance SLAs and test code for performance and scalability before


Guarantee Application Success

Recap on Challenges:

• Focus on improving code quality through standards and


• Automate repetitive tasks to make developers more productive

• Minimize inefficient code to improve performance, availability,

productivity and to reduce cost

• Enable collaboration to reuse code, standards and best practices

• Test your application thoroughly especially when supporting larger

workloads and complex infrastructure

Application development tools can improve productivity,

performance, manageability, enable collaboration and lower cost

Toad Development Suite for Oracle

Guarantee Application Success

Business Impact

• Quality – Make it work properly: reduce the risk of costly bugs and functional errors

• Performance – Make it work fast: reduce the risk of slow response time and business


• Maintainability – Make it easy to maintain: reduce the risk of complex, time consuming

changes to code

• Collaboration – Share it: ensure consistency and minimize risk of rework

• Productivity – Get it done quickly: utilize automation and minimize the risk of missing

project deadlines

Use Toad World

Your One-Stop Resource for

Education, Expertise and Collaboration

In this free online community, you’ll find:

• Exclusive freeware downloads

• Direct access to Steven Feuerstein through his PL/SQL Obsession portal

• Blogs from highly-regarded industry experts like Bert Scalzo and Guy Harrison

• Insight-packed white papers and podcasts

• Toad tips and tricks videos

• Toad news and events

• Fun stuff like screen savers and ring tones


Toad Development Suite for Oracle


Thank you!

John Pocknell

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