CIP Eco-Innovation Call 2013: Market Replication Projects Closing ...

CIP Eco-Innovation Call 2013: Market Replication Projects Closing ...

CIP Eco-Innovation Call 2013:Market Replication ProjectsClosing the gap between research andmarketsEACI, European CommissionMarket Replication Eco-Innovation UnitAstrid Geiger, Head of SectorCIP Eco-Innovation Info Day Cyprus 2 June 2013

What do we do?Eco-innovation – the market replicationdefinition« All forms of innovation reducing environmental impacts and/oroptimising the use of resources »• New services: greening businesses• New processes: cleaner production• New materials• New productsGood for business, good for the environment

Eco-innovation market replication projects• Support innovative ideas whichcan be turned into „marketable‟green products and services• These need incentives topenetrate the market• Potential for replication andwider application must bedemonstrated• Budget ~ €200 million (2008-2013)

How does it work? Key design elements• Risk sharing for green ideas (50%)• Bridging the gap between RTD andcommercialisation• Direct funding (no intermediaries)• A kind of public business angelsGood for business, good for the environment

How does it work? Key design elements• Life Cycle Thinking• Flexible - no partnerships required but EUadded value important• Leverage factor and replication crucial• Approximate project size: 1,5 m € totalcosts• Available budget: ~32 m€Good for business, good for the environment

Five priorities• Materials recycling• Sustainable building products• Food and drink• Water• Greening businesses Compared to the 2012 call: only small fine tuning and alignmentwith Air quality priorities and EIP water

Materials recycling• Improved quality of recycled material, better waste sorting andtreatment• Innovative products using recycled material or facilitatingmaterial recycling• Business innovations to strengthen the competitiveness ofrecycling industries

Sustainable building products• Construction products and relatedprocesses(construction,maintenance, repair, retrofitting ordemolition of buildings) that reduceconsumption of resources, embodiedcarbon and production of by-productwastes• More environmentally friendlyconstruction materials andinnovative manufacturing processes

Food and Drink Sector• Cleaner and innovative products,including packaging methods aiming athigher resources efficiency, preventionand reduction of waste or/and increasingrecycling and recovery• New or improved production processeswith high water efficiency and improvedwater quality• Innovative cleaner products, processesand services aiming at reducing theenvironmental impact of consumption offood and drinks

Water• Water efficient processes, products andtechnologies (reduce water consumption by atleast 30%)• Innovative systems for water reuse and recyclingfor residential, urban, industrial and agriculturaluses• Water-free processes• Water and wastewater treatment: solutions thatoffer greater efficiency and reducedenvironmental impact• Smart distribution systems aiming at the savingof water, chemicals, energy and materials

Greening businesses and smart purchasing• Green products and services• Substitution of materials by others leading to areduced environmental impact• Clean production processes• Re-manufacturing mechanisms and innovativerepairing services

Reaching the target group: 81% private sectorand more than 65% SMEs

SME’s breakdown - Beneficiaries Ecoinnovation79% employless than 50people

FICOB• New technology for the recoveryand purification of CO 2 from thefermentation process in breweries• No water required• 4 million liters / year savings for atypical size plant• Reduced risk of contamination ofthe final product• Lower costs

IWEC• Reuse of filter backwash waterwith ceramic membrane• Used in drinking water treatmentprocess• ~ 1 million m 3 of water reusedduring the project• 80% energy reduction, 50%chemical use reduction• Lower operational costs

TiLEATHER• New eco-friendly “chromium free”leather treatment, with reducedenergy and waste water pollution• Production line set up and started• Involvement of footwear industryin ES and FR and three lines ofshoes launched to the market• Award for the best innovation bythe newspaper “El Mundo”, Nov2011

GlassPlus• Old TVs turned into beautifulceramic• An innovative and practicalprocess for old TV sets• In an apartment of 70m² you willbe walking on 30 old TV sets• Already exporting to Canada andUS• Up to now 60.000 TVs sets havefound a new life in tiles

Naturalista• A second life for old shoes• Europe consumes 2,600 millionpairs of footwear annually… 1.5million tonnes per year offootwear ending up in urbandumping sites• The aim is to make ecologicalproducts from old footwear whererubber soling and other polymershave been used alongsidematerials like textiles and leather

Economic impacts of Eco-innovation programmeRevenue leverage factor… and Environmentalfactor (1)• Considering the averagesize of the project:• 1 € of public investmenton Eco-innovation …MonetisedEnvironmentalbenefit + 833 M€• … leads to a grossrevenue leverage factor ofx 20 after 2 years

Economic impacts of the Eco-innovationprogrammeEmployment creation (2)Estimated aggregate employment (FTE) generated by CIP eco-innovation projectsAverage net employmentgeneration ~8* FTE per project(discounting deadweight, displacement ofcompeting solutions, taking into accountsupply chain / macro-economic impacts)* 2 years after project endsSource: "Analysis and reporting on results achieved. Final draftreport". ICF GHK May 2013.

Call planning 2013Call 2013 now open!• Closing date of 5 September 2013, 17h00:00• Electronic submission (SEP)• Indicative budget: 32M€• Evaluation: end of 2013• First projects start May 2014

Eco-Innovation website as source ofinformation• Newsflash subscription• Call for proposals• Guide for proposers• Frequently asked questions• Grant Agreement and FinancialGuidelines• Info days + slides/recordings• Pre-screening: max 2 pagessummary• Projects map• And we are twitting…

AFTERNOONBilateral talks• Registration at the stand before 13:30• Bilateral talks from 14:00 to 17:00→ Please check your assigned room and keep the timing!

Thank you very much!For questions or pre-screening: contact our mailbox

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