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BREATH IN - BREATH OUT!Lysefjord IN A NUTSHELLYou will experience the unique and magnificentscenery of Western Norway at its best with fjords andmountains, waterfalls and idyllic islands!FACTSLysefjord in a nutshellSeason: 23rd June – 2nd SeptemberDuration: 1 day or moreThe trip starts by bus from Stavanger via Sandnes toByrkjedalstunet, with a short stop, and on through Sirdal.There are breathtaking views of the Lysefjord from theEagle’s Nest Restaurant at an altitude of 1,000 metres,where there will be time to stop before the bus tackles the27 hairpin bends down to Lysebotn. The trip continueswith a cruise on the Lysefjord.The wild and dramatic 42-kilometre-long fjord cuts aswathe through steep mountains. The Lysefjord is ageological gem formed by glaciers during the Ice Age.Prekestolen (the Pulpit Rock) and Mount Kjerag are themost famous mountain formations. The trip includesscenic experiences with beautiful waterfalls such as‘Fantahålå’, old mountain farms, goats and idyllic islands.From Lauvik you go back to Sandnes and Stavanger bybus.Plan stops en route!A day trip or a trip over several days? You choose.We recommend combining the trip with Fjord Pass ®which entitles you to discounts on accommodation andactivities.Prices:Adults: NOK 600Children (4-15years): NOK 460Family (2 adults and 2 children): NOK 1450Trip includes:Transport by boat and bus:Bus Stavanger-Sirdal-LysebotnFjord cruise on the LysefjordBus Lauvvik - StavangerOptional:The Southern Railway Stavanger –Kristiansand.SANDNESSTAVANGERLAUVIKBoatBusØRNEREDETLYSEBOTNBYRKJEDALSTUNETSIRDAL14Bestilling: • +47 815 68 222 booking: BOOKINg: www.fjordtours.COM • +47 815 68 22215

TWO OF THE BESTHurtigruten & NORWAY IN A NUTSHELL ®Hurtigruten is often called the world’s most beautifulsea voyage, but it is more than just a beautiful voyage.Hurtigruten is also a lifeline for many people along ourextensive coastline. If you want to experience some of thebest scenery Norway has to offer, combine the Hurtigrutenwith the round trip Norway in a nutshell ® .Hurtigruten is a first class passenger ship. We know that ajourney on Hurtigruten is a dream for many people – now itis time to make that dream come true. The trip takes you toNorway’s three largest cities (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim)and offers a wide range of attractions, restaurants andshopping.The round trip combines a comfortable train ride on theDovre Railway from Oslo to Trondheim with a journey onthe Hurtigruten coastal express from Trondheim to Bergen.FACTSHurtigruten & Norway in a nutshell ®Season: Daily, all yearDuration: 4 days or morePrices1st January - 30th April/1st September - 31st DecemberAdults: NOK 3280/Children: NOK 16901st May – 31th AugustAdults: NOK 3480/Children: NOK 1810Trip includes:Transport by train, coastal ship, boat and bus:The Dovrebanen Railway Oslo - TrondheimHurtigruten Trondheim - Bergen(incl. unspecified cabin & breakfast)Norway in a nutshell ® one-way tripComplete the experience by taking the Norway in a nutshell® round trip on the way to Oslo. You can start the tripfrom either Bergen, Oslo or Trondheim.trondheimAccommodationThis trip requires overnight stay en route. We recommendcombining the trip with Fjord Pass ® which entitles you todiscounts on accommodation and activities.gudvangenflåmmyrdalBERGEN vossTrainBoatBusHurtigrutenOSLO18 booking: BOOKING: www.fjordtours.COM • +47 815 68 22219

IN TOUCH WITHNATUREACTIVE HOLIDAY ALL YEARNorway is the perfect place for active holidays! We have organised exciting activities thatbring you into close contact with nature in summer and winter alike. The activities aresuitable for everyone regardless of fitness level and experience.Rallarvegen (The Navvies’ Road)Another terrific way of getting close to the nature of the mountains and fjords is to cycle theNavvies’ Road, which was used during the building of the Bergen Railway. We offer cyclingpackages that include transport to the starting point, bike hire and transport back to Oslo,Bergen or Haugastøl.Fjord safari on a RIB boat in FlåmIf you would like more thrills and excitement, we recommend a fjord safari on a RIB boat. InFlåm, the trip gives you an opportunity to experience the fabulous world heritage landscapeof the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord up close, and a stop in the idyllic little village of Undredalwhere you can sample locally-produced goat’s cheese.Fjord safari on a RIB boat in GeirangerThis RIB boat trip takes you out on the Geirangerfjord which is also a uniqueworld heritage area. En route, you will see attractions such as the famous waterfalls,‘De syv søstre’ (the Seven Sisters) and ‘Friaren’ (the suitor). The abandoned farms Skageflå,Knivsflå, Blomberg and Matvik are testament to life along the fjord through the ages.20 Booking: • +47 815 68 22221

Kayaking trips in Flåm and EidfjordImagine what it feels like to sit in a small kayak out on a majestic fjord surrounded by highmountains. You get to see impressive waterfalls at close range and, if you are lucky, you mightalso get a close look at seals and harbour porpoises.FACTSSki TicketsWe have skiing packages to the popular winter destinations of Voss, Myrkdalen and Geilo.Tickets include transport to and from the ski slopes as well as a ski lift pass. Our skiing packagesare suitable for adults, children (4-15 years), students and youth.All these activities can easily be combined with our trips to the fjords, but require an overnightstay en route. For more information and details about these and more activities,visit www.fjordtours.com22Bestilling: • +47 815 68 222 booking: Booking: • +47 815 68 22223

in the navvies´footstepsRALLARVEGEN (The navvies´ road)A cycling trail of unique beauty with a wide range of scenicexperiences from ‘the Roof of Norway’ and down to the fjord.Rallarvegen (The Navvies’ Road) starts at Haugastøl and graduallyascends the 27 kilometres to Finse. You can start the trip at Finseif you do not want to cycle the whole way. You can also visit theRallar (Navvies’) Museum at Finse.En route, you cycle past Fagernut Vokterbolig (signalman’s cabin)from 1904, the highest location in Norway. Here you will find theRallar Café and an exhibition about the lives of the signalman inthe mountains.Between Fagernut and Hallingskeid, you will cross the old railwayand pass a signalman’s cabin, the largest cabin in the mountains.The stretch from Hallingskeid to Vatnahalsen, is the mostspectacular part of the route, with steep descents and powerfulwaterfalls. From Vatnahalsen, you continue down through theFlåmsdalen valley to Flåm.The weather in the high mountains can change quickly. It is importantto bring warm clothes. On weekdays, there is more capacityvis-a-vis trains, bike hire and accommodation. For more informationabout cycling packages and the Fjord Pass ® , Norway’s mostextensive hotel pass.FACTSRallarvegen (Navvies’ road)Season: 1st July – 30th September*Duration: 1 day or moreRoutes and prices:From Bergen to Finse/Haugastøl:Adults NOK 1480 / Children NOK 1015From Oslo to Finse/Haugastøl:Adults NOK 2010 / Children NOK 1280From HaugastølAdults NOK 1020 / Children NOK 790Trip includes:The Bergen Railway from Bergenor Oslo to Haugastøl or FinseCycle hire 2 days from Haugastøl Touristcentre or Finse 1222 (incl. return of bike)The Flåm RailwayThe Bergen Railway Myrdal – Bergen,Myrdal – Oslo or Myrdal -HaugastølAccommodation:Reasonable accommodation can be bookedwith Fjord Pass ® .* Dependent on snow-free road.vossMJØLFJELLMYRDALFLÅMVATNAHALSENFINSEHAUGASTØLUSTAOSET24 BOOKINg: www.fjordtours.COM • +47 815 68 22225

KING OF THE ROADNorWAY BY CARTo help you plan your holiday in Norway, we have put together different car trips thatcombine fantastic scenery, activities and attractions for children and adults alike. En route,you will find accommodation providers and activities that are part of the Fjord Pass ® scheme.While travelling by train, bus and boat gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the trip,travelling by car gives you the independence to travel where you like, when you like. Our suggestionsfor car routes vary in length and travel time, depending on the geographical conditions. Theamount of time you wish to spend and what activities you want to prioritise is up to you. You willfind all of the routes at www.fjordtours.comExample:Bergen-Oslo via the Hardangervidda mountain plateauThe trip takes you through majestic mountains, past sheer mountainsides and cascadingwaterfalls down to the Hardangerfjord, one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords. A detailedtravel route for this trip and several other travel routes are ready for use on our website. Here,you will find detailed information about travel facts, maps, accommodation, activities andhighlights.Get Fjord Pass ® discounts on your holiday in Norway!We recommend the Fjord Pass ® which entitles you to discounts on accommodation, activitiesand rental cars on your holiday in Norway.Take a break from driving. Try a round trip!Check where you can start our round trips. Relax and enjoy the scenery. You will find more informationabout our trips here in this brochure or on our website www.fjordtours.comSee our many travel routes at - simple and ready-to-go!26BOOKINg: www.fjordtours.COM • +47 815 68 22227

REASONABLE ACCOMODATIONFjord Pass ®With Fjord Pass ® you are entitled to up to 20% discounts on hotels, up to 25%discounts on activities and a 10% discount on rental cars from Avis. A Fjord Pass ®costs only NOK 140 and covers two adults and children under the age of 15. FjordPass ® is valid throughout the year, and the participating hotels and activity companiesoffer the discount either all year or for parts of the year.Get up to 20% off on accommodationFjord Pass®, Norway’s most extensive hotel pass, entitles you to a substantial discount fromyour first overnight stay at almost 150 hotels, guest houses, cabins and apartments acrossNorway. With Fjord Pass® you can stay in a hotel (breakfast included) for as little as NOK350 per person per day for a standard double room.You can stay in cabins and apartments from just NOK 435 per day. Are you looking forpeace and quiet in our beautiful mountains? Do you want to explore life along our extensivecoastline?Or maybe you’re looking for a lively urban scene and great shopping opportunities? Youchoose – with Fjord Pass® you will find overnight accommodation that suits you. For moredetailed descriptions of the different hotels and membership periods,visit www.fjord-pass.com28BOOKINg: www.fjordtours.COM • +47 815 68 22229

AFFORDABLE ACCOMODATIONFjord Pass ®Get a 25% discount on activities in Norway!Do you want to go on a breathtaking boat trip, an exciting glacier walk or are you therelaxed type who likes to be pampered at a spa? With Fjord Pass ® you will get up to 25%discounts on activities in Norway. For an overview of all Fjord Pass ® activitiesvisit www.fjord-pass.comWith the Fjord Pass ® you are entitled to a 10% discount on rental cars from Avis.If you are planning to travel by car in Norway, you will find travel route suggestions onour website under the category ‘Norway by car’. We have included magnificent scenicexperiences and activities and attractions for children and adults alike. En route, you willalso find hotels that are part of our Fjord Pass ® discount scheme. The car routes vary inlength and travel time, depending on the geographical conditions. If you don’t have a car,you can hire one from Avis via our website and get a 10% discount with Fjord Pass ® . for more information.30Bestilling: • +47 815 68 222 booking: Booking: • +47 815 68 22231

THE MORE WE ARE TOGETHERGrOUP EXPERIENCESTaking participants out of their comfort zones and exposing them to genuinely newenvironments is often a perquisite for a successful gathering. It paves the way forlearning and innovative thinking.The challenge, then, often relates to where, which and how: Where to hold theconference? Which hotel is suitable? And how do we get there? Well, let us help you getstarted.Will your meeting have 10 or 250 participants? We have the capacity to arrange gatheringsand trips for up to 250 people with facilities that can be adapted to your event. We’ll giveyou a helping hand with your next meeting, conference, management meeting, kick-offevent etc.Team spirit is an important success factor for a company.We also offer a wide range of activities and unique nature experiences that will reallymake your meeting special. What about team building on the Rallarvegen (The Navvies’Road), a RIB boat trip on the Sognefjord, a glacier walk, a summit trip, ocean kayaking or afishing safari? If you are planning a trip in winter, we have many destinations where you cancombine your gathering with skiing and many other fun winter activities.Your dreams and wishes – our solutionsWe do our utmost to ensure the perfect framework for your event. We provide good adviceand offers through customer meetings and during the planning phase.Contact us and we can plan your event together.Welcome to a different kind of experience!32booking: • +47 815 68 22233

TERMS AND CONDITIONSFjord Tours AS is a technical tour operator. The travel regulations are based on the Norwegian Lawon package holidays and refer only to holidays that are purchased in Norway. You can find ourcomplete travel regulations on of tripsTrips bought through Fjord Tours Customer telephone,NSB railway stations, Tourist offices in Bergen, Oslo, Voss,Flåm and Norled can be cancelled and refunded in accordancewith current rules and regulations. Partially used tickets cannot berefunded.Special cancellation rules for trips including Hurtigruten.Trips purchased through Fjord Tours’ website cannot be changed orrefunded*, unless you have taken out a cancellation insurancethrough an insurance company or Fjord Tours and fulfil the condtionsfor this. Cancellation insurance can be purchased throughFjord Tours at the same time as the round trip and costs NOK 150per person per trip.Trips purchased through Fjord Tours Group office are refunded inaccordance with the regulations of the signed order acknowledment.Various trips and booking channels have differing cancellationregulations.Conditions for Fjord Pass ®Fjord Pass ® is a personal card and cannotbe transferred to others.Fjord Pass ® is valid for standard room inthe hotels participating period.On booking and checking in you mustalways state that you have Fjord Pass ® .A booked room will be held until 18.00 hrson the planned day of arrival. After thistime, you have lost the right to the roomunless otherwise agreed.Cancellation shall take place at 18.00 hrsat the latest, on the day prior to your arrival.If this is not done, you will be charged forthe first night booked.Payment to be made directly to the hotel ondeparture.* Separate cancellation rules apply to trips that include activitiessuch as kayaking and RIB boat safaris see Bestilling: • +47 815 68 222 booking: BOOKing: www.fjordtours.COM • +47 815 68 22235

BB&E ReklamebyråPHOTO: Paal Audestad/Fjord Tours s 1,2,4,6,8,10,34,36, Reisemål Hardangerfjord s.10,Terje_Rakke s,12,26, Casper Tybjerg/IN s.14, Per Eide/FN s.16, Jan Marius Hovrud /HR fotokonkurranse, Flatearth Adventures s20, 22, Morten Rakke/Flåm Utvikling s.24,Jarle L.Grindhaug s28, Åsmund Bakke s30, Jan Lund Janson s.32.Booking: www.fjordtours.comOther sales outlets:Fjord Tours Customer telephone: +47 815 68 222NSB´s railway stationsTourist offices in Bergen, Oslo, Voss and Flåm36 Product range can vary from sales outlet to sales outlet.

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