June 5, 2013 PDF Edition of the Perrysburg Messenger Journal

June 5, 2013 PDF Edition of the Perrysburg Messenger Journal

June 5, 2013 PDF Edition of the Perrysburg Messenger Journal


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U.S.P.S. #428-380PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALPublished every Wednesday at Perrysburg, Ohio 43552Periodicals Postage Paid at Perrysburg, Ohio 43552John B. Welch, PublisherDeb Buker, EditorMatthew H. Welch, Advertising Manager117 East Second Street, P.O. Box 267Perrysburg, Ohio 43552Website Address: www.perrysburg.comSubscription Rates:IN WOOD COUNTY – 1 Year $28.00IN OHIO – 1 Year $32.00ALL OTHER STATES – 1 Year $35.00Liability for errors and/or omissions in publication of any advertisementby the PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL, whether due to negligenceor otherwise, is limited to rerunning without charge that portion ofthe advertisement published incorrectly. In case of error or omission, thepublisher will, upon request, furnish the advertiser with a letter stating thatsuch error or omission occurred. The PERRYSBURG MESSENGERJOURNAL will not be responsible for errors or omissions in any advertisingbeyond the first insertion or for errors in electronically submitted ads.Other than as stated above. The PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOUR-NAL assumes no responsibility or liability for any monetary loss or damagesresulting from any error or omission. All copy is subject to theapproval of the publisher, who reserves the right to reject or cancel anysubmission at any time. The opinions expressed in paid advertisementsand/or letters to the Editor which are published in The PERRYSBURGMESSENGER JOURNAL do not necessarily reflect the opinion or philosophyof The PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL.POSTMASTER: Send address changes toWelch Publishing Co., P.O. Box 267, Perrysburg, Ohio 43552MEMBEROHIO NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATIONNational NewspaperAssociationNATIONAL NEWSPAPERASSOCIATIONThe Classifiedsare theCat’s MeowPerrysburgMessenger Journal419-874-2528A FOUNDATION OFIt’sonthe PMay 23 to 30, 2013Thursday, May 23Accidents, White at Avenueroads, Eckel JunctionRoad at North Dixie Highway,North Dixie Highway atWilliams Road, North DixieHighway at Eckel JunctionRoad, 26400 block FortMeigs Road; medic runs, 300block Trinity Court, 26500block North Dixie Highway,1000 block Valley BluffRoad, 6100 block LevisCommons Boulevard, 1300block Levis CommonsBoulevard; fraud, 100 blockAspen Drive; keep the peace,300 block Sycamore Lane;theft, 100 block Levis CommonsBoulevard.Friday, May 24Accidents, SanduskyStreet at Three Meadowsdrive, Eckel Junction Road atNorth Dixie Highway, 1000block Sandusky Street; medicruns, 200 block Elm Street,1700 block Lexington Drive;May 24 to 30, 2013Friday, May 24Accident, Fremont Pike atCarronade Drive; rescueruns, 28000 block StarbrightBoulevard, 20000 blockSommerset; incident reports,unit block Carolina Drive,12000 block RooseveltBoulevard.Saturday, May 25Rescue runs, 20000 blockOregon Road, 7000 blockEast Lake Drive; telecommunicationsharassment,The following cases werefinalized in Perrysburg MunicipalCourt April 20-26,2013.An additional $78 in courtcosts was sentenced for eachcase, unless otherwise noted.SpeedWendy L. Wort, Bexley,$53 fine; Danny L. Maurer,Margaret Place, $45 fine;Anne M. Goligoski, MapleStreet, $45 fine; Barbara B.Reed, Waterbury Circle, $61U B L I C R E C O R DPerrysburg City Police Reportfire call, Roachton Road atSteeplechase Lane; alarms,26600 block North DixieHighway, 500 block WestBoundary Street; fraud, 1600block Eaglecrest Road; assault,500 block East SouthBoundary Street; keep thepeace, 25400 block FortMeigs Road; excessive noise,28300 block White Road,1000 block Valley BluffRoad; domestic violence, 600block Eckel Road.Saturday, May 25Medic runs, 800 blockPine Street, 1100 block SanduskyPlace, 100 block TrinityCourt, 300 block WalnutStreet; alarms, 29100 blockWest River Road, 100 blockWest Second Street, 29100block West River Road,25700 block Fort MeigsRoad, 200 block East BoundaryStreet.Sunday, May 26Medic runs, 900 blockBexley Drive, unit block Dr.Perrysburg Township Police Report10000 block WoodmontWay; incident report, 9000block Mandell Road; domesticdispute, 29000 block OregonRoad.Sunday, May 26Rescue runs, 20000 blockOakmead Drive, 20000block Lime City Road; firecalls, 9000 block BishopswoodLane, 29000 blockLime City Road; theft, 10000block Fremont Pike.Monday, May 27Rescue runs, 20000 blockMcAuley Court, 200 blockBlue Harbor Court; alarms,25700 block Fort MeigsRoad; excessive noise, 400block West Third Street, 6100block Brookhaven Boulevard.Monday, May 27Accident, 25400 blockFort Meigs Road; medic runs,12300 block WaterstoneLane, 3500 block RiversEdge Drive, 200 block WestIndiana Avenue, 100 blockWest Indiana Avenue, 1600block Woodstream Road; firecall, 800 block SandalwoodEast Road; alarms, 1500block Michael Owens Way,1300 block Levis CommonsBoulevard; criminal mischief,100 block East South BoundaryStreet; criminal damage,1300 block Levis CommonsBoulevard.Tuesday, May 28Accidents, West Boundaryat West Front streets, 4900block Prestonwood Road,Oak Meadows East Drive,28000 block StarbrightBoulevard; fire call, 800block Sandalwood EastRoad; fraud, 8000 blockLatcha Road; theft, 25000block Broad Street; K-9 utilized,I-75 south at milemark194.Tuesday, May 28Rescue runs, 28000 blockOregon Road, 20000 blockBelmont Farm Road, 28000block Starbright Boulevard,30000 block Oregon Road,north I-475 and North DixieHighway, Fremont Pike atsouth I-75; medic runs, 900block Mill Road, 100 blockWest Indiana Avenue, 200block Zoar Drive, (2) 3500block Rivers Edge Drive, 100block Civic Drive, 200 blockEast Seventh Street; alarms,26400 block North DixieHighway, (2) 100 block EastSouth Boundary Street,1200block Flagship Drive; disorderlyconduct, 13300 blockRoachton Road, 200 blockLouisiana Avenue; theft, 500block West Sixth Street,27000 block CarronadeDrive; keep the peace, 25400block Fort Meigs Road.Wednesday, May 29Accident, Fremont Pike atnorth I-75; medic runs, 1000block Hunters Run, 25400block Fort Meigs Road, 800block Pine Street, 27000block Carronade Drive, 700block Sandusky Street, 100block West Indiana Avenue;7000 block Ponderosa Road;domestic dispute, 8000 blockAvenue Road; K-9 utilized,I-75 at Ohio Turnpike, I-75north at Buck Road; animalincident, 26000 blockHeatherford Drive.Wednesday, May 29Rescue runs, 9000 blockConner Lake Circle, 27000block Holiday Lane, 20000block Tracy Road, 10000block Fremont Pike; fire call,12000 block Reitz Road; incidentreport, 9000 blockPerrysburg Municipal Courtfine; Candace C. Archer,Cherry Street, $41 fine;Linda S. McGranahan,Knollwood Drive, $55 fine;Judith E. Schnorf, SecorWoods Lane, $61 fine; RobbinL. Click, Wilson Street,$43 fine; Chelsea B.Williams, Indian CreekDrive, $67 fine; BernadetteM. Terry, Sheringham RoadWest, $45 fine; Thomas M.Materni, Mandell Road, $55fine, $83 court costs; CoreyM. Gormley, Reitz Road, $51fine.Registration ViolationRyan T. Weisbrod, FremontPike, $45 fine; ChristopherD. Coleman, PaulyDrive, $45 fine.Other Traffic ConvictionsDavid J. Gamboa, Eaglecrest,approaching an emergencyvehicle, $90 fine.Gregory L. Wilson,Woodmont Drive, recklessoperation, $150 fine.Sheriff’s Report, Middleton TownshipMay 17 to 30, 2013Friday, May 17Accident, 22300 blockDunbridge Road; found property,21000 block DunbridgeRoad.Saturday, May 18Civil dispute, 22400 blockWalnut Street.Monday, May 20Suspicious person, 24800block Lake Meadows Drive,21900 block Carter Road.Tuesday, May 21Suspicious person, 19400block Hull Prairie Road; keepthe peace, 21600 block NorthDixie Highway; juveniles,15600 block River ViewPlace.Thursday, May 22Accident, 16600 blockRiver Road.Friday, May 24Controlled burn, 14400block Ovitt Road.Saturday, May 25Alarms, (2) 15500 blockBiofit Way; illegal burning,20400 block DunbridgeRoad; narcotics, 21600 blockDunbridge Road; dispute,15200 block Cross CreekRoad.Sunday, May 26EMS run, 16900 blockRiver Road; suspicious vehicle,23400 block PargillisRoad.Monday, May 27Alarm, 25100 blockRiverview Place; theft, 13000block Reitz Road.Tuesday, May 28Accident, 19700 blockNorth Dixie Highway.Wednesday, May 29Fraud, 16600 block KingRoad; suspicious incident,14500 block ThistledownLane.Thursday, May 30ATV complaint, 15600block Riverview Place.PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL —June 5, 2013 — Page 3alarms, 800 block CommerceDrive, 200 block West IndianaAvenue; theft, 100 blockWentworth Court, 25400block Fort Meigs Road;fraud, 300 block Valley Lane.Thursday, May 30Alarms, 12900 blockEckel Junction Road, 100block East South BoundaryStreet; criminal mischief,1400 block Logan Lane, 1800block Arrow Lane, Mohawkat Ottekee drives; (2) 200block Twinbrook Drive, 100block Queensland Drive, 700block Locust Street, CherryStreet at Sycamore Lane,13300 block Roachton Road;1000 block Elm Street; 1100block Sandy Glenn Drive;700 block Oxborough Drive,300 block Sycamore Lane,400 block West Sixth Street;400 block Arrowhead Drive,26500 block GreenvilleDrive; 1100 block RunningBrook Drive, 200 blockEdgewood Drive.Connor Lake Circle; stolenvehicle, Oakmead Drive; K-9 utilized and drug abuse, I-75 at milemark 189;disturbance, 28000 blockOregon Road.Thursday, May 30Rescue runs, 20000 blockThompson Road, 20000block Oregon Road, 8000block Lunitas Lane, 8000block Chrysler Drive; theft,10000 block Fremont Pike;criminal damage, 7000 blockAyers Road.Matthew B. Manges, SterlingwoodLane, stop sign,$45 fine.Tyler C. Kidder, CherryStreet, traffic control device,$45 fine.Nicholas M. Giesswein,Lakevue Drive, seatbelt, $30fine, $63 court costs.Richard E. Miller, MapleStreet, failure to yield rightof-way,$55 fine.Gaylord T. Richardson,East Fifth Street, assuredclear distance, $45 fine.Criminal ConvictionsRicard Rodriguez, FortMeigs Boulevard, obstructionof business, no fine, $73court costs, 90 days jail; theft,no fine, $53 court costs, 180days jail concurrent withother sentences; theft, nofine, $53 court costs, 180days jail.Jeffrey D. Mikolajewski,Georgia Road, snag/overlimit, $54 fine, $73 courtcosts.Jason M. Cook, HuntersRun, disorderly conduct,$150 fine, $73 court costs;operating a vehicle under theinfluence, $375 fine, 33 daysjail, 30 suspended, six monthlicense suspension.Letters to the EditorDear Editor:As a sophomore at PerrysburgHigh School, I had to trythe enrichment schedule thisschool year. I personally donot feel as though this schedulehas a positive impact onstudent performance. In myopinion, it is not the quantityof time spent in a classroom,but rather it’s the quality of thetime that increases student performance.My classmates and I findourselves not being able tofocus after about 50 minutesof the class, and we just countdownthe minutes until the bellrings. When I calculated theamount of time in each class,we get 250 minutes of classtime on a normal schedule, butonly 240 minutes on the enrichmentschedule.I hope the school boardwill strongly consider if thisschedule is truly worth it becauseI do not see where it isbenefiting the students ofPHS.Madison HumphreyDear Editor:This week we, WoodCounty taxpayers, started receivingour second half 2012property tax bills. When I examinedour bill in detail, I wasshocked to see that 55.5 percentof my net property taxesgo to support the PerrysburgSchool system. To add salt toan open wound the school districtalso rapes us, the taxpayers,with their school districtincome tax.Perrysburg is home tomany families who will onlylive here for a couple of yearsbefore they are relocated bytheir employers. Those familiesalways look for highlyrated school districts for theirchildren.Unfortunately, since theywill be moving on in a year orso, it will fall upon the permanentresidents of Perrysburg tofoot the bills for these schools.Don’t be surprised whenPerrysburg schools come tous, the taxpayers with anotherlevy request next year or soonthereafter to ask us to givethem more money.It is time that the taxpayersorganize to oppose these neverending levy requests by thePerrysburg schools.It is time to stand up andtell the Perrysburg schools thatthey have to live within theirmeans, and that we, the taxpayers,have had enough oftheir greed.George MeadeWood County Park Districttown hall meeting set for June 6The Wood County ParkDistrict has held a series oftown hall meetings in eightlocations throughout WoodCounty.The ninth and final meetingwill take place at 6:30p.m., on Thursday, June 6, atthe Wood County DistrictPublic Library in BowlingGreen.The purpose of this meetingis to share and discussthe vision for the future ofthe Park District, and togather valuable feedbackfrom Wood County Citizens,in a “focus group” format, tohelp the Park District establishgoals.“This is the public’s opportunityto tell us what theywant to see happen in theirparks” said Park District DirectorNeil Munger. “TheWood County Parks belongto the citizens of WoodCounty. Who better to tellus what we need to offer inthe parks than the peoplethat visit the parks and usethe facilities.”The Park District is in thefifth year of the current fiveyearStrategic Plan, andthese town-hall meetings enablethe public to provideinput into the update of theplan that guides all facets ofPark District operations andplanning.Those who cannot makethis final meeting but wouldlike to add their input, canvisit the Web site at www.wcparks.org and take theonline survey posted on thehome page.TELL THEM YOU SAW ITIN THE JOURNALS ERVICEIS OURS IGNATURE.4607 W. Sylvania Ave. | Toledo, Ohio 43623(419) 841-7773signaturebankna.comb

Page 4 — June 5, 2013 — PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALOfficial results of 2013 Kip Boulis 5K RunPlace Time Name Age Sex City1 14:58 Evan Gaynor 24 M Perrysburg2 15:13 Jason Kessler 33 M Perrysburg3 16:59 Brad Miller 31 M Perrysburg4 17:38 Jonathan Hoag 42 M Toledo5 18:30 Ben Waggoner 50 M Maumee6 18:31 Jordan Lee 25 M Toledo7 18:43 John Gadient 18 M Perrysburg8 19:21 Jon Monheim 44 M Perrysburg9 19:41 Karen Klapper 36 F Perrysburg10 19:45 Andrew Bushman 27 M Pemberville11 19:47 Andrew Wickiser 53 M Bowling Green12 19:48 Dan Sechrist 53 M Whitehouse13 19:53 Ed Osborne 58 M Toledo14 20:06 EJ Materni 38 M Oregon15 20:08 Jack Dias 45 M Toledo16 20:10 John J. Newton, Jr. 64 M Curtice17 20:11 April Stalevicz 25 F Perrysburg18 20:20 Chantilly Kessler 32 F Perrysburg19 20:20 Caleb Cox 25 M Batavia20 20:20 Carter Genson 40 M Bowling Green21 20:22 Julie Snider 31 F LaSalle22 20:25 Michael Dibble 17 M Toledo23 20:37 Alex White 14 M Perrysburg24 20:40 Zachary Schultz25 20:45 Joe Caruso 59 M Perrysburg26 20:52 Shane Steinhart 38 M Toledo27 20:54 Stephen Tapyrik 27 M Perrysburg28 20:54 Dave Wallingford 60 M Bellevue29 21:08 Clint McCormick 35 M Perrysburg30 21:14 Ben Hildebrand 35 M Waterville31 21:17 Mckenzie Smith 31 F Oregon32 21:17 Jeffrey Acocks 69 M Perrysburg33 21:17 Chris Pearcy 31 M Perrysburg34 21:19 Jonas Westrin 38 M PerrysburgH35 21:33 John Brahier 21 M Perrysburg36 21:38 Benjamin Cameron 24 M Pemberville37 21:40 Sarah Hofkes 27 F Perrysburg38 21:42 Ron Carpenter 63 M Hudson39 21:47 Jacob Gibbs 14 M Ottawa Lake40 21:48 Mike Podracky 60 M Toledo41 21:50 Rob Nusbaum 32 M Haskins42 21:50 Chris Egli 46 M Perrysburg43 21:50 Adam Rohrs 13 M Perrysburg44 21:56 Mitch Griffith 22 M Perrysburg45 21:56 Richard Koehler 59 M Perrysburg46 21:58 Hannah Winter 15 F Batavia47 21:59 Victor Dugger 34 F Perrysburg48 22:00 Jeff Turner 46 M Perrysburg49 22:01 Krista Balwinski 28 F Perrysburg50 22:04 Kevin Niebel 42 M Toledo51 22:05 Bob Horland 51 M Perrysburg52 22:05 Jenna Schonten 14 F Bowling GreenTHE CRITTER LADYPETPHOTOGRAPHYby Kelly MeisterCapturing those magicmoments between youand your pet!419-908-2108THERE ARE NODO-OVERS ATRETIREMENT.Retirement is too late to decide that your investmentportfolio was not designed to address your needs. Now isthe time to develop a financial strategy that will give yourmoney time to work for you.I specialize in thorough, unbiased financial guidance that canhelp you work toward your objectives throughout retirement.Call today for more information or to scheduleaconsultation.53 22:07 Harry Newberg 18 M Perrysburg54 22:13 Raymond Lewis 29 M Toledo55 22:17 Adam Shue 15 M Perrysburg56 22:26 Melanie Grosjean 38 F Toledo57 22:28 Matthew Turner 14 M Perrysburg58 22:37 Ron White 45 M Perrysburg59 22:40 Jim Veller 50 M Perrysburg60 22:40 Joshua Hartman 40 M Deshler61 22:43 Claire Cohen 34 F Sylvania62 22:48 Jim Ankoviak 48 M Swanton63 22:54 Matthew Wilkin 45 M Perrysburg64 22:55 David Koelsch 66 M Toledo65 22:59 Barry Kaufman 61 M Perrysburg66 23:01 Terry Kotalik 59 M Perrysburg67 23:02 Jennie Lambert 45 F Perrysburg68 23:07 Aubrey Duhaime 9 F Perrysburg69 23:08 Grace Dynda 12 F Perrysburg70 23:08 Roy Virost 64 M Perrysburg71 23:20 Tim Slawinski 43 M Perrysburg72 23:20 Mason Schultz 10 M Perrysburg73 23:21 Al Bagdonas 35 M Perrysburg74 23:23 Taylor Albright 15 F Batavia75 23:26 Philip Schmidt 65 M Whitehouse76 23:29 Thomas Kolena 55 M Toledo77 23:31 Brian Dugger 43 M Perrysburg78 23:39 Keith Duhaime 46 M Perrysburg79 23:41 Bennett Sheppard 9 M Pinckney80 23:42 Becky Sechrist 51 F Whitehouse81 23:46 Jeff Smith 48 M Oregon82 23:49 Abby Turner 16 F Perrysburg83 23:52 Debbie Schmidt 55 F Sylvania84 23:54 Layne Young 11 M Perrysburg85 23:56 Mark Selfe 54 M Perrysburg86 23:57 Aaron Zdawczyk 28 M Bowling Green87 23:57 James Moore 40 M Oregon88 23:58 Molly Walton 15 F Perrysburg89 23:58 Patrick Fleming 40 M Perrysburg90 23:59 Linda Westrin 37 F Perrysburg91 24:01 Colin Coriell 28 M Bowling Green92 24:01 Brian Newberg 46 M Perrysburg93 24:06 Joe Smith 52 M Perrysburg94 24:08 Kevin Rohrs 50 M Perrysburg95 24:11 Andrew Bowers 12 M Perrysburg96 24:12 Sarah Bradley 29 F Perrysburg97 24:13 John Chaney 49 M Perrysburg98 24:13 Mark Knauer 14 M Batavia99 24:13 Christian Weiss 19 M Perrysburg100 24:13 Kristina Rockman 45 F Holland101 24:16 Mark Kleeberger 38 M Perrysburg102 24:20 Genson Katty 13 F Bowling Green103 24:20 Maddie Long 13 F104 24:22 Mike Kaylor 40 M Perrysburg105 24:23 Brian Dynda 40 M Perrysburg106 24:26 David Kellermeyer 20 M Perrysburg107 24:26 Mark Kellermeyer 28 M Perrysburg108 24:30 Gary Dugger 68 M Concord Twp.109 24:33 Charles Kiskaddon 60 M Perrysburg110 24:34 Steven Dibble 20 M Toledo111 24:39 Angela Pappas 37 F Toledo112 24:51 Rebecca Geib 29 F Perrysburg113 24:52 Jim Chipka 54 M Waterville114 24:53 Barb Geise 41 F Toledo115 24:54 Max Klapper 40 M Perrysburg116 25:02 Domingo Valadez 53 M Temperance117 25:07 Andrew Mickens 45 M Perrysburg118 25:09 Denise Dashner 43 F Temperance119 25:11 Lindsey Smith 16 F Maumee120 25:16 Mark Gibbs 52 M Ottawa Lake121 25:21 Nick Lindsey 32 M Perrysburg PERRYSBURGFISHING DERBYSat., June 8 • 8-11:30 A.M.Awards at 12 NoonRain Date Saturday, June 15Three Meadows PondThis free program is sponsored by the City of Perrysburg Bureau of Parks.Three Meadows Pond was stocked in May with catfish, stripers and crappie. Thiscatch and release fishing derby is open to children accompanied by an adult.Fishing license is not required for children under the age of 16.Prizes will be awarded in these categoriesu Most fish caught u Largest “other variety”u Largest largemouth bass u Biggest fish of tournament, both length & weightu Largest crappie u Largest catfishFishing Suppliesu Bring your own rod and tackleu A limited number of fishing poles are available for use by childrenu Bait will be available for purchase (mealy worms and nightcrawlers)Lunchu Pizza and pop will be available for purchase at 11 a.m.Display area available 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.u Perrysburg Fire Division u Perrysburg Police Divisionu Perrysburg Bass Pro ShopsQuestions, contact Bureau of Parksat Department of Public Service419-872-8020122 25:29 Greg Silloway 35 M Perrysburg123 25:41 Hannah Griffin 20 F Perrysburg124 25:49 Sydney Rudolph 11 F125 25:50 Matthew Niedzwiecki 37 M Toledo126 25:50 Wendell Griffith 36 M Toledo127 25:51 Mike Fink 46 M Toledo128 26:00 Jeffrey Kellermeyer 23 M Perrysburg129 26:04 Emily Niedzwicki 34 F Toledo130 26:09 Frank Cody 65 M Maumee131 26:10 Cindy Smith 52 F Maumee132 26:13 Chris Werbylo 53 M Rossford133 26:17 Tom Lazor 41 M Perrysburg134 26:17 Brady Thomas 13 M Perrysburg135 26:20 Brian Perry 32 M Waterville136 26:24 Michael Rajner 38 M Perrysburg137 26:35 Andrew Turner 9 M Perrysburg138 26:36 Robert Thacker 34 M Cincinnati139 26:39 Tom Myers 49 M Perrysburg140 26:43 Ian Woodward 31 M Perrysburg141 26:43 Emily Skorupski 20 F Perrysburg142 26:43 Tracey Bowers 42 F Perrysburg143 26:44 Kandi Layton 25 F Rossford144 26:49 Janet Bragg 43 F Perrysburg145 26:57 Michael Herringshaw 60 M Collierville146 27:01 Laura Williams 39 F Perrysburg147 27:03 Jean-Marie Descamps52 M Perrysburg148 27:16 Steve Melvin 48 M Perrysburg149 27:19 Jenny Howe 38 F Toledo150 27:20 Kevin Connors 27 M Perrysburg151 27:22 Msck Carrizales 41 M Leipsic152 27:23 Rachel Stephenson 31 F Perrysburg153 27:24 Julie Fox 29 F Gibsonburg154 27:26 Jase Cox 27 M Perrysburg155 27:28 William Nichols 30 M Whitehouse156 27:29 Diana Kobylak 39 F Perrysburg157 27:30 Tyler Zimmerman 13 M Jerry City158 27:34 Noah Winter 18 M Batavia159 27:35 Matthew Harbauer 25 M Perrysburg160 27:37 Edward Silva 42 M Oregon161 27:37 Anthony Esposito 48 M Toledo162 27:38 Jayne Werbylo 52 F Rossford163 27:38 Will Harbauer 29 M Perrysburg164 27:45 Matthew Krueger 42 M Perrysburg165 27:53 Marc Kaspitzke 43 M Rossford166 27:54 Dawn Stefanelli 47 F Perrysburg167 27:55 Jeff Stefanelli 53 M Perrysburg168 27:57 Jim Bradley 63 M Perrysburg169 28:00 John Miller 48 M Perrysburg170 28:05 Emily Van Vlerah 23 F Perrysburg171 28:07 Donald Dohr 68 M Perrysburg172 28:10 Cindy Zilles 37 F Perrysburg173 28:11 David Zeisloft 47 M Toledo174 28:16 Levi Boulis 18 M Bryan175 28:17 Zach Myers 12 M Perrysburg176 28:18 David Brown 58 M Perrysburg177 28:20 Tamara Martin 48 F Perrysburg178 28:20 Robbie Thomason 9 M179 28:20 Drew Paule 11 M Perrysburg180 28:29 Jay Wagoner 45 M Toledo181 28:32 Bob Thomason 42 M182 28:33 Beth Rife 57 F Perrysburg183 28:34 Quinlan White 11 M Perrysburg184 28:34 Ethan White 10 M Perrysburg185 28:35 Deborah Greisiger 55 F Perrysburg186 28:36 Jenny Smith 42 F Perrysburg187 28:43 Dave Woessner 53 M Bowling Green188 28:46 Tom Kopp 43 M Perrysburg189 28:52 Jake Magoun 10 M Perrysburg190 28:53 Jeni Baranski 34 F Toledo191 28:54 Toni Hartman 42 F Deshler192 28:55 James Magoun 46 M Perrysburg193 28:59 Megan Gardam 36 F Toledo194 29:01 Danielle Roby 10 F Perrysburg195 29:02 William Keith 31 M Maumee196 29:11 Abby Raike 32 F Toledo197 29:13 Jason Raike 33 M Toledo198 29:26 Alan Lintner 34 M Perrysburg199 29:26 Zachary Lintner 9 M Perrysburg200 29:44 Joe Winter 44 M Batavia201 29:52 Jim Nycz 64 M Perrysburg202 29:55 David Chapman 41 M Powell203 30:11 Scott Smith 55 M Fremont204 30:14 Peter Macklin 19 M Perrysburg205 30:14 Abbey Dunckel 19 F Perrysburg206 30:25 Julie Steinhart 32 F Toledo207 30:28 Olivia Thomas 11 F Toledo208 30:42 Shealyn Koback 11 F Holland209 30:58 Scott Thompson 68 M Perrysburg210 30:58 Anita Wilkin 46 F Perrysburg211 31:02 Didi Thomason 42 F212 31:03 Daniel Walton 13 M Perrysburg213 31:06 Jerry Rehard 55 M Perrysburg214 31:10 Kelly Young 35 F Perrysburg215 31:12 James Lagger 73 M Perrysburg216 31:15 Emily Kleeberger F Perrysburg217 31:26 Jessica Knauer 22 F Batavia218 31:27 Shea Skinner 10 F Perrysburg219 31:27 Gretchen Gmitter 10 F Maumee220 31:35 Johnathan Rodebaugh34 M Perrysburg221 31:40 Lexi Haas 22 F Perrysburg222 31:43 Robert Malinoski 44 M Perrysburg223 31:56 Sarah Lindsey 32 F Perrysburg224 31:57 Gilbert Wilson 63 M Toledo225 31:57 Joseph Walton 41 M Perrysburg226 32:00 Dean Whitmire 34 M Lindsey227 32:05 Brenda Skinner 40 F Perrysburg228 32:23 Laura Eckel 35 F Toledo229 32:23 Dylan Paule 9 M Perrysburg230 32:24 Mandy Paule 34 F Perrysburg231 32:41 Gregory Smith 56 M Maumee232 32:48 Kelsie Gardam 19 F Toledo233 32:55 Gary Chapman 67 M Perrysburg234 32:59 Carol Stanley 41 F Haskins235 33:00 Sheri Materni 40 F Millbury236 33:07 Andrew Winters 10 M Perrysburg237 33:09 Julianne Eggenberger 31 F Perrysburg238 33:13 Tom Bialy 62 M Perrysburg239 33:15 Trisha Winter 44 F Perrysburg240 33:27 Ann Kellermeyer 59 F Perrysburg241 33:34 Luke William 10 M Perrysburg242 33:34 Andrew Williams 40 M Perrysburg243 33:47 David Noe 45 M Perrysburg“Restoring your teeth can restoreyour health and appearance for alifetime.”PerrysburgFamilyDentistry419-872-9191• General DentistryJon B. Dove, D.D.S.,is accepting new patients.New address: 601 W. BoundaryEvening hours available244 33:47 Gwen Noe 10 F Perrysburg245 33:50 Melanie Boulis 39 F Bryan246 34:04 Janine Cox 48 F Perrysburg247 34:13 Kelli Kopp 40 F Perrysburg248 34:17 Heather Connors 24 F Perrysburg249 34:19 Val Kopp 16 F Perrysburg250 34:24 Katie Connors 25 F Perrysburg251 34:26 Rachel Maurer 28 F Toledo252 34:32 Jessica Nichols 28 F Whitehouse253 34:37 Marlin Short 65 M Wauseon254 34:40 Rachel Marvin 24 F Perrysburg255 34:48 Steven Toth 24 M Oregon256 34:49 Jennifer Galiert 24 F Perrysburg257 35:23 Kevin Boulis 42 M Bryan258 35:23 Celine Dyndal 18 F Bryan259 35:31 Heather Peddany 30 F Oregon260 35:37 Wendy Boone 52 F Delta261 35:43 James Secor 62 M Perrysburg262 36:27 Malorie Tansey 9 F Perrysburg263 36:27 Denise Tansey 42 F Perrysburg264 36:28 Jason Tansey 42 M Perrysburg265 36:40 Cynthia Bobach 60 F Perrysburg266 36:43 Georgia Burling 37 F Oregon267 36:44 Dana Romaker 32 F Perrysburg268 36:45 Sara Keith 26 F Maumee269 36:51 Bill Davis 82 M Fostoria270 37:18 Sarah Harbauer 22 F Perrysburg271 37:33 Jodi Gleason 34 F Oregon272 37:36 Cary Sheppard 44 F Pinckney273 37:52 Tom Althoff 72 M Grand Rapids274 39:13 Nick Dugger 12 M Perrysburg275 39:16 Nancy Gackenbach 43 F Archbold276 39:24 Kathy Woodward 65 F Perrysburg277 39:20 Jody Buehrer 48 F Wauseon278 39:33 Lucy Hoskins 10 F Oregon279 40:04 Ana White 9 F Perrysburg280 40:05 Cindi White 45 F Perrysburg281 40:23 Jonathan Bowers 10 M Perrysburg282 40:23 David Bowers 42 M Perrysburg283 40:31 Lon II Burling 10 M Oregon284 40:31 Monica Longmore 52 F Bowling Green285 40:33 Jacob Zilles 9 M Perrysburg286 40:36 Jason Zilles 38 M Perrysburg287 40:55 Kara Lepkowski 22 F Perrysburg288 40:56 Ron Harbauer 61 M Perrysburg289 42:45 Audrey Richardson 31 F Perrysburg290 42:45 Cecilia Richardson 58 F Perrysburg291 42:46 Kate Kagoun 7 F Perrysburg292 42:47 Katie Sandberg 8 F Perrysburg293 42:49 Kelly Sandberg 41 F Perrysburg294 44:45 James Fagerstrom 74 M Perrysburg295 47:20 Christine Scharer 22 F Toledo296 47:21 Kiah Winter 44 F Perrysburg297 47:56 Larry Johnson 71 M Perrysburg298 49:43 Elizabeth Gorski 48 F Bowling Green299 49:45 Nicole Downey 31 F PerrysburgTiming and Scoring by Toledo Roadrunners ClubKrafty Travel419-260-0522www.kraftytravel.comSTUMP’SPROFESSIONAL PAINTING, LLC419-833-6205or 419-410-4417www.stumpspainting.comTHE “ CRAZYCRITTER LADYwww.crazycritterlady.comFISHIN’ EDITION CHARTERS LTD.P.O. Box 267 Perrysburg, OhioDay phone (419) 666-5952Evening (419) 662-8347www.lakeeriefishing.comLST-267HOMEPAGEwww.members.home.net/usslst267The Inter-Net Business GuideA guide to local businesses on theWorld Wide WebPERRYSBURGWINDOW & GUTTER CLEANING419-874-2482www.pburgwindowclng.comINCAMERA STUDIOS620 Haskins Rd.Bowling Green, Ohio 43402(419) 345-5750www.incamerastudio.comMODENE INSURANCEAGENCY27457 Holiday Lane • Perrysburg, OH(419) 874-9989www.modeneinsurance.comSCHOEN BUILDERSCustom Home Builderwww.schoenbuilders.comA TO Z HEALTH CARE955 Commerce Drive419-874-5227 • 800-589-6577www.atozhealth.orgAdvertise your website here! Call Matt or Sarahat 419-874-2528Reel Opinionsprogramon ‘Henry Ford’at Way June 20The Reel Opinions withWGTE Public Media series atWay Library will show anddiscuss clips from thethought-provoking PBS film“Henry Ford” on Thursday,June 20, at 10:30 a.m.The film documents theabsorbing life story of a farmboy who rose from obscurityto become the most influentialAmerican innovator of the20th century.See how Ford’s automobileforever changed the waywe work, where we live, andour ideas about individuality,freedom and possibility.Admission and refreshmentsare free of charge.For more information, callJanel Haas at 419-874-3135,extension 102.This program is part of WayLibrary’s adult summer readingprogram and is sponsoredby Directions Credit Union.Waite Classof 1963 reunionset for AugustThe Waite High Schoolclass of 1963 will hold its 50-year reunion August 16-17.Classmates can tour Waiteat 4 p.m. on Friday, August16, then attend a Toledo MudHens baseball game at 6:30.On Saturday, August 17, agolf outing at Chippewa Golfcourse will begin at 9:30a.m., and classmates willmeet for dinner at the CarranorHunt and Polo Club inPerrysburg, from 6 to 11 p.m.Reservations are requiredfor golf, the Mud Hens gameand dinner. For more details,go to http://whsclassof63-com.webs.com or call RickRowland at 419-666-6610 orKaren Roscoe Ross 419-878-3540.Nominees sought for Exchange ClubBook of Golden Deeds Award 2013The Exchange Club ofPerrysburg is seeking nominationsfrom the communityfor its annual Book ofGolden Deeds Award.This award, first presentedlocally in 1980, recognizesthe good deeds ofcitizens or civic groups anddocuments their accomplishmentsfor future generations.The nominee may besomeone who has made significantcontributions togood causes or to the qualityof life in the Perrysburgcommunity, or it may be aperson or group who hasquietly and unselfishly giventime, effort and talent withoutnotoriety.Past honorees include thePerrysburg Heights CommunityAssociation, VirginiaSecor Stranahan, Fort ImaginationPlayground Group,Bob Boyd, Juliet Beck, DonTigges, Ken Cappelletty,Judy Justus, Thomas Weidner,Lisa Richard, RobertPhillips, Phyllis Morton,Nancy Kelley, J.D. Justus,Deb Buker and last year’s recipient,Becky Visser.To submit a nomination,write 300 words or less statingthe deeds of the personor organization, includingwhy you believe they are deservingof this award.Send nominations toRoger Shoffner, 26396 EastWexford Drive, Perrysburg,Ohio 43551.The deadline for nominationsis Friday, June 30. Thename and contact informationof the person submittingthe nomination also shouldbe included.Check us out on the web:www.perrysburg.com

Alter elected chair of Foundation of Independent CollegesTim Alter, president ofRudolph/Libbe Inc., has beenelected chair of the OhioFoundation of IndependentColleges (OFIC) board oftrustees in Columbus. Alterhas served as an OFIC trusteesince 2005.OFIC is the primary corporateand foundation solicitationorganization for 34independent Ohio collegesand universities and operatesone of the largest, most comprehensiveand diverse scholarshipmanagement servicesin the state. OFIC membercolleges collectively enroll100,000 students and awardone-third of all bachelor’s degreesin the state.For 63 years, OFIC haspromoted the value and excellenceof independent highereducation and has providedunrestricted operating fundsand scholarships throughfunding from businesses andTim Alterfoundations, ensuring thecontinuation of excellence inprivate higher education.OFIC is governed by a Boardof Trustees comprised ofOhio’s corporate leaders andpresidents of the member colleges.The member colleges are:Ashland University, BaldwinRossford Eaglesand AuxiliaryWallace University, BlufftonUniversity, Capital University,Cedarville University,University of Dayton, DefianceCollege, Denison University,The University ofFindlay, Franciscan Universityof Steubenville, FranklinUniversity, Heidelberg University,Hiram College, JohnCarroll University, KenyonCollege, Lake Erie College,Lourdes University, MaloneUniversity, Marietta College,University of Mount Union,Mount Vernon Nazarene University,Muskingum University,Notre Dame College,Oberlin College, Ohio DominicanUniversity, OhioNorthern University, OhioWesleyan University, OtterbeinUniversity, Urbana University,Ursuline College,Walsh University, WilmingtonCollege, Wittenberg Universityand The College ofWooster.Way Library to host Dudley’s Massacre authorBy Richard StaffanThe Aerie men will hold ameeting on Thursday, June 6,from 8 until 9:15 p.m.On Sunday, June 9, the Eagleswill hold the district meetingat 2 p.m. They also willhold initiation of new members.Please attend.James Emch with a copy of his book, “All But Forgotten.”To help commemorate thebicentennial of the War of1812, Monclova resident andauthor James Emch willspeak on his new book, “AllBut Forgotten,” the story ofWilliam Dudley’s defeat duringthe first siege of FortMeigs. Also known as Dudley’sMassacre, the battletook place on May 13, 1813,in the woods in what is nowthe city of Maumee.Mr. Emch will discuss theevents leading up to the conflict,the brave men whofought the battle and how itsoutcome helped change theOld Northwest Territory forever.The book talk will beWednesday, June 12, at 7p.m., in the lower level of thelibrary. Copies of the bookwill be on hand for purchase.Refreshments will be available.Way Library is located at101 East Indiana Avenue inIn Eagle golf news, the topscores were: skin winners—Chuck Hoagland, #1; JerryBohner, #4; Jim Lawson, #6;Duwayne St. Johns, #8 with aneagle; Jay St. Johns, #98; nowinners for par 3; mysteryscore, Dick Staffan, and 50/50,Eddie Beason. A big thanks toPerrysburg.For more information call419-874-3135.Bob Herroon and Danny Day,our van drivers for our golf tripin Florida.The Eagle quote of theweek is, “The rich don’t careabout universal health care, becausethey’ve got universalwealth care.” See you at theclub.Lawrence Vanhooser graduatesfrom peace officer trainingLawrence Vanhooser, ofPerrysburg, was among the 28students who were recentlyrecognized as Ohio BasicPeace Officer Training Academygraduates at OwensCommunity College.“Owens Community Collegeis proud to continue itscollaboration with the OhioPeace Officers Training Commissionand recognize these28 individuals for their educationalaccomplishment,” saidRobert Albright, Owens academicprogram chair of criminaljustice and emergencymanagement.Founded in 1970, the BasicPeace Officer Training Academyis offered in cooperationwith the Ohio Peace OfficersTraining Commission. As partof the seven-month program,Owens police academy studentstake courses in patroloperations, firearms, defensivetactics and criminal investigationusing modern, high-techpolice equipment. Participantsreceive expert instruction fromlocal police officers, sheriff’sdeputies and corrections officers,as well as state and federalagents.Following successful completionof the college’s BasicPeace Officer Training Academy,Owens graduates becomeeligible for certificationas Ohio peace officers. In addition,coursework earned bypolice academy graduates willapply toward an associate degreeat Owens in law enforcement.Barb Smith named head girlsbasketball coach at Illinois StateBarb Smith, a 1982 graduateof Perrysburg HighSchool, has been named thenew head girls basketballcoach at Illinois State University.Ms. Smith has 26 years ofDivision I collegiate coachingexperience. She spent the2012-13 season at SaintLouis University as associatehead coach, recruiting coordinatorand offensive coordinator.She helped leadMinnesota to a 115-75 recordand five post-season appearances,including four NCCATournaments during her sixyears as assistant coach. Shealso spent two seasons as thelead assistant coach and recruitingcoordinator for California;five seasons as headcoach at San Diego State, andArea studentsreceive honorsat Mercy CollegeNine Perrysburg residentswere named to the honors listfor the spring semester atMercy College of Ohio. Theyare Cynthia Corwin, AlyssaDunlap, Christine Graber,Lauryn Heber, CharlotteMalin, Lisa Reece, LindsaySlater, Kaitlin Snyder andAbigail Wegert.To be named to the honorslist a student mustachieve a grade point averageof 3.3 or higher and be enrolledfor 6-11 credit hours.Heidelberg Univ.posts dean’s listDevon Giesige, of Perrysburg,was named to the dean’slist for the spring semester atHeidelberg University.Devon is a freshman majoringin education at Heidelberg.Kaitlin Maxwellreceives degreefrom LipscombKaitlin Maxwell, of Perrysburg,graduated cum laudefrom Lipscomb University atthe conclusion of the springsemester.A graduate of PerrysburgHigh School, Kaitlin receiveda bachelor of science degreein interdisciplinary teachingK-6.nine years as lead assistantcoach and recruiting coordinatorat Colorado.Ms. Smith played pointguard for Ohio State University,where she earned abachelor’s degree in healtheducation. She also receiveda master of business administrationdegree in organizationalbehavior at IonaCollege.In 2006, Ms. Smith wasinducted into the PerrysburgHigh School Athletic Hall ofFame.Univ. of Cincinnatiposts dean’s listA total of 18 Perrysburgresidents were named to thedean’s list at the University ofCincinnati for the spring quarter.They are: ChristopherBehrendt, Michael Bell, JakeBorkosky, Justin Couch,Derek Deverna, James Feldhacker,David Gordon, JordanHamons, Lauren Miller, AnthonyMoschetti, JamesMoyer, Erica Mysinger,Nicole Parrish, NicholasPhillipps, Margaret Rigney,Anthony Stoiber, Alison Winklemanand Laura Zink.Kathryn Henzlerinducted intohonor societyPerrysburg residentKathryn Henzler, a student atthe University of SouthernCalifornia, was recently initiatedinto Phi Kappa Phi.Membership is by invitationand requires nominationand approval by a chapter.Only the top 10 percent of seniorsand 7.5 percent of juniors,having at least 72 semesterhours, are eligible for membership.Graduate students in thetop 10 percent of the numberof candidates for graduate degreesmay also qualify, as dofaculty, professional staff andalumni who have achievedscholarly distinction.Matthew Langcompletes Navybasic trainingNavy Seaman RecruitMatthew Lang recently completedU.S. Navy basic trainingat Recruit TrainingCommand, Great Lakes, Illinois.Seaman Recruit Lang isthe son of Steven Lang ofPerrysburg, and ShelleyWelsh of Northwood.HighestPrices PaidFor Gold Jewelry10K, 14K, 18K, Dental GoldAny ConditionBuying Gold, Silver&PlatinuminallformsBuying:US Silver Coins (1964 & before)US Silver Dollars (1935 & before VG+)1965-1969 Half DollarsSilver Bars — 1 oz. to 100 oz.US 1 oz Eagles, Maple Leafs, KrugerrandsAll Gold coins & bars — 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz.,1/10 oz. & all other sizesMost other older US Coins — both Gold & SilverIMMEDIATE PAYMENTMcGIVERNJewelers/Gemologist112 W. Second St. • Perrysburg, OH 43551419-874-4473http://www.mcgivern.comHours: Mon.-Fri. 10-6; Sat. 10-4; Closed Sun.Ray and Sharon Ruswinklecelebrate golden wedding anniversaryOn June 8, 1963, Ray Ruswinkle and Sharon Panningwere married at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Pemberville,Ohio.Mr. and Mrs. Ruswinkle, of Perrysburg, are celebratingtheir 50th wedding anniversary. Both are retired.Mr. Ruswinkle worked for several companies as adraftsman, project manager and structural steel estimator.Mrs. Ruswinkle worked for several area banks primarily inthe mortgage loan departments.They have four sons Kenneth (Anne) of Minnesota,David (Sharon) of California, Tim (Tara) and Todd (Nicki)both of Toledo. They have nine grandchildren Wendy,Sarah, Christian, David, Maya, Daniel (deceased), Dominic,Katie and Leah and one great-granddaughter, Sydney,Mr. and Mrs. Ruswinkle will celebrate with a familydinner and later in the summer on a trip out West.Alzheimer’s Association offers twoprograms at Toledo Museum of ArtPERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL — June 5, 2013 — Page 5The Alzheimer’s Association,Northwest Ohio Chapter,is hosting “Meet Me atTMA” and “A Brush withArt” on the following daysand times:•Meet Me at TMA, Saturday,June 8, at 1 p.m., at theGlass Pavilion off Parkwood.The program will featureglass from the Libbey’s.•A Brush with Art, Friday,June 14, at 1 p.m., in theSculpture Gallery. Participantswill create a piece ofclay art.Meet Me at TMA and thenew A Brush with Art are freemonthly programs held onFridays and Saturday. Cosponsoredwith the ToledoMuseum of Art, they are designedto provide fun. Friendsand family are welcome toaccompany the visitor.Meet Me at TMA providesan interactive tour ofselected works from the museumcollection, led bytrained docents. A Brush withArt adds hands-on experiences.Guests should meet at theinformation desk, just insidethe Grove Place entrance tothe main museum building.Galleries are fully accessible,and free wheelchairs areavailable at each entrance.Registration is requested.For more information or toregister, call the Alzheimer’sAssociation at 419-537-1999.‘Save Our Center’ eventat PHCA Friday, June 7The Perrysburg HeightsCommunity Association(501C3 non-profit) is injeopardy of closing theirdoors due to financial struggles.The center offers homeworkhelp, mentoring andactivities for the community’schildren.The center has severalgrants they are pursuing andfund-raisers planned beginningin June through October,including the Ohio’sSouth of the Border Festivalwhich is held the secondDr. Wayne F. KoskinenCertified Chiropractic Sports PhysicianThe Arbor Building139 W. Indiana Ave.Suite 102Perrysburg, OH419-874-4463ONE COMPANY.ONE AGENT.MANY WAYS TO SAVE.Let me help you save time and money.Protecting more of your world with Allstate makes yourlife easier. And it can put more money in your pocket.Bundle your policies and you can save even more. Whywait? Call me today.Sandy Blanchard(419) 866-6400306 Louisiana Ave.Perrysburgsblanchard@allstate.comRelocated to Perrysburg to serve you.Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Savings vary. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Fireand Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Indemnity Company, Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance: Northbrook, Illinois© 2011 Allstate Insurance Company.Thursday, June 13, 2013Graystone Banquet Hallweekend in August.A “Save our Center”fund-raiser is planned forFriday, June 7, from 5:30 to11 p.m., at the PHCA locatedat 12882 Jefferson Street,Perrysburg.The event will include acook-out meal and party inthe park, raffles and a tour ofthe center.Donations will be accepted.Contributions may bemade to the PHCA GeneralFund, P.O. Box 612, Perrysburg,Ohio 43552-0612.Historic Perrysburg’sCruise-Ins start June 14Historic Perrysburg’sCruise-Ins will be held onFridays, starting June 14, atCommodore Square Park, atthe corner of Louisiana Avenueand Fifth Street. Participantswill park in the grass.The event will be heldfrom 6 to 8 p.m., with registrationat O~Deer Diner andIce Cream, 416 LouisianaAvenue.All makes and years ofcars are welcome. There is nocost for registration.There will be a driver’spool, prizes and 50-50 drawing.Tell Them You Saw ItIn The JournalTickets $10.00 per person in advanceLimited Seating – no tickets available at the doorProceeds will benefit the Honor Flight Northwest OhioDinner: Chicken Marsala and Garlic Mashed PotatoesCall or stop in to get your tickets by June 7th atKingston Residence of Perrysburg, 419-872-6200.333 East Boundary StreetPerrysburg, OH 43551www.kingstonhealthcare.com

Page 6 — June 5, 2013 — PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALO b i t u a r i e sCHRIST EV.LUTHERAN CHURCH(Dowling)22552 Carter Rd., B.G.P.O. Box 364Phone: 419-833-3956PastorTom ZulickSundaySchool9:00 a.m.WorshipThe Church on the Hill 10:15 a.m.www.gracechurchperrysburg.com601 East Boundary StreetPerrysburg, Ohio 43551Phone: (419) 874-4365office@gracechurchperrysburg.comSenior Pastor: Dennis DittoAssociate Pastor:Jennifer BaileySUNDAY8:30 a.m. Traditional9:40 a.m. Classes for allages10:45 a.m. ContemporaryChildcare for infants andtoddlers all morning.Check our Web site for fulllist of activities and events forall ages.FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCHof PERRYSBURGwww.fpcpburg.org200 East 2nd StreetPhone (419) 874-4119our Pastor isRev. Darcy MetcalfeChristian Education Director:Selinda SchultzSUNDAY SCHEDULE10:00 a.m. WorshipSUNDAY SCHOOL9:00 a.m. Adults;10:15 am Pre-K - 12thChildcare AvailablePRAYER REQUESTSPlease join us on the 3rd of eachmonth at 6 p.m. in quiet timefor meditation and prayer -Prayer/contact requests receivedat church@fpcpburg.orginspiringengagingrelevantcasualcomeexperience itPERRYSBURG SOUTH TOLEDO29129 Lime City Rd 2150 South Byrne RdWEST TOLEDO2600 West Sylvania AveIN THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICEALL SAINTS CATHOLICCHURCH628 Lime City RoadRossford, Ohio 43460419-666-1393www.allsaintsrossford.orgMasses: Saturday at 4:30 p.m.Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.ALL SAINTSCATHOLIC SCHOOL(Preschool through Grade 8)Where we study the world,teach the heart,and live the gospel.Sunday Services:Holy Eucharist, 8 A.M.Holy Family Eucharist, 10 A.M.Sunday School 10 A.M.871 East BoundaryPerrysburg, Ohio 43551419­874­5704www.saint­mothy.net215 East Front StreetPerrysburg, Ohio 43551Phone: (419) 874-4559www.saintroseonline.orgRev. Msgr. Marvin G. BorgerRev. Jerome A. Schetter,Associate PastorDeacon Larry TiefenbachDeacon Victor DeFilippisWEEKEND SCHEDULESATURDAY5:00 p.m. MassSUNDAYMasses: 7:30 a.m., 9:00a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 noon, and5:00 p.m.CONFESSIONSMONDAY6:30 to 6:45 a.m.8:30 to 8:45 a.m.WEDNESDAY6:30 to 6:45 p.m.SATURDAY4:00 to 4:40 p.m.Anytime by appointment.SATURDAYS5 : 15PM7PMSUNDAYS9AM10 : 45AM12 : 30PMThese times are for all campusesand the message is identical.iCAMPUSWatch Live OnlineWHITEHOUSE6950 Whitehouse Sq BlvdPerrysburg Senior CenterThe Wood County Committee on Aging140 West Indiana Avenue (beside the Fire Station) – 419-874-0847Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.In PerrysburgACTIVITIES ANDLUNCH MENUSClass or programs at the seniorcenter require registrationthree days in advance, unlessotherwise noted. Program datesand times are subject to change.For more information, call thesenior center.Class: Zumba Gold onThursdays, at 9 a.m. This classenables participants to enjoycamaraderie, excitement, andfitness all in a dance-fitnessstyle that feels friendly and fun.The cost is $3 per class or $20for eight consecutive weeks.Registration is required.YMCA Fitness–Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays, from9 to 9:45 a.m. The cost is $1 perclass or $20 for eight weeks.This aerobics class is geared tomove and energize your body.Bring light weights.Jam Sessions are held eachWednesday, from 1 to 4 p.m.,with Marty Brogan of the PerrysburgArea Arts Council.These sessions are open to allacoustic musicians who are beginnersor seasoned players.Wii Bowling is held Thursdaysat 11 a.m.Crochet and KnittingPrograms and lunches for all area residentsat least 60 years of age.Club–Wednesdays at 10 a.m.Join us for social crochet andknitting, receive helpful tipsfrom others or combine effortsto make items for local charities.Bring your own supplies.Shuffleboard and Dominoesare available daily.Wednesday, June 5Noon menu–Hot Dog orHamburger, baked beans,broccoli salad, banana, cookie.•9 a.m.–ExerciseThursday, June 6Noon menu–BakedChicken or Pork Ribette, AuGratin potatoes, Heritagecoleslaw, strawberries andblueberries on a biscuit.•9 a.m.–Zumba Gold•1 p.m.–Singer Mitch Kahl,sponsored by Perrysburg Careand Rehabilitation.Friday, June 7Noon menu–Chef Saladwith Turkey or Tuna Salad onlettuce, cantaloupe and grapes,blueberry muffin.•9 a.m.–Exercise•11 a.m.–Seniors in Motion•12:30 p.m.–Poker•1 p.m.–Bunco Tournament.Bunco, snacks anddrinks provided. The cost is $1each goes towards prizes. Registerto play by Wednesday,SHEPHERD OFTHE VALLEYLUTHERAN CHURCHMISSOURI SYNOD13101 Five Point RoadPerrysburg, Ohio 43551Phone: (419) 874-6939Pastor: Rev. John M. Rutz9:00 a.m. Sunday School10:15 a.m. WorshipNursery providedHoly Communion - 1st, 3rd& 5th Sundays of the monthSTONEBRIDGE CHURCHEvangelical PresbyterianMeeting at:Greystone Hall29101 Hufford RoadPerrysburg, OhioPhone: (419) 872-8556www.stonebridge-epc.orgSUNDAY9:00 a.m. Sunday School10:30 a.m. Worship ServiceChildcare availableFIRST BAPTIST CHURCH590 West South BoundaryPerrysburg, OH 43551Phone: 419-874-3546SUNDAY9:30 a.m. Bible FellowshipClasses for all ages10:45 a.m. Worship Servicewww.fbcperrysburg.netCheck Web sitefor other activities24250 Dixie Highway(Highway 25)Perrysburg, Ohio 43551(located just southof Five Point Road)Phone: (419) 874-6502Masses: Saturday, 5:00p.m.; Sunday, 8:00, 9:45 and11:30 a.m.www.blessedjohn.orgZOAR LUTHERANCHURCH314 East Indiana AvenuePerrysburg, Ohio 43551Phone: (419) 874-4346PastorsRev. Timothy P. PhilabaumRev. Ann Marshall,Community PastorSATURDAY6:00 p.m. Worship ServiceSUNDAYWorship: 7:15, 8:30 &11:00 a.m.9:45-10:45 a.m. SundaySchool, ages 2 throughadult.With ProfessionalNursery AttendantElevator AccessJune 5.Monday, June 10Noon menu–Italian SausageLasagna or Lemon Pepper Pollock,succotash, pickled beets,orange, ice cream.•9 a.m.–Exercise•1 p.m.–Pinochle Tournament.The cost of $1 per persongoes toward prizes.Tuesday, June 11Noon menu–TeriyakiChicken or Pork Chop Suey,rice, snap blend vegetables,pineapple rings, grapes.•9:30 a.m.–Bingo•1 p.m.–Program: “How toStrengthen your Muscles andHave Better Balance.” Learnsome strengthening tips to improveyour balance in this programsponsored by OtterbeinPortage Valley.•7 p.m.–Duplicate BridgeWednesday, June 12Noon menu–Ham and BeanSoup or Turkey Pot Roast,cornbread, apple cabbageraisin salad, peaches.•9 a.m.–Exercise•10 a.m. to noon–Bloodglucose and blood pressureclinic. To help defray the costof supplies, a donation of a $1for testing of blood glucose issuggested.ST. JOHN’SLUTHERAN CHURCHU.S. 20 and Route 163Stony Ridge, OhioPhone: (419) 837-5115Daniel G. Beaudoin, PastorSUNDAY8:30 a.m. ContemporaryWorship9:45 a.m. Sunday School10:45 a.m. Traditional WorshipEpiscopal ChurchSummer Sunday Sunday Services Services8:00, 8:00 9:15 and and 10:00 11:00amWednesday Healing Serviceat 11:30am310 Elizabeth StreetMaumee, Ohio 419.893.3381www.stpaulsmaumee.org10401 Avenue RoadCorner 795 and White Road419.874.1961www.perrysburgalliance.orgSUNDAY10:45 a.m. Worship Services9:30 a.m. Sunday School10:45 a.m. PACKLandChildren’s Church6:00 p.m. Jr./Sr. High YouthWEDNESDAY7:00 p.m. Prayer Service“Join Us In Worship”BETHEL ASSEMBLYOF GOD CHURCH665 West Indiana AvenuePerrysburg, Ohio 43551Phone (419) 874-2255Website:www.bethelag-ohio.orgRev. Paul Rea, Senior Pastor(ContemporaryWorship Service)SUNDAY9:00 a.m. Sunday SchoolClasses10:00 a.m. Morning Worship(Nursery provided andKing’s Kids)6:00 p.m. Evening WorshipWEDNESDAY7:00 p.m. Youth Church;Adult Classes; Missionettes/Royal Rangers, ages 3-12“A Place For You”FIRST UNITEDMETHODISTCHURCH200 West SecondPerrysburg, Ohio43551Phone: 419-874-1911E-mail:perrysburgfum@bex.netWeb site:www.perrysburgfum.comGary Rode, PastorSATURDAY WORSHIP5:30 p.m. Praise ServiceSUNDAY9:30 a.m. Worship“Reflecting God’s Loveto All People”Taking applicationsfor weekday preschoolPreschool phone419-874-9318e-mail: FUMPkids@aol.comHandicap Accessiblefrom Second StreetLast year, “Feed OurFamilies” provided morethan 18,000 meals duringthe summer to children andfamilies in need.“And we have barelyscratched the surface ofpossible recipients,” saidConnie Teare, Feed OurFamily co-chairperson.“This program is inclusiveof all those in need. And weneed your help.”Feed Our Families wascreated by Zoar LutheranChurch four years ago. It isa summer feeding and groceryprogram for families inthe northern Wood Countyschool districts who are onlimited incomes.A hot meal is servedeach Friday from early Junethrough mid-August and aweek’s worth of breakfastand lunch foods is providedto each family.This includes Rossford,Perrysburg and the outlyingareas north of BowlingGreen.“Our goal is to providenutritious and healthy foodfor the children and to try toencourage the families bygiving them items they mayotherwise be unable to afford,”added Mrs. Teare.“These items may includeeggs, meat, cheese, butter,whole grain bread, freshfruit, fresh vegetables,milk, juice and other itemsnecessary to make goodhealthy meal choices.”MAUMEE VALLEYBIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH27439 Holiday Lane(off St. Rt. 20 at I-75)Perrysburg, Ohio 43551Phone: (419) 874-7646We are a Christ Centered, Independent,Bible Believing,Bible Preaching and BibleTeaching Local Church.Find “The End of Your Searchfor a ChurchFaithful to Jesus Christ.”SUNDAY10:00 a.m. WorshipWEDNESDAY7:00 p.m. WorshipHOPE IN CHRISTCOMMUNITY CHURCH27631 Simmons RoadPerrysburg, OhioPhone: (419) 874-1194SUNDAY9:30 a.m. Bible Study for allages10:30 a.m. WorshipWEDNESDAY7:00 p.m. Evening BibleStudyVisitors WelcomeFIRST CHURCH OFCHRIST, SCIENTIST228 East Dudley StreetMaumee, OH 43537Phone: 419-893-2297Services:Sunday Church Service:11:00 a.m.Wednesday Eve. Meeting:7:30 p.m.Christian ScienceReading Room204 East South Boundary St.Perrysburg—419-874-0371Hours: Tues.-Fri. Noon-4Sat. 9-NoonALL ARE WELCOMEOAK BEND CHURCH11275 Eckel Junction RoadPerrysburg, Ohio 43551Phone: 419-874-0219Contemporary Worshipwww.oakbend.orgDaniel Watkins - Senior PastorChad Olszewski- Associate PastorSUNDAY9:15 a.m. Sunday School10:30 a.m. Worship ServiceChildren’s Programand Nursery Provided4:30 p.m. Quiz Practice6:30 p.m. Youth GroupWEDNESDAY6:30 p.m. Awana Clubs(September-April)Each Friday at noon duringthe summer, a hot andnutritious kid-friendlylunch is provided in theFamily Center at ZoarChurch.After lunch, the parentsare encouraged to shop inthe organization’s grocerystore to “feed their families.”Mrs. Teare said thatrecipes using five or less ingredientsare offered in anattempt to encouragehealthy eating.“While the parents areshopping, children are encouragedto attend storytime and also select booksto take home and read,”added the co-chairperson.“Appropriate adult literatureis offered to parents,too.”•FRANK NAGYFrank L. Nagy, 83, ofPerrysburg, died Thursday,May 30, 2013, at Hospice ofNorthwest Ohio. He wasborn February 11, 1930, inToledo, to Frank and Julia(Toth) Nagy. He marriedVirginia Zolciak on September25, 1954, in Toledo, andtogether they raised theirthree children.Mr. Nagy was a 1947graduate of Macomber HighSchool in Toledo. Aftergraduation, he workedbriefly at Modern Patternand then served his apprenticeshipat Ronfeldt Patternworks.He continued towork for Ronfeldt and becamea master pattern makerand eventually owner. Heretired in 1998. He was amember of St. RoseCatholic Church where heserved as an usher. He alsowas a member of the Elksand a former active memberof the Knights of Columbus.He enjoyed coaching LittleLeague baseball for thePerrysburg recreation program.He was an avid golferPerrysburg First UnitedMethodist Church (FUM) willhost its second annual FamilyBBQ Party on Saturday, June22, from 4 to 7 p.m.One of the highlights thisyear is the band Swingmania.There also will be a dunkingbooth, face painting, snowcones, a jumping castle and avisit from the Perrysburg firedepartment with one of theirfire engines.and played in the Elksleagues for many years. Hewas proud of his hole-in-oneat Tanglewood and his clubchampionships. Mr. Nagyalways liked a challenginggame of bridge and watchingthe Detroit Tigers andLions. He enjoyed travellingand spending time withhis family and friends.He is survived by hiswife, Virginia Nagy; children,Janet Page, Dr.Thomas (Diane) Nagy andDr. Paul (Ellen) Nagy;grandchildren, Caroline,William “Tripper,” and ElizabethPage, Hannah andSimon Nagy; step-grandchildren,Amie Haller andCarrie Herron; seven stepgreat-grandchildren; sister,Lucy Waldmannstetter, and11 nieces and nephews. Hewas preceded in death by hissister, Irene Haas; brothersin-law,Edward Haas andRupert Waldmannstetter,and nephew, Michael Waldmannstetter.Friends will be receivedfrom 4 to 8 p.m. on Thursday,June 6, in the Witzler-Shank Funeral Home, 222East South Boundary Street,Perrysburg, Ohio, where aScripture Service will beheld at 7 p.m. Funeral serviceswill be held Friday,June 7, at St. Rose CatholicChurch Perrysburg, Ohio, at10:30 a.m.Memorial contributionsmay be made to St. RoseBuilding Fund or The AmericanInstitute of Cancer Research.First UM Church to hostfamily BBQ on June 22The program also providesfamilies with toiletpaper, toothbrushes, toothpaste,deodorant, bar soap,shampoo, cleaning productsand laundry soap.This year, lunch and groceryshopping are scheduledfor Fridays on June 14,21, 28; July 5, 12, 19, 26;and August 2 and 9. On thelast Friday, the programwill provide school suppliesfor the children.Feed Our Families isfunded by donations fromZoar Church, Thrivent Financialfor Lutherans andmiscellaneous agencies, individualsand companieswho have taken an interestin this ministry, said Mrs.Teare.The committee is seekingfinancial assistance and“Our annual Chicken BBQdinner is a way for us to welcomethe people of Perrysburgand to enjoy some goodfood and relax in a friendlyenvironment,” said the Rev.Gary Rode, FUM pastor. Lastyear’s event drew more than300 area residents.For more information, call419-874-1911 or visit theirWeb site at www.perrysburgfum.com.More than 18,000 meals served last summer‘Feed Our Families’–a free summer feeding and grocery program“Feed Our Families” is a summer feedingand grocery program for families in NorthernWood County school districts who areon limited incomes. A hot meal is servedeach Friday from early June through mid-August and a week’s worth of breakfast andlunch foods is provided to each family.“This is a community effort. It takes placeat Zoar, but it involves the effort of the entirecommunity. We need your help.”–Connie TeareFeed Our Familyco-chairpersonChristian Seniors Interactinggroup schedules meetingsCSI, Christian SeniorsInteracting, meets the secondand fourth Tuesday ofeach month, from 11:30 a.m.to 1:30 p.m., at AbundantLife #2, 200 Zoar Drive,Perrysburg.The group is sponsoredby First United MethodistChurch. Meetings are opento seniors of all denominations.The following programsare planned:•June 11–Bible studywith the Rev. Jeff Woolumof First Baptist Church.Lunch will be provided byHeatherdowns Rehab andResidential Care Center. Aprogram on “Judaism” willbe presented by Rabbi SamWeinstein of TempleShomer Emunim.•June 25–Bible studywith the Rev. Chuck Campbellof Lutheran Church ofthe Master. Lunch will beprovided by Waterford atLevis Commons. The programwill be Bassett’sHealth Food with Charmain.The cost is $3 per meeting.Reservations are requiredby the Thursday priorto the meeting.For more information,call Phyllis Morton at 419-872-0846.volunteers for the program.“We are especially inneed of volunteers who canhelp load and unload thefood trucks when they comein,” she said. “We also needarea organizations that arewilling to prepare, serveand clean up after a lunch.We provide a preset menuand the organization providesthe rest. This is awonderful opportunity forco-workers to help the community.”Mrs. Teare added thatother opportunities areavailable including orderingand pick-up of food,set-up, reading programs,collection of books andfund-raising.“This is a community effort,”she said. “It takesplace at Zoar, but it involvesthe effort of the entirecommunity.”For additional information,to donate or volunteer,call Mrs. Teare at 419-874-5259 or Tracy Rickman, cochair,at 419-206-7929.Use theclassifieds!Call419-874-4491•AUDREY POWERSAudrey Jean Powers, 85,of Perrysburg, died Wednesday,May 29, 2013, in herhome. She was born in Ypsilanti,Michigan, on February28, 1928, to Mauriceand Jessie (Shepherd)Marsh. She married GeorgePowers on September 9,1950.She was a registerednurse working at Heartlandof Perrysburg, the LutherHome of Mercy in Williston,Ohio, and the UrsulineCenter of Toledo. She was amember of both the GenoaTrinity United MethodistChurch and the First UnitedMethodist Church in Perrysburg.She also was a memberof the Coterie Club inGenoa, the Maumee Elks,multiple bridge groups,many golf leagues and wasactive in a variety of discussionbook clubs.She is survived by herchildren, Diane (Clyde) Mc-Cauley of Perrysburg, Jerry(Bonnie) Powers, Phoenix,Arizona, Dan (Maureen)Powers of Kissimmee,Florida, Tim (Beth) Powersof Newark, Ohio, and Jim(Jean) Powers of Lexington,South Carolina; grandchildren,Joe Powers, Jon Powers,Joshua Powers, AndreaPowers, Jennifer Lau andStephanie Lau; great-grandchildren,Eli Powers andChristian Powers, and sister,Mary Jo (Ken) Butcher. Shewas preceded in death byher husband, George, in2007.Friends will be receivedfrom 4 to 8 p.m., on Friday,June 7, in the Witzler-ShankFuneral Home, 222 EastSouth Boundary Street, Perrysburg.Visitation will continueafter 10 a.m. onSaturday, June 8, at GenoaTrinity United MethodistChurch, 313 Main Street,Genoa, Ohio, where a memorialservice will begin at11 a.m., with the Rev.Cheryl Matla officiating.Burial will be private.Memorials may be madein the form of contributionsto a charity of the donor’schoice.•CRAIG SPENCERCraig Matthew Spencer,51, of Perrysburg, died Friday,May 31, 2013, at Hospiceof Northwest Ohio inPerrysburg. He was born onJanuary 13, 1962, in Toledo,to Harold and Barb (Rumer)Spencer. Mr. Spencer was a1980 graduate of RossfordHigh School and has beenemployed with Detroit Edisonas a maintenance foremanfor 22 years. Heenjoyed fishing, skiing, Motorcross,reading and spendingtime with his family andfriends.He is survived by hiswife of 13 years, Cara(Schehr) Spencer; children,Taylor and Nicholas; brothers,Mark, Kevin and ScottSpencer, and sister, LisaSpencer. He was precededin death by his parents andhis sister, Cheryl Spencer.Funeral services wereheld Tuesday, June 4, in theSujkowski Funeral Home ofRossford, with the Rev.Kent Kaufman officiating.Interment was private.Obituary PolicyMany newspapers nowcharge for obituaries. As a serviceto the community, the PerrysburgMessenger Journalprovides free obituaries. Theseobituaries, however, should conformto our style.Limited details about thedeceased person’s personallife are allowed; please statethem objectively.Alzheimer’s Assn.caregiver meetingset for June 11The Alzheimer’s Association,Northwest Ohio Chapter,will host a caregiver group onTuesday, June 11, at 7 p.m., atWay Public Library.Caregiver groups are freeand open to the public. Registrationis not required. Thoseattending for the first timeshould call facilitator LynnRitter to confirm the time andplace of the meeting.For more information, callMs. Ritter at 419-537-1999.ISOH/IMPACT’s tornadorelief efforts continueWith severe weather continuingto strike throughout thecountry’s heartland,ISOH/IMPACT’s BucketBrigade is working to readyadditional shipments of reliefaid to assist those who may beaffected. Two more trucksfilled with supplies were sentout Friday, May 31, and Monday,June 3.Area residents are invitedto help keep the trucks filledand headed out with contributionsto the Disaster ReliefFund, donations of bank orfuel gift cards, volunteering atthe Waterville distribution centeror by donating items for theBucket Brigade.Items needed includecleaning supplies, personalcare items, first aid supplies,pet supplies or canned andnon-perishable food items.Other relief items neededinclude paper towels, bathroomtissue, tissues, disposabletableware, laundrydetergent, new tents, tarps,brooms, mops, rakes, shovels,box fans, shop vacs and generatorsand new children’s clothing.Especially needed at thistime are manual can openers,peanut butter and cannedmeats, sunscreen, new fivegallonbuckets with lids and allsizes of zipper bags.Glass items and clothingwill not be accepted. Bottledwater is not needed at thistime.Donations can be droppedoff at any area Tireman AutoService Center or at ISOH/IM-PACT’s distribution center locatedat 905 Farnsworth Roadin Waterville. A P.O.D.S. containeris located at the Watervilledistribution center fordrop-offs.Cash and credit card donationscan be made online atwww.isohimpact .org or sentdirectly to the ISOH/IMPACToffices at 25182 West RiverRoad, Perrysburg, Ohio43551. For more information,visit the Web site at www.isohimpact.org.Get the inside scoopand the real truthabout PerrysburgReal EstateatPerrysburgBlog.comDOUGLAS L. PERRASDOUGLAS L. PERRASATTORNEY-AT-LAWAttorney-At-LawGet Your Life Back!General Practice IncludingBankruptcyBANKRUPTCYFree Initial Consultation& & fees.Wereasonable are a debt relief agency.fees.We are a debt relief agency.www.douglasperraslaw.com419-666-4974417 N. Main St., WalbridgeAttention All 1 Veteranscol. by1.75”Looking for new proud members to join ourpost, if you have served in the military. Wouldbe glad to discuss eligibility. $35/weekall fourContact VFW Post 6409—Rossford PostCommander Gilles Frankart—419-874-4984Cell—419-205-0818Quartermaster Darrell Maxwell—419-450-1771Post - ph. 419-666-9563

PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL — June 5, 2013 — Page 7Recover. Rejuvenate.Return to the LifeYou Love.“Thank you, Otterbein! Thestaff and physical therapistswere so wonderful! Theyworked with me 6 days aweek so I could quicklyget back to all the thingsI love to do!”- Mary, Otterbein small houseCall Joy Riedl today toschedule a tour or to reserveyour private suite!(419) 308 - 0585Monclova • Perrysburg(Other Ohio locations includeSpringboro, Middletown, Maineville)Small House.Big Difference. ®otterbein.org/neighborhoods• Welcoming home• Private suites• Flexible schedule• In-house therapy• Home-cooked meals• Fun events & outingsExpert care. Close to home.800-PPG-DOCS | promedica.org/doctors |Pictured, left to right: Rebecca Marshall, DO; David Knieriem, MD; Tiffanie Henderson, CNPWe’re committed to giving quality, compassionate care to everymember of your family – from newborns to older adults. We offer:• Diagnosis and treatment of illness• Preventive care and routine checkups• Exercise and diet counseling, sports physicals and ultrasoundguidedmusculoskeletal injections• Women’s health careWe’re accepting new patients and most major insurances, andnext day appointments are available. Call today.Marshall & Knieriem1215 Grassy LaneRossford, Ohio 43460419-661-9727© 2013 ProMedicaShadow ValleyDental Group!" !! #$ # " " " " " " " " " " " " " " ! " "$ ! "! " $$$ $#%! !!!!!!!"#$%!!!"#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&'()!*+!,!*-! ./01!23-!451!670!!!!!!!89::!!!,!!;;9!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!&'()!*+!,!*-!! ./01!?3;*!451!670!!!;*965)!/(F65>=C/6(!6(!5=0.WZD"!X/1/C9!!!!OOOU5=0^/01U65P!! ! !8 th&''()*!L)=5(/(P!#6O!S69!!!!bcHWZ!,!Z$V$%Z!,!ZWD$%KbK$!,!K$S3b"bQY!S)=IE/(P!46'5!^/01!d#H"e!C6![)!1=F)U!!!"#$%&'%!()*+,!!"##!-%!!,)!',&.!'&/%!0!!!"$%&!-%1!!)2!3)4!45$$!!6!7*)489!!2&(:6;

Page 8 — June 5, 2013 — PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALPERRYSBURG AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE105 W. Indiana Ave., Perry’s Landing • 419-874-9147 • Fax: 419-872-9347 • www.perrysburgchamber.comThank you “Showcase on Commerce Expo 2013” Sponsors:Please patronize these Chamber of Commerce members:Physical Therapy Consultants27064 Oakmead DriveTotal Body Rehabilitation•Shoulder •Knee •Hip •Ankle •Feet•Balance •Conditioning•Sports •Worker’s Comp.Call 419-874-6957www.yourptc.comJulie Olmstead, PT•22 years experience•Certified in McKenzie Therapy•Certified in AppliedFunctional ScienceLAW OFFICES OFLEATHERMAN & WITZLER353 Elm Street • Perrysburg, OH 43551419-874-3536 • Fax: 419-874-3899Earl N. Witzler: RetiredTodd Hamilton Noll*Kay Leatherman HowardPaul A. Skaff*Also licensed to practice in the state of Florida.Wayne M. Leatherman1921-2013MANOR AT PERRYSBURGa tradition of caringGWEN VAN VOORHISDirector of Customer Relationsgwen.vanvoorhis@manoratperrysburg.com250 Manor Dr., Perrysburg, OH419-874-0306 • Fax: 419-874-9295OPENING SUMMER2013ASSISTED LIVING | MEMORY CARE | REHABILITATION | SKILLED NURSINGFuture Plans include Independent Villas and Apartments12469 Five Point Road Perrysburg, Ohio MAJORLEAGUEGSERVICE.EFrom backyards to big leagues, count on meto be there. I can help you get the coverage youneed and the discounts you deserve.PBK Insurance Agcy IncPatricia Bloomer-Kirkpatrick,Agent13001 RoachtonRoadPerrysburg, OH 43551Bus: 419-873-0100WE UNDERSTANDCOMMITMENT.For decades, Edward Jones has been committed to providingfinancial solutions and personalized service to individualinvestors.You can rely on us for:• ConvenienceLocations in the community and face-to-face meetings atyour convenience.• A Quality-focused Investment PhilosophyA long-term approach that focuses on quality investmentsand diversification• Highly Personal ServiceInvestment guidance tailored to your individual needsLee Odegaard, CFP, AAMS& Loren Odegaard, AAMSFinancial Advisors215 Louisiana AvenuePerrysburg, OH 43551(419) 874-8504Call or visit today.www.edwardjones.comMember SIPCWELCH PUBLISHING• Copies–Color & B/W• Letterheads• Envelopes• Business Cards• Carbonless Forms• Brochures• Raffle Tickets• Newspapers• Stamps• Notary Stamps• Bar Coding• Raised or Flat Printing• Embossing• Binding/Padding• Lamination• Graphic Design• Web Design• Web Site Development• Discounted Mailings(C.A.S.S. Certified)The local source for all yourprofessional printing needs!419-874-2528117 E. SECOND ST. • PERRYSBURGwww.perrysburg.comEmail: messenger@perrysburg.comP090125.1State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, ILwww.CitizenAdvisory.comRetirementPlanningis My Specialty…Are you working witha specialist?Phone (419) 872-0204Toll Free (877) 7) 883-1224For acomplimentaryRetirement Navigation Consultationcontact us today!Investment Advisory services are offered through Alphastar Capital Management, LLC, aSEC Registered Investment Advisor. Alphastar Capital Management, LLC and CitizenAdvisory Group, Ltd. are independent entities.Al McGaharanService & Body Shop Manageramcgaharan@edschmidt.comAUTOMOTIVE GROUPwww.edschmidt.comThe Danberry Co., Realtors1090 W.S. Boundary, Suite 600, Perrysburg, OHMain: 419-874-4331Direct: 419-872-3475Toll Free: 800-462-7102Fax: 419-872-440826875 North Dixie Highway Perrysburg, Ohio 43551Barbara E. StoutRealtorCell: 419-346-7510stoutbe@aol.comwww.barbstout.comServing theGreater Toledo AreaAvailable 24/7Providing:Medication Set up and RemindersPersonal Care, CompanionshipLight Housekeeping and Meal PrepErrands, Shopping, Transportation • RespitePost Surgery and Post HospitalizationBereavement and Eldercare • Private PayOffice: 419-254-2840 Cell: 567-686-7102•••••••Concerned About Your Financial Health?Maybe it’s Time for a Second Opinion?“Buy, Sell, Hold,” are words investors hear constantlyregarding their portfolios. Successful investing is not alwaysabout how much cash you have or if you should buy, sell orhold. It’s about quality of assets, time horizons, financialneeds, cash flow needs, risk tolerance and many other issues.Do you understand your exposure to various sectors of themarket and how these sectors correlate to each other? Sectorweightings, asset allocation, management style and otherissues significantly contribute to the volatility of your portfolio.I believe it is important to understand what your risks areand how they relate to your financial goals. A detailedanalysis of your portfolio will allow us to give you a valuable“Second Opinion.”If you would like to take advantage of our no-obligation“Second Opinion Service,”please call 419-873-1400 to schedule an appointment.213 Louisiana Avenue · Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 · 419-873-1400Matt.Skotynsky@RaymondJames.com · www.Skotynsky.comSecurities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.Member FINRA/SIPCInvesting involves risk and you may incur a profit or less regardless of strategy selected.UPCOMINGCHAMBEREVENTSJune 12 Board Meeting, 8 a.m., CommodoreBuilding, 140 East IndianaAvenue.June 19 Luncheon Meeting, 11:45 a.m.at The Carranor Hunt & PoloClub, 502 East Second Street.July 10 Board Meeting, 8 a.m, CommodoreBuilding, 140 E. IndianaAve.July 17 24th Annual Golf Outing, 10a.m. at Riverby Hills GolfCourse.Enjoy all the benefits of Chambermembership by joining us today.The advantages are many.Interested in how Chamber membership can help you?Call or email to request a membership information packet.419.874.9147info@perrysburgchamber.comwww.perrysburgchamber.comIf you are a member of thePERRYSBURG CHAMBER OF COMMERCEYou can advertise in this space foronly $ 75 per monthincludes Free Spot Color.Your ad also will appear on-line!Prepayment discount1 year $900 $7506 months $450 $4003 months $225 $200Call to place your ad419-874-2528

P E R R Y S B U R GMESSENGER JOURNALSECOND SECTIONFiber ‘bombs’ and pop-up studiopart of Fiber577 show Sat., Sun.Unique works of fiber artwill be showcased at thesixth annual Fiber577 showon Saturday and Sunday,June 8 and 9.Hosted by the 577 Foundationon East Front Street,the event features more than100 pieces on display in themain house and cottage.Among the art to be featured is by: top left, Judy Kahleand bottom left, Susan Krueger.Surrounding the exhibit,visitors can enjoy live music,artist demonstrations, a popupfiber art studio andexplore the grounds whilelooking for “fiber bombs”installed throughout the historicproperty.Fiber art includes but isnot limited to textile work,needle arts, basketry, surfacedesign, spinning, weavingand paper arts.A “fiber bomb” is theresult of an artist choosing anarea on the grounds thatinspires them to create andinstall a fiber-based piece inthat location.Visitors can pick up ascavenger hunt guide andsearch for the fiber bombs.Another hands-on activitywill take place at the potterybarn, which will be set up asa fiber art studio by artistJennifer Solon.She will guide visitors inlearning new techniques andplaying with the supplies toproduce a fiber leaf to takehome or leave to be includedin the on-site Art Leavescommunity art exhibit.The Fiber577 event is freeand open to the public June 8from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., andJune 9 from noon to 5 p.m.Y O U R H O M E T O W N N E W S P A P E RVolunteer committeemembers are Julie Beutler,Francis Parry, Anne French,Sandra Heard, JenniferSolon, Robin Ballmer, andWWW.PERRYSBURG.COMArtist DemonstrationsSATURDAY10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.Denise Applegate Schober, free motion quiltingBrenda Allison-Walton, basket weavingDave Cook and Bob Solon, decorative knottingRenee Harris, embroidery techniquesJennifer Solon, pop-up gallery (until 5 p.m.)1:30 to 5 p.m.Judy Paschalis, quiltingKelly Johns, basket weavingStephanie Scigliano, crocheting and embellishing withdyed ribbonSUNDAY12 to 2:30 p.m.Holey Toledo Knitters Guild knitting circleMaggie King, spinning (until 5 p.m.)Bittersweet Creative Art, fabric beads, weaving (until5 p.m.)Kristen Meyerholtz, needle felting2:30-5 p.m.Janet Peters, loom weavingSuzanne Pusecker, needle felting and nuno usingrecycled silkJudy Kahle, free motion machine embroideryMargaret Ann Miller, needle feltingMusic ScheduleSATURDAY10 a.m. to Noon Matt Snyder & Jay Hathaway12:30 to 2:30 p.m. The Dan & Don Show3 to 5 p.m. The Sugar Maple 6SUNDAYNoon to 2 p.m. Blowing Grains2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Tim OehlersMary Mennel, committeechair and director of the 577Foundation.For more informationvisit www.fiber577.comThe community is invited to Relay for Life and First Fridayin downtown Perrysburg this Friday, June 7Downtown Perrysburg,Inc. will kick off its 2013First Friday Series with“First Friday,” this Friday,June 7, from 6 to 9 p.m., inhistoric downtown Perrysburg.The event is sponsoredby Downtown Perrysburg,Inc. and ProMedica St.Luke’s Hospital.“DPI is proud to continueto partner with ourmany sponsors, communityorganizations, localnon-profits, schools,churches and volunteers inorder to create free familyevents that provide uniqueopportunities to showcaseour community and contributeto the quality of lifethat makes Perrysburg thebest suburban downtown,”said Rob Brunner, DPIpresident.Entertainment on theDPI Stage begins at 6 p.m.with Jeff Tucker & On theBeach. Jeff Tucker performsmusic from northernMichigan to the GulfCoast that includes a varietyof dynamics–mixingelements of rock, pop andcountry with an emphasison Americana and Jazz.Back by populardemand will be Chortie theClown, the YMCA FunBus with children’s activitiesand face painting, funfamily entertainment activitiesthat will include thepopular train, family funhouse,bubble machine,and climbing wall.Vendors will include:Much Kneaded Massage,Just Dazzle, Country LaneBBQ, Ripples by Jacque,Handmade Jewelry withGems by Aliza Greenberg,Jeanies Weenies, Cedar-Creek Church, PreventionPartners-PASA TeenBoard, Blue Skies Quiltingand Gifts, Scentsy, TheBlade Our Town Perrysburg,Ellie’s Essentials,Jacky’s Depot, Sit MeansSit, North Coast GreyhoundsConnection, TurningPoint Chiropractic,Relay for Life andProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital.Those who get hungryduring the entertainmentand family fun, are invitedto eat at any of downtownPerrysburg’s restaurantsor grab a quick snack onLouisiana Avenue.“We are very excitedthis year to be in downtownPerrysburg at theCommodore Building anda part of DPI”s First Fridaywith our 16th annualRelay For Life. Thisovernight event from 6p.m. Friday until noon Saturday,raises money andawareness while serving asa celebration for cancersurvivors, a memorial forloved ones lost, and a rallyfor the community to takeup the fight,” said MarciaClark, American CancerSociety development representative.DPI has become anessential piece of the community’sfabric and spearheadsnumerous communityevents that draw thousandsof residents and visitorsto the historic downtownarea to eat, shop,play and enjoy that “traditional,home-town charm.”DPI’s success is creditedlargely to our membersand friends, who lend theirnames and financial supportto our organizationand the many activitiesthat we proudly presentsuch as First Friday,” saidMr. Thielen.“The funds we generatehelp fulfill our mission ofproviding communityevents to further enhancePerrysburg’s awesomequality of life. It isabsolutely wonderful thatwe have a communitypartner like ProMedica St.Luke’s Hospital, whosemission of improving yourhealth and well-being runsparallel with DPI’s missionof improving ourcommunity.”UpcomingeventsThe Community is invitedto the American Cancer Society’sRelay for Life of Northern Wood CountyDowntown PerrysburgCommodore BuildingFriday, June 7, and Saturday, June 8planned by DPI include:•First Friday Series:July 5, August 2 and September6•Rock the Docks: June15 (Skoobie Snaks) andSeptember 21 (VelvetJones)•Outdoor Family MovieCELEBRATEThe lives of loved oneswho have battled cancer.REMEMBERThe lives of loved ones,who lost to the disease.FIGHT BACKAgainst a disease thattakes too much.4 p.m. Registration and Luminaria sales4:30 p.m. Survivor banquet5 p.m. Mon Ami Quartet5:45 p.m. Irish Dancers6 p.m. Survivor lap6:15 p.m. Twirling Sophisticates6:30 p.m. Opening ceremony7:30 p.m. BGSU Drum Corps10 p.m. Luminaria CeremonyActivities throughout the night5:30 a.m. Closing ceremonyFor additional information, contact Marcia Clark at 1-888-227-6446, extention 5211 or send an e-mail tomarcia.clark@cancer.orgNights: July 14, “TheLorax,” and August 18,“Dolphin Tale”•Youth Summer Theater,July 17 and 18,“William’s Window”•Annual Cruise by theRiver Car Show, August 3•OctoBOOfest, October26•Indoor Family MovieNight, November 23,“Arthur Christmas”•Home for the HolidaysParade/Tree Lighting,November 24•Winterfest 2014: February21-23, 2014.The Music at the Marketconcert series will kickoff tomorrow, Thursday,June 6, at 7 p.m.Concert goers areencouraged to bring blanketsand chairs to the lawnof Commodore SquarePark in downtown Perrysburgand enjoy an eveningof music by West CentralQuartet.The quartet, based inFort Wayne, Indiana, willentertain with easy listeningtunes–a blend of traditionaljazz instrumentalclassics, as well as contemporarypop songs presentedin a jazz format thatcomplements the group’sdistinctive sound.The group appeals to awide audience with songselections ranging fromFrank Sinatra, the Beatlesto Michael Buble.The West Central Quartetwas named for the historicWest Central neighborhoodin downtown FortWayne where the bandoriginated. The members,Andrew Stout, vocals, JimSteele, pianist, PatrickGillan, upright bass, andDoug Laughlin are performingin Perrysburg forthe first time.Mr. Steele and Mr.Laughlin have performedand recorded with animpressive list of nationallyknown musicians.Mr. Steele’s CD’s“Who’s There” and “NeptuneRising” receivedglowing reviews in“Option Magazine” (LosAngeles). The quartet hasput an extensive amount oftime and energy into definingtheir sound and arefinding growing popularityin the tri-state area.The concert season hasexpanded this year fromnine to 12 concerts with asound engineer supportingeach concert.•June 13–The Gazebo•June 20–The Bridges•June 27–HepCat Revival•July 11–Venyx•July 18–6th Edition•July 25–Luke Jamesand the Thieves•August 1–CottonwoodJam String Band•August 8–The HomeWreckers•August 15–The Nu-Tones•August 22–SuburbanLegend•August 29–Nine LivesThis series sponsoredby The Perrysburg Conventionand VisitorsBureau, Ed Schmidt AutomotiveGroup and City ofPerrysburg.Commodore SquarePark is located at the cornerof Louisiana and Indianaavenues in historicPERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL — June 5, 2013 — Page 9Music at the Market concert series opens tomorrow, June 6,at Commodore Square Park with West Central QuartetWest Central Quartet will kick-off the first concert in the Music in the Market seriestomorrow, June 6, at 7 p.m.Ed Schmidt Automotive Group recently presented a $2,000 check to the PerrysburgConvention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) for the Music at the Market concertseries.Pictured from left, are Tom Schmidt, Perrysburg City Council President andmember of the CVB board Joe Lawless and Sandy Latchem, executive director ofthe CVB.downtown Perrysburg.In the event ofinclement weather, concertswill move inside tothe Judy Beck auditorium,140 East Indiana Avenue.For additional informationon Music at the Marketseries, contact MainArt-ery at 419-324-4758or send an e-mail toinfo@mainartery.com.The Bentley House built in 1926Annual PAHM Historic Homes Tour to feature five homes on SaturdayThe annual Historic Homes Tour, presented by Perrysburg Area Historic Museum (PAHM), will be held Saturday,June 8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The tour includes five homes listed in C. Robert Boyd’s book, “Images ofAmerica: Perrysburg Historic Architecture.”The homes on tour are the Hoover House (1880), 209 East Second Street; the Second Powell House (1829),300 West Second Street; the Norton House (1855), 402 East Front Street; the Slevin House (1866), 417 EastFront Street, and the Bentley House (1928), 30465 East River Road.Tickets for the tour are $15 and may be purchased at any of the featured homes on the date of the tour. Allproceeds from the event will benefit the renovation of the Spafford House, the future site of the PerrysburgArea Historic Museum, on State Route 65.The featured house above is the Bentley House, owned by Mary and Fritz Wolfe. According to Mr. Boyd’sbook, “Woodgate was the name of the estate and home chosen by Thomas Bentley, owner of the A.L. Bentley& Sons Construction Company. Representing one of many subtypes of Georgian architecture, this three-storyhouse with a slate hipped roof and one ell angling slightly has dormers, windows hortizontally and verticallyaligned, decorative keystones above each window, and the cornice emphasized by tooth-like dentils. The twocar-wideporte-cochere with balustrade replaced a narrower original one, and the eight-foot-tall windows onthe downstairs right were originally double-hung and had shutters. It is interesting that the only wood used inthe framing of this house was for the roof rafters. The floors, walls and partitions are reinforced concrete andmasonry. Bentley was the son of Anderton Bentley, who came here from England to found the firm in about1872. The firm built many of the Toledo area’s major buildings and other structures throughout the country.”For additional information on the historic home tour, call Phyllis Morton at 419-872-0846.

Page 10 — June 5, 2013 — PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALPHS girls set new school track record at districtsThe winning 4x400 team of Courtney Clody, Jordan Doore, Grace Reddick and EmilyWyrick set a new school record at the district meet. They broke the former record set in1988, with a time of 4:03.02. Jessica Bohnenkamp tied the school record in pole vaultwith a jump of 9’9”. The following girls have moved onto the regional meet: 4x800, Clody,Monheim, Doore and Wyrick; 4x400; Emily Wyrick, 800; Courtney Clody, 1600; TaylorMonheim, 3200, and Jessica Bohnenkamp, fourth in pole vault.Visit the journal on the web:www.perrysburg.comResidential • CommercialTHE PINK PANTHER & ®1964-2009 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.TMAll Right Reserved. ®2009 Owens Corning. Pub. No. 61220-AWe are a local, family owned business thathas been serving Perrysburg for 15 years!Macke Roofing419-410-0619Anthony Macke, Owner • www.mackeroofing.com•Roofing•SidingPresent this coupon•Windows at time of estimate for•Additions•Remodeling•Barns15% off discount•ShedsSome restrictions apply.•Steel RoofingExpires July 31, 2013.Shop the classifieds!Kris S. Kelley, D.D.S.Michael J. Thebes, D.D.S.Gentle Family Dentistry13003 Roachton RoadPerrysburg, OH 43551Phone: 419-874-7071Evening & Saturday appointments available.NEW PATIENTS & EMERGENCIES WELCOMECommunity ofChrist Churchto host‘SummerBreeze’ serviceCommunity of ChristLutheran Church, located atthe corner of Dutch andFinzel in Whitehouse, willhost a “Summer Breeze”worship service on Sunday,June 30.The evening begins withan outdoor barbecue at 6p.m., followed by worshipand sacrament at 7 p.m.The worship service willbe informal, interactive, funand inspirational. People ofall ages are welcome.For more information,call 419-877-0607 or visitthe Web site at www.commofchrist.org.Rummagesale plannedThe Regina Coeli Altarand Rosary Society will holdits annual rummage saleJune 14 and 15..Hours for the sale are Friday,from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.,and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to3 p.m.Items will be sold for $2per bag or three bags for $5on Saturday.The church is located at600 Regina Parkway,Toledo.Also located at:735 Haskins Road,Bowling Green, OH419-353-1412Boys and girls are invitedto “Dig into Reading”through the Summer ReadingClub at Way Public Library.The library will offer programswith stories, music,crafts, art and more.Participants visit the libraryeach week to record thebooks they have read and receivea sticker for their readinglog and a small prize.The first prize and stickerwill be issued the week ofJune 10.Children entering fourthand fifth grades will be eligiblefor weekly prize drawings.Preschoolers may participateby having books read tothem.The names of preschoolersthrough third graders willappear in the PerrysburgMessenger Journal when theyhave recorded the reading oftheir first book.During a “make-up”week, held July 22-28, for aslong as supplies last, childrencan collect one of the stickersand prizes they missed.The library has plannedthe following activities forJune:•Do You “Dig” Balloons?Sure, everyone does! EricaCarlson will teach studentshow to sculpt their own creationsat this balloon workshopbeing held on June 13,from 3 to 4 p.m. for childrenages 6-10.•What lurks Under theEarth? Find out by joining anaturalist at W.W. Knight NaturePreserve at 29530 WhiteHey Perrysburg!We Are Your Ford Connection!‘Muster on the Maumee’at Fort Meigs June 15-16“Muster on the Maumee,”one of the nation’s largest andmost diverse historical timelineevents, will be held duringFather’s Day weekend atFort Meigs.Visitors will see 10 centuriesof soldiers and witnessthe evolution of the commonsoldier from Roman Legionsto the modern American military.“Muster on the Maumee”runs from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.Saturday and Sunday, June 15and 16.Military re-enactors willportray soldiers from ten centuriesincluding Vikings, medievalknights, The AmericanRevolution, Napoleonictroops, and both World Wars,just to name a few. Tour periodcamps and see demonstrationsby the troops of theiruniforms and weapons.Returning this year is thepopular pike college. Guestscan learn how to use a 16’long pike and its role on thebattlefield. Also back by populardemand is jousting onhorseback by medievalknights.New this year is a medievalmagic act, a dulcimerband and a Civil War play. Awomen’s timeline programwill discuss women’s fashion,occupations and roles in societythrough time.Take a break from the activitiesand see what the vendorshave for sale in “Sutler’sRow.” Living historians,craftsmen and artisans willdemonstrate their skills andtrades for the public. Historicvendors and period merchantswill offer a wide selection ofgoods. Visitors also can stopby the USO canteen for alunch.For admission cost ormore information, visit theWeb site atwww.fortmeigs.org or call800-283-8916.Monclova Road Baptist Churchto hold Vacation Bible SchoolA summer family eventcalled “Athens: Paul’s DangerousJourney to Share theTruth” will be hosted at MonclovaRoad Baptist Church,7719 Monclova Road, Monclova,June 17 to June 21.Children are invited tostep back in time at Athensand explore some of the adventuresthe Apostle Paulfaced.Participants also can enjoya Bible-times Marketplace,sing songs, play teamworkbuildinggames, have snacksand visit Paul. Everyone willlearn to look for evidence ofGod all around them throughsomething called “God Sightings.”Each day concludes atCelebration–a time of upbeatworship that gets everyoneinvolved.Athens will run from 9a.m. to noon each day. Formore information, visit theWeb site at www.groupvbspro.com/vbs/hl/AthensM-RBC or call Monica Cook,VBS director, at 419-874-3665.Way Public Library planssummer reading programsRoad. Participants will meetin the parking lot and shouldwear boots and play clothes.This is being held on June 20,from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. forchildren entering grades 1through 5.•Diggity Dog–It’s Biscuit!Children ages 3 to 5 canenjoy stories and activitiesfeaturing this favorite bookcharacter by Alyssa Capucillion June 21, at 10 a.m.•Let’s Dance and SingAlong with James Coffey, anaward winning music artist,on June 27, at 3 p.m. This isfor all ages, and no registrationis required. Just stop infor a foot stomping goodtime.All of the above programs,except “Let’s Danceand Sing” require online registrationat www.waylibrary.info. This can be done fromhome or at the library computers.Programs needing registrationat the Youth Services’Desk include Page Turners’Book Discussion for ages 9to 12, and Summer Art Adventuresfor grades 1 to 4.The Summer Art Adventureswill be offered June 12,19 and 26, and requires a feeof $3 per session to participate.The art programs are acollaborative effort with localart educator, Robin Ballmer,and the library.The Page Turners’ BookDiscussion will be held June25, at 12:30 p.m. It featuresthe book, “The One and OnlyIvan,” by Katherine Applegate.Copies of this book willbe available at the YouthServices desk during registration.Registration for all programsbegins June 3. Formore details and times, visitthe library’s Web site atwww.way library.info.Noah Monaghan,first place overallSt. Rose students compete in 5K THOL runSt. Rose Catholic Schoolheld its annual Teens HighOn Life (THOL) 5K run forseventh and eighth grade studentsMay 10.Overall winner in a timeof 19:47 was eighth graderNoah Monaghan.Top finisher among thegirls was seventh grader LaurenMyers in 24:36.The 47 finishers werecheered on by classmates asall seventh and eighthMaria Basista and Julie Eagle tiedfor first place among eighth gradegirls.Did you know that kittenscan go into heat and getpregnant as early as fourmonths old and puppies atfive months old? If notfixed, puppies and kittenscan get pregnant and have alitter of their own just twomonths later. And it’s theseaccidental litters that end upin animal shelters with noplace to call home and atrisk for euthanasia.To reduce these accidentalbirths, Humane Ohio,with funding provided byPetSmart Charities®, is introducingthe “Did YouKnow?” campaign, featuringa special $20 spay orneuter surgery for puppiesand kittens under six monthsof age during the month ofJune.While some pet parentsmay worry that their pet istoo young for this procedure,spaying and neuteringis safe and easy for kittensand puppies as young aseight weeks old according tothe American VeterinaryMedical Association.Lauren Myers,first place girls overallgraders successfully completedthe race.The run marked the conclusionof a week’s activitiespromoting a healthy lifestyleand making positive choices.Race award winnerswere:•Eighth grade boys–Darcy Cavanagh (20:12) andNick Singlar (21:06)•Eighth grade girls–Maria Basista and JulieEagle (tie, 28:28)Humane Ohio has performedthousands of pediatricspay/neuter surgeriessince January 2006 Pediatricspay/neuter is lessstressful on the animal thanwaiting until they are older,and the surgery itself isfaster because their reproductiveparts are smallerwhich means less timeunder anesthesia andsmaller incisions from surgery.Younger animals wakeup faster from surgery andare ready to eat and play inno time. The hardest part iskeeping them quiet.“Many pet parents putoff the procedure and waituntil the puppy or kitten isolder,” says Humane OhioMarketing Director JillBorkowski. “But by then, itcan be too late. By then, alitter of puppies or kittenscan be born.”This special rate is evenless than the organization’snormal low-cost price and isavailable to all residents ofOhio and Michigan.Darcy Cavanagh and Nick Singlar, second and thirdplace eighth grade boys•Seventh grade boys–Matt Turner (22:03) andScott Upton (22:42)•Seventh grade girls–Mary Kang (24:56) and GiavannaRudess (25:27)•Eighth grade trainingawards–Elise Basista, AdamDykes, Julie Eagle, AlecHorvath, Noah Monaghan,Dylan Pryer, StephanieRavas, Austin Retzloff, NickSinglar, Josh Szymanski•Seventh grade trainingScott Upton and Matt Turner, took secondand first place, respectively, forseventh grade boys.Pet parents who wish totake advantage of this offermust mention the “Did YouKnow?” promotion whenthey call to schedule theirappointment, and availabilityis limited.Thanks to the PetSmartCharities grant, Humaneawards–Sam Faehnle, JordynFoos, Jacob Henry, Rob Herring,Derian Homer, MaryKang, Lauren Myers, GiavannaRudess, MaddyTraxler, Scott Upton•Most improved runners–Diego Calderon, ReneeMortemore, Katie Michalak,Tyler Renninger, CameronRogers•Leadership–Jake Cowan,Alec Horvath, Noah Monaghan.Mary Kang and Giavanna Rudess,took second and third placeamong seventh grade girls.Campaign offers spay, neuter surgery for puppies, kittensWhitehouse Society toparticipate in Cherry FestThe Whitehouse HistoricalSociety will be participatingin the Whitehouse CherryFestival on Saturday, June15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,with tours of the 1840s loghouse, a bake sale and “Trashand Treasures” sale.The first floor of the loghouse is furnished with furnitureof the 1840s period andthe second floor is a museumfor memorabilia depictinghistory of Whitehouse andthe Maumee Valley.The log house is locatedat the corner of Providence,Shepler and Texas streets inWhitehouse, Ohio.Proceeds from membershipsand fund raising eventssupport the restoration andmaintenance of the loghouse.The activities are open tothe public, and the WhitehouseHistorical Society welcomesnew members.Ohio will spay/neuter 200puppies/kittens for $20 duringJune.Visit www.humaneohio.org or call 419-266-5607for more information or toschedule an appointment.Humane Ohio is located at3131 Tremainsville, Toledo.Living in the Now,Preparing for the FutureFor many of us, our goals in life remainconstant: financial independence andproviding for family. Striking a balancebetween saving for goals, such as educationand retirement, and allocating money fordaily expenses can be challenging. But youcan do it.Learn how you can redefine your savingsapproach toward education and retirement.Call or visit today.Lee Odegaard, CFP, AAMS& Loren Odegaard, AAMSFinancial Advisors215 Louisiana AvenuePerrysburg, OH 43551(419) 874-8504www.edwardjones.com Member SIPCMAKING SENSE OF INVESTINGZOOtopresented byDOwww.BrondesFordToledo.comSCOTT MUIR ROB WHITNER DOUG MAHOOD419.471.2941 419.471.2953 419.471.2958BRONDES FORD TOLEDO5545 SECOR RD. @ ALEXISFriday, June 14, 2013, 6 pm-midnightThis black-tie and tennis shoes affair isstrictly for the grown-ups!With 50+ of thearea’sfinest restaurants ts and caterers and livemusic on multiple stages, ZOOtoDO spotlightsthe sophisticated side of the Zoo.To order tickets,®visit toledozoo.org/zootodoor call 419.385.5721

Skoobie Snaks to headlineRock the Docks June 15Downtown Perrysburg,Inc. will present Rock theDocks on Saturday, June 15.Partnering with The Andersonsof Maumee, PhysicalTherapy Consultants, HeidelbergDistributing, RidgestoneBuilders and Welch Publishing,this traditional event featureslive music by TheSkoobie Snaks, beverages,food and a night of dancingand fun.The event begins at 7 p.m.and ends at midnight.“Come join us for a summerkick-off celebration indowntown Perrysburg’s riverfrontdown at the public boatdocks next to Perrysburg BoatClub,” said Rob Brunner, DPIpresident.“What a great way tospend an early summerevening, than down along theriver listening to great musicand enjoying your favoritebeverage?”For more than 15 years,The Skoobie Snaks have providedlive entertainment forweddings, corporate events,special occasions, charitablefunctions, and night spots.Maumee was incorporatedin 1838, and the city isstaging a variety of eventsthis summer to celebrate the175th anniversary.The focus of the celebrationwill be the week of August11-18.Events to be held includean ice cream social and oldfashionedbaseball game onthe grounds of the WolcottHouse on Sunday, August11. A reception will be heldon Thursday, August 15, atthe Maumee Indoor Theater.The highlight of thiscommunity party will be thedebut of a documentary film,which reflects the city’s heritageand recent accomplishments.The celebration willconclude with a parade andthe annual Taste of Maumeeand Summer Fair on Fridayand Saturday, August 16-17.A committee of volunteersfrom the community isspearheading the planningprocess.“The 175th anniversarycommittee has been workinghard to make this event specialfor the City of Maumee.There are activities plannedfor all ages to enjoy. Exceptfor the premier of the historyof the City of Maumeemovie, all the events will befree to attend. I truly hopethat all those who reside inMaumee and our school districtwill be part of this celebration,”said Mayor RichCarr.For more information,visit the Web site atwww.maumee175.org.COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL • INSTITUTIONALNOW DOING RESIDENTIAL WORK TOO!Roofing • Siding • Windows • GuttersFree Estimates • Bonded & Insured!Neil MacKinnon 419-466-7258Brice Starner 419-290-355525 N. Ontario St. • Toledo, OH 43604www.mackinnonandco.com“We are very excited tohave the Skoobie Snaks headlineour first of two Rock theDocks. They have music foreveryone with only the biggesthits. The Skoobie Snaks alsohave awesome faithful friendsand fans alike,” said RickThielen, DPI executive director.Rock the Docks is one ofDPI’s major annual fund-raisersthat generates the necessaryfunds to provide free,family community events suchas First Friday Series, FamilyOutdoor and Indoor MovieNights, OctoBOOfest, Homefor the Holidays Parade.The event is open to adults,age 21 and older, and admissionis $5.“This is a wonderful andunique opportunity to raisesome much-needed fundswhile at the same time, showcaseour community and contributeto the quality of lifethat makes Perrysburg the bestsuburban downtown,” saidJeff Huskisson, DPI boardmember.DPI, a part of the community’sfabric, spearheads numerousevents that draw thousandsof residents and visitorsto the historic downtown areato eat, shop, play and enjoythat “traditional, home-towncharm” of Perrysburg.“Our success is creditedlargely to our members andfriends, who lend their namesand financial support to ourorganization and the many activitiesthat we proudly present.The funds we generatehelp fulfill our mission of providingcommunity events tofurther enhance Perrysburg’sawesome quality of life,” saidMr. Thielen.Downtown Perrysburg,Inc. is a community-basednon-profit, 501(c)(3) organizationwhose mission is to offerand promote community-wideevents that are held in Perrysburg’sdowntown historic district.For additional informationor to become a DPI member,visit the Web site atwww.downtownperrysburg.org, call Mr. Thielen at 419-872-6246, or send an e-mail tod o w n t o w n p e r r y s b u r g@gmail.com.Maumee plans 175th anniversary celebrationWalk to End Alzheimer’sregistration event set for June 18The Alzheimer’s AssociationNorthwest Ohio Chapterwill hold a kickoff and registrationevent for the Walk toEnd Alzheimer’s on Tuesday,June 18.The event will be heldfrom 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at SeniorStar, West Park Place, 3501Executive Parkway, Toledo.Participants can pick up ateam captain packet.There will be complimentaryfood, door prizes and aprogram at 6 p.m.The Walk to EndAlzheimer’s will be held onSunday, October 20, at theLucas County RecreationCenter.PERRYSBURGCommunityCalendarTo include your organization’s activities in this calendar,mail or drop off the details to the Messenger Journal, 117East Second Street, PO Box 267, Perrysburg, Ohio 43552.Or send an e-mail, with the date, time and location, to dianaw@perrysburg.com.The deadline for the weekly calendar is Friday at noon.Thursday, June 69:15 a.m. Wood County Commissioners on the fifthfloor of the Wood County Office Building,One Courthouse Square, Bowling Green.12:00 p.m. Perrysburg Noontide Women’s AA Group,open discussion at St. Timothy’s EpiscopalChurch, 871 East Boundary. Open to thepublic.6:00 p.m. CedarCreek’s South Toledo CampusCommunity Care Free Medical Clinic at2150 South Byrne Road, Toledo, until 8p.m. Call 419-482-8127 for information.7:30 p.m. Wood County Democratic Party at SimpsonPark Building, 1091 Conneaut Avenue,Bowling Green.Friday, June 79:30 a.m. St. Tim’s Clothesline, free clothing offeredat St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, 871East Boundary. Open until 11:30 a.m.Donations are accepted and may bedeposited in the clothing bins near the backdoor.11:30 a.m. Perrysburg Rotary at the Carranor Club,502 East Second Street.8:00 p.m. Glass City Singles dance at HollandGardens, 6530 Angola Road, Holland.Saturday, June 812:00 p.m. Perrysburg Noontide Women’s AA Group,open discussion at St. Timothy’s EpiscopalChurch, 871 East Boundary. Open to thepublic.8:00 p.m. AlAnon and Alcoholics Anonymous at FirstUnited Methodist Church, 200 WestSecond Street.Sunday, June 96:30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous at SchallerMemorial Building, 130 West IndianaAvenue.Monday, June 106:00 p.m. Perrysburg Township Zoning Commissionat the township hall, 26609 Lime CityRoad.6:00 p.m. Perrysburg Exchange Club at the HolidayInn Express, 10621 Fremont Pike.7:30 p.m. Perrysburg American Legion at the SchallerMemorial Building, 130 West IndianaAvenue.7:30 p.m. There is a Solution AA Group, closed meeting,at Lutheran Church of the Master,28744 Simmons Road, Perrysburg.Tuesday, June 119:15 a.m. Wood County Commissioners on the fifthfloor of the Wood County Office Building,One Courthouse Square, Bowling Green.12:00 p.m. AlAnon at CedarCreek Church, 29129Lime City Road. Free baby-sitting.6:00 p.m. Quilts of Valor at the Quilt Foundry, 234West Wayne Street, Maumee until 9 p.m.Donations welcome. For more information,call 419-461-3669.6:15 p.m. Real Estate Investors Association at theKnights of Columbus, 4256 Secor Road,Toledo. Call 419-283-8427 or 419-699-1532 for information.7:15 p.m. Staying Tobacco Free, ProMedica St.Luke’s Hospital support group forformer tobacco users every Tuesday inJune, at the Tobacco Treatment CenterConference Room, Fallen Timbers MedicalCenter, 5757 Monclova Road, Maumee.Call 419-893-QUIT (7848) for more information.Wednesday, June 127:00 a.m. Perrysburg Kiwanis Club in the lower levelof Way Public Library, 101 East IndianaAvenue. Open to the public.7:30 a.m. Penta Career Center Board of Education inthe board meeting room, 9301 Buck Road.11:00 a.m. Senior Food Pantry available throughPerrysburg Township until noon at thetownship hall, 26609 Lime City Road.Must be 60 years old or older to qualify.2:00 p.m. Perrysburg Township Board of Trusteesdepartment head meeting at the townshiphall, 26609 Lime City Road.6:00 p.m. Toastmasters Club at Zenobia Shrine, 8048Broadstone Boulevard, Perrysburg.6:00 p.m. Families Anonymous at Blessed John XXIICatholic Community, 24250 DixieHighway. Call 419-931-4005 for details.7:00 p.m. Racing for Recovery, drug and alcohol supportgroup meeting, until 8 p.m. at St.Timothy’s Episcopal Church, 871 EastBoundary, Perrysburg.7:00 p.m. AlAnon at First Presbyterian Church, 200East Second Street.Like theJournalon...Attorneys At LawLeatherman & WitzlerTodd Hamilton NollKay Leatherman Howard • Paul A. Skaff353 Elm StreetPerrysburg, Ohio 43551419-874-3536Practice Areas Include:Divorce/Dissolution/CustodyServing the Community Since 1950Wayne M. Leatherman1921-2013PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL — June 5, 2013 — Page 11First Presbyterian Church to hold VBS program June 10-13First Presbyterian Church of Perrysburg invites all children,ages 3 years to starting fifth grade to become SkyScouts at their summer Vacation Bible School, “Lift Off!Soaring to New Heights with God.” The program will beheld from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Monday, June 10, throughThursday, June 13. Dinner will be provided at 6 p.m.Prizm to host ‘Inspiration Staycation’kick-off event on Friday, June 14The Prizm Art-A-Fair Exhibition,currently on displayat the lobby of the Fifth-ThirdBuilding at One Seagate inToledo, will be the location ofa kick-off party for “InspirationSTAYCATION,” on Friday,June 14, from 6:30 to 10p.m.Information will availablefor Prizm’s annual summerretreat of field trips andclasses for those in town thissummer. The program willemphasize creativity as part ofa healthy lifestyle, and classesand field trips will be held onlocation at area businessesthat support the healthylifestyles theme. Each experiencewill help participantslearn more about area programsand resources.In keeping with the theme,from 7 to 8 p.m., the kick-offparty event will feature aPechaKucha Night with BusinessNetworking in the auditoriumat the Fifth-ThirdCenter just off the lobby area.This will be the fifth installmentof PechaKucha Nightin the Toledo area, where(PKN) presenters are allowed20 slides at 20 seconds each toshare precise presentations informingthe public of innovativeprograming and arearesources.Attendees will learn aboutarea organizations and businesseswho sponsor servicessuch as creativity, nutrition,exercise, intellectual stimulation,life coaching, personalcare, and business, technology,and social networkingsolutions.Of special interest at thePKN presentations will be thechance to hear from two newexecutive directors in theToledo area, whose organizationssupport individuals intheir quest for successful andhealthy lives.Sara Swisher, executiveFund-raiser tobenefit BeachHouse June 18“Summer in Paris,” afund-raiser for Beach House,will be held on Tuesday, June18, from 6 to 9 p.m., at TrioRestaurant, 5703 Main Street,Sylvania.A social hour will be followedby a dinner/silent auctionand live auction. It issuggested that guests wearwhite as an acknowledgementto the “diners en blanc” nowcelebrated in France at thistime of year. There will befour courses served with pairingsplus dessert.Beach House is an emergencyshelter for women andfamilies founded in 1921 byHelen Beach Jones, the wifeof Toledo Mayor Samuel“Golden Rule” Jones. Originallyat 547 North Erie Street,it has been at its present location,915 North Erie Street,since 1947.director of EPIC Toledo (EngagingPeople, InspiringChange) will talk about howthe organization engages withthe community, and is helpingto build tomorrow’s leaders.Alicia Kuehl Wagner ofWEN (Woman’s EntrepreneurialNetwork) will talkabout the importance of buildingrelationships and how theresult can bolster friendshipsand build business success.A sampling of other interestingpresentations will beKris Johnson and Lisa Boleyfrom the Toledo Whole FoodNutrition Meetup, and thearea chapter of the WestonPrice Foundation. They willspeak about area resources fornutrition and health and howto find nutrient dense localfoods to enhance one’slifestyle.Christine Humphrey ofUkazoo Books, will share costeffective ways for intellectualstimulation, scholarly study orrecreational fun.Bombshell Salon and Spawill share ideas for servicesgeared to pamper and relaxthose seeking personal care ora refreshing get away.Prizm Creative Communitywill share how creativitycan reduce stress, increase joyand health, and enhance youreveryday environment.After the presentations, attendeescan exchange businesscards, sign up forservices and classes and enjoynew and old friends as theyenjoy the Art-A-Fair Exhibition.The event also will featureappetizers and live jazzby the Josh Silver Trio from 8to 10 p.m.The event is free and opento the public. For more information,call Annette at 419-931-8732 or Kimberly at813-480-3810.BY GROWINGPOSSIBILITIESCommercial AndIndustrial LendingAt Waterford Bank, ourgoverning vision is to be theservices in the communities weserve. It’s a vision driven by ourwhere our customers operate—and working within the areaswe serve, we better positionMoving? Let us know, 419-874-4491.Redefining Relationship BankingMember FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.Children will sing and enjoy crafts, games and snacksas they learn Bible stories. The church is located at Elmand Second streets in Perrysburg.For more information, call Selinda at 419 874-4119 orregister online at http://www.surveymonkey .com/s/CVWD-WFB.Towne Club to meet June 6Towne Club of Toledo, a women’s social and philanthropicclub, will meet Thursday, June 6 at Carranor Hunt and Polo Clubin Perrysburg.Cards will begin at 10 a.m., followed by a luncheon at noon.The meeting will include installation of new officers and pastpresidents will be honored.This year’s charity that the club is supporting is St. Paul’sCommunity Center in Toledo. A donation check will be presentedto the community center.New club members are welcome. For more information, call419-491-1631. A COMPREHENSIVERANGE OF PRODUCTSAND SERVICESTreasury ManagementPrivate BankingCommercial And Industrial LendingCommercial Real Estate LendingConsumer And Mortgage LendingPerrysburg Location231 Louisiana Ave.Perrysburg, OH 43551PHONE: 419-931-8750TOLL-FREE: 855-896-2064 www.waterfordbankna.com

Page 12 — June 5, 2013 — PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALPHS baseball team wins NLL, district titles, endsseason at regional competition against St. FrancisThe Perrysburg HighSchool varsity baseball teamwon all three games includingthe district semi-final andchampionship games, thenplayed their final two gamesof the season, claiming theNorthern Lakes League titleand advancing to the regionalsemi-finals. Highlights ofthese games follow.PHS, 8;Bowling Green, 1The Yellow Jackets traveledto Bowling Green onMay 20, and defeated the Bobcatsfor the second time thisseason.Perrysburg scored at thetop of the first inning afterSteve Slocum walked andstole second on a wild pitchthen advanced to third on ZachHonsberger’s single. MarkDelas tripled and scoredSlocum and Honsberger for 2-0. Pitcher AJ Stockwell singledand scored Delas for 3-0.Stockwell pitched a completegame, struck out five battersand allowed only one runfor Bowling Green.Perrysburg tacked on tworuns at the top of the secondinning after Gus Dimmerlingdoubled and Honsbergerwalked. Delas doubled andscored both runners for 5-0.In the top of the third, KyleDurham walked and stole secondon a wild pitch and scoredon Dimmerling’s second hit ofthe game for 6-0.Bowling Green scored inthe bottom of the inning afterQuinn Donaldson walked anda triple scored Donaldson for6-1.Nick Munger started offthe top of the fifth inning witha walk, making way for pinchrunner Seth Durham. K.Durham was safe on first on afielder’s choice that forced S.Durham out at second. NickFleming doubled and AustinLee singled to score K.Durham for 7-0. Slocumwalked and Fleming scored ona wild pitch for 8-0.The Bobcats had runnerson second and third in the bottomof the fifth, but Stockwellstruck out the next batter todeny the runs.Perrysburg was in scoringposition in the top of the sixthafter Delas was safe at first ona dropped strike but was outon Stockwell’s fielder’schoice. K. Durham walkedand pinch hitter Ryan Garritywas hit by the pitch to load thebases but Dimmerling struckout for the third out.Neither Perrysburg norBowling Green scored in theseventh.District SemifinalPHS, 3;Mansfield-Madison, 0Nick Munger made quickwork of the Mansfield-MadisonRams at Carter Park onMay 24, pitching all seven innings,striking out eight battersand allowing only one hit.The Rams had a runner onthird after a batter was hit bythe pitch and moved to secondon a sacrifice bunt and movedto third on the Rams’ one andonly single by Eric Brown.Munger struck out the nexttwo batters to hold the score to0-0.The Yellow Jackets got onthe scoreboard in the bottomof the third inning with back toback singles by Steve Slocum,Zach Honsberger and MarkDelas. Delas scored Slocumand Honsberger for 2-0.Munger struck out two battersin the top of the fourth, and thenext batter was thrown out atfirst. In the bottom of thefourth, Austin Lee singled butwas out at second on Slocum’sfielder’s choice for the thirdout (Nick Fleming and GusDimmerling struck out).It was three up, three downin the top of the fifth inningthanks to solid defense fromthe Yellow Jackets. The firstbatter grounded out to first. AJStockwell made a beautifulmid-air catch on a hard hit ballbetween first and second. Thethird batter was thrown out atfirst. Perrysburg was in scoringposition in the bottom ofthe fifth with singles fromDelas and Munger.The Rams brought in a reliefpitcher and Kyle Durhamstruck out for the third out.(Honsberger was out at first,and Stockwell flied out). Perrysburgscored their third runin the bottom of the 6th inning.Fleming walked and moved tosecond on Dimmerling’s sacrificebunt. Lee singled andmoved Fleming to third, andFleming scored on Slocum’ssacrifice bunt for 3-0. Mungerstruck out Hunter Ackerman atthe top of the seventh inning.The second batter was thrownAs of May 21, all 300 Perrysburg City School District Resident poolpasses have been sold out. On Friday, July 26, 300 additional PerrysburgCity School District Resident pool passes will go on sale forhalf price. Purchase the passes at the Fort Meigs YMCA.2013 Pool DatesRegister early for season passes and resident ID cards and take advantage of the cost savings!The Perrysburg City Pool will open for the season onSaturday, June 8 and will close on Sunday, August 25.Sales Begin — Wednesday, May 8, at 9 a.m.Season Passes and Resident ID card sales for the pool will be sold beginning Wednesday,May 8, at 9:00 a.m., at the Fort Meigs YMCA. Business hours for the YMCA areMonday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, noonto 5 p.m.General Information:• Pool passes are available only to City residents or to the first 300 Perrysburg City SchoolDistrict residents.• 300 additional Perrysburg City School District resident passes will be sold after the swimteam championship meet that is held on Thursday, July 25. The fee will be half-price.• All other non-residents may use the pool by paying the single session admission rate.• To purchase a pass, EVERYONE needs to bring a current utility bill (within the lastmonth, either a water, gas or electric) and a photo ID (driver’s license) for verification.• Photo ID’s will be taken when passes are sold, but will not be handed out until address isverified against the auditor’s site. There is a two business day waiting period after purchasebefore passes/resident ID cards will be issued.• All pass sales will be sold only at the YMCA for the entire season during regular businesshours listed above.• Passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable.•Visit the City’s Web site at www.ci.perrysburg.oh.us.Pool:• Pool hours – 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Sunday to Saturday.• Toddler time — 10 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday, for children age 5 and underonly with an adult and is restricted to Perrysburg City residents only. ID required.• Cash or credit card only at the pool. No checks accepted.Pond:• The pond is closed for swimming.• There will be no staff or supervision or life saving devices.• The boat house will be closed, but restrooms will remain open for public use.• No paddleboat rentals.• Catch and release fishing is available at both ponds.Pool Parties:• Contact the Fort Meigs YMCA beginning Monday, April 15, to reserve a date• Pool parties are limited to 350 people• 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.• Prices are as follows:Perrysburg City SchoolCity ResidentDistrict Resident**$130 (up to 50 people) $230 (up to 50 people)$160 (from 51-100 people) $260 (from 51-100 people)$190 (from 101-150 people) $290 (from 101-150 people)$220 (from 151-200 people) $320 (from 151-200 people)$250 (from 201-250 people) $350 (from 201-250 people)$280 (from 251-300 people) $380 (from 251-300 people)$310 (from 301-350 people) $410 (from 301-350 people)2013 Pool FeesPerrysburg CitySchool DistrictPool Season Pass City Resident Resident**First Family Member $70 $140(purchased before pool opens)Each Additional Family Member $10 $20(purchased before pool opens)Grandparent/Babysitter (one per family pass) $25 $50Senior Individual (age 65 and over) $40 $80Senior Individual with spouse $49 $98First Family Member $85 $170(purchased after pool opens)Each Additional Family Member $12 $24(purchased after pool opens)Each Replacement Card $3 $3Resident ID Card * City Residents only $5 N/A*Proof of residency within the City of Perrysburg is required to obtain a Resident ID card.A driver’s license or student ID is not a substitute for the Resident ID card.**Passes to Perrysburg City School District residents will be limited to the first 300 people.After the swim team championship meet on Thursday, July 25, 300 additional PerrysburgCity School District resident passes will be sold. The fee will be half-price.Single Session Admission City Resident Non-ResidentAge 5 and Under Free FreePool - Age 6 and Up with Resident ID card $3 N/APool - Age 6 and Up without Resident ID card $10 $10***A valid Ohio Driver’s License or other approved picture identification cardwith address imprinted is required as proof of residency. ***Perrysburg City Pool — 419-872-7966ATTENTION CITY RESIDENT POOL SEASON PASS HOLDERSAND SENIOR CITIZEN POOL RESIDENT ID CARD HOLDERSPunch cards will be available for you to purchase for up to $50 worth of visits for children12 and under. You may purchase up to 10 visits at $5 each. This punch card is only availableto CITY RESIDENTS who are season pass holders and Senior Citizens Resident IDCard Holders. This does not include Resident ID Card Holders that are not SeniorCitizens. You must accompany the children to the pool. This option is for City Residentseason pass holders and/or Senior Citizen Resident ID Card Holders that have out of townrelatives, grandchildren or guests that would like to use the Municipal Pool during their stayin Perrysburg.out at first, and Munger struckout the third batter, bringingJackets’ fans to their feet.District ChampionshipPHS, 3; Norwalk, 2The Jackets were back atCarter Park on Saturday, May25, for a crowded DistrictChampionship with MarkDelas on the mound. Perrysburgscored their first run afterSteve Slocum walked; Delashit to third, hustled and beatout the throw to be ruled safeat first. Nick Munger walkedto load the bases, and KyleDurham was hit by the pitch toscore Slocum for 1-0.Solid pitching and defensekept the Norwalk Truckersscoreless for the first two innings.Gus Dimmerling scored arun in the top of the first inningafter he singled, stole secondand third then scored onSlocum’s sacrifice fly for 2-0.In the bottom of the third inning,Norwalk was able toscore after Alex Kiefferwalked, stole second and third,then scored on a sac fly for 2-1.The Yellow Jackets manufacturedanother run in the topof the fourth inning afterSlocum and Delas each singled.Slocum scored on a singleby AJ Stockwell for 3-1.Perrysburg’s defense wasstrong throughout the entiregame. Second baseman, NickFleming, made an amazingsnag catch on a hard hit ballbetween first and second in thebottom of the fifth.Norwalk brought in theirstarting pitcher, MichaelFinch, for relief at the top ofthe sixth inning.Honsberger struck out,Delas walked and pinch runnerRyan Garrity was out atsecond on Stockwell’sfielder’s choice. Munger hit afly ball for the third out.The Rams added a run inthe bottom of the sixth with asingle by Isaac Perry, a walkand stolen bases on a sacrificefly. Perry scored on EthanRhodes’ fielder’s choice for 3-2. Finch was thrown out atfirst for the third out. Finchwas effective at the top of theseventh. K. Durham and pinchhitter Spencer George eachflied out and Dimmerlingstruck out. The Rams had onemore at bat in the bottom ofthe seventh. Tyson Putnamsingled after Collin Suder wasthrown out at first, but wasPutnam thrown out stealingsecond by catcher K. Durham.Delas struck out the third batter,and Jackets’ fans wentwild.The players remained onthe field to receive medals andthe trophy was accepted byHead Coach Dave Hall.PHS, 4; Springfield, 3The Yellow Jackets enteredtheir second game againstSpringfield tied for first placein the NLL, knowing thisgame would determine if theywould win the league outright.Perrysburg earned two runs inthe bottom of the third inning.Austin Lee singled andscored a run on SteveSlocum’s double for 1-0. ZachHonsberger’s sacrifice buntmoved Slocum to third, and hescored on Mark Delas’s sac flyfor 2-0.Springfield loaded thebases in the bottom of the inningwith two outs. The batterhit into a double play, beautifullyexecuted by pitcher, BennettWestfall, who threw thebatter out at first.The Jackets stretched theirlead at the top of the fifth afterAustin Lee walked and SteveSlocum blasted a homerunover the fence, scoring bothrunners for 4-0.Westfall gave a solid pitchingperformance for six completeinnings.At the top of the seventh,Springfield scored a run witha walk followed by a doubleby Austin Miles for 4-1.Bobby Borger came to themound for relief. Devon Burnsdoubled and scored Miles for4-2. The next batter singledand AJ Stockwell came in forrelief. A sacrifice fly wasenough to score the runner for4-3 for the first out.The next batter flied out toright fielder, Honsberger and astrike out by Stockwell earnedthe save.The win clinched the NLLtitle for Perrysburg.Regional SemifinalsSt. Francis, 10; PHS, 5The very next night, May30, the PHS varsity team traveledto Steller Field on theBowling Green State Universitycampus to face the St.Francis Knights in the regionalsemi-finals. Perrysburg’s acepitcher, Nick Munger, took themound in front of a packedstadium.St. Francis scored a run atthe top of the first inning afterErick Zmuda walked andscored on a double by hisbrother Matt Zmuda for 0-1.The Jackets were unable toscore in the bottom of the inning.Knights batter Andy Oakleysingled, and Nick Lankardflied out to first baseman AJStockwell. Second baseman,Nick Fleming made a beautifulcatch and threw the runnerout for an exciting double playthat ended the top of the secondinning but once again, theYellow Jackets bats remainedquiet.Things got tricky for Perrysburgin the top of the thirdinning after E. Zmuda was hitby a pitch and M. Zmuda singled.While MiccoyDrzewiecki was at bat, E.Zmuda stoled third and homefor 2-0, then Drezewieckitripled to score M. Zmuda for3-0. Pitcher Max Lyon doubledand Oakley singled toscore Drezewiecki and Lyonfor 5-0. Stockwell came to themound for relief and struckout Lankard for the third out.Things started looking upfor Perrysburg at the bottom ofthe third after Fleming singledwith a line drive down thethird baseline followed up bya single from Austin Lee.Steve Slocum was safe at firston a fielding error to load thebases. Zach Honsberger’sfielder’s choice scored Flemingfor 5-1.Neither team scored in thefourth or fifth innings. St.Francis produced back-tobacksingles in the top of thesixth.The Jackets stopped thelead runner from scoring on afielder’s choice by MichaelWagner (the second out of theinning) but then Joey Whitewalked to load the bases.Lightning was spottedwhich caused a 30-minute raindelay while players and fanswere asked to leave the stadiumand take cover.Jackets fans hoped thedelay would change the momentum.When play resumed,E. Zmuda singled to score tworuns for 7-1 followed by adouble for two more runs for9-1.Perrysburg didn’t get a hitat the top of the sixth while St.Francis tacked on a run in thetop of the seventh for 10-1.The Yellow Jackets startedto come alive in the bottom ofthe seventh with back-to-backsingles from Ryan Garrity andSpencer George. Garrity stolethird and scored on a wildpitch for 10-2. Spencer Georgestole second and pinch hitterBennett Westfall singled. Leewalked to load the bases.Slocum’s fielder’s choice deniedthe run by George athome but the bases wereloaded again. Honsberger singledand scored pinch runnerGus Dimmerling/Westfall for10-3. A fielder’s choice byMark Delas scored an RBI for10-4 and the second out.Stockwell singled and scoredan RBI for 10-5. A pop up flyat home by Seth Durhamended the game.It was a disappointing lossfor this top-ranked team andcoaching staff. Although theresult was not what the playershad hoped for, each of theboys on the roster fought hardand played like champions.In addition to winning theNLL and the district championships,the PHS varsity baseballteam went 27-4, tying theschool record for most wins ina season.A free U.S. Tennis Association“play day” will beheld Wednesday, June 12,from 10 to 11:30 a.m., at theRec Center tennis courts.The program will featurethe new Quickstart tennisprogram for children ages 10and younger.The emphasis is on instantfun by scaling down thecourt size and net height,using soft bounce balls andtennis racquets to fit the agePerrysburg Kitchens and More221 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg Ph: 419-873-6116www.perrysburgkitchensandmore.comHours: Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri-9-5; Thur-10-8; Sat-10-3, Closed SundayHours: Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri-9-5; Thur-10-8; Sat. by appt. only; closed Sun.Visit our experienced designers for all your remodeling needs.•Cabinets •Countertops •Cabinet Hardware •Cultured Stone •Flooring•Closet systems •Fireplaces •Doors & Trim•Complete Installation •Interior Design •Project Development•New/Remodel/Additions •Home Theater/TechnologyMaking Your Vision a RealityPerrysburg 12U travel baseball team takes second in tournamentThe 12U Perrysburg travel baseball team competed in theRedskin Classic Tournament in Wapakoneta, Ohio, overMother’s Day weekend. The team made it to the championshipgame and finished as the runner-up with a 4-1record. Pictured, front row, from left, are: Drew Kozak,One TOne PONBrock Frydenlund, Daniel Krueger, Brendan Meredith, AlexZysik. Middle row: Cameron Floriana, Ben Boros, MattFritz, Camden Skinner, Sam Miller, Jack Spengler. Backrow: Coaches Chris Kozak, Craig Krueger, John Miller, andHead Coach Dean Frydenlund.U.S. Tennis Association offers 10 and under play daySports physicalsavailable at PHSAthletic physicals will begiven on Thursday, June 6,and Friday, July 26, at PerrysburgHigh School.All high school studentswho plan to participate in asport next school year musthave a new physical on file.The physical must be datedafter June 1.Physicals will be offeredfrom 9 to 11:30 a.m. on June6, and from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.on July 26, in the gym hallway.The cost is $25, whichmust be paid at the time of thephysical.SPLASH offeredat YMCA in JuneSPLASH will be held at theFort Meigs YMCA the weekof June 17-21. The program isfree and open to the public.Children ages 6 months to12 years old are welcome toregister for the 30-minuteclasses which are held for allfive days. Lessons cover basicswimming skills, water safetyeducation as well as tips forparents.SPLASH is held at eight ofthe YMCA/JCC locations. Toregister, call the Fort MeigsYMCA at 419-251-9622 orvisit the Fort Meigs YMCA at13415 Eckel Junction Road,Perrysburg.PHS Class of 2003to hold reunionThe Perrysburg HighSchool Class of 2003 willhold a reunion on October 5.For more information,send an e-mail to RyanLewandowskiatlewandowskiryan51@yahoo.com.Grace ChurchVBS June 24-28Grace Church will offer aVacation Bible School June24-28, from 9 a.m. to noon.The theme is “KingdomRock: Where Kids StandStrong for God.” The deadlineto register is June 16. Formore information or to register,visit the church at 601East Boundary Street, or theWeb site at gracechurchpe rrysburg.com.and size of the child.After brief instruction,children will play games.There will be four instructorsto supervise the play. Allequipment will be provided.There also will be somegive-aways.Team tennis will be offeredfor children who wouldlike to compete in singlesand doubles against otherteams.The emphasis will be onfun. Levels include intermediate,12 and under and 14and under. Participants neednot take the Summer RecSuzette L. Huenefeld, M.D.PERRYSBURG FORT MEIGSFAMILY PRACTICE“Join our family! Our practice goes theextra mile for our patients”JakeHodgsonLeukemiaSurvivorAT Atennis lessons to play teamtennis.For more information orto register, call Al Rava at419-874-6952 as soon aspossible.Team tennis for olderplayers also will be availableif there is enough interest.• Specializing in female healthcare, pediatrics & dermatology• Accepting new patients, same day appointments available• Call for a FREE get to know you visit27511 Holiday Lane, Ste. 101, Perrysburg • 419-872-0242DANA CANCER CENTER at UTMCThe Only Cancer Center of its Kind in the Region!Modern medicine has new weapons in the waron cancer. New science, research,treatment anda new kind of cancer center for our region.The Dana Cancer Center makes it possible forpatients to see all of their physicians,do all oftheir testing,and receive all of their treatmentin a single place—offering a seamless journeyto recovery in a single facility.And as part of the area’s only university-ownedmedical center,we provide unique bench-to-bedside collaboration and the most advancedtechnologies and treatments. tments.Find out more about the area’ s newest centerfor advanced, integrated ted cancer treatment.Visit utmc.utoledo.edu.One Team. One Place. One Patient at a Time.©2013University of Toledo Medical Center

PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL — June 5, 2013 — Page 13Area Business GuideAdvertise here for $20/week. 13 weeks minimum. Call 419-874-4491.Handyman Services• Handicap & Disabilities Changes• Senior Discounts4General Repairs4Odd Jobs4Electrical4Drywall & plaster repairs,hanging & finishing•Prompt •Reliable•Insured •No Job Too Small• Residential & Basement Improvement• Bath Remodeling • Home Renovation• Custom Tile Work• Custom Kitchen & Counters• Exterior Landscape Wiring & Lighting• Window Repair & Replacement• Gutter Repairs & Replacement(including gutter covers)Box 165Waterville, OhioMIKE KROMER(419) 878-8468Cell: (419) 392-0438X-PERT PERFORMANCEHave A Project??Hire an x-pert today!!• Doors . . .Interior & Exterior• Flooring Tile, Wood• Drywall• Drop Ceilings• Basement Finishing• Kitchen & BathRemodel• Please call, ask for Curt •Quality Work & Your EstimateBoth FREELUCKEY FARMERS, INC.•Bird Seed •Wild Bird Feeders•Blue Buffalo Dog Food•Lawn & Garden Supplies•Bulk Topsoil & Mulch•Bagged Mulch & SoilsLocated on Rt. 795 (Avenue Road)across from Woodlands Park419-874-3525BERNIE A. RAPPCONSTRUCTIONCustom RemodelingKitchens, Baths, Additions, Ceramic Tile, Decks,Windows, Doors, Basements, Skylights32 years in businesswww.bernierappconstruction.comLicensed, Bonded & InsuredPREFERREDCONTRACTOR419-837-6100• Decks: New, Rebuild,Restoration, PowerWash, Tear Down,Weather Proof, Leveling• FencingSplit Rail & Privacy,or New Posts/Rails• Utility Sheds• Painting • Ceiling RepairTalk Directly To The OwnerCall 419-779-1255Macke Roofing& Home Remodeling LLC(419) 410-0619mackeroofing.comO/C Preferred Contractor • All roofing typesFree estimated •15 years experienceFully insured • References upon requestWINNERSTUMP’SPROFESSIONAL PAINTING, LLCInterior - Exterior419-833-6205 or 419-410-4417CALL NOW FOR AN EXTERIOR QUOTECOME VISIT US ATWWW.STUMPSPAINTING.COMRepairSpecialistKRUSE CONSTRUCTIONHome RemodelingBasements, Baths, Decks, Doors,Interior and Exterior Finish Work,Plumbing, Ceramic Tile and more.All repairs and small jobs welcome.• Quality• Honest • Dependable • ServiceLicensed, Bonded and InsuredCall Russ Kruse“I’ll return your call.”419-893-1431LICENSE #32924Espinoza named medical director of newBowling Green University Falcon Health CenterNicholas Espinoza, D.O.of Perrysburg, has beennamed the new medical directorof Falcon Health Center(FHC), the new $5 millionstudent health center on thecampus of Bowling GreenState University (BGSU) inBowling Green.The FHC will be operatedby Wood County Hospitaland replace the present StudentHealth Services buildingon campus and will open inAugust 2013. Dr. Espinozawas selected, effective June1, following a nationalsearch.In his capacity as medicaldirector, Dr. Espinoza willprovide medical administrativeoversight for the clinicaloperations of the FalconHealth Center. In addition, hewill serve as a liaison betweenFHC and constituencieswithin BGSU withrespect to Patient Satisfaction,Quality Assurance, Accreditationand Long RangePlanning. He also will provideclinical services to patients.“We are fortunate to havesomeone of Dr. Espinoza’scaliber to serve as medical directorfor the new FalconHealth Center,” said StanleyKorducki, president of WoodCounty Hospital. “Hisbreadth of experience in bothacademic and private medicalpractice settings combines tomake him the ideal physicianfor this important role.”In addition to his activeadult family medicine practice,Dr. Espinoza has heldfaculty and administrativeroles for more than 20 yearsin academic healthcare organizationsin Ohio, includingOhio University Collegeof Osteopathic Medicine andthe Mercy Family MedicineResidency Program inToledo. He also has providedmedical services at a varietyof urgent care and occupationalhealth settings.Board certified by theAmerican College of OsteopathicFamily Physicians, heobtained his doctor of osteopathydegree from OhioUniversity College of OsteopathicMedicine in Athens,Ohio. He completed an internshipin family medicineat Parkview OsteopathicHospital in Toledo.Dr. Espinoza has wonmany awards for his work asan academic clinician, includingthe American OsteopathicAssociation Mentor ofthe Year; Toledo CORE OutstandingClinic Instructor inFamily Medicine from MercySt. Vincent Medical Centerand Ohio University Collegeof Osteopathic Medicine, andOutstanding Clinical Preceptorby Mercy Family Medicine.His community serviceactivities include participationin the Shriners Hospitalfor Children, Zenobia Shrinein Toledo; Adelante, Inc. andas physician for the TexasMigrant Counsel’s Headstartprogram in Millbury, Ohio.Women’s groupto meet in JuneWomen’s ConnectionWest will hold its monthlyluncheon meeting on Friday,June 14, from 11:15 a.m. to1:15 p.m., at Highland MeadowsGolf Club, 7455 ErieStreet, Sylvania.Guest speaker LatishaHicks will provide insight forlife. Brenda Clixby, fromYouCanBeAnArtist.com willtalk about her classes.The cost is $12 per person.For reservations, call Julie at419-535-5853 or send an e-mail to wcw_sylvania@hotmail.com byMonday, June 10.No membership or duesare required.The group meets on thesecond Friday of each month.• Residential Specialist• Commercial & Residential• Interior & Exterior• Over 30 Years’Experience• Fully InsuredGorski PaintingFree Estimates(419) 874-3815Cell: (419) 283-5191Call Richard GorskiAnd Remember, ‘It Pays To Use A Professional.’ReNew Properties, L.L.C.We do it all …Big or SmallCommercial and Residential PaintingHandyman ServicesBasement RemodelingRemodeling - Improvements24 Hour Emergency Service5151 Main StreetSylvania, OH 43560Phone: 419-885-1991Fax: 419-885-0682TOM HAASSince 1953 Opening Doors For You!26020 GLENWOOD ROADPERRYSBURG, OHIO 43551419-874-4356FAX 419-874-3171800-797-4227John A. 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Price Promise!Great Warranties!Professional Measuringand InstallationVisit the Journalon www.perrysburg.com.Walbridge plans eventsfor centennial celebrationWalbridge, Ohio, is celebratingits centennial year ofincorporation with several upcomingevents.A fund-raiser will be heldThursday, June 6, at BobEvans at Lemoyne andWoodville roads. Flyers areavailable at the Web site atwww.walbridgecent.com. Apercentage of food sales willbe donated to the centennialcommittee.On Saturday, June 8, a CentennialWedding Renewal Ceremonywill be held at GraceBible Baptist Church, 116 EastUnion Street. Current PastorDavid Stogsdill and the CentennialCommittee invite allmarried couples to renew theirwedding vows. There is nocost to participate. The eventwill begin at 11:45 a.m. Couplesmay dress as they wish,and may bring family orfriends to witness. Coupleswill receive a certificate of renewal.Refreshments will beserved. For more information,call the Walbridge CentennialCommittee at 419-913-3719,or send an e-mail to PastorStogsdill at pastor@gracebbc.net.Weekend festivities for July4-6 will be held at Loop Park,from noon to 11 p.m. each day,with continuous entertainment,rides, vendors, historic displaysand food.Information and applicationsfor events are availableonline at www.walbridgecent.com or at the WalbridgeBranch Library. There will bea “Miss Village of Walbridge”contest, craft/business/healthvendors and parade.Opening ceremonies willbe held Thursday, July 4, atnoon, with the crowning ofMiss Village of Walbridge.There also will be a family funday with a talent show at 1:30p.m. Live entertainment willbe held Friday and Saturdayevenings. The parade begins at11 a.m. on Saturday, July 6.Afternoon events include asenior and family health andsafety day.Memorabilia, includingcommemorative memorialbricks for Loop Park, the Walbridge/LakeAlumni photobook with senior classes from1911-2012, centennial T-shirts,souvenir historical booklets,cup kozies, and cookbooks areavailable on line.Area residents are invitedto share their memories on the“I remember Walbridgewhen…” forms or bring photosand memorabilia in to bescanned at the Walbridge Library.Patricia Bloomer-Kirkpatrick Ins. AgencyAFFORDABLEHEALTH INSURANCESelf-employed, Families, Students, RetireesHealth Insurance Specialist in Office13001 Roachton Road, Perrysburg419-873-0100PERFORMANCE - COMFORT - SAVINGSFINANCINGTurn to the ExpertsAVAILABLESCHWABELHEATING & AIR CONDITIONING419-874-9900www.schwabel-hvac.com110 Findlay StreetPO Box 126Haskins, OH 43525It’s Hard To Stop A Trane.Phone 823-1394Fax 823-1832Toll Free 1-866-823-1394“The Company You Can Be Comfortable With”An Award Winning BuilderFor Information Call: 419.873.5436Barbara St. Arnandwww.slaskebuilding.comOne copychangeper 13weeks.Advertise Herefor$20 00per week(Minimum 13 weeks)Call 419-874-2528 today!Luella Smith419-873-ROOM (7666)METZGER PAINTING& WALLPAPERING•Wallpapering• Powerwashing • Int./Ext. Painting• Plaster & Drywall Repair • Faux FinishesFREE ESTIMATESwww.metzpainting.comThe sounds of greatbands will again fill theLevis Square area of downtownToledo when “Lunch atLevis Square.”The Downtown Toledo*Member Bowling GreenChamber of Commerce“Let’s just say thatcomfort is our thing.”Service all Makes & ModelsFREE ESTIMATEon installsWe Buy Scrap Batteries!We have alltypes ofbatteries–notjust auto!• We RebuildPower ToolBatteries17 Years ServiceLicensed, Bonded, InsuredResidential & Light CommercialMEMBERNW OHIO &SE MICHIGANBe Prepared WithBatteries For:u Alarm Systemsu Radiosu Auto/Trucksu CamcordersCELL PHONESDynalite Battery26040A Glenwood Rd.(corner Rt. 20 and Glenwood Rd.)Perrysburg, OH419-873-1706 • 1-800-233-3962Fallen TimbersROOFING419-874-7519Tear-offs, reroofs, flat roofsRoof Repairs20 Years ExperienceQuality work at honest pricesAll work guaranteed/insuredFree Estimates • References• Custom WindowTreatments & BeddingWallpaper • Floorcoverings• Furniture & Accessorieswww.colorfullivinginteriors.comDesigning rooms that make you smile.Brian Hufford Builder, Inc.Turn to the Experts“Building Custom Homes & Remodeling locally since 1980”If you are thinking of a change give us a call!• New Homes & Remodeling(419) 874-4751 • Basements• Kitchens & BathsBONDED & INSURED• Room Additionswww.huffordbuilders.com • Custom Woodwork*MemberPerrysburgChamber ofCommerceEPA ‘Lead-Safe’CertifiedSenior Discounts419-874-2251Residential • Commercial Installation & RepairGeothermal•Furnaces•Boilers•Water Heaters •AirConditioning•Reverse Osmosis SystemsLicensed Insured BBB member419-874-9499Fax: 419-874-7990E: ultraheatcoolinc@aol.comNumber 2 CrewPet waste removal. Starting at $13/week.567-686-3513number2-crew.comnumber2crew54@gmail.comLourdes Univ. to host national Kappa Gamma Pi conventionLourdes University willhost the 42nd bi-annualKappa Gamma Pi NationalConvention at the FranciscanCenter, June 20 through23.The convention will featurethree days of activities,national meetings, a liturgy,area tours and presentationsby local leaders.The conference opens onThursday, June 20 with an 8a.m. breakfast and registrationand concludes on Sundaywith a breakfast andclosing prayer.On Friday, KappaGamma Pi will host its nationalmeeting, followed bya service project and opportunitiesto see Toledo includinga visit to the ToledoMuseum of Art and a ToledoMud Hens game.Saturday includes recognitionof the 50-year KappaGamma Pi members, a presentationof the 2013 CornaroScholars, the Faith andService Award and a host ofpresentations from areaspeakers including:• Keynote presentation–Improvement District(DTID) is again sponsoringthe downtown concert serieseach Thursday through August29.“The concert series is agreat opportunity for downtownworkers and visitors toenjoy a mid-day break oncea week during the summer,”said Bill Thomas, DTID executivedirector.“We definitely see an increasein pedestrian trafficthroughout the central businessdistrict during thistime.”Levis Square is located atthe intersection of MadisonAvenue and North St. ClairStreet in downtown Toledo.The schedule includes:•June 6, Extra Stout, Irishgenre•June 13, Rodney Parker& the Liberty Beach Band,country•June 20, Glass CitySteel, steel drum/islandmusic•June 27, GrapesmugglersLite, R&B/jazz•July 11, The Bradberries,dance/popFor PMJ ABG9:15 a.m., Sr. ShannonSchrein, OSF, PhD, LourdesUniversity master of arts intheology director•Faith/Education/Service–10:15 a.m., ReverendBrandon Tucker, WashtenawCommunity College workforcedevelopment director;Christopher Knight, Dioceseof Toledo Catholic Schoolssuperintendent, and CartyFinkbeiner, former ToledoMayor (1994–2002,2006–2010)•Faith/Education/ServicePresentation II–12:15 p.m.,‘Lunch at Levis Square’ concert series set•July 18, Johnny Reed &the Houserockers, blues•July 25, Kyle White,folk rock•August 1, Dezire, Motown•August 8, The Dan &Don Show, pop/rock•August 15, Johnny Rodriguez,light rock•August 22, Arctic Clam,pop/rock•August 29, DavidBrowning, pop/folkConcerts are held fromnoon to 1:30 p.m.The programs are freeand open to the public.Sr. Ann Carmen Barone,OSF, Lourdes Universityvice president for missionand ministry; ChristopherKnight, Diocese of ToledoCatholic Schools superintendent,and GeorgeBrymer, owner of AllSquare, Inc. and author of“Franciscanomics.”For more information orto register, call Mary AnneKubat, associate Chair ofundergraduate clinical education,at 419-824-3778 orsend an e-mail to mkubat@lourdes.edu.Quilts soughtfor exhibitin SylvaniaQuilters–traditional andart quilters–are invited toenter their work in the Kaleidoscopeof Quilts XVI to beheld July 19 and 20, at theSylvania Tam-O-Shanter ExhibitionHall, Sylvania.The deadline for quiltentry is Saturday, June 15.The cost is $5 per entry.Information and registrationforms are available onlineat the Glass City QuiltCommission’s Web site atwww.gcqc.org.

Page 14 — June 5, 2013 — PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALTHE CLASSIFIEDSSERVE EVERYONECLASSIFIED ADVERTISING—first 10 words $5.50, 30 cents per word thereafter. Display classified section, $12.75 percolumn inch. All garage/estate sales must be prepaid, by cash, check or credit card. DEADLINE IS EACH MONDAYAT NOON. Classified ads mailed in should be accompanied by payment; ads phoned in should be paid promptly to avoida $2.00 billing charge. Send ads to P.O. Box 267, Perrysburg, Ohio 43552. Perrysburg Messenger Journal office hours areMonday, 8:30 to 4:30; Tuesday-Friday, 9 to 4; closed Saturday and Sunday, or visit our Web site at www.perrysburg.com.CALL 419-874-2528 or 419-874-4491FIRST TIME ADVERTISERS, WITHOUT A CREDIT HISTORYMUST PAY FOR ADVERTISING WHEN SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION.Submit your classified advertisement via e-mail. Just visit www.perrysburg.com or www.rossford.comBUSINESS SERVICESRESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIALLake ErieSPORTFISHING CHARTERSExcursions for up to 10 persons(419) 666-5952 (Day)(419) 662-8347 (Night)www.lakeeriefishing.comDon’t live witha sinkingdriveway...•Sidewalks •Steps•Driveways •Pools•Porches •Garages•Patios & MorePERRYSBURGE L ECT R ICSERVICE UPGRADES & REPAIRSNEW CONSTRUCTIONSOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMSUNIFORMED ELECTRICIANSLICENSED BONDED INSURED 419-666-5211Authorized Equipment Dealer forPOWER PRODUCTS• TREE TRIMMING & REMOVAL• LAWN & TREE CARE• SPRING CLEAN UPS• MULCH & TOPSOIL• LANDSCAPE PROJECTS• LAWN RENOVATIONSTRAINED CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS ON STAFFCALL NOW TO BEAT THE RUSH!LAWN • LANDSCAPE • IRRIGATION • TREE REMOVAL • SNOW REMOVAL(419)874-677924112 Lime City Rd. Perrysburg, OHwww.envirocarelawn.com419-874-2734Local Family OwnedService Most Makes & ModelsParts 15% Off w/this Adwww.rapidapplianceservice.comNOTICE TO CONSUMERSIn answering advertisements, whether in publications, ortelevision, be aware that 1-900 numbers have a charge thatwill be billed to your telephone number. 1-800 numbers thatswitch you to a 1-900 number are also billed to you.Government job information or sales can be obtainedfree from appropriate government agencies.Long distance calls to brokers may only be solicitationsfor schools or instruction books, for which there is a charge.SINCE 1987MASTER ELECTRICIANSLic. # 22360Eckel Snowmobile & Small Engine RepairLAWNMOWERS, SNOWBLOWERS, SLEDS, ATVs, ETC.Repairs~Rebuilds~Service~Winterize~Summerize25 Years ExperiencePickup & Delivery Available(419) 833-1670 www.eckelsmallengine.comMackiewicz Siding,Roofing and Windows LLCJUNE 30% OFF ROOFING AND WINDOW SALE“Where Quality Matters” Since 1991Call Today 419-392-1335Email: mop5126@embarqmail.comCall for FREE Estimates419-779-0899 or 419-836-7019Call Frank Roberts • Family Owned and Operated24695 Williston Rd., Millbury, OHTree Trimming, Stump and Tree RemovalFirewood: Indoor & Outdoor Burner & Campfire WoodCall Today: 419-874-0484 Fully InsuredSPS Lawns: Mowing, Mulching, Spring & Fall Clean-upBush Trimming & Snow Removal. 419-704-1597Joe Berry’sMaumee ConcreteServices, Inc.A.K.A. “The Doctor Of Concrete” – est. 1975Driveways • Patios • Stamped ConcreteTom’sPESTCONTROLin Holland(419) 868-8700Ants, Termites,Bedbugs, Bees/Wasps100% Guaranteed!www.citytermiteandpest.comR & H Painting& Power WashingInterior & ExteriorSpecializing inAluminum & Vinyl Siding25 Years Experience419-726-4872AeratingReasonable419-874-7763419-874-8119Small Jobs Are Our SpecialtyPatch Drywall and PlasterAll Textures Perfectly MatchedAll Work Guaranteedwww.yourdrywall.comNow InstallingH HARDSCAPES HFire Pits • Custom Patios419-893-2884419-779-7251Jos. 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ExperienceExcellent ReferencesReasonable PricesMake us your go-to guysfor your paintingand remodeling needs!Ron • 419-250-4408EXPERIENCED CARPEN-TER specializing in finishwork, custom furniture, qualitywoodworking, home repairs.Jeff Hoile, 419-265-2999 or419-874-1819.BASEMENT WATER-PROOFING, wall repair.Reasonable rates. 30 years experience.Many Perrysburg references.Licensed and insured.Call anytime, 419-874-2802.LAWN MOWING. Reliableand experienced. 419-973-0043 or 419-872-1687.STEVE’S DRYWALL, sprayceilings, texture walls, allpatchwork. Call Steve,419-873-8025.SCHALLER TRUCKING.Delivering stone, sand and topsoilfor life’s little projects.419-666-7642, 419-392-7642.INTERIOR PAINTING,neat, experienced. References.Free estimates. Donna,419-476-1173, 419-250-4504.HURLEY’S INTERIOR/exteriorpainting. Reasonableprices. 20 years experience.Free estimates. Call419-882-6753.BRICK REPAIR, O’Shannons.Specializing in solvingmasonry problems. 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Free estimates.Call Sam 419-478-1144.CONCRETE/MASONRY repairs.Specializing in smalljobs, brick restoration/basementwater proofing/wall stratening/porches.Insured/BBBA+, 40 years experience.419-729-2067.PLACE YOUR classifiedad in the AmericanLegion Press.Reach veterans acrossthe area each monthfor as low as $5.50.Call 419-874-4491 toplace your ad.AERATING, GET on list.Reasonable. 419-874-7763.A&J ROOFING and Siding.Call for free estimates.567-288-1500.PAINTING AND Wallpapering.Professional, quality work.Removal, wall repair. Brian,419-297-9686.LAWNS MOWED. One hardworking and experienced highschool student with a pushmower. Trimming, brushclean-up, etc. Please call ortext Tim at 567-277-1831.ELECTRIC REPAIR, R.C.I.,fuse box, breaker panels,upgrades, appliances, plugs,etc. Licensed and insured.Call today 419-349-4038.MICHAEL’S EXCAVAT-ING. Sand, stone, topsoil, excavating.Free estimates. Insured.419-344-1872.GARDENING AND landscapinghelp with trimming,edging, mulching, planting,bed design. Bring existingbeds back to their originalbeauty or update them. Drainageproblems in yards fixed,walkways, stone work. Cindy419-874-1191 or 419-450-2887.HOUSE CLEANING andyard work. Call Tammi419-966-3507.CONCRETE WORK. Driveways,patios, sidewalks. Cementmason since 1985.Call Paul 419-327-0883.PIANO TUNING, repairs,sales. 419-754-7530, 419-350-6281. www.beeleypiano.com.VINYL SIDING for yourhome, affordable with attentionto detail. Local owned andoperated. Call Mark at419-351-8421 for an estimate.www.taps99.com.A-1 GUTTER CLEANING.Debris taken away; tower removal.Insured. 419-865-1941.HANDYMAN. EXPERI-ENCED, references, reasonable.No job too small. Dave419-823-8033.WINDOW CLEANING. PerrysburgWindow and GutterCleaning, professional servicefor a fair price. Call MichaelRantanen, owner 419-874-2482.For this month’s coupon visit:www.pburgwindowclng.comLAWN MOWING, experienced,reasonable , estimates.Call or text Justin419-309-2002.ELECTRICIAN, 30 years experience.Residential and commercial.419-704-7201.DON’S DRYWALL andplaster repair. Resurfacing,texturing. Free estimates,seven days. 419-476-0145.LOST & FOUNDLost Female CatBrown/gray tiger, 5years old, in OakMeadows Subdivision,on May 26. Reward.419-874-7264CLASSES OFFEREDART CLASSES - Group &Private. Drawing, painting &figure study. Beginningthrough advanced. EDGER-TON ART Studio & School,Perrysburg. Current scheduleand registration formsavailable online at www.EdgertonArt.com; Call: 419-290-OILS [6457], Email:Edgerton.ART@att.net.GARAGE SALESMcKINLEY WOODS ANNUAL SALE250 HOMES. ONE DAY ONLY!!SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 8 A.M.-4 P.M.OFF FORT MEIGS ROADSponsored by Chris Shannon, Key RealtyRidgewoodeCrossingsAnnualNeighborhoodSaleSaturday, June 88 a.m. to 4 p.m.off Hull Prairie Road,between Roachtonand River RoadGRASSY CREEKNEIGHBORHOODGARAGE SALEoff of Lime City,in RossfordThursday-Saturday9 a.m. - 4 p.m.Several homes!!Emerald LakesNeighborhoodGarage Sale(off Eckel Junction)Friday-Saturday9 a.m. to 4 p.m.Selling everythingfrom A to Z.109 OTTEKEE Drive, Friday,June 7, 9-3. Huge garage sale.Household, craft supplies, fabric,books, toys, clothing (collegeage girls and other), lifejackets, towable tube, 2 bikes,outboard and trolling motors,leaf vacuum, games and more.Please no early sales.260 JENNINGS, Rossford.Friday-Saturday, 9-3. Multifamily.15864 FIVE Point,Thursday-Saturday, 8-4. Clothing,bikes, swing set, sand box,furniture, housewares, computerdesk, books, Harley Bikeparts, leather jacket, helmetand toys.209 EAST Fifth Street, June7-9, 9-4. Please park in front ofhome or alley behind. Men’shunting apparel, waders, huntingjacket, Harley leatherjacket, Harley patches,women’s Don Caster clothing,Champion juicer, children’stoys, pet supplies, ladies skiclothes. Many Christmasitems, linens and more.2618 DRUMMOND Road,Old Orchard, Toledo. Saturday,June 8, 8-2. Old furnitureand glassware, old holidaydecorations, Marx trains, unusualand unique home decor.28051 GLENWOOD Road,South of 795. Saturday, June 8,9-1. Toddler girl clothes18month-2T. Baby toys, cribtent, home and garden birdhousepottery. Rain date June9.28801 WHITE Road, north of795. Thursday, June 6, 9-3.Multi-family. Play kitchen,name brand clothes, electricscooters, pool, householdgoods.3441 STARR Avenue, Oregon.Parking in Faith Churchnext door. June 6-8, 9-4. Huge2-family moving sale. Antiques:furniture, glassware,dishes, toys, trains, collectibles.Lawn/garden tools, 2mowers, chandelier, ceiilngfan, dishes, linens, baskets,Christmas decorations, electronics,books and much more.Everything must go, downsizing.Don’t miss this sale.3538 RIVER Ridge Way. Saturday,June 8, 8-4. Preemie-5Tgirls, 0-2T boys outfits onhangers. Baby toys, bedding,boosters.4384 TURTLE Creek Drive,Sanctuary Meadows. Friday-Sunday. Moving sale, everythingmust go.543 GARFIELD Drive, Perrysburg.Thursday, 8-noon;Friday, 10-2. Trash compactor,left handed golf clubs and bag,tree climber for hunting, muchmore to choose from.555 EAST Indiana,Thursday-Saturday, 9-4. Moving.Lighthouses, furniture,Maddock dishes, Christmas,housewares, jewelry and miscellaneous.557 WEST 2nd Street, Friday,9-4.601 EAST Boundary, GraceChurch, Perrysburg. Rummagesale. Friday, June 7, 8-3; Saturday,June 8, 8-2. All 1/2 offSaturday after 11 a.m.637 BEXFORD Drive, Friday,9-3. Toys, tricycle, girlsclothes infant-4T, householdgoods and more.7 CAROLINA Drive, off ofWhite Road. Thursday,8:30-2, Friday, 8:30-1. Kidsstuff, Xbox accessories.736 LIME City Road, Rossford.Friday-Saturday, 9-5;Sunday, 9-2. Sale in backyard.Rain or shine. Something foreveryone from kids to adults.946 MULBERRY. Friday,8-4; Saturday, 8-1. Multi-familiy.Full size refrigerator, tableplus 4 chairs, dresser, surroundsound system, kidsbikes, toys, 5T clothes, books,patio set.SANCUARY MEADOWSneighborhood/mult-family garagesale. Off Roachton Road,west of Levis Commons. Saturday,June 8, 8:30-4.HORSESHOE BEND neighborhood,1/4 mile west ofRoute 25 and 1 block south ofLevis Commons. Thursday-Saturday, June 6-8, 8-5. Clothes,toys, furniture and more.MOVING/ESTATEPerrysburg Home Liquidation/Moving SaleINCREDIBLE ANTIQUE COLLECTION563 Winding River Ct. PerrysburgThursday, June 6, 2013 9-5 • Friday, June 7, 2013, 9-5Saturday, June 8, 2013, 9-5Glassware/Pottery; Labino, Baker, Lonsway, Eickholt, GlassEye, Lunberg Studio, Modern American Series Libby, Rockingham,Czech, Messenger, Moser, Royal Copenhagen, Stangl,Beswick, RS Prussia, Blenko, Waterford, Signed Libbey, CutGlass, Libbey Cut Glass Punch Bowl, Cottage Ware, BeatrixPotter, McCoy, Butterfly ware, Delft, Dresden, Fenton, Meissen,Lalique, Tiffany Lamp, Nippon, LARGE Perfume Bottle collection,Staffordshire, Bavaria, Wedgewood, Fenton, Buffalo, FlowBlue, Blue Willow, Royal Worcester, Toby Mugs & Royal Doulton,Royal Doulton Figurines, Oyster Plate Collection, Majolica,Limoge, Hummel, Tiffin, Roseville, Lenox, McCoy, Caruth,Art; Chapman, Planten, Magpiel, Breckon, Cefetz, Burghoff,Nutting, RC Gorman, Doolittle, Watanabe, Rabbit, I Cart,Clarke,Dolls; Madam Alexander, Puppin Kinder, Annette Himstedt,Porcelain Doll Parts, Barb Fletcher (Stephen King) Soft Sculptures-INDESCRIBABLE!Misc; Reverse Painted Lamp, Pie Crust Tables, AmericanConservatory Mandolin w/Ivory, Brass Coat Rack, Curio Cabinet,Two China Cabinets, Antique Quilt, Secretary desk, OrientalFish Ponds, Drop leaf tables, Trunks & Chests, Hitchcock Tablesand Chair, Dining Table 10', Dressers, Countertop spool cabinet,Oak Desk, Mahogany Leather Top Desk, Bronze Bookends, Ironand Leather Bar Stools, Marble Top Eastlake Tables, Bell collection,SilverPlate, Sterling, Schoenbek Crystal Chandelier,Pewter Chandelier, Childrens wooden chairs, Lamps, Shelving,Longaberger, Exercise Bike and Elliptical, Office equipment,Four drawer Oak Crest of California locking oak file cabinet,Linens, kitchen wares, Area Rugs; silk and wool, Antique ballerinacollection, Husqvarna Sewing Machine, TV's, VCRs, Grill,Art Supplies, Old Fishing Equipment, Holiday Items include;Waterford, Lenox, Dept. 56, Neiman Marcus, Jacobsons, SnowGlobes and Snow Babies, Linens/Blankets, Elk Antlers, WalkingCane Collection, LuggageExterior Items; Patio Table and chairs, weed wacker, leafblower, Caruth(s), Modern and Antique Tools, Golf Clubs, GolfShoes, Bags, JenAir Grill, Ladders and step stoolsVintage & Antique Jewelry & Purses, silver dresser sets,hand mirrors.Clothing & Shoes.....Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! High End,designer clothing; St.John Coutour, Kazar, Steffe, Klein, Chanel,Coach, Farragomo, Justen, Sak's, Mischka, Marc Jacobs, Lapere,Karan, Cassini, Sanchez, Bloomingdales, second floor is clothing,shoes, belts, minks, purses! Formal Clothing for Proms/HolidayParties/Galas/Weddings. Two Bridal Gowns by AnneBarge.For a complete listing see ftmeigsestatesales.com419-215-7265MOVING SALE10370 Scarlet OakThursday, June 6& Friday, June 79 a.m. - 4 p.m.Furniture, household goods,collectibles, large Orientalarea rugs, like new sofa, antiquewaterfall desk, bookcase,tables, lamps, full sizebike, Lladro, Dickens Village,Snow Babies, antique doll referencebooks, handheldGarmin, marine shore powercords, lg. antique style displaySanta & sleigh, sm. Christmastrees, exercise equip. -recumbent bike, treadmill, pilatesreformer. No early sales.901 WALNUT Street, Perrysburg.June 6-7, 9-5; June 8,8-3. Huge multi-family garagesale. Clothes and shoes NB,kids, misses, women’s plus,maternity and men’s Gap,Children’s Place, Justice, Nike,Gymboree, Ugg, Harley, AE,Lane Bryant, Carters. Coachpurses, iPhone cases, portabledishwasher, scrapbook kit.Thomas Kinkade calendar with12 plates and certificates alsosigned painting. Train table,girls bike, huge Cars GeoTrax, infant-toddler must haveGraco stroller, Little Tikes,Step 2, Boppy, kids playhouse,swing, highchair, WendyBellissimo.PERRYSBURG HEIGHTSCommunity Center, 12282 JeffersonStreet, Perrysburg. Fleamarket every Friday, 9-3.$5/table setup for sellers. Freeadmission for shoppers. Call toreserve your table419-874-4529.ALL GARAGE SALE AD-VERTISING MUST BEPREPAID, BY CASH,CHECK OR CREDIT CARDBY MONDAY NOON ONWEEK OF PUBLICATIONOR THE AD WILL NOTRUN. CALL 419-874-4491TO PLACE YOUR AD ANDPAY VIA CREDIT CARD.Estate Sale of the late Gerald V. DePrisco2327 Green Valley Dr.June 6 & 7th, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.June 8th 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.V. DePrisco Music Store. Band, orchestra, glee club, Swiss Singers,choir director, local musician and avid golfer. Various householditems, 3- bedroom sets, queen size; kitchen items; dining set; kitchenset; kitchen items; lamps; collectables; sofa; recliner chair & stool;2 TVs, one with DVD/VHS player, one with VHS player; yard andgarage tools; all kinds of assorted music for various instruments;sheet music from the late 1900s; music for band, orchestra and chorus;Broadway shows; 2-glass clarinet mouth pieces new; 1-newtrumpet mouth piece; LP’s; cordless phones; night stands; antiquelamps; Kodak slide projector; Italian accordion; complete set of golfclubs and bag; various golf clubs and two separate golf bags in goodshape; golf balls; golf shoes (Foot Joy); various high-end departmentstore/country club golf clothing; numerous good quality dressshoes; outdoor gas grill; musical knick-knacks; CD’s; VHS tapesand cassette tapes from years past; books; Christmas decorations.ALL MOVING/ESTATESALE ADVERTISINGMUST BE PREPAID, BYCASH, CREDIT CARD ORCHECK, BY NOON ONMONDAY BEFORE PUB-LICATION OR THE ADWILL NOT RUN.26920 WEST River Road,Perrysburg. Off West Boundary1 mile west of Fort Meigs.Thursday-Sunday, June 6-9, 8-5. What a fun sale-loaded to themax and more. Antiques,miscellaneous furniture, greatassortment of primitives,crockery, housewares, glasswares,collectibles, house decor,mirrors, artwork, cameras,electronics. Lanterns includingrailroad, Holiday, vintage toys-What a variety. Clocks,giftwares, indoor and outdoorlighting fixtures, dog cages,clothing, shoes, purses, jewelryand accessories, books, crafts andtables of miscellaneous.Attention (2) 4 ft bronze lions-Impressive. Bowling memorabilia,large assortment oflighted, neon and miscellaneousbeer signs. Yard and garden decor.What a variety. Includes statues,planters and much more. This isjust a partial listing-manyunique and unusual itemssomethingfor everyone. Have funshopping. Please cash only, nochecks. Please no early sales.Check us out on the web: perrysburg.comFOR SALEGorgeous “Montclair” 9-room dollhouse with 2 additions.Exterior painted,roof shingled and brickfoundations are the onlythings finished. Windows,doors, stairs, etc. are includedfor you to complete.Must sell!! $300. Call 419-872-2623.APPLIANCES FOR sale.Whirlpool gas dryer, white,$200. GE dishwasher, white,$200. Admiral electric stove,white, $100. Call, 419-874-6431.DEWALT RADIAL arm, De-Walt table saw, Delta slidingcompound miter saw, $150OBO each. 419-873-1940.FIREWOOD, SEASONED,4’ high x 8’ long stack, $80.419-409-0252 or 419-409-0250.HOME OFFICE set, largecomputer desk, matching hutchwith storage and lateral filecabinet. Originally, $475, now$250 OBO. 419-351-5080.WATER SKIS. Excellentcondtion, 67”, $120 OBO.419-666-5748.CRAFT SHOWSSATURDAY, JUNE 8, 9-2,at the Zablocki Center (CentralLagrange Rec. Center)3015 Lagrange Street in PolishVillage. Free admission.Food, Thirty-one, purses,Barbie/Ken items, NaturalProducts and more. Vendorswelcome. Call 419-290-1059.BOATS2000 12 ft. Pelican, Jonboat. 1953 Evinrude motor,rebuilt. Great little motor.$1,500. 419-377-1980.USED CARS2004 JAGUAR S-type,charcoal, loaded, 115K miles,$8,777 OBO. 419-283-4606.2007 CHRYSLER Townand Counrty, Limited, extendedwagon, stow and go,leather, loaded, 74K.$14,500 OBO. 419-343-3797.LOOKING FOR cars/trucks.Call before selling or trading.419-297-9709.2005 LEXUS RX330, AWD,3.3L, V-6, auto, 97,000 miles.White exterior/tan leather interior,heated seats, power sunroof, 6 disc stereo, newer tiresand brakes. Looks, runs anddrives nice. $15,499. HondaEast, Jeff. 419-891-1230 extension22.1991 MERCURY Capri convertible.Has maintenance records.$2,500. Call419-872-2386.WANTED TO BUYLOOKING FOR great thingsto buy or consign. Collectionsor estates. Jones & JonesLTD Antiques. 114 W. Indiana.419-874-2867.ALWAYS BUYING 60s andolder paper dolls, children’shankies, Cracker Jacks, boardgames, Legos, comic books,Japanese tin, AmericanWeekly Magazine, early photos,TV guides, postcards, advertisingsigns. Please call,419-509-8234.ROLEX WRISTWATCHESwanted by Perrysburg collector.Call Tom, 419-360-8920.WANTED GUNS, any age,any condition. Also WWIIand earlier military items. Indianartifacts. Rob, 419-340-5808, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.BUYING OLD guitars, amps,antiques and unusual. Willhelp clean attic and basement.419-874-9119.A MECHANIC buys vehicles;looks, pays accordingly,anything with wheels.419-870-0163.BUYING MOST items fromgarages. Vehicles, motorcycles,tools, mowers, etc.419-870-0163.$300 and Up for AllJunk and RepairableCars/Trucks.Guaranteed.Lowest Prices on Auto PartsFree Towing • 7 Days a WeekHomer’s Auto Parts4848 N. Detroit Avenuenear Laskey419-478-5052

HELP WANTEDTRAINCOTRUCK DRIVING SCHOOLDay • Eves • Weekend ClassJob PlacementCompany Paid TrainingCall 419-837-5730Train Locally-Save HasslePERRYSBURG CAMPUSwww.traincoinc.com Has a great opportunity for anindividual wanting to start theirown delivery business bybecoming an owner/operatorof aDELIVERY TRUCK!This GREAT opportunitycomes with SUPERSECURITY and UNLIMITEDEarning Potential.This is YOUR opportunity towork with the #1 HomeImprovement Center!!Call: 715-876-4000WE ARE COMFORT KEEPERS®EXPERIENCE THEJOYS AND REWARDSAre you ready to make adifference in someone’s life?We’re looking for honest,compassionate, reliablepeople to take care ofour clients. Earn a wage fordoing something you alreadyenjoy doing. To learn whatbecoming a ComfortKeeper® is all about, visitwww.ahandinthehome.org.109 W. 5th St.Perrysburg, OH 43551WWW.COMFORTKEEPERS.COMOver 550 independently owned & operatedoffices worldwide.PETSDID YOU KNOW?PUPPIES AND KITTENS CAN BECOMEPREGNANT AS EARLY AS 4 MONTHSFix each puppy or kittenunder six months for only$20JUNE ONLY Limited space. Must mention ad.419-266-5607www.humaneohio.orgFunded bypetsmartcharities.orgPart Time Fiscal OfficerPerrysburg Union CemeteryWe are currently accepting applications for a part timeFiscal Officer for the Ft. Meigs Union Cemetery. Thisposition is 20-25 hours per week. Pay $15.00-$17.00per hour depending on experience.Responsibilities include: preparation of agendas fortrustee meetings and act as recording secretary ofsame, preparation of all written correspondence,responsible for all payroll functions for Cemeteryemployees, filing of State, Local and Federal Taxforms, responsible for all accounting functions utilizingUniform Accounting System software. Other clericalduties as assigned including answering incoming phonecalls.Requirements: Candidate must be bondable and able topass a drug test, must have previous clerical, payrolland accounting experience. Candidate must be proficientin Microsoft Office products.Applications (required) are available at www.ci.perrysburg.oh.us or 201 W. Indiana Avenue in Perrysburg.Applications must be received by June 21, forconsideration.Please send application materials to Nancy Behe at theabove address.BOARD MEMBERSNeeded. The Wood CountyHumane Society is looking forBoard Members to help providedirection, guidance, andassist in fundraising whichsupports our animals, shelterand helps find them their foreverhomes. The Board meetsonce a month for 2 hours, plusadditional time forcommittees. If you have timeavailable, consider joining ourBoard for a very worthwhilecause. Please contact theWood County Humane SocietyShelter at 419-352-7339. Youmay visit us on the web atwww.woodcountyhumanesociety.org and like us on Facebook.FOSTER HOMES Needed.The Wood County HumaneSociety is in immediate needof foster homes for mama catsand their kittens. Foster homeswould take care of the mamacats and kittens until the kittensare 8 weeks old. Youdon’t even have to bottle feed.Just make sure mama is wellfed, monitor all for illnesses,and keep them separate fromother animals. All mama catshave been tested negative fordisease, have been dewormed,and had initial vaccinations. Ifyou are interested in helpingout WCHS, please contact theShelter at 419-352-7339.IMMEDIATE NEED. 1. Expeiencedmachinist with EDM,CNC, lathe, drill, mill,blue-print reading, Microsoftskills. 2. Experienced shippingand receiving clerk with inventorycontrol, shipping and receiving,Fed-Ex, UPS, DTL,Microsoft skills. Contact DuraMagnetics 419-882-0591 orapar@duramag.com.PIZZERIA OPENING forkitchen staff, work into manager.Mail resume to PizzaBill, 1808 Arlington Avenue,Toledo 43609.ROOF LOADER / CDLTrainee. $45,000-$50,000. Localpositions, be home everynight. Delivery of roofing supplies-repetitive,heavy liftingand roof walking. Clean drivingrecord required. Greatbenefits and OT. Apply in personor online. Wimsatt BuildingMaterials, 26440 SouthpointRoad, Perrysburg, Ohio43551. careers@wimsattdirect.com.SALES / MANAGEMENTASSOCIATE. Full-time/parttime.Organized, computerliterate and aggressive. 419-873-0454. jrayling2@aol.com.SEWING MACHINE operatorswanted in shop. Knowledgeof sewing machines, willtrain, call between, 10a.m.-2p.m. Monday-Friday. 419-469-8898.VOLUNTEERS WANTED.The Wood County HumaneSociety is looking for volunteersto assist with our animalsand activities. If you are passionateabout animals and havetime to donate, we are lookingfor you. Please contact theShelter, 419-352-7339 or visitour Web site www.woodcountyhumanesociety.org and likeus on Facebook.WAITRESSES/COOKS, PT/FT, have transportation. 419-873-0454. jrayling2@aol.com.MOBILE HOMESNEWLY REFURBISHED 2bedroom, 2 bath withoffice/hobby room, large deckand shed. $13,500. VillageGreen. Financing availablewith 20% down. 419-248-2372.SPACIOUS HOME with 2large bedrooms, 2 baths, deckand shed. Only $18,900 at VillageGreen Perrysburg.419-248-2372. www.villagegreenmhp.comMISCELLANEOUS* * * NOTICE * * *Investigate before you invest.Call the Ohio Divisionof Securities BEFORE purchasingan investment. Callthe Division’s Investor ProtectionHotline at 800-788-1194 to learn if theinvestment is properly registeredand if the seller isproperly licensed. Please beadvised that many work athome advertisements do notyield what is promised. It isbest to investigate the companybefore applying for anywork at home position.(This notice is a public serviceof the Welch Publishing Co.)FOR RENTRIVER RIDGE APARTMENTSMove in Special$99 deposit + $200 off first full month rentFor approved applicants / 12 month leaseLimited Time Offer!Visit us online atwww.investekmanagement.comOr call 419-666-1186 for a personal tourAbundant Life of Perrysburg is a subsidized independenthousing facility for those 62 or older.We are located in a beautiful, quiet residential settingin Perrysburg. Abundant Life offers one bedroomgarden apartments with private patios,indoor mailboxes, reserved parking and busing tolocal grocery stores.Applications are now being accepted.Call 419-874-4371.Perry’s LandingSpace for Rent•Commercial/OfficeSpace, 500 sq. ft.-1800square feet available.•1 bedroom apt. available,$525 plus utilities.419-352-0717AVAILABLE NOW!WAREHOUSE SPACE1,200 To 2,400 SQ. FT.WITH OFFICESRESTROOMOVERHEAD DOOR13 FT. CEILINGSVERY CLEANMODERN, SECURE26963 ECKEL ROADPERRYSBURGCALL 419.874.53071 BEDROOM plus den,laundry hook up, 1 year lease,security deposit, no pets, nonsmoking. 419-466-1350.1 BEDROOM quiet brickranch apartment. Perrysburg,Three Meadows area.$585/month includes carport,heat, hot water and large attic.Non-smoking, no pets. AvailableAugust 1. 419-874-4920.2 BEDROOM twinplex, quietcountry setting. Gas heat, C/A,laundry connections, attachedfinished garage. Pool and tennis.Water, sewer and trashpick-up included. $670.419-297-3123.2 BEDROOM villa. C/A,gas heat, attached garage,washer/dryer hook-ups, $680/month. 419-874-0889.2 BEDROOMS, 808 ThreeMeadows Drive, ground level,850 sq. ft., appliances, AC,laundry area, fresh carpet andpaint, garage/remote. $595/month. 419-346-6703.3 BEDROOM townhouse,1,700 square-feet, 2 miles eastof Perrysburg. 1st and 2ndfloors plus full finished basement.Laundry connections,gas heat, C/A. Pool and tennis.Water, sewer and trash pick-upincluded. $760. 419-297-31233 BEDROOM, 2 1/2 bath,Perrysburg unfurnished housewith pole barn. $1,300/monthplus utilities. Call 419-352-0717.A PETITE Hamlet, river areavintage apartment. $499.419-913-2816.APARTMENTS: FREErent. Camelot East in Rossford.Newly renovated. Large1 and 2 bedrooms starting at$439. Centrally located atBuck and I75, minutes fromdowntown and Levis Commons.All electric large,24 hour laundry on site, dogsand cats welcome for additionaldeposit. Sign lease byJune 30 and receive a freemonth’s rent. Limited availability.Call now.419-666-5320.CONDO TOWNHOUSE.Lovely, quiet, Three Meadows,2 large bedrooms with largeclosets, 1-1/2 baths, 1st floorlaundry, nice kitchen with allappliances, extra large garage,some pets, $755/month. 419-874-5323.DOWNTOWN PERRYS-BURG, upper apartment. 1bedroom, newly remodeled,non smoking, no pets. Rentincludes garage, heating, niceand private with air conditioning.$700/month. 419-874-7291.PERRYSBURG DOWN-TOWN prime retail or officespace. All utilities and Internetincluded. $670/month. Specialrate for new entrepreneur ornon-profits. 419-874-4682,419-350-0080.PERRYSBURG TOWN-SHIP home freshly painted. 3bedrooms, 2-1/2 bath, eat-inkitchen, extra large familyroom with fireplace, livingroom, 2-1/2 car garage, lots ofstorage on a large corner lot.Perrysburg Schools. No pets,non-smoking. $1,500/monthplus deposit. Call 419-460-3229 for showing.For RentCommercial SpaceUp to 6,000 sq. ft.Downtown Perrysburg114 W. Indiana419-874-2867Rossford 2 Bedroom,1 Bath TownhouseLR, DR, kitchen. Basementwith W/D hookup.1 car garage. Nonsmoking.No pets.$600/month plus deposit.Tenant pays utilities.419-823-4321.FREE CABLECordoba ApartmentsPerrysburg Township.Close to Owens & Crossroads.Rent starting at $410419-381-0600PERRYSBURG ONE bedroomapartment in quiet neighborhood,close to shopping,with gas heat, C/A, garagewith opener. Non-smoking, nopets. $570/month, one yearlease. 419-874-5689.PERRYSBURG TWIN-PLEX, 204 Marie, $680/month. 2 bedroom, 1 bath,washer/dryer hook-up, garage.Non-smoking. No pets. 419-872-2131.POINT PLACE, 102ndStreet, 2 bedroom, $675/monthplus utilities. 419-466-1359.ROSSFORD, 156 BaconStreet. 4 bedrooms, 1 bath,basement, fenced yard. AvailableJuly 1. $850/month plusutilities and deposit. 419-666-6865.SHARE 3 bedroom housewith washer/dryer. By LevisCommons, $550/month includesutilities. 419-250-2840.SOUTH TOLEDO. 1,2 and 3bedroom spacious apartmenthomes with washer/dryer.Across from the StranahanTheater starting at $599. Callfor our specials, 419-389-0555.VACATION RENTALS2014 PERRYSBURG springbreak Atlantis Resort, Bahamas,$3,500. 419-351-0031.3 BEDROOM cottage, Michigan,1 hour away. $750/week.Good swimming, sleeps 8.419-873-9814.PLACE YOURVacation Rentalshere. Call us419-874-4491 toplace your ad.SITUATIONS WANTEDEXPERIENCED SEAM-STRESS. Over 30 years experience.Dressmaking, weddinggowns, bridesmaids, alterationsand veil design.419-874-5390.GOOD OLD fashioned housecleaning and organization.Honest, hard working. Ellie,419-308-9188.QUALITY, DEPENDABLEchild care in my Rossfordhome. 419-870-9747.PUBLISHER’S NOTICEAll real estate advertising in this newspaperis subject to the Federal FairHousing Act which makes it illegal toadvertise “any preference, limitationor discrimination based on race, color,religion, sex, handicap, familial statusor national origin, or intention to makeany such preference, limitation or discrimination.”Familial status includeschildren under the age of 18 livingwith parents or legal custodians, pregnantwomen and people securing custodyof children under 18. Thisnewspaper will not knowingly acceptany advertising for real estate which isin violation of the law. Our readers arehereby informed that all dwellings advertisedin this newspaper are availableon an equal opportunity basis.Call the Fair Housing Center, 243-6163, before you run your advertisement.To complain of discriminationcall HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777.The toll-free telephone numberfor the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275.PerrysburgReal EstateNews and Statsatwww.PerrysburgBlog.comPERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNAL — June 5, 2013 — Page 15R E A L E S TAT E179 ELM Street, Rossford.Single family home with largedetached garage, central airconditioning, full basement, 2bedroom, 1 bath, new carpetthroughout and enclosed frontporch. $66,000. Please call419-350-8198 for appointment.BEAUTIFUL HOLLANDoffices for lease. State of the artconference room, 24 hoursecurity, window and walltreatments. Full kitchen withauditorium available. Close toshopping, restaurants andhighways. Ample parking. CallJackie today at 567-703-8511.R.L. BaumgartnerBuilders LLCCondos at Grassy CreekFOR SALEOPEN 2p to 5p Sundays$169,900.00 to $179,900.00(1 complete, available now - 2more to be built customizedfor you.) Beautiful 2 bed 2 bath condos. Exceptional open conceptkitchen, dining, great room, granite tops, hardwood floors &fireplace. Master bedroom with en suite & walk in closet, generousguest bed with bath access. Storage galore, patio off of dining area.Full basement this unit. Energy efficient windows, furnace AC.call: Barb 419-215-1155 for info or appt….GET RESULTS. GET GREEN.OPEN Sunday 1:30-3 p.m.NEW PRICE! 25854 McCutcheonville Rd,PerrysburgNICE COUNTRY HOME!3 br, 2 ba on large lot. WBFPin FR. 26x40 barn.$152,000NEW PRICE!NEW PRICE!Call Mike Hoelter, Ext. 2778648 Avenue Rd.,Perrysburg3 BR, 2 BA with new carpet,fresh paint. Barn withloft.$73,500Call Terri Cookson, Ext. 28318930 Mercer Rd.,Bowling GreenTERRIFIC LOCATION! 4br., 1.5 ba. on .96 AC.Newer boiler w/ 4 zones.Between Perrysburg &BG.$199,000Call Wendy Headley, Ext. 119A. A. GREEN REALTY, INC.Infoline #419-539-1020419-931-7355www.aagreen.com26599 W. River Road – The only 4 bed, 3.5bath all brick basement ranch in The Sanctuary.Exceptional quality, 4,023 sq. ft.,2007 built. $675,000.26355 Seminary – $529,900 – SALEPENDING26270 Chapelgate – $625,000 – SOLD9719 Fairmeadows – $349,900 – SOLD26804 Riverford –$281,900 – SOLD14720 Ramblehurst –$224,900 – SOLDChris Finkbeiner419-874-3505Mobile 419-283-35056.7 ACRE RETREAT! Woods, pond, field- it's all here. Custom one-owner home, 3 -4 bedrooms, great room plus family room,island kitchen, many special features. Mortonbarn, Anthony Wayne schools, countrybut close to everything!! $349,750. OPENHOUSE – June 9, 2-4 – 9091 Salisbury.109 S. Third, Waterville – Pottery Barn interior,move in condition ranch, 3 beds, 2baths with master en suite. Large 2.5 cargarage plus storage sheds,nice deck. Walk to river anduptown!Deborah Schoen-GedertCRS, ABR419-262-0158www.ToledoHomeStore.comNEW LISTING!Real Estate. Real Experts. Real Results.482 S. River Rd.,WatervilleSPACIOUS 4 br., 3 ba.home. Numerous updates.Partial basmt. Home warranty.$229,900Call Wendy Headley, Ext. 11926327 W. Wexford,PerrysburgONE-OWNER CONDO!2 br, 2 ba w/open kitchen,FR w/fireplace, sun room.$161,900Call Mark Remeis Ext. 145Oregon & Ayers Road, PerrysburgACREAGE near Owens College in fast developing area.$15,000 - $25,000/ACCall Mike Hoelter, Ext. 277List your home with the real estate officethat has more than 30 years experience in Wood County!EQUAL HOUSINGOPPORTUNITY1045 N. Main St.Bowling Green, OH 43402419-352-5331www.aagreen.comPERRYSBURG 419-872-2410Info + Photos on all MLS propertiesgo to www.danberry.comOpen House– 1512 MichiganAvenue –Sunday, June 6,2-4 p.m. –Maumee brick,3 bedroom ranch, 2100+ sq ft., 2 full bathrooms,very large great room, FP, surroundsound. Master 4 closets and private fullbath. Fenced yard, largeworkshop w/electrical. Moveright in some appliances.MLS# 5054634Linda Arent, Realtor419-508-1112lindaarent@bex.net531 Harrison, Perrysburg – $234,900 – 4beds, 2.5 baths, large yard, openkitchen/family room.New Listing – Open Sunday 2-4 – 26650Ft Meigs Road, Perrysburg – $229,900 –Beautiful backyard with in-ground pool andshed, screened porch, huge master bedroomaddition!716 River Glen, Maumee – $214,900 –Beautiful 4 bed, 2.5 bath home on quietstreet, hardwood floors throughout, large 3season porch, master bath, partially finishedbasement, beautiful gardens.3078 Escott, SouthToledo – PENDINGBarb Stout, ABR, e-Pro419-346-7510www.barbstout.com116 Twinbrook – Brick 3 bedroom ranch,rec room, in-ground pool, new hardwoodfloors. $174,500.1272 Grassy Lane – Wooded ravine, firstfloor master, sunroom, new appliances, newfurnace. $286,660.3225 Cheltenham – 2 bedroom, fireplace,formal dining, screened porch, new furnace.Reduced to $113,900.1st Open Sunday, 2-4 p.m. – 29666 Shelbourne– Hamlet – Dramatic riverfrontproperty, 5,000 sq. ft. Granite kitchen, 4bedrooms, den, elevator, patios and decking.Garden apartment. Elegant familyhome. $1,150,000.612 Holbrook Court –SOLDDebbie McPeck419-874-3317419-893-48014788 COUNTY ROAD 16, WOODVILLE $168,500Stunning home on 1 acre adjacent to the golf course!25x11 gorgeous sunroom has ceramic tile, vaulted ceiling,tinted windows and skylights. 3 bedrooms, 2 fullbaths and divided basement. The master bedroom has amaster bath & walk-in closet. Quality throughout!32x30 pole barn with bar & kitchen area.1102 ERIE CT., WOODVILLE $122,000(CONDO!)Tastefully decorated & open floor plan! Spacious livingrm, family rm w/gas fp, dining rm & kitchen with anabundance of oak cabinetry, snack bar & appliances. 2big bedrooms & 2 full baths! Master has double closets& master bath, 1st floor laundry, c-air, 2 car attached garw/opener & awesome 15x12 covered deck!Terry A. Floroterryfloro@wellesbowen.com419-270-9667 or 419-855-8466WELLES BOWEN REALTORSRidgewood CrossingSubdivisionHome for Sale by Owner1655 Ridge Cross Rd.4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, finishedlower level, great backyardfor entertaining. Asking$231,900. 419-874-1073Twinplex RentalsFor Sale7338 and 7340 LunitasPerrysburg OhioBoth have 2 beds, 1 bath builtin 2006. Asking 134,900 obo.Private Lots (Gated Sub)30246 and 30230 JacquelinePlace, Rossford. Over halfacre lots. Priced to sell. Callfor details. Asking $46,500each.For more info contactTony Harp, Key Realty419-360-4277LAND FOR sale, 1.85 acres,Perrysburg Township, PerrysburgSchools. Parcel P60-400-210000065002, $42,000.Call 419-690-2183.Enjoy countryliving with aneighborhoodfeel!LAND FOR SALEREADYTO BUILD NOWOne acre lot of landlocated in Tontogany, OHinside a semi-privatecul-de-sac in HarleyWoods Subdivision off ofTontogany Road.This lot is ready to buildnow and has electric, citywater, natural gas, sanitaryand storm sewerscomplete with taps.Asking price is $55,000.Call Chet Welch for moredetails at 419-215-4482.AUCTIONSBehold The George Ross Ford Estate of Perrysburg’shistorical subdivision, The Hamlet. Known for its 17th centuryEnglish style, this riverfront estate has preserved its exquisitearchitecture beautifully. With over 11,500 square feet andmodern amenities including granite countertops in the kitchen formal dining room, wine cellar, and billiard room, this8-bedroom estate has it all! Truly an opportunity of a lifetime,and only available at absolute auction!Beth Rose Auction Co., LLC & Loss Realty Group419.534.6223 | BethRoseAuction.comABSOLUTE AuctionTuesday June 11 11 amBrokeer PartThe George Ross Ford Estate | The Hamlet29755 SOMERSET | PERRYSBURG | JUNE 15TH AT NOONPreview Sunday, June 2 ND And 9THNoon - 3:00 pmticipat tion Invited!OH/IN Discount Realty: REC.0000439981; David A. Kessler: 57196307479, BRK.0000113651; Jeffrey B. Doner: 20100000581,918 SF Office/Retail Building1445 South Reynolds Road, Toledo1,918 SF Office/Retail Building on 0.594 Acres • Zoned Office Comm.(CO) • Lg Parking Lot • Flexible Space • Heavily-Traveled LocationSells to the Highest Bidder, Regardless of Price!Inspection: Mon, June 3, 10 am - 12pmSee Website for Full Terms and ConditionsSeller: Local Union #1892 - UAW Building Association 10% Buyer’s PremiumDavid A. Kessler is the licensed auctioneer for this auction. Key Auctioneers is not alicensed auctioneer in the State of Ohio and is acting solely as the real estate broker.(855) 3 53-1100PERRYSBURG RIVER-FRONT. Panoramic riverviews from this 2,900square-foot hillside home. 3bedroom, 2-1/2 bath, timberframe with oak beams throughout3 story great room. Basementwith walkout lower levelto the river and docking forwatercraft. Located in an areaof million dollar plus homes.$599,000. Call 419-343-7035.Extreme Couponing classes setCoupon experts LatishaWilliams and Tasha Davisare scheduled to present thefundamentals of Digginginto Extreme Couponing,including terms, couponingrules, tips and tricks atthree Toledo-Lucas CountyPublic Library branch locations.The classes are gearedtoward beginners, but is agreat refresher course forcurrent couponers.This is a great way toshare information with fellowcouponers.The Digging into ExtremeCouponing class is offeredat the following locations:•Tuesday, June 11 atToledo Heights Branch Library,423 Shasta Drive.Call 419-259-5220 for information.•Saturday, July 13 atHolland Branch Library,1032 South McCord Road.Call 419-259-5240 for information.•Saturday, July 20 atSanger Branch Library,3030 West Central Avenue.Call 419-259-5370 for information.

Page 16 — June 5, 2013 — PERRYSBURG MESSENGER JOURNALKaren Swartz Memorial Walk raises awareness about child abuseand neglect in Wood County and seeks volunteers for CASAPUBLIC NOTICEPUBLIC HEARING/MEETINGCity of PerrysburgBoard of Zoning AppealsJune 10, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.The meeting is scheduled totake place in the MunicipalBuilding, 201 W. IndianaAvenue, Perrysburg, Ohio.AGENDA ITEMS:ZONING EXCEPTIONNO. 12-13 – The applicantis requesting a zoning varianceto permit the constructionof a single-familyresidence within the requiredrear yard setback.The subject property is locatedat 1863 WatermillLane.ZONING EXCEPTIONNO. 13-13 – The applicant isrequesting a zoning variancePUBLIC NOTICES“BECAUSE THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW”and a zoning exception topermit the construction of asingle-family residencewithin the required frontand rear yard setbacks. Thesubject property is locatedat 120 Locust Street.ZONING EXCEPTIONNO. 14-13 – The applicant isrequesting a zoning varianceto permit the construction ofa 6’ high fence in a commercialfront yard setback. Thesubject property is locatedat 25680 Dixie Highway.ZONING EXCEPTIONNO. 15-13 – The applicant isrequesting a zoning varianceto permit the construction ofa 6’ high fence in a residentialside yard. The subjectproperty is located at 556 E.Seventh Street.ZONING EXCEPTIONNO. 16-13 – The applicant isrequesting a zoning exceptionto permit the constructionof a single-familyresidence with a front porchwithin the required frontyard setback. The subjectproperty is located at 3299Chapel Creek Drive.The public is welcome toattend, review plans and/orprovide comment. Additionalpublic comments willbe received by the Planningand Zoning Office at 201 W.Indiana Avenue, Perrysburg;419-872-8060; FAX 419-872-8019; and/orwww.ci.perrysburg.oh.us.Brodin L. WaltersDeputy AdministratorPlanning and ZoningPublished in the Perrysburg MessengerJournal, issue of June 5, 2013.Italian language classes offeredA free “Easy Italian” languageclass will be offered forstudents in grades 5 to 9 thissummer.The class will meetJune 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 and26, from 9:30 to 10:30a.m., at Way Library. Studentswill learn basic vocabularyand Italian culture.Pre-registration is required.There is no fee for theclass.For more information or toregister, call Liz at 419-873-5425 or send an e-mail toeacr1999@yahoo.com.Card of ThanksOn May 18, we held our fourth annual Karen SwartzMemorial Walk for CASA at Woodlands Park. I am writingto express our thanks for the continued community support.The Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) programadvocates for Wood County children adjudged neglected,abused or dependent. These children find themselvesin circumstances not of their own making or choice. Yoursupport permits them a voice and the best chance to moveforward.On behalf of all of our board members, the CASA volunteersand the children served, thanks so much for caring.Phil Walton, presidentFriends of Wood County CASA BoardThe Friends of Wood County CASA recently held its fourth annual Karen Swartz Memorial Walk for CASA. People gatheredat Woodlands Park to raise community awareness about child abuse and neglect in the community and also to seekvolunteers for the Wood County Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian Ad Litem (CASA/GAL) program. The walkis named for Mrs. Swartz, a long-time CASA volunteer.The program recruits, trains, guides and supports CASA/GAL volunteers who represent the best interests of abused,neglected and dependent children in the juvenile court.Wood County Juvenile Court Judge David Woessner thanked those attending the walk and explained the importanceof the CASA program, stating that in this past year 116 children, including 16 newborns, were assisted by special advocates.Pictured above, from left, Karri Failor, daughter of Karen Swartz; Carol Fox, CASA director; Judge Woessner; PerrysburgCity Councilman Tom Mackin; Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge Dwight Osterud, and Phil Walton, Friends ofWood County CASA president.Below left, Deb Novach, Friends of Wood County CASA vice president, shows one of the 24 “fun facts” signs placedalong the walking path. “What are the total number of hours contributed by the CASA volunteers?”And, Natasha Schabazz, Zachary, Rachael and Kaitlin Pocock found the answer–more than 3,700 volunteer hours in2012. For additional information on CASA, visit the Web site at www.woodcountycasa.org.Goodwill Donation Pick up ServiceFree in Perrysburg!Donate LocalKeep it LocalPut Local PeopleTo Work!To schedule a home pick upor for more detailsCall 419-255-4778Tickets on salefor ‘Joseph’Tickets are now on salefor the Perrysburg MusicalTheater production of“Joseph and the AmazingTechnicolor Dreamcoat.”Tickets may be purchasedJune 13, 18 and 19, from6:30 to 8 p.m., at PerrysburgHigh School.Tickets also are availableonline, by mail or byphone. For more information,visit the Web site atwww.perrysburgmusicaltheatre.org.The show dates areJune 20-23, and ticketscost $12 for adults and $10for seniors and students.Tickets also will be on salean hour before every performance.The show isbeing directed by ClarkAusloos of Next Stage Studioswith musical directionby Michael Kadin Craig. Take advantage of an opportunity to introduce your business or organization to arearesidents with our annual “Progress in Perrysburg.” This special interest section ofthe Perrysburg Messenger Journal and on-line version will showcase your productsand services with a 300 word story and a photo.Will reach morethan 16,000homes andbusinessesPublication Date:July 2013and appearing online forone whole year!Deadline:June 15, 2013The Perrysburg Messenger Journal salutesFort Meigs 200th anniversaryCall 419-874-4491 today!117 E. Second Street, P.O.Box 267, Perrysburg, OH 43552 • 419-874-4491E-mail: allisonpittner@welchpublishing.com or editor@perrysburg.comWeb site: www.perrysburg.comUSDA CHOICERIB EYE STEAKSBONE-IN$9 99 CALIFORNIALB.USDA CHOICE - BONELESSHometownValuesPersonalizedCustomer Serviceis one of ourSpecialties!SMITH’SSMITH’SWHITE MILKWHOLE, 2%, 1%, FAT FREE2/$5ORANGE JUICE64 OZ.$1 99BONELESSSIRLOINPORK CHOPS$1 99BIG CHIEFENGLISH ROAST $3.49 LB.TENNESSEELB.DANNONOIKO’S GREEK YOGURT5.3 OZ.10/$10TOMATOES$2 99LB.REAL LUMP CRABCRAB CAKES3/$10BOAR’S HEADTAVERN HAMDELI SLICED$7 49LB.TOFT’SICE CREAM48-64 OZ.$2 88LB.SUGAR4 LB. BAG$1 88Limit 1“Good Things To Eat Since 1898”• USDA Choice Beef• Miller’s Amish Chicken• Homemade Kielbasa & Bratwurst• The Boar’s Head Brand Deli Meats• Bowman-Landis Free Range Fresh TurkeysGreat Wine Selection10% off by the caseHomemadeDeli SaladsFAMILY PACKGROUND BEEF$2 69LB.STRAWBERRIESPINT$1 88• Barry Bagels• Country GrainsBread Co.HOURS:M-F, 7:30 am–9 pmSat., 7:30 am–8 pmSun., 8:30 am–6 pmIn-Store BakeryIn-Store DelicatessenElm & 2nd Street419-874-4325www.kazmaiermarkets.comyyyyyyyyyySale good through Saturday, June 8, 2013

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