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Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHoisting systemsMH RamRigMH RamRig represents state-of-the-art technologywith a well proven and successful operational trackrecord since 1998. It can be applied to fixed andfloating drilling platforms. The concept’s inherentfeatures make it especially competitive on deepwaterrigs. The concept is available with single, double ortriple stand rigs with capacities delivered from 150 to1,000 tons, and can easily meet future demands forhigher hoisting capacity and setback capacity.The MH RamRig solutions have successfully operatedin international waters. This opens for drilling in harshenvironment and in ultra deep water areas. To operatein arctic waters it can be designed as winterised.A dual MH RamRig is the ultimate deep water rig.This rig provides dual rig functionality at a lower totaloperational cost than a comparable conventional dualrig solution.• Safety, fingerboard at drillfloor level. Less overheadoperations• Documented lower weight, reduced spacerequirements and improved safety compared toconventional drilling packages• Lower centre of gravity increases variable deck load(VDL) capacity• Highly flexible and accurate integrated long strokeactive/passive heave compensation and stateof-the-artcontrol systems, improved operationalefficiency• The impressive accuracy and built-in automateddrilling function results in a smoother well path, lessweight on bit (WOB) variations and optimisation ofthe rate of penetration (ROP)• No drawworks, considerably increased brakingcapacity and minimal risk of dropping the BOP/riser.Drillfloor and substructureDue to its unique design, tubulars on the MH RamRigare racked vertically from drill floor to lower setback,saving valuable deck space without reducing the rig’sdrilling capacities. The concept is therefore ideal fordeepwater operations. The vertical racking of tubularshas the following main advantages:• All pipe handling functions are independent of thehoisting operations• Opening and closing of the elevator always takesplace at drill floor level, not at high level in thederrick• Simplified equipment for horizontal to vertical pipehandling• Reduced possibility of dropping objectsThe elevated drill floor also enables a very efficientand safe working environment for handling BOP andsubsea equipment.> Dual MH RamRig

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHoisting systemsMH RamRigThe rams, or cylinders, are of the same type as thoseused in the well known MH crown compensators.The cylinders are coated with a non-corrodible anddurable ceramic layer extending the operating lifetimeof the cylinders. The rams have a noncontact positionmeasurement system with an accuracy of 1/100 mm.Key componentsThe hoisting system on the MH RamRig consistsof two or more cylinders (depending on capacityrequirements) instead of the conventional drawworksand derrick. The hoisting lines are of fixed length,parallel lines with one end anchored at the drill floor,the other end at the top drive. The lines are run overthe yoke sheaves, thereby transforming the push fromthe rams to upward lifting the force to the top drive.Subsequently, the travelling distance and speed ofthe top drive is double the stroking of the rams. Thestroking velocity of the rams is maximum 1 m/s (3.3ft/s), which gives 2 m/s (6.6 ft/s) travelling speed forthe top drive.Ram guidesThe ram guides replace the derrick or mast used ina conventional drilling set-up, and are built for thepurpose of guiding only, not for lifting. As the loadis taken by the drill floor structure, and not from thetop of a derrick structure, the MH RamRig conceptprovides a lower weight and center of gravity. Withramguides installed, there is no need for crown blockor travelling block.Hydraulic systemThe hydraulic system is used to power the hoisting,lowering and heave compensation operations. Thesystem is comprised of a number of hydraulic pumps(normally 8) driven by diesel engines or constantspeed AC motors, hydraulic reservoir, valves for modeselection and nitrogen accumulators. The system ishighly flexible and redundant in configuration. Theheave compensation system has three modes ofoperation. In passive mode, the nitrogen bottles aredirectly connected to the rams. In this mode, thesystem may operate continuously without the use ofelectric power. In semi-active mode, nitrogen bottlesand the hydraulic system work together to reducesystem friction. In the truly active mode, the hydraulicsystem is used to compensate for the heave.Equaliser assemblyThe equaliser assembly at drillfloor level absorbsuneven wire stretch and ensures even load stress ofthe wires during their lifetime.> Dual MH RamRig

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHoisting systemsWirth drawworksAker Solutions offers electrical Wirth drawworksconcepts in classic or premium lines providing someof the most advanced drawworks in the industry.Our state-of-the-art gear-driven drawworkstechnology has been supplied as state-of-the-art tothe oil industry for either on or offshore applications.The major reasons are improved safety, optimalperformance and control, significant weight reductionand increased reliability. Combining the differentperformance characteristics of dynamic brake anda regenerative brake via the drive motors with anintelligent, automated drawworks control systemprovides a standard of performance and safetythat can hardly be achieved with a chain-drivendrawworks.Innovation of drilling efficiency• Gear-driven design• With AC or DC main drive configuration• Short or long version to suit every drill floor layout• Supplied with all necessary control systemsProviding the following advantages• Three independent braking systems for the highestsafety• Increased life-time and endurance• Higher speeds by using four quadrant drive mode• Frequency-controlled AC-motors• lntegrated autodrillerGear-driven design results in• High performance• High availability• Lower weight• Less noise and vibration> Wirth multi-speeddrawworks GH 4500EGWirth offers three basic gear-driven drawworksconcepts for different applications to suit variousperformance requirements.• Multi-speed• Two-speed• Single-speedAvailable in a range from 1250 to 6 000 for hoistingcapacities up to 314 000 lbs in conjunction withoptimised hook speed.> Wirth multi-speeddrawworks GH 6000EG>> Wirth multi-speeddrawworks GH 2500EG

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHoisting systemsWirth drawworksComplete state-of-the-art drawworks controlpackages consist of• DICS - Drawworks interface and control system• ZPS - Zone positioning system including dynamicanti-collision system functions• ECS - Eddy current brake control system• ADS - Auto-driller system• WPS - Wireline protection system• DBS - Dual brake system• BBS - Battery back-up systemDBS - dual brake system redundant disc brakesystemSecond disk brake system installed directly on thedrive motor.Advantages• Double disc brake system leading to double safety• Fail-safe spring-operated configuration• Intelligent fully redundant PLC controlled set-up• Extended availability of drawworks• Constant maximum brake power• Provides full redundancy to main disk brake• Adaption of required brake torque on conjunctionwith the respective hook load and speedADS - auto driller systemThe integrated auto-driller as an independent systemconfirms redundancy to the main drive system.• AC frequency controlled independent drivearrangement• Maximised drilling effiency• Automatic drilling operation• Minimised downtime• Smooth block controlThe capacity to build in an auto-driller is easilydone by adding an extra AC drive arrangement,independent from the main drive system.Features• Continous, automatic weight-on-bit, DDM torque,rate of penetration or pump pressure control• Emergency lifting and lowering capacity• Easy operation with simple handling• Complete monitoring of the drilling process• Enhanced safety and equipment protection• Interactively settable limits for all parametersWPS - wireline protection system smoothesemergency stopsThis unique systems avoids bird’s nest effects, therebyoptimising protection for personnel and equipment.Advantages• Protects your drawworks against the bird’s nesteffect• Smoothes emergency stops during hoistingoperations• Fail-safe system• Reduces downtime and equipment damage tosave costs• Extends the wireline lifetime• Increases availability• Optimises number of roundtrips• Easy to retrofit on existing Wirth drawworks

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHoisting systemsWirth drawworks with 4-Q driveMulti-speedType GH 1250 EG DC GH 1500 EG AC GH 2000 EG DC GH 2500 EG DC GH 2500 EG ACPower rating HP 1250 1500 2000 2500 2500Hook loadkNlbs x 1000277662429616654536101951891166445810025611118052481179600413498-lines8-lines12-lines 14-lines 10-lines 12-lines 12-lines 14-linesMax. hook m/s 1.81 1.81 1.54 1.32 1.85 1.54 1.54 1.32Speed ft/s 5.9 5.9 5.0 4.3 6.00 5.00 5.0 4.3Multi-speedType GH 3000 EG AC GH 4000 EG DC-SV GH 4500 EG AC GH 6000 EG AC GH 6000 EG-01 ACPower rating HP 3000 3750 4500 6000 6000Hook loadkNlbs x 10006698150512-lines7663172214-lines6951156212-lines7953178714-lines8881199612-linesMax. hook m/s 1.54 1.32 1.75 1.5 1.75 1.5Speed ft/s 5.0 5.7 4.9 5.7 4.910161228314-lines11900267514-lines1.54.913982314016-lines1.123.67Single-speedType GH 1500 EGAC-1GGH 3000 EGAC-1GGH 6000 EGAC-1GPower rating HP 1500 3000 6000Hook load kNlbsx 10001720386202545528156323449774690015508120182510-lines 12-lines 8-lines 10-lines 10-lines 12-linesMax. hook m/s 1.29 1.075 0.99 0.79 1.29 1.075Speed ft/s 4.23 3.52 3.22 5.57 4.23 3.52Two-speedType GH 1500 - 3000EG DC-2GGH 3300 EGAC-2GPower HP 2000 3300ratingHook load kNlbsx 10004914110056221260792017808890198012-lines 14-lines 14-lines 16-linesMax. hook m/s 1.24 1.06 1.02 0.89Speed ft/s 4.06 3.05 3.34 2.91Product linesWirth drawworks are available in two different productlines. The exact specifications of the productsdepends on customers requirements. Proven,standardised products characterise the “classic line”mainly used for onshore applications. The “premiumline” products guarantee the highest quality and atailor-made solution to suit all customer requirements.Premium line• State of the art equipment• Complying to the highest offshore standards• Including all of the features to provide the customerwith a superior product• Tailor-made to best suit the customer requirementsClassic line• State of the art equipment• Complying to onshore standards• Features are optional• 100 percent standardised product

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHoisting systemsMH drill line drumThe MH drill line drum provides safe and reliabledrill line handling in a heavy duty offshore workingenvironment.Key features• Designed for optimum performance, quality andreliability• The hydraulically driven MH drill line drumprovides safe and reliable drill line handling in aheavy duty offshore working environment.• For quick and easy operation during cut and slip ofthe drill line wire is installed in a cradle equippedwith hydraulic motor(s) and gearbox with brakes,intended for spooling of wire• Can be delivered with drill line diameters in therange 1 3/8 - 2 in (34.9 – 50.8 mm), and also 56mm (approx. 2 3/16 in) drill line wire• Can be equipped with weather cover for protectionagainst salty and damp environments if requiredTechnical dataModel Drill line capacity Drill line size Max line pull Max wire delivery speedBG81 10.000 - 16.500 ft (3.000 - 5.000 m) 1 3/8 - 1 3/4 in 11,2 kN (2.520 lbf) 20 m/min (66 ft/minute)BG82 10.000 ft (3.000 m) 2 in 30 kN (6.740 lbf) 18 m/min (59 ft/minute)BG83 10.000 ft (3.000 m) 56 mm 30 kN (6.740 lbf) 18 m/min (59 ft/minute)MH travelling blockKey features• Designed for optimum performance, quality andreliability• Hook load capacity ranges from 350 to 1.350sh.tons• Drill line wire capacity in the range 1 1/2 - 2 3/16 in(56 mm). The wire sheaves are grooved for thespecified drill line wire size.• The equipment is designed in accordance withAPI 8CTechnical dataModel Hook load Drill line size Lifting lug capacity No of sheavesBX34 500 shT (454 shT) 1 1/2 - 1 5/8 in 55 shT (50 mT) 6BX31 650 shT (590 shT) 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 in 55 shT (50 mT) 7BX35 750 shT (680 mT) 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 in 55 shT (50 mT) 7BX39 1.000 shT (907 mT) 2 in 88 shT (80 mT) 7BX42 1.350 shT (1.220 mT) 56 mm 132 shT (120 mT) 8

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHoisting systemsMH deadline anchorThe MH deadline anchor is used as anchor for the drilllines coming from the crown block, and is bolted tothe drill floor or to the derrick leg.Key features• Designed for optimum performance, quality andreliability.• Used as an anchor for the drill line and is boltedeither to the drill floor or to the derrick leg.• Supports drill line diameters in the range 1 3/8 -2 in (34.9 – 50.8 mm), and also 56 mm (approx. 23/16 in) drill line wire.• The bit weight is measured using either hydraulictension, hydraulic compression or electric tensionload cells• MH deadline anchor can be manually rotated foreasy cut and slip of drill lineTechnical dataModel Max line pull Drill line size Mounting Manual Load cell typerotationBX81 150.000 lb (68 m. tons) 1 3/8 - 1 3/4 in Floor-mounted No Hydraulic/electric tensionBX82 160.000 lb (73 m. tons) 1 3/4 - 1 5/8 in Leg-mounted Yes Hydraulic compressionBX83 140.000 lb (64 m. tons) 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 in Floor-mounted Yes Electric tensionBX84 140.000 lb (64 m. tons) 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 in Floor-mounted Yes Hydraulic compressionBX85 200.000 lb (91 m. tons) 2 in Floor-mounted Yes Hydraulic compressionBX86 200.000 lb (91 m. tons) 56 mm Floor-mounted Yes Hydraulic compression

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