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What Drives the Initial Market Performance of ... - IPO-Underpricing

What Drives the Initial Market Performance of ... - IPO-Underpricing


judgement of the investors reached during the book-building procedure: in this case we noticed that theunderpricing is not statistically different from zero.After having rejected the hypothesis that in Italy privatization IPOs and equity carve-outs are intentionallymore underpriced than other offerings, we regressed the underpricing against some variables pointed out bythe literature as proxies of information asymmetry, uncertainty, risk, investors' sentiment.When the offer price is fixed the underpricing is particularly affected by the age of the firm, the systematicIPO risk and the market momentum and volatility. In IPOs with book building the age of the firm is nolonger significant and proxies of market sentiment do play a minor role. On the contrary, the fraction ofequity capital held by the controlling shareholder and the accounting value of the assets seem not to berelevant.We claim that book building allows the issuing parties to collect information from the informed investorsand to signal good news or bad news to uninformed investors through the revision of the prospectus pricerange. Therefore, the cost of raising private information is reduced and the requested underpricing is lower,even negative if the public information conveyed by the market momentum is discouraging.Finally we explored the short-run return of IPO stocks. We showed that generally the first-day returncontains almost all the underpricing. We found a group of IPOs (which we named "cold" IPOs) exhibitingpersistent negative initial return. We also pointed out that in some cases IPOs are initially underpriced but inthe following weeks they turn to negative cumulated return. We related this fact to underwriters' temporaryprice support in the first days of trading: they short sell shares prior to the IPO and cover their positioneither exercising the green shoe option (in "hot IPOs") or purchasing shares on the market after the listing(in "cold IPOs").Such results stimulate to advance some remarks about the Italian IPOs market. The number of firms goingpublic in Italy has recently increased, but we are much far from the standard of EU countries: thereforeoften IPOs are considered as a speculative opportunity more than an occasion to diversify portfolios. The26

sudden reversal from huge IPO underpricing in 1999 (especially on the Nuovo Mercato) to the negativeinitial returns in 2000 has troubled many Italian small savers. This is particularly the case of informationtechnology and telecom IPOs, such as Finmatica.Remarkably, the evolution of the placing procedure, from fixed price offerings to book building, hasconsiderably improved the efficiency of Italian IPOs market. Yet, it is a pity that in Italy no transparencycharacterizes underwriters’ activism after the listing. As soon as possible the market authorities shouldarrange a list of detailed information to be filed and published by the underwriters when trading shares afterthe listing.27

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