Portable Hybrid Power Sources For Extreme Environments - Corrente


Portable Hybrid Power Sources For Extreme Environments - Corrente

Portable Hybrid Power SourcesFor Extreme EnvironmentsPaolo Fracas – CEOwww.genportna.comITALY – USA GREEN ECONOMY DAYNew York, 27 September 2012

Problems and SolutionPortable Power SourcesAcid LeadBatteriesheavy and bulkyDiesel Generatorsnoisy andunreliableMissionCore TechnologyOwned Patents! Maximizeenergy density! Zeroenvironment impact! Providereliable power in extremeconditionsPortable Hybrid Generators! Fuel Cells long runtime! Batteries easy, quick start! Solid H 2 light, safe energy! PV fuel independentSmart Lithium Ion BatteryPack! Battery ManagementSystemsMonitoring, balancing! Battery selection30.000 cells! Custom designsupporting evolution! Hybrid battery fuel cell! Solid hydrogen! Ergonomic wearable! Hybrid solar fuel cell

MarketOpportunityDemandApplications! Global Total Market Size ~ 1,2 B$ in 2016 (F&S)! Shipments ~ 7 Million Units (Pike Research)!

Company OverviewGenport North America Corp.EstablishedFebruary 2012HeadquarteredPurdue Research FoundationWest Lafayette, INLaboratories (2013)Battery Innovation CenterWestgate, INShareholdersGenport srl – 100 %Technology PartnersPurdue University

Company OverviewGenport srlEstablished in 2009HeadquarteredVimercate (Italy), laboratories at Politecnico (Milan)ShareholdersPolitecnico Milan, Genbee, Petrone GroupTechnology PartnersPolitecnico of Milan (IT), Texas Instruments (USA), ArbinInstruments (USA), Schunk (D), ENEA Casaccia (IT), CNR (IT),HIAT (GE)

CompanyTeamLean OperationExperienced team of engineers (6 - Italy, 2 - Indiana by 2012)Research at Politecnico of Milan (IT), Purdue University (IN)ManagementPaolo Fracas (CEO Genport srl / CEO Genport North America Corp.), electricalengineer, post graduate international studies at MIT, 24 years managerialexperience in multinational companies, 10 years experience in FC.Giovanni Dotelli (CSO), chemical engineer, Associate Professor at Politecnicoof Milano, 24 years experience in material science, more than 80 publications,16 years experience in FC.Franco Fattorini (Chairman Genport srl), industrial chemist, MBA at HenleyManagement College (UK), entrepreneur, 24 years managerial experience.Francesco Della Porta (President Genport North America Corp.), Economist, MAEconomics University of Cambridge (UK), Master in Industrial Management,Stanford University, 32 years managerial, entrepreneurial experience.Additional member BOD – Genport srlProf. Riccardo Pietrabissa (Full Professor of Politecnico di Milano, Director of CNR)Dr. Raffaele Petrone (Chairman of Petrone Group)

Strategic PartnersMarket entryCurrentPartners - ITPotentialPartners - US

Ion Lithium!Battery PacksCustom Lithium Battery Packs! Mechanical Engineering, Battery Management Systems (BMS)! Engineering directly into the host equipment! Different cell configurations as well as a range of connectors! Pack using cells extensively tested in a range of harshenvironments! Interface allowing communication via SMBs

MobilePower SourceWearable power source • 300 Watts nominal poweroutput (400 Watts peak power) • Voltage: 24 Vdc,230/110 Vac • Operating Temperature Range 5C - 40C •Immediate startup • Automatic startup • No thermalsignature • Low noise • Green Hydrogen Fuel:GENFUEL, Metal Hydrides • Rugged water-proof case •Cover in lightweight carbon fibers based composite •Indoor use • CE compliant

Portable Solar – Fuel CellPower SourceGENIOL / GenPV! GenH 2 !G300 HFC !Oxygen for water purificationGenfuel!GboxH 2 !• Modular Portable continuous power source • 1400 Watts peak power output • 24 Vdc, 230/110 Vac • Runtime 24Hours / 7 days without external fuel • No thermal and acoustic signature • Rugged, water-proof, shock/vibrationsresistant case.

GrowthStrategyEuropeNorth America! Develop GENPORT as engineering company! Design and Production of Battery Packagesfor Medical and Military Applications! Revenue expected in 2012 $ 300.000! Strong Engineering team! Strong relationship with customer based! Well established qualified network! Research & Development next generation ofHybrid Fuel Cells! Management of IP and corporate investors! Revenues expected in 2013 / 2014! Company located in Purdue Technology Parkwell connected with CRANE (NAVSEA)! Prospect member of Battery Innovation Centersubcontractor

Key FinancialFiguresRevenue streamGovInstitutionsOEMsAgentsDistributors! Cash flow positive and break-even by 3 years! Revenues in 4 years 15 M$

Thank youpaolo.fracas@genportna.comwww.genportna.com

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