1 What are the colors of our flag? Red, white, and blue 2 What do ...


1 What are the colors of our flag? Red, white, and blue 2 What do ...

Question1What are the colors of ourflag?Red, white, and blueUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion2What do the stars on theflag mean?One for each stateUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question3How many stars are thereon our flag?There are 50 stars on our flag.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion4What color are the stars onour flag?The stars on our flag are white.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question5How many stripes are thereon our flag?There are 13 stripes on our flag.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion6What do the stripes on theflag represent?PennsylvaniaVirginiaNew HampshireNew YorkRhode IslandConnecticutNew JerseyDelawareMarylandMassachusettsThe first 13statesNorth CarolinaUSCIS Civics Flash CardsGeorgiaSouth Carolina

Question7What colors are the stripeson the flag?The stripes on the flag are red andwhite.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion8How many states are therein the Union (the UnitedStates)?WashingtonOregonIdahoNevadaUtahCaliforniaArizonaMontanaWyomingColoradoNewMexicoNorthDakotaSouthDakotaNebraskaKansasOklahomaMinnesotaIowaWisconsinMissouriArkansasIllinoisOhioKentuckyTennesseeMichiganIndianaAlabama GeorgiaVermontNewYorkPennsylvaniaVirginiaNorthCarolinaMaineNew HampshireMassachusettsRhode IslandConnecticutNew JerseyDelawareMarylandWest VirginiaSouth CarolinaTexasAlaskaLouisianaMississippiFloridaUSCIS Civics Flash CardsHawaii50 states

Question9What do we celebrate onthe 4th of July?IndependenceDayUSCIS Civics Flash CardsSCOTLANDQuestion10Independence Daycelebrates independencefrom whom?WALESENGLANDGREATBRITAINIndependencefrom GreatBritainUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

SCOTLANDQuestion11What country did we fightduring the RevolutionaryWar?WALESENGLANDGREATBRITAINWe foughtGreat Britainin theRevolutionaryWar.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion12Who was the first presidentof the United States?GeorgeWashingtonUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question13Who is the President of theUnited States today?George W. BushUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion14Who is the Vice Presidentof the United States today?Dick CheneyUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question15Who elects the President ofthe United States?The Electoral CollegeUSCIS Civics Flash CardsThe Electoral College is not a place. Itis a process that began as part of theoriginal design of the U.S. Constitution.The Electoral College was establishedas a compromise between election ofthe President by Congress and electionby popular vote. The people of theUnited States vote for the electorswho then vote for the President.Question16Who becomes President ifthe President dies?The VicePresidentUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question17What is the Constitution?The supreme law of the landUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion18What do we call changes tothe Constitution?AmendmentsUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question19How many changes, oramendments, are there tothe Constitution?Twenty-seven amendmentsUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion20What are the three branchesof our government?Executive, Judicial, and LegislativeUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question21What is the legislativebranch of our Government?CongressUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion22What makes up Congress?The Senate and the House ofRepresentativesUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question23Who makes the Federallaws in the United States?CongressUSCIS Civics FlashQuestion24Who elects Congress?The citizens ofthe UnitedStatesUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question25How many Senators arethere in Congress?There are100 Senatorsin Congress,2 from eachstate.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion26For how long do we electeach Senator?6 yearsUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question27Name two Senators fromyour state.The answer to this questiondepends on where you live.For a complete list of UnitedStates Senators and the states theyrepresent, go to http://www.senate.gov.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion28How many voting membersare in the House ofRepresentatives?There are 435 voting members inthe House of Representatives.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question29For how long do we electeach member of theHouse of Representatives?For 2 yearsUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion30Who is the head of theExecutive Branch of theU.S. Government?The PresidentUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question31For how long is thePresident elected?The President is elected for 4 years.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion32What is the highest part ofthe Judiciary Branch of ourGovernment?The SupremeCourtUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question33What are the duties of theSupreme Court?To interpret and explain the lawsUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion34What is the supreme law ofthe United States?The ConstitutionUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question35What is the Bill of Rights?The first 10amendmentsto theConstitutionUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion36What is the capital of thestate you live in?The answer to this questiondepends on the state whereyou reside. To learn thecapital of your state, go to http://www.firstgov.gov and select the stategovernment link.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question37Who is the current Governorof the state you live in?The answer to this questiondepends on where you live.To learn the name of theGovernor of your state, go tohttp://www.firstgov.gov and selectthe state government link.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion38Who becomes President ifboth the President and VicePresident die?The Speaker of the HouseUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question39Who is Chief Justice of theSupreme Court?John G.Roberts, Jr.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion40USCIS Civics Flash CardsWhat were the original13 states?PennsylvaniaVirginiaNew HampshireNew YorkGeorgiaSouth CarolinaRhode IslandConnecticutNew JerseyDelawareMarylandNorth CarolinaMassachusettsVirginia,Massachusetts,Maryland,Rhode Island,Connecticut,New Hampshire,North Carolina,South Carolina,New York, New Jersey,Pennsylvania, Delaware,and Georgia

Question41Who said, “Give me libertyor give me death”?PatrickHenryUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion42Name some countries thatwere our enemies duringWorld War II.Germany, Italy,and JapanUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question43What was the 49th stateadded to our Union (theUnited States)?ALASKAAlaskaUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion44How many full terms can aPresident serve?Two full termsUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question45Who was Martin LutherKing, Jr.?A civil rightsleaderUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion46USCIS Civics Flash CardsWhat are some of therequirements to be eligibleto become President?A candidate forPresident must•be a native-born,not naturalized,citizen,•be at least 35years old, and•have lived in theU.S. for at least14 years.

Question47Why are there 100 Senatorsin the United States Senate?WashingtonOregonIdahoNevadaUtahCaliforniaArizonaMontanaWyomingColoradoNewMexicoNorthDakotaSouthDakotaNebraskaKansasOklahomaMinnesotaIowaWisconsinMissouriArkansasIllinoisOhioKentuckyTennesseeMichiganIndianaAlabama GeorgiaVermontNewYorkPennsylvaniaVirginiaNorthCarolinaMaineNew HampshireMassachusettsRhode IslandConnecticutNew JerseyDelawareMarylandWest VirginiaSouth CarolinaTexasAlaskaLouisianaMississippiFloridaHawaiiUSCIS Civics Flash CardsEach state elects 2 senators.Question48Who nominates judges forthe Supreme Court?The Presidentnominatesjudges for theSupreme Court.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question49How many Supreme CourtJustices are there?There are 9 Supreme Court Justices.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion50Why did the Pilgrims cometo America?To gain religiousfreedomUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question51What is the executive of astate government called?The GovernorUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion52What is the head executiveof a city governmentcalled?The MayorUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question53What holiday was celebratedfor the first time byAmerican colonists?ThanksgivingUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion54Who was the main writerof the Declaration ofIndependence?ThomasJeffersonUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question55When was the Declarationof Independence adopted?July 4, 1776USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion56USCIS Civics Flash CardsWhat are some of the basicbeliefs of the Declaration ofIndependence?That all men are created equal andhave the right to life, liberty, and thepursuit of happiness

Question57What is the national anthemof the United States?The Star-Spangled BannerUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion58Who wroteThe Star-SpangledBanner?FrancisScott KeyUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question59What is the minimumvoting age in the UnitedStates?18 is the minimum voting age.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion60Who signs bills into law?The PresidentUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question61What is the highest court inthe United States?The Supreme CourtUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion62Who was President duringthe Civil War?Abraham LincolnUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question63What did the EmancipationProclamation do?TheEmancipationProclamationfreed theslaves.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion64What special group advisesthe President?The Cabinetadvises thePresident.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question65Which President is calledthe “Father of our Country”?GeorgeWashingtonUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion66Which President was thefirst Commander-in-Chief ofthe U.S. Army and Navy?GeorgeWashingtonUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question67What was the 50th state tobe added to our Union (theUnited States)?HAWAIIHawaiiUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion68Who helped the Pilgrimsin America?The AmericanIndians/NativeAmericansUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question69What is the name of theship that brought thePilgrims to America?The MayflowerUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion70What were the 13 originalstates of the United Statescalled before they werestates?ColoniesUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question71What group has the powerto declare war?Congress hasthe power todeclare war.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion72Name the amendmentsthat guarantee or addressvoting rights.The 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26thamendmentsUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question73In what year was theConstitution written?TheConstitutionwas written in1787.USCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion74What are the first 10amendments to theConstitution called?The Billof RightsUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question75Whose rights areguaranteed by theConstitution and theBill of Rights?All people livingin the UnitedStatesUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion76What is the introduction tothe Constitution called?The PreambleUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question77Who meets in the U.S.Capitol building?CongressUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion78What is the name of thePresident’s official home?The White HouseUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question79Where is the White Houselocated?Washington, DCUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion80USCIS Civics Flash CardsName one right or freedomguaranteed by the firstamendment.The rights of freedom of religion,of speech, of the press, of assembly,and to petition the Government

Question81Who is Commander-in-Chiefof the United Statesmilitary?The PresidentUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion82In what month do we votefor the President?NovemberUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question83In what month is the newPresident inaugurated?JanuaryUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion84How many times may aSenator or Congressmanbe re-elected?There isno limit.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question85What are the two majorpolitical parties in theUnited States today?The Democratic and RepublicanpartiesUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion86What is the executivebranch of our government?The President,the Cabinet, anddepartmentsunder the cabinetmembersUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question87Where does freedom ofspeech come from?The Bill of RightsUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion88What U.S. Citizenship andImmigration Servicesform is used to apply fornaturalized citizenship?Form N-400(Application forNaturalization)USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question89What kind of governmentdoes the United Stateshave?A RepublicUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion90Name one of the purposesof the United Nations.USCIS Civics Flash CardsFor countries to discuss and try toresolve world problems or to provideeconomic aid to many countries

Question91Name one benefit of being acitizen of the United States.USCIS Civics Flash CardsTo obtain Federal Government jobs, totravel with a U.S. passport, or to petitionfor close relatives to come to the UnitedStates to liveQuestion92Can the Constitution bechanged?Yes, the Constitution can be changed.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question93What is the most importantright granted to UnitedStates citizens?The rightto voteUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion94What is the White House?The President’sofficial homeUSCIS Civics Flash Cards

Question95What is the United StatesCapitol?The place where Congress meetsUSCIS Civics Flash CardsQuestion96How many branches arethere in the United Statesgovernment?There are 3 branches.USCIS Civics Flash Cards

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