SLHN February 2013 - Sydney Local Health District
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SLHN February 2013 - Sydney Local Health District

Message from the Chief ExecutiveThe start of 2013 has seen some new faces join our District. Sydney LocalHealth District welcomed its junior doctors to Royal Prince Alfred, Balmain,Concord and Canterbury hospitals.Dr Teresa AndersonSydney Local Health DistrictChief ExecutiveThe interns are undertaking their first placements, andwill be exposed to different specialties, cases andenvironments, including regional hospitals in Dubbo andBroken Hill.The District is fortunate to have some of the best andbrightest talent beginning their careers with us. The internswill benefit from the support and guidance of our dedicatedclinical training and medical administration staff. This issure to help them on their way to a successful future inmedicine. Please join me in welcoming our new recruits.We also welcomed the new General Manager of RoyalPrince Alfred Hospital, Deb Willcox.Deb comes to us from HealthShare NSW where she was theDirector of Customer Service and Corporate Governance.She has extensive clinical experience and has worked onthe frontline, training and working as a nurse at RPA for16 years. Following this, she worked in senior roles for theMinistry and as an adviser to government. She has alsoworked in the not-for-profit sector in mental health researchand has been admitted as a legal practitioner in NSW.I encourage all staff to welcome Deb to this important role.As part of an ongoing consultation process, the Districtheld a community meeting on 29 January to finalise plansto install an Automatic Dispensing Machine at Redfern.Redfern has one of the highest rates of HIV and hepatitisC in Australia due to high levels of injecting drug activity.ADMs are a proven health strategy, which have helped toreduce these infection rates within the community.The new state-wide uniform is being rolled out thismonth, and the new human resources and payroll system,StaffLink, will also soon be available for staff use. Pleasecheck the SLHD intranet for more information on both theuniforms and StaffLink.2013 is going to be a busy and challenging year forthe District as we bed down the new funding reformand progress actions against our strategic plan. Withyour assistance and commitment to our patients andcommunity, I am sure 2013 will be another successful yearfor the District in achieving excellence in healthcare for all.Message from the Chair, District BoardIt is with great pleasure that Sydney Local Health District welcomestwo new Board members, Associate Professor Christine Giles andDanny Lester.The Hon. Ron PhillipsSydney Local Health DistrictBoard ChairmanAssociate Professor Giles brings a strong background in health policy and strategy, and has held a number ofleadership and advisory roles in the public and private sectors. Her strategic thinking and extensive knowledge ofthe health sector will be an asset to the delivery of the District’s strategic goals and vision for the future.With a passion to improve the social and economic well-being of Aboriginal people, Danny Lester will make aninvaluable contribution to the delivery of health equity, education, training and employment opportunities forAboriginal communities across our District. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in senior management,and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Aboriginal Employment Strategy.Associate Professor Giles and Mr Lester join our existing Board members, Dr Barry Catchlove, Dr John Daniels,Trevor Danos, Dr Thomas Karplus, David McLean, Frances O'Brien, Professor Paul Torzillo AM and Victoria Weekes.The District is fortunate to have Board members from a range of backgrounds that offer a well-rounded approachto the management of the District.I look forward to continuing to work with our Board and the District Executive throughout the year as we continue toachieve our strategic goals and deliver plans that guide the future of our services.One such plan is the inaugural five-year strategic plan for Sexual Health Services, which has been launched thismonth. The plan is based on national and state-wide policies and will provide direction and strategies to reducethe spread of sexually transmissible infections including HIV and hepatitis B and C.I will keep you updated throughout the year of our progress towards delivering on all our strategic plans.2 HealthMatters Sydney – it’s your local health district

Familiar face returns to RPAA personal and professional dreamhas become a reality for RoyalPrince Alfred Hospital’s new GeneralManager – Deborah Willcox.Her affiliation with the hospital runs deep. Shewas born at RPA’s former maternity hospital,King George V, and returned years later to trainand work as a nurse in the neurology ward andintensive care unit.Her exposure and awareness of healthcare cameat an early age as she witnessed her grandmotherbattling illness for some time. The very tragicpassing of her father led her to pursue a nursingcareer in the hospital and she was fortunate topresent her uniform and cape to him the weekbefore he died.Some of her fondest memories in her 16 yearsof nursing at RPA include the relationshipsforged with patients and their families who sharetheir lives at the most difficult of times, and thecamaraderie experienced with her colleaguesespecially in those early days living in the QueenMary Nurses' home.In 1995, Ms Willcox shifted from the clinical sideto policy. While studying law, she was approachedto work for the then NSW Minister for Health asa nursing adviser. There she was able to use herfrontline experience to influence changes to thepublic health system.As the former deputy Premiers' chief of staffin the portfolios of planning, housing andAboriginal affairs, she gained exposure to fieldsthat are intrinsically linked to improving healthoutcomes in the community. Her role at theSchizophrenia Research Institute equipped herwith an understanding of research and mentalillness. She has also held a number of executiveroles at Health NSW, the latest being Director ofCustomer Service and Corporate Governance,HealthShare NSW.She now returns to where it all began. Usingher extensive clinical, policy and managementexperience, Ms Willcox will work closely withstaff at the hospital and across the District tobuild on RPA’s leading national and internationalreputation in the areas of research, education andhigh quality patient care.“Coming back to RPA is like coming home. I amhonoured to take on this role but also mindfulof the immense responsibility that comes withit. I also know I am surrounded by some of thebrightest minds and most dedicated staff in thepublic health caresystem. I lookforward to workingwith them to carefor our communityand ensuringthe patients inour care receivethe very best wecan provide,”Ms Willcox said.New Board membersSydney Local Health District has welcomed two new Board members, Associate Professor Christine Giles and DannyLester. Together with the existing members, Associate Professor Giles and Mr Lester bring a wealth of experienceand local knowledge to the management of our District.Associate Professor Christine GilesAssociate Professor Christine Giles brings a wealth of experience in health policy, governance andmanagement in the health and aged care sectors. Associate Professor Giles is a current Board memberof the Menzies Centre for Health Policy and Executive Director and Head of Policy and Strategy at CancerAustralia. Her experience spans the public and private sectors in Australia, and overseas where she wasan advisor to the World Bank in health policy reform. She is a strategic thinker and accomplished leaderin delivering health reform and creating a positive culture that delivers organisational goals.Danny LesterDanny Lester has a passion to improve social and economic well-being for Aboriginal people. Forover 15 years he has held senior management roles, excelling in leadership, financial management,business planning and developing high performance teams that achieve outstanding service delivery. Heis currently the Chief Executive Officer of Aboriginal Employment Strategy ltd and has overseen majorinnovation and change in the education, training and employment of Aboriginal communities.HealthMatters3

Research M a t t e r sPromising study in skin cancerpreventionA study involving almost 400 people may provide the breakthroughin the prevention of skin cancer.Professor Diona Damian and Professor Gary Halliday of the Department of Dermatology at RoyalPrince Alfred Hospital are part of a team researching the prevention of skin cancer through theuse of vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide).The team was awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council grant for its ‘Ontracstudy: Oral Nicotinamide to reduce actinic cancer.’Professor Diona Damian said a key focus of the research was to prevent skin cancer byharnessing the skin’s own immune defences.“We know that UV radiation causes skin cancer in two main ways – it causes mutations in skincells, and it suppresses the immune system that would normally seek and destroy abnormalcells,” Professor Damian said.“Preliminary studies have found that vitamin B3 provides the energy needed to strengthen skinimmunity and to boost skin repair.“A clinical trial with 75 heavily sun-damaged volunteers found that taking 500mg vitamin B3tablets over a few months reduced the number of precancerous ‘sunspots’ by more than athird. There was also an early finding that new skin cancers were dramatically reduced in thesepatients,” Professor Damian said.These findings now need to be confirmed in a larger number of patients.The ‘Ontrac study’ involves close to 400 people taking vitamin B3 tablets for 12 months. Thevolunteers in the trial are those who have had at least two non-melanoma skin cancers, suchas basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas, biopsied or cut out in the past five years. Thesepatients are at a very high risk of developing additional skin cancers.“Through this study we will explore whether vitamin B3 can reduce skin cancers in 400 of ourmost sun-damaged, skin cancer-prone patients.“We hope to find safe, affordable and accessible approaches that could improve quality of lifefor people with skin cancer,” Professor Damian said.The study is currently underway, and should be completed within the next two years.The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at RPA isexcited to announce the launch of TheWeekend to End Women’s Cancers.This is the sister event to the alreadyvery successful Sunsuper Ride toConquer Cancer which raised $22million across four cities in Australialast year. If you took part in the rideyou will already know how polished andprofessional these events are.Be part of the life changing experiencethat is The Weekend.Join now to benefit the Chris O’BrienLifehouse at RPA and help end allwomen’s cancer. Visit Mental Health UnitThe existing buildings of the Missenden MentalHealth Unit are almost all demolished, and servicediversion works are also nearly finished.The tender for the main construction contractorcloses this month. The contractor will then beappointed. Until that time, the detailed design ofthe facility is on hold.For more information, please visit the projectwebsite: Diona Damian… one step closer to preventing skin cancer.4 HealthMatters Sydney – it’s your local health district

Bright future for nurse leadersExciting times ahead for the 2012 graduating class of the Leaders of the Future program .December was a leadership packedmonth for Leaders of the Futureparticipants and the Centre forEducation and Workforce Development.The development program available to nurses andmidwives includes 10 months of learning a hostof leadership and management concepts.The inaugural class had the opportunity to developa well-rounded vision of management styles andpractices, and was inspired and encouraged by awonderful group of presenters including SydneyLocal Health District’s director of nursing andNew era of nursingTechnical ability, excellentcommunication, interpersonal skills,critical thinking, complex problemsolving and decision making abilities.These are the characteristics of a nursepractitioner and Royal Prince AlfredHospital’s first group of neonatal nursepractitioners fit the bill perfectly.In 2008, RPA Newborn Care embarked on anew model of nursing with the implementationof a Newborn Care Advanced Neonatal NursingPractice course. The unit is now fortunate to havethree registered nurses who have completed the18 month course. Sara Kenny and Lisa Shentonhave been endorsed as nurse practitioners, andSara Brown is continuing her masters degree inpreparation for endorsement in early 2014.The nurse practitioner model is designed toexpand the responsibilities, contribution andinfluence of nurses. From the outset, RPA’smidwifery Katharine Szitniak.The course coordinator from CEWD, Jess Crause,said she really enjoyed working with the group. Theyconstantly raised thought-provoking questions.“I think the lifelong relationships they built witheach other are so valuable and the concepts theylearnt will be heavily used along their leadershipjourney. I will certainly miss their happy faces andenthusiasm in the classroom,” Ms Crause said.Many participants have already securedleadership positions within their facilities,including nursing unit manager from Concordnewborn nurse practitioners were trained toperform procedures typically undertaken bydoctors, such as prescribing medication andordering tests. This allows for greater autonomyand responsibility when caring for patients.RPA Newborn Care’s clinical nurse consultantAssociate Professor Sandie Bredemeyer and thehead of the department, Associate Professor NickEvans, were instrumental in securing funding forthis program. Sandie also worked closely withour three candidates during the course of theirstudies.“I am so proud of Sara, Lisa and Sarah. Observingtheir courage and determination to meet thechallenges of the role, their growing confidenceand expanding professional responsibilities are anexcellent example of what committed registerednurses can achieve,” Associate ProfessorBredemeyer said.“These nurses are also excellent role models forour young nursing colleagues. Two registeredHospital Rebecca Hibbard.“The Leaders of the Future program wasan excellent introduction into leadership,management and continued learning. It gave methe basic knowledge and confidence I needed toapply for and accept an acting NUM role,” MsHibbard said.CEWD is now working with the second intake ofnurses and midwives.“We look forward to sharing the leadership journeywith our new class, and we welcome our future 27leaders of the health system,” Ms Crause said.nurses will this month start RPA’s next nursepractitioner program, and with guidance andsupport from Sarah Kenny (NP) and Lisa Shenton(NP), I am sure they too will succeed in thissignificant role change,” Sandie said.Congratulations to RPA’s new neonatal nursepractitioners, and best of luck to our newcandidates.Lisa Shenton, clinical tutor Dr Girvan Malcolm, Sarah Kennyand Sara Brown… on the nurse practitioner journey.HealthMatters 55

StaffLinkNew look payslipIn April 2013, Sydney Local HealthDistrict will be introducing a newhuman resources and payroll system,known as StaffLink. All SLHD staffwill receive a new printed payslip andwill have access to online payslipsvia Employee Self Service.While most information on the payslips will notchange, it will be presented in a new format andcontain more information. The system allowsemployees to view, print and save payslips assoon as pay is processed. They can also selectpayslip delivery preferences – email (work andpersonal email accounts) or online viewing.ESS will allow all staff to view and updatepersonal human resource and payroll informationonline, anytime, through a secure site. While HRand the HealthShare Service Centre staff will stillbe available for assistance, and all current staffwill initially receive a printed payslip, ESS addsanother layer of service, allowing staff to accessand change their details at a time that best suits.For further information on how to read yourprinted payslip, please refer to the Payslip Guide: any questions, please email further information on StaffLink ESS and MSStraining modules please visit: Doyle showing StaffLink to Therese Gharsa. StaffLink training starts this month for Employee Self Serviceand Manager Self Service. Professional user interface computer training will start in March for staff with specialisedaccess to StaffLink.ADO balancesAs of April 2013, Allocated Days Offwill automatically accrue throughStaffLink, the new HR informationsystem. Staff will be able to viewADO balances online once loggedinto their StaffLink account throughEmployee Self Service.Staff are encouraged to keepADO balances within the awardmaximum as excess ADOs willnot be transferred into StaffLink.Staff members with more than themaximum accrued ADOs needto make arrangements with theirmanager to use these as soon aspossible, or seek urgent advice fromtheir facility HR department.ADOs can only be taken as wholedays. If a staff member takes a halfdayADO, it will be recorded as afull day in StaffLink. The taking ofADOs should also be determined inagreement between the employeeand the manager, with regard toservice requirements.For further information, click on thenew StaffLink button on the SLHDintranet and go to the ‘ADO Fact Sheet’.Sexual Health PlanThis month, Sydney Local Health District launched its inaugural five year strategic plan for Sexual Health Services.The plan, which is based on national and state-wide policies, will provide strategic direction and strategies to reduce the spread of sexuallytransmissible infections, including HIV and hepatitis B and C.Within the District, infection rates of HIV and hepatitis B and C are above state average. At the core of the plan is the message that increasingcommunity awareness is the key to reducing infection rates and therefore, improving public and population health.The importance of actively engaging affected groups including those who may be marginalised is also recognised and is another key focus ofthe strategy.Royal Prince Alfred’s Sexual Health clinic provides services including STI testing and treatment, counselling, sexual health check-ups andoffers advice on contraception and safe sex practices.6 HealthMatters Sydney – it’s your local health district

Know your NGOs: The Gender CentreHigh volume short stay surgeryLast year, Canterbury Hospital was successful inbeing funded for a high volume short stay surgicalmodel of care. The model of care will be housedin a dedicated unit, which is currently being builtat the hospital.The high volume short stay unit is for patientsthat have planned surgery requiring a hospitalstay of up to 72 hours. This includes day only orextended day surgery (23-hour surgery).The new unit will provide a host of benefits forpatients including, better access to plannedsurgery, decreased waiting times, a greaterunderstanding of their hospital stay and how long itwill be. It will also improve the way elective surgeryis run at Canterbury Hospital by concentratingsuitable types of surgery in the one unit.Providing care and support at the darkest of times… the Gender Centre’s senior case manager, ElizabethCeissman, and outreach worker Michelle Wood.When everything seems to bespiralling out of control, whenfaced with overwhelming healthconditions that lead to depression,it helps to know places like theGender Centre exist to lend ahelping hand.Through dedicated case work and outreachstaff, the Gender Centre supports transgenderpeople navigate an array of complex issues tobring about positive change in their lives.The Centre is faced with a range of healthconcerns from mental health to long termphysical problems that are at times a resultof long term homelessness and roughsleeping. HIV and AIDS related conditionsare also encountered, which pose significantchallenges to the person with the illness, theirfamily and friends.A client of the centre who has HIV was recentlydiagnosed with peripheral neuropathy – acondition that damages the nerves that carryinformation to and from the brain. This hasmeant she has to change a lot about herlife and her care needs as the damage isspreading rapidly. The case work team hashelped the patient navigate issues and regainindependence, such as finding suitableaccommodation and supporting a friend tobecome her full time carer. The case workersalso encouraged the client to seek counsellingthrough the Centre, which is helping heraddress depression brought on by the changein her condition.The Manager of the Gender Centre, PhinnBorg, said the client’s willingness to engage inher case plan and use services indicated thatthe Centre was meeting her very unique andcomplex needs.“We provide a holistic service to ensurecontinuity in care and case plans. Thismeans clients do not need to re-tell theirstory to multiple services to achieve desiredoutcomes,” Mr Borg said.The Gender Centre is one of 30 nongovernmentorganisations that benefit fromfunding under the Sydney Local Health DistrictNGO Program. The funding allows the casework team and the counselling programto provide invaluable early interventioninitiatives and help clients take proactivesteps to maintain their wellbeing, dignity andindependence.To have your NGO featured, please Gender Centre is located at7 Bent Street, Petersham NSWOpening hours9:00am to 12:00pmand 1:00pm to 5:30pmMonday to FridayContact: (02) 9569 more information,please visit the website organisation forumSydney Local Health District is home to the largestgroup of non-government organisations out of anydistrict in NSW and later this month, the Districtwill hold its inaugural NGO forum.SLHD contributes over $16 million to 30 NGOs,which provide wide ranging services that assistthose affected by numerous different healthconcerns including, dementia, mental healthissues, drug and alcohol dependence and HIV andAIDS related illnesses.For more information or for details on the event,please contact Lyn Bearlin on 9395 2181 giving programInterested?Sydney Local Health District continues to seea rise in the number of staff signed up to theworkplace giving program, with a total of 2,608staff (over 22 per cent) now part of the program.Through workplace giving, staff make a taxdeductible donation of $1 a week to support theBarbara May Foundation. Help make a lifechangingdifference, join workplace giving today: only takes a dollar a week to make a big difference –John O’Grady, Ann Kelly and Dr Andrew Browning.HealthMatters7

In the spotlightThe best thing about my job is… Seeing sickchildren get better.A typical day at work for me involves…Seeing acutely unwell children, supervisingresident medical officers, liaising between thechildren’s ward and the emergency departmentand trying to improve the system to make the RPAexperience better for children and their families.When I’m not at work I like to… Runridiculously long distances.When I was a child I wanted to be… Older.A little-known fact about me is… I gotmarried two months ago and my wife is also apaediatrician.The last book I read was… Tim Keller’s EveryGood Endeavour about how to do work better.My top three movies are…Inception, Cinema Paradiso, and The General.If I had to describe myself in three wordsor less they would be… Calm, focused andeccentric.My colleagues would describe me as…Relaxed and reliable.If I won the lottery I would… Know that it mustbe a mistake.It’s not fashionable but I love… Classicalmusic.I’m at my happiest when… I’m walking in themountains, away from cars, crowds and mobilephones.My guilty pleasure is… Dessert and moredessert. Chocolate and cheesecake are good, butI’m always open to other possibilities.I’d love to learn… Better diplomatic skills – avital part of work that doesn’t get taught.The best advice I’ve ever been given is…Never lose your temper.Phil Coote – Staff specialist, Paediatrics,Royal Prince Alfred HospitalUniform roll outSoon, identifying the NUMs from thecaterers, and the allied health staff fromadministration, will be a whole lot easier.A new state-wide uniform is being rolled out thismonth. This means that staff across all districts willbe in the same uniform making it easier to identifywho is who.The new look offers more choice for staff and is a freshupdate on the current attire. All items are made fromhigh quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear.Staff are encouraged to attend implementationsessions being held at each facility. Session timesare available here: nurse educator, Josephine Sequeira, registered nurseRobert Maxwell and physiotherapist Cassandra Nielsen….trying out the new uniforms.Produced by: Sydney Local Health DistrictDesign & Print by: Horizon MediaPrinted on Precision Offset PEFC CertifiedISO 14001 Environmental AccreditationHealthMatters is all about you. We would love to hear yourstories. Simply email

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