New Orleans

New Orleans

ISSUE TWO, 2005S O U T H P A C I F I CNew OrleansMardi Gras, WorldMarkand all that JazzOWNER EDUCATION • EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL DEALS

CONGRATULATIONS!We have many winners to congratulate this issue. Firstly to Donna Carpenter who won our GoDirect to Fiji competition, just by choosing to pay her levies by direct debit! We wish Donnaa relaxing holiday as she enjoys her prize of 7 nights accommodation at WorldMark DenarauIsland for 2 adults with return economy airfares.Dorothy Tibbs was the winner of our New Year’s Crazy Credits competition, and the winners ofthe 10,000 Bonus Holiday Credits competition are John and Jo-Anne O’Loughlin. At a recentWorldMark owner’s day in Brisbane, Belinda Ashford received a trip to New Zealand thanks toInterval International for telling the best holiday story, while the Shooter family won a holiday toIreland (thanks to Trendwest South Pacific and Interval International)!Donna Carpenter being presentedwith her holiday by Adrian Frenchfrom TrendwestRESORT GUIDE ADDITIONSNEWSBelinda Ashford being presented with herholiday by Jayne Rattray from IntervalInternationalWhen we went to press with the 2005 WorldMark Resort Guide, the credit values and seasondates for New Orleans weren’t available. Since then, a new apartment type has been addedto Seattle, and we discovered our San Francisco values were printed incorrectly. So here arethe updated values for you to cut out and stick into your Guide! You’ll find the page numberlisted under each resort’s season dates.2005 2006 Apartment MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN TOTAL1000 1000 1000 1000 1950 1950 1100 9000775 775 775 775 1550 1550 800 70001300 1300 1300 1300 2600 2600 1600 120001100 1100 1100 1100 2200 2200 1200 10000Studio(Sleeps 2)NEWSOneBedroom(Sleeps 4)RedJan 1- Jan 5Jan 13- Jan 21Feb 14- Feb 20Feb 26 - Oct 14Nov 21- Nov 27Dec 10- Dec 31RedJan 1- Jan 3Feb 11- Feb 24Mar 1- Oct 15Nov 17- Nov 30Dec 11- Dec 31San Francisco, California - page 50WhiteJan 6 - Jan 12Jan 22 - Feb 13Feb 21- Feb 25Oct 15 - Nov 20Nov 28 - Dec 9WhiteJan 4 - Feb 10Feb 25 - Feb 28Oct 16 - Nov 16Dec 1- Dec 10HOUSEKEEPING UPDATEOwing to rising maintenance expenses,housekeeping fees will rise on 1 May 2005 tothe following:Standard Deluxe PenthouseStudio $501 Bed $602 Bed $70 $73 $763 Bed $76 $79 $822005 2006 Apartment MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN TOTALRedJan 1 – Jan 2Feb 18 – Feb 27Apr 25 - Oct 6Nov 21 - Dec 31WhiteJan 31 - Feb 17Feb 28 - Apr 24Oct 7 - Nov 20BlueJan 3 - Jan 30RedJan 1 – Jan 5Feb 17 – Feb 26May 1 - Oct 8Nov 20 - Dec 31WhiteFeb 3 - Feb 16Feb 27 - Apr 30Oct 9 - Nov 19BlueJan 6 - Feb 2Seattle, Washington - page 87Studio(Sleeps 2)StudioPlus(Sleeps 4)OneBedroom(Sleeps 4)TwoBedroom(Sleeps 6)TwoBedroomDeluxe(Sleeps 6)TwoBedroomPenthouse(Sleeps 6)Please note that you receive a freehousekeeping service for each full block of10,000 holiday credits owned, and that if youdo not use your holiday credits in a particularyear, your free housekeeping is carried forwardto the next year.1000 1000 1000 1000 1950 1950 1100 9000775 775 775 775 1550 1550 800 7000550 550 550 550 1100 1100 600 50001100 1100 1100 1100 2200 2200 1200 10000875 875 875 875 1750 1750 1000 8000675 675 675 675 1300 1300 700 60001300 1300 1300 1300 2600 2600 1600 120001100 1100 1100 1100 2200 2200 1200 10000875 875 875 875 1750 1750 1000 80001550 1550 1550 1550 3050 3050 1700 140001300 1300 1300 1300 2600 2600 1600 120001100 1100 1100 1100 2200 2200 1200 100001600 1600 1600 1600 3200 3200 2200 150001400 1400 1400 1400 2800 2800 1800 130001200 1200 1200 1200 2400 2400 1400 110001750 1750 1750 1750 3450 3450 2100 160001550 1550 1550 1550 3050 3050 1700 140001300 1300 1300 1300 2600 2600 1600 120002005 2006 Apartment MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN TOTAL800 7000775 775 775 775 1550 1550550 550 550 550 1100 1100 600 50001000 1000 1000 1000 1950 1950 1100 9000Studio Hotel(Sleeps 2)Studio(Sleeps 2)RedJan 1- Jan 8Jan 30- May 7May 22- Oct 8Nov 20- Nov 26Dec 18- Dec 31RedJan 1- Jan 9Jan 31- May 8May 23- Oct 9Nov 21- Nov 27Dec 19- Dec 31775 775 775 775 1550 1550 800 70001300 1300 1300 1300 2600 2600 1600 120001100 1100 1100 1100 2200 2200 1200 10000875 875 875 875 1750 1750 1000 8000New Orleans, Louisiana - page 63One Bedroom(Sleeps 4)WhiteJan 9- Jan 29May 8- May 21Oct 9- Nov 19Nov 27- Dec 17WhiteJan 10- Jan 30May 9- May 22Oct 10- Nov 20Nov 28- Dec 18BlueN/ABlueN/A3

NEW ORLEANSWhen listing the most romanticcities in the world, there arethe obvious few that cannotbe missed – Paris, Rome, even London.Surprisingly, there is a city in the middleof the United States that can lay claim totopping them all. And, not only that, ithas a rich culture, beautiful architectureand spirituality to ensure your visit willbe the trip of a lifetime, whatever theoccasion.New Orleans’ luscious mix of Spanisharchitecture, the French language andAfrican spirituality dispute the veryfact that it is an American city. But theMississippi runs past the oldest part oftown, reminding everyone that whatmakes this city so special is the blend ofcultures, cuisine, language and life.WorldMark South Pacific owners cannow visit this amazing city with theopening of WorldMark New Orleans.The resort sits at the entrance to the city’sGarden District. The historic St. Charlesstreetcar stops right outside, so gettinganywhere - especially the French Quarter- is a snap. WorldMark New Orleansfeatures all the comforts owners havecome to expect of the Club, as well as anoutdoor swimming pool, a roof-top spaand sun deck, and a full service spa andsalon.The convenient location of the resortallows visitors easy access to some ofthe city’s major attractions, includingthe Garden District, the French Quarter,famous Bourbon Street, the AudubonZoo and the Aquarium of the Americas.But above everything else, New Orleansis most famous as the jazz capital ofthe US. Jazzfest is one of the longestrunning and biggest music festivals andfeatures some of the best American andinternational jazz musicians in the world.In 2005, Jazzfest will be held from April22 to May 1, but if you are unable to visitduring the festival you will not miss out.A visit to the French Quarter at any timeof the year will see you uncover hundredsof alluring restaurants and jazz clubs.If you have heard anything about NewOrleans, chances are you know it is aparty town. The biggest party by far is theMardi Gras. The Carnival season usuallybegins in New Orleans in January andincludes lavish balls and parades. MardiGras is the final event in the Carnivalcalendar and is celebrated the day beforeAsh Wednesday – the beginning ofLent. The parades usually have themes,borrowed from mythology, history orHollywood. Mardi Gras has become aNew Orleans institution and, if yourtrip coincides with Carnival season, itwill leave you with not only long-lastingmemories, but also the party of your life!Even if you miss Mardi Gras or Jazzfest,make sure you check for eventshappening in the city, because thereare so many festivals and events thatwhatever time of year you visit, there’sbound to be something happening.But, of course, New Orleans isn’t justabout partying or carousing in the FrenchQuarter. The city’s streetcars are theperfect way to explore the city, especiallythe American Sector. If shopping is whatyou crave, the streetcars will deliver youto the famous Magazine Street. Withalmost 10km of shops, boutiques andrestaurants, it’s a shopper’s paradise.If you want to explore the city on foot,why not undertake a personalisedwalking tour on the banks of theMississippi? Printed walking guides,including all of the city’s majorattractions are available from touristand visitors shops throughout the city.Or if you have been on your feet a littletoo long, why not take a riverboat cruisealong the mighty Mississippi? Enjoythe opportunity to view what has beencalled the world’s most unique city whilecruising the largest river in the US.Experience true southern hospitalitywith a visit to an original plantationhome. The southern style architecture ofthe homesteads, such as the Oak Valleyplantation, built in 1839, will awaken atime gone by. Another tour at the Laura,Creole Plantation, a short drive fromNew Orleans, has been voted the best4

history tour in the US by Lonely Planet.The tour is based on the memoirs ofLaura Locoul Gore, who lived on theplantation for almost 100 years. Toursof other plantation homes run fromNew Orleans, where visitors will hearinteresting, amusing and spooky storiesof the home and its history.New Orleans is renowned as the mosthaunted city in the US. It is also thehometown of author Anne Rice, famousfor her Vampire Chronicles. The city hasthus become a mecca for those seekingexcitement and mystery. New Orleanshas many houses that are thought to behaunted, and there are several ghost andvampire tours that operate throughoutthe city. Another source of interest formany are the unique New Orleans aboveground cemeteries, or Cities of the Dead,as the locals refer to them. The numerouscemeteries scattered throughout the cityare the final resting places of many of thecity’s famous figures, such as renownedvoodoo queen Marie Laveau.Aside from being one of the mostromantic and unique cities you’re likelyto ever visit, New Orleans also offerseveryone from families, singles, couplesand friends an endless array of activities.The Aquarium of the Americas is in thetop five in the US and features the largestcollection of sharks and jellyfish. There isalso a rare white alligator, penguins andotters on displays that are always beingupdated. The aquarium is just a shortstroll from the French Quarter.Those who enjoy the finer things in lifewill be able to tantalise their tastebudswith visits to what is perhaps the mosteclectic city of restaurants in the world.New Orleans has become famous forits cuisine. It is possible to interpret thehistory of the city through a range ofmagnificent dining experiences. The mixand mish-mash of Creole and Cajunfood, as well as French and Spanish willhave your mouth watering and yoursenses enticed. If it is something light thatyou crave, you will find a New Orleanssignature dish - beignets (ben-yeas), alight puff of French pastry covered withpowdered sugar, perfectly accompaniedby a cup of café au lait, at any one of thecafés or patisseries in the French Quarter.The city’s reputation as the cultural centreof the southern states is well justified byits abundance of museums, art galleriesand theatres. New Orleans is also hometo the United States official World War IImuseum, the National D-Day Museum.Located nearby is the Ogden Museumof Southern Art and the ContemporaryArts Centre. Be treated by a night at theNew Orleans Ballet or Opera – the oldestopera in North America. The city alsohosts a number of travelling shows andoriginal productions as well as Broadwayplays and music acts at various theatreslocated throughout the area.Whatever you are looking for – be itculture, history, romance or just plainfun, New Orleans will leave its mark oneveryone, young or old. But the NewOrleans Visitors Bureau has a warning forall those who see their city:“There is a Southern expression thatsignifies the welcoming attitude aroundhere… ‘y’all come back and see us.’ Butask someone who has moved to NewOrleans permanently why they are here,and expect to hear a much repeatedstory: ‘Well, I came here for Mardi Gras,(or Jazz Fest, or to visit a friend, or for awedding), and I never left.’”One visit will leave you hooked!MEMPHIS, NEW ORLEANS, THE CARIBBEAN AND LOS ANGELES26 Sep - 13 Oct 2005A special land and cruise packageexclusively for WorldMark owners!Visit the best that the US has to offer -Memphis, New Orleans and Los Angeles.In Memphis you will experience ElvisPresley’s famous Graceland. Included inthe package is entry to see the mansion,plane and car museums, followed by acomplete tour of the home of the blues.In New Orleans, the city that gave theworld jazz, the party atmosphere willcontinue with visits to Bourbon Streetand the French Quarter. A cruise alongthe Misissippi River is also included.From New Orleans, cruise across theCaribbean before returning to NewOrleans and flying to Anaheim, hometo the “Happiest Place on Earth”– Disneyland. Shop till you drop atSouth Coast Plaza or work on yourtan. Also included is a full-day tour ofLA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Thepackage includes all meals while aboardCarnival Conquest.Package includes: Return airfares toLos Angeles; airpass LA/Memphis/NewOrleans/LA; 3 Star accommodation andday tours in Anaheim, Memphis & NewOrleans as specified; 7 night WesternCaribbean Cruise inside cabin Cat 4A,including all meals and port chargeswhile aboard.FROM* 10,000 credits plus $5,315ppplus taxes OR $6,114pp twin shareex Bne/Syd/Mel Plus taxes of approx.$199-$220pp, depending on city ofdeparture.(AU) 1300 550 762(NZ) 0800 550 762(FJ) 008 003*For Travel Club conditions, see page 6.EXCLUSIVE TOWORLDMARK OWNERS!5

WORLDMARK TRAVEL CLUBYOUR COMPLETE TRAVEL AGENCY:Use your credits All your travel requirements International travel Cruises Package dealsNEW YEAR GALAP&O Pacific Princess “New Year Gala”12 Nights, 6 ports – ex Sydney 28 DecWhen it comes to glamour andsophistication, Pacific Princess is in aclass of her own. You’ll be transportedback to the days of romantic ocean linersby her plush interiors and outstandingservice. Only limited space available.Cat AB, Mini suite / balcony 10,000credits plus $4,460 pp*Cat C, Outside deluxe twin 10,000 creditsplus $3,364 pp*YASAWA ISLANDS CRUISEWhy not finish your holiday atWorldMark Denarau Island with a fournightCaptain Cook Cruise to shelteredbays and islands in the remote Yasawas?Package includes: all meals on-board,snorkelling equipment, glass-bottomedboat excursion, village and island visits,cultural activities, meke and lovo feastTwin-share bunk beds 10,000 creditsplus $682 pp*; State room twin/double10,000 credits plus $985 pp*; Tabuatwin/double 10,000 credits plus $1,252pp*Valid for travel Apr – Nov 2005SINGAPORE SAVERReturn economy class airfares flyingQantas; 4 nights accommodation HotelPhoenix - twinshare; full breakfast daily;late check-out to 4pm; morning at thezoo tour; return airport / hotel / airporttransfers by coachEx BNE/OOL/SYD/MEL from 10,000credits plus $615 pp*plus taxes of approx. $154 to $250depending on city of departureValid for travel 1–24 Apr, 25 Jun – 13 Jul,9 Sep – 9 Oct, 17 Nov – 7 DecSurcharge of $78 applies for departures17 – 24 JuneTOP END ESCAPEExplore the majestic and alluring Top End, with thisspecial package designed to ensure you have thefreedom to discover all the area has to offer. Tourthe Top End by campervan and enjoy two nights inDarwin.Package includes: 2 nights accommodation inDarwin, Territory Wildlife Park entry; 5 days BritzHitop campervan hire.Add Yellow Water & Katherine Gorge cruises for only$73*6 nights from $235 pp* (Code TDTTA2)*Price per person twin share, inclusive of GST,subject to change and limited availability. Validfor sale until 30 Jun 2005. Valid for travel 1 May- 30 Jun 2005.Accommodation nights must be consecutive.CENTRAL AUSTRALIAGETAWAYEver dreamed of experiencingAustralia’s amazing red centre? ThisCentral Australia Getaway will leaveyou in awe of the natural wonders thatare in Australia’s backyard!5 nights from $544 pp*(Code TDCTA2)Package includes: 2 nights 4.5 staraccommodation Alice Springs; 1 night3.5 star accommodation Kings Canyon;2 nights 3.5 star accommodation AyersRock Resort; 5 days vehicle rentalunlimited km’s; Ayers Rock Aboriginalguided walk.Add Sounds of Silence dinner for $139*Price per person twin share,inclusive of GST, subject to changeand limited availability. Valid forsale until 30 Jun 2005. Valid fortravel 1 Apr - 30 Jun 2005. Vehiclerental terms and conditions apply.Contact us for travel costs from other capital cities, single supplements, costs for children, or for a detailed itinerary.*Terms & conditions apply. Packages are per person based on twinshare. Subject to availability. All costs are in Australian Dollars and are correct at time of printing. Transfers, visas, taxes, andinsurance are not included. In the event that prices vary and/or exchange rates fluctuation, WorldMark Travel Club reserves the right to adjust the prices at any time. GST is included whereapplicable. Minimum number of credits to be used per booking 5,000, minimum five working days notice to use credits. Cancellations and amendments to be paid in cash. WorldMark SouthPacific Travel Club is operated by Trendwest Travel. ABN 71 090 106 077. BOX 7493, GCMC QLD 9726 TAG#1753Travel Club: (AU) 1300 550 762 • (NZ) 0800 550 762 • (FJ) 008 003 •

MAIL BAG + HOLIDAY MEMORIESDear Destinations South Pacific magazine,A great story from our latest WorldMark holiday - a wonderfully memorable 50th anniversaryreunion.Lillian and I were married in Brisbane 50 years ago last November, and our favourite weddingphoto was taken at our reception by a close work mate of mine at the time, Len Milliken. Lenand his wife Narelle now live at the Gold Coast, and Lillian and I live in Sydney.For some time since we retired, we have been inviting them to come and stay with us for aweek or two in Sydney. And so we were delighted when they said in their last Christmas cardthey would like to come here early this year. We phoned them immediately and the dateswere decided.We then thought where will we take Narelle and Len to make this a memorable reunionfor us all. Our decision - let’s include three days in the Hunter Valley, staying at WorldMarkPokolbin Hill.A concert at the Opera House, a day on the ferries on Sydney Harbour and a visit to Olympic Park were all great. However, themany vineyards with their wide variety of “Cellar Doors”, the galleries, craft shops and the magnificent Hunter Valley Gardens,all coupled with the excellent accommodation and very helpful staff at WorldMark Pokolbin Hill, made these three days thehighlight of our anniversary reunion holiday.Thank you WorldMark for enabling us to enjoy these three fabulous days at Pokolbin!Best Regards,Lillian and Ralph SchubertHave you got a great story from your latest WorldMark holiday? Write in to our Mail Bag and if your letter is printedyou will receive a 3 night accommodation certificate for the WorldMark South Pacific Club resort of your choice* - don’tforget to enclose a photo to help make your story come alive!*Letters may be edited for space & clarity. Terms & conditions apply and are available from the editor – see page 2 cover for contactdetails.Share your favouriteholiday memories andbe in the running toWIN A HOLIDAY!The theme for the coming year is“Family and Friends“. We are lookingfor photos of high quality that trulycapture the feeling of being onholidays.KIRSTEN & STUART CAMPBELLWorldMark Cape Schanck holiday‘Lachlan on Puffing Billy ’Semi-finalists win a $50 cheque andthe best photo of the year wins oneweek at a WorldMark South PacificClub resort of choice. E-mail entries mail to: Destinations South PacificPhoto Contest, WorldMark SouthPacific Club, Box 7493, Gold CoastMC, Queensland 9726, Australia.Conditions: All entries must have been taken by an owner on a WorldMark or exchange holiday or Owner Event. Photos that have been digitally altered will not beeligible to win. Please label each print with your name and owner number and include a description of where the photo was taken. Only one winning entry per personper year. Images will not be returned. By entering this contest, participants agree to free use of their photographs by WorldMark and Trendwest South Pacific, includingpublication in future issues of Destinations South Pacific magazine.7

CLUB TOURSClub Tours are organised exclusively for WorldMark owners. These escorted tours offer you theopportunity to visit amazing locations around the world while enjoying the convenience of aprofessional and knowledgable tour guide!NEW ZEALAND17 – 29 Nov 2005 (13 days 12 nights)A land renowned for its natural beauty and spectacular scenery,this Club Tour will see you travel across both the North and SouthIslands, taking in the country’s history, culture, nightlife, adventure,natural attractions and friendly atmosphere!Includes: Air conditioned coach & commentary; allaccommodation; Waitomo glow worm caves; Aucklandorientation; Wairakei geothermal power station; view Huka FallsTaupo; Ferry Crossing from North Island to South Island; visitLarnach Castle Dunedin; Olveston House Dunedin; RainbowSprings & Farm Show; Milford Sound Cruise; Maori Hangi &Concert; Church of the Good Shepherd Lake Tekapo; meals peritinerary; escorted by a WorldMark Representative; WhakarewarewaThermal Reserve & Maori Arts & Crafts Museum.From* 10,000 credits plus $2,180 plus taxes pp OR$2,980 plus taxes pp ex Bne/SydAUSTRALIA’S TOP END18–25 Jun 2005 (8 days / 7 nights)Be inspired by the vibrant wildlife of Kakadu, the majesty of theKatherine Gorge, and crystal-clear water holes of Litchfield. Notto mention being surprised by the relaxed, yet thriving city ofDarwin.Land content only: please contact Travel Club for the best airfarepackage from your city of departure.Includes: 7 nights accommodation; air-conditioned coach &commentary; escorted by a WorldMark Representative; entryinto National Parks; Darwin Sunset cruise plus dinner; KatherineGorge boat cruise.From* 10,000 credits plus $1,020 ppOR $1,820 ppWEST COAST USADeparting Australia 17 September 2005 (17 days)Join other WorldMark owners as you visit one of the world’s sevenwonders in all its glory: the Grand Canyon. Enjoy the excitementand glamour of Las Vegas, the streets of San Francisco, and so muchmore on this exciting tour.Includes: Coach tour with Trafalgar Tours; professional Trafalgartour director; sightseeing per itinerary; 23 meals in total; firstclass accommodation per itinerary; escorted by a WorldMarkRepresentative; airport transfer in Los Angeles; return economyairfaresFrom* 10,000 credits plus $5,446* pp OR $6,246*pp (twin share) ex Bne/Mel (twin share)Airport taxes are not included & will vary from $201 & $301depending on city of departureWESTERN AUSTRALIA16 – 27 Jul 2005 (12 days / 11 nights)Sun, adventure, an awesome natural environment and friendlypeople – it’s what you’ll find on a holiday to Western Australia.See the natural wonders of the Mammoth Caves and enjoy a closeencounter of a remarkable kind with the dolphins of Monkey Mia.Land content only: please contact Travel Club for the best airfarepackage from your city of departure.Includes: Airport transfers to/from Perth; air conditionedcoach & commentary; tree top walk; escorted by a WorldMarkRepresentative; Mammoth Caves; entry into National Parks; EaglesHeritage; tour of Fremantle; wine tasting at Margaret River; WhaleWorld Albany; The Pinnacles; 21 meals (11 breakfast, 10 dinners);11 nights accommodation including 2 nights at Monkey MiaDolphin Resort.From* 10,000 credits plus $1,989 pp (twin share)OR $2,789 pp (twin share)8Club Tours & Travel Club: 1300 550 762 • (NZ) 0800 550 762 • (FJ) 008 003 263 (press 5)

ESCAPADESCHRISTMAS IN JULY BALLSat 9 Jul 2005Come along to our very first WorldMarkowners ball: a night of glitz and glamourfor you, your friends and family atConrad Jupiters! The evening will start at6.30pm with pre-dinner drinks followedby dinner and dancing.Includes: Open bar from 6:30pm – 11pm(beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks);3 course dinner; live music; DJ.COST*: 1,875 credits or $150ppCHRISTMAS MYSTERYSat 16 Jul 2005Back to Ballarat for another Mystery Night!Will there be another murder? Meet ourMaster of Ceremonies for pre-dinnerdrinks, discuss the evening’s events, andenjoy this Christmas in July mystery! Allcostumes and character outlines will beprovided for you!Includes: Costume & character; predinnerdrinks (drinks during dinner to bepurchased); canapés; three course dinner;tea, coffee and chocolates; DJ to dancethe night away; escorted by a WorldMarkRepresentative.COST*: 1,500 credits or $120 pp;Children on applicationHARBOUR CHRISTMASSun 24th Jul 2005Experience Christmas in July with aluncheon on board the sleek Captain CookIII, the best way to see Sydney Harbour.You will enjoy a three course meal, drinksand entertainment while Sydney slidespast through huge picture windows.Includes: Four hour cruise; three courselunch; open bar of beer, wine, champagne,soft drinks and juices; music; escorted by aWorldMark Representative.COST*: 1,750 credits or$140.00 pp; Children 975credits or $78.00 pp; Childrenunder 5 years freeFIJIAN ISLAND CRUISESun 8 May 2005A day of great food, fun and loads ofactivities on board the tall ship RaMarama. Tivua Island is surrounded by acircle of white sandy beach and 500 acresof coral gardenIncludes: Tropical buffet lunch; 4 drinksper person; morning and afternoon tea;beach volleyball; guided snorkellingtour; glass-bottom boat tour; music andentertainment.COST*: 875 credits or $70 pp;625 credits or $50 per child;(Children 4 and under free!)THEATRE RESTAURANTSat 21 May 2005Come and have some fun at our firstEscapade for Newcastle owners, familyand friends at King’s Theatre Restaurant!Ooh La Lah! is a cabaret featuring Can-Can girls, feathers, witty song and dance,glitz and glamour, an MC you’ll neverforget, and music that will have you onyour feet. You’ll feel like you are at thefamous Moulin Rouge!Includes: Dinner (beverages to bepurchased separately); show; escorted bya WorldMark Representative.COST*: 600 credits or $48 pp;Children on applicationOWNER SNAPSHOTSMORETON BAY CRUISE*Contact us for costs for children, from other capital cities, single supplements, detailed itinerary, or to make a reservation.Conditions apply: subject to availability at time of reservation. Trendwest/WorldMark reserve the right to cancel events and refund fees if minimum enrolments are not met. Trendwest/WorldMarkreserve the right to substitute alternative accommodation, events and activities if necessary. DISCLAIMER: WorldMark South Pacific Club, the Trendwest Group and all associated entities andpersonnel (“WorldMark”) accept no liability for any loss, injury or damage that you may sustain however caused. You participate in these activities strictly at your own risk and you release, dischargeand indemnify WorldMark from and against all liability whether caused by the negligence of activity operators or otherwise.Escapades: 1300 850 160 • (NZ) 0800 850 160 • (FJ) 008 003 263 (press 4)9

A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIESAre you a WorldMark SouthPacific Club owner and havebeen mixed up about thedifference between bonus timeand FAX credits? The perfect chancefor you to learn about the world ofopportunities that WorldMark opensup for you is at one of our WorldMarkOwner Education workshops!Owner Education workshops are allabout showing you what your optionsare. There are so many different facets,uses and possibilities of your ownershipthat some “inside” information can bevery helpful!The workshops explore all the basicsof your WorldMark ownership – fromdefining the relationship betweenWorldMark and Trendwest, to explainingexactly what your holiday credits are,and the guidelines for their use.Our friendly presenters also takeyou through the process for makingreservations, cancellation policies,how to save and borrow credits,housekeeping, using Fax credits andpurchasing gift certificates to sharethe WorldMark South Pacific Clubexperience with friends and family.At a workshop, owners will also learnabout the WorldMark South Pacificwebsite and the advantages of using thesite for everything from planning yourholiday to using it to view availabilityfor using your credits or bonus time.The workshop will also give you aguided tour through some of the “addedextras” that make your ownershipso exciting. You will learn about theadvantages of bonus time and howto use it to its full potential, as wellas the possibilities of your ExchangeOWNER COMMENTSmembership, how to make a reservationand the specials available to youthrough Exchange options.You will also discover additional ownerbenefits available to you simply forbeing a WorldMark South Pacific Clubowner, for example discounts on Avisrental cars, WorldMark Travel Club, andspecial Trendwest and WorldMark SouthPacific Club merchandise.There will also be information abouthow to take part in both Club Tours,(WorldMark escorted travel to handpickeddestinations), and Escapades(specially planned owner events).And even though Owner Educationworkshops are held in lots of differentlocations throughout the country, weunderstand that it’s often difficult foryou to find the time to attend. So, wealso offer an over the phone service.Aside from being a fantastic opportunityto find out more about your Club andhow you can make the most of it, theworkshops are also a great way to meetother owners and share WorldMarkexperiences – which might just prove tobe an inspiration for your next holiday!“Very useful, certainly opened our eyes to a few things that we can use in the future.”“It was good to have a few things clarified, especially the information regardingInterval International.”“Great presentation on the night, nice and flowing. Very user friendly and cozy.”“(The) workshops are very useful and thank you for having them.”“Found Club Tours, Escapades and FAX program very interesting.”“I now have an overall clearer picture of all the services available.”“Excellent presentation and good product knowledge shown by presenter.”SEE YOU THERE!Make the most of all the benefitsWorldMark offers, by attending anowner workshop near you.Book via call:(AU) 1300 850 160(NZ) 0800 850 160(FJ) 008 003 263 and press 2Australian Capital TerritoryCanberra Jun - To be advisedNew South WalesPort Macquarie 14, 26 Apr; 12, 26May; 9, 23 JunLane Cove 12, 26 Apr; 10, 24 May;7, 21 JunNewcastle 21 May, 5 NovParramatta 13, 27 Apr; 11, 25 May;8, 22 JunTumbi Umbi 7 May; 6 Aug; 12 NovQueenslandCaloundra 7 May; 4 JunLutwyche 4, 18 Apr; 16, 30 May;27 JunKirra 11, 27 Apr; 11, 25 May; 8, 22JunMt Gravatt 5, 12, 26 Apr; 3, 9, 23May; 14, 20 JunToowoomba 14 MayVictoriaDoncaster 6, 20 Apr; 4, 16, 30 May;27 JunHawthorn 7, 21 Apr; 5, 9, 23 May;6, 20 JunFijiNadi TBASuva TBANew ZealandAuckland 14 AprChristchurch 12 AprWellington 13 Apr10

CLUB TOURSWHITE CHRISTMASDeparting Australia 16 Dec 2005 (20 days)Join us for a traditional Christmas & New Year in Europe. SpendChristmas Eve in Venice, Christmas Day in the “Eternal City” ofRome, see in the New Year in Paris & the last four nights of yourtour unwinding in London and of shopping at Harrods!Includes: Return economy airfares ex BNE/SYD/MEL; airport/hotel transfers on arrival & departure; deluxe air-conditionedmotor coaching with Trafalgar Tours; first class accommodation;sightseeing per itinerary; meals per itinerary; professional Trafalgartour director; escorted by a WorldMark RepresentativeFrom* 10,000 credits plus $5,956* ppOR $6,756* pp (twin share)Airport taxes are not included & will vary from $201 & $301depending on city of departureRUSSIA - WATERWAYS OF THE CZARS10-26 Oct 2005 (17 Days) including 2 nights inromantic ViennaExplore the natural waterways of Russia with a trip down theimperial rivers and lakes of Russia. On your journey throughhistoric Russia, you’ll see the grand monuments and opulentpalaces of the Czars, from Red Square in Moscow, to historic StPetersburg.Includes: 11 night deluxe cruise with Viking Cruises (outsidecabin); guided sightseeing per itinerary; transfers between airportand cruise ship; return airfares ex Syd/Bne/Mel; all port charges,PLUS an exclusive 2 night stay in romantic ViennaFrom* 10,000 credits plus $5,996 pp plus taxesOR $6,796 pp plus taxes (twin share) ex Syd/Bne/MelLA-SEATTLE-ALASKA (NON-ESCORTED)6 Sep-26 Sep 2005 (20 days)Tour the best of Los Angeles, before heading to Seattle where youbegin your cruise aboard the Norwegian Dream. Cruise the gulfof Alaska and visit the ports of Sitka, Anchorage/Seward, Juneau,Ketchikan and Prince Rupert, before ending your trip in Vancouver- arguably one of the most beautiful port cities in the world.Includes: Return airfares ex Bne/Syd/Mel; 4 Star accommodationin Los Angeles, Seattle & Vancouver and day tours as specified; 10night Gulf of Alaska cruise, including all meals and port chargeswhilst on board the Norwegian Dream.From* 10,000 credits plus $6,034 ppOR $6,834 pp (twinshare) ex Syd/Bne/MelAsk about upgrading your cabin for a small fee!*Airport taxes are not included & will vary from $240-$270 ppdepending on city of departureFOOTLOOSE IN HAWAII6–13 Aug 2005 (8 days)Feel footloose and fancy-free with other solo travellers in paradise.Enjoy Hawaii’s tropical breeze, warm waves of vibrant blue water,and endless pearl-white sand! Meet with a group of AmericanWorldMark singles during your week of exciting nightlife, greatdining and unforgettable good times.Land content only: please contact Travel Club for the best airfarepackage from your city of departure.Includes: Accommodation in Waikiki and Kihei; tours to PearlHarbor, Iao Valley, Lahaina and Haleakala National Park; breakfastHonolulu; Luau feast with Polynesian music and dancing;professional tour director.From* 10,000 credits plus $589 ppOR $1,389 ppFootloose tours cater to solo travellers.*Contact us for costs for children, from other capital cities, single supplements, detailed itinerary, or to make a reservation.Conditions apply: subject to availability at time of reservation. Trendwest/WorldMark reserve the right to cancel events and refund fees if minimum enrolments are not met. Trendwest/WorldMarkreserve the right to substitute alternative accommodation, events and activities if necessary. DISCLAIMER: WorldMark South Pacific Club, the Trendwest Group and all associated entities andpersonnel (“WorldMark”) accept no liability for any loss, injury or damage that you may sustain however caused. You participate in these activities strictly at your own risk and you release, dischargeand indemnify WorldMark from and against all liability whether caused by the negligence of activity operators or otherwise.Club Tours & Travel Club: 1300 550 762 • (NZ) 0800 550 762 • (FJ) 008 003 263 (press 5)11

CONTACT USSend Destinations South Pacific magazineyour mail, photos & feedback:Destinations South Pacific magazineWorldMark South Pacific ClubBox 7493Gold Coast MC Qld 9726 AustraliaE-mail AU 61 7 5579 0909WorldMark South Pacific ClubLocal call phone numbers:AU 1300 850 160NZ 0800 850 160FJ 008 003 263After calling the above number, to speak to:Reservations - Press 1Owner Education & Escapades - Press 2Annual Levies - Press 3Owner Services - Press 4Travel Club - Press 5Fax AU 61 7 5557 5770Owner ReferralsAU 1800 021 126NZ 0800 440 418Fax AU 61 7 5579 0975Owner EnhancementAU 1800 735 757Trendwest FinanceAU 1800 021 129Travel Club & Club ToursAU 1300 550 762NZ 0800 550 762FJ 008 003 263Fax AU 61 7 5588 9988E-mail addressesADDRESS CLUB & CLUB AND STUART CAMPBELLWorldMark Ballarat holidayADRIANA AMPUEROWorldMark Denarau Island holidayKAY AND PETER SMITHWorldMark Victoria, CanadaOWNER SNAPSHOTSBRUCE AND THERESA TAYLORExchange holiday inBangkok, ThailandPAUL CHIHAWorldMark Denarau Island holiday12“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.I travel for travel’s sake.”~ Robert Louis StevensonKAY AND PETER SMITHWorldMark Hawaii holiday

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