KWS MAGAZINE May - August 2010 Issue No. 86 - Kinross Wolaroi ...

KWS MAGAZINE May - August 2010 Issue No. 86 - Kinross Wolaroi ...

SENIOR SCHOOLStepping out with the Best3Pictured: Rachael Kwa, Laura Auberson, Annabelle Carter, Luke Moxey, Rebekah Kwa and Louise Keast.

SENIOR SCHOOLClassical Language Plays a Vital Role at KWSThe ancient language of Latin is alive and well at KWS in Orange. Former Principal Alan Anderson reintroducedthe teaching of Latin to junior secondary students in the 1980s as he believed, “Latin is a classical language at thecornerstone of the curriculum”. Students receive an introduction to Latin as they enter secondary school in Year 7, andthe option of continuing studies in this foundation language is offered as an elective in Years 9 and 10, and then as afull HSC subject in Years 11 and 12.KWS is the only school west of the mountains to offer Latin as a subject in secondary school, and the benefits ofstudying Latin can be seen across the board. Latin teacher Peter Stevens says, “60% of English words are based onLatin, and we are teaching the students a lot about traditional grammar. Latin classes are not only about the language;the students become skilled in the origins of institutions in society – like democracy, monarchies, Roman and Latinhistory and Greek culture.”Over 150,000 students worldwide sat for the National Latin Exam in March this year, and KWS students have againperformed at an excellent level, with all students achieving well above the average mark of 72%.Special congratulations are due to the students who achieved top scores. Year 11 student Ella Butcherine achieved aGold Medal with a perfect score for the second year running, closely followed by Year 11 classmate Rachael Kwa whoalso won a Gold Medal with a score of 95%. Ella has been accelerated from Year 11 into the Year 12 HSC Latin class.Other HSC students Alistair Tang, Laavanya Aruneswaran and Alistair Fleming achieved Credits in the examination.In the Year 10 examination Nicola Ball topped the class. Nicola and Jack Brand receive a Gold Medal for their scoresof 95 % and 90%. Molly McLaughlin, Kieren Syme, Lucy Aylward , Alastair Crane and Riana Finn achieved Distinctionlevel and were awarded Silver medals. In the Year 9 elective class, Hannah Jaques and India Dixon made only oneerror. Christiana Straney and Thomas Glastonbury achieved at Distinction level with scores of 93%.In 2005, KWS student Isobel Marr topped the state in Latin in the HSC, and Mr Stevens believes the HSC results in2010 will again be very impressive.7

Honourable MentionsPhilosophy Honours12 KWS students recently completed the Macquarie University 100 levelPhilosophy 137 Critical Thinking course. Selected via a strict application tothe School Partners Programme at Macquarie University (G&T Program) atotal of 442 students comprising mainly undergraduates plus the G&T studentssat the course.Macquarie University Philosophy 137 Convenor Dr Albert Atkin issuedglowing comments for our pupils. “KWS students were standouts on the oncampusdays and were an absolute pleasure to host - they did your schoolcredit and frankly, if my entire PHL137 class were half as smart and enthusedI'd be over the moon.”Rhianna Fitzpatrick ranked joint seventh out of 442 students which was anoutstanding performance. There were a total of 22 High Distinctions givenand 3 were from KWS: Rhianna Fitzpatrick, Jed Kitson and Thomas Tang.Director of Learning, Yooie Choi states, “I applaud the 12 Year 11 studentswho participated in the course. Their enthusiasm for learning, vibrantdiscussion and taking up the challenge to study at a tertiary level werecommendable. Educational opportunities such as these are hard to come by,and I trust the skills developed in the Critical Thinking course will benefit thestudents' academic studies throughout their schooling and whole lives”.“KWS studentswere standouts oncampus... if myentire PHL 137 classwere half as smartand enthused I'd beover the moon.”PHL 137 will be offered again next year; Yooie Choi is always happy toprovide more information.NZ Exchange Students Settle InThis term the boarding community has hosted four students onexchange: two girls from Strathallan in Scotland, and two youngmen from Timaru, Orange's sister city in New Zealand. All four areexperiencing the Australian way of life after being chosen for a tenweek exchange at KWS.Andrew Smith, Year 9, and Connor Jaine, Year 10, both live on farmsback in New Zealand, so they will not be too unfamiliar with theway of life in Orange. Andrew was very much looking forward toriding motorbikes and shooting, while Connor has been enjoyingmaking new friends in a different country.The girls, Hannah Grant in Year 11 and Abbey Cowe in Year 10,have settled in quickly, had no problems making friends and haveimmersed themselves in the life of the school. The visit from theboys continues an exchange programme set up by Director ofBoarding Simon Shepherd last year.Pictured above: Andrew Smith and Connor JaineLeft: Abbey Cowe and Hannah Grant8

SENIOR SCHOOLCreative OutlookThe Year 12 students of VisualArt and Textiles and Designfaculties displayed their work toan admiring audience of familyand friends. The students exploreda range of ideas and concepts,working in an array of media.Some of the artwork and garmentsare pictured.It is always nice to see parentsand friends support studentpresentations. At the Year 12exhibition of HSC Visual Art andTextiles and Design many KWSstudents supported their peers bythoughtfully viewing the projects.The concepts were impressivewith every medium painstakinglyconstructed.Year 11 students displayed someof their beautiful textile creationsfor visitors to the reception area.Student Jacqui Hayes said “Year11 made some amazing knitgarments to tie in with their uniton various fibres and fabrics. Wehad to design a garment that usedthe inherent characteristics of theknit material, then generate ourown patterns according to ourdesigns. We all had to work withthe overlocker which presentedsome challenges but was worth itin the end. Our finished garmentsreflect our hard work and MsMcKay's, who never gave up onus. This unit working with knitswas enjoyable and fun.”9

SENIOR SCHOOLPractically PerfectKWS Winners inWoodworkingThe IIATE (Institute of IndustrialArts and Technology Education)each year organise the annualYear 9 Woodworking competition.All schools within NSW are ableto participate in the competitionand put forward their finest fourWoodworking students against thoseof the other schools.Each school competes in a regionalheat, which this year was hostedby KWS for the Central Westernand Central Tablelands areas. Thescoring was completed by Mr IanVennard, former President of theOrange Woodworkers Club to ensureimpartiality when selecting thewinning school and to critique thefinal works.The teams were required toconstruct four identical timber trayprojects, demonstrating qualityin workmanship and consistencyacross the four projects. With anoutstanding team effort, under theguidance of Mr de Bruyn, JoshHay-McKenzie, Logan Brockmann,Charles McIntosh and LachlanWilliams stepped up to the win theCentral West and Central Tablelandsheat.11The finals at the “Sydney Workingwith Wood” exhibition were heldin front of a public audience. Ina pressure environment, the KWSTeam managed to place a creditable6th in the state and walked awaywith their heads held high.

Beds, boats, bikes and trailers were just some of the diverserange of projects on show at the exhibition of Year 12'sIndustrial Technology Major Projects.The event was a chance to showcase all of the students' hard work throughout theyear and for HSC Markers to attend and mark the projects. The pride of friends andfamily was also evident, with students acknowledging that the support behind thescenes plays a vital role.The works were of an extremely high standard, something we are coming to expectfrom our very successful Industrial Technology area. Last year 17 KWS students hadtheir projects shortlisted for exhibition in the prestigious InTech display. It looks likethis year will be just as impressive.12

Cooking up a StormThe Whirlpool Cooking and Barista Challenge(19 October) is a unique competition whichincorporates high school Food Technology andHospitality students from Years 9, 10, 11 and12, trade chefs and apprentices.The aim of the event is to expose talented andinterested high school students to the fast-pacedworld of the Hospitality industry.One of our region's best known and mostexperienced chefs, Michael Manners will againbe one of the head judges. He recently visitedthe KWS hospitality area to give a “MasterClass” in preparation for students entering thisyear's competition.Our students responded enthusiastically asMichael shared his wealth of knowledge withthem. Hopefully they will take some useful tipsand tricks into the upcoming challenge.F.O.O.D MasterThe shires of Orange, Cabonne and Blayney are known as ‘The FoodBasket' of NSW and each year F.O.O.D. Week (Food Of OrangeDistrict) supports local produce and ‘fine food' with an annual eventheld over 10 days.This year saw the skill and dedication of local and celebrity ‘wouldbechefs' battle it out for the winner's place in the inaugural F.O.O.DMaster Cooking Competition, held in the Country Energy ‘Cookingwith Gas' kitchen.Our own “master chef,” Year 12 Hospitality student Meagan Rees,took out first prize and was awarded $1,500 for her culinary efforts.14

Top of the HillNicholas Hill (pictured above) hasjust been selected for the AustralianSchoolboys Under 17 Hockey Teamand will represent Australia in SouthAfrica next year.This latest achievement caps offa very busy 7 months for the Year10 student. Nicholas began 2010representing NSW at the U16 IndoorHockey Championships. This wasfollowed by his selection in theNSWIS Emerging Talent Squad, theU18 NSW Country team and the U18NSW Squad from which the 2011NSW team will be selected at the endof the year.Nicholas was also a member ofthe NSW CIS Open team that wererunners-up at ‘Hockeyfest'. He wasthen named in the NSW CIS and CCCmerit team.Nicholas travelled to WesternAustralia to compete in the NationalSchool Sport Championships as amember of the U16 NSW All schoolsteam. He was also a finalist at the“Orange Junior Sportsperson of theYear” awards this year.Lauren Coates (pictured),Year 9, showed plenty ofskill and determination onthe June long weekend,claiming a podium finish atthe NSW Junior Dirt TrackChampionships for 13-U16Years Girls. After falling ina high-speed crash in thesecond last race, Laurenfinished third overall behindlocal riders. Lauren's crashand resulting injuries meantshe missed competing in theNational Dirt Track Titles inJuly.In a stroke of bad luck,Lauren was only back onher bike for two weekswhen she was hit by anotherbike at the King of NepeanOpen Championship,breaking her collarbone.Lauren hopes to be race fitin time for the NSW JuniorLongtrack Championships inSeptember.The 2009/2010 rowingseason has been thebest for KWS in its sixyear history.Head Coach JoeDonnelly, instrumentalin the success ofthe programme,was awarded “BestSchoolboy RowingCoach in NSW”. Joestood down as headrowing coach with Haimish Karrasch, a dual Olympian, taking over theprogramme.At the conclusion of the season Daniel Whitehead attended a four-dayselection camp and trials for the Australian Junior teams. At just 16, he wasselected as a member of the Australian team for the Trans-Tasman seriesagainst New Zealand.To complete a stellar rowing year, KWS won the Team of the Year forthe second year running at the 2010 Orange Sports Awards. This was inrecognition for the silver medal won at the National Championships in2009.Pictured above: The rowing team’s latest awards join some of the others on display16

PREP SCHOOLOutstanding Achievements17Scientia is the title for our Preparatory School's enrichment programme. It commenced in 2009 under thedirectorship of our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Mark Pritchard. This year the programme has focused onMathematics and Science with Creative Arts commencing in August.Our Science unit has recently concluded with a final presentation of the students' works in the library. This was wellattended by students and parents. While the work presented was of high quality, the explanation of the research waseven more impressive.A number of the works have been selected to represent KWS at the Science Teachers' Association of New South Wales(STANSW), to encourage students from K to 12 to undertake and present an authentic scientific investigation.KWS believes external academic competitions areimportant for our students to challenge their thinking,complete work that may be set out a little differentlyand be benchmarked against students from otherschools in Australasia.While many schools only include their high achievers,we believe there are many benefits of including allour students. Over the years, the number of higherawards achieved has been numerous.Already this year in Science, Maddie Smith (Year 3)and Parham Raoff (Year 5) have achieved High Distinctions, placing them in the top1% of students who sat the tests.Our Maths Scientia programme concentrated on problem solving, investigations,research of great thinkers, and the Year 6 students attempted the Mathematics Trustcompetition with outstanding results. Five of our students (from ten entrants) achieveda Distinction which was the highest award granted. The students were: Emily Symes,Gabrielle Eade, Harrison Rees, Dylan Swain and Alex MirringtonPictured: Taylah Caro (left) and Alex Mirrington (lower right)The Preparatory School look forward to achieving in the upcoming Mathematics andEnglish competitions for Years 3-6.Middle group: Dylan Swain, Emily Symes, Gabrielle Eade and Alex Mirrington. Absent: Harrison Rees.Lower right: Maddie Smith and Parham Raoff

Our Published AuthorMyraLim Hurt(pictured), aYear 6 student,has written andpublished her firstbook entitled ‘Allthat I Am'. A beautifulbook illustrated bywell known author andillustrator Sally Heinrich, itis a free verse poem of a littlegirl, accompanied by her dog,who contemplates the worldthrough all her senses and dreamsof growing up.A successful book launch was held recently at theOrange City Library and in Singapore, Myra's birthplace.Champion Public SpeakerYear 4 student Charlotte May (pictured) faced some stiff competition to take out firstplace at the Central West CWD public speaking competition. 43 other studentsfrom around the region prepared and performed a two-minute speech on one ofthree topics: “I Wish I Never”, “My Sport” and “ “Too Quiet”.Charlotte chose ‘I wish I never said yes to teaching my brother to ride a bike'. Justlike riding a bike Charlotte says, “I think if you want to be really good at somethingyou have to like doing that thing. I like doing public speaking, its fun!”Teamwork Solves Murder MysteryKWS Year 5 students put their investigative skills to the test to solve a puzzlingmurder. As part of the online environmental game for students in years 5 to 10,Murder under the Microscope, the class used research, analytical abilities and teamwork to solve a difficult ‘eco' crime.Teams of students (investigators) from across the state registered online to solve thechallenging case—involving the murder of an animal or a plant in the environment.The students gradually uncovered a stream of information to identify the villain, thevictim and the crime site. At a set time all the teams submitted their accusations,with the winner judged on correct answers and time lodged. A total of 1165 groupstook place in the competition and the KWS Year 5 team took out 10th place - only 7seconds behind first place.So who did it? The villain was Rising Temperatures, the victim was the Weedy SeaDragon and the crime site was Genoa River.Angus Crossing and India Kermode ponder the puzzling facts18

PREP SCHOOLEngaging all InterestsIn conjunction with the P&F Association, the Preparatory School and Pre-Prep submitted thirteen large canvas artworks produced from each class to be sold in a silent auction over the P&F Art Fair. They were very impressive andthe Preparatory School is indebted to Helen Gray whose assistance was greatly appreciated.Don't miss it... MAHARABAD'S BAZAAR!A city of mystery; a city of history; a city of intrigue; a city known farand wide for its bizarre bazaar! Maharabad's Bazaar brings togetherthe elements of tales from times long forgotten, to create an originalArabian Tales production that has something for everyone.Romance, adventure, action and intrigue are interwoven in a colourfuland humorous story.Many memorable characters combine in song and dance to bring tolife the exciting times in Maharabad's Bazaar. We hope you will beable to join us and share in the laughter and song.As always, costumes by Mrs Aileen Priest will be extravagant anddazzling, with choreography by Mrs Lisa Collins featured throughoutthe performance. Songs will be honed and harmonised by MrsSuzanne Pickford. These three talented ladies have been an integralpart of the Prep School musical for many years and give freely of theirtime to enhance the children's experience.A cast of 93 students have been working this term rehearsing scenes,songs and dances in preparation for their performances at the OrangeCivic Theatre on 22 September at 10:30am and 23 September at7:30pm.19Arabian ladies: Isabella Foster, Eloise Coleman and Canada Gavin

Our Special Interest programme has been anoutstanding success this year. Each Fridayduring Term 2 we all learn something new,something old or something different. Withthe staff and parents we were able to offer 23different activities. These include sewing, circustricks, Italian, e-bay, rocketry, scrapbooking anddigital photography to name a few.A showcase assembly featuring all thewonderful work was a fitting finale to theprogramme.Pictured: KWS students during some of the many activities which took place over the term20

PREP SCHOOLAthletics and CrossCountryStudents were enthusiastically involved inthe Prep School Athletics Carnival and werecommended on their participation. It wasfantastic to see so many students having ago at events and completing them for boththemselves and their team. McLachlan wonthe point-score on the day with 868 points.At the HICES Cross Country event 11 of ourstudents finished inside the top 10 and went onto compete at the CIS Carnival in June at EasternCreek.At the CIS Carnival, all students performedadmirably although the standout performancewas certainly the new record set by JemimaMcCalman in the 11 Years 3km event. Jemima rana time of 10:53:93 beating the previous recordof 11:14:40. Jemima's achievement was closelymatched by Ollie Steele-Park who came 1st inthe 10 Years Boys 2km event. Both students wenton to represent CIS at the NSW All Schools CrossCountry Carnival where Ollie finished a brilliant7th.At the recent HICES Athletics Carnival,outstanding performances across the board sawthe Kinross Wolaroi athletes bring home theDivision 1 Percentage Winners Shield, as well astake out 2nd place in the Division 1 overall shield.These are amazing achievements when mostschools in the Division 1 competition are morethan twice the size of the KWS Prep School.21Above: HICES Athletic Team with the HICES Percentage Winners ShieldTop: Long jumping Emma Pryse Jones at the Prep Athletics Carnival

Prep Sports SnippetsSoccerPrep RugbyHarrison Rees (pictured below) gained selection asthe CIS Goal-keeper and he performed sensationallyat the NSW All Schools Football Championships inJune. Harrison's team was good enough to make itto the Grand Final and no team can do that withouta great goal-keeper.Left: Chris McClare. Right: Ben BellamyPreparatory school rugby continues to go from strength tostrength as more students elect to include this optional sportin their lives. With teams fielded in the 9s, 11s and 12s agegroups, Mr McLean and a passionate and knowledgeable groupof parents have taken the programme to another level in 2010.Things look promising for rugby in the years ahead with such afine platform laid down for these young talents.Representing Orangeand BeyondSeveral of our students have experienced representative successoutside the KWS environment this year. We congratulate themon their achievement.HockeyTouchCharlie Steele-Park, Harrison Rees, Toby Condon,Kate Hall and Maree-Lauren Vazouras weresuccessful in gaining selection in the CIS TouchFootball side. The three boys headed to Gosfordat the end of August for the Boys PSSA TouchFootball Championships whilst the girls headed toCoffs Harbour for their event. Great results for allconcerned showed that a determined effort anddoing your best will always pay off.HockeyCongratulations to Lizzie Silvester, AnnabelleTierney, Isabella Foster, Kate Hall and KelseyGray who were selected in the HICES Hockeyteam. From this group, Kelsey was then selected torepresent the CIS team. She was a key member ofthe side that picked up 4 wins to finish 7th overall.These were great achievements from all girls.U/13 Isabella Foster, Elizabeth Silvester, Maree-Lauren Vazouras and Annabelle TierneyU/11 Kelsey GrayOrange SoccerU/12 Toby CondonU/10 Zac CondonU/11 Angus Cumming and Nathanael VazourasNetballU/11 Kelsea Bellamy, Isabelle Rees, JemimaMcCalman, Rebecca Crisp, Emerson Miller andAlice LitchfieldCricketU/12 Hugh Britton and Harrison ReesU/11 Angus CummingRugbyU/11 Charlie Steele Park22

Salvos' Challenge TrophyWon AgainThree news stories in 6 days (including a full front page featurein the Midstate Observer) demonstrated the ever increasingcommitment to community service by the students of KWS.Year 12 boarder Peter Johnson was the driving force behind organising over 100 student volunteers to collect for theRed Shield Appeal in 2010. With every senior school in Orange involved, almost $50000 was collected in the appeal,with Kinross Wolaroi winning the Schools' Challenge Shield for providing the largest number of collectors for theSalvation Army.Red Shield Appeal Coordinator Glenn McCallum was “blown away” by the response and enthusiasm of the students,and came to KWS to personally hand over the Challenge Shield to Peter and a group of Year 12 students. “It's nice tofeel that we've done something and that we've made a bit of a difference”, Peter said.125 year CelebrationsAnnouncementFor those who remember the wonderful centenary celebrationsin 1986, it is hard to believe that 2011 will see Kinross WolaroiSchool (in all of its various forms) ready to celebrate 125 years ofeducational excellence.From humble beginnings as Weymouth House on Byng Street backin 1886, to Wolaroi College for boys and PLC Orange, to the KinrossSchool, and finally to the 1000 student strong Kinross WolaroiSchool, it has been an eventful journey.2011 will see Kinross Wolaroi put aside a special 4-day weekendencompassing a large number of events and happenings that willcater for every member of the school family - past, present andfuture.The weekend set aside for celebrations runs from Friday 4 Novemberthrough to Monday 7 November 2011, which is the end of Week 4,Term 4. The celebration weekend will incorporate events such asa musical concert, a whole school photo, outdoor celebrations, anex-students' cocktail evening, a home sports gala day, a grand ball, achapel service plus dedication and a family picnic.More details will be available on the KWS web site shortly.University Partners inTeaching ScholarshipKWS has just announced its inauguralrecipients of the KWS Teacher EducationScholarship: Sarah Offner and LucyMacken who are both in their final year ofa Masters of Teaching.The Scholarship is awarded in partnershipwith the University of Sydney and providesthe opportunity for students studying fortheir degrees, to undertake internships atKWS.KWS is the first regional school to offerthe Scholarship, which gives recipientsa chance to experience our school andhopefully attract more high quality teachingstaff to move to the region.The Scholarship is just one manifestationof our strong relationship with some ofthe top Universities in the state and ourcommitment to providing our students withthe best possible academic staff.24

CONNECTIONSKWS ExperienceFollowing many successful years of our AnnualOpen Day in November, a more intimate yetcasual family 'Experience Day' has been addedto the calendar. With only word-of-mouthadvertising occurring, more than 50 familieswere present at KWS for the first-ever day ofthis kind.Prospective students and their families werepaired up with a KWS 'buddy' of the same age,and this student remained with their buddyfor the whole day. Tours of the entire schooland the PLC site occurred, with all visitingstudents taking advantage of the recess andlunch facilities for the boarders. Students thenaccompanied their buddies to the classroom,where they shared in activities such as scienceexperiments, PDHPE classes, and computinglessons. The Preparatory visitors were fortunateenough to be part of the last 'Special Interest'groups for the term - taking part in rocketry,robotics, knitting and E-bay lessons!Parents heard from Principal Brian Kennelly,as well as other key staff at the school, whilemany staff and parents joined the new familiesfor a casual lunch and chat in the library.A large number of families then moved to theDerek Pigot Auditorium to watch the majesticCadet Passing Out Parade.The first Experience Day was a highlysuccessful and eventful day that will now bea permanent fixture on the Kinross WolaroiSchool calendar.25KWS Students and their Experience Day ‘‘buddies’

A Great SeasonWith great autumn and winter rains, the pasture growth in far Western NSW has enabled the Kinross Wolaroi Cow/CalfProgramme to expand. Many farming parents have again become involved in the Programme, with cows and weanersbeing placed on the properties of the O'Connors, the Denisons, the Fishers, the Moss, the Thompsons, the Hanigans,the Bakers and the Robinsons from the Walgett and Coonamble areas. Major contributions have also been made byJohn and Sybil Adams from Warren and Michael and Marion Conn from Wellington, the Archibalds, the Wills and theAllertons. This generosity has now been repeated by Greg and Loretta Robinson of Walgett, who are currently running65 heifers on behalf of the Cow/Calf Programme.The expansion of the Kinross Wolaroi Angus Stud to 100 stud breeders has enabled the students to have extremelycompetitive cattle to exhibit at local and Royal shows. The students also take part in 3 AI programmes each year,working with Agriculture Teacher Ian Hatherly and Property Manager Terry Farrell. The best genetics are used onour top quality females with semen from high quality local and overseas sires such as Mohnem Dynamite, DunlouiseCommander Bond, Final Answer, Mytty in Focus, Ironwood New Level, Vermillion Dateline, Connection X15 andYthanbrae New Design V965, donated by the Coddington family (ex students) from Dubbo. As a result of the AIinfusion of the cattle, the school is now in a position to sell bulls to parents and other Angus breeders with outstandinggenetics and at extremely competitive prices.The Kinross Wolaroi cattle are extremely quiet and well-performed animals, as these traits are necessary to enableyoung students to work with them. Our four properties enable the provision of weaner cattle or cows and calves forrelocation to the properties of willing parents who are keen to participate in the programme and support the school.Parents who run our cattle say it is a painless method of fund raising for the school's rural bursary recipients.Now that the season has improved, we hope that more western parents will contact the Bursar, Joe Donnelly or IanHatherly to join the programme by running cattle on behalf of the school.Trundle KWS Parents Play Host to our PrincipalThe beautiful home of KWS parents Jennifer and Russell Jonesin Trundle hosted the first ‘Meet the Principal' Function for2010 in June. Russell and Jennifer are parents of Steph (Year 8),Hugh (Year 11) and Alexandra (KWS 2009), and they openedtheir home and property to the staff of KWS, plus local past,present and future KWS families. Brilliantly catered for byex-student Jane Simmons (1996), the afternoon was a greatsuccess, with adults and children having a relaxing time whileenjoying a breathtaking view.26

CONNECTIONSPutting on a Great ShowThe Kinross Wolaroi School ArtFair committee were ecstaticat the number of visitors whoattended the Annual P & F ArtFair. A large crowd braved thecold and rain to be part of theoffical opening and to attendthe public viewings.2010 saw some excitingnew dimensions introduced.These included glassworks,mosaic, ceramics, photography,jewellery, garden sculptures andIndigenous artworks, as well asmagnificent paintings.27

Across the Story BridgeChildren's Book Week 2010A great time was had by all during the annual Book Week celebrations. 2010saw the return of the staff ‘dress-up' day with the KWS teachers embracing theconcept beyond Head Librarian Amanda Foster's wildest dreams. It is a funday for staff and generated excitement (and laughs) among the students.KWS staff and students showed how committed they are to reading with thebroad variation in choice of characters; making an appearance on the daywere Sherlock Holmes, the Stig, Madeline, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,Violet Beauregarde (from Willy Wonka), Spiderman, Mr Potato Head andloads more.The Prep School also took part in literacy activities, specially designed by thePeer Support leaders. Pre-Prep visited the Library in costume and thoroughlyenjoyed the activities with the help of secondary students.Drawing ThreadsWorking as an Artist in Residence at KWS has been aperfect opportunity for Sarah Terry to develop her teachingskills and her own work.Sarah is from Yorkshire in England and has been in Australiaas KWS Artist in Residence for almost 12 months workingwith our art students in class and assisting with majorschool art projects.One of the many benefits of working at KWS has been thechance to further her own work.“It was very importantfor me that I had a job where I was also able to continuemy own art”, Sarah said. Recently Sarah had her first soloexhibition at the Orange Regional Gallery. The aptly named“Drawing Threads” showed Sarah’s stitched drawings andfabric paintings, receiving wonderful attendance and glowingreports.28

CONNECTIONSTaking Care of Each OtherTaking Care of Yourself and Your FamilyA resource book for Good Mental Health By John Ashfield. Supported by beyondblue:the national depression initiative.Every Year about 6.5% of the population will suffer from a depressive illness but morealarming is the fact that 1 in 4 people in Australia will suffer from a mental illness of somekind. Of further concern is that mental illness prevalence in young people is growing atan alarming rate.I could not recommend this book more highly. It is a sound, easy-to-understandresource which focuses at the heart of issues surrounding good Mental Health. It isprobably the self-help best resource available for country people, exploring and advisingon issues like drought, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol problems and how tomanage many of the common mental health issues which arise for families.Professional people and those in business will find this resource valuable as well when they deal with employees,customers and colleagues.KWS, in association with beyondblue, is pleased to advise that this ‘must have' book is available from the school.Simply call into the front office or telephone Bruce Paine, Student Counsellor on 6392 0356 to collect your FREE copy.You can also hop onto your favourite search engine, log into or telephone 1300224636 toobtain copies. Bruce Paine, KWS Student Counsellor10 Years of Outstanding Service to KWSHead Librarian Amanda Foster and Music Department Secretary Sue Baker(both pictured) reached the significant milestone of 10 years of service toKWS recently.For this achievement they received honorary life membership to the Exstudents'Association and of course the appreciation of the students and theircolleagues for their on-going commitment to the school.29Fit for TeachingA determined group of KWS teachers haveentered the National Teachers Fit for theJob Challenge – an annual competitionbetween groups of teachers to improvetheir fitness and overall wellbeing.Over the past 12 weeks teachers have beenexercising and supporting each othersefforts. A fitness test was conducted at thebeginning of Weeks 1, 6 and 12 and teamswere ranked on their collective percentageimprovement in a number of areas suchas number of situps in 30 secs. Competition was high but also a lot of fun and the end of the competition saw a fewof the teachers finish in the City 2 Surf on 8th August. Final results have not been awarded yet, but with $5000 up forgrabs, hopes are high.L-R: Suellen Young, Jacolette van Rensburg, David de Bruyn, Tony Zola, Sue-Ann Gavin, RobynYoull, Trent Chapman, Simon Lun - absent team members: Sue Baker, Bill Tink, Astrid Lepelaar

New StaffDavid Ward - ESL teacher part timeDavid has extensive experience in educationand holds an MBA, BA, Dip Ed and a Mastersin French Literature. David has extensiveexperience teaching ESL in Australia andoverseas and has studied two foreignlanguages - Japanese and French. David has ason Fletcher in Year 9.Angela Hammond- English part timeAngela has taught at KWS previously andhas returned to teach our Extension 1 Englishstudents during Terms 2 and 3. Angela has along association with the Orange communityand is well known as a writer. Angela has twoyoung children at home.Jodie Worrall - MusicJodie is a professional musician, composerand educator who has taught and directedbands in a variety of schools throughout NSW,Victoria and the ACT. Jodie won 1st placein the inaugural Frank Ticheli Internationalcomposition competition for wind bandearning her the honour of being the firstAustralian woman to have a work for band published inAmerica. She is an ANU School of Music graduate and has aGrad. Dip. in Education. Jodie has a daughter, Matilda.Current Staff ActivityJoe Priest – Acting Director of SportBrigitte Ward - Learning SupportBrigitte is returning to Kinross Wolaori School,having taught here previously in 1991. Brigittehas a Bachelor of Arts from the Universityof New England and a Graduate Diplomain Education specialising in students withlearning disabilities. Most recently, Brigittetaught at The Armidale School where she wasCoordinator of Learning Support. Brigitte will assist RobyneRidge.Muriel Holmes - Acting Prep Sports Co-ordinatorRenee Taylor - Acting School Counsellor (Term 4)Di Chappel and Annie McRae - Returned frommaternity leaveNewest Family MembersTrent and LibbyChapman welcomedbright eyed HarrisonDaniel on 4th July.Andrew John RobertBudden was born on17th July to overjoyedRachel and David.Additional StaffKWS is pleased to attract high quality additional staff, whether it's to fill in for one of our dedicated team taking longservice leave or helping out while we are filling a permanent position. These teachers add to the quality of our currentAcademic staff body and we appreciate their time in the school community.Dr Anna Graham - Science LSL for David Grant duringhis long service leave - Term 3Haley Russell - Will be teaching PDHPE during MattWinslade's secondment to Charles Sturt University -Term 3/4Charles Dunn - Is teaching in the English departmentwhile Trin Graham is acting Head of English - Term 2/3/4Gemma Seedsman - Taking Year 2P, covering for LisaPengilly while on long service leave - Term 4Claire Spora - Replacing Alice Carter for Term 2/3 inEnglish/ Religious EducationLouise Barrett - Taking Prep PE until the completion ofthe school yearJuliet Petersen - Taking Prep Religious Education30

CONNECTIONSSinging our PraisesKWS strives to give itsstudents a broad rangeof educational and lifeexperiences. Our musicprogramme is one such areawhere young musiciansare given opportunities notonly to grow their musicalskills but to build their selfconfidence by the challengesand discipline of publicperformance.Recently one of our youngchoirs, the KWS Korister's,comprising twenty studentsfrom Years 5-8, went on tourto Canberra to perform aconcert at Parliament House.The concert held under thetapestry of the Great Hallfeatured vocal soloists EloiseColeman (Y5), LachlanGregory (Y6), Canada Gavin(Y6), Rebecca Crisp (Y6),Bronte Gosper (Y7) and Kate Glastonbury (Y7), with accomplished accompanist, Luke Moxey (Y11), wowing theaudience with some dazzling piano repertoire. A highlight of the visit was singing two additional unaccompaniedpieces in the resonant Marble Foyer to a large crowd who were clearly hoping to hear more.A little weary but in terrific spirits, the Koristers proceeded on to Llewellyn Hall to participate in a Championshipsection of the National Eisteddfod. Rising to the occasion, they presented three challenging items with incrediblemusicality and confidence for such a young group.The following day, after thrills and spills at the ice-skating rink, the choir returned to Llewellyn Hall in time toparticipate in the Open Sacred Choral section of the Eisteddfod. Again, they performed at their absolute best,prompting an emotional response from the parents who had come to watch and support them. It was wonderful for thestudents to see the other highly professional adult choirs who participated in this section, as it showed them what canbe achieved over time with dedication and persistence - a key value at KWS.“Wolaroi House” Receives First PrizeIn 2007 the Kinross Wolaroi School Council decided to prepare aConservation Management Plan for the school with a focus of the studybeing the former McLachlan Mansion “Wolaroi”, a fine example of lateVictorian Filigree style built in 1858 by the then landholder Joseph Moulder.Within this plan the school recognised the importance of the mansion knownas “Wolaroi House” to the heritage of the Orange region and the School andwe are planning a longer-term restoration of the mansion that has state levelsignificance.The outer stage of this project is now complete and the school was recentlynominated for an award at the “2010 Orange Cultural Heritage awards”.The school took out first prize in the division “Greatest Contribution to the Public Domain”. The school has had thesupport of many organisations and people who offered donations, professional advice and expertise. On behalf of theschool we thank all who have been involved.31

FORMER STUDENTSGiving BackBen McCalman - WallabyKWS Ex-student Ben McCalman made his debut for the Wallabies in theTri-Nations series opener against South Africa at Suncorp Stadium. Benstarted on the bench, but came onto the field with around 12 minutes togo.As Ben entered the fray in the second half, Channel Seven commentatorand rugby expert Gordon Bray mentioned his hometown of Warren andthe fact that he was “Captain of the Kinross Wolaroi First XV in 2006,leading them to victory against arch rivals St Stanislaus”.Ben was an Australian Schoolboy in his final year at KWS and thenplayed for Premiership-winning sides for Sydney University, as wellas Australian Under 19 and Under 20 sides. He also played for theAustralian 7s rugby side. This year, he linked with the Western ForceSuper 14 Rugby team. Solid performances saw his profile skyrocket, withWallabies Coach Robbie Deans declaring him a star of the future.While at KWS, Ben played three full seasons with the First XV, leadingthem in his final year to some memorable victories over opponents,including the famous victory over St Stanislaus College to claim the JohnO'Neill Shield.With all of Orange, Warren and indeed much of the Central Westcheering him on, Ben made some wonderful contributions in both attackand defence late in the game, including playing a vital part in the latetry by Will Genia. Ben also played most of the second half in the recentaway game against South Africa, again being heavily involved in theplay and clearly demonstrating his ability to match it with the best players in international rugby.The accompanying photo was sent to KWS by Ben's proud mum Jenny, who took it from the grandstand after the Suncorpstadium game.Sophie Mill - International Art ExhibitionAfter leaving KWS in 1987, Sophie Mill (nee Busquets) has focused on her career as an artist,since graduating as a graphic designer from the Billy Blue School of Art.In a highly successful career, Sophie's latest achievement is being selected for the Creative EnergyExhibition of International Art at the Estense Castle in Ferrara Italy.Sophie's works will exhibit in Italy in October and when she flies back to Australia she will haveonly four days to prepare for her annual exhibition in Moree.32

FORMER STUDENTSRebecca Zola - Wins Top Aviation AwardSince graduating from KWS in 2006, Rebecca Zola has pursued her interest in flying, working rurally and regionallyin the aviation industry and being accepted into the Qantas Cadet programme in 2008. In 2010 Rebecca graduatedwith an Associate Degree in Technology (aviation) from the Swinburne Institute of Technology in Melbourne.This year Rebecca's flying career reached new heights by her being awarded one of Australia's top aviation awards,the Sir Donald Anderson Trophy. The award is sponsored by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Australia'sWomen's Pilot Association and recognised Rebecca as Australia's highest performing female trainee professionalpilot.Andrew Gray - New Doctor in TownAfter 6 years in ‘the big smoke' studying Medicine at the University of NewSouth Wales, ex-student Andrew Gray (Class of 2003) has returned home toOrange for 2010 for a 2-year residency placement at Orange Base Hospital.Andrew has settled back into life in the country, relishing the opportunity tobe back in his home town.Currently on rotation in accident and emergency, Andrew is thriving on thechallenges thrown at him each day. “It's a really busy hospital, even on thenight shift. There's never a dull moment, and just when you think you'veseen everything, well …”.CSU Scholarship RecipientsEmma Wilson (pictured), was one of 4 proud recipients of a CharlesSturt University Scholarship at the recent Scholarship AwardsCeremony Day, held in Bathurst in June. Emma, along with fellowKWS Class of 2008 Ex-students Rosie Pritchard and Rachael Hayesand 2009 Ex-student Natalie Celona received these prestigiousscholarships to help with their tertiary education. Emma is studyingEducation, Rachael is completing a degree in Psychology whileRosie and Natalie are studying Arts, Business and Communications.33

Enduring RelationshipsReunions: A Change for theYounger GenerationAn overwhelming response to an alteration in format forreunions of the ‘younger' crowd has been adopted in 2010.Those attending their 20, 30 and 40 year reunions have shownthat they like the formality and intimacy of a sit-down mealwith speeches and presentations. Those attending their 5 and10 year reunions are happy for a get-together in a smallerfunction room at a local pub, with finger food, a quiet chat anda sometimes less-than-quiet drink on the menu.May 1st saw the class of 1995 get together for a 15 yearreunion. Not normally a scheduled event, the 95-ers missedout on their 10 year reunion and were determined to gettogether for a quindecennial celebration at the Parkview Hotel.July 31st saw almost 120 ex-students from the classes of2000 and 2005 together in Orange again for their reunions.Delectable finger food was provided by both the Parkview andCanobolas Hotels for these reunions, where tall stories weretold, engagement rings were flashed and smiles were as wideas they were on the last day of school.The highlight of the evening for all three reunions was theshowing of the Graduation Ball DVD from that year, whichplayed to raucous laughter, a little embarrassment and muchpride.KWS Community ValeteIt is with great sadness we acknowledge the passing of the following members of our school community:Sarah Kearns (nee Darvall) - Passed away on 25 March 2010. Sarah finished Year 12 in 1973.~Reg Baker - 1928 – 19 April 2010. Reg was maintenance man, carpenter and stickler for school standards for manyyears, retiring in 1979~Tammy Davis - On 19 May 2010 our much-loved KWS Shop manager Tammy passed away. She will be missed butnever forgotten by staff, students and members of the KWS extended family.~Mervyn Bourke - Passed away on 20 June 2010. Mervyn attended Wolaroi from 1946-1950~Andrew Wakely - Andrew attended KWS until the end of Year 8 in 1996. He tragically passed away in June aftergiving many years of skilled and dedicated service to his country with the Navy.34

Diary DatesSept 24 Year 12 Graduation Ceremony (day) and Graduation Ball OFC (evening)Nov 5Nov 6Preparatory School Grandparents Day.Open DayNov 12KWS Music Festival eveningDec 11Speech DayComing up in 2011Mar 5 KWS P&F Fair DayNov 3 to 7Celebration Long Weekend for the 125 year celebrations..Upcoming ReunionsOct 14-17 - Celebrations for the Wolaroi College Class of 1970.Contact Garry Dudgeon megdudgeon@gmail.comMar 5, 2011 - 20 Year reunion for the Class of 1991.Join the Facebook Group ‘Kinross Wolaroi School Class of 1991' formore details.An Ex-Students' group for Sydney-based members of the schoolfamily is being set up by Rob Quarmby (Class of 1967). If you areinterested in helping to organise or attend some gatherings in 2011,please contact Rob at sydneyexkws@hotmail.comFor more information contact Paul Tierney on 6392 0305

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