Dresden Ruda (pdf) - B-Team Initiative


Dresden Ruda (pdf) - B-Team Initiative

Brownfield Regeneration.Best practises and experiences in DresdenBarbara Engel, Thomas Herm – Urban Planning Office DresdenBrownfield Days in Ruda Slaska / Poland 07.03.2011

1. Strategies and Documents2. Case study ‚Kohlebahnhof‘ Coal Railway Station3. ConclusionBrownfield Days – in Best Ruda practise Slaska Dresden / Poland 07.03.2011

Brownfields in Dresden: A mass phenomenon- need for a systematic brownfiled monitoring toolDresden, inner city brownfields spread• large number• wide range of size• wide scope of types• high persistency

200017501500125010007505002500total amount of brownfields (in hectares) by formerland use types1991/92 1996/97 2001/02 2006/07 2009/10specialtechnical utilitiespublic utilitiestransportmilitaryresidentialopen spaceindustrialBrownfield Days – Best practise Dresden

Brownfield Monitoring data baseData analysis: physical data, history, current appearance,update (2-years-interval)

Brownfield Rehabilitation Strategy:Comprehensive data base Gaining development suggestionsthrough framework analysis (filtering process)External planning conditions:- flood prevention regulations- environment protecting regulations- list of historic heritage objects- ... (others)Planning framework:- soil protection law (federal regulation)- Integrated city development concept- general planning guidelinesThe filtering process applies to every single brownfield plot

Supporting the planning process:The results of framework analysis produce pre-selections whichmay serve as entry in the urban planning processplanning advice: built-up areaplanning advice: open spaceplanning suggestion: built-up areaplanning suggestion: open spaceno planning suggestion

2. Case Study ‚Kohlebahnhof‘ former Coals RailwayStation11. 8 haclose to city center- phase of preparation- phase of implementationBrownfield Days – Best practise Dresden

Planungsleitbild / Gesamtstadtplan

Phase of preparationSince 2000 agreements with railway company and ownersSince 2002 declaration as flood protection area2002-2003 definition of general planning goals2004 – 2005 Process of Moderation2006 Urban design and landscape competitionBrownfield Days – Best practise Dresden

Green corridor ‚Weisseritz‘ - Landscape Planning as firststep of urban development: 2004- 2008 Conception andRealization of inner city green corridor- Support bei European funding „Project Weisseritz- Arrangement of a green corridor in the historical location- Creation of possibilities and facilities for leisure, sports,- Arrangement footpath and cycle trackBrownfield Days – Best practise Dresden

Phase of Implementation2007- 2008 reworking result of competition2008 conception of land use planparticipation with administrative institutions, public,2009 again reworking result of competitionsince 2010 continuing with owner of property

Contradictions / Problemsplanning law / instruments:Flood area (river Weisseritz) Responsibilities of Railwaydifferences between privat interests and intentions ofmunicipalityeconomy:restrained / slow economic development: no specificprogramming, future utilization; profitabilityBrownfield Days – Best practise Dresden

3. Conclusion / Lessons learnt?Image neededstrong urban design conception is requiredTime-managementBrownfield Days – Best practise Dresden

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