Den Danske Forening - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia

Den Danske Forening - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia

Den Danske ForeningHeimdal’s MedlemsbladJuly 2007Newsletter for The Danish Association Heimdal - Established 1872

ContributionsAll letters to the editor and other material tobe published, must be received by the 10 th ofthe month. I will endeavour to publish allmaterial submitted but reserve the right todetermine the suitability of material to bepublished. Any material published does notnecessarily reflect the opinion of the DanishClub or the Editor.From the Editor .Kære Medlemmer og Venner af Heimdal.Ulla Uhlott og assistent, Sandy, har tilbudt atlave medlemsbladet.Til næste generalforsamling i august vil jeghermed nominere Ulla Uhlott som Redaktør afHeimdal’s Medlemsblad.Første udgave med ny redaktør vil bliveseptember udgaven.På gensyn i HeimdalAageDer har været nogen diskussion på bestyrelsen ommedlemsskab af klubben skulle være per person istedet for som nu per familie.Nu betaler en familie $50 per år og har 2 stemmer(ved generalforsamlinger), een for hver voksen.Børn under 18 år har ikke stemmeret i klubben.Det nuværende familie-medlemskab omfatter detvoksne par samt deres børn. Børn, der er 18 år ellerældre, skal selv betale familie- medlemsskab $50 perår.Resultatet er, at der er meget få børn over 18 år, derer medlem af klubben. Det ændrer sig som oftestførst, når barnet får en partner og sine egne børn.Enlige personer (over 18 år) kan kun tegne familiemedlemsskab til $50 per år og har een stemme.En ny kategory kunne kaldes person medlemsskabtil $35 pr. år og vil kun øge arbejdet for medlemsofficerenen smule.Det koster for tiden klubben ca. $20 om året atudsende dette medlemsblad per medlem, uansetmedlemskategorien. Derfor er det nokrimligt, at et person medlemsskab skulle blive mereend halv pris af et familie medlemsskab.Har du en mening om dette emne, så send migdin kommentar, så vil jeg prøve at sætte noglesynspunkter i næste udgave af bladet og på voreshjemmeside under ”Synspunkt”.Et uddrag af Klubbens regler, vedrørendeændring af regler, er på side 4.Photo by Alan PrzybylakWebmaster and Editor:Aage Christoffersen18 Boardman StreetKallangur, QLD 4503Ph (07) 3204 5761Skype: lydatronicE-mail: note:The Danish Function is usually on the 2 ndSaturday of the month.Café Danmark is usually on the 4 th Friday ofthe month.Page

Future functions / Glæd dig tilSaturday 14 th of July:Friday 27 th of July:Saturday 11 th of August:Winter FestCafé DanmarkAnnual General MeetingSaturday 8 th of September: Heimdal’s 135 year Birthday PartyHave you got a good idea for a function, or would you like to do some cooking.Please contact Lone on 3822 4476 or 0409 594 128. We would love to hear from you.Looking forward to see you at Heimdal’s !På gensyn i page 3

Get all your Danish Baked Goodies from Britt’s Bakery at Café DANMARK4th Friday of the month.Authentic Danish Pastry & Organic Bread ProductsKringler, Smørtærter, kanel stænger, Birkes, Runstykker, fuldkorns rugbrød,Kransekage konfekt, småkager, Knækbrød, og bagerens dårlige øje.For information, order forms and delivery details, go to our 5/10 Energy Crescent, Molendinar Qld 4214 Ph: 07 5571 6881 Fax: 07 5571 6947Email: following is an extract from the club rules regarding changing the rules:ALTERATION OF RULES25. Subject to the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981, these Rules may beamended, rescinded or added to from time to time by a special resolution carried at any generalmeeting. However, an amendment, repeal or addition is valid only if it is registered by the chiefexecutive administering the Act.22. (1) The secretary shall convene all General Meetings of the Association by giving not less than14 days notice of any such meeting to the members of the Association eligible to vote PROVIDEDHOWEVER that when the nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting is limited to thematters covered by Clauses 14.(2)(d) and (e), then the notice shall be no less than seven (7) days.(2) The manner by which such notice shall be given shall be determined by the ManagementCommittee: Provided that notice of any meeting convened for the purpose of hearing anddetermining the appeal of a member against the rejection or termination of that member'smembership by the Management Committee shall be given in writing. Notice of a general meetingshall clearly state the nature of the business to be discussed at the meeting.The see the club’s rules look on the club’s website under "Membershipforms".Page

Winter Fest. 14th of July 2007.Come and celebrate Winter.We start with Traditional Roast Pork with all the trimmingsfollowed by Ris-a-la-mande with cherry sauce.Lloyd will be performing through out, so bring the dancing shoes.Doors open at 18:30 for drinksand we will serve the meals at 19:00.The girls will be there, so who knows what they will do.Cost: $30 for Members$35 for non-members* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *All tickets are to be prepaid by Monday the 9 th of July.Book and mail money orders/cheques made payable to “Heimdal” to:Lone Lambourne3 Dartmouth CourtBirkdale, QLD 4159or direct debit to :Bank:SuncorpBSB (bank/state/branch): 484 799Account number: 02495 1468Account name:“HEIMDAL”In payment description write: 14/6 and your namePhone (07) 3822 4476, Email: page 5

Café DANMARKFriday the 27 th of July, starting at 6.00pmThank you to every one of you that is helping us making our Café night a success.It is fantastic to see so many new and old faces.We have got members cooking some nice dishes in the coming monthsand in July we have the pleasure of Benny making “Brunkål & Medister.Our menu for July looks like this:Brunkål & medister, rugbrød og sennep $ 10.00Smørrebrød 3 stk. $ 10.00Hot Dogs $ 3.50Pastries/ Wienerbrød $ 3.50Æblekage $ 3.00Coffee and Tea is free----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guest chefs, Guest helpers and DVD's.As always, we can use a little bit of help with our functions and Cafe Danmark.Do you have a day available in your calender, where you can help? You might have somespecial cooking skills, maybe you have a knack for folding serviettes (Origami), settingtablesup, have a good connection to someone who sells flowers, sell raffle tickets etc.etc.Please come and see us, and we can line something up.Also, have you got some Danish DVD's and CD's, that you are happy to share, then bringthem in, please.See Alan, at the bar, who coordinates our entertainment.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Café Danmark was again a great success.We all braved the cold, for a great night at our club.Alf, our president was our special celebrity chef, and didn’twe all enjoy his delicious pork fillet wrapped in bacon?Thank You Alf, great donation…………Also a big Thank You to Tea, we really appreciate all the help inthe kitchen and on the floor. Many hands make light work….Don’t forget our winter-fest in July, it promises to be anothergreat night, glogg, ribbensteg, music… I need to say any more………Happy Days to AllBrittPage page 7


36 Austin StNEWSTEADDanish Assoc. Heimdal Inc 03/06/2007MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING HELD AT CLUB PREMISES 17/05/2007 6:15PMComm. Members Present: President Alf Berg, Secretary Flemming Brinkmann, Comm. MembersFunctions Manager Mai-Britt Mortensen, Benny Uhlott, Lone Lambourne, Britt Christiansen.Apologies: Vice President Allan Przybylak, Acting Treasurer Roy Schack, Peter Hansen, Nina Nielsen,Treasurer Eilean Nielsen.Minutes of Meeting: Perused and accepted. Moved Mai-Britt second Britt Chr.Business Arising from Minutes: None.Inward Correspondence: Scarborough Insurance for personal injury insurance (volunteers) $268.40 tobe paid by Treasurer. QLD Plumbing clear blockage ladies toilet. Prince Charles Hospital asking fordonation. Campbell Wholesalers to Mai-Britt.Moved by Secretary F. Brinkmann second Alf Berg.Outgoing Correspondence: None.Treasurer’s Report: Send by Treasurer Eilean Nielsen for month of April. Moved by F. Brinkmannsecond by Mai-Britt.New Members: Hardy and Denise Sorensen (rejoined). Moved by Alf Berg second by BrittChristiansen.Last Function: Smorgasbord, great evening. Ticket sales $2940.00. Bar takings $1780.00. Cost ofmusic $500.00 (very good). Book for next big function! Clear profit approx $1550.00. Raffle $447.00.Future Functions: 135 year birthday function need a decision NOW! All present agreed it is to be heldat our club premises as a cocktail party on the 8 th September 2007 start 7pm. We may need to use frontpatio, Flemming to contact Moreton Hire re marque to cover entire area. Price for floor and carpetoptional, Flemming to advise before next meeting. Bar to be operating in this area as well. Alf to inviteambassador from Sydney also Lord Mayor Graham Campbell the Ipswich mayor. Full catering to beorganised by Mai-Britt advise Comm. next meeting. Advertise in local papers? Interview on radiostation 4BC etc? President has invited Zanne Mallet a radio personality from SBS radio possible MC?Annual General Meeting: To be held on Saturday 11 th August at club premises. It was suggested byFunctions Manager that we have pizza and wine at the conclusion of the meeting. Most committeemembers agreed to take another year. GREAT! No function will be held in June due to long weekend.Multicultural festival at Roma St parkland 14 th October 2007. Quite a lot of discussion followed aboutthis. It is a lot of work, long hours, starting the day before and finishing late the next night. Last yearwe made a profit of $4500.00. Alf Berg to fill in application form. Britt suggested she and her husbandcould make the dough for aebleskiver in their bakery. Flemming and co. will take care of the hot dogs.Alan? And co. do softdrinks? But is it TO MUCH to ask the committee to do? Christmas in July hasbeen changed to Winterfest to be held on Saturday 14 th July.Maintenance of Club: great news and a special thanks to Benny Uhlott for quickly organising our newair conditioning system. Works absolutely perfect, no noise at all. Compressors installed in a small area(outdoor) behind the toilets with easy access for maintenance. Good one Benny! Cost was page 9

$15950.00 compared with approx $25000.00 as suggested by previous committee. Ladies toilet mayhave a serious problem. Our president had a conversation with the plumber who initially did the work.Apparently some old pipes were not replaced, that seems to have caused the intermittent blockage. Thefloor may have to be jack hammered out and the pipes replaced. Plumber Jimmy Gerval and IvanHansen who donated all the tiles for the club will try to solve the problem together. Benny Uholtt(again) will try to find time to replace broken tiles in our courtyard. Flemming to get quote from SmartSails to cover courtyard. Spare room (meeting room etc) to be updated with new furniture etc. LoneMai-Britt and Flemming to work together on this. President Alf Berg has already contacted Leif Klok(cabinet maker extraordinaire) about built in cupboards.General Business: Aage Christoffersen needs help with our monthly magazine or he will have to stopmaking it altogether due to business pressure. Ulla Uhlott may know someone who will assist but he orshe will need to be paid for time and materials. Future newsletters to include a short summary ofcommittee meetings. If no help is forthcoming Aage will have to stop producing it in August (grimtidings).Meeting finished 9.15pmNext Meeting 14 th June 2007 6.30pmCocktail partyThe date has been set. Reserve the 8 th of September for a great night at The DanishClub.We are celebrating Heimdal’s135 years birthday, with a glamorous cocktail party.Check out your wardrobe and make sure the suit and pretty dress still fits (or a very goodexcuse for a bit of retail therapy for us girls) and your dancing shoes will definitely beneeded. We have organized a 7-piece band (The Party Cools) and they are absolutelygreat, if they can’t get us moving nobody can.The doors will open at 6:30 for a 7 o’clock start. You will be greeted with a sparkling glass ofChampagne and a String Quartet as entertainment.Olive Rose will be doing the catering. We have chosen a finger food menu that is to die for.They will be serving hot and cold dishes all thru the night.Later on there will be kransekage , (Rene’s surprise) coffee and tea.The club will be extended with a big Marque out in the courtyard to make it one big area forevery one to enjoy. There will still be areas where you can sit and have a quiet chat andrest your tired feet. An extra bar will also be set up, to make it easy for everyone to buy theirdrinks (we don’t want any one to go thirsty).We are still working on a couple of things and will let you all know when it has beenfinalized.It promises to be a fantastic night, look out for your invitation in the mail.See you all there.Your hard working commiteePage

ISABELLA HENRIETTA INGRID MARGRETHEDet blev det lidt overraskende navn, den lille prinsesse fik da hun søndag formiddag blevdøbt I Fredensborg SlotskirkeHendes Kongelige Højhed prinsesse IsabellaFoto: Steen BrogaardMange havde sikkert gættet på, at både Ingrid, Margrethe og Henrietta ville indgå i den godtto måneder gamle prinsesses navn. Men der har ikke været mange bud på Isabella.Dermed går kronprinsparret i traditionens fodspor og giver deres anden fødte et lidtutraditionelt navn.Ligesom til prins Christians dåb var det også denne gang mor Mary, der førte den lilleprinsesse mod døbefronten. Der ventede Københavns biskop Erik Norman Svendsen, somogså døbte Christian og viede Frederik og Mary, med tempereret vand.Selve dåben tog prinsesse Isabella rigtig fint – hun sov nemlig trygt mens præsten østevand på hendes lille royale hoved.Men ellers så både Christian og den lille pige noget betuttet ud i kirken, men så tog farFrederik sig af den store mens mor Mary, ligesom til Christians dåb, stillede sin lillefinger tilrådighed når den lille var utilfreds.Da prins Christian blev døbt, havde han ikke mindre end otte prominente faddere, men denlille prinsesse måtte tage til takke med seks, deriblandt nære venner af kronprinsparret ogto prinsesser – Mathilde af Belgien og prinsesse Alexia.Efter dåben inviterede Mary og Frederik deres 120 gæster på en frokost i Kancellihusetsbaghave.Camilla Albrechtsen (Se og Hør) page 11

Page page 13


Entertainment books.We still have copies left of the Entertainment Book, both Gold Coast and Brisbane Editions.With this book, you can save lots of $$$$$ during the year.Ranging from fine dining, where you receive a complimentary meal, when you purchaseone at full price, to Subway and Hungry Jacks.It also includes car hire, theme parks, accommodation and much more.We are displaying the books at the club, and we are more than happy to explain more aboutit.The Gold Coast book costs $50and the Brisbane book $60And we make $10 per sold book for the club.Rolls Royce.A big THANK YOU to Poul Tvede for donating a Rolls Royce to the club.The car is an exact replica of a 1901 Rolls Royce with leather interior.Paul has spent numerous hours creating this gem, and we are very grateful for thedonation.We will have a big raffle, drawn at the AGM, but till then, you can view the Rolls at the page 15

Nyttige Adresser:Royal Danish Consulate General14th Floor, Gold Fields House1 Alfred Street, Circular QuaySydney NSW 2000Phone: (02) 9247 2224Fax: (02) 9251 7504Emil: Church in AustraliaPastor Jesper EngholmPO Box 344Pennant Hills, NSW 2114Phone: (02) 9980 8223Fax: (02) 9980 BestyrelsePreben ØstergaardØstrupvej 61DK-8900 Albæk RandersDenmarkSee www.danishclubbrisbane.orgUnder the LINKS button for links to otherDanish and Scandinavien groups around theworld and to some Danish websites.Danes Worldwide2nd FloorKøbmagergade 67DK-1150 Copenhagen KDenmarkwww.danes.dkSwedes Down under Club Inc.The SecretarySwedes Down Under Club Inc.PO Box 521, Carina Qld 4152Email: of SwedenLevel 8, 97 Creek StreetBrisbane, Qld. 4000Phone: (07) 3211 9976Norwegian Club of Qld Inc.P.O.Box 2277New Farm, Qld 4005President: Alf AndreassenPhone: (07) 3889 3745mobile: (04) 0570 0153web site: ncq.asn.auPage

Application for Membership toTHE DANISH ASSOCIATION "HEIMDAL" Inc., BRISBANEApplicant First Name, SurnameOccupationPlace of birth and/or connection with DenmarkDate of birthMobile PhonePartner First Name, SurnameOccupationPlace of birth and/or connection with DenmarkAddress – StreetTown / Suburb / PostcodeDate of birthMobile PhoneHome PhoneFaxe-mail address1, Childs Name Date of birth2. Childs Name Date of birth3. Childs Name Date of birth4. Childs Name Date of birthhereby apply for admission as Fee per year tick oneOrdinary Member(s) receiving newsletter (must be of danish $50.00desent)Associate Member(s) not receiving newsletter $25.00Associate Member(s) receiving newsletter $50.00of the Danish Association "Heimdal" Inc. and if selected I (vi) promise to obey Rules and By-Laws.I declare that the above information is correct.(signed) ................................................................................. ......................200…..........----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------COMMITTEE's REMARKSProposer Seconder Date AcceptedFee of $……..…Cash / ChequePaid on Recorded Receipt numberPlease make cheques payable to "Heimdal" and post to:Eilean Nielsen28 Netherby Rise, Sunrise Beach QLD 4567Ph(07) 5447 2737E-mail: page 17

CommitteeThe Danish Association Heimdal Inc., 36 Austin Street, Newstead, QLD 4006Phone 07 3252 1125The current committee and contact points are listed below. Please feel free to contactany member of the committee with any questions you may have.President:Alf BergPh (07) 3389 2034E-mail: alfberg@bigpond.comVice President:Alan Przybylak47 Silvira StreetCapalaba, QLD 4157Mobile: 04 0269 1435Email:, Membership Officer:Eilean Nielsen28 Netherby Rise, Sunrise Beach QLD 4567Ph(07) 5447 2737E-mail: BrinkmannPh (07) 5463 4468E-mail: Member:Nina NielsenPh(07) 3267 0654E-mail:

Committee Member:Britt ChristiansenPh(07) 5596 1503E-mail: Member:Peter HansenPh (02) 6680 3574E-mail: wagner_ph@hotmail.comCommittee Member:Lone LambournePh (07) 3822 4476E-mail: Member:Mai-Britt MortensenPh (07) 3857 2004E-mail: Member:Roy SchackPh(07) 3391 5788E-mail: furniture@royschack.comCommittee Member:Benny UhlottPh(07) 5446 6328E-mail: page 19


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