Blue Book 1922 - Newton Free Library

Blue Book 1922 - Newton Free Library

K/iNEWTON BLUE BOOKifJAMES G. WHITEDISTRICT AGENTTRAVELERS INSURANCE CO., of Hartford, Conn.LIFE, ACCIDENT AND LIABILITY INSURANCETelephone: Main 434810 POST OFFICE SQ., Delta Building, BOSTONCOAL AND WOODYard: 285 Newtonville Avenue,Tel. Newton North 358Mr. Keith's Office:Newton North 348793 Washington Street,Telephone ConnectionA. C. JEWETT & COSUCCESSOR'S TOBEMIS & JEWETTForeign W&11 ^ p t V ^ DomesticFINE FURNITURE MADE TO ORDERUPHOLSTERY AND DRAPERY STUFFSPainting and DecoratingHoliday DecorationsFavors for all occasions.Offices and Salesrooms101 UNION ST., Bray Bldg., NEWTON CENTRECHAPEL STREET,NEEDHAM, MASS.

(.[\n,m H /s/NEHTON FREE LIBRARY'11323 00536 509 2c, t hio4°*i(j>l£lyjLuSUi—„CONTENTSC c^-O*Albermarle Golf Club ..' 288Alphabetical List 185Auburnd'ale Residents 133Brae Burn Country Club 289Chestnut Hill Residents 173Churches 281Clubs, Societies, Etc., 288Commonwealth Country Club 289Daughters of American Revolution..289Daughters of the Revolution 289Fire Alarm ....: 5Hunnewell Club 290Knights of Columbus 292Libraries 303Monday Club of Newton Highlands..290Mothers' Rest Association, Inc., ofNewton Centre 290Neighborhood Club, W. N p 290Newton Boat Club, Inc., 291Newton Centre Residents 101Newton Centre Woman's Club 291Newton City Government 300Newton Club 291Newton Community Club 291Newton Federation of Women'sClubs 292Newton Highland Residents 147Newton Hospital 292Newton Ladies' Home Circle 292Newton Residents 27Newtonville Residents 56Newtonville Woman's Club 293Northgate Club 295Pomroy (Rebecca Home 295Post Offices 298Postal Station Numbers 8Shakespeare Club 295Shoppers' Guide and BusinessDirectory of Advertisers 304'Street Directory 9Waban Residents 163Waban Woman's Club 294West End Literary Club 296West Newton Educational Club 294West Newton Resident^ 83Young Men's Christian Association296

4 NEWTON BLUE BOOKINDEX TO ADVERTISERS*Adams & Swett Cleansing Co. Page 33Allen-Chalmers Schoolopp. inside front coverAllen, Misses The, School opp. 98Andrew, John A., Gov. Home....opp. 67Ashworth, J. R., Ellis Dairy Farmopp. 99Barbour and Travis opp. 98Battery & Tire Service Co opp. 130Black, R. W., D. D. S.See Shoppers' GuideBoston Gardening Co opp. 162Boston Oriental Rug Works, PiranianBros opp. 51Boutelle, C. Arthur, D. V. S.See Shoppers' GuideBrasco, L opp. 67Brooks L. Loring,foot lines and headlinesBurlen, Robert & Son opp. 96Burns, John T. & Sons, Inc foot linesCate, Henry F opp. 98Chandler & Barber opp. 130Chestnut Hill Garage, Inc opp 178Clinton DeWitt School, The....opp. 67Cole Electric Co., Inc., opp. 147Cooper's Drug Store 33Cozens, William & Sons opp. 147Crawford, Fred L., Inc 36Deacks, E. A. & Co opp. 99Eddy, C, F. Co., opp. 98Edmands & Byfield - 33Ellis Dairy Farm opp. 99Evans Motor Car Co., 36First National Bank, West Newton\ opp. 83Foresman Electric Co., The, Inc.opp. 107Frederickson, John opp. 107Gilmour, Rothery & Co.See foot linesGleason, R. & E. F., opp 97Hatch, B. S. Co., opp. 163Hatherly Summer School, The, opp. 67Hebberd, John B., A. M., opp. 67Hewins & Hollisfront coverHickey, Martin J., opp. 99Highland Villa opp. 66Holbrow, C. Efront col.Hornblower & Weeks opp. 106Household Publishing Co 34Jewett, A. C. & Co.,....inside front coverJones, Edward A opp. 115Kfchan, E opp, 162Krikorian, H Bottom 161Marderosian, Kapreal Der & Sons,opp. 179Massachusetts Wharf Coal Co.,inside front coverMcAdams, Stationer 34McKinnon, M. P . opp. 66McNeilly's Riding Academy....opp. 178Meredith & Grew opp. 96Meyer Jonasson & Co.,outside front coverMoore Pen Co., 100Neal & Co., opp. 130Newton Centre Savings Bank, opp. 106Newton Highland Garage opp. 147Newton Household, The 34Newton Trust Co., opp. 114Newtonville Farm (M. J. Hickey)opp. 99Old Natick Innfront coloredPaxton's 33Pennell Gibbs & Quining Co., Inc.,opp. 66Pierce H. Havelock 28Pratt, E. W. Co., Frederic S. Pry,Prop., opp. 146Pry, Frederic S., Prop., E. W. PrattCo., opp. 146Rhodes Bros., Co., opp. 51Rhodes, Gordon H opp. 162Richardson Bros., see front col.Rider, H. Orne opp. 163Robart, H. Wfoot linesRodden, The Florist opp. 178Ryan, Harold A., Inc., 3*5Savage, Henry W., Inc foot linesWalker Lithograph & Publishing Co.,opp. 179Waterman, J. S. & Sons, Inc opp. 131West Newton Savings Bank....opp. 82White, James G., ....inside front coverWillow Farm (Frank Pope) 100Winchester Laundries, Inc opp. 50Woodworth y C. H. Mrs.Shoppers' Guide

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 5FIREALARMFIRE DEPARTMENT TELEPHONE NUMBER.Headquarters, 33-W, Newton West, or 30 Newton South121314151617181911211311411511611711811912112212312412512612713115117117217317417517617721Park and Church sts., N.Sargent and Centre sts., N.Washington and Jewett sts., N.No. 1 Engine station, Newton.Church and Centre sts., N.Waban and Hovey sts., N.Newtonville av. and HowardN.Bellevue and Summit sts., N.St.,Washington st. and Waverley av.,Newton.Waverley av. and Vernon st., N.Park and Tremont sts., N.Centre and Elmwood sts., N.Franklin opp. Eldridge sts., N.Washington opp. iChanning St., N.Bigelow School, Park and Arlington,N.Underwood School, EldredgeVernon, N.Stanley Motor Carriage Co.N.Billings park, off Church st.N.and(P),Hunnewell ave. and Willard st.,N.Nonantum st. near Pembroke, N.St. James st. n R R bridge, N.Washington and GrassmereN.Tremont and Marlboro, N.Centre and Bellevue sts., N.Carlton and Centre sts., N.Boyd and Jewett sts., N.Pearl and Gardner sts., N.Pearl st. near Watertown, N.West and Green, Nonantum. ,Cook near Morgan place, Newton.Elliot School, Pearl, N.Lincoln School, Thornton andPearl, N.No. 1 Truck station, Nv.sts.,23242526272829212224225226227228231232233234235236(P), 24124224324524624725126126,2263264265Washington and Walnut sts., Nv.No. 8 Hose station, Nonantum.Crafts and Watertown sts., Nv.Walnut st. opp. High School, Nv.Highland st. and Forest av., Nv.Crafts and California sts., Nv.Watertown and Edinboro sts., Nv.Watertown and Parson sts., Nv.Chapel st. opp. Nonantum WorstedMills, Nonantum. 'Silver Lake Company (P), Nv.High School (P), Nv.Otis st. and Lowell av., Nv.Technical High School, Elm rd.,Nv.Washington park, Nv.Newton Club (P), Nv.Masonic Building (P), Nv.Newtonville av. and Har. st., Nv.CaJbot and Harvard, Nv.Claflin School, Washington Park,Nv.Adams and Middle sts., Nonantum.Crafts st. bpp. Planing Mills, Nv.City Stable, Crafts St., Nv.California and Faxon sts., Nonantum.Barker's starch factory, Californiast, Nonantum.iStearns School, Crescent, Nonantum.Adams School, Watertown andCrafts, Nv.Walnut st. and Prospect av., Nv.N. & B. car station, Homer st.(P), Nv.Homer st. and Lake View ave.,Nv.Kirkstall road, Nv.Morton st., near Royce, Nv.

6 NEWTON BLUE BOOK2712722812913131323435353637383931131231331431531632132233133233433533633734134'235135236138139144142434445Austin st., near Greenwood av.,W. N.Froebel School, Highland av., W.N.North st. near Farwell, Nv.H. Mann School, Watertown andWalker, Nv.Waltham and Wash, sts., W. N.(Duplicate) Police Headquarters,West Newton.River and Pine sts., W. N.Waltham and Derby sts., W. N.No. 2 Engine ;S tat ion, W. N.(Duplicate) Lucas Mill (P), W.N.Washington s and Commonwealthav., West Newton.Fountain and Otis sts., W. N.Highland, cor. Chestnut St., W.N.Berkeley and Prince sts., W. N.Car Barn, Washington St., (P),W. N.City Hall, W. N.Welbster st. and Webster pi., W.N. •Cherry and River sts., W. N.City Stable, Auburndale av., W.N.Davis School, Waltham st., W. N.River and Lexington sts., W. N.Franklin 'School, River, W. N.Chestnut and Margin sts., W. N.Pierce School, Chestnut and Austin,W. N.Shaw and Winthrop sts., W. N.Sterling, near Temple sts., W. N.Woodland Park Hotel (P), Au.Barnard School, Shaw, W. N.Cherry and Derby sts., W. N.Crafts near Waltham St., W. N.Webster and Westwood,North Prospect st., nearington, W. N.W. N.Wash-Brae Burn Country iClub, Fuller,W. N.Valentine, o>pp. Lenox, W. N.Prince and Chestnut sts., W. N.No. 5 Hose station, Au.Auburn and Charles sts., Riverside.Woodland rd. and Grove St., Au.Islington rd., Auburndale.Lexington and Freeman sts., Au.Auburn and Greenough sts., Au.464748421422423431441442443551525354555651151252152252352452552654155156156266162636465666768•Maple and Central sts., Au.Woodland rd. and Vista av., Au.Auburndale av. and Rowe sts.,Au.Hancock and Fern sts., Au.Central near Fern, Au.Williams School. Hancock, Au.Burr School, Ash, Au.Car House (P), Norumbega Pk.Lasell Seminary (P), Au.Melrose st., near Ware rd., Au.No. 6 Hose Station, Lower Falls.Concord and Washington sts., L.F.Beacon st. and R. R. bridge, Waban.Grove st. and Pine Grove av.,L. F.Washington and Beacon sts., L.F.Washington and Wales sts., L. F.Nehoiden and Carlton rds., Waban.Concord, near R. R. crossing, L.F.Paper Mills, C. F. Crehore & Son(P.), L. F.Chestnut and Woodward sts.. W.Windsor rd., Moffatt Hill, W.Chestnut and Fuller sts., W. N.Commonwealth av., cor. PrinceSt., W. N.Beacon and Chestnut, W.Roger Wolcott School, Beacon,W.Newton Hospital (P.). Woodland.Hamilton School, Hamilton St.,L. F.Waban ave., near Carlton rd.. W.Crofton rd. and Waban av., W.Centre, cor. Clark, Newton H.Forest and Chester sts., Highlands.Walnut and Duncklee sts., N. H.Centre, 'between Walnut andBoylston sts., Highlands.Walnut and Lincoln sts., Highlands.No. 2 Truck Station, Highlands.Lincoln St., B. & A. R. R. Station,Eliot.Lakewood rd. near Lake av.. N.H.Woodward st. and Carver rd.. N.H.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 761261361461561661761862162262363164164265166177172737475Pumping Station (P.), UpperFalls.Saco and Pettee Machine Shops,Upper Falls.Newton Mills (P.), U. F.Gamewell Fire Alarm Company(P.), Upper Falls.No. 7 Hose Station, Upper Falls.Winter and Chestnut sts., U. F.Boylston and Chestnut sts., U. F.Emerson School, Pettee st, U. F.Oak and Chestnut sts., UpperFalls.Chestnut st., opp. St. Mary'sChurch, Upper Falls,•Masten & Wells Fire Works (P.),Upper Falls.Mechanic and Elliot sts., U. F.M. G. Crane's Building (P.), N.H.Hyde School, Lincoln, N. H.Needham and Winchester sts.,N. H.Boylston st., Elliot Heights.Langley rd. and Beacon st, N. C.Walnut and Beacon sts., N. C.Centre and Pelham sts., N. C.No. 3 Engine Station, N. C.Beacon st. opp. Laurel av., N. C.Cypress st. and Railroad bridge,72673175188182838484858118128138149919293912Rice (School, Lyman, N. C.Grant av. and Montvale rd., N. C.Parker st. and Oxford rd., N. C.Hammond st. and B. & A. R. R.Station, C. H.Ward st. and Waverly av., N. C.Kenrick st. and Waverly av., N.Waverly av. near Kenilworth st.,N.Commonwealth av. and Hammondst., C. H.(Duplicate) Station B, Manet rd.,C. H.Commonwealth av. cor. Algonquinroad, C. H.Beacon st. near R. R. Bishop'sdriveway, C. H.Beacon and Hammond sts., C. H.Hammond st. near Kingsbury st.,C. H.Reservoir av. n,ear Lee av., C. H.Brookline and Dedham sts., OakHill.Clark and Parker sts., Oak HilLParker and Dedham sts., OakHill.Boys' Home, Winchester st., OakHill.Dudley and Greenwood sts., OakHill.76711712rr13 i714715721722723725N. C.Centre st. opfp. Norwood av., N.C.Beacon st. near Beethoven av., N.C.Homer and Cedar sts., N. C.Centra and Ward sts., N. C.Commonwealth av. near SummerSt., N. CHomer st. near Ashton Park, N.C.Langley road and Jackson st.,Thompsonville.Langley rd. and Glen av., N. C.Bowen School, Langley rd., N. C.Mason School, Centre, N. C.1 Blow for test 11.45 a.m. and 5.45p.m. Sundays at 12.15 p.m.14 Blows followed by station numberwill assemble the police incase of emergency.15 Blows followed by one round ofstation number 311, militarycall.The School signal, 3-3-3, will begiven at 7.15 or 7.45 a.m., meaning nomorning session; at 12.45 p.m., meaningno afternoon session of school.6:30 p. m., no evening session.r

8 NEWTON BLUE BOOKList of Postal Station Numbers»5To speed up the delivery of yourmail ask your correspondents to placethe number of your station on allletters addressed to you. You willfind your number opposite your branchprist office in thje list given to you.Allston 34Arlington 74Arlington Heights 75Atlantic 71Auburndale 66Back Bay 17Belmont 78Boston G. P. 0 9Boston 'G. P. O.Boxes 1 to 8Braintree 84Brighton 35Brookline 46Cambridge 38Cambridge, A 39Cambridge, B 40Cambridge, C , 41Charlestown 29Chelsea 50Chestnut Hill 67Coolidge Corner 47Dorchester 22Dorchester Centre 24East Boston 28East Milton 87East Weymouth 89Essex Street 11Essex Street Boxes 10Everett 49Grov.e Hall 21Hanover Street 16Hanover Street Boxes 15Hyde Park 36Jamaica Plain 30Maiden 48Mattapan 26Medford 55Medford Hillside 57Melrose 76Melrose Highlands 77Milton 86Ne,edha^m * , 92Needham Heights 94Newton 58Newton Centre 59Newton Highlands 61Newton Lower Falls 62Newton Upper Falls 64Newtonville 60North Postal 14North Postal Boxes 12North Weymouth 91Quincy 69Readville 37Revere 51Roslindale 31Roxbury 19Roxbury Crossing 20Somerville 42South Boston 27South Braintree 85South Weymouth 90Station A 18Stoneham 80Uphams Corner 25Waban r. 66Waltham 54Watertown 72Waverley 79Wellesley 81W,ellesley Hills 82West Medford 56West Newton 65West Roxbury 32West Somerville 44Weymouth 82Winter Hill 45Winthrop 52Wollaston7CIf your correspondent receives hi?mail through a box at the main postoffice at Boston h£ will be furnishedwith a unit number 1 to 8 which he irturn must supply you with.Compliments ofEDWARD A. JONES

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 9STREET DIRECTORYAv. for avenue; C. H., Chestnut Hill; cor., corner; fr., from; opp., opposite; sq., square;ter,, terrace; Au., Auburndale; N., Newton; Nv., Newtonville; L. F., Lower Falls; N. II., NewtonHighlands: U. F., Upper Falls; W. Waban.ABBOTT, U. F., fr. Oak south toCharles riverAberdeen, N. H., fr. opp. 1600 Centreto 787 BoylstonAdams, N., fr. 35WashingtonChandler to 551Adams, N., fr. 454 California to 551WashingtonAdams Avenue, W. N., fr. 219 Cherryto Lexington near City lineAdams Court, N., fr. 145 Adams westAdams Terrace, N., fr. 238 Adams eastAdella Avenue, W. N., fr. 881 to 835WatertownAdena Road, W. N., from NorthgatePark to DerbyAgawam Road, Waban, fr. 2014 Beaconto 467 Waban av.Alban Road, Waban, fr. 154' Nehoidenroad to 317 Waban av.Albermarle Road, W. N., fr. Charlesriver near Farwell, southerly toEddyAlbion, N. C, fr. 1028 Beacon south toAlbion placeAlbion Place, N. C, fr. 29 NewburywestAlden, N. C, fr. 33 Summer to« 1026•CentreAlden, N. H., fr. 146 Winslow roadacross Vaughan av.Alden 'Court, W. N., fr. Alden placeeasterlyAlden Place, W. N., fr. 149 RiverAlder, N. C, fr. 236 LangUey rd. to49 Euclid av.Alexander Road, N. H., fr. 82 WalnutHill rd. to 202 Walnut Hill rd.Algonquin Road, C. H., fr. 81 Commonwealthav. at junction of Waban Hillrd., on Waban HillAllen Avenue, Nv., fr. 123 Wilton rd.Allen Avenue, N. H., fr. 1376 Beaconnear Chestnut to 263 WoodwardAllen Place, W. N., fr. 1489 WashingtonAllen Terrace, N., fr. 1084 Walnutnear Hillside rd. eastAllerton Road, N., fr. 1477 Centre westto 102 HydeAllison, N., fr. Allison park southerlyacross California and Los AngelesAllison Park, N., bounded by Charlesriver, California and Allison streetsAHston, Nv., fr. Austin to Highland av.Andrew, N. H., fr. 1313 Walnut to 67WillardAnnawan Road, W., fr. 32 Waban av.Applegarth, N. C, fr. 12 Orchard 63 ElmoreArdmore Road, W. N., fr. 79 Prospect,westArdmore Terrace, W. N., fr. 16 Ardmorerd. southArlington, N., fr. 21 Nonantum to 118ParkArmory, W. N., fr. 1131 WashingtonArundel Terrace, N., fr. 38 Boyd nearEJmersonAsh, Au., fr. 353 Auburn to 2188 Commonwealthav.Ashford Road, N. C, fr. 31 Glendalerd. to 403 WardAshmont Avenue, Nv., fr. 73 Hawthornto 105 CraftsAshmont Road, W., fr. 23 Roslyn 1477 BeaconAshton Avenue, N. C, fr. 137 Cedar to193 HomerAshton Park, N. C, bounded by Mortonand Homer, Kenwood av.Aspen Avenue, Au., fr. 89 Lak,e to 1809WashingtonAtherton Place, L. F., fr. 21 Hamiltonnorth

10 NEWTON BLUE BOOKUkins m. L P., fr. 63 Cornell souther1 vuihurn. fr. 1537 Washington, W, 2384 v immonwealth av. near\\ i\ line at Starr bridge. Au.\uburn Pla \ \u . from 1920 Commonsealth av.Auburn Terrace, Au., fr. Sharon av.luburndale Avenue, W, N., fr. 126River > 364 Lexington, Au.\uburndale Park, Au., bounded byIslington rd.. Commonwealth a v.,Tine and Charles rtver\ustin. Nv.. fr. L M ,»9 Walnut, opp, Xewtonvilleav. to 80 Chestnut, \V. N.\va:on Road, \\\. fr. 43 Allen av. to624 Chestnutwon Place. X., fr. 35 Thornton westw idale Road, N. C, fr. 308 WardsouthlUroX. X.. fr. 32 P.earl to 303 WashingtonBacon Road, Nv., fr. 97 Walnut westerlyBacon Place, U. F.. fr. 1167 BoylstonnortherlyBadger Place, Xv., fr. 30 Newtonvilleav.Bailey Place, Xv, fr. 857 Washingtonnear Walnut northBalcarres Road, \V. N., fr. 266 OtissouthBaldwin, X., fr. 38 Elmwood opp.Brook to 105 VernonBallard, X. (\, fr. 956 Centre to 431Ward .Barnes Road, X., fr. 81 HunnewjeU av.near Copley to R. R.Barnstable Road, W. N., fr. 46 Hampshireto ,234 PrinceBarrieau Court, Xv., fr. 468 WatertownBartlett Road, X. C., fr. 4 Bartlett ter.northerlyBartlett Terrace, N. C, fr. 198 Langleyroad n.ear Ripley eastBeach, Xv., fr. 74 Court to 737 WashingtonBeacon, fr. Boston line near reservoirwest across Washington, L. F.lie. on Place, X. C, fr. 1257 CentrewestBeacon Triangle, N. C, bounded byBeacon and Union sts. and Langleyrd.Beaumont Awnue. Nv., fr. 84 Hull toCommonwealth av.Beech, X., fr. L>4 Faxon to 21 CrescentI aciu'roft Road, X., fr. 140 Franklinto Karlow roadBeecher Place, N. C, fr. 352 Langleyroad near Jackson northeasterly1 cher Terrace, N. C, fr. 53 Beecherplace southBeethoven Avenue, N. H., fr. 1348 Beaconnear Chestnut south to WoodwardBelgrade Road, W., fr. 1677 BeaconnorthwesterlyBellevue, N., fr. 629 Centre over Mt.Ida to ChurchBellevue Avenue, Au., fr. 29 Forest Studio roadBellingham, N. H., fr. 30 Bradford 35 Plymouth rd.Belmonth, N., fr. 230 Tremont southwestto ArlingtonBemis, Nv., fr. 77 Fair Oaks av.Bemis Road, Nv., fr. 34 Parkway to501 CaliforniaBemuth Road, N. H., fr. 232 Lincolnnear Harrison southerlyBennington, N., fr. 591 Centre nearNewtonville av. passing Mt. Ida ter.Berkeley, W. N|>| fr. 247 Chestnut'crossing Prince to TempleBerkeley Place, Au., fr. 54 Maple eastBerkshire iRoad, Nv., fr. 224 Mill to 60BulloughBerwick Road, N. C, fr. 177 Lake WalnutBerwick Road, N. C, fr, 177 Lake WalnutBerwick Road, Waban, fr, 78 Belgraveroad to 1753 BeaconBigelow Road, W. N., fr. 58 Sylvanav. to 194 ValentineBigelow Terrace, N., fr. 10 Boyd nearGalen southBillings Park, N., fr. 68 Church nearPark south to ChurchBirch Hill Road, Nv., fr. 126 Highlandav. near Lowell av. southBishopgate Road, N. C, fr. 18 Montvaleroad to 595 BeaconBlackstone Terrace, fr 93 NonantumBlake, Nv., fr. 224 Cabot to MillBlithdale, Nv., fr. 67 Elm rd. to 72 OtisBonad Road, W. N., fr. 288 Prince tobeyond Colbert

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 11Border, W. N., 101 Elm near Washingtonwest to B. & A. R. R.Bothfeld Road, N. C, fr. 888 Commonwealthav. to. 20 Ellison roadBourne, Au., fr. 2266 Commonwealthav. to 523 AuburnBowdoin, N. H., fr. 94 Hillside road to45 Erie av.Bowen, N. C, fr. 1127 Centre to 36HomerBowers, Nv., fr. 17 Harvard to 278WalnutBoyd, N., fr. 119 Galen, in Watertown,to FayetteBoyd Park, N., bounded by Gardnerand Jackson rd.Boyd Park Ter., W., fr. 127 BoydBoylston, fr. Brookline, C. H., nearHammond's Pond to bridge atWellesley lineBoylston Road, N. H., fr. 1620 Centreto BoylstonBracebridge Road, N. C,. fr. 160 Pleasantto 21 Hancock av.Brackett Road, N., fr. 371 Waverleyav. crossing Park av. to 95 Park av.Bradford Road, N. H., fr. 135 Woodwardto 22 EndicottBrae-Burn iRoad, Au., fr. 11 Greenoughto 1823 Commonwealth av.Braeland Avenue, N. C, fr. 79 Langleyroad to CypressBraemore Road, N., fr. B. & A. R. R.southerly to 149 Hunnewell av.Bray Park (N. C.) bounded by Institutionav., Union & B. & A. R. R. atNewton CentreBrentwood Avenue, N. C, fr. 28 GreenLawn av. to 84 : 0 WalnutBrewster rd., N. H., fr. 178 WoodwardBridge, N., fr. Charles river to Watertown,near AdamsBridges Avenue, Nv., fr. 92 Norwoodav.Bristol Road, W. N., fr. 249 Prince to1279 Commonwealth av.Broadway, Nv., fr. 517 Watertown toLinwood av.Broadway Terrace, Nv., fr. 19 BroadwaynortherlyBrook, N, fr. 220 Washington south to'ElmwoodBrookline, Oak Hill, fr. Brookline lineto 788 DedhamBrooks Avenue, Nv., fr. 945 WashingtonBrookside Avenue, Nv., fr. 1005 Washingtonto WatertownBrooks Park, N., at junction of Centreand SargentBrowning Road, N. C, fr. 81 Parkerwest to Oxford roadBullough Park, Nv., fr. 248 Mill toCommonwealth av.Bullough's Pond Park, corner Mill andCommonwealth av.Burnham Road, W. N., fr. Highlandand Valentine to HampshireBurr Road, N. C, fr. 40 Bothfeld to 33Fenno roadBurton Avenue, Nv., fr. 57 HawthornBuswell Terrace, Nv., fr. 651 WatertownButtrick, W. N., fr. Riverview to WalthamlineButts, N. F., ;fr. Sweet east to 15 WilliamsCABOT, from 723 Centre, N., opp. Sargentto 394 Walnut, Nv.CaJbot Park, between Newtonville av.and CabotCalifornia, Nv., fr. Crafts near Walnutto" Watertown lineCamden (Road, Au., fr. 244 Auburndaleav. near Howe to WolcottCannon, N. H., fr. Dedham near WalnuteasterlyCanterberry Road, N. H., and Waldorfrd., westCapital, N., fr. 242 Watertown to JacksonroadCarleton, N., fr. 251 Centre to 53 PearlCarlisle, N. C, fr. 98 Elgin southerlyand westerly to 288 Langley roadCarlton Road, W., fr. 1848 Beacon to28 RokebyCarpenter Park, W. N., bounded byCrafts and Waltham sts.Carter, Nv., fr. 298 Newtonville av.near HarvardCarver Road, N. H., fr. Woodward toEndicottCedar, N. C, fr. 136 Mill to 113 HomerCemetery Avenue, N. C, fr. 402 Homerto cemeteryCentral, Au., fr. 1852 Commonwealthav. across to Woodland roadCentral Avenue, Nv., fr. 170 Crafts to»791 Washington

"12 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCentral T.errace, Au., fr. 144 Centralto 45 GroveCentre, fr. Watertown line to 865 Boylston,N. H.Centre Place, N., fr. 423 Centre neardepot to WashingtonChampa, U. F., fr. 71 Cottage westerlyChandler, N., fr. 115 Bridge to AdamsChandler Place, U. F., fr. foot Columbiaav. westerlyChanning, N., fr. 60 Pearl to 341 WashingtonChanning Road, N. C, fr. 17 MorseLand av.Chapel, N., fr., Middle to 330 CaliforniaCharles, Au., fr. 534' Auburn to RiversideStationCharles, N. H., fr. Elliot to Margaretrd.Charlesbank Road, N., fr. Washingtonnear R. R. to R. R.Chase, N. C, fr. 91 Langley road toInstitution av.Chase Avenue, W. N., fr. Kelly av. toHardingChaske Avenue, Au., fr. 151 Melroseto KaposiaCheney Court, U. F., fr. Cheney northCherry Court, W. N., fr. 436 CherryeastCherry, W. N., fr. 1345 Washington toWaltham lineCherry Place, W. N., fr. 237 CherrywestChesley Avenue, Nv., fr. Central av.near CourtChesley Road, N. C, fr. 46 Everett to735 BeaconChester, N. H., fr. Hillside road to 79LincolnChester Road, W., fr. 49 Devon roadto 550 Quinobequin roadChestnut, fr. 1260 Washington, W. N.,to LindenChestnut Hill Road, C. H., fr. 102 Beaconto 466 HammondChestnut Terrace, N. C, fr. Marshallto 554 Commonwealth av.Cheswick Road, Au., fr. 1840 Commonwealthav. to Woodland roadChilton Place, U. F., fr. 97 High eastChurch, N., fr. 151 Wavertey av. to464 WashingtonChurch Road, from 222 Church st.Churchill, Nv., fr. 93 Nevada to 227CraftswChurchill Terrace, Nv., fr. 51 ChurchillnorthwesterlyCircuit Avenue, U. F., fr. 1094 BoylstonCheney, U. F., fr. 41 Mechanic to LindenClaflin Field, Nv., bounded by Elm rd.and Lowell av.Claflin Place, Nv., fr. 377 WalnutClaremont, N., fr. Bellevue passingFairmont av. and Lombard to CabotClarendon Avenue, Nv., fr. 130 Norwoodav. to CabotClark, N. C, fr. 1506 Centre near Hydeto BoylstonClark Place, Nv., fr. Mt. VernonClark Road, W. N., fr. Jerome av. toRussell rd.Cleveland, W. N., fr. Cherry pi. toiSheridanCliff Road, U. F., fr. 27 Linden westto OakClinton, N., fr. 237 Adams to CraftsClinton Place, N. €., fr. Mill to 959CentreCloelia Terrace, fr. 38 WashingtonPark to 309 CabotClovelly Road, C. H., fr. 227 Suffolkrd. to 90 Old England rd.Clyde, Nv., fr. 442 Walnut to GayCobb Place, Waban, fr. Pontiac rd. toQuinobequin rd.Colbert, W. N., fr. 34 BonadColby, N., fr. 809 Centre to 132 BlakeColby, N. C, fr. 62 Sears to 49 HackettColeman Road, N. C, fr. 771 WalnutwestCollege Road, C. H., fr. 337 Beacon to156 Commonwealth av. and 2 OldColony rd.Collins Road, Waban, fr. Beacon nearWalban Station south to 765 ChestnutColman, W. N., fr. 127 Elliot av. northand east to Eliot av.Colonial Avenue, Nv., fr. 434 Californiato 121 Linwood av.Columbia Avenue, N. H., 141 AndrewColumbia Avenue, U. F., fr. 34 Cottageto Chandler placeColumbus, N. H., fr. 40 Hillside rd. to53 Lincoln

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 13Columbus Place, W. N., fr. 25 Webstern,ear CherryColumbus Terrace, N. H., fr. Columbusnear Hillside road eastCommonwealth Avenue, fr. Bostonline near C. H. Reservoir to Westonline at Starr bridge, Au.Concord, L. F., fr. 2353 Washingtonnear bridge to Weston lineCook, N. H., fr. Boylston to 33 Winchesternear BoylstonCook, N., fr. 308 Watertown to GreenCopley, N., fr. 65 Washington to Hunnewellav.Cornell, L. F., fr. 58 Pine Grove av.Cottage, U. F., fr. 201 Elliot to ThurstonroadCottage Court, N., fr. 156 Adams nearWatertownCottage Place, W. N., fr. 113 Rivernear ElmCotton, N. C, fr. 407 Waverly av. to898 CentreCourt, Nv., fr. 679 Washington to 106Central av.Coyne Road, W., fr. 68 Fuller southerlyCrafts, Nv., fr. 621 Washington to Waltham,W. N.Crafts, Square, N. H., at junction of' Boylston, Elliot, Cook and WoodwardstreetsCranberry, W. N., fr. 206 Derby northerlyto Waltham lineCrescent, N., fr. California to FaxonCrescent, W. N., fr. 232 Webster to 91AuburnCrescent Avenue, N. C, fr. 1329 Centrenear Beacon to PleasantCrescent Square, N., fr. Thornton nearPearl to WabanCrofton Road, Waban, fr. 74 Kehoidenroad to Waban av.Cross Road, Nv., fr. 89 Kirkstall 207 Upland rd.Cross, W. N.. fr. 840 Watertown to1101 WashingtonCrown, Au., fr. Auburndale av. to KingCrystal, N. C, fr. 988 Beacon to Lakeav.Crystal Lake Park, N. C, bounded byLake av. and Crystal LakeCrystal Terrace, N. C, fr. Lake a v.near Berwick rd. east to CrystalLakeCummings Road, N. C, fr. 402 Homerto CemeteryCurve, W. iN., fr. 7 No. Prospect to 37Au!burnCushing, N. C, fr. 1525 Centre opp.Clark north to Allerton rd.Cypress, N. C, fr. 1298 Centre toJackson near DudleyDALBY, N., fr. 300 California to 313WatertownDale, Nv., fr. 20 Washington park to289 CabotDalton Road, N. C, fr. 707 Beaconto 20 EverettDaly Terrace, U. F., fr. 11 Cliff roadDartmouth, W. N., fr. 159 Prince toCommonwealth av.Davis, W. N., fr. 37 Chestnut near depotto HighlandDavis Avenue, W. N., fr. 442 Walthamto WatertownDavis Court, W. N., fr. 960 Watertownto 1239 WashingtonDearborn, W. N., fr. 187 Adams avsouthacross ClevelandDearborn Terrace, W. N., fr. 52 DearbornDecatur, W. N., fr. 198 North to Walthamlin-eDedham Oak Hill, fr. 102 Winchesterto Boston lineDeland, Nv., fr. Claremont av. easterlyDelmore Road, N. H., fr. 951 BoylstonDenns Place, N. C, fr. 16 Cemetery av.Derby, W. N., fr. 309 Waltham to Lexm*ington near Waltham lin^Devon Road, C. H., fr. 55 Middlesexrd. to Brookline lineDevon Road, N. C, fr. 137 Grant MarshallDevon Road, WaJban, fr. 79 Collinsrd. to Illford rd.Devon Terrace, N. C, fr. 35 Devon rd.Dexter Road, Nv., fr. Bullough's Parkto HullDickerman Road, N. H., fr. 225 Lincolnnear Eliot station westerlyDix Lane, W. N., footway, fr. 1582Commonwealth av.Dolan Avenue, Au., fr. 45 Murray rd.westerlyDorset Road, fr. 1757 Beacon, Waban,to MetacometDorset Road, W., fr. 19 Berwick rd.Douglas, W. N., fr. Hicks westerly

14 NEWTON BLUE BOOKDover Avenue, Nv., fr. 17 HawthornDuane Avenue, W. N., fr. 8 Pine southDudley, N. C, fr. 98 Jackson to Brooklinenear VineDuffield Road, Au., fr. 63 Islington rd.Duncklee, N. H., fr. 1061 Walnut westto Terrace av.Dunstan, W. N., fr. 914 Watertown to1191 WashingtonDunster Road, C. H., fr. 33 Middlesexrd. to Brookline lineDurant, N., fr. 65 Pembroke to 121Waverly av.Dwhinda Road, Waban, fr. 228 Varickrd. to Quinobequin rd.EASTBOURNE ROAD, from 326 Wardto 501 Commonwealth av.East Boulevard Road, N. C, fr. 359WardEast Quinobequin Road, W., fr. 460Waban av. south to Quinobequin rd.East Side Parkway, Nv., fr. 250 Newtonvilleav. to Cabot, through CabotparkEasy, N. H., fr. Needham near WinchesterwesterlyEddy, Nv., fr. 796 Watertown to 1039WashingtonEden Avenue, W. N., fr. 965 Watertownto Davis av.eld Road, W., fr. 47 Devon rd.Edgewood Road, Au., fr. 117 Auburndaleav. to 2 GambierEdinboro, Nv., fr. 663 WatertownEdinboro Circle, Nv., fr. 57 Page rd.Edinboro Place, Nv., fr. 66 Pag£ rd.Edinboro Terrace, Nv., fr. 119 EdinboroeasterlyEdmands Park, N., between Mill, Blakeand Colby sts.Elberta Terrace, Au., fr. 2109 Commonwealthav. northerlyEldredge, N., fr. 320 Franklin to 20ElmwoodElgin, N. C, fr. 132 Langley rd. easterlyand northerlyEliot Avenue, W. N., fr. 797 Watertownto 376 WalthamEliot Memorial Road, N., fr. 310 Waverlyav.Elliot, fr. 990 Boylston at junction ofCook and Woodward, N. H., tobridge at Needham line, TJ. F.Elliot Place, U. F.,

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 15Felton, W. N., fr. 1206 Washington toAustinFenno Road, N. C, fr. 57 Manemet 315 HomerFenwick Road, Waban, fr. 107 Collinsroad to ChestnutFern, Au., fr. 308 Central to 111 HancockFisher Avenue, N. H., fr. 21 Dunckleeto WalnutFloral, N. H., fr. 115 Hyde to 889 BoylstonFloral Place, N. H., fr. 330 BoylstonFloral Place, N. H., fr. 19 Floral northFlorence, N. C, fr. 330 Boylston toBrookline lineFlorence Court, Nv., fr. 17 WalnutsoutherlyForest, N. H., fr. 1117 Walnut crossingBowdoinForest Avenue, W. N., fr. 204 Mt. VernonForest Avenue, Au., fr. 227 Woodlandroad to Aspen av.Forest Grove Road, Au., fr. Islingtonroad to Waltham lineFoster, Nv., fr. 215 Walnut to Lowellnear WashingtonFoster, W. N., fr. 150 Derby to AdamsavenueFountain, W. N., fr. 238 Otis to 46 ValentineFrances, N. H., fr. Elliot to MargaretroadFrancis, N. C, fr. 366 Ward nearIrvingFranklin, N., fr. 144 Farlow rd. to 554CentreFiedana Road, off 115 Moffat road,WabanFredana (Road, W., fr unnamed roadwesterly to 118 Moffat rd.Frederick, Nv., fr. 157 Harvard to GayFreeman, Au., fr. 34 SanifordFuller, W. N., fr. 1306 Commonwealthav. near WashingtonFuller Avenue, W. N., fr. 17 Kelly 93 HardingFuller Terrace, W N., fr. 169 Walthamto 185 WalthamFurber Lane, N. C, fr. 664 Commonwealthav. to HomerFurness Place, Au., fr. 219 AuburnGALEN, N., fr. Charles river to thebeginning of Centre at WatertownlineGambier, Au., fr. 92 Edgewood rd. to171 AuburndaleGannon Court, W. N., fr. 24 Alden piGarden Road, fr. Hyde av. to 658CentreGardner, N., fr. 27 School to 183 P.earlGarland Road, N. C, fr. 1065 Beaconnear Walnut crossing Brentwood av.Garrison, N. C, fr. 114 Ward to 273CommonwealthGasbarri Avenue, N. C, fr. 338 BoylstonsoutherlyGates, Au., fr. 1802 Washington nearStanton av. easterlyGay, Nv., fr. 312 Cabot near HarvardGeorge, N., fr. 73 Hyde av.George, N. H., fr. 110 Vaughan av.George, W. N., fr 43 JamesGerard Court, W. N., fr. Cross toWashingtonGitobs, N. C, fr. 707 BeaconGibson Road, Nv., fr. 56 Clydfe opp.Pulsifer southGilbert, W. N., fr. 38 Auburn to 60GreenoughGlaston'bury Road, W , fr. 1402 Beaconto 23 Avalon rd.Glen Avenue, N. C, fr. 630 Beacon to'Langley roadGlen Road, N. €., from 154 LangleyroadGlendale Road, N. C, fr. BallardeastGlendale (Road, N. C, fr. BallardBrookline lineGlenmore Terrace, N. H., fr 977 BoylstonnortherlyGlenwood Avenue, N. C, fr. 29 Ridgeav. to ParkerGordon ter. N., fr. 39 PearlGould Road, Au., fr. 1849 Washingtonnear Aspen av. westGrafton, N. C, fr 1047 Centre toHomerGrafton Park, N. C, bounded by Graftonand Homer sts.Grand View Terrace, W. N., fr. Greenwoodav. eastGrant, W. N., fr. Foster to SheridanGrant, Au., fr. 62 Newell roadGrant Avenue, N C, fr. 272 Ward to677 Beacon

10 NEWTON BLUE BOOKGrasmere, N., fr. 47 Washington to B.& A. R. R. crossing Hunnewell av.Gray Birch Terrace, fr. 125 Highlandav.Gray Cliff Road, N. C, fr. 645 Beaconto Grant av.Green, N., fr West to PearlGreen Court, N., fr. 59 Green northerlyGreen Lawn Avenue, N. C, fr. 87(Hancock av. across Park laneGreenough, W. N., fr. 112 Auburn to1609 WashingtonGreenwood, N. C, fr. 608 Dedham to335 DudleyGreenwood Avenue, W. N , fr. 261 Austinto Mt. VernonGrove, Au., fr. 244 Auburn to 2317WashingtonGrove Hill Avenue, Nv., fr. 78 Prospectav.Grove Hill Park, Nv., fr. 56 Prospectav. southGroveland, Au., fr. Grove to MapleGwydyr Road, C. H., changed to SuwacordHACKETT, N. C, fr. 293 Langley 260 CypressHagar Path, L. F., fr. 635 Grove streetat cemetery to ConcordHaffermehl Place, N. C, fr. 116 CarlislesoutherlyHale, U. F., fr. 334 Elliot to Penn. avHall, N., fr. 357 Centre to 294 WashingtonHamilton, L. F., 2225 to 2279 WashingtonHamlet, N. C, fr. 326 Langley rd. nearCarlisle easterlyHammell Place, N. C, fr. 176 Florencenear Brookline line northHammond, N. C, fr. 140 Ward toBrookline lineHammondswood Road, N. C, fr. 286Commonwealth av., southerly toBeaconHampden Terrace, N. C, fr. 56 MortoneasterlyHampshire, W. N., fr. Valentine opp.Fountain to Chestnut opp. BerkeleyHancock, Au., fr. 180 Central to GroveHancock Avenue, N. C, fr. 965 Beaconto 1035 BeaconHarding, W. N., fr. 537 Crafts to WalthamlineHardingham, L. F., fr. 2105 Beacon to46 WashingtonHarold Terrace, W. X., fr. 59 Auburndaleav. northerly and westerlyHarrington, Nv., fr. 450 Albermarle 1023 WashingtonHarris Road, W. N., fr. 240 Cherryopp. Cherry place to TalbotHarrison, N. H., fr. 243 Lincoln nearEliot station westerlyHartford, N. H., fr. Lincoln to BoylstonHarvard, Nv., fr. 704 Washingtoncrossing CabotHarvey Place, W. X., 1*0 Webster toBorderHawthorn, N., fr. 434 Watertown to29 Lincoln rd.Hawthorn Avenue, Au., fr. 185 Woodlandrd. across Aspen av.Haywood Road, C. H.. fr. 12 BeaconHazelton Road, Nv., fr. 865 Commonwealthav.Hazelhurst Avenue., W. X.. fr. 92 WalthamHenshaw, W. X., fr. 314 Cherry to 43RiverHenshaw Place, W. X., fr. 27 HenshaweasterlyHenshaw Terrace, W. X., fr. 47 HenshawHereford Road, W., fr. 189 Kent rd.southerlyHerman Terrace, X.. fr. 241 WashingtonnortheastHersey, N. H., fr. 15 Thornton rd. to32 WadeHicks, W. N., fr. 34 Virginia rd.Higgins, Au., fr. 2145 Commonwealthav. northerlyHigh, N. H., fr. Columbia av. to JaconnetHigh, U. F., fr. 305 Elliot to 1254Boy 1st onHighland, W. X., fr. 1320 Washingtonto Lowell av.Highland Avenue, Xv. and W. X. fr.337 Walnut to Hillside av.Highland Park, Nv.. fr. 57 Highlandav. near MurrayHighland Terrace, Nv., fr. 4*9 HighlandavenueHillsboro Terrace, N. C fr. 35 Devonroad northerly

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 17Hillside Lane, U. F., footway fr. 42Oh am pa to 253 ElliottHillside Road, N. H., fr. 1087 Walnut to2 BowdoinHillside Avenue, W. N., fr. 358 Austinto OtisHillside Terrace, W. N., fr. 75 ChestnutwesterlyHinckley Road, N. H., fr. Cochituateacqueduct to 183 WoodwardHobart Road, N. C, fr. 210 Ward to525 BeaconHobart Terrace, N. C, fr. 135 Hobartrd.Hobson, L. F., fr. 166 ConcordHollis, N., fr. 515 Centre to 544 CentreHolly Road, W., fr. 166 Dorset rd. to1885 BeaconHomer, N. C, fr. 1105 Centre to Commonwealthav.Homestead, W., fr. 39 PlainfieldHood, N., fr. 19 Nonantum across RogersHovey, N., fr. 36 Waban to 411 WashingtonHoward, N., fr. 180 Newtonville avenuesouth to BellevueHoward, W. N., fr. Derby to Adams av.Howland Road, fr. Barnstable rd.Hull, Nv., fr. 507 Walnut to Low.ell av.Hunnewell Avenue, N., fr. near Bostonline to 151 WashingtonHunnewell Terrace, N., fr. Hunnewellav. to 44 S. JamesHunter, W. N., fr. 45 Highland to 18PutnamHuntington Road, N., fr. 71 Farlow rd.Hurley Place, N. C„ fr. 500 BoylstonsouthHyde, N. H., fr. Centre to WalnutHyde Avenue, N., fr. 630 Centre toiSargent.Hyde Park, N. H., bounded by Clarkand CentreILLFORD ROAD, Waban, fr. 37 Fenwickroad to Quinobequin roadIndiana Terrace, U. F., fr. 71 Oak westerlyInstitution Avenue, N. C, fr. 814 Beaconto Newton Theological InstitutionIntervale Road, N. C, fr. 82 MontvaleroadIntervale Road, W. N., fr. 75 Auburndaleav.Ionia, Au., from 318 Auiburndale av. to421 LexingtonIrving, N. C, fr. 390 WardIrvington, W., from 1768 Beacon to*Nehoiden roadIrwin Road, W., from 200 Waban 392 Quinobequin roadIslington Road, Au., fr. 2227 Commonwealthav. near the riverIvanhoe, N., fr. 40 Kenilworth to 43MontroseIvanhoe Avenue, W. N., fr. Chase av.JACKSON, N. C, fr. 341 Boylston to*591 BoylstonJackson Road, N., fr. Morse to 541WashingtonJacconnet, N. H., fr. 24'5 WinchesterJames, W. N., fr. 315 RiverJefferson, N., fr. 39 Maple to 292CentreJenison, Nv., from 49 Lothrop to 32JudkinsJeps^en Court, W. N., fr. 11 Henshawter. northerlyJerome Avenue, W. N., fr. 143 Cherrynear Pleasant west to Russell roadJewett, N., fr. Morse to 465 WashingtonJewett Place, N., fr. Jewett near Boyd:eastJohn, N. C, fr. 331 Boylston opp FlorencenortherlyJohn Eliot Path, C. H., footway crossing96 Algonquin rd. and 74 WabanHill rd.Johnson Place, Au., fr. 508 Auburnnear Woodbine ter. southerlyJones Court, N., fr. 225 Adams south,Josselyn Place, N. H., fr. 41 ElliotJudkins, Nv. fr. 161 Crafts opp. Centralav. to JenisonJudkins Path, Nv., fr. 2 LothropChaske av.KAPOSIA, Au., fr. 51 War»e road to 66Keefe Avenue, U. F., fr. 34 River av. toPennsylvania av.Kelveden Road, W., fr. 63 Carlton roadto Alban roadKempton Place, W. N., fr. 1161 Wash-• ington northKendall Terrace, fr. 89 ParkKendall Road, N. H., fr. 313 Parker to>60 Walnut HillKenilworth, N., fr. 352 Waverley anpassing Ivanhoe

ISNEWTON BLUE BOOKKenmore, N. C, fr. 161 Lake avenuewesterlyKenneth, N. H., fr. Columbia av. toJaconnetKenney Place, L. F., fr. 1999 BeaconKenosha, Au., fr. Met. Park nearWoerd avenueKenrick, N., fr. 266 Waverly av. toBoston lineKenrick Park, N., on Park st. between36 Church and 243 FranklinKenrick Terrace, N., fr. 388 to 47 EliotMemorial rd.Kensington, W. N., fr. Watertown toWildwood av.Kent Road, W., fr. 106 Kinmonth roadto 114 Windsor roadKenwood Avenue, N. C, fr. Homer opp.Pleasant to Commonwealth av.Kenyon, W. N., fr. 74 Edgewood rd. to151 Auburndale avKewadin iRoad, W., fr. 25 Tamworthroad to 40 IllfordKeyes, W. N., fr. Taft av. to WalthamKimball Terrace, Nv., fr. 46 Otis southerlyto Elm roadKing, Au., fr. 316 Lexington near Orrisacross CrownKingsbury, C. H., fr. 347 Hammond toSuffolk roadKinmonth Road, fr. Windsor road nearBeacon westICirkstall Road, Nv., fr. 492 Walnut to149 Upland roadKnowles, N. C, fr. 151 Langley road toRipleyKnowles Terrace, Nv., fr. 640 WatertownLAGRANGE, N. C, fr. Brookline lineto Boston lineLake Avenue, Au., fr. Woodland to Aspenav.Lake Avenue, N. C, fr. 102 Pleasant to1144 WalnutLake Terrace, N. C, fr. 146 Lake av.easterly to Crystal LakeLake View Avenue, Nv., fr. 629 Walnutto 395 HomerLake Wood Path, N. H., fr. 17 LakeWood rd. to 25 Saxon ter.Lakewood Road, N. H., fr. 203 Lake 48 Fisher av.Langdon, N., fr. Bellevue south to CabotLangley Road, N. C, fr. 1216 Centre toJackson near BoylstonLarkin Road, W. N., fr. 54 Murray WestwoodLasell, Au., fr. 98 Hancock southeastLaurel, N. C, fr. 970 Beacon to Lake av.Laurel Avenue, W. N., fr. Walthamline to 75 TolmanLawn Avenue, Nv., fr. 512 CaliforniasoutheasterlyLawrence Avenue, C. H., fr. 254 Beaconto Lee av.Lawrence Road, C. H., fr. 315 Hammondto Suffolk roadLedges Road The, N. C, fr. 126 BishopsgateroadLee Avenue, C. H., fr. Reservoir av. toLawrence av.Lenox, W. N., fr. Otis to 88 ValentineLewis, Nv., fr. Newtonville av. to LangdonLewis Terrace, N., fr. 554 Washingtonto. 235 Newtonville av.Lexington, Au., fr. Waltham line to 291AuburnLill Avenue, W. N., fr. 246 River to PineLincoln, N. H., fr. 1165 Walnut to B.& A. R. R. at Eliot stationLincoln Park, W. N., between Washington,Margin and Lincoln Park sts.Lincoln Park (street), W. N., fr. 106Margin to 1472 WashingtonLincoln Place, W. N., fr. 10 Lincolnpark southerlyLincoln Road, N., fr. 259 Adams to 28ShamrockLinden, U. F., fr. 250 Eliot acrossChestnutLinden Place, Au., fr. 35 Gates southerlyLinder Terrace, N., fr. 118 Hunnewellav. southerlyLinwood Avenue, Nv., fr. 635 Watertownto Silver LakeLinwood Park, Nv., bounded by Walnut,Crafts and Linwood av.Lombard, N., fr. 679 Centre to ClaremontLoring, N. C, fr. 19 Ballard to 453 WardLoring Park, N. C, cor. Cotton andCentre streetsLoring Road, N. C, fr. 16 Glendale roadLos Angeles, N., fr. 184 California toAllisonLothrop, Nv., fr. 127 CraftsLotus Avenue, N. C, fr. 82 Clark acrossWheeler

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 19Lowell Avenue, Nv., fr. 186 Crafts, cor.Watertown to Commonwealth av.Lower Falls Park, L. F., between Concordand Charles riverLucas Court, W. N., fr. 1397 WashingtonnorthLyman, N. C., fr. 185 Sumner to 1178CentreLyons Court, N., fr. 81 Watertown northMADISON AVENUE, Nv., fr. 59 Harvardto 322 WalnutMadoc, N. C, fr. 250 Langley rd. easterlyto CarlisleMagnolia Avenue, N., fr. 364 Kenrickto Eliot MemorialMague Avenue, W. N., fr. 171 RivernorthMague -Place, W. N., fr. 26 Mague av.easterly across ThomasMaguir^ Court, Nv., fr. 66 Crafts opp.Clinton southMalvern Terrace, Au., fr. 256 Islingtonrd., southManemet Road, N. C, fr. 14 Bothfeldroad to 239 HomerManet Road, C. H., fr. Waban Hill to114' HammondManhattan Road, W. N. fr. 57 Thomasto 110 WestlandMaple, Au., fr. 198 Auburn to WoodlandroadMaple, N., fr. 1 Jefferson to GalenMaple Avenue, N., fr. 212 Church nearCentre southMaple Circle, N., fr. 22 Maple avenueeasterlyMaple Park, N. C, fr. 131 Langley roadsouthwestMaple Road, Au., from 348 Central to37 Williston RoadM>aple Terrace, 'Au., fr. Maple nearWoodland road westerlyMaple Terrace, N., fr. 91 MapLe av. toOaklandMargaret Road, N. H., fr. 1074 Boylstonnear Circuit av. to ElliotMargin, W. N., fr. 55 Chestnut to 1422WashingtonMarion, W. N., fr. 74 Cherry placeMarlboro, N., fr. Tremont near Pembroketo NonantumMarshall, N. C, fr. 167 Grant av. to114 SumnerMason Terrace, W., fr. Collins rd, southMassasoit, Au., fr. Norumbega at Met.ParkMay, Au., fr. 42 Newell road to 273Auburndale av.Mayflower Road, C. H., fr. 22 Old Colonyrd. to 21 Quincy rd.Mechanic, U. F., fr. 212 Elliot crossingrailroadMelbourne Avenue, Nv., fr. 414 Californiato 101 Linwood av.Melrose, Au., fr. 141 Staniford to 351AuburnMelrose Avenue, Au., fr. 439 Lexingtonto 276 MelroseMelville Terrace, N., fr. Morse nearGalen, southMeredith Avenue, N. H., fr. 1095 Boylstonto Circuit R. R. at Eliot stationMeredith Road, N., fr. 37 RichardsonnortherlyMerrill, N. C, fr. 77 Ripley to 11 SearsAlerton, N., fr. 64 Elmhurst roadMetacomet, fr. Dorset rd. to 1851 Beacon,WabanMetacomet rd., W. fr. 140 Dorset rd. to1851 BeaconMiddle, N., fr. 239 Chapel to 258 AdamsMiddlesex Road, C. H., fr. 510 Hammondnear Chestnut Hill station toBrookline lineMidland Avenue, N., fr. 23 Riverdale av.Mill, Nv., fr. 919 CentreMilton, W. N., fr. 81 Underwood avenuenear Waltham lineMinot Avenue, Au., crossing Gould roadnorth and southMinot Place, Nv., fr. 37 Walnut westerlyMoffat Road, Waban, fr. 59 Montclairrd. northerly and easterly to 501ChestnutMonadnock Road, N. C, fr. 124 Hobartroad east crossing Wachusett roadMontclair Road, W., fr. 1537 Beaconwest to Windsor roadMontrose, N., fr. 400 Waverly av. passingIvanhoeMontvale Crescent, N. C, fr. 51 Montvaleroad to Montvale roadMontvale Road, N. C, fr. Hobart roadto 134 Grant av.Monument, N., fr. 320 Waverly av. toEliot MemorialMoreland Avenue, N. C, fr. 127 Lakeav. northwesterly

20 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMorgan Place, N., fr. Cook near WatertowneasterlyMorrill, W. N., fr. 503 CraftsMorse, N., fr. Galen to WatertownMorseland Avenue, N. C, fr. 102 Millto 759 Commonwealth av.Morton, N. C, fr. 196 Mill to 157 HomerMossfield Road, W., fr. Carlton roadto Waban a v.Moulton, L. F., fr. 686 Grove nearWashington easterly " •Mountfort Road, N. H., fr. 139 LincolnMount Ida, N., fr. 525 Centre to Newtonvilleav.Mount Ida Terrace, N., Cr. 40 BenningtonsoutherlyMount Vernon, Nv. and W. N., fr. 1000Washington across R. R. to 58 HillsideavenueMount Vernon Terrace, Nv., fr. 118 Mt.Vernon near Allston eastMunroe, Nv., fr. 284 Newtonville avenuenear Harvard southMurphy Court, N., fr. 203 AdamsMurray Road, Au., fr, 164 Auburndaleav. to WebsterMyrtle, W. N., fr. 1556 Washington toTempleMyrtle Avenue, Au., fr. 39 Lake av. to130 GroveNAHANTON, N. H., fr. 739 Dedham atOak Hill to Kenrick's bridgeNeal, L. F., fr. 51 Cornell westerly toB. & A. R. R.Needham, N. H., fr. 97 Winchester toCharles riverNehoiden Road, W., fr. 73 Waban 1910 BeaconNeshobe Road, W., fr. 2106 Washingtonto Alb an roadNevada, Nv., fr. 534 CaliforniaNewbury, N. C, fr. 1012 Beacon to 33CrystalNewbury Terrace, N. C, fr, 16 Newburynear BeaconNewell Road, Au., fr. 229 Auburndaleav. to 2 OrrisNewland, Au., fr. 52 Charles to B. &A. R. R.Newton Centre Playground, boundedby Centre, Pleasant and Bowen sts.Newtonville Avenue, fr. 565 Centre toWalnut, Nv.Niles Road, fr. 23 Brewster rd., northwesterlyNobscot Road, N. C, fr. 176 WardNonantum, N., fr. 182 Waverly av. opp.Franklin to Boston lineNonantum Hill, N., between Tremontand Kenrick at Boston lineNonantum Place, fr. 183 Charlesbankrd. near WashingtonNonantum Square, N., junction of Centreand WashingtonNorfolk Road, C. H., fr. 95 Middlesexrd. to 1083 BoylstonNorman Road, N. H., fr. 14 Lake Woodroad near Lake av.North, N. €., fr. 1098 Commonwealthav. to Cemetery av.North, Nv., fr. Crafts to Waltham lineNorth Gate Park., W. N., fr. 353 Walthamnear Derby westerlyNorth Prospect, W. N., fr. 162 Hicks to1519 WashingtonNorumbega, Au., fr. Massasoit to Metropolitanpk. near Auburndale pk.Norumbega Road, N. C, fr. 67 AlgonquinroadNorwood Avenue, N.'C, fr. 57 Crescentav. to Centre near railroadNorwood Avenue, Nv., fr. 1 Parkviewav. to 70 Harvard crossing ClarendonNottingham, N. C, fr. 49 Francis to 40IrvingNye Park, Au., bounded by Auburn,Grove and Central sts. and B. & A.R. R. at Auburndale stationOAK, U. F., fr. 284 Elliott to NeedhamOak Avenue, W. N., fr. 22 Auburndaleav. to 109 WebsterOak Hill, O. H., fr. 289 Brookline toDedhamOak Ridge, Au., fr. 58 Seminary av.Oak Terrace, N. H., fr. 32 Mountfort rd.Oakdale Road, N. H., fr. 267 Parker to106 Woodcliff roadOakland, N., fr. 240 Church to 79 Newtonvilleav.Oakland Avenue, Au., fr. 2400 Commonwealthav. near Charles river toPigeon Hill roadOakleigh Road, N., fr. east of Willardto 133 Hunnewell av.Oakwood Road, Nv., fr. 225 Upland rd.Oakwood, Au., fr. 10 Maple road to47 Williston rd.Oakwood Terrace, N. C, fr. 157 Mortonto 28 Kenwood av.

NEWTON BLUB BOOK 21Ohio Avenue, U. F., fr. Pennsylvaniaav. near Oak northerlyOld Colony Road, C. H., fr. 176 Commonwealthav.Old England Road, C. H., fr. 57 Woodmanrd.Old Orchard Road, fr. 245 Hammond,i^ear Beacon, Chestnut Hill to DeerfieldroadOld Winchester, N. H., fr. Columbia WinchesterOmar Terrace, Nv., fr. 71 Central av.westerlyOmar Terrace Footway, Nv., fr. footOmar ter. to 196 WalnutOrchard, N., fr. 25 St. James to 159Charlesbank roadOrchard Avenue, N. H., fr. Woodwardsouth to railroadOrchard Avenue, W. N., fr. 28 Ardellaav. to 410 WalthamOrient Avenue, N. C, fr. 20 OakwoodterraceOrris, Au., fr. 294 Lexington to NewellroadOssippee Road, U. F., fr. Linden westto 66 OakOtis, Nv., fr. 383 Walnut to Chestnutat West NewtonOtis Park, Nv., fr. 28 Otis to rear WalnutSouthOtis Place, Nv., fr. 75 Otis near LowellavenueOwaisa Road, W., fr. 1824' Beacon toNehoiden roadOwatonna Road, Au., fr. 24 Chaske 21 Ware roadOxford Road, N. €., fr. 40 Paul toParkerPACKARD, W. N., fr. Cherry nearPleasant easterlyPage Road, Nv., fr. 189 Walnut cross-,ing WatertownPark, N., fr. 196 Washington near therailroad to SargentPark, fr. Morse to Boyd opp. EmersonPark Avenue, N., fr. 90 Sargent nearPark to CottonPark Lane, N. C, fr. 190 Pleasant toGreenlawn av.Park Place, Nv., fr. 78 Washingtonpark southerly to CabotParker, N. C, fr. 67 Cypress near Paulto DedhamParker Avenue, N. C, fr. 291 ParkerwestParkview Avenue, N. C, fr. 291 ParkerParkway Road, N. C, fr. 992 Commonwealthav. to 359 HomerParsons, Nv., fr. 822 Watertown to1063 WashingtonPaul, N. C, fr. 45 Cypress to 1400 CentrePaul Park, N. C, on Centre opp. PaulPearlP^eabody, N., fr. 323 Washington to 48Pearl, N., fr. 281 Centre to 260 WatertownPearl Court, fr. 12 Pearl to 282 WashingtonPelham, N. C, fr. 1219 Centre to Crescentav.Pembroke, N., fr. Tremont to Nonantum*Pennsylvania Avenue, U. F., fr. 49 Oakto Ke^efe av.Perkins, W. N., fr. 1474 Washingtonpassing WinthropPettee, U. F., fr. 118 Thurston road toElliotPhillips, Au., fr. 49 Bourne to Commonwealthav.Pigeon Hill Road, Au., fr. 107 Riversiderd. to 75 Oakland av.Pike, W. N., fr. 61 AuburnPilgrim Road, fr. Waban av. W.Pillion Court, Nv., fr. 270 Newtonvilleav. southPine, N. H., from 178 WoodwardPine, W. N., fr. 220 River to WashburnavenuePine Grove Avenue, L. F., fr. 525 Groveto ConcordPine Ridge Road, W., fr. 107 Allen 449 WoodwardPlainfield, W., fr. 666 Chestnut nearWoodward east to Allen av.Playstead Road, N., fr. 155 Tremontn^ear city line to 205 TremontPleasant, N. C, from 1195 Centre toHomerPleasant, W. N., fr. 263 Waltham to168 CherryPlymouth iRioad, N. H., fr. 2 EndicottPond, N., fr. Watertown at Watertownline southeasterly

ooNEWTON BLUE BOOKPond Avenue, N., fr. 17 Fayette northerlyPontiac Road, W., fr. 200 Varick roadto Quinohequin roadPotter, N., fr. 270 AdamsPrairie Avenue, Au., fr. 22 Rowe acrossAuburn dale av.Prentice Road, N. C, fr. 234 Ward to427 Commonwealth av.Prescott, Nv., fr. 32 Lowell across Centralav.Prince, W. N., fr. 44 Temple to Commonwealthav.Priscilla Road. C. H., fr. 25 Old Colonyrd. to 160 HammondProctor, fr. 19 Brooks av. to 36 WalkerProspect, W. N., fr. 1520 Washingtonto 130 TempleProspect Avenue, Nv., fr. 579 Walnutto Beaumont av.Prospect Park, Nv., fr. 28 Beaumont 1 Grove Hill av.Prospect Place, W. N., fr. 20 NorthProspect near Hicks easterlyProspect Terrace, Nv., fr. 70 ProspectparkPulsifer, Nv., fr. 358 Cabot to ClydePutnam, W. N., fr. 1372 Washingtonacross railroad to TempleQUINOBEQTJIN ROAD, fr. 2202 Washington,L. P., to 1309 Boylston, TJ. F.Quidnic Road, fr. Wamesit rd. to Metaooinetrd., W.Quidnic Road, W., fr. 1 Wamesit rd.and 100 Dorset rd. to 28 Metacomet rd.Quincy Road, C. H., fr. 46 College 52 Priscilla rd.Quirck Court, N., fr. 199 Adams southRADCLIFF ROAD, W., fr. 53 Tarnworthroad to 640 Quinob.equin roadRaeburn Terrace, N. H., fr. 33 Hillsideroad northerlyRandolph, N. H., fr. 104 Woodward to33 Dicke/rman roadRanson Road, N. C , fr. 685 Commonwetlthav.Raymond Place, W. N., fr. 334 Cherrynear River eastRead Court, N. C, fr. 520 Commonwealthav. opp. Eastbourne rd. southerlyRegent, W. N., fr. 29 Lenox to 24 FountainRemick Terrace, N., fr. 64 CharlesbankRoad to B. & A. R. -ft.Reservoir Avenue, C. H., fr. 170 Beaconto HammondRice, N. C, fr. 69 Summer to 1068CentreRichardson, N.,fr. 451 Centre to Churchcrossing B. & A. R. R. to WashingtonRichardson Road, TJ. F., fr. 1259 BoylstonnorthRicker Road, N., fr. 160 Tremont toArlingtonRicker Terrace, N., fr. Ricker roadeasterlyRidge Avenue, N. C, fr. 70 Parkersouth passing Glenwood avenueRidge Road, W., fr. 180 Varick roadacross Carlton roadRipley, N. C, fr. 50 Chase to 191 LangleyroadRipley Terrace, N. C, fr. 1307 Centrenear Beacon westerlyRiver, W. N., fr. 481 Waltham to 64LexingtonRiver, U. F., fr. 165 Oak to AbbottRiver Avenue, U. F., fr. 376 Elliot toCharles riverRiver Path, Au., fr. Islington road toCharles riverRiverdale Avenue, N., fr. 163 CaliforniaRiver Place, W., fr. Dwhinda road to190 Quinobequin roadRiverside, Au., fr. 70 Charles north ofangle to Charles again near railroadRiverside Road, Au., fr. 95 Charles toCharles riverRiverview, W. N., fr. Rumford av. atWaltham line across ButtrickRobin Dell, Au., fr. 218 Grove easterlyRobin Hood Road, Au., fr. 73 Crescentnear railroadRockland, N., fr. 41 Jewett to 16 FayetteRockland, N. H., fr. 217 Winchester to124 NeedhamRockland Place, U. F., fr. 1214 BoylstonRockledge Road, N. H., fr. Woodcliffrd. to Woodside rd.Rockwood Terrace, Au., fr. 479 AuburnRogers, N. C, fr. 1459 Centre to Lake av.Rogers, N. H., fr. 234 Lake av. to 33Allerton roadRokeby (Road, W., fr. 54 Pontiac roadacross Irwin roadRoslyn Road, fr. opp. 1428 Beacon, W.Roslyn -Road, W., fr. 548 Chestnut to1431 Beacon

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 23Rossmere, Nv., fr. 61 Lowell av. westerlyto WatertownRowe, Au., fr. 216 Auburndale av. to2007 Commonwealth av.Rowe Terrace, Au., fr. 1962 Commonwealthav.Royce rd., Nv., fr. 65 MortonRumiford Avenue, W. N., fr. Lexingtonopp. iRiver to Waltham lineRussell Court, Nv., fr. 403 Walnut westRussell Road, N., fr. 119 Charlesbank rd.Russell Road, W. N., fr. Jerome av. toClark roadRustic, N., fr. Charles river south to253 CaliforniaRuthven Road, N., fr. 239 Waverly 262 ParkRyan Court, W. N., fr. 31 Auburndaleav. northerlySALISBURY ROAD, N., fr. 24 Winchesterroad to 163 CabotSargent, N., fr. 269 Waverly av. toCentreSawaco Road, C. H., fr. 133 HammondsouthwesterlySaxon Road, N. H., fr. 34 Berwick roadto 45 Lake Wood roadSaxon Terrace, N. H., fr. Saxon roadeasterlySchool, N., fr. Pearl near Thorntoncrossing GardnerSears, N. C, fr. Langley rd. to CypressSelden, N. H., fr. 11 Hinckley road to182 Winslow roadSeminary Avenue, Au., fr. 139 Woodlandrd. southwesterly crossing Myrtle av.Sewall, W. N., fr. 39 Prince to SterlingShamrock, N., fr. 36 Emerald to 65Lincoln roadSharon Avenue, W. N., fr. 109 CrescentwestShaw, W. N., fr. 20 Lincoln park toWinthropShawmut Park, U. F., fr. 13 Ossipeeroad northerlySheridan, W. N., fr. 218 Derby to 227RiverShirley, Au., fr. 50 Edgewood rd. to 133Auburndale av.Shorncliffe Road, N., fr. 22 Nonantumto Farlow roadShort, W., fr. Chestnut to BeaconSilver Lake Avenue, W., fr. 93 Bridgeacross AdamsSimms Court, W. N., fr. 1483 Washington,opp. Perkins to 122 HicksSimpson, W., fr. B. & A. R. R. to 49Hunnewell av.Simpson Terrace, Nv., fr. 14 Washingtonpark to 113 HarvardSmith, Au., fr. 2109 Commonwealth av.Smith Avenue, W. N., fr. 211 River toClevelandSmith's Court, W. N., fr. 156 River westSomerset Road, W. N., fr. 248 Otis toHighlandSomerset Rioad, W., fr. 2034 Beacon to34' Neshobe roadSouth, N. C, fr. 237 Beacon to Commonwealthav.South River, N., continuation of Californiainto Watertown, eas

24 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSummit, N., fr. 94 Newtonville av. to126 Bellevue'Surrey Road, N., fr. Claremont to LangdonSwallow, L. F., fr. 8 Hobs onSwan av., W. N. f fr. Kelley av. toHardingSweet, U. F., fr. Oak southerly acrossButtsSylvan Avenue, W. N., fr. 321 Highlandto ValentineSylvan Road, W., fr. 69 Allen av. to 45Upland roadTAFT AVENUE, W. N., fr. Hardingacross KeyesTalbot, W. N., fr. 72 Derby to 37 HarrisroadTamworth Road, W., fr. 73 Fenwick ChestnutTarleton Road, N. C, fr. 212 Homersouth to Park laneTemple, W. N., fr. 101 Highland toFullerTerrace Avenue, N. H., fr. 58 Dunckleeto 83 Hillside roadThaxter Road, Nv., fr. 54 Parkway 188 NevadaThe Ledges Road, N. C, fr. 126 Bishopsgateroad easterlyThomas, W. N., fr. 16 Mague placenortherlyThornton, N., fr. 90 Pearl to 365 WashingtonThornton Place, N., fr. 40 Thornton eastThornton IRoad, N. H., fr. 844 Boylstonnear Walnut southThurston Roa4, U. F., fr. 71 Circuit av.westerly to PetteeTileston, L. F.,.fr. 2102 Beacon westTolman, W. N., fr. Robbins in Walthamto 275 DerbyTraverse, Nv., fr. 30 Bridge easterlyTremont, N., fr. Boston line to 58 ParkTrent Road, W., fr. 67 Devon rd. to568 Quinobequin roadTrinity Terrace, N. C, fr. 1104 Centreopp. Trinity ChurchTrowbridge, N. C, fr. 28 Norwood av.' to 1355 CentreTrowbridge Avenue, Nv., fr. 470 WalnuteastTroy Lane, W. N., fr. 14 Fuller nearChestnut southerlyTudor Terrace, Au., fr. 262 Auburndaleav. near Rowe southTurner, Nv., fr. Central av. to WalnutTyler Terrace, N. C, fr. 1175 Centre toUNDERWOOD AVENUE, W. N., fr.Waltham line to 117 TolmanUnion, N. C, fr. 736 Beacon to 28 Institutionav.Unity, Au., fr. 43 Hawthorn av., to 44Lake av.Upham, W. N., fr. 295 CherryUpland Avenue, N. H., fr. 22 WinchesterUpland Road, W., fr, 1424 BeaconUpland Road, Nv., fr. 149 Kirkstallroad to 247 MillVALENTINE, W. N., fr. 212 Highlandto Commonwealth a v.Valentine Park, W. N., fr. 41 Valentineto HampshireVarick Road, W., fr. 1986 Beacon toQuinobequinVaughn Avenue, N. H., fr. 1298 Beaconto 152 Quinobequin roadVeazie, N. H., fr. near Wade acrossWillardVernon, N., fr. 57 Waverly av. to 440CentreVictoria Circle, N. C, fr. 41 Morton to11 Royce rd.Vincent, W. N., fr. 47 Orchard av.Vine, N. C, fr. Brookline at Oak Hillto LagrangeVirginia Road, W. N., fr. 1451 Washingtonto HicksVista Avenue, Au., fr. 213 Woodlandrd. to Aspen av.Vista Road, W., fr. Varick rd. westerlyWABAN AVENUE, W., fr. 1674 Beaconto 2184 WashingtonWa,ban, N., fr. 17 Thornton to 184 PearlWaban Hill Road, N. C, fr. 83 Commonwealthav. northerly on WabanHillWaban Hill Terrace, N. C, fr. 40 WabanHill road to Newton ReservoirWaban Park, N., on Waban betweenJewett and Walnut parkWabasso, Au., fr. Metropolitan Pk., n.Woerd av.Wachusett Road, N. C, fr. 322 Commonwealthav. at junction Hammondto 150 Hobart roadWade, N. H., fr. Winchester near Boylstonsouth

NEWTON BLUB BOOK 25Walden, Nv., fr. 14*0 Otis to 422 HighlandWaldorf Road, U. F., fr. 12 Meredithav. to Bacon placeWales, L. F., fr. 2204 Washington tobridge at Wellesley lineWalker, Nv., fr. 664 Watertown to 977WashingtonWalnut, Nv., fr. 306 Crafts to DedhamaA N. H.Walnut Hill Road, N. H., fr. 64 Boylstonto WalnutWalnut Park, N., fr. 98 Waban to 483Washington.Walnut Place, Nv., fr. 353 Walnut toHighland av.Walnut Terrace, Nv., fr. 107 Centralav. to WalnutWalsingham, L. F., fr. 2065 Washingtonat junction of Beacon northwesterlyWaltham, W. N., fr. Waltham line to1289 WashingtonWamisit Road, fr. 2 Quidnic rd. and100 Dorset rd. to 1805 BeaconWamesit Road, W., fr. 2 Quidnic rd.and 100 Dorset rd. to 1805 BeaconWard, N. C, fr. 225 Commonwealth Morseland av. near CommonwealthavenueWare Lane„fr. 2149 Commonwealth Ware roadWare Road, Au., fr. 203 Melrose westerlyto KaposiaWarren, N. C, fr. 113 Elgin to 94 LangleyroadWarren Avenue, W. N., fr. 26 River to11 We'bsterWarren Terrace, N. C, fr. 163 WarrenWarwick Road, W. N., fr. 304 WalthameasterlyWashburn, N., fr. 224 Watertown nearcity line to PearlWashburn Avenue, Au., fr. 221 Auburndaleav. to OrrisWashington, fr. Boston line to Bridgeat Wellesley lineWashington Park, Nv., fr. 87 Harvardto 348 WalnutWashington Terrace, Nv., fr. 885 WashingtonnortherlyWater, N. C, fr. 706 Commonwealthav. to 71 HomerWaterston Road, fr. 226 Franklin toRuthven roadWatertown, fr. Watertown line to 1285Washington; also fr. Galen in Watertownto Newton lineWaverly Avenue, N., fr. 116 Washingtonto WardWaverly Place, L. F., fr. 2225 Washingtonnear HamiltonWebster, W. N., fr. 499 Waltham toRoweWebster Court, N. C, fr. 939 BeaconnorthWebster Park, W. N., fr. 161 Websterto Auburndale av.Webster Place, W. N., fr. 129 WebsternorthWeir, Au., fr. 34 Robin Hood road to23 iSharon av.Wellington Terrace, N., fr. 87 ChurchWensley Road, W., fr. 74 Waban av.Wesley, N., fr. 503 Centre to CentreagainWessex Road, N. C, fr. 416 Ward neariSumner southWest, N., fr. 366 Watertown to 23 MiddleWest Boulevard Road, N. C, fr. 361WardWestbourne Road, N. C, fr. 356 Wardto 503 Commonwealth av.Westland Avenue, W. N., fr. Mague 275 CherryWestland Terrace, W. N., fr. 87 Westlandav.West Newton Playground, W. N.,'bounded by Elm, Webster and Oak av.West Pine, Au., fr. 63 Freeman northerlyto Charles river *Westwood, W. N., fr. Webster to LarkinroadWestwood Road, W. N., fr. Eliot Eliot av.Wetherell, U. F., fr. 198 Elliot east to36 MechanicWhite Avenue, N. C, fr. 181 JacksonnortherlyWhite Oak Road, W., fr. 1952 Beaconto Neshobe roadWhitlowe Road, W. N., fr. 30 LexingtonWilber, N. H., fr. 72 Winslow rd.,across Vaughn av.Wilde Road, W., fr. Beacon to Alban rd.Wildwood Avenue, W. N., fr. 2 Kensingtonto 721 Watertown

6 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWillard, N., fr. 110 Oakleigh rd. to 97Hunnewell av.William,, N., fr. Jiefferson we§t toWater town line to GalenWilliams, U. F., fr. 141 Oak southWilliams Court, XJ. F., fr. Williams eastWilliston Road, Au., fr. 131 Hancock av.Willow, N. C, fr. Centre to SummerWillow Terrace, N. C, fr. 35 BowensoutherlyWilton Road, Nv., fr. Central av., opp.Omer. ter. easterlyWiltshire Court, N., fr. 44 Wiltshire rd.northwesterlyWiltshire Road, N., fr. 286 Adams toJackson roadWinchester, N. H., fr. Boylston to NahantonWinchester Road, N., fr. 89 Langdon to138 East Side ParkwayWindermere Road, Au., fr. 1796 Commonwealthav. to opp. 11 Brae BurnRoadWindsor iRoad, W., fr. 1627 Beaconnorth opp. Waban stationWinnelaska Road, fr. Quidnic rd. opp.1834' Beacon, W.Winnetas Road, W., fr. 26 Quidnic 1831 BeaconWinona, Au., fr. 44 Chaske av. to 41Ware roadWinslow iRload, N. H., fr. 1320 BeaconWinsted Road, W,. fr. 144 Montclair to207 WoodwardWinter, U. F., fr. 76 High to 1012 ChestnutWinthrop, W. N., fr. 60 Putnam to 57PerkinsWinthrop Avenuje, N., fr. 35 Oaklandnear Newtonville av.Wiswall, W. N., fr. 45 Parsons to 44Wiswall Road, N. H., fr. 831 Dedhamnear Brookline southwesterlyWoerd Avenue, Au., fr. Metropolitanpk. near Wa bassoWolcott, Au., fr. 43 RoweWolcott-Burr Park, Au., on Central cor.HancockWolcott Park, Au., on Wolcott betweenLexington and RoweWoodbine, Au., fr. 441 Auburn to beyondCommonwealth av.Woodbine Terrace, Au., fr. Woodbinesouth to AuburnWoodcliff Road, N. H., fr. 1578 Centreopp. Hyde to 149 Walnut Hill roadWoodland Road, Aul, fr. 470 Auburn to1729 WashingtonWoodland Terrace, Au , fr. 7 Woodlandroad near railroad southerlyWoodman Road, N. C, fr. 283 Hammondto 183 Suffolk roadWoodrow Avenue, Nv., fr. 474 Californiato 155 Linwood av.Woodside Road, Nv., fr. 29 Kirkstallrd. to Mill, Nv.Woodward, U. F., fr. 997 Boylston toBeaconWylore Road, W., fr. 77 Collins roadWyman, W., fr. 717 Chestnut to 1630Beacon and WoodwardWyoming Road, Nv., fr. 76 Parkwayrd. to 565 CaliforniaYork Road, W., fr. 24' Edgefield road to532 Quinobequin road

NEWTON 27tmSTREET LISTPRINCIPAL RESIDENTSNEWTONNames and post-office addresses of the principal residents of Newton, arrangedin the order of residences, running from one street to another.Thosein the right-hand column are residents of the right side of the street; thoseon the left, of the left side, in order as printed except when the list is longeron one side than the other.4203246465052525656707272728282888896Mr & Mrs Albert E HaysMr & Mite Charles A CraneMr & Mrs Eldred M PetersonMr & (Mrs Thomas D GotchellMrs Alice L PhinneyMr & iMrs Chester PerrineMr & Mrs Walter HartMiss Eleanor Collins HartMiss Helen G BurnsMiss Katharine A BurnsMr & Mrs Charles E MorrowMr & Mrs George T MorrowMrs Julia MorrowMiss Grace MorrowMr & Mrs Hiram W JacksonMis!s Marion L JacksonMr & Mrs J Alfred TuckerMiss Florence G ElmsMr & Mrs Samuel L PowersSum res Meredith N HARLINGTONSTREET7 Mr & Mrs Wm A Rohart7 Miss Mable E Poison9 Mr & Mrs Newton S Coan9 Mr & Mrs Wilson P Price19 Mr & Mrs Henry W Rohart29 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Bartlett29 Mr Ralph W Bartlett Jr41 Mr & Mrs Charles N Holmes45 Mr & Mrs Fred J Mclsaac55 Mr & Mrs G Theophilus Collins77 Miss Marion F Holhrook91 Mr & Mrs John Duncan Haughey91 Mr Louis C Haughey129 Mr & Mrs J William Blaisdell129 Mr Richard H Blaisdell135 Mr & Mrs Walter C Wrye135 Miss Anna F WryeBALDWIN STREET466121618Mr & Mrs Joseph E WellsMr & Mrs Albert PhillipsMrs George N Rich(Mr & Mrs Frank D WildeJVfr & Mrs Frederick W Whiting•Mr & Mite Leverett D G Bentley9 Mr & Mrs D Harry Prebble9 Mr & Mrs Roy Scheil15 Mrs Mary C Lindhardt19 Mr & Mrs A T Sunberg

• 2 8NEWTON BLUE BOOKR HAVELOCK PIERCETaker of Artistic Likenesses byPhotographyAnnounces the opening of THE NEW UNIVERSITY GALLERIES atCambridge, on Quiney Street at Number Forty-Two, which is directlyopposite Sanders Theatre, where he makes home sittings amongst homesurroundings.APPOINTMENTS ONLYAn interesting collection of paintings and works of art open to thepublic.An early attendance is requested of all ladies and gentlemenof Newton who may desire portraits of any kind.SUMMER STUDIO:MANCHESTER BY THE SEANEW YORK STUDIO:741 FIFTH AVENUEAt Home Portraits a Specialty.H. HAVELOCK PIERCE,729 BOYLSTON ST., Tel. B. B. 3826. BOSTONCambridge Tel. University 9169-R.

NEWTON 29BARNES ROAD12 Mr & (Mrs James P Airth12 Mr Lyman R Pitts12 Mr Henry W Sharp18 Mrs George D Vaughan18 Mr Winthrop Vaughan11 Mr & Mrs Richard U Clark Jr11 Miss Dorothy P Clark11 Mr Richard U Clark 3rd:BEECHOROFT ROAD12 Mr & Mrs Franklin E Huntress20 Vacant30 Mr & Mrs H Rigelow Emerson(nee Eunice M Learned)38 Mr & Mrs John H Sellman11 Mr & Mrs Carl K Bacon37 Mr & Mrs Samuel C HowesBELLEVUE STREET22 Rev & Mrs Walcott Calkins42 Mr & Mrs Samuel HyslopReceiving day first Wednesday56 Mr & Mrts James J Bosdan56 'Major and Mrs John Mather USA62 Mr & Mrs John Benbow100 Mir & Mrs Herbert G Pratt144 Mrs Lewis E Coffin144 Miss Emma F Barker144 'Miss Jessde H Barker178 Mr Frederick W (Stone178 Miss Marion Stone178 Misis Katherine L Stone210 Mrs Florence A Rose210 Miss Helen F Rose210 Miss Ethel Rose230 Mr & Mrs M A Wheeler230 Mr & Mrs Richard W Wheeler230 Mr & Mrs G B Gage230 Miss Annie K Howard33 Mr & Mrs Gaston A Scherer57 Mr & Mrs Irving U Townsend'57 Mr Irving U Townsend Jr57 Mr James H Townsend57 Miss Clarissa L Townsend57 MTS Clarissa W Whfitaker65 Mrs Wm R Brackett75 Mrs William E Litchfield93 Mr & Mrs Charles E Riley93 Miss Mabel Louise Riley115 Mr & Mrs George F Jewett125 Mount Ida School189 Mr & Mrs Irving O Scott199 Mr Louis M Alexander211 Mr & Mrs Frederick A Wetherbee217 Mr Walter I Woodman217 The Misses Woodman229 Mr & Mrs Charles H Conant229 Milss Rosmand Conant247 Mr & Mrs Dexter B Hill271 Mr & Mrs Pitt F Parker271 Mrs Joseph M Briggs285 Mr & Mrs Do mi nick H Richards291 Mrs Frank W Pierce309 Mr & Mrs William R Ferry309315315319319319319Mr & Mrs Wm W ColtonMr & Mrs Wm L GravesMr E L GlenzelDr Mrs Howard Moore&Mr Mrs Fred L Mason&Mils® Virginia MasonMrs Abbie A Mason

30 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBELMONT STREET24 Mr Joseph H Buerk24 Miss Este*lla Buerk15 Mr & Mrs Frederick White15 Mr Joseph F Stickel17 Mrs Myra B Lord17 iMr John J Smullen21 Mr & Mrs Francis T Cazmay21 Mr Richard D Cazmay21 Miss Helen F ThurstonBENNINGTON STREET10182430383846505666747676Mr & Mrs Jasper M GibsonMiss Clara BriggsMr & 'Mrs Louis Stoughton DrakeMr & Mrs Elliott B Church .iMrs E! C CobbThe Misses CobbMr & 'Mrs Alvin G BakerMr & Mrs Walter L McGregorMr & Mrs Stafford Fisher JohnsonMr & Mrs Wye ShawMr & Mrs Walton MeadMr & MTS Ronald J RossMr Lewis 1 Locke19 Mr & Mrs Clifford T Switzler21 Mrs C S Emmons33 Mr & Mrs George F Tracy35 Mr & Mrs Clarence O Dales51 Mrs iMary Moore51 Miss Elizabeth Abbott51 Mr H Lome Davidson51 Mr Wm Stanley53 Mr & Mrs Charles E Griffith JrmBILLINGS PARK6 Mr & Mrs Ezra Gifford6 Mr & Mrs Dana C Madden12 Mils Ida S Burkhardt12 Mr Daniel Seaverns12 Miss Ida C Blanchard36 Dr & Mrs Frederick L Mcintosh36 Miss Alice > Ruth Pearson44 Mr & Mrs Stanton D Bullock48 Miss Gertrude Ensign1 Mr & Mrs Louis D Gibbs1 Mrs Mary E Weller9 Mr & Mrs Herbert H WallevBLACKSTONE TERRACE10 Mr & Mrs John G Church 9 Mr & Mrs Edward F Maguire15 Mr & Mrs Clifton N JacobsBRACKEROAD(From 363 Waverly av to Park av)25 Mr & Mrs Arthur W LincolnSum res North Brookfleld Mass129 Mr John Guthrie

INEWTON 31'mBRAEMQRE ROAD4Mr & Mrs Walter B Hennigan8 Mr & Mrs John Bowen12 Mr & Mrs Walter K Stafford12 Miss Katherine K Stafford12 Mr Henry H Stafford20 Mr & Mrs Charles H Barney24 Mrts James McCandish24 Miss Nellie J Jones3 'Mr & Mrs Carlton L Shaw7 Mr & Mrs Mason H Stone11 Mr & Mrs Frank B Cummings11 Miss Grace C CummlingsSum res Greenfield N H25 Mr & IMrs John C Brimblecom25 Misls Helen BrimblecoimBRIDGE STREET40 Rev iRo'bert L RueCALIFORNIASTREET340 Mayor & Mrs Edwin O ChildsCENTRE STREET264 Mrs H D Bassett264' Miss Mary Bassett264 Mr & Mrs Herbert Whitcomb272 Mr & Mrs John P Cahill336 Mr & Mrs Ernest S Cooper430 Vernon CourtDr Deborah FawcettMr & Mrs Will E HardingMrls C Virginia HamliltonMr & Mrs Fred HoughtonMiss Martha L LatheMr & Mrs George BuffumMr & Mrs Samuel N BramanMrs William H LucasMiss H J McDonald430 Mrs Julius D LucasMiss Alice Come>au(Mr F Bancroft SmithDr & Mr

32 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCENTRE STREET.Continued.430 Mr & Mrs S W Holmes.Mr & Mrs E P TuttleMrs F O GuildMrs H L ChurchMiss Mary F Bowker450 Miss Mattie Troy450 Mr Charles Hood450 'Mr Horace Spooner460 Mr & Mrs Frederick E Libby460 'Miss Julia A Worcester460 Mrs F O Heald460 Miss Helen Jackson488 Mr & Mrs Harry W Smith,488 Mr Leighton B Smitn500 Mr & Mrs Everett T Ryder(nee Lottie Lincoln Thayer)504 Mr & Mrs Fred Drisko(nee Eva A Wass)504 Miss Aliice S Drisko510 Dr & Mrs Frank R Stubbs510 Mr Joseph Stubbs526 The Hollis-526 Mrs Rachel ThrallMiss Elizabeth AngierMiss Florence BarryMiss Laura Dan forthMr Clyde DavisMr Warren ChaseCapt & Mrs Wm Joiner550 Mrs Elizabeth Whit tierMiss Carrie WoodMrs Hugh HintzMr & Mrs James WheelerMiss Minnie WheelerMr John^ WheelerMr & Mrs Ernest ConantMrs J L Thompson566 The Misses Rogers570 Mr Horace C Harrington578 Mr & Mrs A J Cross584 Mr & Mrs Thomas F Murray584 Miss Harriet Murray594 Mr & Mrs Walter D Warren(nee Mary E Cole)602 Mr & Mrs Clifton R Hayes602 Miss Gwendolyn G Hayes610 Mr & Mrs Luther Adams Breck(nee Margue Reeves Jones)618 Mr & Mrs John S P Alcott(nee Eunice May Hunting)618 Mr Eliberton Hunting Alcott618 Mr John G Sutherland626 Mr Clarence Cheney Smith621645703703749825638638638650666666672G72672674674676678686686764790Mr Smith P BurtonMrs Quincy A AtwoodMr & Mrs Edmund W ConverseMrs Margaret G PearsonMiss Mary S WingateMr & Mrs Henry I HarrimanMrs Francis Edgar Stanley(nee Augusta M Walker)Sum res Squirrel Island MeMiss Emma E WalkerMr & Mrs Raymond "Walker Stanley(nee Constance H Jones)Mr & Mrs Freedom HutchinsonLieutenant Commander and MrsJohn Walter Baker USX(nee Estelle Lozrier) tel N N 1492Miss Virginia S BakerMiss Annie M HaffertyMiss Katherine M HaffertyMiss Ellen A HaffertyMr Charles C WardMiss Lilla M WardMr & Mrs Henry L Dexter JrMr & Mrs Eric H DellingMrs William H FurberMr & Mrs Edward BurbeckMrs C B PrescottMr & Mrs Michael Lester MaddenSum rete Osterville Cape Cod

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 3-?SPECIALTYNewton Real Estateand adjoining townsMORTGAGESINSURANCEEDMANDS & BYFIELD408 CENTRE STREET, NEWTONPAXTON'SConfectioners; anb (CaterersIces, Salads, Oysters, Croquettes, Etc.Creams, Cakes, Candies, Etc.»of our own Manufacture.Weddings, Receptions and Parties Catered for in Superior Style.388 CENTRE ST., Eliot Block, NEWTON, MASSTelephone: 0068 Newton, NorthCooper'^ Brugfjop"Serves you right always"E. S. COOPER, Reg. Phar.Our prescription department is known for its Cleanliness andprompt and careful service.PHONE US YOUR DRUG WANTS.WE WILL SERVE YOU RIGHT.233 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONTel. Newton, North 3972It Was Over 60 Years Ago When We Commenced to GrowADAMS AND SWETT CLEANSING CO.RUG AND GARMENT CLEANSINGWASHING AND REPAIRINGSpecialists on Oriental Rugs. - • •ROXBURYTelephones: Roxbury 1070 - 1299.MASS


NEWTON 35CHANNINGSTREET61212202430Mr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrisMr & MrsMr & MrsBenjamin S RichRupert R SanbornHenry J WoodsAlbert J FlemingDaniiel J O'BrienJames R Townsend11 Mr & Mrs Joseph Howard11 Miss Anna Howard11 Mrs Nellie M Howard25 Mr & Mrs James S Cannon31 Dr & Mrs Thomas N Gallagher37 Mr & Mrs Edward J BurkeCHARLESBANK ROAD86 Mr & Mrs Fred W Burns 84 Mr & Mrs George Wallace OdellCHURCH STREET6 Mr & Mrs Edgar F Burbank18 Mrs Eugene F Bradshaw116 Miss Sarah M Edgarton116 The Misses Wolff120 Mr & Mrs Charles H Woodwortn120 Mr Leaverett S Woodworth120 Mrs Elizabeth Ball120 The Misses Bali120 Mr & Mrs Edward L Douglas120 Mr Raymond L Douglas126 Mr & Mrs Eben D Seccomb126 Miss Dorothy B Seccomb126 Mr Edward O Seccomb132 Mr & Mrs John W Pearson142 Mr & Mrs Wm A Somerby148 Dr & Mrs Warren W Marston150 Mr Frank I Peckham188 Mr William E Porter194 Mr Charles S Greenwood194 iMiss Emma E Greenwood194 Miss Bertha L Greenwood194 Mr & Mrs Cyril W Furbush194 Mr Charles E Greenwood200 The Maplehurst206 Mr & Mrs Fred H Tucker206 Miss Margaret Tucker206 Miss Katharine Tucker218 Mr & Mrs James S Norris218 Mr William A Hewett222 Mr & Mrs Harold Moore226 Mr & iMrs Frederick E Stanley11 Mr & Mrs Isaac S Dillingham Jr15 Mr & Mrs Henry W Sylvester19 Mr & Mrs Francis W Dana21 Mrs William A Spurrier25 Mr & Mrs Goldwin S Sprague25 Mrs J L BaileyS5 Mr & Mrs Wm F Garcelon67 Lieut & Mrs Paul W Hains USN73 Mr & Mrs Henry B Watson81 Rest House81 Mrs Harriet E Dunphy81 Miss Grace Geraldine Dunphy83 Mr & Mrs Arthur J Wellington83 Miss Barbara Wellington195 Mr & (Mrs Walter R Forbusn195 The Misses Forbusn195 Mr Bruce R Ware195 Mrs Harriet E Harper199 Mr & Mrs Louis E Moore199 Miss Bertha Moore199 Miss Louise Moore199 Miss Helene Moore205 Mrs Henry G Reid205 Mr Donald A Reid205 Mr Frederick R Read205 Miss Eleanor Reid205 Miss Marjorie Reid211 Mr & Mrs John W Fisher-211 Dr & Mrs Dale Brown217 Miss Jessie M Fisher217 Mr Irving Angell217 Mrs Harriet I Grow223 Mr & Mrs Clifford K Durgin:223 Mrs Richard Stubbs223 Mrs Mathewate SheridanREAL ESTATECENTRELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCE238Commonwealth av., Chestnut HillJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, IflC807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB

36 NEWTON BLUE BOOKStudebakerSALES AND SERVICEEVANS MOTOR CAR COINCORPORATEDTel. 1300 - 1301 Newton, North1-3 and 24 Brook Street, NEWTON (Corner)FRED L. CRAWFORD, Inc.Jfuneral BirettnrLADY ASSISTANTComplete AutomobileEquipment49 ELMWOOD ST., NEWTON, MASSTelephone: Newton North 3701HAROLD A. RYAN, Inc.FloristFRESH CUT FLOWERSWe grow our own; buy them where they are grown.Memberof the Florists' Telegraph Delivery.581 MT. AUBURN STREET, CAMBRIDGETelephone: University 1207

NEWTON 37CHURCH STREET.Continued.2332512512512672b.267267Mr & Mrs Samuel W Tucker•Mr & Mrs Joseph V GreenMr Thomas A GreenMiss Louise GreenMr I Boutwell HarringtonMr & Mrs Walter MooreMiss Margaret R WalkerMis's Marie R WalkerCHURCH ROAD(From 222 Church street)4 Mr & Mrs James P Donahue10 Mr & Mrs George R Strandberg10 Mr & Mrs Charles F Dow3 Mr & Mrs Wallace Person9 Mr & Mrs John L Sullivan9 Mr & Mrs Clifton L MasonCLAREMONT STREET80 Mr & Mrs James E Clark80 Mr James Lomax ClarkSum res "Meloheim" Newdon N HLon-93 Mr & Mrs Charles E LordiSum res The Elms Farm WellsMeCOPLEY STREET4 Mr & Mrs Leo F MacAleer4 Miss Mary Evelyn MacAleer12 Dr & Mrs Waldo F Whitney12 Mr Wilmot Whitney18 Mr & Mrs Everett W Crawford28 Mrs Henry C Hardon28 Mr & Mrs James Hayden Wright5 Vacant11 Mr & Mrs Henry B Pinkham11 Miss Louise K Pinkham11 Mr Henry S Pinkham17 Mr & Mrs J Harris AubinCOTTON STREET35 Mr Wm Johnston35 Miss Emily Johnston43 Mr & Mrs George E Taylor83 Mr & Mrs G H ConnollyDURANT STREET21 Mr & Mrs Alfred R Beck21 Mr & Mrs Paul F Terrill

38 NEWTON BLUE BOOKEAST SIDEPARKWAY122 Mr George E Stewart122 M-feto Lillian M Stewart122 Mr Edwin T Stewart176 Mr & Mrs George M Briggs176 Mrs Sar&h tSpauldingELDREDGESTREET4 Mr & Mrs Newton T Turner8 Mrs Helen M'agoley8 The Misses Magoley8 Mr John J MagoleyTel Newton North34 Mr & Mrs Joseph B34 Miss Edith Jamieson972Jamiesoni38 Mr & Mrs Charles B Gallond42 Mrs Edward T Merrihew42 Mr Edward K Merrihew42 Miss Sarah E Living48 Mr & Mrs Herbert C Eraser52 Mr Edwin F Sawyer56 Mrs William H Hallett56 Mr & Mrs Gray Blandy56 Miss Emily Dyer56 Mrs Hollis Abbott56 Miss Sally E Hallett56 Miss Eliziabeth H Merrihew56 Mr Wm Hallett Blandy60 Rev and Mrs Laurens MacLure D(nee Ella T Goldsboro)60 Mrs Wallace M Leonard Jr60 Mr Henry G MacLure84 Hunnewell Olub104 VacantD9 Mrs Ellen McGilvray9 Mrs Jennie Spear9 Mr & Mrs William J Ryan9 Mr & Mrs Dougal Gillis15 Mrs George D Byfield158393Miss Eleanor H MagarityMr & Mrs Robert P WarnerMr & Mrs Carl PeirceMr & Mrs Samuel H Ehler97105 Mrs Alvin A Sweet105 Mr & Mrs Charles B JacksonELIOT MEMORIAL ROAD14 Mr & Mrs C L Harrison 15 Mr & Mrs Welles E Holmes41 (Mrs Henry K Hobart41 The Misses KenrickNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY WTelephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave

NEWTON 39ELMHURST ROAD50 Mr & Mrs Elmer L Ford58 Mr & Mrs Winslow B Taylor74 Mr & Mrs Theodore R Lockwood49 Mr & Mrs J J Murphy57 Mr & Mrs Joseph Smith57 Mr & Mrs Edward B Smith03 Dr & Mrs Adalbert Fernald71 Mrs Marie L iSedlmaier71 The IMisses Sedlmaier75 Mr & Mrs Walter E HertigELMWOOD STREET22 Mr & Mrs John F Cotton24 The Misses Leland52 Mr & MUs John C Cole60 Dr and Mrs Edward S Niles60 Mr David Sands Niles60 Mr Charles Wellington991529293737Dr & Mrs T O LovelandSum res Chatham MassDr Sterling N LovelandMr & Mrs Samuel S CrockerMr & Mrs Ralph E PierceMr Arthur E PierceMr & Mrs Arthur W LaneMr Frank H LaneFAIRMONT AVENUE36425664748484848484Mr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsSum resMr & MrsMr & MrsSamuel Willard BridgesJeremiah J McCarthyFranklin E SmithSandwich MassWalter R ScatesJohn T AldenMrs Joseph W HowardThe (Misises HowardMr J Dwight HowardMr Willett HowardMr Kenneth Howard19 Mr & Mrs Henry Knott19 Miss Guinevere Knott19 Miss Elaine Knott53 'Mr Herbert A Wilder53 Miss E F Wilder53 Miss Constance P Wilder53 Miss Margaret G Wilder83 Mr & 'Mils Newton A Merritt JrFAIRVIEW STREET4 Mrs Thomas W Flinn4 Mr & Mrs Chess W Flinn4 Miss Madge H Flinn10 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Bacon10 Miss Mirian Bacon16 Mr & Mrs Charles A Balcom3 Vacant11 Mr Bancroft L Goodwin11 Miss M Louise Cutler17 Mr & Mrs Henry R Viets17 Mr Gardiner T Viets17 Dr Henry R Viets21 Dr & Mrs Jean J LoizeauxL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

NEWTON40'BLUE BOOKFARLOW32 Mr & Mrs Frank M Sheldon32 Mr Alfred Trundy SheldonSum res Allerton Mass56 Mr & Mrs William G Soule56 Mr Wallace Gore Soule56 Mrs Martha B Wallace78 Dr & Mris Charles F Painter78 Mr Whitfield Painter88 Miss Elizabeth S Hosmer106 Mrs Charles Louis Fincke(nee Mattie Brown)106 Mr Charles Louis FinckeClass '24 Harvard106 Miss Margaret E FinckeOasis '25 Wellesley'Sum res So'west Harbor Me114 Mr & Mrs Edwin W Pyle114 Mrs Wiley S Edmands120 Mr & Mrs Clarence Gray Howes(nee Emily C Anderson)At home FridaysROAD15 Mr & Mrs William Estabrook Jones15 Mr Durham JonesiSum res Wianno Mass31 Mr & Mrs Clarence C Colby49 Mr & Mrs Grosvenor Calkins85 Mr & Mrs Harold D CoreyFRANKLIN STREET130130180180206206232232244244252252252260260260276Mr & Mrs Edward D Van Tassel Jr(nee Amy Plant)Sum res Tanglewood Mirror LakeN HMr & Mils Wm F PlantMr & MrsMrs AnnaMr & MrsVernon B SwettE EagerGeorge C TravisMr & Mrs Howard C TravisMr & Mrs William R DeweyMiss Margaret P Dewey'Miss Lucy E CobbMiss Helen W CobbTel Newton North 39Mrls I Newton PeiirceTel Newton North 182Mr Fred N PeirceMiss Eunice RuiterMr & Mrs Oliver M FisherMiss Edith R FisherMiss Caroline FisherMrs Thomas Weston125151169169177177177215215215261261261269269293Mr &(neeMr &Mr &(neeMrs Richard Porter-BoyerRita Gardner)Mrs Harry Nason MillikenMrs Ralph C EmeryClara B Bowers)Miss Dorothy L EmerySum res Ipswich MassMr & Mits Edward O GruenerMr L GruenerMiss Katherine GruenerMr & Mrs Loren D TowleMiss Evelyn TowleMiss Charlotte TowleRev & Mrs Cornelius H PattonMiss Augusta PattonMiss Catharine PattonISum reis Waterville Valley N HMiss Sarah WellsMiss Helen L WellsMr & Mrs Charles S Ensign Jr(nee Florence Page)Sum res S Harpwell Me

NEWTON 41FRANKLIN STREET.Continued.27628428484_84292292300300306316316322334334334Miss Grace WestoniSum res Brewster Bluff SouthDuxburyMrs Wm L Ratcliffe(nee Helen S Lea)Miss Helen RatcliffeMiss Marion L RatcliffeMiss Alice Lea RatcliffeMr & Mrs W r illiam F HollingsMr & Mrs Charles H BuswellMrs Louisa J ByingtonMrs Daniel GreeneMr & Mrs F Marsena ButtsMrs Walter WhiteMiss Sarah D WitherbeeMr & Mrs Ralph W Angier(nee Bjessie Loveland)Mrs Wm H DruryMiss Miriam DruryMr Herbert L Drury303303315327327Mrs Myron H TarboxMiss Julia C TarfboxMrs G Fred SimpsonSum res Lane rd AnnisquamMr John A GilmanThe Misses GilmanGARDEN ROAD12 Mr & Mrs William Greene(nee Ruth Wilder)16 Mr & Mrs Harry A NealleySum r^s MacMahan Me24 Mr & Mrs George R GrantGARDNERSTREET20 Mr John C MaddenGEORGE STREET192731333537Mr & Mrs Paul C Sykes(nee Susan Driver)Mr & Mrs Edward L HorsfallMr & Mrs Raymond G CoppinsMr & Mrs Edwin J FortMr & Mrs Henry W JarvisMr & Mrs Thomas H CalhounI

42 NEWTON BLUE BOOKhGRASMERE STREET80 Mr & Mrs Walter L/indsay VanKleeck124 Mr & Mrs Hiram L Sim'pson128 Mr & Mrs Abraham Byfield77 Mr & Mrs George Clement Colburn79 Mr & Mils Edward D Baldwin111 Mr John H Slattery111 Mr Charles H Slattery115 Mr & Mrs Charles V Daiger119 Mr & Mrs Palmer York125 Mr & Mrs Mark A Lawton129 Mr & Mrs boring L MarshallSum res South West Harbor MeHOLLIS STREET8 Mr & Mrs Charles B Starbdrd14 Mrs Henry F Wellington14 Mr & Mrs Frederick L Trowbridge14 Mr Lawrence W Trowbridge18 Mr & Mrs William H Guild22 Mr & Mrs W V V Marsh22 Miss Eleanor Marsh32 Mr 'Richard C Raines32 Mrs M C Hartzell32 Mr Charles A Drew36 Mr & Mrs George Owen42 Mr & Mrs Howard R Mason4*2 Mr Charles A Haskell42 Miss Josephine French11 Mr & Mrs Percy N Kenway11 Miss Lillian G Searl27 Mrs lEvelyn P Brown27 Miss Lizzie M Porter27 Miss Grace E Brown27 Mr Frederick R Brown47 The HollisMrs Katherine C SmithMiss iMary StoneMrs Wdsley PriestMiss Martha HitchcockMiss Mfeirgaret HaleyMr & Mrs Wm BellowsMr & Mrs Howard B Converse(nee Helen Knight)HOVEY STREET

wNEWTON 43HUNNEWELL AVENUE44 Mr & Mrs Frederick M Swan102 Mr & Mrs Richard G Badger108 Mr & Mrs Henry Adams124 Mr & Mrs Sidney R Smith134 Mr Edward W Pope134 Rev & Mrs Frederick A Reeve136 Mrs Gilbert R Griffin136 'Miss Dorothy D Griffin150 Mr & Mrs Daniel IS Pratt150 Mr & Mrs Daniel S Pratt Jr178 Dr & Mrs Albert B JewellGRASMERE STREETCorrected Dist of Names.Ill Miss Annie G Slattery111 Dr John R Slattery102 Mr & Mrs Richard P Slattery25 i Miiss Ida C Allen25 Miss Mary Stuart Anthony35 ! Mr & Mrs Frank ,M Ferrin45 Mr & Mrs Arthur Kendrick45 ' Miss Eliza H Kendrick57 Mr & Mrs Joseph B Simpson57 Miss Dorothy L Simpson75 Mrs H C Hansen89 Mrs William M Ferris89 Mr & Mrs William M Ferris Jr91 Mrs Martha W Tufts91 Miss Lena M Perry91103103103*152137151555>5>5>719'9Miss Kate C PerryMr & Mrs Robert P BainsMass Ruth HainsMiss Eleanor HainsMr & Mrs Howard NortonMr &Mr &Mr &SumMrs Charles P MarshallMrs Willard H CrossMrs Walter B Wolcottr,es "Sunnybrook" North'Marshfield MassMr iSanford WolcottMr & Mrs Elmer L GibbsMr & Mrs Robert J GarrityMiss Katherine M GarrityMrs Charles E CurrierDr & Mrs L H May lorMr & Mrs Clarence L E MooreHUNNEWELL TERRACE192 Vacant 197 Miss Gertrude J Norton197 Miss Agatha R Norton199 Jamies Henry Pullaman205 Mrs L M Barker205 Mr George A Barker205 iMisis- Rose Coyle225 Mr & Mrs George H Butler229 Mr & Mrs George H SnyderREAL ESTATEINSURTNCT JOHN T. BURNS & SONS I inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill807 WASHINGTON ST.. NEWTONVILLE

44 NEWTON BLUB BOOKHYDE AVENUE14 Rev & Mrs H Grant Person14 Mr Carlton G Person30 Mr & Mrs Frederick J Fawcett30 Mr W'm V M Fawcett36 Dr & Mrs R A Reid42 Mr & Mrs Samuel M Sayford52 Judge & Mrs William F Bacon52 Miss Margaret Bacon62 Mr & Mrs Walter H Barker76 Mr & Mrs Hiram E Barker35 Mr & Mrs Prescott Warren35 Miss Frances Warren35 Miss Marjorie WarrenSum res Squirrel Island Me45 Mr & Mrs Edward M HallettSum res Wilton N H59 Mr & Mrs Julius HollanderIVANHOE STREET14 "Sunyhurst"14 Mrs George S Harwood14 Mr George Fred Harwood30 Miss Caroline R Braman13 Mr & Mrs William B Emery13 Miss E K Emery29 Miss Edith L Hull29 Miss Helen F HullJEFFERSON STREET6 Mr & Mrs George J Rus'sell6 Miss Annie Sawyer10 Mr & Mrs John Walker Allen44 Mr & Mrs Thomas P Jewett44 Miss Gertrude Jewett48 Mr & Mrs John M .Vogel54 Mrs Janet Copeland54 Mr & Mrs Edwin Whitney45 Mr & Mrs Frederick H Gowing45 Miss Lela E Gowing51 Mr & Mrs Archibald R Carley55 Miss Emily E Williams55 Mr George H Williams55 Miss Alice B Williams65 Mr & Mrs J M Kelley65 Mr William Donald65 Mrs Herbert L SwiftJEWETT STREET88 Mr & Mrs Charles W Tyler90 Mr & Mrs George W Atwater92 Mr & Mrs Abram Vokey110 Mrs C W Turner110 Mr & Mrs Henry Turner116 Mr & Mrs Charles D Page146 Mrs J Eliot Trowbridge146 Mr & Mrs Charles F Fredy7979 •898989898989Mr & Mrs W T.HanleyMr Albert T HaiileyMrs Mary BowditchMiss Carolyn P BowditchMiss Anabelle BowditchMiss Ruth BowditchMis s Mary B BowditchMr & Mrs Walter B Stevens115129135141141145Mrs Julian A MeadMr & Mrs Charles A CunninghamMr & Mrs George FloodMr Henry L EmeryMiss Lena H PearsonMr & Mrs George F HickmottNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave

NEWTON 4516 Mr & 'Mrs Henry W Kendall16 Miss Ella M Cox16 Miss Dorothy DrakeKENDALL TERRACEKENILWORTH STREET8 Mr & Mrs Herbert Stefobins8 Miss Mary B Stebbins17 Mr & Mrs Alva D Stein360 Mr & Mrs James R HodderKENRICK STREET20 Mr & Mrs Franklin C JonesLEWIS TERRACELINDER TERRACE10 Mr Matthew H Barton16 Mrs Judd W Cone13 The Misses CutlerLOMBARD STREET68 Mr & Mrs Curtis Nye Smith 47 Mrs George E Merrill47 Miss Elinor Merrill53 Mr & Mrs Louis C Hungerford65 Mr & Mrs Joseph N Palmer65 Mr Albert Palmer65 Mr Stephen Palmer65 Mr Wilson Palmer73 Mrs William A Goodman73 Misis Mabel S Goodman73 Mrs Marjorie Belcher73 Mr Stockbridg-e C Spence85 Mrs Herbert P Kenway85 Dr & Mrs W K Lewis85 Miss Florence L KenwayMAGNOLIA AVENUE15 Mr & Mrs John L Rollins21 Mr & Mrs Frank Edwards(nee Elizabeth Jackson)21 Miss Marjorie R Edward©H. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

46 NEWTON BLUE COOKMAPLEAVENUE•142063:.36Mi-MrMrMrMr&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsAlfred E AllenWilliam T EarleFrank O BarberA B FoxEdward S Smilie11171933Mr Mrs Walter H Cutler&Mrs 5 Delia E CleggMr Mrs Edgar M -Home&Mr Mrs H Samuel Leonard&MAPLE CIRCLE11 Dr Kenneth Dumore13 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah T MaddenMARLBORO STREET4 Mr & Mrs John B. Waters4 Mr John E Waters12 Mr & Mrs Howard G Cutter16 Mrs Catherine A Duffey16 Miss Mary A Duffey16 Mr Engare De Athore20 Mr & Mrs George Simmons22 Mr & Mrs George E Rawson28 Mr & Mrs Henry McElwain54 Mr & Mrs Harry C Wiggin54 Mr William R Wiggin54 Mr F Webster Wiggin66 Mr & Mrs William J Johnston6b Mr & Mrs George H Specht11 Mr Daniel I Baker21 Mrs Annie T WalshReceiving day Wednesday21 Miss M;ary T Walsh21 Miss Margaret F Walsh21 Miss L V Walsh21 Mr & Mrs Philip S Jamieson29 Mr & Mrs Carl Peirce61 Mr & Mrs Edward J St Coeur67 Mr & Mrs John F McNamaraMERTON STREET6 Mr & Mrs Charles A JohnsonMONTROSESTREET4444Mr & Mrs Nathan P Cutler(nee Annah Winn)Miss Sally A CutlerL. LORING BROOKS,33 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

NEWTON 47NEWTONVILLE AVENUE14 Mr & Mrs John M'oGuire24 Mr & Mrs John P Lynch32 Mr & Mm Everett McCassey32 Mrs Russell Freeman40 Mr Albert D Hewlett40 Mrs Mary I Howlett40 Miss Edith H Howlett52 Mrs George A Kinley118 Mr & Mrs William E Birdsall118 Mr & Mrs Lincoln Bouve124 Mrs Edward M Ransom140 Mr & Mrs Otis E White140 Mr Ralph Scribner158 Mr & Mrs Ralph F Barber(nee Adelaide Fillebrown)158 Mr John L Robison174 Mr & Mrs George W Barber174 Mr Charles Lawrence Barber174' Mrs Mary E Owens184 Mr & Mrs Carl T Whitfcemore224 Mr & Mrs Henry B Schofield21 Dr & Mrs George- Butters29 Mrs Ralph S Wentworth47 Mrs Mary A Leonard47 Miss Elsa LeonardTel Newton North 1561-JMrs Charles E StormontM LoringElizabeth CoffinMary CoffinMr & Mrs Armand C Bangs53 Mr &53 Mr C115 Miss115 Miss121131 Mr & Mrs D Fletcher Barber133 Mr & Mrs Clarence S Angell133 Mrs Dorothy A Johnson147 Mr Homer Morrison147 Dr & Mrs Wm J Lennox165 Mr & Mrs Dana Parks175 Mr & Mrs William L Garrison191 Mr Mrs Charles E Cunningham&193 Mr Mrs Frank H Briggs&NONANTUM STREET40 Rev & Mrs Alden H Clark46 Mr & Mrs Colin E Ham52 Mr & Mrs Ralph P Bischoff52 Mrs G F Burkhardt58 Mr & Mrs Dan L Smith58 Mrs G C Chandler78 Mr & Mrs Carlton F Stanley78 Mr Carlton C Stanley86 Mr & Mrs Ralph C Henry33 Mr & Mrs Charles A Reed33 Mrs Georgia A Warren39 Mr & Mrs George Lincoln Parker39 Miss Hope Parker39 Miss Constance Parker45 Mr & Mrs Charles H Clark45 Mrs Abbie J Smart93 Mr & Mrs James Quartz105 Mr & Mrs John R Lankenau115 Mrs S T CurrierOAKLEIGH ROAD134 Mr & Mrs Frank E Perkins134 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Baldwin152 Mr & Mrs William H Macdonald154 Mr & Mrs Charles F Collins154 Mr C Azel Collins154 (Miss Marguerite Collins160 Mr & Mrs Franklin Bancroft160 Mr & Mrs Franklin E Bancroft97 Mrs E R Jump105 Dr R Nelson Hatt105 Dr Ednah S Hatt109 Mr & Mrs Frederick B James111 Mr & Mrs Albert Partridge121 Mr & Mrs Oscar B Johnson127 Mr Alfred Ashenden127 Miss Constance AshendenH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

48 NEWTON BLUE BOOKOAKLEIGH ROAD.Continued.166 Mr & Mrs Waldo C Peebles166 Miss Annie F Darling170 Mrs J Henry Bacon127133137137137147151155159165173173173Miss Alice S BartonMr & Mrs Bertram A StrohmeierMrs George HunterMrs Jane HunterMr Jo'seph J HunterMrMr& Mrs Oliver A SmithMrsC Burton Cotting&Mr & Mrs Charles H PetersonMr & Mrs DeiRoy P GuionMr Mrs William H Darling&Miss Hattie P GouldingMrs Stevens MooreMr & Mrs Leslie MooreORCHARD STREET19 Mr & Mrs Wilfred A Wetherbee21 Mr & Mrs Edward T WetherbeePARK AVENUE8 Mr & Mrs Benjamin W Fredericks8 Miss Edith Fredericks50 Mrs Jesse A GoddardSum res Newbury "Vt37375175Mr & Mrs Charles I BrinkMiss Pearl BrinkMr & Mrs Miner (Robinson(nee Gertrude Gunther)Tel Newton North 1220*Sum res The Weirs N HMr & Mrs Richard Feakes(nee Margaret MacDonald)PARK STREETI28 Mr & Mrs Ernest E Forsyth28 Miss Vera Forsyth34 Mr & Mrs J Warren Story34 Miss Helen Warner Aubin34 Miss Margar r et Harris Aubin40 Mrs James T Moore40 Miss Evelyn P Warren40 Mrs Sarah H Wheelock40 Miss Alice E Wheelock46 Vacant54 Dr & Mrs Eugene McCarthy86 Miss Fanny W Tewksbury86 Mr Fred W Potter86 Mrs Elizabeth Chandler25 Dr & Mrs Charles A Davenport25 Mr Charles K Davenport41 Mr & Mrs Amasa W B Huff47 Mr & Mrs George Agry47 Mias Ella E B Shepherd91 Mrs Helen Coughlin91 Mr Charles Lamb99 Prof & Mrs Wesley J McCarty99 Mrs Hannah J Custer107 Vacant115 Mr & Mrs Daniel A White115 Miss Katherine White119 Mr & Mrs Walter T Hannigan(nee Maud B Krause)NEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.\

NEWTON 49PARK STREET.Continued.S4 Miss Charlotte N Wilkins156 Mrs Henry C Grant156 Mr David K Grant156 Mr Eliot K Grant156 Mr Donald Grant172 (Mr & Mrs Arthur E Holt186 Mr & Mrs Edwin T Fearing/Sum res Kennebunk Beach Me226 Mrs M L Loveland226 Mr & Mrs Ra'lph N Hall234 Mr & Mrs Philip Nichols(nee Mabel G Gibson)'Sum res Monument Beach242 Miss Abb'ie F Davis248 Mr & Mrs Frank H Howes248 Mr Henry Fessenden Howes256 Mrs Carlo Montanari(nee Helen Day)270 Mr & Mrs Frank B Converse(nee Evelyn Lee)270 Miss Madeline Converse123 Mr & Mrs Daniel M Goodridge123 Mr Lewis S Bradley136 Prof & Mrs Leslie O Cummings139 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Blakemore(nee Prliscilla E Alden)139 Mrs Wm B Blakemore149 Mr & Mrs Alonzo R Weed(nee Charlotte Atwater)149 Miss Anne Atwater Weed169 Dr & Mrs Johnson Lovett Morse177 Mr & Mrs Benjamin S HinckleyiSum r0B Rexhame Mass187 Mr & Mrs Alfred N Robbins223 Dr & Mrs James Herbert Young(nee Irene Hamilton)Office- 520 Commonwealth aveBoston237 Mr & Mrs Edmund I Leeds(nee Alice Marshall)ISum res So Duxibury Mass243 Mr Loring B Hall243 Miss Florence Hall247 Mr John A Gardner247 Mr Harry E Gardner247 Mr William A Gardner269 Mr & Mrs Duncan M Stewart269 Miss Jessica Stewart281 Mr & Mrs Clinton Horner Scovell281 The Misses Gustin289 Mr & Mrs George DefrenPEARL STREET18 Mr & Mrs John R Learned24 Mr & Mrs Webster S Hayden2* Mr & Mrs Louis P Mott24 Miss Jennlie Mott136 Mr Harris E Johonnot216 Mr & Mrs Albert T Stuart222 Mr & Mrs Frank H Stuart1929292929294949496161Mr & Mrs John F McCarronMiss Sarah M LeavittMr John LeavittMr Eugene LeavittMrs Edith GilliesMiiss Edith GilliesMr William F GraceMiss Nellie GraceMiss Katherine GraceMrs Bertha WordenMr & Mrs Frederick Worden

50 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPEMBROKE STREET4 Mr & Mrs Edward H Keach12 Mr & Mrs Charles W Darder14 Mr & Mrs Russell Gordon Carter14 Mrs Florence D Carter24 Mr & Mrs Henry Bates56 Mr & Mrs Levi P Bowers60 Mr & Mrs Edward M Moore60 Mr Henry S Moore68 Mr John G Mudge70 Mr George Lincoln Darling70 Mr & Mrs E A Phippen70 Miss Mildred Phippen23 Mr & Mrs George H Broughton23 Mr John Richard Broughton23 Miss Mary C Broughton49 Mrs Corabelle G FrancisSum res Lake Winnep.esaukeeN H55 Mrs Herman Weinberg77 Mr & Mrs George E Pratt79 Mr & Mrs Harry W Fitts83 Mr & Mrs George A SampsonRICHARDSON STREET24242438383838384242484862Mr & Mrs Frank G WestwoodMr Richard W WestwoodMiss Ethel WestwoodMrs John D MorganMiss Flora E WiseMrs John H RobinsonMiss Florence E ManningMiss Enos MooreMrs Maria J PinkbamMiss Nellie M HartMrs Edwin O ChildsMiss Carolyn H ChildsMr & Mrs John C Fisher1313192727272729292929414153Mr & Mrs Muriel MornoseyMrs Bridget FanningMr Timothy L PhilpotMrs Elizabeth LamphMiss Mary A LamphMr & Mrs Herbert GregsonMiss Mary I FreemanMr & Mrs Albert L BabbettMr Lyman D BabbettMr Edward L DuffeyMr Thomas M Fras.erMrs F L OakesMr & Mrs Deane S ReynoldsMr & Mrs George E MerrillRUTHVENROAD20 Mr & Mrs Fred H Loveland34 Mr & Mrs George AngierSARGENT STREET20 Mr & Mrs William T Rich20 Miss Sophronia B Rich20 Mr Wm T Rich Jr20 Mr Howard L Rich20 Miss M Etta BatesSum res "Stay-a-WhiLe" MegansettMass28 Mr & Mrs Granville S MacFarland(nee Mary A Cossaboom)27 Mr & Mrs Stephen W Pascoe(nee Mabel D Dailey)27 Mrs Angelia E Thompson27 Mr Stanley C Gifford47 Mr & Mrs Garrett Schenck59 Col & Mrs James Conrad Hackman109 Mr & Mrs Wm T Foster115 Mr & Mrs Frank A Day Jr123 Mr & Mrs Kirk W Hobart

NEWTON BLUE BOOKCleansers, Dyers, also Storage for FurCondition?* Smice3 " d C a r^ Work Under Most Satisfactory

50 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPEMBROKE STREET4 Mr & Mrs Edward H Keach12 Mr & Mrs Charles W Darder14 Mr & Mrs Russell Gordon Carter14 Mrs Florence D Carter24 Mr & Mrs Henry Bates56 Mr & Mrs Levi P Bowers60 Mr & Mrs Edward M Moore60 Mr Henry S Moore68 Mr John G Mudge70 Mr George Lincoln Darling70 Mr & Mrs E A Phippen70 Miss Mildred Phippen23 Mr & Mrs George H Broughton23 Mr John Richard Broughton23 Miss Mary C Broughton49 Mrs Corabelle G FrancisSum res Lake WinnepesaukeeN H55 Mrs Herman Weinberg77 Mr & Mrs George E Pratt79 Mr & Mrs Harry W Fitts83 Mr & Mrs George A SampsonRICHARDSON STREET24242438O 89838384242484862Mr & Mrs Frank G WestwoodMr Richard W WestwoodMiss Ethel WestwoodMrs John D MorganMiss Flora E WiseMrs John H RobinsonMiss Florence E ManningMiss Enos MooreMrs Maria J PinkbamMiss Nellie M HartMrs Edwin O ChildsMiss Carolyn H ChildsMr & Mrs John C Fisher13 Mr & Mrs Muriel Mornosey13 Mrs Bridget Fanning19 Mr Timothy L Philpot27 Mrs Elizabeth Lamph27 Miss Mary A Lamph27 Mr & Mrs Herbert Gregson27 Miss Mary I Freeman29 Mr & Mrs Albert L Babbett29 Mr Lyman D Babbett29 Mr Edward L Duffey29 Mr Thomas M Fraser41 Mrs F L Oakes41 Mr & Mrs Deane S Reynolds53 Mr & Mrs George E MerrillRUTHVENROAD20 Mr & Mrs Fred H Loveland34 Mr & Mrs George AngierSARGENT STREET20 Mr & Mrs William T Rich20 Miss Sophronia B Rich20 Mr Wm T Rich Jr20 Mr Howard L Rich20 Miss M Etta BatesSum res "Stay-a-While" MegansettMass28 Mr & Mrs Granville S MacFarland(nee Mary A Cosisaboom)27 Mr & Mrs Stephen W Pascoe(nee Mabel D Dailey)27 Mrs Angelia E Thompson27 Mr Stanley C Gifford47 Mr & Mrs Garrett Schenck59 Col & Mrs James Conrad Hackman109 Mr & .Mrs Wm T Foster115 Mr & Mrs Frank A Day Jr123 Mr & Mrs Kirk W Hobart

NEWTON BLUE BOOKCleansers, Dyers, also Storage for Fur &motion? 0 'CondS£rViCe 3nd CarefU 'Work UnteMost Satisfactory

INEWTON BLUE BOOK^• 7Nif • /•-«CT» %X.t > ' I\ 4 \r* ,ponton Oriental ftug Works;PIRANIAN BROS.••• .**-.^-••^"•^SSSSS:V(Oriental &ug£Cleaning, Remodeling, Moth-Proof Packing, Washing, Repairing,StraighteningChoice Oriental Rugs For SaleCARPET WORK IN ALL ITS BRANCHES147 BERKELEY STREET,Phone Beach 8069BOSTON, MASS.RHODES BROTHERS CO.Importers and Receivers on CommissionGroceries, Provisions and FishWholesale and RetailNO. 10 HARVARD SQUARE, BROOKL1NE170 to 174 MASSACHUSETTS AVE., BOSTON

NEWTON 51SARGENT STREET.Continued.28 Miss Sadie A Mac Far land28 Mr Richard MacFarland28 Mr Paul MacFarland28 Miss Calista MacFarland48 Mr & Mrs Eben H Ellison(nee Grace M Jones)iSum res Duxbury Mass48 Misis Harriet Ellison48 Mr Wm P Ellison48 Mr Eben H Ellison Jr86 Mr & Mrs Harry B Stebbens86 .Miss Frances E Stebbens140 Dr & Mrs Henry O Marcy JrSum res Lake Placid N Y123 Miss Janie D Hobart131 Mr & Mrs Wm O Bentley145 Mr & Mrs Thomas F DolanISum Res Harvard Mass145 Mlisi& Margaret A Dolan145 Mr Thomas F Dolan JrSHORNECLIFFE ROAD40 Mr & Mrs J Porter Russell96 Mr & Mrs Edgar W Hodgson(nee Gertrude Reynolds)ISum res Magnolia Mass96 Mr Maurice Lee Hodgson106 Mr & Mrs Charles B Beasom106 Mrs Elliott Buckmaster114 Mr & Mrs Harry F Morse122 Mrs John B Rackliffe122 Mrs Sarah E Smith57 Mr & Mrs Job E Gaskin57 Miss Winifred N Gaskin79 Mr & Mrs Victor M Cutter115 Miss Rose Loring115 Miss Elizabeth L Holmes125 Mr & Mrs Theodore E Jewell125 Mr T Edson Jewell JrSUMMIT STREET66 Mr John Wesley Barber 73 Mr & Mrs Charles WhittemoreSum res '^Corhy Hall" QuissettSURREY ROAD00 Mrs Charles J Bailey00 The Misses BaileyTHORNTON STREET3842Mr & Mrs Roderick MacLeanMr & Mrs Sanford McLean4'3 Mr & Mrs James Aucoin43 Mr Daniel J Deagle

52 NEWTON BLUE BOOKTREMONT STREET190 Mr & Mrs J W Barry196 Mrs A A Kelley212 Dr & iMrs H D Wilson U S248 Mr & Mrs Fred A Clark248 Mr Alvin R Bailey248 Mrs R S Bushnell274 Mr & Mrs John J McLellanN117273273275279279279283285321321321S21327121Mr & Mrs C E HolbrowMr & Mrs William WhiteMrs Mariah F FalesMr & Mrs A McCreaMr & Mrs Robert E KeeneMrs Edwin E RamsdellMr IReufus E RamsdellMr & Mrs Warren F EllsMr Clement GallichanMr & Mrs Willard L SampsonMr & Mrs Alexander R AtkinsMrs Edna D WallisMr Anto HananiaMr & Mrs A W BosworthMiss Beryl Bartlett•VERNON STREETMr & Mrs Thomas R Brooke^18 Mr & Mrs Frank P Schofield24 Mr & Mm George A MedberrySum res Falmouth Heights Mass28 Mr & Mrs Edward Moll36 Mr & Mrs Burdett P Mansfield36 Mr & Mrs William H Wallace42 Mr & Mrs Sidney Peterson60 Mr & Mrs Albert H Waitt124 Mr & Mrs John P R Sherman3 Mrs George A Miller15 Mrs IWilliam P Ellison15 Mr William Ellison41 Mr & Mrs George A Rawson109 Mr & Mrs George N Putnam117 Mrs Joel H Hills125 Dr & Mrs M E Gleason131 Dr & IMrs L R StoneWABANPARK74 Mr & Mrs Wm L Whitney90 Mr & Mrs Solomon A Campbell90 Miss Louise Stuart90 Miss Cora Holt535361618787899393939393MrMrMr&&H

NEWTON 53WABAN STREET38 Mr & Mrs Edward Gray 35 Mr & Mrs William S Ball35 Miss Margaret S Ball35 Miss AdelaJid B Ball45 Mr & Mrs John J Doherty45 Miss Helen A MartinWALNUT PARK36 Dr & Mrs Harry F Hartwell46 Mr & Mrs Michael O'Connor46 Miss Katherine R V OiConnor58 Mr & Mrs William F Gramzow58 Miss Margaret Casey62 Mrs Edward E Dearborn74 Miss Kate Potter82 Mr Herman C Soule82 Miss Clara G Soule82 Miss Bessie Soule82 Miss Leonora N Soule71 Mrs Joseph F FlanaganSum res Nantucket Mass71 Joiseph F Flanagan Jr71 Mr Edward V Flanagan71 Miss Gertrude Flanagan89 Miss Abbie Spear89 Miss Eliza'beth SpearWASHINGTON STREET2 Mrs John Q A WhittemoreSum res "The Moorings" Buzzard'sBay14 Mr & Mrs Edwin P Brown14 Mr & Mrs George W Brown14 Mr & Mrs George R Brown14' Miss Florence E Brown14 Miss Ethel W Todd42 Mrs Charles R BattSum res Mount Desert Me64 Mrs Samuel B Whittemore64 Mr & Mrs Thorndike H Whittemore86 Mr & Mrs Frank B Jenkins90 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Hollis98 Mr & Mrs Joseph N DamonSum res Ann is quam Mass98 Mr S Foster Damon106 Dr & Mrs Charles L PearsonDr's office hours until 9:30a mand 7 to 8 p mBoston office 320 Commonwealthav hours 2:30 to 4 and by appointmentTel 5164 Back Bay106 Mr Charles W Pearson130 Mr & Mrs Charles M Boyd11 Mrs Mary A Webber11 Mr John W Webber11 Mr Wallis W Webber33 Mr & Mrs Charles Atherton Clarke33 The Misses Clarke41 Mr & Mrs William Otis Delano47 Mr & Mrs Elmer E Given47 Mr & Mrs James A Jones55 Mr & Mrs James W French55 Mrs M F Baldwin65 Mr & Mrs Harry H Hubhard77 Mr & Mrs Samuel Pray77 Miss Dorothy Pray87 Mr & Mrs Francis C Donovan99 Miss Clara J Coburn99 Mr Edson J Gould113 Mr & Mrs Charles J Brown137 Mr & Mrs Henry Tollman145 Mr & Mrs John P Eustis145 Mr Warner EustisSum res "The Birches" EustisMaine159 Mrs George C Dunne159 Miss Pauline Dunne

54 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWASHINGTON STREET. — Continued.136142142172172184184Mr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr JamesMr & MrsMr & MrsHarold P FullerArthur HudsonJames A MorseAndrew E MacuenW MilnePatrick A Murray-Edwin C Clark169 THE HUNNEWBLLMrs T Jefferson KingMr & Mrs Charlies A ClaflinMr & iMrs Edgar O SchermerhornMr Horace SchermerhornMiss Helen SchermerhornMr & Mrs Frank Jay527527527Miss Louise BryantMiss Gertrude TewkstouryMiss Anne TewkshuryMiss Mary A WellingtoniMr & Mrs Harry H KeithMr William Jackson KeiithMiss Mary L SmallwoodMrs Aaron F EmeryMrs R B RobinsonMr & Mrs Lewis J CarneyMr & Mrs Joseph M BassettMrs Frances S FriendThe StoneMrs E J LockeMr & Mrs Walter R AndrewsMrs John W BradfordMiss Cecilia J BradfordMr & Mrs Edward O Loring337 Mr & Mrs Burt M Rich405 Mr & Mrs John Flood449 Dr & Mrs J E Dempsey457 THE MARIONMr & Mrs Henry W BatesMrs Frank B ThompsonMr & Mrs Marcellus B ChipmanMr & Mrs Newton M KimballMr Adam W CraigMr Herbert J GreenoughMiss Alice RollinsMiss Mable C BryentonMrs A L FrostMr James V RoyalMr Walter E HeganMiss Cecilia S SkeltonMiss Alice McGrathMr & Mrs Thomas W BartramMrs Sarah A BryantMiss Marion BryantWATERSTON ROAD203442Mr & Mrs George J Dunham(nee Elise Lawson)Mr & Mrs Shirley K KernsMr & Mrs Ever,ett E Kent21 Dr & Mrs Frank F Lamson(nee Lena Joisselyn)21 Mr Lewis H Josselyn45 Mr & Mrs Charles B GleasonREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCE363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.JOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

•NEWTON 55WAVERLEY AVENUE22 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Greer56 Mr & Mrs Elliston H Bell70 Miss Georgia H Emery78 Dr & Mrs Wm D Reid116 Mr Amos M Leonard116134148156206206206260278286286300310322322322330350350350390390390Mrs Emma I RiceMr & Mrs Nathan HeardMr & Mrs Charles GoodwinMr & Mrs Charles J DimanMr & Mrs Mylert Bruner(nee Mary E Mayell)Miss Charlotte BrunerMiss Anne BrunerMrs Frank Hopewell!Sum res Wolfeboro N HMr & Mrs John R SimpsonMr & Mrs Albert J DaigneauMrs Edmund A PooleMr & Mrs Walter H HolbrookMr & Mrs John K TaylorMr Isaac B SpaffordMliss Doris A SpaffordMiss Madeline E SpaffordMr & Mrs Charles P HutchinsMr & Mrs Wm J Tyler(nee Susan N Brown)Mr Roger B TylerMiss Edith M TylerMr & Mrs Herbert F Hatch(nee Grace E Loomis)Miss Elizabeth L HatchMiss Margaret T Hatch3 Mr & Mrs Charles Wells Hall3 Mr Roger Eastman Hall11 Mrs Harriett© W Robinson11 Mr Benjamin F Wood11 Mr Harold W Robinson21 Mrs Ada E Davidson23 Mrs Emily E Sharp23 Mr Walter Sharp27 Mr Lorenz Muther27 Mr & Mrs Frederick C W Bray27 Mr Walter P Muther31 'Mr & Mrs Edward J Burke45 Dr & Mrs Oliver Van Dyne45 Mliss Ruth Van Dyne127 Mr & Mrs James D Kinsley127 Mr & Mrs James D Kinsley127 Mr Alan D Kinsley137 Major & Mrs Henry D Cormerais137151155231245(nee Grace A Walker)Miss Marion A CormeraisMr & Mrs Frank E WingMr & Mrs Clifford H PrattMr & Mrs Atherton ClarkMr & Mrs Robert G Howard(nee Clara Sizer)L'59 Mr &Mrs Henry H LearnardSum res "Crow Point" HinghamMass273 Mr & Mrs Bertram Urban301 Mr & Mrs Frank B Hopewell(nee Helen Clarke)315 Mr & Mrs Henry C Hopewell(nee Hilda Prince)337 Mr & Mrs Freelan O Stanley363 Mr & Mrs Sydney Harwood419 Dr & Mrs Edward Melius419 Dr W C CanfieldWESLEY STREET30 Rev & Mrs C W Brashares 192731313539Mrs Margaret S FraserMiss Mary L SpeareMrs C W BradleyDr Herbert C SpencerMr & Mrs Clarence V MooreMrs E J EatenWILLARD6 Mr & Mrs Harry A Davis12 Mr & Mrs Daniel F Richardson18 Mr & Mrs Frederick E HarwoodSTREET5 Mr & Mrs Thomas F Temple11 Mr & Mrs Charles E Barba17 Miss Helen C Marshall

56 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNEWTONVILLEALBERMARLE ROAD430 Mr & Mrs Clifford B Whitney466 Miss Marion Green468 Mrs Elizabeth M Ryan472 Mr & Mrs Henry Urquhart474 Mr & Mrs John T Webster476 Mr & Mrs Anton A Wild478 Mr W J Kidder480 Arthur F Pierson305315325335353361367415417423435Mr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsTel WestMr & MrsMr & MrsBenn,ett J GlynnGeorge BoydA F CarverE L DifcmarsDon M LeonardJohn W DuffEdbert L TenneyRalph PriceClinton B FergusonNewton 1025-RiRalph Erich VolkmannRobert MawhinneyAUSTIN STREET12121616222834404242546060606266687680136136192204'204204Mrs Bessy L ClarkMrs Rebecca E ClarkMr & Mrs John S OlcottMrs S C MonnettMr & Mrs Franklin BanchorMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsThaddeus S GrantPaul Revere KnightF W LarrabeeThomas W HovendenMiss Lena F HovendenMrs Emery B FisherMr & Mrs James S BlackMiss Louise H BlackMiss Dorinda M BlackDr & Mrs W F Noyes M DMrMrMrMr&&&MrsMrsMrsA J ShineWalter SissonBoriss StollowMarcellus W ChaseMrs&Mr James A YoungMiss Alice M YoungSum res West South-port MeVacantMiss L M MetherallMrs E L ScottMr J Mansfield Scott11111115192127273141416363637575Miss Florence MillsMiiss Ella PringleMr Frank H WhiteVacantMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMiss RuthMr & MrsEverett S SwainCarl G M MillerHamlin W CalderS CalderJoseph ButlerMr J Clifton WhitneyMiss Flora W WhitneyMr Thomas L DriscollMiss Katherine DriscollMrs D DriscollMiss Josephine DanforthMiss Sylvia ChurchMr & Mrs Carl C DavisMr & Mrs Clinton W Kvle87119121 Mrs OscarN Kvle121 Miss Julia W Kyle195 Mr & Mrs Percival Clark209 Mr & Mrs Albert R Jenks*i1

NEWTONVILLE 578 Mr & Mrs George A Mahoney14 Mr & Mrs John C KentBACON ROADBEACH STREET2 Mr & Mrs William H Purdy2 Mr & Mrs Edwin F Quinlan8 Mr & Mrs Walter S Cunningham12 Mr & Mrs Samuel E Lawrence14 Mrs Mary Brison14 Miss Pearl M Brison16 Mr & Mrs Ralph N Millen7 Mr & Mrs Willie R Nason15 Mr & Mrs Charles J Bankhart15 Mr & Mrs George A Savage15 Mr & Mrs William A CormierBEAUMONT AVENUE36 Mr & Mrs Robert Chapman Jr66 Mr & Mrs L,ewis Lichtenhein90 Mr & Mrs Townsend H Cushman90 Miss Sussana Cushman96 Mr & Mrs George W Rechel102 Mr & Mrs James R Clark108 Mrs Thomas Stuart108 Miss Marguerite Stuart108 Miss Salcia Stuart108 Mi sis' Genevieve Stuart33 Mr & Mrs Herbert E Smith33 Mr Carl B Smith33 The Misses Smithi>< Mr & Mrs Vernon H Moss61 Mr & Mrs Robert H Jameson-67 Mr & Mrs Albert C Shelley93 Mr & Mrs Fred L Reed97 Mrs Willi E Tollers28 Mr & Mrs George A WheelerBEMIS STREET94 Mr & Mrs Elmer C Gross94 Mr Donald I GrossBERKSHIRE ROADBIRCH HILL ROAD8 Mr & Mrs H Howard Willcox8 Miss Edith Howard Willcox20 Vacant30 Mr & Mrs Kenneth H Holbrook36 Mr & Mrs Hubert G RipleyH. W. ROBART*PhoneNewton North 1709-R.5 Mr & Mrs George W Roope-11 Mr & Mrs Wm M Burr11 Mrs E J Fisher19 Mr Frank B Stevens, Ji*19 Col & Mrs Frank B Stevens19 Mr & Mrs L D Moore33 Mr & Mrs Harry M BrownANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired andRefinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

5SNEWTON BLUE BOOKBLITHEDALE STREET15 Miss Dmma M Sibley15 Miss Lenora SibleyBOWERS STREET10 Mr & Mrs Frank N Hurt22 Mr & Mrs Frank W Giles30 Mr & Mrs James Dempsey30 Mrs George M Callanan30 Mr & Mrs L T Davis38 Mr & Mrs G Willis Hanson50 Mr & Mrs Harry L Knox-56 Mrs Lavinia E Smyth7 Mrs Viola C Perry7 Miss Ethel N Perry7 Miss Grace L Perry11 Mr & Mrs H E Dupuy17 Mr & Mrs George A Taylor23 Mr & Mrs Clark D Abbott25 Mr & Mrs John F Wrafton25 Miss Eth,el Wrafton25 Mr & Mrs George W Taylor31 Miss Grace E Walker31 Mr Wm Manning35 Mr Wm H Sylvester35 Mr & Mrs Herbert F Sylvester35 Miss Florence M B Sylvester39 Mr & Mrs Thomas Y Morrison39 Mr & Mrs Carl B Stahl43 Mrs Isabelle Cole49 Mr & Mrs Parker F Scofi,eld53 Mr & Mrs Hurbert C Soulis59 Mr & Mrs Corliss W Goff59 Miss Gertrude Goff65 Mr William A Munn65 Mr Stuart R Munn67 Mr & Mrs Ralph H SpauldingBROADWAY16 Mr & Mrs Thomas Matthews16 The Misses Matthews16 Mr Thomas L Matthews Jr22 Mr John J Cranitch22 Mr Robert F Cranitch22 Miss Catherine Cranitch22 Miss Mary Donovan26 Mr & Mrs Charles H Brewer26 Mr Clifford Harrison Brewer26 Mr Frederick Henry Brewer30 Mr & Mrs John T Lancaster62 Mr & Mrs Charles J McCarthy11 Dr Francis J Gillagan11 Miss Margaret L Connor11 Miss Mary A Connor15 Mr & Mrs William J Doherty15 William J Doherty Jr15 Miss Helen J Doherty23 Mr & Mrs H A O'Grady23 Miss Delia L McEnaney61 Mr & Mrs R E WelchIIREAL ESTATECENTRELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST.. NEWTONVILLE238Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

NEWTONVILLE 59BROADWAY TERRACE6 Mr & Mrs N C SwanBROOKS AVENUE30 Mr & Mrs John P McMahon40 Mr & Mrs (Robert MacGregor50 Mr & Mrs William A Dell50 Miss Alice Ramsdell54 Mr & Mrs W E Dearbornb. Mr & Mrs Edward J Cox68 Mr & Mrs Boyd Hayden27 Mr & Mrs Guy C Packard27 Miss Elizabeth D Fitzgerald41 Mr & Mrs Charles (H Pollack51 Mr & Mrs William E Leonard55 Mr & Mrs Smith67 Mrs Willard S HigginsBROOKSIDE AVENUE28 Mr & Mrs Edward H Bell28 Mr Edward Bell Jr28 Miss Ethel H Bell28 Mr Willis M B Bel]34 Mr & Mrs Pennell N Aborn40 Mr & Mrs Henry H Kimball46 Mr & Mrs J Ellis Gammons46 Mrs Thirza E Gammons46 Miss Ethel T E Gammons52 Rev & Mrs John Goddard60 Mrs Thomas EmersonSum res No Conway N H60 Mr & Mrs Herbert S Riley68 Mr & Mrs H A Burnham68 Miss Julia Currier74 Rev & Mrs William E Strong74 Miss Helen Webster Strong74 Mr & Mrs Albert V Wendell74 Mr Borland Williams49 Mr & Mrs C Haviland Morse55 Mr & Mrs Frederick A Cole55 Mrs S Elizabeth Lewis59 Mr & Mrs Roland F Gammons59 Miss Ada J Axtell67 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Corey75 Mrs S Gay Greenwood75 Misis Olive Seward77 Mr & Mrs Stewart M Hfill77 Mrs Arthur T Hill83 Mr & Mrs Joseph T McCarthy83 Mr & Mrs Harry K Good.85 Mr & Mrs Earl Pierce2dBULLOUGH PARK28 Mr & Mrs George TaylorCABOT STREET278 Mr & Mrs Willard C Bodge278 Mr & Mrs Kenneth B Hastings286 Mr Dennis P O'Sullivan286300300Miss Nora A O'SullivanMrs John WarrenMrs Herbert L Slade*'

60 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCABOT STREET.Continued.3003083086 >18318318318328336340346346346346352364'364364372o65365369369375375Miss Esther FullerMr & Mrs Warren M TapleyMr Warren L TapleyMrs M F HartshorneMr Charles L HartshorneMiss Elizabeth F HartshorneMr & Mrs Clayton O D.eweyMr & Mrs Douglass SloanMrs George E GloverMr & Mrs James A StaffordMrs Persis A CottonMiss Mary M WoodMiiss May CottonMr Thomas W CottonMr & Mrs William W PalmerDr & Mrs John J CoxeterDr John S CoxeterMiss 'Mary C CoxeterMr William QuinbyMr & ,Mrs Irving L KampMr & Mrs H BankerMr & Mrs Cheney L HatchMr & Mrs Walter Chester JarvisMr William Lodge-Mr & Mrs W Clarence Lodge279293297303305305307307307307307307: 19319319319321321327331337341343o47347347395359MrMrMrMrMrMrMrMrMissMiss••MissMiss& Mrs William Murphy& ,Mrs William A Lamkin& Mrs ADbert Richards& Mrs Christian Schultz& Mrs S A Dickinson& Mrs David Scoville& Mrs Rupert E Hall& ,Mrs William L JudkinsNellie E RobinsonF A PorterGrac,e D AekinS Alice TupperMr James W FennoMiss Martha P FennoMiss Nellie M GreenidgeMr & Mrs William S OsborneMr Herbert H SumnersMiss Emily MittellMr & Mrs Harry R RogersMr & Mrs CrosbyMr & Mrs Peter J D KuntzMr & Mrs Charles E LutherMr & Mrs Morgan H StaffordMr & Mrs Reuben H KimballMiss Mary B KimballMr H (Stanley KimballMr & Mrs Wilbur N SheltonMr and Mrs Harry B GreenCALIFORNIA STREET524 Mr & Mrs James S Farquhar524 Mrs Annie Grant524 Mr & Mrs Nelson Currie538 Mr & Mrs John C MoenchTel Newton North 3912-W542 Mr & Mrs George N MerrittSum res Sandwich MassTel 847-W Newton North548 Mr & Mrs M Alphonsus Desmond558 Mr & Mrs Clinton W Tylee562 Mr & Mrs Ray G Huling580 Mrs Aimel E A Gilbert580 Mr William A Gilbert600 Mr & Mrs Kenneth J MerrillTel Newton North 1878606 Mr & Mrs F B Alexander614 Mr & Mrs George H Maynard525 Mr & Mrs Robert A Dobyns529 Mr & Mrs C L Moulton537 Mr S T Farrell537 Mr F L Farrell541 Dr & Mrs Walter E Wade557 Mr and Mrs Frederick J Driscoll561 Mr & Mrs J M Allen569 Mr & Mrs David Smith575 Mr & Mrs Frederick W Harding589 Mr & Mrs M Sinclair Williams589 Mr Bradford D Williams603 Mr & Mrs Alfred M Russell613 Mr & Mrs James H PatonL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

NEWTONVILLE 61CENTRAL AVENUE8 Mr & Mrs D P Jewett8 Mrs Edward A Walton24' Mr & Mrs Carl G Cutler36 Mr & Mrs John F Lothrop46 Mr W H Lothrop56 The Misses Allen80 Mr & Mrs Royal T Lapham84 Mr & Mrs J F Dunleavy88 Mr & Mrs Christopher F Whitney399111717314143434747535353777777798393101105105107107Mr & Mrs Leon BellamyMr & Mrs W S EllisMr & Mrs Gilbert H GleasonMr & Mrs Louis R RootMiss Clara L ConantMr Arthur S ConantMrs Oren F ClarkMr & Mr® Benjamin HallMiss Jennie QuinnMiss Jennie J ChisholmMr Edward SteacieMrs Linda D ThayerMrs^annie E ThompsonMiss Lena M HallMiss Harriet E ClementMr & Mrs Joseph L CaverlyMiss Mona CaverlyMr Reginald CaverlyMr & Mrs Albert J JonesMrs Augustus J HineMr & Mrs Fred CareyMr & Mrs Edward P O'HalloranMr & Mrs Abbot BassettMiss Marion Drew BassettMr William E FullerMr & Mrs A S FullerCHESLEY AVENUE12 Mr & Mrs C W MaeCaul16 Mr & Mrs Ephraim W Higgins9 Mr & Mrs George R Tower13 Mr & Mrs George H HeathCHURCHILL STREET20 Mr & Mrs Joseph F Rogers20 Mr & Mrs David J B Duane30 Mr & Mrs Frank L Sargent30 Mr & Mrs Stanley B Arend30 Mr & Mrs F H Grant38 Mr & Mrs Augustus Thurgood44 Mrs Barbara Dow140' Mr & Mrs George A Keil142 Mr & Mrs Charles E Allen152 Mr & Mrs Alois W Krause3 Mi & Mrs Charles E Hodges25 Mr & Mrs W F Perry29 Mr & Mrs Mervin S Giles33 Mr & Mrs William E Halliday39 Mr & Mrs Charles V Carter43 Mr & Mrs Herbert H Cook47 Prof & Mrs Gorham W Harris47 Mrs Mary E Dyer53 Mr & Mrs John L Sibley61 Mr & Mrs Frank M Morton61 The Misses Morton131 Mr & Mrs Clifford Steacie

62 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCHURCHILL TERRACE14 Mr & Mrs Harold W Morrill16 Mrs Lama C Hunt15 Mr & Mrs Sheldon E 'Root17 Mr & Mrs John A Chas£CLAFLIN PLACE14' Mrs E E West14 Miss Lillian West14 Miss Alexina Burgess"14 Miss Mary G Owens18 Mrs E 0 Gilman18 Miss C R Giltaan"18 Mr & Mrs Elmer Keene:22 Mr & Mrs Alfred Newton Miner Jr:22 Miss Fannie L Stowell999111517Miiss Florence LewisMr Frederick L SteeleMiss Harriette SteeleMr & Mrs Curtis AhbottDr & Mrs G H TalbotMrs C A RichardsonCLOELIA TERRACE:20 Mr & Mrs Kenneth McG Martin 19 Mr & Mrs William E. JerauldCLYDE STREET10 Mr & Mrs Charles H Simons10 Mr Fred A Simons10 Mr John H Simons14 Mr & Mrs Benjamin M Golding14 Mr Stephen Golding20 Mr & Mrs Joseph W Webber28 Mr & Mrs Leo E Bova34 Mr & Mrs William S Trowbridge34 Mrs Belden C Trowbridge40 Mr & Mrs James A Beebe46 Vacant52 Mr & Mrs John E Frost52 Miss Hattie Frost60 Mr & Mrs James A Mitchell66 Mr & Mrs William N G Clark313743494967Mr & Mrs Walter D RichardsonMr & Mrs Newell H TraskMr & Mrs Wm C AdamsMrs Charles W RolfeMiss Mary L RolfeMr & Mrs James Mace AndressNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.

NEWTONV^XE , 63'COURT STREET4650545862769898Mrs George W WashburnMr & Mrs Nathaniel S BlackMr Mrs Thomas M Waters&Mr Mrs Martin Murphy&Mr Mrs F H Heislin&Mr Mrs Michael A Crowley&Miss Nellie B TurnerMrs L E McCertney120 Mr & Mrs Frederick C Sanborn53 Mr &67 • Mr &67 Mr &69 Mr &69 Mr &77 Mr &83 Mr &91 Mr &95 Mr97 Mr97103103103103103inMrs William O HarringtonMrs Arthur T PurdyMrs Harvey W PurdyMrs Frank StevensMrs Wiffied PhilbieMrs John W BlakeneyMrs Fred S CottonMrs Walter F BartlettWm J MacDonald& Mrs George H GibsonMiss Edith F McDonaldMr & Mrs Llewellyn E HustonMr & Mrs Benjamin BennettMr & Mrs Lewis McKielMis© Gladys ReynoldsMrs Minnie ReynoldsMr & Mrs John J HartCRAFTS STREET124146146152324346346321343345345351363363363Mi-MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs& MrsElbert& Mrs& MrsCharles H BerryOtto A BackmanE BackmanA W KrauseMisha L AveryCharles F AveryMiss F Gladys AveryTel Newton North 102Mr & Mrs Harold D ShermanMr & Mrs LaForest BensonMiss Ethel M PopeMr T E PopeMr & Mrs Philip M ClarkMr & Mrs Martin J HickeyMiss Mary E HickeyMr James B HickeyTel Newton North 2272-M131141147147173179205211217221221221L'49249251253271271285297297297309Mr & Mrs Elmer H KingMr & Mrs Warren S ColegroveTel Newton North 1942-JiSum res North Falmouth MassMr & Mrs J Edgar BartlettMrs M B Rim bachMr & Mrs Frances G IngrahamMr Mrs Albert B Allison&Mr Mrs Noah T Thomas&Mi- Mrs Haywood S French&Mr Mrs Thomas Stewart&Mr Joseph B RobsonMiss Gertrude E RobsonMiss Bertha V RobsonMr & Mrs Charles F AlexanderMrMrMr&&&MrsMrsMrsRobert E BruceJ C AtkinsonRanisford H GriffinJohn R PrescottMr Mrs&The Misses PrescottMr & Mrs George W GrebensteinMr & Mrs Winfield C WestMr W Malcolm WestMiss Beatrice E WestMr & Mrs E P HendrickH. W, ROBARTPAINTING ANDDECORATINGPhoneNewton North 1709-R.The Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

114 NEW TON BLUE BOOKDALE STREET24 Mr & Mrs William G Russell.6 Mr & Mrs Herbert A Coan15 Mrs Julia M Butler15 The Butler23 Mrs William Rice23 Mrs /R D MorehouseDEXTERROAD1220363696Mr & Mrs Edwin P CraweMr & Mrs Charles Albert CottonMr & Mrs Nelson B VanderhoofMrs James W O'BrienMr & Mrs Lincoln RighterEDINBORO PLACE14 Dr & Mrs William T White14 Mrs Lydia MacKenzi,e11 Mr & Mrs Benjamin D Miller13 Mr & Mrs Frank LeB AurelioELM ROAD54 Mr & Mrs Andrew J McGlinchie 15 Mr & Mrs George I WhiteheadMr & Mrs John H ReursMr & Mrs Arnold L HaysMr & Mrs Charles M HowellMr & Mrs Walter A CorsonMr & Mrs John Burnstill3941576373ELMWOOD PARK19 Mr & Mrs Harry L BarkerFAIR OAKS AVENUE4 Mr & Mrs G B Woodcock6 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Conant16 Mr & Mrs Joseph Ernest Gibson22 Mr & Mrs Harold C Bond22 Miss Annie MacDonald36 Mr & Mrs Hermann C Lythgoe36 Mr Albert H Lythgoe40 Mr & Mrs William Hanna90 Mr & Mrs H S Bloomfield96 Mr & Mrs J A Paton100 Mr & Mrs Andrew P Foss3 Mr & Mrs Alexander Fraser9 Mr & Mrs Edwin T Campbell9 Mrs Ethel Miller15 Mr & Mrs Frank Spencer Arend23 Mr & Mrs Frederick F Williams29 Mr & Mrs Ernest R Wing35 Mr & Mrs C Balcom77 Mr & Mrs T Lyman Howe77 Mr Bradford L Howe77 Mr Chester Howe87 Mr & Mrs Fred C Alexander95 Mr & Mrs Richard C AshendenL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

NEWTONVILLE 6522 Mr & Mrs John B HebberdiSum res Hatherly TutoringSchool North Scituate BjeachMassRes Tel 1826-J Newton NorthFLORENCE COURTFOSTER STREET142020303434344040Mr & Mrs J Fred Currier 17Mr Veranus Wentworth 21Mr & Mrs Clarence WentworthMr & Mrs George Whitefield Taylor 21Mr & Mrs H E DuncanMiss Carolyn L DuncanMiss Katharine F DuncanRev & Mrs Mcllyar H LichliterTel Newton North 0701Mr James T LarimoreMr & Mrs James W AllenMr & Mrs Calvert CraryTel Newton North 350Miss Ruth Crary12 Miss Sarah F Dornery12 Miss Margaret E Dornery12 Miss Nellie A Dorn.eryFREDERICK STREETGAY STREET4444182020Mr & Mrs Charles C BrownMr Charles T BradyMiss Gertrude A BradyMr & Mrs Joseph HewsMr Thomas A BradyMr & Mrs Henry R GardnerMiss May B Goodwin9373737414141434343Mr & Mrs Edward S GilmoreMr & Mrs B Kendall WatsonMr & Mrs Wallace B BakerMr Lewis H BakerMiss Mary HopkinsMiss Josephine HopkinsMiss Haz,el WilliamsonMr & Mrs Charles E LewisMr Ervin H LewisMiss Helen B Lewis/HARVARDSTREET/61616404044Mr & Mrs Olin F ChellisMr & Mrs Charles S FarquharMrs Sarah C BrownMr & Mrs William A RauschMr & Mrs Porter W DoreMr & Mrs S A Fritz Ely3 Dr & Mrs S Charles McLaughlin(Osteopath)Treatment by appointmentTel 125 Newton North3 Dr Elsie V McLaughlin3 Miss Kathryn L McLaughlinH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

6GNEWTON BLUE BOOKHARVARD STREET.Continued.4448484850505860626466687474 ,7682S8889496969698Mr & Mrs Fred E MannMr & Mrs Edward O WoodwardMrs W H TuckerMiss Ethelyn TuckerMr & Mrs William M TuttleMrs J M ThomasMr & Mrs Roger BlaneyMrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&•MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrs"Victor HurdellEdward Criss.eyJoseph CryanJohn H WalshW Joseph CarterEmery St GeorgeCharles Henry KidderTheodore O BjormsonLindsay HooperMr &Mr &Mr &Miss Eliza P HuntingtonMrs Clara A PerryMr & Mrs Frank WryeMrMrMrMr& Mrs Peter W RyanCharles J RyanThomas L Ryan& Mrs James E Moran63 Mr & Mrs George G West63 Mr George W King63 Mr & Mrs Claude T Blackey67 Mr & Mrs W A Snedeker101 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Drew101101101105105109109135137137139145163165Mr Harry R WiiliacmsMrs Mary E WalesMrs Hel,en W FarrellMr & Mrs T M TraynorMrMrMrMr&&&&Mrs Howard W NivenMrs Richard E BradleyMrs Charles P SlocumMrs Jefferson D LevineMrs F Clark AtwoodMr &Mrs E Bonnar AtwoodMr & Mrs G A KirleyMr & Mrs Benjamin K BrownMr & Mrs Harold F HencheyMr & Mrs Barrett F Dodge:100104106112116138140144146146148150Mr &Mr &MrMr•MrMrMr&&&&&Mrs Charles P PrattMrs Patrick QuinnMrs William B McCruddenMrs Louis BelcherMrsMrsMrsFred A O'SullivanMaurice W SolomansonMathew T GlynnDavid H BrownMr Mrs&Miss Helen G PearsonMiss Jane E WilliamsMr & Mrs W Hector S KollmyerMr & Mrs C R Miller152154158164Mr & Mrs H J GammonsMr & Mrs James W LeachMr & Mrs Curtis DelanoMr & Mrs Harry A BonnelliGIBSONROADs7 Mr & Mrs Fred H Daniels11 Mr & Mrs Samuel May Farnum17 Mr & Mrs William G Starkweather17 Miss Elisabeth L Starkweather17 Mr John Burr StarkweatherNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.


XKWTON IJLUB BOOKGOV. JOHN A. ANDREWHOME92 Washington ParkNEWTONVILLE,MASS.A HomeVeterans ofestablished forthe Civil Warand their Wives and Widows.Dependent largely for itssupport on the donations received.Bequests and contributions earnestly solicited.Visitors welcomeat all times.MR1S. LUE STUAiRT WADSWORTH, PresidentWILFRED A. WETHERBEE, Trea92 Washington Park.Room 123 State House, Boston, and 19 Orchard St., Newton.Matron: MRS. MARY E. HICKS. BRASCOFLORISTGarden Landscape Work.Green House77 WALNUT STREET,Newtonville,Mass.TEL. OON.THE HATHERLY SUMMER SCHOOLNORTH SCITUATE BEACH, MASS.Prepares for College Entrance Examinations and "make-up" work.Resident and Day PupilsCombines Study, Recreation, and Personal CareGolf.Bathing, Tennis,Address JOHN B. HEBBERD, (Director)22 Florence Court, Newtonville, Mass.The DeWitt Clinton cnoo(210 NEWBURY STREET, BOSTON).Preparation for College.JOHN B. HEBBERD (A. M.), Director.

EWTONVILLE6TGROVE HILL AVENUE30 Mr & Mrs E Donald Rofob44 Mr & Mrs Lothian I Van Buskirk27434343515767•MrMrMrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Pitt F Drew& Mrs Charles David KepnerCharles D Kepner JrL Obase Kepner& Mrs Willard T Libby& Mrs H Philip Patey& Mrs Lewis B KentGROVE HILL PARK50505454MrMrMrMr& Mrs A Clayton BarkerW E Barker& Mrs Adolf LederhasWilliam Schmidt15 Mr27 Mr39 Mr49 Mr49 Mr& Mrs Howard G Reynolds.& Mrs Neal R O'Hara& Mrs Allison L Newton.& Mrs Robert B HunterR Wallace HunterHIGHLAND AVENUE30 Mr & Mrs Irving O Palmer30 Miss Marjorie C Palmer30 Miss Jenni.e F Strout50 Mrs Alfred E Wyman58 Mrs Donald MacDonald58 The Misses MacDonald58 Miss Clara Owen58 Miss Frances Owen58 Mr Charles Bigelow58 Mrs D Hopkins74 Mrs Horatio B Hackett74 Mr Howard Hackett74 Miss Bertha Hack,ett74 Miss Sarah B HackettSO Mr & Mrs Leonard G Roberts90 Mrs William P Upham104 Mr & Mrs Albert P Carter104 Miss Elizabeth C Carter104 Miss Martha A Carter148 Mr & Mrs Charles Gardner148 Mr Darwin E Gardner148 Miss Edith B Gardner148 Mr Charles S Gardner164 Dr & Mrs Frank L .'Richardson186 Hon & Mrs Marcus Morton186 Miss Heljen Morton186 •Capt Marcus Morton Jr9 Dr & Mrs Allen R Barrows25-31 Highland Villa (Arthur I Brownp r o p)Mr & Mrs Arthur I BrownMr Ro'bert Arthur BrownMrs Eustace LaneMrs Lillian WymanMr R E FrancisMr & Mrs BartlettMr HalesMiss Louise EstabrookMrs Grace T BrownMr & Mrs W F KimballMiss KimballMr Benton SillowayMr Edward H LittleMr & Mrs Henry A Norton:Mr McCarthyMr George TofoinMr & Mrs T A Estabrook35 Mr & Mrs Charles A Chase35 Miss Dorothy A Chas.e35 Mr Hayden W Chase43 Mr & Mrs James C IrwinTel Newton North 2713-W'43 Mr Robert M Irwin43 Mr John M Irwin

68 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHIGHLAND AVENUE.Continued.43556363697777101109109109119147161171Mrs W A CheyneyMr & Mrs A FriedmanMr & Mrs George E EamesMiss Dorothy E EamesMr & Mrs Roy V CollinsMr & Mrs S D HaydenMr Stuart D HaydenMr & Mrs J Everett HicksMr William Cummings RichardsonMrs Alimeta WebsterMiss Frances WebsterMr & Mrs E H JudkinsMr & Mrs Donald E RustMr & Mrs Henry H CarterMr & Mrs G B H Macomber171171185185185185185185185201211211211215Mr G B H Macomber JrMr Charles C MacomberMr & Mrs Edwin E WakefieldMiss Elizabeth O WakefieldMissMissMissMissMary Louise WakefieldAlice H WakefieldKatherine WakefieldElla StilesMarie StilesMissMr & Mrs Allan W CookeMr & Mrs William F KeeslerMr & Mrs William F Keesler JrMrs Elizabeth E EarleMr & Mrs Nathan E Covel60 Mr & Mrs Rupert C Thompson70 Mr & Mrs Christopher I Flye70 Miss Pauline A Flye70 Mr William H Flye78 Mr & Mrs Natt W Emerson90 Mr & Mrs Ellison G Day90 Mr Ellison G Day Jr.90 Miss Miriam HopeHULL STREETJENISONSTREET•4881218Mr & Mrs Arthur O WellmanMr & Mrs Elmer G SimonsMrs Herbert E FisherMr & Mrs William H ZollerMr & Mrs Henry H WellingtonTel Newton North 2496-R51117192127MrMrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Edgar Burkhardt& Mrs Kenelm Winslow& Mrs John M Powell& Mrs Henry K Doane&Mrs Alfred O Doane& Mrs Albert D AuryansenJUDKINS STREET42 Mr & Mrs Walter H Burke44 Mr & Mrs Albert E Ewing52 Mr & Mrs Donald O Cornish58 Mrs Isabel W Barlow58 Miss Ethel Hall60 Mr & Mrs J F Hall31 Mr Frank W Chase31 Miss Heloise Chase37 Mr Nelson H Tucker37 Miss Agnes Tucker37 Miss Mildred Tucker43 Mr & Mrs George W Auryansen43 Mr W Harrington Sears49 Mrs Wisner Martin t49 Miss Dorothy Martin49 Mr Ro'bert Martin55 Mr & Mrs Herbert R Gibbs59 Mr & Mrs A W Churchi

NEWTONVILLE 69KIMBALL TERRACE121220202626323636Mr & Mrs George H RobinsonMiss Dorris P RobinsonMr & Mrs William L VosburghMr & Mrs H Clyde BaldwinMrs George O MelzardThe Misses MelzardMr & Mrs John MorganMr & Mrs Henry B PhillipsMiss Ann Sweet11 Mr & Mrs William A Donahuje15 Mr & Mrs Wilfred G Paine15 Mrs F M Paine21 Mr Joseph L Jellerson21 Miss Emily F Bradbury25 Mrs Hannah B SandersKIRKSTALL ROAD22 Mr & .Airs C Foster Coombs22 Miss Phillis Coombs66 Mr & Mrs George F Schraff82 Rev & Mrs D Brewer EddyTel Newton North 65Sum Chapoquoit West FalmouthMass98 Mrs Eugene Rust98 Mr & Mrs Frederick W Rust114 Mr & Mrs H Newton Marshall25 Mr & Mrs Edward W Davis47 Mr & Mrs James L RichardsSum res West Falmouth Mass47 Mrs Emily M Towne47 Miss Marjorie Miller61 Mr & Mrs Eugene C Andres77 Mr & Mrs Frank Wendell Pray77 Miss Helen Wadham83 Mr & Mrs Frank L Nagle99 Mr & Mrs William Hermon Allen99 Mr Ernest Booth111 Mr & Mrs John B Hunter111 Mr Guy F Hunter111 Dr & Mrs H A ChamberlainLINWOODAVENUE258264270270270282300 Mr306'Mr398 MrMr & Mrs William D HendersonMr & Mrs M H BrownMr & Mrs Harrv Adams HarwoodMr Sumner HarwoodMiss Lois Baxter HarwoodMr & Mrs Alexander J Doyle& Mrs Kirby S Ducayet& Mrs Mark D Emerson& Mrs John F Gustafson221227279397397Mr & Mrs Raymond E KittredgeMr & Mrs Thomas C HutchesonMr & Mrs Horace M WaltonMr & Mrs Herman A PohlmanMr & Mrs Louis A Stopp398398Mrs George B TrueMr & Mrs Walter T BryantLOTHROP STREET28 Mr & Mrs Wilbur E Trussell2a Miss Elizabeth Trussell50 Mr & Mrs Stephen M Morrell55 Mr & Mrs Arthur G Wellman55 Miss Emma Troth

70 NEWTON BLUE BOOKLOWELL AVENUE2666101014202626363846464682114114114118118122128128342154154162192192194198220222256258264270270304304310314466492492492492Mr & Mrs Otis H AdamsMr John E BernhardThe Misses BernhardMiss Alice R GallagherMrs William H EavesMiss Dorothy EavesMr & Mrs Louis B ViningMr & Mrs Arthur G ReedMr & Mrs Theodore C NickersonMiss Frances L NickersonMiss Theresa V PowerMiss Hattie E AboottMrs N Sekvin SmithMiss M Clara SmithMiss Florence B SmithMr & Mrs Russell C GibbsHewton North 2495-WMr Charles P DavisMrs James BellMiss Norene ParkhurstMrs Lawrence 1 F NormanMr Howard NormanMr & Mrs Henry J BarringerMr & Mrs 'Charles B SomersMrs E L GroutMr & Mrs Charles A WashburnMr & Mrs John W ByersMr Joseph ByersMr & Mrs David BarryMrs Anni,e AllinghamMr & Mrs Charles J A WilsonMrMrMrMrMrMrMrMrMrs Fenton N Turner&Mrs Walter H Marsh&Mrs Arthur D QuimbyMrs Oscar Kartell&Mrs Erwin P Wilcox&Mrs William B B Childs&Mrs George H Tracy&& Mrs Sidney S ColburnMiss Miriam ColburnMr & Mrs Harold A LyonMrs Mary B LyonMrs Charles S KimballMr & Mrs Alden (SweetserMr& Mrs William H Bixby& Mrs Arthur W PairweatherMrMr Edwin W FairweatherMr Arthur F FairweatherMr Franklin H Fairweather59 Mr & Mrs John A Reardon59 Miss Hannah A Reardon69 Mr & Mrs E C Chipman75 Mr & Mrs Charles H Mergendahl75 Mrs Isadora P Brockway79 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Cram83 Mr & Mrs Charles N Sladen83 Miss Marie F Sladen89 Mrs William B Denison97 Mr & Mrs John W L Cram107 Mrs John Q Adams107 Miss Helen G Adams107 Miss Alver S Adams109 Mrs David B Needham119 Mr & Mrs John L McK,eon119 Miss Marion McKeon125 Mr & Mrs Frederic H Leland125 Mr Albert F Leland133 Mr & Mrs Willard E Higgins137 Mrs Warren S Dame137 Mr & Mrs Charles B Janes147 Mr Braddock L Gifford147 Mrs George F Elliot147 The Misses Elliot157 Mr James B Taylor157 Miss H M Taylor161 Mrs R A Irwin161 Mrs G E Chipman167 Mr & Mrs Harry E Carson167 Mr & Mrs E H Delesdernier171 Mr George A Strout171 Miss Gertrude A Strout195 Mr & Mrs Harrison P Page199 Mr & Mrs James P Smith203 Mr & Mrs Joseph R Beatty203 Mr Joseph J Beatty311 Rev & Mrs Richard T LoringSum res Duxbury MassREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.238Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONV1LLB

NEWTONVILLE 71121422222224283032344042767678808080SO8082828282829496Mi-MrMADISONMrs Frederick LeedsMr & Mrs Holmer K WheelerMr & Mrs George D McPhersonRev & Mrs William White LeeteMr Joel L LeeteMr & Mrs John H ThomasMisses ByrsonMr & Mrs F G L HendersonDr & Mrs Harold W Shedd& Mrs George T Barry& Mrs Walter B Lockett& Mrs Lewis DennettDrMrs Anna S WetherbeeMiss Louise WetherbeeMr & Mrs Frank G WillsonMr Dwight G HerseyMr & Mrs Aaron M JonesMiss Effle HigginsMissMissMissMissQalesfca RayMabel C BraggMargaret McGillSarah E TracvWoodMissMr C P EdwardsMiss WeeksMr & Mrs Th,eodore M ReedMr & Mrs Frederick GouldAVENUE6767676971737583838589939397Mrs Alden E BartlettMiss Adeline M BartlettMiss Marie BartlettMr & Mrs Charles S DoleMr & Mrs George H HastingsDr & Mrs Harold O HuntMr & Mrs A H ParkMr & Mrs W H MarstonMiss Maibel MarstonMr & Mrs Sidn.ey L SholleyMr Mrs Frederick L Edmands&Mi- Mrs Warren W Oliver&Mr Mrs Charles W French&Mr Mrs Joseph Atwood&Mr Mrs A P Martin&101 Mr & Mrs John Gilligan]03 Mr & Mrs Howard G Tuttle103 Mrs W E SpragueMILL STREET200 Mrs George Batson206 Mr & Mrs Norman Bankhart212 Mr & Mrs Clarence G McDovitt212 Mr Clarence G McDovitt Jr218 Mr & Mrs Robert S Lunt228 Mr & Mrs Paul C Harnisch258 Mr & Mrs Horace W Orr258 Mr Frank N S Thomson258 Mr Peter R Cunningham264 Mr & Mrs L F Kornfeld270 Mr & Mrs Lewis E Moore .Tel Newton North 1105-W270 Mr L Samuel Moore270 Miss Ethel M Harns276 Mr & Mrs J Frederick McMillan276 Mr & Mrs William H McLeod288 Mr & Mrs Edward A Wilkie169169175175183191195205205205205215231231231Mr & Mrs A Harry HutchisonMrs Richard HutchisonMr & Mrs Russell B SpearMiss Grace KelleyMr & Mrs Guy F BauerMr & Mrs Raymond D HuntingMr & Mrs Thomas Angus TerryMrMrMr& Mrs John T BurnsThomas H BurnsCarl BurnsMiss Gladys BurnsMr & Mrs George H BrownReceiving day WednesdaySum res Eguuqeut MeMr Everett ShawMiss Madeline ShawMiss Annie E Chisholm

72 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMILL STREET.Continued.237 Mr F Lincoln Pierce251 Miss Barbara Ziegl.er251 Mr & Mrs Percy R Ziegler255 Dr & Mrs L M S Miner271 Mr & Mrs Ernest J Bartlett271 Miss Margaret R Bartlett271 Mrs M L Mear o275 Mrs Edward P Hatch275 The Hatch275 Miss Annie, A Jackson289 Mrs Henry A Wheeler289 Mr & Mrs Roger WheelerMOUNT VERNONSTREET140156162162168168174174Mr & Mrs Willard VaughnMr & Mrs George W AbbottMr & Mrs Fred M BlanchardMrs Annie L SmithMr & ,Mrs William Henry LaMondMr & Mrs Charles E DeWolfMr & Mrs Edward C JohnsonMiss Ruth H Johnson117 Mr & Mrs Elmer W Littlefield139 Mr & Mrs Luther B Woodward139 Mr Edmund Woodward139 Mrs Elizabeth Bryant151 Mr & Mrs Wm H Whitcomb3 51 Mr & Mrs Darrel F Wilkins169 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Munroe169 Mr George O Dover169 Mr Guy M Munroe175 Rev & Mrs E M L Gould«MOUNT VERNONTERRACE8 Mr & Mrs William R McCann 7915152121MrDrMrMi-MrMr& Mrs Harlan H Ballard Jr& Mrs Robert Whitehill& Mrs A T NicholsClarence D Fisher& Mrs Willet Miner ClarkRichard H ClarkNEWTONVILLEAVENUE338o38338366366366370376376384390Mrs Charles F WestMiss Eleanor WestMr Charles WestMr & Mrs Samuel N HoagMr J Willard HoagMiss Annette E HoagMr & Mrs Arthur F JonesMr & Mrs Stuart PeirceMr H KidgerMr Alonzo P CurtisMr & Mrs George L CurtisMrs Edward D Van Tassel341341345355355367371371371375375893Mr

NEWTONVILLE 73NEWTONVILLE AVENUE.Continued.390390400402410410416424424440448Miss Elizabeth Van TasselMr Raymond S Van TasselMr & Mrs Frank M Grant_Mr & Mrs Harry C SchofieldMr & Mrs Christian F BeckerMiss Helen DouglasMr & Mrs Robert C BridghamDr & Mrs William O HuntMr William O Hunt JrSum res N FalmouthRev & Mrs R RossMrs John F Banchor393399409411417417425427447Mrs Augustas K,emmettPrivate HospitalMarion S Fuller R NMr & Mrs Liverus H HoweMr & Mrs John T Burns JrMr & Mrs Winfleld Soott Smyth.Miss Beatrice SmythVacantDr & Mrs Fred S Hopkins'Mr & Mrs James S M Holley'Sum res Portland MeNEVADA STREET185 Mr & Mrs S V ClaggettOAKWOOD ROAD42 Mr & Mrs Henry W Merrill48 Mr & Mrs Monroe C Rand54 Mr & Mrs Francis J Flagg60 Mr & Mrs Charles B HarringtonMr & Mrs Leon HansenMiss Dorothy B Eames64 Mr & Mrs Wallace C Boyd en11374347515763Mr & Mrs John F BryantMr & Mrs T Arthur MighillMr & Mrs Ralph G MerrillMr & Mrs J Miles StandishMiss F V LundMrs F H CarlisleMr John H ThaxterMr & Mrs Frank S HorningMiss Ella G WillcoxMiss Mary A WillcoxOMAR TERRACE16 Mr & Mrs William E Glover22 Mr & Mrs Chester L Cotton24 Mrs Mary O CottonMr Walter G CottonMr Howard P Cotton11 Mr Daniel A Drennan11 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Drennan11 Mr & Mrs William J Orr15 Rev William L D Twombly17 Mr & Mrs William Moffa/tt17 Miss Louise F Moffatt23 Mr & Mrs Walter E GuilfordOTIS PARK19 Mr & Mrs Harry J KaneL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

74 NEWTON BLUE BOOKOTISPLACE16 Mr & Mrs A W Dickinson 15 Mr & Mrs LeRoy W Leland23 Mr & Mrs William P Hannaford242834383844465454606064768888Mr & Mrs Edward S BarkerMr & Mrs Patrick H WalchMr & Mrs Wesley W BlairMr & Mrs Frank F CarrMrs Emma S CarrMr & Mrs Edwin L GardinerMr & Mrs Philip Ver PlanckMr & Mrs Peter TancredMr Charles F TancredMr & Mrs Ulysses G WheelerMiss Esther E WheelerMr Frederick W GriggDr & Mrs Charles H VeoMr John G TompsonThe Misses Tompson120 Mr & Mrs Melvin S Barber150 Mr & Mrs Ezra E Clark170 Mr & Mrs Hubert L CarterOTISSTREET172323232735435159636977Mr & Mrs Thomas C LeavensMr & Mrs Edward K TitusMrs Lucy C TitusMrMrMrMi-MrMrMrMrEdward K Titus Jr& Mrs Stanley E HortonAlfred W Cole& Mrs Maurice J WatsonMrs Carl W Summers&Mrs Georg.e L Horton&Mrs John H Kent&Mrs A L Hartridge&Mr & Mrs Wallace E (RichmondSummer residence Bear IslandiDake Winnepesaukee N H77 Mr Wallace E Richmond Jr77 Miss Harriet A Bucklin85 Mr & Mrs James B Hartford91 Mr & Mrs Carl D Smith95 Miss Mary P Cas t ey95 Mrs Helen M Hilton95 Miss Sallie F Casey123 Mr & Mrs Emil F Schult123 Miss Olga H Schult131 Mr William H Payne131 Miss Susie E Payne173 Mr & Mrs William J GunnPAGEROAD16 Mrs Mary J Robertson16 Mrs E T Stone26 Mrs George I Colesworthy26 Miss Helen N Colesworthy26 Mr Frank M Copeland44 Mr & Mrs William F Warner52 Mrs Ernest N Boyden52 Mrs Mary S Saw telle52 Miss Emma A Page52 Miss Angie Nickerson15 Mrs N Henry Chadwick15 Mr & Mrs E Webster Chamberlain25 Mr & Mrs William Price47 Mr & Mrs Charles W Hardy47 Miss Marion C Hardy51 Mr & Mrs A Ellis Hunt55 Mr Albert T Sisson55 Mrs Annie C Bars tow55 Miss Gertrude Sisson61 Mr & Mrs Joseph F MillsiREAL ESTATE363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

NEWTONVILLE 75PAGE ROAD58 Miss Henrietta F Greenwood58 Miss Alice Winters58 Miss Harrie Mitchell58 Miss Florence L»ewis6^ Mr & Mrs Charles L Wilkins62 Mrs H M Spaulding70 Mr & Mrs Albert G Seavey74 Mrs Birney A Robinson78 Mr & Mrs William H RogersContinued.63 Mr & Mrs Frederick G Schipper67 Mr & Mrs Edward D Brine77 Mr & Mrs H W Schaschke83 Mr & (Mrs Charles E BevanPARK20 Mr & Mrs James Albert BoyceSum res "The Ramble" SpoffordLake N H26 Mr & Mrs Stanley O MacMullenPLACE5 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Soden5 Mr & Mrs Charles A R Soden5 Miss Marjorie Soden5 Miss Edith Simpson15 Mr & Mrs Ned G Kenison19 Miss Adele Waldmeyer21 Mr Henry H Filoon21 Mrs Arthur H Alger23 Mrs Frances Taylor23 Miss Lillian G Taylor23 Mr Arthur D TaylorPRESCOTT STREET16223434585862666674808086Miss Ethel W ChaseMi* & Mrs Harry E BryantMr & Mrs Levi CooleyMr Richard CooleyMr & Mrs J E CornishMiss Gladys N CornishMiss E L LamedMr & Mrs Edmund W KelloggMrMrGeorge S W Kellogg& Mrs F C Bassett& Mrs James D BennettMrMr & Mrs F B BennettMr & Mrs Henry B Nickerson15 Mr & Mrs George H Martin19 Mr & Mrs Charles W Davidson25 Rev & Mrs Edgar E Davidson25 Miss Alice M Nelson55 Mr & Mrs Augustus L Wakefield55 The Misses Goodridge55 Miss Sarah F Courante61 Mr & Mrs Emanuel F Pillman61 Miss D E Pillman67 Mr & Mrs Rupert Rogers75 Mr & Mrs J W Chapman81 Mr & Mrs Nicholas RichardsonPROCTORSTREET38 Prof & Mrs William L Gray38 Mr Latimer L Gray3 Mr & Mrs John O Brown9 Mr & Mrs Donald M Hill11 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Chamb,erlin11 Mrs Mabel Hanson17 Mr & Mrs Eugene W Leighton19 Mr & Mrs Percy G Stiles

76 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPROSPECT AVENUE64 Mrs Margurite G Sproul 25 Mr & Mrs Alex D Salinger39 Mrs Sarah J KendallMr & Mrs F B Kendall39 Mr & Mrs J M BowmanPROSPECT PARK34 Mr & Mrs Ben Ames Williams HenryPULSIFERSTREET17 Mrs Lottie A Ross19 Mr & Mrs Frederick N WalesSummer res Pocasset35 Mr & Mrs Carl C Davie3>5 Mrs Eudora Davie35 Mr Winchester BlakeROSSMERE STREET26 Mr & Mrs Kenneth P Kempton28 Mr & Mrs Haskell H Grider38 Mr & Mrs Robert Gordon Brown40 Mr & Mrs George H Denver44 Mrs J C 'Sandholzer44 Miss Margaret L Sandholzer11 Mr & Mrs William T Jones15 Mr & Mrs Leon T Coombs17 Mr & Mrs Adam Haug21 Mr & Mrs Olin D Dickerman35 Mr & Mrs Thomas T Baldwin JrRUSSELL COURT11 Mr Went worth P Barker11 Miss Helen D Barker23 Mr & Mrs James H Christie23 Miss Olive Christie23 Mr John ChristieSIMPSON TERRACE12 Mr & Mrs Walter H Coombs 9 Mr & Mrs F Marcena Butts11 Mr & Mrs Karl W P Reece15 Mr & Mrs Frank A Bova!THAXTERROAD34 iMr & Mrs Richard L CaseyL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

NEWTONVILLEITTROWBRIDGE AVENUE20 Mr & Mrs Frederick E Proctor20 Mr Roger B Proctor23 Mr & Mrs Harry C Weare29 Mr & Mrs Ernest Nixon35 Mr Frank T Benner35 Miss Frances Z T Benner47 Mr & Mrs Carl F SchipperTURNER STREET12 Mr & Mrs J Edward Dutelle 15 Mr & Mrs Harrison E Merritt12 Mr & Mrs Paul E Dutelle21 Mr & Mrs J H Willey20 Mr & Mrs Frank C MildramSum res Drake's Island Wells Me24 Mr & Mrs Arthur L HanscomUPLAND ROAD210210210214*234240264270270Miss Clara DumasMiss Agnes DumasMrs Marie SheaMr & Mrs Lester B HunterMr & Mrs Edward C WyattMr & Mrs Walter T KelleyMr & Mrs Frank B FletcherMrs Martha C MoGregoryMiss Ethel McGregory261261267MrMrMr& Mrs William N SwainAllen M Swain& Mrs John Dwyer ,WALKER STREET16 Mr & Mrs William F Ferrin20 Mr & Mrs W H Stevens24 Mr & Mrs Stewart E Brennan30 Mrs Newton Hammond30 The Misses Hammond40 Dr & Mrs Burton H Cooper44 Miss Mary K Koch44 Miss Catherine R Silbermann46 Mr & Mrs Walter N Richardson46 Mrs Kate F Weld46 Miss Hazel L White70 Mrs Nathaniel H Bryant78 Mr & Mrs Maynard Maxim78 Mr & Mrs A D Rice84 Mr & Mrs Robert V Spencpr84 Mr & Mrs John Daboll84 Mias Jeanette G Daboll4'3 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Le Barom43 Mr & Mrs Harry O Williams49 Mr & Mrs Charles F Coe61 Mrs Fred Ballou Young61 Mrs Elizabeth S Barker65 Mr & Mrs W A MaynardTel Newton West 666-MSum res Winthrop Beach115 Terrace avenueTel Ocean 1863-J71 Mr & Mrs David C Kershaw75 Mr Lewis Breeden75 Mr George Breeden83 Mr & Mrs John Cutler91 Mr & Mrs H (L Hayden

'78 NEWTON BLUE BOOK222628323838Mr & Mrs Edward KenwayMr & Mrs Paul G PutnamMr & Mrs W C PaineDr & Mrs Benjamin E WoodMrs George L KeyesMr & Mrs Walter P KeyesWALNUTPLACE25 Mr & Mrs Joseph Welwood Roper37 Mr Samuel W FrenchWALNUT STREET130146160160168174182182182190190198198198198198200200200230Mr & Mrs Max H HaaseMr & Mrs Charles ScipioneMr Leon T CoombsMr & Mrs Loney E MacDougallMr & Mrs Alfred F LuardVacantMr & Mrs Clayton B ConeThe Misses ConeMr Norman G ConeMr Harry W MorganMiss Hel,en E RumrillMiss Alice M PrattMiss Gertrude CayoMr S K Billing?Miss Ada NicholsMiss Mary CuttingMrs J D BillingsMrs Addie FollettMiss Grace E VirtueThe Colonna ApartmentsMr & Mrs George C WeedMiss Harriet A RobinsonMrs E B BloomMr & iMrs Spencer S DoddMr & Mrs Winslow WetherbeeMr A C LambMiss NivenMr & Mrs (Sylvester A BixlerMr & Mrs Irving Ross StanwoodMr & Mrs William D BinghamThe Misses HatchChester C WilcoxMiss Lillian S KnightMr Charles Henry Stott:Mr & Mrs John M Alvey715212735354349494957576767109109109109109137137143153153153153161161175183197Mr & Mrs Charles A PeakesMr & Mrs Carl N LindsayMr & Mrs Harry Bates OwensMr & Mrs Morton H GravesMr & Mrs Harold D BillingsMrs Florence E WareMr & Mrs William C RichTel Newton North 3801-MMrs Nathan W TupperMiss Rachel Tupp.erMr Walter W TupperMr William W KeithMr W B KeithMr & Mrs Walter H BartholomewMrs Mabel F MansfieldMrs Seth S DoaneMrs Carl B HudsonMrs Chas W SolomonMiss Mary J MeansMr & Mrs John WhiteheadMr Frederick O YoungThe YoungMr & Mrs Guy C HolbrookMrs Willard D HaskellMrs Mary A PowersMiss Gladys M HaskellMiss Kathleen E HaskellMr & Mrs Mark C TaylorMiss Helen D TaylorMr & Mrs Herbert F HunterMr &Mr &Mrs William J AhemMrs Lewis R QuigleyTeresa Dunlap)(neeTel Newton North 1347-R197 Miss Bernice R Quigleyi

XKWTONVILLE 7£WALNUT STREET.Continued.230O06306306306306310310310318318324324332340378398398406414424430442454454454454462462472472472480490490490518Mr ft MrsMurphy-Mr ArthurMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsHerb.ert Edward Mac-E MartellGeorge M WilsonCharles E NallyJesse G Guilford.Mark E LucasMrs G K QuincyMr John KnudsenMr Frederick A TennantMrs Carrie A HullNewton Welfare BureauNewton Chafer AmericanCrossDr & Mrs George H TalbotDr Cecil W ClarkMr & Mrs John E At woodMiss Ardelle AtwoodMr & Mrs John A FennoCoram Chester H J KepplerMiss Margaret McOellanDr Anton R FriedMrs Sarah SlocumMr & Mrs John T DillworthDr & Mrs Perez B I towardMr & Mrs Robert DouglasMr

80 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWALNUT STREET.Continued.53653653654'2542544544580580598604Mr Eugene C BelcherMr & Mrs Harry M BelcherMr Clifford BelcherMr & Mrs John H EddyMiss Beatrice F EddyMrs J E KimballMrs Byron E BaileyMr & Mrs Alfred M ZieglerMiss Rhoda ZieglerMr & Mrs Ralph CrowleyCol & Mrs Frederick W Stopford614 Mr & Mrs Nelson A Hallett614 Mrs Jennie 'B Hall.ett620 Mr & Mrs William Reed Bacon630 Mr & Mrs Nathan C HarrisonWASHINGTON PARK410101010182632444'4464652566464646464647074929292Mr & Mrs David W KearnMrs Josephine WetherbeeMrs Albert L GordonMiss Marion GordonMiss Ruth GordonMr & Mrs Walter V Judkins'Dr & Mrs Edward C Durgin(nee M Violet White)Mr & Mrs Guy A JacksonMr & Mrs John J DowneyMr & Mrs Joseph E DowneyMr & Mrs George W SaundersMrs Ada CaldwellVacantVacant,Mr & Mrs Leon C CarterMr & Mrs Arthur Chester CarterMr Charles E CarterMiss Stella CarterMiss Cora CarterMiss Gertrude J WetherbeeMr & Mrs Horace P ColemanMr & Mrs Harry G HatchellMr Edward B WadsworthMrs Lue Stuart WadsworthThe Gov John A Andrew HomeMary E Hicks matron71521212525272933373947495573737373798585919797105Miss Lillie L ShermanMr & Mrs Fred W C HandyEarnest S RhindMrMrMr &MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Ethelbert ParkerMrs Marshall S P SmithMrs Samuel N WoodMrs D Frank LordMrs C C ConnorMrs Merrill M HammondMrs Richard W Cotton&&&&&Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Augustus J RemingtonMrs Henry M HaynesMrs William J McClellan^Mrs Walter A BarrowsFrank V RussellMrsMiss Mary C BowersMiss Florence B BabcockMiss Fannie M FrancisMr & Mrs Joseph C HagarRev & Mrs Joseph M SheplerMiss Nellie WellsMr & Mrs Frederick A BarrettMrs Mary E MallettMiss Effie PrinceMr & Mrs Frederick S BrownI1L. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

yNEWTONVILLE 81WASHINGTONSTREET619619727731731743749749749757899D05905931939941949949DrMrMi-MrMrMi-Mr&&&Mr &Mr &Mr && Mrs Francis M O'DonnellPaul O'DonnellJohn M Jones& Mrs Albert F Spencer.Mrs Harry L NelsonMrs John A PurdyMrs M M EnosMrs Carl PierceMrs R A FoleyMrs John D HarringtonMrs Henry J PatrickMrs Charles A GreggMr Waldo A GreggMr & Mrs William O HolmanMr & Mrs Thomas BurnsMrs P E PutnamMr & Mrs Robert E HillsMr & Mrs Robert Dickson951 Mrs Samuel Pitman957 Mr & Mrs Clarence T Berry983 Mr Edgar Richardson983 Miss Lydia A Richardson987 Mr & Mrs Granville R Perry987 Mrs Edward G Perry987 Mr (Robert L Perry991 Mr & Mrs Hubert A Rathgeber993 Mr & Mrs James G Walsh993 The Misses Walsh999 Mr & Mrs Fred Ames1011 Mr Charles J Trowbridge1011 Mr & Mrs John K Nolan1015 Mr & Mrs W E Nash1015 Mr Francis J Murphy1015 The Misses Murphy1019 Mr & Mrs John W Zirhut18 Mrs O B Truesdell22 Mr & Mrs Thomas C ClayWASHINGTONTERRACE17 Mrs Mary A B Allen17 Miss Clara Allen21 Mr & Mrs Julius F Lamson21 Miss Abbie FiskeWATERTOWN STREET484488488494494498498504510510516524524524612614616Mr & Mrs Alexander DavidsonMr & Mrs J Walter AllenMrs Louis E G GreenTel Newtcn North 3649-WMr & Mrs J W BrighamMr Wilbur C BrownMr & Mrs Samuel J SpearMiss Gertrude L SpearTel Newton North 1708-MMr & Mrs Bion M WeatherheadMr & Mrs Charles D CabotMr Charles Raymond CabotMr & Mrs George R KraBerMiss Gertrude C EstesMiss Josephine E EstesMrs Herbert M ChaseMr & Mrs A W OsgoodMr & Mrs Arthur P SmithMr & Mrs Arthur H Holmberg5035035035035035115115115235235235235 23553553553561567567Mr J J HealyMr Joseph HealyMr John J Healy JrMiss Esther FarrellMiss Margaret FarrellMr Morgan MahoneyDr Edward A MahoneyTh.e Misses MahoneyMiss F G NicholsMiss Ella NicholsMiss Elizabeth J HillMiss Candace C HillMiss Maud BriggsMr & Mrs Preston J CalleyMr Neal G MedberyMrs Louis T HeathMr & Mrs Harry D CabotMr Leighton R ShermanMrs F S ShermanH. W. ROBARTPAINTING ANDDECORATINGPhoneNewton North 1709-R.The Best That Is Possible to Pr • is19 ARLINGTON STREET,uceNEWTON

i82 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWATERTOWN STREET.Continued.628 Mr & Mrs Charles C Schwer652 Mr & Mrs George F O'Brien658 Mr & Mrs Edward P O'Brien712 Mr & Mrs William A Cooper724 Dr & Mrs James F Gallaher567 Mr & Mrs Charles C Briggs567 Mr Raymond E Briggs575 Mr & Mrs Hubert W Pierce575 Miss Ruth E Pierce583 Mrs Clara E Brown595 Mr & Mrs James Flynt BaconSum res Hyannis Mass607 Mr & Mrs Edward Newton Haag Jr613 Mr & Mrs M P McKinnon629 Mr & Mrs Edmund B Alger629 Mrs Bertha M Johnson643 Mr & Mrs Harold T Robinson643 Mrs Christine Hyslop713 Mr & Mrs Dooley715 Mrs Lewis Filene725 Mr Edwin Earle Wakefield JrWILDWOOD AVENUE72 Mr & Mrs George A Allen 67 Rev & Mrs F Argento77 Mr & Mrs Walter C WhitneyWOODSIDEROAD20 Mr Ernest L Miller20 Miss Abbie A Miller20 Miss Emma A Miller20 Miss Bertha E Miller11 Mrs R Davis25 Mr & Mrs Bartlett F Kenney25 Miss Olive Tower KenneyWYOMING AVENUE68 Mr & Mrs Frank H Smart 71 Mr & Mrs Alexander Fox75 Mrs Harry M DurrellNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.»

NEWTON BLUE BOOKWEST NEWTON SAVINGS BANKWEST NEWTON, MASS.Incorporated 1887GEORGE P. BULLARD, PresidentROLAND F. GAMMONS, Treas.J. ELLIS GAMMONS, Asst. TreasDeposits placed on interest the tenth day of every monthRecent Dividend 4J4 per cent, per AnnumAssets over $2,950,000Banking Hours: 8:30 a. m. to 3 p. m.; Saturday, 8:30 a. m. to 12 m.; 7 to 9 p. mSAVINGS DEPARTMENTCHRISTMAS CLUBSAFE KEEPING of Liberty Bonds for Depositors

NEWTONBLUE BOOKWhat would it mean to youto have at your command the facilities of a strong - banking- institutionwhich could provide you with absolute security for yourfunds, either in CHECKING OR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS, and-give you complete and satisfactory service, careful attention toyour needs, whether large or small, and every accommodationconsistent with conservative banking?We have given our customers all of these things for manyyears, and in addition courteous treatment and personal interestjn their welfare.If these things mean anything to you why not open an accountwith us ?THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK,OF WEST NEWTON«

WEST NEWTON 8£WEST NEWTONADELLAAVENUE6 Mr & Mrs Martin Gannon16 Mr & Mrs Edwin A Wright38 Mr & Mrs Alfred B Kershaw48 Mr & Mrs Willavd W Dow54' Dr & Mrs Francis J Costello58 Mr & Mrs Oliver Wyman64 Mr & Mrs Thomas Kellar68 Mrs A L Swindlehurst5395155657987Mr & MrsMr & MrsDr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsD wight W RobinsonCharles W ReedAlexander F McWilliamsJ H BrownFrederick M MitchellEdward M HallC Howard CookARDMOREROAD12 Mr & Mrs Henry Alvin Dodge22 Mr & Mrs Charles H Sampson9 Mr & Mrs Paul W Cloud15 Mr & Mrs Alfred B RichARDMORE TERRACE8 Mr & Mrs Elliott S Church14 Mr & Mrs George H Fernald Jr7 Mr & Mrs Ernest C Snow11 Mr & Mrs Hallie A RiceAUBURNSTREET70 Mrs John H Hoyt 7 Mr & Mrs James J Deffley17 Mr & Mrs Francis Linnell31 Mr & Mrs Milo FanningAUSTIN STREET370 Mrs Eleanor Ross370 Mr & Mrs Alfred E Thayer229 Mr & Mrs Roscoe Milliken Packard :Mr William H RandDr N Louise RandMiss Abbie M RandMr & Mrs Henry S WilderMiss Margaret WilderMr & Mrs Arthur G HosmerMrs Anne E HosmerMr & Mrs Alvah J StedmanDr & Mrs Lewis H Jack247247247361361365365371379

!84 XEWTON BLUE BOOKBALCARRES ROAD12 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Dunmore16 Mr & Mrs Philip Walker Carter16 Mr Philip Sidney Carter16 Miss Margaret Carter28 Mr & Mrs Irving F Carpenter38 Mr & Mrs James E Esson19 Mr & Mrs George S Fuller8 Mr & Mrs William T Glidden Jr22 Mr & Mrs Arthur D Cook70 Mr & Mrs Ernest S Gile70 Miss Eleanor E GileBARNSTABLE ROADBERKELEY STREET66 Mr & Mrs Percival S Howe80 Mr & Mrs A Shirley Ladd96 Mr & Mrs Harold B Cranshaw106 Mr & Mrs Franklin S Hoyt13 Mr & Mrs Robert G Chidsey13 Miss Marion Chidsey13 Miss Helen E Brown21 Mr & Mrs Kenneth E Downs21 Mrs Carrie M Brigham33 Mr & Mrs Coburn Smith41 Mr & Mrs Thomas Gorham67 Mr & Mrs Clifton H Dwinnell75 Mrs George Stoddard85 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Mason97 Mr & Mrs Arthur R Smith97 Mr Arthur R Smith JrBIGELOW80 Mr & Mrs Frank J HaleSum res Prouts Neck Me80 Mr Roger D Hale120 Mr & Mrs William Redfleld King120 Miss Margaret King120 Mr Win Fuller King144 Mr & Mrs Edward PageROAD85 Mr & Mrs George Winslow Eddy85 Miss Priscilla C Eddy85 Miss Elizabeth W Eddy133 Mr & Mrs B Howard Lester133 Miss Lucy Lester.•IIiBONAD ROAD22 Mr & Mrs Arthur Hastings34 Mr & Mrs Edward H BonelliSum res Squirrel Island MeTel West Newton 78454 Mr & Mrs Frederick S Dean15 Mr & Mrs Matthew B Benzaquin

WEST NEWTON 85BRISTOL ROAD28 Mr & Mrs Thomas F BaxterBURNHAM ROAD10 Mr & Mrs Robert H Gross22 Mr & Mrs Louis R Goulding9 Mr & Mrs Sumner Robinson19 Mr & Mrs Frederick Bigelow Bancroft19 Miss Barbara Bancroft19 Miss Leslie Bancroft19 Mr Amos Roberts Bancroft31 Mr & Mrs Henry J NicholsTel West Newton 81831 Miss Marjorie NicholsCHERRY STREET108108170170182370374378386386392424424Mr & Mrs Chas E HatfieldSum res Centr.e Har'bor N HMiss Katherine RyanMr & Mrs John CarrollMrs Catherine CarrollThe Misses ConroyMr & Mrs Daniel F. RiordanThe Misses MorrisseyMr & Mrs John J O'BrienMrs B MitchellThe Misses MitchellMr & Mrs T Arthur NelsonMr & Mrs Harlan P Barb.erMr Harvey C Wood6969105105171171361365::713 71377377877383399413413413Mr & Mrs James F EllisMr Avery P EllisMrs Cecelia McVarnishMr & Mrs Martin TreacyMr & Mrs James R Ash worthMr & Mrs John MacustyMr & Mrs Edwin S HaynesMr & Mrs Thomas F JoyceMr & Mrs James R RierMr & Mrs Andrew PriorMrs Anna M LangelyDr Mabel A LangleyMiss Martha E LangleyProf & Mrs Henry C Sh,eldonDr & Mrs C E A RossMr & Mrs William NicholsonMiss Ruth NicholsonMiss Fannie E MorrillCHESTNUT STREET68 Mrs J Howe Allen68 Miss Gertrude Allen68 Mr James H Allen68 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Lloyd100 Miss Anna H Hunting128 Mr & Mrs Frederick Everett Jones152 Mr & Mrs William Q Wales73 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Frost73 Mr Henry L Frost79 Dr & Mrs Irving J Fisher79 Miss Mabel W Smith87 Mr & Mrs George F Newell87 Mr Channing P Newell107 Mr & Mrs George E HoarREAL ESTATECENTRELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, IncJNEWTONVILLB238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut HiU«

I86 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCHESTNUT STREET.Continued.152160160160170212238238238260274274294294320350Mr Elmer ThomasMr & Mrs Charles A Fitz GeraldMr Hammond Fitz GeraldMiss Gertrude Fitz GeraldMr & Mrs George A FrostMr & Mrs. Henry A RabbinsMr & Mrs Charles Henderson JrMr Clayton L HendersonMiss Marjorie HendersonMr & Mrs George R WhittenMrs C Robert BeachMrs Vera N WoodMrs Benjamin S PalmerMr & Mrs Robert Ellsworth GrossMr & Mrs John BoyntonMr & Mrsi Edwin Mitchell Richards129129155173203203219239257271287321Mr & Mrs Frederick K LeatherbeeMrs Charles F HowlandTel West Newton 1693Mr & Mrs Elmer B ThomasMr & Mrs Charles I TravelliMrs Frederic Luther FeltonMrs Grace Felton RiceMr & Mrs Herbert L FeltonMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&SumMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsresJ Ernest MullenLawrence MayoC J McCarthyFrederic R CutterHenry B DayWianno Cape CodCOMMONWEALTHAVENUE1662 Mr & Mrs Joseph I Eldridge 1245 Mr & Mrs George H Ellis1245 Miss Mary Baileyoff 448 The Fessenden School450 Mr & Mrs Charles H Sears450 Mr & Mrs Harold E Fife456 Mrs Sarah Smith460 Mr & Mrs Grover J Cronin460 Miss Hannah Cronin472 Mr & Mrs Olof Ohlson500 Dr & Mrs Harry W HammondGRAFTSSTREET445 Mr & Mrs Frank A Jackson445 Mr & Mrs Leonard D Jackson445 Miss M H Jackson451 Mr & Mrs W Lloyd Allen457 Mr & Mrs Charles J Maynard457 Miss Pearl A Maynard515 Mr & Mrs Lyman B MorrillRes Tel West Newton 0251Sum res 75 D streetWaveland Mass519 Mr & Mrs Louis N Gowell529 Mr & Mrs Frank H TuttleDARTMOUTH STREET19 Mr & Mrs Thomas A Crimmins19 Miss Agnes L Crimmins19 Mr & Mrs Rp.lph G Crimmins

WEST NEWTON 87DAVIS AVENUE28 Mr & Mrs L T Wallis66 Mr & Mrs Judson B Sanderson66 Miss Eva Sanderson66 Mr & Mrs Fred R Furbush66 Wesley J Furbush31529515761737377Miss Ella M BurrillMr & Mrs Joseph A SymondsMr & Mrs Frederick E WaringMr & Mrs Ernest C ReedMr & Mrs Thomas H RoweMr & Mrs Thomas R SbeehanMrs Annie F OoughlinThe Misses CoughlinMr & Mrs Cyrus FowlerEDEN AVENUE4 Mr & Mrs C Ward Hussey8 Mr A F A G Libby8 Mrs M E Campbell14 Mr George H Haynes14 Miss Clara H Thompson30 Mr & Mrs William C Carter32 Mr & Mrs James R Bancroft46 Mr & Mrs Edward A Morehead11172329Mr & Mrs Frank E StearnsMr & Mrs James W HammondMrs Frederick T BurgessMr & Mrs Chauncy A StimetsELIOT AVENUE18 Mr & Mrs Harry E Raymond28 Mr & Mrs H Stewart Redman48 Mr & Mrs Frank A Batstone56 Mr & Mrs Carl E Ericson64 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel S CarderTel West Newton 12-J68 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Hartford104 Mrs John T C ashman108 Mr & Mrs William H Howland108 Miss Marion Howland108 Mrs Edith H Wright114 Mr & Mrs William Cooper120 Mrs Mary L Whitehouse126 Mrs Isabelle Coilagan126 Mrs Ruth S Hansen128 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Vaughan134 Mr & Mrs Chester N Reed136 Mr & Mrs Herbert F Pierce136 Mr Henry Carleton Pierceii15172737414145454959Mr &Mr &Mr &MrDrDrMrMrMrMrMrMrs John J Mark wardMrs J J SartwellMrs William H Dowd& Mrs J Cheever Carley& Mrs Henry D Howard& Mrs Lewis W Wilson& Mrs John A Buswell& Mrs Ralph H Somers& Mrs Frank H Kellen& Mrs Russel M Upson& Mrs William A Sanderson131 Mr & Mrs Edmund G Mills131 Mr & Mrs Louis H Yelland133 Mr & Mrs Hermann W Birgfeld133 Mr Harry F DennyNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc,Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave

88 NEWTON BLUE BOOKELMSTREET22 Mr & Mrs Anthony Louis32 Mr & Mrs Timothy J Kennedy38 Mrs Johanna Kelley46 Mr & Mrs George Green56 Mr & Mrs J J Murphy62 Mr & Mrs Edward F Pendergast62 Mrs D G Doucette70 Mr & Mrs Walter S Gousens70 Mr & Mrs J J MacRae76 Mr & Mrs Chester A Morton80 Miss Alice Morton90 Mr& Mrs George C Ellis90 Mr M Frank Lucas13132131313737454589Mr Lawrence BondThe Misses BondMr & Mrs S Warren DavisMr & Mrs John J FlahertyMr & Mrs Henry A MinerMrs Louise H CarterMr & Mrs William W HarringtonMrs Theodore A FleuMiss Ethel FleuWest Newton Neighborhood HouseEXETER STREET14 Miss Elizabeth D Hinckley20 Mr & Mrs Edward Francis Dunham34' Mr & Mrs Frank W Remick'Sum res Crow Point34 Miss Ethel Howland19 Mr & Mrs John A Paine29 Mr & Mrs Stanley M BolsterFAIRFAX12 Mr & Mrs Francis J Burrage12 Miss Marion E Burrage12 Miss Charlotte Burrage34 Mr & Mrs William P Morse44 Mr & Mrs Augustus V H KimberlySTREET19 Miss Caroline Adams19 Mr & Mrs George H Adams19 Mr Frederick Adams25 Mrs Daniel Scudder25 Miss Maud C Scudder37 Mr & Mrs Fred S Sawyer49 Mr & Mrs Joseph T EddyFAIRVIEW TERRACE11 Dr & Mrs Frank Morton ShermanOffice hours 2 and 7pm and byappointmentSum res Duxbury MassTel Duxbury 238Residence tel West Newton 294Receiving day Sunday afternoon17 Mrs George T Garrison ,17 The Misses Garrison17 Miss E L AnthonyL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

WEST NEWTONS9130 Mr Charles W LeonardkFOREST AVENUE11 Mr. & Mrs Richard B Carter11 Mrs William N Hobart23 Mr & Mrs Robert W Neff29 Mr & Mrs Fred S Retan97 Mr & Mrs Henry C French16 Mr William A Thurston16 The Misses Thurston24 Mr & Mrs Charles S Stevens24 The Misses Gray24 Mrs Frederic H Newton40 Mr & Mrs James L Blaisdell66 Mrs Andrew S Woods66 The Misses WoodsFOUNTAINSTREET15 Dr & Mrs Harold B Chandler25 Mr & Mrs Maynard Hutchinson25 Master George Hutchinson25 Master Andrew Hutchinson25 Miss Marion Hutchinson79 Mr & Mrs, Herbert M Warren79 Mr Ralph L Warren79 Mr Richard G Warren95 Mr & Mrs William T Isaac95 Miss Grace M IsaacGREENWOOD AVENUE40 Mr &60 Mr &TelMrs Henry L FairbrotherMrs Joseph B RossNjewton West 938-M10 Mr & Mrs Jerome A Turrell40 Mr J A Karnheim40 Mrs Wilhelmina CrossHAMPSHIRE STREETHIGHLAND AVENUE228 Mr & Mrs William A RichardsonSum res East Andover N H266 Dr & Mrs Fred W Allen286 Mrs Henry M Davis294 Mr & Mrs Frederick C Graves294 Mr John O Graves302 Mr & Mrs Carl E Pickhardt221 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Bryant223 Mr & Mrs Cornelius D Duggan245 Mr & Mrs William F Bartholomew283 Prof & Mrs Charles S Thomas289 Mr & Mrs Albert E Flint295 Dr & Mrs Wm A Hitchcock303 Mrs DeWitt B Brace313 Mr & Mrs Henry F Dewing319 Mr & Mrs Edward A Marsh319 Mr & Mrs Henry TalbotSum res "Skyfield"Plymouth NHRFD337 Mrs Marcus M Wads worth337 The Misses WadsworthH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON»

•90 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHIGHLAND STREET72 Mr Edward C Burrage72 Miss Caroline S Burrago.- Miss Mary Evelyn Smith'84 Mrs James P Tolman102 Mrs Edgar T Ward102102110116128140140156156240256276286286300326326The Misses WardMr Edgar WardMr & Mrs Arthur P GayMrs Pierrepont WiseMr & Mrs Louis Fabian BachracliMr & Mrs Wilfred DwigM SmithMrs Elizabeth P HarrisMr & Mrs Herbert K HallettMiss Dorothy HallettMr & Mrs Harry W CrookerMr & Mrs William D HarveyMrs Charles LaurieMrs Mason W MorseDr & Mrs Edwin H PlaceMr & Mrs George HutchinsonMr & Mrs Charles E GibsonMr James W Gibson41 Mr & Mrs. J Aubrey Romkey51 Mr & Mrs Horace A Rounds51 Mr Lester Rounds Brokaw73 Mr & Mrs A Stuart PrattVo Miss Mabel S Pratt87 Mr & Mrs Frederick S Pratt99 Mr Henry D Woods145 Mr & Mrs Herbert Emerson Fales145 Mr Herbert G Fales235 Mr J Franklin Fuller235 Mr & Mrs Warren S Kilhurn269 Mr & Mrs Horace M Wheelock325 Mr & Mrs Robert E GreggHILLSIDE AVENUE52 Mrs Elizabeth A Chase52 Col Porter B Chase52 Mr Ralph M Chase64 Mr & Mrs William D Wooldredge100 Mr & Mrs F Carl Wittig39 Mr & Mrs Benjamin F Shattuck55 Mr & Mrs Gordon R Fulton69 Mr & Mrs Samuel N Fleming85 Mr George W. Newhall85 Miss Emma M Newhall91 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Wellman91 Miss Elizabeth O Tappan91 Mr Harold O Wellman .97 Mr & Mrs Clifford H Frost97 Mrs Henry C MitchelliHILLSIDE TERRACE14 Mr & Mrs Almon J Fairbanks14 Miss Marjorie Fairbanks14 Mr Robert D Fairbanks13 Mr & Mrs Benjamin J BowenHOWLAND ROAD-- •—— -.35Mr & Mrs Philip R Dunbar

WEST NEWTON 91HUNTER STREET16 Mr & Mrs Charles E Braman20 Mrs Rodney M Lucas20 Mr & Mrs Walter M Lucas25 Mr & Mrs Harry C Barber?9 Mr & Mrs Herbert M DayLENOXSTREET092228324062828296Mr & Mrs Enoch C AdamsSum res Camp Taconnet BelgradeLakes MaineMiss Katherine AdamsMr & Mrs Leon B RogersMr &SumMrs Willard C Warrenres Belgrades Lakes MaineMrs Wm E CrosbyMr &Mr & Mrs Wentworth V LanderMr Arthur E GillMrs Bessie TaggardMr & Mrs Clarence L Newton35 Mr& Mrs John N Eaton35 Mr & Mrs William H White65 Mr & Mrs Clinton L Eddy83 Mr & Mrs Sam W Manning91 Mr & Mrs Orris W Nelson91 Miss Doris Nelson91 Miss Ruth NelsonSum res Wianno Mass102Mr & Mrs Ernest F Lovejoy102 Miss Mildred H Lovejoy102 Mr Walter E LovejoyLEXINGTON STREET21 Mr Timothy C Hickey31 Mr William M CahillMr & Mrs Wm CahillMiss Mary L CahillMr John J CahillTel West Newton 266-MLINCOLN PARK6 Mr & Mrs George Hugo20 Prof Henry K Burrison34 Mr & Mrs Alexander Bennett40 Rev & Mrs Fred William Peakes40 Mrs Frank L Sawyer50 Mr & Mrs Charles Scott54 Mr & Mrs Dennis McCarthy58 Mr & Mrs James Morrison62 Mr Charles H Gaw62 Miss Mary E Gaw64 Mr & Mrs Joseph J Curran68 Mr & Mrs Richard T Kyte72 Miss Elizabeth B Hayden72 Mrs Catherine B BaileyMARGIN STREETREAL ESTATE363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

9: XEWTON BLUE BOOKMORRILL STREET24 Mr & Mrs Harold H Ellis 11 Mr & Mrs Edward C DavisMOUNT VERNON STREET190 Mr Alfred F Haskell190 Miss Jennie P Haskell190 Mr Paul Elliott190 Mrs Ethel J Elliott198 Mr & Mrs William L Puffer198 Mrs Dexter R Puffer230 Mr & Mrs William M Bullivant230 Mr Stanley L Bullivant240 Mr & Mrs Sidney B T'homas240 Mrs Henry E Copeland248 Mr & Mrs Frederick B Homer258 Mrs Harriet M Freeman258 Miss Caroline L Freeman258 Miss Ethel H Freeman284 Mrs Charles L Hosmer284 Mr George T Howard183 Mr & Mrs Carl S Wells189 Mr & Mrs Everett L Upham197 Mr & Mrs Robert L Sheraton221 The Misses Lovett221 Mr Arthur T Lovett235 Mr & Mrs James Richard Carter23-5 Miss Evelyn CarterSum res "The Hummocks"Jefferson Highlands N H279 Mr & Mrs Charles W Leatherbee279 Miss Eleanor W LeatherbeeSum res Marion MassINORTH GATE PARK3 Mrs Ellen E Wright3 Miss Alice M Wright15 Northgate Club HouseOTIS STREET240 Mr & Mrs Harry F Gibbs240 Mr Harry F Gibbs Jr240, Miss Eleanor Gibbs242' Mr & Mrs Austin H Decatur242 Miss Fannie Hopkins262 Mr & Mrs Glover S Hastings274' Mr & Mrs Andreas Hartel Jr274 The Misses Hartel2/4 Mr Andreas Hartel 3dSum res Friendship Me304 Mr & Mrs Edward B Wilson'Sum res Milford N H314 Mr & Mrs Gordon M Imrie320 Mrs Levi F Warren334 Mr & Mrs F Paul Welsch243257257257257265265265273281291291301315333Mr & Mrs Joseph T GilmanMr & Mrs Joseph N LovellMrs H S DaleMiss Doris T LovellMr Nathaniel T LovellMrs John Parker HolmesMiss Eleanore HolmesMrs Caroline C FurbushProf & Mrs Henry P TalbotMr & Mrs Harold K WeedMr & Mrs George H BondMiss Annie M BondMr & Mrs Daniel G WingMrs John W CarterMr & Mrs Henry C Taylor't-Ii

WEST NEWTON 93OTIS STREET — Continued342342350Dr & Mrs Wilson C DortMrs Carrie E RichardsonDr Julia M Dutton343 Mr Edwin M D'Arcy351 Mr & Mrs Frederick P359 Vacant367 Mr William H Pearson367 Miss Nella J Pearson367 Mr Arthur E PearsonBarnesPERKINSSTREET22 Mrs Alfred L Barbour22 Miss Ethel S Barbour22 Mr Walter F Barbour72 Mrs Lewis A Kimberly72 Miss Elsie S Kimberly72 Miss Elizabeth Fvffe15171717172323313145576373Dr & Mrs Sidney B SargentMr & Mrs Lawrence A SpragueMr Henry Z BurbankMrs Emma F SpragueMrs Edith A BurbankMrs Anna W LisleMiss Helen Louise LisleMrs Henry A InmanMr & Mrs George T GammonsMrMrMr&&&All- &MrsMrsMrsMrsH Clement HaightEdmund W OgdenSannuel F TowerRobert W HarringtonPRINCE STREET28323848627686100126140158158158158222222244Mr & Mrs William C WorthMr & Mrs Forrest H BartonMr & Mrs Ralph E HatchMr & Mrs Walter S WaitMr & Mrs Frank W WiseRev & Mrs Julian C JaynesMr & Mrs Franklin T KurtiSum res So Brooksville MeMr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Clifton F LeatherbeeMrs Charles P HallMrs Harry L AverMrs Samuel E BlanchardMr &The Misses BlanchardMr Carl L BlanchardMr Ralph S BlanchardMr & Mrs Arthur HowlandMiss Marjory HowlandLieut-Col & Mrs William B CowinTel West Newton 93117 Mrs E S Dunham17 Mr Charles T Dunham23 Mr & Mrs Francis E Macomber23 Miss Katharine L Macomber23 Miss Dorothea Macomber33 Miss Henrietta P Whitney33 Mrs Maude R Phelps43 Mr & Mrs Clarence G Haskell59 Mrs George E Peters69 Mrs George P Hawlett69 Mrs Frederick G Schaschke85 Mr & Mrs Arthur P Friend95 Mr & Mrs Rice103 Mr & Mrs Ralph E Carpenter109 Mr & Mrs William Hall Best125 Mr & Mrs Norman W Bingham131 Mr & Mrs Frank I Rounds141 Mrs Horatio N Glover141 Miss Margaret W GloverNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.

94 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPRINCE STREETContinued258 Mr Henry S Howes268 Mrs Harvey G Ruhe268 Miss Helen Ruhe288 Mr & Mrs Frederick S Blodgett288 Mr Wentworth Putnam Blodgett288 Mr Frederick Newton Blodgett292 Mr & Mrs Robert W Deane308 Mr & Mrs John M Delano147 Miss Rosalie Carroll147 Miss Mary S Barbour159 Mr & Mrs John E PushesWinter r,es Southern Pine NorthCarolina221 Mr & Mrs John F McGuire221 Miss Julia McGuire221 Mr & Mrs Lloyd H Fales257 Mrs Raymond W Richards257 Mr Donald L Richards257 Mr James L Richards257 Miss Dorothy Richards281 Mr & Mrs Hugh J RobertsonPROSPECT STREET6670'70'78Miss M T WildesMr Christopher H LaceyMiss Mary LaceyMr & Mrs Benjamin F Eddy65 Mr73 Mr83 Mr89 Mr95 Mr119 M]W DewireHuntMrs Alexander&Mrs George W&Mrs Charles H Lutton&Mrs Percy I&Mrs Patrick&r & Mrs JosiahPerkins 1CoxE Bacon••PUTNAM STREET666121828283838384444445050'64'7474'7480Mr Dudley P Tenney JrThe Misses TenneyMr & Mrs Dudley P TenneyMr & Mrs John E RileyDr & Mrs Cecil Nort>ert BradyOffice hours 2-4 and 7-8 p mTel West Newton 427Mr & Mrfe Shepherd M CrainPhone West Newton 1541-WAt home TuesdaysMiss Gladys L CrainMr & Mrs William Coy BrooksMrs Frances H JamesonMiss Susan B JamesonMr & Mrs G,eorge F LarcomThe Misses LarcomMr Russell C LarcomDr & Mrs David W WellsMr Ralph A WellsMr & Mrs Henry B PatrickMr & Mrs William Lester BatesMiss Dorothy M BatesMiss Marjorie M BatesMr & Mrs Clifford R Eddy3 Dr & Mrs George L Tuily M D11 Mr & Mrs Frank E Hunter11 The Misses Hunter19 Mr Charles A Royce10 Miss Anna C Royce19 Mr & Mrs Murray H Ballou29 Mrs Jonathan L Damon39 Mr & Mrs George P Hatch79 Prof & Mrs Herbert E Cushman1'.

WEST NEWTON 95REGENT STREET10 Mr & Mrs Henry L Whittlesey10 The Whittlesey16 Mr & Mrs William W Edwards16 Mr & Mrs Edward Sherman Chase22 Miss Clara M Holmes28 Mr & Mrs Harrison G Burgess28 Mrs Henrietta Cobb28 Mrs Kathleen Johns27 Mr & Mrs Pre&cott H Wellman36 Mr & Mrs J Charles Thomas36 Miss Edith C Thomas36 Mrs Charlotte A ClarkSEWALL STREET18 Mr & Mrs Edward L EstabrookSum res Framingham Mass26 Mr & Mrs Clendenning Smith32 Mr & Mrs John W Estabrook40 Mr & Mrs Arthur T Safford15 Mrs Annie P Avery15 Mr & Mrs John Avery25 Mr & Mrs Eugene A Ford31 Mr & Mrs Roy R Merchant39 Mr & Mrs George W AbbottSum res North Plymouth Mass45 Mr & Mrs Albert MannSHAWSTREET10 Mr & Mrs Walter B Davis10 The Misses Davis10 Mr Arthur W Davis22 Mr J Cheev/er Fuller30 Mr & Mrs Samuel Barnard44 Mrs Mary E Davison50 Mr & Mrs Sidney P Brown9 Mr & Mrs Harlan D Crowell15 Dr & Mrs Josiah H BrownBoston office Warren Chambers419 Boylston streetOffice hours 2-4 p m15 Mrs Clara A Brown21 Mr & Mrs Sears U Dyer21 Mr & Mrs Charles H Milliken27 Mr & Mrs Maxwell J Dowry37 Mr & Mrs Frank B Layton49 Mrs Ralph Albr.ee49 Miss Anna Wood Al'breeSOMERSETROAD20 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Cole20 Mr Richard B Cole20 Mr Horace W Cole38 Mr & Mrs William Gill9 Mr & Mrs Charles E Benson17 Mr & Mrs Walton S R^dfield25 Mr & Mrs George T Lane33 Mr & Mrs Howard L TibbettsAlso Mr & Mrs William Gill'Charlesgate 535 BeaconstreetBostonL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

96 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSTERLING STREET14 Mr & Mrs Joseph D Wood1514 Mrs Olney J Meader1514 Miss Louise Wood2318 Mr & Mrs Albert C Blunt Jr 3126 Mr & Mrs G Edwin Peters396565Miss Mary NewhallMr & Mrs Francis NewhallMr & Mrs Herbert M AndrewsMr & Mrs Henry WhitmoreTel W N 571-MMr & Mrs Stephen H Whidden•Sum res West Falmouth MassMr & Mrs William Lloyd GarrisonJrMr William Lloyd Garrison 3dSum res Wianno Cape CodSYLVAN AVENUE1- Mr & Mrs Arthur H Leonard32 Dr & Mrs Louis Bell40 Mr & Mrs Stewart K Gibson44 Mr & Mrs Robert W Newell21 Mr- &29 Mr &45 Mr &Mrs Quincy W WalesMrs William O TurnerMrs Frederick S HardyTEMPLESTREET34 Mr & Mrs William F Chase34 Mrs Edna F Chase54 Mr & Mrs William A Young54 Mrs Mary J York •60 Mr Rudolf F Koops60 Mr Robert J Walsh60 Mr Peter D Voltz70 Mr & Mrs Ellery Peabody86 Mr & Mrs George P Bullard86 Mr & Mrs Charles E Lauriat Jr104 Mr &,Mrs Milton H Balch114 Mr & Mrs Robert A Whidden122 Mrs John D Roquemore122 Mr Richard D Roquemore122 Miss Katharine Roquemore130 Mr & Mrs Henry F Cate174 Mr & Mrs Edward E Blodgett218 Mr & Mrs W B H Dowse15 Dr & Mrs Donald .Macomber15 Dr Donald MacomberOffice 321 Dartmouth streetBoston MassSum res Duxbury Mass49 Mr & Mrs Clift Rogers Clapp49 Miss Elizabeth B Clapp61 Mr Samuel HobbsSum res Beach Bluff av andHumphrey Beach Bluff67 Mrs Charles A Wyman67 Mr & Mrs Edward W Pride77 Mrs Manley U Adams77 The Misses Adams89 Mr & Mrs E Bullard95 Mr & Mrs Wm H Bacon105 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Rogers111 Mr & Mr? Jarvis Lamson111 Miss Barbara Lamson155 Mr & Mrs George F Minns175 Mr & Mrs Swan Hartwell185 Mr & Mrs George D Davis199 Mr & Mrs Charles E Spencer215 Mr & Mrs Franklin Delano Putnam227 Mr & Mrs George F Redmond

NEWTON BLUE BOOKJ. Morris Meredith Edward W. Grew Henry..WhitmoreNorton WiggleworthArthur B. BrooksMEREDITH & GREW40 CENTRAL ST., BOSTONWest Newton Hill Real Estate. BostonBusiness Property.Back Bay Residences.Resident Partner: Henry Whitmore, 31 Sterling - St., West NewtonROBERT BURLEN & SONBOOKBINDERS,156 Pearl Street, BOSTON, MASS.Magazines Bound — Old Books Rebound.

NEWTON BLUE BOOKTelephone, Dorchester 2010, 2011ESTABLISHED 1862E. F. GLEASONUndertakersAll Arrangements carefully made.First-class service.Auto Equipment for Local and Out-of-Town UseAUTO HEARSES335 WASHINGTON STREET, Near HarvardDorchester District

WEST NEWTON 97VALENTINESTREET12121256708484Mr & Mrs Frederick T WalshMiss Isabella W WalshMiss H E BinghamiSum res Littleton N HMr & Mrs Thomas Weston JrMr & Mrs Charles S Cook JrMr & Mrs Gardner Irving JonesMr Damon Everett Jones559797Mr & Mrs James A HutchinsonHon & Mrs John W WeeksMr & Mrs Sinclair Weeks84 Miss Marguerite Jones100 Mr & Mrs Harris O Poor174 Mr & Mrs Frank P HuckinsWALTHAMSTREET206.246246246250250292298330330350352354356358362366380390390390398398404404404'414414414420432454454478Swedish Charitable Society Homeof Greater BostonMr & Mrs Frank S WebsterMr Percy S WebsterMiss Olive WebsterMr & Mrs Louis A WebsterMr & Mrs Percy F WilliamsMr & Mrs H T GrevattMr & Mrs Wallace N StuartDr & Mrs William C CanfieldMrs Charles A WilburMr & Mrs Dana LibbeyMr & Mrs Gordon B SawyerMr & Mrs Louie A BaconMr & Mrs Willard C ChurchMiss Jennie DowMr & Mrs Carl L SwanMiss Maibel C DowMr & Mrs Harold B LamedMr Clifford E MoultonMrs Jennie E MoultonMrs Marsaline L BlairMr & Mrs Andrew B PotterMiss Elizabeth A PotterMr & Mrs Charles W NorbyMiss Ethel Dale LaughlinMr Edward R LaughlinMr & Mrs John A PotterMiss Helen PotterMass L TorreyMr & Mrs David E BrackettMiss Helen A GouldMrs Emima H ThompsonMiss Alice ThompsonRev & Mrs William W Ryan24324'3243275275309309367371371377377399409425447473485485487487487491491Mr Vernon E CarpenterMiss Fanny B CarpenterMiss Josephine C CarpenterMr & Mrs Robert E MandellMr George W MandellMr & Mrs Frederick W YellandMrs Lucy BentleyDr & Mrs C M GlazierDr & Mrs Herbert A ReedAt home WednesdaysSum res East BraintreeMiss Barbara ReedMr & Mrs Frank J ChapliniSum res Sunapee N HRes Tel West Newton 1415Miss Dorothy G ChaplinMr & Mrs William B BakerMr & Mrs Austin S KilbumDr & Mrs Thomas ChalmersAllen Chalmers SchoolThomas Chalmers DirectorMr & Mrs Everett J JonesDr & Mrs A BourquieMr & Mrs Otto BothMrs Elizabeth A GormanMr John J GormanMr James F GormanDr & Mrs Patrick F CoadyOffice hours 2 to 3:30 and 7 to8:30 p mTel West Newton 1160Mr Clement D CoadyH. W. ROBARTPhoneKewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

9SNEWTON BLUE BOOKWARWICKROAD41212182234Mr & Mrs D TedescoMrs E A WeaverMr Clarence T WeaverMr & Mrs Edgar P HayMr & Mrs James P RameeMr & Mrs Howard L Beehler11 Mr & Mrs Richard T Lahey15 Mr & Mrs Daniel E McLaughlin19 Mrs Irving T Farnham25 Mr & Mrs Raymond Forte27 Mr & Mrs Charles P Frail35 Mr & Mrs Wm S Bowen35 Mr & Mrs Ralph J Bowen43 Mrs Webster Weeks43 Miss Eleanor Weeks51 Mr & Mrs John J Gill73 Mr & Mrs Le Roy C Percey85 Mr & Mrs John M FergusonWASHINGTON STREET1354135814821482148214821516151615161516Dr & Mrs Fred M LoweMr & Mrs Frank T DayMrs Albert E PutnamMiss Edith L GrayMiss Carrie B FlemingMr Reginald F PutnamMr Benjamin F MonaghanMr Edward F MonaghanMr Richard J MonaghanMiss Agnes F Monaghan1337148714871529City Hall NewtonMrs Andrew PetersThe Misses PetersRev John F Keleher1640 Dr & Mrs N Emmons Paine1670 Mrs Ella. Thompson1670 Mr & Mrs Frederick PaulWATBRTOWN STREET774790790802802806808814826826832836846848854854856858860868868872876882886Mr Frederick J RoweMr William G HarleyMiss Sarah G HarleyMr James MorrisMiss Pauline M MorrisMr & Mrs Peter F DonovanMr & Mrs Herman O KruegerMr & Mrs Edgar R HillsMr & Mrs S BlairMr & Mrs Henry G HaynesMr & Mrs Robert J BurnsMr & Mrs Charles C TerrersMrs G A O'NeilMr & Mrs C H LippincottMrs Edward CarterMiss Ethel CarterMr & Mrs J Winthrop PerryMr & Mrs Arthur D BatsonMr & Mrs Edwin A BosworthMr & Mrs Leroy L ParkerMiss Lillian C ParkerMr & Mrs Edgar E AbrahamsMr & Mrs John W ShowierMr & Mrs George K StaceyMr & Mrs William Beebe789803803819835843893893895895905907892910920924930934936936942Mr & Mrs Harry F BatteyMr & Mrs James B NewellMr Charles NewellMr & Mrs Wdlliam E TomlinsonMr & Mrs Herman R PlaceMr & Mrs Howard C KiteMr & Mrs Walter E BatstoneMr William BatstoneMrs Flora B FrenchMr Ralph E FrenchMr & Mrs Harold L EarleMr & Mrs Murdock L BrisonRev & Mrs George H CateMr & Mrs James L BarrettMr Mrs Peter Capodanno&Mr Mrs James B Davis&Mr Mrs Arthur W Corrigan&Mr Mrs Hurbert D Hurley&Mr Mrs John B Bryson&The Misses BrysonMr & Mrs M John Enegess• »11

NEWTON BLUB BOOKBARBOUR & TRAVIS-INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE OF EVERY DESCRIPTIONCARE OF, RENTING, AND SELLINGT. WALLACE TRAVIS, Notary Public, Justice of the PeaceHERBERT A. TRAVIS, Local Expressman1345 Washington Street,National Bank Bldg.WEST NEWTONTelephone: West Newton 689-WTelephone Connection Established 1861HENRY F. CATE(Successor to STEPHEN F. GATE)/iftmeral director anb €mlmlmcr1251 Washington St., WEST NEWTON, MASSC. F. EDDY CO.COAL AND WOODHay, Straw, Flour, Grain, Feed, Lime, Cement, Drain Pipe, EtcDeliveries made in all parts of NewtonOffices and Yards:AUBURNDALE and WEST NEWTONTHE MISSES ALLEN SCHOOLWEST NEWTON, MASS.Established in 1904, by the daughters of the late Nathaniel T.Allen, so long- connected with educational work, and founder of theAllen School.Miss Allen studies the needs of each girl entrusted toher care, and her pupils have entered all the higher institutions for womenin the East.WebsterIllustrated booklets sent upon request.MISS LUCY ELLIS ALLEN, PrincipalWEST NEWTON, MTelephone 131 West Newton

NEWTON BLUE BOOKTelephones:Newton West 973-MResidence:Newton North 2469-WE. A. DEACKS & CO.ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORSESTIMATES FURNISHEDRepair Work a Specialty — Cleaners and Washers Repaired343 AUBURN ST., AUBURNDALE, MASSELLIS DAIRY FARMJ. R. ASHWORTH, ManagerMILK AND CREAMof Quality from our own cowsTelephone: West Newton 1486-W69 Cherry Street, W. NEWTONMARTIN J. HICKEYPROPRIETOR NEWTONVILLE FARMPure Fresh MILK Produced in NewtonvilleDelivered in the Newtons and Brookline363 Craft Street, NEWTONVILLE, MASS.Telephone: N. N. 2272-M.EDWARD A. JONESPublisherH. F. JONESManagerCambridge, Brookline, Newton,South Shore and WinchesterBLUE BOOKS13 PLYMOUTH ST. ARLINGTON, MASS

WEST NEWTON 9980 Miss Mira Metcalf80 Mr Franklin Metcalf80 Mrs Sarah F Johnson92 Mr Charles W Sweetland92 Mr & Mrs August Sweetland102 Mr & Mrs Bamford Hoar102 Miss Florence HoarWEBSTERPARK69 Mr Wilbur A Paine69 Mr Edward L Spaulding79 Mr & Mrs Joseph M Towle79 Mr & Mrs William G Hambleton87 Mr & Mrs Walter G Collagan95 Mr John J Ruddick95 Miss Lillian Ruddick10. Dr & Mrs Frank W Putnam111 Mr & Mrs Samuel N WatersWEBSTER STREET14182424243030303638405658669096104110112130128136144166174182Mr & Mrs Fred L SmithMr & Mrs T J NolanMr & Mrs Seldon E JamesMr & Mrs T Wallace TravisMr Herbei't A TravisMr & Mrs Arthur M TeulonMiss Ruth V TeulonMiss Helen A HannaMrs Elizabeth NewmanMr Lucian N DavisMiss Nellie M HeywoodMr &Mr &Dr &Mr &Mr &Mrs James F DugganMrs John C OlenMrs Thomas HaydenMrs William J GannonMrs Charles S FraryDelia PerkinsMissMr & Mrs Augustus O ClarkMr & Mrs Henry C LittleMiss Eimily WheelerMr & Mrs William J HowlettMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsWilliam G FolsomJames T BaileyDavid C HoarWilliam KellarIra R Mjelvin152123356767115125125133141141153157157Mr & Mrs Charles R FisherMr & Mrs Lewis M BaileyMr & Mrs Alton R SedgleyMiss Lucy Ellis AllenISum res Linekin MeMr & Mrs F W Sprague 2dThe Misses SpragueMr & Mrs Thomas BradleyMrs Mary C GammonsMr & Mrs William GammonsMr & Mrs Nepthali ForteMr Joshua S RobertsMr & Mrs J Pearl RobertsMr & Mrs Frank V CushmanMrs Mina CormickMr & Mrs Charles J CormickWINTHROP STREET14 Mr William E Elder14 Miss Mary Elder22 Mr & Mrs Hiram Norton Cushman34 Mr & Mrs Clarence L Weaver52 Mrs Chester O Dorchester58 Mr & Mrs William R JonesH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.3 Rev & Mrs J Edgar Park51 Dr Henry B ChandlerSum res Sullivan Me61 Mr & Mrs Josiah E Lincoln51 Miss Mary ThomasANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired andRefinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

100 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWILLOW FARMMILK AND CREAM OF QUALITYInspection of our dairies, invited at all times; daily delivery inNewton and Brookline.Special Milk for Babies from our own herds.120 Farwell St., NEWTONVILLETel. West Newton 521-W"Itellyou,ifs a dandy pen!"j>The MooreFountain\iEvenrear in Is owV.point.durable, smooth-writingClean to carry,handle and fill.Stands up under hardest use — alwaysreliable.Many styles, sizes and points,$2. 50 up. At jewelers', stationers', druggists'*THJK MOOKE PJflN CO.,110-112 Federal St., Boston, Mass.- • • -^•r-r^eoii: JK^rSOTBBXVJ.* —;\-—

NEWTON CENTRE 101NEWTON CENTREALDEN STREET2 Mr & Mrs Alexander J McLeod2 Miss Frances M McLeod2 Miss Evelyn L McLeod2 Miss Elizabeth A Herold10 Mrs Silas R Curry10 Mr Francis H Curry10 Miss Ada L Amy18 Mrs Stephen Greene5 Mr & Mrs Edward W Joyce15 Mr & Mrs Rufus S Wilson15 Miss Barbara F Wilson15 Miss Miriam Wilson16 Mr R Saxton Wilson Jr19 Mr & Mrs David H AndrewsALBION PLACE2 Mrs Oscar W Walker2 Mr & Mrs Albert E Hall6 Mr & Mrs Walter H Weston6 Mr Howard F.Weston6 Miss Madeline Weston6 Miss Harriette Weston12 Mr & Mrs Timothy C Sullivan Jr16 Mr & Mrs Howard G Marion20 Mr & Mrs Hiram J Boyd20 Miss Dora Boyd20 Mrs T L BrackettALBION STREET24 Mr & Mrs Philip F Turner24 Miss Mary F Turner24 Miss Ella M Turner24 Miss Katherine A Turner27 Mrs Robert F HaydenTel 957-J Centre NewtonAPPLEGARTHSTREET12 Mr & Mrs Edwin R Brackett 9 Mr & Mrs Albert G Hopkins19 Mrs Franklin E Robinson19 Miss Gertrude Robinson19 Miss Katherine RobinsonGILMOUR, ROTHERY GO.S. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRENSURANCE UNDERWRITERS120-130 WATER ST.. BOSTON

102 NEWTON BLUE BOOKASHTON AVENUE52 Mrs Charles S Young52 Miss Anna M Young52 Miss Rhoda Young52 Miss C Finette Jewett66 Mrs Everett Burr80 Mr & Mrs Howard B WilderSO Mrs H M Ripley3Mr& Mrs William H Slade33 Mr & Mrs Willian H Greeley45 Mr & Mrs Ralph G Hudson55 Mr & Mrs Frank C Pope55 Miss Helen Pope55 Miss Frances Pope79 Mr Joseph H Frothingham79 Mr & Mrs Harry G FrothinghamAVONDALE ROAD4 Dr & Mrs L Curtis TurnerTel Centre Newton 2021ISum res Claremont N H12 Dr & Mrs Robert D Curtis12 Mrs Margaret J Curtis16 Major & Mrs Paul M Baade15 Mr & Mrs Fred M GoodwinBALLARD STREET1628343438004448545454MrsMrMr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &James Ross Curran& Mrs Albert W MertherMrs Brackett K ThorogoodMrs George W JacksonMrs Ernest W BrighamMrs E C Potter (cor Centre)Mrs W F HallMiss Hetty WalleyMiss Beatrice FarringtonMr & Mrs Thomas F ReynoldsMr Joseph A ReynoldsMiss Mary Reynolds25 Mr & Mrs William Dana Follett39 Mr Charles E Mason39 Mrs M Antoinette Tremblay49 Mrs Fred J Comer49 Miss Mabel G Ryel55 Mr & Mrs William J PhelpsSum res Bayville Me61 Mr & Mrs Frederick D F LewisBEACON STREET600680698700700700706706848854Mr & Mrs Francis R ParksMr Horace S CousensMr & Mrs H D JacksonMr & Mrs W Herbert StetsonMiss Helen L StetsonMr William B StetsonMr & Mrs James O WrightMrs Mary L BowersMr & Mrs Charles N ArbuckleMr & Mrs Albert L Harwood693 Mr & Mrs John Davis711 Mr & Mrs A W Moriarty723 Mr & Mrs Harry L Haines723 Mr George E Thulbon723 Mr George F White731 Mr & Mrs John R Pudsey851 Mr & Mrs Edward B Keane859 Dr & Mrs Sidney C Dalrymple865 Mr & Mrs Sidney P Meleney865 Mr Henbert C MeleneyGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. BOSTON

NEWTON CENTRE 103BEACON STREETContinued85486086687688888888890S90893093093494294295295295296097097698298298298298499299299299899810021002100210021002100810161020Miss H t elen A DavisDr & Mrs George L WestOffice hours until 9 a m 2 to 3and 6 to 7 p m Tel CentreNewton 22Capt & Mrs A P DavidsonMr & Mrs Henry H Kendall'Sum res "Rest Wood"•Centre Harbor N HMr & Mrs Edward H HaskellMiss Marion R HaskellMiss Edith L HaskellTel Centre Newton 66Mr & Mrs Sidney Van DusenMiss Virginia Van DusenMr & Mrs Herbert N SmitbMiss Alice T SmithMrs Harriett M CampProf & Mrs Harry Ellsworth CliffordCentre Newton 93Miss Gretchen CliffordMr & Mrs William H BreedMr William M BreedMrs A J CrossmanMiss Edith GammansMr & Mrs Stacy W PageMr & Mrs Robert C HoebnerMr Ralph E WightMi'Sis Ethel P WightMiss Dorothy E WightMrs Marion Wight DunnellMr & Mrs James W DysonMr & Mrs William H PlumerMr William B PlumerMr Leonidas N PlumerMr & Mrs J O'DonnellMr & Mrs Alex WhiteMr Irving J FrenchMr George BuellMr William HendersonMr Eugene CowellMr Arthur S GuyMr & Mrs Frederick M Salles JrMr & Mrs Leroy Frederick HamiltonMr & Mrs Chester I Brickett865 Mr Harol L Meieney871 Mr & Mrs Frank A Mason871 Miss Ella Mason877 Mr Edwin W Colburn877 Mass Harriet A Colburn885 Dr & Mrs John Bergeson• Office: 413 Boylston street Boston891 Mr & Mrs Frederick M Burditt921 Mr & Mrs Charles H Bennett '929 Mr & Mrs Charles A Hubbard929 Mrs George A Mead935 Mr & Mrs Cyrus S Chapin935 Miss Helen G Chapin935 Miss Eleanor A Chapin945 Mr & Mrs A Leslie Harwood Jr966 Mr & Mrs John H Lesh955 Miss Olga Lesh961 Mr & Mrs Edward McLellan981985991991991991997997100710131013102910331036104510451045Centre Newton 410Mr & Mrs Alfred H WhitneyMr & Mrs Joseph F LongMrs Francis I MestonMr & Mrs Robert M ChaseMiss Alice MestonMiss Elinor MestonMr Milton A. ChandlerMr Sidney T CallowhillMr & Mrs Rodney W StrattonMr & Mrs Frank W StevensMr & Mrs James ZanckMrs H M StewartMr & Mrs Leonard BowmanMr & Mrs Percy L WeirMr & Mrs Edwin C DavisMr Emery W DavisMiss Frances Davis1032 Mr & Mrs Donald J Ross1038 Mrs Mary J King1050 Mr Daniel J FurdenGiLMOUR, ROTHERY CO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST.. N

1(U NEWTON BLUE BOOKBERWICKROAD16 Mr & Mrs Willis G Parmelee22 Mr & Mrs William Forrest Pillsbury30 Mr & Mrs De Witt R Tompkins42 Mr & Mrs R H Stevens46 Mr & Mrs Walter E Hurley52 Mr & Mrs Fred W Downer171725293535Mr & Mrs Albert W ElliottMr AUbert W Elliott JrMr & Mrs Joseph W BriggsDr & Mrs Harold G GiddingsMrs Alice J MelcherMiss Mabel MelcherBISHOP'S GATEROAD91 Mr & Mrs Harry E PearsallSum res Lands End RockportMass121 Mr & Mrs Ellis Spear JrMr & Mrs Harry J CarlsonBOTHFELDROAD54 Mr & Mrs Max G Andress 47 Mr & Mrs Eugene F LegerBOWEN STREET22 Mr & Mrs William Skelton "24 Mr & Mrs William H Hockridge26 Mr & Mrs William Hodges26 Mr & Mrs John R Coulton26 Mr Robert J Coulton32 Mrs Gustav W Ulmer32 Mr & Mrs Gustav Ulmer Jr32 Miss Marie Ulmer32 Miss Caroline Ulmer58 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Melcher58 Mrs Henry E Twombly70 Mr & Mrs Frank E Kneeland74 Mrs Benjamin Cooper74 Miss Cora Cooper74 Mr Austin Cooper74 Miss Katherine MeadeJr25 Mr & Mrs George Smith25 Mr & Mrs Winthrop P Smith25 Miss Louise Smith25 Miss Florence Smith35 Mr & Mrs John Metz55 Mr & Mrs Harry S Sawyer57 Mr & Mrs Alexander Smith63 Mr & Mrs Walter B Randlett69 Mrs Emily A Waters69 Miss Elvira GoveBOYLSTON STREET592 Mr & Mrs Francis H Chapman595 Mr & Mrs Maurice BiscoeGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., N

NEWTON CENTRE 105BRACEBRIDGEROAD38 Prof & Mrs William Z Ripley 15 Mr & Mrs Addison C BurnhamSum res Bailey Island Me15 Miss Joan Burnham35 Mr & Mrs William M Noble35 Mr William M Noble Jr43 Mr & Mrs Jesse E Perry43 Miss Florence E Perry43 Miss Evelyn F Perry('See 17-31 Institution Avenue)BRADFORD COURTBRAELANDAVENUE16 Mr & Mrs John MacPhearson16 Miss Gertrude MacPhearson16 Miss Ada MacPhearson20 Mrs William J Cooney20 Mr & Mrs Oscar D McClelland20 Miss Alma Johnston24 Mr & Mrs Casper B Holden24384242424648Mr & Mrs Fred McCulloughMr & Mrs Fred H DavisProf & Mrs Edgar S BrightmanMr Howard H BrightmanMiss Miriam F BrightmanMr & Mrs Carroll E BesseMrs Dorothy M PowersBROOKLINE STREET328 Rev & Mrs Lyman W King328 Miss Sinia F King175 Mr & Mrs Albert M Otto215 Miss M B SchworerCEDAR STREET8 Mr William T Lockett18 Mr & Mrs Joseph F Vaas26 Mr & Mrs Emil P Bernard46 Mr & Mrs R D Marston56 Mr & Mrs Alfred J Kelley138 Mr John W Cabot138 Mr F Ernest Cabot138 Miss Theodora Cajbot9 Mr & Mrs Stanley R Kingman55 Mr & Mrs John MacArthur Meggett63 Mrs Emma Doake63 Mr William F Doake93 Mr & Mrs Homer Arthur Ely93 Miss Enid ElyTel Centre Newton 1090119 Mr & Mrs Herbert S MorleyROTHERYCO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. N

106 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCENTRE STREET92093093S9449449509629629709709769769909901010101010101016103210321032103810461074108211041190119612981298.132614021402Mr & Mrs Henry Edward WarrenMr & Mrs Charles F WashburnMr & Mrs Harold M BowmanMr & Mrs G Horace Williams JrMiss Elizabeth WilliamsMr & Mrs Charles M LawrenceMr & Mrs E Clifford PotterMr Frederick T PotterMr Charles E MastersMrs Louise M MastersMr & Mrs Henry BailyMiss Elizabeth Baily.Mr & Mrs Sidney J FrancisMr Douglas B FrancisMr & Mrs Alfred W VoseMr Edwin C VoseMiss R ConstanceDr & Mrs Jane HMr & Mrs John GVoseWrightJoyceMiss May Katherine JoyceMiss Bertha Elizabeth JoyceMr & Mrs EVerett A GreeneMr & Mrs J H BurghardtMajor & Mrs Robert N DavyMr & Mrs Edward B StrattonMr & Mrs Morgan L CooleyiSum res Kingston Mass1104' Mr Howard Hewitt Cooley1120 Mrs Soloman YoungOBessie S.eaverns Young)1122 Mr & Mrs G Herbert SawyerU26 Mr & Mrs N Chester Wiley(nee Mildred Jeffrey)1126 Mrs Sarah E Jeffrey1136 Home for Missionaries' Children(Baptist) Mrs Mattie R West, suptMr & Mrs George W YoungMr & Mrs Albert F NobleDr & Mrs Edward A AndrewsMis& Margaret LewisMr & Mrs James D SempleMrs Luther PaulMiss Harriett O PaulS5593193193197397398310051005100510051011102310731081108110911091109111751179118112031243130113211335133513451359Mr & Mrs Gardner C WalworthMrs Arthur C WalworthMr Arthur C Walworth JrMiss Louise WalworthMr & Mrs Leslie B SandersMr Leslie B Sanders JrMrs Charles C BurrMr & Mrs A Dudley DowdSum res Craigville Cape CodMassMr Dudley G LesterMiss Madelaine DowdMr Roger L DowdMr & Mrs Ripley L DanaMr & Mrs Harry S MoodyMrs Katherine E BestMrs George A PierceMr Carlos Thornton PierceMr Eben ShuteMrs Louise NelsonMiss Dorothy ShuteMr & Mrs Charles EMr & Mrs Robert PMass Anna R SmithTHE GRAFTONMrs Frank C PrattMiss Maria F WoodFlaggWalkerMf & Mrs Augustus H ChildsMrs Harriet A SwainMiss Mary B MasonMr & Mrs W F WoodmanRev & Mrs A S AdamsRev T A CurtinMiss Grace ColburnMiss May ColhurnMr & Mrs T T CadyMrs A I EnglishICHANNINGROAD0 25866Mr & Mrs E B FrinkMr & Mrs Robert B CaponMr & Mrs Howard H Tucker53 Mr & Mrs DixwellG1LM0UR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

NEWTON BLUE BOOKNEWTON CENTRE SAVINGS BANK103 UNION STREET, NEWTON CENTREBanking Hours: 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.Saturdays: 8 A. M. to 12 MPresident, WILLIAM H. RICE;OFFICERSVice-Presidents, I.ENFRANK A. SCHIRMER;Treasurer,- SALMON W. WILDER; Asst. Treasurer,EDWARD R KIMBALL; Clerk of Corporation and Trustees, HARRY J. CARL­SON.BOARD OF INVESTMENTWILLIAMSEWARD W. JONESIRVING C. PAULFRANK L. RICHARDSONFRANK A. SCHIRMERDeposits draw interest from the 15th of each month if allowedto remain until the next dividend day.Dividend days January 15 and July 15.HORNBLOWERWEEKSESTABLISHED 1888Members of New York, Boston and ChicagoStock ExchangesINVESTMENT SECURITIES60 CONGRESS STREET42 BROADWAYBOSTONNEWYORKChicago Detroit Providence Portland

NEWTON BLUE BOOKThe Foresman Electric Co.,IncQUALITY ELECTRIC SERVICE*WIRINGFIXTURESMOTORSREPAIRSSUPPLIESAPPLIANCES76 Langley RoadNEWTON CENTRETelephones: Centre Newton 1006, 1007, 359John Fredericks©!!PAINTING, DECORATING ANDPAPER HANGINGInterior Work a Specialty562 Commonwealth Ave. NEWTON CENTRE, MASSTelephone: Centre Newton 1738

L. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889NEWTON CENTRE 107CHASE STREET10 Mrs Dorothy W Evans10 Mr Harold W Evans Jr18 Mr & Mrs Charles P Powers(nee Lorena Brown)18 Mrs Julia E Brown30 Mr & Mrs Albert L Scott40 Hasseltine House40 Mrs Clara H Morris15 Mrs Rita A Butterworth21 Mr & Mrs Allan S White25 Mrs Zadoc Long25 Mrs W H Burr25 Miss M P Sumner25 Miss Letitia Linsley31 Dr & Mrs Charles M Whitney37 Mr & Mrs Charles E? Townsend41 Mr & Mrs Herbert J KellawayCHESLEY ROAD30324242424248Mr & Mrs William ScottMr & Mrs Henry HillMr & Mrs Hugh BurnsMr Harold A BurnsMr & Mrs Duncan McDonaldMr Ralph H CouetteMrs Louis E Murnhy1111112938Mr Asa Clark JewettMrs Wilbert A PageMiss Dorothy PageiSum res Grejen Harbor MassMr & Mrs Louis B MartinMr & Mrs Stanley P BartonCHESTNUT TERRACE16 Mr & Mrs Carle M Bigelow22 Mr & Mrs Morton C Tuttle34 Mrs Alvah Hovey40 Mr & Mrs Francis W McAleer48 Mr & Mrs Matthew C Skilton171925313539Newton Center Squash Tennis ClubMr & Mrs Charles C WhitmanMr & Mrs Edwin H Kidd.erMr & Mrs Augustus H WithingtonMr & Mrs Merrill P ButlerMr & Mrs W F WyethCLARK STREET120120120'120130144158162Mr & Mrs D Wilbur EaglesMiss Eva EaglesMiss Nettie EaglesMrs Grace DanielsMr & Mrs John N MacleodMr Marius MohorMrs James A HillMr & Mrs Martin Bruder97 Mr & Mrs George C -Gilbert111 Mr & Mrs Charles C Stearns15152127273337396163636565Mr & Mrs Henry Schoenfleld(Receiving day Mondays 2-4Miss Roslyn L SchoenfleldMr & Mrs Arthur A GeorgeMr & Mrs William H TimbieMr Charles N TimbieMr & Mrs Robert J WilkieMr & Mrs Ralph A JonesMr & Mrs Raymond R FullerMr & Mrs Edward A BoydenMr & Mrs Harold V MarshallMrs Julia A MarshallMr & Mrs George B WilsonMiss Maud WilsonROTHERYCE UNEWTON120-130 WATER ST.. N

L. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889108! NEWTON BLUEBOOKCOMMONWEALTHAVENUE412418424424430430430436460516518518650684692692692700700700710710750808808808808882882894902910Mr & Mrs Bmil O LundinMr & Mrs William C DorretyMr & Mrs A FeinbergMr Sampson FeinbergMr & Mrs Harry AronsonMrs E SolomonMiss Deborah SolomonMr & Mrs Clyde I DrakeMr & Mrs Joshua M DillMr & Mrs Perley E WheldenMr & Mrs Frank N NathanMiss Helen NathanMr & Mrs Alfred AkeroydDr Mary WrightMr & Mrs Sannie B RoweMrs Charlotte I RoweMiss Laura B RoweMr & Mrs John Richards PerryMiss Margaret L PerryMr Howard P PerryMr & Mrs Forester MacdonaldMiss Jean RobertsonMr & Mrs Francis N WilsonDr & Mrs C H WinnMiss Mary A WinnMiss Margaret WinnMr Charles WinnMr & Mrs George W HarveyMiss Esther May HarveyMr & Mrs WhitakerMr & Mrs Elliott C AndsonMr & Mrs Albert Thaneuf37339340540540

L. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889NEWTON CENTRE 109CRESCENT AVENUE— Continued54586060606472808080Mr & Mrs Arthur Lasalle Shaw-Mr & Mrs Frank H Colony-Mr & Mrs J Charles HoldenMr & Mrs Fred W WoolwayMr & Mrs E J SomesMr & Mrs Abraham J SomesCatholic Women's ClubMrs Margaret DrennanMr Eugene DrennanMr Edward Drennan373751516363637S7373Mr & Mrs Harry C EarleMrs Annie EarleMr & Mrs William DavisMr & Mrs John O'BrienMr & Mrs Frank W SadlerMiss Eva M SadlerMr Frank B SadlerMr & Mrs Alfred PearsonMr Arthur M PearsonMiss Elsie Pearson81 Mr & Mrs David C JohnsonCRYSTAL STREET14 Mr & Mrs Scott Whitcher20 Mr & Mrs Frederick B Weston15 Dr & Mrs Henry C Marble19 Mr & Mrs Arthur Harold Emily27 Mrs Helen Flint Taylor27 Mr Arnold Flint Taylor37 Miss Ethel Egerton37 Mrs J B Rafter37 Miss Justina C RafterCYPRESS STREET78 Mr & Mrs Henry Southworth ShawJr78 Mrs A Allen163 Mr Alexander Fife163 Miss Dora Fife163 Mr & Mrs Charles Danforth51 Mr & Mrs Frederick W Bakeman103 Mrs Gladys C Osgood117 Mr & Mrs George Squires117 Mr & Mrs George A Keith121 Mrs Esther L Cauger129 Mr & Mrs Albert Temperley129 Mr & Mrs Albert Narroway139 Mr & Mrs Harry B Bradford139 Mr Phil L Bradford139 Miss Jessie F Waterhouse153 Mr & Mrs Edward F GoodwinDALTONROADFrom 707 Beacon to Gibbs corner Everett62 Mr Charles F Shourds62 Mrs John F Hallett72 Mr & Mrs Alfred E Alvord72 Miss Rebecca Alvord78 Mrs Otis Stafford Johnson78 Mr Richard Newhall Johnson86 Mr & Mrs Eugene H Tilton59 Mr & Mrs Greenleaf W PickardROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST.. BOSTON

L. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889110 NEWTON BLUE BOOKDEVON ROAD2038Mr & Mrs H Esmond Rowley(nee Josephine Bostwick)Mr & Mrs Frederic T Parks11 Mr Wm Snow11 Mi as Elizabeth Snow11 Mr & Mrs Wm G Snow31 Mr & Mrs Clarence H Wilkins31 Mr Warde Wilkins31 Miss Margaret Wilkins31 Miss Katherine Wilkins39 Mr & Mrs Charles Haas39 Miss Vera S Haas45 Mr & Mrs Jerome C SmithDEVON TERRACE8 Mr & Mrs Charles A Sawin12 Mr & Mrs George N LeBonte(nee Bertha G Granger)12 Miss Eleanor I LeBonte12 Mr Robert E Granger18 Mr & Mrs William H Edmands17 Mrs Henry Hanie17 Miss Helen Hanie50 Mr & Mrs James A Munroe100 Mr & Mrs Cail P WaldingerMr & Mrs Allan McKissockDr & Mrs Henry T HutchinsMr & Mrs Henry G Pearson110130140160200246Miss Mary P WinsorMr & Mrs Charles CollensMr & Mrs F H KennardDUDLEYROAD85 Dr & Mrs D Crosby Greene Jr95 Dr & Mrs Stephen Rushmore133 Mr & Mrs Herbert D Ward167 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Badger167 Miss Doris Badger167 Mr Theodore Badger205 Mr & Mrs Henry M Wheelwright295 Dr & Mrs L V Friedman369 Mr & Mrs James W Spring501 Mrs Cornelia SchrootEASTBOURNEROAD2'6 Mr & Mrs Alexander Kevorkian15 Mr Andrew Seiler15 Mrs Charlotte Seiler21 Mr & Mrs Joseph T Ridgeway27 Mr & Mrs Preston S Sampson33 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Palmer55 Mr Russell G Hemenway55 Mrs F M Hemenway(Helen Stevens Hemenway)Sum res Birchmont Camps, EastWolfeboro N HGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., N

L. LORING BROOKS53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889••NEWTON CENTRE 111ELGINSTREET304'280*Mr & Mrs Rufus J SmithMrs William W RedmondMr & Mrs Lorenz Francis Muther•••37 Rev & Mrs William H Cobb37 Miss Mary B Cobb45 Mr & Mrs Louis Carter Smith57 Mrs Harriet M Levi57 Mr Charles W Levi57 Miss Ida Levi57 Miss Janet Grant75 Mr Sidney G Ste,eves75 Miss Mary E SteevesELMORE STREET16 Dr & Mrs Austin W Cheever38 Mr & Mrs Harry Newell44 Mr & Mrs Searle F Holmes50 Mrs Claire H Fisk50 Miss Clair B Fisk72 Mr & Mrs Thurlow S Chandler76 Mr & Mrs W E Hills11 Mrs M R Tro\Vbridge11 Mr G W Torrey11 Mr Arthur R Torr.ey11 Mr Steven W Torrey11 M.iss Edith Torrey19 Mr & Mrs E Ernest Smith21 Mr & Mrs Bradford C Edmands25 Mr & Mrs Marshall Irving Stone25 Mrs E W Odlin31 Mr & Mrs David Porter Cummings31 Mr David J Cummings53 Mr & Mrs A Maxwell StoneEVERETT STREET26 Mr & Mrs Harrison W Hay ward26 Mrs Emma W Hayward38 Mr & Mrs G Wilbur Thompson50 Dr & Mrs Edward DeWitt Leonard50 Mr Edward Leonard Jr58 Mr & Mrs Richard J Huggard41 Vacant45 Mr & Mrs George S Burgess51 Mr & Mrs Gordon B WilkesFURBERLANE20 Mr & Mrs H C Hawks20 Mr Robert A Hawks15 Mr '& Mrs George F Wales15 Miss Jessie P Fitch21 Mr & Mrs Frank W Lane29 Mr & Mrs Benjamin F WhiteGELMOUR, ROTHERYCO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

INVESTMENT SECURITIES53 STATE STREETROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889112 NEWTON BLUE BOOKGIBBS STREET106 Mr & Mrs James Guiler112 Mr & Mrs Charles Wood Bond112 Mrs Daniel W Bond112 Miss N Maria Stevens136 Mrs Charles B Garey136 Mr Chester W Davis136 Mrs C P Thompson136 Mrs Charles Brower136 Miss Helen Elizabeth Brown144 Mr & Mrs George Pratt184 Mr & Mrs Hartley Rowe111 Mr Herbert I Ordway111 Mr Warren Ordway111 Miss Priscilla Ordway129 Mr & Mrs Abner Kingman Pratt129 Miss Helen Kingman Pratt129 Miss Esther Chase Pratt133 Mr & Mrs Thomas B Booth139 Mr & Mrs Waldron H Rand JrSum res West Harwich, Cape Cod145 Mr & Mrs William C Brewer181 Mrs Agnes McA Noyes181 Mass Carrie C Noyes181 Miss Agnes F Noyes181 Miss Louise K Noyes187 Mr Edward P Spence187 Mr Benjamin W Spence,187 Miss Rose E Spence193 Mr & Mrs D Bradlee Rich193 Mr & Mrs Henry A Rich195 Mr & Mrs Robert S ShackfordGLEN AVENUE78 Mr Joseph R Leeson110 Dr & Mrs Charles F Weeden110 Miss Martha B Weeden110 Miss Eleanor R Weeden110 Miss Mary B Weeden110 Mr Charles F Weeden Jr118 Mr & Mrs Henry H Nance126 Mr & Mrs Henry E Whittemore87 Rev & Mrs Perry ChandlerMrs Webster A Chandlero •GLEN ROAD20 Mr & Mrs Elisha W Cobb 9 Mr & Mrs Fred G White19 Mr & Mrs William B NealGLENWOOD AVENUE12 Mr & Mrs John J Harman16 Mrs Edward P Young16 Miss Dorothy Young16 Mr Clarence Young22 Mr & Mrs Charles H Centre48 Mr Charles C Barton54 Mrs Arthur E Viets54 Miss Ruth Viets1117172329293753Mr & Mrs Francis H WilliamsMr & Mrs William F McCarthyMiss Grace McCarthyMr & Mrs Alfred S NorrisMr & Mrs Wm H NewcombeMr W Leslie NewcombeMr & Mrs Daniel SullivanMr & Mrs Henry H LowellGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. N

L. LUK1INU tSKUUK.b,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889NEWTON CENTRE 113GRAFTON STREET44445058Mr & Mrs Donald A Mac LennanMrs M F PeaveyDr & Mrs W J HammondMr & Mrs A Warren Armington47 Dr Henry WaitersOffice hours: 1-3 and by appointmentTel 823 Centre Newton47 Miss Annie S Watters57 Mr & Mrs Frederick D RobinsonSum res Edgehill Nahant63 Mrs George William CramptonSum res Hampton Falls N H63 Mr Alfred R Crampton' 63 Miss Helen Crampton67 Mr Asa R Mitchell67 Mr S B DeaneGRANT AVENUE92 Mr & Mrs Arthur P Underhill98 Mr & Mrs William G Burbeck156 Mr & Mrs Adams D Claflin156 Mr William Walker Claflin238 Mrs Bertrand E TaylorSum res Camp WampanoagBuzzard's Bay Mass238 Miss Marjorie Taylor238 Miss Dorothy Taylor31 Mr & Mrs William P Edwards31 Mr William A Edwards31 Miss Eleanor Edwards105 Mr & Mrs Frank W Peterschen111 Dr & Mrs Homer J Wheeler(nee Frieda H F Ruprecht)111 Mr Wm E Wheeler111 Mr Roland A Wheeler117 Mr & Mrs Charles Anderson123 Mr & Mrs Frank C Hatch131 Mr & Mrs Arthur W McKey141 Mr & Mrs Albert J Foster189 Mrs George H Ellis223 Mr & Mrs Norman F Pratt233 Mr & Mrs George S Smith251 Mr & Mrs J Eugene LynchGRAY CLIFF ROAD546470536565MrMrMr&&&Mrs John Y MainlandMrs Nathan G SmithMrs Harry L JonesThe Miss,es CopelandMr & Mrs Harrison P EddyMr & Mrs Gardner Wiley21212135353939434353Mr & Mrs George A BurdettMiss Sylvia S BurdettMrs Ellen ShawMrs Anna M MayMr & Mrs William T MayDr & Mrs Harry W TylerMiss Emily W TylerMr & Mrs Robert CassonMiss Beatrice S CassonMr & Mrs Charles CopelandGILMOUR, ROTHERY GO. r*INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

114 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHAMPTONTERRACE00 Mr & Mrs George S Wilson00 Dr E W WilsonSum res Manomet MassHANCOCKAVENUE16 Dr & Mrs Leonard E Brewster34 Mr & Mrs James H Ritchie44 Mr & Mrs Daniel G Crandon44 Miss P Elizabeth Crandon58 Mr & Mrs John H Chandler58 Mr Lucius C Chandler64 Mr & Mrs Henry B Bovey64 Mrs Mary P Bovey64 Miss Caroline Bovey84 Mr & Mrs P Eugene Banfield Jr152147595958657193Mr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsMr & MrsSum resMiss LoisMiss M BMr & MrsMr & MrsH Frederick LeshCharles B Wilbar.A Oram FultonLevi B DowleyOak Bluffs MassM DowleyHazardErnest W DearingLoton D JenningsTheoclor,e F BorstMr & MrsTel Center Newton 1731-MSum res Boothbay Harbor MeHOBART ROAD30 Mr & Mrs John E Waldo38 Mr & Mrs John Bollinger44 Mr & Mrs Frank Leslie Simpson54 Mr & Mrs Lewis Berger118 Mr & Mrs Frank Locke118 Mrs L S Hartshorn(IP O Chestnut Hill)158 Mr & Mrs Harry W AndersonII Mr & Mrs Aust'n Benton25 Mr & Mrs Arthur K Sibley31 Mr & Mrs Willa^d L Cobb31 Miss Alia A Libbey37 Mr & Mrs Francis B Manning41 Mrs Annie E Libbey43 Mr & Mrs Frank H ChamberlainSum res Plymouth Mass107 Mr & Mrs Leland PowersIII Mrs Frederic F Cutler143 Mr & Mrs Carlton W BaxterHOBART TERRACE15 Mr & Mrs Arthur M Allen(nee Margaret Shaw)HOMER STREET40 Mr & Mrs James P46 Mr & Mrs William46 Mr & Mrs HerbertPowersF McGrathM Thaver313775Mr & Mrs Claude H DanielsMr Frederick C von Der HeideMr & Mrs Arthur H ShannonL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889

NEWTON BLUE BOOKTHE GROWTH CITY REPRESENTED ITSBANKDEPOSITSOur Aim $10,000,000 Deposits*A bigger and better bank means a bigger and better city and is thebest indication of a prosperous community.The Newton Trust Com pan 1/ has grown from a deposit total of120,000.00 in 1894 to $8,243,437.50 in 1922.This steady growth represents the careful and concerted attention of astrong Board of Directors as well as active and interested officers andemployees.We are now serving over 15,000 customers and invite every residentof Newton to make use of our many departments.BOARD OF DIRECTORSROGER W. BABSONWILLIAM F. BACONHOWARD M. BISCOEEDWARD P. BOSSONEDWIN P. BROWNA LI IE I IT P. CARTERHOWARD P. CONVERSEJAMES W. FRENCHS. HA HOLD GREENEFRANK J. HALESYDNEY HARWOODFRED R. HAYWARDDR. EDWARD E. HOPKINSGEORGE HUTCHINSONTHOMAS AY.SAMUEL HYSLOPSEWARD W. JONESJOHN P LOTHROPLOUIS K. LIGGETTGEORGE J. MARTINFRANKLIN T. MILLERHENRY J. NICHOLSJAMES L. RICHARDSFRANK L. RICHARDSONCHARLES W. RYDERGEORGE F. SCHRAFFTFRANK H. STUARTRUPERT C. THOMPSONJOSTAH P. WESTCOTTWHITESEWARD W. JONES.PresidentOFFICERSFRANK L. RICHARDSONExecutive Vice-PresidentWILLIAM T. HALLIDAY,TreasurerNewton Office:WM. M. CAHILL, ManagerGEORGE L. WHITE. Assistant CashierNewton Centre Office:JAMES B. MELCHER, ManagerNewtonville & Auburndale OfficesGEORGE A. HAYNES, Manager.Newton Trust CompanyNewton and Newtonville Offices open Saturday evenings 6:30 to 8:00

NEWTON BLUE BOOK•EDWARD A. JONESPublisherH. F. JONESManager1922 NEWTON BLUE BOOK1922 CAMBRIDGE BLUE BOOK1922 BROOKLINE BLUE BOOK1922 WINCHESTER BLUE BOOK$3.503.003.503.001922 SOUTH SHORE BLUE BOOKTo Be Issued in July or August 3.50Revise your mailing lists by making useof these books.Information up to dateand accurate. Don't waste time and postageby using old lists.EDWARD A. JONESPUBLISHER13 Plymouth Street Arlington, Mass

NEWTON CENTRE 115HOMER STREETContinued64 Mr & Mrs Salmon W WilderSum res South Surry Me64 Mr Philip Wilder82 Mr & Mrs Robert Means Clark98 Mr & Mrs Charles S Wing112 Mr & Mrs Charles N Fitz118 Mr & Mrs John M Colony132 Dr & Mrs DeWitt G WilcoxOffice 496 Commonwealth avenueBoston142 Mrs Otis D Fellows142 Mrs Otis H Marion142 Miss Thalia Marion154 Mrs Henrietta E Dennison154 Miss Marie H Dennison168 Rev & Mrs George L Parker202 Mrs Ellen T Moriarty204 Mr & Mrs L H Bailey204 Mr & Mrs G W Robinson208 Mr & Mrs R A Thayer216 Prof & Mrs Woodman Bradbury216 Miss Elizabeth F Bradbury222 Mrs J H Lippincott222 Mr Whitney Lippincott758585858593101101101117117121127133143161169169177177205211219249249255261Miss Gwendolyn ShannonMr & Mrs B Rowell BirdMiss Ina M WalkerMrs Hughanna M HenryMiss Anna M HenryMr & Mrs J B Jammison JrMr & Mrs Ralph A PeaveyMiss leanor C GenthnerMr Gordon C GenthnerMr John L ShepardMrMrMrDrMrMrMrSpencer W Shepard& Mrs Robert H HullMrs&MrsMrs&Mrs&&Samuel A GardnerA H St Clair ChaseThurlow S WidgerJoseph H BurrillFrederick L AndersonMrs&Mr Frederick W AndersonMrS Herbert R HavensMiss Beulah C HavensDr & Mrs Frederick M SearsMr&Mr&Mr&Mr&Mr &Mr &MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsGeorge E HillFrederick A LundbergRalph E HadleyJoseph E GaryFrederick J BeanKristian A JutheINSTITUTION AVENUE52 Mr & Mrs Hawley W MortonMiss Everley MortonMr Edwin Morton112 Mrs J C Hartshorn112 Mrs H A Stetson120 Mrs Edwin P Wells128 Mrs William H Brewer128 Mr A Farley Brewer128 Miss Ruth Brewer17-31 BRADFORD COURT1 Mr & Mrs Sidney B Paine1 Dr Anna B Lown (Osteopath)1 Dr & Mrs Chester M Jones1 Mrs Edwin M Hall1 Mr & Mrs John M EnglishMr & Mrs Horace W HallMr and & Mrs Dwight S BrighaniMrs Mary C Stedman222MrsMrsMissMissMabel R FowleFannie K iRoweGrace M EvartsNellie N Taylor2 Mr & Mrs Guy B Keith2 Mrs Willis D LelandMr & Mrs Harold C Beal2 Mr & Mrs Wm C NoetzelH. W. ROBARTPAINTING ANDDECORATINGPhoneNewton North 1709-R.The Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

116 NEWTON BLUE BOOKINSTITUTION AVENUEContinued173333333•637331 BRADFORD COURTMr & Mrs B R T CollinsMr Prank E RemickMiss Harriet E RemickMr William F RemickMr & Mrs Edgar E WilleyMiss Gladys A WilleyMr & Mrs Willard P WoodmanMrs W D WilliamsonMr & Mrs George Nelson GoddardMr & Mrs Edwin R Kimball"Bray House"83 Mr & Mrs C F Kendall91 Mr & Mrs William C Bray91 Mr Robert C BraySum res Wareham Mass00 Newton Theological InstitutionSturtevant HallThe Hills LibraryFarwell HallColby Hall196 Rev & Mrs George Edwin Horr•Sum r,es Oak Bluffs MassIRVING STREET8 Mr & Mrs John B Simes10 Mr Warren G Wetmore12 Mrs Alice Pettigrew36 Mr & Mrs John McCullough36 Mr iRobert K Rodden44 Dr & Mrs J Frederick Clune17 Mr & Mrs Charles B Clifford25 Mrs Joseph M Kellaway25 Miss Elsie M Kellaway29 Mr & Mrs M John Barry33 Mr & Mrs Irving D Conrad35 Mr & Mrs Irving W Ireland35 Mr Irving W Ireland Jr39 Mr & Mrs Sherman B Ward39 Mr & Mrs William DownsJACKSONSTREET125 Mr & Mrs Chase Eastman 141 Mr & Mrs Charles T BartlettMiss Elizabeth P BartlettMiss Ruth W BartlettKENMORE STREET14 Mr & Mrs Albert P Everts 25 Mr George B Rowbotham25 Mrs Edith Rowbotham LongsdorfKENWOOD AVENUE38 Rev & Mrs Herbert W Gates38 Miss Catherine E Gates38 Miss Margaret W Gates74 Mr & Mrs Charles H Cobbtel Centre Newton 1121Sum res 235 Beach av Allerton23 Mr & Mrs Daniel Sullivan37 Mr & Mrs John Marshall BarkerReceiving Day ThursdaySum res Lake Sunapee N HMrs Alice Mabelle Barker43 Prof & Mrs Alaric Stone49 Mr & Mrs E F Butler63 Mr & Mrs Louis M YoungNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEwTelephone, Center Newton,1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave,

NEWTON CENTRE 117KNOWLES STREET161822222426262838Mr & Mrs Malcolm HurdMr & Mrs Louis F ChapinMrs George LeachMiss Mattie M LeachMr Richard H RussellMr & Mrs Frederick W BentleyMiss Millicent M BentleyMr & Mrs M Chester MarstonMr & Mrs Edward A Cutler15 Mr & Mrs John B Nero15 Mr William B Nero21 Mr & Mrs Howard L Stebbens31 Mr & Mrs Albert G Enman37 Mr & Mrs Andrew A FreemanMr Edgar FreemanLAKE AVENUE30 Rev & Mrs Ralph Em.erson DavisTel Centre Newton 1158-W38 Mr & Mrs Joseph S Cordingley38 Mr Joseph S Cordingley JrTel Centre Newton 90140 Mr & Mrs Frank RumrillMrs Arthur H White98 Mrs Frank Edmands130 Mr & Mrs Chas L Smith152 Mrs George W BartlettMr & Mrs M T Clement170 Mrs Morton E Cobb21 Mr & Mrs Albert E Bailey51 Mr & Mrs Tracey A Rudd53 Mrs Francis O Davis57 Mrs Benjamin HammondMiss Laura Hammond71 Miss Emily W Young71 Miss Isabel Young97 Mr & Mrs J M W Hall97 Miss Helen W Hall97 Rear Admiral & Mrs BentonDecker117 Mrs David S Farnham137 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Rayner147 Mr & Mrs Joseph L Foster155 Mr & Mrs Harry P Bradford167 Mr & Mrs John M TombTel Centre Newton 486-WCLAKE TERRACE12 Mrs William M FlandersMiss Maida FlandersMiss Marguerite FlandersMiss Kathrvn Flanders11 Mr & Mrs William F R AyerMr George Van BurgonLANGLEY ROAD30 Mr & Mrs J Albert Cole30 Miss Betty Cole78 Mr & Mrs Robert Thompson92 Mr Frank BurnhamMr Fr.ed Burnham109 Miss Lottie M Lamkin123 Mr & Mrs Fred M Stuart127 Mr & Mrs Turner Hodgdon135 Mr & Mrs L D Hemenway137 Mrs Ernest PorterGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. N

USNEWTON BLUE BOOKLANGLEY ROADContinued100 Mr & Mrs Vincent P Maloney112 Mr & Mrs George S Githens116 Mr & Mrs Leroy Siebert118 Mr & Mrs William H HeadMr Julian F HeadMr George T Head154 Mr Henry Warren154 Mrs Emma Beissner176 Mr & Mrs Earle Reve Potter182 Mr & Mrs Burr A Church190 Mr & Mrs Charles J Lyons204' Mr & Mrs William T Steinsieck210 Mr & Mrs Clyde Morgan214 Mr & Mrs William Hahn220 Mr & Mrs Edward H Faxon228 Mrs Elizabeth L Breitzke254 Mr & Mrs Walter I Muldoon137 Miss Emma E Porter145 Mrs Walter W Webber157 Mr & Mrs J G Murphy171 Mr & Mrs Stephen S BealeMr &' Mrs John C Fay177 Mr & Mrs Andrew MarshallMr & Mrs Joseph Hurst181 Mr & Mrs W Eugene H PhillipsMr George H Phillips189 Mr & Mrs Frank M SwettLAUREL STREET9 Rev & Mrs Edward M Noyes15 Mrs Walter C Brooks Sr15 Miss Phyllis BrooksTHE LEDGES ROAD(Fr 559 Beacon and Bishop's Gate30 Mr & Mrs Matt B JonesSum res Waitsfield Vt40 Judge & Mrs Elias B BishopRd)9 Mr & Mrs Edward P BossonSum res Bear Island N H9 Miss Flora M Bosson9 Miss Mary H Marshall33 Mr & Mrs Robert E AndersonMr Rotoert Emery Anderson JrMiss Cornelia M Anderson45 Mrs Burton Payn,e GrayMr William B D GrayMr Donald M GrayMr Burton P GrayLORING STREET14 Mr & Mrs Edgar W GreeaeMrs Roscoe L Greene24 Mr & Mrs Willis G Bancroft24 Mrs Walter Field26 Mr & Mrs Leonard W Rowley32 Mr & Mrs Frederick H Baird19 Mr & Mrs Sylvanus G Morse25 Mrs Arthur L Spring-Mr Arthur L SpringMiss Helen Louise Spring25 Miss Alice J Tufts31 Mr & Mrs Ernest F RussGILMOUR, ROTHERY CO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST.. BOSTON

NEWTON CENTRE 119MANEMET ROAD24 Mr & Mrs Thomas Conway28 Mr & Mrs Frank E Underwood34 Mr & Mrs Allen P Miller38 Mr & Mrs William H Donnelley44 Mr & Mrs Stephen P Boylan56 Mr & Mrs Robert B MacKnight70 Mr & Mrs Arthur N Webster80 Mr & Mrs Phil M RileyMr Stanley N WaltonMr Sidney E Walton19 Mr Werner Kehrhahn19 Miss F Kehrhahn65 Mr & Mrs Harry C DunnMAPLE PARK16 Mr & Mrs Charles D Burnham20 Mr & Mrs Fred Shaw20 Mr & Mrs Norman M Appleyard(nee Rose Ann Greenwood)9 Mr & Mrs Enoch F Bell15 Mrs George Proudfoot15 Mr Worcester ProudfootMARSHALL STREET18 Mr & Mrs Charles M Brett44 Mr & Mrs George F Richardson50 Mr & Mrs George F Richardson Jr62 Mr & Mrs Warren W Lovejoy11 Mr & Mrs S Harold Greene11 Miss Dorothy Greeny27 Mr & Mrs Henry A Tomlinson35 Mr & Mrs Sam T Emery53 Lieut Com & Mrs Henry E Rhoades53 Rev & Mrs N Frederick Van HorsenMASON STREET14 Dr & Mrs Julius F HaversteadMr Frederick R GehrungMiss Gertrude M Gehrung20 Mr & Mrs Harold P Winchester26 Mr & Mrs Charles H JamesMiss Muriel D James32 Mr & Mrs Scott C W SimpsonMrs John N Williams40 Mr & Mrs William H Nelson21 Mr & Mrs Charles W Small27 Mr & Mrs W T Hollis JrGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.INSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. N

120 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMONTVALE ROAD44 Mr & Mrs Webster Jones54 Mr & Mrs Frederick G Huss60 Mr & Mrs Leonard W Grant70 Dr & Mrs Marius N Smith-Petersen(nee Hilda Dickinson)96 Mr & Mrs George Walker7777859797Mr & Mrs Charles E KelseyMrs Julia D PrattMr & Mrs Wm A OggMr & Mrs Anselm L BaconSum res Hyannis MassMiss Katheriixe ParkerMr William E Parker19 Mr & Mrs William M PaxtonMr James Paxton31 Mrs George A Field31 Mr & Mrs Walter L Leighton41 Mr & Mrs Frank H Stewart41 Miss Caroline E Stewart51 Mr & Mrs Allen Hubbard(nee Edna Woodruff)51 Mr & Mrs Allen Hubbard Jr(nee Ethel M Isbell)51 Mr Gilbert Hubbard61 Mr & Mrs Edward Ray Speare61 Mr Albert R Speare61 Miss Dorothy Speare61 Miss Virginia SpeareSum res Berriebank MarshfijeldCenter Mass71 Judge & Mrs Rohert F Raymond71 Miss Anna A Raymond71 Miss Mary L Raymond71 Miss Grace B Raymond71 Mr Robert F Raymond JrMORELAND AVENUE18 Mr & Mrs Abraham Polhemus24 Mr & Mrs Rollin T Lincoln339151921Mr & Mrs S Hardy MitchellMrs E M McRaeMr & Mrs Alfred L BlissMr & Mrs Ralph M McLellanMr & Mrs Albert T La MotteMr & Mrs Robert HoldsworthMiss Janet Holdsworth25 Mr & Mrs George H WightMORSELAND AVENUE38 Mr & Mrs Richard Bishop 15213145Mr & Mrs Archibald S HarlowMiss Carrie L MorseMiss Mary M Mors,eMr & Mrs Ellicott Ross CarverMr Thomas M HoldenMr Joseph J HoldenGILMOUR, ROTKERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

BROOKLINE ORIENTAL RUG COIMPORTERSESTABLISHED 1915CLEANING,WASHING, REPAIRINGStrictly Hand WorkOut of Town Orders Promptly Attended toAppointments for personal callto suit your convenienceKindly Call Up Brookline 7431Telephone or write us and we will call and examineyour rugs and give you an estimate as to prices orany information desired without cost1646 Beacon St,, Washington Sq.,BROOKLINE, MASS.Telephone Brookline 7431

• k*

NEWTON CENTRE 121MORTON STREET12 Mr & Mrs Wilson S Porter26 Mr & Mrs John E Bishop34 Mr & Mrs Eric Courtney46 Mr & Mrs Cleveland A BallouMrs Nina J Ballou58 Mr & Mrs Harry E Noyes156 Mr & Mrs Harry W Paige1741535771778997105145173173195195Mr &Mr &MrMrMr&&&Mrs Samuel B RidgeMrs Prank C BryanMrs Michael J McMullenMrs Jerald F DavisMrs Nathaniel T LoringMr & Mrs Harry B HartleyMr & Mrs Halsey ElwellMr & Mrs Park N ConditMr & Mrs Arthur H HarveyMr & Mrs George D HallMr & Mrs Horace S BassettMiss Edith I BassettMrs L F CraginMiss Laura E CraginNEWBURY STREET42 Mr & Mrs P F McKenna42 Mr & Mrs Bernard Cooney46 Vacant35 Mr & Mrs William McGrath35 Mr & Mrs Frank E MaherNEWBURY TERRACE2 Mr & Mrs Albert E Bloom6 Mr & Mrs J W Clarke10 Mr & Mrs William J Warner3 Mr & Mrs Charles E CoughlanMr William MacDougallMiss Clara Barnes11 Mr & Mrs Arthur L JonesNOBSCOT ROAD18 Mr & Mrs Roy F Chamberlin 27 Mr & Mrs James H Marsh47 Dr & Mrs Martin B Dill4 Mr & Mrs David A WaughMiss I Catherine KochNORWOOD AVENUE20 Mrs M C Wilkins20 Mr & Mrs J D Hymers32 Vacant44 Mrs George D MillerMr George E Miller56 Mr & Mrs John P McConville1533333341Mr Henry C BurrowsMrs O R MasonMrs Edwin M FowleMiss J L FowleMr & Mrs Albert M FowleMr & Mrs Claude C LeitnerGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. N

122 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNOTTINGHAMROAD6 Mr & Mrs Charles B Estabrook8 Mr & Mrs James J Hill Jr12 Mr & Mrs Gay Tudor Ashenden14 Mr & Mrs Irving L Seiler18 Mr & Mrs Edward C KeatingMr & Mrs Gideon L Davidson1371111MrMrMrMrMrDr& Mrs Wm Johnston& Mrs Stanley White& Mrs Clarence R Hickox(nee Dorothy Segerson)Ferdinand E Borges& Mrs Laurin A Gaylord& Mrs Arthur B Lyon(Mary Hart Lyon)Office: 311 Beacon BostonOAKWOOD TERRACE4 Mr & Mrs Roy A McMullin 5 Mr & Mrs Clifford A Foster19 Mr & Mrs Alan J Young24 Mr & Mrs Edward C SandsMiss Hazel R SandsORCHARD STREETORIENT AVENUE202020262626262630Mr & Mrs Herbert F BloodMiss Dorothy C BloodMr Roderfc M BloodRev & Mrs Edward Taylor SullivanSum res Windemere Point AllertonMassMrs Elise CourvoisierMissMissMissMrsMissMissElise Courvoisier DodgeKatherine Halsey DodgeWinifred Marianne DodgeEnoch L PopeEmma L PopeLillie W Pope21 Rev & Mrs James L Barton21 Miss Maude G Barton27 Dr & Mrs Michael ChirurgReceiving Day FridaySum res York Cliff Me27 Mr James Thomas Chirurg33 Mrs Henry S Jenkins33 Mrs A L Baker45 Mr & Mrs Glade T PerrinGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST.. BOSTON

NEWTON CENTRE 123OXFORD ROAD14 Mr & Mrs George H Hosmer20 Mr & Mrs Michael J Carroll24 Mr & Mrs Fred D BondMiss Ellen Bond32 Mr & Mrs Henry K Howe32 Mr Howard K Rowe36 Lieut Col & Mrs Clenard McLaughlin42 Miss Helen C Parker42 Miss Fannie B Parker48 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Smith48 Mrs E C Smith54 Mr & Mrs Alb.ert Wetherbee54 Mr & Mrs* Frederick W Leatherbee60 Mr & Mrs Henry G Shafer60 Mr & Mrs George F Hill66 Mr & Mrs Irving C Paul72 Mr & Mrs Silas B Phillips82 Prof & Mrs James P Berkeley86 Mr & Mrs Kenneth P Crafts92 Mr & Mrs Irving Fielding96 Dr & Mrs IRichard Henry Norton11 Mr & Mrs Henry R Plimpton 2d11 Mr John A Plimpton17 Dr & Mrs Edwin Nielsen23 Mr & Mrs John E Holbrook29 Mr & Mrs Nehemiah Boynton35 Mr & Mrs Roland F WinslowMiss Florence Barrett41 Mr & Mrs George C Ewing47 Lieut Com & Mrs Harold R Keller(U S N)53 Mrs Gertrude T Cook53 Miss Emily C Merriam59 Mr & Mrs John R Lotz65 Mr & Mrs John F Milner71 Mr & Mrs George M Coss71 Miss Haz t el A CossPARK LANE11 Mr & Mrs John C Cray21 Mr & Mrs John A FinnertyPARKER STREET26364258€8849494MrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&Mrs William S JonesMrs Frank S BonneyMrs Frederick ClarkMrs L Clayton BishopMrs J Edward DudleyMrs Frederick C RisingSum res Webster Lake FranklinN HMr Lawrence C RisingMiss Katherine RisingDr & Mrs Charles H CorkenMiss Gladys A Cork^enMiss Ruth Corken102 Mr & Mrs L G H Palmer110 Mr & Mrs Harry J Purple118 Mr & Mrs John Briggs7 Mr Roger J GilmoreMrs Dwight Chester19 Mr & Mrs D M Pratt31 Mr & Mrs William B Rand31 Mr Joseph C Rand43 Mr & Mrs William D RisingTel 922-M Centre Newton57 The Misses Everett63 Mr & Mrs George P Rice65 Mr & Mrs E S Rice73 Mr & Mrs Albert S KendaUTel Centre Newton 1305-WSum res Center Harlbor N85 Mr & Mrs N B Woodbury91 Mr & Mrs A D HandyMr & Mrs Henry D NottHGILMOUR, ROTHERYCO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE120-130 WATER ST., BOSTON

124 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPARKER STREETContinued126 Mrs H B Webster138 Mr & Mrs Arthur S Hillyer138 Miss Helen Hillyer208 Mr & Mrs Richard S SandersMrs Lula S DoaneMrs Angie Doane97 Mr & Mrs John A Groves109 Mr & Mrs Newell L Cutler111 Mr & Mrs John C DeMille115 Prof & Mrs Richard M VaughanMr Wayland F Vaughan119 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Lewis125 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Barnard125 Miss Addie B Fitch129 Mr & Mrs Albert H Sil-ber129 Miss Addie Wood151 Mrs Eunice Giles151 Miss Emma Giles175 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Adeylo^ Mr & Mrs Howard W Wellwood219 Prof Arthur MichaelPAUL STREET18 Mr & Mrs P H Gilmartin18 Miss Anna GilmartinMiss Margaret A Gilmartin24 Mr.& Mrs John O'ConnorMrs Ruth Fuller32 Mr & Mrs Frank T Eskrigge38 Mr & Mrs George F SpaldingMr Atherton Spaulding50 Mrs Katherine F Henshaw50 Miss Julia C Henshaw50 Miss Blanche E Henshaw56 Mr & Mrs H F Addison17 Mr Henry H Read17 Miss Edith B Read17 Miss Ethel A Read45 Prof & Mrs Winfred N Donovan47 Mr Francis B DonovanProf & Mrs John B BabcockMr Henry WillardPELHAM STREET142022242830344046Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs S A WalkerMrs J C MarstonMrs Jos,eph P BarryMrs Daniel J MacDonaldMrs Richard Winslow BreckMrs Charles H RussellMr &Miss Mary R BadgerMrs Elbridge C LeachMiss Ruth ChalmersDr & Mrs Charles H FessendenMr & Mrs Donald A FergusonMiss Margaret FergusonCapt & Mrs Jas M MacdougallRetired U S C G service504549CI69Mr & Mrs John J LeahyMr & Mrs J Morton DensmoreMrs Hiram F RussellMiss B C PurdyMiss Ruth H PorterMrs David F ClarkMr Charles G ClarkMr Frank Y ClarkMr Henry W ClarkMr & Mrs Frederick M De Rosset58 Mr & Mrs George V BlackburnMr & Mrs Anson T LearyH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

NEWTON CENTRE 125PLEASANT STREET24282866106106106112126132140150Miss Helen Stevens.Miss Agnes SanbornMiss Alice H BurbankMiss Edith RideoutMr Harry W MurphyMr Fred C MurphyMiss Nina A MurphyMiss Claire H MurphyMr & Mrs M G BaileyMr & Mrs G Roscoe ManceMr & Mrs George G FrostMiss Mildred N FrostMr George D FrostMrMrDrMrMr& Mrs& MrsGeorge& Mrs& MrsEverett T FooteLawrence C MayE MayArthur E LemontLeslie P ThompsonMajor & Mrs Fred Harris ThompsonReceiving Day Sunday150 Mr Kenyon Read Thompson150 Mr Fred Harris Thompson Jr150 Mr Richard Melville Thompson150 Mr Russell William Thompson150 Miss Marjorie Isabelle Thompson150 Mr Raymond Arthur Thompson150 Miss Janette Read Thompson186 Mr & Mrs Charles A Quick216 Mr & Mrs Richard W Menther228 Mr & Mrs George M Randall21 Mrs Alpheus W Snow21 Mr John F Linnell25 Mr & Mrs Edmund J McAdams25 Mr & Mrs Charles L Bird31 Mr & Mrs James S Ball3535354557596371758395Miss Olive W BallMrs William P BemisMrs J T EvansMr Richard WebbMr Frank R OsborneMr & Mrs Herman Holt JrSum res Rivermoor ScituateMassMiss Helen TolmanMr & Mrs Edward F HamlinMrs J Gilbert MooreMiss G I S AndrewsMr & Mrs C Peter ClarkMiss Priscilla ClarkMiss Elizabeth ClarkDr & Mrs Walter B LancasterMiss Julia E LancasterMr & Mrs George A PierceMr & Mrs John McGrathMiss Elizabeth G McGrathMr Arthur W SenterMr & Mrs Karl W Senter101 Mr & Mrs C N Burghardt111 Mr & Mrs Arthur A Spence111 Mr & Mrs Charles K Badger111 Mrs Karen K PetersonMiss ElizabethHaines228 Miss C G BullardPRENTICE ROAD50 Mr & Mrs George W BrooksMrs R Etta ConatonRANSOM ROAD14 Mr & Mrs Alexander H Logan16 Dr & Mrs Bertel G Carlson3 Dr & Mrs W Vernon RyderMr & Mrs E Ernest HillNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEWTelephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave

126 NEWTON BLUE BOOK10 Dr & Mrs John Wicks CookREED COURTRICE STREET14 Mr & Mrs George A IRemick20 Mr & Mrs William S Carleton26 Mr & Mrs Manning A Williams26 (n,ee Eileen Newell)• Sum res Hancock N H111515152121Mr & Mrs Joseph Philip MorseMr & Mrs Warner R HoltMr Arthur R HoltMr Frank H RatcliffeMr & Mrs Harry L DotenMrs Jennie B CobbSum res "Crow Point" HinghamMassRIDGE AVENUE22 Mr & Mrs James Guiler22 Mr James Guiler Jr22 Miss Helen Guiler32 Mr & Mrs Mason B Whittemore38 Mrs William E Shedd38 Miss Margaret Sumner Shedd44 Mr & Mrs B Benjamin Buck25 Mr & Mrs D J CallaghanRIPLEY STREET18 Mrs Thomas A RoweMr Isaac S RoweMiss Aline Sylvester24 Rev & Mrs William J Cloues46 Mr & Mrs Archie Levesque52 Mr & Mrs Thomas G FullerRIPLEY TERRACE2 Mr & Mrs E Stames4 Mr & Mrs Walter B BuRenMrs George Williams10 Mr & Mrs Frank Davis10 Miss C Estelle DavisMr & Mrs Augustas T Pheiffer14 Mr & Mrs Ernest Leroy Caldwell14 Mr Stuart H Caldwell18 Mr & Mrs Samuel B Paul5 American Baptist Missionary House25 Mrs Miria J Bullen27 Miss Bertha Forbes2020Mr & Mrs Parris T FarwellMiss Helen M FarwellMr Lawrenece C FarwellL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

NEWTON CENTRE 127ROYCE ROAD16 Mr ft Mrs Lewis W SkillingsMiss Margaret B Skillings40 Mr & Mrs Nelson Pierce James112125294351576375Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs A Edwin RoysMrs S A DiffendorfMrs Elmer L ReynoldsMrs Chester Earl HomerMrs Kingsbury& Mrs Walter C CraneMrMrs W A SimpkinsMrs J E BreslinMr & Mrs Victor E AberttaMr & Mrs William McMilanMr & Mrs Joseph W CrowellSTEARNS STREET34 Mr & Mrs Harry Orr38 Mrs John LampmonMr Paul GoodingMiss Helen Gooding44 Mr & Mrs Albert H GrahamMr & Mrs John J Harrison50 Mr & Mrs Allan A Kawel50 Mrs S E Demott1723273131434753MrMrMrMrMrMi-MrMrMr& Mrs Charles M Mumford& Mrs G Owen Monroe& Mrs Alpheus E WhiteWilliam W White& Mrs James LiddellJames Austin Liddell& Mrs Charles E Quinn& Mrs Charles A Gorman& Mrs Frank B PerrySUMNER STREET6 Mrs J A YoungMr Gilbert E YoungMr Edward G YoungMr Oliver M YoungMr William D Young28 Mrs Lewis R Speare48 Mrs H.enry McGrady64 Mr William T Chase64 Mrs William T Chase Sr64 Miss Katrina Chase70 Mr & Mrs Frank M Forbush76 Mr & Mrs Samuel K ChamberliuMiss Marion H ChamberlinMr Morgan G Chamberlin84 Mr Philip H Butler90 Mr & Mrs Robert Burgess90 The Misses Burgess98 Mr & Mrs George W Heintz151525« ; :75758383Mr & Mrs Wend.ell P MardenMiss Mary K MardenMr & Mrs Melbourn A Marks JrMrs .Marguerite MarksMr .Melbourne A MarksMr Philip MarksMr Henry E MooreDr & Mrs William P CookMiss Belle CookMiss M Theresa CookMiss Barbara CookMr Richard C CookMr & Mrs George F HuntressMr James E HuntressMiss E L SmithMr & Mrs Frederick A Gardiner(nee Ella S Smith)Miss Winifred M SmithNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.

128 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSUMNER STREETContinued106106106126130134140140206206206206206206206206Mr & Mrs Abbott Barnes RiceMr Willard W RiceMr Lawrence B RiceSum res Belgrade Lakes MeMrM rMrMrMrMr140 Mr156 Mr& Mrs Charles B Gordon& Mrs Frederic H Butts& Mrs Louis H FitchRobert C FitchLouis Fitch JrMiss Flora BagleySum res Atlantic av Bass RocksGloucester MassMr & Mrs George A HolmesMiss Cornelia HolmesMr Walter Holmes156 Miss166 Miss166 Miss178 Mrs178 Miss19019020'6206206Theodore Holmes& Mrs Wilbur RussellCharles W.EatonBessie I BroadLucy J EllisM Abbie EllisJohn H Noy.esEthel W NoyesMr & Mrs Levi LibbyMr & Mrs Charles L EdwardsMr Eric KentThe SumnerMrs Charles W MerrillMrs Ethel B Svensen(nee Ethel Bostwick)Miss Mary J DwinnellMiss Nellie E DwinnellMrs Charles H FrisbieMrs Adolphus J BlanchardMr & Mrs Banks M DavisonMrs Jdhn P TenneyMiss Hester EatonMrs Mary E HuntMiss Eliza A WigginMiss Ruth H Wiggin91 Mr & Mrs John Edwin Smith91 (nee Caroline B Tiffany)Miss Eugenia T Smith105 Mr & Mrs E B Bowen105 Mr E Kidder Bowen115 Mr & Mrs Daniel T Kidder123 Mr & Mrs Frederick S Woods123 (nee Ethel M Eager)123 Miss Emily Woods123 Miss Helen Woods131 Mr & Mrs Theodore A Plimpton131 (nee Caroline L Bacall)131 Miss Louise Plimpton139 Mr & Mrs Edward A Ellis139 Miss Lillian E Ellis139 Miss Evelyn Ellis139 Private School147 Mr & Mrs Charles B Moore(nee Annie Smith)147 Miss Constantia W Smith147 Miss Winifred Studley Moore, Miss Mary Lombard MooreMrs A L Wills155 Dr & Mrs Samuel T Elliott(nee Mary C. Crippen)161 Mr & Mrs Hugh McDonald189 Mr & Mrs Karl MansfieldMr O ApplegateMiss Grace Smith195 Mr & Mrs Herbert T Lane201 Capt & Mrs Clarence W Randlett203 Mrs Fanny E. LovejoyTARLETON ROAD182430Mr & Mrs Sidney R PorterTel Centre Newton 1654-WMiss Edith G PorterMr & Mrs Howard O WinslowMr & Mrs Jacob H Randolph13 Mr & Mrs Thomas P Griffin17 Mr & Mrs Samuel F BrewerMr & Mrs D W TibbottMr & Mrs F M Tibbott21 Mrs Charles D Sage31 Mr & Mrs Frederick B ColeMiss Bertha ColeCentre Newton 1301-M

NEWTON CENTRE 129TRINITY TERRACE34 Vacant 21 Mr & Mrs William H -RiceMiss Margaret Rice27 Mr & Mrs Mos,es L Stevens27 Miss Frances Stevens15 Mr & Mrs Willis E Darrell15 Mrs Jane Donelson21 Mr & Mrs Robert Weir25 Mrs John H Murray27 Mr & Mrs John H Murray JrTROWBRIDGE STREETTYLER34 Mr & Mrs Everett W VarneyMrs Necolina SimeonovaMiss Nedelka100 Mr & Mrs Harvey S PattersonTERRACE100 Mr & Mrs George Noble106 Mr & Mrs Frederick C Wurtz106 Mrs Lillian M Wetherbee110 Mr & Mrs Harley M FitchVICTORIA CIRCLE14 Mr & Mrs Lawrence W WattsMr Robert AVatts46 Mr & Mrs Samuel Orr3 Mrs Everett Townsend9 Mr & Mrs H Prescott Eddy Jr15 Mr & Mrs Edwin F A Benson19 Mr & Mrs W Whitney WoodMr Carl G WoodMr Earl D WoodMiss Helen Wood25 Mr & Mrs George27 Mr & Mrs Francis35 Mr & Mrs L.eon G43 Mr & Mrs Bartlett49 Mr & Mrs WrightB GraffF SmithAtkinsonWALNUT STREET765 Mr & Mrs H Wilson RossMiss Gertrude RossMiss Gladys RossMiss Ruby L Foss91 Newton Cemetery CorporationREAL ESTATE363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

13C> NEWTONBLUE BOOKWARDSTREET184194194204204244296324360362380382384386396448494500504510516524530538544Mr & Mrs Charles R DavisMrs Emma A BrownDr Sarah M CrawfordMr ft Mrs Harry WhittakerMr Charles 0 CrawfordMr & Mrs Charles F WardMrs A de B ThorupMrs M G WetmoreMr & Mrs Frederick A WardMiss Emma L JamesMr & Mrs E J HarringtonMr & Mrs Ernest M BoydMr & Mrs James WatsonMr & Mrs W Connell AppletonMr & Mrs William L PullenMr & Mrs Frederick PerkinsMr & Mrs A Barnett NathanMr & 'Mrs Charles WilsonMr & Mrs Fred C TompkinsMr & Mrs J A SullivanMr & Mrs Albert L CushingMr & Mrs M H SmithMr & Mrs Allen B GreenoughMrs L E H JonesDr & Mrs H Winchester HardyMrs John Lincoln BarryMr & Mrs Edward F MillerMr & Mrs Allen W Connor27728130331937-5377377423425497507509511523529529535541547561Mr & Mrs Theodore D LaubnerMr & Mrs Isidore BuxbaumMr & Mrs RuddMrs William H IrelandMr & Mrs D A GallagherMrs Charles H IrelandMrs Geo A KinghamMr & Mrs Paul J OberMr & Mrs Charles E DennisonMr & Mrs Amasa W B FosterMr & Mrs H I HixMr & Mrs W B BarkleyMr & Mrs Eric W MalanstromMrs Ida H BoydMr & Mrs John F CapronSum res King st and Clinton avFalmouth MassMr C Hassler CapronMr Fred A FernaldMr & Mrs Charles ConantDr & Mrs C Arthur BoutelleMiss Grace MacomberMr & Mrs Leverett N FreemanMr Sibley A FreemanMr & Mrs Francis SmithMr & Mrs J Rollin Stuart JrWARREN STREET56 Mr & Mrs John BianchiMiss Francesca Bianchilo 30 Mr William J Eddy132 Mr & Mrs George Linn136 Mr & Mrs Henry Arnold136 Mr & Mrs John Bentl,ey148 Mr & Mrs James T Giles154 Mr & Mrs Angus McDonald156 Mr & Mrs Frederic E Banfleld156 Mrs Wm Danforth160 Mr & Mrs Daniel L162 Mr & Mrs Michael168Mrs Annie S BelcherPhiloonMcDonald45 Mr & Mrs Robert A Vachon79 Mr & Mrs Horace A Bailey95 Mrs Nellie F ThreshieMrs Margaret GuildDr & Mrs Charles Threshie-125 Mr Alexander Montgomery135 Mr & Mrs John Marshall145 Mr & Mrs William Lee Church:145 Miss Dai Buell151 Mr & Mrs James Vachon151 Miss Priscilla A Vachon151 Mr Edgar J Vachon159 Mr & Mrs Edward L MorssH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREEf, NEWTON

NEWTON BLUE BOOKCHANDLEMARBER %124 SUMMER 5i JKDSTON.REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES INSURANCEi630 Commonwealth Ave.,NEWTON CENTRETEL. CONNeedham 468-M Center Newton 2063BATTERY & TIRE SERVICE COMPANYNew Tires, Vulcanizing, Accessories, Gasoline, OilNew Batteries, RechargingRepairing, RentingElectrician554 COMMONWEALTH AVE.,NEWTONCENTRE, MASS.

NEWTON BLUE BOOKSixty-fourth Year. S. WATERMAN & SONS(INCORPORATED)UNDERTAKERS2326 and 2328 Washington Street, BOSTON(Adjoining Dudley Street Elevated Station)"303 HaVvard Street," BROOK LINE(CoolidgeCorner)28 Boylston St., Harvard Square, CAMBRIDGEFuneral, Cemetery, Cremationand Transfer ArrangementsCHAPELSEXTENSIVE SALESROOMSCITY AND OUT-OP-TOWN SERVICECARRIAGE AND MOTOR EQUIPMENTDAY AND NIGHT MANAGEMENTFRANK S. WATERMAN, Pres.,JOSEPH S. WATERMAN, Vice-Pres.Telegraph and Cable Address"Under taker-Boston''FRANK S. WATERMAN, Jr.Telephones: Roxbury 72 - 73 - 74;Brookline 431;University 8760

NEWTON CENTRE 131WARREN STREETContinued168 Miss Margaret F BelcherMiss Ruth M BelcherMrs A M SmithMiss Jeannie B Adams170 Mr & Mrs John F Barry176 Mr & Mrs Clive W LacyWARREN TERRACE3 Mr & Mrs Milton E Stephenson5 Mrs A W ArmingtonMiss Elizabeth Armington7 Mr & Mrs Stanley W Merrill9 Miss Agnes Farrington9 Miss Mildred Sands9 Mr Allen Sands11 Mr & Mrs John D Little»WATER STREET15 Mr & Mrs Arthur Kirkpatrick26 Vacant32 Prof & Mrs Alfred E BurtonWEBSTERCOURT19 Miss Sarah P Little14 Mr & Mrs Fred H CurtisMrs Adam CurtisWESSEXROAD17 Mr & Mrs Frank E MarstonWESTBOURNE ROAD26 Mr & Mrs Leon T Powers34 Mr & Mrs Stephen H Roberts40 Mr & Mrs Daniel W Brennan42 Mr & Mrs Frederick J Blake7 Mr & Mrs Wm J Williams9 Mr & Mrs W L Doten9 Mrs John F McKey9 Miss Josephine McKey11 Mr & Mrs Albert Cram15 Mr & Mrs William C AndersonREAL ESTATEL , ,S NSUSANCT JOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST.. NEWTONVIULB238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

132 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWESTBOURNE ROADContinued17 Lieut Com & Mrs Louis J GulliverUSN(nee Dorothy Whiting)21 Mr & Mrs Robert A Carleton25 Mr & Mrs Edward H Taylor.27 Mr & Mrs Willis E Pattison3137455161Mr & Mrs Harry M SuttonMr & Mrs Murray P HorwardMr & Mrs Almon L FalesMr & Mrs Charles VargaMr & Mrs Edward H BillWILLOW STREET26 Mr & Mrs J W Edwards30 Mr Tilley J Asbell32 Mr & Mrs James M Braffitt32 Mrs Sarah J MosherMr Giles E Mosher38 Mr & Mrs Parmenas E Ellis38 Mr & Mrs Roger C EllisL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

AUBURNDALE1 ooAUBURNDALEASH STREET16 Mrs Katherine Cullane20 Mr & Mrs Everett H Gratto24 Mr & Mrs Elliot W Keyes24 Miss Evelyn D Keyes24 Mr James G Keyes4 Mr Ralph E Key.es24 Mr Eri Kenneth Keyes28 Mr & Mrs John MacDonald62 Mr & Mrs Henry B Fowle62 Mr & Mrs Frank L Preble27 Mr & Mrs W G S Chamberlin27 Mr Edward Winslow27 Miss Helen L Winslow45 Mr & Mrs Henry G HildrethASPEN AVENUE116 Mr & Mrs C P Rockwell33 Mrs William Capstick55 Mrs Inez C Noyes63 Mr & Mrs Wm H Wilkinson63 Miss Hester S Wilkinson83 Mr & Mrs Henry George EsselenJ>9 Mr & Mrs Walter A Brown125 Mrs Lucia Johnson147 Mr & Mrs Charles Robert Hendrie147 Miss Virginia HendrieSum res Craigville MassRes Tel West Newton 1096-M155 Mr & Mrs Jackson Salter155 Mr & Mrs Harry D Perkins115 Mr & Mrs James W MessengerAUBURN STREET70 Mrs John H Hoyt106 Mr & Mrs James W Woodward122 Mr & Mrs Thomas J Lyons158 Mr & Mrs Thomas C Donovan164 Mr & Mrs Albert L Cole164 Mr Howard E Cole174 Mr & Mrs Charles IR Barker180 The Misses Frawley186 Mr & Mrs Lewis S Miner208 Mr & Mrs John J Foristall220 Miss E N Little236 Mrs M B Hazen236 Miss Emily H Hazen236 Miss Emily Hazen85 Mrs Margaret Seagram85 Mr William H Seagram85 Mr Richard Hollings Jr175 Mr & Mrs Brewer G Whitmore191 Mr & Mrs George W McNear201 Mr & Mrs Edward Wales221 Mr Thomas F Melody221 The Misses Melody221 Mr Joseph Melody229 Mr & Mrs William S Bleasdale229 Mr & Mrs Lewis Feldt>ergGILMOIE ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 120-130 WATER ST., N

134 NEWTON BLUB BOOKAUBURNDALE AVENUE202224236248248248274292292298324334342346350356MrMi-MrMrMi-MrMrMr&&&&&&Mrs James OldfieldMrs Thomas E YoungMrs Arthur H HardyMrs George W HarveyMrs Amory SkerryMrsMrsMrsL C NobleGeorge W CampbellJohn A GriffinMiss Ethel B GriffinMr & Mrs Frank K MooreMr &Mi- &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs David AlexanderMrs William A DaleyMrs Thomas F GleasonMrs Frank BurbankMrs G Fred PondMrs Maxwell C Hutchins187 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel L Allen187 Air & Mrs Geo E Ramsden191 Mr & Mrs Frank J Otterson201 Mr & Mrs Samuel C Lawrence205 Mr & Mrs Byron L Sikes215 Mrs Sarah A MacKjenzie215 Miss Cora E MacKenzie239 Mr & Mrs Charles H Tainter251 Mr & Mrs John L White251 Mr & Mrs Walter H White257 Mr & Mrs Leonard B Berry263 Mr & Mrs Harris Keyes269 Mr & Mrs John P Caldwell285 Mr & Mrs Thomas J Noone331 Mr & Mrs Charles S CreesyBRAE BURNROAD22 Mr & Mrs Heath32 Mr & Mrs T F Russell5112935MrMrMrMr& Mrs Austin W Fisher& Mrs Winthrop A Stiles& Mrs Albert B Durell& Mrs H Rice ThompsonCAMDENROAD14 Mrs Lelia M Clapp18 Mr & Mrs Charles H Loud15 Maj & Mrs Edward W Putney21 Mr & Mrs Frank H Barbour27 Mr & Mrs Benjamin PepperCENTRAL STREET223642424246525878828894Mrs Gedrge W ShepardMr & Mrs Robert H JamesMr Colon 3 OberMiss Mabel P OberDr & Mrs ChessmanAlfred D&Donald D&MrMrMrMi-MrMr&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsRichard FooteJohn H IngallsDavid Sturtevant& Mrs Frederick FossMrs Mary G McAllisterP HutchinsonBeckerWilliams21°1 o35617581211211223223231Dr & Mrs Hector G R GaiMr & Mrs J L CotterMr & Mrs Harold B KelleyMr & Mrs Elmer E B JohnsonMr & Mrs Harold T DoughertyMiss Linsley DoughertyMrs Laura E SimondsMrs A F HallMrs Wilbur F HallMrs William I GoodrichMrs G A DrostDr & Mrs Eugene U UffordTel West Newton 662Sum res Point Shirley MassH. W. ROBARTPAINTING ANDDECORATINGPhoneNewton North 1709-R.The Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

iUBURNDALE 135CENTRAL STREETContinued132138158202202238246254290298304'324330338348360360366366Mr &Mr &MrMrMrMrMrMrMr&Mrs E Arthur RobinsonMrs Walter A DermonMrs Frederick W Dunn& Mrs Robert W Jones& Mrs Joseph Campbell&&&&Mrs Walter M BrooksMrs Austin H EatonMrs Herbert C LockeMrs Wilmar H NashMr & Mrs Horace S SargentRev & Mrs Earl E HarperMr & Mrs Ernest F DrewMr Mr. s&Mr Mrs&Mr & MrsMr & MrsMr Henry-Fr.ed R MillerJames G PattersonJames StrangTheodore W ReedB ReedMr & Mrs Ernest BraithwaiteMr J T B Turner2392512512512712712772832833053213213213373373473473573573'67379387399407Mrs Frank HuckinsMrs Arthur C FarleyMr & Mrs Charles Judd FarleyMr & Mrs Arthur Francis FarleyMr & Mrs Albert B FraserMr Kobert S MorrillMr & Mrs Franklin EstabrookMrs Rufus EstabrookMrs Nelson CardwellDr & Mrs George A BatesMrs George P KnappMr & Mrs Harold A GroutMiss Katharine KnappMrs E E StrongMiss Anni,e C StrongMrs George D. HarveyMiss Helen W BalchMr & Mrs Frederick J RanlettMiss Marie FelixMrs .Neva MacLellanMr & Mrs Edward J FrostMr & Mrs Nelson CooleyMr & Mrs Thomas J BrownMr & Mrs L R HenrichCENTRAL TERRACE14 Mr & Mrs Joseph A McDonald32 Mr & Mrs Herman Goldberger27 Mr & Mrs William J B k enger39 Mr & Mrs John B ShawCHESWICKROAD30 Mr & Mrs Louis R Fuller44 Mr & Mrs Langdon W Chandler5 Mr & Mrs H Alfred Hansen15 Mr & Mrs Orrin Champlain15 Mr & Mrs Guyrus M Sandlin15 Miss Helene C Champlain27 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Sederquist37 Mr & Mrs Carl S Dow37 Miss Katherine DowNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.

13(> NEWTON BLUE BOOKCOMMONWEALTH AVENUE179018301870187418782202221222122081208121632163Mr & Mrs John L BatesMiss Dorothy BatesMr & Mrs William Kirk CoreyMrMrMrMrMrTh,Mi-MrMrMr&Mrs Charles R ButlerHarry B RossBenjamin D SolomonL Edwin ChaseJ F 'RiderMrs&Mrs&Mrs&Mrs&e Misses Williams& Mrs Ashley L Wright& Mrs Herbert Newbrook& Mrs Herbert C MayerWalter Q Dane1887189918992007200720152027203120332039204320492065206120652065206520692077207720772077Mr & Mrs Charles F Angell JrMr & Mrs Frank H UnderwoodSum res Island Camp LakeWangumbaug South CoventryConnMr William K UnderwoodMrs William C WithingtonMiss Maud L WithingtonMr & Mrs James H KelleyMr & Mrs Andrew C LinbergMr & Mrs George HavenMr & Mrs Charles E Read JrRev & Mrs Percival W WoodMr Ralph L LongdonMr & Mrs Jesse A LeonardMrs J B ChapinMr John H GordonMiss May ChapinMiss Marion ChapinMr & Mrs John A DavisMr & Mrs Harry C De WolfMr & Mrs E R BoydMiss Helen BoydMr & Mrs John R IngramMr & Mrs Frank RobinsonCHARLES STREET1222263858MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Lyman E Fletcher& Mrs John R ForistallCleland A Holden& Mrs William J Hazlett& Mrs Oscar H Hurd93 Mr & Mrs Alfred Marott107 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Hammond121 Mr & Mrs Edgar G Frost126 Mr John R RobertsonDUFFIELD ROAD162024MrMrMr&&&Mrs Arthur HuntMrs Henry A PerryMrs John L Groby1517212537M rMrMrMrMr& Mrs Arthur H Coffin& Mrs George H Hoyt& Mrs Daniel Frost& Mrs Chester S AllenEdward H FrveFERN STREET10 Mr & Mrs Richard O Walter20 Mr & Mrs William J Champion26 Mr Waldo W Cole32 Mr & Mrs John C Neal11 Mr & Mrs John D Ansley21 Mr & Mrs Earl H Ordway29 Mr & Mrs W B Herrick29 Mr & Mrs William H M.edlicottL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

^ATJBURNDALE 137GROVE STREET630424250505260607474848484152160162176176192192192192192192210222248Mr & Mrs Peter J McAleerMr & Mrs Franklin T MillerMrs W F MallalieuMr Willard E MallalieuMrs Elise L JewettMrs Ada M CouplandMrs George D iRandDr Luther G EastmanMrs M H ClarkeMr & Mrs Charles E SweetThe Misses Sw.eetMrs Mary E JohnsonMiss Susie C JohnsonMrs E Lester DavisMrs A Louise GaffneyMr & Mrs Frederick SmartMr & Mrs John Nixon RawlingsMrs Harriet L BunkerMiss Annie E BunkerMrs Richard PattersonMr William S PattersonMr Robert J PattersonMr Sidney L PattersonMiss Jos,ephine PattersonMr Richard J W PattersonMr & Mrs Fred Van WormerMr & Mrs E James WinslowMr & Mrs Harold C Morris29 Mr & Mrs William M Burch35 Mr & Mrs Herbert H Longfellow59 Mr & Mrs William Coulson73 Mr & Mrs Charles P Darling89 Rev & Mrs Edward P Drew113 Mr & Mrs Arthur G Kennedy161 Seminary Annex173 Rev & Mrs John E Merrill173 Mrs Margaret R Trowbridge191 Mrs John P Adams191 Miss Grace K Adams191 Mr John I Adams197 Rev & Mrs E Morris Ferguson205 Mr & Mrs Charles E Kattelle221 Mr & Mrs William A Jarvis221 Mrs Katherine I Jarvis221 Mr & Mrs Samuel Selloy *233 Mrs Lafricain King247 Mr & Mrs Arthur E WilsonGRANT STREET8 Mr & Mrs Fred M Marshall 11 Mr & Mrs Harold W AdamsGROVELAND STREET18 Mr & Mrs C Edward Alley24 Mr & Mrs George Kellar30 Mr & Mr Walter Lewis30 Mrs S E Puffer30 Mr Albert L Puffer34 Mr & Mrs James E Brett40 Mr & Mrs George Gay Brown15 Mr & Mrs C E Remer21 Mr & Mrs James H Gardner21 Mrs Victor H Klein25 Mr & Mrs Lawrence H Sydney35 Mr & Mrs E Carlton HammondREAL ESTATECENTRELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCE238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut HillJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, IncNEWTONVILLE

138 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHANCOCK STREET14 Dr & Mrs H W Godfrey42 Miss Lucy W Burr86 Mrs George E Martin90 Mr & Mrs R L Bridgman116 Mr & Mrs J W Weinberg138 Walker Missionary Cottage144 Walker Missionary Home9 Mr & Mrs Charles Dix Pickard25 Mr Wm A Knowlton25 Miss Marion E Knowlton25 Mr Harold W Knowlton25 Miss M F Burks31 Mr & Mrs Madison M Cannon41 Mr & Mrs Frederick N Balsor47 Mr & Mrs Stephen E Wright51 Mr & Mrs Albion L Cummings51 Mr & Mrs Arthur S Kimball51 Mr Kenneth Van H Kimball57 Mr & Mrs Charles E Nichols61 Mr Horace Dutton61 Miss Martha S Dutton61 Mr George D Dutton93 Mr & Mrs William C Bohn99 Mrs Alfred King103 Mr & Mrs Thor A Rylander105 Mrs Dean A Walker107 Mr & Mrs Ralph E* Davis113 Mrs Samuel W Dike113 The Misses Dike119 Mrs Fred N Day119 Mr & Mrs C Lothrop Tower139 Mr & Mrs Fred D Goode147 Rev & Mrs Edward P Allen153 xMr & Mrs Edward T EdmandsiHAWTHORNE AVENUE24 Mr & Mrs George W St AmantSum res North Falmouth Mass96 Mr William I Gallant15 Mr & Mrs Joseph Williams Henry15 Mrs Alice Hillard Smith15 Miss Barbara Smith19 Mr & Mrs Warren Buckman19 Mr & Mrs Ben Schneider25 Mr & Mrs George H Burnett29 Mr & Mrs Henry L Goodman39 Seminary Annex39 Dean Winslow Hanscom39 Mrs Edward R Hanscom51 Mr & Mrs Edgar T White63 Mr & Mrs Carl W r Gram63 Dr & Mrs William D Harper

A.UBURXDALE 139IONIASTREET18 Mr & Mrs John E Carter 15 Mr & Mrs Ernest L JohnsonISLINGTONROAD6 Mr & Mrs James B Lehneman16 Mrs C Beverly Bostwick16 Mrs Mary B Redpath26 Mr & Mrs William E Pike36 Mr Henry Orne Rider36 Miss Elizabeth A Rider36 Mrs Abbie A Danje48 Mr & Mrs Harry A Every48 Mr & Mrs Thomas R Every122 Miss Rebecca M White122 Dr & Mrs Alfred E Baker242 Mrs Hannah L HartMiss Florence J HartMiss Urania B HartMiss Josephine HartTel W Newton 456-R00 Mr & Mrs Douglas Foster236 Mr & Mrs Jacob Brisson252 Mr & Mrs J A Coleman336 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Dowling45 Mr & Mrs William D M Howard61 Miss Josephine Day61 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Proctor63 Mr & Mrs Henry G Houghton73 Mrs William H Brown77 Mrs John K Reinoehl77 Miss Irene Reinoehl81 Mr & Mrs Frank A O'Brien85 Mr & Mrs Harry B Leussing85 Mr & Mrs William I Lawrence161 Dr & Mrs Philip Kelley203 Mr & Mrs H Winthrop Chandler207 Mr & Mrs Charles E Ware249 Mr Alfred HemenwayiLASELL STREET21 Mr & Mrs Joseph Emory ClappMr & Mrs Albert PalmateerO^LEXINGTON STREET321373377377377377Mr & Mrs W F HadlockMiss Mary G AldredgeMr & Mrs William BeattieMr & Mrs Nelson FreemanMr Stacy BaxterMr George S BaxterMr Thomas D Baldwin83 Mr Clark Harwood391 Mr & Mrs Francis E Fuller391 Mrs J Childs391 Miss Harriet E Davis391 Mr & Mrs Thomas Franey395 Mr & Mrs Edwin W Shore395 Mr & Mrs Alfred Shore441 Mr & Mrs Arthur S PlummerKAPOSIASTREET73 Mrs Martha L SperlMiss Amalia Sperl

noNEWTON BLUE BOOKMAPLE STREET4 Mr & Mrs James W Compton4 Dr & Mrs Charles Douglas Ansley8 Mr & Mrs Edward Hurst8 Mr & Mrs William T Halliday12 Mrs Eliza Vickers12 Mr & Mrs Kaludy Spalding12 Mr F Whe,eler Spalding42 Mrs Henry R Turner42 Mr John T Turner42 Mrs M A Baldwin42 Mr & Mrs William Hammond42 Miss Fay Allen50 Mr & Mrs Wilbur A Marsh54 Mr & Mrs Chauncy B Conn62 Mrs George P Pickard70 Mr & Mrs Charles Goodyear70 Mr & Mrs G Bergen Reynolds23232353596977Mrs C L HarringtonMiss Sarah C StantonRes Tel West Newton 319Sum res East Gloucester MassMr Fred W StantonMr & Mrs Alden B JoyMr & Mrs Russell JohannesonDr & Mrs Henry F KeeverMr & Mrs Wilmond K ChandlerMAPLE TERRACE18 Mr & Mrs William Wells Tyler 9991523Mr & Mrs Robert Prescott GilmanMr Arthur GilmanThe Misses GilmanMr & Mrs Frank E SouleMr & Mrs DuffieldMELROSE STREET206210218224230232258258264266268268268274278280280Mr & Mrs Nathaniel L GrantMr & Mrs John R FletcherMrs Fr,ed A MiddletonMr & Mrs Eugene E FoxMr & Mrs Harry M JenkinsMr & Mrs Charles E TempleMrs Alfred L PuckeyMiss Caroline B PerkinsMr & Mrs George G GoldieMr & Mrs C E A PeckMr & Mrs Charles Bertram RobertsonMrs Ernest W HallMr Asa Read HallMr & Mrs Joachim PetersonMr & Mrs Lester J SargentMr & Mrs Burpee M CooneyMr James Goldrick227 Mr & Mrs F M Glazier231 Mr & Mrs John R Lowe235 Mr & Mrs John D Rockefeller261 Miss Edith Kimball261 Mr Frank R Kimball267 Mr & Mrs James S LeonardNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.

AUBURNDALE 141MYRTLE AVENUE12 The Misses Hall18 Mrs Alma W TowerNEWELL ROAD54 Mr & Mrs Norman G Cate72 Mr & Mrs Charles Hewson72 Mr & Mrs Edwin Ochs171913131313543596377Mr & Mrs Oscar A UlloaMr & Mrs Walter E GoodwinMrs Sarah J HoffMiss Charlotte HoffMiss Siown HoffMiss Violet HoffMr & Mrs M E HallMr & Mrs Frank H PopeMr & Mrs W H RoederMr & Mrs B HamiltonMr & Mrs Leo A TaffeOAK RIDGE14 Mrs Nathaniel Dike14 Mrs Hannah G Ryder11 Mr & Mrs James I WingateOAKLAND AVENUE30 Mr Cecil C ChadwickOAKLAND ROAD42 Mr & Mrs Henry Lewis Hardy12 Mr & Mrs Robert Blaike KessenOAKWOOD ROADPRAIRIE AVENUE42 Mr & Mrs Carl B Ferguson76 Mr & Mrs R L Fox17 Mr & Mrs Frank H White75 Mr & Mrs James F AllenH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

14: NEWTON BLUE BOOKROWE STREET261418262%344450MrMrMrMr&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsBryant NicholsFrancis J MagueGeorge P BrophyErnest H HarveyMr & Mrs John F Brown JrMrs Henry J LobdellMr & Mrs Theodore W GoreMr & Mrs Chester D PierceMr & Mrs Spencer9151519192525292935355757Mr & Mrs Levi Brown JenningsMrs Ella B JonesMr Frank H JonesMr & Mrs C A HutchinsonMr & Mrs M Stanley BarnabyMr & Mrs Miles G PageMr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Winfield A LaneMrs Joseph KellarMrs Lewis C ParkerMrs Clayton W MayersMrs Herbert FarrierMrs Samuel WaterworthMrs Harry F Roberson59Mr&MrsSilvanus Smith61. Mr & Mrs Perley F Crosby129 Mr & Mrs Frank Ackerman131 Mr & Mrs Pervical Roy Allen131 Tel West Newton 139-M139 Mr & Mrs Harold F Young143 Mr & Mrs William F WentzellROWE TERRACE122 Mrs Jane Scott130 Mr & Mrs Vincent A Pluta119 Mrs Annie Wyeth123 Mr & Mrs Edward T ParkinsonSEMINARY AVENUE49497373Miss Mabel T EagerMiss Florence E TowerMrs W J RatseyThe Misses RatseySTUDIO ROAD29 Mr & Mrs George P Kimball21 Mr & Mrs Henry R Nash35 Mr & Mrs William J Francis71 Mr & Mrs William J BishopL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

AUBURNDALE 143VISTA AVENUE20 Mr & Mrs Lowell D MacNutt30 Mr & Mrs George P Hyde38 Mr & Mrs Charles S Grover46 Mr & Mrs Joseph J Hennessey5 Mrs Edwin B Haskell5 Miss Margaret Haskell15 Miss E B Smith31 Mr & Mrs George F HowlandSum res The Cedars East Mattapoisett Mass63 Mr & Mrs George E FarringtonWARE ROAD3 Miss Mary E Walsh3 Miss Anna Walsh3 Mr Edward Walsh9 Mr & Mrs A D Fearing11 Miss Nina Ellis11 Mrs (Ruth L Ellis15 Mr & Mrs Arthur W C Desoe17 Mrs Emma C Bancroft17 Mr & Mrs Frank Booth35 Mr & Mrs Oscar S Reed35 Mr & Mrs Frank Cooke35 Mr & Mrs Ellsworth PooleWASHBURN AVENUE16 Mrs E Burnard Squire16 Miss Enid Squire90 Mr & Mrs Christine E Frank90 Mr & Mrs Edmund I Wilson11172125255361697381Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Charles E KimballMrs Pervical WatersMrs Arthur M RussellMrs Clinton E HewittMrs R M AtherlyMrs Harvey S LeeMrs David M KanefMr &Mrs Caroline A CranchMr & Mrs Charles H JohnsonMrs Harrison H SawyerWASHINGTON STREET1744175417541766176617761798179817981820Mrs Francis H BlackwellMr & Mrs Alexander LivingstoneSum res Hull MassMiss Katherine LivingstoneMiss Agnes Louise LivingstoneMrs Margaret MagueMiss Emily MagueMr & Mrs Henry A BrownMr Edward L DummerMiss Carlotta R DummerMr Edward DummerMr & Mrs Anthony F Arau18211828183818581819182118391897Miss Dora A AllenMr & Mrs Clifton C EricksonMr & Mrs Charles A ColeMr & Mrs Frederick H BriggsDr & Mrs George AbbottMiss Antoinette RoofMr & Mrs H C PhilbrickWoodland Golf ClubGILMOUR, ROTHERYGO.NSURANCE UNDERWRITERSS. T. EMERY, NEWTON CENTRE 12Q-13Q WATER ST.. BOSTON

144 XEWTON BLUE BOOKWILLISTONROAD1616304072Miss Blanche M NoyesMr E J OvingtonMr & Mrs John F DuntonDr & Mrs Amos R WellsMr & Mrs Hugh P Latimer7 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Lane23 Mr & Mrs William A Leighton23 Mrs Jennie L Lincoln37 Mr & Mrs Edward E Savoy43 Mr & Mrs Fred H Cartwright47 Mr & Mrs John J Fitzpatrick55 Mr & Mrs Denis O'LearyWINDERMEREROAD2 Mr & Mrs Chester M Robbins12 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Alexander24 Mr & Mrs Lewis W Hall32 Mr & Mrs M Wilson Robertson48 Mr & Mrs Louis O Duclos48 The Misses Duclos48 Mr Howard E Duclos54 Mr & Mrs Norman Marshall118 Mr & Mrs Frederic C Shepard118 Mr & Mrs Edward L Bell3 26 Mr & Mrs Ralph F Alvord132 Mr & Mrs Frederick Webb Young33 Mr & Mrs Frank G Head33 Mr & Mrs Walter H Scheehl41 Mr & Mrs H B Van Dorn47 Vacant115 Mr & Mrs Nathan W Dennett115115115119125125131Miss Anni.e A DennettMiss Eleanore F DennettMiss Frances G DennettMr & Mrs William W HeckmanMr & Mrs Darius G AldenMr Frederick A AldenMr & Mrs Albert F Bancroft14 Mr & Mrs Waldo C WeatherbeeWINONA STREET18 Mr & Mrs Carl Alberte22 Mr & Mrs Ashton F Harris13172125292929MrMrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&&Mrs Franklin E DavisMrs G T DavisMrs Lewis PierceMrs Edward A LewisMrs H A MacMahonMrs Wendell PhillipsMrs John A WarrenWOLCOTT STREET330340346354362370382382386386386386MrMrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsMrsGeorge N MarstonFrederick B StearnsHarry J WestFred W PriorCharles E ValentineJames DunlopTheodore W DearbornMiss Emily L GoldsmithMr & Mrs Harry A WeymouthMr Clark WeymouthMr & Mrs Harrison S RoyceMr & Mrs Charles Walter Royce327341361387405413421421429435443451Mr &Mr &Dr &Mr &Mr &Dr &Mrs Daniel RickerMrs Charles P SmithMrs John Arthur FurbishMrs Richard E AshendenMrs Charles A BrownMrs Allan M JohnsonMrs Ella E7 MorseMr & Mrs Herbert B MorseMr & Mrs Wycliffe J SpauldingMr James F FarrellMr & Mrs W D GilpatricMr & Mrs Francis McGillsNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.

AUBURNDALE 145WOLCOTT STREETContinued292392398398398406406412418428438454454Mr Edward G ChamberlainMiss Aifrbie G ChamberlainMr Frederick J Shepard JrMrs Frederick J ShepardMiss Elizabeth A BartlettMr & Mrs Stanley WassMrs Emily J WassMr & Mrs James J LannonMr & Mrs Robert Dixon WattersMr & Mrs A G Sh,eaMr & Mrs George M FiskeMr & Mrs Charles B FloydMrs Ella S Maloon451 Mrs Pearl Forbes457 Mr & Mrs Thomas457 Mr & Mrs Hans L A WickhamTangeWOODBINESTREET121826303038444448546060686878Mr & Mrs George H BourneGertrude M BourneMr Edward Almy& Mrs Willis H ChandlerMrs William P Snow&Mrs Roy Lee Miller&Mrs Charles W HigginsMrMrMi-Mr &Mr Joseph Stone HuntMiss Harriet D HuntMr & Mrs Will C EddyMr & Mrs Franklin C MillerMr & Mrs Henry M GatesMr & Mrs Harry SmallMrs Edward R HoweMrs William R GuilfordMrs Robert W MoirCorner Commonwealth avenue19 Mr & Mrs Harold O CookTel West Newton 144'5-J19 Mr & Mrs James W Powers19 Mr & Mrs Richard S Gould31 Mrs William H Blood31 Mr Charles W Blood49 Mrs Caroline Miller49 Mr & Mrs Roy M Miller112 Mr & Mrs C H OsgoodWOODLANDROAD120 Mr Lyman Winship Gore120 Mrs J Parker B Fiske120 Miss Helen Fiske132 Mrs Mary A PeloubetTel Newton West 1569Sum Waterville N H59 Mr & Mrs Frank F DavidsonSum res South China Maine59 Miss Mary R Davidson59 Mr Frank F Davidson Jr59 Mr Allen Davidson71 The Misses PrattH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NH.WTON

14GNEWTON BLUE BOOKWOODLAND ROAD — Continuedi136136142150150150173188*204266Mr & Mrs James R DaytonMiss Sally E TurnerMr & Mrs George A BaconMrs Albert Van WagenenMr & Mrs Howard Pendleton ConverseMiss Eva G Van WagenenSeminary Annex Caroline CarpenterHallMr & Mrs Frank L H NasonSum res Tidnish Nova ScotiaSeminary AnnexMr & Mrs George F Nudd71 Mrs Nellie Draper71 Mr J R Draper77 Mrs Geo E Johnson77 Mr & Mrs Charles E Almy81 Mr & Mrs Isaac S Dillingham117 Lasell SeminaryFor Young WomenPrincipal Mrs Guy M Winslow147 Woodland R.d145 Mr & Mrs Guy M Winslow155 Mrs William E Plummer155 Mr Fred Plummer173 Mr & Mrs Lawrence P Roch.e195 Vacant Nov 9 1921221 Mr & Mrs Henry A Winthrop239 Mr & Mrs John F PriestL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON


NEWTON BLUE BOOKWm.COZENS & SONREAL ESTATEInsuranceMortgages1159 Walnut St., NEWTON HIGHLANDSOPP. STATIONPhone, Centre Newton 732-W or R.South Side Specialists In Real Estate.COLE ELECTRIC COMPANY, IncELECTRICAL CONTRACTORSPower Light HeatEden Washing MachineMANUFACTURERS' AGENTS:Apex Vacuum Cleaners"Universal" Merchandise2 Hartford Street,NEWTON HIGHLANDSTelephone: C. N. 394Newton Highlands GarageWOODWORTH & ADAMS, Props.Dealer inLEXINGTONCARSSTORING, SUPPLIES, AND REPAIRINGUp-to-date Cars to Rent1151 Walnut Street, NEWTON HIGHLANDS

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 147NEWTONHIGHLANDSABERDEEN STREET66141822222636383850Mrs A E SteereMr & Mrs Myron L CudworthDr Mrs Wolfert G Webber&Mr Mrs Thomas Leahv&Mr Mrs Frank H Evans&Mi- Mrs James H Carey&Mr Mrs Thomas L Goodwin&Miss Ethel GoodwinMr Lawrence Goodwin JrMr & Mrs Grenville B SeigiousMr William B SeigiousMr & Mrs Frank A HoveyMr & Mrs Gannett F AllenMrs W E Farrington17172125333541414545Mrs John Ruby-Mr Otis Roy WalkerMr & Mrs Peter E WalkerMr & Mrs Daniel S MacFarlaneMiss Veda ColtartMr & Mrs Charles H SampsonMiss Bertha WellsMr & Mrs Robert HopkinsMiss Shirley HopkinsMiss Nina L BradfordMrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Stockford Wh.eaton& Mrs Albert C Rust& Mrs P Wallace Ramsey& Mrs Joseph E Floyd& Mrs Chester C SmithALLERTONROAD18 Mr & Mrs John H LetteneyMr Russell W Letteney24 Mr & Mrs Frederick W RossMrs M F Ross28 Mr & Mrs James B Studley38 Mr & Mrs Emery W ClarkMr & Mrs Ephraim Hapgood68 Mr & Mrs Charles S Farnham68 Mr & Mrs Kenneth S FarnhamMr Ralph Farnham74 Mr & Mrs George C Furber74 Mr & Mrs Charles H Furber9 Rev Frank W Padelford15 Mr & Mrs Albert E Haskell21 Mr & Mrs John O Reay27 Mr & Mrs Henry W Provan37 Mr & Mrs Harry A Hagerman61 Mr & Mrs Leonard BoydMiss Helen I Boyd61 Miss Marion Morse69 Mr Albert H Mellen69 Mrs Albert S HutchinsonMrs H G Mirick91 Mr & Mrs Daniel AdamsMrs F H GilsonBELLINGHAMROAD5 Mr & Mrs Gerald H NoonanL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

148 NEWTON BLUE BOOK6 Mrs B G Blair12 Mr & Mrs Arthur M CurryMiss Laliah CurryBEMUTH ROADBERWICK ROAD(See Newton Centre)BOWDOIN STREET14182428384456939999Mr & Mrs George W ReynoldsMr Donald ReynoldsMiss Alice G ReynoldsMr & Mrs James E RaynerMr & Mrs Edward J SavageMrs Frank A ShuteMr Frank A Shute JrMr & Mrs Ray HuntsmanMr & Mrs George A ColemanMr & Mrs Alfred H BrodickMiss Margaret WalkerMiss Harriet RyderMr & Mrs Harry L AnnessMiss Marion Lovell AnnessMrs Louise Van Antwerp Walsh1329394349494955616387939393Mr & Mrs Richard S TrueMr & Mrs Roland H BarnesDr Edward R CutlerMr & Mrs Harold H ShumwayMrs Charles A BarrettMiss Mabel A SampsonMrs Harry B WalkerMr Merrill B WalkerMr Kenneth Bruce WalkerMiss M C DouglassMrs Mabel F A DouglassMiss Ethel DouglassMiss Amelia M BrownMr & Mrs Irving AtwoodMr & Mrs Isaac D WhiteMiss Marion Elizabeth WhiteMr & Mrs Robert P SmithDr & Mrs Clinton M PopeMr Nathan O PopeRev John J WalkerMrs Elizabeth E WalkerMiss Elizabeth WalkerBOYLSTON ROADi18 Mrs L M Soule18 Mr Charles M Soule20 Mrs Sarah P Barnes26 Mr & Mrs George H SteerMiss J M Stulz26 Mr & Mrs Charles H Sawyer15293737MrMrMrMr& Mrs John B& Mrs Albert& Mrs John JDaniel SauerHaskellHansonFoggREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS &, SONS,-Inc.363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut HillV

ISNEWTON HIGHLANDS 149BOYLSTON STREET900 Mr & Mrs W H Rust946 Mr & Mrs James S Gore946 Mr & Mrs Clarence M Hazen1002 Mr & Mrs John M Gallagher10 061010101410181020110011001100Mr & Mrs Henry E WryMr & Mrs R C StokellMr & Mrs John J MaddenMr Mrs Mark L Hudson&Mr & Mrs A C HewsMr & Mrs Harry J WoodsMr & Mrs Francis SearwayMr & Mrs Mark Gorham943 llr& Mrs Appleton Williams947 Mrs Carrie D XewellMiss Helen E NewellMiss Jane Newell967 Mr & Mrs John W BoyceMr John R Boyce969 Vacant971 Mrs Francis T Knight979 Mr & Mrs LovejoyMr & Mrs Harry P Hodkins983 Mr & Mrs Elof BensonMiss Viola Cedar985 Mr & Mrs Charles King985 Mr & Mrs Franklin N Erlenbach985 Dr Franklin N Erlenbach Jr987 Mr & Mrs Willard A Marcy989 Mrs Joseph C LoughreyBRADFORD ROAD4121634Mr & Mrs Francis B RileyMr & Mrs Andrew TerkelsenMr & Mrs Frederick BadgerMiss Elsa BadgerMr & Mrs George B Spring3 Mr & Mrs Herbert S VirtueMr George Virtue11 Mr & Mrs Harry J WhittakerMrs Lucy A WhittakerMr Holden Whittaker15 Mrs A H Armstrong15 Mrs H G Blanchard21 Mr & Mrs John E Mason Jr25 Mr & Mrs Andrew Y SharpeMiss Mildred Sharpe35 Mr & Mrs William F DuffusBREWSTERROAD14 Mr & Mrs William G Bowler22 Mrs Shirley MarstonMr Russell K MarstonMr Dana M Marston32 Mr & Mrs J Irvin Bamett15 Mr & Mrs Hartwell B Spaulding29 Mrs Charles P Lewis29 Mr & Mrs Daniel F Cronin33 Mr & Mrs John H Elwell JrMiss Mary A LincolnCANTERBERRY ROAD30 Mr & Mrs Lester H Hilton32 Mr & Mrs Albert H Macomber36 Mr Albert H Macomber JrMrs Nellie SangerMr Charles S Sanger40 Mr & Mrs R Mott Davis11 Mr & Mrs Henry J Wagner17 Mr & Mrs Robert D Maclver21 Mrs E F WescottMiss Florence A Wescott25 Mr & Mrs Arthur C H Walker35 Mr & Mrs H C Merriam39 Mrs F A PattersonMiss Winifred PattersonL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON\

150 NEWTON BLUE BOOK22 Mr & Mrs Andreas Anderson30 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Abbott34 Mr & Mrs Frank V Stone44 Mr & Mrs William P Collins50 Mr & Mrs Harry P Porte54 Mr & Mrs Howard Whitmore54 Mr Thomas T Hinkley82 Mr & Mrs Harrison W AnnableMr Harrison T Annable88 Miss Gertrude R HiscockMrs Ann HiscockMiss Blanch HiscockMr Harry C Loud100 Mr & Mrs S,eth Lee104 Mr & Mrs Arthur T Monahon110 Mr & Mrs R F HallidayCARVERROAD21 Mr & Mrs Walter Scott CowingMr Robert Henry CowingMiss Dorothy Huldah Cowing294373838993Mr & Mrs Asline WardMr &Mr &Mr &Mrs Edwin C JohnsonMrs Henry C BergerMrs Ira C NyeMrs Chester R LittlefieldMr &Miss Elizabeth L FordMr Graham B FordMr & Mrs George R LoudMrs A P Loud101 Miss Lillian CollinsMiss Marion NewtonCENTRE STREET154415441544 Mr1574 Mr1586Miss1590 MiMrs John C HurterMiss Maria G HurterFrank O Hurter& Mrs Joseph A HurdMr & Mrs James A FloydMarion Floyd& Mrs Harris F GrayMrs E W Hunter1596 Mr & Mrs Richard A Cody1624 Mr & Mrs William M L McAdams1652 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Mullen1658 Mrs Alfred H Geyer1670 John Faherty16231625162916651665Mrs Mary L WardwellMr & Mrs Frederick BruntonMr & Mrs Merle S PennellMrs Adella M TurnerMr & Mrs Allan W ParmenterMrs E J GordonMr & Mrs Harold C Eastman1469 Mr & Mrs Charles E DoaneMiss Mina Myrtle HicksMr & Mrs Henry H HicksMrs Elizabeth A Tuttle1469 Dr & Mrs R W Black1471 Mrs Willa E TollesMr & Mrs Ward I Cornell1489 Mr & Mrs Earl C RundlettMr Cnarles E Banks1489 Mr & Mrs Seward J Johnson149515231549158916011603161916191623Miss M D HillsMiss Annie D HillsMiss Susan W HillsMr William V RoweTel C N 2053N Y City Address 133 E 38thStMrs William I ClewellMr & Mrs Fred R HaywardMr Arthur H FewkesMr William A FewkesMrs Frank C PeabodyMr Watson W BowersMr & Mrs Herman R HoffmanMr & Mrs John D BreckMr Hadley KinderMr & Mrs Alfred S PrattMr & Mrs Perrin C Newell

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 15LCHESTER STREET4 Mr & Mrs Ernest G Hapgood10 Miss Mary A WebsterMiss Adelaide R Webster16 Mr & Mrs John GloverMiss Edith Blake24 Mr & Mrs Clarence A WhitneyMr Benjamin P Foster40 Mr & Mrs R B Adams62 Mr & Mrs Curtis ChipmanMiss Catherine E ChipmanSum res Southport Maine68 Mr & Mrs Krickel K Carrick5 Mr & Mrs Everett E Bird11 Mr & Mrs William E Bowen17 Mrs George L AveryMr G Larcom AveryMrs Sarah A LaneMiss Elise LaneMiss Anna Lane27 Mr & Mrs Harry GayMr & Mrs Albert George Prescott39 Mr & Mrs Joseph W MooreMiss Mildred D MooreMiss Ruth S MooreMr Robert H Moore45 Mrs Robert LeviMiss Elizabeth Levi45 Mr F E P Levi55 Miss Georgiana Douglass61 Mr & Mrs Earle ManningMrs JeanetteHarrington67 Mr & Mrs Lewis K LambertCIRCUIT AVENUE1220222632767478Mr & Mrs Abbott T TorreyMrs Horace P StevensMr & Mrs John L WrightMr & Mrs Charles L HoweMr & Mrs W B MunsilMr & Mrs George S WoodruffMr & Mrs Lewis H Bacon JrMr & Mrs Irving M SenterMr & Mrs Alan Mclntire91115216157Mr & Mrs Frederick R HodgeMr & Mrs Joseph B BerschMr & Mrs Chester A MortonMr & Mrs William R WilkeMrs J V SullivanMr & Mrs Abner F PierceMiss Ruth B PierceMr & Mrs Robert D FlansburghCOLUMBUS STREET6 Mr & Mrs Howard S Hiltz6 Miss Evelyn Louise Hiltz6 Miss Caroline May Hiltz6 Miss Mildred Beatrice Hiltz20 Mr & Mrs John R Sweeney20 Miss Mary L Sweeney40 Mr & Mrs Willard HaffMiss Marion HaffMr Alexander Haff46 Mr & Mrs James H Turnbull56 Mr & Mrs Clifford Wallace DowMr Kenneth C Dow60 Rev & Mrs Theodor,e R Ludlow3 Mr & Mrs Clarence Nelson Stone9 Mr Frank GrahamMiss Adeline Graham19 Mrs H M Hanson19 Miss Clara S Steele19 Miss Eva Steele19 Mr & Mrs A W Rick49 Mr & Mrs Seward W JonesMiss Marguerite W Jones63 Mr & Mrs M Marsden Griswold Jr69 Mr & Mrs Henry H CummingsMiss Esther Cummings69 Miss Alberta J Crombie

15 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCOLUMBUS TERRACE4 Mr & Mrs Reuben L Rottler10 Mr & Mrs Thomas A Quinn12 Mrs Harriet E HolmesCUSHING STREET17 Mr & Mrs Payson T Lowell17 Mr John A Lowell 2dDEDHAM92 Mr & Mrs J Francis Munroe360 Mr & Mrs William E Sanderson370 Mr & Mrs Wendell R K Mick432 Prof & Mrs Ward H Cook472 Mr & Mrs Edwin C FisherSTREET349 Mr & Mrs Clarence W StetsonPost Office Newton Centre483 Mr & Mrs Arnold Hartmann777 Mr & Mrs Robert G Shaw 2dDELMORE ROAD14 Mr & Mrs Samuel M Dale16 Mr & Mrs Francis C Rodman9 Mr & Mrs Albert H NortonDICKERMANROAD16 Mr & Mrs David A Cox20 Mr & Mrs Lester M Dorr24 Mr & Mrs Ernest C Moffatt24 Mrs D W Bullard30 Mr & Mrs A Lawrence BallMr Mark L Ball34 Mr & Mrs James H Wood40 Vacant44 Mr & Mrs Harry M Nelson48 Mr & Mrs Edward I Brown48 Dr & Mrs William E Brown11 Mr & Mrs Wilmot M Brown15 Mr & Mrs J Arthur McKeen19 Mr & Mrs Francis L S,earway-^ Mr & Mrs William T Davidson27 Mr & Mrs Samuel F JonesMr Samuel F Jones JrMiss Ruth JonesDUNCKLEE STREET18 Mr & Mrs James M Beck18 Miss Mabel A Beck24 Mr & Mrs Clarence S Luitwieler24 Miss Helen LuitwielerMr Clarence S Luitwieler Jr11 Mr & Mrs Christopher H GiffordSum res Cotuit Mass15 Mr & Mrs Rens E Schirmer27 Mr & Mrs James A DarlingMiss Grace A Darling31 Mr & Mrs George W Barker31 Mr Thomas W Shapleigh

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 153/ENDICOTT STREET32 Mr & Mrs Franklin I Jordan 21 Mr & Mrs Charles F Jones25 Mr & Mrs Charles W Dillaway37 Mrs Henry F Guild51 Mr & Mrs Wilfred S Drowne51 Miss Ethel L DrowneERIE AVENUE22 Miss Mary C Copeland22 Miss Marion K Copeland28 Mr & Mrs George Toney30 Mr & Mrs Harris W Langley34 Mr & Mrs William F Coan36 Mr & Mrs Albert H Elder44 Mr & Mrs Frederick A O'Connor44 Miss Bertna E O'Connor48 Mr & Mrs Charles W MercerSum res Megansett Mass52 Mrs Frank Frost52 Irving F FrostThe Miss,es Frost58 Mr & Mrs Z G ManterMr & Mrs A Hicks64 Mr Edward J Singleton64 Miss Mabel A SingletonMiss Elizabeth Singleton68 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Cary74 Mr & Mrs George A Gleason78 Mr & Mrs Everett C Lewis84 Mr & Mrs William J Bicknell84 Mr Eliot Bicknell90 Mr & Mrs Leon E Ryther96 Mr & Mrs Almond M Tewksbury100 Mr & Mrs Edward H Day102 Mr & Mrs Irving M Atwood57 Mr & Mrs Alfred W BellMiss Dorothy BellMr William E Bell61 Mr & Mrs A Lester Sherman69 Mr & Mrs John S Peakes71 Mr & Mrs Edward H Weeks73 Mr & Mrs Robert Eliot ClarkMr Robert Coffyn ClarkMiss Thalia Clark77 Mr & Mrs Harry E Trowbridge85 Mr & Mrs Hiram Allen Miller85 Mr Hiram Allen Miller Jr85 Miss Anna Irene Miller89 Mr & Mrs John P Regan95 Mr & Mrs Harold V BowenFISHER AVENUE18 Mr & Mrs James C Bond32 Mr & Mrs James Kingman32 Miss Katharine Slade KingmanMiss Margaret PattonMrs John Patton56 Mrs Frank Bonser66 Mr & Mrs Silas R Mills72 Mr & Mrs Joseph G Birch72 Mr Ronald D Birch72 Miss Winifred J Birch72 Mrs Emma A Proctor3 Mr & Mrs Nelson Thacher7 Mr & Mrs Walter A Upham25 Mr & Mrs Lawrence SouthwickSmith31 Mr William T Coveney37 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Ashenden43 Mr & Mrs Frederick T McGill51 Mr & Mrs (Robert S Ingram57 Mr Wallace J Hebbard57 Mrs Charles Ogden .57 Miss Florence Ogden67 Mr & Mrs Alfred L Pratt73 Mr & Mrs Murt S WallaceMr Todd B WallaceH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

154 NEWTON BLUE BOOKFLORAL STREET12 Mr & Mrs James R Doyle22 Miss Mary E Hyde22 Mrs E J Tuttle28 Miss Eva MacK,ee30 Mr & Mrs James Walsh30 Mr John Walsh30 Miss Helen Walsh30 Mr James Walsh34 Mr & Mrs Howard C Thomas36 Mr & Mrs Louis B King46 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Mason46 Mr & Mrs Henry C SawyerMiss C W Kinder56 Mr & Mrs Charles H Delany68 Mrs Grace W Atterbury68 Mr & Mrs T P Ward82 Mr & Mrs Charles A Ferson86 Mr & Mrs Louis Giles90 Mr & Mrs Clifford Weed96 Mr & Mrs William R Sullivan96 Mr & Mrs John W Foley100 Mr & Mrs Edward Whittredge102 Mr & Mrs Patrick T HurleyMrs John S SedgwickMiss Mabel J SedgwickMr Edwin H CoreyMr Edwin H Corey JrMrs C H BeachMr & Mrs Ahira B KelleyMr& Mrs John T Walsh& Mrs John W BarrettMrMr & Mrs Lester WilliamsMr & Mrs Harper A LeavittMrs Daisy B FaulknerMr & Mrs George N B ShermanMr & Mrs Roy E ComstockMr & Mrs W H ArmstrongMr & Mrs S LoganFLORAL PLACE14 Mrs E F Brown14 Mr Edgar W Brown14 Miss Rachel Brown16 Mr & Mrs John Tapper13 Mr & Mrs Wallace N Beal13 Miss Constance Beal15 Mr & Mrs Calvin C Stevens15 Miss Madeline A Stevens15 Miss Gladys F StevensFOREST STREET60 Mr & Mrs Rolfe Cobleigh66 Mr Charles W Fewkes66 Mrs Henry J Fewkes66 Miss Edith E Fewkes88 Mr & Mrs Charles A MacCallum3399999151923Miss Ella M BacallMrs Mary B StephensonDr & Mrs Frederick E WitheeMissMissMissMissGertrude MelickMary L OliverA WetmoreH McAfeeMrs J Douglas ThompsonDr &Mrs C Allison ThompsonMr & Mrs D Frederick EarlyMr & Mrs Wallace M LeonardNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc,Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 155FOREST STREETContinued.3139454747.61Mr & Mrs William Taylor LoganVacantMr & Mrs Harvey G HatchMiss Mabel E PierceMiss Fannie I LordDr & Mrs P C BartlettMrs Mary E Bartlett65 Mr & Mrs Floyd C ReevesMrs H E Pitfield81 Mr & Mrs Herbert L Ray89 Mr & Mrs Charles MitchellGLENMORE TERRACE4 Mr & Mrs Alexander Cox 3 Mr Samuel CunninghamMr & Mrs Scott Keith15 Mr & Mrs Frank H StrattonHARRISON STREET16 Mrs Katherine C MaherStuart A Maher Lieut U S N16 Mr Philip F Maher16 Mr John F Maher16 Miss Anna M Moore20 Mr & Mrs Chester W Tudbury24 Mr & Mrs Leroy B BrittonMrs Elizabeth WebleyMiss Elsie A Britton30 Mr George B Dewey30 Mrs F D Ward30 Miss Hettie B Ward34 Mr & Mrs Harlon J Maynard40 Mr & Mrs Wm F Keith44 Mr & Mrs James R Palmer48 Mr & Mrs Andrew B Wright52 Mr & Mrs George L Williams151923293339394347Mr & Mrs Charles A ClarkMr & Mrs Franklin S CraginMr & Mrs F William JohnsonMr & Mrs Frederick W Webster JrMr & Mrs Harry E DavidsonMr Bertram E DavidsonMr Stanley E DavidsonMr & Mrs John B DanielsMiss Margaret T HurleyMr & Mrs J Ralph StoutThe Misses SmithHARTFORDSTREET1014.202634Dr & Mrs Louis H MarshallMr & Mrs Carlton S RedmondDr & Mrs Frederick S KeithMr & Mrs Richard PatteeMrs Augusta H MartinMiss Minnie A Nickerson59636363Rev W Morton CassidyMiss Anna ThompsonaMrs L D GeorgeMiss Gertrude AbbottMiss Josephine AyersMrs A H Swe,etzerL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

150 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHARTFORD STREETContinued40 Mrs David BatesMiss Miriam F BatesMiss Martha J BatesMiss Allena JewettMiss Grace Perkins44 Mrs W H MitchellDr & Mrs Elihu C SimpsonMrs Franklin P Brown50 Mr & Mrs William K Dunham50 Mr C Alfred Gulliver56 Mr & Mrs Leslie Sanderson636377Mrs E L RodmanMiss Elizabeth BalchMiss Grace BarrMiss Ruth BarrMr & Mrs John W Wilson62 Mr & Mrs Guilford S Newhall62 Miss Mary Addison Newhall68 Rev Nelson B DavisHILLSIDE ROAD14202628MrMrMrMr&&&&Mrs Holmer E WarkMrs E Berge SolerMrs Lyman V BankerMrs Harold T Lindsey Jr87 Mr & Mrs John H McCready93 Mr & Mrs William H Chappie15 Mr & Mrs Edward F McCuddenMiss Nora Coleman17 Mr & Mrs Emil F Haberstroh19 Mr & Mrs Perry Wood19 Mr & Mrs Douglass Graves25 Vacant27 Mr & Mrs Martin H Garrity37 Mr & Mrs Charles Gordon McMuIlinMr & Mrs Henry N Libbey43 Miss Alice Maude Nichols49 Mr & Mrs Edwin T Cady55 Mr & Mrs William E MooreHYDE STREET10 Mr & Mrs Winslow D Robinson16 Mrs E H Ruby22 Miss Helen C Hyde38 Mrs G L Carbone50 Mr & Mrs Henry H Skelton54 Mr & Mrs Herbert Warren Colby68 Mr & Mrs Charles F Whitehead82 Mrs William J Walther112 Mrs Joshua SeaverMr John F Seaver120 Mr & Mrs Ernest E Fewkes63 Mr & Mrs George H Wooley95 Mr & Mrs D F Flanagan11 Dr & Mrs Oscar Martin19 Mr & Mrs Edgar Jacob SmithSum res Topsfleld MassMr Edwin D Smith25 Mr & Mrs Hubert S Dennie41 Mr & Mrs Arthur S WilliamsSum res Leominster Mass41 Miss Laura L WilliamsMr C Morris Williams51 Miss Arvilla T Harvey51 Mr & Mrs John Harvey57 Mrs Elizabeth D Lewis57 Miss Mary FlaggMiss Mercy WatsonMiss Florence A WatsonMiss Fannie F JordanMr John F KershawREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS i363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON. 807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLB238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 157LAKE AVENUE:56258260260262262262264272278284292292296300306312320326336338340344348VacantMr & Mrs J W ConquestMr & Mrs Albertus H ForristMr & Mrs William J PigeonMr & Mrs Harry W GreenleafMr Wendell Otis GreenleafMr & Mrs James B MelcherMrs Jane S GreenleafMr & Mrs Joseph F LockettMr & Mrs George B KingTel 909-M Centre NewtonMr & Mrs Howard M BiscoeMr & Mrs Thomas J JohnsonMiss Florence E JohnsonMrs Elizabeth E BragdonMr & Mrs Fred G SanfordMr & Mrs Dana Scott SylvesterMr & Mrs Robert C McCabeMrs L J F ShedMr Alb.ert G ShedMrs Walter WinnMr & Mrs Frank A BurdickMrs Lizzie BurdickMr & Mrs Casper IshamMiss Lorania C MortonMrs Mary CarrMr & Mrs Thomas J AllinghamDr & Mrs Samuel L EatonMr & Mrs Charles A TurnbullMr & Mrs Parker Lovejoy183193203219249249257263263271291i291301301301305309321331335347Mr & Mrs Guilford Miles StuartMr & Mrs Frederick W ClappMr & Mrs Walton Lee CrockerTel 148 Centre NewtonMr & Mrs J Weston AllenSum r,es Bass River MassMiss Helen Spencer AllenMrs Katharine McCrillisMr & Mrs Frank W DorrMiss Marion H DorrMr & Mrs Edwin Franklin GibbsMrMrMrMrMrMr&&&&MrsMrsMrsMrsGeorge W ChaseGurdon R FisherErnest W FisherEdgar B Sampson-& Mrs George H MellenHarrison W MellenMr George H Mellen JrMiss Hazel GoodhueMiss Jessie LevisMrs Percy W CarverMiss Flora TalonMr & Mrs John G Schroder*Mr & Mrs Clarence H Lingham'Mr Robert M LinghamMiss Helen C LinghamMr & Mrs Edmund E HillsMr & Mrs Winfield S RichardsDr Eaton's SanitariumMr & Mrs Thomas P CurtisLAKEWOOD ROAD8283238445054Mr & Mrs Ezra S EatonMr & Mrs Robert A HubbardMr & Mrs Edwin S DrowneMrs William S SimpsonMiss Barbara Leslie SimpsonMr & Mrs E V WetmoreMr & Mrs John McK,eySum res No ChathamMrs Eliot H Robinson23 Mr & Mrs Henry P Ayer23 Miss Olga Gretchen Ayer23 Mr Gordon Whittier Ayer35 Mr & Mrs Edward Farnum Rockford51 Mr & Mrs J Howard Thompson51 Miss Mable Helen ThompsonMiss Helen F Thompson59 Mr & Mrs Edwin E S Birtwell77 Mr & Mrs Charlton D Miller77 Miss Cecile C CrandallH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

158 NEWTON BLUE BOOKLINCOLN STREET18 Mr Harry Krikorian24 Mr Hagop DemirjianMr Charles H OtisMiss Pearl M Otis30 Mrs C FurdenMr John FurdenMr & Mrs Frank BerginMr Frank PattersonMiss Jane E WardMiss Alice M Ward122 Mr Henry D BennettMrs Barbara B BennettMiss Beatrice H Bennett122 Mr & Mrs Buenos A Weeks126 Mr & Mrs Shields BurrMrs Sarah Hassett126 Mr & Mrs Geo G Sherman130 Mr & Mrs Frederick C SnowMiss Henrietta Snow-Mr & Mrs Luther W Piper138 Mr & Mrs Robert BonnerMr Harry ThorntonMr & Mrs Edward W Thornton146 Mr & Mrs Jesse E McCourtMiss Celia McCcurtMiss Inez McCourt154 Mr & Mrs Isaac Goddard160 Mr & Mrs Albert E Sweetser166 Mrs Albert BucknamMr George W BucknamMiss Grace R BucknamMiss Emily D Bucknam170 Mr & Mrs'George E TuftsMiss Katherine TuftsMiss Mary G Tufts224 Mr & Mrs William H Doliber228 Mr & Mrs Jacob H Green69 Mr Vincent M BowenMr & Mrs Earl W Bowen75 Dr Caroline Y WentworthMiss Amanda F Sylvester87 Mr & Mrs Edmund H TarbellMrs Harry P Leavitt95 Mrs Benjamin F TruebloodMr & Mrs George G Wolkins111 Mr Augustine Jones A M LL B111 William A Jones A M119 Rev & Mrs Charles T Noble119 Mr Charles C NobleMiss Bessie C Noble135143151157Mrs Annie A ClineMr & Mrs Edgar W WarrenMr & Mrs George C FrolichMiss Georgia Marion FrolichMr & Mrs Sampson D WhittemoreMr & Mrs Charles S PowellMiss Vivian I PowellMiss Louise Marie Powell163 Mr & Mrs Jesse TirrellMiss Doris M TirrellMiss Marion Tirrell173 Mr Parker J ShannonMr Francis A Shannon189 Mrs Alice D JonesMiss Elizabeth D Jones207 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Ness213 Mr & Mrs Loren W Penney219 Mr & Mrs G Denny Moore227 Mr & Mrs Preble W Blake235 Mr & Mrs Law son W OakesMiss A Mabel Oakes238 Mr & Mrs James H WentworthMiss Marjorie WentworthMARGARET ROAD9 Mr & Mrs Stephen J Heinrich15 Mrs Philip ButlerNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATENewtonHENRY W. SAVAGE, In

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 159MEREDITHAVENUEIS Mr & Mrs George II Dearv22 Mr & Mrs Walter H Adams1117Mr & Mrs George E KingMr & Mrs William B DraperMrs Edwin DrewMOUNTFORT ROADIS Mr & Mrs Jonas M KnigfctMiss Elizabeth Knight4 Mr & Mrs Frank D WarrenMrs Lydia A Warren19 Mr & Mrs Arthur R LoganNILES ROAD161Mr & Mrs William T LavertyMr & Mrs Walter K MitchellMr & Mrs Ernest L DodgeNORMANROAD18 Mr & Mrs Chester W Nit-holsMiss Grac Kimball24 Mr & Mrs Joseph C Allen7 Mr & Mrs Henry F Williams17 Mr & Mrs Charles F Johnson23 Mr & Mrs James C S TaberMiss Caroline L TaberMiss Lena DillonJrOAK TERRACE10 Vacanl14 Mr Geoi e A Cotey20 Mr & Mrs William II Mitchell\lr & Mrs Ephraim M Estelle30 Mr tv Mrs George Doane34 Mr & Mrs Alexander J MacDoug illTel ("enter Newton 0672-MMrs T W GriffethMr & Mrs Charles II KeelerMiss Mirriam Keeler3 Mr & Mrs Frederick S Fairchild9 Mr & Mrs Richard WhightMiss Sadie Hanscom15 Mrs John H Burt15 Mr & Mrs Thomas C Davis21 Mrs Elizabeth Newton25 Mrs George E Littlefield35 Mr & Mrs William Glover5 Mr & Mrs Wyman DyerPLYMOUTH ROAD304046Mr & Mrs LoreM FletcherMr & Mrs Fred W NicholsMr Frederick R GauntlettMr & Mrs E Channing BouveMrs Mary E MooreMiss Gladys M Bigelow11 Mr & Mrs Charles A Evans17 Mr & Mrs Warren H Ellice43 Mr & Mrs Harry F Campbell51 Mr & Mrs Ralph S FickettMrs Susie G FickettL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

160 NEWTON BLUE BOOKRANDOLPH STREET15 Mr & Mrs Scott E EmeryMiss Bernice A Emery-Miss Dorothy EmeryRAEBURN TERRACE2 Mr & Mrs John E DodgeMr John Elliot Dodge1 Mr & Mrs Thomas F GreenROCKLEDGEROAD4 Mr & Mrs Joseph E PeckhamMiss H S Farwell12 Mr & Mn, Gilbert H Noyes32 Mr & Mrs Grosvenor D'W Marcy40 Mr & Mrs Peter D Ludy46 Mr & Mrs H Cutler52 Mr & Mrs William R ReedMiss Dorothy M Reed11 Mr & Mrs Lewis Irving Schreiner21 Vacant51 Dr & Mrs Westford M TaylorSAXON ROAD26 Mr & Mrs Robert B Chapin30 Mrs Laura P Elliott30 Mr & Mrs Frederick J Elliott36 Mr & Mrs R B BarbourMiss Geraldine D BarbourMiss Vivian L BarbourMiss Antoinette BarbourTel 1864-J Centre NewtonWinter res Winter Park Florida915192125MrMrMrMrMrMrs& Mrs Walter A Dane& Mrs Ernest R Adams& Mrs Harry I Cook& Mrs Edward H Ruby& Mrs Charles W HawkesPaul B LordSAXON TERRACE14 Mr & Mrs Arthur R Logan14 Mr Metcalf W Melcher9 Mr & Mrs Albion H Brown15 Mr & Mrs Carlton S BlanchardMr Carlton S Blanchard JrMiss Rachel Blanchard21 Mr & Mrs Robert E BriggsMiss Alice FordSTANDISHSTREET15 Mr Charles W Banks21 Mrs Elbridge P Jones21 Mrs E Leslie Colton21 Mr Paysorj Angel JanesREAL ESTATELIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCE363 CENTRE ST., NEWTON.JOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVILLE238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

NEWTON HIGHLANDS 1G1TERRACE AVENUE22 Mr & Mrs John M Knudsen 19 Mr & Mrs Frank P Hurley21 Mr & Mrs Samuel E Simpkins39 Mr & Mrs Henry B HopkinsMrs Jeanette C Atwood41 Mr & Mrs Charles S German- Mr George S German41 Miss Ruth F GermanMr Aldridgje Brown47 Mr & Mrs Charles G Wetherbee47 Miss Elizabeth W WetherbeeWALDORF ROAD1927333

1G2 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKWINCHESTERSTREET230430430430430450Mr Jason T BaconMr Frank H MorganMr & Mrs Will L MorganMrs Almira L ChamberlainMrs A W LittlefleldMr & Mrs John W Warren125135139139139383499525601Mr & Mrs Colin MclvarMr & Mrs Walter C SimpkinsMr & Mrs Arthur D HallMiss Ethel L HallMiss Fannie E HallMr & Mrs Joseph B WattMr & Mrs Edward E Hyland.Newton City HomeMr & Mrs John EwartSt John Industrial SchoolWOODCLIFFROAD34 Mr & Mrs William O Litchner46 Mr & Mrs Donald D McKay56 Mr & Mrs Archie T Robinson56 Mr & Mrs William J Robinson62 Mr & Mrs Richard A Caswell70 Mr & Mrs Frank S MacMullenMiss Florence MacMullenMiss Katherine E MacMullen15 Mr Alonzo A Cole15 Mr & Mrs Stephen A Smith15 Mr & Mrs Sumner B Cole25 Mr & Mrs Edward G Swift25 Mrs Edna Anderson35 Mr & Mrs Charles Gardner Hunt43 Mr & Mrs B T Wilkerson49 Mr & Mrs W A Bedford55 Mr & Mrs Harry R Lampher.eWOODWARD STREET22 Mr & Mrs Frederick E Pelonsky28 Mr & Mrs Nicholas J Murphy38 Mr & Mrs William J CozensAlbert C Cozens38 Miss A Winifred Cozens38 Miss Bella Halstead110 Mr & Mrs Harry H Hale146 Dr & Mrs Carl KolbMiss Annie Kolb156 Dr & Mrs George F H Bowers156 Mrs W B Page170 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Brown15 Mr & Mrs Raymond A Simonds17 Mrs Jesse S PorterThe Misses Porter19 Mr & Mrs William25 Mr & Mrs ReubenMr Donald SmithMiss Marion Smith27 Mr & Mrs Philip L BrownMorton ColeS Smith39 Dr & Mrs Albert I MackintoshMrs James F Richards41 Mr & Mrs Benjamin R GilbertMr H Sigourney GilbertMiss Fannie W Fogg .Mrs N M Putnam79Mr & Mrs Stuart MacKenzie107129167175MrMi-MrMrMr& Mrs G Roberts Lunger& Mrs William E Crary& Mrs Edward J BallArthur L Ball& Mrs John WorleyH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

\ ^NEWTON BLUE BOOKBOSTON GARDENING COMPANYFRANK W. RANE, ProprietorFRESH VEGETABLES AND EGGSWHOLESALE AND RETAILBEACON AND CHESTNUT STREETSTelephone: Centre Newton 1046-RWABANPatronize Your Home TailorE. KAHANWork called for and delivered at very reasonable prices; alsocontract monthly pressing" a specialty.New Block, Beacon St.,WABANGORDON H. RHODESPHARMACIST1649 Beacon Street, WABAN, MASSTelephone: Centre Newton 71677

NfiWTON BLUE feOOttH. ORNE RIDERPHOTOGRAPHERCopying and EnlargingHome PortraitsTRIOTONE PORTRAITS\Portraits You Will EnjoyStudio: 36 Islington Road,AUBURNDALE, MASS.Tel. West Newton 1199-MParkage for AutomobilesRALPH E. HATCH, Pres.,GEO. P. HATCH, TreasB. S. HATCH COMPANYCOAL79 Union St., NEWTON CENTRETel. Center Newton 1811288 Washington St., WEST NEWTONTels. West Newton 66, 967-J

WABAN 16? •3WABANAGAWANROAD72 Mr & Mrs John E Barnard 5 Mr & Mrs Thomas Pelham15 Mr & Mrs M Harley Talbot29 Mr & Mrs JSB Knox29 Mrs Edythe Tulis Holmes83 Mr & Mrs Albert A SargentALBAN ROAD6 Mr & Mrs William F Baxter56 Mrs Charles Hertkom56 Mrs Helen M Buffum66 Mr & Mrs Carl H Gove55 Mr & Mrs William F Lamont79 Mr & Mrs George Souther101 Mr & Mrs Lawrence AllenANNAWANROAD18 Mr & Mrs Fred S Gourley26 Mr & Mrs Philip W Ayres26 Miss Harriett C Taylor34 Mr & Mrs Richmond K Fletcher25 Mr & Mrs Frederick H LucyASHMONTROAD6 Mr & Mrs Reginald Heber Smith 7 Mr & Mrs Llewellyn A MarrMiss Virginia Marr15 Mr & Mrs David Sutton21 Mr & Mrs Adna C Dennison21 Mrs Frances E Carter21 Mrs Clara J L Pierce29 Mr & Mrs Robert M Fallon37 Mr & Mrs Robert BockholdAVALON ROAD94 Mr & Mrs William B Stevenson128 Mr & Mrs Sara B Angevine51 Mr & Mrs Fred Herbert Begole71 Mr & Mrs Norman E Dupee81 Mr & Mrs Frank J Murray91 Mr & Mrs Samuel T Douglas101 Mr & Mrs Philip L Warren115 Mr & Mrs Waldo H Brown121 Mr & Mrs Herbert I Buttrick131 Mr & Mrs John SparkmanH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

16lNEWTON BLUE BOOKBEACON STREET143014381452145814581464147014781484153015381538154'8155815641564169016901704170417041734174617461746175617561756176217721772178418181818181819581964Mr & Mrs Carl StahlekerMr & Mrs Charles W MartinMr Charles T MartinMr & Mrs Harry W BauckmanMr & Mrs Clement A BortonMrs Laura F WiswellMr & Mrs Charles O BowkerMr & Mrs Irving R HowattMr & Mrs Harold W CheneyMr & Mrs F Roscoe WebberMr & Mrs Willard F ScottMr George ScottMr Whitemore ScottMr & Mrs James HewinsMr J E EverettMr & Mrs Sterling P WileyMr Elmer W KeeverMr & Mrs Edward W KingMr & Mrs Harry L TiltonMr Homer S TiltonMiss Dorothy Sanford"KNOLL WOOD"Dr & Mrs Ear1,e E BesseyMr & Mrs William H GouldMr Amasa C GouldMiss Jessie G GouldMr & Mrs Wilfred O White(Ruth Eldridge White)Sum res Vineyard Haven MassMrs Florence T HornMr Everett B HornMr Harold S HornMrs C Oscar ButtrickMr & Mrs Frederick WilliamsMiss May H EddyMr & Mrs Ellbree D LockeMiss Mildred N CookMr Charles H CookMr & Mrs Dana B JeffersonMr N Manson JonesMiss Ethel A JonesMr William M JonesMr & Mrs Frank H TaintorMr & Mrs Robert F Greene14451451145714631535154515891599161516431647164717171,27173517431775180118351865187518811891197719972011Mr & Mrs Harold M BondMiss Marjory L BondMiss Elizabeth L BondMr Lowell BondMr & Mrs Arthur A EvansMr & Mrs Ezra L BushnellMr & Mrs George W SheridanVacantMr & Mrs William MansfieldBuffumMr & Mrs Herman HindenlangWaban Neighborhood ClubMr Elbert G AllenMr Wendell T BraytonMr & Mrs MacNaughtonMr Gordon H RhodesMrs H R YardsleyMr & Mrs Wellington RindgeMr & Mrs Leon M HolmanMr & Mrs Leonard M CottonDrMrMrMrMrMrMrMrMr &Mr &MrMrs& Mrs Benjamin H Codman& Mrs Albert D Locke& Mrs Ralston P Jones&&&&&&Mrs William HukeMrs William McNiffMrs Albert ParkerMrs Kenneth W HoldenMrs Ira S RoeMrs Joseph P KenneyMrs Edward H KenneyMrs Sherman N SearsJessie I DwyjerH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

WABAN 165CARLTON ROAD12 Mr & Mrs Frederick C LinscottMr & Mrs J W Pigeaud- Mr & Mrs Stanley W Ferguson32 Mr & Mrs George L ReynoldsGeorge L Reynolds JrH Carlton Reynolds60 Mr & Mrs Harry N Matthews70 Mr & Mrs Augustus B Seeley90 Mr & Mrs Ralph Griffin156 Mr & Mrs E J Shiland164 Mr & Mrs Jesse W Clark172 Mr & Mrs Chester W Banton172 Miss Virginia Batterman180 Mr & Mrs Charles H WhittierMiss Grace Mildred WhittierMrs E C Small39 Mr & Mrs John E Denham81 Mr & Mrs Henry C ShortCHESTNUTSTREET490498514538542550560574584592646652658672712MrMrMrMrDr& Mrs William Merrill White& Mrs Stanley E Newton& Mrs James D DowJames D Dow Jr& Mrs Frederic T LewisMr & Mrs Frederick C OlderMr & Mrs George BurroughslickMr & Mrs Sidney ClarkeMr & Mrs CroganMr & Mrs Frederick G MarshMr & Mrs Noble C Earl JrMr & Mrs John CodmanMr Roland C CodmanMr & Mrs Robert H MasonMr & Mrs Creed W FultonMr & Mrs Duncan WrightMr & Mrs Arthur W BurnhamBul-497 Mr & Mrs Joseph E Burke627 Mr & Mrs Lewis H BaconMr Roger H BaconTel C N 29Sum res Beachwood Maine653 Mr & Mrs John S Cranston659 Mr & Mrs Walter D Noyes667 Mr & Mrs David B McPhersonMiss Helen L McPhersonMiss Marion R McPherson677 Mr & Mrs Frank L Miller677 Miss Grace E Miller677 Miss Marion F Miller677 Mrs Mabel WagnerTel C N 2032-R703 Mr & Mrs Alexander L Stephen711 Mr & Mrs Clifford H Walker765 Mr & Mrs Chauncey B McGee •765 Dr Fanny M McGe.e775 Mr & Mrs F C Hodgins7/5 Miss Eleanor Dresser795 Mr & Mrs James G Meissner807 Mr & Mrs Fred Neuschafer837 Mr & Mrs James T Dickenson837 Mrs L T GraffamL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889

166 NEWTON r.I/TE BOOKCOLLINS ROAD4 Mr £ Mrs Albin L Richards138 Mr & Mrs A Barnard Root Ji33 Mr & Mrs Edward C McLellan4-9 Mr & Mrs William S Schmeltz"61 Mr & Mrs Walter Starbird Fogg1G5 Mr & .Mrs E Payson Upham86 Mr ft Mrs Samuel D Wyman- Dr ft Mrs John A MacDonald9S Mr Frank T Cram104 Mr & Mrs Russell BurnettCROFTONROAD9 Mr & Mrs Guy B McKinaey9 Mrs William GilmoreTel Newton South 645-MSum res "Rivermoor" ScituateMass19 Mr & Mrs Charles C FerrisMr Harris A Ferris75 Mr & Mrs Henry A SymondsSum res Hancock N HMr Allen SymondsMrs F F TuttleDORSROAD26 Mr & Mrs Leo S Rosenfeld17 Mr & Mrs Walter E Newbert29 Mr & Mrs George H DeanMr & Mrs Raymond MannMiss Marjorie Dean89 Mr & Mrs Henry C Rabbins74 Mr & .Mrs Howard H CrowellFENWICK ROADFREDANASTREET112 Mr & Mrs Henry W Robbins20 Mr & Mrs Henry C WalkerMr Hall WalkerMiss Eleanor WalkerMiss Elizabeth WalkerHEREFORD ROADREAL ESTATE F R A N C E "JOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.807 WASHINGTON ST.. NEWTONVILLB238 Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

WABAN i 67HOLLYROAD32 Mr & Mrs J Westley A Gordon 1 I)r & Mrs Roland 0 ParrisIRVINGTONSTREET12 Mrs Sarah Chadbourne u Mr & Mrs Joseph II Chadbourne19 Mr & Mrs S Herbert WileyMr Allen Porter WileyIRVING ROAD8 Mr & Mrs Nelson E Tonsley 5 Mr & Mrs Morton W HaddockKELVEDENROAD5 Mr & Mrs Harry M Came1!» Mr & Mrs Fred J Beck35 Mr & Mrs Frederick ParsonsKENTROAD196 Mr & Mrs George V Philips200 Mr & .Mrs John WilcockMr Andrew Wilcock210 .Mr & Mrs Cyrus V Ferris201 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Harlow201 Airs L K HarlowKEWADINROAD11 Mrs A F Waterbury11 Miss M A Robinson00 Mrs Valetta ThelenMETACOMETROAD36 Mr & Mrs Sheffield A Arnold 27 Mr & Mrs John Earle ParkerL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889

168 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMOFFAT ROAD112126142150158166Mr & Mrs Henry W Rolbins .Mrs John S AlleyMr & Mrs Philip S SweetserMr & Mrs Carroll H RichardsMr & Mrs Frank L NasonMr & Mrs Everett W ConantMiss Virginia ConantMr & Mrs Newton F StanleyMiss Thelma StanleyMr & Mrs John M Bierer69 Mr & Mrs Cyrus S Janess129 Miss Margaret D Stone129 Miss Helen B Cleaves129 Miss Helen M Monk155 Mr & Mrs Theodore H Piser.163 Mr & Mrs Ernest Woodman173 Rev & Mrs Charles H Cutler179 Miss Ella M Rice179 Miss Dorothy G Rice187 Mr & Mrs Harold W O'LearyMOSSFIELDROAD38 Mr & Mrs Samuel R MorganSum res Chatham Mass46 Mr & Mrs Lucius W Pond33 Mr & Mrs William F Lamb45 Mr & Mrs Austin G BourneNEHOIDEN ROAD94 Mr & Mrs Charles A AndrewsMr Sidney W Andrews94 Miss Grace E Andrews102 Mr & Mrs George F Rivinius108 Dr Frances M Morris108 Miss Lucy E Locke130 Mr & Mrs William F Trefrey144 Mr & Mrs Willard M WhitmanMiss Vera Whitman170 Mr & Mrs William A MillardMr & Mrs William J Delano178 Mr & Mrs George W LockwoodMr Clement LockwoodMr Bryce Lockwood192 Mr & Mrs George E PierceMr Nathan G PierceMiss Helen M Pierce202 Mr & Mrs Howard M North63 Mr & Mrs Homer F Prouty63 Mrs Martha A Aldrich69 Mr & Mrs Harry B ThayerMr & Mrs Richard J Salter101 Mr & Mrs Herbert R Stearns125 Mr & Mrs Linwood A LinscottNESHOBE ROAD78 Mr Thorwald Hanson166 Mr & Mrs Clarence H DayH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.53 Mr & Mrs George M Heathcote63 Mr & Mrs Roy Edwin Argersinger71 Mr & Mrs Elbert R Allen81 Mr & Mrs Wallace Egerton91 Dr & Mrs Oliver Ames Lothrop143 Mr & Mrs Edward C Street Jr165 Mr & Mrs Frederick P JonesPAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

WABAN 169OWAISAROAD11 Mr & Mrs Stanwood MillerPILGRIM ROAD8162434'3434Mr & Mrs Willis R FisherMr & Mrs Nelson P DrickeyMr & Mrs Herbert S KimballMr William L PhillipsMr & Mrs Otis R MaynardMiss Florence MaynardMr Karl Maynard21 Mr & Mrs Charles W Brooks21 Mrs C Dorcas Brooks25 Mr & Mrs William C HolbrookPINE RIDGE ROAD4040465662728088144162170180184192161175181Mrs Ida B FowlerMr & Mrs R Stafford DerbyMr & Mrs Raymond PadonMr & Mrs George N RobertsMr & Mrs Arthur Brown HallMr & Mrs Donald M HillDr & Mrs Edmund W ClappMr & Mrs Winslow BlanchardMr & Mrs Frank A WetherjellMr & Mrs James F GriffinMr Mrs Harry S Millard&Mr & Mrs Karl E MosserMr & Mrs Lloyd S FreemanMr Mrs Nelson H Marvin&Mr & Mrs Henry L JohnsonSum res North Chatham MassMr & Mrs J Henry HuntMr & Mrs Rhodes A Garrison25 Mr & Mrs George M AngierSum res "The Hermitage»»•Marion MassMr Donald Angier39 Miss Martha Seaver39 Mrs A M Ayer51 Mrs Lucy W Wilson59 Mr & Mrs William G Brown59 Mr John William Spain69 Mr & Mrs John L Snow85 Mr & Mrs William C Tobin91 Mr & Mrs Herbert O Stetson91 Miss Dorothy Stetson99 Mr & Mrs George K Heald115 Mrs W W Mason115 Miss Letitia Mason115 Miss Edith M Mason145 Mr & Mrs W J Dimock151 Mr & Mrs Edmund WinchesterPLAINFIELD STREET2424303642Dr & Mrs Robert E AndrewsMrs Leah A RobinsonMr & Mrs Nathaniel W T KnottMr & Mrs Lucius B FolsomMr & Mrs Lee W Woolston58 Mr & Mrs Charles L HoveyMiss Catherine HoveyMiss Elizabeth Hovey72 Mr & Mrs Charles W Elmer78 Mr & Mrs John R MarvinQUIDNIC ROAD25 Mr & Mrs W Allen TaftH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREE T, NEWTONT

170 NEWTON BLUE BOOKQUINOBEQUINROAD312 Mr & Mrs Roger Huntley HoveyRIDGE ROAD14 Mr & Mrs Lawrence C Brown 19 Mr & Mrs Donald G Robbins25 Mr & Mrs James R Chandler41 Mr & Mrs Ruthford O Ainsell4'5 Mr & Mrs Joseph W Bartlett85 Mr & Mrs David A Ambrose89 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Brown14 Mr & Mrs Sanford Bates22 Mr & Mrs Henry A ErhardMrs C M Webber36 Mr & Mrs Edward H RuggROSLYN ROAD24 Mr & Mrs Alfred ShalesSOMERSET ROADTAMWORTH ROAD7 Mr & Mrs John G Bjorson17 Mr & Mrs Lawrence J Harding86 Mr & Mrs Clifford LeClear100 Mr & Mrs William H OakesMr iRichaj'd Bradford Oakes100 Miss Catherine Oakes118 Mr & Mrs Walter R B WhittierMiss Gertrud,e WhittierMr Sidney WhittierMr Roger,WhittierUPLANDROAD130 Mr & Mrs A Parker Newman134 Mr & Mrs Theodore E Quinby39 Mr & Mrs Harold Parker75 Mr & Mrs Willard H LoudMr Henry KemptonVARICKROAD81 Mr Willard A LoudMrs Mary P LoudNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEiENRY W. SAVAGE, In

WABAN17 LWABAN28 Mr & Mrs Louis O Tilton46 Dr & Mrs Walter A Hosley54 Mr & Mrs George F Reinhardt86 Mr & Mrs C A Sawyer96 Mr C Fred Lawrence128 Mr William W BealMrs Annie T BealMiss Florence A Beal138 Mr & Mrs Hector M Holmes152 Mr & Mrs Louis W Arnold162 Mr & Mrs Donald MacNaughton176 Mr & Mrs Francis !R Southwick186 Mr & Mrs Eugene Bissell194 Mr & Mrs Raymond Wells206 Mr Oscar R RiceMrs M F Rice236 Mr & Mrs H N Lockwood236 Mr H N Lockwood JrMiss Henrietta LockwoodMiss Gertrude Lockwood242 Dr & Mrs Horatio L Andrews288 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel KinsmanAVENUE91 Mr & Mrs George Judson Higgins91 Mrs F Clinton Clark103 Mr & Mrs John S White119 Mrs Walter B PeabodyMiss Mildred Peabody133245257Mrs Gretchen PeabodyMr & Mrs Archie C BurnettSum res N Bridgton MaineMr & Mrs Dana M DutchMr & Mrs Willard L DayReceiving Day ThursdayMiss Marian L Day263 Mr & Mrs Clarence A St Lawrence271 Mr & Mrs Walter E BrownMiss Emma W Brown281 Mr & Mrs Joseph Congdon281 Mrs F W Cherrington287 Mr & Mrs Robert Jackson Cram321 Mr & Mrs Allen F Jordan347Mrs Jennie JordanMr & Mrs Arthur E SnyderWAMESIT ROAD20 Mr & Mrs Charles R Boggs28 Mr & Mrs Harry Woodrow36 Mr & Mrs Charles B Flenniken36 Miss Mary Louise Ferguson36 Mr Scott Densmorje FergusonMrs William H Burt13 Mr & Mrs Robert J Hamilton21 Mr & Mrs Albert E Balcom21 Miss Dorothy G Balcom29 Mr & Mrs Abram Cutter Perkins41 Mr & Mrs William Herbert Young8 Mr & Mrs Robert J M Fyfe18 Mr & Mrs George E ArmstrongMiss Frances C QuinlanWHITE OAK ROAD264048627482Mr & Mrs Arthur T SouleMr & : Mrs Robert W Moore JrMr & Mrs Earle E ConwayMr & Mrs Alfred C TurnerMr & Mrs Albert T GouldMr & Mrs Charles C BlaneyMiss (WINDSORROAD47 Mr & Mrs Francis W Davis55 Mr & Mrs Herbert R LaneMiss Margaret Lane63 Mr & Mrs Fred P Hayward77 Mr & Mrs Walter J Meadows89 Mr & Mrs Davis T Keever101 Mr & Mrs John Preston TrueL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTONTelephone: Congress 3889

172 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWINDSOR ROAD.Continued.92 Mr & Mrs James R Emmett102 Mr & Mrs Ellis L Gates108 Mr & Mrs Lowell A Mavberry126 Mr & Mrs William Saville184 Mr*& Mrs William Paul BrownMr Paul R Brown196 Mr & Mrs Samuel D Elmore206214Mrs Alma B HumeMr & Mrs Frederick Carlton AllenMr

CHESTNUT HILL 173Chestnut HillPost Office, Chestnut Hill, unless otherwise indicatedALGONQUIN ROADFrom Commonwealth Avenue36 Mr & Mrs E Carlton Greenwood 00 Commonwealth Country ClubMrs Mary E HolmesMrs Helen McKillop135 Mr & Mrs Guy Alvino145 Mr & Mrs Walter Jenney52 Mrs B Elizabeth ReidMr Chester L Reid100 Mr & Mrs Harry A Harris106 Mr & Mrs Chester L Churchill106 Mr & Mrs Ludwig Gerhard110 Mr & Mrs Aaron L Strauss116 Mr & Mrs J Harvey White132 Mr & Mrs Frank C ShepardMr Thomas E Shepard138 Dr & Mrs Walter G Bridge146 Mr & Mrs Arthur T NelsonMr Harris J NelsonALWINGTON ROADOff Norfolk Road4 Mr & Mrs Constantine Hutchins 3 Mr & Mrs Francis W Tully6 Mrs William H CoffinBEACON STREETFrom Boston line to Chestnut Hill Road34 Mr & Mrs Edgar E Fay 377 Miss Mary J Sitgreaves40 Mr & Mrs Richard H Jones50 Mr & Mrs Otis Phillips214 Mr & Mrs Henry S Bush214 Mr Henry Kenneth Bush246 Mr & Mrs Vincent P Roberts246 (nee Mary T Werner)262 Mr & Mrs John Ramsey384 Mrs Victoria H SargentAgent for the Mary Baker EddyEstateH. W. ROBART PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to ProducephoneNewton North 1709 R. 19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

174 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBOYLSTON STREETFrom Washington Street to Newton110611401140Mr & Mrs James H ReedMr & Mrs Albert W SparrowMiss Marjorie Sparrow1051108310831083110111091117111711171117Mr & Mrs Arthur B DennyMr William R CordingleySum res Meadowlands, New London N HMiss Harriet CordingleyMr Ronald W CordingleyMrs D CullinaneMr & Mrs Sidney J JacksonMr & Mrs George A PageMiss Helen B PageMr Charles A PageMr George A Page JrCHESTNUT HILL ROADFrom Hammond, near Depot000164164164164190206222224256256256256MrMrMrMrMrMr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Mr &Miss& Mrs Leland Powers& Mrs Charles A MorssCharles A Morss JrPhilip R MorssJ Reed MorssMrs Henry W BlissMrs Allston BurrMrs George Saltonstall WestMrs Leverett SaltonstallMrs Richard M SaltonstallEleanor SaltonstallMiss Muriel SaltonstallMr Richard Saltonstall245 Mr & Mrs E P SaltonstallMiss Elizabeth SaltonstallCIRCUIT ROADFrom Middlesex Road to Norfolk41016202Q44627070Mr & Mrs Raymond H A CarterMr & Mrs Franklin KingDr & Mrs Karlton G PercyMi- & Mrs Rufus L WilburMr & Mrs Kirkland H GibsonSum res Marblehead Neck MassMi- & Mrs Francis A HardingMr & Mrs Henry B Prout(n,ee Eloise D Willett)Mr & Mrs George D BurrageThe Misses Burrage5 Dr & Mrs John B Swift Jr '(nee Anna G Winsor)151527333743MrMrMi-MrMrMrTel 7151 Brookline& Mrs Harold C SearsE Pearson Beebe& Mrs S St John Morgan(ne,e Harriet E Sage)& Mrs George Phillips Dike& Mrs Frederick M Stearns(nee Julia M Ricker& Mrs A Marshall Jones(nee Grace Webster)Sum res "Ashuelot" FitzwilliamN HNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave.*

CHESTNUT HILL 175COLLEGE ROAD50 Dr & Mrs George A McEvoy58 Mr & Mrs Frederick W O'Connor66 Mr & Mrs Frederick H Silliman72 Mr & Mrs James F Logan78 Mr & Mrs George S McKenna84 Mr & Mrs William S McNary90 Mr & Mrs James H Baldwin96 Mr & Mrs Charles H Landers102 Mr & Mrs John J McNamara110 Mr & Mrs Thomas F Malone116 Br.eslin122 Mr & Mrs Joseph SantoussoCOMMONWEALTH AVENUEPost Office, Chestnut Hill74 Mr & Mrs Curtis Freshel74 "Providence House"Tel Centre Newton 114086 Mr J G Ramsbottom176 Mr & Mrs Louis Tichnor184 Mr & Mrs Charles S Desmazes188 Mr & Mrs J J Roman194 Mr & Mrs Very254 Dr & Mrs Charles Allen Riley260 Mrs M T Pomeroy266 Mr & Mrs Henry Genaske300 Mr & Mrs Roscoe D Waterliouse310 Mr & Mrs John J Mansfield332 Mr & Mrs Frank A SchirmerSum Englewood BeachWest Yarmouth Mass360 Mr & Mrs William A Mosman386 Mr & Mrs Edward Rose219 Mr & Mrs John H Clausen233 Mr & Mrs Charles A MalleyMiss Ruth E Malley235 Mr & Mrs Clarence P Johnson249 Mrs George H Caldwell249 Mrs William M TaylorMr William D Taylor225 Mr James F Fay261 Mr & Mrs G Irving Gilcreas267 Mr & Mrs John B Pascorelli279 Mr & Mrs Charles M Scudder41 HOTEL BOULEVARD41 Mr & Mrs Emile H Tardivel41 Mr & Mrs Charles C Allen41 Mr & Mrs Edward M PetersSum res Allerton Mass41 Mrs Grace L Trott41 Mrs L A Godfrey Baker41 Mr & Mrs Earle G Knight41 Mrs Addie ClarkMiss Lottie A ClarkMrs Salli.e E LawrenceMr Leonard F LawrenceDr T H Eaton53 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Stern71 Mr & Mrs Harry H Aronson85 Mr & Mrs M H Gulesian95 Mr & Mrs A H Foucar103 Mr & Mrs William S RadwaySum res West Harwich by-theSea109 Mr & Mrs Albert E Miller115 Mr & Mrs Willis F Gross119 Mr & Mrs Hugh E Ross127 Mr & Mrs George Grow219 THE CHESTNUT HILL219 Dr E Heath ClarkTel Centre Newton 102219 Mr &Mrs Edward L MardenMr & Mrs Arthur L K BrowneMr & Mrs Lesley L KennedyDr & Mrs Karl M BowmanMr & Mrs Elmer W NuttingMrs George H Bassett219219219219219219Dr & Mrs Herbert NicholstMr & Mrs Charles A PeckL. LOR5NG BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

170 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCOMMONWEALTH AVENUE.Continued.279 Miss Gwendolyn Scudder295 Mr & Mrs Walter A O'BrienMr Walter A O'BrienMr Paul F O'BrienMr George B O'Brien305 Mr & Mrs John F Cronan305 Miss Alice Marie Cronan333 Mr & Mrs Lewis F Curtis341 Mr & Mrs John Clifton Kimball34'9 Mr & Mrs George Martin361 Mr & Mrs G J KennedyMiss Claire L KennedyMiss May M Kennedy 'Mr George F KennedyCRAFTS ROADFrom 52 Norfolk Road24 Mr & Mrs George Partridge HaywardSum res Newport, R I32 Mr Francis V CareyMr Edward J Carey32 Miss Marie Carey40 Mr & Mrs Newit J Neall42 Mr & Mrs William P Everts76 Mr & Mrs G,eorge B Baker96 Mr & Mrs James C T Baldwin106 Mr & Mrs Wheaton Kittredge128 Mr & Mrs Stanley !R Miller142 Mr & Mrs Roland G HopkinsAt home TuesdaysMr Reuben Warren Hopkins35 Mr & Mrs Chester A HoweMr Allen G Howe35 Mr Ralph H Wales35 Mr Thomas C Wales35 Miss Mary Wales41 Mr & Mrs Bryan S Permar47 Mr & Mrs Roland B StearnsSum res No Scituate Beach51 Mr & Mrs Charles Clarence BartonJrMiss Emily Barton65 Mr & Mrs Frank A Farnham65 Miss Barbara Farnham79 Mr & Mrs Stanwood G Wellington99 Mr & Mrs Walter Gordon Resor107 Dr & Mrs George L Tobey Jr119 Mr & Mrs Robert B Parker(Nee Margaret Hockmeyer)127 Mr & Mrs Harold E Nesbit135 Mr & Mrs Edward W WareDEVON STREETChestnut Hill Post OfficeFrom Middlesex Road to Norfolk16 Mr & Mrs Harold F McNeil38 Mrs Isaac P T Edmands38 Miss Marion Edmands38 Miss Grace Edmands48 Mr William McKissock17 Mr & Mrs Daniel E Kennedy27 Dr & Mrs F Gorham Brigham37 Mrs Henry Bryant37 Mrs E F Roberts45 Miss Mary P Davenport45 Miss Mary P Bacon55 Mr & Mrs Edgar C RustREAL ESTATE363 CENTRE ST.. NEWTON.LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITHINSURANCEJOHN T. BURNS & SONS, Inc.807 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTONVTLLE238Commonwealth av., Chestnut Hill

CHESTNUT HILL 177DUNSTBR ROADFrom Middlesex Road to Heath Street2226404050MrMrMrMrMr& Mrs Frank Carroll Thompson& Mrs Samuel Eliot& Mrs Charles K CobbCharles K Cobb Jr& Mrs Conover Fitch83 Mr & Mrs J Everett YoungESSEX ROADFrom Chestnut Hill rd to 420 Hammond Street24 Mr & Mrs George S Mumford52 Mrs iReginald Gray52 Mr Reginald Gray100 Mr & Mrs Sewall H Fessenden100 Miss Caroline L Fessenden100 Miss Harriett L FessendenWinter res 1 Raleigh St Boston39 Mr & Mrs "William B Powell85 Mrs Charles M HammondGARRISON STREETFrom 267 Commonwealth Avenue12 Mr & Mrs Henry W Stevens 19 Mr & Mrs Augustine M LloydHAMMOND STREETFrom Ward Street to Brookline1420288088156156186258292300Mr & Mrs Edward M FieldingMr & Mrs Herbert C ParsonsMr & Mrs Augustus T BeattyMiss Harriet Louise ParsonsMiss Elizabeth L MoultonMrs Orrick H StoddardMr & Mrs Arthur F RamseyerMr & Mrs George A Stuart"Rocky Ledge"Mr & Mrs Harry F StimpsonMiss Mabel StimpsonMrs Daniel D SladeMiss Margaret B SladeMr & Mrs Henry W HarrisMr Henry W Harris JrMr & Mrs H A WolffMr John E Wolff23 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Proctor69 Mrs George E ArmstrongMr Edwin W Cates87 Mrs Wallace M Campbell185 Mr & Mrs Louis K Liggett185263279279307Miss Janice LiggettMr Lee B LiggettMiss Loraine LiggettMr & Mrs Robert Wilcox SayLesSum res Chatham MassMrs Louis B Harding SrThe Misses HardingMr & Mrs Edwin S We>bsterMiss Frances Webster321 Mr & Mrs Lawrence J Webster'o^ Mr & Mrs Charles B Butterfield355 Mrs Charles A LockeH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.ANTIQUE FURNITURERepaired and Refinished19 ARLINGTON STREEI\ NEWTON

ITS NEWTOX BLUE BOOKHAMMOND STREET.Continued.314326334o40352360374382382394408420Mr & Mrs Arthur T BradleeMiss Gertrude BradleeMr John T Bradle.eMr & Mrs Arthur Needham HoodMr & Mrs John MoirMiss Edith R MoirMr & Mrs Lester WatsonMr & Mrs George H WatermanMr & Mrs Charles W Sabine Jr(nee Lillian H Jackson)Sum res Duxhury MassMr Charles W Sabine 3d'Miss Martha SabineDr & Mrs George W GayMrs John RichardsonMiss Louisa C RichardsonMiss Charlotte B RichardsonMr & Mrs Irving F Marshall(nee Helen Hunt)Mr & Mrs Francis W LeeMr Guy H LeeMiss Susan D LeeMiss Alice WatsonMr & Mrs 'Randolph Foster Tucker381391399413481517Rev & Mrs Lucian WatermanRogers Tel 4700 BrooklineMr M Horatio RogersMr & Mrs Ernest WinsorDr & Mrs Francis G Curtis(nee Ruth Davison)Mr Francis Shaw CurtisMr George W CurtisMr & Mrs Frederick R Easterbrook(nee Leslie Bullivant)Mr & Mrs Montgomery RollinsMiss Sally RollinsMr & Mrs John A LowellWin res 24 Commonwealth av BostonMr James A LowellMr William H AspinwallMr & Mrs William G Thompson565 Mr & Mrs Willard E McGregor573 Mr & Mrs James A Barker12 Mr & Mrs James T DaceyHAMMONDSWOOD ROADHEATH STREET44646447647 6Mr & Mrs Andrew AdieMr & Mrs Albert W ToddMr & Mrs G A SagendorphSum res Cohasset MassMiss Marian SagendorphMr Robb Sagendorph471 Mr & Mrs Horace S FrazerSum res Wianno Mass471 Miss Eleanor Frazer471 Miss Marion B Frazer471 Mr Horace S Frazer Jr158 Mr & Mrs Harry W AndersonHOBART ROADKINGSBURYROADFrom Hammond Street to Suffolk Road30 Mr & Mrs William L Allen 25 Mr & Mrs Morris Gray33 Mr & Mrs L Mortimer Bratt(Nee Margaret Watson)Tel Brookline 747339 Mr & Mrs Walter B NyeJrNEWTONEstablished 1840REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc.Telephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave

NEWTON BLUE BOOKUnder New ManagementChestnut Hill Garage>Inc5 Minutes from Lake StreetPrompt TAXI SERVICEAutomobile SuppliesTires and Accessories,RepairingTel. Centre Newton 950.RODDEN THE FLORISTFuneral Designs a SpecialtyCut Flowers, Plants and Nursery StockGreenhouses and Office34 Irving Street, NEWTON CENTRETel. Centre Newton 433McNEILLYS RIDING ACADEMYExperienced TeachersDressing rooms for men and women with all modern improvementsLessons by appointmentMcNEILLYS GARAGE. Auto Storing, Renting, Repairing, and PaintingGoodyear Service StationS. J. McNEILLY, Prop.554 Heath St., and 639 Hammond St.,Telephone: Brookline 166CHESTNUT HILL

NEWTON BLUE BOOKWalker Lithograph mi Publishing CoSuccessors to Geo. H. Walker & Co.LITHOGRAPHERSPhoto-Lithographs, Process Cuts, Letter HeadsCards, and Color WorkTYPE PRINTINGSEND FOR ESTIMATESAUTOMOBILE ROAD MAPSNew England, New Jersey, New York, Eastern and SouthernPennsylvania and to Washington City by DistrictsCITY MAPS, RAILROAD MAPS AND ATLASESSend for Descriptive Catalogue400 Newbury Street, BostonTel. Brookline 6205Kapreal Der Marderosian & SonsDEALERS AND IMPORTERSINORIENTAL RUGS ANDCARPETSEXPERT WEAVING, REPAIRING AND CLEANINGBESTREFERENCESOFFICE ANDSALESROOM1626 BEACON STREET, BROOKLINE, MASS

CHESTNUT HILL 179LAWRENCE AVENUE31 Mr & Mrs John O'KaneMiss Alice O'KaneMiss Eileen O'KaneLAWRENCE ROADFrom Suffolk Road to Hammond Street14 Mr & Mrs Wm A Copjeland32 Mr & Mrs Chandler Hovey42 Miss Katherine P Motley42 Miss Jane L Motley56 Mr & Mrs Alexander S BrowneSum res Marion MassMr Alan S BrowneMr Gordon H Browne47 Mr & Mrs Thomas P Beal Jr(nee May L Morgan)LEE ROAD24 Mr & Mrs Wallace S King 15 Mr & Mrs C Otto Zjerrahn(nee Charlotte Clarke)17 Mr E Gordon Ludlam25 Mr & Mrs William A Spalding55 Mr & Mrs Charles W Kellogg67 Mr & Mrs Winthrop B HammondMANET ROADFrom Hammond Street to WaJhan104 Mr & Mrs Frank W Massell126 Mr & Mrs Henry L Mulligan88 Mr & Mrs Fred H Plouff79 Mr & Mrs M Curley85 Mr & Mrs Henry B StuartMiss Lena D FisherMr Harold G Stuart89 Miss Margaret A Kelley89 Miss Mary Kelley93 Mr & Mrs William Kanzler97 Mr & Mrs Eugene Daley*•MAYFLOWERROAD14 Mr & Mrs Andrew B Walls40 Mr & Mrs Samuel B Waugh52 Mr & Mrs Orrin J Hutton00 Mr & Mrs John Joseph GillespieMiss Helen GillespieL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

180 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMIDDLESEXROADFrom Boylston Road to MiddlesexD6 Dr & Mrs Herman T Baldwin96 Mr John T BaldwinMr Clark T Baldwin110 Miss Elizabeth B SwiftMrs L B Todd120128132132132134134134136136136138138138142Miss L S ToddMrs Brackley ShawMiss M T FarringtonMrs C A HaskellMr & Mrs Albert L LincolnDr & Mrs Stephen P MallettMr & Mrs H Gordon BrinckerhoffMr & Mrs L M SargentMrs Roy B BakerMr & Mrs Minot HurdMr & Mrs Alfred M S ButlerMr & Mrs Langdon S SimonsMrs Henry C BaldwinMiss Harriet M MacqueenMr & Mrs John S HunterMr & Mrs Edwin Willis PierceMr & Mrs Clarence E BrierMr & Mrs Wadsworth Wilbar41414151657381919191137145157175209209MrMrMrMrMrMr& Mrs George Copp WarrenHerbert WarrenLewis E Warren& Mrs Kennard Winsor .& Mrs Harry K Noyes& Mrs Edward M FarnsworthJrMr & Mrs Harold MurdockSum res "Farview" DanburyN HMr Kenneth B MurdockMr & Mrs George S BaldwinSum res Wianno MassMr James Todd BaldwinMiss Neil T BaldwinMr & Mrs Brooks FaxonMiss Henrietta FaxonMiss Georgette V FaxonMr & Mrs Gelston KingMr & Mrs Nathaniel W NilesMr & Mrs Albert J MeserveMr & Mrs Roger ManningMrs Mary T Hayes142142144144144144162210(nee Rachel Forbes)Miss Margaret KileyMr & Mrs Amos F BreedMrs Percy BrownDr & Mrs W T S ThorndikeMr & Mrs Julius A SchweinfurthMrs Martha E JonesDr & Mrs Walter A BradfordMrs Emma HenryMiss Marjory L HenryMiss Hazel Belle HenryMrs De Lestrade216 Mr & Mrs Frances BradfordHolmes(nee Elizabeth Shepard Dudley)MONADNOCK ROAD4 Mr & Mrs Fred PriorMr Win Sargent10 Dr & Mrs Alfred P Rogers18 Mr & Mrs Holger J Sorensen28 Mr & Mrs Merrill D Leonard(nee Harriet Lyon)Winter res Coral Park Miami)Fla28 Miss Irene LeonardMiss Muriel Leonard21 Mr & Mrs John V Beekman Ji(nee Susan Warren Hill)45 Mr & Mrs W P Underhill63 Mr & Mrs Henry P Richmond(nee Nellie S Wilson)H. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

CHESTNUT HILL 181NORFOLK ROADFrom Middlesex Road to Boylston Street6143030304052Mr & Mrs Robert E StoneMr & Mrs Addison MooreMr & Mrs Henry J WilliamsTel 2809-R BrooklineMiss Rosamond WilliamsMiss Lucy Hale WilliamsMr Francis S WilliamsMr & Mrs Miles W WeeksMr & Mrs George R Ulman15 Mr & Mrs Stephen S Bartlett47 Mrs Dana Estes55 Mr & Mrs Robert B Stearns63 Mr Donald B Kingsbury63 Mrs Chapin DanielsOLD COLONY ROADFrom 176 Commonwealth Avenue18 Mr & Mrs Samuel Hillson30 Mr & Mrs Daniel C Buckley48 Mr & Mrs Albert G Titus19293957MrMrMrMr& Mrs Richard G Graham& Mrs John J McCarthy& Mrs Raymond T Stuart& Mrs Henry D SchmidtOLD ENGLAND ROADFrom Woodman Road17 Mr & Mrs D Morley LodgeOLD ORCHARD ROADFrom Hammond Street near Beacon14 Mr & Mrs William Blodget26 Mr & Mrs Harry H Bemis26 Mr Grosvenor Bemis26 Miss Ruth Bemis40 Mr & Mrs Albert F BemisSum res Cohasset Mass116 Mr & Mrs Henry H Wilder25 Mr & Mrs Granville Johnson37 Mr & Mrs Homer L Bigelow81 Dr & Mrs Edward C BriggsPINE ROADFrom opp 701 Hammond Street to 69 Woodland Road40 Mr & Mrs C Sidney Waldo7 Mr & Mrs Franklin A Reece15 Mr & Mrs Dudley Hart45 Mr & Mrs Walter G Chard67 Mr & Mrs Hayward WilsonL. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

IS oNEWTON BLUE BOOKPRISCILLA ROADFrom 29 Old Colony Road to Hammond40 Mr & Mrs David L Fine 49 Mrs Mary O'Meara49 Mr Henry O'MearaRESERVOIR AVENUEFrom Beacon Street to Hammond Street00 "THE 1 GRANGE"Mrs William Firth92 Mr & Mrs Harold K Estabrook19 Mr & Mrs Irving C Wright00 Mr & Mrs J Mott HallowellSum res Wianno Mass29 Mr & Mrs Arthur Williams Neill(nee Mary Brewer)Tel Brookline 4391Sum res "Keewaydin" PigeonCove MassRESERVOIR ROAD326 Mr & Mrs James E McLaughlin330 Vacant285 Mr & Mrs Edward BallandinghamMiss Katherine BallandinghamSPOONER ROADFrom 60 Circuit Road to Reservoir182424345056646464Mr & Mrs Harold B BarneyMr & Mrs Fergus S TurnerMiss Marguerite A TurnerMiss Constance F TurnerMr & Mrs Howard L RogersMr & Mrs Thomas R YoungMr & Mrs James Gordon McNeilMr Chester M SwensonMr Bernard M SwensonMiss Jennie A E SwensonMiss Emma B SwensonMiss Anna M SwensonMiss Bertha M Swenson3356181MrMrMrMr& Mrs Stanley Hyde& Mrs Malcolm T Curtiss& Mrs John B Fallon& Mrs Herbert L Ewer(nee Louise Kittredge)91 Mr & Mrs Dellenbaugh72 Mr & Mrs George Frost84 Mr & Mrs Charles W LillieH. W. ROBARTPhoneNewton North 1709-R.PAINTING AND DECORATINGThe Best That Is Possible to Produce19 ARLINGTON STREET, NEWTON

CHESTNUT HILL 18?SUFFOLK ROADFrom Hammond to Chestnut Hill38 Mr Harry L Wollenberg38 Miss Lucille Wollenberg46 Mr & Mrs Louis Mortimer Pratt152 Mr & Mrs Clement S Houghton17 Mr & Mrs Prescott Bigelow Jr27 Mr & Mrs James D Colt37 Mr & Mrs Wm Wheeler(nee Marion L Wheeler)Sum res Wianno Mass47 Mr & Mrs A Winsor Weld65 Mr & Mrs Frank W Hallowell95 Mr & Mrs Alfred T HartwellMr Alfred T Hartwell Jr111 Mr & Mrs Edwin S Martin121 Mr & Mrs Frederick H Darling(nee Alice K Sherman)Miss Frances C DarlingMiss Abbie L I Sherman131 Dr & Mrs L. SwainMiss Elsie BurrageMiss Margaret BurrageMr & Mrs Donald P Cottrell155 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Baldwin(nee Eva M Veazie)163 Mr & Mrs G Winthrop Brown(nee Margaret Buffington)201 Mr & Mrs Gardner Beals207 Mr & Mrs John A CousensWABAN HILL ROADFrom Commonwealth Avenue near Boston line14 Mr & Mrs William C Collett68 Mr & Mrs B (Rogers FeltonSum res Manchester Mass70 Mrs Ella E Williams80 Mr & Mrs George D Strachan86 Mr & Mrs Fred S CarrMiss Adelaide Carr86 Miss Louise Nason110 Mr & Mrs Frank E Wing19 Mr & Mrs Neil J TraceyMr Edward W TraceyMr Martin P Tracey27 Mr & Mrs William F Brennan45 Mr & Mrs Reginald A FessendenMr & Mrs Reginald K Fessenden47 Mr & Mrs Charles Barnett101 Mr John Wilson107 Mr & Mrs Lewis L JonesNEWTONEstablished 1840 -REALESTATEHENRY W. SAVAGE, IncTelephone, Center Newton, 1640Newton Center office 564 Commonwealth Ave

184 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWABAN HILL ROAD (NORTH)50 Vacant68 Mr & Mrs Burton R Felton43 Mr & Mrs Edward L Crans49 Dr & Mrs J Herbert Johnson57 Mr & Mrs Claudius M Tice69 Mr & Mrs John A Collieson77 Mr L Fr,ed Sandborn85939799Mr & Mrs Charles F OnthankProf & Mrs Burt G WilderMr & Mrs Francis M FonsecaMr & Mrs Horace E JacobsMiss Gladys D JacobsMiss Hope P Jacobs107 Mr & Mrs Robert L Williams111 Mr & Mrs Stewart G Lawrence115 Mr & Mrs Alexander BaxterMiss Sallie F ThurstonWACHUSETT ROAD46 Dr & Mrs Geo W Holmes50 Mr & Mrs Joseph Farnum Lancaster25 Mr & Mrs Cyrus T Schirmer(nee Helen Chandler)59 Mr & Mrs Charles G SchirmerWARD STREET108 Mr & Mrs Yiovanni B TroicoliMrs Champney119 Miss Annie C Ward121 Mr & Mrs C Grafton WardMiss Cora W BachananWOODLAND ROADFrom Heath to Hammond45 Mr & Mrs Osborne Howes69 Mrs Osborne Howes Sr69 Mr Kenneth How.es89 Mr & Mrs Alexander HendersonWOODMAN ROADFrom Hammond Street to Suffolk Road23 Mr & Mrs George B Poole(nee Marion Rowe)L. LORING BROOKS,53 STATE STREETINVESTMENT SECURITIESROOM 509, BOSTON

XKV I-.I I E I:«MIK ISoALPHABETICAL LISTNAME \\h I' O. ADDRESS OF PRIX* II' \l. i >EX'lAlibi \ i;ii ion An. Auburndale av, Avenu< C II. CI rtnnt Hill:S < N'-UIMII Centi \ II. Newt n II ^h lands Nv, Vwtoin ill. ]il,placi : w Waban; \v N. \\ si Newton; N or S"oabbi viation, NewlVfter 1 In* name of the r« i i In- word tm*t'' is omitted.Abbot! char]. - K • c. imonwealthN lVbbotl dark D B vers NvVh Curtis 11 Claflin pi Xv\h El ibeth M 51 1 >ntbbott < >rge Dr l W blngl \uVbb >tl oi w l \it Vernon Xv\i. .11 I 01 W ' -wall W \er trade Mi\ ! . ! • ' tHart* rd N l\hb »tt Hatti< M 18 Lowell av N\hb. H..11 \ir I Eldred i\i.i> .1. i \ Carver rd N llAbertta Victor B 57 Koy< rd N C\in in Pennell N \4 Br ikside av Nv\i.r in Edg r E 872 \\ tertown WX\i-i-' i man Prank i R we AuAdams Alv< S Mi 107 L iwell av X\ S R( \ 1301 I mi N Ci aroline Mis 19 Fairfax W Nharl< Z 693 CommonwealthCDani< l Allerton rd NH:noch C ! Lenox W NAdamAdam\ l.iina\ XAdamAdamsAdamAdam!rn< t R Saxon rd N Hderick 19 Fairfax \V Xtdams 01 HI Fairfax W XAdams (Ira. K Mrs 191 GrOI Au\dams\damsHai Id W ll Grant AuHelen G Ml 107 1 well av XvVdam\damCidAdamAil\dainAdam\ilam\dam\dAd miAdHen s Hunneu 11.1 inn B M 10S \\ i a NJohi 1 191 Gi ve AuJohn P Mr- 191 Grove AllJol 2 Mi l"7 LowellK therine M Leno VSv XvMan: \\ M rs 77 1 VRMiss* is 77 i m] W X NOtis H 2 Lov 11 av XvR B .'» (h r X 11W'al r H Mei lit ll av X HWin C 4:: Clyde NVAdditon H F 56 Paul\

186 XEWTOX BLUE BOOKAlden Frederick A 125 Windermere rdAuAlden John T 74 Fairmont avAldrich Martha A Mrs 63 Nehoiden rdWAlexander A A 871 Watertown W NAlexander Charles F 249 Crafts NvAlexander David 324 Auburndale av. AuAlexander Edwin H 12 Windermere rdAuAlexander F B 606 California NvAlexander Fred C 87 Fair Oaks av NvAlexander Louis M 199 BellevueAlger Arthur H 21 Park pi NvAlger Edmund B 629 Watertown NvAllay John S Mrs 112 Moffat rd WAllen Alfred E 14 Maple avAllen A Mrs 78 Cypress N CAllen Arthur M 15 Hobart ter N CAllen Chalmers School 447 WalthamW NAllen Charles C 41 Commonwealth avC HAllen Charles E7 142 Churchill NvAllen Chester S 25 Duffield rd AuAllen John Walker 10 JeffersonAllen Joseph C 24 Norman rd N HAllen J Walter 488 Watertown NvAllen J Weston 219 Lake av N HAllen Lawrence 101 Alban rd WAllen Lucy Ellis Miss 35 Webster W NAllen Mary A B Mrs 17 Washingtonter NvAllen Misses The 56 Central av NvAllen Nathaniel L 187 AuburndaLe avAuAllen Percival Roy 131 Rowe AuAllen William Hermon 99 Kirkstall rdNvAllen Wm L 30 Kingsbury rd C HAllen W Lloyd 451 Crafts W NAlley C Edward 18 Groveland AuAllingham Annie Mrs 192 Lowell avNvAllingham Thomas J 338 Lake av NHAllison Albert B 179 Crafts NvAlmy Charles E 77 Woodland rd AuAlmy Edward 18 Woodbine AuAlvey John M 230 Walnut NvAlvino Guy 135 Algonquin rd N CAllen Clara Miss 17 WashingtonterAlvord Alfred E 72 Dalton rd N CNvAllen Dora A Miss 1821 WashingtonAuAllen Edward L 779 Commonwealthav N CAllen Edward P Rev 147 Hancock AuAllen Elbert G 1615 Beacon WAllen Elbert R 71 Neshobe rd WAlLen Fay Miss 42 Maple AuAllen Fred W Dr 266 Highland av WNAllen Frederick Carleton 206 Windsorrd WAllen Gannett F 38 Aberdeen W HAllen George A 72 Wildwood NvAlLen Gertrude Miss 68 Chestnut W NAllen Helen Spencer Miss 219 Lakeav N HAllen Ida C Miss 25 Hunnewell avAllen James F 75 Prairie av AuAllen James H 68 Chestnut W NAllen J How.e Mrs 68 Chestnut W NAllen J M 561 California NvAllen James W 17 Foster NvAlvord Ralph F 126 Windermere rdAuAlvord Rebecca Miss 72 Dalton rd N CAmbrose David A 85 Ridge rd WAmes Fred 999 Washington NvAmy Ada L Miss 10 Alden N CAnderson Andreas 22 Carver rd N HAnderson Charles 117 Grant av N CAnderson C H 983 Washington NvAnderson Cornelia M Miss 33 TheLedges rd N CAnderson Edna Mrs 25 Woodcliff rdN HAnderson Frederick L 169 Homer N CAnderson Frederick W 169 Homer NCAnderson Harry W 158 Hobart rd N CAnderson Robert E 35 The Ledgesrd N CAnderson William C 15 Westbournerd N CAndres Eugene C 61 Kirkstall rd NvAndress James Mace 67 Clyde NvAndress Max G 54 Bothteld rd N C

NEWTON BLUE BOOK1S7AndrewsAndrewsAndrewsCAndrewsAndrewsWCharles A 94 Nehoiden rd WDavid H 19 Alden N CEdward A Dr 1298 Centre NG I S Miss 63 Pleasant N CGrace E Miss 94 Nehoiden rdAndrews Herbert M 23 Sterling W NAndrews Horatio L Dr 242 Waban avWAndrew John A Gov Home The 92ArmingtonCArmingtonter N CArmingtonArmstrongN HArmstrongWArmstrongC HA W Mrs 5 Warren ter NElizabethMrs 5 WarrenWarren 58 Grafton N CA H Mrs 15 Bradford rdGeorge E 18 White Oak rdGeorge E Mrs 69 Hammond\Washington'pk NvAndrews Robert E Dr 24 Plainfield WAndrews Sidney W 94 Nehoiden rd WAndrews Walter R 169 WashingtonAndson Elliott C 902 Commonwealthav N CAngell Charles F Jr 1887 Commonwealthav AuAngell Clarence SAngell Irving 217Angevine Sara B133 Newtonville avChurch128 Avalon rd WAngier Elizabeth Miss 526 CentreAngier George 34 Ruthven rdAngier George M 25 Pine Ridge rd WAngier Ralph W 322 FranklinAnnable Harrison T 82 Carver rd NHAnnable Harrison W 82 Carver rd NHAnness Harry L 99 Bowdoin NAnness Marion Lav ell Miss 99HBow-Armstrong W H 97 Floral N HArnold Betty Miss 515 Walnut NvArnold Henry 136 Warren N CArnold Louis W 152 Waban av WArnold William B 515 Walnut NvAronson Harry H 71 Commonwealthav C HAsbell Tilley J 30 Willow N CAshenden Alfred 127 Oakleigh rdAshenden Arthur W 37 Fisher av N HAshenden Constance Miss 127 OakleighrdAshenden Gay Tudor 12 Nottinghamrd N CAshenden Richard C 95 Fair Oaks avNvAshenden Richard E 387 Wolcott AuAshworth James R 171 Cherry W NAspinwall Wm H 517 Hammond C HAtherly R M 25 Washburn av AuAtkinson J C 251 Crafts Nvdoin N H•Atkinson Leon G 35 VictoriaCircleApplegate O 189 Summer N CAppleton W Connell 380 Ward N CAppleyard Norman M 20 Maple pkAnsley Charles Douglas Dr 4 MapleAuAnsley John D 11 Fern AuAnthony E L Miss 17 Fairview ter WNAnthony Mary Stewart Miss 25 HunnewellavArau Anthony F 1820 Washington AuArbuckle Charles N 848 Beacon N CArend Frank Spencer 15 Fair Oaks avNvArend Stanley B 30 Churchill NvArgento F Rev 67 Wildwood NvArgersinger Roy Edwin 63 Neshobe rdW«N CAtterbury Grace W Mrs 68 Floral N HAtwater George W 90 JewettAtwood Ardelle Miss 310 Walnut NvAtwood E Bonner Mrs 137 Harvard NvAtwood F Clark 137 Harvard NvAtwoodIrving 55 Bowdoin N HIrving M 102 Erie av N HAtwoodAtwood Jeanette C Mrs 39 Terrace avN HAtwood John E 310 Walnut NvAtwoodAtwoodJoseph 97 Madison av NvQuincy A Mrs 645 CentreAubin Helen Warner Miss 34 Park N CAubin J Harris 17 CopleyAubin Margaret Harris 34 Park N CAucoin James 43 Thornton

188 NEWTOX BLUE BOOKAurello Prank Le B 13 Edinboro pi NvAuryansen Albert D 27 Jenison NvAuryansen George W 43 Judkins NvAvery Annie P Mrs 15 Sewall W NAvery Charles F 34G Crafts NvAvery Elisha L 324 Crafts NvAvery F Gladys Miss 346 Crafts NvAvery George L Mrs 17 Chester N HAvery G Larcom 17 Chester N HAvery John 15 Sewall W NAxtell Ada J Miss 59 Brookside av NvAyer Ann Mrs 39 Pine Ridge rd WAver Harry L 140 Prince W NAyer Henry P 23 Lakewood rd N HAyer Gordon W 23 Lakewood rd N HAyer Olga G Miss 23 Lakewood rd N HAyer Wm F R 11 Lake ter N CAyers Josephine Miss 63 Hartford N HAyres Philip W 26 Annawan rd WBaade Paul W Major 16 Avondale rdN CBabbett Albert L 29 RichardsonBabbett Lyman D 29 RichardsonBabcock Florence B Miss 73 Washingtonpk NvBabcock John B Prof 47 Paul N CBacall Ella M Miss 3 Forest N HBachanan Cora W Miss 121 Ward N CBachrach Louis Fabian 128 HighlandW NBackman Elbert E 146 Crafts NvBackman Otto A 146 Crafts NvBacon Anselm L 97 Montvale rd N CBacon Carl K 11 Beechcroft rdBacon George A 142 Woodland rd AuBacon Herbert M 10 FairviewBacon J Henry Mrs 170 Oakleigh rdBacon James F 595 Watertown NvBacon Jason T Mrs 230 WinchesterN HBacon Josiah E 119 Prospect W NBacon Louie A 354 Waltham W NBacon Lewis H 627 Chestnut WBacon Lewis H Jr 76 Circuit av N HBacon Mary P Miss 45 Devon C HBacon Margaret Miss 52 Hyde avBacon Marion Miss 10 FairviewBacon William F Judge 52 Hyd,e avBacon Wm H 95 Temple W NBacon William Reed 620 Walnut NvBadger Arthur C 167 Dudley rd N CBadger Charles K 31 Pleasant N CBadger Dorris Miss 167 Dudley rd N CBadger Elsa Miss 16 Bradford rd N IIBadger Frederick 16 Bradford rd N HBadger Mary R Miss 30 Pelham N CBadger Richard 102 Hunnewell avBadger Theodore 167 Dudley rd N CBagley Flora Miss 134 Sumner N CBail Henry W 1025 Walnut N HBailey Albert E 21 Lake av N CBailey Alvin R 248 TremontBa'iley Byrion E Mrs 544* Walnut NvBailey Catherine B Mrs 72 Margin WNBailey Charles G 430 CentreBailey Charles J Mrs Surrey rdBailey Edmund 430 CentreBailey Horace 430 CentreBailey Horace A 79 Warren N CBailey James T 144 Webster W NBailey J L Mrs 25 ChurchBailey L H 204 Homer N CBailey Lewis M 21 Webster W NBa'iley Mary Miss 124'5 Commonwealthav W NBailey M G 66 Pleasant N CBailey Misses The Surrey rdBaily Elizabeth Miss 976 Centime N CBaily Henry 976 Centre N CBaird Frederick H 32 Loring N CBakeman Frederick W 51 Cypress N CBaker Alfred E Dr 122 Islington rd AuBaker Alvin G 46 BenningtonBaker Daniel I 11 MarlboroBak,er David E Dr 227 Walnut NvBaker George B 76 Crafts rd C HBaker John Walter Lieutenant Commander(U S N) 666 CentreBaker LAG Mrs 41 Commonwealthav C HBaker Lewis H 37 Gay NvBaker Misses The 227 Walnut NvBak^r Roy B Mrs 134 Middlesex rdC HBaker Virginia S Miss 666 CentreBaker Wallace B 37 Gay NvBaker William B 399 Waltham W NBalch Elizabeth Miss 63 Hartford NHBalch Helen W Miss 347 Central AuBalch Milton H 104 Temple W N

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 180Balcom Albert E 21 Wamesit rd WBalcom C 35 Fair Oaks av NvBalcom Charles A 16 FairviewBalcom Dorothy G Miss 21 Wamesitrd WBaldwin Arthur C 155 Suffolk rd C HBaldwin Clark T 96 Middlesex rd C 11Baldwin Edward D 79 GrasmereBaldwin George S 91 Middlesex rd CHBaldwin H Clyde 20 Kimball ter NvBaldwin Henry C Mrs 136 Middlesex rdC HBaldwin Herman T Dr 96 Middlesex rdC HBaldwin James H 90 College rd C HBaldwin John T 96 Middlesex rd C HBaldwin Joseph H 134 Oakleigh rdBaldwin James C Y 96 Crafts rd C HBaldwin James Todd 91 Middlesex rdC HBaldwin M A Mrs 42 Maple AuBaldwin Nell T Miss 91 Middlesex rdC HBaldwin Thomas D 377 Lexington AuBaldwin Thomas T Jr 35 Rossmere NvBaldwin M F Mrs 55 WashingtonBall Adelaide B Miss 35 WabanBall Aline W Miss 31 Pleasant N CBall A Lawrence 30 Dickerman rd NHBall Arthur 167 Woodward N HBall Edward J 167 Woodward N HBall Elizabeth Mrs 120 ChurchBall James S 31 Pleasant N CBall Margaret S 35 WabanBall Mark L 30 Dickerman rd N HBall Misses The 120 ChurchBall William S 35 WabanBallandingham Edw 285 Reservoir rdC HBallard Harlan H Jr 7 Mt Vernon terNvBallou Murray H 19 Putnam W NBallow Cleveland A 46 Morton N CBallow Nina J Mrs 46 Morton N CBanfield Eugene F Jr 84 Hancock avN CBalsor Frederick N 41 Hancock AuBamburgh William C 424 Walnut NvBanchor Franklin 22 Austin NvBanchor John F Mrs 448 Newtonvilieav NvBancroft Albert F 131 Windermere rdAuBancroft Amos Roberts 19 Burnhamrd W HBancroft Barbara Miss 19 Burnham rdWNBancroft Emma C Mrs 17 Ware rd AuBancroft Frederick Bigelow 19 Burnhamrd W NBancroft Franklin 160 Oakleigh rdBancroft Franklin E 160 Oakleigh rdBancroft James R 32 Eden av W NBancroft Leslie Miss 19 Burnham rdW NBancroft Willis G 24 Loring N CBanfield Frederic E 156 Warren N CBang Armand C 121 Newtonvilie avBanker H 365 Cabot NvBanker Lyman V 26 Hillside rd N HBankhart Charles J 15 Beach NvBankhart Norman 206 Mill NvBanks Charles E 1489 Centre N HBanks Charles W 15 Standish N HBanton Chester W 172 Carlton rd WBarba Charles E 11 WillardBarber Charles Lawrence 174 NewtonvilieavBarber D Fletcher 131 Newtonvilie avBarber Frank O 26 Maple avBarber George W 174 Newtonvilie avBarber Harlan P 424 Cherry W NBarber Harry C 25 Hunter W NBarber John Wesley 66 SummitBarber Melvin S 120 Otis NvBarber Ralph F 158 Newtonvilie avBarbour Alfred L Mrs 22 Perkins W NBarbour Antoinette Miss 30 Saxon rdN HBarbour Ethel S Miss 22 Perkins W NBarbour Frank H 21 Camden rd AuBarbour Geraldine D Miss 30 Saxon rdN HBarbour Mary S Miss 147 Prince W NBarbour R B 30 Saxon rd N HBarbour Vivian L Miss 30 Saxon rd WNBarbour Walter F 22 Perkins W NBarker A Clayton 50 Grove Hill pkNvi

190 NEWTON BLT'E BOOKBarker Alice Mabelle Mrs 37 Kenwoodav N CBarker Charles R 174 Auburn AuBarker Edward >S 24 Otis NvBarker Elizabeth S Mrs 61 Walker NvBarker Emma Miss 144 BellevueBark,er George A 205 Hunnewell terBarker George W 31 Duncklee N HBarker Harry L 19 Elmwood pk NvBarker Helen D Miss 11 Russell ct NvBarker Hiram E 76 Hyde avBarker Jessie H Miss 144 BellevueBarker John Marshall 37 Kenwood avN CBarker L M Mrs 205 Hunnewell terBarker Walter H 62 Hyde avBarker W E 50 Grove Hill pk NvBarker Wentworth P 11 Russell ct NvBarkley W B 509 Ward N CBarlow Isabel W Mrs 58 Judkins NvBarnaby M Stanley 19 Rowe AuBarnard Arthur W 125 Parker N CBarnard John E 72 Agawam rd WBarnard Samuel 30 Shaw W N~Barnes Clara Miss 3 Newbury ter N CBarnes Frederick P 351 Otis W NBarnes Roland H 3 Bowdoin N HBarnes Sarah P Mrs 20 Boylston rd NHBarnett Charles 47 Waban Hill rd((North) C HBarn,et't J Irwin 32 Brewster rd N HBarney Charles H 20 Braemore rdBarney Harold B 18 Spooner rd C HBarr Grace Miss 63 Hartford N HBarr Ruth Miss 63 Hartford N HBarrett Charles A Mrs 39 Bowdoin NHBarrett Florence Miss 35 Oxford rdN CBarrett Frederick A 91 Washington pkNvBarrett Jam,es L 910 Watertown W NBarrett John W 75 Floral N HBarringer Henry J 122 Lowell av NvBarrows Allen R Dr 9 Highland av NvBarrows Walter A 55 Washington pkNvBarry John F 170 Warren N CBarry John Lincoln Mrs 530 Ward N CBassett Edith I Miss 173 Morton N CBarry Joseph P 22 Pelham N CBarry M John 29 Irving N CBartlett Charles T 141 Jackson N CBartlett Elizabeth P Miss 141 JacksonN CBartlett George W Mrs 152 Lake av NCBartlett Ruth W Miss 141 Jackson NCBarton Charles C Jr 51 Crafts rd C HBarton Charles C 48 Glen wood av N CBarton Emily Miss 51 Crafts C HBarton James L Rev 21 Orient av N CBarton Maude G Miss 21 Orient av NCBarry David 162 Lowell av NvBarry Florence Miss 526 CentreBarry George T 34 Madison av NvBarshares C W Rev 30 WesleyBarstow Annie C Mrs 55 IRegent NvBartholomew Walter H 67 Walnut NvBartholomew William F 245 Highlandav W NBartlett 25 Highland av NvBartlett Adeline M Miss 67 Madisonav NvBartlett Alden E Mrs 67 Madison avNvBartl ( ett Elizabeth A Miss 398 WolcottAuBartlett Ernest J 271 Mill NvBartlett J Edgar 147 Crafts NvBartlett Joseph W 45 Ridge rd WBartlett Margaret B Miss 271 Mill NvBartlett Marie Miss 67 Madison av NvBartlett Mary E Mrs 61 Forest N HBartlett P C Dr 61 Forest N HBartlett IRalph W Jr 29 ArlingtonBartlett Ralph W Jr 29 ArlingtonBartlett Walter F 91 Court NvBarton Alice S Miss 127 Oakleigh rdBarton Forrest H 32 Prince W NBarton Matthew H 10 Linder terBarton Stanley F 37 Chesley rdBartram Thomas W 457 Washington 'Bassett Abbot 105 Central av NvBassett F C 74 Prescott NvBassett George H Mrs 219 Commonwealthav C HBassett H D Mrs 264 Centre

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 191Bas settBassettBassettNvBassett Mary Miss 264 CentreHorace S 173 Morton N CJoseph M 169 WashingtonMarion Drew 105 Central avBates David Mrs 40 Hartford N HBates Dorothy Mi'ss 1790 Commonwealthav AuBates Dorothy M Miss 74 Putnam W NBates George A Dr 305 Central AuBates Henry 24 PembrokeBates Henry W 457 WashingtonBates John L 1790 Commonwealthav AuBates M Etta Miss 20 SargentBates Martha J Miss 40 Hartford NHMarjorie M Miss 74 Putnam WB at,e sNBatesBatesBatesMiriam F Miss 40 Hartford N HSanford 14 Roslyn rd WWilliam Lester 74 Putnam W NBatson Arthur D 858 Watertown W T NBatson George Mrs 200 Mill NvBatstone Walter E 893 Watertown WNBatstone William 893 Watertown W NBatt Charles R Mrs 42 WashingtonBatterman Virginia Miss 172 Carltonrd WBattey Harry F 789 Watertown W NBauer Guy F 183 Mill NvBauckman Harry W 1452 Beacon WBaxter Alexander 115 Waban Hill rd(North) C H •Baxter Carlton W 143 Hobart rd N CBaxterBaxterBaxterBaxterGeorge S 377 Lexington AuStacey 377 Lexington AuThomas F 28 Bristol rd W NWm F 6 Alban rd WC H Mrs 33 Floral N HBeachBeach C Robert Mrs 274 Chestnut W NBeale Stephen S 171 Langley rd N CBeal Annie T Mrs 128 Waban av WBeal Constance Miss 13 Floral pi N HBeal Florence A Miss 128 Waban av WBeal Thomas P Jr 47 Lawrence rd CHBeal Wallace N 13 Floral pi N HBeal Wm W 128 Waban av WBeals Gardner 201 Suffolk rd C HBean Charles Everett 1206 Walnut NHBean Frederick J 255 Homer N CBeasom Charles B 106 Shornecliffe rdBeattle Wm 373 Lexington AuBeatty _ ugustus T 28 Hammond C HBeatty Joseph J 203 Lowell av NvBeatty Joseph R 203 Lowell av NvBeck Alfred R 21 DurantBeck Fred J 19 Kelveden rd WBeck Jam+es M 18 Duncklee N HBeck Mabel A Miss 18 Duncklee N HBecker Alfred D 46 Central AuBecker Christian F 410 Newtonvilleav NvBedford W A 49 Woodcliff rd N HBeebe E Pearson 15 Circuit rd C HBeebe James A 40 Clyd^e NvBeebe William 886 Watertown W NBeede Helen L Miss 775 Commonwealthav N CBeehler Howard L 34 Warwick rd WNB t eekman John V Jr 21 Monadnock rdC HBeers Albert M 1000 Walnut N HBeers Albert M Jr 1000 Walnut N HBeers Irene Miss 1000 Walnut N HBegole Fred Herbert 51 Avalon rd WBeissner Emma Mrs 154 Langley rd NCBelcherBelcherBelcherBelcherBelcherBelcherCAnnie S Mrs 168 Warren NClifford 536 Walnut NvEugene C 536 Walnut NvHarry M 536 Walnut NvLouis 112 Harvard NvMargaret Miss 168 WarrenBelcher Marjorie Mrs 73 LombardBelcher Ruth M Miss 168 Warren N CBell Alfred W 57 Erie av N HBellBellBellBellBellBellBellBellBellBellBellDorothy Miss 57 Erie av N HEdward H 28 Brookside av NvEdward H 61 Westbourne rd N CEdwardEdwardCNL 118 Windermere rd AuJr 28 Brooksid,e av NvH 56 Wav t erly avEll'istonEnoch F 9 Maple pk N CEthel H Miss 28 Brookside av NvJames Mrs 114 Lowell av Nv -Louis Dr 32 Sylvan av W NWilliam E 57 Erie av N H

191'»NEWTON BLUE BOOKBell Willis M B 28 Brookside av NvBellamy Leon 3 Central av NvBellows William 47 HollisBemis Albert F 40 Old Orchard rd CHBemis Grosvenor 26 Old Orchard rd CHBemis Harry H 26 Old Orchard rd GHBemis Ruth Miss 26 Old Orchard rd CHBemis William P Mrs 35 Pleasant N CBenbow John 62 B.ellevueBenger Wm J 27 Central terBenner Frances Z T Miss35 Trowbridgeav NvBenner Frank T 35 Trowbridge av NvBennett Alexander 34 Lincoln pk W NBennett Barbara B Mrs 122 Lincoln NHBennett Beatrice H Miss 122 Lincoln NHBennett Benjamin 103 Court NvBennett Charles H 921 Beacon N CBennett F B 80 Prescott NvJ3,ennett Henry D 122 Lincoln N HBennett James D 80 Prescott NvBenson Charles E 9 Somerset rd W NBenson Edwin F A 15 Victoria cir NCBenson Elof 983 Boylston N HBenson La Forest 343 Crafts NvBent Wm H Mrs 36 Wamesit rd WBentley Frederick W 26 Knowles N CBentley John 136 Warren N CBentley Leverett D G 18 BaldwinBentley Lucy Miss 309 Waltham W NJ3entley M'illicent M Miss 26 KnowlesN CBentley Wm O 131 SargentBenzaquin Matthew B 15 Bonad rd WNBerger Henry C 73 Carver rd N HBergeson John Dr 885 Beacon N CBergin Frank 30 Lincoln N HBerkeley James P Prof 82 Oxford rdN CBernard Emil P 26 Cedar N CBernhard John E 6 Low,ell av NvBernhard Misses The 6 Lowell av NvBerry Charles H 124 Crafts NvBerry Clarence T 957 Washington NvBerry Leonard B 257 Auburndale avAuBerry J W 190 TremontBersch Joseph B 11 Circuit av N HB,esse Carroll E 46 Braeland av N CBessey Earle E Dr 1690 Beacon WBest Katherine E Mrs 1073 Centre NCBest William Hall 109 Prince W NBetstone Frank A 48 Eliot av W NBevan Charles E 1 83 Page rd NvBianchi P'rancesca Miss 56 Warren NCBianchi John 56 Warren N CBicknell Eliot 84 Erie av N HBicknell William J 84 Erie av N HBierer John M 166 Moffat rd WBigelow Carle M 16 Chestnut terBigelow Charles 58 Highland av NvBigelow Gladys M Miss 46 Plymouth rdN HBigelowC HBigelowBillingsBillingsBillingsHomer L 37 Old OrchardrdPrescott Jr 17 Suffolk rd C HHarold D 35 Walnut NvJ D Mrs 200 Walnut NvS K 198 Walnut NvBingham Norman W 125 Prince W NBingham William D 230 Walnut NvBirch Joseph G 72 Fisher av N HBirch 'Ronald D 72 Fisher av N HBirch Winifred J Miss 72 Fisher avN HCBird B Rowell 85 Homer NBird Charles L 25 PleasantN CBird Everett E 5 Chester N HBirdsall Wm E 118 Newtonville avBirgfeld Herman W 133 Eliot av W NBirtwell Edwin E S 59 Lakewood rdNHBiscoe Howard M 278 Lake av N HBiscoe Maurice 595 Boylston N CBischoff Ralph P 52 NonantumBishop Elias B Judge 40 The Ledgesrd N CBishop George W 489 Walnut NvBishop John E 26 Morton N CBishop L Clayton 58 Parker N C

NEWTON BLUE BOOKio;/>Bishop Richard 38 Morseland av N CBishop William J 71 Studio rd AuBissell Eugene 186 Waban av WBixler Sylvester A 230 Walnut NvBixby William H 466 Lowell av NvBjorson John G 7 Tamworth rd WBjornson Theodore O 76 Harvard NvBlack Dorinda M Miss 60 Austin WBlack James S 60 Austin NvBlack Louise H Miss 60 Austin NvBlack Nathaniel S 50 Court NvBlack R W Dr 1469 Centre N HBlackburn George V 58 Pelham N CBlackley Claude T 63 Harvard NvBlakeney John W 77 Court NvBlackwell Francis H Mrs 1744 WashingtonAuBlair B G Mrs 6 Bemuth rd N HBlair Charles S 826 Watertown W NBlair Massaline L Mrs 390 Waltham WNBlair Wesley W 34 Otis NvBlaisdell J William 129 ArlingtonBlaisdell James L 40 Fountain W NBlaisdell Richard H 129 ArlingtonBlak£ Edith Miss 16 Chester N HBlake Frederick J 42 Westbourne rdN CBlake Preble W 227 Lincoln N HBlake Winchester 35 Pulsifer NvBlakemore Arthur W 139 ParkBlakemore Wm B Mrs 139 ParkBlanchard Adolphus J Mrs 206 SumnerN CBlanchard Carl L 158 Prince W NBlanchard Carlton S 15 Saxon ter N HBlanchard Carlton S Jr 15 Saxon terN HBlanchard Fred M 162 Mt Vernon NvBlanchard H G Mrs 15 Bradford rd NHBlanchard Ida C Miss 12 Billings pkBlanchard Misses The 158 Prince WNBlanchard Rachel Miss 15 Saxon ter NHBlanchard Ralph S 158 Prince W NBlanchard Samuel E 158 Prince W NBlanchard Winslow 88 Pine Ridge rdWBlandy Gray 56 EldredgeBlandy Wm Hallett 56 EldredgeBlaney Carolyne Miss 82 Windsor rd WBlaney Charles C 82 Windsor rd WBlaney Roger 58 Harvard NvBleasdall Wm S 229 Auburn AuBliss Alfred L 9 Moreland av N CBliss Henry W 190 Chestnut Hill rdC HBlodget Wm 14 Old Orchard rd C HBlodgett Edward E 174 Temple W NBlodgett Frederick Newton 288 PrinceW NBlodgett Frederick S 288 Prince W NBlodgett Marion Loring Mrs 19 Crescentav N CBlood Carrie M Mrs 93 Wyman WBlood Charles W 31 Woodbine AuBlood Henrietta L Miss 93 Wyman WBlood William A Mrs 31 Woodbine AuBloom Albert E 2 Newbury ter N CBloom E B Mrs 230 Walnut NvBloomfield H S 90 Fair Oaks av NvBlunt Albert C Jr 18 Sterling W NBockhold Robert 37 Ashmont rd WBodge Willard C 278 Cabot NvBogert John D 683 Commonwealth avN CBoggs Charles iR 20 Wamesit rd WBohn Wm C 93 Hancock AuBolster Stanley M 29 Exeter W T NBond Annie M 291 Otis W NBond Charles Wood 112 Gibbs N CBond Daniel W Mrs 112 Giljbs N CBond Elizabeth L Miss 1445 Beacon WBond Ellen Miss 24 Oxford rd N CBond Fred D 24 Oxford rd N CBond George H 291 Otis W NBond Harold C 22 Fair Oaks av NvBond Harold M 1445 Beacon WBond James C 18 Fisher av N HBond Lawrence 13 Elm W NBond Lowell 1445 Beacon WBond Marjory L Miss 1445 Beacon WBond Misses The 13 Elm W NBonelli Edward H 34 Bonad rd W NBonnelli Harry A 164 Harvard NvBonner Robert 138 Lincoln N HBonney Frank S 36 Parker N CBonser Frank Mrs 56 Fisher av N HBooth Ernest 99 Kirkstall rd NvBcoth Frank 17 Ware rd Au

194 NEWTON BLUE BOOKBooth Thomas B 133 Gibbs N CBorton Clement A 1458 Beacon WBorges Ferdinand E 7 Nottinghamrd N CBorst Theodore F 93 Hancock av N CBosdan James J 56 BellevueBoss M'inerva S Mrs 525 Walnut NvBosson Edward P 9 The Ledges rd NCBosson Flora M Miss 9 The Ledges rdN CBostwick C Beverly Mrs 16 Islingtonrd AuBosworth Edwin A 860 Watertown WNBoth Otto 485 Waltham W NBourne Austin G 45 Mossfield rd WBourne George H 12 Woodbine AuBourne Gertrude M 12 Woodbine AuBourquie A Dr 485 Waltham W NBoutelle C A Dr 535 Ward N CBoutelle C Arthur D V S 535 WardN CBouve E Channing 46 Plymouth rdN HBouve Lincoln 118 Newtonville avBova Frank A 15 Simpson ter NvBova Leo E 28 Clyde NvBov.ey Charlotte Miss 64 Hancock N CBovey Henry B 64 Hancock av N CBovey Mary P Mrs 64 Hancock av NCBowditch Anabelle Miss 89 JewettBowditch Carolyn P Miss 89 JewettBowditch Mary B Miss 89 JewettBowditch Mary W Mrs 89 JewettBowditch Ruth Miss 89 JewettBowen Benjamin J 13 Hillside ter WNBowen Eiarl W 69 Lincoln N HBowen Edward B 105 Sumner N CBowen E Kidder 105 Sumner N CBowen Harold V 95 Erie av N HBowen John 8 Braemore rdBowen Ralph J 35 Warwick rd W NBowen Vincent M 69 Lincoln N HBowen William E 11 Chester N HBowen Wm S 35 Warwick rd W NBowers George F H Dr 156 WoodwardN HBowers Levi P 56 PembrokeBowers Mary C Miss 73 Washingtonpk NvBowers Mary L Mrs 706 Beacon N CBowers Watson W 1601 Centre N HBowker Charles O 1464 B t eacon WBowker Mary F Miss 430 CentreBowler William G 14 Brewster rd NHBowman Harold M 938 Centre N CBowman J M 39 Prospect av WBowman Karl M Dr 219 Commonwealthav C HBowman Leonard 1033 Beacon N CBoyce James 20 Park pi NvBoyce John R 967 Boylston N HBoyce John W 967 Boylston N HBoyd Charles M 130 WashingtonBoyd Dora Miss 20 Albion pi N CBoyd E R 2077 Commonwealth avAuBoyd Ernest M 360 Ward N CBoyd George 315 Albermarle rd NvBoyd Helen Miss 2077 Commonwealthav AuBoyd Helen I Miss 61 Allerton rd N HBoyd Hiram J 20 Albion pi N CBoyd Ida H Mrs 511 Ward N CBoyd Leonard 61 Allerton rd N H •Boyd Raymond 20 Albion pi N CBoyden Edward A 61 Clark N CBoy den Ernest N Mrs 51 Page rd NvBoyden Wallace C 64 Oakwood av NvBoyer Richard Porter 125 FranklinBoylan Stephen P 44 Manamet rd N CBoynton John 320 Chestnut W NBoynton Nehemiab 29 Oxford rd N CBrace De Witt B Mrs 303 Highland av'W N'Brackett David E 420 Waltham W NBrackett Edwin R 12 Applegarth NCBrackett T L Mrs 20 Albion pi N CBrackett Wm R Mrs 65 BellevueBradbury Elizabeth F Miss 216 HomerN CBradbury Emily F Miss 21 Kimball terNvBradbury Woodman Prof 216 HomerN CBradford Cecilia J Miss 169 Washington

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 195Bradford Court 17-31 Institution av NCBradford Harry B 139 Cypress N CBradford Harry P 155 Lake av N CBradford John W Mrs 169 WashingtonBradford Nina L Miss 33 Aberdeen NHBradford Phil L 139 Cypress N CBradford Walter A Dr 162 Middlesexrd C HBradlee Arthur T 314 Hammond C HBradlee Gertrude Miss 314' HammondC HBradlee John T 314 Hammond C HBradley C W Mrs 31 WjesleyBradley Lewis S 123 ParkBradley Richard E 109 Harvard NvBradley Thomas 115 Webster W NBradshaw Eugene F Mrs 18 ChurchBrady Cecil Norbert Dr 18 Putnam WNBrady Charles T 4 Gay NvBrady Gertrude A Miss 4 Gay NvBrady Thomas A 18 Gay NvBraffitt James M 32 Willow N CBragdon Elizabeth E Mrs 292 Lakeav N HBragg Mabel C Miss 80 Madison av NvBra'ithwaite Ernest 366 Central AuBraman Caroline R 30 IvanhoeBraman Charles E 16 Hunter W NBraman Samuel N 430 CentreBrashares Charles W Rev 30 WesleyBray House 73 Institution av N CBray Robert C 91 Institution av N CBray William C 91 Institution av N CBrayton Wendell H 1643 Beacon WBreck John D 1619 Centre N HBreckBreckCBreedBreedBre,edBreedenBreedenBrennanN CBrennanHLuther Adams 610 CentreRichard Winslow 28 PelhamAmos F 142 Middlesex rdWm H 952 Beacon N CWm M 952 Beacon N CGeorge 75 Walker NvLewis 75 Walker NvDaniel W 40 WestbourneNC HrdWm F 27 Waban Hill rd CBr^itzke Elizabeth L Mrs 228 Langleyrd N CBreslin J E Mrs 57 Royce rd N CBrett Charles M 18 Marshall N CBrett James E 34 Groveland AuBrewer A Farley 128 Institution av NCBrewer Charles H 26 Broadway NvBrewer Clifford Harrison 26 BroadwayNvBrewer Frederick Henry 26 BroadwayNvBrewer Ruth Miss 128 Institution avN CBrewer Samuel F 17 Tarleton rd N GBrewer William H Mrs 128 Institutionav N CBrewster Leonard E Dr 16 Hancockav N CBrickett Chester I 1020 Beacon N CBridge Walter G 138 Algonquin rd CHBridges Willard Samuel 36 FairmontavBridghani Robert C 416 Newtonvilleav NvBridgman R L 90 Hancock AuBriggs Charles C 567 Watertown NvBriggs Clara Miss 18 BenningtonBriggs Edward C Dr 81 Old Orchardrd C HBriggs Eugene H 448 Woodward WBriggs Frank H 193 Newtonville avBriggs Frederick H 1858 WashingtonAuBriggs George M 176 East Side pkwyBriggs John 118 Parkier N CBriggsBriggsBriggsBriggsBriggsBrighamNBrighamBrighamBrighamBrighamBrighamJoseph M Mrs 271 BellevueJoseph W 25 Berwick rd N CMaud Miss 523 Watertown NvRaymond E 567 Watertown NvRobert E 21 Saxon ter N HCarrie M Mrs 21 Berkeley WDwight S 1 Bradford ct NErnest W 38 Ballard N CF Gorham Dr 27 Devon CErnest W 38 Ballard N CJ W 494 Watertown NvBrightman Edgar S Prof 42 BraelandLav N CCH

19BLUE BOOKBrimblecom H*elen Miss 25 BraemorerdBrimblecom John C 25 Braemore rdBrinckeroffrd C HBrine EdwardBrink CharlesH Gordon 132 MiddlesexD 67 Page rdI 37 Park avBrooke Thomas R 6 VernonBrooksBrooksBrooksBrooksNvBrink Miss 37 Park avBrink Pearl Miss 37 Park avBrison Mary Mrs 14 Beach NvBrison Murdock L 907 Watertown W NBrison Pearl M Miss 14 Beach NvBrisson Jacob 236 Islington rd AuBritton Elsie A Miss 24 Harrison N HBritton Leroy B 24 Harrison N HBroad Bessie I Miss 156 Sumner N CBrodick Alfred H 56 Lowdoin N HBrokaw Lester iRounds 51 Highland WNBrockway Isadora P Mrs 75 Lowellav NvC Dorcas Mrs 21 Pilgrim rd WCharles W 21 Pilgrim rd WGeorge W Prentiss rd N CPhyllis Miss 15 Laurel N CBrooks Walter C Sr Mrs 15 Laurel N CBrooks Walter M 238 Central AuBrooks William Coy 38 Putnam W NBrophy George P 14 Row ( e AuBroughton George H 23 PembrokeBroughton John Richard 23 PembrokeBroughton Mary C Miss 23 PembrokeBrower Charles Mrs 136 Gibbs N CBrewer William L 145 Gibbs N CBrown Albion H 9 Saxon t,er N HBrown Amelia M M'iss 49 Bowdoin N IIBrown E F Mrs 14 Floral piBrown Edgar W 14 Floral pi N HBrown Emma A Mrs 184 Ward N CBrown Emma W Miss 271 Waban avWBrown Evelyn P 27 HollisBrown Florence E Miss 14 WashingtonBrown Franklin P Mrs 44 Hartford NHBrown 'Frederick R 27 HollisBrown Frederick S 105 Washingtonpk NvBrown George Gay 40 Groveland AuBrown George H 215 Mill NvBrown George Russell 14 WashingtonBrown George W 14 WashingtonBrown Grace E Miss 27 HollisBrown Grace T Mrs 25 Highland avNvBrown Helen Elizabeth Miss 136 GibbsN CBrown G Winthrop 163 Suffolk rd CHBrown Harry M 33 Birch Hill rd NvBrown Helen E M'iss 13 Berkeley WNBrown Henry A 1776 Washington AuBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownBrownJ E Mrs 18 ChaseJ H 55 Ardella av W NJohn F Jr 26 Rowe AuJohn O 3 Proctor NvJosiah H Dr 15 ShawL A 93 Waban pkLawrence C 14 Ridge rdM H 264 Linwood av NvW NBrownBrown Nelson H Mrs 490 Wainut NvBrown O H 93 Waban pkWBrown Arthur F 170 Woodward N HBrown Arthur I 25 Highland av NvBrown Arthur H 89 Ridge rd WBrown B E 93 Waban pkBrown Paul R 184 Windsor rd WBrown Percy Mrs 144 MiddlesexC HBrown Philip L 27 Woodward N HrdBrown Benjamin K 145 Harvard NvBrown Charles A 405 Wolcott AuBrown Charles C 4 Gay NvBrown Charles J 113 WashingtonBrown Clara A Mrs 15 Shaw W NBrown Clara E Mrs 583 Watertown NvBrown Dale Dr 211 ChurchBrown David H 144 Harvard NvBrown Edwin P 14 WashingtonBrown Edward I 48 Dickerman N HBrown Phylis Miss 93 Wat)an pkBrown Rachel Miss 14" Floral pi N HBrown Reginald W P 490 Walnut NvBrown Robert Arthur 25 Highland avNvBrown Robert Gordon 38 Rossmer,e NvBrownBrownBrownBrownR W 93 Waban pkSarah C Mrs 16 Harvard NvSidney P 50 Shaw W NThomas J 399 Central Au

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 197BrownBrownBrownBrownWaldo H 115 Avalon rd WWalter A 99 Aspen av AuWalter E 271 Waban av WWilbur C 494 Watertown NvBrown William E 133 Lowell av NvBrown William E Dr 48 Dicker man rdN HBrown Wilmont M 11 DickermanrdBucknam Emily D Miss 166 LincolnHBucknam George W 166 Lincoln NBucknam Grace R Miss 166 LincolnHBuell Dai Miss 146 Warren N CBuell George 1002 Beacon N CBuerk Estella Miss 24 BelmontNHNN HBrown Wm G 59 Pine Ridge rd WBrown Wm H Mrs 73 Islington rd AuBrown Wm Paul 184 Windsor rd WBrowne Alan S 56 Lawrence rd C HBrownie Alexander S 56 Lawrence rdC HBrowne Arthur L K 219 Commonwealthav C HBrowne Gordon H 56 Lawrence rd CHBruce Robert E 240 Crafts NvBruder Martin 162 Clark N CBruner Anne Miss 206 Waverly avBruner Charlotte Miss 206 Waverly avBruner Meyl.ert 206 Waverly avBrunton Frederick 1625 Centre N HBryan Frank C 41 Morton N CBryant Elizabeth Mrs 139 Mt VernonNvBryant Harry E 22 Prescott NvBryantBryantNHenry Mrs 37 Devon C HJoseph A 221 Highland av VVBuerk Joseph H 24 BelmontBuffum Edgar S 371 NewtonvilleNvBuffum George 430 Centr.eBuffum Helen M Mrs 56 Alban rdBuffum Wm Mansfield 1545 BeaconBullard C G Miss 228 Pleasant NBullard D W Mrs 24 Dickerman rdHBullard E 89 Temple W NEullard George P 86 Temple W NavWCNBullen Miria J Mrs 25 Ripley ter N CBullen Walter B 4 Ripley ter N CBullick George Burroughs 550 ChestnutWBullivant Stanley L 230 Mt VernonW NBullivant William M 230 Mt Vernon WNBullock Stanton D 44 Billings pkBunker Annie E Miss 176 Grove AuBunker Harriet L Mrs 176 Grove AuBurbank Alice H Miss 24 Pleasant NCBryant Louise .Miss 457 WashingtonMarion Miss 457 WashingtonNathaniel H Mrs 70 WalkerBryantBryantNvBryant Sarah A Mrs 457 WashingtonBrvant Walter T 398 Linwood av NvBurbankBurbankBurbankBurbankBurbeckBurbeckEdgar F 6 ChurchEdith A Mrs 17 Perkins W NFrank 346 Auburndale av AuHeiny Z 17 Perkins W NEdward 686 CentreWilliam G 98 Grant av N CBry.enton Mabel C Miss 457 WashingtonBryson John 5 HoveyBryson John B 936 Watertown W NBryson Misses The 936 Watertown WNBuck B Benjamin 44 Ridge av N CBuckley Daniel C 30 Colony rd C HBucklin Harriet A Miss 77 Otis NvBuckman Warren 19 Hawthorne av AuBuckmaster Elliott Mrs 106 ShorneclifferdBucknam Albert Mrs 166 Lincoln N HBurch Wm M 29 Grove AuBurdett George A 21 Gray Cliff rd N CBurd.ett Sylvia S Miss 21 Gray Cliff rdN CBurdickBurdickBurdittBurgessBurgessW NBurgessBurgessBurgessFrank A 312 Lake av N HLizzie Mrs 312 Lake av N HFrederick M 891 Beacon N CAlexina Miss 14 Claflin rd NvFrederick T Mrs 23 Eden avGeorge S 45 Everett N CHarrison G 28 Regent W NMisses The 90 Sumner N C


NEWTON BLUE BOOK 199Byfield Phillip 367 Newtonville av NvByington Louisa J Mrs 300 FranklinByrson Misses The 28 Madison av NvCabot Charles D 510 Watertown NvCabot C Raymond 510 Watertown NvCabot Ernest F 138 Cedar N CCabot Henry D 561 Watertown NvCabot John W 138 Cedar N CCabot Samuel 25 Kingsbury rd C HCabot Theodora Miss 138 Cedar N CCady Allen D 472 Walnut NvCady Edwin T 49 Hillside rd N HCady T T 1345 Centr.e N CCahill John F 272 CentreCalder Hamlin W 27 Austin NvCalder Ruth S Miss 27 Austin NvCaldwell Ada Mrs 46 Washington avNvCaldwell Ernest Leroy 14 Ripley ter NICCaldwell George H Mrs 249 Commonwealthav C HCaldwell John P 269 Auburndale av AuCaldw.ell Stuart H 14 (Ripley ter N CCalhoun Thomas H 37 GeorgeCalkins Grosvenor 49 Farlow rdCalkins Wolcott Rev 22 BellevueGallaghan D J 25 Ridge av N CCallanan George M Mrs 30 Bowers NvCalley Preston J 553 Watertown NvCallowhill Sidney T 997 Beacon N CCame Harry M 5 Kelveden rd WCameron George B 393 Newtonville avNvCamp Harriett M Mrs 934 Beacon N CCampbell Edwin T 9 Fair Oaks av NvCampbell George W 274 Auburndale avAuCampbell Harry F 43 Plymouth rd NH8 Eden av W NCampbell M E MrsCampbell SolomonA 90 Waban pkCampb t ell Wallace M Mrs 87 HammondC HCanfield W C Dr 419 Waverly avCanfield William C Dr 330 Waltham WNCannon James S 25 ChanningCannon Madison M 31 Hancock AuCapen Robert B 58 Canning rd N CCapodanno Peter 920 Watertown W NCapron C Hassler 523 Ward N CCapron John F 523 Ward N CCapstick Wm Mrs 33 Aspen av AuCarbone G L Mrs 38 Hyde N HCarder Nathaniel S 64 Eliot av W NCardwell Nelson Mrs 283 Central AuCarey Edward J 32 Crafts rd C HCarey Francis V 32 Crafts rd C HCarey Fred 93 Central av NvCarey Harold D 85 Farlow rdCarey James H 22 Aberdeen N HCarey Marie Miss 32 Crafts rd C HCarleton Robert A 21 W.estbourne rdN CCarleton William S 20 Rice N COarley Archibald R 51 JeffersonCarley J Cheever 27 Eliot av W N.Carlisle F H Mrs 51 Oakwood av NvCarlson Bertel G Dr 16 Ransom rd NCCarlson Harry J 131 Bishop's Gate rdN CCarney Lewis J 169 WashingtonCarpenter Fanny B Miss 243 WalthamW NCarpenter Caroline Hall 173 Woodlandrd AuCarpenter Irving F 28 Balcarres rd W' NCarpenter Josephine C Miss 243 WalthamW NCarpenter Ralph E 103 Prince W NCarpenter Vernon E 243 WalthamNCarr Adelaide Miss 86 Waban Hill(North) C HCarr Emma S Mrs 38 Otis NvCarr Frank F 38 Otis NvCarr Fred S 86 Waban Hill rd C HCarr Mary Mrs 336 Page av N HCarrick Krickel K 68 Chester N H*Catherine Mrs 170 CherryCarrollNCarrollCarrollCarsonCarterJohn 170 Cherry W NRosalie Miss 147 Prince WHarry E 167 Lowell av NvAlbert P 104 Highland Nv\VCarter Arthur Chester 64' Washingtonpk NvCarter Charles E 64 Washington pkNvrdVN

200 JEWTON BLUE BOOKCarter Charles V 39 Churchill NvCarter Cora Miss 64 Washington pkNvbarter Edward Mrs 854 Watertown WNbarter Evelyn Miss 235 Mt VernonW NCarter Elizabeth C Miss 104 Highlandav NvCarter Ethel Miss 854 Watertown W NCarter Florence D Mrs 14 PembrokeCarter Frances E Mrs 21 Ashmont rdWCarter Henry H 161 Highland av NvCarter Hubert 170 Otis NvCarter James Richard 235 Mt VernonW NCarter John E 18 Ionia AuCarter John W Mrs 315 Otis W NCarter Leon C 64 Washington pk NvCarter Louise H Mrs 37 Elm W NCarter Margaret 16 Barcarres rd W NCarter Martha A Miss 104 Highlandav NvCarter Philip Sidney 16 Balcarres rdW NCarter Philip Walker 16 Balcarres rdW NCarter Raymond H A 4 Circuit rd C HCarter Richard B 11 Forest av W NCarter Russell Gordon 14 PembrokeCarter Stella Miss 64 Washington pkNvCarter W Joseph 68 Harvard NvCarter William C 30 Ed,en W NCartwright Fred H 43 Williston rd AuCarver A F 325 Albermarle rd NvCazmay Francis 21 BelmontCarver Percy W Mrs 301 Lake av NHCarver Ross Elliot 31 Morseland av NCCary Arthur F 68 Erie av N H* JCasey Margaret Miss 58 Walnut pkCasey Mary P Miss 95 Otis NvCasey Richard L 34 Thaxt»er rd NvCasey Sallie F Miss 95 Otis NvCassidy W Morton Rev 59 Hartford NHCasson Beatrice S Miss 43 Gray Cliffrd N CCasson Robert 43 Gray Cliff rd N CCaswell Richard A 62 Woodcliff rd NHGate George H Rev 892 Watertown WNCate Henry F 130 Temple W NCate Norman G 54 Newell rd AuCates Edwin W 69 Hammond C HCauger Esther L Mrs 121 Cypress NCCaverly Joseph L 77 Central av NvCaverly Mona Miss 77 Central av NvCaverly Reginald 77 Central av NvCayo Gertrude Miss 198 Walnut NvCazmay Richard D 21 BelmontCedar Viola Miss 983 Boylston N HCentre Charles H 22 Glenwood av NCChadbourne Joseph H 11 Irvington WChadbourne Sarah Mrs 12 Irvington WChadwick Cecil C 30 Oakland av AuChadwick N Henry Mrs 15 Page rdNvChalmers Ruth Miss 30 P.elham N CChalmers Thomas Dr 425 Waltham WNChamberlain Abbie G Miss 392 WolcottAuChamberlain Almira Mrs 430 WinchesterN HChamberlain Edward G 392 WolcottAuChamberlain E Webster 15 Page rd NvChamberlain H A Dr 111 Kirkstall rdNvChamberlin Arthur W 11 Proctor NvChamberlin Morgan G 76 N CChamberlin Marion H Miss 76 SumnerN CChamberlin Roy F 18 Nobscot rd N CChamberlin Samuel K 76 Sumner N CChamberlin W G S 27 Ash AuChampion Wm J 20 Fern AuChamplin Augustus Mrs 418 WoodwardWChamplain Helen C Miss 15 Cheswickrd AuChamplain Orrin 15 Cheswick rd AuChamplin Mary Miss 418 WoodwardWChampney Mrs 108 Ward N C

^NEWTON BLUE BOOK 201Chandler G C Mrs 58 NonantumChandler Harold B Dr 15 FountainNChandler Henry B Dr 51 Winthrop WNChandler H Winthrop 203 Islington rdAuChandler James R 25 iRidge rd WChandler John H 58 Hancock av N CChandler Langdon W 44 Cheswick rdAuChandler Lucius C 58 Hancock av N CChandler Milton A 997 Beacon N CChandler Perry Rev 87 Glen av N CChandler Thurlow S 72 Elmore N CChandler Webster A Mrs 87 Glen avN CChandler Willis H 26 Woodbine AuChandlerChapinChapinCvvWilmond K 77 Maple AuCyrus S 935 Beacon N CEleanor A Miss 935 Beacon NChapin Helen G Miss 935 Beacon N CChapin J B Mrs 2065 Commonwealthav AuChapin .Louis F 18 Knowles N CChapin Marion Miss 2065 Commonwealthav AuChapin May Miss 2065 Commonwealthav AuChapin Robert B 26 Saxon rd N HChaplin Frank J 377 Waltham W NChaplin Dorothy G Miss 377 WalthamW NChapman Francis H 592 Boylston N CChapman J W 75 Prescott NvChapman (Robert Jr 36 Beaumont avNvChappie Wm H 93 Hillside rd N HChard Walter G 45 Pine rd C HChase A H St Clair Dr 133 Homer N CChaseCharles A 1008 Beacon N CCharles A 35 Highland av NvChaseChase Dorothy A Miss 35 Highland av'NvChase Katrina Miss 64 Sumner N CChase L Edwin 2202 Commonwealthav AuChase Marcellus W 80 Austin NvChase Porter B Col 52 Hillside av WNChas,eChaseChaseOhas eChaseChaseRalph M 52 Hillside av WRobert M 991 Beacon N CWarren 526 CentreWilliam F 34 Temple W NWm T 64 Sumner N CWm T Sr Mrs 64 Sumner NCheever Austin W Dr 16 Elmore NChase Edna F Mrs 34 Temple W NChase Edward Sherman 16 Regent WNseChaseChaseChas.eElizabeth A 52 Hillside av W NEthel W Miss 16 Prescott NvFrank W 31 Judkins NvGeorge W 257 Lake av N HChase Hayden W 35 Highland av NvChase Heloise Miss 31 Judkins NvChase Herbert M Mrs 524 WatertownNvChase John A 17 Churchill ter NvChellis Olin F 6 Harvard NvCheney F 406 Walnut NvCheney Harold W 1478 Beacon WCherrington F W Mrs 281 Waban avWChester Dwight Mrs 7 Parker N CChestnut Hill The 219 Commonwealthav C HCheyney W A Miss 43 Highland avNvChidsey Marion Miss 13 Berkeley W NChidsey Robert G 13 Berkeley W NChild William B B 258 Lowell av NvChild Augustus H 1203 Centre N CChilds Carolyn H Miss 48 RichardsonChilds Edith M Miss 215 Windsor rdWChildsChildsChildsWChildsChildsChipmanEdwin O Mayor 340 CaliforniaEdwin O Mrs 340 CaliforniaEmily C Miss 215 Windsor rdFrank A 215 Windsor rdJ Mrs 391 Lexington AuCurtis 62 Chester N HE C 69 Lowell av NvChipmanChipman G E Mrs 161 Lowell av NvChipman Marcellus B 457 WashingtonChirurg Micha,el Dr 27 Orient av N CChisholm Annie E Miss 231 Mill NvChisholm Jennie J Miss 43 Central avNvChristie James H 23 Russell ct NvNCCW

1*1 \ «\ HI.IK H< >K< hr 1 11 \vChi \1 R \vChu \ w • i \Chi \ v l i \Chi I l*. ! nChu Elliott S \ In \\ \< i H L Mrs 4CI h .1 n O 10Chu i Vu \>Chui w w lit i WChu Wm 1 l Wa i NlIh 1 tiq i r«l• ! • \\ ttgton vClafl us D 156 C it av N CCla irl A 1 m nClal W n \\ ,• 1 G >na\ \S VIS \ \Clapp CI R( 'l w N ivClai LUgUSl Oil Webber VV NClark IV L M l Austin NvCI C 1 W Dr Walnut XvCI "harle A. 15 H \ ilCI rl< c ) Pel ham N C< '1 ! I 1." N man; uniCla irl \ M 36 1 I W \Id F Mi 1 Pell m N C< I i» . P 11 Barm rdrk Edwii 184 Washii ICI E H Dr 219 Commonwealthav C HClark ' b '• 71 l m N 'Cla ,• I j A ::8 • rton rd \ 11Cla Ezra E l." NvCla hClark IClinton Mrs 91 Waban av Vnk R Dr 221 Walnut \'vCI Prank V 61 Pelham x C( r-k l A IM* li -moiClarke M li Mr 60 Grove AuClarke Sidney 560 Chestnut WClausen John H 219 Commonwealthav C IIClay Thomas C 22 Washington ter Nv(dear Warren J 15 IioveyCleaves Helen E Miss 129 Moffat id \v( l( Delia E Mr 17 Maple avClement M T 152 Lai \ c(dements Harriet E Miss 53 Central svNvcieweii William F .Mrs 15 Centre NIIdiffoi'd A II Mrs 430 O nlreCI >rd (diaries B 17 Irving X cClifford Gretchen .Miss 942 Beacon xcClifford Harry Ellsworth Prof 942 Beaconx c(dim \miie A \h 119 Lincoln N II•loud Paul W 9 Ardinor.e rd W XClou< William .1 Rev 24 Ripley X c

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 203Clune J Frederick Dr 44 Irving NCoady Clement D 491 Waltham WCoady Patrick F Dr 491 Waltham WCoanCo anCoanCobbCobbCobbCobbCobbCobbCobbCobbCobbCobbCobbNNHerbert A 26 Dale NvN.ewton S 9 ArlingtonWilliam I F 34 Erie av N HCharles H 74 Kenwood N CCharles K 40 Dunster rd C HCharles K Jr 40 Dunster rd C HE C Mrs 38 BenningtonElisha W 20 Glen rd N CHenrietta Mrs 28 Regent W NJennie B Mrs 21 Rice N CMary B Miss 37 Elgin N CMorton E Mrs 170 Lake av N CThe 38 BenningtonWilliam H Rev 37 Elgin N CCobleigh Rolfe 60 Forest N HCoburn Clara J Miss 99 WashingtonCoe Charles F 49 Walker NvCodman Benjamin H Dr 1743 BeaconWCodman John 646 Chestnut WCodman Roland C 646 Chestnut WCody Richard A 1596 Centre N HCoffinCoffinAvCoffinCoffinArthur H 15 Duffield rd AnElizabeth Miss 115 NewtonvilleL,ewis E Mrs 14'4 BellevueMary Miss 115 Newtonville AvEdwin W 877 Beacon N CGeorge Clement 77 GrasmereGrace Miss 1335 Centre N CHarriet A Miss 877 BeaconColburnColburnColburnColburnN CColburn May Miss 1335 Centre N CColburn Miriam Miss 270 Lowell av NvColburn Sidney S 270 Lowell av NvColby Albert D 51 Waldorf rd N HColby Clarence C 31 Farlow rdColby Herb.ert Warren 54 Hyde N HCole Arthur L 164 Auburn AuColeColeColeColeAlfred W 35 Otis NvAlonzo A 15 Woodcliff rd N HBertha Miss 31 Tarleton rd N CBetty Miss 30 Langley rd N CCharles A 1838 Washington AuColeCole Frederick A 55 Brookside av NvCole Frederick B 31 Tarleton rd N CColeColeHerbert M 20 Somerset rd W NHoward E 164 Auburn AuColeColeColeColeColeColeColeIsabelleJ AlbertJohn GRichardSumnerMrs 43 Bowers Nv30 Langley rd N C52 ElmwoodB 20 Somerset rdB 15 Woodcliff rdWaldo W 26 Fern AuWm Morton 19 WoodwardWNColegrove Warren S Crafts NvColeman George A 44 Bowdoin N HColeman Horace P 70 WashingtonNHHPiYNvColeman J A 252 Islington rd AuColesworthy George I Mrs 26 Page rdNvColesworthy H,elen N Miss 26 Page rdNvCollagan Walter G 87 Webster pk W NCollagan Isabelle Mrs 126 Eliot avW NCollens Charles 200 Dudley rd X CCollett Wm C 14 Waban Hill rd C HCollieson John A 69 Waban Hill rd(North) C HCollins B R T 3Collins C AzelCollins CharlesCollinsCollinsHCollinsCollinsHCollinsCollinsBradford ct N C154 Oakleigh rdF 154 Oakleigh rdG Theophilus 55 ArlingtonLillian Miss 101 Carver rd NMarguerite 154 Oakleigh rdIRaymond R 33 Waldorf rd XRoy V 69 Highland av NvWilliam P 44 Carver rd N HColonna Apartments The 230 WalnutNvColony Frank H 58 Crescent avColony John M 118 Homer N CColt James D 27 Suffolk rd C HN CColtart Veda Miss 21 Aberdeen N HColton E Leslie Mrs 21 Standish N HColton Wm W 309 BellevueComeau Alic,e Miss 430 CentreComer Fred J Mrs 49 Ballard N CCommonwealth Country Club Algonquinrd C HCompton James W 4' Maple AuComstock iRoy E 97 Floral N HConant Arthur S 17 Central av NvConant Charles 529 Ward N CConant Charles H 229 Bellevue

201 NEWTON BLUE BOOKConantConantConantConantConantConantClara L Miss 17 Central av NvErnest 550 CentreEverett W 158 Moffat rd WRalph W 6 Fair Oaks av NvRosmand Miss 229 BellevueVirginia Miss 158 Moffat rd WConaton Etta R Mrs 50 Pleasant N CCondit Park N 97 Morton N CCondon Margaret L 9 FayetteCone Clayton B 182 Walnut NvCone Judd W Mrs 16 Linden terCone Norman G 182Cone Misses The 182Congdon Joseph 281Conn Chauncy B 54Walnut NvWalnut NvWaban avMaple AuConnolly G H 83 CottonConnor Allen W 544 Ward N CConnor C C 29 Washington pk NvConnor Mary A Miss 11 Broadway NvConnor Margaret L Miss 11 BroadwayNvConquest J W 258 Lake av N HConrad Irving D 33 Irving N CConroy Misses The 182 Cherry W NConverse Edmund W 703 CentreConverseFrank B 270 ParkHoward B 47 HollisConverseConverse Howard Pendleton 150 Woodlandrd AuConverse Madeline Miss 270 ParkConway Earle E 48 Windsor rd WConway Thomas 24 Manemet rd N CCook Alfred D 22 Barnstable rd W NCookCookCookCookCookWBarbara Miss 63 Sumner N CBelle Miss 63 Sumner N CCharles H 1772 Beacon S Jr 70 Valentine W NC Howard 87 Adella av W NGertrude T Miss 53 Oxford rdCookN CCook Harold O 19 Woodbine AuCook Harry L 287 Elliot N U FCook Harry I 19 Saxon rd N HCook Herbert H 43 Churchill NvCook John Wicks Dr 10 Reed ct N CCook Mildred N Miss 1772 Beacon WCook M Theresa Miss 63 Sumn,er N CCook Richard C 63 Sumner N CCook Ward H Prof 432 Dedham N HCook Wm P Dr 63 Sumner N CCooke Frank 35 Ware rd AuCooley Levi 34 Prescott NvCooley Howard Hewitt 1104 Centre N CCooley Morgan L 1104 Centre N CCooley Nelson 387 Central AuCoombs C Foster 22 Kirkstall rd NvCoombs Leon T 15 Rossmer.e NvCoombs Leon T 160 Walnut NvCoombs Phillis Miss 22 Kirkstall rdNvCoombs Walter H 12 Simpson ter NvCooney Bernard 42 Newbury N CCooney Burpee M 280 Melrose AuCooney Wm J 20 Braeland av N CCooperCoop.erCooperCooperCooperCooperCooperCopelandCopelandCopelandnon WCopelandCopelandN HAustin 74 Bowen N CBenjamin 74 Bowen N CBurton H Dr 40 Walker NvCora Miss 74 Bowen N CErnest S 336 CentreWilliam 114 Eliot av W NWilliam A 712 Watertown NvCharles 53 Gray Cliff rd N CFrank M 26 Page rd NvHenry E Mrs 240 Mt Ver-NJanet Mrs 54 JeffersonMarion' K Miss 22 Erie avCopeland Mary C Miss 22 Erie av N IICopeland the Misses 53 Gray Cliff rdN CCopeland Wm A 14 Lawrence rd C HCoppins Raymond G 31 Georg.eCordingley Harriet Miss 1083 BovlstonC HCordingley Joseph S 38 Lake av N CCordingley Joseph S Jr 38 Lake av NCCordingley iRonald W 1083 Bovlston CHCordingley Wm R 1083 Boylston C HCorey Edwin H 33 Floral N HCorey Edwin H Jr 35 Floral N HCorey Herbert M 67 Brookside av NvCorey Wm Kirk 1830 Commonwealthav AuCorken Charles H DrCorken Gladys A MissCorken Ruth Miss 9494 Parker N C94 Parker N CParker N CCormerais Henry D Major 137 Waverlyav

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 205Cormerais Marion A Miss 137 WaverlyavCormick Charles J Ij7 Webster W NCormick Mina Mrs 157 Webster W NCormijer William A 15 Beach NvCornell Ward I 1471 Centre N HCornish Donald 0 52 Judkins NvCornish Gladys N Miss 58 Prescott NvCornish J E 34 Prescott NvCorrigan Arthur W 930 Watertown WNCorroll Michael J 20 Oxford rd N CCorson Walter A 63 Elm rd NvCoss George M 71 Oxford rd N CCoss Hazel A Miss 71 Oxford rd N CCostello Francis J Dr 54 Adella av WNCotey George A 14 Oak ter N HCotter J D 31 Central AuCotting Wm H 165 Oakleigh rdCotton Charles Albert 20 Dexter rd NvCotton Chester L 22 Omar ter NvCotton Fred S 83 Court NvCotton Howard P 24 Omar ter NvCotton John F 22 ElmwoodCotton Leonard M 1735 B.eacon WCotton Mary O Mrs 24 Omar terCotton May Miss 346 Cabot NvCotton Persis A Mrs 346 Cabot NvCotton Richard W 37 Washington pkNvCotton Thomas W 246 Cabot NvCotton Walter G 24 Omar ter NvCottrell Donald P 137 Suffolk rd C HCowette Ralph H 42 Chesley rdCoughlin Annie F Mrs 73 Davison W NCoughlan Charles E 3 Newbury ter NCCoughlin Helen Mrs 91 ParkCoughlin Misses Th.e 73 Davison W NCoulson Wm 59 Grove AuCoulton John R 26 Bowen N CCoulton Robert J 26 Bowen N CCoupland Ada M Mrs 50 Grove AuCourante Sarah F Miss 55 Prescott NvCourtney Eric 34 Morton N CCousens Horace S 680 Beacon N CCousens John A 2*07 Suffolk rd C HCousens Walter S 70 Elm W NCovel Nathan E 215 Highland av NvCoven^y William T 31 Fisher av N HOowell Eugene 1002 Beacon N CCowin William B Lieut Col 244 PrinceW NCowing Dorothy Huldah Miss 21 Carverrd N HCowing Robert Henry 21 Carver rd NHCowing Walter Scott 21, Carver rd NHCox Alexander 4 Glenmore ter N HCox David A 16 Dickerman rd N HCox Edward J 64 Brooks av NvCox Ella M Miss 16 Kendall terCox Patrick 95 Prospect W NOoxeter John J Dr 364 Cabot NvCoxeter John S Dr 364 Cabot NvCoxeter Mary C Miss 364 Cabot NvCoyle Rose Miss 205 Hunnewell terCozens Albert C 38 Woodward N HCozens A Winifred Miss 38 WoodwardN HCozens Wm J 38 Woodward N HCrafts Kenneth 86 Oxford rd N CCragin Franklin S 19 Harrison N HCragin L F Mrs 195 Morton N CCraig Adam W 459 WashingtonGrain Gladys L Miss 28 Putnam W NCrain Shephard M 28 Putnam W NCram Albert 11 Westbourne rd N CCram Edwin H 79 Lowell av NvCram Frank T 98 Crofton rd WCram John W L 97 Lowell av NvCram Robert J 287 Waban av WCrampton Alfred R 63 Grafton N CCrampton George William Mrs 63 GraftonN CCrampton Helen Miss 63 Grafton N CCranch Caroline A Mrs 69 Washburnav AuGrandall Cecile C Miss 77 Lakewood rdN HCrandon Daniel G 44 Hancock av N CCrandon Elizabeth F Miss 44 Hancockav N CCrane Arthur H 405 Commonwealthav N CCrane Charles A 20 ArlingtonCrane Charles E 405 Commonwealthav N CCrane Helen M Miss 457 Centre

L'(M> NEWTON BLUE BOOKCrane Rosa E Miss 405 Commonwealtuav N CCrane Walter C 51 Royce rd N CCrane Wm 405 Commonwealth av NCCranitch Catherine Miss 22 BroadwayNvCranitch John J 22 Broadway NvCranitch Robert F 22 Broadway NvCrans Edward L 43 Waban Hill rd(North) C HCranshaw Harold B 96 Berkeley W NCranston Jo»hn S 653 Chestnut WCrary Calvert 21 Foster NvCray John C 11 Park lane N CCrary Ruth Miss 1 Foster NvCrary Wm E 129 Woodward N HCrawe Edwin P 12 Dexter rd NvCrawford Everett W 18 CopleyCrawford Charles O 194 Ward N CCrawford Fred L 430 CentreCrawford Fred L Mrs 53 ElmwoodCrawford Sarah M Dr 194 W&rd N CCreesy Charles S 331 Auburndale avAuCrimmins L Miss 19 DartmouthW NCrimmins Ralph G 19 Dartmouth W NCrimmins Thomas A 19 Dartmouth AYNCrissey Edward 62 "Harvard NvCrocker Samuel S 15 ElmwoodCrocker Stephen L 398 WoodwardCrocker Walton Lee 203 Lake avWNHCrombie Alberta J Miss 69 Columbus NHCronan Alice M 305 Commonwealth avC HCronan John F 305 Commonwealth avC HCronin Daniel F 29 Brewster rd N HCronin Grover J 460 Crafts W NCronin Hannah Miss 460 Crafts W NCrocker Harry W 240 Highland W NCrosby 331 Cabot NvCrosby Perley F 61 Rowe AuCrosby William E 40 Lenox W NCross Emerlus B 490 Walnut NvCross Wilhelmina Mrs 40 Hampshire!WNCross Willard H 137 Hunnewell avCrossman A J Mrs 952 Beacon N CCrowell Eliza B Mrs 457 CentreCrow.ell Harlan D 19 Shaw W NCrowell Henry W 1013 Walnut N HCrowell Howard H 74 Fenwick rd WCrowell Joseph W 75 Royce rd X CCrowley Michael A 76 Court NvCrowley Ralph 598 Walnut NvCryan Joseph 64 Harvard NvCudworth Myron L 6 Aberdeen N HCullane Katherine Mrs 16 Ash AuCullinan,e D Mrs 1101 Boylston C HCummings Albion L 51 Hancock AuCummings Alvah C Dr 447 CentreCummings David Porter 31 Elmore XCCummings Esther Miss 69 ColumbusN HCummings Frank B 11 Braemore rdCummings Grace C Miss 11 BraemorerdCummings Henry H 69 Columbus N HCummings Leslie O Prof 133 ParkCunningham Charles A 129 JewettCunningham Charles E 191 NewtonvilleavCunningham Peter R 258 Mill NvCunningham Samuel 3 Glenmore terN HCunningham Walter 8 Beach NvCurley M 79 Manet rd C HCurran James Ross .Airs 16 Ballard X TC •Curran Joseph J 64 Margin WCurrie Nelson 524 California NvCurrier Charles E Mrs 167 HunnewellavCurrier J Fred 14 Foster NvCurrier Julia Miss 68 Brookside avNvCurrier S T Mrs 115 NonantumCurry Arthur M 12 Bemuth rd N HCurry Frances H 10 Alden N CCurry Laliah Miss 12 Bemuth rd N HCurry Silas R Mrs 10 Alden N CCurtin T A Rev 1321 Centre N CCurtis Dorothy A Miss 454 Walnut NvCurtis Edgar H 454 Walnut NvCurtis Francis G Dr 399 Hammond CH

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 207Curtis Francis Shaw 399 Hammond CHCurtis George A 454 Walnut NvCurtis George L 384 Newtonville avNvCurtis George W 399 Hammond C HCurtis Henry Penner 599 CentreCurtis Lewis F 333 Commonwealtli avC HCurtis Margaret J Mrs 12 Avondale rdN CCurtis Mary A Miss 454 Walnut NvCurtis M D Mrs 430 CentreCurtis Robert D Dr 12 Avondale rdN CCurtis Thomas P 347 Lake av N HCurtiss Malcolm T 35 Spooner rd C HCushing Albert L 500 Ward N CCushman Frank V 153 Webster W NCushman Herbert K Prof 79 PutnamW NCushman Hiram Norton 22 WinthropW NCushman John T Mrs 104 Eliot av WNCushman Sussanna Miss 90 Beaumontav NvCushman Townsend H 90 Beaumontav NvCuster Hannah J Mrs 99 ParkCutter Carl G 24 Central av NvCutter Charles H 46 Rockledge rd NHCutler Charles H R^v 173 Moffat rd AVCutler Edward A 38 Knowles N CCutler Edward R Dr 3 Bowdoin N HCutler Frederic F Mrs 111 Hobart rdN CCutler Frederic R 287 Chestnut W NCutler John 83 Walker NvCutler Nathan P 44 MontroseCutler Newell L 109 Parker N CCutler Sally A Miss 44 MontroseCutler Misses The 13 Linder terCutler Walter H 11 Maple avCutter Howard G 12 MarlboroCutter Victor M 79 Shornecliffe rdCutting Mary Miss 198 Walnut NvDaboll Jeanette G Miss 84 Walker NvDaboll John 84 Walker NvDacey James T 12 Hammondswood rdC HDaiger Charles V 115 GrasmereDaigneau Albert J 286 Waverly avDale H S Mrs 257 Otis W NDale Samuel M 14 Delmore rd N HDales Clarence O 35 BenningtonDaley Eugene 97 Manet rd C HDaley William A 334 Commonwealthav AuDalrymple Sidney C Dr 859 Beacon NCDame Warren S Mrs 137 Lowell av NvDamon Foster S 98 WashingtonDamon Jonathan L Mrs 29 Putnam WNDamon Joseph N 98 WashingtonDana Francis W 19 ChurchDana Ripley L 1011 Centre N CDane Abbie A Mrs 36 Islington rd AuDane Walter A 9 Saxon rd N HDane Walter Q 2163 Commonwealthav AuDanforth Charles 163 Cypress N CDanforth Josephine Miss 75 Austin NvDanforth Laura Miss 526 CentreDanforth Wm Mrs 156 Warren N CDaniels Chapin Mrs 63 Norfolk rd CHDaniels Claude H 31 Homer N CDaniels Fred H 7 Gibson rd NvDaniels Grace Mrs 120 Clark N CDaniels John B 39 Harrison N HD'Arcy Edwin M 343 Otis W NDarling Annie F Miss 166 Oakleigh rdDarling Charles P 73 Grove AuDarling Frances C Miss 121 Suffolk rdC HDarling Frederick H 121 Suffolk rd CHDarling George Lincoln 70 PembrokeDarling Grace Adelle Miss 27 DunckleeN HDarling James A 27 Duncklee N HDarling Wm H 165 Oakleigh rdDarrell Willis E 15 Trowbridge N CDavenport Charles A Dr 25 ParkDavenport Charles K 25 ParkDavenport Mary P Miss 45 Devon C*HDavie Carl C 35 Puteifer Nv

208 NEWTON BLUB BOOKDavie Eudora Mrs 35 Pulsifer NvDavidson Ada E Mrs 21 Wav.erly avDavidson A F Capt 866 Beacon N CDavidson Alexander 484 Watertown NvDavidson Allen 59 Woodland rd AuDavidson Bertram 33 Harrison N HDavidson Charles W 19 Prescott NvDavidson Edgar E Rev 25 Prescott NvDavidson Frank F 59 Woodland rd AuDavidson Frank F Jr 59 Woodland rdAuDavidson Gideon L 18 Nottingham rdN CDavidson Harry E 33 Harrison N HDavidson H Lome 51 BenningtonDavidson Mary R Miss 59 Woodlandrd AuDavidson Stanley E 33 Harrison N HDavidson William T 23 Dickerman NHDavis Abbie F Miss 24'2 ParkDav;s Anni,e E Miss 30 iRice N CDavis Arthur W 10 Shaw W NDavis Carl C 87 Austin NvDavis C Estelle Miss 10 Ripley ter NCDavis Charles P 114 Lowell av NvDavis Charles R 184 Ward N CDavis Chester W 136 Gibbs N CDavis Clyde 526 CentreDavis Edward C 11 Morrill W NDavis Edward W 25 Kirkstall rd NvDavis Edwin C 1045 Beacon N CDavis E Lester Mrs 84 Grove AuDavis Elmer W 38 Crescent av N CDavis Emery W 1045 Beacon N CDavis Frances Miss 1045 Beacon X CDavis Francis O Mrs 53 Lake av N CDavis Francis W 47 Windsor rd WDavis Frank 10 Ripley ter N CDavis Franklin E 13 Winona AuDavis Fred H 38 Braeland av N CDavis George D 185 Temple W NDavis G T 17 Winona AuDavis Harriet E Miss 391 LexingtonAuDavis Harry A 6 WillardDavis Helen A Miss 854 Beacon N CDavis Henry M 286 Highland av W NDavis James B 924 Watertown W NDavis Jerald F 57 Morton N CDavis John A 2065 Commonwealth avAuDavis John 693 Beacon N CDavis L T 30 Bowers NvDavis Misses The 10 Shaw W NDavis Nelson B Rev 68 Hartford N HDavis Ralph Emerson Rev 30 Lake avN CDavis Ralph E 107 Hancock AuDavis R Mott 40 Canterberry rd N HDavis R Mrs 11 W'oodside rd WDavis S Warren 21 Elm W NDavis Thomas C 15 Oak ter N HDavis Walter B 10 Shaw W NDavis Wm 51 Crescent av N CDavison Banks M 206 Sumner N CDavison Mary E Mrs 44 Shaw W NDavy Robert N Major 1074 Centre NCDay Clarence H 166 N.eshobe rd WDay Edward H 100 Erie av N HDay Ellison G 90 Hull NvDay Ellison G Jr 90 Hull NvDay Frank A Jr 115 SargentDay Frank F 1358 Washington W NDay Fred N Mrs 119 Hancock AuDay Henry B 321 Chestnut W NDay Herbert M 29 Hunter W NDay Josephine Miss 61 Josephine rdAuDay Marian L Miss 257 Waban av WDay Willard L 257 Waban av WDayton James R 136 Woodland rd AuDeagle Dani.el J 4'3 ThorntonDean Frederick S 54 Bonad rd W XDean George H 29 Dorset rd WDean Marjorie Miss 29 Dorset rd WDeane Robert W 292 Prince W NDean.e S B 67 Grafton N CDearborn Edward E Mrs 62 Walnut pkDearborn Theodore W 382 Wolcott AuDearborn W E 54 Brooks av NvDeary George H 18 Meredith av N HDe Athore Eugene 16 MarlboroDecatur Austin H 242 Otis W NDe Lestrade Mrs 210 Middlesex rd CHDecker Benton C Rear Admiral 97Lake av N CDecker Emma C Mrs 186 Woodward WDeering Ernest W 65 Hancock av N C'

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 209Deffley James J 7 Auburn W NDefren George 289 ParkDelano Curtis 158 Harvard NvDelano John M 308 Prince W NDelano Wm J 170 Nehoiden rd WDelano Wm Otis 41 WashingtonDelany Charles H 56 Floral N HDelesdernier E H 167 Lowell av NvD^ll William A 50 Brooks av NvDellenbaugh 91 Spooner rd C HDelling Eric H 678 CentreDe Mille John C 111 Parker N CDemijian Hagop 24 Lincoln N HDemott S E Mrs 50 Stearns N CDempsey James 30 Bowers NvDempsey J E Dr 449 WashingtonDenham John E 59 Carlton rd WDennett Annie A Miss 115 Windermererd AuDennett Eleanore F Miss 115 Windermererd AuDennett Francis G 115 Windermere rdAuDennett Lewis Dr 42 Madison av NvDennett Nathan W 115 Windermererd; WDenison William B Mrs 89 Lowell avNvDennie Hubert S 25 Hyd,e N HDennison Adna C 21 Ashmont rd WDennison Charles E 425 Ward N CDennison Henrietta E Mrs 154 HomerN CDenny Albert B 1051 Boylston C HDenny Harry F 133 Eliot av W NDensmore Morton J 45 Pelham N CDenver George H 40 Rossmere NvDerby E Stafford 40 Pine Ridge rd WDermon Walter A 138 Central AuDesmazes Charles S 184* Commonwealth av C HDesmond M Alphonsus 548 CaliforniaNvDesoe Arthur W C 15 Ware rd AuD.ewey Clayton O 318 Cabot NvDewey George B 30 Harrison N HDewey Margaret P Miss 232 FranklinDewey Wm R 232 FranklinDewing Henry F 313 Highland av W NDewire Alexander WNDe Wolf CharlesDeWolf Harrywealth av AuDexter Henry LDickerman OlinDickinson A W65 Prospect WB 168 Mt Vernon NvC 20-69 Common-Jr 676 CentreD 21 Rossmere Nv16 Otis pi NvDickinson James T 837 Chestnut WDickinson S A 305 Cabot NvDickson Robert 949 Washington NvDiffendorf S A 21 Royce rd N CDike George Phillips 33 Circuit rd CHDike Misses The 113 Hancock AuDike Nathaniel Mrs 14 Oak Ridge AuDike Samuel W Mrs 113 Hancock AuDill Joshua M 460 Commonwealth avN CDill Martin B 47 Nobscot rd N CDillaway Charles W 25 Endicott N HDillingham Isaac S 81 Woodland rd AuDillingham Isaac S Jr 11 ChurchDillon Lena Miss 23 Norman rd N HDillworth John T 332 Walnut NvDiman Charles J 156 Waverly avDimock W J 145 Pine Ridge rd WDitmars E L 335 Albermarl,e rd NvDixwell Charles 53 Channing rd N CDoake Emma Mrs 63 Cedar N CDoake William F 63 Cedar N CDoane Alfred O 21 Jenison NvDoane Angie Mrs 208 Parker N CDoaneDoan,eDoaneDoaneCharles E 1469 Centre N HGeorge 30 Oak ter N HHenry K 19 Jenison NvLula S Mrs 208 Parker N CDoane Seth S Mrs 109 Walnut NvDobyns (Robert A 525 CaliforniaNvDockham George A 65 Waldorf rd N HDodd Spencer S 230 Walnut NvDodge Barrett F 165 Harvard NvElsie C Miss 26 Orient av NDodgeCDodg.eDodgeNDodgeDodgeErnest L 15 Niles rd N HHenry Alvin 12 Ardmore rd WJohn E 2 Raeburn ter N HJohn Elliot 2 Raeburn rd N HDodge Katharine H Miss 256 Orient avN C

210 NEW TON BLUE ROOKDodge Winifred M Miss 26 Orient avN CDoherty Helen J Miss 15 Broadway XvDoherty John J 45 WabanDoherty William J 15 Broadway NvDoherty Wm J Jr 15 Broadway NvDolan Margaret A Miss 145 SargentDolan Thomas F 145 SargentDolan Thomas F Jr 145 SargentDole Charles S 69 Madison av NvDoliber Wm H 224 Lincoln N HDonahue James P 4 Church rdDonelson Jane Mrs 15 Trowbridge NCDonahue William A 11 Kimball ter NvDonald William 65 JeffersonDonnnelLey William H 38 Manemet rdN CDonovan Francis B 45 Paul N CDonovan Francis C 87 WashingtonDonovan Joseph 373 Commonwealthav N CDonovan Mary Miss 22 Broadway NvDonovan Peter F 806 Watertown W NDonovan Thomas C 158 Auburn AuDonovan Winfred N Prof 45 Paul N CDorchester Chester O Mrs 52 WinthropW NDore Porter W 40 Harvard NvDornery Marguret E Miss 12 FrederickNvDornery N,ellie A Miss 12 FrederickNvDornery Sarah F Miss 12 Frederick NvDorr Cornelius Mrs 337 Windsor rd WDorr Frank W 249 Lake av N HDorr Lester M 20 Dickerman rd N HDorr Marion H Miss 249 Lake av N HDorrety Wm C 118 Commonwealth avN CDort Wilson C Dr 342 Otis W NDoten Harry L 21 Rice N CDoten W L 9 Westbourne rd N CDouc.ette D G Mrs 62 Elm W NDougherty Harold T 75 Central AuDougherty Linsley Miss 75 Central AuDouglas Edward L 120 ChurchDouglas Helen Miss 410 Newtonvilleav NvDouglass Mabel F A Mrs 49 BowdoinN HDouglass M C Miss 49 Bowdoin X HDouglas Raymond L 120 ChurchDouglas Robert 378 WalnutDouglas Samuel T 91 Avalon rd AVDouglass Ethel Miss 49 Bowdoin N HDouglass Georgiana Miss 55 Chester NHDover George O 169 Mt Vernon NvDow Barbara Mrs 44 Churchill NvDow Carl S 37 Cheswick rd AuDow Charles F 10 Church rdDow Clifford Wallac.e 56 Columbus XHDow James D 514 Chestnut WDow James D Jr 514 Chestnut WDow Jennie Miss 358 Waltham W XDow Katherine Miss 37 Cheswick rdAuDow Kenneth C 56 Columbus N HDow Mabel C Miss 366 Waltham W NDow Willard W 48 Adella av W NDowd A Dudley 1005 Centre N CDowd Madelain.e Miss 1005 Centre NCDowd Roger L 1005 Centre N CDowd William H 17 Eliot av W NDowley Levi B 59 Hancock av N CDowley Lois M Miss 59 Hancock avN CDowling Joseph A 336 Islington rd AuDowner Fred U 52 Berwick rd N CDowney John J 44 Washington pk NvDowney Joseph E 44 Washington pkNvDowns Kenneth E 21 Berkeley W NDowns William 39 Irving N CDowse W \B H 218 Temple W NDoyle Alexander J 282 Linwood av NvDoyle James R 12 Floral N HDrake Clyde I 436 Commonwealth avN CDrake Dorothy Miss 16 Kendall terDrak.e Louis Stoughton 24 BenningtonDraper J R 71 Woodland rd AuDraper Nellie Mrs 71 Woodland rd AuDraper Wm B 17 Meredith av N HDrennan Daniel A 11 Omar ter NvDrennan Edward 80 Crescent av N CDrennan Eugene 80 Crescent av N CDrennan Margaret Mrs 80 Crescent avN C

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 211Drennan Patrick J 11 Omar ter NvDresser Eleanor Miss 775 Chestnut WDrew Charles A 32 HollisDrewDrewDrewDrewDrewDrickeyEdward P R,ev 89 Grove AuEdwin Mrs 17 Meredith av NErnest F 324 Central AuHerbert !W 101 Harvard NvPitt F 27 Grove Hjll av NvNelson P 16 Pilgrim rd WDrisooll D Mrs 63 Austin NvDrisooll Frederick J 557 CaliforniaDriscoU Katharine Miss 63 AustinDricoll Thomas L 63 Austin NvDrisko Alice S Miss 504 CentreDrisko Fred 504 CentreDrost G A Mrs 223 Central AuDrowne Edwin S 32 Lake wood rdDrowne Ethel L Miss 51 EndicottHNvNvN HN HHDrowne Wilfred S 51 Endicott NDrury Herbert L 334 FranklinDrury Miriam Miss 334 FranklinDrury Wm H Mrs 334 FranklinDunbar Phillip R 35 Rowland rd W NDuncan Carolyn L Miss 34 Foster NvDuncan H E 34 FosterDuncan Kath.erine F 34 Foster NvDunham Charles T 17 Prince W NDunham Edward Francis 20 Exeter WNDunham E S Mrs 17 Prince W NDunham George J 20 Waterston rdDunham Wm K 50 Hartford N HDunleavy J F 84 Central av NvDunlop James 370 Wolcott AuDunn Frederick W 158 Central AuDunn Harry C 65 Manamet rd N CDunne G.eorge C Mrs 159 WashingtonDunne Pauline Miss 159 WashingtonDunphy Caroline Geraldine Miss 81ChurchDunphy Harriet Mrs 81 ChurchDuane David J B 20 Churchill NvDucayet Kirby S 300 Linwood av NvDuclos Howard E 48 Windermere rdAuDuclos Louis O 48 AVindermere rd AuDuclos Misses Th,e 48 Windermere rdAuDudley J Edward 68 Parker N CDuff John W 361 Albermarle rd NvDuffey Catherine A Mrs 16 MarlboroDuffey Edward L 29 RichardsonDuffey Mary A Miss 16 MarlboroDuffus William F 35 Bradford rd NHDuggan Cornelius D 233 Highland avW NDuggan James F 56 Webster W NDumas Agnes Miss 210 Upland rd NvDumas Clara Miss 210 Upland rd NvDummer Carlotta R Miss 1798 WashingtonAuDummer Edward 1798 Washington AuDumber Edward L 1798 WashingtonAuDumore Kenneth Dr 11 Maple cirDunmore Arthur C 12 Balcarres rd WNDunnell Marion Wright Mrs 982 BeaconN CDunton John F 30 Williston rd AuDupee Norman E 71 Avalon rd WDupuy H E 11 Bowers NvDurbin Vernon 452 Woodward WDurgin Clifford K 223 ChurchDurgin Edward C Dr 26 Washingtonpk NvDurrell Albert B 29 Brae Burn rd AaDurrell Harry M Mrs 75 Wyoming avNvDutch Dana M 245 Waban av WDuteUe J Edward 12 Turner NvDutelle Paul E 12 Turner NvDutton Horace 61 Hancock AuDutton Julia M Dr 350 Otis W NDutton Martha S Miss 61 Hancock AuDwinnell Clifton H 67 Berkeley W NDwinnell Mary J Miss 206 SumnerN CDwinnell Nellie E Miss 206 Sumner NCDwyer Jessi\e I Mrs 2011 Beacon WDwyer John 267 Upland rd NvDyer Emily Miss 56 EldredgeDyer Mary A Miss 861 Commonwealthav N CDyer Mary E Mrs 47 Churchill NvDyer Sears U 21 Shaw W NDyer Wyman 35 Oak ter N HDyson James W 984 Beacon N CEager Anna E Mrs 180 FranklinEag,er Mabel T 49 Seminary av Au

212 NEWTON BLUE BOOKEagles Eva Miss 120 Clark N CEagles D Wilbur 120 Clark N CEagles Nettie Miss 120 Clark N CEames Dorothy B Miss 60 Oakwood rdNvEames Dorothy E Miss 63 Highlandav NvEames George E 63 Highland av NvEarl Noble C Jr 592 Chestnut WEarle Annie Mrs 37 Crescent av N CEarle Elizabeth E Mrs 211 Highlandav NvEarle Harold L 905 Watertown W NEarle Harry C 37 Crescent av N CEarle Wm T 20 Maple avEarly D Frederick 13 Forest N HEasterbrook Frederick R 413 HammondC HEastman Chase 125 Jackson N CEastman Harold C 1665 Centre N HEastman Luth,er G Dr 60 Grove AuEaton Austin H 246 Central AuEaton Charles W 156 Sumner N CEaton Ezra S 8 Lake wood rd N HEaton Hester Miss 206 Sumner N CEaton John N 35 Lenox W NEaton Samuel L Dr 340 Lake av N HEaton T H Dr 41 Commonwealth avC HEddy Beatrice F Miss 542 Walnut NvEddy Benjamin F 78 Prospect W NEddy Clifford R 80 Putnam W NEddy D Brewer Rev 82 Kirkstall rd NvEddy Elizabeth W 85 Bigelow rd W NEddy George Winslow 85 Bigelow rdW NEddy Harrison P 65 Gray Cliff rd N CEddy H Prescott Jr 9 Victoria cir N CEddy John H 542 Walnut NvEddy Joseph T 49 Fairfax W NEddy May H Miss 1756 Beacon WEddy Priscilla C 85 Bigelow rd W NEddy Will C 48 Woodbine AuEddy Wm J 130 Warren N CEdgarton Sarah M Miss 116 ChurchEdmands Bradford C 21 Elmore N CEdmands Edward T 153 Hancock AuEdmands Frank Mrs 98 Lake av N CEdmands Frederick L 89 Madison avNvEdmands Grac,e Miss 38 Devon C HEdmands Isaac

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 213EllisonEllisonEllisonEllisonEllisonEllisonEben H 48 SargentEben H Jr 48 SargentHarriet Miss 48 SargentWilliam 15 VernonWm P 48 SargentWilliam P 15 VernonElls Warren F 283 TremontElmer Charles W 72 Plainfield WElmore Samuel D 196 Windsor rd WElms Florence G Miss 88 ArlingtonElwell Halsey 89 Morton N CElwell John H Jr 33 Brewster rd NHEly August K 93 Cedar N CEly Enid Miss 93 Cedar N CEly Homer Arthur 93 Cedar N CEly S A Fitz 44 Harvard NvEmerson H Bigelow 30 Beechcroft /dEmersonEmersonEmersonav NvMark D 306 Linwood av NvNatt W 78 Hull NvThomas Mrs 60 BrooksideEmerson Wm Hohart 31 HoveyEmery Aaron F Mrs 769 WashingtonEmery Alfred F 1149 Walnut N HEmery Bernic^e A Miss 15 Randolph NHEmery Dorothy Miss 15 Randolph N HEmery Dorothy L Miss 169 FranklinEmery E K Miss 13 IvanhoeEmery Georgia H Miss 70 Waverly avEmery Ralph C 169 FranklinEmery Sam T 35 Marshall N CEmery Scott E 15 Randolph N HEmery Henry L 141 JewettEmery William B 13 Ivanho-eEmily Arthur Harold 19 CrystalN CEmmett James R 92 Windsor rd WEmmons C S 21 BenningtonEnglish John M 1 Bradford ct N CEnegess M John 94^ Watertown W NEnman Albert G 31 Knowles N CEnos M M 749 Washington NvEnsign Charles S Jr 293 FranklinEnsign Gertrude Miss 48 Billings pkErhard Henry A 22 Roslyn rd WEricson Carl E 56 Eliot av W NErickson Clifton C 1828 WashingtonAuEskrigge FrankT 3)2 Paul N CErlenbach Franklin N 985 Boylston NHErlenbach Franklin N Jr Dr 985 BoylisitonN HEsselen Henry G 83 Aspin av AuEsson James E 38 Balcarres rd W NEstabrook Charles B 6 Nottingham rdN CEstabrook Edward L 18 Sewall W NEstabrook Franklin 277 Central AuEstabrook Harold K 92 Reservoir rdC HEstabrookEstabrookNvEstabrookEstabrookJo'hn W 32 Sewall W NLouise Miss 25 Highland avRufus Mrs 283 Central AuT A 25 Highland av NvEstelle Ephraim M 24 Oak ter N HEsten E J Mrs 39 WesleyEstes Dana Mrs 47 Norfolk rd C HEstes Gertrude C Miss 524 Watertown,NvEstes Josephine E Miss 524 WatertownNvEustisEustisEvan sEvansEvansEVansEvansEvansEvansEvansEvansNvEvartsCJohn P 145 WashingtonWarner 145 WashingtonArthur A 1451 Beacon WCharles A 11 Plymouth rd N HDorothy Miss 10 Lowell av NvDorothy W Mrs 10 Chase N CFrank 22 Aberdeen N HGeorge B 153 Windsor rd WHarold W Jr 10 ChaseJ T Mrs 35 Pleasant N CWilliam H Mrs 10 Lowell avGrace M Miss 2 Bradford ct NEverts William J 42 Crafts rd C HEverett E M Miss 57 Parker N CEverett J E 1538 Beacon WEverett L C Miss 57 Parker N CEverts Albert P 14 Kenmor,e N CEvery Harry A 48 Islington rd AuEwart John 525 Winchester N HEwer Herbert L 81 Spooner rd C HEwing Albert E 44 Judkins NvEwing George C 41 Oxford rd N CFaherty John 1670 Centre N HFairbanks Almon J Hillside ter W NFairbanks J W Mrs 398 Walnut Nv

214 NEWTON BLUE BOOKFairbanks Marjorie Miss 14 Hillsideter W NFairbanks Robert D 14 Hillside av AVNFairbrother Henry L 40 Greenwood avW XFairchild Frederick S 3 Oak ter X HFairweather Arthur F 492 Lowell avXvFairweather Arthur W 492 Lowell avXvFairweather Edwin W 492 Lowell avXvFairweather Franklin H 492 Lowell avXvFales A L 45 West bourne rd X CFales Herbert Emerson 145 HighlandW XFales Herbert G 145 Highland W XFales Lloyd H 221 Prince W XFales Mariah F Mrs 273 TremontFallon John B 61 Spooner rd C HFallon Robert M 29 Ashmont rd WFanning Milo 31 Auburn W XFanning Bridget Mrs 13 RichardsonFarley Arthur C Mrs 251 Central AnFarley Arthur Francis 251 Central AuFarley Charles Judd 251 Central AuFarnham Barbara Miss 65 Crafts rdC HFarnham Charles S 68 Allerton rd X HFarnham David S Mrs 117 Lake avX CFarnham Frank A 65 Crafts rd C HFarnham Irving T Mrs 19 Warwick rdW XFarnham Kenneth S 68 Allerton rd XHFarnham Ralph 68 Allerton rd X HFarnsworth Edward M Jr 73 Middlesexrd C HFarnum Samuel May 11 Gibson rd XvFarquhar Charles S 16 Harvard XvFarquhar James S 524 California XvFarrell Esther Miss 503 Watertown XvFarr.ell F L 537 California XvFarrell Helen W Mrs 101 Harvard XvFarrell James F 435 Wolcott AuFarrell Margaret Miss 503 WatertownXvFarrell S T 537 California XvFarrington Agnes Miss 9 Warren terX CFarrington Beatrice Miss 4^ Ballard XCFarington George E 63 Vista av AuFarrington M T Miss 120 Middlesex rdC HFarrington W E Mrs 50 Aberdeen XHFarwell Helen M Miss 20 Ripley terX CFarwell Lawrence C 20 Ripley ter XCFarwell Parris T 20 Ripley ter X CFaulkixer Daisy B Mrs 85 Floral X HFavinger Charles L 115 Windsor rd WFawcett Deborah Dr 430 CentreFawcett Frederic J 30 Hyde avFawcetr Wm V M 30 Hyde avFaxon Brooks 137 Middlesex rd C HFaxon Edward H 220 Langley rd X CFaxon Georgette V Miss 137 Middlesexrd C HFaxon Henrietta Miss 137 Middlesex rdC HFay Edgar E 34 Beacon C HFav James F 255 Commonwealth avC HFay Jchn C 171 Langley rd X CFeakes Richard 75 Park avFearing A D 9 Ware rd AuFearing Edwin T 186 ParkFeinb.erg A 124 Commonwealth av NCFeinberg Sampson 424 Commonwealthav X CFeldberg Lewis 229 Auburn AuFelix Marie Miss 357 Central AuFellows Otis D Mrs 142 Homer X CFelton B Roger 6S Waban Hill rd C HFelton Frederick L Mrs 203 Ch.est.nutW XFenno James W 319 Cabot XvFenno John A 310 Walnut XvFenno Martha P Miss 319 Cabot XvFerguson Carl B 42 Prairie av AuFerguson Clinton B 417 Albermarlerd XvFerguson Donald A 40 Pelham X CFerguson E Morris Rev 197 Grove AuF.erguson John M So Warwick rd W X

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 215Ferguson Mary Louise Miss 36 Wamesitrd WFerguson Margaret Miss 40 Pelham NCFerguson Scott Densnvore 36 Wamesitrd AYFerguson Stanley W 24 Carlton rd WFernald Adelbert Dr 63 Elmhurst rdFernald Fred A 529 Ward N CF.ernald George H 1033 Walnut N HFernald George H Jr 14 Ardmore terAY NFerrinFerrinFerrisFerrisFerrisFerrisFerrisFerrisFerrisFerryFrank M 35 Hunnewell avWilliam F 16 Walker NvA J Mrs 15 HoveyCharles C 19 Croflton rd WCyrus Y 213 Kent rd WEmma E Miss 15 Hov.eyHarris A 19 Crofton rd WWilliam M Mrs 89 Hunnewell avWilliam M Jr 89 Hunnewell avWilliam R 309 BellevueFerson Charles A 82 Floral N HFessenden Caroline Miss 100 Ess,ex rdC HFessenden Charles H 34 Pelham N CFessenden Harriet L Miss 100 Essexrd C HFessenden Reginald A 45 Waban Hillrd (North) C HFessenden Reginald K 45 Waban Hillrd (North) C HFessenden School The 448 Crafts W NFessenden Sewall H 100 Essex rd C HFess.enden Thomas A D 198 WoodwardWFewkes Arthur H 1589 Centre N HFewkes Charles W 66 Forest N HFife Harold E 450 Crafts W NFilene Lewis Mrs 715 Watertown NvFiloon Henry H 21 Park pi NvFinch George L 621 Walnut NvFinch George L Jr 621 Walnut NvFincih Herman F 621 Walnut NvFincke Charles Louis 106 Farlow rdFincke Chalres Louis Mrs 106 FarlowrdFincke Margaret E Miss 106 Farlow rdFine David L 40 Priscilla rd C HFin t erty John A 21 Park lane N CFirth Wim Mrs "The Grange" Reservoirav C HKisberFisherFisherFisherNvPMsh,erFisherFisherFisherFisherFisherAustin W 5 Braeburn rd AuCaroline Miss 260 FranklinCharles R 15 Webster W NClarence D 15 Mt Vernon terEdith iR Miss 260 FranklinEdwin C 472 Dedbam N HE J Mrs 11 Birch Hill rd NvEmery B Mrs 54 Austin NvErnest W 263 Lake av N HGurdon R 263 Lake av N HFis'her Herbert E Mrs 8 Jenison NvFisher Irving J 79 Chestnut W NFisher'Sie M Miss 217 ChurchFisher John C 62 RichardsonFisher John W 211 ChurchFisher Lena D Miss 85 Manet rd C HFisher Oliver M 260 FranklinFisher Willis R 8 Pilgrim rd WFisk Clair B Miss 50 Elmore N CFisk Claire H Mrs 50 Elmore N CFiske Abbie Miss 21 Washington terNvFiske Georg,e M 438 Wolcoitt AuFewkesFewkesEdith E Miss '66 Forest N HErnest E 120 Hyde N HFiskeFiskeHelen Miss 120 Woodland rd AuJ Parker B Mrs 120 WoodlandFewkes William A 1589 Centre N HFickett Susie G Mrs 51 Plymouth rdN HField George A Mrs 31 Montvale rd NCField Walter Mrs 24 Loring N CFielding Edward M 14' Hammond CHFielding Irving 92 Oxford rd N CFife Alexander 163 Cypress N CFife Dora Miss 163 Cypress N Crd AuFitch Addie B Miss 125 Parker N CConover 50 Dunster rd C HHarley M 110 Tyler ter N CHarry 134 Sumner N CJessie F Miss 15 Furber Lane NFitchFitchFitchFitchCFitchFitchFitchFittsLouis H Jr 134 Sumner N CLouis H 134 Sumner N CRobert 134 Sumner N CHarry W 79 Pembroke

216 NEWTON BLUE BOOKFitts Lyman R 12 Barnes rdFitz Charles S 98 Homer N CFitz Gerald Charles A 160 Chestnut WNFitz Gerald Gertrude Miss 160 ChestnutW NFitz Gerald Hammond 160 Chestnut WNFitzgerald Elizabeth D Miss 27 Brooksav NvFitzgerald Florence S 671 Grove NL FPitzpatrick John J 47 Williston rdAuFlagg Charles E 1175 Centre N CFlagg Francis J 54 Oakwood rd NvFlagg Mary Miss 57 Hyde N HFlaherty John J 31 Elm W NFlanagan D F 95 Hyde N HFlanagan Edward V 71 Walnut pkFlanagan Gertrude Miss 71 Walnut pkFlanagan Joseph F Mrs 71 Walnut pkFlanagan Joseph. F Jr 71 Walnut pkFlanders Kathryn Miss 12 Locke terN CFlanders Maida Miss 12 Lake ter N CFlanders Marguerite Miss 12 Lake terN CFlanders William W Mrs 12 Lake terN CFlansburgh Robert D 57 Circuit av NHFleming Albert J 20 OhanningFleming Carrie B Miss 1482 WashingtonW NFleming Samuel N 69 Hillside av W NFlenniken Charles B 36 Wamesit rd WFletcher Frank B 264 Upland rd NvFletcher John R 210 Melrose AuFletcher Loren P 20 Plymouth rd N HFletcher Lyman E 17 Charles AuFletcher Richmond K 34 Arinawan rdWFleu Ethel Miss 4'5 Elm W NFleu Theodore A Mrs 45 Elm W NFlinn Chess W 4 PairviewPlinn Madge Miss 4 PairviewFlinn Thomas W Mrs 4 PairviewFlint Albert E 289 Highland av W NFlood George 135 JewettFlood John 405 WashingtonFloyd Charles B 454 Wolcott AnFloyd James A 1586 Centre N HFloyd Joseph E 45 Aberdeen N HFloyd Marion Miss 1586 Centre N HFlye Christopher 70 Hull NvFlye Pauline A Miss 70 Hull NvFlye William H 70 Hull NvFogg Fanie W Miss 79 Woodward N HFogg John J 37 Boylston rd N HFogg Walter Starbird 61 Collins rd WFoley John W 96 Floral N HFoley R A 749 Washington NvFollet William Dana 25 Ballard N CFollett Addie Mrs 200 Walnut NvFolsom Lucius B 36 Plainfield WFolsom William G 136 Webster W NPonseca Francis M 97 Waban Hill rd(North) C HFoote Everett T 112 Pleasant N CFoote Richard 58 Central AuForbes Bertha Miss 27 Ripley ter N CForbes Pearl Mrs 451 Wolcott AuPorbush Prank M 70 Sumner N CPorbush Misses The 195 ChurchPorbush Walter R 195 ChurchFord Alice Miss 21 Saxon ter N HFord Charles W 18 HoveyFord Elizabeth L Miss 89 Carver rd NHFord Elmer L 50 Mmhurst rdFord Eugene A 25 Sewall W NFord Graham B 89 Carver rd N HFord Rachel S Mrs 363 Walnut NvFord WilHam J 18 HoveyForistall John J 208 Auburn AuForistaU John R 22 Charles AuForrist Albertus H 260 Lake av N HForsyth Ernest E 28 ParkPorsyth Vera Miss 28 ParkPort Edwin J 33 GeorgePorte Harry P 50 Carver rd N HForte Nepthali 133 Webster W NForte Raymond 25 Warwick rd W NFosgate Bessie Talbot Mrs 999 WalnutN HFoss Andrew P 100 Fair Oaks av NvFoss Frederick 88 Central AuFoss Ruby L 765 Walnut N CFoster Albert J 141 Grant av N CFoster Amasa W B 497 Ward N CFoster Benjamin P 24 Chester N H

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 217Foster Clifford A 3 Lakewood ter N CFoster Douglas .Islington rd AuFoster Florence E Mrs 1058 Walnut NHFoster Joseph L 147 Lake av N CFoster Madeline Miss 1058 Walnut NHFoster Wm T 109 SargentFoucar A H 95- Commonwealth av C HFowle Albert M 33 Norwood av N CFowle Edwin M 33 Norwood av N CFowle Henry B 62 Ash AuFowle J L Miss 33 Norwood av N CFowle Mabel R Mrs 2 Bradford ct NCFowler Cyrus 77 Davis av W NFowler Ida B Mrs 40 Pine Ridge rd WFox A B 32 Maple avFox Alexander 71 Wyoming av NvFox Eugene E 224 Melrose AuFox R L 7'6 Prairie av AuFrail Charles P 27 Warwick rd W NFrancis Carabelle G Mrs 49 PembrokeFrancis Douglas B 990 Centre N CFrancis Fannie M Miss 73 Washingtonpk NvFrancis R E 26 Highland av NvFrancis Sidney J 990 Centre N CFrancis William J 35 Studio rd AuFraney Thomas 391 Lexington AuFrank Christine E 90 Washburn av AuFrary Charles S 96 Webster W NFraser Albert B 271 Central AuFraser Alexander 3 Fair Oaks av NvFraser Herbert C 48 EldredgeFraser Margaret S Mrs 19 WesleyFraser Thomas M 29 RichardsonFrawley Misses The 180 Auburn AuFrazer Eleanor Miss 471 Heath C HFrazer Horace S Jr 471 Heath C HFraz t er Horace S 471 Heath C HFrazer Marion B Miss 471 Heath C HFredericks Benjamin W 8 Park avFredericks Edith Miss 8 Park avFredy Charles F 146 JewettFreeman Andrew A 37 Knowles N CFreeman Caroline L Miss 258 Mt VernonW NFreeman Edgar 37 Knowles N CFreeman Ethel H Miss 258 Mt VernonW NFreeman F Breakey 833 Commonwealthav N CFreeman Harriet M Mrs 258 Mt VernonW NFreeman H C 430 CentreFreeman Leverett U 541 Ward N CFreeman Lloyd S 184 Pine (Ridge rd WFreeman Mary I Miss 27 RichardsonFreeman Nelson 377 Lexington AuFreeman Russell Mrs 32 NewtonvjlleavFreeman Sibley A 541 Ward N CFrench Charles W 93 Madison av NvFrench Flora B Mrs 895 WatertownW NFrench Frederick Edgar Mrs 375 Newtonvilleav NvFrench Haywood S 211 Crafts NvFrench Henry C 97 Forest av W NFrench Irving J 1002 Beacon N CFrench James W 55 WashingtonFrench Josephine Miss 42 HollisFrench Ralph E 895 Watertown W NFrench 'Samuel W 37 Walnut pi NvFreshel Curtis 74 Commowealth av CHFried Anton R Dr 324 Walnut NvFriedman A 55 Highland av NvFriedman L V Dr 295 Dudley rd N CFriend Arthur P 85 Prince W NFriend Frances S Mrs 169 WashingtonFrink E B 52 Channing rd N CFrisbie Charles H Mrs 206 Sumner NCFrolich George C 14'3 Lincoln N HFrolioh Georgia Miss 143 Lincoln N HFrost A L Mrs 457 WashingtonFrost Arthur H 73 Chestnut W NFrost Clifford H 97 Hillside av W NFrost Daniel 21 Duffield rd AuFrost Edgar G 121 Charles AuFrost Edward J 379 Central AuFrost Frank Mrs 52 Erie av N HFrost George 72 Spooner rd C HFrost George A 170 Chestnut W NFrost George D 106 Pleasant N CFrost George G 106 Pleasant N CFrost Hattie Miss 52 Clyde NvFrost Henry L 73 Chestnut W NFrost Irving F 52 Erie av N H

218 NEWTON BLUE BOOKFrost John E 52 Clyde NvFrost Mildred N Miss 106 Pleasant NCFrost Misses The 52 Erie av N HFrothingham Harry G 79 Ashton av NCFrothingham Joseph H 79 Ashton av NCFrye Edward H 37 Duffield rd AuFulier A S 107 Central av NvFuller Esther Miss 300 Cabot NvFuller Francis E 391 Lexington AuFuller Frederick D 457 CentreFuller George S 19 Balcarres rd W NFuller Harold P 136 WashingtonFuller J Cheever 22 Shaw W NFuller J Franklin 235 Highland W NFuller Louis R 30 Cheswick rd AuFuller Marion S Miss R N 399 Newtonvilleav Nv 'Fulier Raymond R 39 Clark N CFuller Ruth Mrs 24 Pearl N CFuller Thomas G 52 Ripley N CFuller William E 107 Central av NvFulton Creed W 658 Chestnut WFulton Gordon iR 55 Hillside av W NFulton Oram A 47 Hancock av N CFurber Charles H 74 Allerton rd N HFurber George C 71 Allerton rd N HFurber Wm H Mrs 686 CentreFurbish John Arthur Dr 361 WolcottAuFurbush Caroline C Mrs 265 Otis W NFurbush Cyril W 194 ChurchFurbush Fred R 66 Davis av W NFurbush Wesley J 66 Davis av W NFurden C Mrs 30 Lincoln N HFurden Daniel J 1050 Beacon N CFurden John 30 Lincoln N HFyfe Robert J M S White Oak rd WFyffe Elizabeth Miss 72 Perkins W NGaffney A Louis.e Mrs 152 Grove AuGage G B 230 BellevueGai Hector G* R Dr 21 Central AuGallagher Alice R Miss 6 Lowell av NvGallagher D A 375 Ward N CGallagher John M 1002 Boylston N HGallagher Thomas N Dr 31 ChanningGallaher James F Dr 724 WatertownNvGallant William I 96 Hawthorne av AuGallichan Clement 285 TremontGallond Gharljss B 38 EldredgeGammans Edith Miss 960 Beacon NCGammons Ethel T E Miss 46 Brooksideav NvGammons George T 31 Perkins W NGammons H J 152 Harvard NvGammons J Ellis 46 Brookside av NvGammons Mary C Mrs 125 WebsterW NGammons Roland F 2nd 59 Brooksideav NvGammons Thirza E Mrs 46 Brooksideav NvGammons William 125 Webster W NGannon Martin 6 Ardella av W NGannon William J 90 Webster W NGarcelon Wm F 35 ChurchGardiner Edwin L 44 Otis NvGardiner Frederick A 83 Sumner N CGardner Charles 148 Highland av NvGardner Charles S 148 Highland av NvGardner Darwin E 148 Highland av NvGardner Edith B Miss 148 Highlandav NvGardner Harry E 247 ParkGardner Henry R 20 Gay NvGardner James H 21 Groveland AuGardner John A 247 ParkGardner Samuel A 127 Homer N CGardner Wm A 247 ParkGarey Charles B Mrs 136 Gibbs N CGarrison George T Mrs 17 Fairview terW NGarrison Misses The 17 Fairview terW NGarrison Rhodes A 181 Pine Ridge rdWGarrison Wm L 175 Newtonville avGarrison William Lloyd Jr 65 SterlingW NGarrison William Lloyd 3d 65 SterlingW N•Garrity Katherine M Miss 165 HunnewellavGarrity Martin H 27 Hillside rd N HGarrity IRobert J 165 Hunnewell avGary Frank E H 767 Commonwealthav N CGary Joseph E 249 Homer N CGaskin Job E 57 Shornecliff rd

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 219Gaskin Winifred N Miss 57 ShorneclifferdGates Catherine E Miss 38 Kenwoodav N CGates Ellis L 102 Windsor rd WGates Harry M 60 Woodbine AuGates Herbert W Rev 38 Kenwood avN CGates Margaret W Miss 38 Kenwoodav N CGauntlett Frederick R 30 Plymouth rdN HGaw Charles H 62 Margin W NGaw Mary E Miss 62 Margin W NGay Arthur P 110 Highland W NGay Arthur S 1002 Beacon N CGay Fred A 430 CentreGay George W Dr 374 Hammond C IIGay Harry 27 Chester N HGaylord Laurin A 11 Nottingham rdNCGehrung Frederick 14 Mason N CGehrung Gertrude M Miss 14 Mason NCHenry 266 Commonwealth avGenaskeC HG.enthner Eleanor C Miss 101 HomerN CGenthner Gordon C 101 Homer N CGeorge Arthur A 21 Clark N CGeorge L D Mrs 63 Hartford N HGerhard Ludwig 106 Algonquin rd C HGerman Charles S 41 Terrace av N HGerman George S 41 Terrace av N HGerman Ruth F Miss 41 Terrave av NHGetohell Thomas D 46 ArlingtonGeyer Alfred H 1658 Centre N HGibbs Edwin Franklin 257 Lake av NiHGibbsGibbsGibbsGibbsGibbsGibbsEleanor Miss 240 Otis W NElmer L 155 Hunnewell avHarry F 240 Otis W NHarry F Jr 240 Otis W NHerbert E 55 Judkins NvLouis D 1 Billings pkGibbs Russell C 82 Lowell av NvGibson Charles E 326 Highland W NGibson George H 97 Court NvGibson James W 326 Highland W NGibson Joseph Ernest 16 Fair Oaksav NvGibson Joseph M 10 BenningtonGibson Kirkland H 26 Circuit rd C HGibson Stewart K 40 Sylvan av W NGiddings Harold G Dr 29 Berwick rd NCGifford Braddock L 147 Lowell av NvGifford Christopher H 11 Duncklee NHGiffordGiffordGilbertNvEzra 6 Billings pkStanley C 27 SargentAimel E A Mrs 580 CaliforniaGilbert Benjamin R 41 Woodward NHGilbert George C 97 Clark N CGilbert H Sigournery 41 Woodward NHGilbert (William A 580 California NvGilcreas G Irving 261 Commonwealthav C HGile Ernest S 70 Barnstable rdGiles Emma Miss 151 Parker NGiles Eunice Mrs 151 Parker NGiles Frank W 22 Bowers NvGiles James T 148 Warren N CGiles Louis 86 Floral N HGiles Mervin S 29 Churchill NvWCCGill Arthur E 82 Lenox W NGill John J 51 Warwick rd W NGill William 38 Somerset rd W NGillespie Helen Miss Mayflower rd CGillespie John J Mayflower rd C HGilligan Francis J Dr 11 BroadwayNvGilligan John 101 Madison av NvGillies Edith Mrs 29 PearlGillies Edith Miss 29 PearlGillis Dougal 9 EldredgeGilman Arthur 9 Maple terGilmanGilmanGilmanGilmanGilmanAupi Nvpi NvC R Miss 18 ClaflinE O Mrs 18 ClaflinJo'hn A 327 FranklinJoseph T 243 Otis W NMisses The 327 FranklinMisses The 9 Maple ter AuGilmanGilman Robert Prescott 9 Maple ter AuGilmart'in Anna J Miss 18 Paul N CGilmartin Margaret A Miss 18 Paul NC1 NH

220 NEWTON HLUE BOOKGilmartin P H 18 Paul N CGilmore Edward S 9 Gay NvGilmore Elmer A 51 Waldorf rd N HGilmore Hazel S Miss 51 Waldorf rd NHGilmore Roger J 7 Parker N CGilmore William Mrs 9 Crofton rd WGilpatrie W D 443 Wolcott AuGilpin Leon E 34 Wilde rd WGilson F H Mrs 91 ARerton rd N HGithens George S 112 Langley rd N CGiven Elmer E 47 WashingtonGlazier C M Dr 367 Waltham W NGlazier F M 227 Melrose AuGleason Charles B 45 Waterston rdGleason George A 74 Erie av N HGleason Gilbert H 9 Central av NvGleason M E Dr 125 VernonGleason Thomas F 34'2 Auburndale avAuGlenzel F E 315 BellevueGlidden William T Jr 8 Barnstable rdW NGlover George E Mrs 336 Cabot Nv .Glover Horatio N Mrs 141 Prince W NGlover John 16 Chester N HGlover Margaret W Miss 141 Prince WNGlover William E 16 Omar ter NvGlover Wm 35 Oak ter N HGlynn Bennett J 305 Albermarle rd NvGlynn Mathew T 140 Harvard NvGoddard George Nelson 3 Bradford ctN CGoddard Isaac 154 Lincoln N HGoddard Jesse Mrs 50 Park avGoddard John Rev 52 Brookside avNvGodding John G 611 CentreGodfrey H W Dr 14 Hancock AuGodsoe Boyce W 1066 Walnut N HGoff Corliss W 59 Bowers NvGoff Gertrude Miss 59 Bowers NvGoldberger Herman 32 Central ter AuGoldie George G 264 Melrose AuGolding Benjamin M 14 Clyde NvGolding Stephen 14 Clyde NvGoldrick James 280 Melrose AuGoldsmith Emily L Miss 382 WolcottAuGood Harry K 83 Brookside av NvGood ( e Fred D 139 Hancock AuGoodhue Hazel Miss 301 Lake av N HGooding Helen Miss 38 Stearns N CGooding Paul 38 Stearns N CGoodman Henry L 25 Hawthorn av AuGoodman Mabel S Miss 73 LombardGoodman Wm A Mrs 73 LombardGoodrich Samuel 567 CentreGoodrich William I Mrs 223 Central AuGoodridge Daniel M 123 ParkGoodridge Misses Th,e 55 Prescott NvGoodwin Bancroft L 11 FairviewGoodwin Charles 148 Waverly avGoodwin Edward F 153 Cypress N CGoodwin Ethel Miss 26 Aberdeen N HGoodwin Fred M 15 Avondale rd N CGoodwin Lawrence Jr 26 Aberdeen NHGoodwin May B Miss 20 Gay NvGoodwin Thomas L 26 Aberdeen N HGoodwin Walter E 19 Newell rd AuGoodyear Charles 70 Maple AuGordon Albert L Mrs 10 Washingtonpk NvGordon Charles B 126 Sumner N CGordon E J Mrs 1665 Centre N HGordon J Westley A 32 Holly rd WGordon Marion Miss 10 Washington pkNvGordon Ruth Miss 10 Washington pkNvGore James S 946 Boylston N HGore Lyman Winship 120 Woodlandrd AuGore Theodore W 34 Rowe AuGorham Mark 1100 Boylston N HGorham Thomas 41 Berkeley W NGorman Charles A 47 Stearns N CGorman Elizabeth A 487 Waltham WNGorman James F 487 Waltham W NGorman John J 487 Waltham W NGoss Robert H 10 Burnham rd W NGould Albert T 74 Windsor rd WGould Amasa C 1704 Beacon WGould Edson J 99 WashingtonGould E M L Rev 175 Mt Vernon NvGould Frederick 96 Madison av NvGould Helen A Miss 432 Waltham WNGould Jessie G Miss 1704 Beacon W

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 221Gould Richard S 19 Woodbine AuGould Wm H 170 Beacon WGoulding Hattie P Miss 173 OakleighrdGoulding Louis R 22 Burnham rd W NGourley Fred S 18 Annawan rd AuGov,e Carl H 66 Alban rd WGove Elvira Miss 69 Bowen N CGowell Louis N 519 Crafts W NGowing Frederick H 45 JeffersonGowing Lela E Miss 45 JeffersonGrace Katherine Miss 49 PearlGrace Nellie Miss 49 P.earlGrace Wm F 49 PearlGraff George B 25 Victoria Circle N CGraffam L T Mrs 837 Chestnut WGrafton The 1203 Centre N CGraham Albert H 44 Stearns N CGraham Arthur 553 Walnut NvGrahamGrahamGrahamFrank 9 Columbus N HJohn C H 585 CentreRichard G 19 Old ColonyC HGram Carl W 69 Hawthorne av AuGramzow William F 58 Walnut pkGranger Robert E 12 Devon ter NGrant Annie Mrs 524 California NvGrant David K 156 ParkGrant Donald 156 ParkGrant Eliot K 156 ParkGrant F H 30 Churchill NvGrant Frank 400 Newtonville av NvGrant George R 24 Garden rdGrant Henry C Mrs 156 ParkGrant Janet Miss 57 Elgin N CGrant Leonard W 60 Montvale rd N CGrant Nathaniel L 206 Melrose AuGrant Thaddeus S 28 Austin NvGrant Theodore P 603 Commonwealthav N CGratto Everett H 20 Ash AuGraves Frederick C 294' Highland avW NGravesGravesGravesGravesGeorgeJohn OMortonWm LA 21 Hovey294 HighlandH 27 Walnutav WNv315 BellevueGray Burton P 45 The Ledges rd N CGray Burton Payn^e Mrs 45 The Ledgesrd N CGray Donald M 45 The Ledges rd N CdCNGray Edith L Miss 1482 Wash W NGray Edward 38 WabanGray Harris P 1590 Centre N HGray Latimer L 38 Proctor NvGfay Misses The 24 Fountain W NGray Morris 25 Kingsbury rd C HGray (Reginald 52 Essex rd C HGray Reginald Mrs 52 Essex rd C HGray Wm B D 45 The Ledges rd N CGray William L Prof 38 Proctor NvGr,ebenstein George W 280 Crafts NvGreeley William H 33 Ashton av N CGreen D Crosby Jr Dr 85 Dudley rd N CGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenNvGreenGreenNvGreenGreenGreeneGreeneGeorge 46 Elm W NHarry B 359 Cabot NvJacob H 228 Lincoln N HJoseph V 251 ChurchLouis E G Mrs 488 Wat,ertownLouise Miss 251 ChurchMarion Miss 466 Albermarle rdThomas A 251 ChurchThomas F 1 Raeburn ter N HArthur F 277 Woodward WDaniel Mrs 300 FranklinGreene Dorothy Miss 11 Marshall N CGreene Edgar W 14 Loring N CGreeny Everett 1038 Centre N CGreen Rohert F 1964 Beacon WGreene IRoscoe L Mrs 14 Loring N CGreene S Harold 11 Marshall N CGreene Stephen Mrs 18 Alden N CGreen Wm 12 Garden rdGreenleaf Harry W 262 Lake av N IIGreenleaf Jane S Mrs 262 Lake av NHGreenleaf Wendell Otis 262 Lake av NHGreenough Allen B Ward N CGreenough Herbert J 457 WashingtonGreenridge Nellie M Miss 319 CabotNvGreenwood Arthur M Dr 369 WalnutNvGreenwood Bertha L Miss 194 ChurchGreenwood Charles E 194' ChurchGreenwood Charles S 194 ChurchGreenwood E Carlton 36 Algonquin rdC HGreenwood Emma E Miss 194 Church

9>>'>NEAVTON BLUE BOOK'Greenwood Henrietta F Miss 58 Pagerd NvGreenwood S Gay Mrs 75 Brookside avNvGreer Thomas W 22 Waverly avGregg Charles A Mrs 905 WashingtonNvGregg Robert E 325 Highland W NGregg Waldo A 905 Washington NvGregory Warren F 377 Walnut NvGregson Herbert 27 RichardsonGrevatt H T 292 Waltham W NGrider Haskell H 28 Rossmere NvGriffeth Charles E Jr 53 BenningtonGriffeth T W Mrs 34 Oak ter N HGriffin Dorothy Miss 136 HunnewellavGriffin Ethel B Miss 292 Auburndaleav AuGriffin Gilbert R Mrs 136 HunnewellavGriffin James F 162 Pine Ridge rd WGriffin John A 292 Auburndale av AuGriffin Rainsford H 253 Crafts NvGriffin Ralph 90 Carlton rd WGriffin Thomas P 13 Tarleton rd N CGrigg Frederick W 64 Otis NvGriswold M Marsden Jr 63 ColumbusN HGroby John L 24 Duffield rd AuGross Donald I 94 Berkshire rd NvGross Elmer C 94 Berks-hire rd NvGross Robert Ellsworth 294 ChestnutW NGross Willis F 115 Commonwealth avC HGrout E L Mrs 128 Lowell av NvGrout Harold A 321 Central AuGroves John A 97 Parker N CGrover Charles S 38 Vista ave AuGrow George 127 Commonwealth avC HOrow Harriet I Mrs 217 ChurchGruener Edward O 177 FranklinGruener Katherine Miss 177 FranklinGruener L 177 FranklinGuild F O Mrs 430 CentreGuild Henry F Mrs 37 Endicott N HGuild Margaret Mrs 95 Warren N CGuild Wm H 18 HollisGuiler Helen Miss 22 IRidge av N CGuiler James 106 Gibbs N CGuiler James 22 Ridge av N CGuiler James Jr 22 Ridge av N CGuilford Jesse G 230 Walnut NvGuilford Walter E 23 Omar ter NvGuilford William R Mrs 68 WoodbineAuGuion LeRoy P 159 Oakleigh rdGulesian M H 85 Commonwealth avC HGulliver Louis J L\eut Com (U S X)17 Westbourne rd N CGunn William J 173 Otis NvGustafson John F 398 Linwood av NvGuthrie John 129 Brackett rdGustin Misses The 287 ParkHaag Edward Newton Jr 607 WatertownNvHaas Charles 39 Devon rd N CHaas Vera S Miss 39 Devon rd N CHaase Max H 130 Walnut NvHaberstroh Emil F 17 Hillside rd N HHackett Bertha Miss 74 Highland avNvHackett Horatio B Mrs 74 Highland avNvHackett Howard 74 Highland av NvHackett Ina F Miss 483 CentreHackett Sarah B Miss 74 Highland avNvHackman James Conrad Col 59 SargentHadden Dana C 6 Billings pkHaddock Morton W 5 Irving rd WHadley Ralph E 249 Homer N CHadlock W F 321 Lexington AuHaff Alexander 40 Columbus N HHaff Marion Miss 40 Columbus N HHaff Willard 40 Columbus N HHafferty Annie M Miss 672 CentreHafferty Ellen A Miss 672 CentreHafferty Katherine M Miss 672 CentreHagar Joseph C 79 Washington pk NvHagerman Harry A 37 AlLerton rd N HHahn Wm 214 Langley rd N CHalght H Clement 45 Perkins W NHains Eleanor Miss 103 Hunnewell avHaines Elizabeth Miss 228 PleasantN CHaines Harry L 723 Beacon N CHains Paul W Lieut (U S N) 67ChurchHains Robert P 103 Hunnewell av

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 223Hains Ruth Miss 103 Hunnew.ell avHale Frank J 80 Bigelow rd W NHale Harry H 110 Woodward N HHale Roger D 80 Bigelow rd W NHales 25 Highland av NvHaley Margaret Miss 47 HollisHall A F Mrs 211 Central AuHall Albert E 2 Albion pi N CHall Annie E Mrs 1 Bradford ct N CHall Arthur Brown 62 Pine Ridge vdWHall Arthur D 139 Winchester N HHall Asa Read 268 Melrose AuHall Benjamin 41 Central av NvHall Charles P 126 Prince W NHall Charles Wells 3 Waverly avHall Edward M 79 Adella av W NHall Edwin M Mrs 1 Bradford ct N CHall Edwin Sherman 1 Bradford ct NCHall Ernest W Mrs 268 Melrose AuHall Ethel L Miss 139 Winchester N HHall Ethel Miss 58 Judkins NvHall Fannie E Miss 139 Winchester NHHall Florence Miss 237 ParkHall George D 145 Morton N CHall Harrv A 929 Commonwealth avN CHall Helen W Miss 97 Lake av N CHall Horace W 1 Bradford ct N CHall J F 60 Judkins NvHall J M W 97 Lake av N CHall Lena M 53 Central av NvHall Lewis W 24 Windermere rd AuHall Loring B 243 ParkHall M E 35 New.ell rd AuHall Misses The 12 Myrtle av AuHall Norman Pierce 1 Bradford ct NCHall Ralph N 226 ParkHall Roger Eastman 3 Waverly avHall IRupert E 307 Cabot NvHall W F 44 Ballard N CHall Wilbur F Mrs 211 Central AuHallett Dorothy Miss 156 Highland WNHallett Edward M 45 Hyde avHallett Herbert K 156 Highland W NHallett Jennie B Mrs 614 WalnutHallett John F Mrs 62 Dalton rd N CHallett Nelson A 614 Walnut NvHallett Sally E Miss 56 EldredgeHallett Wm H Mrs 56 EldredgeHalliday, H F 110 Carver rd N HHalliday William E 33 Churchill NvHalliday William T 8 Maple AuHallo well Frank W 65 Suffolk rd C H.Hallowell J Mott Reservoir av C HHalstead Bella Miss 38 Woodward N HHam Colin E 46 NonantumHam Harry Howard 121 Windsor rdWHambleton William G 79 Webster pk.W NHamilton Q Virginia Mrs 430 CentreHamilton George B 63 Newell rd AuHamilton Leroy F 1016 Beacon N CHamilton Robert J 13 Wamesit rd WHamlin Edward F 59 Pleasant N CHammett Wm F Mrs 457 CentreHammond Benjamin 107 Charles AuHammond Benjamin Mrs 57 Lake avN C•Hammond Charles M Mrs 85 Essex rdC HHammond E Carlton 35 GrovelandAuHammond Harry W Dr 500 Crafts WNHammond James W 17 Eden av W NHammond Laura Miss 57 Lake av N CHammond Merrill M 33 Washington pkNvHammond Misses The 30 Walker NvHammond Newton Mrs 30 Walker NvHammond William 42 Maple AuHammond W J Dr 50 Grafton N CHammond Winthrop B 67 Lee rd C HHandy A D 91 Parker N CHandy Fred W C 15 Washington pkNvHanie Helen Miss 17 Devon ter N CHanie Henry Mrs 17 Devon ter N CHanley Albert T 79 JewettHanley W T 79 JewettHanna Helen A Miss 30 Webster W N.Hanna William 40 Fair Oaks av NvrHannaford William P 23 Otis pi NvHannigan Walter B 4 Braemore rdHannigan Walter T 119 ParkHanscom Arthur L 24 Turner Nv

224 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHanscom Dean Winslow 39 Hawthorneav AuHanscom Edward R Mrs 39 Hawthorneav AuHanscom Sadie Miss 9 Oak ter N HHansen H Alfred 5 Cheswick rd AuHansen H C Mrs 75 Hunnewell avHansen Leon 60 Oakwood rd NvHansen Ruth S 126 Eliot av W NHanson Albert 29 Boylston rd N HHanson G Willis 38 Bowers NvHanson H M Mrs 19 Columbus N HHanson Mabel Mrs 11 Proctor NvHanson Thorwald 78 Neshobe rd WHapgood Ephraim 38 Allerton rd N IIHapgood Ernest G 4 Chester N HHarding Francis A 44' Circuit rd C HHarding Frederick W 575 CaliforniaNvHarding Lawrence J 17 Tamworth rdWHarding Louis B Mrs Sr 279 HammondC HHarding Misses The 279 Hammond CHHarding Robert E 1 7 Commonwealth pkN CHarding Will E 430 CentreHardon Henry C Mrs 28 CopleyHardy Arthur H 236 Auburndal.e avAuHardy Charles W 47 Page rd NvHardy Frederick S 45 Sylvan W NHardy Henry Lewis 42 Oakland rd AuHardy Marion C Miss 47 Page rd NvHardy Winchester H Dr 524 WardN CHarley Sarah G Miss 790 WatertownW NHarley William G 790 Watertown W NHarlow Archibald S 15 Morseland avN CHarlow Arthur B 201 Kent rd WHarlow L R Mrs 201 Kent rd WHarman John 12 Glenwood av N CHarnisch Paul C 228 Mill NvHarns Ethel M Miss 270 Mill NvHarper Earl E Rev 304 Central AuHarper Harriet E Mrs 195 ChurchHarper Wm D Dr 63 Hawthorne avAuHarriman Henry I 825 CentreHarrington Charles B 60 Oakwood rdNvHarrington C L Mrs 23 Maple AuHarrington E J 324 Ward N CHarrington Horace 570 CentreHarrington I Boutwell 267 ChurchHarrington J Mrs 61 Chester N HHarrington John D 757 Washington NvHarrington Robert W 73 Perkins W NHarrington William O 53 Court NvHarrington William W 37 Elm W NHarris Ashton F 22 Winona AuHarris Elizabeth P Mrs 140 HighlandW NHarris Gorham W Prof 47 Churchill NvHarris Harry A 100 Algonquin rd C HHarris Henry W 292 Hammond C HHarris Henry W Jr 292 Hammond CHHarrison John J 44 Stearns N CHarrison L C 14 Eliot Memorial rdHarrison Nathan C 630 Walnut NvHart Dudley 15 Pine rd C HHart Eleanor C Miss 52 ArlingtonHart Florence J Miss 242 Islington rdAuHart Hannah L Mrs 242 Islington rdAuHart John J 111 Court NvHart Josephine Miss 242 Islington rdAuHart Nellie M Miss 42 RichardsonHart Urania P. Mis? 242 Islington rdAuHart Walter 52 ArlingtonHartel Andreas Jr 274 Otis W NHartel Andreas 3rd 274 Otis W NHartel The 274 Otis W NHartell Oscar 222 Lowell av NvHartford Arthur B 68 Eliot av W NHartford James B 85 Otis NvHartley Harry B 77 Morton N CHartmann Arnold 4S3 Dedham N HHartridge A L 69 Otis NvHartshorn Elizabeth F Miss 318 CabotNvHartshorn J C Miss 112 Institution avN CHartshorne Charles L 318 Cabot NvHartshorne M F Mrs 318 Cabot NvHartwell Alfred T 98 Suffolk rd C H

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 225Hartwell Alfred T Jr 95 Suffolk rdC HHartwell Harry F Dr 36 Walnut pkHartwell Swan 175 Temple W NHartzell M C Mrs 32 HollisHarvey Arthur H 105 Morton N CHarvey Arvllla T Miss 51 Hyde NHHarvey Ernest H 18 Rowe AuHarvey Esther May Miss 882 Commonwealthav N CHarvey George D Mrs 347 Central AuHarvey George W 248 Auburndale avAuHarvey George W 882 Commonwealthav N CHarvey John 51 Hyde N HHarvey William D 256 Highland W NHarwood Albert L 854 Beacon N CHarwood A Leslie Jr 945 Beacon N CHarwood Clark 383 Lexington AuHarwood Frederick E 18 WillardHarwood Georg ( e Fred 14' IvanhoeHarwood George S Mrs 14 IvanhoeHarwood Harry Adams 270 Linwoodav NvHarwood Sumner 270 Linwood av NvHaskell Albert E 15 Allerton rd N HHaskell Alfred F 190 Mt Vernon W NHaskell C A Mrs 120 Middlesex rd CHHaskell Charles A 42 HollisHaskell Clarence G 43 Prince W NHaskell Edith L Miss 888 Beacon N CHaskell Edward H 888 Beacon N CHaskell Edw'in B Mrs 5 Vista av AuHaskell Gladys M Miss 153 Walnut NvHaskell Jennie P Miss 190 Mt VernonW NHaskell John B 15 Boylston rd N HHaskell Kathleen E Miss 153 WalnutNvHaskell Margaret Miss 5 Vista av AuHaskell Marion B Miss 888 Beacon N. CHaskell Willard D Mrs 153 Walnut NvHaskell Wm H 533 Commonwealth avN CHasseltine House 40 Chase N CHas sett Sarah Mrs 126 Lincoln N HHastings Arthur 22 Bonad rd W NHastings George H 71 Madison av NvHastings Glover S 262 Otis W NHastings Kenneth B 278 Cabot NvHatch Cheney L 369 Cabot NvHatch Edward P Mrs 275 Mill NvHatch Elizabeth L Miss 390 WaverlyavHatch Frank C 123 Grant av N CHatch Georgje P 39 Putnam W NHatch Harvey G 45 Forest N HHatch Herbert F 390 Waverly avHatch M Bernice Miss 1523 CentreN HHatch Margaret T Miss 90 Waverly avHatch Misses The 275 Mill NvHatch Misses The 230 Walnut NvHatch Ralph E 38 Prince W NHatchell Harry G 74 Washington pkNvHatfield Chas F 108 Cherry W NHathaway Charles M 1099 Walnut N HHathaway Joel 1099 Walnut N HHatt Ednah S Dr 105 Oakleigh rdHatt R Nelson Dr 105 Oakleigh rdHaug Adam 17 Rossmere NvHaughey John Duncan 91 ArlingtonHaughey Louis C 91 ArlingtonHaven George 2031 Commonwealth avAuHavens Beulah C Miss 177 Homer N CHavens Herbert R Mrs 177 Homer NCHaverstead Julius F Dr 14 Mason NCHawkes Charles W 25 Saxon rd N HHawks H C 20 Furber Lane N CHawks Robert A 20 Furber Lane N CHawlett George P Mrs 69 Prince W NHay Edgar P 18 Warwick rd W NHayden Boyd 68 Brooks av NvHayden Elizabeth B Miss 72 MarginW NHayden H L 91 Walker NvHayden Robert F Mrs 27 Albion N CHayden S D 77 Highland av NvHayden Stuart D 77 Highland av NvHayden Thomas Dr 66 Webster W NHayden Webster S 24 PearlHayden William V 345 Newtonville avNvHayes Albert E 4 ArlingtonHayes Clara M 24 HoveyHayes Herbert W 337 Woodward W

226 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHayes Mary T Mrs 209 Middlesex rdC HHaynes Edward S 361 Cherry W NHaynes George H 14 Eden av W NHaynes Henry G 826 Watertown W NHaynes Henry M 47 Washington pkNvHays Arnold L 41 Elm rd NvHays Clifton R 602 CentreHayward Albert F Mrs 1523 Centre NHHayward Emma W Mrs Everett N CHayward Fred P 63 Windsor rd WHayward Fred iR, 1549 Centre N HHayward George P 24 Crafts rd C HHayward Harrison W 26 Everett N CHazard M B Miss 59 Hancock av N CHazen Clarence M 946 Boylston N HHazen Emily Miss 236 Auburn AuHazen Emily H Miss 236 Auburn AuHazen M B Mrs 236 Auburn AuHazlett Wm J 38 Charles AuHead Frank G 33 Windermere rd AuHead George T 118 Langley rd N CHead Julian F 118 Langley rd N CHead William H 118 Langley rd N CHeald F O Mrs 460 Centre N CHeald George K 99 Pin.e Ridge rd WHealy J J 503 Watertown NvHealy John J Jr 503 Watertown NvHealy Joseph 503 Watertown NvHeard Nathan 134 Waverly AvHeath George H 13 Chesley av NvHeath Louis T Mrs 553 Watertown NvHeathcote George M 53 Neshobe rd WHebberd John B 22 Florence Court NvHebbard Wallace J 57 Fisher av N HHeckman William W 119 Windermererd AuHeebner Robert C 976 Beacon N CHegan Walter E 457 WashingtonHeinrich Stephen J 9 Margaret rd NH .Heintz George W 98 Sumner N CHeislein F H 62 Court NvHemenway Alfred 249 Islington rd AuHemenway F M (Helen Stevens) Mrs55 Eastbourne rd N CHemenway L D 135 Langley rd N CHemenway Russell G 55 Eastbournerd N CHenchey Harold F 163 Harvard NvHenderson Alexander 89 Woodland rdC HHenderson Charles Jr 238 Chestnut WNHenderson Clayton L 238 Chestnut WNHenderson F G L 30 Madison av NvHenderson Marjorie Miss 238 ChestnutW NHenderson Wm 1002 Beacon N CHenderson William D 258 Linwood avNvHendrick E P 309 Crafts NvHendrie Charles Robert 147 Aspen avAuHendrie Virginia Miss 147 Aspen avAuHennessey Joseph J 46 Vista av AuHenrich L R 407 Central AuHenry Anna M Miss 85 Homer N CHenry Emma Mrs 210 Middlesex rd CHHenry Hazel Belle Miss 210 Middlesexrd C HHenry Hughanna M Mrs 85 Homer NCHenry Joseph Williams 15 Hawthorneav AuHenry Marjorie L Miss 210 Middlesexrd C HHenry Misses The 457 CentreHenry Ralph C 86 NonantumHenshaw, Blanche E Miss 50 Paul NCHenshaw Julia C Miss 50 Paul N CHenshaw Katherine F Miss 50 PaulN CHerlihy Daniel A 403 Walnut NvHerlihy Misses The 403 Walnut NvHerold A Elizabeth Miss 2 Alden N CHerrick W B 29 Fem AuHersey Dwiglit G 80 Madison av NvHertig Walter E 75 Elmhurst rdHertkorn Charles Mrs 56 Alban rd WHewett Wm A 218 ChurchHewins James 1538 Beacon WHewitt Clinton E 25 Washburn av AuHews A C 1020 Boylston N HHews Joseph 4 Gay NvHewson Charles 72 Newell rd AuHey wood Nellie M Miss 40 WebsterW N

XEWTOX BLUE BOOK 227Hickey James B 363 Crafts NvHickey Martin J 363 Crafts NvHickey Mary E Miss 363 Crafts NvHickey Timothy C 21 Lexington WNHickmott (George F 145 JewettHickox Clarence R 7 Nottingham rdN CHicks A 58 Erie av N HHicks Henry H 1459 Centre N HHicks J Everett 101 Highland av NvHicks Mary E 92 Washington pk NvHicks Mina Myrtle Miss 1649 CentreN HHiggins Charles W 38 Woodbine AuHiggins Effie Miss 80 Madison av NvHiggins Ephraim W 16 Chesley av NvHiggins George J 91 Waban av WHiggins Willard E 133 Lowell av NvHiggins Willard S Mrs 67 Brooks avNvHighland Villa The 25 - 31 Highlandav NvHildreth Henry G 45 Ash AuHill Arthur T Mrs 77 Brookside avNvHill Candace C Miss 523 WatertownNvHill Dexter B 247 BellevueHill Donald M 72 Pine Ridge rd WHill Donald M 9 Proctor NvHill E Ernest 3 Ransom rd N CHill George E 211 Homer N CHill George F 60 Oxford rd N CHill James A Mrs 158 Clark N CHill James J Jr 8 Nottingham rdN CHill Stewart M 77 Brookside av NvHills Annie D Miss 1495 Centre N HHill Henry 32 Chesley rdHills Edgar R 814 Watertown W NHills Edmund E 321 Lake av N HHills Joel H Mrs 117 VernonHills M D Miss 1495 Centre N H .Hills Robert E 949 Washington NvHills Susan W 1495 Centre N HHills W E 76 Elmore N CHillson Samuel 18 Old Colony rd C HHillyer Arthur S 138 Parker N CHillyer Helen Miss 138 Parker N CHilton Helen M Mrs 95 Otis NvHilton Lester H 30 Canterberry rd NHHiltz Caroline May Miss 6 ColumbusN HHiltz Evelyn Louise Miss 6 ColumbusN HHiltz Howard S 6 Columbus N HHiltz Mildred Beatrice Miss 6 ColumbusN HHinckley Benjamin S 177 ParkHinckley Elizabeth D Miss 14 ExeterW NHindenlang Herman 1589 Beacon WHine Augustas J Mrs 83 Central avNvHinkley Thomas T 54 Carver rd N HHintz Hugh Mrs 550 CentreHiscock Ann Mrs 88 Carver rd N HHiscock Blanch Miss 88 Carver rd N HHiscock Gertrude R Miss 88 Carver rdN HHitchcock Martha Miss 47 HollisHitchcock Wm A Dr 295 Highland avW NHix H I 507 Ward N CHoag Annette E Miss 366 NewtonvilleavNvHoag J Willard 366 Newtonville av NvHoag Samuel N 366 Newtonville av NvHoar Banford 102 Webster pk W NHoar David C 166 Webster W NHoar Florence Miss 102 Webster pk WNHoar George E 107 Chestnut W NHobart Henry K Mrs 41 Eliot MemorialrdHobart Janie D Miss 123 SargentHobart Kirk W 123 SargentHobart William N Mrs 11 Forest avW NHobbs Samuel 61 TempTe W NHockridge Wm H Jr 24 Bowen N CHodder James R 360 KenrickHodgdon Turner 127 Langley rd N CHodge Frederick R 9 Circuit av N H....Hodges Charles E 3 Churchill NvHodges Roger S 105 Waban pkHodges William 26 Bowen N CHodgins F C 775 Chestnut WHodgson Edgar W 96 Shorncliffe rdHodkins Harry P 979 Boylston N HHoff Charlotte Miss 31 Newell rd Au

228 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHoff Sarah J Mrs 31 Newell rd AuHoff Siown Miss 31 Newell rd AuHoff Violet Miss 31 Newell rd AuHoffman Herman R 1603 Centre N HHogan Daniel 183 Woodward WHolbrook Guy C 143 Walnut NvHolbrook John E 23 Oxford rd N CHolbrook Kenneth H 30 Birch Hill rdNvHolbrook Marion F Miss 77 ArlingtonHolbrook W T alter H 300 Waverly avHolbrook Wm C 25 Pilgrim rd WHolbrook C E 117 TremontHolden Casper B 24' Braeland av N CHolden Cleveland A 26 Charles AuHolden J Charles 60 Crescent av N C-Holden Joseph J 45 Morseland av NCHolden Kenneth W 1881 Beacon WHolden Thomas M 45 Morseland av NCHoldworth Robert 21 Moreland av NCHolley James S M 447 Newtonville avNvHollander Julius 59 Hyd,e avHollings William F 290 FranklinHollis Arthur W 90 WashingtonHollis The 47 Hollis, 526-550 CentreHollis W T Jr 27 Mason N CHolman Leon M 1727 Beacon WHolman Wm O 931 Washington NvHolmberg Arthur H 616 Watertown NvHolmes Cornelia Miss 140 Sumner N CHolmes Charles N 41 ArlingtonHolmes Clara M Miss 22 Regent W NHolmes Edith Tulis Mrs 29 Agawam rdWHolmes Edythe Mrs 29 Agawan rd WHolmes Eleanor Miss 265 Otis W NHolmes Elizabeth L Miss 115 ShorneclifferdHolmes Francis B 216 Middlesex rd CHHolmes George A 140 Sumner N C•Holmes George W Dr 46 Wachusett rdC HHolmes Harriet E Mrs 12 Columbuster N HHolmes Hector M 138 Waban av WHolmes John Parker Mrs 265 Otis W NHolmes Mary E Mrs 40 Algonquin rdC HHolmes Searle F 44 Elmore N CHolmes S W 430 CentreHolmes Theodore 140 Sumner N CHolmes Walter 140 Sumner N CHolmes Welles E 15 Eliot Memorial rdHolt Arthur E 172 ParkHolt Arthur R 15 Rice N CHolt Cora Miss 90 Waban pkHolt Herman Jr 45 Pleasant N CHolt Robert D 483 CentreHolt Warner iR 15 Rice N CHomer Chester Earl 29 Royce rd N CHomer Frederick B 248 Mt Vernon WNHood Arthur N 326 Hammond C HHood Charles 450 CentreHooper Linsday 82 Harvard NvHope Miriam Miss 90 Hull NvHopewell Frank B 301 Waverly avHopewell Frank Mrs 260 Waverly avHopewell Henry C 315 Waverly avHopkins Albert G 9 Applegarth N CHopkins D Mrs 58 Highland av NvHopkins E E Dr 355 Newtonville NvHopkins Esther Miss 355 Newtonvilleav NvHopkins Fannie H Miss 242 Otis W NHopkins Fred S Dr 427 Newtonville avNvHopkins Henry B 39 Terrace av N HHopkins Josephine Miss 41 Gay NvHopkins Mary Miss 41 Gay NvHopkins Reuben Warren 142 Craftsrd C HHopkins Robert 33 Aberdeen N HHopkins Roland G 142 Crafts rd C HHopkins Shirley Miss 33 Aberdeen NHHorn Everett B 1746 Beacon WHorn Florence T Mrs 1746 B.eacon WHorn Harold S 1746 Beacon WHome Edgar M 19 Maple avHorning Frank S 57 Oakwood rd NvHorr George Edwin Rev 196 Institutionav N CHorsford Edward L 27 GeorgeHorton George L 59 Otis NvHorton Stanley E 27 Otis NvHorward Murray P 37 Westbourne rdN C

uNEWTON BLUE BOOK 229Hosley Walter A Dr 46 Waban av WHosmer Anne E Mrs 365 Austin W NHosmer Arthur G 365 Austin W NHosmer Charles L Mrs 284 Mt VernonW NHosmer Elizabeth S Miss 88 Farlow rclHosmer George H 14 Oxford rd N CHotel Boulevard 41 Commonwealth avC HHoughtonHoughtonC HHoughtonHoughtonHovendenHovendenHoveyHoveyHoveyHoveyHoveyHoveyHowardHowardHowardNHowardHowardHowardAlbert LClement187 Woodward WS 152 Suffolk rdFred 430 CentreHenry G 63 Islington rdLena F Miss 42 Austin NvThomas W 42 Austin NvAlvah Mrs 34 Chestnut terCatherine Miss 58 PlainfieldChandler 32 Lawrence rd CCharles L 58 Plainfield WElizabeth Miss 58 PlainfieldFrank A 38 Aberdeen N HAnWHWAnnie K Miss 230 BellevueAnna Miss 11 ChanningGeorg.e T 284 Mt Vernon WHenry D Dr 37 Eliot av W NJ Dwight 84 Fairmont avJoseph 11 ChanningHoward Joseph W Mrs 84 Fairmont avHoward Kenneth 84 Fairmount avHoward Misses The 84 Fairmont avHoward Nellie M Mrs 11 ChanningHoward Perez B Dr 340 Walnut NvHoward Robert G 245 Waverly avHoward Willett 84 Fairmont avHoward Wm D M 45 Islington rd AuHowatt Irving R 1470 Beacon WHowe Allen G 35 Crafts C HHowe Bradford L 77 Fair Oaks av NvHowe Charles L 26 Circuit av N HHowe Chester 77 Fair Oaks av NvHowe Chester A 35 Crafts rd C HHowe Edward R Mrs 68 Woodbine AuHowe Liverus H 409 Newtonville avNvHowe Percival S 66 Berkeley W NHowe T Lyman 77 Fair Oaks av NvHowell Charles M 57 ETlm rd NvHow,es Clarence Gray 120 Farlow rdHowesHowesHo we sHowesHowesHowesrd CHowesHowlandHowlandNHowlandHowlandHowlandW NHowlandNFrank H 248 ParkHenry Fessenden 248 ParkHenry S 258 Prince W NKenneth 69 Woodland rd C HOsborne 45 Woodland rd C HOsborne Mrs Sr 69 WoodlandHSamuel C 37Arthur 22Charles FB>eechcroft rdPrince W N129 ChestnutEthel Miss 34 Exeter WGeorge F 31 Vista av AuMarion Miss 108 EliotWNavMarjorie Miss 222 Prince WHowland William H 108 Eliot av W NHowlett Albert D 40 Newtonville avHowlett Edith H Miss 40 NewtonvilleavHowlett Mary I Mrs 40 Newtonville avHowlett William J 128 Webster W NHoyt Franklin S 106 -Berkeley W NHoyt George H 17 Duffield rd AuHoyt John H Mrs 70 Auburn W NHubbard Allen 51 Montvale rd N CHubbardHubbardHubbardHubbardHubbardHHuckinsHuckinsAllen Jr 51 Montvale rd NCharles A 929 Beacon N CGilbert 51 Montvale rd NHarry H 65 WashingtonRobert A 28 Lakewood rdFrank Mrs 239 Central AuFrank P 174 Valentine W NHudson Arthur 142 WashingtonHudson Carl B Mrs 109 Walnut NvHudson Mark L 1018 Boylston N HHudson Ralph G 45 Ashton av N CHuff Amasa W B 41 ParkHuggard IRJchard J 58 Everett N CHugo George 6 Lincoln pk W NHuke William 1835 Beacon WHuling Ray G 662 California NvHull Carrie A Mrs 306 Walnut NvHull Edith L Miss 29 IvanhoeHull Helen F Miss 29 IvanhoeHull Robert H 0.21 Hom t er N CHume Alma B Mrs 196 Windsor rd WHungerford Louis C 53 LombardHunnewell Club 84 EldredgeHunnewell The 169 WashingtonCCN

230 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHunt A Ellis 51 Page rd NvHunt Arthur 16 Duffield rd AuHunt Charles Gardner 35 Woodcliff rdN HHunt George W 73 Prospect W NHunt Harold O Dr 73 Madison av NvHunt Harriet D Miss 44 Woodbine AuHunt J Henry 175 Pine Ridge rd WHunt Joseph Stone 44 Woodbine AuHunt Laura C Mrs 16 Churchill ter NvHunt M'ary E Mrs 206 Sumner N CHunt William O Dr 416 Newtonville avNvHunt William O Jr 424 Newtonville NvHunter Frank E 11 Putnam W NHunter George Mrs 137 Oakleigh rdHunter Guy F 111 Kirkstall rd NvHunter Herbert F 175 Walnut NvHunter Jane Mrs 137 Oakleigh rdHunter John B 111 Kirkstall rd NvHunter John S 138 Middlesex rd C HHunter Joseph J 137 Oakleigh rdHunter Lester B 214 Upland rd NvHunter Misses Th,e 11 Putnam W NHunter Robert B 49 Grove Hill pk NvHunter R Wallace 49 Grove Hill pk NvHunting Anna H Miss 100 Chestnut WNHunting Raymond D 191 Mill NvHuntington Eliza P Miss 88 HarvardNvHuntington Miriam Miss 647 Commonwealthav N CHuntington Wm E Rev 647 Commonwealthav N CHunton James 1048 Walnut N HHuntrjess Franklin E 12 Beechcroft rdHuntress George F 75 Sumner N CHuntress James E 75 Sumner N CHuntsman Ray 38 Bowdoin N HHurd Edward P 508 Walnut NvHurd Joseph A 1574 Centre N HHurd Malcolm 16 Knowles N CHurd Minat 134' Middlesex rd C HHurd Oscar H 58 Charles AuHurdell Victor 60 Harvard NvHurley Frank P 19 Terrace av N HHurley Hubert D 934 Watertown W NHurley Margaret T Miss 39 Harrison NHHurley Patrick T 102 Floral N HHurley Walter E 46 Berwick rd N CHurst Edward 8 Maple AuHurst Joseph 177 Langley rd N CHurt Frank N 10 Bowers NvHurter Frank O 1544 Centre N HHurter John C 1544 Centre N HHurter Maria G Miss 1544 Centre N HHuss Frederick G 54 Montvale rd NCHussey C Ward 4 Eden av W NHuston Llewellyn 103 Court NvHuston Llewellyn E 103 CourtHutcheson Thomas C 227 Linwood avNvHutchins Charles P 330 Waverly avHutchins Henry T Dr 130 Dudley rd NCHutchins Maxwell C 356 Auburndaleav AuHutchinson Albert S Mrs 69 Allertonrd N HHutchinson Andrew 25 Fountain W NHutchinson A Henry 169 Mill NvHutchinson C A 19 Row,e AuHutchinson Chessman P Dr 42 CentralAuHutchinson Freedom 650 CentreHutchinson George 25 Fountain W NHutchinson George 300 Highland W NHutchinson James A 55 Valentine W NHutchinson Marion Miss 25 FountainW NHutchinson Maynard 25 Fountain W NHutchinson Richard Mrs 169 Mill NvHutton Orrin J 52 Mayflower rd C HHyde George P 30 Vista av AuHyde Helen C Miss 22 Hyde N HHyde Mary E 22 Floral N HHyde Stanley 3 Spooner rd C HHyland Edward E 499 Winchester N HHymers J D 20 Norwood av N CHyslop Christine Mrs 643 WatertownNvHyslop Samuel 42 BellevueImrie Gordon M 314 Otis W NIngalls John H 78 Central AuIngraham Francis G 173 Crafts NvIngram John R 2077 Commonwealthav AuIngram Robert S 51 Fisher av N HInman Henry A Mrs 31 Perkins W NIreland Charles H Mrs 377 Ward N CIreland Irving W 35 Irvine N Cfc

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 231Ireland Irving W Jr 35 Irving N CIreland William H Mrs 319 Ward N CIrwin Daniel E 855 Commonwealth avN CIrwin James C 43 Highland av NvIrwin John M 43 Highland av NvIrwin IR A Mrs 161 Lowell av NvIrwin Robert M 43 Highland av NvIsaac Grace M Miss 95 Fountain W NIsaac William T 95 Fountain W x NIsham Casper 320 Lake av N HJack Lewis H Dr 379 Austin W NJackson Annie A Miss 275 Mill NvJackson Charles B 105 EldredgeJackson Frank A 445 Crafts W NJackson George W 34 Ballard N CJackson Guy A 32 Washington pk NvJackson H D 698 Beacon N CJackson Helen Misa 460 CentreJackson Hiram W 82 ArlingtonJackson Howard 61 Waban pkJackson Kate Miss 61 Waban pkJackson Leonard D 445 Crafts W NJackson Marion L Miss 82 ArlingtonJackson M H Miss 445 Crafts W NJackson Sidney J 1109 Boylston C HJacobs Clifton N 15 Blackstone terJacobs Gladys D Miss 99 Waban Hillrd (North) C HJacobs Hope P 99 Waban Hill rd(North) C HJacobs Horace E 99 Waban Hill rd(North) C HJames Charles H 26 Mason N CJames Emma L Miss 296 Ward N CJamesJamesJamesJamesFrederick B 109 Oakleigh rdMuriel D Miss 26 Mason N CNelson Pierce 40 Royae rd N CRobert H 36'Central AuSeldon E 24 Webster W NJamesJameson Frances H Mrs 38 PutnamW NJameson Jlobert H 61 Beaumont avNv •Jameson Susan B Miss 38 Putnam WNJamieson Edith Miss 34" EldredgeJamieson Joseph B 34 EldredgeJamieson Philip S 21 MarlboroJammison J B Jr 93 Homer N CJanes Charles B 137 Lowell av NvJaness Cyrus S 69 Moffat rd WJarvis Henry W 35 GeorgeJarvis Katherine D Mrs 221 Grove AuJarvis Walter Chester 369 Cabot NvJarvis Wm A 221 Grovs AuJay Frank 169 WashingtonJaynes Julian C Rev 76 Prince W NJefferson Dana B 1784 Beacon \VJeffrey Sarah E Mrs 1126 Centre N CJellerson Joseph L 21 Kimball ter NvJellerson Louise Miss 21 Kimball terNvJenkins Frank B 86 WashingtonJ.enkins. Harry M 230 Melrose AuJenks Albert R 209 Austin NvJenney Walter 145 Algonquin rdJennings Levi Brown 9 Rowe AuJennings Lotan D 71 Hancock avJerauld William 19 Cloelia ter NvJewell Albert B Dr 178 HunnewellJew.ell T Edson Jr 125 ShornecliffeJewell Theodore E 125 ShornecliffeJewett Asa Clark 11 Chesley rdJewett Allena Miss 40 Hartford NJewett D P 8 Central av NvJew.ett Elise L Mrs 50 Grove AuJewett Fenette C Miss 52 AshtonN CJewett George F 115 BellevueJewett Gertrude Miss 44 JeffersonJewett Thomas P 44 JeffersonC HN CavrdrdHavJohanneson Russell 59 Maple AuJohns Kathleen Mrs 28 Regent W NJohnaon Allan M Dr 413 Wolcott AuJohnson B.ertha M Mrs 629 WatertownNvJohnson Charles A 6 MertonJohnson Charles F Jr 17 Norman rd NHJohnson Charles H 73 Washburn av AuJohnson Clarence P 235 Commonwealthav C HJohnson Daniel C 81 Crescent av N CJohnson Dorothy A Mrs 133 Newtonville avJohnson Edward C 174 Mt Vernon NvJohnson Edwin C 43 Carver rd N HJohnson Elmer E B 61 Central AuJohnson Ernest L 15 Ionia AuJohnson Florence E Miss 284 Lake avN HJohnson F William 29 Harrison N H

231 NEWTON BLUE BOOKJohnson George B Mrs 77 Woodland rdAuJohnson Granville 25 Old Orchard rdC HJohnson Harry G 215 Windsor rd WJohnson J Herbert Dr 49 Waban Hillrd C HJohnson Lorenzo H 87 Waban pkJohnson Lucia Mrs 125 Aspen av AuJohnson Mary E Mrs 84' Grove AuJohnson Oscar B 121 Oakleigh rdJohnson Otis Stafford Mrs 78 Daltonrd N CJohnson Ruth H Miss 174 Mt VernonNvJohnson Sarah F Mrs 80 Webster pkW NJohnson Seward J 1489 Centre N HJohnson Stafford Fisher 56 BenningtonJohnson Susie C Miss 84 Grove AuJohnson Thomas J 284 Lake av N HJohnston Alma Miss 20 Braeland avJohnston Emily Miss 35 CottonJohnston Wm 35 CottonJohnston Wm 1 Nottingham rd N CJohnston Wm J 66 MarlboroJohonnot Harris E 136 PearlJoiner Wm Capt 526 CentreJones A Marshall 43 Circuit rd C HJones Aaron M 80 Madison av NvJones Albert J 79 Central av NvJones Alice D Mrs 189 Lincoln N HJones Arthur F 370 Newtonville av NvJones Arthur L 11 Newbury ter N CJones Augustine A M L L B 111 LincolnN HJones Charles F 21 Endicott N HJones Chester M Dr 1 Bradford ct NCJones Damon Everett 84 Valentine WNJones Durham 15 Farlow rdJones Elbridge P Mrs 21 Standish N HJones Elizabeth D Miss 189 Lincoln XHJones Ella B Mrs 15 Rowe AuJones Ethel A Miss 1818 Beacon WJones Everett J 4715 Waltbam W NJones Prank H 15 Rowe AuJones Franklin C 20 Lewis terJones Frederick Everett 128 ChestnutW NJones Frederick P 165 Neshobe rd WJones Gardner Irving 84 Valentine WNJones Harry L 70 Gray Cliff rd N CJones James A 47 WashingtonJones John M 727 Washington NvJones Lewis L 107 Waban Hill rd CHJones L E H Mrs 56 Ward N CJones Marguerite Miss 84 ValentineW NJones Marguerite W Miss 49 ChesterN HJones Martha E Mrs 144 Middlesex rdC HJones Matt B 30 The Ledges rd N CJones Nellie J Miss 24 Braemore rdJones N Manson 1818 Beacon WJones Payson Angel 21 Standish N HJones Ralph A 37 Clark N CJones Ralston P 1801 Beacon WJones Richard H 40 Beacon C HJones Rohert W 202 Central AuJones Ruth Miss 27 Dickerman rd N HJones Samuel F 27 Dickerman rd NHJones Samuel F Jr 27 Dickerman rd NHJcnes Seward W 49 Columbus N HJones Webster 44 Montvale rd N CJones Wm A, A M 11 Lincoln N HJones Wm Estabrook 15 Farlow rdJones Wm M 1818 Beacon WJones William R 58 Winthrop W NJones William S 26 Parker N CJones William T 11 Rossmere NvJordan Allen T 321 Waban av. WJordan Fannie F Miss 57 Hyde N HJordan Franklin I 32 Endicott N HJordan Jennie Mrs 321 Waban av WJoy Alden B 53 Maple AuJoyce Bertha E Miss 1032 Centre N CJoyce Edward W 5 Alden N CJoyce John G 1032 Centre N CJoyce Katherine Mary Miss 1032 CentreN CJoyce Thomas F 365 Cherry W NJudkins E H 119 Highland av NvJudkins Walter V 18 Washington pkNvJudkins William L 307 Cabot NvJump E R Mrs 97 Oakleigh rd

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 233Juthe Kristian A 261 Homer N CKamp Irving L 365 Cabot NvKane Harry J 19 Otis pi NvKanef David M 61 Washburn av AuKanzler Wm 93 Manet rd C HKarnheim J A 40 Hampshire W NKattelle Charles E 205 Grove AuKawel Allan A 50 Stearns N CKen eh Edward H 4 PembrokeKeane Edward B 851 Beacon N CKearn David W 4 Washington pk NvKeating Edward C 18 Nottingham rdN CKeefer Henry F Dr 69 Maple AuKeeler Charles H 36 Oak ter N HKeeler Miriam Miss 36 Oak ter N HKeen Frank D 19 Waldorf rd N HKeene Elmer 18 Claflin pi NvKeesler William F 211 Highland avNvKeesler William F Jr 211 Highland avNvKeever Davis T 89 Windsor rd WKewer Elmer W 1558 Beacon WKehrhahn F Miss 19 Manamet rd N CKehrhahn Werner 19 Manemet rd NCKeil George A 140 Churchill NvKeith George A 117 Cypress N CKeith Frederick S Dr 20 Hartford N IIKeith Guy B 2 Bradford ct N CKeith Harry H 527 WashingtonKeith Scott 3 Glenmore ter N HKeith W B 57 Walnut NvKeith Wm F 40 Harrison N HKeith Wm J 527 WashingtonKeith William W 57 Walnut NvKeleher John F Rev 1529 WashingtonW NKellar George 24 Groveland AuKellar Joseph 29 Rowe AuKellar William 174 Webster W NKellaway Arthur W 19 Wyman WKellaway Edward T 31 Wyman W.Kellaway Elsie M Miss 25 Irving N CKellaway Herbert J 41 ChaseKellaway Joseph M Mrs 25 Irving N CKellen Frank H 45 Eliot av W NIKeller Harold R Lieut Com 17 Oxfordrd N CKeller Thomas 64 Adella av W NKelley Alvira B 43 Floral N HKelleyKelleyKelleyKelleyKelleyAlfred J 56 Cedar N CA A Mrs 196 TremontGrace Miss 175 Mill NvHarold B 35 Central AuJames H 2015 Commonwealth:av AuKelley Johanna Mrs 38 Elm W NJ M 65 JeffersonMargaret A Miss 89 Manet rdKelleyKelleyC HKelleyKelleyKelleyMary Miss 89 Manet rd C HPhillip Dr 161 Islington rd AuWalter T 240 Upland rd NvKellogg Charles W 55 Lee rd C HKellogg Edmund W 66 Prescott NvKellogg George S W 66 Prescott NvKelly Robert C 503 Walnut NvKelsey Charles E* 77 Montvale rd N CKemmett Augustus Mrs 393 Newtonvilleav NvKempton Henry 75 Varick rd WKempton Kenneth P 26 Rossmere NvKendall Albert S 73 Parker N CKendall C F 82 Institution av N CKendall Edward H 888 Beacon N CKendall F B 39 Prospect av NvKendall Henry W 16 Kendall terKendall Horace B 36 Crescent av N CKendall Sarah J Mrs 39 Prospect avNvKendrick Arthur 45 Hunnewell avKendrick Eliza Miss 45 Hunnewell avKenison Ned G 15 Park pi NvKennard F H 246 Dudley rd N CKennedy Arthur G 113 Grove AuKennedy Claire L Miss 361 Commonmonwealthav C HKennedy Daniel E 17 Devon C HKennedy Donald E 17 Devon C HKennedy George F 361 Comonwealthav C HKennedy G J 361 Commonwealth avC;HKennedy Lesley L 219 Commonwealth.av C HKennedy May Mwealth av C HMiss 361 Common-Kennedy Timothy J 32 Elm W NKenney Bartlett F 25 Woodside rd NvKenney Edward H 1997 Beacon WKenney Joseph P 1977 Beacon W

234 NEWTON BLUE BOOKKenney Olive Tower Miss 25 Woodsiderd NvKenrick Misses The 41 Eliot M.emorialrdKent Eric 190 Sumner N CKent Everett E 42 Waterston rdKent John C 14 Bacon rd NvKent John H 63 Otis NvKent Lewis B 67 Grove Hill av NvKenway Edward 22 Walnut pi NvKenway Florence L Miss 85 LombardKenw r ay Herbert P Mrs 85 LombardKenway Percy N 11 HollisKeppler Chester H J Commander 318Walnut NvKepner Charles David 43 Grove Hill avNvKepner Charles D Jr 43 Grove Hillav NvKepner L Chase 43 Grove Hill av NvKernan Wm J 607 Commonwealth avN CKerns Shirley K 34 Waterston rdKershaw Alfred B 38 Adella av W NKershaw David C 71 Walker NvKershaw John F 57 Hyde N HKessen Robert Blaik,e 12 Oakwood rdAuKevorkian Alexander 26 Eastbourne rdN CKeyes Eliot W 24 Ash AuKeyes Evelyn D Miss 24 Ash AuKeyes George L Mrs 38 Walnut pi NvKeyes Harris 263 Auburndale av AuKeyes James G 24 Ash AuKeyes Ralph E 24 Ash AuKeyes Walter P 38 Walnut pi NvKidder Charles Henry 74 Harvard NvKidder Edwin H 25 Chestnut terKidder Daniel T 115 Sumner N CKidder W J 478 Albermarle rd NvKidger H 376 Newtonville av NvKilburn Austin S 409 Waltham W NKilburn Warren S 235 Highland W NKiley Margaret Miss 142 Middlesex rdC HKimball Arthur S 51 Hancock AuKimball Charles Ell Washburn av AuKimball Charles S 310 Lowell av NvKimball Edith Miss 261 Melrose AuKimball Edwin R 63 Institution av NCKimball Frank R 261 Melrose AuKimball George P 29 Studio rd AuKimball Grace Miss 18 Norman rd NHKimiball H Stanley 347 Cabot NvKimball Henry H 40 Brookside av NvKimball Herbert S 24 Pilgrim rd WKimball Herbert W 325 Woodward WKimball J E Mrs 544 Walnut NvKimball John Clifton 341 Commonwealthav C HKimball Kathrina P Miss 325 WoodwardWKimball Kenneth Van H 51 HancockAuKimball Mary B Miss 347 Cabot NvKimball Miss 25 Highland av NvKimball Newton M 457 WashingtonKimball Reuben H 347 Cabot NvKimball Richard D 325 W T oodward WKimball W F 25 Highland av NvKimberly Augustus V H 44 Fairfax WNKimberLey Elsie S Miss 72 Perkins WNKimberley Lewis A Mrs 72 Perkins WNKincaide Ethel S Mrs 363 Walnut NvKinder C W Miss 4'6 Floral N HKinder Hadley 1619 Centre N HKing Alfred Mrs 99 Hancock AuKing Charles 985 Boylston N HKing Elmer H 131 Crafts NvKing Franklin 10 Circuit rd C HKing Gelston 145 Middlesex rd C HKing George B 272 Lake av N HKing George E 11 Meredith av N HKing George W 63 Harvard NvKing J W 941 Walnut N HKing Lafrican Mrs 233 Grove AuKing Louis B 36 Floral N HKing Lyman W Rev 328 Brookline N CKing Mary J Mrs 1038 Beacon N CKing Margaret Miss 120 Bigelow rd WNKing Sinia F Miss 328 Brookline N CKing F Jefferson Mrs 169 WashingtonKing Wallace S 24 Lee rd C HKing Wm Fuller 120 Bigelow rd WNKing William R 120 Bigelow rd W NKingham Geo A Mrs 377 Ward N C

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 235Kingman James 32 Fisher av N HKingman Katherine Slade Miss 32Fisher av N HKingman Stanley R 9 Cedar N CKingsbury 43 Royce rd N CKingsbury Donald B 63 Norfolk rdC HKinley George A Mrs 52 NewtonvilleavKinsley Allan D 127 Wav t erly avKinsley James D 127 Waverly avKinsman Nathaniel 288 Waban av WKirkpatrick Arthur 15 Water N CKirley G A 139 Harvard NvKite Howard C 843 Watertown IW NKitteredge Raymond E 221 Linwood avNvKittredge Wheaton 106 Crafts rd C HKlein Victor H Mrs 21 Groveland AuKnapp George P Mrs 321 Central AuTCnapp Katherine Miss 321 Central AuKneeland Frank E 70 Bowen N CKnight Earle G 41 Commonwealth avC HKnight Elizabeth Miss 18 Mountfort rdN HKnight Frances T Mrs 971 BoylstonN HKnight Jonas M 18 Mountfort rd N HKnight Lillian S Miss 230 WalnutKnight Paul Revere 34 Austin Nv"Knollwood" 1690 Beacon WKnott Elaine Miss 19 Fairmont avKnott Guinevere Miss 19 Fairmont avKnott Henry A 19 Fairmont avKnott Nathaniel W T 30 Plainfield WKnowlton Harold W 25 Hancock AuKnowlton Marion E Miss 25 HancockAuKnowlton Wm A 25 Hancock AuXnox Harry L 50 Bowers NvKnox J S B 29 Agawan rd WKnudsen John Jr 230 Walnut NvKnudsen John M 22 Terrace av N JIKnudsen Karoline M Miss 230 WalnutNvKoch I Katherine Miss 4 Nobscot rd NCKoch Mary K Miss 44 Walker NvKolb Annie Miss 146 Woodward N HKolb Carl Dr 146 Woodward N HKollmyer W Hector S 148 Harvard NvKoops Rudolf T 60 Temple W NKornfeld L F 264 Mill NvKraber George R 516 Watertown NvKrause Alois W 152 Churchill NvKrikorian Harry 18 Lincoln N HKrueger Herman 848 Watertown W NKuntz Peter J D 337 Cabot NvKurt Franklin T 86 Prince W NKyle Clinton W 119 Austin NvKyle Julia W Miss 121 Austin NvKyle Oscar N Mrs 121 Austin Richard T 68 Margin W NLaBonte Eleanor I Miss 12 Devon terN CLacey Christopher H 70 Prospect W NLacey Mary Miss 70 Prospect W NLacy Clive W 176 Warren N CLadd A Shirley 80 Berkeley W NLahey Richard T 11 Warwick rd W NLaizeaux John J Dr 21 FairviewLamb A C 230 Walnut NvLamb Charles 91 ParkLamb Elizabeth Miss 1048 Walnut NHLamb Wm F 33 Mossfield rd WLambert Lewis K 67 Chester N HLamkin Lottie M Miss 109 Langley rdN CLamkin William A 293 Cabot NvLa Mond William Henry 168 Mt VernonNvLamont Wm F 55 Alban rd WLa Motte Albert T 19 Moreland avN CLamph Elizabeth Mrs 27 RichardsonLamph Mary A Miss 27 RichardsonLamphere Harry R 55 Woodcliffe rd NHLampmon John Mrs 38 Stearns N CLamson Barbara Miss 111 Temple WNLamson Frank F Dr 21 Waterston rdLamson Jarvis 111 Temple W NLamson Julius F 21 Washington terNvLancaster Joseph F 50 Wachusett rdC HLancaster Julia E Miss 75 Pleasant NCLancaster Walter B Dr 75 PleasantN CLander Wentworth V 62 Lenox W N

236 NEWTON BLUE BOOKLanders Charles H 96 College rd C HLane Anna Miss 17 Chester N HLane Arthur W 7 Williston rd AuLane Arthur W 37 ElmwoodLane Elsie Miss 17 Chester N HLane Eustace Mrs 25 Highland av NvLane Frank H 37 ElmwoodLane Frank W 21 Furber Lane N CLane George T 25 Somerset rd W NLane Herbert R 55 Windsor rd WLane Herbert T 195 Sumner N CLane Margaret Miss 55 Windsor rd WLane Sarah A Mrs 17 Chester N HLane Winfield A 25 Rowe AuLangley Anna M Mrs 377 Cherry W NLangley Harris W 30 Erie av N HLangley Mab.el A Dr £77 Cherry W NLangley Martha E Miss 377 Cherry WNLankenau John R 105 NonantumLannon James J 412 Wolcott AuLapham Royal T SO Central av NvLarcom George F 44 Putnam W NLarcom Misses The 44 Putnam W NLarcom Russell C 44 Putnam W NLarimore James F 40 Foster NvLarned E L Miss 62 Prescott NvLarned Harold B 380 Waltham W NLarrabee F W 40 Austin NvLasell Seminary 117 Woodland rd AuLathe Martha L Miss 430 GeiitreLatinia Hugh P 72 Williston rd Au .Laubner Theodore D 277 Ward N CLaughlin Edward R 404 Waltham W NLaughlin Ethel Dale Miss 404' WalthamW NLauriat Charles E Jr 86 Temple W NLaurie Charles Mrs 276 Highland W NLaverty Wm T 10 Niles rd N HLawrence C Fred 96 Waban av WLawrence Charles M 950 Centre N CLawrence Leonard F 41 Commonwealthav C HLawrence L N 950 Centre N CLawrence Samuel C 201 Auburndaleav AuLawrence Samuel E 12 Beach NvLawrence Stewart G 111 Waban Hillrd (North) C HLawrence Wm I 85 Islington rd AuLawton Mark A 125 GrasmereLay ton Frank B 37 Shaw W NLach Elbridge C Mrs 30 Pelham N CLeach George Mrs 22 Knowles N CLeach James. W 154 Harvard NvLeach Mattie M Miss 22 Knowles N CLeahy John J 50 Pelham N CLeahy Thomas 18 Aberdeen N HLearned Henry H 259 Waverly avLearned John R 18 PearlLeary Anson T 58 Pelham N CLeatherbee Clifton F 100 Prince W NLeatherbee Charles W 279 Mt. VernonW NLeatherbee Eleanor W Miss 279 Mt.Vernon W NLeatherbee Frederick K 129 ChestnutW NLeatherbee Frederick W 54 Oxford rdN CLeavens Thomas C 17 Otis NvLeavitt E'ugene 29 PearlLeavitt Harper A 77 Floral N HLeavitt Harry P Mrs 87 Lincoln N HLeavitt John 29 PearlLeavitt Sarah M Miss 29 PearlLeBaron Arthur L 43 Walker NvLeBonte George N 12 Devon ter N CLe Clear Gifford 86 Upland rd WLederkas Adolf 54 Grove Hill pk NvLee Francis W 408 Hammond C HLee Guy H 408 Hammond C HLee Guy L 599 Commonwealth av N CLee Harvey S 53 Washburn av AuLee Seth 100 Carver rd N HLee Susan D Miss 408 Hammond C HLeedsLeedsLeedsNvLe e t eLeeteB I Mrs 457 CentreEdmund I 237 ParkFrederick Mrs 12 Madison avJoel L 22 Madison av NvWilliam White Rev 22 Madisonav NvLeger Eugene F 47 Bothfeld rd N CLehneman James B 6 Islington rd AuLeighton Eugene W 17 Proctor NvLeighton Walter L 31 Montvale rd N CLeighton William A 23 Williston rd AuLeitner Claude C 41 Norwood av N CLeland Albert F 125 Lowell av NvLeland Frederic H 125 Lowell av NvLeland LeRoy W 15 Otis pi NvLeland Misses The 24 Elmwood

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 237Leland Willis D Mrs 2 Bradford ctN CLemont Arthur B 132 Pleasant N CLennon Wm G Dr 147 Newtonville avLeonard Amos M. 116 Waverly avLeonard Arthur H 20 Sylvan av W NLeonard Charles W 130 Forest av W NLeonard Don M 353 Albermarle rd NvLeonard Edward DeW 50 Everett N CLeonard Edward D Dr 50 Everett N CLeonard Elsa Miss 47 Newtonville avLeonard H Samuel 33 Maple avLeonard James S 267 Melrose AuLeonard Jesse A 2049 Commonwealthav AuLeonard Mary A Mrs 47 NewtonvilleavLeonard Merrill D 28 Mohadnock rdC HLeonard Misses Th,e 28 Monadnock rdC HLeonard Wallace M 23 Forest N HLeonard Wallace M Jr Mrs 60 EldredgeLeonard William E 51 Brooks av NvLesh Frederick H 15 Hancock av N CLesh John H 955 Beacon N CLesh Olga Miss 955 Beacon N CLesson Joseph B 78 Glen av N CLester B Howard 133 Bigelow rd W NLester Dudley G 1005 Centre N CLester Lucy Miss 133 Bigelow rd W NLetteney John H 18 Allerton rd N HLetteney Russell W 18 Allerton rd NHLeussing Harry B 85 Islington rd AuLevesque Archie 46 Ripley N CLevi Charles W 57 Elgin N CLevi Elizabeth Miss 45 Chester N HLevi F E P 45 Chester N HLevi Harriet M Mrs 57 Elgin N CLevi Ida Miss 57 Elgin N CLevi IRobert Mrs 45 Chester N HLevine Jefferson D 135 Harvard NvLevis Jessie Miss 301 Lake av N HLewinthal Clara Miss 547 CentreLewis Arthur L 119 ParkerLewis Catherine Mrs 241 Walnut NvLewis Charles E 43 Gay NvLewis Charles P Mrs 29 Brewster rdN HLewis Edward A 25 Winona AuLewis S Elizabeth Mrs 55 Brooksideav NvLewis Elizabeth D Mrs 57 Hyde N HLewis Ervin H 43 Gay NvLewis Everett C 78 Erie av N HLewis Florence Miss 9 Claflin pi NvLewis Florence Miss 58 Page rd NvLewis Frederick D F 61 Ballard N CLewis Frederic T Dr 538 Chestnut WLewis Helen B Miss 43 Gay NvLewis Margaret Miss 1298 Centre N CLewis Walter 30 Groveland AuLewis W K Dr 85 LombardLibby A F A G 8 Eden av W NLibby Charles E 629 Cometh av N CLibby Edgar E 629 Com'lth av N CLibby Frederick E 460 CentreLibby Henry A 296 Wpodward WLibby Levi 190 Sumner N CLibby Willard T 51 Grove Hill av NvLibbey Dana 350 Waltham W NLichliter Mcllyar H Rev 40 Foster NvLichtenthaeler Edward S 37 Waldorfrd N HLichtenthaeler Frank E 37 Waldorf rdN HLichtenhein Lewis 66 Beaumont av NvLiddell James 31 Stearns N CLiddell James Austin 31 Stearns N CLiggett Janice Miss 185 Hammond CHLiggett Lee B 185 Hammond C HLiggett Loraine Miss 185 Hammond CHLiggett Louis K 185 Hammond C HLilli.e Charles W 84 Spooner Rd C HLinb.erg Andrew C 2027 Com'lth av AuLincoln Albert L 128 Middlesex rd CHLincoln Arthur W 25 Brackett rdLincoln Jennie L Mrs 23 Williston rdAuLincoln Josiah B 61 Winthrop W NLincoln Mary A Miss 33 Brewster rdN HLincoln Rollin T 24 Moreland AuLindhardt Mary C Mrs 15 BaldwinLindsay Carl N 15 Walnut NvLingham Clarence H 309 Lake av N HLingham Helen C Miss 309 Lake av NH

238 NEWTON IJM'E BOOKLingham Robert M 309 Lake av N HLinn George 132 Warren N CLinnell Francis 17 Auburn W NLinscott Frederick C 12 Carlton rd WLinscott Linwood A 125 Nehoidin rdWLinsley Letitia Miss 25 ChaseLippincott C H 848 Watertown W NLippincott J H Mrs 222 Homer N CLippincott Whitney L 222 Homer N CLisle Anna W Mrs 23 Perkins W NLisle Helen Louise Miss 23 PerkinsW NLitchfield William E Mrs 75 BellevueLitchner Wm O 34 Woodcliff rd N HLittle Edward H 25 Highland av NvLittle E N Miss 220 Auburn AuLittle Henry C 112 Webster W NLittle John D 11 Warren ter N CLittle Sarah P Miss 19 Webster ct NCLittlefield A W Mrs 430 Winchester NHLittlefield Chester R 89 Carver rd NHLittlefield Elmer W 117 Mt Vernon NvLittlefield George E Mrs 25 Oak terN HLiving Sarah E Miss 42 EldridgeLivingstone Agnes L 1754 WashingtonLivingstone Alexander 1754 WashingtonAuLivingstone M Katherin,e 1754 WashingtonAuLloyd Arthur W 68 Chestnut W NLloyd Henry D Dr 65 Prospect pk NvLobdell Henry J S Mrs 26 Rowe AuLocke Albert D 1775 Beacon WLocke Charles A Mrs 355 Hammond CHLocke Ellbre.e D 1762 Beacon WLocke E J Mrs 169 WashingtonLocke Herbert C 254 Central AuLocke John W 1083 Walnut N HLocke Louis 76 BenningtonLocke Lucy E Miss 108 Nehoiden rd WLockett Joseph F 264 Lake av N HLockett Walter B 40 Madison av NvLockett William 58 Cedar N CLockwood Bryce 178 Nehoiden rd W*Lockwood Clement 178 Nehoiden rd WLockwood George W 178 Nehoiden rdWLockwood Gertrude Miss 236 Wabanav WLockwood Henrietta Miss 236 Wabanav WLockwood H N 236 Waban av WLockwood H N Jr 236 Waban av WLockwood Theodore R 74 Elmhurst rdLodge D Morley 17 Old England rd CHLodge W Clarence 375 Cabot NvLodge William 375 Cabot NvLcgan Alexander H 14 Ransom i'd N CLogan Arthur R 19 Mountford rd N HLogan Arthur R 14 Saxon ter N HLogan Charles S 103 Floral N HLogan James F 72 College rd C HLogan Wm T 31 Forest N HLong Joseph F 985 Beacon N CLong Zadoc Mrs 25 ChaseLongdon Ralph L 2043 Com'lth av AuLongfellow Herbert H 35 Grove AuLongsdorf Edith R Mrs 25 KenmoreN CLord Charles E 93 ClaremontLord D Frank 27 Washington pk NvLord Fannie I Miss 47 Forest N HLord Myra B 17 BelmontLord Paul Mrs 25 Saxon rd N HLcring C M 53 Newtonville avLoring FMward O 169 WashingtonLoring Nathaniel T 71 Morton N CLoring Richard T Rev 311 Lowell avNvLoring Robert P Dr 19 Crescent av NCLoring IRose Miss 115 Shornecliffe rdLoring Stanton D Mrs 9 Crescent av NCLothrop John F 36 Central av NvLothrop Oliver Ames Dr 91 Neshoberd WLothrop W H 46 Central av NvLotz John R 59 Oxford rd N CLoud A P Mrs 93 Carver rd N HLoud Charles H 18 Camden rd AuLoud Eliphalet R 849 Com'lth av N CLoud George R 93 Carver rd N HLoud Harry C 88 Carver rd N HLoud Mary P Mrs 81 Varick rd WLoud Willard A 81 Varick rd W

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 239Loud Willard H 75 Varick rd WLoughrey Joseph C Mrs 989 BoylstonN HLouis Anthony 22 Elm W NLovejoy 979 Boylston N HJovejoy Ernest F 102 Lenox W NLovejoy Fanny E Mrs 203 Sumner N CLovejoy Mildred H Miss 102 Lenox WN •Lovejoy O Parker 348 Lake av N HLovejoy Walter E 102 Lenox W NLovejoy Warren W 62 Marshall N CLoveland Fred H 20 Ruthven rdLoveland M L Mrs 226 ParkLoveland Sterling N Dr 9 ElmwoodLoveland T O Dr 9 ElmwoodLovell Doris T Miss 257 Otis W NLovell Joseph N 257 Otis W NLovell Nathaniel T 257 Otis W NLovett Arthur T 221 Mt Vernon W NLovett Misses The 221 Mt Vernon WNLowe Fred M Dr 1354 Washington WNLowe John R 231 Melrose AuLowell Henry H 53 Glenwood av N CLowell James A 517 Hammond C HLowell John A 517 Hammond C HLowell John A 2nd 17 Cushing N HLowell Payson T 17 Cushing N HLown Anna B Dr 1 Bradford ct N CLowry Franklin P 457 CentreLowry Maxwell J 27 Shaw W NLuard Alfred F 168 Walnut NvLucas Julius D Mrs 430 CentreLucas Mark E 230 Walnut NvLucas M Frank 90 Elm W NLucas Rodney M Mrs 20 Hunter W NLucas Walter M 20 Hunter W NLucas William H Mrs 430 CentreLucy Frederick H 25 Annawan rd WLudlam E Gordon 17 Lee rd C HLudlow Theodore !R Rev 60 ColumbusN HLudy Peter D 40 Rockledge rd N HLuitwieler Clarence S 24 Duncklee NHLuitwieler Clarence S Jr 24 DunckleeN HLuitwieler Helen Miss 24 Duncklee NHLund F V Miss 51 Oakwood av NvLundberg Frederick A 219 Homer NCLundin Emil O 112 Com'lth av N CLunger G Roberts 107 Woodward NHLunt Robert S 218 Mill NvLunt William F Mrs 371 Newtonvilleav NvLuther Charles E 341 Cabot NvLutton Charles H 83 Prospect W NLynch Eugene 251 Grant av N CLynch John F 24 Newtonville avLynde Charles R 398 Walnut NvLyon Albert M 567 Walnut NvLyon Arthur B Dr 11 Nottingham rdN CLyon Eleanor Miss 567 Walnut NvLyon Harold A 304 Lowell av NvLyon Mary B 304 Lowell av NvLyons Charles J 190 Langley rd N CLyons Thomas J 122 Auburn AuLythgoe Albert H 36 Fair Oaks av NvLythgoe Hermann C 36 Fair Oaks avNvMacAleer Leo F 4* CopleyMacAleer Mary Evelyn Miss 4 CopleyMacCallum Charles A 88 Forest N HMacCaul C W 12 Chesley av NvMacDonald Annie Miss 22 Fair Oaksav NvMacDonald Daniel J 24 Pelham N CMacDonald Donald Mrs 58 Highland avNvMacDonald Edith F Miss 97 Court NvMacdcnald Forester 710 Com'lth av NCMcDonald Hugh 161 Sumner N CMacDonald John 28 Ash AuMacDonald John R Dr 92 Crofton rdWMacDonald Misses The 58 Highland avNvMacdonald Wm H 152 Oakleigh rdMacDonald Wm J 95 Court NvMacDougall Alexander J 34 Oak terN HMacdougall Jas M Capt 46 Pelham N CMacDougall Toney E 160 Walnut NvMacDougall William 3 Newbury ter NCMacFarland Calista Miss 28 SargentMacFarland Granville S 28 Sargent

• >40NEWTON BLUE BOOKMacFarland Paul 28 SargentMacFarland Richard 28 SargentMacFarland Sadie A Miss 28 SargentMacFarlane Daniel S 21 Aberdeen N HMacGr.egor Robert 40 Brooks av NvMaclnnes Katherine Miss 315 WalnutNvMaclnnes Stephen 315 Walnut NvMaclver Robert D 17 Canterberry rdN HMacKee Eva Miss 28 Floral N HMacKenzie Cora B Miss 215 Auburndaleav AuMacKenzie Lydia Mrs 14 Edinboro p]NvMacKenzie Sarah A Mrs 215 Auburndaleav AuMacKenzie Stuart 79 Woodward N HMackintosh Albert I Dr 39 WoodwardN HMacKnight Robert B 56 Manamet rdN CMacLean Roderick 38 ThorntonMacLellan Neva Mrs 367 Central AuMaclLennan Donald A 44 Grafton N CMacLoud John N 130 Clark N CMacLure Henry G 60 EldredgeMacLure Laurens Rev D D 60 EldredgeN CMacMahon H A 29 Winona AuMacMullen Florence Miss 70 Woodcliffrd N HMacMullen Frank S 70 Woodcliff rd NHMacMullen Katherine E Miss 70 Woodcliffrd N HMacMullen Stanley O 26 Park pi NvMacMurphy Herbert Edward 230 WalnutNvMacNaughton Donald 162 Waban avNvMacNutt Lowell D 20 Vista av AuMacomber Albert H 32 Canterberry rdN H ;Macomber Albert H Jr 36 Canterberryrd N HMacomber Charles C 171 Highland avNvMacomber Donald Dr 5 Temple W NMacomber Dorothea Miss 23 Prince WNMacomber Francis K 23 Prince W NMacomber G B H 171 Highland av XvMacomiber G B H Jr 171 Highland av•NvMacomber Grace Miss 535 Ward X CMacomber Katherine L Miss 23 PrinceW NMaoPherson Ada Miss 16 Braeland avN CMacPherson Gertrude Miss 16 Braelandav N CMadPherson John 16 Braeland av N CMacqueen Harriet M Miss 136 Middlesexrd C HMacRae J J 70 Elm W NMacuen Andrew E 172 WashingtonMacusty John 171 Cherry W NMadden Jeremiah T 13 Mapl,e circleMadden John C 20 GardnerMadden John J 1014 Boylston N HMadden M L 790 CentreMadden Michael Lester 790 CentreMagarity Eleanor H Miss 18 EldredgeMagoley Ellen Mrs 8 EldredgeMagoley John J 8 EldredgeMagoley Masses The 8 EldredgeMague Emily Miss 1766 WashingtonAuMagii£ Francis J 6 Rowe AuMague Margaret Mrs 1766 WashingtonAuMaguire Edward F 9 Blackstone terMaher Frank E 35 Newbury N CMaher John F 16 Harrison N HMaher Katherine C Mrs 16 Harrison NHMaher Philip F 16 Harrison N HMaher Stuart A Lieut U S N 16 HarrisonN HMahoney Edward A Dr 511 WatertownNvMahoney George A 8 Bacon rd NvMahoney Misses The 511 WatertownNvMahoney Morgan 511 Watertown NvMainland John Y 54 Gray Cliff rd N CMalastrom Eric W 511 Ward N CMalcolm Florence Miss 587 Walnut NvMalcolm George F 587 Walnut NvMallalieu Willard E 42 Grove AuMallett Mary E Mrs 97 Washington pkNv

NEWTON BLUE BOOKO41Mallett Stephen P Dr 132 Middlesexrd C HMalley Charles A 233 Com'lth av C HMalley (Ruth E Miss 233 Com'lth av CHMalone Thomas F 110 College rd C VIMaloney Sidney P 865 Beacon N CMoloney Vincent P 100 Langley rd NCMaloon Ella S Mrs 454 Wolcott AuMance Roscoe G 66 Pleasant N CMandell George W 275 Waltham W NMandell Robert E 275 Waltham W NMann Albert 45 Sewall W NMann Fred E 44 Harvard NvMann Raymond 29 Crofton rd WManning Earle 61 Chester N HManning Edith 22 Washington WellesleyN L F (P O)Manning Florence E Miss 38 RichardsonManning Roger 209 Middlesex rd C HManning Sam W 83 Lenox W NManning Wm 31 Bowers NvMansifield Burdett P 36 V.ernonMansfield John J 310 Com'lth av C HMansfield Karl 189 Sumner N CMansfi.eld Mabel Mrs 67 Walnut NvManster Z G 58 Erie av N HMaplehurst The 200 ChurchMarble Henry C 15 Crystal N CMarcy Grosvenor D'W 32 Rockledge rdN HMarcy Harriet Murdock Miss 547 CentreMarcy Henry O Jr Dr 140 SargentMarcy Willard A 987 Boylston N HMarden Edward L 219 Com'lth av CHMarden Mary K Miss 15 Sumner *N CMarden Wendell P 15 Sumner N CMarion Howard G 16 Albion pi N CMarion Otis H Mrs 142 Homer N CMarion Thalia Miss 142 Homer N CMarion The 457 WashingtonMarks Marguerite Mrs 25 Sumner N CMarks Melbourne A 25 Sumner N CMarks Melbourne A Jr 25 Sumner N CMarks Philip 25 Sumner N CMarkward John J 11 Eliot av W NMarot Alfred 93 Charles AuMarr Llewellvn A 7 Ashmont rd WMarriner Henry W 49 LangLey rd N CMarsh Edward A 319 Highland avW NMarsh Eleanor Miss 22 HollisMarsh Frederick G 584 Chestnut WMarsh James H 57 Nobscot rd N CMarsh W V V 22 HollisMarsh Walter H 198 Lowell av NvMarsh Wilbur A 50 Maple AuMarshall Andrew 177 Langley rd N CMarshall Charles P 121 Hunnewell avMarshall Fred 8 Grant AuMarshall H Newton 114 Kirkstall rdNvMarshall Harold W 63 Clark N CMarshall Helen C Miss 17 WillardMarshall Irving F 394 Hammond C HMarshall John 135 Warren N CMarshall Julia A Mrs 63 Clark N CMarshall Loring L 129 GrasmereMarshall Louis H Dr 10 Hartford N HMarshall Mary H Miss 9 The Ledgesrd N CMarshall Norman 54' Windermere rdAuMarston Dana M 22 Brewster rd N HMarston George N 330 Walcott AuMarston J C 20 Pelham N CMarston Mable Miss 83 Madison av NvMarston M Chester 28 N CMarston R D 46 Cedar N CMarston Russell K 22 Brewster rd NHMarston Shirley Mrs 22 Brewster rdN HMarston W H 83 Madison av NvMarston Warren W Dr 148 ChurchMartell Arthur E 230 Walnut NvMartin A P 97 Madison av NvMartin Augusta H Mrs 34 Hartford NHMartin Charles T 1438 Beacon WMartin Charles W 1438 Beacon WMartin Dorothy Miss 49 Judkins NvMartin George 349 Com'lth av C HMartin G,eorge E Mrs 86 Hancock AuMartin George H 51 Prescott NvMartin Helen A Miss 45 WabanMartin Jennie Miss 232 Melrose AuMartin Kenneth McG 20 Cloelia ter NvMartin Louis B 29 Chesley rdMartin Oscar Dr 11 Hyde N H

242 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMartin Robert 49 Judkins NvMartin Wisner Mrs 49 Judkins NvMarvin John R 78 Plainfreld WMarvin Nelson H 192 Pine Ridge rd WMason Abbie A Miss 319 BellevueMason Arthur E 85 Berkeley W NMason Benjamin 46 Floral N HMason Charles >E 39 Ballard N CMason Clifton L 9 Church rdMason Edith M Miss 115 Pine Ridgerd WMason Ella Miss 871 Beacon N CM'ason Frank A 871 Beacon N CMason Fred L 319 BellevueMason Howard IRi 42 HollisMason John E Jr 21 Bradford rd N HMason Letitia Miss 115 Pine Ridgerd WMason Mary B Miss 1203 Centre N CMason O R Mrs 15 Norwood av N CMason Robert H 652 Chestnut WMason Virginia Miss 319 BellevueMason W W Mrs 115 Pine Ridge rdfWMassell Frank W 104 Manet rd C HMasters Charles E 970 Centre N CMasters Louise M Mrs 970 Centre N CMather John Major (U S A) 56 BellevueMatthews Harry N 60 Carlton rd WMatthews Misses The 16 Broadway NvMatthews Thomas 16 Broadway NvMatthews Thomas L Jr 16 BroadwayNvMawhinney Robert 435 Alhermarle rdNvMaxim Maynard 78 Walker NvMay Anna M Mrs 35 Gray Cliff rd N CMay George E Dr 126 Pleasant N CMay Lawrence C 126 Pleasant N CMay William T 35 Gray Cliff rd N CMayberry Lowell A 108 Windsor rd WMayer Herbert C 2163 Com'lth av AnMayer Otto, Rev 457 CentreMayers Clayton W 29 Rowe AuMaynard Charles J 457 Crafts W NMaynard Florence Miss 34 Pilgrim rdWMaynard George H 614 California NvMaynard Harlon J 34 Harrison N HMaynard Karl 34 Pilgrim rd WMaynard Otis R 34 Pilgrim rd WMaynard Pearl A Miss 457 Crafts W T NMaynard W A 65 Walker NvMayo Lawrence 257 Chestnut W NMayo Lawrence Shaw 257 ChestnutW NMazzur A Shepard 203 Windsor rd WMazzur Frank A 203 Windsor rd WMazzur Frank C 203 Windsor rd WMazzur Mattie Mrs 203 Windsor rd WMcAdams Edmund J 25 Pleasant N CMcAdams William M L 1624 Centre NHMcAfee H Miss 9 Forest N HMcAleer Francis W 40 Chestnut terMcAleer Peter J 6 Grove AuMcAllister Mary G Mrs 94 Central AuMcOabe Robert C 300 Lake av N HMcCandlish James Mrs 24 BraemorerdMcCann William R 6 Mt Vernon terNvMcCarron John F 19 PearlMcCarthy C J 271 Chestnut W NMcCarthy Charles J 62 Broadway NvMcCarthy Dennis 54 Margin W NMcCarthy Eugene Dr 54 ParkMcCarthy Grace Miss 17 Glenwood avN CMcCarthy Jer.emiah J 42 Fairmont avMcCarthy John J 20 Old Colony rd CHMcCarthy Joseph T 83 Brookside avNvMcCarthy William F 17 Glenwood avN CMcCarty Wesley J Prof 99 ParkMcCassey Everett 32 Newtonville avMcOertney IL E Mrs 98 Court NvMcClellan Margaret Miss 318 Walnut.NvMcClellan William J 49 Washington pkNvMcClelland Oscar D 20 Braeland av NCMcConvill,e John P 56 Norwood av NCMcCormack Stephen 12 HoveyMcCourt Celia Miss 146 Lincoln N HMcCourt Inez Miss 146 Lincoln N HMcCourt Jesse E 146 Lincoln N HMcCourt Oswald J 177 Concord N L F'McCrea A 275 Tremont

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 243McCready John ll sT Hillside rd N HMcCrillia Katherine Mrs 219 Lake avN HMcCrudden William B 106 Harvard NvMcCullough Fred 24 Braeland av N CMcCnllongh John 36 Irving N CMcDonald Angus 154 Warren N CMcDonald Dnncan 42 C'hesley rdMcDonald H J Miss 430 CentreMcDonald Joseph A 14 Central ter AnMcDonald Michael 162 Warren N CMcDovitt Clarence G 212 Mill NvMcDovitt Clarence G Jr 212 Mill WMeElwain Henry 28 MarlboroMcEnaney Delia L Miss 23 BroadwayNvMcEvoy George A Dr 50 College rd Channcey B 765 Chestnut WMoGee F M Dr 765 Chestnut WMcGill Frederick T 43 Fisher av X 11McGill Margaret Mi- Madison avNvMcGills Francis 451 Wolcott AnMcGilvray Ellen Mrs '» KldredgeMcGlinchie Andrew J .">4 Elm rd NvMcGrady Henry Mrs 48 Sunnier X CMcC.rath Alice Miss 4.">7 WashingtonMcGrath Elizabeth G Miss 95 PleasantN CMcGrath John 95 Pleasant X CMcGrath William :;5 Newbury X CMcGrath Wm F 46 Hmner X ('McGregor Walter L 50 BenningtonMcGregor Willard E 565 Hammond CHMcGregory Ethel Miss 270 Upland rdNvMcGregory Martha C Mis L'70 Cplandrd NvMcGuire John 14 Xewtonville avMcGuire John F 221 Prince W XMcGuire Julia Miss 221 Prince W XMclntire 78 Circuit av x HMcintosh Fredrick L Dr 36 Billings pkMclsaac Fred J 4'5 ArlingtonMclvar Colin 125 Winchester X HMcKay Donald I) 46 Woodeliff rd XHMcKeen J Arthur 1" Dickerman rd XHMcKeil Lewis 103 Court NvMcKenna George S 78 College rd C HMoKenna P F 42 Newbury N CMcKeon John L 119 Lowell av NvMcKeon Marion Miss 119 Lowell avNvMcKey Arthur W 131 Grant av N CMcKey John 50 Lakewood rd N HMcKey John F Mrs 9 Westbourne rdN CMcKey Josephine Miss 9 Westbournerd N CMcKillop Helen Miss 40 Algonquin rdC HMcKinney Guy B 104 Crofton rd WMcKinnon M P 613 Watertown NvMcKissock Allan 110 Dudley rd N CMcKissock Wm 48 Devon C HMcLaughlin Clenard Lieut Col 36 Oxfordrd N CMcLaughlin Daniel E 15 Warwick rdW NMcLaughlin Elsie V Dr 3 Harvard NvMcLaughlin Kathryn L Miss 3 HarvardNvMcLaughlin S Charles Dr 3 HarvardXvMcLean Sanford 42 ThorntonMcLellan Edward 961 Beacon N CMcLellan Edward C 33 Collins rd WMcLellan John J 74 TremontMcLellan Ralph M 15 Moreland av NCMcLeod Evelyn L 2 Alden N CMcLeod J Alexander 2 Alden N CMcLeod M Frances Miss 2 Alden N CMcLeod William H 276 Mill NvMcMahon John P 30 Brooks av NvMcMillan J Frederick 276 Mill NvMcMillan Wm 63 Royce rd N CMcMorrow Martin 53 Waban pkMcMullen Michael J 53 Morton N CMcMnllin Charles G 37 Hillside rd NHMcMullin Roy A 4 Oakwood ter N CMcXamara John F 67 MarlboroMcNamara John J 102,College rd C HMcXary Wm S 84 College rd C HMcXear George W 191 Auburn AuMcNeil Harold F 16 Devon C HMcNeil James L 56 Spooner rd C HMcNiff Wm 1865 Beacon W

244 NEWTON BLUE BOOKMcPhearson George D 22 Madison avNvMcPherson David B 667 Chestnut WM'OPherson Helen L Miss 667 ChestnutWMcPherson Marion R Miss 667 ChestnutWMcRae E M Mrs 3 Moreland av N CMcVarish Cecelia Mrs 105 Cherry WNMcWilliams Alexander F Dr 51 Adellaav W NMead George A M**s 929 Beacon N CMead Julian A Mrs 115 JewettMead Walton 74 BenningtonMeade Katherine Miss 74 Bow,en N CMeader Olney J Mrs 14 Sterling W NMeadows Walter J 77 Windsor rd WMeans Mary J 109 Walnut NvMears M L Mrs 271 Mill NvMedberry George A 24 VernonMedbery Neal G 553 Watertown NvMedlicott Wm M 29 Fern AuMegget John' MacArthur 55 Cedar NC[Melcher Alice J Mrs 35 Berwick rdN CMelcher Arthur C 58 Bowen N CMelcher James B 262 Lake av N HMelcher Mabel Miss 25 Berwick NMelcher Metcalf W 14 Saxon ter NMeleney Herbert C 865 Beacon N CMelick Gertrude Miss 9 Forest N HMellen Albert H 69 Allerton rd N HMellen George H 291 Lake av N HMellen George H Jr 291 Lake av N HMellen Harrison W 291 Lake av N HMelius Edward Dr 419 Waverly avMelody Thomas F 221 Auburn AuMelody Misses The 221 Auburn AuMelvin Ira R 182 Webster W NMelzard George O Mrs 26 Kimball terNvMelzard Misses The 26 Kimball ter NvMercer Charles W 48 Erie av N HMerchant Roy IR 31 Sewall W NMergendahl Charles H 75 LowellNvMerriam Emily C Miss 53 OxfordN CMerriam H C 35 Canterberry rd W HMerrihew Edward K 42 EldredgeCHavrdMerrihew Edward T Mrs 42 EldredgeMerrihew Elizabeth H Miss 56 EldredgeMerrill Charles W Mrs 206 SumnerN CMerrill Elinor Miss 47 LombardMerrill George E 53 RichardsonMerrill George E Mrs 47 LombardMerrill Henry W 42 Oakwood rd NvMerrill John E Rev 173 Grove AuMerrill Kenneth J 600 California NfMerrill Ralph G 43 Oakwood rd NvMerrill Stanley W 7 Warren ter N CMerritt George N 542 California NvMerritt Harrison E 15 Turner NvMerritt Newton A Jr 83 Fairmont avMerther Albert W 28 Ballard N CMeserve Albert J 175 Middlesex rd CHMeserve Charles D Mrs 430 CentreMessenger James W 115 Aspen av AuMeston Alice Miss 991 Beacon N CMeston Francis I Mrs 991 Beacon N CMetcalf Mira Miss 80 W T ebster pk W NMetherall L M Miss 204 Austin NvMetz John 35 Bowen N CMeuther Richard W 216 Pleasant N CMichael Arthur Prof 219 Parker N CMick Wendell R K 370 Dedham N HMidldeton Fred A Mrs 218 Melrose AuMighill T Arthur 37 Oakwood rd NvMildram Frank C 20 Turner NvMillard Harry S 170 Pine Ridge rd WMillard Wm A 170 Nehoiden rd WAfillen Ralph N 16 Beach NvMiller Abbie A Miss 20 Woodside rdNvMiller Albert E 109 Com'lth av C HMiller Allen P 34 Manamet rd N CMiller Anna Irene Miss 85 Erie av NHMiller Benjamin D 11 Edinboro pi NvMiller Bertha E Miss 20 Woodside rdNvMiller Caroline Mrs 49 Woodbine AuMiller Carl G M 21 Austin NvMiller Carl W 24 Winnetaska rd WMiller C R 150 Harvard NvMiller Charles K Judge 22 WashingtonWellesley N L F (P O)Miller Charlton D 77 Lakewood rd NH

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 245Miller Edward F 538 Ward N CMiller Emma A Miss 20 Woodside rdNvMiller Ernest >L 20 Woodside rd NvMiller Ethel Miss 9 Fair Oaks av NvMiller Frank H 22 Washington WellesleyN L F P OMiller Frank L 677 Chestnut WMiller Franklin C 54 Woodbine AuMiller Franklin T 30 Grove AuMiller Fred R 330 Central AuMiller George A Mrs 3 VernonMiller George D Mrs 44 Norwood avN CMiller George E 44 Norwood av N CMiller Grace E Miss 677 Chestnut WMiller Hiram Allen 85 Erie av N HMiller Hiram Allen Jr 85 E'rie av N HMiller Marion F Miss 677 Chestnut WMiller ;R.oy Lee 30 Woodbine AuMiller Roy M 49 Woodbine AuMiller Stanley R 128 Crafts rd C HMiller Stanwood 11 Owaisa rd WMilliken Charles H 21 Shaw W NMilliken Harry Nason 151 FranklinMills Edmund G 131 Eliot av W NMills Florence Miss 11 Austin NvMills Joseph F 61 Page rd NvMills Silas R 86 Fisher, av N HMilne James W 172 WashingtonMilner John F 65 Oxford rd N CMiner Alfred Newton Jr 22 Claflin piNvMiner Henry A 31 Elm W NMiner Lewis S 186 Auburn AuMiner L M S Dr 255 Mill NvMinns George F 155 Temple W NMirick H G Mrs 69 Allerton rd N HMitchell Asa R 67 Grafton N CMitchell B Mrs 386 Cherry W NMitchell Charles 89 Forest N HMitchell Frederick M 65 Adella av WNMitchell Hardy S 3 Moreland av N CMitchell Harrie Miss 58 Page rd NvMitchell Henry C Mrs 97 Hillside avW NMitchell James A 60 Clyde NvMitchell Misses The 386 Cherry W NMitchell Walter K 16 Niles rd N HMitchell Wm H 533 Com'lth av N CMitchell Wm H 20 Oak ter N HMitchell W H Mrs 44 Hartford N HMitchie James 27 Waldorf rd N HMittell Emily Miss 321 Cabot NvMoench John C 538 California NvMoffatt Louise F Miss 17 Omar ter NvMoffatt William 17 Omar ter NvMoffatt Ernest C 24 Dickerman rd NHMohor Marius 144 Clark N CMoir Edith R Miss 334 Hammond C HMoir John 334 Hammond C HMoir John A 401 Woodward WMoir Robert W Mrs 78 Woodbine AuMoll Edward 28 VernonMonaghan Agnes F Miss 1516 WashingtonW NMonaghan Benjamin F 1516 WashingtonW NMonaghan Edward F 1516 WashingtonW NMonaghan Richard J 1516 WashingtonW NMonahon Arthur T 104 Carver rd NHMonk Helen M Miss 129 Moffat rd WMonnett S C Mrs 16 Austin NvMonroe G Owen 23 Stearns N CMontanari Carlo Mrs 256 ParkMontgomery Alexander 125 Warren NCMoody Harry S 1023 Centre N CMoore Addison 14 Norfolk rd C HMoore Anna M Miss 16 Harrison N HkMcore Bertha Miss 199 ChurchMoore Charles B 139 Sumner N CMoore Clarence L E 179 Hunnewell avMoore Clarence V 35 WesleyMoore Edward M 60 PembrokeMoore Enos Miss 38 RichardsonMoore Frank K 298 Auburndale av AuMoore G Denny 219 Lincoln N HMoore Harold 222 ChurchMoore Helene Miss 199 ChurchMoore Henry E 25 Sumner N CMoore Henry S 60 PembrokeMoore Howard Dr 319 BellevueMoore J Gilbert Mrs 63 Pleasant N CMoore Jam>es T Mrs 40 ParkMoore Joseph W 39 Chester N HMoore L D 19 Birch Hill rd NvMoore L Samuel 270 Mill NvMoore ILeslie 173 Oakleigh rd

24GNEWTON BLUE BOOKMoore Lewis E 270 Mill NvMoore Louis E 199 ChurchMoore Louise Miss 199 ChurchMoore Mary E Mrs 46 Plymouth rd NHMoor.e Mary L Miss 147 Sumner N CMoore Mary Mrs 51 BenningtonMoore Mildred D Miss 39 Chester N HMoore Robert H 39 Chester N HMoore Robert W Jr 40 Windsor rd WMoore iRuth S Miss 39 Chester N HMoore Stevens Mrs 173 OakLeigh rdMoore Walter 267 ChurchMoore Wm E 55 Hillside rd N HMoore Winifred S Miss 147 Sumner NCMoran James F 98 Harvard NvMorehead Edward A 46 Eden av W NMorehouse R D 23 Dale NvMorgan Clyde 210 Langley rd N CMorgan Frank H 430 Winchester N HMorgan Fred L 661 Com'lth av N CMorgan Harry W 190 Walnut NvMorgan John 32 Kimball ter NvMorgan John D Mrs 38 RichardsonMorgan S St John 27 Circuit rd C HMorgan Samuel R 38 Mossfield rd WMorgan Will L 430 Winchester N HMoriarty A W 711 Beacon N CMoriarty Ellen T Mrs 202 Homer N CMorley Herbert S 119 Cedar N CMornosey Murriae 13 RichardsonMorrell Stephen M 50 Lothrop NvMorrill Fannie E Miss 413 Cherry WNMorrill Harold W 14 Churchill ter NvMorrill Lyman B 515 Crafts W NMorrill Robert S 271 Central AuMorris Clara H Mrs 40 Chase N CMorris Frances M Dr 108 Nehoiden rdWMorris Harold C 248 Grove AuMorris James 802 Watertown W NMorris Pauline M Miss 802 WatertownW NMorrison Homer 147 Newtonville avMorrison James 58 Margin W NMorrison Thomas Y 39 Bowers NvMorrissey Misses The 374 Cherry WNMorrow Charles E 70 ArlingtonMorrow George T 72 ArlingtonMorrow Grace Miss 72 ArlingtonMorrow Helen E Miss 462 Walnut NvMorrow Julia Mrs 72 ArlingtonMorse Carrie L Miss 21 Morseland avN CMorse C Haviland 49 Brookside av NvMorse Edwin J Dr 406 Woodward WMorse Ella E Mrs 421 Wolcott AuMorse Harry F 114 Shornecliffe rdMorse Herbert B 421 Wolcott AuMorse James A 142 WashingtonMorse Johnson Lovett Dr 169 ParkMorse Joseph Philip 11 Rice N CMorse Marion Miss 69 Allerton rd N HMorse Mary M Miss 21 Morseland avN CMorse Mason W Mrs 286 Highland WNMorse Sylvanus G 19 Loring N CMorse William P 34' Fairfax W NMorss Charles A 164 Chestnut Hill rdC HMorss Charles A Jr 164 Chestnut Hillrd C HMorss Edward L 159 Warren N CMorss J Reed 164 Chestnut Hill rd CHMorss Philip R 164 Chestnut Hill rd CHMorton Alice Miss 80 Elm W NMorton Chester A 15 Circuit av N HMorton Chester A 76 Elm W NMorton Edwin 52 Institution av N CMorton Everley Miss 52 Institutionav N CMorton Frank M 61 Churchill NvMorton Hawley W 52 Institution av NCMorton Helen Miss 186 Highland avNvMorton Lorania C Miss 326 Lake av NHMorton Marcus Hon 186 Highland avNvMorton Marcus Jr Capt 186 Highlandav NvMorton Misses The 61 Churchill NvMosher Giles E* 32 Willow N CMosher Sarah J Mrs 32 Willow N CMosman Wm A 360 Com'lth av C HMoss Vernon H 37 Beaumont av NvMosser Karl E 180 Pine Ridge rd W

NEWTON BLUB BOOK 247Motley Jane L Miss 42 Lawrence rdC HMotley Katherine P Miss 42 Lawrencerd C HMott Jennie Miss 24 PearlMott Louis P 24 PearlMoulton C L 529 California NvMoulton Clifford E 390 Waltham W NMoulton Elizabeth L Miss 80 HammondC HMoulton Jennie E Mrs 390 Waltham WNMount Ida School 125 BellevueMudge John G 68 PembrokeMuldoon Walter I 254 Langley rd N CMullen E Elizabeth Miss 1200 WalnutN HMullen J Ernest 239 Chestnut W NMullen Thomas W 1652 Centre N HMulligan Henry L 126 Manet rd C HMumford Charles M 17 Stearns N CMumford George S 24 Essex rd C HMunn Stuart R 65 Bowers NvMunn William A 65 Bowers NvMunroe Arthur B 169 Mt Vernon NyMunroe Guy M 169 Mt Vernon NvMunroe J Francis 92 Dedham N HMunroe James A 50 Dudley rd N CMunsil W B 32 Circuit av N HMurdock Harold 81 Middlesex rd C HMurdock Kenneth B 81 Middlesex rdC HMurphy Claire H Miss 28 Pleasant NCMurphy Francis J 1015 Washington NvMurphy Harry W 28 Pleasant N CMurphy J G 157 Langley rd N CMurphy J J 56 Elm W NMurphy J J 49 Elmhurst rdMurphy Louis E Mrs 48 Chesley rdMurphy Martin 58 Court NvMurphy Misses The 1015 WashingtonNvMurphy Nina A Miss 28 Pleasant N CMurphy William 279 Cabot NvMurray Frank J 81 Avalon rd WMurray Harriet Miss 584 CentreMurray John H Jr 27 Trowbridge NCMurray John H Mrs 25 Trowbridge NCMurray Patrick A 184' WashingtonMurray Thomas F 584 CentreMuther Lorentz 27 Waverly avMuther Lor.enz F 80 Elgin N CNagle Frank L 83 Kirkstall rd NvNally Charles E 230 Walnut NvNarroway Albert 129 Cypress N CNash Ernest iR 1120 Walnut N HNash Henry R 21 Studio rd AuNash W E 1015 Washington NvNash Wilmar H 290 Central AuNason Frank L 150 Moffat rd WNason Frank L H 188 Woodland rd AuNason Louise Miss 86 Waban Hill rdC HNason Willie R 7 Beach NvNathan A Barnett 386 Ward N CNathan Frank N 518 Com'lth av N CNathan Helen Miss 518 Com'lth avN CNaylor L H Dr 169 Hunnewell avNeal John C 32 Fern AuNeal William B 10 Glen rd N CNeall Newitt J 40 Crafts rd C HNedelka Miss 34 Tyler ter N CNeedham David B Mrs 109 Lowell avNvNeelley Harry A 16 Garden rdNeff Robert W 23 Forest av W NNeill Arthur Williams 29 Reservoir avC HNelson Alice M Miss 25 Prescott NvNelson Arthur T 146 Algonquin rd CHNelson Dorris Miss 91 Lenox W NNelson Harris J 146 Algonquin rd N CNelson Harry L 731 Washington NvNelson Harry M 44 Dickerman rd NHNelson Louise Mrs 1091 Centre N CNelson Orris W 91 Lenox W NNelson Ruth Miss 91 Lenox W NNelson T Arthur 392 Cherry W NNelson Wm H 40 Mason N CNero John B 15 Knowles N CNero Wm E 15 Knowles N CNesbitt Harold E 127 Crafts rd C HNess Charles A 1065 Walnut N HNess Thomas W 207 Lincoln N HNeuschafer Fred 807 Chestnut WNewbert Walter E 17 Dorset rd WNewbrook Herbert 2081 Com'lth av AuNewcomb L M Mrs 571 Centre

24:8 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNewcomb W Leslie 29 Glenwood avNewcomb Wm H 29 Glenwood avNewell Carrie D Mrs 947 Boylston N HNewell Channing P 87 Chestnut W NNewell Charles 803 Watertown W NNewell George F 87 Chestnut W NNewell Harry 38 Elmore N CNewell Helen E Miss 947 Boylston N HNewell James B 803 Watertown W NNewell Jane Miss 947 Boylston N HNewell P.errin C 1623 Centre N HNewell Robert W 44 Sylvan av W NNewhall Emma M Miss 85 Hillsideav W NNewhall Francis 15 Sterling W NNewhall George W 85 Hillside av W NNewhall Guilford T 62 Hartford N IINewhall Mary Addison 62 Hartford NHNewhall Mary Miss 15 Sterling W NNewman A Parker 130 Upland rd WNewman Elizabeth Mrs 36 Webster WNNewton Allison L 39 Grove Hill pk NvNewton Chapter American Red Cross306 Walnut NvNewton Clarence L 96 Lenox W NNewton Club Hous,e The Walnut NvNewton Elizabeth Mrs 21 Oak ter N HNewton Frederic H 24 Fountain W NNewton Marion Miss 101 Carver rd NHNewton Stanley E 498 Chestnut WNewton Theological Institution Institutionav N CNewton Welfare Bureau 306 WalnutNvNichols A T 15 Mt V.ernon ter NvNichols Ada Miss 198 Walnut NvNichols Alice Maude Miss 43 Hillsiderd N HNichols Bryant 2 Rowe AuNichols Charles E 57 Hancock AuNichols Chester W 18 Norman rd NHNichols Ella Miss 523 Watertown NvNichols F G Miss 523 Watertown NvNichols Fred W 40 Plymouth rd N HNichols Henry J 31 Burnham rd W NNichols Marjorie Miss 31 Burnham rdW NNichols Philip 234 ParkNicholson Ruth Miss 413 Cherry W NNicholson William 413 Cherry W NNickerson Angle Miss 52 Page rd NvNickerson Frances L Miss 26 Lowell•av NvNickerson Henry B 86 Prescott NvNickerson Minnie A Miss 34 HartfordNHNickerson Theodore C 26 Lowell av NvNielsen Edwin Dr 17 Oxford rd N CNiles Edward S Dr 60 ElmwoodNiles Nathaniel W 157 Middlesex rdC HNiles David Sands 60 ElmwoodNiven Howard W 105 Harvard NvNiven Miss 230 Walnut NvNixon Ernest 29 Trowbridge av NvNoble Albert F 1196 Centre N CNoble Bessie C Miss 119 Lincoln N HNoble Charles C 119 Lincoln N HNoble Charles T Rev 119 Lincoln N HNoble George 100 Tyler ter N CNoble L C 248 Auburndale av AuNoble Wm M 35 Bracebridge rd N CNoble Wm M Jr 35 Bracebridge rd N CNoetzel Wm C 2 Bradford ct N CNolan John K 1011 Washington NvNolan T J 18 Webster W NNoonan Gerald H 5 Bellingham rd N HNoonan Julia Adelaide Miss 208 WoodwardWNoone Thomas J 285 Auburndale av AuNorby Charles W 404 Waltham W NNorman Howard 118 Lowell av NvNorman Lawrence P Mrs 118 Lowellav NvNorris Alfred S 23 Glenwood av N CNorris James T 218 ChurchNorth Howard M 202 Nehoiden rd WNorth Wm A 1054 Walnut N HNorthgate Club House 15 North Gatepk W NNorton Agatha Miss 197 Hunnewell terNorton Albert H 9 Delmore N HNorton Gertrude Miss 197 HunnewellterNicholsHHerbert Dr 219 Com'lth av CNorton Henry A 25 Highland av NvNorton Howard 115 Hunnewell av

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 2493Norton :Richard Henry Dr 96 Oxfordrd N CNott Henry D 91 Parker N CNoyes Agnes F Miss 181 Gibbs N CNoyes Agnes McA Mrs 181 Gibbs N CNoyes Blanche M 16 Williston rd AuNoyes Carrie C 181 Gibbs N CNoyes Edward M Rev 9 'Laurel N CNoyes Ethel W Miss 178 Sumner N CNoyes Gilbert H 12 Rockledge rd N HNoyes Harry E' 58 Morton N CNoyes Harry K 65 Middlesex rd C HNoyes Inez C Mrs 55 Aspen av AuNoyes John H Mrs 178 Sumner N CNoyes Louise K Miss 181 Gibbs N CNoyes Walter D 659 Chestnut WNoyes W F Dr 62 Austin NvNudd G,eorge F 266 Woodland rd AuNutting Elmer W 219 Com'lth av C HNye Ira C 83 Carver rd N HNye Walter B 39 Kingsbury rd C HOakes A Mabel Miss 235 Lincoln N HOakes F L Mrs 41 RichardsonOakes Lawson W 235 Lincoln N HOakes Richard Bradford 100 Upland rdWOakes Wm H 100 Upland rd W .Ober Colon S 42 Central AuOber Mabel P Miss 42 Central AuOber Paul J 423 Ward N CO'Brien Daniel J 24 ChanningO'BrienO'BrienO'BrienO'BrienNvO'BrienO'BrienO'BrienO'BrienEdward P 658 Watertown NvFrank A 81 Islington rd AuGeorge B 295 Com'lth av C HJames W Mrs 36 Dexter rdJohn 51 Crescent av N CJohn J 378 Cherry W NPaul F 295 Com'lth av CWalter A 295 Com'lth av COchs Edwin 72 Newell rd AuO'Conner Katherine R V Miss 46 WalnutpkO'ConnerO'ConnorN HO'ConnorO'ConnorC HO'Connor John 24 Paul N COdell Wallace 86 Charlesbank rdOdlin E W Mrs 28 Elmore N CHHMichael 46 Walnut pk .Bertha E Miss 44 Erie avFrederick A 44 Eri.e av N HFrederick W 58 College rdO'Donnell Francis M Dr 619 WashingtonNvO'Donnell J 998 Beacon N CO'Donnell Paul 619 Washington .NvOffut Edward P 131 Windsor rd WOgden Charles Mrs 57 Fisher av N HOgden Edmund W 57 Perkins W NOgden Florence Miss 57 Fisher av N HOgden Ira Budd 442 Walnut NvOgg Wm A 85 Montvale av N CO'Grady H A 23 Broadway NvO'Halloran Edward P 101 Central avNvO'HaraOhi sonOKaneHNeal R 27 Grove Hill pk NvOlaf 472 Crafts W NAlice Miss 31 Lawrence av COKane Eileen O Miss 31 Lawrence avC HO'Kane John 31 Lawrence av C HOlcott John S 16 Austin NvOlder Frederick C 542 Chestnut WOldfleld James 202 Auburndale av AuO'Leary Denis 55 Williston rd AuO'Leary Harold W 187 Moffat rd WOlen John C 58 Webster W NOliver Mary iL Miss 9 Forest N HOliver Warren W 93 Madison av NvO'Meara Henry 49 Priscilla rd C HOMeara Mary Mrs- 49 Priscilla rd C HO'Neil G A Mrs 846 Watertown W NOnthank Charles F 85 Waban Hill rd(North) C HOrdway Earl H 21 Fern AuOrdway Herbert I 111 Gibbs N COrdway Priscilla Miss 111 Gibbs N COrdway Warren 111 Gibbs N COrr Harry 34 Stearns N COrr Horace W 258 Mill NvOrr Samuel 46 Victoria circleOrr William J 11 Omar ter NvOsborne Frank R 35 Pleasant NOsborne William S 319 Cabot NvOsgood A W 612 Watertown NvOsgood C H 112 Woodbine AuOsgood Gladys C Mrs 103 Cypress N CO'Sullivan Dennis P 286 Cabot NvO'Sullivan Fred A 116 Harvard NvO'Sullivan Nora A Miss 286 Cabot NvOtis Charles H 24' Lincoln N HN COtis Pearl M Miss 24 Lincoln N HC

250 NEWTON BLUE BOOKOtterson Frank J 3 91 Auburndale avAuOtto Albert M 175 Brookline N COwen Clara Miss 58 Highland av NvOw,en Frances Miss 58 Highland av NvOwen George 36 HollisOwens Harry Bates 21 Walnut NvOwens Mary E Mrs 174 NewtonvilleAuOwens Mary G 14 Claflin pi NvOvington E J 16 Williston rd AuPackard Guy C 27 Brooks av NvPackard Roscoe M 229 Austin W NPadelford Frank W Rev 9 Allerton rdN HPadon Raymond 46 Pine Ridge rd WPage Charles A 1117 Boylston C HPage Charles D 116 JewettPage Dorothy Miss 11 Chesley rdPage Edward 144 Bigelow rd W NPage Emma A Miss 52 Page rd NvPage George A Jr 1117 Boylston C HPage Harrison P 195 Lowell av NvPage Miles G 25 Rowe AuPage Stacy W 970 Beacon N CPage W B Mrs 156 Woodward N HPage Wilbert A Mrs 11 Chesley rdPaige Harry W 156 Morton N CPaine F M Mrs 15 Kimball ter NvPaine John A 19 Exeter W NPaine N Emmons Dr 1640 WashingtonW N•Paine Sidney B 1 Bradford ct N CPaine W C 28 Walnut pi NvPaine Wilbur A 69 Webster pk W NPaine Wilfred 15 Kimball ter NvPainter Charles F Dr 78 Farlow rdPainter Whitfield 78 Farlow rdPalmer Albert 65 LombardPalmer Benjamin S Mrs 294 ChestnutW NPalmer Irving O 30 Highland av NvPalmer James R 44 Harrison N HPalmer Joseph N 65 LombardPalmer L G H 102 Parker N CPalmer Marjori.e C Miss 30 HighlandNvPalmer Stephen 65 LombardPalmer William W 352 Cabot NvPalmer Wilson 65 LombardPark A H 75 Madison av NvPark J Edgar Rev 3 Winthrop W NParker Albert 1875 Beacon WParker Charles S Dr 1047 Walnut N HParker Constance Miss 39 NonantumParker Ethelbert 21 Washington pk NvParker Fannie B Miss 42 Oxford rdN CParker George L Rev 168 Homer N CParker George Lincoln 39 NonantumParker Harold 39 Varick rd WParker Helen C Miss 42 Oxford rd N CParker Hope Miss 39 NonantumParker James A 573 Hammond C HParker John Earle 27 M.etacomet rdWParker Katherine Miss 85 Montvale rdN CParker Leroy L 868 Watertown W NParker Levi Dr 1047 Walnut N HParker Lewis C 29 Rowe AuParker Lillian C Miss 868 WatertownW NParker Pitt F. 271 BellevueParker Robert B 119 Crafts rd C HParker William E 97 Montvale rd N CParkhurst Norene Miss 114 Lowell avNvParkinson E'dward T 123 Rowe ter AuParks Francis IR 600 Beacon N CParks Frederic T 38 Devon rd N CParmelee Willis G 16 B.erwick rd N CParmenter Allan W 1665 Centre N HParris Roland O Dr 51 Holly rd WParsons Frederick 35 Kelveden rd WParsons Harriet Louise Miss 20 HammandC HParsons Herbert C 20 Hammond C HPartridge Albert 11 OakLeigh rdPascoe Stephen W 27 Sarg.entPascorelli John B 267 Com'lth av C HPatey H Philip 57 Grove Hill av NvPaton J A 96 Fair Oaks av NvPaton James H 613 California NvPatrick Henry B 64' Putnam W NPatrick Henry J Mrs 899 WashingtonNvPattee Richard 26 Hartford N HPatterson F A Mrs 39 Canterberry NHPatterson Frank 30 Lincoln N HPatterson Harvey S 100 Tvler ter NC

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 251Patterson James G 338 Central AuPatterson Josephine Miss 192 Grove AuPatterson Richard Mrs 192 Grove AuPatterson Richard J W 192 Grove AuPatterson Robert J 192 Grove AuPatterson Sidney L 192 Grove AuPatterson Wm S 192 Grove AuPatterson Winifred Miss 39 Canterberryrd N HPattison Willis E 27 Westbourne rd NCPatton Cornelius H Rev 261 FranklinPatton John Mrs 32 Fisher av N HPatton Margaret Miss 32 Fisher av NHPatton Misses The 261 FranklinPaul Frederick 1670 Washington W NPaul Harriett O Miss 1402 Centre N CPaul Irving C 66 Oxford rd N CPaul Luther Mrs 1402 Centre N CPaul Samuel B 18 Ripley ter N CPaxton James 19 Montvale rd N CPaxton Wm M 19 Montvale rd N CPayne Susi.e E Miss 131 Otis NvPayne William H 131 Otis NvPeabody Ellery 70 Temple W XPeabody Frank C Mrs 1601 Centre N HPeabody Gretchen Mrs 119 Waban avWPeabody Mildred Miss 119 Waban avWPeabody Walter B Mrs 119 Waban rdWPeakes Charles A 7 Walnut NvPeakes John S 69 Erie av N HPeakes Fred William Rev 40 Lincolnpk W NPearsall Harry E 9i Bishop's Gate rdN CPearson Alfred 73 Crescent av N CPearson Alice Ruth Miss 36 Billings pkPearson Arthur E 367 Otis W NPearson Arthur M 73 Crescent av N CPearson Chailes L Dr 106 WashingtonPearson Elsie Miss 73 Crescent av NCPearson Helen G Miss 146 Harvard NvPearson Henry G 140 Dudley rd N CPearson John W 132 ChurchPearson Lena H Miss 141 JewettPearson Margaret G Mrs 703 CentrePearson Nella J Miss 367 Otis W NPearson William H 367 Otis W NPeavey W F Mrs 44 Grafton N CPeavey iRalph A 101 Homer N CPeck Charles A 219 Com'lth av C HPeck E A C Mrs 266 Melrose AuPeckham Frank I 150 ChurchPeckham Joseph E 4 Rockledge rd NHPeebles Waldo C 166 Oakleigh rdPierce Carl 29 MarlboroPeirce Carl 93 E'ldredgePeirce Fred N 252 FranklinPeirce I Newton Mrs 252 FranklinPelham Thomas 5 Agawam rd WPeloubet Mary A Mrs 132 Woodlandrd AuPendergast Edward F 62 Elm W NPenney Loren W 213 Lincoln N HPepper Benjamin 27 Camden rd AuPercy LeRoy C 73 Warwick rd W NPerkins Abram Cutter 29 Wamesit rdWPerkins Caroline B Miss 258 MelroseAuPerkins Delia Miss 104 Webster W NPerkins Frederick 384 Ward N CPerkins Grace Miss 40 Hartford N HPerkins Harry D 155 Aspen av AuPerkins L Frank 186 Woodward WPerkins Percy I 89 Prospect W NPerlmutter W 487 Watertown NvPermar Bryan S 41 Crafts rd C HPerrin Glade T 45 Orient av N CPerrine Chester 50 ArlingtonPerry Clara A Mrs 88 Harvard NvPerry Edward G Mrs 978 WashingtonNvPerry Ethel N Miss 7 Bowers NvPerry Evelyn F Miss 4'3 Bracebridge rdN CPerry Florence E Miss 43 Bracebridgerd N CPerry Frederick C 430 Walnut NvPerry Frank B 53 Stearns N CPerry Grace L Miss 7 Bowers NvPerry Granville R 987 Washington NvPerry Henry A 20 Duffield rd AuPerry Howard L 700 Com'lth av N CPerry Howard P 700 Com'lth av N CPerry Jesse E 43 Bracebridge rd N CPerry John Richards 700 Com'lth avN C

252 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPerry J Winthrop 856 Watertown W NPerry Kate C Miss 91 Hunnewell avPerry Lena M Miss 91 Hunnewell avPerry Margaret L Miss 700 Com'lthav N CPerry Robert L 987 Washington NvPerry Viola C Mrs 7 Bowers NvPerry W F 25 Churchill NvPerson Grant H Rev 14 Hyde avPerson Wallace 3 Church rdPerson Carlton G 14 Hyde avPelonsky Frederick E 22 Woodward NHPeters Andrew Mrs 1487 WashingtonW NPeters Edward M 41 Com'lth av C HPeters G Edwin 26 Sterling W NPeters George E Mrs 59 Prince W NPeters Misses The 1487 WashingtonW NPeterschen Frank W 105 Grant av N CPeterson Charles H 155 Oakleigh rdPeterson Eldred M 32 ArlingtonPeterson Joachim 274 Melrose AuPeterson Karen K 111 Pleasant N CPeterson Sidney 42 VernonPettee Otis T Mrs 65 Waldorf rd N HPettigrew Alice Mrs 12 Irving N CPheiffer Augustas H 10 Ripley ter N CPhelps Maude R Mrs 33 Prince W NPhelps William B 480 Walnut NvPhelps William J 55 Ballard N CPhilbrick H C 1839 Washington AuPhilie Wilfred 69 Court NvPhillips Albert 6 BaldwinPhillips Eugene H 181 Langlev rd NCPhillips George H 181 Langley rd NCPhillips Henry B 36 Kimball ter NvPhillips Otis 50 Beacon C HPhillips S P 72 Oxford rd N CPhillips Wendell 29 Winona AuPhillips Wm L 24 Pilgrim rd WPhiloon Daniel L 160 Warren N CPhilpot Timothy L 19 RichardsonPhinney Alice L Mrs 46 ArlingtonPhippen E A 70 PembrokePhippen Mildred Miss 70 PembrokePhipps George G Rev 1193 Walnut N HPhipps George V 196 Kent rd WPickard Charles Dix 9 Hancock AuPickard George P 62 Maple AuPickard Greenleaf W 59 Dalton rd NCPickersgill Ernest 241 Walnut NvPickhardt Carl E 302 Highland av W NPierce Abner F 57 Circuit av N HPierce Arthur E 29 ElmwoodPierce Carl 749 Washington NvPierce Carlos Thornton 1081 CentreN CPierce Chester D 44 Rowe AuPierce Clara J L Mrs 21 Ashmont avWPierce Earl 85 Brookside av NvPierce Edwin W 138 Middlesex rd CHPierce Frank W 291 BellevuePierce George A 83 Pleasant N CPi,erce George A Mrs 1081 Centre NCPierce George E 192 Nehoiden rd WPierce Helen M Miss 192 Nehoiden rdWPierce Henry Carleton 136 Eliot av WNPierce Herbert F 136 Eliot av W NPierce Hubert W 575 Watertown NvPierce Lewis 21 Winona AuPierce Mabel E Miss 47 Forest N HPierce Nathan E 192 Nehoiden rd WPierce P Lincoln 237 Mill NvPierce Ralph E 29 ElmwoodPierce Richard H 462 Walnut NvPierce Ruth B Miss 57 Circuit av N HPierce Ruth E Miss 575 Watertown NvPierce Stuart 376 Newtonville av NvPierson Arthur F 480 Albermarle rdNvPigeaud J W 12 Carlton rd WPigeon Wm J 260 Lake av N HPike Wm E 26 Islington av AuPillman D E Miss 61 Prescott NvPillman Emanuel F 61 Prescott NvPillsbury William Forrest 22 Berwickrd N CPinkham Henry B 11 CopleyPinkham Henry S 11 CopleyPinkham Louise K Miss 11 CopleyPinkham Maria Mrs 42 RichardsonPipes Luther W 130 Lincoln N HPiper Ralph C 158 Hobart rd N CPiser Theodore H 155 Moffat rd W

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 253Pitfijeld H E Mrs 65 Forest N HPitman Samuel Mrs 951 WashingtonNvPlace Edwin H Dr 286 Highland W NPlace Herman R 835 Watertown W NPlant Wm F 130 FranklinPlimpton Henry R 2d 11 Oxford rd N CPlimpton John A 11 Oxford rd N CPlimpton Louise Miss 131 Sumner N GPlimpton Theodore A 131 Sumner NCPlouff Fred H 88 Manet rd C HPlumer Leonidas N 992 Beacon N CPlumer Wm B 992 Beacon N CPlumer Wm H 992 Beacon N CPlummer Arthur S 441 Lexington AuPlummer Fred 155 Woodland rd AuPlummer William E 155 Woodland rdAuPluta Vincent A 130 IRowe ter AuPohlman Herman A 397 Linwood avPorter Misses The 17 Woodward N HPorter Ruth H Miss 41 Pelham N CPorter Sidney R 18 Tarleton rd N CPorter Wm E 188 ChurchPorter Wilson S 12 Morton N CPotter Andrew B 398 Waltham W NPotter Clifford E 962 Centre N CPotter E C 38 Ballard N CPotter Earle Reve 176 Langley rd NCPotter Elizabeth A Miss 398 WalthamW NPotter Fred W 86 ParkPotter Frederick T 962 Centre N CPotter Helen Miss 414 Waltham W N"Potter John A 414 Waltham W NPotter Kate Miss 74 Walnut pkPowell Charles S 157 Lincoln N HPowell Louise Marie Miss 157 LincolnN HPowell Vivian I Miss 157 Lincoln N HNvPowell Wm B 39 Essex rd CHPolhemus Abraham 18 Moreland avN CPollack Charles H 41 Brooks av NvPoison Mabel E Miss 7 ArlingtonPomeroy Home 24 HoveyPomroy M T Mrs 260 Com'lth av C HPond G Fred 350 Auburndale av AuPond Lucius W 41 Mossfield rd WPoole Edmund A Mrs 286 Waverly avPoole Ellsworth 35 Ware rd AuPoole George B 23 Woodman rd C HPoor Harris O 100 Valentine W NPope Clinton M Dr 87 Bowdoin N HPope Edward W 134 Hunnewell avPope Emma L Miss 30 Orient av N CPope Enoch L Mrs 30 Orient av N CPope Ethel M Miss 345 Crafts NvPope Frank G 55 Ashton av N CPope Frank H 43 Newell rd AuPope Lillie W Miss 30 Orient av N CPope Nathan O 87 Bowdoin N HPope T E 345 Crafts NvPorter Edith G Miss 18 Tarleton rd NCPorter Emma E Miss 137 Langley rdN CPorter Ernest Mrs 137 Langley rd N CPorter F A Miss 307 Cabot NvPorter Jesse S Mrs 17 Woodward N HPorter Lizzie M Miss 27 HollisPower Theresa V Miss 36 Lowell avNvPowers Charles P 18 Chase N CPowers Dorothy M Mrs 48 Braelandav N CPowers Harry Huntington Dr VernonCourt Hotel 430 CentrePowers James W 19 Woodbine AuPowers Leland 107 Hobart rd N CPowers Mary A Mrs 153 Walnut NvPowers Samuel L 96 ArlingtonPratt A Stuart 73 Highland W NPratt Abner Kingman 129 Gibbs N CPratt Alfred L 67 Fisher av N HPratt Alfred S 1619 Centre N HPratt Alice M Miss 198 Walnut NvPratt Charles P 100 Harvard NvPratt Clifford H 155 Waverly avPratt Daniel S Jr 150 Hunnewell avPratt D M 19 Parker N CPratt Esther Chase Miss 129 Gibbs NCPratt Frank C Mrs 1203 Centre N CPratt Frederick S 87 Highland W NPratt George 144 Gibbs N CPratt George E 77 PembrokePratt Helen Kingman 129 Gibbs N CPratt Herbert G 100 BellevuePratt Julia D Mrs 77 Montval,e rd N C

ore 54 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPratt L Mortimer Jr 33 Kingsbury rdC HPratt Louis Mortimer 46 Suffolk rdC HPratt Mabel S Miss 73 Highland W NPratt Misses The 129 Gibbs N CPratt Misses The 71 Woodland rd AuPratt Norman P 223 'Grant av AuPray Dorothy Miss 77 WashingtonPray Frank Wendell 77 Kirkstall rd NvPray Samuel 77 WashingtonPrebble D Harry 9 BaldwinPreble Frank L 62 Ash AuPrescott Albert George 27 Chester NHPrescott C B Mrs 764 CentrePrescott John R 271 Crafts NvPrescott Misses The 271 Crafts NvPrice Ralph 415 Albermarle rd NvPrice William 25 Page rd NvPrice Wilson P 9 ArlingtonPride Edward W 67 Temple W NPriest John F 239 Woodland rd AuPriest Wesley Mrs 47 HollisPrince Effie Miss 97 Washington' pkNvPringle Ella Miss 11 Austin NvPrior Andrew 371 Cherry W NPrior Fred 4 Monadnock rd C HPrior Fred W 354 Wolcott AuProctor Benjamin 61 Islington rd AuProctor Emma A Mrs 72 Fisher av NHProctor Frederick E 20 Trowbridge avNvProctor iRoger B 20 Trowbridge av NvProctor Thomas W 23 Hammond C HProudfoot George Mrs 15 Maple pk NCProudfoot Worcester 15 Maple pk N CProut Henry B 62 Circuit rd C HProuty Homer F 63 Nehoiden rd WProvan Henry W 27 Allerton rd N HPry Fredric S 1150 Walnut N HPry Ruth I Miss 1150 Walnut N HPuckey Alfred L Mrs 258 Melrose AuPudsey John R 731 Beacon N CPuffer Albert L 30 Groveland AuPuffer Dexter R Mrs 198 Mt Vernon WNPuffer S E Mrs 30 Groveland Aubuffer William L 198 Mt Vernon W NPullen W L 382 Ward N CPullman James Henry 199 Hunn.ewellterPurdy Arthur T 67 Court NvPurdy B C Miss 49 Pelham N CPurdy Harvey W 67 Court NvPurdy John A 743 Washington NvPurdy William H 2 Beach NvPurple Harry J 110 Parker N CPushee John E 159 Prince W NPutnam Albert E Mrs 1482 WashingtonW NPutnam Frank W Dr 103 Webster pkW NPutnam Franklin Delano 215 TempleW NPutnam George W 109 VernonPutnam N M Mrs 79 Woodward N HPutnam Paul G 26 Walnut pi NvPutnam P E Mrs 941 Washington NvPutnam Reginald F 1482 WashingtonW NPutney E'dward W Major 15 Camdenrd AuPyle Edwin W 114 Farlow rdQuartz James 93 NonantumQuick Charles A 186 Pleasant N CQuigley Bernice R Miss 197 Walnut NvQuigley Lewis IR 197 Walnut NvQuimby Arthur D 220 Lowell av NvQuinby Theodore E 134 Upland rd WQuinby William 372 Cabot NvQuincy G K Mrs 230 Walnut NvQuinlan Edwin F 2 Beach NvQuinn Charles E 43 Stearns N CQuinn J,ennie Miss 43 Central av NvQuinn Patrick 104 Harvard NvQuinn Thomas A 10 Columbus ter N HRackliffe John B Mrs 122 ShorneclifferdRadway Wm S 103 Com'lth av C HRafter J B Mrs 37 Crystal N CRafter Justina C Miss 37 Crystal N CRaines Richard W 32 HollisRamee James P 22 Warwick rd W NRamsbottom J G 86 Com'lth av C HRamsdell Alice Miss 50 Brooks av NvRamsdell Edwin E Mrs 279 TremontRamsdell Rufus E 279 Tr.emontRamsden George E 187 Auburndale avAuRamsey F Wallace 41 Aberdeen N H

NEWTON BLUE BOOK o; )0* Ramseyer Arthur F 156 Hammond C HRand Abbie M Miss 247 Austin W NRand George D Mrs 52 Grove AuRand James H 518 Walnut NvRand Joseph C 31 Park,er N CRand Monroe C 48 Oakwood rd NvRand N Louise Dr 247 Austin W NRand Waldron H 139 Gibbs N CRand William B 31 Parker N CRand William H 247 Austin W NRandall George M 228 Pleasant N CRandlett Clarence W Capt 201 SumnerN CRandlett Walter B 63 Bowen N CRandolph Jacob H 30 Tarleton rd N CRanlett Frederick J 357 Central AuRansom Edward M Mrs 124 NewtonvilleavRatcliffe Alice Lea Miss 284 FranklinRatcliffe Frank H 15 Rice N CRatcliffe Helen Miss 284 FranklinRatcliffe Marion L Miss 284 FranklinRatcliffe Wm L Mrs 284 FranklinRathgeber Hubert A 991 WashingtonNvRatsey Misses The 73 Seminary av AuRatsey W J Mrs 73 Seminary av AuRausch William A 40 Harvard NvRawlings John Nixon 162 Grove AuRawson George A 41 VernonRawson George E 22 MarlboroRay Calesta Miss SO Madison av NvRay Herbert L 81 Forest N HRaymond Anna A Miss 71 Montvalerd N CRaymond Grace B Miss 71 Montvale rdN CRaymond Harry E 18 Eliot av W NRaymond Mary L Miss 71 Montvale rdN CRaymond Robert F Judge 71 Montvalerd N CRaymond Robert F Jr 71 Montvale rdN CRayner Arthur W 137 Lake av N CRayner James E 18 Bowdoin N HRead Charles E Jr 2033 Com'lth av AuRead Edith B Miss 17 Paul N CRead Ethel A Miss 17 Paul N CRead Henry H 17 Paul N CReardon Hannah A Miss 59 Lowell avNvReardon John A 59 Lowell av NvReay John O 21 Allerton rd N HRechel George W 96 Beaumont av NvRedfield Walton S 17 Somerset rd WNRedman H Stewart 28 Eliot av W NRedmond Carlton S 14 Hartford N HRedmond George F 227 Temple W NRedmond William W Mrs 42 Elgin N CRedpath Mary B Mrs 16 Islington rdAuReece Franklin A 7 Pine Ridge C HReece Karl W P 11 Simpson ter NviReed Arthur G 20 Lowell av NvReed Barbara Miss 371 Waltham W NReed Charles A 23 NonantumReed Charles W 39 Adella av W NReed Chester N 134 Eliot av W NReed Dorothy M Miss 52 Rockledge retN HReed Ernest C 51 Davis av W NReed Fred L 93 Beaumont av NvReed Henry B 360 Central AuReed Herbert A Dr 371 Waltham W NReed James H 1100 Boylston C HReed Oscar S 35 Ware rd AuReed Theodore M 94 Madison av NvReed Theodore W 360 Central AuReed Wm R 52 Rockledge rd N HReeves Floyd C 65 Forest N H *Reeve Frederick A Rev 134 HunnewellavRegan John P 89 Erie av N HReid B Elizabeth Mrs 52 Algonquin rdC H .Reid Chester L 52 Algonquin rd C HReid Donald A 205 ChurchReid Eleanor Miss 205 ChurchReid Frederick R 205 ChurchReid Henry G Mrs 205 ChurchReid Marjorie Miss 205 ChurchReid Marietta Putnam Dr 457 CentreReid R A Dr 36 Hyde aviReid Wm D Dr 78 Waverly avReid Wm H 52 Algonquin rd C HReinhardt George F 54 Waban av WReinoehl Irene Miss 77 Islington rd AuReinoehl John K Mrs 77 Islington rdAuRemer C E 15 Groveland AuRemick Frank E 3 Bradford ct N CRemick Frank W 34 Exeter W N

25(5 NEWTON BLUE BOOKRemick George A 14 Rice N CRemick Harriet E Miss 3 Bradford ctN CRemick Wm F 3 Bradford ct N CRemington Augustus J 39 Washingtonpk NvResor Walter G 99 Crafts rd C HReurs John H 39 Elm rd NvRetan Fred S 29 Forest av W NReynolds Alice G Miss 14 Bowdoin XHReynolds Bergen G 70 Maple AuReynolds D.eane S 41 RichardsonReynolds Donald 14 Bowdoin N HReynolds Elmer L 25 Rioyce rd N CRevnolds George L Jr 32 Carlton rdWReynolds George W 14 Bowdoin N HReynolds Gladys Miss 103 Court NvReynolds H Carlton 32 Carlton rd WReynolds. Howard G 15 Grove Hill pkNvReynolds Joseph A 54 Ballard N CReynolds Mary Miss 54 Ballard N CReynolds Minnie Miss 103 Court NvReynolds Thomas F 54 Ballard N CRhind Ernest T 21 Washington pk NvRhoades Henry E Lieut Com 53 MarshallN CRhodes Gordon H 1647 Beacon WRice 95 Prince W NRice A D 78 Walker NvRice Abbott Barnes 106 N CRice Dorothy G Miss 179 Moffat rd WRice E S 65 Parker N CRice Ella M Miss 179 Moffat rd WRice Emma I Mrs 116 Waverly avRice George P 62 Parker N CRice Grace Felton Mrs 203 ChestnutW NRice Hallie A 11 Ardmore ter W NRice Lawrence B 106 Sumner N CRice M F Mrs 206 Waban av WRice Margaret Miss 21 Trinity ter NCRic,e Oscar R 206 Waban av WRice Willard W 106 Sumner N CRice William 23 Dale NvRice William H 21 Trinity ter N CRich Alfred B 15 Ardmore rd W NRich Benjamin S 6 ChanningRich Bradlee D 193 Gi'bbs N CRich Burt M 337 WashingtonRich George N Mrs 6 BaldwinRich Henry A 193 Gibbs N CRich S B Miss 20 SargentRich William C 43 Walnut NvRich Wm T 20 Sarg,entRich Wm T Jr 20 SargentRichards Albert 297 Cabot NvRichards Albin L 34 Collins rd WRichards Carroll H 142 Moffat rd WRichards Dominick H 285 Bellevue 'Richards Donald L 257 Prince W NRichards Dorothy Miss 257 Prince WNRichards Edwin Mitchell 350 ChestnutW NRichards James F Mrs 39 WoodwardN HRichards James L 257 Prince W NRichards James L 47 Kirkstall rd NvRichards Raymond W Mrs 257 PrinceW NRichards Winfi f eld S 331 Lake av N HRichardson C A Mrs 17 Claflin pi NvRichardson Carrie E Mrs 243 Otis W NRichardson Charlotte B Miss 382 HammondC HRichardson Daniel F 12 WillardRichardson Edgar 983 Washington NvRichardson Frank L Dr 164 Highlandav NvRichardson Frank L 245 Woodwayl WRichardson George F 14 Marshall NCRichardson George F Jr 50 Marshall NCRichardson J Guy 87 Waban pkRichardson John Mrs 382 HammondC H*Richardson Louisa C Miss 382 HammondC HRichardson Lydia A Miss 983 WashingtonNvRichardson Nicholas 81 Prescott NvRichardson Walter D 31 Clyde NvRichardson Walter N 46 Walker NvRichardson William A 228 Highlandav W NRichardson William Cummings 109Highland av NvRichmond Henry P 63 Monadnock rdC H

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 257Richmond Wallace E 77 Otis NvRichmond Wallace E Jr 77 Otis NvRick A W 19 Columbus N HRicker Daniel 327 Wolcott AuRideout Edith Miss 24' Pleasant N CRider Elizabeth A Miss 36 Islington rdAuRider Henry Orne 36 Islington rd AuRid,er J F 2212 Com'lth av AuRidge Samuel B 17 Morton N CRidgeway Joseph T 21 Eastbourne NCRier James R 371 Ch,erry W NRighter Lincoln 96 Dexter rd NvRiley Charles A Or 254 Com'lth av C HRiley Charles E 93 RellevueRiley Francis B 4 Bradford rd N HRiley Herbert S 60 Brookside av NvRil,ey John E 12 Putnam W NRiley Mabel Louise Miss 93 BellevueRiley Margaret Miss 142 Middlesex rdC HRiley Phil M 80 Manamet rd N CRimbach M B Mrs 147 Crafts NvRindge Wellington 1717 Beacon WRiordan Daniel F 370 Cherry W NRipley H M Mrs 3 Ashton av N CRipl,ey Hubert G 36 Birch Hill rd NvRipley Wm Z Prof 38 Bracebridge rdN CRising Frederick C 84 Parker N CRising William D 43 Parker N CRitchie James H 34 Hancock av N CRivinius George F 3.02 Nehoiden rd WRobart Henry W 19 ArlingtonRobart Wm A 7 ArlingtonRobb E Donald 30 Grov.e Hill av NvRobbins Alfred N 487 ParkRobbins Chester M 2 Windermere rdAuRobbins Donald G 19* Ridge rd WRobbins Henry A 212 Chestnut W NRobbins Henry C 89 Dorset rd WRobbins Henry W 112 Moffat rd W .Roberson Harry F 57 Rowe AuRoberts George N 56 Pine Ridge rd WRoberts J Pearl 14.1 Webster W NRoberts Joshua S 141 Webster W NRoberts Leonard G 80 Highland av NvRoberts Vincent P 246 Beacon C HRobertson Charles Bertram 268 MelroseAuRobertson Hugh J 281 Prince W NRobertson Jean Miss 710 Com'lth av NCRobertson John B 126 Charles AuRobertson Mary J Mrs 16 Page rd NvRobertson Wilson M 32 Windermere rdAuRobinson Archie T 56 Woodcliff rd N-HRobinson Birn r ey A Mrs 74 Page rd NvRobinson Dorris P Miss 12 Kimball terNvRobinson Dwight W 5 Adella av W NRobinson E Arthur 132 Central AuRobinson Eliot H Mrs 54 Lakewood rdN HRobinson Frank 2077 Com'lth av AuRobinson Franklin E 19 ApplegarthN CRobinson Frederick D 57 Grafton N CRobinson G W 204 Homer N CRobinson George H 12 Kimball ter NvRobinson Gertrude Miss 19 ApplegarthN CRobinson Harold T 643 Watertown NvRobinson Harold W 11 Waverly avRobinson Harriet A Miss 230 WalnutNvRobinson Harr^ette W Mrs 11 WaverlyavRoibinson John H Mrs 38 RichardsonRobinson Katherine Miss 19 ApplegarthN CRobinson Leah A Mrs 24" Plainfield WRobinson M A Miss 11 Kewadin rd WRobinson Miner 51 Park avRobinson Nellie E Miss 307 Cabot NvRobinson IR; B Mrs 169 WashingtonRobinson Sumner 9 Burnham rd W NRobinson Wm J 56 Woodcliff rd N HRobinson Winslow D 10 Hyde N HRobison John L 158 Newtonville avRobson Bertha V Miss 221 Crafts NvRobson Gertrude E Miss 221 CraftsNvRobson Joseph B 221 Crafts NvRoche Lawrence P 173 Woodland rdAuRockefeller John D 235 Melrose AuRockford Edward Farnum 59 Lakewoodrd N HRockwell C P 116 Aspen av Au

258 NEWTON BLUE BOOKRodden Robert K 36 Irving N CRodman E L Mrs 63 Hartford N HRodman Francis C 16 Delmore rd N HRoe Ira S 1891 Beacon WRoeder W H 59 New.ell rd AuRogers Alfred P Dr 10 Monadnock rdC HRogers Edwin H 105 Temple W NRogers Harry R 327 Cabot NvRogers Howard L 34 Spooner rd C HRogers Joseph F 20 Churchill NvRogers Leon B 28 Lenox W NRogers Lucian W Rev 381 HammondC HRog.ers M Horatio 381 Hammond C HRogers Misses The 4 HoveyRogers Misses The 566 CentreRogers Rupert 67 Prescott NvRogers William H 78 Page rd NvRogers Wm H 841 Com'lth av N CRolfe Charles W Mrs 49 Clyd,e NvRolfe Mary L Miss 49 Clyde NvRollins Alice Miss 457 WashingtonRollins John L 15 Magnolia avRollins Montgomery 481 Hammond CHRollins Sally Miss 481 Hammond C IIRoman J J 188 Com'lth av C HRomkey J Aubrey 41 Highland W NRoof Antoinette Miss 1821 WashingtonAuRoope George W 5 Birch Hill rd NvRoot A Barnard Jr 138 Collins rd WRoot Louis R 11 Central av NvRoot Sheldon E 15 Churchill ter NvRoper Jos,eph Welwood 25 Walnut piNvRoquemore John D Mrs 122 Temple WNRoquemore Katherine Miss 122 TempleW NRoquemore Richard D 122 Temple WNRose Edward 386 Com'lth av C HRose Ethel Miss '210 BellevueRose Florence A Miss 210 BellevueRose Helen F Miss 210 BellevueRosenfeld Leo S 26 Dorset rd WRoss Alma Miss-1200 Walnut N HRoss C E A Dr 399 Cherry W NRoss Charles R Rev 440 Newtonvilleav NvRoss Donald J 1032 Beacon N CRoss Eleanor Mrs 370 Austin W NRoss Frederick W 24 Allerton rd N HRoss Gertrude Miss 765 Walnut N CRoss Gladys Miss 765 Walnut N CRoss Harry B 1874 Com'lth av AuRoss Hugh E J19 Com'lth av C HRoss H Wilson 765 Walnut N CRoss Joseph B 60 Greenwood av W NRoss Lottie A Mrs 17 Pulsifer NvRoss Louis S 414 Walnut NvRoss M F Mrs 24' Allerton rd N HRoss Ronald 76 BenningtonRosset Frederick D M 69 Pelham N CRottler .Reuben I 4 Columbus ter N HRounds Frank I 131 Prince W NRounds Horace A 51 Highland W NRowbotham George B 25 Kenmore NCRowe Charlotte I Mrs 692 Com'lth avN CRowe Fannie K Mrs 2 Bradford ct N CRowe Frederick J 774 Watertown W NRowe Hartley 184 Gibbs N CRowe Henry K 32 Oxford rd N CRowe Howard K 32 Oxford rd N CRowe Isaac S 18 Ripley N CRowe Laura B Miss 692 Com'lth av NCRowe Fannie B 692 Com'lth av N CRowe Thomas A Mrs 18 Ripley N CRow^ Thomas H 57 Davis av W NRowe William V 1523 Centre N HRowley H Esmond 20 Devon rd N CRowley Leonard W 26 Loring N CRoyal James V 457 WashingtonRoyce Anna C Miss 19 Putnam W NRoyce Charles A 19 Putnam W NRoyce Charles Walter 386 Wolcott AuRoyce Harrison S 386 Wolcott AuRoys A Edwin 11 Royce rd N CRuby E H Mrs 16 Hyde N HRuby Edward H 21 Saxon rd N HRuby John Mrs 17 Aberdeen N HRudd Tracey A 51 Lake av N CRuddick John J 95 Webster pk W NRuddick Lillian Miss 95 Webster pkW NRue Robert L Rev 40 BridgeRugg Edward H 36 Roslyn rd W

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 259Rune Harvey C Mrs 268 Prince W NRuhe Helen Miss 268 Prince W NRinter Eunice Miss 252 FranklinRumrill Frank 40 Lake av N CRumrill Helen E Miss 190 Walnut NvRundlett Earl C 1489 Centre N HRushmore Stephen Dr 95 Dudley rd NCRuss Ernest F 31 Loring N CRuss Percy Plummer 21 HoveyRussell Alfred M 603 California NvRussell Arthur M 21 Washburn av AuRussell Charles H 30 Pelham N CRussell Frank V 73 Washington pk NvRussell George J 6 JeffersonRussell Hiram F Mrs 49 Pelham N CRussell J Porter 40 Shorn,ecliffe rdRussell IRichard H 24 Knowles N CRussell T F 32 Brae Burn rd AuRussell Wilbur 140 Sumner N CRussell William G 24' Dale NvRust Albert C 41 Aberdeen N HRust Donald E 147 Highland av NvRust Edgar C 55 Devon C HRust Eugene Mrs 98 Kirkstall rd NvRust Frederick W 98 Kirkstall rd NvRyan Charles J 96 Harvard NvRyan Elizabeth M Mrs 468 Albermarlerd NvRyan Katherine Miss 108 Cherry W NRyan Peter W 96 Harvard NvRyan Thomas L 96 Harvard NvRyan Wm J 9 EldredgeRyan William W Rev 478 Waltham WNRyder Charles W 525 Walnut NvRyder Everett T 500 CentreRydjer Hannah G Mrs 14 Oak Ridge AuRyder Harriet Miss 93 Bowdoin N HRyder Vernon Dr 3 Ransom rd N CRyel Ma'bel G Miss 49 Ballard N CRylander Thor A 103 Hancock AuRyther Leon E 90 Erie av N HSabine Charles W Jr 360 Hammond-CHSabine Charles W 3d 360 Hammond CHSabine Martha Miss 360 Hammond CHSadler Eva M Miss 63 Cr,escent av NCSadler Frank B 63 Crescent av N CSadler Frank W 63 Crescent av N CSafford Arthur T 40 Sewall W NSage Charles D Mrs 21 Sumner N CSagendorph G A 476 Heath C HSagendorph Marion Miss 476 Heath CHSagendorph Robert 476 Heath C HSt Amant George W 24 Hawthorne avAuSt Coeur Edward J 61 MarlboroSt George Emery 74 Harvard NvSt Johns Industrial School 601 WinchesterN HSt Lawrence Clarenc,e A 263 Waban avWSalinger Alex D 25 Prospect av NvSalles Frederick M Jr 1008 Beacon NCSalmon George A 999 Walnut N HSalter Jackson 155 Aspen av AuSalter Richard J 69 Nehoid,en rd WSaltonstall E P 245 Chestnut Hill rd CHSaltonstall Eleanor Miss 256 ChestnutHill rd C HSaltonstall Elizabeth Miss 24'5 ChestnutHill rd C HSaltonstall Leverett 224 Chestnut Hillrd C HSaltonstall Muriel Miss 256 ChestnutHill rd C HSaltonstall Richard 256 Chestnut Hillrd C HSaltonstall Richard M 256 ChestnutHill rd C HSampson Charles H 22 Ardmor

260 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSanders Leslie B 973 Centre N CSanders Leslie B Jr 973 Centre N CSanders Richard S 208 Parker N CSanderson Eva Miss 66 Davis av W NSanderson Judson B 66 Davis av W NSanderson Leslie 56 Hartford N HSanderson William A 59 Eliot W NSanderson William E 360 Dedham'NHSandholzer J C Mrs 44 Rossmere NvSandholzer Margaret L Miss 44 RossmereNvSandlin Guyrus M 15 Cheswick rd AuSands Allen 9 Warren ter N CSands Edward C 24 Orchard N CSands Hazel R 24 Orchard N CSands Mildred Miss 9 Warren ter N CSanford Dorothy Miss 1564 Beacon WSanford Fred G 292 Lake av N HSanjendorph Robert H 476 Heath C H;Sanger Charles S 36 Canterbury rdN HSanger Nellie Mrs 36 Canterberry rdN HSantouosso Joseph 122 College rd C HSargent Albert A 83 Agawam rd WSargent Frank L 30 Churchill NvSargent Horace S 298 Central AuSargent L M 132 Middlesex rd C HSargent Lester J 278 Melrose AuSargent Sidney B Dr 15 Perkins W NSargent Victoria H Mrs 384 BeaconC Hgargent Wm 4- 1 Monadnock rd C HSartwell J J 15 Eliot av W NSaner Daniel 37 Boylston rd N HSaunders George W 46 Washington pkNvSavage Edward J 24 Bowdoin N HSavage George A 15 Beach NvSaville Wm 126 Windsor rd WSavoy Edward E 37 Williston rd AuSawin Charles A 8 Devon ter N CSawtelle Mary S Mrs 52 Page rd NvSawyer Annie Miss 6 JeffersonSawyer C A 86 Waban av WSawyer Charles H 26 Boylston rd N HJ5awyer Doris E Miss 457 CentreSawyer Edwin F 52 EldredgeSawyer Frank L 40 Lincoln pk W NSawyer Fred S 37 Fairfax W NSawyer Gordon B 352 Waltham W NSawyer Harrison H Mrs 81 Washburnav AuSawyer Harry S 55 Bow^n N CSawyer Henry C 46 Floral N HSawyer Herbert G 1122 Centre N CSawyer Hollis H 457 CentreSayford Samuel M 42 Hyde avSayles Robert Wilcox 263 Hammond CHScates Walter R 64 Fairmont avSchaschk^ Frederick G Mrs 69 PrinceW NSchaschke H W 77 Page rd NvScheehl Walter H 33 Windermere rdAuSchell Roy 9 Baldwin,Schenck Garrett 47 SargentScherer Gaston A 33 BellevueSchermerhorn Edgar O 169 WashingtonSchermerhorn Helen Miss 169 WashingtonSchermerhorn Horace 169 WashingtonSchipper Carl F 47 Trowbridge av NvSchipper Frederick G 63 Page rd NvSchirmer Charles G 59 Wachusett rdC HSchirmer Cyrus T 25 Wachusett rd CHSchirmer Frank A 332 Com'lth av CHSchirmer R,ens E 15 Duncklee N HSchmeltz Wm S 49 Collins rd WSchmidt Henry D 57 Old Colony rd CHSchmidt William 54 Grove Hill pk NvSchneider Ben 19 Hawthorne av AuSchoenfield Henry 15 Clark N CSchoenfield Roslyn L Miss 15 Clark NCSchofield Frank P 18 VernonSchofleld Parker F 49 Bow.ers NvSchraff Georga F 66 Kirkstall rd NvSchreiner L Irving 11 Rockledge rd NHSchroder John G 305 Lake av N HSchroot Cornelia Mrs 501 Dudlev rdN CSchult Emil F 123 Otis NvSchult Olga N Miss 123 Otis NvSchultz Christian 303 Cabot Nv

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 261Schweinfurth Julius W 144 Middlesexrd C HSchw^r Charles C 628 Watertown NvSchworer M B Miss 215 Brookline N CScipione Charles 146 Walnut NvScofield Henry B 224 Newtonville avScofield Harry C 402 Newtonville avNvScott Albert L 30 ChaseScott Charles 50 Margin W NScott E iL Mrs 204 Austin NvScott George 1530 Beacon W TScott Irving O 189 BellevueScott Jane Mrs 122 Rowe ter AuScott J Mansfield 204 Austin NvScott Whittemore 1530 Beacon WScott Willard F 1530 Beacon WScott William 30 Chesley rdScovell Clinton Harner 281 ParkScoviHe David 305 Cabot NvScribner Ralph 140 Newtonville ayScudder Charles M 279 Com'lth av CHScudder Daniel Mrs 25 Fairfax W NScudder Gwendolyn Miss 279 Com'lthav C HScudder Maud C Miss 25 Fairfax W NSeagram Margaret Mrs 85 Auburn AuSeagram Wm H 85 A.uburn AuSearl Lillian G 11 HollisSears Charles H 450 Crafts W NSears Frederick M Dr 205 Homer N CSears Harold C 15 Circuit rd C HSears Sherman N 2011 Beacon WSears W Harrington 43 Judkins NvSearway Francis 1100 Boylston N HSearway Francis L 19 Dickerman rdN HSeaver John F 112 Hyde N HSeaver Joshua Mrs 112 Hvde N HSeaver Martha Miss 39 Pine Ridge W H Mrs 355 Walnut NvSeaverns Daniel 12 Billings pkSeavey Albert G 70 Page rd NvSeccomb Dorothy B Miss 126 ChurchSeccomb Eben D 126 ChurchSeccomb Edward O 126 ChurchSederquist Arthur B 27 Cheswick rdAuSedgley Alton R 23 Webster W NSedgwick John S Mrs 21 Floral N HSedgwick Mabel J Miss 21 Floral N HSedlmaier Marie L Mrs 71 Elmhurst rdSedlmaier Misses The 71 Elmhurst rdSeeley Augustus B 70 Carlton rd WSeeley Elisha B 863 Com'lth av N CSeigious Grenville B 36 Aberdeen N HSeigious William B 36 Aberdeen N HSeiler Andrew 15 Eastbourne rd N CSeiler Charlotte Mrs 15 Eastbourne rdN CSeiler Irving L 12 Nottingham rd N CSelden Charles A R 5 Park pi NvSellman John H 38 Beechcroft rdSelloy Samuel 221 Grove AuSemple James D 1326 Centre N CS.enter Arthur W 95 Pleasant N CSenter Irving M 74 Circuit av N HSenter Karl W 95 Pleasant N CSeward Olive Miss 75 Brookside av NvShafer H G 60 Oxford rd N CShales Alfred 24 Somerset rd WShannon Arthur H 75 Homer N CShannon Francis O 173 Lincoln N HShannon Gwendolyn Miss 75 Homer NCShannon Parker J 173 Lincoln N HShapleigh Thomas W 31 Duncklee N HSharp Emily E Mrs 23 Waverly avSharp Henry W 12 Barnes rdSharp Walter 23 Waverly av,Sharpe Andrew Y 25 Bradford rd N IISharpe Mildred Miss 25 Bradford N HSharratt Walter B 277 WashingtonShattuck Benjamin F 39 Hillside avW NSbaw Arthur Lasalle 54 Crescent avN C (Shaw Bracklev Mrs 120 Middlesex rdC HShaw Carlton L 3 Braemore rdShaw Ellen Mrs 21 Gray Cliff rd N CShaw Everett 231 Mill NvShaw Fred 20 Maple pk N CShaw Henry Southworth 78 CypressN CShaw John B 39 Central ter AuShaw Madeline Miss 231 Mill NvShaw Robert G 777 Dedham N HShaw Wye 66 BenningtonShea A G 428 Walcott AuShea Marie Mrs 210 Upland rd NvShed Albert G 306 Lake av N H

26: NEWTON BLUE BOOKShed L J F Mrs 306 Lake av N HShed Margaret Sumner Miss 38 Ridgeav N CShed William E 38 Ridge av N CShedd Harold W Dr 32 Madison av NvSheehan Thomas R 61 Davis av W NSheldon Alfred Trundy 32 Farlow rdSheldon Henry C Prof 383 Cherry WNSheldon Frank M 32 Farlow rdShiland E J 156 Carlton rd WShelley Albert C 67 Beaumont av NvShelton Wilbur N 355 Cabot NvShepard Frank C 132 Algonquin rd CHShepard Frederic C 118 Windermere rdAuShepard Frederick J Mrs 398 WolcottAuShepard Frederick J Jr 398 WolcottAuShepard George W Mrs 22 Central AuShepard John L 117 Homer N CShepard Jonas E 132 Algonquin rd CHShepard Spencer W 117 Homer N CShepherd Ella E B Miss 47 ParkShepler Joseph M Rev 85 Washingtonpk NvSheraton Robert L 197 Mt Vernon WNSheridan George W 1463 Beacon WSheridan M Mrs 223 ChurchSherman Abbie L I Miss 121 Suffolkrd C HSherman A Lester 61 Erie av N HSherman Frank Morton Dr 11 Fairview• ter W NSherman F S Mrs 567 Watertown NvSherman George G 126 Lincoln N HSherman George N B 93 Floral N HSherman Harold D 321 Crafts NvSherman James H 7 Washington pkNvSherman John P R 124 VernonSherman Leighton R 567 WatertownNvSherman Lillie L Miss 7 Washingtonpk NvSherman Misses The 430 CentreShine A J 66 Austin NvSholley Sidney L 85 Madison av NvShore Alfred 395 Lexington AuShore Edwin W 395 Lexington AuShort Henry C 81 Carlton rd WShowier John W 876 Watertown W NShrouds Charles F 62 Dalton rd X CShumway Harold H 23 Bowdoin N HShute Dorothy Miss 1091 Centre X CShute Eben 1091 Centre N CShute Frank A 28 Eowdoin N HShute Frank A Jr 28 Bowdoin N HSibley Emma M Miss 15 Blithdale NvSibley John L 53 Church NvSibley Lenora Miss 15 Blithdale XvSiebert Leroy 116 Langley N CSikes Byron L 205 Auburndal^ av Au.Silber Albert H 129 Parker X CSilbermann Catherine R Miss 44 WalkerNvSilliman Frederick H 66 College rd CHSilloway Benton 25 Highland av NvSimeonova Necolita Mrs 34 Tvler terN C |Simes John B 8 Irving N CSimmons George 20 Marlboro.Simmons Martin M 567 Centre,Simonds Laura E Mrs 81 Central AuSimonds Raymond A 15 Woodward NHSimons Charles H 10 Clyde NvSimons E'lmore G 8 Jenison Xv,Simons Fred A 10 Clyde Nv.Simons Langdon S 136 Middlesex rdC H,Simons John H 10 Clyde Nv.Simpkins Samuel E 21 Terrace av N HSimpkins W A Mrs 51 Royce rd N CSimpkins Walter C 135 Winchester N,Simpson Barbara Leslie Miss 38 Lakewoodrd N H3impson Dorothy L 57 Hunnewell av.Simpson Edith Miss 5 Park pi NvSimpson Elihu C Dr 44 Hartford N H(Simpson G Fred Mrs 315 Franklin-Simpson Hiram L 124 GrasmereSimpson John R 278 Waverly avSimpson Joseph B 57 Hunnewell av.Simpson Scott C W 32 Mason N CSimpson William S Mrs 38 Lakewoodrd N H^Singleton Edward J 64 Erie av N H

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 263Singleton Elizabeth Miss 64 Erie avN HSingleton Mabel A Miss 64' Erie av NHSisson Albert T 55 Page rd NvSisson Gertrude Miss 55 Page rd NvSisson Walter 68 Austin NvSitgreaves Mary o Miss 377 Beacon CH.Skelton Cecilia S Miss 457 WashingtonSkelton Henry H 50 Hyde N HSkelton William 22 Bowen N CSkerry Amory 248 Auburndale av Au^killings Lewis W 16 Royce rd N CSkillings Margaret B Miss 16 (Royce rdN CSkilton Matthew C 48 Chestnut terSlade Daniel D Mrs 258 Hammond C HSlad^e Herbert L Mrs 300 Cabot NvSlade William H 3 Ashton av N CSladen Charles N 83 Lowell av NvSladen Marie F Miss 83 Lowell av NvSlattery Annie G Miss 111 GrasmereSlatterySlatterySlatteryingtonCharles H 111 GrasmereJohn R Dr 111 GrasmereLawrence W Rev 573 Wash-NvRichard P 102 GrasmeretoniSmart Abbie J Mrs 45 Nonantum.Smart Frank H 68 Wyoming av NvSmart Frederick 160 Grove AuSmart George T Rev 1057 Walnut N HSmilieSmith.SmithSmithSmiththorn.e avSmith AliceEdward S 36 Maple av55 Brooks av NvA M Mrs 168 Warren N CAlexander 57 Bowen N CAlice Hilliard Mrs 15SlatterySloan Douglass 328 Cabot NvSlocum Charles P 109 Harvard NvSlocum Kenneth 1105 Walnut N HSlocum Sarah Mrs 324 Walnut NvSly H B,elden 375 Newtonville av NvSmall Charles \V 21 Marshall N CSmall E C Mrs 180 Carlton WSmall Harry 60 Woodbine AuSmallwood Mary L Miss 527 Washing-Haw-AuT Miss 930 Beacon N CR Miss 1181 Centre N CSmith AnnaSmith Annie L Mrs 162 Mt. Vernon NvSmith Arthur B 48 Oxford rd N C.Smith,SmithSmithAuSmithSmithSmithSmithSmithSmithSmithSmithSmithArthur P 614 Watertown NvArthur R Jr 97 Berkeley W NBarbara Miss 15 Hawthorne avCarl BCarl DChas LCharles33 Beaumont av Nv91 Otis Nv130 Lake av N CP 341 Wolcott AuChester C 45 Aberdeen N HClarence Cheney 626 CentreClendenning 26 Sewall W NCoburn 33 Berkeley W NConstantia W Miss 147 SumnerN CSmith Curtis Ny

264 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSmith M Clara Miss 46 Lowell avSmith M H 504' Ward N CSmith Mabel W Miss 79 Chestnut W N.Smith Marion Miss 25 Woodward N HSmith Marshall S P 25 Washington pkNvSmith Mary Evelyn Miss 72 HighlandW NSmith Misses The 33 Beaumont av Nv.Smith Misses The 47 Harrison N HSmith N Selwin Mrs 46 Lowell av NvSmith Nathan G 64 Gray Cliff rd N CSmith Oliver A 147 Oakleigh rdSmith-Peterson Marius N Dr 70 Montvalerd N CSmith Reginald Heber 6 Ashmont rdW.Smith .Reuben S 25 Woodward N HSmith Robert P 63 Bowdoin N HSmith Rufus J 30 Elgin N CSmith Sarah Mrs 456 Crafts W N.Smith Sara E Mrs 122 Shornecliffe rdSmith Sidney R 124 Hunnewell avSmith Silvanus 59 Rowe AuSmith Stephen A 15 Woodcliffe rd N HSmith Thomas E F Mrs 214 Windsorrd WSmith Wm Donald 390 Woodward WSmith Wilfr,ed Dwight 140 HighlandW N.Smith Winifred M Miss 83 Sumner NCSmith Winthrop P 25 Bowen N CSmullen Joseph 17 BelmontSmyth Beatrice Miss 417 Newtonvilleav NvSmyth Lavina E Mrs 56 Bowers NvSmyth W T infield Scott 417 Newtonvilleav NvSnedeker W A 67 Harvard NvSnow Elizabeth Miss 11 Devon rd N CSnow Ernest C 7 Ardmore ter W NSnow Frederick C 1£0 Lincoln N HSnow Henrietta Miss 130 Lincoln N HSnow John L 69 Pine Ridge rd WSnow Wm 11 Devon rd N CSnow Wm G 11 Devon rd N CSnow William P 30 Woodbine AuSnyder Arthur E 347 Waban av WSnyder George H 229 Hunnew.ell terSoden Arthur H 5 Park pi NvSoden Marjorie Miss 5 Park pi NvSoier E Berge 20 Hillside rd N HSolomanson Maurice W 138 HarvardNvSolomon Benjamin D 1878 Com'lth avAu (Solomon Charles W Mrs 109 WalnutNvSolomon Deborah Miss 430 Com'lth avN CSolomon E Mrs 430 Com'lth av N C.Somerby Wm A 142 ChurchSomers Charles B 128 Lowell av NvSomers Ralph H 45 Eliot av W NiSomes Abraham J 64 Crescent av NSomes E J 64 Crescent av N CSorensen Holger J 18 Monadnock rd CHSoule Arthur T 26 Windsor rd WSoule Bessie Miss 82 Walnut pkSoule Charles M 18 Boylston rd N HSouhB Clara G Miss 82 Walnut pkSoule Frank E 15 Maple ter AuSoule Herman C 82 Walnut pkSoule L M Mrs 18 Boylston rd N HSoule Lenora N Miss 82 Walnut pkSoule Wallace Gore 56 Farlow rdSoule Wm G 56 Farlow rdSoulis Hubert C 53 Bowers NvSouther George W 79 Alban rd WSouthwick Francis R 176 Waban av WSpafford Doris A 322 Wav^rley avSpafford Madeline E Miss 322 Waverleyav.Spain John William 59 Pine Ridge rdWSpalding Kaludy 12 Maple AuSpalding Wm A 25 Lee rd C HSpalding Wheeler F 12 Maple AuSparkman John 131 Avalon rd WSparrow Albert W 1140 Boylston C HSparrow Marjorie Miss 1140 BoylstonC HSpaulding Atherton 38 Paul N CSpaulding Edward L 69 Webster pk WN!Spaulding 'George F 38 Paul N CSpaulding H M Mrs 62 Page rd NvSpaulding Hartwell B 15 Brewster rdN HSpaulding Ralph H 67 Bowers Nv

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 65Spaulding Sarah Mrs 176 East SidepkwaySpaulding Wycliffe J 429 Wolcott AuSpear Abbie Miss 89 Walnut pk/Spear Elizabeth Miss 89 Walnut pkSpear Ellis Jr 121 Bishop's Gate rdN CSp^ear Gertrude L Miss 498 WatertownNvSpear Jennie Mrs 9 EldredgeSpear Russell B 175 Mill NvSpear Samuel J 498 Watertown NvSpeare Albert R 61 Montvale rd N CSpeare Dorothy Miss 61 Montvale rdN CSpjeare Edward (Ray 61 Montvale rd Nc !Speare Lewis R Mrs 28 Sumner N CSpeare Mary L Miss 27 WesleySpeare Virginia Miss 61 Montvale rdN CSpecht George H 66 MarlboroSpence Arthur A 111 Pleasant N CSpence Benjamin W 187 Gibbs N CSpence Edward P 187 Gibbs N CSpence Rose E Miss 187 Gibbs N CSpence Stockbridge C 73 LombardSpencer Albert F 731 Washington NvSpencer Bernard 567 CentreSpencer Charles E 199 Temple W NSpencer Hobert C Dr 31 WesleySpencer Robert V 84 Walker NvSperl Amalia Miss 73 Kaposia AuSperl Martha L Mrs 73 Kaposia AuSpoffard Isaac B 322 Waverly avSpooler Horace 450 CentreSprague Emma F Mrs 17 Perkins W NSpragueiSpragueSpragueSpragueSpragueF W 2d 67 Webster W NGoldwin S 25 ChurchLawrence A 17 Perkins W NMisses The 67 Webster W NW E Mrs 103 Madison av NvSpring Arthur L 25 Loring N CSpring Arthur L Mrs 25 Loring N CSpring George B 34 Bradford rd N HSpring Helen Louise Miss 25 LoringN CSpring James W 369 Dudley rd N CSproul Margurite G Mrs 64 Prospect avNvSpurrier Wm A Mrs 21 ChurchSquire Burnard E Mrs 16 Washburn avAuSquire Enid Miss 16 Washburn av AuSquires George 117 Cypress N CStacey Georg,e K 882 Watertown W NStafford James A 340 Cabot NvStafford Katherine K Miss 12 BraemorerdStafford Morgan H 343 Cabot NvStafford Walter K 12 Braemore rdStahl Carl B 39 Bowers NvStahleker Carl 1430 Beacon WStames E 2 Ripley ter N CStandish J.Mites 47 Oakwood rd NvStanley Carlton C 78 NonantumStanley Carlton F 28 NonantumStanley Francis Edgar Mrs 638 CentreStanley Frederick E 226 Church •Stanley Freelan O 337 Waverly avStanley Newton F 158 Moffat rd WStanley Raymond Walker 638 CentreStanley Thelma Miss 158 Moffat rd WStanley Wm 51 BenningtonStanton Fred W 23 Maple AuStanton Sarah C Miss 23 Maple AuStanwood Irving Ross 230 Walnut NvStarbird Charles B 8 HollisStarkweather Elizabeth L Miss 17 Gibsonrd NvStarkweather John Burr 17 Gibson rdNvStarkweather William G 17 Gibson rdNvSteacie Clifford 131 Churchill NvSteacie Edward 47 Central av NvStearns Charles C 111 Clark N CStearns Frank E 11 Eden av W NStearns Frederick B 340 Wolcott Au .Stearns Frederick M 37 Circuit rd CH |Stearns Herbert R 101 Nehoiden rd WStearns Robert B 55 Norfolk rd C HStebbins Frances E Miss 86 SargentStebbins Harry B 86 SargentStebbins Herbert 8 KenilworthStebbens Howard L 21 Knowles N CStebbins Mary B Miss 8 KenilworthStedman Alvah J 371 Austin W'NStedman Mary C Mrs 2 Bradford ct N~CSteele Clara S Miss 19 Columbus N HSteele Eva Miss 19 Columbus N H

266 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSteele Frederick L 9 Claflin pi NvSteele Harriette Miss 9 Claflin pi NvSteer George H 26 Boylston rd N HSteere A E Mrs 6 Aberdeen N HSteeves Mary E Miss 75 Elgin N CSteeves Sidney G 75 Elgin N CStein Alva D 17 KenilworthSteinsieck Wm T 204 Langley rd N CStephen Alexander L 703 Chestnut WStephenson Mary B Mrs 3 Forest N HStephenson Milton E 3 Warren terN CStern B 53 Com'lth av C HStetson Clarenc.e W 349 Dedham N CStetson Dorothy Miss 91 Pine Ridgerd WStetson H A Miss 112 Institution avN CStetson Helen L Miss 700 Beacon N CStetson Herbert O 91 Pine Ridge rd WStetson Wm B 700 Beacon N CStetson W Herbert 709 Beacon N CStevens Calvin C 15 Floral pi N HStevens Charles S 24 Fountain W NStevens Frank 69 Court NvStevens Frank B Col 19 Birch HillNvStevens Frances Miss 27 Trinity ter NCStevens Frank W 1013 B.eacon N CStevens Gladys F Miss 15 Floral piN HStevens Helen Miss 24 Pleasant N CStevens Horace P Mrs 20 Circuit avN HStevens Madeline A Miss 15 Floral piN HStevens N Maria Miss 12 Gibbs N CStevens R H 42 Berwick rd N CStevens Walter B S9 Jewett.Stevens W H 20 Walker NvStevenson Wm B 94 Avalon rd WStewart Carolin.e E Miss 41 Montvalerd N C 'Stewart Duncan M 269 Park/Stewart Frank H 41 Montvale rd N CStewart H M Mrs 1029 Beacon N C/Stewart Jessica Miss 269 ParkStewart Thomas 217 Crafts NvStickel Joseph F 15 BelmontStickney Mary A Mrs 599 CentreStiles Ella Miss 185 Highland av NvStiles Marie Miss 185 Highland av NvStiles Percy G 19 Proctor NvStiles Winthrop A 11 Brae Burn rd AuStilpin J R 152 Charles Bank rdStimets Chauncey A 29 Eden av W NStimpson Harry F 186 Hammond C HStimpson Mabel Miss 186 Hammond CHStiner Edward 889 Watertown W NStoddard George Mrs 75 Berkeley W NStoddard Orrick H Mrs 88 Hammond CHStokell (R C 1010 Boylston N HStollow Boriss 76 Austin NvStone Alaric Prof 45 Kenwood N CStone Catherine Miss 178 BellevueSton,e Clarence 3 Columbus N HStone E T Mrs 16 Page rd NvStone Frank V 34 Carver rd N HStone Frederick W 178 Bellevu,eStone George M 1358 Walnut N HStone LRDr 131 VernonStone Margaret D Miss 129 Moffat rdWStone Marion Miss 178 BellevueSton.e Marshall Irving 25 Elmore N CStone Mary Miss 47 HollisStone Mason H 7 Braemore rdStone Maxwell A 53 Elmore N CStone Misses The 169 WashingtonStone Robert E 6 Norfolk rd C HStopford Frederick W Col 604 WalnutNvStopp Louis A 397 Linwood av NvStormont Charles E 53 Newtonville avStory J Warren 34 ParkStott Charles Henry 230 Walnut NvStout J Ralph 4'3 Harrison N HStowell Fannie L Miss 22 Claflin pi NvStrachan George D 80 Waban Hill rdC HStrandberg George R 10 Church rdStrang James 348 Central AuStratton Edward B 1082 Centre N CStratton Elinor Miss 991 Beacon N CStratton Frank H 15 Glenmore ter NHStrauss Aaron L 110 Algonquin rd C HStreet Edward C Jr 143 Neshobe rd W

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 267Strohmeier Bertram A 133 OakleighrdStrong Annie C Miss 337 Central AuStrong E E Mrs 337 Central AuStrong Helen Webster Miss 74 Brooksideav NvStrong William E Rev 74 Brooksideav Nv jStrout George A 171 Lowell av NvStrout Gertrude A Miss 171 Lowell avNvStrout Jennie F 30 Highland av NvStuart Albert T 216 PearlStuart Edwin T 122 East Side ParkwayStuart Frank H 222 PearlStuart Fred M 123 Langley rd N CStuart Genevieve Miss 108 BeaumontNvStuart George A 156 Hammond C HStuart George E 122 East Side ParkwayStuart Guilford Miles 183 Lake av NH )Stuart Harold G 85 Manet rd C HStuart Henry B 85 Manet rd C HStuart J Rollin Jr 561 Ward N CStuart Lillian M Miss 122 East SidepkwayStuart Louise Miss 90 Waban pkStuart Margurite Miss 108 Beaumontav NvStuart Raymond T 39 Old Colony rd CHStuart Salcia Miss 108 Beaumont av NvStuart Thomas Mrs 108 Beaumont avNvStuart Wallace N 298 Waltham W NStubbs Frank IR Dr 510 CentreStubbs Joseph 510 CentreStubbs Richard Mrs 223 ChurchStudley Edmund M 107 Floral N HStudley James B 28 Allerton rd N HStulz J M Miss 26 Boylston rd N H •Sturtevant David 82 Central AuSullivan C Alfred 50 Hartford N HSullivan Daniel 23 Kenwood av N CSullivan Daniel 37 Glenwood av N CSullivan Edward T Rev 26 Orient avN CSullivan J A 494 Ward N CSullivan J V Mrs 61 Circuit av N HSullivan John L 9 Church rdSullivan Timothy C Jr 12 Albion piN CSullivan Wm R 96 Floral N HSummers Carl W 51 Otis NvSumner M F Miss 25 Chase N CSumner The 206 Sumner N CSumner Herbert H 321 Cabot NvSunberg A T 19 BaldwinSunnyhurst 14 IvanhoeSutherland John G 618 CentreSutton David 15 Ashmont rd WSutton Harry M 31 Westbourne rd NCISvensen Ethel B Mrs 206 Sumner N CSwail E V 1105 Walnut N HSwalm L Dr 131 Suffolk rd C HSwain Allen M 261 Upland rd NvSwain Everett S 19 Austin NvSwain Harriet A Mrs 1203 Centre N CSwain William N 261 Upland rd NvSwan Carl L 362 Waltham W NSwan N C 6 Broadway ter NvSwan Frederick M 44 Hunnewell avSwan F 707 Com'lth av N SSwedish Charitable Society 206 WalthamW NSweeney John R 20 Columbus N HSweeney Mary Mrs 18 Woodbine AuSweeney Mary L Miss 20 Columbus NHSweet Alvin A Mrs 105 EldredgeSweet Ann Miss 36 Kimball ter NvSweet Charles E 74 Grove AuSweet Misses The 74 Grove AuSweetland August 92 Webster pk W NSweetland Charles W 92 Webster pkW NSweetser Albert E 160 Lincoln N HSw.eetser Alden 314 Lowell av NvSwenson Anna M Miss 64 Spooner rdC HSwenson Bernard M 64 Spooner rdC HSwenson Bertha M Miss 64 Spoonerrd C HSwenson Chester M 64 Spooner rd C HSwenson Emma B Miss 64' Spooner rdC H ISwenson Jennie A E Miss 64 Spoonerrd C HSweetser Philip S 126 Moffat rd W


NEWTON BLUE BOOK2mTeulon Ruth V Miss 30 Webster W NTewksbury Almond M 96 Erie av N HTewksbury Anne Miss 457 WashingtonTewksbury Fannie W Miss 86 ParkTewksbury Gertrude Miss 457 WashingtonThacher Nelson 3 Fisher av N HThaneuf Albert 410 Com'lth av N CThaxter John H 51 Oakwood rd NvThayer Alfred E 370 Austin W NThayer Harry B 69 Nehoiden rd WThayer Hartley Wales Dr 355 WalnutNvThayer Herhert M 46 Homer N CThayer Linda L Mrs 47 Central av NvThayer R A 208 Homer N CThelenThomasav WValetta Mrs Kewadin rd WCharles S Prof 283 HighlandNEdith C Miss 36 Regent W NThomasThomas Elmer B 155 Chestnut W NThomas Howard C 34 Floral N HThomas J Charles 36 Regent W NThomasThomasThomasThomasJohn H 24 Madison av NvJ M Mrs 50 Harvard NvMary Miss 51 Winthrop W NNoah T 205 Crafts NvSidney B 240 Mt Vernon W NThomasThompson Alice Miss 454 Waltham WNThompson Angelia Mrs 27 SargentThompson Anna Miss 63 Hartford N HThompson C Mrs 186 Gibbs N CThompson Charles A Dr 1141 WalnutN HThompsonThompsonThompsonThompsonClara H 14 Eden av W ND Allison 15 Forest N HEdwin T 209 Walnut NvElla Mrs 1670 WashingtonW NThompson Emma H Mrs 454 WalthamW NThompsonav NvThompsonThompsonant N CFannie E Mrs 53 CentralFrank Mrs 457 WashingtonFr.ed Harris Jr 150 Pleas-Thompson Fred Harris Major 150Pleasant N CThompson G Wilbur 38 Everett N CThompson Helen F Miss 51 Lakewoodrd N HThompson H Rice 35 Brae Burn rd AuThompson J L Mrs 550 CentreThompson .Janette Read Miss 150Pleasant N CThompson J Douglas Dr 15 Forest N HThompson J Howard 51 Lakewood rdN HThompsonN CThompsonThompsonrd N HThompsonPleasantThompsonThompsonant N CKenyon Read 150 PleasantLeslie P 140 Pleasant N CMabel H Miss 51 LakewoodMarjorie Isabelle Miss 150N CMoses 1194 Walnut N HRaymond Arthur 150 Pleas-Thompson Richard Melville 150 PleasantN CThompson Robert 78 Langley rd N CThompson Rupert C 60 Hull NvThompson Russell William 150 PleasantN CThompson Sanford E 1090 Walnut N HThompson

•270 NEWTON BLUB BOOKTice Claudius M 57 Waban Hill rd(North) C HTichnor Louis 176 Com'lth av C HTilton Eugene H 86 Dalton rd N CTilton Harry L 1564 B.eacon WTilton Louis O 28 Waban av WTimbie Charles N 27 Clark N CTimbie Wm H 27 Clark N CTirrell Doris M Miss 163 Lincoln NHTirrell Jesse 163 Lincoln N HTirrell Marion Miss 163 Lincoln N HTirrell Winthrop 1099 Walnut N HTitus Albert G 48 Old Colony rd C HTitus Edward K 23 Otis NvTitus Edward K Jr 23 Otis NvTitus Lucy C Mrs 23 Otis NvTobey George L Jr Dr 107 Crafts rdC HTobin George 25 Highland av NvTobin Wm C 85 Pine Ridge rd WTodd Albert W 464 Heath C HTodd Ethel W Miss 14 WashingtonTodd L S Miss 110 Middlesex rd CH (Tollers Willa E Mrs 97 Beaumont avNvTolman Helen Miss 57 Pleasant N CTolman Henry 137 WashingtonTolman James P Mrs 84 Highland WNTomb John M 167 Lake av N CTomlinson Henry A 27 Marshall N CTomlinson William E 819 WatertownW NToomay James F 849 Com'lth av N CTompkins D.e Witt R 30 Berwick rd NCTompkins Fred C 448 Ward N CTompson John G 88 Otis NvTompson Misses The 88 Otis NvToney George 28 Erie av N HTorrey Abbott T 12 Circuit av N HTorrey Arthur R 11 Elmore N CTorrey Edith Miss 11 Elmore N CTorrey G W 11 Elmore N CTorrey L Miss 414 Waltham W NTorrey Steven W 11 Elmor.e N CTougas Charlotte J Miss 239 WoodwardWTougas S Katherine Miss 239 WoodwardWTougas Walter L 239 Woodward WTousley Nelson E 8 Irving rd WTower Alma W Mrs 18 Myrtle av AuTower C Lothrop 119 Hancock AuTower Florence E Miss 49 Seminary avAujTower George iR 9 Chesley av NvTower Samuel F 63 Perkins W NTowl,e Charlotte Miss 215 FranklinTowle Evelyn Miss 215 FranklinTowle Joseph M 79 Webster pk W NTowle Loren D 215 FranklinTowne Emily M Mrs 47 Kirkstall rdNvTownsend Charles E 37 ChaseTownsend Clarissa L Miss 57 BellevueTownsend Ev.erett Mrs 3 Victoria cirN CTownsend Irving U 57 BellevueTownsend Irving U Jr 57 BellevueTownsend James R 30 ChanningTownsend James H 57 BellevueTracey Edward W 19 W T aban Hill rd(North) C HTrac,ey Martin P 19 Waban Hill rd CHTracy George F 33 BenningtonTracy George H 264 Lowell avTracy Neil J 19 Waban Hill rd C HTracy Sarah E Miss 82 Madison av NvTrask Newell H 37 Clyde NvTravelli Charles I 173 Chestnut W NTravis George C 206 FranklinTravis Herb.ert A 24' Webster W NTravis Howard C 206 FranklinTravis T Wallace 24 Webster W NTraynor T M 1.05 Harvard NvTreacy Martin 105 Cherry W NTrefrey Wm F 130 Nehoiden rd WTremblay Antoinette M Mrs 39 BallardN CTroicoli Tiovanni B 108 Ward N CTroth Emma Miss 55 Lothtrop NvTrott Grace L Mrs 41 Com'lth av C HTrowbridge Almarin 240 Winslow rdWTrowbridge Beldam C Mrs 34 Clyde NvTrowbridge Charles J 1011 WashingtonNv \Trowbridge Frederick L 14 HollisTrowbridge Harry E 77 Erie av N HTrowbridge J Eliot Mrs 146 Jewett

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 271Trowbridge Lawrencje W 14 HollisTrowbridge M R Mrs 11 Elmore N CTrowbridge Margaret (R Mrs 173 GroveAuTrowbridge William S 34 Clyde NvTroy Mattie Miss 450 CentreTrue George B Mrs 398 Linwood avNvTrue John Preston 101 Windsor rd WTrue (Richard S 1 Bowdoin N HTrueblood Benjamin F Mrs 95 LincolnN HTruesdell O B Mrs 18 Washington terNvTrussell Elizabeth Miss 28 Lothrop NvTrussell Wilbur E 28 Lothrop NvTucker Agnes Miss 37 Judkins NvTucker Ethelyn Miss 48 Harvard NvTucker Fred H 206 ChurchTucker Howard H 66 Channing rdN CTucker J Alfred 88 ArlingtonTucker Katherine Miss 206 ChurchTucker Katherine L Miss 479 WalnutNvTucker Margaret Miss 206 ChurchTucker Marjorie Miss 479 Walnut NvTucker Mildred Miss 37 Judkins NvTucker Nelson H 37 Judkins NvTucker Randolph F 420 Hammond CHTucker Raymond 479 Walnut NvTucker Samuel W 233 ChurchTucker W H Mrs 48 Harvard NvTudbury Chester W 20 Harrison N HTufts Alice J Miss 25 Loring N CTufts George E 170 Lincoln N HTufts Katherine Miss 170 Lincoln N HTufts Martha W Mrs 91 Hunnewell avTufts Mary G Miss 170 Lincoln N HTully George L Dr 3 Putnam W NTupper Nathan W Mrs 49 Walnut NvTupper Rachel Miss 49 Walnut NvTupper S Alice Miss 307 Cabot Nv •Tupper Walter W 49 Walnut NvTurnbull Charles A 344 Lake av N HTurn'bull James H 46 Columbus N HTurner Adella M Mrs 1629 Centre N HTurner Alfred C 62 Windsor rd WTurner C W Mrs 110 J.ewettTurner Constance F Miss 24 Spoonerrd C HTurner Curtis L Dr 1 Avondale rd N CTurner Fenton N 194 Lowell av NvTurner Fergus iS 24 Spooner rd C H.Turner Henry 110 JewettTurner Henry R Mrs 42 Maple AuTurner John T 42 Maple AuTurner J T B 366 Central AuTurner Katherine A Miss 24 Albion NC }Turner Marguerite A Miss 24' Spoonerrd C HTurner Mary F Miss 24 Albion N CTurner Ella M Miss 24 Albion N CTurner Nellie B Miss 98 Court NvTurner Newton T 4 EldredgeTurner Philip F 24 Albion N CTurner Sally E Miss 136 Woodland rdAuTurner W E 430 CentreTurner William O 29 Sylvan W NTurrell Jerome A 10 Hampshire W NTuttle Elizabeth A Mrs 1469 CentreN HTuttle E J Mrs 22 Floral N HTuttle E P 430 CentreTuttle F F Mrs 75 Crofton rd WTuttle Frank H 529 Crafts W NTuttle Howard G 103 Madison av NvTuttle Morton C 22 Chestnut terTuttle William M 50 Harvard NvTwombly Henry E Mrs 58 Bowen N CTwombly William L D Rev 15 Omarter NvTylee Clinton W 558 California NvTyler Charles W 88 JeffersonTyler Edith M Miss 350 Waverly avTyler Emily \V Miss 39 Gray Cliff rdN CTyler Harry W 39 Gray Cliff rd N CTyler Roger B 350 Waverly avTyler Wm J 350 Waverley avTyler William Wells 18 Maple ter AuUfford E U Dr 231 Central AuUhler Samuel H 97 EldredgeUlloa Oscar A 17 Newell rd AuUlman George R 52 Norfolk rd C HUlmer Caroline Miss 32 Bowen N CUlmer Gustav W Mrs 32 Bowen N CUlmer Gustav Jr 32 Bowen N CUlmer Marie Miss 32 Bowen N CUnderhill Arthur P 92 Grant av N CUnderhill W P 45 Monadnock rd C HUnderwood Frank E 28 Manamet rd:N C

'21'2NEWTON BLUE BOOKUnderwood Frank H 1899 Com'lth avAu |Underwood William K 1899 Com'lth avAuUpham E Payson 165 Collins rd WUpham Everett IL 189 Mt Vernon W NUpham John E 444 Woodward WUpham Walter A 7 Fisher av N HUpham William P Mrs 90 Highland avNvUpson Russell M 49 Eliot av W NUrban Bertram 273 Waverley avUrquhart Henry 472 Albermarle rd NvUtley James 497 CentreVaas Joseph F 18 Cedar N CVachon Edgar J 151 Warren N CVachon James 151 Warren N CVachon Priscilla A Miss 151 WarrenN CVachon Robert A 45 Warren N CValentine Charles E 362 Wolcott AuVan Arsdale R C 89 Waban pkVan Burgan G.eorge 11 Lake ter N CVan Buskirk Lothian I 144 Grove Hillav NvVanderhoof Nelson B 36 Dexter rd NvVan Dorn H B 41 Windermere rd AuVan Dusen Sidn.ey 908 Beacon N CVan Dusen Virginia Miss 908 BeaconN CVan Dyne Oliver Dr 45 Waverly avVan Dyne Ruth Miss 45 Waverly avVan Horsen N Frederick Rev 53 MarshallN CVan Kleeck Walter Lindsay 80 GrasmereVan Tassel Edward D Jr 130 FranklinVan Tassel Edward D Mrs 390 Newtonvilleav NvVan Tassel Elizabeth Miss 390 NewtonviReav NvVan Tassel Raymond S 390 Newtonvilleav NvVan Warmer Fred 210 Grove AuVarga Charles 51 Westbourne rd N CVarney Everett W 34 Tyler ter N CVaughan George D Mrs 18 Barney rdVaughan Richard M Prof 115 ParkerN CVaughan Wayland F 115 Parker N CVaughan Winthrop 18 Barnes rdVaughn Arthur W 128 Eliot av W NVaughn Willard 140 Mt Vernon NvVeo Charles H Dr 76 Otis NvVernon Court 430 CentreVer Planck Philip 46 Otis NvVickers Eliza Mrs 12 Maple AuViets Arthur E Mrs 54 Glenwood avN CViets Gardner T 17 FairviewViets Henry R 17 FairviewViets Henery R Dr 17 FairviewViets Ruth Miss 54 Glenwood av N CVining Louis B 14 Lowell av NvVirtue George 3 Bradford rd N HVirtue Grace Miss 200 Walnut NvVirtue Herbert S 3 Bradford rd N HVogel John M 48 JeffersonVokey Abraham 92 JewettVolkmann Ralph Erich 423 Albermarlerd Nv |Voltz Peter D 60 Temple W Nvon Der Heide Frederick C 37 HomerN CVon Loesecke Sidney S 341 Xewtonvilleav NvVosburgh William L 20 Kimball terNvVose Alfred E 1010 Centre N CVose Alfred W 1010 Centre N CVose Edwin C 1010 Centre N CVose R Constance Miss 1010 Centre NC (Waban Neighborhood Club 1599 BeaconWWade Walter E Dr 541 California NvWadham Helen Miss 77 Kirkstall rdNv .Wadsworth Edward B 92 Washingtonpk NvWadsworth Lue Stuart Mrs 92 Washingtonpk NvWadsworth Marcus M Mrs 337 Highlandav W NWadsworth Misses The 337 Highlandav W NWagenen Albert Van Mrs 150 Woodlandrd AuWagenen Eva Van G Miss 150 Woodlandrd AuWagner Henry J 11 Canterberrv rd XWagner Mabel Miss 677 Chestnut WWait Walter S 48 Prince W NWaitt Albert H 60 Vernon

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 273Wakefield Alice H Miss 185 Highlandav NvWakefield Augustus L 55 Prescott NvWakefield Edwin E 185 Highland NvWakefield Edwin Earle Jr 725 WatertownNvWakefield Elizabeth O Miss 185 Highlandav NvWakefield Katherine Miss 185 Highlandav NvWakefield Mary Louise Miss 185 HighlandNvWalch Patrick H 28 Otis NvWaldinger Cail P 100 Dudley rd N CWaldmeyer Adele Miss 19 Park pi NvWaldo C Sidney 40 Pine rd C HWales Edward 201 Auburn AuWales Frederick N 19 Pulsifer NvWales George F 15 Furber Lane N CWales Mary Miss 35 Crafts rd C HWales May E Mrs 101 Harvard NvWales Quincy W 21 Sylvan av W NWales Ralph H 35 Crafts rd C HWales William Q 152 Chestnut W NWalker Arthur C H 25 Canterberry rdN HWalker Clifford H 711 Chestnut WWalker Dean A Mrs 105 Hancock AuWalker Eleanor Miss 20 Hereford rdW )Walker Elizabeth Miss 93 Bowdoin NHWalker Elizabeth Miss 20 Hereford rdWWalker Elizabeth E Mrs 93 BowdoinN HWalker Emma E Miss 638 CentreWalker George 96 Montvale rd N CWalker George R 414 Woodward WWalker Grace E Miss 31 Bowers NvWalker Hall 20 Hereford rd WWalker Harry B Mrs 43 Bowdoin N ITWalker Henry C 20 Hereford rd WWalker Ina M Mrs 85 Homer N C •Walker John J Rev 93 Bowdoin N HWalker Kenneth Bruce 43 Bowdoin NH )Walker Margaret Miss 93 Bowdoin N HWalker Margaret R Miss 267 ChurchWalker Marie R Miss 267 ChurchWalker Merrill B 43 Bowdoin N HWalker Missionary Cottage 138 HancockAuWalker Oscar W Mrs 2 Albion pi N CWalker Otis Roy 17 Aberdeen N HWalker Peter E 17 Aberdeen N HWalker Robert P 1179 Centre N CWalker S A 14 Pelham N CWallace Martha B Mrs 56 Farlow rdWallace Murt S 73 Fisher av N HWallace Todd B 73 Fisher av N HWallace William H 36 VernonWalley Herbert H 9 Billings pkWalley Hetty Miss 48 Ballard N CWallis L T 28 Davis av W NWalls Andrew B 14 Mayflower rd C HWalsh Anna Miss 3 Ware rd AuWalsh Anni,e T Mrs 21 MarlboroWalsh Edward 3 Ware AuWalsih Frederick T 12 Valentine W NWalsh Helen Miss 30 Floral N HWalsh Isabella W Miss 12 ValentineW NWalsh James 30 Floral N HWalsh James G 993 Washington NvWalsh John 30 Floral N HWalsh John H 66 Harvard NvWalsh John T 49 Floral N HWalsh L V A Mrs 99 Bowdoin N IIWalsh L V Miss 21 MarlboroWalsh Margaret F 21 MarlboroWalsh Mary E Miss 3 Ware rd AuWalsh Mary T Miss 21 MarlboroWalsh Misses The 993 Washington NvWalsih Robert J 60 Temple W NWalter Richard O 10 Fern AuWalther Wm J Mrs 82 Hyde N HWalton Edward O Mrs 8 Central av NvWalton Horace M 279 Linwood av NvWalton Sidney B 80 Manamet rd N CWalton .Stanley N 80 Manamet rd N CWalworth Arthur C Jr 931 Centre N CWalworth Arthur C Mrs 931 Centre NCWalworth Gardner C 855 Centr.e N CWard Annie C Miss 119 WashingtonN CWard Alice M Miss 30 Lincoln N HWard Asline 29 Carver rd N HWard Charles C 674 CentreWard Charles F 204 Ward N CWard Edgar 102 Highland W NWard Edgar T Mrs 102 Highland W NWard F D Mrs 30 Harrison N HWard Frederick A 244 Ward N CWard Grafton C 121 Ward N C/

274 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWard Harriet M Miss 1080 Walnut NHWard Herbert D 133 Dudley rd N CWard Hettije B Miss 30 Harrison N HWard Jane E Miss 30 Lincoln N HWard Lilla M Miss 674' CentreWard Misses The 102 Highland W NWard Sherman B 39 Irving N CWard T P 68 Floral N HWardwell Mary L 1623 Centre N HWare Bruce R 195 ChurchWare Edward W 135 Crafts rd C HWare Charles E 207 Islington rd AuWare Flor.ence E Mrs 35 Walnut NvWaring Frederick E 29 Davis av W NWarner Robert P 83 EldredgeWarner William F 44 Page rd NvWarner William J 10 Newbury ter Nc !Warren Edgar W 135 Lincoln N HWarren Evelyn IP Miss 40 ParkWarren Frances Miss 35 Hyd,e avWarren Frank D 24 Mountfort rd N HWarren George Copp 41 Middlesex rdC HWarren Georgia A Mrs 33 NonantumWarren Henry 154 Langley rd N CWarren Henry Edward 920 Centre NCWarren Herbert 41 Middlesex rd C HWarren Herbert M 79 Fountain W NWarren John Mrs 300 Cabot NvWarren John A 29 Winona AuWarren John W 450 Winchester N HWarren Levi P Mrs 320 Otis W NWarren Lewis E 41 Middlesex rd CHWarren Lydia A Mrs 24 Mountfort rdN HWarren Marjori,e Miss 35 Hyde avWarren 'Philip L 101 Avalon rd WWarren Prescott 35 Hyde avWarren Ralph L 79 Fountain W NWarren Richard G 79 Fountain W NWarren Walter D 594 CentreWarren Willard C 32 Lenox W NWashburn Charges A 142 Lowell av NvWashburn Charles F 930 Centre N CWashburn George W 46 Court NvWass Emily J Mrs 406 Wolcott AuWass Stanley 406 Wolcott AuWaterbury A F Mrs 11 Kewadin rd WWaterhouse Jessie F Mrs 139 CypressN CWaterhouse Roscoe D 300 Com'lth avc H • :Waterman George H 352 Hammond CHWaters Emily A Mrs 69 Bowen N CWaters Hugh 53 Waban pkWaters James J 1093 Walnut N HWaters John E 4 MarlboroWaters John R 4 MarlboroWaters Mary A Miss 1093 Walnut N HWaters Percival 17 Washburn av AuWaters Samuel N 111 Webster pk WNWaters Thomas M 54 Court NvWaterworth Samuel 57 IRowe AuWatson Alice Miss 408 Hammond C HWatson B Kendall 37 Gay NvWatson Florence A Miss 57 Hyde N HWatson Henry B 73 ChurchWatson James 362 Ward N CWatson Lester 340 Hammond C HWatson Maurice J 43 Otis NvWatson Mercy Miss 57 Hyde N HWatt Joseph B 383 Winchester N HWatters Anni,e S Miss 47 Grafton N CWatters Henry Dr 47 Grafton N CWatters Robert Dixon 418 Wolcott AuWatts iLaw r rence W 14 Victoria cirN CWatts Robert 14 Victoria cir N CWaugh David A 4 Nobscot rd N CWaugh Samuel B 40 Mayflower rd C HWeare Harry C 23 Trowbridge av NvWeatherbee Waldo C 14 Winona AuW,eatherhead Bion M 504 WatertownNv |Weaver Clarence L 34 Winthrop W NWeaver Clarence T 12 Warwick rd WNWeaver E A Mrs 12 Warwick rd W NWebb Richard 35 Pleasant N CWebber C M Mrs 22 Roslyn rd WWebber F Roscoe 1484' Beacon WWebber F W Dr 465 CentreWebber Joseph W 20 Clyde NvWebber Mary A Miss 11 WashingtonWebber Walter W Mrs 145 Langley rdN C*Webber Wolfret G 14 Aberdeen N HWebley Elizabeth Mrs 24 Harrison NH

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 275Webster Adelaide R Miss 10 ChesterN H |Webster Alimeta Mrs 109 Highland avNvWebster Arthur N 70 Manamet rd N CWebster Edwin ® 307 Hammond C HWebster Francis Miss 307 HammondC HWebster Frances Miss 109 Highlandav NvWebster Frank S 246 Waltham W NWebster Frederic W 181 Windsor rdAVW T ebster Frederick W Jr 29 HarrisonN HWebster George G 430 CentreWebster H B Mrs 126 Parker N CWebster John T 474 Albermarle rd NvWebster Lawrence J 321 Hammond CH {• Webster Louis A 250 Waltham W NWebster Mary A Miss 10 Chester NHWebster Olive Miss 246 Waltham W NWebster Percy IS 246 Waltham W NWeed Alonzo R 149 ParkWeed Anne Atwater Miss 149 ParkWeed Clifford 90 Floral N HWeed George C 230 Walnut NvWeed Harold K 281 Otis W NWeeden Charles F Jr 110 Glen av N CWeeden Charles F Dr 110 Glen av N CWeeden Eleanor R 110 Glen av N CWeeden Martha B Miss 110 Glen av NCWeeden Mary B 110 Glen av N CWeedon Daniel R 41 Waldorf rd N HWeeks Buenos A 122 Lincoln N HWeeks Edward H 71 Erie av N HWeeks Eleanor Miss 43 Warwick rdW NWeeks John W Hon 97 Valentine W NWeeks Miles W 40 Norfolk rd C HWeeks Miss 82 Madison av NvWeeks Sinclair 97 Valentine W NWeeks Webster Mrs 43 Warwick rdW NWeinberg Herman Mrs 55 PembrokeWeinberg J W 116 Hancock AuWeir Percy L 1035 Beacon N CWeir Robert 21 Trowbridge N CWelch IR E 61 Broadway NvWeld A Winsor 47 Suffolk rd C HWeld Kate F Mrs 46 Walker NvWeller Mary E 1 Billings pkWellington Arthur J 83 ChurchWellington Charles 60 ElmwoodWellington Barbara Miss 83 ChurchiWellington Henry F Mrs 14 HollisWellington Henry H 18 Jenison NvWellington Mary A Miss 457 WashingtonIWellington Stanwood G 79 Crafts rd.C HWellman Arthur G 55 Lothrop NvWellman Arthur O 4 Jenison NvWellman Harold O 91 Hillside av W NWellmen Joseph H 91 Hillside av W NWellman Prescctt H 27 Regent W NVv' lis Amos R Dr 4«« Williston AuWells Bertha Mi P 25 Aberdeen N HWells Carl S 183 Mt Vernon W NWells David W Dr 50 Putnam W NWells Edwin P Mrs 120 Institution avN €Wells Evelyn Miss 269 FranklinWells Helen L Miss 269 FranklinWells Joseph E 4 BaldwinWells Nellie Miss 85 Washington pkNvWells Ralph A 50 Putnam W NWelis Raymond 194 Waban av WWellwood Howard W 181 Parker N CWelsch F Paul 334 Otis W NWendell Albert V 74 Brookside av NvWentwcrth Caroline Y Dr 75 LincolniM HWentworth Clarence 20 Foster NvWentworth James H 238 Lincoln X I-fWentwcrth Marjoric Miss 238 LincolnN HWentwcrth Ralph S Mrs 29 Newton-\ r ille i'V 'Wentworth Veranus 20 Foster NvWentzell William F 143 ROWP AUWescott E F Mrs 21 Canterberry rdN HWescott Florence A Miss 21 Canterberryrd N HWescott Josiah P Jr 775 Com'lth avN CWest Beatrice E Miss 297 Crafts NvWest Charles 338 Newtonville av NvWest Charles F Mrs 338 NewtonvilleavNvWest E E Mrs 14 Claflin pi NvWest Eleanor Miss £38 Newtonville avNv

.276 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWest"WestWestGeorge G 63 Harvard NvGeorge L Dr 860 Beacon N CGeorge S 222 Chestnut Hill rdC HWest Harry J 346 Wolcott AuWest Lillian Miss 14' Clafliu pi NvWest Mattie R Mrs 1136 Centre N CWest Newton Neighborhood House 89Elm W NWest Winfield C 297 Crafts NvWest W Malcolm 297 Crafts NvWeston Frederick B 20 Crystal N CWeston Grace Miss 276 FranklinWeston Harriette Miss 6 Albion pi N CWeston Howard F 6 Albion pi N CWeston Madeline Miss 6 Albion pi N CWeston Thomas Jr 56 Valentine W N"Weston Thomas Mrs 276 FranklinWeston Walter H 6 Albion pi N CWestwood Ethel Miss 24 RichardsonWestwood Frank G 24 RichardsonWestwood Richard W 24' RichardsonWetherbee Albert 54 Oxford rd N CWetherbee Anna S Mrs 76 Madison avNvWetherbee Charles G 47 Terrace av NHW 7 etherbee Edward T 21 OrchardWetherbee Elizabeth W Miss 47 Terraceav N HWetherbee Frederick A 211 Belle rueWetherbee Gertrude J Miss 64 Washingtonpk NvWetherbee Josephine Mrs 10 Washingtonpk NvWetherbee Lillian M Mrs 106 Tyler torN CjWetherbee Louise Miss 76 Madison avNvWetherbee Wilfred A 19 OrchardWetherbee Winslow 230 Walnut NvWetherell Frank A 144 Pine Ridgerd WWetmore A Miss 9 Forest N HWetmore E V 44 Lakewood rd N HWetmore M G Mrs 204 Ward N CWetmore Warren G 10 Irving N CWeymouth Clarke 386 Wolcott AuWeymouth Harry A 386 Wolcott AuWheaton Stockford 35 Aberdeen N HWheeler Emily Miss 120 Webster W NWheeler Esther E Miss 60 Otis NvWheeler Geo A 28 Bemis NvWheeler Henry A Mrs 289 Mill NvWheeler Homer J Dr 111 Grant av N CWheeler James 550 CentreWheeler John 550 CentreWheeler Holmer K 14 Madison av NvWheeler M A 230 BellevueWiheeler Minnie Miss 550 CentreWheeler Richard W 230 BellevueWheeler Roger 289 Mill NvWheeler Roland A 111 Grant av N CWheeler Ulysses G 60 Otis NvWheeler Wm 37 Suffolk rd C HWheeler Wm E 111 Grant av N CWheelock Alice E Miss 40 ParkWheelock Horace M 269 Highland WNWheelock Sarah H Mrs 40 ParkWheelwright Henry M 205 Dudley rdN CWhelden Perley E 516 Com'lth av N CWhidden Robert A 114 Temple W NWhidden Stephen H 39 Sterling W NWhight Richard 9 Oak ter N HWhitaker Clarissa W Mrs 57 BellevueWhitaker Sharlton A 458 WoodwardWIWhitcher Scott 14 Crystal N CWhitcomb Herbert 264 CentreWhitcomb Wm H 151 Mt VernonWhite Alex 998 Beacon N CWhite Allan S 21 Chase N CWhite Alpheus E 27 Stearns N CWhite Arthur H Mrs 40 Lake av N CWhite Benjamin F 29 Furber Lane NCWhite Daniel A 115 ParkWhite Edgar T 51 Hawthorne av AuWhite Frank H 11 Austin NvWhite Frank H 17 Prairie av AuWhite Frederick 15 BelmontWhite Fred G 9 Glen rd N CWhite George 337 Woodward WWhite George F 723 Beacon N CWhite Hazel L Miss 46 Walker NvWhite Isaac D 61 Bowdoin N HWhite J Harvey 116 Algonquin rd C HWhite John L 251 Auburndale av AuWhite John S 103 Waban av WWhite Katherine Miss 115 ParkWhite Marion Elizabeth Miss 61 BowdoinN HWhite Otis E 140 Newtonville avWhite Rebecca M Miss 122 Islingtonrd AuWhite Stanley 3 Nottingham rd N C

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 277White Walter Mrs 316 FranklinWhite Walter H 251 Auburndale avAuWhite Wilfred O 1734 Beacon WWhite William H 35 Lenox W NWhite William W 27 Stearns N CWhite Wm Merrill 490 Chestnut WWhite William T Dr 14 Edinboro pi NvWhitehall Robert Dr 9 Mt Vernon terNvWhitehead Charles F 68 Hyde N HWhitehead George I 15 Elm rd NvWhitehead John 109 Walnut NvWhitehouse Mary L Mrs 120 Eliot avW N jWhiting Frederick W 16 BaldwinWhitman Charles C 19 Chestnut terWhitman Vera Miss 144 Nehoiden rdWhitman Willard VI 144 Nehoiden rdWWhitmore Brewer G 175 Auburn AuWhitmore Henry 31 Sterling W NWhitmore Howard 54 Carver rd N HWhitney Alfred H 981 Beacon N CWhitney Charles M Dr 31 Chase N CWhitney Christopher F 88 Central avNvWhitney Clarence A 24 Chester N HWhitney Clifford B 430 Albermarle rdNv [Whitney Edwin 54' JeffersonWhitney Flora W Miss 41 Austin NvWhitney Henrietta P Miss 33 PrinceW NWhitney J Clifton 41 Austin NvWhitney Waldo F Dr 12 CopleyWhitney Walter C 77 Wildwood av NvWhitney W M L 74 Waban pkWhittaker Harry 194 Ward N CWhittaker Harry J 11 Bradford rd NHWhittaker Holden 11 Bradford rd N JiWhittaker Lucy Mrs 11 Bradford rdN HWihittemore Carl T 184 Newtonville avWhittemore Charles 73 SummitWhittemor.e David L Mrs 19 HowardWhittemore Henry E 126 Glen av N CWhittemore John Q A Mrs 2 Washington!Whittemore Mason B 32 Ridge av N CWhittemore Sampson D 151 LincolnN HWhittemore Samuel B Mrs 64 WashingtonWhittemore Thorndik^ H 64 WashingtonW'hitten George R 260 Chestnut W NWhittier Charles H 180 Carlton rd WWihittier Elizabeth Mrs 550 CentreWhittier Gertrude Miss 118 Upland rdWWhittier Grace Mildred Miss 180 Carltonrd WWhittier Roger 118 Upland rd WWhittier Sidney 118 Upland rd WWhittier Walter R B 118 Upland rd WWhittlesey Henry L 10 Regent W NWhittlesey Misses The 10 Regent W NWhittredge Edward 100 Floral N HWickham Thomas A 457 Wolcott AuWidger Thurlow S 143 Homer N CWiggin Eliza A Miss 206 Sumner N CWiggin F Webster 54 MarlboroWiggin Harry C 54 MarlboroWiggin Ruth H Miss 206 Sumner N CWiggin Wm R 54 MarlboroWight Dorothy E Miss 982 Beacon N CWight Ethel P Miss 982 Beacon N CWight George H 25 Mor.eland av NC !Wight Ralph E 982 Beacon N CWilbar Charles B 21 Hancock av N CWilbar Charles A 330 Waltham W NWilbar Wadsworth 142 Middlesex rd CHWilcock John 200 Kent rd WWilcox Chester C 230 Walnut NvWilcox DeWitt G Dr 132 Homer N CWilcox Edith Howard 8 Birch Hill rdNvWilcox Erwin P 256 Lowell av NvWilcox H Howard 8 Birch Hill rd NvWild Anton A. 476 Albermarle rd NvWilde Frank D 12 BaldwinWilder Burt G Prof 93 Waban Hill rd(North) C HWilder Constance P Miss 53 FairmontavWilder E F Miss 53 Fairmont avWilder Henry H 116 Old Orchard^rd CHWilder Henry S 361 Austin W NWilder Howard B 80 Ashton av N CWilder Herbert A 53 Fairmont av

278.")NEWTON BLUE BOOKWilder Margaret G Miss 53 FairmontavWilder Margaret Miss 361 Austin WN |Wilder Philip 64 Homer N CWilder Salmon W 64 Homjer N CWildes M T Miss 66 Prospect W NWiley Allen Porter 19 Irvington WWiley Chester M 126 Centre N CWiley Gardner H 65 Gray Cliff rd N CWiley T Herbert 19 Irvington WWiley Sterling P 1548 Beacon WWilke William R 21 Circuit av N HWilkerson B T 43 Woodcliffe rd N HWilkes Gordon B 51 Everett N CWilkie Edward A 288 Mill NvWilkie Robert J 33 Clark N CWilkins Charles L 62 Page rd NvWilkins Charlotte N Miss 94 ParkWilkins Clarence H 31 Devon rd N CWilkins Darrel F 151 Mt Vernon NvWilkins* Katherine Miss 31 Devon rdN CWilkins Margaret Miss 31 Devon rdN CWilkins M C Mrs 20 Norwood av N CWilkins Warde 31 Devon rd N CWilkinson Hester S Miss 63 Aspen avAuWilkinson Wm H 63 Aspen av AuWillard Henry 47 Paul N CWillcox Ella G Miss 63 Oakwood rdNvWillcox Mary A Miss 63 Oakwood rdNv }Willey Edgar E 3 Bradford ct N CWilley Gladys A Miss 3 Bradford ctN CWilley J H 21 Turner NvWilliam iS Alice B Miss 55 JeffersonWilliams Appleton 943 Boylston N HWilliams Arthur S 41 Hyde N HWilliams Ben Ames 34 Prospect pkNvWilliams Borland 74 Brookside av NvWilliams Bradford D 589 California NvWilliams C Morri& 41 Hyde N HWilliams Donald D 52 Central AuWilliams Elizabeth Miss 944 Centre NCWilliams Ella E Mrs 70 Waban Hill rdC H 1Williams Emily E Miss 55 JeffersonWilliams Francis H 11 Glenwood avN CWilliams Francis S 30 Norfolk rd C HWilliam Frederick F 23 Fair Oaks avNvWilliams George H 55 JeffersonWilliams. George L 52 Harrison N HWilliams George Mrs 4 Ripley ter N CWilliams Harris R 19 Waldorf rd N HWilliams Harry O 43 Walker NvWilliams Harry R 101 Harvard NvWilliams Henry F 7 Norman rd N HWilliams Henry J 30 Norfolk rd C HWilliams Horace G Jr 944 Centre N CWilliams Jane E Miss 146 Harvard NvWilliams John N Mrs 32 Mason N CWilliams Laura L Miss 41 Hyde N HWilliams Lester 75 Floral N HWilliams Lucy H Miss 30 Norfolk rdC HWilliams Manning A 26 Rice N CWilliams Misses The 2212 Com'lth avAuWilliams M Sinclair 589 California NvWilliams Pjercy F 280 Waltham W NWilliams R Frederick 1756 Beacon WWilliams Robert L 167 Waban Hill rd(North) C HWilliams Rosamond Miss 30 Norfolk rdC HWilliams Wm J 7 Westbourne rd N CWilliamson Hazel Miss 41 Gay NvWilliamson W D Mrs 3 Bradford ct NCWilling Estella Miss 389 Woodward WWilling James 389 Woodward WWillis Albert Mrs 91 Wyman WWillis Ruth C Miss 91 Wyman WWilliston Allen J 805 Com'lth av N CWills A L Mrs 147 Sumner N CWillson Frank G 78 Madison av NvWilson Arthur E 247 Grove AuWilson Barbara F Miss 15 Alden N CWilson Charles J A 192 Lowell av NvWilson Edmund I 90 Washburn av AuWilson Edward B 304 Otis W NWilson F M 195 Gibbs N CWilson Francis N 750 Com'lth av N CWilson George B 65 Clark N CWilson George M 230 Walnut NvWilson HDDr^USN) 212 TremontWil&on Hayward 67 Pine rd C HWilson John 101 Waban Hill rd C H

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 279Wilson John W 77 Hartford N HWilson Lewis W Dr 41 Eliot av W NWilson Lucy W Mrs 51 Pin,e Ridgerd WWilson Maud Miss 65 Clark N CWilson Miriam Miss 15 Alden N cWilson Rufus ,S 15 Alden N CWilson iSaxton R Jr 15 Alden N CWinchester Harold P 20 Mason NWing Charles S 98 Homer N CWingWingWingWingDaniel G 301 Otis W NErnest R 29 Fair Oak av NvFrank E 110 Waban Hill rd C HFrank E 151 Waverley avWingate James I 11 Oak Ridge AuWingate Mary S Miss 749 CentreWinn Charles 808 Com'lth av N CWinn C H Dr 808 Com'lth av N CWinn Margaret Miss 808 Com'lth avN CWinn,Mary A Miss 808 Com'lth av NC•Winn Walter Mrs 306 Lake av N HWinslow E James 222 Grove AuWin slow Edward 27 Ash AuWinslow Everett C 559 ParkerWinslow Guy M 145 Wbodland rd AuWinslow Helen L Mrs 27 Ash AuWinslow Howard O 24 Tarleton rd N CWinslow Kenelin 11 Jenison NvWinslow Roland F 35 Oxford rd N CWinsor Ernest 391 Hammond C HWinsor Kennard 51 Middlesex rd C HWinsor Mary P Miss 160 Dudley rd NCWinters Alice Miss 58 Page rd NvWinthrop Henry A 221 Woodland rdAuFlora E Miss 38 RichardsonWiseWiseWiseFrank W 62 Prince W NPierrepont Mrs 116 Highland WN •IWiswell Laura F Mrs 1458 Beacon WWither Frederick E Dr 9 Forest N HWitherbee Sarah D Miss 316 FranklinWithington Augustus H 31 Chestnut rterWithington Maud L Miss 2007 Com'lthav AuWithington William C Mrs 2007Com'lth av AuWitt Ella F Mrs 341 Newtonville av NvWittig Carl F 100 Hillside av W NWolcott S'anford 145 Hunnewell avcWolcott Walter B 145 Hunnewell avWolff H A 300 Hammond C HWolff John E 300 Hammond C HWolff Miss ( es The 116 ChurchWolkins George G 95 Lincoln N HWollenberg Harry L 38 Suffolk rd CHWollenberg Lucille Miss 38 Suffolk rdC HWood Addie Miiss 129 Parker N CWoodNvWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodWoo dWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodBenjamin E Dr 32 WalnutBenjamin F 11 Waverley avCarl G 19 Victoria cir N CCarrie Miss 550 CentreEarl D 19 Victoria cir N CHarvey C 424 Cherry W NHelen Miss 19 Victoria cir NJames H 34 Dickerman rd NJoseph D 14 Sterling W NLouise Miss 14 Sterling WMaria F Miss 1203 Centre NMary MMiss 82Percivalav AuWood Perry 19Wood RebekahWoodWoodWoodWoodWoodburyNvWoodburyWoodcockWoodcockWoodlandAuWoodmanWoodmanPiCHNCMiss 346 Cabot NvMadison av NvW Rev 2039 Com'lthHillside rd N HMiss 1036 Walnut N HSamuel N 25 Washington pk NvVera N Mrs 274 Chestnut W NW Whitney 19 Victoria cir N CWin B 1036 Walnut N HEdwin S Mrs 613 WalnutN B 85 Parker N CFred W 369 Walnut NvG B 4 Fair Oaks av NvGolf Club 1897 WashingtonErnest 163 Moffat rdM*isses 217 BellevueWoodman W F 1243 Centre N CWoodman Walter I 217 BellevueWoodman Willard P 3 Bradford ctN CWoodrow Harry 28 Wanxesit rd WWoodruff George S 72 Circuit av N HWoodsNWoodsWoodsWoodsWoodsWoodsWAndrew iS Mrs 66 Fountain WEmily Miss 123 Sumner N CFrederick S 123 Sumner N CHelen Miss 123 Sumner NHarry J 1100 Boylston N HHenry D 99 Highland W NC

280 NEWTON BLUE BOOKWoods Henry J 12 ChanningWoods Misses The 66 Fountain W NWoodward Edmund 139 Mt Vernon NvWoodward Edward 0 48 Harvard NvWoodward Frederick R 238 W T oodwardW |Woodward Jam,es W 106 Auburn AuWoodward Luther B 139 Mt VernonNvWoodworth Charles H 120 ChurchWoodworth J M 1149 Walnut N HWoodworth Leaverett S 120 ChurchWooldredge William D 64 Hillside avW NWooley Erving Y 30 Rice N CWooley George H 63 Hyde N HWoolston Lee W 42 Plainfteld WW T oolway Fred W 60 Crescent av N CWorcester Julia A Miss 460 CentreWorden Bertha Mrs 61 PearlWorden Frederick 61 PearlWorley John 175 Woodward N HWorth William C 28 Prince W NWrafton Ethel Miss 25 Bowers NvWrafton John F 25 Bowers NvWright Alice M Miss 3 North Gatepk W NWright Andrew B 48 Harrison N HWright Ashley L 2071 Com'lth av AuWright Duncan 672 Chestnut WWright Edith H Mrs 108 Eliot av W NWright Edwin A 16 Adella av W NWright Ellen E Mrs 3 North Gate pkW NWright Irving C 19 Reservoir av C HWright James Hayden 28 CopleyWright James O 706 B,eacon N CWright Jane H Dr 1016 Centre N CWright John L 22 Circuit av N HWright Mary Dr 684 Com'lth av N CWright Stephen E 47 Hancock AuWry Henry E 1006 Boylston N HWrye Anna F Miss 135 ArlingtonWrye Frank 94 Harvard NvWrye Walter C 135 ArlingtonWurtz Frederick C 136 Tyler ter N CWyatt Edward C 234 Upland rd NvWyeth Annie Mrs 119 Row.e ter AuWyeth W F 39 Chestnut terWyman Alfred E Mrs 50 Highland avNvWyman Bruce 15 Winnetaska rd WWyman Charles A 67 Temple W NWyman Lillian Mrs 25 Highland av NvWyman Oliver 58 Adella av W NWyman Samuel D 86 Crofton rd WYardsley H R Mrs 1647 Beacon WYelland Frederick W 309 Waltham WNYelland Louis H 133 Eliot av W NYork Mary J Mrs 54 Temple W NYork Palmer 119 GrasmereYoung Alan J 19 Oakwood ter N CYoung Alice M Miss 136 Austin NvYoung Anna M Miss 52 Ashton av N CYoung Charles S Mrs 52 Ashton avN C 1Young Clarence 16 Glenwood av N CYoung Dorothy Miss 16 Glenwood avN CYoung Edward G 6 Sumner N CYoung Edward P Mrs 16 Glenwood avN CYoung Elinore Miss 1136 Centre N CYoung Emily W Miss 71 Lake av N CYoung Frances J 52 Crescent av N CYoung Fred Ballou Mrs 61 Walker N T ;TTYoung Frederick O 137 Walnut NvYoung Frederick Webb 132 Windermererd AuYoung George W 1190 Centre N CYoung Gilbert E 6 Sumner N CYoung Harold F 139 Rowe AuYoung Isabel Miss 71 Lake av N CYoung J A Mrs 6 Sumner N CYoung J Everett 83 Dunster rd C HYoung James A 136 Austin NvYoung James Herbert Dr 223 ParkYoung Louis M 63 Kenwood N CYoung Misses Th.e 137 Walnut NvYoung Nicholas 430 CentreYoung Oliver M 6 Sumner N CYoung Rhoda Miss 52 Ashton av N CYoung Soloman Mrs 1120 Centre N CYoung Thomas E 224' Auburndale avAuYoung Thomas R 50 Spooner rd C HYoung William A 54 Temple W NYoung Wm D 6 Sumner N CYoung Wm Herbert 41 Wamesit rd WZanek James 1013 B.eacon N CZerrahn C Otto 15 Lee C HZiegler Alfred M 580 Walnut NvZiegler Barbara Miss 251 Mill NvZiegler Percy R 251 Mill NvZiegler Rhoda Miss 580 Walnut NvZirhut John W 1019 Washington NvZoller William H 12 Jenison Nv•

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 281CHURCHESNEWTONCHANNING CHURCHCorner Vernon and Eldridge StreetsPastor, Rev. Chester Arthur DrummondClerk, Mr. Joseph PalmerServices: 10:30 a. m. Sunday School,12 m.ELIOT CHURCH (Congregational)Centre and Church Streets, NewtonPastor, Rev. H. Grant Person, D. D., 14Hyde av.e, NewtonMinister Religious Education, Rev. OttoMayer, 957 CentreClerk, Frederick L Trowbridge, 14HollisSunday School, Rev. Otto MayerSunday [Services: Preaching at 10.30 a.m. Elementary, Kindergarten,Young people's and Adult Schoolsmeet at 9.30, 10.30, 12. Young People'sChristian Asso., 5.30 p. m.Week Day Services: Friday at 7.45 p.m.IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCHChurch and Centre Streets, NewtonPastor, Rev. Newton A. Merritt, Jr.Clerk, Dr. L. H. Naylor.Sunday School Supt., C. V. MooreSunday Services: Preaching, 10.30 a.m. Bible School, 12 m. Junior Y.P. S. C. E., 6:30 p. m. Preaching,7:30 p. m.Week Day Services: Prayer MeetingFriday, 7.45 p. m.NEWTON METHODIST EPISCOPALCHURCHCentre Street corner of Wesley StreetPastor, Rev. Charles W. Brashares, 30Wesley str.eet.Clerk, Mr. D. Fletcher BarberSunday School iSupt., Geo. R. Strandberg.Sunday Services: Morning Worship,10.30. Sunday School, 12 m. EpworthLeague, 6.30. Evening Worship,7.30.Prayer Meeting on Friday nightatGRACE CHURCHCorner of Church and Eldredge StreetsPastor, |Rev. Laurens MacLure, S. T.D., 64 Eldredge street, NewtonSunday School 'Supt., Frank E. Perkins.Sunday Services: Holy Communion, 9a. m. Morning Prayer and Sermon,10.30 a. m. Sunday School, 12 m.Evening Prayer and Sermon, 7.30p. m. First Sunday in month, HolyCommunion, 9 and 10.30 a. m.7:45.NORTH CONGREGATIONALCHURCHChapel StreetPastor, \Rev. Robert L. Rae, 40 Bridgestreet, Newton.Clerk, Reuben Forknall.Sunday School Supt., Wm. E. Lowry.Sunday Services: 10.45 a. m., 7.00 p.m.Week Days Friday, 7.30 p. m.

282 1 T EWTON BLUE BOOKST. JOHN THE EVANGELISTCHURCH (Roman Catholic)Dalby StreetRector, Rev. Joseph E. Robichaud, 32SWatertown street, Newton.Assistant, Rev. Louis E. RaymondSunday' Masses, 6, 7.40, 9.40 and 11.00a. m.Sunday School, 2 p. m.Vespers andBenediction, 3 p. m.Holy days of obligation, massesat5.15, 6.30 and 8 a. m. Vespers andBenediction, 7:30 p. m.NEWTONVILLECENTRAL CONGREGATIONALCHURCH OF NEWTON(Incorporated)Walnut Street, NewtonvillePastor, R,ev. Mcllyar H. Lichliter, 40Foster street, Newtonville.Clerk, Wallace C. BoydenSunday School Supt., Frank G. Willson.Sunday Services: 11.00 a. m., SundaySchool at 9.45 a. m.Week Day Services: Friday at 7.45p. m.NEWTONVILLE NEW CHURCHSOCIETYHighland Avenu,ePastor, .Rev. John Goddard, 52 Brooksideavenue, NewtonvilleAssistant Minister, E. M. L. Gould, 175Mt. Vernon stClerk, Prescott WellmanSunday Services: 10.40 a. m. SundaySchool at 12 m. Pastor's Class at12.20.ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPALCHURCHLowell avenue and Otis streetRector, Rev. Richard T. Loring, 311Lowell avenue, Newtonville.Clerk, Harlan H. Ballard, Jr.Sunday School Supt., Douglas Sloane.Sunday Services: S a. m. and 11.00 a.m. Sunday School at 12:15 p. m.FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPALCHURCHNewtonville SquarePastor, Rev. Charles R. Ross, Ph.D.,440 Newtonville avenue, NewtonvilleTreasurer, Leon C. CarterSunday School Supt., W. H. TimbieSunday Services at 10.45 a. m. and7.30 p. m. (Sunday School at 12.15p. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m.Week Day Services Wednesday at 7.45p. m.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 283NEWTON TJNIVERSALISTCHURCHCHUiRCH OF OUR LADY(Roman Catholic)Washington Park, NewtonvillePastor, IRev. Rufus H. Dix, 70 Eddystreet, W. N.Sunday Services: Morning worship at10.45. Sunday School, 12. Y. P. C.XL, 6 p. m. Monthly supper and socialthe second Thursday in themonth. Church meeting first Fridayevening in the month.Washington street, cor Adams streetPastor, IRev. Lawrence W. Slattery,P. R., 573 Washington street.Assistants, Rev. Walter J. Roche, Rev.Robert M. Mantle and Rev. ConradJ. Quirbach.Sunday Services: Masses, 6, 7.30, 9, 10•and 11.30 a. m. Vespers at 3.30 p. m.Week day Mass: 7 a. m.NEWTONHIGHLANDSPARISH OF ST. PAULWalnut street, Njewton HighlandsHector, iRev. Theodore R. Ludlow, 60Columbus street, Newton HighlandsClerk, Frank O. HurterSunday Services at 10.45 a. m. SundaySchool at 9.30 a. m. Holy Communionfirst and third Sundays inthe month, 8.00 a. m.CLINE MEMORIAL METHODISTEPISCOPALCorner Erie avenue and HartfordstreetPastor,. Rev. W. Morton Cassidy, 59Hartford.Clerk, Miss Edith McCann, Uplandave., N. H. 1Sunday School Supt., Chas. T. Noble.Sunday Services: Preaching service atCONGREGATIONALCHURCHCorner Lincoln and Hartford streetsPastor, R£v. Samuel H. Woodrow, D.10 a. m. Sunday School at 12 m.Preaching service at 7 p. m. EpworthLeague Devotional and Evangelisticservice at 8 o'clock.D., 1057 Walnut street."Clerk, iRolfeCobleighSunday School Supt., Dewey J. Short.Sunday Services: At 10.30 a. m,SundaySchool at 12 m. Y. P. S. ChristianEndeavor, 7 to 8 p. m.

284 XKN'TOX P.LT'E P.OOKWESTNEWTONLINCOLN PARK BAPTIST CHURCHCorner Washington and PerkinsstreetsPastor, Rev. Fred William Peakes, 40Lincoln ParkClerk, Arthur M. Teuton, 30 Websterstreet.Sunday School Supt., Miss Olive K.Burrison, 26 Lincoln Park.Sunday Services: 10.45 a. m. and 7:30p. m. Sunday School at 12 m. ChristianEndeavor Sunday evening, 6.30p. m.Week Day Services: Prayer MeetingFriday evening at 7.45.SECOND CHURCH IN NEWTONCorner Margin and Highland streetsPastor, Rev. J. Edgar Park, 3 Winthropstreet, West NewtonClerk, Jos.eph D Wood, 14 SterlingW. N.Sunday School Supt., Harland D. Crowell.Sunday 'Services: Morning Worship,10:45. Sunday School, 9.30 a. m.Week Day Services: Wednesday 7:45p. m.FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST(Scientist)Player's Hall, West NewtonReading Room, 297 Walnut street,N,ewtonville, open week days 2 to 6p. m., and Tuesday and Saturdayevenings 7.30 to 9 p. m. The ReadingRoom is not open evenings duringthe summer months of July, Aug.and Sept.Sunday Services, 10.45 a. m. SundaySchool, 10.45 a. m.Week Day Services, Wednesday 8 p.m.MYRTLE BAPTIST CHURCHPastor, !Rev. William W. Ryan, 478Waltham, W. N.Clerk, E. A. Lomax.Treasurer, Mrs. George Tyler, 175Hicks stre,et, W. N.Sunday Services: Preaching at 10.30a. m. Sunday School at 12 m.Young People's Meeting, 6:30 and7:30 p. m.Prayer Meeting, Tuesday and Friday,.8 p. m.FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCHINNEWTONWashington street, corner HighlandstreetPastor, Rev. Julian Clifford Jaynes, 76Prinze streetClerk, Irving F. CarpenterSunday School Supt., Edmund W. Ogden.Sunday Services: 10.45 a. m.SundaySchool, 9.30 a. m.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 285AUBURNDALECONGREGATIONAL CHURCHHancock street, corner Woodland roadPastor, Rev. Edward P. Drew, 89 Grovestreet. IClerk, Henry G. Hildreth.Sunday Services: 10.30 a. m. SundaySchool at 12 m. Young People'sChristian Endeavor, 6.30 p. m.Prayer Meeting Thursday, 7.45 p. m.Week Day Service Thursday, 7.30.Week Day Services: Prayer Meetingevery Friday at 7:45 p. m. Ladies'Aid Society Wednesday at 2 p. m.Junior League every Friday afternoon.Sunday School Board firstMonday evening. Epworth LeagueBusiness Meeting third Tuesday.CENTENARY METHODIST EPISCO­PAL CHURCH230 Central street, AuburndalePastor, Earl E. Harper, 304 Centralstreet.Secretary, H. L. Hardy, 42 Oaklandavenue.Sunday School Supt., Ralph E. Davis,107 Hancock street.Sunday .Services: Worship, 10.30 a. m.Sunday School, 12.00 a. m. EpwortnLeague, 6.30 p. m. Worship, 7.30p. m.CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH(Episcopal)West Newton and AuburndaleAuburn street and Commonwealth aveRector, Rev. Percival Wood, 2039Com'lth av Au.Clerk, Mr. Winsor G. SampsonSunday Services: 7.30, Holy Communion,and 10.30 a. m., Morning Prayer.Church School, 12.00.Week Day Services: Friday, 7.45 p. m.NEWTONCENTRENEWTON CENTRE UNITARIANSOCIETTYCypress and Centre streets.Pastor, George Lawrence Parker, 29Glenwood avenue, Newton Centre.Clerk, Wm. F. Coan.Sunday School iSupt., Mr. James B.Meloher.Sunday Services: 11 a. m. SundaySchool, 10.15 a. m. \CHURCH OF THE SACRED HEARTCorner Centre Street and Crescent avePastor, R£V. Timothy C. CurtinAssistants, Rev. J. F. Haney and Rev.Edward P. Murphy.Sunday Services: Masses at 7, 8.30,a. m. High Mass at 10.30. SundaySchool, 2.15 p. m, Vespers,3.15 p. m.

•o 86 NEWTON BLUE BOOKFIRST CHURCH IN NEWTON(Congregational)Centre and Homer stre.ets.Pastor, Edward MacArthur Noyes, 9Laurel street, Newton Centre.Clerk, Almon L. Pales, 45 Westbournerd.Sunday School Supt, Paul M. Goddard.Sunday Services: Morning worship,10.30 a. m.; Bible School, 12 m.Young People's Meeting, 5.1^ p. m.W^eek Day Services: Prayer Meeting,Friday, 8 p. m.NEWTON CENTRE METHODISTEPISCOPAL CHURCHCorner Centre street and Langley rdPastor, Rev. Ralph Emerson Davis, 30'Lake avenue.Secretary, Alden H. Speare, 138 Langleyroad.Sunday Services: Morning worship at10.30. Sunday School at 12 m. EpworthLeague, 6.15 p. m. Eveningworship at 7.00 p. m.Week Day Services: Prayer and conferencemeeting, Friday at 7.45 p.m.FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH INNEWTONCorner Centre and Beacon streets,Pastor, Rev. Charles N. Arbuckle, D.D., 848 Beacon street, Newton Centre.Clerk, J. W. DysonSunday School Supt., Evjerett A.GreeneSunday Services: 11 a. m., morningworship. Sunday School, generalsession 'at 9:45 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E.,7 p. m.Week Day Services: Meeting for prayerand conference Friday at 7.45p. m.TRINITY CHURCH(Protestant Episcopal)Centre street, corner Homer streetRector, IR^v. Edward T. Sullivan, AshtonPark.Clerk, Samuel B. Paul.Sunday Services: 10.45 a. m. and 7.15p. m.OAKHILLUNION CHAPELCorner Dedham and Nahanton streetsPastor, Rev. George G. Phipps, 1193Walnut, N. H.Clerk, Herman EstySunday School Supt., Wm.Sunday Services: 2.30 and Sanderson7.30 p. m.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 287WABANCHURCH OF THE GOODSHEPHERDBeacon street.Beacon street, Waban, (Newton).Rector, |Clerk, David A. Ambrose, 85 Ridge rd,Sunday Services: Morning service,10.45, Holy Communion, 1st Sundayof month. Sunday School, 9.30 a. m.Week Day Services: Daily duringLent.UNION CHURCHCollins road, near BeaconMinister, Rev. Charles H. Cutler, D-D., 173 Moffat road.Clerk, George F. iRivinius.Sunday Services: 11.00, worship andpreaching, Church School, 9.4*5 a. m.Church night, Wednesday, 7.45 p. m.CHESTNUTHILLFIRST CHURCH OF CHESTNUTHIDLCHURCH OF THE REDEEMER(Protestant Episcopal)i(Unitarian)Suffolk Road, near HammondPastor, Rev. Addison Moor, 14 Norfolkrd., C. H.Hammond street, C .H.Rector, Rev. Lucius W. Rogers.Services Sunday, 11 a. m. SundaysSchool, 9.45 a. m. Holy Communion,,8 a. m.

288 NEWTON BLUE BOOKCLUBS, SOCIETIES, ETC.LITERARY ANDSOCIALAUBURNDALE FRATERNALBENEFIT ASSOCIATIONAUBURNDALE REVIEW CLUBPresident, George H.Secretary-Treasurer,Annual meeting firstruary.BourneW. F. Hadlock,Tuesday in Feb-President, Mrs. Frank F. Davidson.Treasurer, Mrs. Amos R. Wells.Secretary, Miss Florence N. Bridgeman.Annual meeting April 18.ABERMA'RLE GOLF CLUB136 Crafts Street, Nv.Inc., Nov. 15, 1900.President, Charles F. AveryTreasurer, William S. OsborneSecretary, K. P. Kempton, 26 Rossmereroad, NvAnnual meeting third Monday in February.Grounds located on line of ,electric carsAUBURNDALE VILLAGE IMPROVE­MENT SOCIETYPresident, Henry L. Goodman.Secretary, James Dunlop, 370 Wolcott-St., Au.Treasurer, Charles D. Ansley.Annual meeting held first Wednesdayin October.a;bout three-quarters of a mile fromNewtonville depot on Craftssjreetand Albermarle road. Nine holecourse.AUBURNDALE WOMAN'S CLUBAUBURNDALE STUDY CLUBPresident, Mrs. Wilbur D. Gilpatric.Vice-Presidents, Mrs George W. St.President, Mrs. Harry Wilson, WashAmant, Mrs.Madison M. Cannon.burn avenue.Secretary, Mrs. John Lougee, Beaumont avenue Newtonville.Treasurer, Mr. Kenneth Kimball, Hancock street.Time and place of meetings, 3d Tuesdayevening at home of members.Annual meeting in June.Treasurer, Mrs. E. J. Winslow.Recording Secretary, Mrs. William J.Benger.Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. F. A.O'Brien.Me.ets alternate Tuesday afternoons at2.30. (Annual meeting last of April.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 289BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICANorumbega Council277 Washington Street, Newton, 58,MassachusettsPresident, James A. Stafford.Vice-Presidents, Clarence G. McDavitt,iRev. Carl M. Gates, iRev. Joseph E.P^rry, William H. Draper.Scout Executive and Secretary, WilliamB. SharrattTreasurer, John H. Eddy.BRAE-BURN COUNTRY CLUBPresident, Henry B. Day.Secretary, Edward F. Woods.Treasurer, /Wm. A. Young.Club house, 326 Fuller street, WestNewton.Annual meeting first Wednesday afterfirst Monday in March.CHRISTIAN ERA CLUBPresident, Miss Ella B. 'Smith.Secretary, Mrs. A. W: C. Desoe.Treasurer, Mrs. E. E. Savory.Time and place of meeting at the member'shome every 3rd Monday at 3o'clock.Annual meeting April 10.OLAFLIN GUARD VETERAN ASSO.President, Walter H. Stearns.Secretary, Fred P., 351 Otisstreet, W. N.Treasurer, F. G. L. Henderson.Annual meeting and banquet week ofOctober 10th ,each year.Smoke talks and outing, one in springand one in summer.COMMONWEALTH COUNTRY CLUBAlgonquin road, Chestnut HillPresident, William F. Garcelon.Treasurer, Arthur R. Robertson.Secretary, J. W. F. Kennedy.Annual meeting first Wednesday inMarch.DAUGHTERS OF AMERICANREVOLUTIONLucy Jackson ChapterNewton Lower FallsRegent, Mrs. Frederick J. Fessenden.Vice Regents, Miss Lucy Allen andMrs. Charles E. Gibson.Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. EmilyJordan, Newton.Recording Secretary, Mrs: William E.Gill, 38 Somerset rd, West Newton.Treasurer, Mrs. Frank Morton Sherman.Registrar, Mrs. Frank W. Pray.Historian, Mrs. Arthur P, Friend.Meets second Monday of each monthfrom October to May.Annual meeting held in May.DAUGHTERS OF THE REVOLU-LUTION, SARAH HULL CHAPTERRegent,Secretary, Mrs. Monroe C.Treasurer, Mrs. Willard L.321 Tremont, N.Meets Newton Club, Nv.Annual meeting the i firstMarch.Rand.Sampson,weekEVERY SATURDAY CLUBPresident, Mr. John Daboll.Secretary-Treasurer, Miss MarionDrew Bassett, 105 Central av, Nv.Meets 7:45 p. m., at homes of members.Annual meeting held in April.GOV. JOHN A. ANDREW HOMEASSOCIATIONTel. N. N. 256092 Washington Park, N t ewtonvillePresident, Mrs. Lue Stuart Wadsworth.Secretary, Mrs. Ella A. Jones, Lexington.Treasurer, Wilfred A. Wetherbee, 19Orchard street, Newton.Annual meeting 4th Monday in

290 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHIGHLAND GLEE CLUBNEIWTONOFLONGWOOD CRICKET CLUB50 Middlesex road, C. H.Newton Centre, Mass.President, Mr. John F. Capron, 523Ward, N. C.Vice-President, Mr. James Kingman,32 Fisher avenue, N. H.Treasurer, H. Esmond Rowley, Devonrd., N. C.Secretary, Mr. Paul M. Goddard,Stearns street, N. C.M,eets Monday evenings in UnitarianChurch vestry at Newton Centre.Annual meeting 1st Monday in May.FRANCES JEWETT REPERTOIRETHEATRE CLUB188 Dartmouth iSt., Boston.President, Mrs. John C. Abbott.Vice-President, Mrs. E. R. Thayer.Secretary, Mr. J. M. O. Hewitt, residence,120 Tremont St., Boston.Treasurer, Miss Hope Ladd.Meets, Time and Place, Copley Theatre1st Wednesdays October andApril, 4 p. m.THE MOTHERS' -REST ASSOCIA­TION, INC., OF NEWTON CENTREPresident, Mrs. Morgan L. Cooley, 1104Centre, N. C.Secretary, Mrs, D. Bradl^e Rich, 193Gibbs, N. C.Treasurer, Miss Frances Stevens, 27Trinity ter., N. C.Annual meeting third Thursday inOctober.8 High St., Needham HeightsMONDAY CLUB OF NEWTON HIGH­LANDSPresident, Mrs. Geor&e W. Baker.Vice-President, Mrs. Charles H. Keeler.Secretary, Mrs. Frank Campbell, 181Jackson, N. C.Treasurer, Mrs. Charles T. Bartlett,141 Jackson, N. C.Meets 2d and 4th Mondays in each.month.Annual meeting homes of members 4th.Monday in April.AUBURNDALE BROTHERHOODPresident, Raymond L. Bridgman.Secretary, Louis Felix Ranlett, 357Central avenue.Treasurer, Edmund I. Wilson.Time and Place of Meetings, ThirdTuesday or Wednesday of everymonth from October to May. AuburndaleCongregational or CentenaryM,ethodist-Episcopal Churches.Annual Meeting, Third Tuesday inMay.HUNNEWELL CLUBEldredge, corner Church StreetPresident, A. W. Blakemore.Secretary, Mason H. Stone, 7 Braemore road, N^ewton.Treasurer, P. George Angier.Annual Meeting in May.NEIGHBORHOOD CLUBBerkeley street, W. N.President, Arthur C. Dunmore.Vice-President, Herbert M. Cole.Secretary and Treasurer, Thomas Gorham,41 Berkeley, W. N.Annual meeting second Wednesday inNovember at club house.NEWTON CENTRE IMPROVEMENTASSOCIATIONPresident, Frederick E. Banfield, Jr.Vice-President, William H. Rice.Secretary, Allan S. White.Treasurer, G. Wilbur Thompson.Time meeting Second Friday eachmonth.Place,meeting at homes of officers.Annual meeting April.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 291NEWTON BOAT OLUB, INC.President, E. B. Snow.Secretary, H. C. Kingman.Treasurer, Howard Sanderson.Meets at club house Riverside.Annual meeting second! MondayApril.THE NEIWTON CATHOLIC CLUBPresident, T. C. Hickey.Vice-President, John E. Riley.Treasurer, Rev. Francis Cronin.Financial Secretary, John R. Kyte.Recording Secretary, John J. HigginsAnnual meeting First Monday in Octoher.inNEWTON CENTRE WOMAN'S CLUB.President, Mrs. Francis N. Nathan.Recording Secretary, Miss Elizabeth.P. Bartljett, 141 Jackson, N. C.Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Ellis^Spear, Jr.Treasurer, Mrs. Warner R. Holt, 15Rice street.Meets last Thursday in each month atBray Hall.Annual meeting first Thursday in May.NEWTON CHAMBER OF COM­MERCE277 Washington St., Room 24..Secretary, Clifton C. Morey.NEWTON CHAPTER OF THEAMERICAN RED CROSS306 Walnut street, Newtonville.Chairman, George M. Angier, 25 PineRidge road, Waban.Vice Chairman, Mrs. Albert P. Carter,104 Highland avenue, Nv.Executive Secretary Home Service,Mrs. Carrie A. Hull.Secretary, Mrs. Marcus Morton, 186Highland av., Nv.Treasurer, John W. Estabrook, 32 Sewallstreet, W. N.Meets from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m. everyday except Saturday at Temple Hall,Masonic Building.NEWTON CENTRE SQUASHTENNIS CLUBNEWTON COMMUNITY CLUFNewtonOrganized April, 1919.President, Mrs. Sidney Peterson, £2*Vernon, Newton.Recording Secretary, Mrs. AldrichTaylor.Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wm.W. Colton, 309 Bellevue, Newton.Treasurer, Miss Emma Walker, 638Centre, W.Auditor, Miss Margaret H. Aubin.Meets 2.30 p. m., 2nd and 4th ThursdaysOctober and April, HunnewellClub. Eldredge, cor. Church streets^.Newton.Chestnut Terrace and CommonwealthAv^nueChairman, William D. Rising.Secretary, Robert C. Bray.Treasurer, Dr. G. L. West.Annual meeting second Tuesday inApril.NEWTON CLUBHighland avenue, Newtonville;President, Henry J. Nichols.Secretary, Horton S. Allen.Treasurer, F. W. GrantAnnual meeting last Saturday in April.

29:2 NEWTON BLUE BOOKNEWTON FEDERATION OFWOMEN'S CLUBSPresident, Mrs. S. Hardy Mitchell.Secretary, Mrs. H. H. Longfellow, 35Grove street, Aii.Treasurer, Mrs. H. E. Childs.Meets first Monday of each month except(December and February).Annual meeting held second Tuesdayin May at Central CongregationalChurch, Nv.NEWTON KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUSNEWTON HOSPITALWashington street, near Beacon, NewtonLower FallsNearest railway station, B. & A. R.JR., Woodland.Electric cars pass the property.Telephony connection.Persons able to pay board are chargeda moderate sum per week. Othersare admitted free.Quarterly meetings are held in March,June, September and December atNurses' Home on Hospital grounds.Annual meeting last Monday of September.315 Walnut Street, NewtonvilleTel. N. N. 3049.4President, George W. Linehan.Vice-President, Thomas A. Navien.Clerk, John Banvis£.'Treasurer, William M. x Churchill.NEWTON LADIES' HOME CIRCLE*President, Mrs. Wm. H. Brown.Recording Secretary, Mrs. W. F. Hadlock,321 Lexington street, Au.Treasurer, Miss Abbie Chamberlain.Meets first and third Thursday eachmonth, Grand Army Hall.Annual meeting first Thursday inApril.NEWTON HOSPITAL AID ASSOCIA­TIONPresident, Mrs. George H. Talbot.Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Joseph N. Lovell,Mrs. William M. Flanders, Mrs.George W. St. Amant.Recording Secretary, Mrs. Frank E.Anderson, 1853 Beacon street, Brookline.Corresponding Secretary, Miss MargueriteFlanders.Treasurer, Miss iRose Loring.Meets the second Tuesdays from Octoberto May inclusive, New ChurchParlors, Highland avenue, Newtonville.Annual meeting in May.NEWTON DISTRICT NURSINGASSOCIATIONPresident, Mrs. George W. St. Amant.Treasurer, Mrs. C. L. Smith.Secretary, Mrs. Charles Gardner, 148Highland av., Nv.Meets third Monday of th£ month atNewton Club House.Annual meeting, second Monday ofNovember.NEWTON MEDICAL CLUBCare of New HospitalPresident, Edward A. Andrews.Corresponding (Secretary and Treasurer,Henry W. Godfrey, 14 Hancock,Au.Meets second Monday evening of eachmonth at Newton Hospital.Annual meeting sjecond. Monday inJanuary.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 293MONDAY EVENING CLUBSecretary, Alvin R. Bailey.1st and 3rd Monday November toMarch.THE READING CILUBNewton CentrePresident, Mrs. William P. Cooke.Secretary Treasurer, Mrs. LewisR.NEWTON NATURAL HISTORYSOCIETYPresident, C. J. Maynard.Secretary, Alvin R. Bailey, 457 Craftsstreet, Nv.Me^ets at members' houses.Teachers and any others interestedin any branch of natural history arecordially invited to attend.NEWTON REAL ESTATEASSOCIATION299 Walnut Street, Nv.President, James W. French.Secretary and Treasurer, J. C. Fuller.Annual meeting- first Tuesday ofMarch.NEWTON POLICE BENEFIT ASSO­CIATION (Incorporated)1311 Washington, West NewtonOrganized F,eb. 20, 1900; incorporatedJan. 31, 1907.President, Edward Desmond.Secretary, Henry F. Tibbetts; Res.,1371 Washington, W. N.Treasurer, J. H. Shaughnessy, 966Chestnut, N. U. F.Board meets at polic,e headquarters,W. Newton.Annual meeting first Wednesday inJanuary.NEWTON SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUBPresident, Mrs. Henry A. Nealley.Secretary, Miss Miriam Drury.Treasurer, Mrs. J. M. Woodbridge, 128Jewett street.Meets Wednesday mornings at 10o'clock, November to May, at GraceChurch Parish House.Annual meeting last Wednesday inApril.Speare.Meets every Monday afternoonhomes of members.Annual meeting April 10.NEWTON HIGHLANDS IMPROVE­MENT ASSOCIATIONPresident, Edwin L. Drowne.Vice-President, A. H. Mellen.Treasurer, Harris P. Gray.Secretary, S. Arthur Thompson.Meets at irregular intervals duringyear at call of Executive Committee.Meetings h,eld in CongregationalChurch or Hyde School Hall, NewtonHighlands.Annual meeting first Monday in March.NEWTONVILLE IMPROVEMENTASSOCIATIONPresident, Harry D. Cabot, 561 Watertownstreet, Newtonville.Secretary and Treasurer, Clarence G.McDavitt.Annual meeting second Tuesday inMay.NEWTON MASONIC HALLASSOCIATIONAnnual meeting of Association, secondThursday in January at Masonichall.NEWTONVILLE WOMAN'S CLUBPresident, Mrs. J. C. Hagar.Secretary, Mrs. E. E. Wakefield, 725Watertown street, Nv.Treasurer, Mrs. Gorham W. Harris.Meets first and third Tuesdays of eachmonth from November to April inclusivein the Central CongregationalChurch.Annual meeting third Tuesday in

294 NEWTON BLUE BOOK"PLAYERS"President, Waldo F. Glidden, Lexington.Vice-President, T. E. Stetson, Brookline.Treasurer, Charles E. Hatfield, WestNewton. JSecretary, Alic,e L. Frost, Newton.Annual meeting and election of officersin May.WABAN WOMAN'S CLUBPresident, Mrs. Dana M. Dutch.Vice-President, Mrs. Joseph Congdon.Secretary, Mrs. Gjeorge F. Reechardt,54 Waban av., Waban.Treasurer, Mrs. Walter E. Brown.Annual meeting April 17.Meets, Time and Place, alternate MondaysNov. to April, 2 p. m., WabanNeighborhood Club.REVIEW CLUBPresident, Mrs. F. F. Davidson.Secretary, Miss F. N. Bridgman.Treasurer, Mrs. Amos R. W^lls.Time and place meeting alternateTuesday mornings at homes of members.Annual meeting held April 18.UNITARIAN CLUB OF NEWTONChanning Church, Newton.President, Herbert St»ebbins, 8 Kenilworth.Vice-President, James Kingman, 32Fisher avenue, Newton Highlands.Secretary, Walter A. Beedle, res., 30Lettell rd., Brookline.Treasurer, Horace C. Harrington.Meets 3rd Thursday of each monthfrom October to April inclusive.Annual meeting third Thursday ofApril.WEST NEWTON WOMEN'S EDUCA­TIONAL CLUBPresident, Mrs. Harry S. Wells.ViQe-President, Mrs. Joseph A. Mc­Donald.Second Vice-President, Mrs. John Mc­Lean/Recording Secretary, Mrs. C. E. Quinn.Treasurer, Mrs. Arthur B. MonroeMeets the second and fourth "Fridaysof each month, from November toMay at Players' Hall, W. Newton.Annual meeting the fourth Friday inApril.WEDNESDAY CLUB OF NEWTONCEfNTREPresident, Mrs. E. R. Benton.Vice-President, Mrs. S. S. Widgjer.Secretary, Mrs. F. E. Anderson.Treasurer, Mrs. J. 0. DeMille.Meets Wednesdays at members 5ihomes.Annual meeting held in April.WEST NEWTON MUSIC SCHOOL,INC.Headquarters: Peirce School.West NewtonPresident, Miss Mabel T. Edgar, Auburndale.Vice-President, Hon. E. O. Childs.Treasurer, Mrs. Robert E. Gross.Musical Director, Miss Elizabeth Fyffe,West Newton.Secretary and Clerk, Mrs. Albert P.Carter, 104 Highland av., Nv.Annual meeting second Monday in October.NEWTON WELFARE BUREAUPresident, Joseph B. Jamieson.Secretary, Mrs. Carrije A. Hull.Office Secretary, Miss Esther M. Walker.Assistant Secretary, Miss H. M. Greenwood.Treasurer, John F. Lothrop.Meets first Wednesday of alternatemonths at 4:30 p. m., 306 Walnutstreet, Newtonville.I

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 295NORTHGATE CLUBNorth Gate Park, West Newton.(Incorporated)President, Clayton C. Alvord, 28 Crossstreet, West Newton.Treasurer, Raymond Forte, 25 Warwickrd.. West Newton.Secretary, Edwin Wolley, 95 Warwickrd., West Newton,Annual meeting in November at theClub House.REBECCA POM.ROY NEWTON HOMEFOR ORPHAN GIRLS24 Hovey st, near Washington at.,NewtonPresident, Charles A. Haskell, 42 Hollis,Newton Highlands.Secretary, Miss Mary Fox, 11 Washingtonstreet, Newton.Treasurer, Oliver M. Fisher, 260 Franklinstreet, Newton.Newton children have the preference.Meets 4 p. m., last Tuesday of eachmonth at the home.Annual meeting held the second Tuesdayin December at the home at 3:30o'clock.ROUNDABOUT CLUBMeets alternate Tuesdays at homes ofmembers.Annual meeting in October.President, None.Secretary and Treasurer, C. PeterClark.Time meeting 2nd Monday of WinterMonths.JPlace meeting changes every meetingat homes of members.Annual meeting regular May meeting.THE VILLAGERSSecretary, Henry Baily, 976 CentreNewton CentreExecutive Committee, Allen Hubbard,chairman, Fred'k T. Parks, Wm. H.Rice, Edward Ray S pea re.Meetings fourth Tuesdays, October toMay, at members' homes.Annual meeting 4th Tuesday January.STEARNS SCHOOL CENTERStearns School.President, Mrs. William E. Jones.Vice-President, Mrs. S. W. Bridges.Secretary, Mrs. George Auryanson, 14Judkins, Nv.Treasurer, Mrs. W. H. Allen.Meets, Time and Place, third Tuesdays,10:15 .a. m., Grace ChurchParish House, September to June.Annual meeting held third Tuesdayin January.SHAKESPEARE CLUBNewton Highlands.President, Mrs. N. W. Drew.Vice-President, Mrs. W. J. Bicknell.Secretary, Mrs. F. S. Keith, 20 Hartford,N. H.Treasurer, Mrs. F. N. Stratton.Meets fortnightly Saturday afternoons2:30 p. m., at the homes of members.Annual meeting last Saturday in April29, 1922.SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUBGrace Church Parish House.President, Mrs. Henry A. Nealley,Recording Secretary, Miss MiriamDrury.Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. WilliamF. Hollings ,292 Franklin, Newton.Treasurer, Mrs. John M. Woodbridge.M^eets Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m., November to April.Annual meeting last Wednesday inApril.

j29G NEWTON BLUE BOOKSTONE INSTITUTE AND NEWTONHOME FOR AGED PEOPLEEliot street, Newton Upper Falls.Telephone: Newton South 23.President, Charles E. RiLey.Vice-President, Joseph Byers.Secretary, Henry Baily, Newton Centre.Treasurer, Albert P. Carter, 60 Statest., Boston.Meetings at call of President and atthe home.Annual meeting held first Saturday inFebruary at Newton Club.• WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPER­ANCE UNIONWest NewtonPresident, Mrs. M. Millis Beardsley,Auburndale.Secretary, Mrs. May Sweatt, WestNewton.Treasurer, Mrs. Helen M. Merriam.Meets third Monday of each month at7:45 p. m., at the homes of the members.Annual meeting 3rd Monday June.YQUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSO­CIATIONTRAVELLERS' CLUBPresident, Mrs. George W. Auryansen,Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Herbert RGibbs.Meets 2nd and 4th Mondays.Annual meeting in May.WEST END LITERARY CLUBNewton HighlandsPresident, Mrs. George T. Smart.Vice-President, Mrs. Albert N. NortonTreasurer, Mrs. F. A. Sandford.Secretary, Mrs. F. H. Ruby.Meets 2nd and 4th Monday at the residence of a member.Annual meeting first Monday in MarchWEST NEWTON NEIGHBORHOODHOUSEDirectors' meetings held at the Nursery,89 Elm street, West Newton, onfirst Tuesday of each month.President, Mrs. Fred S. Sawyer.Treasurer, Mrs. George P. Hatch.Secretary, Mrs. Ernest S. GUe.Annual meeting, third Tuesday in Januaryat Neighborhood House, 89Elm, West Newton.Association Building, cor. Church andBellevue streetsPresident, F. D. Fuller.Vice-President, J. W. Blaisdell.General Secretary, H. W. Bascom.Treasurer, J. W. Blaisdell.Clerk, C. V. Moore.Physical Director, S. A. Carling.Boys' Work Secretaries, F. E. Doubleday,W. W. Wiedner.Meets first Tuesday evening of themonth. )Annual meeting first Monday eveningin May.WOMAN'S CLUB OFHIGHLANDSNEWTONPresident, Mrs. Grosvenor D'W. Marcy.Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Charles H., Mrs. B. Walter Godsoe.Recording Secretary, Mrs. Hiram AllenMiller.Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. CharltonD. Miller.Treasurer, Mrs. Fred Gilbert Sanford.Meets Tuesday afternoon at LincolnHall, Lincoln st, Newton Highlands.Annual meeting in April.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 297NEWTON UPPER FALLS WOMAN'SCLUBPresident, Miss Margaret A. Sullivan.Treasurer, Mrs. Warren H. Hoey.Recording Secretary, Mrs. Herbert E.Child.Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. ThomasG. Newey.Meets first and third Monday night,Auditorium.Annual meeting, May 3, 1922.WOODLAND GOLF CLUBPresident, Robert S. Wason.Vice-President, Edward J. Frost.Secretary, Irving J. French.Treasurer, W. E. Haseltine.Annual meeting held in November

298 NEWTON BLUE BOOK.4POSTOFFICESNEWTON 58320 Center streetSuperintendent, John I. Farwell.Mails arrive:From Watertown at 7, 9 a. m.; 1,15,6:30 p. m.From other points at 3, 4.30, 7, 9.30,10.45 a. m.; 1, 2.30, 5, 8.30 p. m.From all points Sunday at 10 a, m.Mails close:For Watertown at 6.30, 9.30 a. m.;12.30, 6 p. m.For Boston and the east at 3, 7, 9.15,10.45, 11.15 a. m.; 1, 2.15, 4.45, 8, 9.30p. m.For New York City at 3, 8.20, 10.45 a.m.; 2.15, 8.45, 9.30 p. m.For New York State and the w£st at3, 8.45, 10.45 a. m,; 2.15, 4.45, 9.30 p.m. jFor other Newton offices at 3, 9.15,11.15 a. m.; 1, 1.45, 2.15, 5, 8, 9.30p. m.Carriers leave the Newton office at7.40, 10.40 a. m.; 2.45 p. m.Night collection from street letterboxes despatched at 3 a. m. for allpoints.«Close for all points 8.30 p. m., on Sundays.NEWTON HIGHLANDS 6126 Lincoln street.'Superintendent, Alfred S. Pratt.Mails close:For New York and the south at 7, 10.15?. m.Boston stations at 11.15 a. m.; 12.30,4.45, 7.15, 8 p. m.Southern and Western mails at 8 p. ai.Mails arrive:From Boston station at 6.30, 8, 10.30a. m., 1.30, 2, 5.30, 8 p. m.NEWTON CENTRE 591199 Centre streetSuperintendent, M. John Barry.Mails arrive: 6.30, 8, 10.30 a. m.; 1.45,5.30, 8.00 p. m. Sundays at 10.45a. m.Mails close: 7.00, 10.30 a. m.; 12.30,5, 7.15, 8.45 p. m.Registered mail closes: 10.30 a. m.;12.30, 5.00, 7.15 p. m.Registered mail arrives: 1.30, 5.30, 8p. m.Carriers Leave the Newton Centre officeat 7.40, 10.45 a. m.; and 2.15 p.m.NEWTONVILLE 60857 Washington streetSuperintendent, W. E. Guilford.Mails received: 6.10, 7, 9.25, 10.40 a.m.; 1, 2.30, 3.35, 5, 8 p. m., from NewYork City and south.Sunday mail received at 9:4*5 a. m.Mails despatched: 7.15 8.15 (for NewYork City and the south) 10, 10.40,11.45 a. m.; (for New York City andsouth and west) 11.45 a. in.; 12.45,2.45, 4, 5.15, 7.30, 10 p. m.Mails despatched on Sunday at 8.30p. m.Boxes collected and mail despatched at8.30 p. m.WEST NEWTON 65135o Washington streetSuperintendent, Charles P. A. CunniffMails arrive:From all points at 6, 7, 9.30, 10.35 am.; 12.50, 2.30, 5, 8.10 p. m. Sundays at 9.50 a. m.Mails close: \

SNEWTON BLUE BOOK 299WBST NEWTON 65(Continued)For Boston and the east at 6.50, 10.45.11 20 a. m.; 12.30. 4.30, 7.50, i>. m.\uto service for stations out of Boston11.20 a. m.For Xew York City and the south at8.30. 10.30 a. m.; 12.30. 4.30, 7.50,9.30 p. m.For Now York Stat' x and the west at8. '. 10.00. 10.30 a. m.: 12.30, 4.30,9.30 p. m.For other Newton offices at 6.50. a. m.; 12.30, 4.30. 7.50, 9.30 p.m.Carriers leave West Newton office at7.40, 10.40 a. m.; -.45 p. m.Parcel Post Delivery, 8.30 a. m.; 2.30p. m.AT BURN DA Id-] »••;:'."7 Auburn streetWABAN 681641 Beacon streetSuperintendent, John W. Mulligan.Mails open at 7.30 a. m.; 1.30, 2.00,5.40 p. m.Mails close at 7.15, 10.45 a. m.; 1, 5p. m.Office hours from 7 a. m. to 6.00 p. m.Closed Sunday.Collection, Sundays, 3 and 7 p. m.Collection, weekdays, 7, 10.30 a. m.;4.15, 8 p. m.CHESTNUT HILLMiddlesex Road near Hammond street.Superintendent. Dr. John C. Brennan.Mails arrive: 7.45, 10.30 a. m.; 1.30,2, 6 p. m.Mails closa: 10.30 a. m., 12.30, 4.45, 7p. m.Superintendent. .Mr. James J. Feerick.Mails arrive: 6, 7.15, 9.45, 10.45 a. m.12.45. 2.15. 5.15. 8.05 p. m.Mails depart: 8.2.",. 11.30 a. in.: 1. 4.50,7.40 p. m.Office hours train 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.Holidays, 7 to 10 i. in.

300 XEW'TOX BLUE BOOKNEWTON CITY GOVERNMENTMayorHon. Edwin O. Childs, City Hall, WestNewton 80; house, Newton North1399-M.AldermenCity Hall, City Messenger, West Newton304'.William S. Ball, house, Newton North1542-M.Banfield F. Eugene, Jr., office, CentreN. 630; house, C. N. 483^R.Hubert L. Carter, office, Fort Hill2400; hous,e, West Newton 844-M.Roy Collins, office, West Newton 307:house, N. N. 2019-M.Wm. E. Earle, Back Bay 5130; NewtonNorth 1398-R.Geo. W. Gr-ebenstein, office, Richmond1213; house, N. N. 1487-W.George M. H,eahtcote, office, NewtonNorth 870; house, West Newton1747-W.Timothy C. Hickey, office, Main 4480;house, West Newton 1174-W.Arthur W. Hollis, office, Main 7406;house, Newton North 414-W.Theodore E. Jewell, office, Waltham40; house, Newton North 749-R.John C. Madden, office Newton North375; house, Newton North.Metcalf W. M,elcher, office, Beach6722; house, Centre Newton 1494-M.Philip Nichols, office, Haymarket 321;house, Newton North 536-M.George V. Phipps, offic,e, Main 4858;house, Centre Newton 1526-W.George W. Pratt, office, Main 1888;house, Centre Newton 1905.Harry B. Ross, office, Main 474; house,'West Newton 960-W.Leverett Saltonstall, office, Main 6146;house, Brookline 4950.Frederick L. Smith, hous£, West Newton155.Stephen H. Whidden, office, Fort Hill2059; house, West Newton 556.Thomas W. White, office, Haymarket4600; house, Centre Newton 683-W.Harold F. Young, hous,e, West Newton867^R; office, West Newton 972-J.City ClerkFrank M. Grant, office, West Newton81; house, Newton North 2630.Clerk of CommitteesJohn C. Brimblecom,North 18; house,,NewtonNewtonNorthDEPARTMENTS AND BOARDSArranged in alphabetical order.Unless otherwise specified, offices ofthese Departments are at City Hall,hours 8.30 A. M. to 5 P. M., exceptSaturdays, 8.30 A. M. to 12.30 P. M.AccountingDepartmentTelephone West Newton 83Daniel White, Comptroller of Accountsres. Newton,'phone West Newton 1098-M.Assessors' DepartmentTelephony West Newton 85Henry Baily, Chairman (Term ex.1923).John R. Prescott, Clerk.John W. Murphy (Term ex. 1924).

XEWTON BLUE BOOK 301Building DepartmentTelephone West Newton 607Walter R. Forbush, Public BuildingsCom'r.res. 195 Church St., Newton,'phone Newton North 1994".Inspector of Plumbing, Cecil C. Chadwick.res. 30 Oakland ave., Auburndale.'phone West Newton 636-M.City Messenger DepartmentTelephone West Newton 304Lucian N. Davis, City Messengerres. 38 Webster St., West Newton'phone West Newton 438-R.Engineering DepartmentTelephone West Newton 606Edwin H. Rogers, City Engineer,res. 105 Temple St., West Newton,'phone West Newton 592-M.Board of Appeal, Building LawsLewis H. Bacon, Chr. (Term ex. Mar.15, 1923)res. 627 Chestnut St., Waban.'phone Centre Newton 29.Charles Raymond Cabot (Term ex.Dec. 20, 1923)res. 510 Wat,ertown St., Newtonville.'phone Newton North 1025-W.Executive DepartmentTelephone West Newton 80Hon. Edwin O. Childs, Mayorres. 340 California St., Newton.'phone Newton North 1399-M.Secretary, Florence S. Fitzgerald.res. 671 Grove St., Newton LowerFalls'phone West Newton 1242-M.Charity DepartmentTelephone West Newton 88Oswald J. McCourt, Overseer (Termex. March, 1922).res. 177 Concord St., Newton LowerFalls.Fred M. Lowe, M. D., City Physicianres. 1354 Washington St., West Newton,'phone West Newton 101.City Clerk DepartmentTelephone West Newton 81Frank M. Grant, City Clerk.res. 400 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville.'phone Newton North 2630.Gertrude M. Bourne, Assistant CityClerk,res. 12 Woodbine St., Auburndale.FireDepartmentTelephone Centre Newton 30and West Newton 33Walter B. Randlett, Chief of FireDept., Inspector of Wires, Inspectorof Petroleum and Forest Warden,'phone Newton South 30.Office Hours:No. 3 Engine House, N. C, 8 to 9 A.M., 1 to 2 P. M.No. 2 Engine House, W. N., 3 to 5P. M.Assistant Chief of Fire Dept.George K. StacyNo. 2 Engine House, West Newton.ForestryDepartment• •See Street Department, Forestry Division.

302 NEWTON BLUE BOOKHealth DepartmentTelephone West Newton 87Francis George Curtis, M. D., Chairman.res. 399 Hammond St., Chestnut Hill'phone Brookline 1060John H. Gordonres. 2061 Commonwealth Ave., Au.'phone West Newton 582Charles S. Ensign, Jr.,res. 293 Franklin St., Newton.'phone Newton North 620.Meetings of Board of Health, 1stand 3rd Mondays of month at 4:15P. M.Alfred M. Russell, Ag f ent and Secretaryof Board,res. 603 California St., Newtonville.'phone Newton North 2210.Leonard D ^ackson, Inspectorres. 445 Crafts St., West Newton,'phone West Newton 237-M.Arthur Hudson, Inspector of Milk, underBoard.Office at 265 Washington St., Newton)'phone, Newton North 253.Planning BoardCharles E. Gibson, Chr. (Term ex. Jan.19, 1923)res. 326 Highland St., West Newton.'phone West Newton 136.Alfred E. Alvord (Term ex. Jan. 19,1923)res. 72 Dalton Rd., Newton Centre.'phone Centre Newton 605.PoliceDepartment1311 Washington St., West NewtonTelephone West Newton 30Frederic M. Mitchell, Chief of Police,res. 65 Adella Ave., W. N.Telephone West Newton 376.Police CourtTelephone West NewtonWm. F. Bacon, Standing Justiceres. 52 Hyde Ave., NewtonOffice 'phone Main 374'.LawDepartmentJoseph W. Bartlett, City Solicitor45 Milk St., Boston.Office 'phone, Main 1160.res. Ridge IRd., Waban.'phone Centre Newton 434-J.Telephone number wh^en at City Hallis West N >wton 83 or West Newton304.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK30aLIBRARIESNEWTON FREE LIBRARYCentre street, NewtonBoard of TrusteesPresident, Frank H. Howes.Treasurer, Frederick J. Ranlett.Ernest G. Hapgood.Joseph J. MurrayThomas W. ProctorSecretary and Librarian, Harold T.Dougherty.Board meets at Library Second Thursdaysof month except during summer.LibraryHoursThe main library is open every day,except Sundays and holidays, from 8a. m. to 9 p. m.Sunday OpeningThe main library and th,e branchesat Auburndale, West Newton, Newtonvilland Nonantum are open on Sundays,2 to 6 p. m., November 1 to April30.House-to-House DeliveryThe library operates a house-tohous;edelivery service on Tuesday tothe residents of Newton Lower Falls,and on Thursday to Chestnut Hill,Waban Hill and Oak Hill.Residents of these sections desiringthis service should write or telephoneto the library.BranchLibraryHours: 1-6, 7-9Newton Centre, Pleasant Street.Newton Highlands, Hyde School.Newtonville, Masonic Building.Hours: 1-6, 7-9.Closed Tues. and Thurs. evenings.West Newton, Nickerson's Block.Nonantum, 293 Watertown Street.Auburndale, Taylor's Block, 1 - 6, 7 - 9,closed Thursday afternoon.Upper Falls, Etaerson School, 3 - 6,7 - 9, closed Tues. and Thurs. evenings.Waban, G. H. /Rhodes', 3 - 6, 7 - 9,closed Thursday.Telephone: Newton North 31Auburndale Branch, West Newton996-M.Newton Centre Branch, Centre Newton506-W.Newton Highlands Branch, CentreNewton 531-J.Newton Upper Falls Branch, CentreNewton 1252-M.Newtonville Branch, Newton North19274W.Nonantum Branch, Newton North2342-W.W^st Newton Branch, West Newton851-M.

304 NEWTON BLUE BOOKSHOPPERS 9GUIDEANDBUSINESS DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERSAnimal Hospital (Dogs)^Boutelle C. Arthur D. V. S., 535 WardN. C. See under Veterinary SurgeonsAuto GaragesCrawford's Garage and Taxi Service,Inc., 49 Elmwood.AntiqueFurniture.Jewett, A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N. CSee inside front cover.Antique FurnitureRepairedRobart, Henry W., 19 Arlington, Newton.Tel. Newton North 1709-R. Seefoot lines.Apparel (Women's and Misses')Meyer Jonasson & Co., Tremont andBoylston, Boston. See O. S. frontcover.Chestnut Hill Garage, Inc., 199 Commonwealthav., C. H. See opp. Page178.Evans Motor Car Co., 24 Brook, N. SeePage 36.McNeilly's Garage, 639 Hammond,Chestnut Hill. See page opp. 178.Newton Highlands Garage (Woodworth& Adams) 1151 Walnut, N.H. See pag.e opp. 147.AutoPaintingCrawford's Garage and Taxi Service,Inc., 49 Elmwood.ArtistsPierce, H. Havelock, 729 Boylston, Page 28.AuctioneersBarbour & Travis, 1345 WashingtonW. N. See Page opp. 98.Burns, John T. & Sons, Inc., 363 Centre,Newton; 807 Washington, Nv.,Automobile Road MapsWalker Lithograph & Publishing Co.,400 Newbury, Boston. See opp.Page 179.Auto Supplies andRepairsand 238 Commonwealth av., ChestnutHill. See foot lines.Chestnut Hill Garage, Inc., 199 Commonwealthav., C. H.178.See page opp.Evans Motor Car Co., 24 Brook.SeeAutomobile DealersEvans Motor Car Co., 24 Brook. SeePage 36.;Newton Highlands Garage (Woodworth& Adams) 1151 Walnut, N. H. Seeopp Page 147.Page 36.McNeilly's Garage (G. J. McNeilly) 639Hammond, Chestnut Hill. See pageopp. 178.Newton Highlands Garage, Woodworth& Adams, 1151 Walnut, N. H.See page opp 147.

NEWTON BLUE ROOK 305Auto TiresBattery, Tire & Service Co., 554Commonwealth av., N. C. Tel. Cen.N. 2063. See opp. Pag.e 130.BanksCaterersPaxton's, 388 Centre, N. SeeOr.Cement, Lime, Etc.Eddy, C. F. Co., 1411 Washington, W.N. See opp. Page 98,ChimneySweepersRichardson Bros., 25 Tremont Row.See front col page.Cleansers (Rugs and Carpets)Boston Oriental Rug Works, PiranianBros., 147 Berkeley, Boston. Seepage opp. 51., Marderosian, K. D. & iSons, 1626 Beacon,Brookline. See opp. Pa&e 179.First National Bank, West Newton,1347 Washington. See opp Page 83.Newton Centre Savings Bank, 103Union, N. C. See page opp. 106.Newton Trust Co., Bank Building, 282Washington, Newton. 808 Beacon,Newton Centre, 203 Walnut, Newtonville,and 293 Auburn, Auburndale.See page opp. 114.West Newton Savings Bank, Washington(near Post Office) W. N.^opp. Page 82.SeeClothes (Cleansing, Dyeing, RepairingEtc.)BatteriesBattery Tire & /Service Co., 554 Commonwealth av., N. C. Tel. Cen. N2063. See opp. Page 130.Kahan, E., Beacon, Waban. See opp.Page 162.Krikorian, Harry, 1157 Walnut, N. H.See foot line.Winchester Laundries, Inc., Winchester,Mass. See opp. Page 50.Blank BookManufacturerClothes and Ru«g CleansersMcAdams, Wm. M. L., 272 Devonshire,Boston. See Page 34.BrokersBrooks, L. Loring, 53 State, Boston.See head and foot lines.Hornblower & Weeks, 60 Congress,Boston. See opp. Page 106.Builders'HardwareChandler & Barber Co., 124* Summer,Boston. See opp. Page 130.Carpets andRugsBoston Oriental Rug Works, PiranianBros., 147 Berkeley, Boston. Seeopp. Page 51.Marderosian, K. D. & Sons, 1626 Beacon,Brookline. See opp. Page 179.Adams & Swett Cleansing Co., 120 and140 Kemble st., Roxbury. See Page33.CoalHatch, B. S. Co., 79 Union, N. C. Tel.Centre Newton 181; 1288 Washington,W. N., Tels. West Newton 66,967-J. S v ee opp. Page 163.Coal In BagsMoKinnon, M. P., 613 Watertown, Nv.See opp. Page 66.Coal and WoodEddy, C. F. Co., 1411 Washington, W.N. See opp. Page 98.Massachusetts Wharf Coal Co., office,793 Washington, Tel. N. N. 348;yard, 285 Newtonville av., Tel. N. N.358. See front col page.

306 NEWTON BLUE BOOKConfectionersPaxton's, 383 Centre, N.33.See Pag eCopying and Enlarging (Photo)Rider, Henry Orne, 36 Islington road,Au. Tel. West Newton 1199-M. Seeopp. Page 163.DentistBlack, !R. W., D. D. S., 61 Langleyroad, Newton Centre.Fair, G. F .Dr., 263 Washington, Newton.Niles, J. P., Dr., 284 Washington, Newton.Niles, W. C. Dr., 284 Washington, Newton.Cut Flowers and PlantsBrasco, L., 77 Walnut, Nv. See opp.Page 67.Holbrow, C. E., 117 Tremont, Brighton.See front col. page.Rodden, The Florist, 34 Irving, N. C.See opp. Page 178.Ryan, Harold A., Inc., 381 Mt. Auburn,Cambridge. See Page 36..DR. R. W. BLACKDENTISTCutleryChandler & Barber Co., 124 Summer,Boston. See opp. Page 130.61 LANGLEY ROAD, NEWTON CENTRETelephone Centre Newton 2096-MDairy FarmsEllis Dairy Farm (J. R. Ashworth).See opp. Page 99.Newtonville Farm (Martin J. Hickey),363 Crafts, Nv. See opp. Page 99.Willow Farm (F. H. Pope) 120 Farwell,Nv. See Page 100.DressmakingWoodworth, C. H., Mrs. 120 Church,Njewton.Dancing TeacherMRS. C. H. WOODWORTHPierce, Ruth E., 575 Watertown, Nv., DecoratorsFrederickson, John, 562 Commonwealthav., N. C. See opp. Page 103.Jewett, A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N. C.See front col. page.Pennell Gibbs, & Quiring Co., Inc., 203-205 Clarendon, Boston. See opp. Page66.Dressmaking120 CHURCH STREET, NEWTONTelephone Newton North 2139-R

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 307DruggistsCooper's Drug Store, (E. S. Cooper),233 Washington. See Page 33.Keyes, Eliot W., 349 Auburn St., Au-Rhodes, Gordon H., 1649 Beacon, Waban.See opp. Pag

°08 NEWTON BLUE BOOKFountain PensGarage and TaxiServiceMoore Pen Co., 110 Federal, BostonSee Page 100.FuneralDirectorsCate, Henry F., 1251 Washington, W.N See opp. Page 98.Crawford, Fred L., Inc., 49 Elmwood,N. See Page 36.Gleason, R. & E. F., 335 Washington,Crawford's Garage and Taxi Service,Inc., 49 Elmwood. See Page 36.Chestnut Hill Garage, Inc., 199 Commonwealthav., C. H. -See opp. Page178.Garden LandscapeBrasco, L., 77 Walnut, Nv.Page 67.WorkSee opp.Dorchester. See opp. Page 97.Pratt, E. W. Co., Frederic, Sproprietor, 1235 Centre, N. C.opp. Page 146.Pry,SeeGarmentCleansingWaterman, J. S. & Sons, Inc., 2326Washington, Roxbury. See opp.Page 131.Adams & Swett Cleansing Co., 120-140Kemble, Roxbury. See Page 33.Furnace Heating and RepairsRichardson Bros., 25 Tremont Row,Boston. iSee front col. page.GreenhousesBoston Gardening Co., Moffatt Roadand Chestnut, Wajban. See opp.Page 162.Furniture Designer andManufacturerRobart, Henry W., 19 Arlington, Newton.iSee foot lines.FurnitureRepairingJewett A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N. C.See inside front cover.IRobart, Henry W., 19 Arlington. Tel.N. N. 1709-R. See foot lines.Furs (/Women and Misses)Brasco, L., 77 Walnut, Nv. See opp.Page 67.Holbrow, C. E., 117 Tremont, Brighton.See front col. page.Ryan, Harold A., Inc., 581 Mt. Auburn,Cambridge. See Page 36.Rodden, The Florist, 34 Irving, N CSee Page opp. 178.Gents' FurnishingGoodsHewins & Hollis, 4 Hamilton pi., Boston.See front col. pag.e.Meyer Jonasson & Co., Tremont andBoylston, Boston.Se>e outside frontcover.Fur StorageWinchester Laundries, Inc., The, WinChester, Mass. See opp. Page 50.GrocersMcKinnon, M. P., 613 Watertown, Nv.See opp. Page 66.Rhodes Brothers Co., 10 Harvard sq.,BrooKline. See opp. Page 51.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 309mHardwareChandler & Barber, 124' Summer, Boston. S,ee opp. Page 130.Cozens, William J., & Son, 1159 Walnut,N. H. See page opp. 147.Edmands & Byfield, 408 Centre, N.S,ee Page 33.Gilmour Rothery & Co., 120 Water,Boston.See foot lines.Hay, Grain, Etc.Eddy, C. F. Co., 1411 Washington, WN. See opp. Page 98.Meredith & Grew, 40 Central, Boston.See page opp. 96.Neal & Company, 630 Commonwealthav., N. C. See opp. Page 130.Savage, Henry W., Inc., 564 Coir monwealthav., N. C.See foot lines.Home for VeteransAndrew, John A., Gov., Home for Veteransof the Civil War and theirwives and children, 92 WashingtonPark, W. See page opp. 67.HotelsHighland Villa, 25 Highland av., Nv.See opp. Page 66,White, James G., 10 Post Office sq.,Boston. See inside front cover.Interior DecoratorsFrederickson, John, 562 Commonwealthav., N. C.Jewett, A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N. C.See inside front cover.Pennell, Gibbs & Quiring Co., Inc.,203 - 205 Clarendon, Boston. Se.eopp. Page 66.Old Natick Inn, South Natick.Seefront col. page.Investment SecuritiesIce Cream and Fancy IcesPaxton's, 388 Centre, N. See Page33.Brooks, L. Loring, 53 State, Boston.See head lines and foot lines.Hormblower & Weeks, 60 Congress,Boston. See opp. Page 106.InnLaundriesOld Natick Inn, South Natickfront col.SeeWinchester Laundries, Inc., The, WinChester, Mass. See opp. Page 50.InsuranceBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington,W. N. See opp. Page 98.Burns, John T. & Sons, Inc., 363 Centre,Newton; 807 Washington, Nv.;238 Com'lth av., Chestnut Hill. Seefoot lines.Lime, Cement, Drain Pipe, Etc.Eddy, C. F. Co., 1411 Washington, WN. See opp. Page 98.Livery StableMcNeilly, S. J., 639 Hammond, C. H.See opp. Page 178.

310 NEWTON BLUE BOOKLocalExpressmanBurns, John T. & Sons, Inc., 363 Centre,Newton; 807 Washington, Nv.;Travis, Herbert A., NationalBldg., 1345 Washington, W. N.opp. Page 98.MapPublishersBankSeeWalker, Lithograph & Publishing Co.,Newbury, Boston. See opp. Page 179.and 238 Commonwealth av., ChestnutHill. See foot lines.Cozens, William J., & Sons, 1159 Walnut,N. H. See opp. Page 147.Edmands & Byfield, 408 Centre, N. SeePage 33.Meredith & Grew, 40 Central, Boston.See page opp. 96.Neal & Company, 630 Commonwealthav., N. C. See opp, Page 130.Savage, Henry W., Inc., 564 Commonwealthav., N. C. See foot lines.Men's Custom ShirtsHewins & Hollis, 4 Hamilton pi., Boston. See front col. page.NewspapersNewton Household, The,HouseholdMarketGardeningPublishing Co., Frank H. Miller, editor,251 Washington. See Page 34.Boston Gardening Co., Moffatt roadand Chestnut, Waban. See opp.Page 162.NotariesBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington,W. N. See opp. Page 98.Military SchoolAllen, Chalmers School, 447 Waltham,W. N. See opp. inside front cover.Oriental_ _ _Rug SpecialistsMilk and CreamEllis Dairy Farm, J. R. Ashworth, 69Cherry, W. N. See opp. Page 99.Newtonville Farm, (Martin J. Hickey),363 Crafts, Nv. See opp. Page 99.Willow Farm, (F. H. Pope) 120 Farwell,Nv. See Page 100.Adams & Swett Cleansing Co., 120-140K,emble, iRoxbury. See Page 33.Marderosian, K. D., & Sons, 1626 Beacon,Brookline. See page opp. 179.Oriental RugsBoston Oriental Rug Works, PiranianBros., 147 Berkeley, Boston. Seeopp. Page 51.MortgagesBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington,W. N. See opp. Page 98.Outfitters, MenHewitts & Hollis, Hamilton pi., Boston. front col. page.

NEWTON BLUE BOOK 311Painters andDecoratorsPhotographic GoodsFrederickson, John, 562 Commonwealthav., N. C. See opp. Page 107.Jewett, A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N. C.8ee 'inside front cover.Robart, Henry W., 19 Arlington, tel.N. N. 1709-R. See foot lines.Chandler & Barber, 124 Summer, Boston. See opp. Page 130,PianosSteinert, M. & Sons, 162 Boylston,ton. -See lin,es under theatreBosdiaPaints, Oils, VarnishesChandler & Barber Co., 124 Summer,Boston. See opp. Page 130.grams.Pictures and Picture FramesPerry Picture Co., Maiden.PaperhangersPlayerPianosFrederickson, John, 562 Commonwealth av., N. C. S,ee opp. Page 107Jewett, A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N. CSee inside front cover.Steinert, M. & Sons, 162 Boylston, Boston. See foot lines.Plumbers(Contracting)PharmacistRichardson Bros., 25 TremontRow,Cooper's Drug Store (E. S. Cooper)233 Washington. See Page 33.Keyes, Elliot W., 349 Auburn, Au.Rhodes, Gordon H., 1649 Beacon, Waban.S^e opp. Page 162.Boston.Se£ front col.PortraitsPierce, H. Havelock, 729 Boylston,Boston. See Page 28.Rider, Henry Orne, 36 Islington road,PhotographersChurch, Burr A., 182 Langley rd., 1199-M West Newton.Page 163.See opp.Noetzel Studio, 69 Union, N. C.Perry, Dila J., Bank Building, Newton.0ProvisionsPierce, H. Havelock,729 Boylston,Boston. See Page 28.Rider, H^nry Orne, 36 Islington road,tel. 1199-M West Newton. See opp.Page 163.Mc/Kinnon, M. P., 613 Watertown,S,ee page opp. 66.Rhodes Brothers Co., 10 HarvardBrookline. See page opp. 51.Nv.sq.,

312 NEWTON BLUE BOOKPublishersHousehold Publishing Co., (NewtonHousehold) Frank H. Miller, editor,251 Washington. See Page 34.Jones, Edward A., 13 Plymouth, Arlington.Se£ opp. Page 115.RIKJS and Carpet (Washing and Repairing)Adams & Swett Cleansing Co., 120-14f>Kemhle, Roxbury. See Page 33.Real EstateBarbour & Travis, 1345 Washington,W. N. See opp. Page 98.Burns, John T. & Sons, Inc., 363 Centre,Newton; 807 Washington, Nv.;and 238 Commonwealth av, ChestnutHill. See foot lines.Cozens, Wm. J, & Sons, 1159 Walnut,Safe Deposit VaultsFirst National Bank of West Newton,1347 Washington, W. N. See opp.Page 83.Newton Trust Co., Bank Bldg., 282Washington, Newton, 303 Walnut,Nv., 808 Beacon, N. C, and 293 Auburn,Au. See opp. Page 114.N. H. See page opp. 147.Edmands & Byfield, 408 Centre.SeePage 33.Meredith & Grew, 40 Central, Boston.See opp. Page 96.Neal & Company, 630 Commonwealthav., N. C. opp. Page 130.Savage, Henry W., Inc., 564 Commonwealthav., N. C. See foot lines.RepairsSavings BanksNewton Centra Savings Bank, 103Union, Newton Centre. See opp.Page 106.West Newton Savings Bank, Washington(near P. O.) W. N. See opp.Page 82.Richardson Bros., 25 .TremontBoston. See front col page.Row,Schools (Private)RestaurantHighland Villa, 25 Highland av., NvSee opp. Page 66.Riding AcademyMcNeilly's Riding Academy, S. J.Neilly, 639 Hammond, ChestnutSee opp. Page 178.Mc-Hill.Allen, Chalmers School, 425 Waltham,W. N. See opp. inside front cover.Allen, Misses, The, School, Miss LucyEllis Allen, Principal, 35 Webster,W. N. See opp. Page 98.Clinton DeWitt School, The, 210 Newbury,Bostotn. John B. Hebberd,Director. 22 Florence Court, Nv.S£e opp. Page 67.Rug Cleansers andRepairersBoston Oriental Rug Works, PiranianBros., 147 Berkeley, Boston. See opp.Page 51.Mard^rosian, K. D. & iSons, 1626 Beacon,Brookline. See opp. Page 179.Schools(Summer)Hatherly Summer School, North ScituateBeach, John B. Hebberd, Director,22Florence Court, Nv. See opp. Page67.

VNEWTON BLUB BOOK313Specialists in Oriental RugsAdams & Swett Cleansing Co., 120-140Kimble, Roxbury. See Page 33.Theatre TicketsSee un-Herrick, Copley sq., Boston.d,er Theatre Diagram.StationerMcAdams, Wm. M. L., 272 Devonshire,Boston. See Page 34.Stocks and BondsBrooks, L. Loring, 53 State, Boston.iSee head and foot lines.Taxi ServiceChestnut Hill Garage, Inc., 199 Commonwealth,C. H. See opp. Page 178.Crawford's Garage and Taxi Service,Inc., 49 Elm wood, N.Ticket AgentsHornblower & Weeks, 60 Congress,Boston. See opp. Pag,e 106.Herrick, Copley sq., Boston.der theatre diagrams.Se>e unStorage for FursTiresWinchester Laundries, Inc., The, Winchester,Mass. See page opp. 50.Battery, Tire andCommonwealth, N.130.Service Co., 554C. See opp. PageStorage for Valuables.First National Bank of West Newton,1347 Washington, W. N. See opp.Page 83.Newton Trust Co., 282 Washington,Bank Bldg., N., and 303 Walnut, Nv.,808 Beacon, N. C, and 293 Auburn,Au. See opp. Page 114.Stove RepairsRichardson Bros., 25 Tremont Row,Boston. See front col. page.StudiosPierce, H. Havelock, 729 Boylston,Boston. See Pag>e 28.TrustCompaniesN,ewton Trust Co., Bank Bldg., 282Washington, Newton; 808 Beacon,Newton Centre; 303 Walnut, Newtonville,and 293 Auburn, Au. Seepage opp. 114.TypewritersMcAdams, Wm. M. L., 272 Devonshire,Boston. See Page 34.UndertakersCate, Henry F., 1251 Washington, W.N. See page opp. 98.Crawford, Fred L., Inc., 49 Blmwood,N. See Page 36.Gleason, R. & E. F., 335 Washington,Dorchester. See opp. Page 97.TailorsKahan, E. Beacon, Waban.See opp.Pratt, E. W. Co., Frederic S. Pry,proprietor. 1235 Centre, N. C. Seeopp. Page 146.Page 162.Krikorian, Harry, 1157 Walnut, N. H,See foot line,Waterman, J. E. & Sons, Inc., 2326Washington, Roxhury. See opp.Page 131.

314 NEWTON BLUE BOOKUpholsterersJjewett, A, C. & Co., 101 Union, N. CSee inside front cover.Boutelle, C. Arthur, D. V. S., CountryHome for Dogs njearby. Experiencedmanagement. Boarded by daor week. Hospital connected. Tel.Robart, Henry W., 19 Arlington.TelCenter Newton 270.535 Ward St.,N. N. 1709-R. See foot lines.Newton Centre.Boston Gardeningand Chestnut,Page 162.VegetablesVeterinary SurgeonCo., Moffatt Road,Waban. Se»e opp.VulcanizingBattery, Tire and ServiceCommonwealth av., N. C.tre Newton 2063. See opp.Co., ^54Tel. Cen-Page 130.Boutelle, C. Arthur, D. V. S., 535 Ward,N. C. See advt. below.WallPapersG. ARTHUR BOUTELLE, D. V. S.Jew,ett, A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N.C. • See inside front cover.Frederickson, John, 561 Commonwealthav., N. C. Se.e opp. Page 107.Pennell, Gibbs & Quiring Co., 203-205Clarendon, Boston.Sae opp. PageCountry Home for DogsNear by66.Experienced ManagementBoard by Day or WeekWindow and Door ScreensJewett, A. C. & Co., 101 Union, N. (See inside front cover.HOSPITALCONNECTEDWood and Coal535 WARD STREETNewtonCentreTe). Center Newton 270Eddy, C. F. Co., 1411 Washington. W.N. See opp. Page 98.Massachusetts Wharf Coal Co., office:793 Washington, N.ewtonville; yard:285 Newtonville av. S,ee inside frontcover.

Di agramsBoston TheatresARLINGTON THEATRE.Arlington Square andTelephone 4520 Beach,nesday and Saturday,tions.Tremont StreetMatinee Wed•Shubert attracBOSTON OPERA HOUSE.Huntington avenue. Telephone Beach4520. Box office open 9 a. m. to 10 30 p.m. Branch Ticket Office, Little Building,9 a. m. to 10.30 p. in. daily, Doorsopen L30 .p. m. and 7.30 p. m.BOSTON THEATRE.Keith's Boston Theatre Co., less >e, 53!)Washington street. Tel. 722 Beat h. BoxOffice open 10 a. m. to 10.30 p. m. Doorsopen 10 a. m. to 10.30 p. in. Continuousperformance.COLONIAL THEATRE.100 Boylston street. Tel. 411 Beach.Box Office open 9 a. m. to end of p. m.performance. Matinees Wednesday andSaturday. Doors open 1.30 and 7.31) p.m. Tickets can be ordered by mail ortelegraph. Tickets ordered and paidfor by mail will be held until called for.COiPLEY THEATRE.180 Dartmouth street.Bav 5518. Matinees Ba kEveningsHOLLIS STREET THEATRE.Hollis street. Tel. 13d Beach. BoxOffice opens 8 a. m. until termination ofevening performances. Mail ordersgiven prompt and careful attention.Matinees Wedn esda y and £ at urd a y.Doors open 1.30 and 7.30 p. m. Performancesusually iblegin at 2 and 8 p. m.B. F. KEITH'S THEATRE.Entrance Washington and Tremontstreets. Tel. 1724 Beach. Advance saleoffice, Washington street, open 9 a. 6 p. m. Performances: Matinees 2p*. m.; evenings 8 p. m.MAJESTIC THEATRE.Location, 219 Tremont street. Tel.Beach 4520. Office open 9 a. m. to 10.30p. m. Matinees Wednesday and Saturday2.15. Doors open at 7.30 evenings;1.30 matinees. Commences: evenings at8.15 p. m.PARK SQUARE THEATRE.Park square. Tel. Beach 193. BoxOffice opens 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. MatineesWednesday and Saturday at 2.15]>. m.; doors open 1.30 p. m. Evenings,8.15 p. in.; doors open at 7.30 p. m.PLYMOUTH THEATRE.Eliot street near Tremont. Tel. Beach45.20. Office open 9 a. m. till after performance.Matinees Thursdays andSaturdays 2.15. Doors open 1.30, 7.30.Seats a!

BOSTON OPERA HOUSEORCHESTRAAND GRAND CIRCLE^iSiAL7|fc|sU!5,A6J5I4Q/iT'-gi?o-gr 7 ) 6 , 5 ; 4l 3]XT3JDffjflTILSj 7,' 6 !5l4BR7i6!5l4|3!7l6!5:4'3i2LiMnum H6lil4laLa : l7l6'514iaU7T5T3TT!6 1 5 I 4 I 3 I -l^L5l4j3lll£j P^Hl4i5EDdQR6T3T4716 5r~ooTICKETS ALL THEATRESPhone 2328 B B Connecting Five Lines:OPLEY SQUARE, BOSTON




STAGORCHESTRA^&[JMi! T T 7 MDiiKii(KiiG6iic;iio6!ioqiiiiiISn[J^^lio?ii^ii^iioh[in7|i^i^iin[!i0 DE B:|io3iCT^!Q5i!ayin{dncaiioriii1 EF lali^llG3liiHllJ?llQfi|i07llO8|l09lll0|ljj] FGMi)iBiiowi06l)oq|iiciriii GH E§LQt|ii!3iifl4iic!)|ia6l;olioeliO!il!'fFLO HiPH.;:bll0/llQ8lil)9lii0l] IJ Eiuc1iU5iiMn(i5|snfiiiiv|intf|'jiciiscli^ Jc)OOW06|109|110llij]M ESnJ^fiO3hWllO5|IO6l10?nO3l?C9|jFniD MINlflfllD5|lG()llD7[l0H!(i!l|ii0|l NL° /?fl

MAJESTICTHEATRE[-FIRSTBALCONY-M\s>r %BSoiliwls «i KKilWliObe>KWliojjifcJioj lOr&^*.v A< 0BOX [5c(I0J I0V :0) l r *>W W 10) I06I07E|jgJH)l|fO?llQ}fu)F [joo|ioifio?|io>lilio?tiig|IJ£J} f? 5'^i/4(wHTI0j IOVJ* *9>HL [w|ioi|io^|ioj|i(h|iQj|i06liorlio8ll^P^tffiM \i00\\Q) |lO?|)Gj}|Q^l0j|lQbl)Q7l'O&B5l ^N [^|lO![lO?|lCj|lOY|iQj|l06|l07|lQ8llO^IiiQ^''^i02|lOj|l(h|ifl)|l06|l07o;iio*|i(oKit lorlioe-SECONDBOXC.5-BALCONY-'C CA [|Q0|lQl|(0?|lPj|i0f|io;)lO6AB [g^^(Kg|^|,(!)|>dbIgI^gB &|joo|ioi|ioi'|,oj|H> > )io;eoxtieoxtiKKhTiO)IOOIIO?I05 I06mI09• .••••»-.^I'l *'



T THEATREoG 107\/>f?fr toy ioS I ;;;HKLMN(07\*ol \?3\ H°_Huk\tQ".\;:i107 \o>\ ICjKc6\ 107 ic«5j f*JN106 107 !£3i J: JTICKETS ALL THEATRESPhone 2328 B B Connecting Five LinesCOPLEY SQUARE, BOSTON

VTICKETS ALL THEATRESKey Number 2328 Connecting our Five PhonesCOPLEY SQUARE, BOSTON


..STAGE.^> Wit\>fCKOlOayifi^0H Q3 >CM\-HIT< of^VC:"3ir>-1K *Mtoia-^IT< co^^4 «^Kn OJ >--^< cQ«^!tfrf fcM£iMj3!/4l7ti??l2ilic!io|»»lTT^llTL^*"V^O CD >?tf2|?l>T0ii9li6liMi6l'3l^lE [;4J7j{?/|?||?o[|9!iall7il6llM»4b.lijJ 1^^i?SYMPHONY HALL,HUNTINGTON AND HASSACHUSETTS AVENUES.BOSTON.FIRST BALCONY.A&l?2|?)|20|f9|lft|l7|^llS|l4l)3l

STAGE.f.9m®5££k'J20il9!^f!l7ll6ll5lHHT[igHS , kH?OII9| n3iMiiMi3 DD05zk'i^oii9hfeiJi7i^h^»4iiSIi2l ETSj^'i?Jj19fl9||)7ll6lorMH-!>llp\\4[i3iti\ lHheit7|ifcti3[wil»*li2inlMM'gol'9|)6|.7|lCgl3lMll3',>2irn jEl»p5i*4i«3iiigrnrioi*[il&yj)&i)7|t6H»sl^t3l^l»n00FPQQHUNTINGTON AVENUE CORRIDOR,SYMPHONYHALL,rtUNTINQTON AND MASSACHUSETTS AVENUES, BOSTON.TICKETS ALL THEATRESKey Number 2328 Connecting our Five PhonesCOPLEY SQUARE, BOSTON


STEINERTHALLRIGHT CENTRE LEFT*2yx8 7 | fl 5 4 3 2 1 V8 7 6 6 4 3 2 1 *3 4wV1 8 7 [ 6 | 5 | * | 3 | 2 l W8 I V1 uu 6 J5 4 3 2 1T| 8 | 7 | 6 5 |« 3 2U15 8 I S4Qi 6>B3$STAGE& I e» I «p•o cr 'X* ^M. STEINERT & SONS COSTEINWAY AND OTHERPIANOLAVICTORPIANOSSteinert Hall 162 Boylston St.PIANOSVICTROLASStores thruout New England

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