1 Northlander July 2008 - North Country Region


1 Northlander July 2008 - North Country Region

July 20081 Northlander

2 Northlander July 2008

NORTHLANDERNorth Country RegionPorsche Club of AmericaVolume XXXI Number 7 July 2008EditorsTracey Levasseur 207 247 3385Northlander@ncr-pca.orgDavid Churcher 603 799 4688Northlander@ncr-pca.orgAdvertisingMatt Romanowski 603 674 3250advertising@ncr-pca.orgUpcoming Events3 Calendar8 Balsams Get-Away10 009 Call for officers11 PCA Raffle11 Porscheplatz at LRP19 NHMS Charity Laps29 New London Car ShowFeatures9 Looking Back14 I Scream20 Autocross #230 Beware of CrackedRims31 Parade 200844 BTW15Web sitewww.ncr-pca.orgStatement of PolicyNorthlander is the official publication ofthe North Country Region (NCR), PorscheClub of America (PCA). Opinions expressedherein are purely those of the writer andare not to be construed as an endorsementor guarantee of the product or servicesby the Board of Directors of NCR. Theeditor reserves the right to edit all materialsubmitted for publication. Material maybe reprinted by PCA Regions withoutpermission provided credit is given to theNorthlander and the author.The regular article and Advertising closingdate for the Northlander is the 1 st of themonth preceding the publication month.See page 44 for advertising rates.July 2008Departments2 Board of Directors &Committee Chairs4 Editors’ Desk5 President’s Message7 Membership12 Drivers’ Ed38 Safety42 Business CardExchange43 The Mart44 Advertisers’ IndexCover photoDavid Churcher7:15 AMTryon StreetCharlotteJune 29, 200831Photo credits:Photo credits are noted on the pageswith the photographs3 Northlander20

BOARD OF DIRECTORSPresident Miriam Dunster (H) (603) 659 8592 president@ncr-pca.orgVice President Ivy Leonard (H) (603) 380 3782 vice-president@ncr-pca.orgSecretary Paul Tallo (W) (603) 594 9696 secretary@ncr-pca.orgTreasurer Pete Petersen (H) (207) 646 5402 treasurer@ncr-pca.orgPast President Janet Leach (H) (603) 433 4450 past-president@ncr-pca.orgMembership Chair Lisa Roche (H) (978) 534 0118 membership@ncr-pca.orgNewsletter Editors Tracey Levasseur (H) (207) 247 3385 northlander@ncr-pca.orgDavid Churcher (H) (603) 799 4688 northlander@ncr-pca.orgWebmaster Dick Demaine (H) (603) 560 4911 webmaster@ncr-pca.orgCOMMITTEESAdvertisingManager Matt Romanowski (H) (603) 674 3250 advertising@ncr-pca.orgAutoCross Joe Kraetsch (H) (978) 534 0118 autocross@ncr-pca.orgCar Control ClinicOPENCharity Paul Tallo (W) (603) 594 9696 charity@ncr-pca.orgChief Instructor Steve Gratton (H) (603) 456-2131 chief-instructor@ncr-pca.orgConcours Judy Hendrickson (H) (603) 881 7576Lisa Roche (H) (978) 534 0118 concours@ncr-pca.orgDrivers’ Ed Paul Frucci (H) (603) 491 2265 drivers-ed@ncr-pca.orgRally Don Johnson (H) (603) 569 3337 rally@ncr-pca.orgSafety Edgar Broadhead (H) (603) 526 6578 safety@ncr-pca.orgSenior “Advisors”Edgar& Nancy Broadhead (H) (603) 526 6578 EdNan@TDS.netSocial Ivy Leonard (H) (603) 380 3782Steve Robbins (H) (877) 792 7861 social@ncr-pca.orgTechnical Jack Saunders (H) N/A tech@ncr-pca.orgYearbook David Churcher (H) (603) 799 4688 yearbook@ncr-pca.org4 Northlander July 2008

19202928JULY AT A GLANCEDate Event Information ContactJuly 19 Autocross # 3, Devens, Ayer MA autocross@ncr-pca.orgJuly 20 NCR New London NH Car Show concours@ncr-pca.orgJuly 28 & 29 Kojote Motorsports at Watkins Glen www.KojoteMotorsport.comAug 10 Autocross # 4, Devens, Ayer MA autocross@ncr-pca.orgAug 15, 16, 17 Driver Education 2, NHMS, Loudon NHdriver-ed@ncr-pca.orgSept 14 Autocross # 5, Devens, Ayer MA autocross@ncr-pca.orgOctober 1 & 2 Kojote Motorsports at Watkins Glen www.KojoteMotorsport.comOct 11, 12 Oktoberfest, Gilford, NH, Gunstock Mountain ResortOct 13, 14 Driver Education 3, NHMS, Loudon, NH driver-ed@ncr-pca.orgOct 18, 19 NCR Getaway Weekend ... The Balsams social@ncr-pca.orgNov 9 Annual Banquet (30 yr celebration), TBD social@ncr-pca.orgPlease note: calendar information is correct at the time of Northlander going to press but for the latest information you shouldcheck our web site: www.ncr-pca.orgJuly 20085 Northlander

David ChurcherPorsche may be Germanbut PARADE is an Americanparty. It is a celebration of allthings Porsche ...PARADE 2008, Written in two stages:In exactly two weeks, Tuesday, to themoment, from the time I am writing theselines I will be walking towards the 944with Jack and heading off on the rally.PARADE will be underway.I am anticipating a great time will be hadby all and I am reflecting on my PARADEat Hershey three years ago. That wasa parade to remember. I drove downwith Judy in Jelly Bean with Matt behindus and in radio contact. I roomed withMatt and Jay. On the Tuesday morning Iwoke up, stood up, and threw up. Then Istaggered off to the rally start with plansto next attend the photography lectureby Leonard Turner. I met my buddy EllenBeck who looked at me and walked awayas I headed for the grass for a sit down.Two young men in white coats droveup and took me away to the hospital. Ihad discovered vertigo. The remainderof PARADE was a bit of a struggle andfinally Deb Gratton drove me back toNew Hampshire. Which, again, all goes toprove it is the people not the cars.Our national Newsletter Chairperson, JillBeck, has written to say we will have aworkshop and she has asked for topics.Oh, I am looking forward to this one. Totalk shop with people who face the sameissues and delights Tracey and I face.Ah, yes … the excitement is already here.Now I just have to avoid vertigo and thecurrent rash of disc crashes. The nextparagraphs will be after July 5, and I willmove to past tense. PARADE was a blast. Porsche may beGerman but PARADE is an American party.It is a celebration of all things Porscheand that includes the people. I am goingto continue this column with a reporton the PARADE from my perspective.The photographs will start on page 32.If photographs and text arrive fromcolleagues before we up load to theprinter they will be here too. Otherwiseyou will be stuck with David Churcher’smaterial for the moment and more in theAugust issue from our colleagues.My roommate at PARADE was JackSaunders. We also shared the Rally andwe shared many conversations. Jack isa wealth of knowledge and he coversmany topics. We shared opinions andexperiences on topics ranging fromPorsches to our engineering experiences,and we even covered the two “no no”topics of religion and politics. Jack, as youmight know, is hard of hearing. I, as youmight know have a peculiar accent. I alsohave an aversion to yelling or being yelledat. Can you imagine how all this playedout as we navigated around Charlotte andthrough a TSD rally? Read on.Southern hospitality is for real. FridayJack’s rear hatch lock let go as heapproached Charlotte and he had to riga method of keeping it down. He headedstraight to Hendrick Porsche late on Fridayand they accommodated him right away.Then he needed directions to the hotelin downtown but instead of instructionsHendrick arrange a two Porsche escortfrom their facility to the hotel.Saturday evening I arrived at our room butcould not find Jack. I did find Judy andMiriam detailing the 944 and I found Ellenand Bob. It was 95 degrees in Charlotteso hydration was important. Judy hadbeen so busy she was a bit wobbly andin need of water. She had lost her driverslicense and was in a bit of a panic. Not anauspicious beginning. Later we met withJoe and Lisa and headed off for dinner…and the license appeared in Judy’swallet in behind other cards. Auspiciousbeginning. We were back on track. BTWthe restaurant we went to was Aquavino.It was so nice I went back two more timesduring the week to sip Australian wineand to nibble. Allison was the hostess atthe wine bar and she proved southernpeople are friendly … we chatted aboutmany things.Sunday morning I was on the streetat 7AM and not the first person out. Ibumped in to John and Janet Leach doingvolunteer work parking Porsches in “thepaddock” on the side streets. The mainstreet for the Concours was already filledwith “eye candy.” And a good number ofNCR people too. Dick and Helen Kruppacontinued on page 26 ...6 Northlander July 2008

Hello fellow club members,Miriam DunsterJuly 2008I can not believe that we are at the halfway point of the 2008 calendar already.It seems as though I was just writing theintroduction column for the year and hereI am writing about what is remaining inthe planned driving events for the year.Our August calendar includes anotherAutocross at Devens on August 10th, oursecond NHIS Driver Education event atNHMS August 15 th through the 17 th whichincludes the MAW Charity Laps. If you goto the website calendar you will also seeother supported Driver Education eventsat different tracks within a travel day ofNew Hampshire along with Autocrossevents at Devens from our neighbors tothe south and other sports car clubs.Hope to see you at one of these events.As many of you know the Porsche Paradeconcluded on July 3 rd in Charlotte NC,14 of our club members attended theevent and some brought home awardsand fabulous prizes. So I thought I wouldrecap some of the adventures for you inmy column as just highlights. I am suremore details will be found within thisedition along with some great photosfrom those attending.I am busting at the seams to tell this newsso here is the big leader – Nancy & EdgarBroadhead won the free trip to Germanythat was given out during the last minutesof the Victory Banquet on the evening ofJuly 3 rd . I wonder if the shock has wornoff yet. It was great to see Nancy go tothe podium when her name was drawn.Cheering from fellow NCR attendees wasloud, a very deserving couple. I think wewere all surprised when Nancy sharedwith the audience the tale of their 1967Porsche purchase which should haveincluded a trip to the factory. So after 41years of waiting they can now make thattrip. NCR wishes you both a wonderfultrip! We all we be waiting patientlyto hear the stories you will have onyour return.There were other surprises during theweek, NCR received an honorablemention for the public service award andwill receive $250 from PCA in recognitionof the charitable work accomplished in2007. One of our Concours D’Eleganceparticipants brought home not onlytheir class trophy but the division trophyas well; Congratulations Jay & JamieGratton. Judy Hendrickson brought homea first place trophy in the tech quiz andagain the overall Women’s award; gladto see you are the reigning queen again.Soon she will accomplish her personalgoal which is to have a score that beatsthe men’s score; she came close this year,only 6 points away. Edgar Broadhead alsobrought home a trophy in one of thedivisions of the tech quiz. Lisa Roche andJoe Kraetsch brought home a trophy fromthe gimmick rally, who would have knownJoe had it in him to listen to Lisa for thatlong. Lastly we had multiple Autocrosswinners held at Lowes Motor Speedway.It was a great Parade for all attendees.For myself I am proud to say this is mythird Parade. It was the first one inwhich I participated in all three mainevents; Concours D’Elegance, TSD Rally,and Autocross; I refer to it as the grandsweep. Although I did not bring homeany of the “bling” I did find that eachevent had its benefits. I do hope thatDavid and Tracey have included some ofthe amusing Concours Prep photos in thisedition. The term Preservation takes on awhole new meaning when you see Judytrapped in the rear hatch cleaning thatvast piece of glass. I am sure that somephotos will surface of me with the onetool I vowed I would never use to cleanmy car but sometimes you have to givein to things you really don’t want to do.Now don’t get too many expectationsthat this depth of cleaning will continuegoing forward.I would like to thank Judy for her guidanceand assistance; my 944 has never lookedbetter. As a matter of fact I am proud tosay that my 122,000 mile 944 did notreceive anything less than endorsementson the preservation judging forms. It evenchalked up a commendation for utilizationand compliments on the engine, storage,continued on page 30 ...7 Northlander

8 Northlander July 2008

New Members:Lisa RocheMember Anniversaries:Thomas J. Bobbitt, IIIEleanor BobbittWilliamsburg, VA – 2005 Cayenne SPeter M. CerroniDublin, NH – 2007 CaymanJim W. EisenhowerWolfeboro, NH – 2004 Boxster SRoland GlassmanTheresa GlassmanBedford, NH – 2008 911SBradford F. HancockNewbury, NH – 2000 BoxsterPaul E. Jacques, Jr.Sara LaneWinooski, VT – 2000 996Michael J. KiritsyRebecca KiritsyKeene, NH – 1986 944John T. MacDonaldSouthboro, MA – 1984 944Matthew MacKinnonLinda MacKinnonBethlehem, NH – 1984 944William F. MatottJoyce MatottManchester, NH – 1978 911 TurboBJ McNeal, Jr.Kelly McNealDover, NH – 1999 911 C41 Year:Thomas C. BrownJon BrownWindham, NH – 1989 944TJohn B. CaswellAudrey CaswellDover, NH – 2006 997C2SThomas P. FeidLinda JohnsonRye, NH – 2001 911Philip B. HealyLee-Ann HealyAmherst, NH – 2007 997TEric A. PetersonJune-Marie PetersonMeredith, NH – 2001 BoxsterAndrew K. RockwellHampton, NH – 2005 997Bob SauerGinger SauerPrinceton, MA – 1985 911Todd R. SilverKathryn StiedeHollis, NH – 2001 911TRandy ThompsonMeredith, NH – 1998 BoxsterPaul A. ValenteBonnie ValenteWilmington, MA – 2007 Boxster S2 Years:Douglas C. DowellDoris R. DowellMerrimack, NH – 1987 911TAndrew J. FrucciRand MacksamieWolfeboro Falls, NH – 1997 911Claire L. HebertLaconia, NH – 2003 Boxster SRick LessardAnn LessardWolfeboro, NH – 2006 Boxster SPatrick J. MaloneyMaria MaloneyChelmsford, MA – 2004 GT3Linda L. PetersenThomas SnoweWells, ME – 1988 944SLeon RoyPauline RoyNashua, NH – 2000 BoxsterTed StryhasCheryl LienhardLudlow, VT – 2004 BoxsterWayne WhitcombCynthia WhitcombNorth Hampton, NH – 2000 9115 Years:Christopher J. AutyAlex AutyDurham, NH – 1998 Boxstercontinued on page 40 ...July 2008Please notify the membership chair: membership@ncr-pca.org if you have changed your address.9 Northlander

Golf!Scenic Drive!Shop!Dine!Tennis!Surprise activity!2008 NCR Get-AwayWeekendThe Balsams ResortDixville Notch, NHOctober 18-19, 2008www.thebalsams.comLast year was a blast!North Country Region is looking to establish an annual weekend resort trip to enjoy a beautiful New Englanddrive and the amenities of the many fine resort areas. After experiencing last year’s great fun…come join usagain. Be watching for the itinerary!For those of you who missed last year’s event…this year is a must! You may even find yourself playingsome volleyball, crossing the bridge on the playground. Maybe even watching the Red Sox! The restorationhas begun and things are looking more beautiful than ever.Due to popular demand the 2008 trip will be to the Balsams Resort again this year. The Balsams is one ofthe top 700 hotels/resorts in the world according to the 2007 Conde Nast Gold List - the only Gold List hotelin New Hampshire! The Balsams received a 100% score for dining.Visit the Balsams website for full information on the amenities that we’ll enjoy, but here are a fewhighlights: Golf – as part of this package, enjoy $ 20 greens fees (normally $ 70) at the award winning championship golf course. Additional activities at the waterfront include badminton, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, croquette, bocce andshuffleboard.Lake Gloriette - a sparkling, 32-acre spring-fed lake that can be explored via rowboat, canoe, kayak or paddleboat, all ofwhich are available on-site. Package INCLUDES dinner and breakfast (Note – jackets are required for “gentlemen” at dinner.)Options – make the weekend what YOU want. For serious golfers and others that want to maximize the timeto enjoy the resort amenities, you’re free to set your own travel schedule. NCR will organize folks that wantto drive up together. It’s approximately four hours from Southern New Hampshire. We will coordinatedetailed plans with the final list of folks that sign up based on your locations. The resort will alsoaccommodate folks who would like to add an additional night to their stay.Since we were such a fun group Gary has been so gracious to extend the same pricingpackage as last year. He may own a Morgan but loves Porsches!$129 per person, based on double occupancy – INCLUDES accommodations, dinner, breakfast,evening entertainment and facility usage (outdoor heated pool, tennis courts, hiking trails, etc) $179single rate is also available.We have a block of rooms set aside, but we must firm up a number quite early. Contact social@ncrpca.orgby June 1st, 2008 to receive the registration form. You’ll register directly with the Balsams, butyou must get on our NCR list first.10 Northlander July 2008

Judy HendricksonLOOKING BACKAt the factory Porsche fillsall the spot-welded seamswith body solder, assuring auniform finishThis month our Looking Back articleis a tech offering from the July 1978Northlander, Volume 1, Number 7Body Solder – The Lost ArtBy Terry Baker, Technical ChairpersonIn the days of yore in the body shopbusiness the only way to seam weldedpanels and smooth surface imperfectionswas by means of body solder or lead.Since the introduction of plastic fillersand fiberglass, body solder is only doneby a few old timers and dedicated tinknockers. Dents are filled with plasticinstead of being knocked out, heatedand filled until smooth. The main reasonsare time and expense. The body shopbusiness is very competitive and time is avery important factor.At the factory Porsche fills all the spotweldedseams with body solder, assuringa uniform finish.Having recently purchased a 1965 911Coupe in need of much body repair, Iwished to restore it in the same manner inwhich it was originally constructed. Easiersaid than done, because body soldering isan expensive and tedious procedure.The basic supplies needed are: bodysolder, a mild acid, tinning compoundtallow, several wooded paddles, and atorch.The body solder used by most lead workersconsist(s) of 50% tin and 50% lead. It iscommercially available in ¼, ½ and onepound bars. The acid can be purchasedin any plumbing store, and is basically acleaning agent used to prepare the metal.The paddles used are half round or flatand come in various widths.Having acquired all the necessary supplies,keep them within reach for application.To apply the lead the metal must beabsolutely free of all rust, paint, andgrease. Wiping the metal with the acidchemically cleans the surface.The area to be leaded is then tinnedwith the tinning compound by heatingthe metal until the compound flowsover the section to be leaded. Heatingis very crucial with sheet metal. Aftercooling, the previously heated metal has atendency to warp. Use caution not to overheat the metal or it will distort. Keepingthe metal warm, melt the lead onto thepreviously tinned spot. The crucial aspecthere is finding the point where the leadis soft, but not running like water, orthe plastic stage of the lead. While thelead is plastic it can be worked with thepaddles, somewhat like frosting a cake.When sufficient build is achieved, thelead is then filed to the original contourof the panel.Body solder becomes an integral part ofthe panel, and if applied properly, willnever chip, peel or crack. That is why thefactory still uses it even in this competitiveday and age.July 200811 Northlander

Call for 2009 OfficersBy Judy Hendrickson, Chair, Nominating CommitteeYes, it’s that time again. Time to start the search for who will lead and run North Country Region for 2009.I, along with Matt Romanowski and a yet (as of this writing) to be named member will serve as the nominating committee. Ourtask is to find and interview qualified candidates for the four elected offices of NCR: president, vice-president, secretary andtreasurer. We will gladly receive any suggestions for candidates for these offices as well as for any of the various committeesthat are vital to the running of NCR. We will pass on the names of those wishing to chair or help with the various committees,as these jobs are presidential appointments.The only qualification for office (other than treasurer) is that you be a member in good standing of PCA/NCR and that you havea strong desire to work to make this the best club it can be. For treasurer, we would also like you to be comfortable (or at leastfamiliar) with numbers and computer accounting programs, like Quick Books.There will definitely be turnover in the officers for NCR for 2009 as president Miriam Dunster has announced that she will notrun for office again, but will move to the role of past president for 2009.Please contact Matt or me if you are interested in serving or have any suggestions as to whom would serve the club at:Judy Hendrickson jh993@comcast.net 603-881-7576Matt Romanowski romoman@aol.com or 603-432-4411 (W) ormatt@jraplastics.com603-674-3250 (C)12 Northlander July 2008

Visit the Porscheplatz (Porsche Owners Corral) and PCA Membership Station!July 11-12, 2008at the Northwest Grand Prix at Lime RockJoin us for this exclusive PCA member opportunity! Display your Porsche in the Porscheplatzcorral, watch Porsche’s LMP2 RS Spyder in action and take part in the following Special Events:• Scheduled Appearances by Porsche Race Drivers• Supervised Parade Laps of the track• "Hot Pit" Escorted Tour Raffle• "Long Distance Award"For information please contact: Botho von Bose, bvonbose@lomltd.com, 416-509-6661For the lastest schedule information please visit the IMSA website at www.imsaracing.net.Parking in the Porscheplatz is for Porsches only. "For Sale" signs on cars will not be permitted. Participants must be present to win drawings or awards.Porscheplatz is hosted by Porsche Cars NA and Porsche Motorsport NA with the cooperation of IMSA and ALMS.July 200813 Northlander

Paul FrucciWell, here we are in the lull between twostorms. Our first event is in the booksand many of us are getting ready for theonslaught of the annual Zone 1 48 Hoursat Watkins Glen event, and then quicklyafter that heading to Canada for MontTremblant (during the week of the jazzfestival, darn) and then to Calabogie witha one day travel break during the weekright after the long weekend of July 4 th .In fact, as you read this, we’ll have thoseevents behind us as well. The wonders ofpublishing deadlines! For me, these threeevents are the highlight of the DE season.For my wife, not so much, as I’ll be awayfor 16 days within a 26 day period. I’msure there are others who feel my pain!Actually I’m very blessed that Lindsay isso understanding of my addiction. I justhave to learn where the boundaries ofthat understanding are!During the month of May, we partneredwith NER on May 21 st for a one day DEadvanced event and Instructor Clinicput on by Dennis Macchio and his teamfrom the Bertil Roos Racing school.The Instructor Clinic was sold out andwas focused on helping us all becomebetter teachers as DE instructors. It wasa combination of classroom sessions,trackside workshops, in-car sessions,and track walk. It also included a sessionriding around the track with Bertil Roosinstructors in their Chevrolet Malibus. Itwas quite a ride with five of us in a Malibuscreeching around NHMS! It was alsoquite humorous that some of us, whenwe saw “Malibus” on the schedule withno explanation, asked naively to DennisMacchio, “so what is a Mali-Bus?” Truestory, yours truly and Steve Grattonincluded!!!Anyway, back to our DE events. Ournext NCR hosted event will be at NHMSthe weekend of August 15 th , 16 th and17 th . Green and Yellow run groups areoversubscribed, so if you are not alreadyregistered as you read this, our apologies.There is always October. This event isour annual advanced DE day on Friday,and our Make-A-Wish benefit day onSaturday. We will offer track samplersfor the benefit of the Make-A-WishFoundation as well as Charity laps, whereyou can bring your street Porsche andhave the thrill of driving NHMS at reducedspeeds while helping a great charity. Youcan sign up for all aspects of the eventusing our registration system at www.motorsprotsreg.com. We will again behosting a trackside dinner at NHMS onSaturday evening. This time the cuisinewill be an onsite barbeque with ribs,chicken, burgers, and hot dogs. I promisethe food will be much better than lastyear as we were able to arrange for thecooking to be done onsite on real grills.There is a new food service operation atNHMS and they have been a joy to workwith. All are welcome. You can also signup for the dinner on our registrationsystem.Next month I’ll give you a full report onZone 1, Mont Tremblant, and Calabogie.In the meantime be safe and I’ll see youat the track!14 Northlander July 2008

July 200815 Northlander

I SCREAM,Y0USCREAM,WEWANT ICECREAMBy Ivy Leonard16 Northlander July 2008

Once our special ice cream addictsgroup finished their tasty treatswe began discussing where wewould pop in for dinner ...It was Friday June 13 th and for thosenon-superstitious Porsche club membersan evening out for ice cream and dinner.Oops…we did it backwards! Desertbefore dinner.Almost 6pm and 13 cars met in theparking lot at Porsche of Stratham’sbeautiful location on Rt 33 (PortsmouthAve) in Stratham, NH for what was to beour third annual Ice Cream Run.Signing waivers and a little chitchatpreceded the 6pm departure as some ofthe gang just wanted to catch up afternot seeing each other in months.I myself was on top of the world becauseour wonderful sponsor Porsche ofStratham decided they would let me usea White Cayman S for the ice cream run.For that I can thank Stephen Foster andHarry Robinson. Yes, Harry I matched thecar with my outfit. That sleek, beautifulcar led the pack through Stratham,Northampton, Rye, Portsmouth and thenback onto Rt 1 in Rye for our destinationof Lago’s Ice Cream. Our third time there…it is their hospitality as much as theirsuperb ice cream that brings us back.Again as in years past Josh and SteveGrenier treated us like we were moviestars. Up on the billboard in big boldletters was Welcome Porsche Club. Wewere all excited about that and feelingpretty special. All of our cars along withthe Cayman S from Porsche of Strathamwere on display in the roped off area sothat anyone getting an ice cream couldwander over to view. Many took picturesof our cars and complimented them all.We devoured our ice creams whilesocializing in the parking lot, many tellingstories of the long, snowy winter, sometelling stories of the cars they some daywant, others just enjoying everybody’scompany.Once our special ice cream addicts groupfinished their tasty treats we begandiscussing where we would pop in fordinner. It was decided to go back to the99 Restaurant in Portsmouth on Rt 1only a mile and a half back and easy foreveryone to park at and not worry aboutthe cars.Upon our arrival at the 99 we were seatedquickly. We began to, as we love to do,socialize some more. It is always great tohear some of the stories and just plaingreat to catch up. What a fun group. Aswe always say…it is not about the carsit is about the people. We all just have acommon interest.After completing our evening of dinnerand fun we all departed on our merryway. (oh…and at this point I finally figuredout how to properly use the blinkers andmany other buttons on the Cayman S)Sorry Paul for the delay! I myself had toreturn the borrowed car. Sure wish I couldhave kept the car for a week… okay,maybe a month.David and Helmi Churcher followed meover to the Porsche of Stratham to returnthe Cayman S. Because I had the CaymanHelmi got to cruise around in Turboma. Ithink she really enjoyed it.As always great fun has to come to anend. The evening was over and everyonehad headed for home. Thanks to everyonewho attended and joined in on the greatfun. Be looking for the next ice creamrun to be posted soon. Hope to see youall there. Thanks again to Porsche ofStratham for all their help. See you allsoon.Ivy has the keys to the Cayman and isready to roll.July 2008Photo by Paul TalloPhoto on page 14:David Churcher17 Northlander

Porsche of Stratham loaned NCR a new Cayman for Ivy to drive. A bigger treat than the ice creamto follow.Porsches all in a row. Heads turned at the sight of so many Porsches in one place.Photos for the Ice Cream event by David Churcher18 Northlander July 2008

Clockwise from the top:Dick and Helen Kruppa joined the group, Helmi investigates the 944 on her first Porsche drive, reflections on Route 1A, thedrive to the coast, Ivy leads the group out of Porsche of Stratham’s lot.July 200819 Northlander

Clockwise from top left:Didn’t he take the same shot lastyear?Helmi enjoyed her Porsche drive.Thanks Ivy.Lago’s made us feel special.Decisions on ice cream choices.The group leaves Wallis Sands.20 Northlander July 2008

NorthCountryRegion’s3-Day Driver’sEducation EventSponsoredbyPorsche ofStrathamNHMS Laps for CharitySaturday, August 16, 2008Net proceedsdonated to:Make-A-WishFoundationNHhttp://www.wish.org/newhampshire/Additional donationsaccepted.Charity Laps (Touring Group) (Rain or Shine)Experience the excitement of driving the 12-turn road course during one of two 25-minute sessions in your own car!(At reduced speeds, with no passing) No helmets are needed, and passengers, including children, are allowed.(Note parental waiver requirements below) Come into the pits at any time to swap passengers and registered drivers.This is a great opportunity to drive “parade laps” at NHMS in your daily driver or Porsche! Participants may be PCAmembers OR guests of PCA members. Cars will go through a brief tech inspection for lights and basic safety features.Session # 1: Register and Tech Inspection 10:00 - 11:15am, Mandatory Driver’s Meeting at 11:30amOn Track at approx 12:30pm.Session # 2: Registration 2:00 – 3:35, Tech Inspection by 3:35 , Mandatory Driver’s Meeting at 3:45pmOn Track at approx 4:30pm (or 5:00 pm).Driver’s Meeting (MANDATORY – wristbands will be issued to drivers) All drivers and passengersMUST attend a short Driver’s Meeting. The Driver’s Meeting will familiarize drivers with the track, the rulesof the Parade Lap session, track terminology, safety flag definitions, and answer any and all questions.Track SamplerStill not had enough? Sign up for the Track Sampler, where an approved Instructor will take you out in a regular DE(Driver’s Education) run session in their track car to show you first hand what DE is all about. Your instructor will giveyou a real “Taste of the Track”. This is the perfect opportunity to see if this activity is for you ! Please pre-registerand be available for the afternoon so that we can schedule you during one of their afternoon sessions (Schedule TBD)NOTE: LONG sleeves and LONG pants are required for the Track Sampler. Loaner helmets are available.Trackside BBQ DinnerJoin us for our evening BBQ catered at the track (beginning at approx 6PM, BYOB)Check www.ncr-pca.org for updates and details on all these events.---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----REGISTRATION: PRE-registration is strongly encouraged (especially for Track Sampler).Name _________________________________ Add’l Drivers _________________________________Address______________________________________Phone (day) ______________________ Phone (evening) ______________________Email ________________________________ (Req’d for additional info prior to event)PCA Region ________ PCA #______________________ or, Guest of ___________________Car Model __________ Year _______ Color _____________________Charity Laps Touring Group @ $25.00 per car Session # 1 _______ Session # 2 ___________ Track Samplers @ $25.00 per person_____ # People for BBQ @ 25.00 per person_____ Long sleeve event Shirts @20.00 each – Size ___M ___L ___ XL___ XXL________ Total Amount Enclosed (ALL Checks payable to NCR-PCA)Mail a copy of this page and check to:Paul Tallo, 6 Greenfield Dr, Hudson, NH 03051 (603) 594-9696 day/work (603) 759-2581 (cell), charity@ncr-pca.orgPassengers under 18 ? BOTH parents/guardians must sign an additional waiver (We recommend to print and sign itprior to the event, and bring it along to registration)July 200821 Northlander

NCR Autocross #2June 21, 2008sponsored byby Joe Kraetsch,NCR Autocross ChairNora Seymour’s smile shows NCR has the happiest contestants at Autocross. Her smile was even bigger when she did a circuitin 88 seconds ... but the photographer missed it.Photographs of Autocross #2 by David Churcher22 Northlander July 2008

It was the best of times. It wasthe worst of times ... no, this isnot the same column from NCRAutocross #1It was the best of times. It was the worstof times...no, this is not the same columnfrom NCR Autocross #1, but if that eventwas the worst of times, Autocross #2 wasthe best of times. The weather couldnot have been better. It was sunny, high70’s, a couple clouds, a light breeze. Itwas a perfect autocross day and we hada near record turnout. The event ran likeclockwork. Seventy-four drivers, eightruns each and only a handful of rerunsfor over 600 runs!We had a wonderful course set by JohnMacDonald and Rob MacAlpine with helpfrom Grant Reeve. It was a fun course forall levels of participants although it tookthe newer novices a few tries to find theirway. It was a challenging course for theadvanced drivers and I doubt anyone feltthey mastered it in eight runs althoughthey certainly had fun trying.Most of the drivers had pre-registeredallowing us to do a lot of the planningwork the night before. We also had arecord number of novice drivers includingmany first time autocrossers. By havingthe information the night before, I wasable to plan the heats and subgroupsmore carefully, distributing the twentyonenovices evenly among the foursubgroups and ensuring that we hadenough instructors in each heat tohelp the novices. Between our regularinstructors, a couple new instructors anda few excellent guest instructors, wemanaged nicely and most, if not all, of thenovices left with smiles on their faces.Our novice program, headed by MarkSchnoerr continues to draw new driversto the sport and more importantly, keepsthem coming back for more. We actuallyran two Novice classes—the Novice Classthat we always run for the Porsche driversand new for this event, a non-PorscheNovice Class. We had eleven drivers in thePorsche Novice Class and John Fritz cameout on top, graduating from the class inhis first event with us. The non-PorscheNovice Class had ten drivers and HoomanVassef, guest of Apollo Sinkevicius,also graduated in his first event withus. However, Marc Dove, guest of FreddeNapoli, did give him quite a challenge,actually beating Hooman in the afternoonbut not by enough to erase the morninglead. This was our tightest race with thefinal sum of best AM and best PM runsjust a quarter second apart.Our guest list included, three autocrosschairs from other clubs, most of theNER-PCA autocross staff, and most of theMiata Club autocross staff. They all had agreat time leaving me feeling good aboutthe event. We had a few guests from ourexperimental NCR Invite a Guest programand several guests from our reciprocityagreement with the Renegade MiataClub. The NCR Invite a Guest Programis open to all NCR members who wish torequest an invitation from the autocrosschair for a non-member guest to attendone of our autocrosses. The number ofinvitations is limited, so get your requestsin early.We also had a number of Father/Sonand Father/Daughter combinationsparticipating—Andy and David Case,James, Andrew and Jesse Fenn, Jamesand Ian McGuinness, and Bill and NoraSeymour. Nora is participating in thePCA Junior Participant Program and inher second autocross won a trophy. Justlook at her smile in the accompanyingphoto. Her dad said, “…and if Norawas happy in that picture, I would haveliked a picture of her when she saw 88seconds on the clock as she finished herbest run. These two autocrosses havebeen very nice Father/Daughter bondingevents – thanks!”Many thanks to my talented staff and forthe cooperation of all the participants inrunning the event so smoothly. Thanksto Barb Talbot and John MacDonald forgetting ice and water (we went throughnine cases of water). Thank you, SherylMacAlpine and Jane Bennett for helpingwith gate duties. Thanks to everyonewho put enough gas in my tank so Icould make it to the bar after the event.Thanks to David Churcher for his greatphotographs of the event. Most ofall, thanks to Miguelangel Aponte-Riosand his new company, Veloz Decals forsponsoring this event. Please visit www.velozdecals.com and contact Miguelangelfor all your decal and car racing designneeds as well as motorsport eventphotography/HD videography.July 200823 Northlander

Concentration is needed.Some people go head overheels for Autocross.Who is that? Only the Shadowknows.Interesting paint job. Surelyjust for the time being.24 Northlander July 2008

July 200825 Northlander

NCR Autocross #2—June 21, 2008sponsored by VelozDecals.comStrict Stock (PAX Indexed Class) AM PM Total PAX1 S8 Cara Ness 2007 997 C2S 81.316 79.932 161.248 132.8682 S8 Brian Cooner 1999 911 88.676 86.417 175.093 144.2763 S6 Dick Demaine 1988 911 90.589 89.623 180.212 144.8904 S7 Steve Ross 2000 Boxster 90.471 88.035 178.506 145.3035 S7 Ernest Grasso 2001 Boxster S 91.645 87.538 179.183 145.8556 S2 Michael Moushon 1986 944 94.234 91.775 186.009 146.9477 S2 Miriam Dunster 1987 944 94.361 92.733 187.094 147.8048 S8 Apolinaras Sinkevicius 2007 Cayman S 92.912 86.597 179.509 147.9159 S2 Judith Hendrickson 1987 944 93.615 94.547 188.162 148.64810 S7 Suzy Ascher 2000 Boxster 94.003 89.862 183.865 149.66611 S7 Jack Kelly 1995 993 95.118 90.332 185.450 150.956Production 21 Joe Kraetsch 1988 924S 84.857 82.244 167.101 136.5212 Lisa Roche 1988 924S 87.482 84.027 171.509 140.1223 David Case 1987 944 86.926 85.875 172.801 141.1784 Devon Yablonski 1985 944 87.972 87.350 175.322 143.238Production 31 Mark Schnoerr 1974 914 81.572 80.777 162.349 134.9122 Sigrid Schnoerr 1974 914 81.870 81.305 163.175 135.598Production 41 Neil Halbert 1990 944S2 83.814 81.463 165.277 137.5102 Ian Berwick 1989 944S2 86.128 82.632 168.760 140.4083 Kevin Bobbitt 1989 944S2 85.783 83.362 169.145 140.7284 Francis ODay 1971 914-6 92.114 93.464 185.578 154.4005 Jack A. Saunders 1990 944S2 113.414 113.630 227.044 188.900Production 51 Georges Rouhart 1993 968 80.976 81.082 162.058 134.832Production 61 Brian Lay 1986 911 84.086 85.068 169.154 140.7362 George Skaubitis 1993 RS America 86.243 84.037 170.280 141.6733 Robert Canter 1984 Carrera 88.225 85.630 173.855 144.6474 Chris Ryan 1984 911 Carrera 86.717 87.444 174.161 144.9015 Christine Skaubitis 1993 RS America 97.009 89.892 186.901 155.5016 Ronald Crisertiello 1986 911 97.069 96.884 193.953 161.368Production 71 Chris Jacques 2001 Boxster 80.091 78.799 158.890 133.7852 Oliver Lucier 1998 Boxster 80.209 79.620 159.829 134.5763 Fred deNapoli 2007 Cayman 82.139 80.794 162.933 137.1894 Christina Colburn 1998 Boxster 89.296 84.254 173.550 146.1295 Mary Chevalier 2006 Boxter DNF 94.165 DNF 0.000Improved (PAX Indexed Class)1 I5 Stephen Lefebvre 2007 GT3 RS 81.350 79.742 161.092 138.8612 I6 Charles Stromeyer 1997 993 turbo 81.315 80.228 161.543 140.0573 P7 Bill Caterino 2000 Boxster 86.708 82.480 169.188 142.4564 I4 Greg Fontaine 1975 911 Targa 107.734 103.561 211.295 181.29126 Northlander July 2008

Modified (PAX Indexed Class)1 M4 Ron Mann 1970 911 77.763 78.295 156.058 135.1462 M3 Mark Skala 1970 914-6 79.732 78.012 157.744 136.133Novice (PAX Indexed Class)1 S9 John Fritz 2007 GT3 84.314 83.416 167.730 139.7192 S8 Christopher Fahy 1999 911 90.569 90.438 181.007 149.1493 S8 Susan Kelley 2007 997 C2S 93.522 89.200 182.722 150.5624 S2 James Fenn 1986 944 99.874 99.821 199.695 157.7595 P7 Gedas Paskauskas 2007 Cayman 97.700 92.227 189.927 159.9186 P3 Laurence Day 1985 944S 102.597 95.846 198.443 164.9067 I2 Jesse Fenn 1984 944 98.638 100.026 198.664 167.4738 P6 Philip Jefferson 1988 Carrera 105.729 97.758 203.487 169.3019 P2 Andy Case 1987 944 108.800 100.652 209.452 171.12210 I2 Andrew Fenn 1984 944 105.425 102.848 208.273 175.57411 S2 Barb Talbot 1987 944 DNF 116.582 DNF 0.000Top Times Of DayRaw time Ron Mann 156.058PAX Cara Ness 132.868July 200827 Northlander

... continued from page 4were visiting friends near Charlotte andcame in to town to meet for lunch andto see the Concours. To their delight theymet friends of years ago from Ohio whowere there with their Porsche.Monday was to be my tour of the Penskefacility but it was overbooked and I couldnot take an alternative spot. So, to mychagrin, I missed it. Oh, well. I did geta full report from Jack and others …the facility is as clean as a hospital andalso filled with eye candy. The technicalquiz was held Monday and it was wellattended by NCR. Judy, of course, and asexpected, won. The art show was openedand I was delighted to see Ellen won tworibbons for her photographs.Tuesday and we were off to the TSD rallyfor an out time of 8:06. Jack and I haddone the Spring Rally and I had learnedof my limited ability to navigate. This factwas to be reinforced in the coming hours.Rally school from Monday did teach mea few tips but not enough. Within thefirst five miles of the first leg we were offcourse. But not alone. Other Porscheswere too. We made the first check point30 minutes late. We did find the nextDIYC check point, and we entered thenext check point from the wrong side…along with several others. We found Judyand Miriam parked next to us and theywere clearly agitated, along with manyothers. Once back on the road I wasclearly, totally and utterly without a cluewhere I was. Two “OFF COURSE” signsdid not encourage us, along with severalothers. Jack proposed that seeing as itwas noon and we were not half way, andwe had plans for the afternoon, perhapswe should abandon. I did not want toadmit defeat quickly but within secondsI agreed we should run to Charlotte andjoin the ice cream party. We asked fordirections and headed home, along withseveral others.Jack was very excited about meetingPatrick Long and getting his autographat the session to be held in the CharlotteConference Center at the Heritage andHistoric Display (more on this later). Jackcould hardly contain his enthusiasm.While we were finishing our ice creamssomeone told Jack Patrick Long would bespeaking in a few minutes at the CCC.Jack turned to me and smiled and said:“Now it is time for me to run…as fast asI can.” And away he went at full speedtowards the Westin Hotel. I yelled andtook off after him but he could not hear athing and I could not catch him! I caughthim in the lobby of the Westin lookinga bit troubled but once he realized hismistake he was off again and I could notkeep up. When I saw Jack next he wasasking questions of Patrick Long and inhis element.On to the Newsletter Editors Workshop.It was more a presentation by Porsche AGand PCNA on Corporate Image than itwas a workshop. We learned of Porsche’svery strong desire to have CI everywhere,including the newsletters. After somerepeated requests for clarification I learnedthe font we use for the Northlander coverwas not “approved” and they would be“pleased” if I changed it. So, look at yourlatest Northlander and you will see wenow use Eurostile and the “911Porscha”font is gonzo.Wednesday was Autocross day. Jack and Iwere out of bed at 4AM and on the roadby 5. My friend was clearly ready for thismuch-anticipated event. He was woundup and anxious. As we headed out he wassipping his coffee and checking his watch,clearly anxious. As we navigated throughCharlotte heading for the highwaywe dropped in to our now familiarnavigation process: progressively louderAustralian accented directions sometimespunctuated with naughty words. Headingfor our exit to the highway I could notget Jack in to the right hand lane quickenough and concluded that if I did makea final attempt we might enter the rampwith both feet in. So I used anothernaughty word and we pressed on. Jacklooked over and said: “We missed it?”“Yep.” “Oh well, there will be another.”And there was.Dawn at Autocross is interesting. The birdsare chirping, the Porsches are rumbling,and the sun is rising over the Lowe’sMotor Speedway. We unloaded the 944,had breakfast, took a brief nap, and thenlaunched in to a very full day. Silly me, Ijoined the walk around the course andplotted where I would shoot from. I hadtotally forgotten I was not “home” hereand I would not be on the course. Myshots were taken from behind the wirefence. It was an auspicious day for NCR… we were “hot” (it was 95 degrees)and our drivers were “hot” taking placesin their categories.The host crew had overestimated theirability to handle so many cars and touse brand new software for the day.Timing lights did not function. Peoplewalked between the lights until the PAannounced the next person to do sowould be dealt with “severely”…nojoke. By 3PM the show was 90 minuteslate. NCR personnel had been asked tohelp out and they were graciously doingall they could. Later in the day we heardin conversation at the bar the delay wascaused by the emergency help arrivinglate. No good deed goes unpunished.Thursday was a day to sleep until 7:30.There was not a lot for me to do onThursday so I went off to see whatremained of the Heritage and HistoricDisplay. There I found a lonely PorscheSpyder waiting to be collected and movedto the banquet room. The display had beena wonderful collection of cars including awide selection of racing Porsches such asthe TAG McClaren F1, the 917 CAN AMcars, and the Indy Porsche. It was not thephoto op I had at Hershey PARADE but itwas great and one more rare opportunityto stand in awe of these great cars andthe engineers behind them.Lunch: back to Aquavino for two glassesof Australian Shiraz (Hope) and a plate ofFromage au Trois. I misread the menu andfound myself with not a cheese plate buta cheeseburger with three exotic cheeses.It was delicious. Aquavino was a delightand juxtaposed the bad experience atthe American Grill. There I had a fly inmy water, the crew began to pack upand brought out the vacuum cleaner at9PM while I was finishing my Fettuccini.Bleah.On to the banquet and more NCR wins.We did very well for such a small group.But the best win was kept until last. Thegrand door prize of a trip to Germany waswon by our Nancy Broadhead. Nancy’sacceptance speech was clearly emotionaland mentioned she and Ed had plannedback in the ‘60s to take delivery of theirPorsche in Germany but that trip did nothappen. Now, finally, they were off toGermany.And how did Northlander do in thecompetition? In spite of all the changesand compliments of 2007 we were 24 thof 49 entrants. Not a great showing butjust wait until next year. David28 Northlander July 2008

July 200829 Northlander

BEWAREOFCRACKEDWHEELSMark SchnoerrI have heard of some wheel failures onsome exotic, expensive and lightweightrace wheels and have checking mywheels while I clean them thoroughlyafter DE events. I never expected to havea failure.I made the mistake of driving the M3 toand from NHMS last week to heat cyclesome new Nitto NT-01 tires and savemyself from changing them at the site.On the way home I drove over the partof I-495 Southbound where they arestripping and re-paving, South of MassPike. There was one “bump” from thestripped area to a bridge that did not havethe leading edge asphalt ramp built to itat all. The car did not deal well with a 2inch step at 70 mph. I had no idea howmuch damage had been done until I gothome a few minutes later.One of my rear tires was very low on airand on the other side of the car I hadbroken one of the 6 spokes! This isa 16.8 pound, 17 X 8.5 wheel, 40mmbackspacing, with a 5 x 120 bolt patternwith 255/40 x 17 tires. I ordered areplacement wheel and had the tireremounted at a local race shop. WhenI picked it up, they asked if I had driventhese lightweight track wheels on thestreet since they have never had this brandfail on any of their race cars. They alsoshowed me hairline cracks in 3 of theremaining 5 spokes before suggestingI do a thorough look at the rest of thewheels.At home, I rolled the others out of thegarage and found hairline cracks inat least one spoke on 3 more wheels.Replacements have already beenordered.So be careful driving your race wheels onthe street and thoroughly inspect themat tech, every time you put them on,take them off, and between run groupsand especially if you ever go off track atan event.The photo at the left doesnot appear, at first, to showany damage. But look at theclose up above.And then look at the insideof the wheel and the closeup of one of two damagedspokes.Photographs byMark Schnoerr30 Northlander July 2008

New London Car Show, Sunday July 20, 2008Judy HendricksonThe Town Common of New London,NH again hosts the 2008 NCR Car Showsponsored by the Michael BernierInsurance Agency and Porsche ofNashua. Net proceeds benefit the NHFood Bank and additional cashdonations or non perishable food stuffswill also be accepted.This year’s twist will be a MysteryJudged Area. Bring your car cleaningsupplies. At the start of People’s ChoiceBalloting period, the Mystery Area willbe announced and 30 minutes will beallowed for each entrant to clean thatarea. Judging will be done by a selectedteam of fellow entrants in a differentclass. Ranking will be in order ofcleanest/best condition.Bring a picnic lunch or grab a bite atone of the many eateries nearby. Seewww.ncr-pca.org for more details.North Country Region, PCApresents theNew London Car ShowSunday, July 20, 2008to benefit theNew Hampshire Food Banksponsored by theMichael Bernier Insurance Agency and Porsche of NashuaPeople’s Choice and Mystery Area JudgedClass Awards (People’s Choice and Mystery Area Judged), Honorary Judges Choice, Best Overall People’s Choice and Best ofShow Mystery Area Judged. Classes dependent upon entries. Race car class requires roll cage.Location:Town Common, Rt 114 (Main Street), New London, NH (Exit 11 off I-89)Car placement begins at 10AM Judging Begins at 11:00 AMTour the Bill Kidder Ice House Collection (www.wfkicehouse.org) or visit the New London Historical Society(www.newlondonhistoricalsociety.org)$25/car registraton in advance, $30/car day of eventRegister electronically at www.ncr-pca.motorsports.com or mail registration and check, payable to NCR-PCAto Lisa Roche,35 Chapman Place, Leominster, MA 01453Questions:Judy Hendrickson, 603-881-7576, concours@ncr-pca.orgName(s) ______________________________________________________________________________Address _______________________________________________________________________________Email______________________________ PCA Region ____________ PCA Membership# _________Model Year __________ Porsche Model _______________ Color _______________ Body Style______July 200831 Northlander

... continued from page 5and chassis. It was up against pristine30,000 mile or less cars and still placedwell in the division. Maybe I will try againin 2010 that is if my hand ever recoversfrom all the scratches and bruises itsuffered in the engine compartment.However I can not say that Judy survivedthe TSD rally as well. It was tough goingfor two redheads cooped up for a threehour drive. I took the easier role of thedriver which leaves all the pressure onthe navigator. I know Judy was surprisedwhen we place above the crease in thenavigational division, but it looks like therewill not be any repeats in future parades.Lastly I was very pleased to see that mystock 944 could deliver Judy a secondplace trophy. She wasn’t too far off thewinner Lisa Roche in Joe’s prepared 924. Iknew Judy was really a much better driverthan me even though at our last localNCR autocross I placed above her. It alldepends on the course and this one wasmore of a track course than a technicalcourse.Well I have dragged on long enoughabout the parade so it is time for you toturn the page and read about many otherthings. I do hope that some you mightconsider coming to a future Parade toexperience the motto “It’s not just thecars, it is the people” because it really canbe seen at this large venue.Have a great month; see you on the roadsof New Hampshire!Miriam32 Northlander July 2008

2008July 2008PARADEThe following pages contain a series ofphotographs from PARADE 2008. In ourAugust issue we will present stories andphotographs by NCR contributors.Early Sunday morning the Concours prep is under way. John Leach worked in the“paddock” arranging the cars. Tryon Street was the Concours show area.Matt was all smiles. Everyone was smiling. The first day of PARADE 2008 was underway and the excitement was building.Photos of PARADE 2008 by David Churcher33 Northlander

34 Northlander July 2008

Page 32: a series of candids andpreparation on Tryon Street.Clockwise from top left on page 33:Leonard Turner (Panorama) going after thedetails with his two Nikons.Team NCR at the Tech Quizz.Hospitality room at The Westin.Orange beauties in the paddock.July 200835 Northlander

The Heritage display of “old” Porsches.Jack goes for the ice cream.Jack with his new friend from Hendrick Porsche.Eye candy at The Westin.“The Green” in downtown Charlotte.36 Northlander July 2008

The sun is about to rise over Lowe’s Motor Speedway as the Autocross participants arrive.NCR members retreat to the garage to escape 95 degree heat.July 200837 Northlander

38 Northlander July 2008

Page 36: NCR members head out on an early morning stroll around the course.Lisa guns the 944 out of the hot grid and on to the course.Jack waits on the hot hot hot grid while the timing lights are fixed.The photographer had to shoot from behind the fence.Colorful sun protection.Page 37: Judy displays one of two trophies and the plaque where her name goes once more.LET OUR EXPERIENCE HELP YOUMAINTENANCE – REPAIR9 NEWTON ROADPLAISTOW, NH 03865Mark Nadler (603) 382-3599July 200839 Northlander

Edgar BroadheadNCR Tech InspectorsNew HampshireCraig WehdeSports & Vintage CarPlainfield, NH 03781603-675-2623Mark NadlerExotechPlaistow, NH 03865603-382-3599Bob TuckerPortsmouth, NH 03801603-659-0893Bob PickulClaremont, NH 03743603-543-1738pickul911@hotmail.comEdgar BroadheadNew London, NH 03257603-526-6578edgar.broadhead@ncr-pca.orgDick Horan, Rich St.Jean,Ralph Alio, Don Durfee, NelsonBrooksPrecision ImportsManchester, NH 03103603-624-1113Tyson Duve121 Kendall Pond RoadWindham, NH 03087Home: 603- 434-5935rsa911@adelphia.nettysonduve@yahoo.comBlair Talbot Motors89 Industrial Park DriveDover NH 03820603-740-9911talauto@aol.com(charges for unfamiliar cars)Abe AndersonBow, NH 03304603-228-1790abe911@comcast.netAndy Sanborn30 Gulf RoadHenniker, NH 03242603-428-8362Steve Berlack42 Church StreetFranconia, NH 03580603-823-7748sberlack@burkemtnacademy.orgPaul Magarian & Steve CochranPorsche of Nashua170 Main Dunstable RdNashua, NH 03060-3638603-595-1707(No charge if you show PCA card)Damon JoszSeries 900Sunapee, NH603-863-0090Chris Loader, William Crowl, ShaneMellenLoader Imports210 Main StreetSandown,NH 03873603-887-0911Matt Romanowski243 Elgin Ave.Manchester, NH 03104603-674-3250Kevin BerryTrites Chevrolet/BuickWolfeboro, NHHome: 603-330-0388Cell: 603-534-8823MaineRay AyerAyer European Auto RestorationGardiner, ME 04345207-582-3618Jerry Austin222 Rockwood DriveSouth China, ME207-445-5166austin@pivot.netCorey Jacques & Richard AlbaneseSports Car Workshop, Inc.128 York St, Suite 1Kennebunk, ME 04043207-985-6661sportscar@gwi.netMichael GrishmanAutosportnortheastBerwick, ME 03901207-698-1000MassachusettsPeter Faill296 Boston RoadGroton, MA978-448-8496peter.faill@ncr-pca.orgAl WardChatham, MA508-945-5517 Mark Schnoerr11 Cliff RdBellingham, MA 02109508-966-3236mark.schnoerr@gyrusacmi.com40 Northlander July 2008

VermontBill SmithAuto UnionNorthfield RoadMontpelier, VT 05602802-223-2401(Charges by the hour)Rick CabellEurotech615 Airport ParkwayS. Burlington, VT 05403802-660-1900eurotech@together.net(Charges by the hour)Paul JacquesRennline Inc1 Tigan StWinooski, VT 05404802-655-5311Fax 802-655-6283sales@rennline.comSisco LellosGreen Mountain Performance Co.17 US Rt. 4East Mendon, VT802-775 –3433sisco@greenmountainperformance.comRhode IslandChris Darminio101 Mailcoach RoadPortsmouth RI 02871401-846-9337christopher_m_darminio@raytheon.comNew YorkRick KolkaContinental Automotive RepairService75 S Pascack RoadNanuet, NY 10954845-356-2277July 200841 Northlander

Membership... continued from page 7Norman R. BickfordRussell BickfordMonsey, NY – 1986 944Fred T. BussiereAngel BussiereBarrington, NH – 1989 911Dale GordonKara GordonNewton, NH - 1979 930James R. HamelPatrice P. HamelBethlehem, PA – 1975 91410 Years:Kevin W. BobbittLaura BobbittMerrimack, NH – 1989 94415 Years:Rick KellyAnn KellyGreenland, NH – 1985 91120 Years:David S. RosetteAmesbury, MA – 1997 993 Twin Turbo25 Years:Robert JamesGardiner, ME – 1977 91142 Northlander July 2008

There is nothing permanent except change.-Heraclitus (540-475 BC)Date: May 2008Event: The New and Familiar will merge at EPE.Assignment: Maintain our high level of service and support during a period of Change.We invite all our customers to hold us to the high level of personalized, professional service that theyhave come to expect from EPE. Our committment to excellence for proper repair and maintenance remainsunchanged... and will remain our number one priority. It will just happen in much more comfortable andefficient surroundings.10 COCHITUATE STREET . NATICK, MA 01760 . PHONE 508-651-1316 . FAX 508-651-3448 . EMAIL EPE@EPE.comJuly 200843 Northlander

44 Northlander July 2008

Sale: **“Kingdragon Neck Support” - New - asking $35 or B/O. Jack Saunders 603-536-4275 or saundoj@suchmail.comWanted:* A ‘95, 993 C-4. Any body style will do. Must be mechanically and cosmetically excellent. Contact JackSaunders via (603) 536-4275 or saundoj@suchmail.com.SALE:* Four stock Boxster wheels with slicks, painted gray/silver.Some small scratches in the paint from storage. No damageto structure. Asking $500 for the set. Tire sizes Rear, 255/40 ZR 17; Front, 205/50 ZR 1, BF Goodrich G-Force T/A racing slicks,maybe 30% left Brad Marshall 603-496-2038 BRADUSM3@aol.comShow your true colors on the track this season.TMCustom helmet design and paintingContact Susana Weber . 978-352-6601 . helmetheads@porschenet.comJuly 200845 Northlander

27 Autowerkes39 Ayer European Auto Restoration42 Black River Design13 Blair Talbot Motors43 Dan Witmer (Porsche of Nashua)43 David Churcher Photography42 Don Osborne PhotographyInside front coverPorsche of Stratham41 EPE37 EXOTECH42 Harry Robinson(Porsche of Stratham)43 Helmet Heads30 HMSInside back coverIRA42 Iron Horse43 Jonathan Carter(Porsche of Stratham)42 Kathy’s Kitchen43 Lavallee/BrensingerBack coverMichael Bernier Agency/Hagerty/Allstate30 Meister Restorations6 Porsche of Nashua27 Parts Heaven39 Precision Imports43 Sports Car Workshop42 Scott Murray (Wells Fargo)43 Stibler Associates42 Stevens Advanced DriverTraining27 Stuttgart Northeast42 Tires to You40 Tool and Equipment ConnectionsN o r t h l a n d e r M O N T H L YAdvertising RatesInside cover $87Back cover $96Full page $79Half page $56Quarter page $40Eighth page $25Business card $8Advertising contracts are for one (1) year (12issues) unless otherwise noted. Billing is donetwice per year, November and May. Businesscard ads are billed once per year in November.We are happy to accept new advertisers part waythrough the year..About 20 years back Joe Campissi Snr came home one evening to find the familycar in the driveway in pieces. Joe Jnr had decided to dismantle it and see whatcould be improved. Joe Snr was not impressed.In the Spring of 2008 Joe Jnr decided to dismantle his dad’s 1985 911 andsee what could be improved. He found several areas to improve: suspensions,upholstery, stereo, and the engine. A single turbo has been added, several niceignition pieces, and wonderful cosmetics. Joe Snr is impressed.A full report on the car will be in a future Northlander.Photo by David ChurcherSUBSCRIPTIONS TO NORTHLANDER FOR NON-MEMBERS CANBE HAD FOR $15 (12 ISSUES) ... MAKE A CHECK TO NCR-PCAAND MAIL WITH YOUR ADDRESS TO: LISA ROCHE, 35 CHAPMANPLACE, LEOMINSTER MA. 01453The interview we missed in JulyiRacingLRP Grand PrixAutocross # 3NCR New London NH Car ShowMore from PARADE 200846 Northlander July 2008

©2007 Porsche Cars North America, Inc.405 hp. 6-speed manual. Sport suspension.Yes, this is the correct photo.Get behind the wheel and you’ll see that this Cayenne is allperformance. The GTS packs a 4.8 liter V8 and dynamiclowered sports suspension. Test drive one today and proveto yourself that the Cayenne GTS lives up to its longperformance heritage. Porsche. There is no substitute.The Cayenne GTS.Something this fast won’t hang around.Ira Porsche1-866-225-547297 Andover Street, Route 114Danvers, MA 01923Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.July 2008IRPA-028247 Northlander

BLOW YOUR MONEYON CARSNOT INSURANCELet’s face it, the less you spend on insurance, the more you’ll have to spendon the car of your dreams. So call Hagerty. Because all we cover arecollector car owners – the safest drivers on earth – our rates areridiculously low. So blow your dough on something fun for a change.Michael A. Bernier, AgentThe Michael A. Bernier Agency, Inc.400 Amherst Street | Nashua, NH 03063-1241603-889-5800 | Fax: 603-886-5184 | mbernier@allstate.comNORTHLANDErvolume XXXI number 7 July 2008Lisa Roche35 Chapman PlaceLeominster MA 01453Change Service Requested48 Northlander July 2008

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