Building Climate Change Resilience - California Climate Change ...

Building Climate Change Resilience - California Climate Change ...

Building Climate ResilienceBuilding capacity to prevent or withstandshocks, rebuild and respond to change,and surprises.•Stop practices that put people at high risk•Incorporate climate change information intoplanning, practice, and decision-making•Implement measures that pro-actively reduceclimate impacts•Develop informed risk spreading practices

Use ofseasonalclimateforecastsDisasterPreparednessEcologicallRestorationClimate ImpactScreeningPractical MeasuresPreemptive PublicHealth MeasuresStructuralDefenseResilienceAdaptationPlanningAssisted Migrationof threatened SpeciesBusinessContinuityPlanningMigration PlanningRedundant, Insurancedecentralizedlifeline servicesImproved watermanagementLand useReformCrop ShiftingBuilding codeReformEarly WarningSystems

Asian Cities Climate ChangeObjectives:Resilience Network• Experiment, test anddemonstrate a range ofactions to build climatechange resilience in cities.Build a base of lessons learned, failures, andsuccesses that can be replicated.Measurably improve climate change resilience inselected cities

Agricultural Resilience in AfricaDevelop better integration of climatechange science and agriculturaldevelopment practice in Africa.Experiment with technicalinterventions, market interventions,and capacity building for policymakers and academics.Bring successful interventions toscale.

African Climate Resilience• Data– Stockholm Environment Institute Study on the use of climate change data inagricultural development in Africa– Data Integration: Supporting Stanford University Research combining crop modelswith climate models to develop a fact base to prioritize agricultural researchinvestments.• Capacity Building– Support integrated training of PhD and MS students on climate change resilience ina network of Eastern and Southern African Institutions through RUFORUM.– Support of capacity building workshops at the IGAD Climate Prediction andApplications Centre (ICPAC) and the African Economic Research Consortium• Water resources– Supporting a scoping study around specific opportunities in water management• Livestock– Supporting a scoping study around specific opportunities in livestock management• Forestry– Support of Carbon and Poverty Reduction activities of the Clinton Foundation– University of Copenhagen / ICRAF study creating digital forest vegetation map of 7African countries

US Climate Change Resilience• Working with the Urban Leaders Initiative onClimate Change Adaptation to help 10 localgovernments implement climate change resilienceprojects, policies, and plans.•Develop climate change resilience policy optionsto insure that US adaptation needs andinternational adaptation funding are incorporatedinto future climate change legislation and fundingstreams.

Questions?Questions?Climate Change Resilience TeamMaria Blair, Team LeaderWiebe Boer, Anna Brown, StefanNachuk, Veronica Olazabal, CristinaRumbaitis del Rio, Pen Suwannarat,Gary Toenniessen

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