W&H brochure - Dyna Dental


W&H brochure - Dyna Dental

Oral surgery and ImplantologyCompany 4–5Product overview 1 for Elcomed, Implantmed, prosthodontic screwdriver 6–7Product overview 2 for surgical handpieces and contra-angles 8–9Elcomed 10–11Implantmed 12–13Prosthodontic screwdriver 14–15Surgical handpieces and contra-angles with LED+ 16–17Surgical handpieces and contra-angles 18–19Surgical saw handpieces 20–21W&H Oral surgery and Implantology 3

W&H DentalwerkBürmoosW&H SterilizationBrusaportoThe stakes are high.We work with people.PeoplehavePriorityBackbone doesn't come from the stock exchange:W&H has been a family-owned company for generations.This is the origin of the spirit of innovation that developsdevices such as Implantmed and Elcomed.The secret of our success: W&H has always placedpeople – regardless of whether they are partners,customers, patients or employees – in the centre.See for yourself – it's no longer a secret!We don't want to keep any secrets from you.W&H at a glance> Head office in Austria> 980 employees worldwide> 80 teams> Established 1890 in Berlinby Jean Weber and Hugo Hampel> 3 production facilities> 19 subsidiaries in Europe and Asia> Export share over 95 %For more information seewh.com4W&H Oral surgery and Implantology

Whatever you encounter.You are prepared for anything with W&H surgical devices.Now available from your dental dealer or at wh.com

»There is no room for compromiseduring the surgical procedure.Elcomed is clearly number 1 in theoperating theatre.«PD Dr Jörg Neugebauer,dentist specializing in oral surgery.»Who really needs complex menuswhilst placing implants?I work with Implantmed becauseI can operate it without looking.«Dr. Wiebke Möller-Ühlken,dentist in the group practice Par Aixcellence®.»The prosthodontic screwdriverwith torque control!It tightens the retaining screwto the perfect tightness.«Dr. Alexander Schatzdorfer,dentist with his own practice.

»Light shows true colour!A genuine innovation from W&H.«Dr. med. dent. Mario Kirste, MSc Implantology,dentist with his own practice.»Ideal for Implantmedand Elcomed:precise and reliable!«Dr. Alexander Schatzdorfer,dentist with his own practice.»Fast cutting without vibration.Also for use withlocal anaesthetics.«PD Dr Jörg Neugebauer,dentist specializing in oral surgery.

Number 1 in the operating theatreSafe, reliable, powerful. The W&H Elcomed has been designedspecifically to meet the requirements of maxillofacial surgery,dental surgery and implantology.Everything at a glanceRevolutions per minute, torque andselected coolant flow rate all at oneuser level.Complete documentationEvery step of the treatment is savedto a USB flash drive. The data isaccessible at any time.Automatic thread cutter functionPrevents excessive bonecompression while screwingin the implant.Convenient foot controlThe multifunctional foot controlallows sterile working and optimumfreedom for your hands.An amazing motorShortest and lightest motor with50,000 revolutions per minute.Wide rangeHigh-quality handpieces,contra-angles and surgical sawhandpieces for your Elcomed.For more information see pages16, 18 and 20.W&H Oral surgery and Implantology 11


For daily useAccurate, powerful and uncomplicated operation. Implantmed gives youthe tools for oral surgical procedures in the fields of implantology andmaxillofacial surgery with maximum precision.Easy to useSet your programs as required withthe Plus and Minus buttons.Strong and safePowerful motor with precisetorque limitation.Fatigue-free operationThe contra-angle handpiece iscomfortable in the hand and withthe motor is perfectly balanced.Extended treatment without fatigue!Convenient foot controlThe multifunctional foot controlallows sterile working and optimumfreedom for your hands.Automatic thread cutter functionPrevents excessive bonecompression while screwingin the implant.Durable and long lifeSurgical straight and contra-anglehandpieces for Implantmed inhigh-quality stainless steel.For more information see pages16 and 18.W&H Oral surgery and Implantology 13

Prosthodontic screwdriver

For precise torque controlPractical, fast and no risk. The single-handed operation meansthe cordless prosthodontic screwdriver is fast and, most importantly,safe and provides the best possible view of the treatment site.Precise torque controlAdjustable from 8 to 40 Ncm in 1 Ncmsteps. This allows precise, risk-freetightening of retaining screws.Key padActivate the prosthodonticscrewdriver with the key pad.Cordless operationNo obstacles for yourprosthodontic screwdriver withmodern Li-Ion battery technology.Small head for a clear viewNothing blocks your view of thetreatment site.Constant speed saves timeAt 25 revolutions per minuteit takes less than 10 seconds totighten a retaining screw.Lubricated for lifeThe thermo washer disinfectable andsterilizable contra-angle handpieceis lubricated for life and must notbe oiled.W&H Oral surgery and Implantology 15

Surgical handpieces andcontra-angles with LED+

For continuous workingin daylight qualityClear, bright and wide field of view. As the undisputed leader in LED technology,W&H has developed handpieces and contra-angles with LED+,which offers outstanding illumination with high-contrast, natural light.Bright and clearW&H LED+ instruments possessthe highest luminosity values, andthus also the greatest light output.Daylight qualityWith a colour rendering index greaterthan 90, W&H LED+ instrumentsshow natural-appearing red tones.Ideal positioningContinuous illumination of thetreatment site with the LEDpositioned immediately under theinstrument head.Perfect cleaningTo satisfy the stringent hygienerequirements, both theWS-75 LED G and the S-11 LED Gcan be dismantled.Independent power supplyThe generator rotates duringoperation and independentlygenerates the power requiredfor the LED+.W&H Oral surgery and Implantology 17

Surgical handpiecesand contra-angles

For all surgical applicationsDurable, light and slender. W&H surgical handpieces and contra-angles have beenspecially designed for oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology and microsurgery.With high-quality stainless steel they are particularly durable.WI-75 E/KM and WS-75 E/KMModels specially designedfor implantation.WS-56 E and WS-92 E/3With their ergonomical shapethese models are outstanding fordifficult surgical procedures.Hexagon chucking systemThe hexagon chucking systemdeveloped and patented (EU, USA)by W&H ensures safe use even athigh torques.S-9, S-10 and S-12Angular shape improves the view ofareas where access is difficult.S-11 and SL-11The first choice for complexjaw procedures.Perfect cleaningTo satisfy the stringent hygienerequirements, the instruments canbe dismantled (except WI-75 E/KM).W&H Oral surgery and Implantology 19

Surgical saw handpieces

For outstanding cutting powerFast, powerful and durable. The saw handpieces have been specially designedfor conversion osteotomies and bone harvesting. Even after many years of useat maximum speed, consistently high cutting performance is still guaranteed.S-8 S with sagittal motionCutting direction parallel to the axis,low vibration, dismantlableS-8 O with oscillating motionCutting direction 90° to the axis, lowvibration, dismantlableS-8 R with reciprocating motionForward / reverse cutting direction,low vibration, dismantlable6 mm25 mm8 mm15 mm10 mm15 mm20 mm25 mm30 mmSagittal saw blades for S-8 Swidth 6 mm or 10 mm,incl. depth gauge on the saw blade(2.5 mm graduations),available as single pack or five packOscillating saw blades for S-8 Oheight 8 mm or 15 mm,incl. depth gauge on the saw blade(2.5 mm graduations),available as single packReciprocating saw blades for S-8 Rlength 15 mm, 20 mm or 30 mm,crosswise tooth setting forincreased cutting power,available as single pack or five packW&H Oral surgery and Implantology 21

ElcomedType:SA-310Max. torque at the rotary instrument*:80 NcmDocumentation**:yes / USBMains voltage:100 – 130 V or 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 HzMax. mechanical output power:100 WMax. torque at the motor:7 NcmMotor speed range in the nominal voltage range:300 min -1 – max. 50,000 min -1 ,safety stop at 40,000 min -1Intended transmission instruments: ISO connection 3964 (DIN 13.940)Length of motor cable:1.8 m or 3.5 mCoolant flow rate at 100 %:at least 90 ml/minFoot control:yesHeight / width / depth:109 x 256 x 305 mm* Adjustment with WS-75 and WI-75** Also available without documentation functionImplantmedType: SI-915 SI-923Max. torque at the rotary instrument*:70 NcmMains voltage: 100 – 130 V, 50 / 60 Hz 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 HzMax. mechanical output power:Max. torque at the motor:70 W5.5 NcmMotor speed range in the nominal voltage range: 300 – 40,000 min -1Intended transmission instruments:Program 4 and 5:Length of motor cable:Coolant flow rate at 100 %:Foot control:Height / width / depth:ISO connection 3964 (DIN 13.940), transmission ratio 1:1, 20:1exclusively with WI-75 E/KM, WI-75 LED G, WS-75 E/KM or WS-75 LED G1.8 mmin. 90 ml/minyes100 x 235 x 240 mm* in program 422W&H Oral surgery and Implantology

Accessories for Elcomed and ImplantmedPerfectly packedThe sterilization cassette(without contents)is the ideal storage container formotors with cables, handpiecesand contra-angles.Safe travelThe transportation case(without contents)for outpatient procedures.Practical accessoriesThe trolley is available with andwithout a power bar (EU plugs only).Total height: 78 cmTray (W x D)upper: 39.5 cm x 36.5 cmmiddle: 31 cm x 24 cmlower: 40 cm x 43 cmW&H Oral surgery and Implantology 23

Prosthodontic screw driver IA-400Handpiece drive IA-400Battery type:Li-IonBattery voltage:3.7 VRated capacity:680 mAhSpeed of the instrument: 25 min -1Torque:8 – 40 NcmCharging time:approx. 100 min.Battery capacity:approx. 40 screws at average torqueWeight:90 gCharging stationMains voltage:Frequency:Rated current:Power:Weight:100 – 240 V50 – 60 Hz0.08 – 0.12 A5 W345 gContra-angle IA-80*Type:IA-80Transmission ratio: 80:1Coupling system:W&H special coupling*The contra-angle IA-80 is thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable up to 135 °C24W&H Oral surgery and Implantology

Surgical handpieces and contra-angleswith LED+Type: S-11 LED G SI-11 LED G WS-75 LED G WI-75 LED GTransmission ratio: 1:1 1:1 20:1 20:1Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13.940)Lighting system:LED+Power supply:via independent generatorLight quality:daylightSpray: external external single singleInternal cooling system: – – Kirschner/Meyer Kirschner/MeyerChucking system: lever chuck lever chuck push-button chuck push-button chuckRotary instruments:for surgical burs and cutters Ø 2.35 mmL = 45L = 45with contra-angled shank with contra-angled shankalso Stryker system also Stryker systemMaximum drive speed: 40,000 min -1 40,000 min -1 40,000 min -1 40,000 min -1Easily dismantled: yes no yes noIndications, e.g.:apical resectionosteotomysequestrectomyapical trepanningbone modellingas for S-11 LED Gimplantationsegmental osteotomyas for WS-75 LED GW&H Oral surgery and Implantology 25

Surgical handpiecesType: S-11 SL-11 S-9 S-10 (S-12*)Transmission ratio: 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13.940)Spray: external external external externalChucking system: lever chuck lever chuck lever chuck lever chuckRotary instruments:L = 45also Stryker systemfor surgical burs and cutters Ø 2.35 mmL = 45also Stryker systemL = 45also Stryker systemMaximum drive speed: 50,000 min -1 30,000 min -1 50,000 min -1 50,000 min -1Easily dismantled: yes yes yes yesIndications, e.g.:apical resectionosteotomysequestrectomyapical trepanningbone modellingas for S-11for difficultto access areasextraction of wisdom teethapical resectionfenestrationapical trepanningL = 70bone shavingosteotomyfenestrationosteosynthesis indistal areas* S-12: as for S-10, 1:2, maximum drive speed 40,000 min -1 ; indications: e.g., complicated extractions of impacted wisdom teeth,apical resection in distal areas, bone shaving, osteotomy, decompression26W&H Oral surgery and Implantology

Surgical contra-angle handpiecesType: WS-75 E/KM WS-56 E WS-92 E/3 WI-75 E/KMTransmission ratio: 20:1 1:1 1:2,7 20:1Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13.940)External spray: single single triple singleInternal cooling system: Kirschner/Meyer – – Kirschner/MeyerChucking system:Rotary instruments:contra-angled shankØ 2.35 mmpush-button chuckfor surgical burs and cutters withcontra-angled shankØ 2.35 mmFG shankØ 1.6 mmcontra-angled shankØ 2.35 mmMaximum drive speed: 50,000 min -1 50,000 min -1 50,000 min -1 50,000 min -1Easily dismantled: yes yes yes noIndications, e.g.:implantationsegmental osteotomymaxillary andmandibular osteotomygermectomysequestrectomyhemisectionextraction of wisdom teethas for WS-75 E/KMSurgical saw handpiecesType: S-8 R S-8 O S-8 STransmission ratio: 3.25:1 3.4:1 3.25:1Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13.940)Strokes / angles: 1.8 mm 12° 3°Frequency (strokes/min.): 12,300 11,800 12,300Maximum drive speed: 40,000 min -1 40,000 min -1 40,000 min -1Easily dismantled: yes yes yesW&H Oral surgery and Implantology 27

Oral surgery and ImplantologyPictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipmentand accessories shown are not included as standard.Scan the QR code withyour mobile telephonefor more informationon our productsManufacturer:W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbHIgnaz-Glaser-Straße 53, Postfach 15111 Bürmoos, Austriat + 43 6274 6236-0f + 43 6274 6236-55office@wh.comwh.com20384 AEN Rev. 000 / 19.09.2012Subject to alterations

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