EU and EC air handling units - Invento PRO

EU and EC air handling units - Invento PRO

FläktEU and EC air handling unitsGood indoor comfort anywhere in the world

Complete system solutions»Fläkt Woods has more than 80 years of experience of systemisedthinking. This is reflected in our approach and benefits each andevery one of our customers.Fläkt Woods has control over all ventilationcomponents from the air inlet grille to thediffuser in the room. This unique knowledgecontributes to a quick installation and smallsystem losses. Resulting in very low lifecycle costs.Heat recovery systemsreduce your operating costsFläkt Woods is a world leader in heat recoverysystems for HVAC applications. We have beenresearching and developing these systemsfor over 30 years and continue to do so.Demands differ between applications and wewill offer the right system for your application.In addition to the well-known systemsRegoterm ® , Recuterm ® and Ecoterm ® we havenow expanded by adding yet anothersystem, Econet ® .Econet ® gives you moreEconet ® is a further development of the coilrecovery system Ecoterm ® . The system handlesheat recovery, heating and cooling in a singleclosed circuit. Exceptionally low temperaturerequirements for hot water make it possibleto utilise alternative heating energy sources.Econet ® units can be significantly shorterthan conventional air handling units as onlyone coil circuit is needed.Nature’s own cooling built-inAs an element in Fläkt Woods’ environmentalthinking we use a natural evaporative coolingprocess to obtain the right comfort environmentwhen exacting demands are made.The process is completely environment friendlywithout any discharge that can impact onthe outdoor environment. All that is neededis an evaporative humidifier in combinationwith an efficient heat recovery unit.When natural cooling is not enoughSometimes nature needs a helping hand.Natural cooling is not always sufficient andmust be supplemented with conventionalcooling. In order to make it as easy and reliableas possible we incorporated a completeturnkey cooling installation in the unit. Everythingis installed and tested at the factory.CoolMaster ®cooling systemCoolerchilling unit4

A full selection of sizescovering a wide range of airflowhPlate heatexchangerRotary heatexchangerLiquid coupledheat exchangersPlate heatexchangerRotary heatexchangerAir flow6

A robust casing platform»The EU and EC-units are built on a commondesign platform, which means that you canchoose between module or compact andget the same good casing specifications.Same robust designThe casing is built on a framework of hollowsection steel profiles bolted to sturdy cornerpieces of aluminium or composite material.Double skinned panels form the cladding.The casing meets the performance requirementsof the CEN standards. Apart from thenormal galvanized finish, stainless steel orpre-coated steel are available options on themodular unit.For outdoor units or units selected forCEN B leakage the joints between panel andframe are sealed.Security on every doorEach door is equipped with a lockablehandle as standard. The handle is designedto avoid thermal bridges and leakage.Environmentally safe insulationThe EU and EC air handling units bothuse mineral wool as the casing insulation.Mineral wool, which is non-combustible,gives both high-quality acoustic insulationand excellent thermal insulation. The frameworkis also available with insulation.Each door is equipped asstandard with a lockablehandle.A stable frame design of enclosed steelsections and corners made up of acomposite material.The frame section for thesmall units up to EU size 53and all EC units.Larger units are built on morerobust frame sections forstrength and stability.7

Highly efficient heat recovery»The most suitable alternative isdependent on the conditions ineach individual project.Temperature efficiency is a good measurementto indicate the effectiveness of a heatrecovery unit. The greater the efficiency,the more heat recovered. Nevertheless,you should not always aim for maximumefficiency.Regoterm ®Regoterm ® is the heat recovery unit that hasthe highest temperature efficiency, about85 per cent and gives the greatest operatingeconomy savings. It can also recover coldand moisture. A large, effective rotor areagives greater recovery. Laminar air flowgives a low pressure drop and low energyconsumption.Ecoterm ®In installations where the risk of leakagebetween the supply and exhaust air cannotbe tolerated, we can provide the liquidcoupled heat exchanger Ecoterm ® with atemperature efficiency up to approximately.65 per cent. As this heat recovery system isbased on separate supply and exhaust airunits it is only used in our modular EU unit.Recuterm ®The plate heat exchanger Recuterm ® has atemperature efficiency of up to 65 per cent.Equipped with our patented section-bysectiondefrosting an energy saving solutionis obtained that results in a low outputrequirement for the after-heater.Turboterm Turboterm is a new rotary heat exchangerwith an extremely high temperatureefficiency up to 90 per cent, however,with the same functional lengthas Regoterm ® .Turboterm gives a verylow life cycle cost and isthe obvious choice forinstallations with highersupply air temperaturesin cold climates or wherecooling recovery is important.EC-unit withplate heat exchanger.Econet ® is a further development of Ecoterm ® with anumber of benefits. It is solely used with the EU-unit.Read more about Econet ® on page 12.11Rotary heatexchanger cassette.

IndustriesDistrict-heatingpower plantOfficesPropertiesHomesDepartment storeEconet ®– a new way of thinking»Econet ® is a packaged liquid coupled heat recovery system witha unique control system offering highly efficient use of energy,linked with space flexibility.Econet ® is a fully packaged liquidcoupled heat recovery systemA highly developed software applicationallows you to optimize the selection andoffers thermal simulations and circuitdiagrams.Econet ® is supplied complete with allnecessary components starting with theoptimized heat exchangers with condensatedrain pans on both supply and exhaust toallow both heating and cooling in each coil.The system is complete with pump, frequencyinverter, controls and all necessary valvesand sensors. No need for you to select andorder the separate components, we havealready done it for you!The only job you have to do is assemblethe prefabricated parts on site and supplyany water/water heat exchangers tosupplement the heat output.Econet ® offers higher efficiency– for more of the timeNormal liquid coupled heat recovery systemsare selected for specific airflow rates.The efficiency of the system is then a functionof the airflow rate and is often optimized forthe maximum design flow. In reality, ventilation12

systems often run at airflow rates other thanthe maximum design and we then find thatthe heat recovery system is no longer operatingat optimum. With Econet ® , however, theunique control system continuously monitorsthe airflow rate and adjusts the water flowrate to provide continual optimum recovery.For high efficiencies, the heat exchangersshould have many tube rows and long circuitsso that the heat transfer area is large and thewater temperature change maximized. Thisnormally means that the water pressure dropis relatively high. The maximum pressure thatcan be developed by the pump often limitsthe potential efficiency of these systems.Econet ® is equipped with high-pressurepumps that allow us to get the best out ofthe system and Econet ® can be selected fortemperature efficiencies as high as 70%.Boost the heat whenrecovered heat is not enoughNormally air-handling systems are equippedwith additional heating coils so that therequired supply air temperature can be metwhen the recovered heat is insufficient.Econet ® offers you a better way to achievethis. The system has the facility to connecthot water to the recovery circuit. The controlsystem is set up to control the heat recoveryand boost heat in sequence in the same coilcircuit. This means that the air-handling unitcan be shorter and the air pressure droplower. But another, perhaps more importantfeature is that because the heat recoverycoils are so large, the hot water temperaturedoes not need to be very high. Water at atemperature as low as 15-20°C can besufficient, depending on the required supplyair temperature. This means that low-gradeheat from refrigeration systems or CHPsystems can be utilized.Econet ® can help to lower return watertemperatures, which can be useful in certainsystems such as CHP.Need cooling too?Econet ® can also help withthis. The high temperatureefficiency means that somesensible cooling can berecovered but the systemallows cooling water to beconnected in the same way asthe hot water described above.-10°CFlexibilityThe main advantage of liquid coupled heatrecovery systems is that the supply andexhaust air streams are physically separated.This is very important in certain applicationswhere cross contamination is not acceptablesuch as hospitals, food preparation areasand pharmaceutical production plants.Because the heat exchangers are separated,it allows the supply and extract systems tobe placed in the most convenient spaces inthe building.The vast number of variations of size, andcoil geometry allow for full optimizationfrom an energy, hygiene and space point ofview.100°CTapwaterReturn45°CReturn~20°C22°C17°C22°C17°CEconet ® is perfect for recoverytogether with waste heat.Econet ® utilises the availablewaste heat so effectively thatmost of the energy requiredduring the winter can becovered through waste heat.Temperature efficiency in theillustration above: 67,5%~35°CRadiatorConventional systemEconet system100°CTap waterRadiatorVentilationVentilation13

Natural cooling with CoolMaster ®»CoolMaster ® is a cooling system that cools the air with the helpof an evaporative humidifier in the extract air.The refrigerant used is fresh water! The systemcontains no chemicals and needs no refrigerationmachine. CoolMaster ® is easy to install,operating costs are kept low and CoolMaster ®takes up very little space.How does it work?Evaporating water absorbs heat from itssurroundings. For example, you know thatwhen you leave the shower it is the waterevaporating from your skin that causes youto feel cold. That is why evaporativehumidifiers cool as well as humidify the air.Key components in a CoolMaster ® airhandling unit are the evaporative humidifierthat cools the exhaust air and an effectiveheat exchanger that transfers the coolingeffect to the supply air.When the outdoor temperature is high,the humidifier is used to cool the extract air.Via the heat exchanger, the exhaust air thencools the outdoor air before it enters thebuilding.How much cooler is it?Normally the temperature of the supply air canbe reduced by 4-5 degrees. The temperaturereduction is influenced by several factors.The outdoor air temperature and thetemperature and humidity of the exhaust airaffect the result. Naturally it is important tochoose an air humidifier and a heat exchangerwith a high efficiency.As the outline diagram below illustratesyou can lower indoor temperatures by 4-5 °Cand sometimes up to 8 degrees.CoolMaster ® cannot closely give you controlair conditioning, but the temperaturereduction the system gives represents significantimprovements in comfort, productivityand safety in comfort applications.Our user friendly product selection programcalculates the temperature reduction youwill get on the supply air, and providescomprehensive information about your unit.The program also calculates the total annualoperating cost and gives an estimated lifecycle cost (LCC).FloorMaster ®diffuser2127°C10g/kg27°C9g/kg22,5°CCoolMaster ® is an idealpartner for the Floor-Master ® system.14

What is the operating cost?The operating cost depends on the relevantclimate, how the system is used andlocal electricity and water costs.For a standard comfort ventilation system inthe Nordic climate, water consumption isabout 50 m 3 per year and m 3 /s air.The pressure drop across the humidifiermeans a higher energy cost to drive theexhaust air fan. This can be about 1200 kWhper m 3 air and year. However, the increasecan be halved if the cassette is removedduring the winter months.Key components in a CoolMaster ®air handling unit15

ControlMaster ®control when demands are high»ControlMaster ® is a complete integrated control system for FläktWoods units. The equipment is supplied installed for complete aswell as block divided air handling to give the lowest SFP v -figure. A simpleyet effective solution that saves time.ControlMaster ® is the perfect solution forsmall systems with basic control equipmentas well as for large systems with demandson data communications and an integratedcontrol system.ControlMaster ® conforms to EU directives(MD, EMC and LVD) and is CE marked.Easy selectionControlMaster ® is easy to select using theproduct selection program. The programautomatically selects the control equipmentfor the unit you have chosen. Shunts areselected for the air heaters or air coolerschosen. Frequency inverters are selectedtogether with the motors, drive systems andFast track installationNot only do you save time during the projectdesign stage but also during installation.ControlMaster ® is complete and requires nomajor on site electrical installation.The control equipment is ready for commissioningas soon as the unit is installed.A packaged solutionIn our workshop great importance is givento test running and the inspection of eachcontrol system before delivery, to assure thehighest quality.ControlMaster ® is a complete package:• Air handling unit• Purpose designedcontrol equipment• Commissioning of the unit byqualified personnel16

Clear lines of responsibilityWhen two or more different suppliers areinvolved in the same plant installationthere can often be problems. ControlMaster ®solves this problem.Fläkt Woods will supply you with a completeplant including air handling unit andcontrol equipment with just one guarantee forthe lot. ControlMaster ® is a total solution withfull responsibility from a partner you can trust.High qualityTo install a control system for a high qualityair handling unit requires knowledge andexperience of how air conduction is affected.ControlMaster ® has been designed by the sameteam that designed EC 2000 with focus ondesign details that give a low SFP v figure,small leakage and low noise. All cables arerouted in a self-extinguishing halogen freeflexible conduit with rubber seals, insidethe unit.Electronic equipment is protected andseparated from the air stream by a galvanisedsheet metal panel. A design built to workand last for a long time.Cooler fully operational cooling unit»Cooler is the complete, fullyoperational cooling unit for airhandling units.A factory-made module fully adapted to theunit and which is supplied complete withcontrol equipment. The function andperformance of each cooling module is runin a special test rig before delivery.Standardised models give assured functionat a competitive price – not to mention thetime saved during design and installation!It is also very competitive when comparedwith other cooling systems.Fast installationThe cooler is supplied complete with automationand control equipment and is factorytested. All that needs to be done on site is toconnect the mains supply, connect the temperaturecontrol signal and fit the drainage pipe.Safe and economical operationThe cooler is safe in operation. Optimisedco-ordination of the refrigeration system tothe EU and EC air handling units, combinedwith thoroughly proven and documentedtechnical design, is the key to reliability.What's more the cooling unit is efficient andeconomical. The wide range of cooling outputstages ensures optimised cooling capacity.Easy project designNo in-depth refrigeration competence isnecessary to carry out the project design work.Selection is made automatically in theproduct selection programs for PC, quicklyand simply. The product selection programhas built in safeguards to ensure a ‘correct’selection and provides a comprehensiveprintout with full performance details.Environmentally appropriatetechnologyUsing environmentally friendly design isone of the cornerstonesof the corporate philosophyof Fläkt Woods.Development workfocused on finding adesign solution thatprovides the highestpossible energy recovery,minimised environmentalimpact and themost energy efficientoperation. This workhas resulted in theperfect choice ofmaterials and design.Cooler is available in sixEU-unit sizes, 20 to 32.For EC-units in sevensizes, 03 to 09 with acooling output up to124 kW.17

Units for hygienic applications»Even in its standard design the EU air handling unitsatisfies the requirements for a hygienic unit.Large inspection doors, withdrawablecomponents and smooth internal surfacesprovide excellent prerequisites for straightforwardcleaning and maintenance.For future standardsFor applications demanding higher levelsof hygiene we can offer EU 2000 in a versionsuitable for wet cleaning. The jointsbetween panels and frame are sealed with apermanently elastic, non-toxic sealant thatcontains no silicon. The sealant is resistant todisinfectants and offers no sustenance tobacteria. Where necessary, a stainless steelcasing can be chosen.Often it is the area around the filter framethat needs most attention when cleaning andour filter frame is fully withdrawable tomake this easier.Simple serviceIn the smaller units many of the componentsare withdrawable as standard or as an option.We recommend the plug fan for hygieneapplications since it is easy to clean and hasno belt drive.Where centrifugal fans must be used werecomend the use of flat belts since they providevery long service with little or no sheddingof dust.Knowledge and experienceFläkt Woods possesses vast knowledge+experience in hospital and pharmaceuticalapplications and understand the demandingrequirements.Withdrawablecomponentsmake cleaningeasier.18

Easy to install and straightforward to maintain»While our air handling unitsare compact and designedto fit into a limited space,you will find installation andmaintenance very easy.Each unit is supplied from the factory withspecific installation instructions that showhow you should assemble and start up theunit. Naturally we also provide specificmaintenance instructions and spare partslists.Air treatment units equipped withautomation and control systems are suppliedcomplete with electrical diagrams and componentdata sheets.With placement outdoors the unit is fittedwith a protective roof structure.There are hoods and protective grillesavailable as accessories that effectively keepout rain and snow.Withdrawable componentsThe large inspection doors and withdrawablecomponents make the maintenance ofour air handling units extremely easy.The EU and EC unitsare made tomake installation aseasy as possible.Withdrawable components and large inspection doorsmake maintenance easy.Outdoor installationThe EU and EC units aredesigned for indoor oroutdoor installation.The EU-unit is designedfor outdoors assembly.19

Fläkt Woods Group Brings Air to LifeFläkt Woods Group provides a full range of products and solutionsfor building ventilation, air treatment and industrial air movement.Head officesBuildings Air ClimateFläkt Woods ABKung Hans väg 12SE-192 68 SOLLENTUNASwedent +46 8 626 49 00f +46 8 626 73 10Industry Air MovementFläkt Woods LimitedTufnell WayCOLCHESTER, CO4 5ARUnited Kingdomt +(0) 1206 544122f +(0) 1206 574434Sales Offices available World Wide – See our website for details.www.flaktwoods.comDue to a policy of continuous development and improvement theright is reserved to supply products which may differ from thoseillustrated and described in this publication. Certified dimensionswill be supplied on request on receipt of order.8008 GB 03.10 C.C.J.

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