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TRILUX supply systems for intensive care units

TRILUX supply systems for intensive care units

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XXıXX10ı11The effect that light has on people is indescribably tremendous. Light colour and intensity affect our wellbeingand our ability to concentrate. Nowadays, we are able to enhance this effect more than ever before.Innovations in medical technology allow for delivering lighting that is ideal for people in every settingand situation. For medical applications our engineers did not limit themselves to just supplying ideal light,For medical applications, our developers hada unique idea: thousand ideas in one.however. Our idea to integrate all relevant supply elements for patient care into one system led to the firstMedical Supply Unit (MSU) in the world in 1962. Today, MSUs are much more sophisticated, ergonomicaland thought-out. The underlying idea still has remained the same over the years: thousand ideas in one.And that also applies to the fact that TRILUX is still several steps ahead of the competition in this segment.

XXıXX12ı13Good architecture follows a vision.TRILUX light follows good architecture.Like good light, which provides far more than just illumination, architecture is much more than rooms to live in.Architecture can inspire and astonish. Architecture forms the framework of work and life. And architecturemust fulfil important tasks, especially in medical applications – where utility is of utmost importance. Whetherpatient rooms, intensive care units or operating theatres, architecture is nothing, if it is not presented in theright light. The Charité in Berlin, MD Anderson Clinic in Madrid and Prince Sultan Airbase Hospital Al Kharj areonly three examples of high-functioning hospitals that form a perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and utility thanksto TRILUX Medical Systems.Conception: A.S.E. Building owner: SERS

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