2007 Issue 2 - Raytheon


2007 Issue 2 - Raytheon


R6σ Business Excellence:

Providing Capabilities to Enable Success

The evolution of Raytheon Six Sigma to

a new business-centric operating model has

already made an impact on how businesses

are using it to support strategic priorities.

According to Rusty Patterson, vice president

of Raytheon Six Sigma Business Excellence,

this is only part of a larger transformation

targeted to fuel continuous improvement at


In a synergistic organizational move, R6σ®

Business Excellence was established to provide

a broader spectrum of expertise, capabilities,

tools and processes to enable others

(internal and external partners) to reach the

goals they’ve set for themselves — goals

that are in line with those of the company.

“We align with the strategies of the organization

we’re working with, and provide the

capability to do it,” said Patterson. “In the

process, we’re setting the stage to enable

Raytheon to meets its goals as well.”

“Part of this process is

helping others see their

own vision. This ties into

our goals as individuals

and Raytheon’s goals

as a company: to nurture

an innovative,

inclusive culture.”

- Rusty Patterson, Vice President,

Raytheon Six Sigma Business Excellence

The business excellence arm of the organization

fortifies its ability to take on a range

of more complex challenges, like financial

performance, operational efficiency and

innovative thinking.


Aligned to Achieve Mission Assurance

R6s Business Excellence operates within the

Engineering, Technology and Mission

Assurance (ETM&A) organization, established

under the direction of Dr. Taylor W.

Lawrence in 2006. This relationship, as well

as representation on the ET&MA Joint

Council, ensures top-level connectivity with

other “enabling functions” that together,

guide the research, design and development

of Raytheon’s growing portfolio of

products and programs, and drive innovation

and meaningful diversity. It also aligns

R6σ Business Excellence with other organizations

(like Performance Excellence,

Engineering, Technology and Research, and

Operations) on the frontlines of enabling

the delivery of Mission Assurance.

“In order to have Mission Assurance,” said

Patterson, “you need the tools, techniques

and capabilities to enable efficiency

improvements in a structured way; to perform

transformation activities in a knowledge-based

way. ET&MA Joint Council

member organizations have a great deal of

overlap, and because of that, we’re able to

close any gap between functions and concentrate

on a shared mission.”

Same Focus, Expanded View

“Our focus will always be improving

Raytheon and its programs,” said Patterson.

“But now that the businesses are using R6σ

in areas where it makes the most sense to

them, we’ve opened our aperture to apply

this knowledge and expertise to other areas

that impact our company’s value and performance,

both internally and externally.”

These areas will expand R6σ’s reach to the

extended enterprise, and allow the company

to maintain its industry-leading edge in

the development and use of innovative

resources (subject matter experts, tools,

techniques, etc.), while providing the learning

required to understand and take full

advantage of them. They include:

• Rapid Deployment Teams of highly skilled

resources to help the extended enterprise

resolve challenges that require targeted

expertise and quick turnaround.

• Consulting Groups to assist businesses in

applying R6σ to areas of strategic importance

and provide external assistance

where it makes sense for the businesses

and the company.

• Curriculum Management & Development

that meets the needs of Raytheon businesses

and provides better learning

options for employees.

Raytheon Accelerated Collaborative

Environment (RACE) for complex enterprise-scale

improvement and integration.

RACE is the new, trademarked change

vehicle that combines expertise, processes

and technology to enable decision

acceleration, rapid prototyping and

resource alignment. The RACE process,

available to internal and external partners,

can be implemented on any site or

conducted at the new RACE

Collaboration Center in Garland, Texas.

A Self-Fueling Engine for

Creating Improvement

Some of these areas involve active participation

by firms outside Raytheon. “By working

with external firms with varied expertise,”

said Patterson, “we’re able to grow

our knowledge and capabilities, and bring

those back into the company. This way, our

knowledge base will continue to be

refreshed, we’ll gain new insight into how

issues can be solved, and build our inventory

of tools and techniques in the process.”

One example is in the area of innovation.

“Since innovation is at the heart of our

company, we have someone working with

an external partner that is renown in the

creative industry,” continued Patterson.

“This is one way we will develop avenues to

improve the innovative processes.

Businesses have said what they wanted,

and we’re supplying the tools and techniques

to help people make that leap.” •

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