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FOn the way to state-of-the-artperformance!Born in 2005, SF Archery is the offspringof an ambitious project between SébastienFlute, 1992 Olympic champion in Barcelona,and W&W Archery: developa full range of archeryequipment which would benot only high-performance,1989Junior individual andteam European championBEDFORD,GREAT BRITAIN1991Indoor world championOULU,FINLAND1992European champion andvice-champion by teamMALTAOlympic championBARCELONA,SPAIN1993World champion by teamANTALYA,TURKEYbut also attractive andaffordable.The extremely high caliberof the resulting equipmentis the synthesis of manymonths of joint developmentand tests.MADE BY

1994European vice-champion,third by teamNYMBURK,CZECH REPUBLIC.SébastienFluteOne of the world’s greatest archery records!In 1983 at the age of eleven, Sebastien Flutefirst took up archery in Brest. His internationalcareer began with the junior Frenchteam in 1988.Barely four years later, witha title of world indoor championunder his belt, he defendedFrance’s colours at theOlympic Games in Barcelona,winning a Gold Medal.Several individual and teammedals later, he retired from the French1995World indoor vice-championBIRMINGHAM,GREAT BRITAIN1996Third at the European teamchampionshipsKRANJSKA-GORA,SLOVENIAOlympic Games participationATLANTA,UNITED STATES1997Bronze at the world indoorchampionshipsISTANBUL,TURKEY1998Bronze team medalat the European indoorchampionshipsBOÉ-AGEN,FRANCE2000Bronze team medalat European championshipsANTALYA,TURKEYEighth individual placeat Olympic GamesSYDNEY,AUSTRALIAteam in 2000, after an eighth place at theSydney Olympics, without however hanging uphis bow!© Wake Upp/G. Planchenault

GSF Fibre/FoamGThe use of EX-Foam not only provideslightness but also makes GSF Fibre/Foam limbs extremely consistent whateverthe shooting conditions, a crucial factor ina sport where regularity is the keystoneof success.Lengths and power66”: from 16 to 40 #68”: from 18 to 42 #70”: from 20 to 44 #LimbsLengths and power66”: from 18 to 42 #68”: from 20 to 44 #70”: from 22 to 46 #Carbon/Foam-Carbon/Foam limbs are fast, lightweightand flexible thanks to the use of unidirectionaland crossed carbon fibers andFoam. Such components help the limbsbetter resist changes in temperature andhumidity and provide extreme speed andregularity, thereby guaranteeing performanceshot after shot.Carbon/Wood. Designed around a wood core,Carbon/Wood limbs combine the speedsprovided by carbon fibers with the flexibilityand extended longevity of wood. The idealchoice for archers interested in progressingand taking part in competitions.Lengths and power66”: from 16 to 40 #68”: from 18 to 42 #70”: from 20 to 44 #

RiserLength: 25 inchesWeight: 1.240 kgAvailable for right- orleft-handed archers.SF Forged- The association of computer-aided design with forge techniquesand digitally controlled machinery resulted in the developmentof an aluminum riser that meets extremely highspecifications.The combination of these technologies has meant that rigid, lightweightand high-performance characteristics are all guaranteed.This riser, with its highly elaborate load distribution, enablesmen and women archers to achieve unprecedented levels ofperformance.Black/silver Blue/silver Red/silver Red/white/blue

StabilizationsHCF Stabilizing System-Top-of-the-range carbon stabilization. During manufacturing,foam rubber is inserted into the central and laterals to optimize vibrationabsorption. This particularly light-weight stabilization enables extremelyfine bow tuning.Colors: silver or black.Central dimensions26, 28 or 30”Laterals dimensions10 or 12”Expansion dimensions3, 4 or 5”0Carbon V-BarThe V-Bar is manufactured in multicoatedcarbon for rigidity and endurance.Available in two opening angles: 35 or 40°.0DampenerThe fruit of countless absorption tests.The SFA Dampener optimizes the effects ofthe stabilization.Thread: 1/4” x 20 mm.SilverBlack0Loads1/4” thread, intermediate or end loads.

Carbon Leisure Stabilization/This particularly light-weight, carbon-manufactured kit is ideal forbeginners who want to benefit from full stabilization. The sliding V-bar makesit easier to tune the bow’s balance. Available in black.Central dimension: 30”Laterals dimension: 10”V-bar angle: 45°SightsSF Carbon Pro0Micrometric tunings, fully removableslider, carbon expansion and fiber optic eyepiece.Supplied with a transport cover.Available in black or silver, right- or left-handedarchers.SF Carbon0Carbon expansion, fiber optic eyepieceand micrometric tunings.Available in black or silver, right- or lefthandedarchers.

“Alpha” SF.The “Alpha” cushion plunger isequipped with a micro-adjustable scale forquick, precise tuning. Supplied with an aluminum-coatedpin to reduce frictional resistancewith aluminum or carbon arrows.Available in black or silver.Accessories“Delta” SF-Simplified version of the“Alpha” cushion plunger, it is equippedwith a micro-adjustable scaleand an aluminum-coated pin.Available in black or silver.Magnetic clicker/Ambidextrous model mounted onthe sight. Provides one of the most extensiveranges of arrowlength tuning (especiallyfor young archers) andthe use of larger diameterarrows.Arrow restFMagnetic arrow rest speciallydesigned for the SF riser. Length- andwidth-wise tuning and anti-vibrationsystem.Mechanical clicker/Plastic tip to eliminate all frictionon the arrow, compatible with all new generationrisers. 6 x 32 fixing screw.66” – 14 strandsOrange/violet68” – 14 strandsOrange/gray70” – 14 strandsViolet/grayStrings0Manufactured in Dynaflight.Fast/Flight reinforced loops. Availablein three colors and three lengths(66/68/70 inches).

Elite Quiver Magnetic.Top-of-the-range quiver, equipped with a magneticsystem to prevent the arrows from moving, four separatingtubes and a belt with a pouch for binoculars.Available in black/black, black/grayor black/blue.SF Elite 92.The SF Elite quiver hasfour tubes to separate thearrows, two pockets and a comfortablebelt. Available in black/black, black/gray or black/blue.Elite TabGCordovan leather chin tab,removable retractor and chin piece.Sizes: small, medium or large. Availablefor right- or left-handed archers.Elite Bow StandFHeir of a well-known model, itscombines stability and speed for assemblyand stripping down.Elite Arm Guard/Made from a soft, comfortablematerial, it will provideperfect protection from stringrubbing. Available in black, blue orgray.AccessoriesSF Elite Chest GuardGManufactured in alarge stitch material, the SFplastron can be adjusted horizontallyand vertically at will,providing a perfect fit to theanatomy of every athlete.Sizes: small, medium, large.Bow Stringer.Essential to safelyattach the string to thebow. Leather tips, non-sliplatex.

StorageElite Trolley BagFTwo-in-one kit (travel bag + backpack).Colors: black/gray, black/blue, black/black.Travel bag, with casters, retractable handle and large storage capacityfor personal affairs (clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc.). Storagepockets.Removable backpack for shooting equipment with a telescopic tubefor arrows and stabilization, case for riser and limbs and multipurposestorage compartments.Optional protection cover for air travel.Limbs and riser sold separately.Elite Metal Case0Aluminum and ABS manufacturing. Designed to carryfull equipment, lock with code, detachable inner foam wedging.Colors: black/alu.Dimensions: 850 x 290 x 110 mm.

Elite Backpack/Compartmented system designedto hold two complete bows,arrow and stabilization tube, case forriser and limbs. Supplied with a removablewaterproof cover. Colors: black/blue,black/gray, black/black.B92 BackpackFCompartmented system designed tohold two complete bows, arrow and stabilizationtube. Supplied with a removable waterproofcover. Colors: black/blue, black/gray, black/black.StorageGElite Sight CaseThis fully quilted case isdesigned to transportyour SF sightin total safety.Available in black,blue or gray.Elite Limbs/Riser CaseGThis fully quilted, double-compartmentcase makes it possible to transport your SF riserand limbs in complete safety. Available in black,blue or gray.Limbs and riser sold separately.Elite Arrows Tube/Telescopic tube in very rigid plasticcomplete with shoulder strap. Available inblack.Sight sold separately.Arrows sold separately.All products have been developed, tested and controlled by SF Archery and the entire Win&Win technical staff.Please feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions to: contact@sf-archery.com.

Neringstraat 2 – 8370 Blankenberge – BelgiumTel: 32 50 42 72 40 – Fax: 32 50 42 72 45E-mail: contact@sf-archery.comwww.sf-archery.com 09 5027 7899Votre revendeur habituel / Your authorised dealer© SFArchery 2007 - Sous réserve d’erreurs typographiques - Photos et caractéristiques non contractuelles / Subject to typographical errors – Non contractual photos and specifications.

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