• Reduce building

energy costs

• Control building

pressure conditions

• Repel windborne


• Improve working


• Protect against

flying insects

• Minimize wind

gust effects



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An Air of of Quality



One company providing

many solutions

Mars Air Systems now includes the solid brand names of

ARES make-up air systems, Mars Air Doors and Dynaforce

air curtains manufactured all under one roof. Whether your

need is to provide the comfort

heating and cooling for an entire

building or the necessary spot

relief temperature and humidity control required in difficult

work areas, look to ARES. With ARES broad line of packaged

make-up air components, Mars Air Systems

provides the flexibility to custom design

your system to match your specific building

requirements without paying for custom


By installing our Mars Air Doors

and Dynaforce air curtains over operational

doors and pass-thru windows, your

building will maintain a clean,

comfortable environment.

Our air curtains protect your

workplace environment. against dust, pollen, flying insects

and extreme temperature conditions.

We are continuously expanding our capabilities to provide

you with a complete door-to-door, floor-to-ceiling, building

air control solution.

Why Have a Building Air Control System?







Successful companies know that providing a

clean and comfortable work environment

increases productivity, efficiency and quality.

Every facility is unique… to gain your greatest

return on investment, you need an air system

that meets your specific operational, building

and budgetary requirements.

As an industry leader in HVAC equipment,

Mars Air Systems provides quality products to meet

your design specific applications.

Make-Up Air Systems for

Maximum Comfort Control

ARES complete line of make-up air systems takes building

air handling and management to the next level.

Utilizing our Modular Components Design approach, ARES

systems economically replace large volumes of exhausted

air to provide highly-efficient indoor cooling and heating.

A complete system designed on a common roof curb.

ARES make-up air systems provide a fresh supply of clean

air circulating through your entire workplace.

Whether controlling a building’s pressure, or providing

temperature or humidity relief, ARES components

dramatically reduce building energy costs while

creating an end-to-end comfort zone.

• Your choice of model configurations: blower units,

cooling components and heating components

• Economical equipment cost

• Improves indoor air quality

• Lower operating expense

• Improve worker productivity and morale

• Ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouses,

commercial kitchens, schools, dry cleaners and office

buildings and more…


14716 South Broadway, Gardena, California 90248

TEL (310) 532-1555 • FAX (310) 324-3030 •

Air Curtains for Working Comfort,

Lower Operating Costs

Mars Air Doors and Dynaforce air curtains have been

designed for virtually any workplace situation. Available

in a variety of styles, sizes and air flow

strengths, in both heated or non-heated

models, they provide a key element in our

"door-to-door building solution" approach.

Our air curtains lower your energy costs

and improve your working conditions.

Environmental Separation – Air curtains block cold air

when you want a warmer environment in

the winter, and shield your employees

and equipment from hot summer air

when you desire a cooler work setting.

They reduce building energy costs and

maintain a more comfortable, productive

working environment.

Flying Insects – Air curtains repel

flying insects of all types, leaving your

work environment free of annoying pests,

with a pesticide-free alternative for

improved sanitation.

Contaminant, Dust and Pollen Control – Air curtains are

especially useful in controlling dust, pollens, fumes, odors

and other windborne contaminants.

They are effective in meeting OSHA

and other governmental regulations.

We even have a HEPAC ® model (High

Efficiency Particulate Air Curtain)

designed for clean room applications...

Wind Resistance – Our heavier industrial models repel

wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour, with adjustable settings

to compensate for varying wind loads.

Clean Rooms

and Laboratories

Office Buildings



Improved Safety – Air curtains provide

unobstructed entry for customers,

employees and equipment, increasing

safety, with better doorway visibility.

Our Air Systems

at Work

Mars Air Systems air

handling equipment

is found "on the job"

in a wide range of

commercial and Industrial

business environments.


and Factories

Schools and


Restaurants and

Drive-Thru Facilities


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Distribution Centers and

Transportation Terminals


14716 South Broadway, Gardena, California 90248

TEL (310) 532-1555 • FAX (310) 324-3030 •

The "Mars Air of Quality"

The Complete System – Only Mars Air Systems delivers that unmistakable "Air of Quality" that

encompasses your entire facility. From pass-thru window opening air curtains to… large loading dock

models… to complete make-up air systems, we provide total solutions. Our make-up air systems

control building temperature and pressure conditions. Our air curtains maintain your desired work

environment. They separate inside/outside temperatures while doors are open. Our systems result

in decreased energy costs, higher productivity, quality control and better employee comfort.

Customer Service and Support – Since 1962, Mars has stood proudly

behind every product. Whether your needs are simply to discuss which specific

make-up air components or which air curtains will work best for you, you’ll

always receive prompt, friendly and knowledgeable service.

Extensive Distribution Network – Mars Air Systems is a global company with knowledgeable

factory trained representatives and distributors located all across the country and around the world.

For the name of your local representative, please contact us.

Engineering and Manufacturing – We are proud of our talented engineering

and skilled manufacturing expertise. We are readily available to discuss or help

with your design specific applications or complete customization requirements.

We maintain a complete library of detailed CAD drawings, product documentation,

technical specifications, product application selection guides and specialized Return on Investment

(ROI) software.

Call or Log On Today – To see how Mars Air Systems will help you reduce

energy costs, increase productivity and improve your quality control, call today

for FREE product literature or log onto our website at .

Quality Assurance Guarantee

All Mars Air Systems products are manufactured using the best materials and components available. They

are crafted by highly skilled, experienced tradespeople. Our products must pass stringent quality control

standards. Mars Air Systems products are more durable, last longer and look better. Equally… they perform

much better. For specific warranty information, please consult the factory.

Mars products meet the stringent listing or certification requirements of many organizations. The specifics vary

depending on the model, options installed or application usage. Mars reserves the right to make improvements and

changes to specifications without notice.


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14716 South Broadway

Gardena, California 90248

TEL (310) 532-1555 • FAX (310) 324-3030

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