Earth Star Magazine Online - Issue #193 April/May'10
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Earth Star Magazine Online - Issue #193 April/May'10 APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 3

EARTH STARCONTENTSAPRIL / MAY 2010ON THE COVER28 The ReconnectionExploring The Next Level of Healing for Humanityby M. Darren Gregor32 Time to Revisit Falsified Science of CO2by Dr. Tim Ball40 Reversing Atherosclerosisby Richard Hathaway52 A Journey through Time and SpaceAmulets, Talismans, and the Nuclear Receptorby Dr. Fred BellPage 28Page 22FEATURES12 Down To Earth Astrologyby Tim Gunns16 Rapid Rise in Seed Prices Draws U.S. Scrutinyby William Neuman22 Are You Getting Cheated when BuyingOrganic Produce?by Dr. Joseph Mercola25 Chipped Pets Develop Fast-Growing, Lethal Tumorsby Katherine Albrecht, Ph.D.30 Energy Efficient Appliances? No Thanksby Jodi Heimer36 New Brain Wave Therapy for Pain,Parkinson's and Moreby Mike Adams48 Benefits of Nontoxic Beddingby Susan Melgren50 Mystical StonesMuscoviteby Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian57 Nutrition Can Save Americaby Mike AdamsCover ArtMother Natureby Jim WarrenFrom the wild & whimsical tothe sweet & sensuous, forover 30 years Jim Warren hasbeen painting his way into thehearts and minds of peoplethe world over. Already considereda "living legend of theart world", Jim is ever-growing& ever-changing. His versatilityranges from his unique portraitsfor celebrities, CEO'sand families, to his illustrationsfor books, movies andalbum covers. Most notablyJim won a Grammy award forhis artwork on Bob Seger's1981 album "Against theWind". His fine art oil paintingsare featured in some ofthe top galleries in the world.Jim's latest paintings and classicsare now being producedas high quality, limited editionGiclee canvas print. You canvisit his website at:www.jimwarren.comPage 25DEPARTMENTS5 Up Front18 Book Reviews38 Calendar of Events46 Green LivingJim Warren4 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

Cloves are New Healthy Super-food, Scientists DiscoverCloves would be able to replacesynthetic antioxidants whichare currently used to makefood last longer.Spanish researchers discovered thespice was the best antioxidant becauseof the high levels of phenolic compoundsit contained. Antioxidants arecrucial in keeping food fresh and thefindings could have widerangingimplications forthe food industry.They are also believedto have health benefits.The study has beenhailed as a win for thepush towards more naturalfoods as cloves would beable to replace syntheticantioxidants which arecurrently used by manufacturersto make food lastlonger.Professor JuanaFernández-López, fromSpain’s Miguel Hernández University,said cloves were a versatile spice.“Out of the five antioxidant propertiestested, cloves had the highest capacityto give off hydrogen, reduced lipidperoxidation well, and was the best ironreducer”, she said.The research study, published in theScientists in Germany are reportinga major improvement intheir potential new treatmentfor facial wrinkles that could emergeas an alternative to Botox and cosmeticsurgery. The non-invasive techniquecombines high-intensity light fromlight-emitting diodes (LEDs) and alotion made of green tea extract. Itworks ten times faster than a similaranti-wrinkle treatment that uses LEDsalone, the researchers say.latest issue of the Flavour andFragrance Journal, ranked the spice asthe best natural antioxidant.Prof Fernandez-Lopez said: “Theresults show that use of the natural oxidantsoccurring in spices used in theMediterranean diet, or their extracts, is aviable option for the food industry, aslong as the characteristics of the foodproduct are not affected.These substances exhibit highantioxidant capacity, and could havebeneficial effects for health."The researchers also evaluated theantioxidant effect of the essential oilsfrom other spices used in theMediterranean diet oregano, thyme,Earth Star Up Frontrosemary, and sage.They were trying to find out if thesespices could be used into food products,especially meat, as natural antioxidants.Prof Fernandez-Lopez said antioxidantskept food fresh because it delayed lipidoxidation.“Lipid oxidation is one of the mainreasons for foods deteriorating, andcauses a significantreduction in their nutritionalvalue, as well asloss of taste”, she said.“These alterationslead to a reduction in theuseful lifespan of thefood product. To avoidsuch deterioration, thefood industry uses syntheticantioxidants in itsproducts.However, as these arechemical compounds,questions have beenraised about their potentialtoxicity and side-effects.”Prof Fernandez-Lopez said therewas a growing interest in using plantbasedproducts with potential antioxidantactivity, in order to replace the syntheticantioxidants with “natural” substances.—Telegraph, ULED Light And Green Tea Cream Smooth Facial WrinklesAndrei P. Sommer and Dan Zhupoint out that researchers have usedlight-therapy, or phototherapy, formore than forty years to help healwounds. Recently the scientistsshowed that use of high-intensityLEDs, similar to those used in automotivetail lights and computers, couldhelp reduce skin wrinkles whenapplied daily for several months. Butexposure to intense LED light is alsoinvolved in generating high levels ofreactive oxygenspecies asbyproducts thatcan potentiallydamage cells. Tocombat thateffect, theresearchers combinedthe LED with a potent antioxidantin green tea extract called epigallocatechingallate.They applied a daily combinationof LED light and green tea extract tothe facial wrinkles of a human volunteerfor one month. The combinationtreatment resulted in smoother skin,including “less pronounced wrinklelevels, shorter wrinkle valleys, andjuvenile complexion,” the scientistssay. The treatment showed promisingresults in only one-tenth of the time ittook for LED therapy alone to reducewrinkles. The study could form thebasis of “an effective facial rejuvenationprogram,” and lead to a newunderstanding of the effect reactiveoxygen species on cellular aging, theynote. — Science Dailywww.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 5

Dragonfly Jet-Powered Helicopter Runs on H2O2Your average whirleybird isdriven by a big motor in themiddle, spinning the bladesone way and, as per Newton, rotatingthe body of the craft the other.A tail rotor counteracts the force,but a more efficient solution is to havethe rotors power themselves, which isexactly how the Dragonfly DF1 works.It has tiny, hydrogen-peroxide jetsBillionaire Sir Richard Bransonmay already own an airline, arecord label, a mobile phonecompany, several luxury restaurantsand a Caribbean island. But today theentrepreneur unveiled his latest toy—an underwater plane.The £415,000 prototype submersibleis called the Necker Nymphand can dive to depths of up to 130ft.Sir Richard hopes to one dayexplore depths of 35,000ft—which isfar more than the height of MountEverest.Sir Richard plans to lend theNymph out to visitors of his luxuryhideaway, Necker Island. Gliding likean aeroplane through the water it cancarry a pilot and two visitors on a twohourtrip.After undergoing scuba training,guests can uncover ancient shipwrecks,fly side-by-side with dolphins or followwhales.Such a unique experience comesat a price of course. The Nymph isavailable to hire for $25,000 a week(£15,000), but only after you haveforked out a minimum of $88,000(£55,000) for seven nights on the luxurycatamaran, the Necker Belle.on the blade tips, spinning them upwithout pushing the body of thehelo in the other way—though asmall tail rotor is still needed toturn the craft.It’s much like the tech thatpropelled James Bond toward hiswaiting DB5 in Thunderball, butunlike that jetpack this copter canfly for up to fifty minutes.It’s the productof SwisscopterAmericas and,while they’ve beenplaying with theDF1 for many moonsnow, the company is alsoworking on the DF2(shown right), a rathermore civilized versionthat seats two.Earth Star Up FrontThe DF1 is certified for flight in theUS, looks to be available for sale and,while no price is listed, they are said tobe much more friendly to the environmentthan traditional helicopters. That’llsurely add to the premium.—engadget.comSir Richard Branson’s Underwater PlaneThe luxury sub has fighter jettechnology and is piloted with a joystick.While most subs use ballast topropel subs under the water, theNymph uses downward 'lift' on thewings to fly down.It was designed and built byGraham Hawkes, chief of HawkesOcean Technologies and is the first ofits kind.Marketing manager KarenHawkes, said: “The Nymph is anentirely new class of vehicle for us—think of a sleek convertible underwater. It is different from our othersubmersibles because it was specificallydesigned to dive to scuba depths intropical waters.It has theflexibility toglide peacefullyover gloriousreefs orbank adventurouslyin 360degree turns.”S h edescribed thesub, which ispart of its DeepFlight range, as“hydrobatic” with individual “windshields” that removes the pressure ofslipstream. This means the sub canhave an open cockpit that gives guestspanoramic views.Ms Hawkes also insisted that thesub had a low environmental impact.“Its positive buoyancy preventsthe sub from landing on a reef, and itslow light and noise emissions ensurethe fragile ocean ecosystems remainundisturbed.”Those readers who have a spare£70,000 may jump at this adventurousweek's holiday. The rest of us can justdream... —Daily Mail, APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 7

In the remarkable Fox News reportbelow, Dr. Archelle Georgiou,described as a well-recognizedphysician leader who “helps consumersmake better health care decisions,”argues the case for adding lithium to thewater supply. Georgiou is affiliated withthe Center for Health Transformation,an organization founded by the notoriousneocon Newt Gingrich.Georgiou is also a “medical expert”for Fox News 9 in Minneapolis whereshe commented on a proposal to drugpeople during a segment on “HealthCare Innovations 2009.”“Lithium in the Water Supply:America has been adding fluoride to itspublic water supplies for decades tohelp prevent reduce tooth decay. Nowresearchers from Japan suggestsEarth Star Up FrontFox News Covers Mass Drugging of Society with Lithiumexpanding the list to lithium,” is howhow Fox News 9 describes the segment.Georgiou does not explicitly callfor adding the mood-stabilizing drug tothe water system, as suggested byJapanese researchers, but she does notdenounce the proposed practice.Instead, she says the draconian proposalis a “very interesting concept.”Japanese researchers, according toGeorgiou, are “investigating whethertrace amounts of lithium can just changethe mood in a community enough—in areally positive way without having thebad effects of lithium—to really affectthe mood and decrease the suicide rate.”Remarkably, Georgiou does notaddress the moral issue of forcibly drugginga population into submission.On May 1, 2009, the BBCreported on the Japanese research.“Researchers examined levels of lithiumin drinking water and suicide rates in theprefecture of Oita, which has a populationof more than one million. The suiciderate was significantly lower inthose areas with the highest levels of theelement, they wrote in the BritishJournal of Psychiatry.”Scientists are not certain how lithiumworks in the brain. “Lithiumincreases the amount of neurotransmitterssuch as serotonin, which can helpstabilize both the manic and depressivesides of the disorder, but the exactmethod behind this is still under investigation,”notes Discovery News.—BlacklistedNews.comU.S. Probing More Cases of CT Radiation OverexposureU.S. regulators are probingmore cases of patients whowere exposed to excess radiationfrom brain scans performed withequipment from General Electric andToshiba, government officials said inDecember..The Food and Drug Administrationsaid some patients received up to eighttimes the normal amount of radiation.High doses of radiation can causecataracts and increase the risk of someforms of cancer.The FDA said it was investigating206 cases of patients being overexposedto radiation during CT perfusionscans of the brain at Cedars-SinaiMedical Center in Los Angeles duringan eighteen-month period.The FDA said in December it hadidentified at least fifty more cases atCedars-Sinai and two other Californiahospitals. Cases also have been reportedin Alabama, FDA officials said.The excess radiation caused skinredness and hair loss in some patients,the agency said.The agency has not determined ifthere were problems with the machinesor with how they were used, Dr. JeffreyShuren, acting director of the FDA’sdevice center, told reporters. —Reuterswww.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 9

Earth Star Up FrontA p p l e M a g i c M o u s e W o w s W i t h o u t W i r e s , W h e e lAh, mice. As far as the humblemouse goes, there’s really notmuch to get excited about.Sure, you can buy one optimized forgaming, one that fits in even the mostminimalist laptop case (um, isn’t thatcalled a trackpad?) or even one thatclaims to have your ergonomic bestinterests in mind.But really, let’s be honest: most ofus use whatever crummy palm pointercame in the box. The $69 Apple MagicMouse could change that (except forusers of Apple’s newly revamped iMac,which ships with it included).With a sportscar-sleek one-piecetouchpad top, the little stunner fromCupertino really turns heads. When’sthe last time a mouse did that?Boot up a compatible Mac—thisguy’s for the Leopard-and-newercrowd—and things really start to getinteresting. Like Apple’s iPhone, iPodTouch, and, more recently laptop trackpads,the top surface is a multi-touchpanel. Swipe two fingers up, down, orside to side, and the page onscreenscrolls. Pinch and spread to zoom in andout on photos.Bluetooth does away with anywires, letting you work up to ten metersaway, and Apple claims a pair of AA’swill power the Magic Mouse for fourmonths.What’s not to like? Gizmodo editorBrian Lam notes that while the mouse isnifty, he sometimes moved it unintentionallywhile using the multitouch features–tryit on your non-Magic mouseright now…. Kind of an awkwardmotion, right? Apple no-doubt hopes the“still-moused two-finger swipe,” liketyping on an iPhone, is an easily learnedskill.Despite that annoyance (and timewill tell if it’s a minor or major one),Apple’s Magic Mouse looks like one ofthe slickest desktop additions out there.—Christian Science monitor20 SIMPLESIMPLE TIPS TO REDUCE GLOBALWARMINGARMINGWhenever you save energy, you reduce demand for fossil fuels, which means lower emissionsof carbon dioxide, the major contributor to global warming. This year, vow to takethese simple steps suggested by Environmental Defense ( for a healthier planet.1. Use the energy-saving settingto dry dishes—or let themair dry.8. Wrap your water heater in aninsulating jacket (if it has nointernal insulation).16. Insulate your walls and atticto save about 25 percent ofhome heating bills.2. Wash laundry in warm or coldwater, not hot.3. Turn down your water heaterthermostat to about 120degrees.4. As you replace appliances,select the most energy-efficientmodels.5. Adjust your room thermostatto be lower in winter, higher insummer.6. Clean or replace dirty air filters,which can save 5 percentof the energy used.7. Put energy-efficient compactfluorescent bulbs in your mostusedlights.9. Install low-flow showerheadsto use less hot water.10. Caulk and weather-striparound doors and windows toplug air leaks.11. Ask your utility company todo a home energy audit.12. Walk, bike, carpool, or usemass transit whenever possible.13. Purchase a car that getsgood gas mileage.14. Buy minimally packagedgoods & choose reusable productsover disposable ones.15. Be sure your car’s air conditionercoolant is recycled afterservicing.17. If you’re replacing windows,install energy-saving models.18. Plant trees next to yourhome and paint the house alight color if you live in a warmclimate or a dark color in a coldclimate.19. Be a community activist.Set up recycling programs andpromote energy efficiency atyour school and workplace.20. Stay informed about environmentalissues. Keep track ofgovernment representatives’voting records and write or callto express concerns.—Natural Home Magazine10 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

and gynaecology, ophthalmology, paediatric oncology. In addition many provincial hospitalsare unable to recruit doctors to meet their service needs.In New Zealand there is considerable interest in looking at ways of addressing these mismatches.A GEP has been proposed as one such strategy.3 Other influences on the New Zealand medical workforce3.1 AustraliaDevelopments in Australia are important to New Zealand medical workforceplanning as graduates from Australian medical schools can be directly registered inboth jurisdictions because the schools are jointly accredited by the AustralianMedical Council (AMC) and the Medical Council. In addition, most of theprofessional educational Colleges are Australasian.Some students who wish to study medicine in New Zealand but cannot gainadmission to a local programmes because of the limited number of places go toAustralia to study. Chart 1 in Appendix 3 shows the number of New Zealandersstudying in Australian medical school programmes, which was 64 in 2009 and isestimated to be 62 in 2010.In 2000 it was estimated that 1,086 New Zealand-born doctors were practising inAustralia. 7 This is slightly less than in 1998 when 12% of the medical workforce inAustralia was from New Zealand. 8 However, numbers are increasing again with2,106 New Zealand doctors practicing in Australia in 2007. 9In contrast, the loss of Australian medical graduates from their workforce is lessthan 5% per annum. 10 Only four new graduates from Australia were registered bythe Medical Council in 2008 and 326 doctors from Australia had practisingcertificates in New Zealand.Australia, like New Zealand, has previously relied on international medicalgraduates (IMGs) to make up any shortfall but as in New Zealand many IMGs donot stay for the longer term. An analysis of statistics in 2005 showed that about athird of IMGs stayed about a year, another third stayed for about two years, and therest remained in Australia for longer. 11In order to reduce dependency on IMGs there has recently been a significantincrease in the number of medical school places in Australia. These increasesshould generate 138 new medical graduates per million population. New Zealandwould have to graduate 607 students each year to achieve a comparable ratio.Zurn 200878 Pflaum 20019 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 200910 Joyce 200611 Joyce 200611

Mercury enters Tauruson April 2nd for atwo-month transit,during which practical,down-to-earththinking prevails. Thoughts turn moreoften towards ways and means ofgenerating income, and issues relatingto one's personal values. Allow yourinstincts to guide you in financialmatters now.A moon wobble phase that began onMarch 30th and ends on April 14thheralds a period of general instability inthe ethers, which peaks as the sunsquare’s the moon’s nodes on April 6th,at 3:45 am, PDT. Greater than normalpotential exists for seismic activity,anomalous weather, radical actions, andeccentric behavior for a week or soaround this juncture.Distant Pluto stations Retrograde on April6th, in 06° Capricorn, heightening thepotential for sudden events of great magnitudeto take place for several days aroundthis juncture. During the five months inwhich Pluto is in retrograde mode, avoidpower plays, as misguided attempts atdomination or manipulation often accompanythis transit. Cultivate self-discipline.Investigate energy healing modalities.Intensify your spiritual studies.After just five months in Libra, theringed planet, Saturn, retrogrades backinto Virgo on the 7th till July 21st. Ahealthy mind in a healthy body is aprime objective of Saturn’s transit here.Likewise, efficiency and practicality arewell rewarded, in time. Saturn in Virgoconfers a critical eye for detail, whichthe wise will use to locate potentialproblems, personal or professional,before they manifest.APRIL - maY 2010The new moon in Aries on April 14thushers in the first lunar cycle of thenatural year. During the next two weeks,communicate your thoughts and views,but be aware that others will have theirviews, too, so be prepared, also, to listen.Last month’s vernal equinox theme ofinitiation and new beginnings continues,so prepare to launch new personalprojects...but don’t make your moveuntil after Mercury has completed itsforthcoming retrograde phase.Cosmic messenger, Mercury, stationsRetrograde on April 17th, at 9:06pm,PDT, in 13° Taurus (till May 11). Itwould be prudent to defer major decisions,purchases, or travel plans untilafter Mercury turns Direct on May 11th.Instead, assimilate the informationyou've taken in during the past threemonths, while Mercury was movingdirect through the zodiac. Review yourfinances now. Revise, rewrite, or otherwisereexamine previously coveredterritory for overlooked details or data.The sun enters Taurus late on the 19th,for a month in which personal valuesand material resources—or the lack ofthem—are in focus. Determine whetherthe resources and assets already at yourdisposal being fully utilized.Chiron, a major asteroid associated withdeep emotional wounds, enters tropicalPisces on April 20th (till July 20), andwill likely bring tests of one’s faith—inself, of an avocation, or in your beliefthat a divine plan is at work in yourlife—in the weeks and months ahead.Venus enters Gemini late on the 24th,where it will remain till May 19th. Forthe next month, emotions are subject tobeing cold-processed logically, via themind, instead of percolating gentlydown to one’s conscious awareness,filtered through one's feelings. There’s agreater willingness to travel in pursuit ofpleasure and social activities whileVenus resides in the sign of curiosity,conversation, and inquiry. Wit, charmand the gentle art of conversation will behighly desirable now.Around the time that Saturn opposesUranus precisely on the 26th, it mightseem as though the more structuredaspects of your life, such as your job,your daily routine, and close relationships,have become rather stale and arein dire need of freshening up. Or perhapsstability and security may be lackingnow, leading to a sense of powerlessness,with little or no control overcircumstances. One way or another,disruptions in one’s daily routine canbring frustration. Responsibilities canweigh heavily, and great patience andforbearance may be called for. However,whatever changes or adjustments aremade now can eventually help to makeyour life more interesting, and perhapsmore profitable.When the full moon culminates in08°07' Scorpio on the 28th, it also heraldsthe arrival of Wesak, the BuddhaFestival, celebrating the annual reemergenceof the Buddha energies on Earth,and is widely held to be the most powerfuland spiritual full moon of the year.Meditate on love now. Be prepared forwhat you value highly to be put to thetest, including your attachment to people,places, belongings or even habits.Be honest with yourself about yourneeds, and your means. Safeguard yourincome sources and assets. Passions anddesires will intensify, so chill out!12 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

Down To Earth AstrologyThe sun and Mercury (now in retrograde)align in conjunction in 09°Taurus on the 28th, just a few hoursafter the lunation. Be alert to fleetingfinancial opportunities but refrain fromimpulse spending. Reevaluate a currentfiscal arrangement; if necessary, renegotiateterms. Get in touch with yourthoughts and feelings about things thatyou value. Review your motivations,plans, and intentions.Intuition and perceptions are heightenedon May 3rd, when Mercury trinestiny Pluto. Insights can be gained into‘cause and effect,’ how your thinkingand thought processes actually createyour reality. With both planets currentlyin retrograde, reconsider recent businessdecisions and future plans, and beprepared to act after Mercury turnsdirect on May 11th.The sun squares Mars on May 4th,when you’ll need to channel thesedynamic energies into something creativethat provides a sense of satisfaction. Beaware in and of all that you do now, asproblems could arise from aggressive orinconsiderate behavior. Try not to takeyourself too seriously.May 7th is a day filled with the potentialfor romance, as loving Venus alignsharmoniously with macho Mars.Indeed, it could be ‘thrills galore’ forsome, now, as harmony reigns betweenand within the sexes, for the time being.Seek funding for a project or cause dearto your heart. This aspect provides afavorable influence that supports mostforms of creative self-expression.After twenty-five days in retrograde,Mercury stations direct on May 11th, in03° Taurus. Mental processes begin toaccelerate now, signaling the ‘all clear’to move ahead with plans. However,avoid making snap decisions, as there’slikely to be a tendency towards impatiencefor several days.May’s new moon arrives on the 13th, in24° Taurus, and is a time in which toassess your need for material security—your ‘comfort zone.’ How much or howlittle money or stuff do you actuallyneed to feel comfortable and secure?Buy some new plants for your homeand garden.When the sun trines Saturn on the 18th,constructive progress can be madetowards career or educational objectives.If necessary, seek advice or guidancefrom a sage elder, or one in authority. Putyour creative talents to practical use.The sun enters the airy, mutable sign ofGemini late on May 20th, a harbingerthat mental activity is about to increasein the month ahead, and the thirst forknowledge and fresh input must beassuaged. Enroll in a course or studyprogram. Become more aware of youreveryday environment, and how youinteract with it.Jupiter forms a precise opposition toSaturn on the 22nd, a juncture aroundwhich it may seem especially difficultto make professional progress or youmay feel that your ambitions are beingthwarted, either by a lack of opportunityor simply bad timing. If you find yourselfvacillating between optimism andcaution now, you most assuredly won’tbe alone. While this, is not an idealinfluence under which to begin a newventure, it can be quite helpful if youare in a position to expand a currentbusiness, as you would be more likelyto do so with a higher degree of caution.The challenge here is to strike a balancebetween these two opposing forces inorder to maximize the considerablepotential for achievement that is,nonetheless, available. For Jupiter, whenall is said and done, is still the planetmost associated with good fortune.An opposition between Venus and Plutoculminates on the 23rd, a cosmic ‘headsup’ to exercise caution in all financialmatters. There may be conflict over jointfinances, or problems with businessrelationships. As passions will also rise,be alert to seduction or manipulation.The full moon culminates on May 27 in07° Sagittarius. Think before you act orspeak your mind; make sure your communicationsand intentions are fullyunderstood, especially by you!Emotional or intellectual independencemay become an issue now. This couldbe a time of relocation for some.A major disturbance in ‘the force’occurs when Uranus enters Aries onMay 27th, its first visit to the firstzodiacal sign since March 1935—for aninitial ten-week sojourn before retrogradingback into Pisces on August 13thuntil March 11th, 2011. It will thenremain in Aries until May 2018.Freedom of action is important underthis planetary influence, when the spiritof adventure is strong and can fosterextremely individualistic, unconventional,even foolhardy behavior. A continualneed for new experiences in orderto feel satisfied must be assuaged. Bealert to compulsive actions and a‘change at any cost’ attitude, as thiscould undermine your efforts toimprove your lot in life. A willingnessto cooperate with others will be helpfulin achieving your goals. This brieftransit will provide a fore taste ofwhat’s to come during the next sevenyears—an exciting period of innovationand invention geared towards the bettermentof humanity.Saturn, planet of discipline and karma,stations direct on May 30th, in 28°Virgo. Consider what you have learnedabout your ability to express yourcreativity in the workplace duringSaturn’s 4-1/2 months in review mode.How have you responded to the professionalopportunities or challenges thathave come your way? As the ringedplanet gradually gathers forwardmomentum, tangible progress towardscoveted career goals may soon becomeperceptible, or possible.Distant Neptune stations retrograde onthe 31st, in 29° Aquarius, when unresolvedissues, neglected feelings, oremotional undercurrents from the pastcan surface, which may need to bereviewed for greater insight and selfunderstandingduring the next fivemonths.Following is a general overview of howthe planetary trends for April/May,2010 apply to each sun sign. If youknow your rising sign (Ascendant), readthat, too, for additional APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 13

Down To Earth AstrologyAries (March 20—April 19)It's birthday time for Aries natives and thebeginning of your personal year, when yourcreative drive shifts into high gear. Move ahead with pet projectsnow. As far as money is concerned, it may be a matter of easycome, easy go in early April, although your financial prospectsin general appear bright. Indeed, for some there’s a possibility ofa windfall from your past professional efforts. However, it maybe that much of what does come your way might already becommitted or spoken for, or is quickly spent on ill-conceivedpurchases or risky ventures. Your ruling planet, Mars, is thelikely culprit here, encouraging impulsive actions and a cavalierapproach to handling money. Even so, May’s new moon in yoursolar second house on the 13th could breathe new life into yourfinancial fortunes, bringing a stabilizing and more level headedinfluence to help you press on toward professional oreducational objectives in the weeks ahead.Taurus (April 19—May 20)A very pleasant and generally positive beginning toApril could be marred by some tension within yourdomestic environment. It may be that work or activities aroundthe home must take precedence over less pressing items on yourpersonal agenda which you’d rather be pursuing. Even so, with acool head and by employing your innate sense of diplomacy youcan breeze through your household chores or family commitmentsand still get around to most everything on your personal ‘todo’list. Some well chosen words and a little extra sensitivity to theneeds of your partner or a significant other will help to ease whatevertensions might develop. Besides, this is birthday time forBull-clan members, and you’ll want to move into your new solarcycle with as much positive energy as you can muster. Make somequiet time for yourself, to consider your hopes and wishes for thefuture, and ways to make them a reality.Gemini (May 20—June 21)You won’t be short of ideas for furthering yourambitions at this time, but manifesting thenecessary resources is another question. Therefor, your focusshifts to accomplishing just that,and with patience,perseverance, and a professional approach, you could havecause for optimism before this forecast period is over. Thepresence of lucky Venus in your sign can help you in your quest,by bringing an element of good fortune your way. Be evermindful of the impression you create, for your personality,professionalism, and proficiency at what you do can be valuableassets now. The efforts of a partner may prove just as valuableas your own to the success of a creative venture. While yourruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde (April 17-May 11) inyour solar twelfth house, set aside some quiet time in which tocontemplate your strategy.Cancer (June 21—July22)Spring is the time of year when your ambitioncan be powerfully rekindled, following thevernal equinox and the sun’s entrance into Ariesand your solar tenth house. Some Crab-clan members will becontemplating a change in career direction or a break with thepast in some way. Weigh your options very carefully; avoidthe impulse to make important or irrevocable changes simplyfor the sake of change. Instead, while Mercury retrogrades inyour solar eleventh house from April 17-May 11, consideryour long-range goals, and especially your motivations. Withthe arrival of May’s new moon (13th) in this most progressivesector of your solar chart, you’ll feel more confident about thedirection you need to take, and what it may take to reach yourdestination.Leo (July 22—August 23)Spring is the time of year when you look to expandyour interests, most likely through entrepreneurialor creative endeavors. With the sun in Aries—a complementaryfire sign—and your solar ninth house, you’re keen to reach outto the world at large and to share your knowledge and wisdomin gainful pursuits. As a cosmic bonus, providing additionalimpetus and drive to help further your efforts, you have Aries’ruler, Mars, in your solar first house throughout this forecastperiod. Financial matters will likely be the most challenginglife-arena, where your patience will be tested, along with yourbudgetary acumen, now and throughout the summer.Nonetheless, you can make great strides forward in yourprofessional pursuits, with the possibility of augmenting yourcash flow.Virgo (August 23—September 23)A time for regeneration is at hand, when you’llwant to renew and revivify yourself, inpreparation for a new expansive trend that isshortly to begin. Let go of that which you no longer need orwhich in some way keeps you tethered to the past. Lightenyour load to ease your passage through life, of emotions,possessions, or just stuff. Spend time out in nature wheneveryou can; it will both lift your spirits and keep you grounded.With Saturn revisiting your sign for the next three months,you may have the chance to demonstrate your efficiency andpracticality in the workplace, in a role with which you’re quitefamiliar. Feeling stuck or trapped, you might also becontemplating a change in career, or in pursuing anoccupation closer to your heart’s desire. While your sign’sruler, Mercury, is retrograde (April 17-May 11), Carefullyreview your options, and most certainly look before you leap!Libra (September 23—October 23)Spring often heralds your reemergence into theworld, after a period of introspection, when youfeel more outgoing and ready to connect withkindred spirits. Although Saturn sits upon your solarascendant, lending a more serious tone to your demeanor, itmoves out of your sign and back into Virgo, allowing you torelax and to absorb the lessons from recent challenges andexperiences. Your passion for life increases now, with lovingVenus, your sign’s ruler, stimulating your senses from yoursolar eighth house. So, too, can the flames of love spring14 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

forth, perhaps unexpectedly, from the embers of a fire thatburns within. A new and fascinating interest might take yourfancy now. Spend some quality time outdoors, to reconnectwith and be inspired by nature's beauty. Don’t worry toomuch about the future, or fret over injustices from the past.Live your life in the here and now, because you’re ready tobe free at last!Scorpio (October 23—November 22)The elimination of outworn, habitual, andunhelpful thought patterns can be a slow andlaborious process, and yet Pluto, your sign’s ruler, is equalto the task. Its presence in Capricorn and your solar thirdhouse for the past eighteen months has made it all too clearthat rigid, inflexible behaviors and beliefs rooted firmly inthe past have no place in your life today, and serve only toinhibit your worldly progress. New people enter your life,in response to a shift in your attitudes, and a newfoundbelief in yourself. As your polarity gradually shifts into amore positive range, those you attract will reflect yourprogress; all you have to do is acknowledge how far you’veactually come. As Mercury retrogrades through your solarseventh house (April 17-May 11), consider the value ofsignificant others in your life, particularly in light of yourevolving awareness.Sagittarius (November 21—December 21)In an attempt to break with the past youconsider new ways to harness your innatecreativity to enhance your career prospects. You’recertainly not short of bright ideas, but practicalapplications may seem illusive. Safeguard your assets byavoiding speculative ventures now. Instead, invest yourenergies and drive in efforts geared towards selfimprovement.While Mercury retrogrades through yoursolar sixth house (April 17-May 11), consider how youmight enhance your job satisfaction, or derive morepleasure from what you do for a living. Likewise, reviewyour dietary regimen and make any necessary adjustmentsto accommodate your body’s changing needs. You couldbenefit, too, from improving your health and fitness levels,in the weeks following May’s Taurus new moon (13th);you’ll need all the energy and stamina you can muster asyou work diligently towards your goals.Capricorn (December 21—January 19)With the arrival of spring comes an emotionalrecharge, an upwelling of positive energy fromwithin, which you can draw upon to fortify yourself for thenext creative project on your agenda. And you may haveseveral in mind. While Pluto remains in close proximity toyour solar ascendant, in square to Saturn on your solarmidheaven, it’s very likely that you’re still trying to get ahandle on your next personal or professional objective.The world, indeed, keeps on turning, as does your personalsphere of activity and influence, but sometimes you simplyDown To Earth Astrologywish that the fickle wheel of fortune would just hurry upand spin in your favor. Well, during this forecast period, itjust might! Pay attention to details and nuances in thesubtext of your life, particularly while Mercury isretrograde from April 17-May 11. There might be valuableinformation, clues or contacts that you may haveoverlooked, that could provide that vital missing piece toyour puzzle of life in the here and now.Aquarius (January 19—February 18)Change your thinking, and your life will followsuit, reflecting ideas and opportunitiescommensurate with your mental space. As a zodiacalAquarian, you are blessed with a virtually constant flow ofnovel notions impinging upon your awareness, but it’s upto you to act if you wish to manifest them in reality.Actions do, indeed, speak louder than words, a tenet you’dbe wise to adhere to now rather than engage your tonguebefore thinking. Sometimes you just have to allow yourdeeds to do the talking for you if you want someone toreally get the message. Such a time presents itself withinthis forecast period. While your financial flow might seemfar from stable, lady luck can smile upon you from time totime, especially if you follow your instincts, as they maybe right on the money!Pisces (February 18—March 20)Some of the things in life that you value highlymay be put to the test in early spring, whetherit’s your belief in yourself, or an avocation, or even theexistence of a divine plan. Seek imaginative ways to add toyour cash flow following April’s new moon (14th) in Ariesand your solar second house. Don’t be shy about speakingup for what you want now, as others are more likely tocede to your wishes. Just be tactful and sincere in yourapproach, as egos could be rather fragile at present.Mercury’s retrograde transit through your solar third house(April 17-May 11) could find you questioning a recentdecision. Examine the facts then make up your mind,basing your conclusions more on instinct than logic.Tim Gunns is an astrological consultant,conference coordinator and producer,formerly program director of thenational Whole Life Expos, and iscurrently program director of theConscious Life Expo.Tim prepares personalized no-nonsense interpretations of NatalHoroscopes ($40), Future Forecast Transit Reports ($75 for 1 fullyear), and Relationship Compatibility Reports ($45). Shipping isfree. Send: Name (as you'd like it to appear on the chart), Date ofBirth, Time (as close as possible), Place of Birth (city/country,etc.) for each person, and your return address, phone# and checkto: Tim Gunns, c/o110 Hilltop Drive, Waynesville NC 28786.(828) 452-7885. Consultations by phone may also be APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 15

Rapid Rise in Seed Prices Draws U.S. ScrutinyMo n s a n t oresearchers inStonington, Ill.,are working todevelop newsoybean varieties that will be tolerantto agricultural herbicide andhave greater yields.Hugh Grant, Monsanto chief,said competition was increasing asbiotech crops matured.Such priceincreases forseeds—the mostimportant purchasea farmermakes eachyear—are part ofHugh Grantan unprecedentedclimb that began more than adecade ago, stemming from theadvent of genetically engineeredcrops and the rapid concentration inthe seed industry that accompanied it.The price increases have notonly irritated many farmers, theyhave caught the attention of theObama administration. The JusticeDepartment began an antitrust investigationof the seed industry lastyear, with an apparent focus onMonsanto, which controls much ofBy William Neumanthe market for the expensive bioengineeredtraits that make cropsresistant to insect pests and herbicides.The investigation is just onefacet of a push by the Obama administrationto take a closer look at competition—orthe lack thereof—inagriculture, from the dairy industryto livestock to commodity crops,like corn and soybeans.“I think most farmers wouldlook to have more competition in theindustry,” said Laura L. Foell, whoraises corn and soybeans on ninehundred acres in Schaller, Iowa.The Iowa attorney general, TomMiller, has also been scrutinizingMonsanto’s market dominance. Thecompany’s genetically engineeredtraits are in the vast majority of cornand soybeans grown in the UnitedStates, Mr. Miller said. “That givesthem considerable power, and questionsarise about how that power isused,” he said.Critics charge that Monsantohas used license agreements withsmaller seed companies to gain anunfair advantage over competitorsand to block cheaper generic versionsof its seeds from eventuallyentering the market. DuPont, a rivalcompany, also claims Monsanto hasunfairly barred it from combiningbiotech traits in a way that wouldbenefit farmers.In a recent interview atMonsanto’s headquarters in St.Louis, its chief executive, HughGrant, said that while his companymight be the market leader, competitionwas increasing as the era ofbiotech crops matured.“We were the first out of theblocks, and I think what you see nowis a bunch of people catching up andaggressively competing, and I’mfighting with them,” Mr. Grant said.He said farmers chose the company’sproducts because they liked theresults in the field, not because ofany untoward conduct onMonsanto’s part.Yet in a seed market thatMonsanto dominates, the jump inprices has been nothing short ofstunning.Including the sharp increaseslast year, Agriculture Departmentfigures show that corn seed priceshave risen 135 percent since 2001.Soybean prices went up 108 percentover that period. By contrast, the

Consumer Price Index rose onlytwenty percent in that period.Many farmers have been willingto pay a premium price because thegenetically engineered seeds thatmake up most of the market comewith advantages. Genetic modificationsfor both corn and soybeansmake the crops resistant to herbicides,simplifying weed control andsaving labor, fuel and machinerycosts. Many genetically engineeredcorn and cotton seeds also resistinsect pests, which cuts down onchemical spraying.Lee Quarles, a Monsantospokesman, said the price increaseswere justified because the quality ofthe seeds had been going up, and newbiotech traits kept being added. Forexample, he said, many corn varietiesnow include multiple genes to battleinsect pests, raising their value.Mr. Quarles said higher priceswere justified because the traitssaved farmers money and made theiroperations more efficient.Monsanto began investing heavilyin biotechnology in the 1980s—ahead of most other agriculturalcompanies. In the mid-1990s, itbecame the first to widely marketgenetically engineered seeds for rowcrops, introducing soybeans containingthe so-called Roundup Readygene, which allowed plants to toleratespraying of its popular Roundupweed killer. Soon after, it began sellingcorn seed engineered with a geneto resist insect pests.The number of biotech planttraits has grown since then, andother large companies—includingDuPont, Dow Chemical, Syngenta,BASF and Bayer CropScience—have gotten into the business. ButMonsanto has taken advantage of itshead start. Today more than ninetypercent of soybeans and more thaneighty percent of the corn grown inthis country are genetically engineered.A majority of those cropscontain one or more Monsantogenes.As biotechnology has spread,Monsanto and its competitors havebought dozens of smaller seed companies,increasing the concentrationof market power in the industry.Monsanto sells its own brandedseed varieties, like Dekalb in cornand Asgrow in soybeans, to farmers.But it has expanded its influence andprofits by licensing those traits tohundreds of small seed companies,allowing them to incorporate thetraits in the seeds they sell. It hasalso granted licenses to the otherlarge trait developers, allowing themto create combinations of engineeredtraits in a process known asstacking.Monsanto says that its licensingshows it is the opposite of a monopolist,encouraging rather than hamperingcompetition.But critics say the licenses giveMonsanto excessive control. Seedcompany executives said the licenseswere sometimes worded in a way thatcompelled them to sell Monsantotraits over those of its competitors.Mr. Quarles denied that, saying thecontracts contain sales incentives typicalof the industry.Some of the most pointed accusationshave come in a court battlebetween Monsanto and DuPont.Last year Monsanto sued its rival,saying DuPont had used a Monsantotrait to create a gene combinationthat was not permitted in its licensingagreement.DuPont countered by chargingthat Monsanto was using its marketpower to strong-arm competitorsand quash innovation that wouldbenefit farmers and consumers.In January, Monsanto won a partialvictory. A federal judge ruledthat the license barred DuPont fromcreating the gene stack. But thejudge said that DuPont could moveahead with its antitrust claims,which, if successful, could potentiallynullify the stacking ban.DuPont made another accusationthat caught the attention offarmers and regulators, saying thatMonsanto was trying to head off theeventual entry into the marketplaceof generic Roundup Ready seeds.The company’s patent on theRoundup Ready trait in soybeansexpires before the 2014 planting season,meaning that, just as in thepharmaceutical business, rivalswould be free to sell a cheaper version.Farmers would also be free tosave seed from one year to the next,a money-saving step they are nowbarred from taking.But DuPont charged thatMonsanto was trying to force seedcompanies to switch prematurely toits second-generation RoundupReady soybeans and taking othersteps to make the entry of genericsmore difficult.Monsanto responded byannouncing that it would not blockcompanies from selling a genericversion of Roundup Ready seeds.But farmers have continued to fretthat cheaper generic seeds may be atrisk.

Spring ReadingSpring ReadingIgnite the Genius WithinDiscover Your Full PotentialBy Christine Ranckand Christopher Lee NutterRecommended by the American PsychologicalAssociation, this therapeutic method works ontwo different levels. Powerful four-color imagesaccompanied by penetrating questions ask usto think deeply and concentrate on our ideasand beliefs. Then the sound track (accessibleonline) uses bilateral sounds that resonate fromone side of your headphones to the other, stimulatingboth sides of the brain. When asking the brain to communicate withitself differently, new neural networks and thought pathways form, and peoplebegin to be able to see events and ideas through different lenses. Theprocess heightens awareness and mindfulness and allows readers the rareopportunity to take control and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of andignite the genius they’ve always had within.Plume. Paper, $15.00.The Tao of ForgivenessThe Healing Power of ForgivingOthers and YourselfBy William MartinBestselling Taoist author William Martinbrings the power of the Tao to the essentialpractice of forgiveness, creating aunique path from guilt, blame, and shameto peace of mind and freedom. Martinprovides practical and time honoredanswers. He weaves excerpts from the ancient sacred Taoist scripturestogether with insightful teaching stories, bringing the practice of forgivenessto readers of all spiritual backgrounds. Each chapter contains twoparts—a journey toward forgiveness and a practical exercise in forgiving—and also includes personal anecdotes, poems, and simple exercises.Tarcher/Penguin. Paper, $15.95.The Divine Life of AnimalsOne Man’s Quest to DiscoverWhether the Souls of Animals Live OnBy Ptolemy TompkinsAnyone who has mourned the loss of acherished pet would like to believe thatanimals have souls that live on after theydie. But religious authorities, philosophers,and even animal behaviorists have longinsisted that only humans have souls. TheDivine Life of Animals offers a very differentview. Acknowledging animals as fellow soulbeings,Ptolemy Tompkins plunges deep intohistory, and prehistory, weaving a vast numberof religious and cultural visions into a single, compelling story of howhumans have viewed the animal soul through the ages. Along the way heshares with us moving true stories of beloved pets and other animals whohave gone the way of all things. Tompkins concludes, “animals don’t simplygo to heaven along with us, In some absolutely mysterious butabsolutely central way, they go to heaven because of us,”Crown Publishers. Hardcover, $22.99.Awakening to the Spirit WorldThe Shamanic Path of DirectRevelationBy Sandra Ingermanand Hank WesselmanToday, practicing shamanism doesn’tmean you have to live in a rain forest or adesert. Thanks to a modern renaissanceof shamanic spirituality, practitioners fromall walks of life now use powerful indigenoustechniques for healing, insight, andspiritual growth. With Awakening to theSpirit World, teachers Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman bringtogether a circle of renowned Western shamanic elders—Tom Cowan,Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, José Stevens, and Alberto Villoldo—to presenta comprehensive manual for making these practices accessible andavailable in our daily lives. A 1-hour CD of drumming to facilitate yourshamanic journeys is included.Natural HighsSupplements, Nutrition, and Mind-BodyTechniques to Help You Feel GoodAll the TimeBy Hyla Cass, M.D. and Patrick HolfordSounds True. Paperback book & CD, $19.95.In Natural Highs, two leading authorities inpsychology and nutrition present a prescriptivebreakthrough program based on nutritionalsupplements, herbs, and simple mind-bodytherapies that will help to increase energy,sharpen the mind, elevate mood, relax the body,and beat stress. Their remarkable research shows how to formulate theperfect “brainfood” to improve how we think and feel, resulting in agreater sense of connection and joy in everyday life-the natural high.Atlantis and 2012The Science of theLost Civilization andthe Prophecies of the MayaBy Frank JosephAvery. Paper, $16.00.Based on more than 25 years ofresearch around the globe and statementsfrom Edgar Cayce about Atlantisand its Pacific sister civilization ofLemuria, Frank Joseph reveals that theMayan Calendar was brought toMexico by survivors of Atlantis.Uncovering the Atlantean influences inboth ancient Mesoamerican culture andancient Egyptian culture, he links the demise of Atlantis with the birthof the Olmec civilization in Mexico, the beginning of the first Egyptiandynasty, and the start of the Mayan Calendar. Joseph reveals that2012 could be the start of a new ice age and the advent of a massivesolar storm. However, Joseph shows that the Maya knew the way toreestablish civilization’s cosmic balance before time runs out.Bear & Company. Paper, $16.00.18 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

The Law of AttentionNada Yoga and the Way ofInner VigilanceBy Edward Salim MichaelMichael’s spiritual teachings revealtechniques of yoga and meditation thatcan open the door to one’s highernature and to directly experience theafter-death state. Nada yoga (meditationon the inner sound) is one of thecore techniques for this realization. Withsincerity, moral integrity, and inner vigilance,which, when embodied, impliesthat we have internalized the basictenets of the law of attention, we can move beyond the promptings of ourlower nature and break through the clouds of our ordinary mind to realizeour own divine nature. Emphasizing inner attention and an awarenessof attitude, Michael’s practices can help aspirants make direct contactwith the divine source each of us unknowingly carries deep within.Inner Traditions. Paper, $19.95.God Is Not DeadWhat Quantum Physics Tells Usabout Our Origins andHow We Should LiveBy Amit GoswamiGod Is Not Dead is a fascinating guided tourof quantum physics, consciousness, and theexistence and experience of God. Universityof Oregon physics professor Amit Goswamishows readers that God’s existence can befound in clues that the science of quantumphysics reveals. God Is Not Dead will changehow readers think—and experience—the nature of reality, the existenceof souls, the power of dreams, the universality of love, the possibilityof ESP, and the very mind of God.Hampton Roads. Hardcover, $28.95.Autobiography of a SadhuA Journey into Mystic IndiaBy RampuriAfter traveling at age 18 from his nativeCalifornia to India in 1969, Rampuri wasdrawn to the Naga Babas, an ancient andwild order of naked yogis whom he calls the“Hell’s Angels of Indian Spirituality.”Organized into a sect by Adi Shankara in the5th century BC, the Naga Babas see themselvesas the ultimate protectors of theSanatan Dharma, or what we call the Hindureligion. Rampuri became a disciple of aNaga Baba—a master shaman sadhu—from Rajasthan and, as foretoldby astrological prophecy, soon found himself the first foreigner tobecome an initiate of the Juna Akhara, the oldest and largest groupingof Naga Babas with more than 50,000 sadhu members. Through hisjourney of extremes, Rampuri takes us into the mystic heart of India.Destiny Books. Paper, $18.95.Spring ReadingSpring ReadingThe Divine NameThe Sound That CanChange the WorldBy Jonathan GoldmanIn this groundbreaking work, soundhealingpioneer Jonathan Goldmanshares his incredible discovery of TheDivine Name, a universal sound that,when intoned, can bring harmonyand healing to ourselves and theplanet. This name, encoded withinour DNA, is the personal name ofGod, once found in the religious texts that link over half the world’spopulation. Prohibited and then lost for nearly 2,500 years, The DivineName is available once again. It is a sound that when vocalized hasthe ability to resonate both the physical body and subtle energy fieldsof anyone who intones it—irrespective of religion, tradition, or belief.The Divine Name is a step-by-step process of vibratory activation thatwill allow you to experience the power, majesty, and healing of thisextraordinary sound. Also included is an “instructional” CD that willhelp you learn to intone The Divine Name yourself, enabling you torevel in its astounding transformational properties.Hay House. Paperback with CD, $17.95.Reiki for Spiritual HealingBy Brett BevellIn this groundbreaking guide, Reiki MasterBrett Bevell reveals how to focus the energy ofReiki—traditionally used for healing the body—toward healing the spirit. By showing how towork with the Higher Self to send Reiki treatmentsacross many lifetimes, Bevell providesthe tools for clearing karmic and spiritualblocks at the moment they were created.Through the introduction of new Reiki symbolsand techniques for forgiveness, accessing the angelic realm, and more,seekers will be able to take ownership of their connection to the Divineand engage in real change in their lives.We Planted a TreeWritten by Diane MuldrowIllustrated by Bob StaakeCrossing Press. Paper, $15.99.In this simple poem illustrated byaward winner Bob Staake, two youngfamilies in two very different parts ofthe world plant a tree. As the treesflourish, so do the families—whiletrees all over the world help clean theair, enrich the soil, and give fruit andshade. With a nod to Kenya’s successfulGreen Belt Movement, DianeMuldrow’s elegant text celebratesthe life and hope that every tree—from Paris to Brooklyn to Tokyo—brings to our planet. Perfect for young readers!Golden Books. Hardcover, $17.99.www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 19

When God Spoke to MeThe Inspiring Stories of OrdinaryPeople Who Have ReceivedDivine Guidance and WisdomBy DavidPaul DoyleHave you ever questioned whether yourinspiration, insight, or sudden shift inexperience was the result of divine guidanceor communication? When GodSpoke to Me is a collection of inspiringstories from ordinary people that sharesthe many ways God speaks to all of us inour lives. As these touching accountsdemonstrate, hearing God’s voice hasthe power to heal emotional and physicalwounds, mend relationships, and provide life-altering guidance anddirection when you need it most. If you experience uncertainty, challenge,or pain in your life, When God Spoke to Me will give you hope,comfort, and the knowledge that you are not alone.New Page Books. Paper, $15.99.The Eleven Eternal PrinciplesBy Carmen Harra, Ph.D.For the millions of spiritual seekers looking forachievable rules to live by in this lifetime, theconcept of healing personal karma to affectchange in global karma is especially timely. Dr.Harra's message is uplifting, comforting, andall-inclusive at a time when many are strugglingwith the limiting and divisive strictures ofdogma and doctrine. The Eleven EternalPrinciples reveals simple, universal truths thatwill raise our consciousness, empower us to create a more harmoniousand healthy world, and allow us to embrace a new age of enlightenment.Crossing Press. Paper, $16.99.The Secret Societyof MosesThe Mosaic Bloodline anda Conspiracy SpanningThree MillenniaBy Flavio BarbieroAfter the book of Exodus, Moses’s twosons and numerous descendants allvanish from the Bible. Flavio Barbiero’sinvestigation of this strange absenceand his study of the centuries-longpower struggle between the priestlyfamilies fighting for control of theTemple of Jerusalem starts with therebellion against Rome--and the emergenceof Josephus Flavius, one of Moses’s descendants, on the worldstage. Barbiero’s careful study of early Christianity shows that these survivingmembers of Moses’s high-priest lineage succeeded in takingcontrol of the nascent Roman Church and masterminded its extraordinarysuccess, and how their influence continues to be felt in modernsecret societies like Freemasonry.Inner Traditions. paper, $26.95.The Shamanic Wisdomof the HuicholMedicine Teachingsfor Modern TimesBy Tom Soloway Pinkson, Ph.D.The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol is theautobiographical account of Pinkson’sdecade-long immersion in the shamanic traditionsof the Huichol tribes of the SierraMadre in Mexico. From his first Huichol pilgrimageto Wiricuta (their sacred homeland)in 1981 to searching the desert for theheart medicine of peyote, Pinkson’s accountof his initiation into the medicine teachings of the Huichol brings newlife to this ancient eco-centric tradition. Providing a guiding light forthose who seek to become part of the solution to our planet’s ecologicalchallenges, Pinkson empowers readers to choose their own pathtoward healing both on a personal and a planetary level.I Am the WordA Guide to the Consciousness ofMan's Self in a Transitioning TimeBy Paul SeligDestiny Books. paper, $18.95.The channeled Guides of I Am the Word providea concise and immensely powerful programin self-awareness that can ease negativecomplexes and align one's existence with itshighest purpose. In a series of enticing, irresistiblypractical dialogues, the Guides identifythe emotional “boulders” that displace ourauthentic selves and consume our potential.The Guides provide to-the-point psychological and existential insights,along with self-developing exercises and affirmations, which begin to stripaway residues of fear, self-doubt, and self-suffocating habits.Psychic Communicationwith Animals for Healthand HealingBy Laila del MonteTarcher/Penguin. Paper, $15.95.In this book Laila del Monte reveals howthe unconditionally loving nature of animalsvery often leads them to take on thephysical pains and negative emotionalexperiences of the human beings in theirlives. The animals absorb negative emotionssuch as guilt, anger, jealousy, andother issues that stop people from movingforward and reflect these back in theiranimal behavior. Through her work with countless animals sufferingfrom behavioral disorders or who have been sick or injured, del Montelearned that the physical healing of the animals is directly tied to theemotional healing of the people they are close to. The stories and situationsshe shares in this book demonstrate that learning what animalshave to teach us about our lives does not require any magical formulaor laborious training—it is part of our natural birthright.Bear & Company. Paper, $16.00.20 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

The Temple of High MagicHermetic Initiations in theWestern Mystery TraditionBy Ina Cüsters-van BergenForeword by Gareth KnightBefore the advent of Christianity, earlycivilizations had, at the heart of theirspiritual traditions, Mystery schoolsthat offered a corpus of training methodsin what is now called magic. InThe Temple of High Magic, InaCüsters-van Bergen shows that templesof high magic are not mere physicalstructures but are the inner edificeswilled into being by a sustainedmeditative practice and pathworking, using key symbols from ancientHebraic and Egyptian traditions. Sometimes called the Yoga of theWest, this spiritual magic is a system of esoteric development thatseeks to create full union between the magician and the divine.Destiny Books. Paper, $19.95.The New Holistic Wayfor Dogs and CatsThe Stress-Health ConnectionBy Paul McCutcheonand Susan WeinsteinDr. Paul McCutcheon examines the all-importanthealth-stress connection while drawingupon the latest scientific thinking and combiningit with a comprehensive, preventive,and holistic philosophy of pet care. So ifyou’re among the millions of caring, responsiblepet owners who visits the vet more oftenthan your own doctor but still wonders whatmore you can do for your dog or cat, The New Holistic Way for Dogs &Cats is the next best thing to a consultation with Dr. McCutcheon. If onlyhe saw human patients in his practice, too!Celestial Arts. Paper, $18.99.Grey Aliens and theHarvesting of SoulsThe Conspiracy to GeneticallyTamper with HumanityBy Nigel KernerIn 1997 Nigel Kerner first introducedthe notion of aliens known as Greyscoming to Earth, explaining that Greysare sophisticated biological robotscreated by an extraterrestrial civilizationthey have long since outlived. Inthis new book Kerner reveals that theGreys are seeking to master death byobtaining something humans possessthat they do not: souls. Through themanipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their ownsouls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universein favor of the timeless realm of spirit.Bear & Company. Paper, $28.00.Pleiadian Initiationsof LightA Guide to Energetically AwakenYou to the Pleiadian Propheciesfor Healing and ResurrectionBy Christine DayIn Pleiadian Initiations of Light, ChristineDay offers her renowned healing energywork, enabling readers to birth a newself, free of fear and pain, no matterwhere they are on their lives’ paths.Through these steps and initiations, youwill be empowered to access personalanswers and make positive, healingchanges in your life. Whether you are a beginner or a more experiencedenergy worker, Day coaches you through each step, teachingyou the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of each initiation.Included are 2 CDs of exercises and meditations.New Page Books. Paperback book & 2 CDs, $21.99.The Psychedelic Journey ofMarlene Dobkin de Rios45 Years with Shamans,Ayahuasqueros, and EthnobotanistsBy Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Ph.D.The Psychedelic Journey of Marlene Dobkin deRios presents the accumulated experience ofde Rios’s 45 years of pioneering field studies inthe area of hallucinogens in Peru and theAmazon. Her investigation into ayahuasca—which she undertook in collaboration withmore than a dozen traditional Mestizo folkcuranderos, shamans, and fellow ethnobotanists—focuses on the use ofthis revolutionary plant in the treatment of recalcitrant psychological andemotional disorders. She also shares some of her theories that prove thatthe ancient Maya used psychedelic plants as part of their religious rituals,thereby demonstrating the impact of plant psychedelics on human prehistory.In addition, Dobkin de Rios examines altered states of consciousnessderived from the use of biofeedback and hypnosis and discusses hercurrent work on the deleterious effects of drug tourism in the Amazon.Shamanic MeditationsGuided Journeys for Insight,Vision, and HealingBy Sandra IngermanPark Street Press. Paper, $16.95.The first meditators in history werethe shamans whose practices forcontemplation and connecting withthe divine are echoed in virtuallyevery spiritual tradition today. OnShamanic Meditations, SandraIngerman invites you to return to thesource of human spirituality. From arenowned author and teacher, this two-hour CD program features anoverview of shamanic principles, guided practices for finding your“spirit teachers” and “power animals,” the shamanic initiation into oneness,and more.Sounds True. 2 CDswww.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 21

Are You Getting Cheated WhenBuying ‘Organic’ Produce?By Dr. Joseph MercolaDr. Mercola’s Comments:Misleading organic labeling is still amajor problem, even at some of themost trusted organic food stores,such as Whole Foods Market. Thesigns say “Organic,” but the producesometimes turn out to be anything but.Just like organic shopper Richard Andree in thisvideo, you too must take the initiative to double-checkthe veracity of your grocery store’s organic claims, orelse you might not get what you pay for.Trust… and Verify!Many people would never question a store like WholeFoods, but it’s important to remember that although theircompany values may be higher than some others, WholeFoods is an “industrial organic” company, with morethan 270 stores throughout North America, Hawaii, andthe UK, and will operate as such.Their focus is no longer being a distribution centerfor locally-grown organics. You’re just as likely to findimported asparagus from Argentina as you are finding alocally-grown seasonal crop. Aside from nullifying theenvironmental benefits of locally grown organics, arethose “organic” veggies from the other side of the worldtruly organic?Beware that there’s a 50/50 chance they donot meet the American USDA organic standards.It’s easy to become discouraged with the entire businessof organics, and begin to fret about ever being ableto get your hands on truly healthy food. But as I said theother day in “Buying Local Should Include BuyingOrganic,” the ground rules for healthy food shoppinghave never changed, merely the labels.And many of Whole Foods’ canned or boxed itemscontain ingredients most health conscious shopperswould not expect to see, like high fructose corn syrup(which is a major source of genetically modified corn,and the number one source of calories in the US diet)and MSG (a neurotoxin. For a great resource on how tofind hidden MSG, please see the for detailed listings.22 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

Whole Foods is clearly a superior source of wholesomefoods than most grocery stores,and I regularlyshop there. However, they are still a Fortune 500Company that owes its allegiance to its shareholders, soblind trust is not advisedRemember that only about 30 percent of their freshproduce comes from local producers, and they DO carryconventional produce and other conventional food itemsas well. So label checking is perhaps even more importanthere, since local and imported organics, along withconventional goods, are freely intermingled throughoutthe store.The Organic LabelThere are a few different organiclabels out there, but only onerelates directly to foods: theUSDA Organic seal.This seal is one of your bestcommercial assurances of organicquality, so when in doubt: if itdoesn’t carry the USDA Organic seal, you might not begetting what you’re paying for.Growers and manufacturers of organic productsbearing the USDA seal have to meet the strictest standardsof any of the currently available organic labelsThe USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) tookeffect October 21, 2002, and regulates the standards forany farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operationthat wants to sell an agricultural product as organicallyproduced.The labeling requirements of the NOP apply to raw,fresh products and processed products that containorganic agricultural ingredients. In order to qualify asorganic, a product must be grown and processed usingorganic farming methods that recycleresources and promote biodiversity.can they contain traces of heavy metals or other contaminantsin excess of tolerances set by the FDA.The pesticide residue level cannot be higher than 5percent of the maximum EPA pesticide tolerance.Tip: Check the PLU Sticker Too!Although I wouldn’t rely on this as your one and onlystrategy, checking the PLU stickers on fresh produce canalso offer an indication as to its true nature.• Conventionally-grown produce will carry a PLUsticker beginning with the numbers 3 or 4• The PLU sticker on organic produce will startwith the number 9How to Prioritize Your Spending on OrganicsWith every food manufacturer jumping on the organicbandwagon and all the shenanigans going on, you caneasily overspend on mislabeled, or downright fraudulent,organic purchases.Here are some tips on how to prioritize your spending,so you know you’re getting the most bang for yourbuck:Meats and Poultry—If you’re on a tight budget, butwant to improve your diet by shopping organic, this isdefinitely where you’ll want to start.Since animal products tend to bioaccumulate toxins,concentrating them to far higher concentrations than aretypically present in vegetables, I strongly recommendyou buy only organically-raised meats.When choosing organic beef, taking the additionalstep to make certain the cows are grass-fed exclusively,especially the three months before they are slaughtered,can make a big difference in the quality, taste, and nutrientcontent of the beef.Crops CANNOT be grown with any ofthe following:• Synthetic pesticides• Bioengineered genes• Petroleum-based fertilizers• Sewage sludge-based fertilizersOrganic livestock must have access tothe outdoors and cannot be given antibioticsor growth hormones.Organic products cannot be irradiated,are not allowed to contain preservativesor flavor enhancing chemicals, APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 23

For chickens, it would be important to make surethey are cage-free, or free-range, chickens.Fresh produce—When it comes to produce, if youcan’t find the best of both worlds, which is locallygrownorganics, then buying fresh, vibrant locally grownconventional produce may actually be better than wiltedorganics. However, it can be tricky, since some conventionallygrown produce simply LOOKS fresher due toall the chemicals they’ve been treated with.Perhaps your best bet, if you can’t find locallygrown organics, is to opt for USDA certified organic, butnot imported organic, over the conventionally grownvariety.Just be aware that wilted organic produce is notgoing to provide the nutrition that a fresh one will, evenif it’s conventionally grown.That said, organic producehas been shown to have a muchhigher nutrient-content than conventionalfresh produce, which shouldoffer plenty of incentive to locateorganic produce that has also beengrown locally. On average, conventionalproduce has only 83 percentof the nutrients of organic produce.Personal care products—Agood rule of thumb is that if it’s notsafe to eat, it’s not safe to put onyour skin either, since the ingredientsare absorbed directly into yourblood stream.One of the best sources forfinding safe personal care productsis the Organic Consumer’sAssociation’s Skin Deep database.Also remember that the onlyway to ensure your personal careproduct is truly organic is to look for the USDA Organicseal, which certifies that it complies with organic foodstandards and is free of petrochemicals.Pay Now, or Pay Later…My personal view of why you’d want an organiclifestyle is that although you may spend more money onorganic food and personal care products today, your payoffof good health should more than make up for it – andreduce your health care costs in the future.It makes sense to me to invest a little bit more nowso I can avoid paying LARGE medical bills later on, butmore importantly, I can avoid the physical and mentaldisability and dysfunction that inevitably follows from acareless, unhealthy lifestyle.Making sure you’re not being misled by labels inyour search for a healthier lifestyle is unfortunately partof this process. However, by educating yourself aboutwhat to look for, talking to your grocer, and sharinginformation with family, friends and neighbors, you canhelp the movement toward healthier food choices andhonest labeling.Dr. Mercola is the founder of theworld’s most visited naturalhealth web site, You canlearn the hazardous side effectsof OTC Remedies by getting aFREE copy of his latest specialreport The Dangers of Over theCounter Remedies by going to hisReport Page.24 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

Chipped Pets DevelopFast-Growing, Lethal TumorsOwners, Medical ReportsPoint to Link BetweenRFID Chips andCancers in CaninesBy Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.Highly aggressive tumors developedaround the microchip implants of twoAmerican dogs, killing one of the petsand leaving the other terminally ill.Their owners—and pathology andautopsy reports—have suggesteda link between the chips andthe formation of the fast-growingcancers.In the town of PaeonianSprings, Va., a five-year-oldmale Bullmastiff namedSeamus died in February, ninemonths after developing a“hemangio-sarcoma”—a rare,malignant form of cancer thatstrikes connective tissues andcan kill even humans in three tosix months. The tumorappeared last May between thedog’s shoulder blades where amicrochip had been implanted;by September, a “large mass”had grown with the potential tospread to the lungs, liver andspleen, according a pathologyreport from the Blue RidgeVeterinary Clinic inPurcellville, Va.Originally scheduled to receive just a biopsy,Seamus underwent emergency surgery. A foot-long incisionwas opened to extract the four-pound-three-ouncetumor, and four drains were needed to remove fluidwhere the tumor had developed.When Howard Gillis, the dog’s owner, picked up hispet the following day, the attending veterinarian stunnedhim with this question: Didyou know your dog had beenmicrochipped twice, and thatboth chips were in or aroundthe tumor?“While we knew of onechip, which we had put in himat a free local county clinic, weknew nothing of a secondchip,” Gillis said. “We believeone of them was put in Seamusby the breeder from whom webought him when he was aboutnine months old.”By December, the cancerwas back—and the energetic,playful one hundredand-fifty-pounddog was huffingand puffing, struggling towalk. Seamus “was one hundred-and-fiftypounds ofheart,” Gillis said in a recentinterview. “He wanted to live.”Gillis said he “got the microchip because I didn’twant him stolen. I thought I was doing right. There werenever any warnings about what a microchip could do,www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 25

ut I saw it first-hand. That cancerwas something I could see growingevery day, and I could see ittaking his life ... It just ate himup.” To keep his beloved dog fromsuffering further, he had him putto sleep two months later.In Memphis, a five-year-oldYorkshire Terrier named Scottywas diagnosed with cancer at theCloverleaf Animal Clinic inDecember. A tumor between thedog’s shoulder blades—preciselywhere a microchip had beenembedded—was described asmalignant lymphoma. A tumorthe size of a small balloon wasremoved; encased in it was amicrochip.Scotty was given no morethan a year to live. But the dog’sowner, Linda Hawkins, wasn’tsatisfied with just a prognosis:She wanted to know whether thepresence of the microchip hadanything to do with Scotty’s illness.Initially, her veterinarianwas skeptical that a chip implantcould trigger cancer; research hasshown that vaccine injections indogs and cats can lead to tumors.In a December pathologyreport on Scotty, Evan D. McGeewrote: “I was previously suspiciousof a prior unrelated injectionsite reaction” beneath the tumor.“However, it is possible that thisinflammation is associated withother foreign debris, possibly fromthe microchip.”Observing the glass-encapsulatedtag under a microscope, henoted it was partially coated with atranslucent material, normallyused to keep embeddedmicrochips from moving aroundthe body. “This coating could bethe material inciting the inflammatoryresponse,” McGee wrote.Hawkins sent the pathologyreport to HomeAgain, the nationalpet recovery and identificationnetwork that endorsesmicrochipping of pets. Afterhaving a vet review the document,the company said thechip did not cause Scotty’stumor—then in January sentHawkins a three hundred dollarcheck to cover her clinicalexpenses, no questions asked.“I find it hard tobelieve that a company willjust give away three hundreddollars to somebody whocalls in, unless there is somethingbad going on,” Hawkinssays.Having spent fourthousand dollars on medicaltreatment for Scotty sinceDecember, Hawkins acceptedthe money. But she says ithardly covers her nine hundreddollar monthly outlaysfor chemotherapy and doeslittle to ease her pet’s suffering.“Scotty is just a baby.He won’t live the fifteen yearshe’s supposed to ...I didsomething I thought aresponsible pet ownershould—microchip yourpet—and to think that itkilled him ... It just breaksyour heart.”Scotty and Seamusaren’t the only pets to havesuffered adverse reactionsfrom microchips. Publishedreports have detailed malignanttumors in two otherchipped dogs; in one dog, theresearchers said cancerappeared linked to the presenceof the embedded chip;in the other, the cancer’scause was uncertain.Last year, a Chihuahuabled to death in the arms ofhis distraught owners in AguaDulce, Calif., just hours afterundergoing a chipping proce-26 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

dure. The veterinarian who performed the chipping confirmed that dog diedfrom blood loss associated with the microchip.In another case, a kitten died instantly when a microchip was accidentallyinjected into its brain stem. And in another, a cat was paralyzed whenan implant entered its spinal column. The implants have been widely reportedto migrate within animals’ bodies, and can cause abscesses and infection.In 2007, The Associated Press reported on a series of veterinary andtoxicology studies that found that microchip implants had “induced” malignanttumors in some lab animals. Published in veterinary and toxicologyjournals between 1996 and 2006, the studies found that between one and tenpercent of lab mice and rats injected with microchips developed malignanttumors, most of them encasing the implants.For more information on the link between microchips and cancer, pleaseread our report: Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents andDogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006 by Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D. arrange an interview, please contact: Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D. Founderand Director, kma@antichips.comDr. Katherine Albrecht is a privacy expert who has writtern extensively onthe topic of implanted microchips. She is an outspoken opponent ofimplantable microchips, RFID, and retail privacy invasion. Katherine hasauthored pro-privacy legislation, testified before lawmakers around theglobe, written for numerous publications including Scientific American, andgranted over two thousand media interviews. Katherine is syndicated radiohost, bestselling author, and the U.S. spokesperson, the world’s most private search engine. Katherineholds a doctorate in Education from Harvard University. Visit her websites, and protest, May 1st, 2009www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 27

Exploring The Next Levelof Healing for HumanityBy M. Darren GregorAnew science is emerging that is changingour traditional understanding ofhealth and healing. The latest scientificresearch is focusing on experiments,which are quantifying the effects ofenergy, light and information on human beings. Leadingthe way are an international team of world-renownedscientists, William Tiller, PhD, Gary Schwartz, PhD,and Konstantin Kortokov, PhD, with their studies of theReconnective Healing ® frequencies, first discovered byEric Pearl, D.C. The powerful and profound results ofthis research, anticipated to be published later this year,are attracting the attention of the best and brightest inthe scientific community.Dr. Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University,author of eight books, 250 scientific papers and star ofthe film What The Bleep!?, has been conductingresearch on how the physical properties of a room orspace change as a result of energy healing frequenciesentering that room. Dr. Tiller conducted his experimenton the Reconnective Healing frequencies for the firsttime at one of Eric Pearl’s seminars held in Sedona, AZin 2006, and found the results so extraordinary that herepeated the study in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA and continuedhis inquiry into this phenomenon at TheReconnection Mastery Conference in Los Angeles thispast September. According to Dr. Tiller, theReconnective Healing frequencies bring healing“beyond just what has been classically known as energyhealing into a broader spectrum of energy, light andinformation.”What Dr. Tiller has found is that these intelligentfrequencies begin changing the quantum field effects ofthe room, or “conditioning the space,” easily thirty-sixhours or more before a seminar even begins, dramaticallyincreasing the excess free thermodynamic energyin the room. In other words, if this were simply theenergy we find in energy healing, the temperature of theroom would have increased by three hundred degreescentigrade. With Reconnective Healing, while the actualroom temperature does not change, the amount of energy,light and information charging the room does, palpablyand dramatically. In Dr. Tiller’s words,“As we continued to monitor that space, we foundtwo days later the increase in this effective energycontent was huge. [If we ask] ‘What is the effectivetemperature increase for that normal space, howmuch must it go up to give the same excess energycontent as was in Eric’s workshop two days after hestarted?” [The answer is] “The effective temperatureincrease for a normal space would have been300 degrees Centigrade! That is huge.”The initial findings are highly significant. Dr. Tiller continues,“This shift of energy is what allows normal humanbeings to enter a room and later to walk out with anability to heal others and themselves, regardless oftheir background or education.”28 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

In another researchstudy, Dr. Schwartz,along with Drs.Melinda Connor andAnn Baldwin from theLaboratory forAdvances inConsciousness andHealth at TheUniversity of Arizona,focus their research on the people who attendReconnective Healing seminars. Dr. Schwartz and hiscolleagues conducted their “baseline energy healing”studies both at Dr. Schwarz’s lab at the University ofArizona and at seminars around the world. These studiesmeasured people’s abilities to work with, feel, transmitand receive light and other electromagnetic frequenciesbefore and after they attended the seminar. Whatthey found was dramatic. Of the more than one hundredplus people who participated in the study, all walked outwith permanently expanded and new electromagneticabilities following the Reconnective Healing seminar,whether they had never studied healing or if they weremasters/teachers of the various energy healing techniquesknown today, old or new.While Dr. Tiller has been measuring the dramaticfield effects that occur at these seminars and Dr.Schwartz has been focusing his research on those whoattend those seminars, Dr. Korotokov has studied bothfield effects and effects on individual seminar attendees.Using his proprietary methodologies and cutting edgeimaging and measurement devices, Dr. Korotkov’sresearch corroborates both Dr. Tiller and Dr. Schwartz’sfindings. More specifically, he has measured and documentedsignificant field effects (which he terms “coherenceeffects”) that occur while teaching is conducted atthe seminar. These coherence effects are most dramaticand powerful when a new concept or exercise is introducedinto the seminar, documented by dramatic spikesin both the intensity and size of the seminar room’s field.He theorizes these coherence effects might be the conduitallowing attendees to gain these new abilities andbecome master healers in just one short seminarweekend.Additionally, Dr. Korotkov’s research suggests thatby simply sitting in the seminar room itself, attendeesare more likely to receive positive health effects. In fact,many seminar attendees have reported physical andother healings just from sitting in the seminar room.What impact are these and other studies on energyhaving on the scientific and medical community?Traditional science and medicine can no longerapproach health andhealing the same way.New scientific explorationby Drs. Tiller,Schwartz and Korotkov,as well as what is documentedin Dr. Pearl’sown bestselling book,The Reconnection:Heal Others, HealYourself,are paving the way towards validating the powerfuleffects that energy, light and information can haveon people. This type of exploration is contributing toadvancing humanity to the next stage of evolution.For more information about Dr. Eric Pearl and TheReconnection, or to register for an upcomingReconnective Healing seminar,, call The Reconnectionoffice at 1.323.960.0012 or read Eric Pearl’s bestsellingbook, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself,now published in over 36 APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 29

Energy Efficient Appliances?No ThanksIs this duo really doing that much harm?By Jodi HelmerIdo all I can to reduce my carbon footprint: Itake canvas bags with me to the supermarket toavoid using plastic, eschew bottled water anddo my best to eat organic produce when I can.At home, I have traded all of my incandescentbulbs for CFLs and I keep the thermostat set at sixtyeightdegrees.So you might be surprised to learn that I haven’tfilled my kitchen with energy efficient appliances toreplace the standard ones I picked out at the homeimprovement superstore several years ago.Sure, many eco-conscious folks out there feelstrongly about the benefit of the new refrigerators, dishwashers or washing machines that carry the blue EnergyStar logos. Here’s the thing: I am not one of them.Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to EnergyStar-certified appliances. I think the EnvironmentalProtection Agency’s Energy Star program, launched in1992 to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughmore efficient energy use, is an excellent idea and onethat offers enormous benefits. In 2008 alone, EnergyStar helped Americans save eighteen billion dollars ontheir energy bills.But when it comes to appliances, only some of usneed to take action—like families who own avocadocoloredrefrigerators that have been running since theReagan era, or homeowners whose 1920s bungalows aredevoid of dishwashers. For the rest of us trading up newishappliances that are in good working order isn’t allthat efficient at all.The EPA agrees with me. The program was nevermeant to encourage people to trade in their newer appliancesfor the latest models. “It’s not the EPA’s goal totell people to throw out a three-year-old refrigerator. Thejump in energy efficiency [by trading up to an EnergyStar model] isn’t worth it,” explains Maria Vargas,30 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

spokesperson for the EPA’s Energy Star program. “Ourbasic rule of thumb is that if an appliance is more thanfifteen years old, it’s time to think about replacing it.”Even the statistics pointing to the energy savings ofcertified appliances compare current Energy Star modelsto ones that were manufactured more than a decade ago.And according to the National Resources DefenseCouncil, the newest energy efficient refrigerators—including those that are not Energy Star certified—consumeseventy-five percent less energy than models madein the 1970s. And let’s face it, most homeowners aren’tstill using appliances that date back to the Vietnam War.Those who are should definitely upgrade to applianceswith the Energy Star logo.Yet being green is often confused with being on topof the trends and too often shoppers respond by racingout to purchase newer, shinier models of things theyalready own all in the name of upgrading for energyefficiency. If you’re similarly inspired, remember that ofthe three Rs, the first is Reduce, which means not buyingsomething you don’t need even if it’s in the name ofusing less energy.And then there’s the hype. While there’s no questionthat Energy Star-certified appliances are the most efficientmodels available to consumers today, the savingsthat we’re supposed to benefit from might not be as significantas we’re lead to believe. According to the EPA,replacing a dishwasher manufactured before 1994 withan Energy Star model will save twenty-five dollars peryear on utility costs. That’s just over two dollars permonth—less than the cost of one Grande CaramelFrappuccino at Starbucks. If you do the math, you’llrealize that before the cost of the new lipstick-red frontloaderis recouped, most people will have upgraded to(another) brand new model.Oft-touted statistics on energy savings don’t takeinto account the resources required to manufacture newappliances. They don’t expand on the waste generatedfrom packaging and the carbon footprint associated withtransporting a shipment of two-hundred-pound washingmachines across the ocean, or the energy it takes to haveused appliances hauled to recycling centers whererefrigerants like Freon and chlorofluorocarbons must beremoved and disposed of in an environmentally-responsibleway before the metal is recycled.“Replacing appliances is one of the first thingspeople think of to reduce their energy consumptionbecause it’s the most visible,” Vargas notes. “To put it inperspective, appliances account for just thirteen percentof the average energy bill and heating and coolingaccount for fifty percent.” In other words, replacingappliances is not the most environmentally-friendlychoice you can make. Homeowners who, like me, ownappliances that were made post-1995, have betteralternatives for saving energy: Make a point of runningthe dishwasher only when it’s full, use the cold watersetting on the washing machine and turn the lights offwhen you leave the room.If I’m given the choice to upgrade to an Energy Starcertifiedfront-loading washing machine that uses a fewkWh less energy than the one I currently own, I’d rathertake the extra money and put it towards signing up forgreen power through my utility company and writing acheck to my favorite environmental charities. When itcomes to saving energy, I think I’m making the betterchoice.Jodi Helmer is the author of TheGreen Year: 365 Small ThingsYou Can Do to Make a BigDifference (Alpha, 2008).Jodi Helmerwww.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 31

Time to RevisitFalsified Scienceof C O 2Climate science is a productive pursuitwith Nobel Prizes, an Oscar, billions inresearch funding, massive tax grabs andwealth for exploiters. Continuation ofthese activities partly validated the claimthe disclosed files from the Climatic Research Unit(CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) are ofsmall consequence.The scandal at CRU (Climategate) is diverting fromthe real scandal, which is the claim CO2 is causingwarming and climate change. Climategate is the greatestorchestrated fraud in scientific history, but claims aboutCO2 are the greatest fallacy. Climategate lets thosewho’ve known what was happening to avoid beingignored as conspiracy theorists.Everyone incorrectly talks about carbon when theymean CO2, which was the original focus of the claimhuman industrial activity was causing global warming.Theory assumed CO2 was a greenhouse gas that slowedheat escaping to space. As it increases temperature risesand it would because of increased industrial activity.This became fact immediately and challenging scientistswere pushed aside. Mostly by nasty attacks from thosewho falsified records, rewrote historic records, distortedand misused science and statistics as the leaked CRUemails attest. Now they, their supporters, and all thosebenefiting, work to perpetuate the massive deception.Selected Data and False FindingsBy Dr. Tim BallSome of this article was presented in a 2008 piece, butthe CRU revelations make a revisit important. The summaryof work the IPCC represents is only that chosen bythe IPCC to achieve their goal. Remember the emailcomments about including or excluding articles that supportedtheir objective.Claims now proven false include:• an increase in CO2 precedes a temperature increase;• current atmospheric levels of CO2 are the highest onrecord;• and pre-industrial levels of CO2 were approximately 100 parts ppm lower than the present 385 ppm.The last claim is basic to the argument that humans arecausing warming and climate change by increasing thelevels of atmospheric CO2.In a paper submitted to a US Senate Committee onCommerce, Science, and Transportation hearingProfessor Zbigniew Jaworowski explains,“The basis ofmost of the IPCC conclusions on anthropogenic causesand on projections of climatic change is the assumptionof low level of CO2 in the pre-industrial atmosphere.This assumption, based on glaciological studies, isfalse.” This means more when you know that TomWigley, who is the heart of the CRU gang, introducedthe 280 ppm number to the climate science communitywith a 1983 paper titled, “The pre-industrial carbondioxide level.” (Climatic Change 5, 315-320). He basedhis work on studies by G. S. Callendar (1938) of thousandsof direct measures of atmospheric CO2 beginningin 1812. Callendar rejected most of the records, includ-32 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

ing sixty-nine percent of the 19th century records andonly selected records that established 280 ppm as thepre-industrial level. Here’s a plot of the records withCallendar’s selections circled.Figure 1: (Above) Plot of 19th century CO2 levelsSource: Jaworowski, NZCPR Research,20 September 2008 p.20Selections changed the slope of the trend from decliningto increasing. As Jaworowski notes, “Thenotion of low pre-industrial CO2 atmosphericlevel, based on such poor knowledge,became a widely accepted HolyGrail of climate warming models. Themodelers ignored the evidence from directmeasurements of CO2 in atmospheric airindicating that in 19th century its averageconcentration was 335 ppmv.”Ice cores provide the historic record andsamples from Mauna Loa provide therecent record. Both are drasticallysmoothed thus eliminating variability. Thiswas done to tie in with the pre-industriallevels. Ernst Beck confirmed Jaworowski’sresearch in a September 2008 article inEnergy and Environment and validated allthe 19th century records. In a devastatingconclusion Beck writes,“Modern greenhousehypothesis is based on the work of G.S. Callendarand C.D. Keeling, following S. Arrhenius, as latterlypopularized by the IPCC. Review of available literatureraise the question if these authors have systematicallydiscarded a large number of valid technical papers andolder atmospheric CO2 determinations because they didnot fit their hypothesis? Obviously they use only a fewcarefully selected valuesfrom the older literature,invariably choosing resultsthat are consistent with thehypothesis of an inducedrise of CO2 in air causedby the burning of fossilfuel.”Pre-industrial levels were50 ppm higher than thoseused in the IPCC computermodels. Models alsoincorrectly assume uniformatmospheric distributionand virtually no variabilityfrom year to year.Beck found, “Since 1812,the CO2 concentration innorthern hemispheric airhas fluctuated exhibiting three high level maximaaround 1825, 1857 and 1942 the latter showing morethan 400 ppm.” Here is a plot from Beck comparing 19thcentury readings with ice core and Mauna Loa data.Figure 2: Beck’s blended graph.Source: Energy and Environment, September 2008.www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 33

, Ph.D.Difference in variability of the 19thcentury measures, ice core recordsand Mauna Loa are apparent. Icecore records are subjected to a seventy-yearsmoothing average eliminatinga great deal of information.For example, the Mauna Loarecord covers fifty years (1958 -2009), not enough for even a singlepoint. Elimination of high readingsprior to the smoothing makes theloss even greater. As with allknown records the temperaturechanges before the CO2, here byapproximately five years.www.learnreiki.orgElimination of data occurs with theMauna Loa readings, which canvary up to 600 ppm in the course ofa day. Beck explains how CharlesKeeling established the Mauna Loareadings by using the lowest readingsof the afternoon. He ignorednatural sources, a practice that continues.Beck presumes Keelingdecided to avoid these low level naturalsources by establishing the stationat 4000 meters up the volcano.As Beck notes, “Mauna Loa doesnot represent the typical atmosphericCO2 on different global locationsbut is typical only for this volcano ata maritime location in about 4000 maltitude at that latitude.” (Beck,2008, “50 Years of ContinuousMeasurement of CO2 on MaunaLoa” Energy and Environment, Vol19, No.7.) Keeling’s son continuesto operate the Mauna Loa facilityand as Beck notes, “owns the globalmonopoly of calibration of all CO2measurements.” Since Keeling is aco-author of the IPCC reports theyaccept Mauna Loa without question.The Ice Core RecordDiscuss the teachings, meet Rosicrucian students and learn about the Rosicrucian Order AMORC.Classes are open to all and are held every Thursday from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pmand every second Saturday of the month, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. (Lodge Closed for August)at the Johannes Kelpius Lodge AMORC, 13 Clevemont Avenue, Allston, MA 02134.Jaworowski estimates the ice corereadings are at least twenty percentlow, which is reasonable given theCO2 levels for six hundred millionyears using geologic evidence.34 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

atmospheric CO2. A comparisonof a stomata record with theice core record for a 2000-yearperiod illustrates the issue.Figure 4: (Below) Ice coreCO2 levels compared toStomata over 2000 years.Figure 3: (Above) CO2 and Temperature levelsfor 600 million years.Current level of 385 ppm on the right of the graphis the lowest in the entire record only equaled by aperiod between 315 and 270 million years ago (mya).Further evidence of the effects of statistical smoothingand the artificially low ice core readings are provided bymeasurements of stomata. Stomata are the small openingson leaves that vary directly with the amount ofStomata data on the right showhigher readings and variabilitythan excessively smoothed icecore record on the left. Thestomata record aligns with the19th century measurements asJaworowski and Beck assert. ADanish stomata record showslevels of 333 ppm 9400 yearsago and 348 ppm 9600 yearsago.EPA declared CO2 a toxic substance and a pollutant.Governments prepare carbon taxes and draconianrestrictions crippling economies for a completely nonexistentproblem. Failed predictions, discreditedassumptions, incorrect data did not stop insane policies.Climategate revealed the extent of corruption so morepeople understand malfeasance and falsities onlyexperts knew or suspected. More important, they are notrejected as conspiracy theorists. Credibility should havecollapsed, but political control and insanity persists—atleast for a little while longer.Dr. Tim Ball is a renowned environmental consultantand former climatology professor at the University ofWinnipeg. Dr. Ball employs his extensive backgroundin climatology and other fields as an advisor to theInternational Climate Science Coalition, Friends ofScience and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.Dr. Ball can be reached at:Letters@canadafreepress.comwww.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 35

New Brain WaveWTherapyfor Pain,Parkinson’sand MoreBy Mike AdamsPeople with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease,Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) oraddictions may be able to learn how to“think themselves better” by altering theirbrain waves to improve their symptoms. Anew form of treatment called neurotherapy (also knownas neurofeedback) is similar to biofeedback but has aunique focus on controlling brain wave activity ratherthan skin temperature, heart rate, breathing and muscletension.My interest was piqued when I read that neurotherapynow is used with a wide scope of health issues,including not only those listed above but also autism,chronic pain, posttraumatic stress disorder, depressionand anxiety. I got in touch with medical psychologistand bioneurofeedback therapist Celeste De Bease, PhD,to find out how.High-Tech Mind-Body MedicineAccording to Dr. De Bease, many neurological problemsinvolve disordered brain waves. Neurofeedback helpspatients learn to set them right.The brain produces brain waves at varying electricalfrequencies measured in hertz (cycles per second). (Justto compare, I looked up the current for household electricity—it’s60 Hz here in the US.) Brain wave electricalfrequencies include...• Delta—1 to 3 Hz and the slowest of all, is mostlyseen during sleep.• Theta—4 to 7 Hz, a state of deep relaxation thatcan bring bursts of creative insight. It occurs during daydreamingand advanced meditation.• Alpha—8 to 13 Hz, a pleasurable, relaxed stateassociated with being calm and lucid. it occurs in someforms of meditation and sometimes with dream sleep.• Beta—14 to 30 Hz, is the frequency producedduring normal waking activities, when you are processinginformation for daily living, problem solving and thelike.• High Beta—any Beta over 21 Hz, these wavesshow that the brain is in its racing mode associated withanxiety and tension.Many patients with neurological problems tend towardeither under- or over-arousal of the brain.Neurofeedback teaches methods to gain control by usingvideo display (like a video game) images that correspondto different brain waves. Working with the therapist,people can learn ways to produce faster or slowerwaves. Even children can do this.Mind Control?Dr. De Bease explained that people with ADD or depression,or who suffer from mental fog and lethargic think-36 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

ing in general, benefit fromlearning how to speed up theirbrain waves—those who needto slow them down to calmover-arousal include peoplewith compulsions, autism, posttraumaticstress disorder,chronic-pain disorders, epilepsyand insomnia. Parkinson’sdisease patients can benefitfrom slower brain waves thatrelax their nervous systemsand contribute to better motorfunctioning.Neurofeedback technologyis continuing to evolve, Dr. DeBease said. Where there used tobe just a few approaches, therapistsnow have many wellresearchedtraining protocols towork with, and their techniquesbecome more customized as thescience and training are refined.For instance, placement ofelectrodes varies depending onthe issue being addressed—forpeople with ADD, Dr. DeBease told me that she places electrodes on the scalpdirectly above the frontal cortex, which controls thefunction of paying attention.Practical AdviceThe goal of neurotherapy is to recognize how it feels tooperate in the desired brain wave activity range and tothen learn how to get there at will. Effective training typicallytakes ten or more sessions, depending on the problem.Prices vary by area and may range from fifty dollarsto more than one hundred dollars a session. Somehealth insurance plans cover neurofeedback for someconditions, but usually only after you get a diagnosisand prescription from your doctor.Dr. De Bease calls neurotherapy “a powerful technique,”but cautions that it is crucial to find aBiofeedback Certified Professional (BCP) who is welltrainedspecifically in this technique, especially in lightof the fact that many who call themselves qualified havecompleted just a weekend training program. Look for apractitioner who is certified by the BiofeedbackCertification Institute of America( This means that, among othercredentials, the practitioner has had twenty-five hours ofpractice mentored by a BCIA-approved practitioner andone hundred patient/client sessions reviewed andapproved by BCIA.Neurofeedback can benefit healthy people, too. Dr. DeBease said she works primarily with medical conditionsbut knows many therapists who focus on performanceenhancement, which includes training athletes, businessprofessionals and even members of the military in theuse of neurofeedback. Certainly this is a therapy worthlooking into—it’s noninvasive and drug-free, not terriblyexpensive, and may help with many conditions.Source:Celeste De Bease, PhD, a medical psychologist and bioneurofeedbacktherapist, based in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 37

CALENDARevents workshopsfestivals classesTop Photo4/11: Discovery Ensemble Presents:Breaking the Mold - Music of Three Iconoclasts,Sunday, April 11 at 3pm at the Sanders Theatre,Cambridge. Tickets and info: (617) 496-2222.ONGOINGFood As Medicine Workshop, Sharon A.Kane, Instructor. Live Superfoods canrepair the intestinal damage associated withceliac, gluten intolerance, candida, IBS,leaky gut and food allergies. This 8-sessioncourse teaches simple techniques to createlow cost live food at home. Kombucha,kefir, gluten free bread, lacto-fermentedpickles. For complete info call Sharon A.Kane, (508) 881-5678 or Energysm for Healers. Relax andget a dose of the good stuff for yourself. Easymovements from qigong and hands-on healingwith Cerridwen. Third Saturdays 7:00pm-10:00pm. Aquarius Sanctuary, Littleton, MA.(978) 486-0248. $20. Call ahead.Reiki Certification, Boston and Wilton,NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 26 years experience.Reiki Energy Medicine co-author.Notebook, pin, certificate awarded.Visa/MC accepted. CEU's. Call 1-888-REIKI-4-U or (603) 654-2787.Exquisite Energysm for Women. Center,ground, and open to the flow. A nourishing,feel-good event. Cerridwen guides easymovements from qigong and hands-on healing.Second Thursdays 7:30pm-9:30pm,Aquarius Sanctuary, Littleton, MA. (978)486-0248. $20. Call ahead.Buddhist Meditation Group with PegTravers, Ordained Priest, Buddha HeartUSA, Sunday evenings, Haverhill, MA,5:00pm-6:00pm. Learn and practice theancient arts of meditation, chanting,QiGong, Buddhist Yoga & Reiki. Call theCenter for Spiritual Development, HaverhillMA, (978)-372-5173 or online Circle with Kristine Malpica(of Imagine Studios) on third Friday of eachmonth. 7:00pm-8:30pm. Center for SpiritualDevelopment, 15 Kenoza Ave, Haverhill,MA. (978)-372-5173.Shamanic Drumming Circle, founded1993. Usually Second and Fourth Fridays ofevery month, 7:00pm. Quaker meeting-house,Cambridge. Open to all, but please call firstfor full details and directions. Terrence (978)-952-2704 or Emily (781)-641-3980.Ongoing Classes in ShamballaMultidimensional Healing and Healing Artoffered at the Natick Community OrganicFarm, by Joyce Cerutti. SMH may bethought of as an expansion of the energieswe know as Reiki. No prior attunementsnecessary. Healing Art classes offered forboth individuals and families, combiningenergy healing and art healing for greaterbenefit. Call for dates, times, and furtherinformation. Intuitive healing paintings alsoavailable. (508)-380-8273.Workshops for Pain Management andImproved Wellness. Offerings forBodyworkers, athletes, Personal Trainers,Coaches and general,or call Barry Bailey at (978)-897-011038 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

Earth Star CalendarFind out what’s baffling the medical community. Discover why hospitals,universities and researchers around the world are investingtime and money researching Reconnective Healing in an attemptto explain these miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-relateddiseases, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis,cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions … and how you too,can master this extraordinary work!The Reconnection has taught this new level of healing to over60,000 people in more than 60 countries and it has been documentedin six books to date, including the international bestseller,The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself by Eric Pearl, nowpublished in over 36 languages.Level I/II Seminar: Reconnective Healing June 12 & 13:Early Registration $465The Reconnection Seminar Level III June 14 & 15:Early Registration $636Location: The Hilton Providencewww.TheReconnection.com4/8: Jazz at The Wilbur presents An Eveningwith Lizz Wright, Thursday, April 8, at 7:30pm atthe Wilbur Theatre, 246 Tremont Street, Boston.The Yoko Miwa Trio will open the show. Tickets at$38 and $30 are on sale now at all Ticketmasteroutlets, at the Wilbur Theatre Box Office, on line or call: 1-(800) 745-3000.for information and brochure of currentofferings.The Labyrinth Ladies SpiritualEmpowerment Workshops, go for our latestprograms and walks or call (401)-847-6551for more information. Facilitator Trainings,site consultations, workshopsfor schools, hospitals and businesses.Christ Church Unity - Experience thehealing power of music, prayer and meditation,every Wednesday at 7:00pm. DailyWord Discusion Sundays at 10:00am.Sunday Service, 11:00am. Corner ofColchester & Chapel Streets, Brookline,MA 02466. Call (617) 232-4548 for moreinformation or visit: Energy Healing in Arlington. Johreihealing is available each Wednesdayevening from 7:00pm-9:00pm at 81Cleveland St. in Arlington, MA. Johrei purifiesthe spirit through the channeling ofdivine light, restores inner spiritual balanceand eases physical, mental, & emotional distress.There is no charge for Johrei. Pleasecall (781) 646-0614 for directions or informationon other area locations.Stress Management, Imagery, and a rangeof Reiki programs, with CEUs for nurses,led by holistic nurse educators. Centered inAmesbury, MA with other locations inMaine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.Visit or call: 1-(888)-TLC-8485.Tickets for the Boston Ballet 2010-2011 season now on sale. Prices startat $25. Call: (617) 695-6955.4/12: An Evening with Brazilian SuperstarCaetano Veloso at The OrpheumTheatre. Tickets: 1-(800) 745-3000.The Deadline for listings in theJune/July ‘10 issueis May APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 39

How Aging Humans Can Slowand Reverse AtherosclerosisBy Richard HathawayScientists long ago documented the ability ofHDL (high-density lipoprotein) to removecholesterol affixed to arterial walls andtransport it to the liver for safe disposal.This is why itis so important tomaintain HDLlevels above 50mg/dL of bloodand follow stepsLife Extension®has outlined toensure optimalreverse cholesteroltransport oflipids away fromthe arterial wall.HDL doesmore than justcleanse arterial walls of plaque. It also protects LDLagainst oxidation, while inhibiting chronic inflammation,vascular adhesion molecules, and platelet activation—factorsthat can all lead to atherosclerosis.For HDL to perform its vital functions, an enzymecalled paraoxonase-1 (PON-1) is attached to its surface.As humans age, PON-1 levels markedly decline,thereby reducing the ability of HDL to protect againstheart attack and stroke. This phenomenon helps explainthe onset of accelerated atherosclerosis; where within aperiod of only a few years, an aging person’s healthyarteries rapidly occlude with plaque.The age-related reduction in PON-1 may alsoexplain studies showing that statin drugs lose their benefitin certain aging populations, since the effects ofstatins are no longer sufficient to protect against the multiplefactors involved in the development of atherosclerosisin the elderly.Lipid peroxidation is a free radical reaction thatseverely damages cell membranes and is implicated in a40 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

host of degenerative diseases. PON-1 blocks destructivelipid peroxidation reactions, making it a crucial enzymefor aging humans to maintain.PON-1 is anchored to the surface of HDL and isemerging as a formidable defense against atherosclerosis,diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and certain forms of cancer.Pharmaceutical companies would pay a king’s ransomfor a drug that elevates PON-1 levels in the body.Fortunately, scientists have discovered low-cost naturalmethods to elevate PON-1 and unleash its full antioxidantand anti-inflammatory power.This article uncovers research substantiating theanti-aging effects of PON-1—and how nutrients thatmost Life Extension members already take boost PON-1 activity for maximum benefit.Reduce Your Cardiac Risk FactorsAtherosclerosis is a leading cause of death in theWestern world.8 A growing body of clinical evidencesuggests that PON-1 (paraoxonase-1) may very wellserve as one of the body’s primary defenses against it.PON-1 is anenzyme producedin the liver andreleased into theblood, where itattaches exclusivelyto the HDL molecule.9As an enzymaticengine thatsupports HDL’sbeneficial action, PON-1 has been shown to inhibit theaccumulation of lipoperoxides in LDL cholesterol—theprocess that results in oxidized LDL’s accumulation onarterial walls, leading to deadly hardening of the arteries.losesits ability to prevent LDL oxidation overtime—and there is evidence that an age-related drop inserum PON-1 levels may be part of the reason. By preservingHDL’s integrity, activity, and efficacy, PON-1helps HDL protect arterial health.PON-1 selectively breaks down oxidized fats, actingas a “cleanup” system to prevent oxidized moleculesfrom triggering inflammatory cells in the blood (one ofthe mechanisms of action behind HDL’s heart-protectivebenefit). Increases in PON-1 activity after red wine consumptionprovided some of the first clues to why redwine, and specifically its active component, resveratrol,are protective against cardiovascular diseases.In mice genetically engineered to lack the PON-1gene, scientists have found a dramatic increase in oxidativestress on macrophages, immune cells that canbecome laden with oxidized lipids and contribute to apro-atherogenic cascade of inflammation in vesselwalls.Similarly, humans with low PON-1 levels are at substantiallyincreased risk for cardiovascular events comparedwith those who have normal levels. Healthyhumans endowed with the most active genetic expressionof PON-1 also display enhanced protectiveresponses to natural antioxidants. New methods ofmeasuring PON-1 activity in the blood show that it iscorrelated to coronary artery disease risk, regardless oflipid profiles or lipid-lowering therapy.PON-1 is more closely related to cardiovascular riskin individuals already at high risk for atherosclerosis.People with chronic kidney disease on hemodialysis, forexample, have 30% less PON-1 activity than normal,which produces a startling 127% decrease in theirHDL’s antioxidant function.20 PON-1 levels, in fact, arean accurate predictor of cardiovascular mortality in kidneyhemodialysis patients. Lower than average PON-1levels were not only predictive of cardiovascular mortality,but also of all-cause mortality.In addition toits ability to protectHDL againstoxidation, PON-1has also beenshown tohydrolyze (breakapart) homocysteinethiolactones,which are responsiblefor damageto blood vessels.So PON-1 on itsown is a bloodvessel protector.Evidence fromanimal research on PON-1 uniformly shows that PON-1is protective against atherosclerosis. However, it has notbeen possible to definitively determine if decreasedPON-1 activity is the cause of cardiovascular events, ora reflection of the events themselves. Prospective studiesare needed to make this determination. Until now,there has been only one such study, and it clearlyshowed that low PON-1 in the blood was an independentrisk factor for coronary events in men with pre-existingcoronary artery disease.However, the increasingly persuasive substantiationAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 41

of the relationship between PON-1 and a broad spectrumof cardiac risk factors has prompted researchers to deemthis enzyme “a player in cardiovascular medicine” and“an important target for future pharmacological agentsaimed at decreasing cardiovascular risk.”A Potent Weapon Against Diseases of AgingWith the boom in scientific interest in PON-1 over thepast two decades, the documented range of its diseasefightingmodes of operation in the body continues tobroaden. As leading researcher Janice E. Chambers ofMississippi State University puts it, PON-1 has emergedas a “multitasking protein.”A growing roster of chronic, age-related conditionshas been associated with dangerously low PON-1 levels.They also happen to be associated with significantly elevatedlevels of lipid peroxidation. This in turn increasesthe amount of PON-1 the aging body needs to compensatefor the onslaught of oxidative damage to healthycells.To take one example, researchers have recentlydiscovered that overweight individualsand those suffering from metabolicsyndrome display a demonstrabledecrease in PON-1 activity, renderingthem still more vulnerable to cardiovasculardisease.PON-1 plays a number of essentialroles in preventing diabetes andits consequences, particularly inmanaging the postprandial (aftermeal)spikes in blood sugar that producedeadly advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). When blood sugarlevels rise, liver production of PON-1increases as well, possibly to compensatefor the oxidative stressinduced by glucose.This appears to be the reason why PON-1 levelsincrease following a meal in non-diabetic people, preventingoxidation levels in healthy tissue from rising.But in diabetics and people with impaired glucose tolerance(pre-diabetics), oxidation products rise rapidlyafter eating. Diabetics actually have a significantdecrease in postprandial PON-1 concentrations, furtherboosting their risk for cardiovascular disease.Helicobacter pylori—a bacterium closely associatedwith ulcers and cancer of the stomach—also suffer fromelevated oxidative stress, lower PON-1 levels, andincreased risk of atherosclerosis. People with highhomocysteine may have dysfunctional HDL moleculescharacterized by reduced PON-1 activity, which appearsto account in part for their higher cardiovascular risk.Even those with seemingly unrelated diseases ofaging—including osteoarthritis and age-related maculardegeneration (AMD)—exhibit diminished PON-1 activity.High LDL and low HDL cholesterol levels commonlyoccur in individuals with AMD, further increasingsusceptibility to lipid peroxidation and cardiovasculardisease.How to Boost Your PON-1 LevelsThe most recent research indicates that pomegranate andits extracts can significantly elevate levels of PON-1activity in the body. Pomegranate does this through anumber of distinct biomolecular pathways that includecombating inflammation and LDL adhesion and favorablymodulating gene expression.Pomegranate extracts reduce oxidation and inflammationlargely through their effect on PON-1 activity,intervening at each step in the development of atherosclerosis.Atherosclerosis begins withoxidation of LDL cholesterol.Damaged LDL “clumps” togetherand accumulates in specializedimmune system cells called foamcells. The foam cells invade bloodvessel walls, triggering inflammatoryresponses and the formation of earlyatherosclerotic plaque.Inflamed plaque attracts clotformingplatelets, leading ultimatelyto a narrowing of blood vessels thatrestricts blood flow. When inflamedplaques rupture—or clots form thatblock blood flow entirely—tissuedies, producing a heart attack orstroke, depending on location.A dedicated group of Israeli researchers led the wayin detailing how pomegranate disrupts atherosclerosisformation at each of these developmental phases—andthe crucial role PON-1 plays in this process. They beganwith a landmark study in 2000 that focused on pomegranate’santioxidant properties.The team started with a group of healthy male volunteers,along with laboratory mice genetically engineeredto develop atherosclerosis. When human subjectsconsumed pomegranate juice for 2 weeks, theresearchers found dramatic reductions in LDL “clumping”and retention in vessels, accompanied by a 20%42 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

increase in PON-1 activity. In the atherosclerosis-pronemice, a 90% reduction in oxidation of LDL cholesterolwas seen. Supplemented mice also developed atheroscleroticlesions 44% smaller than unsupplemented controls,an effect attributed to reduction in the number ofinflammatory foam cells.The Israeli researchers went on to show that concentratedpomegranate extract and pomegranate juiceinduced profoundly protective effects—even in micewith advanced atherosclerosis.Pomegranate not only reduced accumulationof oxidized fat inmacrophages within cells—itreversed it, boosting the outflow ofcholesterol by 39%! In other words,pomegranate may be able to interruptand even reverse atherosclerosis,not just prevent it.After the Israeli group’s landmarkdiscoveries, additional supportive evidenceemerged. The scientists found that pomegranatepolyphenols accumulated inside of the arterialmacrophages (immune cells) that absorb LDL cholesterol,preventing them from oxidizing their LDL burdenand keeping them from turning into dangerous foamcells. They also observed that pomegranate-induced elevationin PON-1 activity stimulated the breakdown ofexisting oxidized LDL cholesterol—even in atheroscleroticplaques that have already formed.Additional findings of interest were evinced inpatients with carotid artery stenosis, a narrowing of themain blood vessels supplying the brain. These individualsare at very high risk for stroke.After one year, patients in this study given pomegranateexperienced an 83% increase in PON-1 levelsand their oxidized LDL levels consequently fell by aremarkable 90%. The placebo group worsened by 9%whereas carotid artery narrowing was reversed by 30%in the pomegranate supplemented patients. This translatesto a significant increase in blood flow to the brainin those using pomegranate. Both groups continued takingtheir conventional medications.PON-1’s capacity to powerfully inhibit lipid peroxidationin this pomegranate study cohort appears to haveresulted in substantial reduction in stroke risk forpatients with atherosclerosis. Other benefits were seenas well: serum levels of antibodies directed against oxidizedLDL (important contributors to the inflammatorycomponent of atherosclerosis) fell by 19%, while totalplasma antioxidant status rose by an astounding 130%.Systolic blood pressure was also reduced by 12% in supplementedpatients over the course of a year.Evidence has also come to light for PON-1’s role indiabetes management through pomegranate consumption.When patients with type 2 diabetes were comparedto healthy controls, their PON-1 levels were found to bedepressed by 23%. When these same patients were givenpomegranate juice (50 mL/day for 3 months), theirserum PON-1 activity rose by 24%, helping restore it tohealthy levels.In 2007, researchers discoveredpomegranate polyphenols upregulatedgenes for PON-2 in LDL-scavengingmacrophages. PON-2 is a moleculeclosely related to PON-1 thatexerts similarly beneficial effects. Theresulting increase in production ofPON-2 directly improved these cells’oxidative status.Upregulation of PON-1 geneshas also been documented in liver cells exposed topomegranate polyphenols—a critical benefit, since livercells are responsible for PON-1 production. In the pastfew years researchers have also demonstrated that pomegranatestabilizes PON-1’s molecular bond with beneficialHDL. PON-1 molecules can degrade over time,detaching from the “mother” HDL molecule.Pomegranate extracts have been shown to strengthenand support the molecular bond between PON-1 andHDL complexes—thereby protecting HDL from oxidativedecay.Other PON-1 EnhancersStrong evidence has recently emerged for several compoundswith known cardioprotective effects that mayalso favorablyincrease yourPON-1 levels.Moderate consumptionof wine,beer, and spirits isassociated with anincrease in PON-1activity. Red winepolyphenolsincrease PON-1activity and reduceLDL oxidation.Specifically,resveratrol, thebest-known of thered wine APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 43

nols, exerts powerful control over the PON-1gene, increasing PON-1 expression in humanliver cells and protecting against atherosclerosisin animal models. (The liver is where PON-1 is produced in the body.)Quercetin, another polyphenol found in redwine and many other plant sources, also upregulatesPON-1 gene expression, protectingagainst LDL oxidation. Quercetin also possessesnumerous mechanisms pomegranate,it helpsstabilize and preserve PON-1 activity againstoxidative stress.SummaryLipid peroxidation—free radical damage tohealthy cell membranes—is a primary agingfactor implicated in the onset of numerousdegenerative diseases. PON-1 (paraoxonase-1) is anunder-recognized enzyme attached to beneficial HDLthat has been shown to block lipid peroxidation. Recentresearch suggests that PON-1 may serve as a formidabledefense against numerous diseases of aging, includingheart disease, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, and certaincancers. PON-1 levels decrease with advancing age,contributing to a decline in the cardioprotective effect ofHDL. Pomegranate has been shown to elevate PON-1activity and support its activity in the body. It has beenshown to upregulate the gene that governs PON-1 production,increasing its output in liver cells and elevatingits concentration in the blood. Pomegranate extracts protectand sustain PON-1 activity at the molecular level,preventing its degradation, and maintaining its bondwithin the HDL molecular complex. Emerging evidencesuggests that resveratrol and quercetin may exert similareffects on PON-1 levels and activityReprinted with permission from Life Extension Magazine, YOU NEED TO KNOW: SLOWING AND REVERSING ATHEROSCLEROSIS•Lipid peroxidation—the continuous onslaught of free radical damage to cell membranes—is aprimary aging factor implicated in a host of degenerative diseases.A little-known enzyme called PON-1 has drawn increasing scientific interest because of itsdemonstrated ability to block lipid peroxidation.Individuals suffering from obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, elevated homocysteine, andother inflammatory conditions have been shown to have low PON-1 levels.A correlation has been demonstrated between PON-1 levels and cardiovascular disease risk.Pomegranate and its extracts have been shown to powerfully increase PON-1 levels and activityin the blood.This effect is achieved through upregulation of PON-1 genes, stabilization of PON-1 levels, andprotection from oxidative damage.Strong scientific evidence points to pomegranate’s PON-1-boosting effects as a key reason forits cardioprotective effect.Resveratrol and quercetin are also emerging as potential PON-1 boosters.•••••••44 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

The Exhilarating World of PandoraComes Home with AVATARAR inHigh Definition Blu-rayJames Cameron and Jon Landau unveil AVATAR on Blu-ray and DVDand Launch an initiative to plant one million trees globallyOn March 23rd, AVATARdirector James Cameronand producer Jon Landaupresented scenes from the film’supcoming Blu-ray release,outlined the ongoing fanengagement program, andannounced the global partnershipbetween TwentiethCentury Fox HomeEntertainment and EarthDay Network, the internationalnon-profit organizationthat coordinates EarthDay programs annually.The ultimate high definitionexperience forhome viewing audiences,AVATAR will be availableon Blu-ray and DVDeverywhere in the UnitedStates and Canada onEarth Day, April 22.Internationally, the roll outbegins April 21 endingMay 6. An ultimate editionrelease with immersivebonus materials is slatedfor November. Connectingthe two releases in Apriland November is “The AvatarProgram,” an interactive consumerexperience that offers an online hubfor exclusive content, discounts andmore.An action-adventure journey ofself-discovery, AVATAR dramaticallydemonstrates how human invasionalmost destroys the balance oflife on the planet of Pandora. Theaudience passionately roots forPandora’s survival, everyone learnsthat all living beings are connectedand that those who seek to exploitnature rather than respect it will onlydestroy themselves. Taking thatmessage of conservation and ecologicalharmony, the studio and EarthDay Network, together with variousorganizations worldwide, willpledge to plant one million treesacross the globe by the end of 2010.Determined to achieve the very besthome entertainment presentation,the April AVATAR Blu-ray and DVDrelease features the film and correspondingmenu, utilizingthe disc’s entire storagespace in order to providethe highest quality optimalpicture and sound.“We wanted thebest presentation of anyfilm in the history of theBlu-ray and DVD formats,”said AVATAR producerJon Landau. “Ourlaunch into the home inApril will allow fans toreturn to Pandora againand again.”The AVATAR ProgramThrough a unique codefound inside the AVATARBlu-ray/DVD, consumerscan register atwww.avatarmovie.cominto “The AVATARProgram” and gain exclusiveaccess to first-lookbonus materials, specialcontent, money-saving offers andmuch more. Additionally, only thosefans will be able to adopt one of theone million trees being planted onbehalf of Earth Day and receive avirtual hometree they can locateon a map to see where it’s APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 45

GREEN LIVING natural home and gardenTurtleneck Swing TopBreak away from the typicalturtleneck for a stylish a-line cut that drapes youbeautifully while also being ecofriendly.Made from 48% organiccotton, 47% rayon from bambooand 5% spandex — it's almost asmulti-tasking as you are. Pair itwith Slim Leggings or jeans. SizesS - XL . 28" from neck to hemline.Made in India. www.Gaiam.comMolly Mutt Dog DuvetGive Fido a clean, comfy place to sleep and your holeyold jeans and t-shirts a second life with MollyMutt’s 100% cotton dog duvets. Designed to coveryour pup’s existing bed, or, in a clever case of upcycling, beconveniently filled with textiles from around your house, thereare different sizes and designs offered to suit any pooch’spreference. $20.00-40.00. From: www.mollymutt.comMortar & PestleSpace can be tight in modern kitchens, so it’salways nice to find a handy product that willlook good sitting out on the countertop ifthere’s no storage for it in the cupboard. Herbs andspices get the grind in the porcelain mortar, and thebamboo base can be used to crunch tough nuts;Swiss chef Philipp Beyeler has designed a traditionaltool with a keen eye for the aesthetic. $50, from KuhnRikon: www.kuhnrikon.comSalad Days Are Here!Entertain with style and keep your eco-conscience cleanwith these all natural salad servers. Serve salads easily withthese 100% bamboo salad hands. These stylish saladservers will be a statement of eco-friendly style, while the NaturalHome 10, 3/4" bamboo bowl is the perfect choice for serving yournext fresh creation.Their oil cruet made of 100% recycled glass is the perfectaddition to your natural, healthy lifestyle. Pour your favorite oil intoit and add herbs from your garden to create your own, deliciousdipping oil.The cork coasters are simple, lightand durable. Round, natural light browncolor and the Natural Home logo stampedon the bottom, these costers will fit in withany kind of home décor.All of these eco-friendly items andmore are available from:www.naturalhomemagazine.com46 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

GREEN LIVING natural home and gardenTatami BeddingINHABITAT WALL FLATSStructurally sound, Tatamialludes to traditional ricestraw matting used tocover floors in Japanese homes.With clean grid lines you can tidyyour room just by making yourbed. Sheets are solid colors tocorrespond with background colors.Tatami bedding taupe pillowunison, available in Ecru, Taupe,and White. Price: $30-148.www.Unisonhome.comMen’s ORGANICCotton TeesIn Search of the perfect summerT-shirt? Find eco-friendlycomfort and ultra-cooldesigns with Earth Creations’clay-dyed, organic cotton men’sTees. Soft and durable, the teescome in a variety of design styles,such as the irie-style One Love(pictured). Available in sizes S-XXL in 16 distinct designs, $25.From wallcoveringmade from 100% bamboopulp. They aresmart, ecologically responsibleand add dimension/texture toyour spaces through modulartiles. New designs available andmore on the way. SurroundYourself. $86 per box. A boxcontains 10 tiles and covers 22.5square feet of wall space.www.Inhabit.comORGANIC KitchenScrubbing ClothsWhat may look like a couple of pilesof colorful rubber bands are in factkitchen scrubbing cloths madefrom some surprising natural materials.Recycled corn cobs compose the coarse yellowone and the gentler red version is madefrom peach pits. Both can be used formonths without wearing out, and apparentlyno dish soap is needed (!) to clean yourtableware. Price: $9.90-11.00. Availablefrom: Natural Wood FlooringMountain Lumberis renowned forcrafting reclaimedwood floors that are rich incharacter, providing superiorbeauty and quality withoutsacrificing Mother Nature.Their FSC Harvest flooring isavailable in five differentspecies options: white oak,hickory, cherry, walnut andmaple. They offer both selectand character grades for eachspecies to help you achieveyour desired look, be it formal,casual, contemporary or rustic.For more info visit:www.MountainLumber.comwww.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 47

Benefits ofNontoxicBeddingBy Susan MelgrenWe spend up to a third of our lives inbed—and in extremely close contactwith our sheets, pillows andmattress. The bedroom should be aplace for relaxation and restoration,but many mattresses are made and treated with toxinsthat could outgas.In 2007, the U.S. Consumer Products SafetyCommission (CPSC) began requiring all mattresses soldin the United States to resist open flames. Although theregulation was enacted with safety in mind, the chemicalsused to make products flame retardant are dangerous.Manufacturers phased out a highly toxic flameretardant, polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), in2004, but the alternatives aren’t much better. Some ofthe most common flame retardants include boric acid,antimony (which could damage the heart and liver),melamine (used in pesticides) and formaldehyde. Thesechemicals can accumulate in our bodies over time andcan leach out in landfills.outgases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into theair and can cause respiratory problems, irritate skin andweaken and damage the immune and nervous systems.The adhesives used to hold mattresses together also containformaldehyde and have been linked to asthma, allergiesand even cancer.Healthy MattressesBecause mattress companies aren’t legally required todisclose their products’ chemical makeup, finding ahealthy mattress requires some sleuthing.Mattress cores are typically made of either springsor polyurethane foam. If you prefer a foam core, opt fora mattress that uses natural latex, a renewable sourceSince the 1960s, most mattresses—and many mattressrelatedproducts such as memory foam—have beenmade from polyurethane, a petroleum product. In additionto being nonbiodegradable, new polyurethane foam48 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

derived from rubber trees. The cell structure of latexallows air to pass through it easily, meaning moisturewon’t accumulate while you sleep and you’ll stay cool,dry and comfortable at night. Latex is also naturallyantibacterial, so it’s a good choice for people withallergies.Organic cotton and wool are also good natural alternativesto polyurethane foam. Sleeping on a mattresswrapped in organic cotton or wool ensures you won’tbreathe in chemicals or pesticides while you sleep. Airflows easily through wool and cotton, wicking awaymoisture and discouraging dust mites from settling in.Pillow TalkMany pillows are made out of polyurethane foam, sothey release VOCs. Synthetic fibers also trap moistureand create a haven for dust mites.Many of the samematerials used innatural mattresseswork well in pillows.Wool’smoisture-resistantqualities make it agood pillow filling.Hypoallergenicorganic cotton is agood choice forpeople with allergies.Natural latex is anotherhealthy pillow material that conformsto the body and holds its shapeover time, providing continued support for your neckand head.Buckwheat is another eco-friendly pillow fillingalternative. Buckwheat hulls form to the shape of yourhead. Manufacturers say that, unlike other fillings suchas foam and feathers, buckwheat hulls don’t compressover time so a buckwheat pillow will keep its shape. Thehulls’ shape also allows air to pass through freely, keepingdust mites and pollen from getting trapped.according to the Organic Trade Association’s 2007Manufacturer Survey. Organic cotton is grown withoutsynthetic fertilizers or pesticides and federal regulationsprohibit the use of genetically modified seed in cottonlabeled organic by the FDA.Bamboo SheetsBamboo sheets are popular thanks to their silky textureand “breathability.” Rapidly renewable bamboo growswithout pesticides. Though environmental issues exist—bamboo farms are replacing old-growth forests in partsof the world; converting bamboo stalks to fiber is energy-intensive;and the Federal Trade Commission recentlycharged several companies with selling rayon labeledas bamboo—it is still a better option than syntheticfibers, which are often made with toxic chemicals, orenergy- and pesticide-intensive conventional cotton.Like bamboo, hemp requires few resources or pesticidesto grow, making it a good fiber for sheets. Hempsheets are stronger and more durable than cotton andrequire less processing to produce.Between the SheetsNontoxic and eco-friendly sheets are available in a varietyof materials and colors, and from mainstream retailerssuch as Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Organiccotton is the most popular material for eco-friendlysheets. In 2006, organic fiber linens and clothing sales inthe U.S. grew by twenty-six percent from the previousyear, to reach two hundred-and-three million dollars,www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 49

MYSTICAL STONESExcerpted from The Book of Stones,by Robert Simmons and Naisha AhsianMUSCOVITEKeyword: Mental stimulation, inspiration,problem solving, attunement tothe future, ESP, moderation of overlyrapid spiritual awakeningElement: WindChakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)Muscovite is a potassiumaluminum silicatemineral with ahardness of 2.5 to 4.Its crystal systemis monoclinic. It forms mostfrequently in tabular, pseudohexagonalcrystals but can alsooccur in lamellar and cryptocrystallinehabits. Its primary colorsare white, gray and colorless, butit can sometimes exhibit tinges ofred, violet, yellow, green orbrown. It forms in metamorphicrocks such as gneiss and schist, aswell as igneous rocks like granite.Mica schist sometimes containshigh concentrations of Muscovite.Fuchsite is a green, chromiumbearingtype of Muscovite.Muscovite is a stone of highlypositive energies. It affects themind centers and mental processesmore than the emotions or physicalbody. Muscovite stimulates therational mind; promoting clearand quick thinking, effective problem-solvingand the synthesis ofnew ideas from old information. Itis a stone of novelty, teaching oneto try on unfamiliar frames of reference.It assists one in letting go of the habit ofthinking things must be seen as‘either/or.’ It allows one to move beyondstrict logic and into the meta-logic of‘both/and.’ Muscovite stimulates thehigher capacities of the brain, leadingone to embrace paradox, holding thetension of opposites within the mindwithout getting a brain cramp.With its vibration of high mentalstimulation, Muscovite is excellent forstudents, teachers, writers, inventors,scientists, mathematicians, businessowners, consultants, political officeholders and others who wish to engagethe full capacities of the mind. It is astone of inspiration, fostering the creationof new neural pathways andincreasing the frequency of ‘Aha!’moments. As one works with this stone,one often feels increased in confidencein one's ability to tackle challengingprojects or problems. Such confidencereduces mental and psychologicalstress, further enhancing one's powers ofmind through the relaxation of tension.Muscovite assists one in attuning tothe time stream of the future. It does thisby allow-ing one’s mental apparatus torest comfortably in the state of indeterminacy.Most of us are trained to alwaystry to pin down the facts and ‘get a handle’on reality. Along with that, we areeducated to believe that the future willtend to resemble the past. This self-fulfillingprophecy keeps us chained todreary predictability and kills the imagination.Muscovite’s energies encourageone to turn to the future with hopefulexpectancy and without any preconceivednotions. This frees the Universeto present us with new experiences andnovel answers to life’s questions-or perhapsnovel questions with no answers atall!Muscovite stimulates the sixthand seventh chakras, activating themajor mind centers. In addition toconventional mental processing,Muscovite supports the functions ofintuition, telepathy, clairvoyanceand other forms of ESP. It makesone receptive to information andsuggestions from one’s spiritguides. It assists one in embracing‘bigger thoughts,’ allowing one tosee the links between such diversedisciplines as art, music, philosophyand mathematics.Fuchsite, the green variety ofMuscovite, brings in the connectionto the heart chakra, linking theintellect of the mind with the intelligenceof the heart. Because ofthis, Fuchsite is the highest form ofMuscovite, and work with thisstone allows one to use the gifts ofthe mind, guided by the heart’swisdom.Muscovite harmonizes withLepidolite for spiritual upliftmentand release of stress. Moldavite can takeMuscovite's mental energies to a higherlevel. For artists and others wishing forvisions and inspirations, Phenacite andHerkimer ‘Diamonds’ are ideal allies.Additional information on stones and theirmetaphysical properties can also be foundat,, or by calling1-800-942-9423.50 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 51

A Journey throughTime and Space and OtherDimensions of RealityAmulets, Talismans, andthe Nuclear ReceptorWearing jewelry with the purpose, orcarrying something on one’s person,historically is old as timeitself. The ancients have historicallyshown that the proper use ofexternal objects made from precious metals such asgold, silver, copper, and other precious metals, using theproper shapes, can create a sensational response byimpulse, from the sea of natural forces that surrounds us.Almost everyone in the world, at some time or anothercan be found wearing some form of jewelry, whether itbe something fashionable, on Fifth Avenue in New York,or someone living in the wild, fashioning complementaryitems, from local materials such as stone, minerals,wood or bone.What first comes to mind to one who investigatesthis is the timeless amulet. The term itself is derivedfrom the Latin word amuletum or an earlier term amoletumwhich means, “means of defense”. Pliny, aRoman naturalist, describes three types of amulets:those which offer protection against trouble andadversity; those which provided medical or prophylacticBy Dr Fred Belltreatment; and substances used in medicine. The ancientcultures of the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians,Hebrews and Arabs placed great importance on the useof amulets. The Egyptians were fanatical, using them formany discrete purposes. The frog protected fertility; theankhs symbolize everlasting life and regeneration; theudjat or eye, was for good health, comfort, and protectionagainst evil; the scarab beetle represented resurrectionafter death and protection against evil magic. One ofthe most notable amulets of ancient Egypt is the Eye OfHorus.Cylinder seals were used as amulets by theAssyrians and Babylonians. Within them were embeddedprecious and semi precious stones; each stone supposedlypossessed its own unique magical powers.There were also various animal shaped amulets, such as,the ram for virility, and the bull for virility and strength.The Arabs also had amulets, in which pieces of paperwere written prayers, spells or magical names. In Africa,the natives were discovered having amulets to which theWestern explorers and missionaries called fetishes. Thefetish symbolize protection for the natives.52 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

Talismans are frequently confused with amulets.Talismans are objects which can passively protect theowner from evil and harm. Usually the solitary functionof talismans is to make possible power transformations.Talismans were thought to possess magical or supernaturalpowers of their own, which were then transmitted totheir owners. One of the most famous talismans was theelusive “Philosopher’s Stone”, which alchemists soughtto transform base metals into silver and gold.Today because science has advanced so far, we havecome to understand that anytime mass, such as the massof an object, interrupts space, depending on the shape ofthe object, it creates an energy field, and and any time anenergy field is created, time becomes a vital componenttherefore defining frequency.If we look at the human bodyfor example, we see that thered blood cell, hemoglobin ismade up of a chain of fouroctahedral iron atoms, calledhemes. In this case naturehas chosen the use of a pyramidshape, with a referenceplane of one pyramid rightside up, and one pyramidupside down. The energycreated from this combinationis repeated four times,which in medical terms, areexpressed as two alpha, andto beta chains, which havethe unique ability to transmitvital air and prana into thebody, and remove carbondioxide, which then is transmittedto nature as a source of energy for plants. Againat the base of the brain we find a section called the“Pons Varolii” which is a pyramid shaped section thatregulates among other things, the arterial supplies of thebody, which in turn control sleep, respiration, swallowing,bladder control, hearing, equalibrium, taste, eyemovement,facial expression (emotion) and posture ( chiflow). All of these vital shapes within the body containtheir own vital resonant frequencies. It is based upon thisand other factors that science has delivered a host of newinformation since the olden times.My work started back in the early 1960’s when I beganto study shape energy research, crystal gem and filtertechnology, Maser (microwave amplification by stimulatedemission of radiation) technology, laser (lightapplication by stimulated emission of radiation) technology,homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences,Tibetan acupuncture, and its relationship to Plieadianscience, NASA Cassegrain technology, and orgone surfaceplating, which led to the receptor package itself.After I had made my own studies in the these variousfields, and with what I have learned, in basic andquantum physics, medicine, and our work at NASA inshape energy, it was possible to create a new type ofdevice, that scientifically could actually do and performthe tasks of the ancient amulets and talismans.Prior to my work, Doctor Pat Flanagan had createda mantra energy producing device, which he had producedon a small printed circuit board, and placed on anecklace. Kirlian photography and other methods at thetime, noted that it had definitelyan effect on the humanbiological systems. AddingDoctor Flanagan’s ideas tomy own, the amazingPyradyne Nuclear Receptorconcept came into being.However it took a few moreyears, to be able to producethe first prototypes, becauseof the unusual angles, requiringpyramids to be upsidedown and right side up,arranged in the Fibonacciseries, and then imprinted ona concave disk.The purpose of the discwas to be able to posturepyramid shapes in both theright side up and upside downpositions, therefore generatinga scalar wave that had the ida and pingala (male andfemale) energy balance. This was necessary as to balancethese energies, in which case for centuries, the maleenergy has been predominant over the female energy onthis planet, causing a spiritual imbalance in both menand women. These imbalances, through the centuries aretransmitted into a DNA pattern, that leads people to beprone to various disease conditions. This then puts astress on the immune system, and because the immunesystem, is our source of consciousness, the consciousnessgrowth factor becomes severely inhibited, clearlydemonstrated by the chaotic growth of mankind over thelast 5000 years.The Fibonacci series and sequence is named afterLeonardo of Pisa, who is known as Fibonacci. By definition,the first to Fibonacci numbers are zero and one, APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 53

device will deliver to the cellular structurein the body. The cellular frequenciesof the body, but we were concerned withwere the ones that were in the visualspectrum, which is violent through redor 400 to 700 Å the units.Once the frequency was defined, itpassed through the rear of the device,which contains a microwave trap, oftenused in the high-frequency electronicsand telecommunications industry topurify and filter electronic signals, alsoknown as a Janin mantra.and each remaining number is the sum of the previoustwo. For example one plus one equals two, 2+ oneequals three, and 3+2 equals five. When you plot this outon a chart or graph, you come up with the geometricgolden spiral, which in turn is the natural order ofgrowth in nature. For example looking at a pine cone, inone ring there could be four petals, the next ring five,and therefore the following ring would be nine. Thisthen defines the frequency of the order of growth, whichalso applies to cellular growth.The next problem we had to overcome was the focallength. Using what is called a Cassegrain design wewere able to shorten the focal length of the dish, andredirect the energy back through the center of the disconto the human aura. Mounted above the dish itself, is asmall gemstone that determines the frequency that theWhen looking at the overall operation,once the correct frequency is determinedto balance a body condition, then theappropriate filter, in this case gemstone,is fitted into the bridge of the NuclearReceptor. The energy is then convertedto scalar waves, which transmitradionically into the auric frequencies ofthe body.The aura itself is created by the arrivalof hormones into the receptor sites of thebrain, and these receptor sites throughtheir synaptic actions, create an electromagneticfield within the electrolytes inthe brain itself. When the electrolytes arelow, the body is subjected to free radicaldamage, which can lead into serious cellularfailures, and when these failuresreach pathogenic proportions, the bodybreaks down and is then subject to manyviral and bacterial infections.The Nuclear Receptor has, as one of its actions, the abilityto produce electrical pre-cursation, which is a precursorto the proper composition and structure of thecells, organs and other parts of the body. Agonists to thispre-cursing factor often include, use of cellular phones,bad air, positive ions, fossil fuel pollution, electronic andelectromagnetic warfare, stress, full moon (during thefull moon the surface tension of the body changes, interferingwith proper hormonal function) microwave andnuclear radiation (our water is fifteen percent moreradioactive than it was a century ago) and a variety ofother factors, not often thought of until a disease likecondition appears. One of the most common noticeableresults of nuclear water pollution is prostate cancer inmen, and breast cancer in women. If a woman is preg-54 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

states of the carbon atom, the building block of allhuman chemistry.The carbon atom in its basic form is a perfect octahedron.Surrounding that are the oxygen atom,which animatesthe form, the hydrogen atom, which providesconsciousness, and the nitrogen atom which producesprotein.nant, and has been consuming large amounts of dairyproducts such as, butter, milk, and cheese, during theterm of her pregnancy, she could be arrested by the FDAfor carrying a radioactive substance (her breast milk)across a state line. No wonder women suffer such a highincidence of breast cancer.All matter is composed of atoms and each atom possessespolarity and consciousness. As we evolve andbecome more intelligent and aware of ourselves and oursurroundings, the cells within our bodies vibrate in higherrates of vibration. This allows us as individuals tobecome more sensitive to each other in our surroundings,our children more progressive and our physicallifespans longer.Our nutritional needs are such that our bodies requirefoods and vitamins that have a tendency to rotate orpolarize rotational photonic light spin to the left (levorotatory).This in turn produces enantiomers whichare stereoisomers or mirror images which rotate polarizedlight in equal amounts but opposite directions.However due to the increased microwave and satelliteharassment techniques being used by various governments,under the aegis of the New World Order,them (see Doctor Bell’s new book, The inside Track),the gradual poisoning of all foods, the mind alteringdrugs introduced by big Pharma, atmospheric and radiationpoisoning, the body no longer can produce thestereoisomer balanced image. In its stead, the bodyproduces what is called a Chiral molecule which causesa serious unbalance to one of the four asymmetricWith these new and improved electronic and chemicalstresses being placed daily upon the human body, ashortening of the lifespan, and a large amount of birthdefects are introduced into our societies worldwide.There are super forces (termed in physics, strong andweak nuclear force), deep within the heart of the atomwhich direct quantum biological entanglement, i.e. intelligence,to the 12 billion nuclear acids within the centerof ourselves, DNA.Just before birth, the DNA has forty-six base pairsper turn to direct a full complement of instructions toreproduce cells with a high vitality level. By the timeyou are fifty-five years old, there are only six base pairsper turn, and the aging process is well upon on its way.The only way to correct this process is not to justwork with the bodily biological and chemical requirements,but to go to the electrical precursation aspect,which direct’s the body’s electrical currents into propercellular and organelle reproduction. When this happensthe immune system begins to respond, thereby allowingthe individual to experience a growing consciousness ina higher sense of well-being. This has given birth to anew science called quantum biology wherein the lightfrequencies of the body are properly distributed andmanaged.The end result is a properly functioning DNA systemthat produces a balanced hormonal product, whichis stored in one of the seven endocrine glands.www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 55

Remember a hormone is the first piece of biochemistrythat possesses consciousness, i.e. testosterone and estrogenrelated to sex and sex drive, corticosteroids relate toenergy, and serotonin, melatonin relate to spiritual andphysical well-being.Although The Amazing Nuclear Receptor has beenaround for two decades, it has been in a constant state ofupgrade and development. Light is basically composedof seven different colors, ranging from violet to red.Each individual is weak in one of the seven colors. By asimple method of muscle testing, or kinesiology, or evenusing one’s pendulum, we can determine what color thebiological structure is weak in. This then determines thequantum filter gemstone colorthat would be required in thebridge of the Receptor.Because the body, in it’shealthy state, reproduces cellsat the rate of ninety million persecond, different cell groupsbegan to correct the offset createdby the above mentionedstresses.The first group of cells torespond are the red blood cellswhich reproduce in their entiretywith in ninety days. Thiscontinues on with theendocrine system reproducingitself within a year, and thebone or skeletal structure within seven years. When aperson begins to utilize these quantum biological methods,gradually his or her color requirements will change.The first change usually occurs sometime within the firstyear. When utilizing a receptor made from one of thevarious precious metals, silver, gold, or platinum, thegemstone is merely switched for one of the next higherorder.In addition to the various basic metals, often timescombinations are required, such as a silver Receptorwith a gold bridge, or a gold Receptor with a platinumbridge. When looking at one’s budget, the SilverReceptor is that a good basic price start point. If someonewants the gold look, we often plate the SilverReceptor in 24 karat gold. The chain length is between27 and 30 inches, as this is one of the wavelengths ofDNA occurring between 375 and 425 MHz.As of this year, we have introduced another progressionin the Nuclear Receptor, called the Professional Series.Here we have developed the bridge, by understandingmore about shape energy, which has allowed theReceptor to not only work on scalar and radionic levels,but also quantum levels, wherein packets of photons areregulated more synergistically, with the color of thegemstone used on the bridges.Because of the way that the Nuclear Receptorworks, it has a tendency to move radiation poisoningfrom the body. This is especially important if you’reusing any form of cell phone. It has long been shownthat microwave transmissions from a cell phone, producecancerous tumors, usually near areas of the headwhere the cell phone is normally positioned.When this happens, the wearer will notice a heavinesswhen they place the Receptor on their body. Tonegate this effect and clean theReceptor, placing it in cold runningwater from a bathroom orkitchen tap will relieve this condition.Included with eachReceptor is a 41-page informationalmanual. For moredetailed information, refer to aearlier book I wrote called,Rays Of Truth, Crystals ofLight.Another area that we has producedincredibly successfulresults with, are animals. Dogsand cats age rather fast comparisonto the human agingprocess, and when one loses a precious pet the feeling isthat one has lost a family member. When you discover aweakened condition in a pet, visualization of a colorwhile in the presence of the pet, and the resultant feelingor feedback received, is usually an indication of thecolor of the gemstone that the animal will benefit from.Parrots and horses also respond quite well with the useof the Nuclear Receptor. You will be pleasantly surprisedto your pet’s reaction when you place one in theirpresence!For ongoing information and a sharing with the worldusers of these devices and other devices that enhance theoperational value of the Nuclear Receptor, listen toDoctor Fred Bell’s “Health Science and Energy Show”,Thursdays, at In addition there aretwo other websites,, To reach us directly, contact us at800-729-2603 or from outside the North American continent,at 1-949-499-2603.56 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

But from what, exactly?Every day, it seems, there are more signs of theaccelerating decline of the American Empire.The economy is tanking, the currency is beingabandoned by other nations, health careremains a disastrous failure, unemployment isatrociously high, prisons are filled to capacity, publiceducation is failing yet another generation of children, and thepopulation seems to be getting more diseased with eachgeneration.The question, though, is why?Why is our population so diseased? Why is unemployment sohigh? Why can’t our kids learn well in school? Why isAmerica losing its leadership position in the world? Why areso many jobs being offshored to other countries?What if there were a single underlying reason thatanswered all these questions? As you may have guessed,there is:Nutrition.Poor nutrition destroys any nation. Good nutrition saves it.And in this special report, you’ll learn why nutrition playssuch a powerful role in the rise or fall of any nation.It’s also a warning message for America: If we don’tmake immediate, radical changes in the available food supply—andthe marketing of foods to consumers—we won’tsurvive much longer as a nation. America will fall, broughtdown by the inevitable consequences of a nutritionally deficient,chronically diseased population.But to understand why this is the case, you first have tosee why food has such a powerful impact on everything thatmatters in society: Health, happiness, employment, productivity,education and even freedom. To explain all that, let’s startwith a lesson on poor nutrition.Next: The consequences of poor nutrition...What’s a bad diet?You are what you eat. It’s a saying as old as written history.Throughout every culture, people have known this simpletruth since the dawn of Man (and Woman). But before we caneven talk about the consequences of “bad” food choices for APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 57

nation, we have to engage in some honest talk about what“bad” foods really are.It’s a sobering discussion, too, because most people followatrociously bad diets... Including many people who thinkthey eat a fairly healthy diet. Perhaps 90 percent of the U.S.population eats a “bad” diet right now.The official government definition of a bad diet is nonexistent.The USDA wants Americans to eat more of everything:More dairy, more meat, more grains, and even more sugar.That’s because these are the industries served by the USDA.In their minds, “poor nutrition” just means people aren’t eatingenough dairy, meat, grains and sugar. The USDA remainsstuck in the mindset of the 1930’s when people were literallystarving from a lack of calories. So their policy incessantlyremains “Eat More!”But Americans don’t need to eat more. They need to eatless. A lot less. And especially less of the highly toxic, disease-promotingfoods described below.Here are the characteristics of a bad diet:• Primarily consists of dead foods (cooked, microwaved, etc.)• Primarily consists of processed foods (milled, bleached, etc.)• Lacks large quantities of fresh, living fruits and vegetables.• Avoids adequate water hydration (and focuses on manufacturedbeverages).• Very high in processed sugars and processed carbohydrates.• Contains genetically-modified foods such as corn, soy orsugar from GM sugar beets.• Includes a large amount of processed, pasteurized dairyproducts such as cow’s milk.• Is made with hundreds of different chemical food additivesfrom MSG and aspartame to chemical preservatives.• Is packaged in toxic food containers, including plastics andepoxy resins that contaminate the food with BPA.• Primarily consists of conventionally-grown, pesticide-contaminatedfoods.• Contains a large quantity of unhealthy oils such as corn oil,soy oil or partially-hydrogenated oils.• Consists of a large number of fried foods or foods cooked atvery high temperatures that destroy nutrients while creatingcarcinogenic compounds.• Is made with many modified, unnatural ingredients suchhydrogenated oils, refined sugar (which removes the minerals),homogenized milk fats, and so on.• Consists of a large quantity of animal products.As I mentioned, perhaps ninety percent of the U.S. populationcurrently eats a diet that’s largely consistent with the abovedescription. As you’ll soon see, this is destroying our nation.Next: The consequences of a bad diet...Junk food and consequencesThe diet previously described is a diet of death that deliversphysical and mental impairment. Here’s an accounting ofsome of the major consequences of pursuing such a diet:Personal Health:This diet causes rapid aging and the aggressivedevelopment of degenerative disease: Cancer, heart disease,diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The populationalso remains highly susceptible to infectious disease.Health Care Costs: In a nation that follows a bad diet, healthcare costs spiral out of control, eventually consuming a quarter(or more) of the GDP, driving the nation into bankruptcy.Education: Growing up on this bad diet, children suffersevere cognitive impairment and are unable to learn in school.In time, academic achievement of the nation falls sharply, andthe great “dumbing down” of the population accelerates.Employment & Economy: A sick, diseased population isvery expensive to maintain on the payrolls of CorporateAmerica. Poisoned by processed food diets, workers sufferfrom repeated sick days and poor cognitive performance atwork (inability to focus, failure to learn, failure to create newideas, etc.), all of which make the workforce increasinglyexpensive for corporations to maintain. Not surprisingly, thiscauses yet a further shift of jobs to other nations where workersare more productive, healthier and less expensive.Violent Crime: With their brains fueled by junk foods (andwith failed education giving them few options for earning anhonest living), more people turn to crime. In time, the prisonsbecome filled with people incarcerated for behavior that couldhave been at least partially prevented with proper nutrition.Happiness: With disease rates skyrocketing, violent crime onthe rise, education failures rampant and health care costsbankrupting families, happiness plummets to all-time lows.Genetic Integrity: As junk food consumption continuesthrough multiple generations, the genetic integrity of the populationerodes. Birth defects increase while fertility ratesplummet. The population increasingly becomes haunted withunhealthy genetic mutations that promote yet more disease infuture generations.Economic Productivity: Poor nutrition leads to disastrouseconomic productivity. Powered by junk foods, the populationbecomes virtually useless as a workforce. Instead of producingnew ideas, new products and new innovations that58 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

improve the world, people sit around eating Fritos and watchingYouTube videos. Economic productivity plummets, andemployers shift jobs to overseas markets where people oftendemonstrate much higher levels of productivity.World Leadership: With its population falling behind theworld academically and economically, the nation loses itsleadership position on the world stage and begins to lose itsleverage for maintaining the dominance of its currency.Democracy & Freedom: When the voters subsist on a baddiet, their minds are clouded and child-like. They are easilymanipulated to vote for politicians who are essentially “entertainers”— people who look good on TV but have no real abilityto improve the long-term situation for the country. Voterson junk foods elect the very people who continue to drive thenation into disease and disaster.Next: Why pharmaceuticals make it allmuch worse...The problem with medicationAs you can see, the problems caused by poor nutrition can literallydestroy a nation. They reach into every area of society:The economy, education, health care, global competitivenessand even Democracy itself.And yet, instead of treating these nutrition problems witha sound nutritional program, the United States of America haschosen to ignore the problem and treat people with chemicalprescription drugs.This widespread use of prescription drugs to mask thesymptoms of nutritional imbalances causes the followingproblems that further erode the strength of any nation:Public Safety: Medicated drivers are unsafe drivers. In theUnited States today, as much as one-third of all traffic accidentsinvolve medication-impaired drivers. Instead of beingalert with the help of healthful foods, our drivers are mentallycompromised by medications.Impaired Cognitive Function: This impaired cognitive functioncontinues at work, too, where medicated workers makemistakes, suffer reduced productivity and ultimately fail toperform to their full potential.Deterioration of Democracy: Along with impaired cognitivefunction comes the inability to vote intelligently, causing votersto repeatedly elect disastrously unqualified representativesto Congress (and other offices). This, in turn, erodes thebedrock of Democracy as dishonest or unqualified politiciansbetray the future of the People for their own personal gain.More Disease: Medications used to treat one disease todayend up causing more diseases in the future (virtually all medicationscause some level of liver and kidney damage, andmany promote brain and heart damage at the same time). Forexample, common over-the-counter painkillers cause thedeaths of several thousand Americans each year just from gastrointestinalbleeding.Huge Increase in Health Care Costs: During all this, themonopoly pricing of medications causes health care costs tocontinue skyrocketing, further threatening the financial stabilityof the nation.Environmental Destruction: After all those medications passthrough the bodies of consumers, they end up in the sewagesystems, where they are eventually dumped into rivers andother waterways. (Most drugs, such as HRT drugs, are not filteredout by water treatment systems.) These potent chemicalspose a huge threat to aquatic ecosystems and contribute to thedestruction of coral reefs and ocean life.Do you see where all this is heading? Higher costs andlower productivity. Increased rates of disease and decreasedeconomic productivity. Environmental destruction. It’s notdifficult to extrapolate this pattern and see where such a nationmight be headed. The accelerating downfall of the UnitedStates of America is a textbook example of how a nation rapidlydeteriorates under the influence of excessive medicationand disease-promoting processed foods.Next: How nutrition can save a nation...The good dietFortunately, there’s a solution to all this: Any nation that wishesto remain strong and successful must follow a “good” diet.What is a good diet?• Consists primarily of fresh, unprocessed plants (fruits, vegetables,nuts and seeds) which can be made into a variety ofdelicious recipes (raw food chefs are especially good at thiscraft).• Minimizes consumption of meat or animal products(including dairy).• Avoids virtually all processed, manufactured foods andbeverages, or only uses them sparingly.• Consists of a wide variety of different foods so that phytonutrientdiversity is high, providing consumers with a steadysupply of plant-based medicine that prevents disease.• Includes substantial time outdoors, in nature, where vitamin Dcan be created and stored in the body.• Minimizes or eliminates all refined sugars and carbohydrates(like white flour).• Eliminates GMOs from the food supply in order to avoid thehealth damage caused by GM foods.• Minimizes consumption of foods sprayed with chemical pesticidesor fungicides. This not only helps prevent diseasecaused by such chemicals; it also protects the environmentfrom chemical contamination.www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 59

• Incorporates adequate hydration from clean water (whileavoiding dubious liquids such as sodas and sports drinks).• Includes nutritional supplementation to correct nutritionalimbalances or deficiencies. (This can be accomplishedthrough superfoods, food-based vitamins, etc.)This diet, as you might guess, is rarely pursued by the averageAmerican consumer. Only highly health-conscious individualseven attempt such a diet, and it does require extra time,effort and money to make a reality. But the benefits are worthit. They can, in fact, save a nation from destruction!Next: The benefits of a healthy diet (and whygood nutrition is patriotic!)...Benefits of a good dietHere are some of the many benefits that will be experiencedby any nation pursuing a healthy diet:Personal Health: With a healthy diet, degenerative diseaserates plummet by as much as ninety percent. People livelonger and happier, with far greater productivity. Diseaseindustries go bankrupt as their customer base vanishes.Health Care Costs: Health care costs plummet by ninety percentsaving the nation trillions of dollars in sick-care treatmentcosts. People who used to have jobs in the sick-care industrycan now dedicate their professional efforts to something moreuseful to the economy.Education: On a healthy diet, children are far easier to educate.Their minds work better, so grades go up, test scoresimprove, behavioral problems are reduced and the nation onceagain starts to compete with academic achievers from othernations.Employment & Economy: A healthy, nutritionally-supportedworkforce is highly productive. With improved mental andphysical health, people are easily able to find and keep productivejobs. Unemployment rates plummet. Employees’increased productivity makes them more competitive from thepoint of view of employers, so fewer companies outsourcejobs, effectively bringing more jobs back to the U.S.Remember: Employers want to hire healthy workers, but theytend to shun unhealthy workers.Violent Crime: With increased job opportunities andimproved mental health due to a good diet, violent crime ratesplummet. Prisons become ghost towns as the prison industrysuffers “downsizing.” Cities save money by needing fewercops. Many people who might have been criminals while eatingbad diets become job-holding, tax-paying citizens under agood diet. (This isn’t an oversimplification. Crime and nutritionaldeficiencies are strongly correlated. Check the medicalliterature to learn more...)Happiness: A healthy population is ahappy population.Genetic Integrity: On a healthful diet, the genetic integrity ofthe population remains well-protected. So the genetic futureof the population stays intact.Economic Productivity: Economic productivity skyrockets.A healthy, productive workforce remains globally competitivewhile creating long-term job security.World Leadership:With a healthy, productive and innovativeworkforce, the nation has a strong economy which translatesinto greater opportunities for world leadership. The nation hasmore influence over international trade, diplomacy, problemresolution, global resource allocation, and so on.Democracy & Freedom: A healthy, happy and well-educatedpopulation can participate in Democracy in a thoughtful way.As a result, voters make wiser choices by assessing politiciansfor their skills and ideas rather than their TV presence.Democracy gets healthier as the voters apply critical thinkingskills (and strong educational backgrounds) to their votingdecisions. A healthy Democracy with intelligent voters helpscreate and protect a more free society.As you can see, a good diet positively impacts virtuallyevery area of importance to a nation, from the economy andhappiness to freedom itself.Every nation has a choice about what sort of diet it promotesto its People. What choice has your nation chosen?Next: What diet has America chosen?What diet has America chosen?It’s obvious from looking around any grocery store (or watchingany TV broadcast) in America that the nation has chosento pursue a disastrously bad diet. The vast majority of “food”products sold at grocery stores are manufactured, processedfoods made with chemical additives, cooked at high heats thatproduce dangerous byproducts, and then packaged in toxicpackaging materials like plastics containing BPA.America is addicted to fast foods and junk foods. Peopleeat to fill their bellies and entertain their tongues, not to nourishtheir minds and bodies. Food has devolved from somethingthat nourishes the body to a chemically-altered sensoryaddiction fabricated in a factory somewhere.So instead of food being medicine, it has become a sourceof disease. And America is paying a dear price for choosingthis route. All the negative repercussions of choosing a baddiet are now coming true in America: Increased crime andchronic degenerative disease, reduced cognitive function andproductivity, huge increases in health care costs, rising infertility,increases in birth defects and mysterious neurologicaldisorders, and so on.These negative consequences of a bad diet are causing therapid erosion of America’s economy. Faced with the burden ofcarrying tens of millions of sick people who could otherwisebe productive if they had chosen the path of nutrition, the U.S.60 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

economy is dragged down bythe weight of sickness and disease.Its competitiveness isdrastically reduced by the suppressedcognitive functioncaused by processed foods andchemical additives. Its educationsystem has fallen farbehind world standards, thanksin large part to the brain-slowingjunk foods children are fedat home and at school.The result? A nation thatcan’t compete. And that sets offa chain reaction of off-shoring,downsizing, and job sectorreconfigurations that see millionsof U.S. jobs shifted overseaswhere workers offer higherproductivity at lower costs...and where health care is a fraction of the price of the UnitedStates. Taiwan, for example, offers a nationwide, universalhealth care solution for just $21 per month.In the U.S., the annual health insurance premium for afamily of four is anywhere from ten- to fifteen thousand dollarsand that doesn’t even include out-of-pocket expenses fordoctors’ visits, medications and deductibles. Poor nutritionhas put America into a debtor’s prison when it comes to healthand medicine. All the diseases caused by the consumption ofunhealthful foods have made American workers virtuallyunaffordable for global businesses due to outrageous healthinsurance costs.All of this could have been prevented with a better diet forAmerica. So let’s get to it!Next: How to create a strong nation with healthy food...Creating a strong, healthy nationIn order to sell more products, food and beverage companieshave mastered the art of engineering food-like substances thatexploit the hard-wired taste preferences of the human tongue.Humans can primarily taste sugar, salt and fat, and not coincidentally,those are the three primary things that food companiesput into factory foods that are marketed to the public.Food is fabricated specifically to be addictive, much likecrack. And a surprisingly large portion of the population willalways seek out such addictive, synthesized food tastes inmuch the same way that a heroin-addicted lab rat will keeppushing the drug lever to self-medicate with even more heroin.(This metaphor is eerily accurate when it comes to junkfoods and human behavior...)There are only really two ways to prevent such peoplefrom seeking out and consuming such foods:Method #1) Educate people about junk foods and health sothat they can make better-informed decisions about what toeat (or what to avoid). (The “Free Choice” approach.)Method #2) Restrict access to junk foods to prevent peoplefrom making food consumption decisions that are not in theirown best long-term interests (the “Nanny State” approach).A nation that wishes to be strong and healthy must, in myopinion, pursue both of these methods. Here are some of theways in which these goals can be pursued:Method #1 - Educate People• Teach real nutrition in public schools.• Require doctors to learn the principles of nutrition and teachthem to patients.• Require all broadcast media outlets (cable, TV, radio, etc.) todedicate some small percentage of their airtime to airing pronutritionpublic service announcements (as an exchange forthe right to use FCC-regulated airwaves).• Put very high taxes on all processed foods and junk foods,then use those tax dollars to fund public service announcementsteaching consumers to avoid those foods. (I’m not ahuge fan of using taxes in this way, but it’s one idea worthconsidering.)• Tax the key ingredients used in processed foods such ashigh-fructose corn syrup or refined white sugar. Then use thatmoney to fund pro-nutrition public service announcements.• Require all food retailers to place public service educationalbooklets in or near aisles where food is purchased. Thosebooklets should provide honest information about the dangersof processed foods and chemical additives, including mentioningthe diseases they cause: Cancer, diabetes, depression, APRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 61

• Require prominent food labels that warn consumers aboutthe diseases caused by the particular ingredients used inprocessed foods. This is similar to the lung cancer warningson cigarette packages. A box of sugary breakfast cereal, forexample, should carry a large red warning label that reads,“WARNING: This product contains ingredients known to promotediabetes.”Method #2 - Restrict accessHere are some ideas that could be pursued to restrict consumers’access to disease-promoting foods:• Ban ALL advertising ofprocessed foods, factory-madefoods or non-natural foods ofany kind. This includes TV,radio, Internet, sporting sponsorships,etc.• Ban disease-promotingingredients from the food supplyaltogether: High-fructosecorn syrup, aspartame, MSG,trans fats, artificial colors,sodium nitrite, etc.• Hit food retailers with draconiannew food display lawsthat forbid junk foods frombeing displayed on end caps,near checkout counters, at eyelevelon the shelves, etc. (Inormally don’t go for“Draconian” anything, but thisis one idea to be considered.)• End government subsidies oncorn and sugar, as these are thesources from which cheap,nutritionally-depleted foodsare made.• Place heavy taxes on foodmanufacturers for producing unhealthful foods and beverages.This will have the same effect as raising retail taxes on thoseitems, but it’s easier to administer this tax at the manufacturerrather than at retail.• Use tax money raised from taxing junk foods to subsidizefresh produce, thereby making fresh fruits and vegetablesmore affordable to American families. (Again, I’m generallyagainst using the tax code in such ways, but it’s an idea worthdebating.)Next: How to make shape consumer behaviorwith taxes or subsidies...Place heavy taxes onfood manufacturers forproducing unhealthfulfoods and beverages.This will have the sameeffect as raising retailtaxes on those items,but it’s easier to administerthis tax at themanufacturer ratherthan at retail.Food taxes and subsidiesEconomically speaking, using taxes to alter consumer behaviordoes work. Consumers are price sensitive, so makingunhealthful foods ridiculously expensive while making healthfulfoods more affordable seems to make sense if you wish touse taxes to shape behavior. But in a free society, it’s alwaysbetter, in my opinion, to rely on public education and limits onadvertising to allow consumers to make their own informeddecisions about what they wish to purchase and consume.If consumers were really aware that hot dogs cause braincancer, for example, (because of sodium nitrite), or that highfructosecorn syrup promotes diabetes and obesity, they mightmake far better decisions aboutwhat they wish to feed themselvesand their children.At the same time, youcan’t discount the impact ofinterventionist tax policy toalter point-of-purchase prices.Imagine taking this to theextreme: What if a bag of freshapples cost one penny, while abox of apple-flavored Pop-Tarts cost ten dollars? Howwould that alter consumerbehavior?Most families, out ofsheer economic necessity,would opt for the far cheaperfresh produce while avoidingthe extremely high cost ofprocessed foods. The cost ofsubsidizing the healthful foodswould be easily earned backby the nation in terms of greatlyreduced health care costsand increases in economic productivity(not to mentionimproved happiness, lowerrates of disease, improvedresults in education, etc.).In fact, it’s not unreasonableto suppose that in a progressive,health-consciousnation, all fresh produce might be fully subsidized by the taxpayers,effectively making their purchases (virtually) free.Imagine ten cents for a pound of carrots, or fifty cents for abunch of organic broccoli. This could be done through taxes,subsidies, if desired.There would be fraud in the system, of course. Growerswould try to claim more subsidies than they are due, so youcan expect some waste overhead to exist.You would also see Americans making “junk food borderruns” to Mexico and Canada where junk food items are sold atmarket prices instead of the high-tax prices enacted in theUSA. In effect, you would see “junk food smugglers” bringingin truck-loads of Pop-Tarts and Frosted Flakes in order tomake a profit undercutting the high-tax retail prices in the U.S.62 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY 2010

The scope of this activity would be directly proportional to thedifference in prices between the U.S. vs. Mexico (or Canada).As is typical of Big Government, the Feds would thencriminalize the covert importation of junk foods and start runningraids on junk food smugglers. You could literally go toprison for getting caught with a van full of Pop-Tarts!That’s why taxes and subsidies are a messy business.Nations must tread carefully in this area. If taxes on junkfoods are too high, they will inevitably create a very largeunderground market for smuggled junk foods, resulting in arather large “criminal” operation of junk food smugglers andthe widespread avoidance of the very taxes intended to beimposed.But beyond taxes and subsidies, there’s a bigger question inall this:Next: Who profits from disease?(And why they have to go...)Who profits from disease?Of course, if you really want to create a healthy nation, youhave to be prepared to see widespread job losses across theindustries that currently profit from sickness and disease.Those industries include the pharmaceutical industry,agriculture giants, junk food retailers and even the mainstreammedia. If America gets healthy with good nutrition, each ofthese industries would suffer considerable losses in jobs andrevenues. They depend on disease for their very existence, ofcourse, so eliminating (or greatly reducing) disease will havea devastating impact on them.But that’s a good thing for America. Every job that treatsdisease is a job wasted from a big picture civilization point ofview. Without disease, that worker could be doing somethingfar more productive such as contributing to a brighter futureas an educator, artist, engineer, writer or some other nobleprofession. It’s not that being a doctor or nurse isn’t noble(nursing, in particular, is quite a noble calling), but wouldn’tit be better for the economy as a whole if all the jobs focusedon disease could be rendered obsolete by healthy people whodon’t need such services? Under such a scenario, all the “diseasejobs” could be shifted to something else (like researchingrenewable energy technologies, for example).Unfortunately, every industry fights for survival in oureconomy, even if it only offers products or services based onsickness and disease. And for many of these industries, the realfinancial windfall only occurs when the population is kept in astate of ongoing chronic disease. A healthy population meansdisaster for these industries. Here are some of the big ones:The Pharmaceutical Industry - Big Pharma would lose afortune if the population got healthy with nutrition. It sells billionsof dollars worth of drugs every year and depends on diseaseto sell them. All the pharmacies that retail those drugswould also go out of business: CVS, Walgreen, Wal-Mart,Safeway, etc.The Medical Industry - All those hospitals, doctors’ officesand emergency rooms also depend on a steady stream of diseased,malnourished Americans to guarantee their job securityand incomes. A drop in disease would mean the rapiddownsizing of hospitals and clinics.The Food & Agriculture Giants - The Big Food and Big Agcompanies bet their profits on the continued purchasing ofprocessed, nutritionally-depleted food and beverage productsthat directly contribute to degenerative disease. High-FructoseCorn Syrup, for example, is a very profitable ingredient to usein processed foods. Never mind the fact that it promotes diabetesand obesity... it’s cheaper than sugar!The Mainstream Media - The MSM, meanwhile, depends onthe advertising dollars of drug companies, soda companiesand junk food companies to keep its own financial lifelineintact. If junk food and pharmaceutical advertising were bothbanned, the media would suffer enormous losses in ad revenues.It’s all those nutritionally worthless, disease-promotingproducts that keep the MSM in business! Remember, theMSM is in the business of “junk food news,” meaning theyproduce a “diet” of junk news for human consumption( Health Insurance Industry - This industry realizes hugefinancial gains from sickness and disease. The more peopleare sick, the higher the insurance premiums (and the moreprofit is mathematically built in). Furthermore, the more peopleget sick, the more they feel they need to buy insurance, somore disease inevitably leads to higher revenues across thehealth insurance industry.Junk Food Retailers - This includes your local grocery store,by the way, which is stacked to the hilt with processed, disease-causingjunk foods. It’s the same story with Costco orSam’s Clubs. Wal-Mart and even local pharmacies are alsochock full of disease-promoting junk foods that nutritionistsknow are linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity,kidney stones, depression and many other problems. But sellingjunk food is big business and grocery stores aren’t aboutto restrict the products they sell just because they happen topromote disease. Pharmacies still sell cigarettes!Disease Non-Profits - Never forget how much money is collectedby the disease non-profit groups like the AmericanCancer Society. These “rich” non-profits depend entirely onthe continuation of their sponsored disease in order to stay inpower. In a world without cancer (to reference G. EdwardGriffin’s book title), there’s no need for the ACS. Nor for theSusan Komen cancer group with all its ridiculous pink ribbonsthat pretend we can all cure cancer by going shopping. Forevery significant disease affecting the western world today,there’s an associated disease group depending on that diseasefor its own survival.In all, these industries represent anywhere from one-quarter toone-half of the entire U.S. economy. Unleashing a wave ofnutrition and health in America would therefore destroy a sig-www.earthstarmag.comAPRIL / MAY 2010 EARTH STAR 63

nificant portion of the U.S. economy as currently configured.It would put rich, powerful corporations out of business andsend hundreds of thousands of works out onto the streets tolook for new jobs.And yet, it’s still a good thing for America, because allthat economic activity (focused on disease) is really a netLOSS to America, not a net gain. Economists don’t differentiategood from bad when it comes to GDP, but the truth is thatevery dollar spent treating someone’s disease is actually a dollarwasted on something that could have been prevented for anickel’s worth of nutrition.Nutrition is a good investment in America. Why spenddollars treating disease when you can spend nickels keepingpeople healthy? Putting the disease industry out of business isa good thing, because if sick-care isn’t getting much business,that means the People are getting healthier, happier and moreproductive. And that’s what keeps a nation strong and successfulin the long run.Next: 12 action steps for saving Americaright now...12 steps to save AmericaSo how can we really save America with nutrition? It all startswith you and your family. Follow these 12 steps to unleash anew era of health and wellness in your own life:Step 1) Stop rewarding manufacturers of processed foods,junk foods, sodas and pharmaceuticals. Simply refuse to buytheir products.Step 2) Greatly increase your purchases of fresh, organic produce.Get yourself a juicer (I like the Breville brand) and drinka fresh juice smoothie every day. Teach your children to eatmore fresh produce.Step 3) Supplement your diet with health-enhancing superfoodsand nutritional supplements. You may wish to includenutrient-dense algae products like spirulina, blue-green algae,chlorella and astaxanthin.Step 4) Greatly increase your intake of Omega-3 oils. I takeMoxxor’s Green-Lipped Mussel oil as well as consuming wildsalmon from time to time.Step 5) Get a lot more sunshine: Your body (and your mind)needs sunlight. It generates the vitamin D that helps preventcancer, depression, diabetes and heart disease.Step 8) Avoid medications. Prescription drugs are poison. Ifyou’re currently taking meds, work with a naturopathic physicianto safely get off those meds and heal your body throughnutrition (or other natural therapies).Step 9) Avoid hospitals. A hospital is one of the most dangerousplaces you can go. They’re filled with antibiotic-resistantsuperbugs, for one thing. Your risk of being harmed at a hospitalis much higher than what you might expect. Unlessyou’re suffering from an acute, dangerous condition requiringemergency medical care, make an effort to stay away fromhospitals.Step 10) Embrace your own natural healing potential!Recognize that your immune system is a technological miracle.Your body is a self-repairing biological marvel. Whengiven the right resources (nutrition, superfoods, etc.), yourbody can work healing miracles.Step 11) Thank yourself for taking the time to invest in yourown good health by reading this report. Give yourself a healingreward such as a glass of fresh orange / carrot juice or adelicious superfood smoothie.Step 12) Forward this special report to 3 friends, family membersor coworkers you know who might benefit from thisinformation. Spread the word about nutrition and you’ll betaking part in a wave of healing that can sweep across ourplanet as people reawaken to the healing powers of plantbasednutrientsThank you for reading!Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, currently lives inVilcabamba, Ecuador where he grows and consumes a largeassortment of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables( creator of the Health Revolution Petition(, Adams believes in individualliberty, personal responsibility and natural healing. Hismission is to share natural health secrets with the world withthe hope of unleashing of a new golden age of health and healingthat uplifts human civilization. He founded NaturalNewsin 2003 and remains its editor today.Step 6) Boost your physical exercise. Studies repeatedly showthat even moderate exercise (walking three times a week, forexample), has a drastic reduction on rates of heart disease,cancer and diabetes.Step 7) Exercise your brain: Learn a new language, play strategygames, read books or do something active with your brainto keep all the neurons firing. This is all much easier whenyour brain is powered by superfoods, by the way.64 EARTH STAR APRIL / MAY

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