Introduction To NetBeans 5.5 - NetBeans Wiki

Introduction To NetBeans 5.5 - NetBeans Wiki

What Is NetBeans?• All Free, All Open Source• 100% Java, runs anywhere that JDK 5 is available• Three Things:> A Platform> An Integrated Development Environment> A Community

NetBeans TM Software Day at 2005 JavaOne Tokyo

NetBeans TM Software Day at 2005 JavaOne Tokyo

NetBeans TourDemo• Screen Layout• Top Level Menus• The Big Four:> Projects> Files> Runtime> Favorites• Project System Based on Ant

Configuration/Troubleshooting• The user directory is where all configuration information isstored:> Preferences> Settings> Optional modules (plug-ins)• On *ix, look at the .netbeans directory that is under theuser's home directory• On Windows, look at the .netbeans directory that is underDocuments and Settings\

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)• User directory can be given any name/location that youwant – just change the setting in etc/netbeans.conf.• You can have multiple user directories.> Only one in use per running NetBeans IDE ...> ... but you can run multiple instances of the NetBeans IDE.

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)Tools > OptionsDemo

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)Tools > Template ManagerDemo

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)Tools > Module ManagerDemo

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)Tools > Update CenterDemo

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)And if you really want to customize things....• The IDE can be extended via plug-in modules.• There are tutorials:

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)• If code completion doesn't display JDK Javadocs> Check Tools > Java Platform (Source tab)• If you cannot get a connection to Java DB> Make sure Derby has been started Tools > Java DB Database >Start Java DB Server• If code completion stops working or causes problems> Close all open projects> Close the IDE> Delete this subdirectory and all its contents from the userdirectory: var/cache/mdrstorage

Configuration/Troubleshooting (cont'd)• Tips for resolving various issues available in the NetBeansFAQ:• Remember: whatever problem you encounter, uninstallingand then reinstalling the NetBeans IDE is usually not thebest solution.> Instead, shutdown the IDE> Save any templates that you modified> Remove or rename the user directory> Restart the IDE. Preferences will have to be set again and youwill have to copy in any templates that you saved

Other Features/Road MapAll the tools needed to create professional crossplatformdesktop, enterprise, web, and mobileapplications.• Open Sourceand Free• Out of Box FullSupport for:> Java SE 6> Java EE 5> ... and more• ExtendedFeatures viaPacksDemoProfiler MobilityEnterpriseNetBeans IDE 5.5C/C++VisualWeb

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)• NetBeans “packs” are an evolution toward running all Suntools on a common NetBeans binary> In the past, they have used different versions of NetBeans astheir underlying IDE.• JFluid• Sun Java Studio Mobililty• Sun Java Studio Enterprise• Sun Studio• Sun Java Studio Creator• Profiler• Mobility Pack• Enterprise Pack• C/C++ Pack• Visual Web Pack

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)ProfilerIntegratedPerformanceProfiling Tools:> CPU Time> Thread State> MemoryUsage/MemoryLeak Detection

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)Mobility Pack• Award winning support for Java MEdevelopment> Connected Limited DeviceConfiguration/Mobile Information DeviceProfile> And now, support for Connected DeviceConfiguration too! (RC1)• Visual Development Tools• Emulator Support• Device Fragmentation Solutions

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)Enterprise Pack●●●Visualize, analyze,and edit real-worldXML Schema, WSDL,and XML instancedocumentsDevelop secure,identity-enabled JavaEE Web servicesDesign BPELbusiness processes

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)C/C++ Pack• NetBeans is more thana Java IDE• Supports features youknow from the JavaIDE:> Navigation, code folding> Code completion,templates> Make file mgm't

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)Visual Web Pack• Everything you can do inJava Studio Creator 2,except:> Visual binding to EJBs andweb services> The portlet developmentsupport• Advantages over JavaStudio Creator:> Now you only need oneIDE :-)> Access to Java EE 5features (EJB3, etc.)

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)NetBeans IDE 5.5.1• Scheduled for May, 2007• Two Things:> Alignment with Sun Java System Application Server 9.1> P1 bug fixes

Other Features/Road Map (cont'd)NetBeans IDE 6.0• Improved Editor!• Improved Support for Scripting Languages• New Installer• Continue Enhancements to:> Visual Web Pack (achieve parity with Java Studio Creator 2)> SOA Tools (SeeBeyond integration)> C/C++ support> Profiler (heap walker, etc.)> Mobility Pack (just one, with both CLDC and CDC support)• And More...

Resources• Project Home Page:• Have a Question About/Problem With The IDE?>> Or via Nabble:• Quick Start Tutorials:• Using NetBeans Guide:• Learning Trails, Flash Demos, and more:• Blogs:

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