Inter-city cooperation, Gävle and Östersund - European Mobility Week

Inter-city cooperation, Gävle and Östersund - European Mobility Week

Biogas seminar- preplanning biogasproduction plant for vehiclesSundsvallÖstersundTrondheim gas bus fleet

Buyer’s Guidefor Electric andPlug-in Hybrid CarsÖstersundSundsvallTrondheim

Charging stationsand Fast-charging stationsPower companiesand cities alongGreen HighwayÖstersundTrondheimMeråkerÅsarna

Eco-Car RallyÖstersund-Trondheim

National Video conference aboutclimate compensationÖstersund and ClimateMunicipalities

Travel comparison toolA cooperation with the City of LundTimeDistanceCost/tripCost/yearCO2CO2/yearCalories (kcal)

Climate seminar – 10 yearsCities in the County

What is required for cooperation to work?Venues and time to meet is important!

To consider:SharedVisionTimeBudgetEvaluationActivitiesCommunicate resultsResponsibilitiesMonitoringParticipantParticipantParticipant

What are the benefits?•Collaboration creates synergies•Economical benefits•Time benefits•Increased media interest•Doing something together is fun

“Fun on bike”collaboration in large and small

Traffic day for schoolchildren

Regional Network in sustainable travel

Winter cyclist

Gävle work with International cooperation

Questions for discussion:• Glimmering examplesWhat is your cities best example of collaboration from the European mobilityweek? If you don’t have any examples from city cooperation concerningEuropean Mobility Week, maybe your city cooperate with other cities aboutother events/projects that can serve as an example on how to work during EMW.• Learn by your mistakesWhat is your cities worst example of city collaboration from the EuropeanMobility Week ? If you don’t have any examples from the European MobilityWeek, maybe there is something to learn from city cooperation in otherprojects/events.• Dreamplans for coming campaignsDream collaborations. What can each discussion group do together during nextyear’s European Mobility Week as collaboration? Which support is needed tomake this possible?

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