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Core Program Model - Social Impact Exchange

Core Program Model - Social Impact Exchange


Core Program ModelElement Network Requirements Nationally DevelopedMaterials/SupportApprenticeships – total180 min• 2x per week – 90 min each•Unit guide (10 week plan and weekly lesson plans)•Revised 21 st century skills•Vision of Excellence• 15 star curricula•Templates, CT nationCircle• 1x per week •Visions of ExcellenceSnack - daily• None •Vision of excellenceGrades and Goals•1x/month • Overview of process•Documents for use•Options for integrationLaunch WeekIntersessionFamily Events• 1 week•Overview of content• Continue running C3 and AL• 21 st century skills as standards and objectives• none•Overview• Recommended Lesson Plans•Overview•Sample Lesson Plans13

• Clarity on CPM requirements,recommendations, suggestions• Revised Standards/Objectives for AL, C3,Apprenticeships• Revised unit structure for C3Summary of Changes• Visions of excellence for snack, circle, GAGsand events14

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