Comparison of Modulus Values Using Various ... -

Comparison of Modulus Values Using Various ... -

◆ SPA, Seismic Pavement Analyzer◆ P-SPA, Portable Seismic Pavement Analyzer◆ FWD, Falling Weight Deflectometer◆ HSG, Humboldt Stiffness Gauge◆ DCP,Dynamic Cone Penetrometer◆ laboratory– Ultrasonic,– Triaxial, and– Free-free resonant column tests


914mm914mm914mm3.66m305mm305mm914mmTest locations forSPA, FWD, NDG, STGDCP locationTR1TR2Sawcut

Southbound US281SPS-1 Sections7" AC8" ATB4" AC12" ATB7"AC12" ATB4" PATB7" AC8" ATB4" PATB4" AC4" ATB4" PATB7" AC4" ATB4" AC8" ATB4" AC 5" AC5" AC5" AC7" AC4" AC4" PATB4" AC4" PATB7" AC4" PATB5" AC5" AC5" AC 5" AC5" AC115116124123122 117 118 113 165 164 167 114 121 120 119 163 162 161 160 1664"DGAB4"DGAB8"DGAB8.5"CCAB10.5"CCAB14"CAL12"DGAB12"DGAB8"DGAB4"DGAB10.5"CSAB8.5"CSAB8.5"LRA10.5"LRA14"CALTrafficAcronyms:AC = Asphalt ConcreteATB = Asphalt Treated BasePATB = Permeable Asphalt Treated BaseDGAB = Dense Graded Aggregate BaseCCAB = Crushed Concrete Aggregate BaseCAL = CalicheCSAB = Crushed Stone Aggregate BaseLRA = Lime Rock Asphalt

Recycling Tire Chips (15% higher cost)Tire-Chip Layer

Stiffness Testing in El Paso, TXRod Monitors Horizontaland Vertical MovementHumboldtStiffnessGauge

DSPA for Testing Base and SubgradeSensor AssemblyComputer

DSPA for Testing Base and SubgradeSourceReceivers

Seismic Devices

Typical SignalPRAmplitudeAmplitudeSRP = CompressionS = ShearR = RayleighTime

Ultrasonic Body Waves (UBW)SourceReceiversDPAmplitudePTimet p

Phase Velocity, m/s200016001200800Core # 8Core # 64000 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2Wavelength, m

Recommendation for Subgrade◆ Above 10MN/m--Good◆ Above 20 MN/m-- Excellent

Recommendation for BaseBase HSG HSG VS FWDQuality (MN/M) (ksi) (M/sec) (ksi)Weak 100

?????◆ Depth (composite stiffness)◆ Calibration (when is out of the range)◆ Stiffness range (old one is good foruntreated base and subgrade with lowstiffness)

Future Projects◆ SH114◆ US59◆ FM699, FM123, and FM 31

Proposed MLS Experimental Sectionson SH114, Fort Worth District

Proposed MLS Experimental Sectionson SH114, Fort Worth District

Schedule◆ Plan from Area office to District Design 8/1/00◆ Letting◆ Construction

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