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Charity AwarenessGiving That LastsBeyond A LifetimeCan you remember when you lastdonated money to charity? Accordingto the Charity Commission there arenow 180,000 registered charities inEngland and Wales, all are worthycauses and many are desperate fordonations. Aiming to improve the livesof the most vulnerable members of oursociety, protect mistreated animalsand find a cure for life threateningdiseases, there are charities up anddown the country who are in desperateneed of our hard earned cash.Most charities have seen a marked decreasein donations over the last few years andwhilst larger charities have been able tocombat this by reducing costs, cutting staffand drawing on their reserves in order tosurvive, for smaller charities this simply isn’tan option. In the current economic climate,it can be tough to find the money for goodcauses, but in order for these organisations tocontinue their work and provide vital services,we all need to do our bit to help and thatmeans putting our hands in our pockets anddigging deep.Money donations are always welcome andcan go towards new projects and supplies,but how much you choose to donate is up toyou. One-off cash donations can help in theshort-term, but setting up a regular monthlydonation online can provide your charity ofchoice with long-term help.Take The First Step WithIf you want to do more to help then you couldalways help to raise money for your charityof choice by organising a coffee morning, ajumble or car boot sale or even a sponsoredevent. If you’ve some spare time on yourhands, why not have a clear out and donateall of those unwanted, unused or unloveditems that are sitting in your attic, spare roomand wardrobe to a well deserving charityshop.Alternatively, to leave a lasting legacy, whynot donate to a charity after you die. If youchoose to leave a gift to a charity in your Will,its value will be deducted from your estatebefore Inheritance Tax is worked out. Giftsmade before your death may also qualifyfor exemption. In fact, as of April this year,anyone leaving 10% of their estate to charityin their Will will benefit from a reduction ininheritance tax from 40% to 36%, as part anew inheritance tax incentive.Although 74% of the UK population supportcharities and when asked, 35% of peoplesay they'd happily leave a gift in their Will,only 7% of people actually leave a gift tocharities in their Will, according to RememberA Charity. Remember A Charity estimatethat just a 4% change in behaviour wouldgenerate an addition £1 billion for goodcauses in the UK every year.You can get free and independent adviceon leaving a gift to charity in your Will fromCitizens Advice and Age Concern. However,it’s a good idea to use a solicitor to ensurethat your Will is valid and that your wishes arecarried out.Saffron Support for Elderly PeopleAwarded Certificate of RecognitionAs a small charity Saffron Support for Elderly Peopleare trying to do everything they can to continue toprovide essential services during the current economicclimate. Founded in 1989 by the Southfields DriveCommunity Association, a group of like-mindedpeople who wanted to provided somewhere for elderlypeople within the community to meet and socialise,Saffron Support for Elderly People provides a range ofservices for elderly people within the south Leicesterarea. In fact, Aspire are so impressed with the range ofservices Saffron Support for Elderly People offer thatwe’ve awarded them a Certificate of Recognition forCare & Support.They run a lunch club five days a week and on Tuesdayevenings and Wednesday afternoons, Saffron Supportfor Elderly People welcomes the over 50s to their socialclub, allowing like-minded elderly people to meet andsocialise. Project Co-ordinator, Audrey Mather, said: “Wehave about 30 members at our social club at the momentbut we always welcome new faces. It seems that the olderpeople get, the less there is for them, so Saffron Supportfor Elderly People strives to offer somewhere for elderlypeople to socialise.”Day CareOn May 21st, Saffron Support for Elderly People arelaunching a bespoke day care service for older peoplewho require a little extra help. Audrey explained: “We’vespoken extensively with current services users to ensurethe care services we provide are exactly what they needand want, as well as ensuring the activities and outingsare suitable and interesting. We have provision for 14people per day and at the moment will be offeringday care for just five days a week. We will be chargingbetween £40 and £50 a day but that includes transportdoor-to-door, meals and refreshments.”Annual GetawayEach summer, Saffron Support for Elderly People runs anannual residential holiday to somewhere in Britain, givingelderly people a change of scenery and their familiesthe respite break they crave. This year, Audrey and fivehelpers will be travelling with a coach-load of serviceusers to Eastbourne on 29th July for one week. Audreysaid: “We’ve been to Eastbourne before but we enjoyedit so much we’re going again. The price is £345 for theweek but that includes half board accommodation,door-to-door transport, entertainment and three or fourdaily trips, for example to Brighton and Beachy Head.We have volunteers who come with us to help pushwheelchairs etc. and we fundraise to enable them to go.It’s a great way to give the pensioners a break from theirdaily routine, as well as giving their loved ones a breakfrom caring for them. We can cope with limited mobilitybut we don’t provide personal care, so pensioners need tobe able to wash and care for their own personal hygiene.We went to Great Yarmouth last year and in the past havebeen to Torquay and Paighton – we tent to go downsouth a lot.”RecognitionAs you can see, Saffron Support for Elderly People areworthy winners of our Certificate of Recognition forCare & Support. When presented with our Certificate,Audrey said: “Wow, thank you. It’s amazing to have somerecognition for what we do as we all work really hard,mostly behind the scenes. I’d like to take this opportunityto thanks all our volunteers and our staff, who all goabove and beyond; they all dedicate so much time andenergy to ensuring things not only run smoothly, but alsoto ensuring everyone enjoys themselves. Without ourvolunteers, and our staff, things wouldn’t work as well asthey do; everyone really cares and is really committed,often doing things in their own time – that’s really rareand I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone.”DonationsSaffron Support for Elderly People are always lookingfor more donations to ensure their vital services cancontinues, as Audrey explained: “Donations are not usedfor running costs; they’re used to provide a healthy mealat our lunch club and to cover expenses for our volunteerson days out. We’re a small charity so donations of any sizeare always welcome. We do fundraise by running rafflesat our events, so if Aspire readers are unable to makemonetary donations, we’re happy to accept raffle prizes.”Aspire would like to encourage you to consider leavinga lasting legacy by donating some money to SaffronSupport for Elderly People in your Will. Charitable legaciesare exempted from inheritance tax, in fact, thanks to anew incentive from the government, anyone who leaves10% of their estate to a charity can benefit from a lowerrate of inheritance tax. To find out more, please sexual assault/abuse is one of the last greattaboos; there’s great societal denial surrounding malesexual assault/abuse. Men are often, mistakenly,thought of as immune, safe and invulnerable; howeverthese beliefs can also increase the pain that is felt by amale survivor of sexual assault.Established in May 1997, First Step provides supportand one-to-one counselling for male survivors ofsexual abuse, as well as their partners and family.First Step Co-ordinator, Cas Beckett, told Aspire: “FirstStep was founded by Alistair Hilton. He was lookingfor support for the sexual abuse he himself hadsuffered but there was nothing, so he founded FirstStep together with a group of abuse survivors that hadbecome his friends and we’ve grown from there.“Funding will always be difficult to attract for ourservices due to some of the myths and stigmasurrounding the issue of sexual violence towardsmales. This has not stopped us shouting loudly aboutthe need for such a service, which is why the lasttwo years have been successful. We’ve managed tosecure funding until 2014 meaning we’ve been able togo from helping just four men per week to helping 25;the last two years have been a phenomenal successand I hope it continues.”Serving Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, FirstStep provides free, confidential one-to-one supportand counselling for men, their partners, friends andfamilies, who have stepped out of the shadows,broken their silence, and reached out to benefit fromthe services First Step provides.Cas added: “Most men who get in touch are in theirmid-40s and have been carrying their experiences fora massive chunk of their lives. We understand howhard taking that ‘first step’ is, but would encourageany man suffering to contact us. Once someone hascontacted us, it's important that they know they cantrust us; we provide a non-judgemental ear that manymen who use our service find invaluable. We knowhow important it is to just listen.“Even if a client ends up on our waiting list, we willsend them text messages so that they know we arehere for them. We help them get through the first visitnerves despite the fact that most men are often toonervous to even make eye contact or sit down faceto-facewith a counsellor. Clients are often dealingwith many other issues including alcohol and drugabuse, child custody and housing issues, which iswhy we strive to offer them a safe place. Often, it’s thefirst place they've ever felt safe and supported and wehope they can discover they can trust someone else.”Acknowledging the vital work First Step do, earlier thisyear Aspire awarded the charity with a Certificate ofRecognition for Care & Support.For more information on First Step, pleasevisit www.firststepleicester.orgFor confidential support and advice,please call 0116 2548535or 07581 568144Registered Charity No: 1077147Name:Address:Tel:For more information on Saffron Support for Elderly People,please call 0116 2440219 or email ssep@ntlbusiness.comEmail:Donation FormAlternatively, make a one-off donation to Saffron Support for Elderly People today:• £10 will pay for one elderly person to enjoy a fun-filled day out• £50 will go a long way towards paying for an adult volunteer to go on Saffron Support for Elderly People annual residential holiday.I would like to make a donation of £ and enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to Saffron Support for Elderly People.Please fill in your contact details below...Send donations to Saffron Support for Elderly People,Southfields Drive Community Centre, Southfields Drive, Leicester LE2 6QS2 ASPIREASPIRE 3

St. George’s RecipeCelebrateSt GeorgeWith A ScrumptiousVictoria SpongeChinese State CircusYIN YANGAt Curve, LeicesterCurveFor many of us, it appears that St George’s Day is justanother normal day, falling on the 23rd April every year -acknowledged but not celebrated; in fact, you’re more likelyto celebrate another nationalities national day!Despite St George being our patron saint since the 14thCentury, only one in five of us realise when the day falls - 23rdApril - and shockingly more than 25% of us living in Englanddon’t even know who our patron saint is ( legend of St George describes a town that was regularlyterrorised by a fearful dragon - everyday the dragondemanded the sacrifice of a young and beautiful maiden. Bythe time George heard of this, all the girls in the town hadbeen killed, all except for the King’s daughter, who was to besacrificed the very next day. The only hope for her survivalwas if a knight could slay the dragon; this was George’s job.George rode into the valley where the dragon was living,hoping to slay it. The dragon was big and terrifying, andyet George was not afraid. He fought with the dragon andeventually, he killed it. As a result, the town was left at peace.Our English flag originates from Saint George, as he is shownin many pictures slaying the dragon, with a white shield anda red cross.So, that’s how the story goes; but, the real St George is farfrom an heroic dragon slayer - in fact, St George isn’t evenEnglish at all! The real St George was born in Turkey in thethird century. He became a Roman solider but protestedagainst Rome’s persecution of Christians. For this act, he wastortured and imprisoned, but he remained faithful to hisfaith. Eventually, he was beheaded for his beliefs and is nowpopularly known for his bravery, honour and gallantry.Aspire’s resident Chef, Neil Walker of Appetite at AbbeyLeisure & Sports Club in Leicester, has come up with atraditional English recipe for everyone to enjoy this StGeorge’s Day…“Queen Victoria adopted the craze for afternoon teaparties – and it was her honour that this simple, twolayersponge cake was named after her during her timeat Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight.I can’t think of a more quintessential English cake.Ok, so it doesn’t adhere to the traditional ‘Women’sInstitute’ method, but it’s much easier – and if any ladiesfrom the W.I. would like to challenge me at their VictoriaSandwich cook-offs – I’m game!You could always substitute the filling for freshly whippedcream and strawberries, or lemon curd, or even orangemarmalade. It’ll keep in an airtight container for two to threedays.”Sponge Ingredients:200g caster sugar200g butter (room temperature)200g self-raising flour, sifted4 free-range medium eggs, beaten1 level teaspoon baking powder2 tablespoons milkFilling Ingredients:100g butter (room temperature)140g icing sugar, sifted – plus a little extra for decoration340g jamVanilla extract, few dropsMethod:1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 5.2. Grease and line two 20cm sandwich tins.3. In a large bowl, beat all the cake ingredients together untilyou have a smooth, soft batter.4. Divide between the two tins, smooth the surface with aspatula and bake in the oven for approx 15-20minutes, until golden brown and thecake springs back when pressed.5. After 5 minutes coolingtime, turn onto a coolingrack and leave to coolcompletely.6. Whilst the sponges are cooling, to make the filling, beat thebutter until smooth and creamy. Then gradually beat in theicing sugar and vanilla.7. Spread the butter cream over the bottom of one of thesponges, top it with jam and sandwich the second spongeon top.8. Dust with a little icing sugar just before serving.Delicious!Now you know the legend, and truth, behind our patron saint,St George, make sure you take some time on Monday April23rd to celebrate everything he achieved, and maybe makea delicious Victoria Sandwich whilst you’re at it. For moreinformation, please log onto can be found at Appetite withinAbbey Sports & Leisure Club, 70 Slater Street(off Frog Island), Leicester LE3 5AS. If you’ve got any feedbackon this recipe, nutrition questions, or ideas you’d like to share,why not 30th April - Wednesday 2nd MayThe incomparable Chinese State Circus proudly presents their premiere UK tour of YIN YANG, which visits Curve this May.The production will make inventive use of the remarkable Curve stage and features a variety of Circus acts including the first UK appearance of the formidable Shaolin Master.Yin Yang: “The interaction of two energies in a dynamic system of balance”Audiences will witness acrobats defying gravity, a remarkable display of human juggling in an explosion of power, poise and agility. The show also features a Bicycle Act, foot juggling withdrums, intrepid swinging poles, sensational contortionists and dynamic hoop divers. Every sensational act flows into the next accompanied by a captivating andatmospheric all-female group of live musicians.YIN YANG will not only keep audiences on the edge of their seats but show the more delicate and beautiful side of Chinese tradition with the silk aerial act, parasol juggling, a breath-takingLion Dance and an amazing ‘Bicycle Act’ in which 10 talented artists manoeuvre onto a single bicycle.Suitable for all ages, with evocative sets, soaring musical score and extravagant new costumes this will entertain the entire family long after the final curtain falls!For tickets and further information, please call 0116 242 3595 or visit ASPIREASPIRE 7

Gardeners’ WorldFind Out What’s In Store ForBBC Gardeners’ World Live 201213th – 17th June At The NEC, BirminghamThis summer one of the nation’s favourite TV programmes and magazines will once again bebrought to life! Show organisers have announced that they are expecting over 350 exhibitors,specialising in flowers, plants and garden wear, plus over 45 RHS features and gardens, fivetheatres and a host of gardening experts.• Edible PatchesFollowing the success at the 2011 Show, the unique Edible Patches is bigger andbetter. This feature will give students, allotment growers and imaginative gardeners afantastic chance to experience the design, plan and build of a horticultural exhibit ona smaller scale in a show environment.• RHS Floral Marquee sponsored by RenaultThis is the visitor’s chance to meet growers and discover their top tips to growingplants successfully. With 105 specialist exhibitors in flowers and plants alreadyconfirmed it is set to be as big and beautiful as ever at this year’s Show. Notforgetting that it is home to the Ask The Experts Stage, where our specialistgardeners and designers including Joe Swift and Pippa Greenwood will be answeringall of the visitors gardening questions. Not only will the specialist gardeners be givinga helping hand but our knowledgeable exhibitors will also be covering dedicatedareas.Entry to the BBC Good Food Show Summer is included in every ticket. This year’sshow gives visitors the opportunity to see fantastic cooking demonstrations from topcelebrity chefs including James Martin, the Hairy Bikers and MasterChefs own JohnTorode, Gregg Wallace, and MasterChef Champion 2012: Shelina Permalloo willbe making an appearance plus many more. With outdoor dining ideas, top recipesand a wealth of local producers, the BBC Good Food Show Summer is the perfectsummer day out.Opening Hours: 9am – 6pmTicketsTickets start at £19.75 for adults (£1.75 booking fee per ticket applies).Family WeekendOn Saturday and Sunday, any paying adult can bring up to two children under 16 tothe Show, absolutely FREE! (Children aged under 5 get free admission into the Showeach day).For further details or to book tickets, call 0844 581 1340 or book online atwww.bbcgardenersworldlive.commeet up and share our plans for our gardens this summer.”Highlights include:With stunning features, great nurseries and top experts, keen gardeners will findinspiration throughout the whole Show. Some of the Show’s most popular features willbe back again this year including the live demonstrations in the BBC Gardeners’ WorldTheatre, the Grow Your Own Garden, the RHS Show Gardens, our famous EdiblePatches, and the RHS Floral Marquee sponsored by Renault.• BBC Gardeners’ World TheatreVisitors have the opportunity to see their garden heroesincluding Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh and CarolKlein. This theatre gives the audience insight to theirexperienced knowledge of horticulture and gardening.• Grow Your Own GardenThe Grow Your Own Garden, hosted by Gardeners’Question Time’s Matthew Biggs, is a smaller, moreintimate, interactive garden located outside, so thateverybody can get tips and advice from the gardeningprofessionals on how they can grow their own thissummer.Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh, Carol Klein, Joe Swift, Adam Pasco, David Domoneyand James Alexander Sinclair will be giving fantastic live demonstrations, talks andmaster classes so all visitors can make the most out of their tips and take that adviceback to their own gardens.Monty Don says: “I am really looking forward to BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2012. The line upthis year is one of the best ever and as always there is an abundance of shopping, experts and superbRHS Show Gardens. On top of so much to see and do it is a great opportunity for all us gardeners to• The RHS Show GardensThe RHS Show Gardens bring to life a collection of exciting show designs. Withimagination and creativity it gives gardeners the opportunity to transform any type ofoutdoor space. Each garden has its own unique theme and design. In bringing them alltogether it makes an impressive, exciting and remarkable array of inspiring talent thatvisitors look forward to year on year.8 ASPIREASPIRE 9

Editor’s ChoiceChosen By Us,For YouAspire have already come across some great companies this This minefield has been made significantly worse thanks to theyear, some of which may be very familiar to you, others of recession and following economic instability, as it’s now harderwhich will be brand new. We search high and low, across the than ever to know who to trust with your money. As so manylength and breadth of the UK to bring you the best companies companies, both small, independent businesses and multinationalcorporations, have gone into administration in the lasteach and every week. The companies within this feature offertheir customers the whole package: high quality productsthree years (including a recent spate of High Street retailers),many of us are understandably wary about how and where weand competitive prices, as well as an excellent and personalspend our hard-earned cash.service.Editor, Claire Tipton, says: “Here at Aspire, we believe it isimportant to highlight the companies and services that reallymatter to our readers. We believe it is important to highlight thecompanies in and around Leicestershire and Northamptonshire,as well as further afield, that not only offer excellent value formoney, but also excellent customer service and high qualitygoods/services. We pride ourselves on hunting out the bestcompanies that cater to our readership and work exceptionallyhard to tailor our advertising to our readership.”These days, it seems as though there are thousands ofcompanies who promise the world yet fail to deliver; with theInternet making it easy for less discerning companies to appearlegitimate, searching for a good company can be a minefield.• Suppliers of made to measureretractable, fixed or slot inflyscreens for boats, homesoffices and commercialkitchens.• Dinettes and L shapesfurnished with fabric or leather.Editor’s ChoiceCABINCARE, 8 Sawpit Lane, Brocton,Stafford ST17 0TETel: 01785 661172 | Fax: 01785 663848Email:• Venetian blinds suppliedfor canal boats with sideguide wires for tumblehomecompatibility.• Curtains, roller blinds, pleatedblinds and blackout blinds tothe waterway leisure industry.With the whole nation gripped by tough economic times, it’svital that you choose the services offered by local companies.The more money you spend within our own economy, the betterequipped businesses across Aspire’s two counties will be to rideout the crunch and come out the other side stronger and betterfor it. Spending your money in local shops keeps your money inthe local economy, resulting in more jobs being created locallyand more funding for local services being raised through taxrevenue. Supporting local businesses also aids communitydevelopment. You may also find that choosing local is to yourbenefit, as you are treated to a more personal service. Thecompanies within this feature offer their customers the wholepackage: high quality products and competitive prices, as well asan excellent and personal service.The Perfect Wedding Day, Thanks ToOccasions By TJOfficially launched in January 2010, OccasionsBy TJ founder Theresa Richards boasts over 20years’ experience designing and making clothes,and 15 years’ experience planning parties andevents for friends and family. She said: “I’ve beenmaking things with a needle and thread since Iwas about 14 years old, but I’ve been planningevents for my family, then friends, then friendsof friends for about 15 years, as a hobby really.In my previous career, I was a full-time nursein London, working in critical care, care of theelderly, the whole spectrum of care really. I wasforced to leave the nursing profession due to illhealth, which meant I was unable to meet thephysical challenges of nursing any longer. Whenmy husband and I moved to the West Midlands,he suggested that I turn my hobby of weddingplanning into a career. Occasions By TJ wasregistered on January 1st 2010.”Occasions By TJ can plan and organise asmuch or as little of your wedding day asyou’d like. From the dresses and flowers to theentertainment and cake, Theresa is happy toplan your big day from scratch, or swoop induring the latter stages to ensure everythingruns smoothly.The Yat CountryGuest HouseThe Yat is a small, family-run guest house. Wehave spring water on tap and serve organicfood, with a full English breakfast.This ancient historic house, dating from the15th Century, nestles in an unspoilt valley,down a single track road, in the tiny hamlet ofGlascwm. The Yat is within easy reach of fromHay-on-Wye, the spa town of LlandrindodWells and Builth Wells with its yearly RoyalWelsh Show. Here the present owners,Krystyna Zaremba and Derek Pike, have madethe house into a rural retreat, where guestscan recharge their batteries in this welcominghome, amidst the beautiful countryside,to return to their busy city lives feelingregenerated and rested.We have two guest bedrooms; one doubleand one twin bedded. Both have en-suitebathrooms. There is spring water on tap andin the summer solar panels heat the water.Tel: 01982 548226 | Fax: 01982 551032Email: krystyna.zaremba@theyat.netwww.theyat.netGlascwm, Llandrindod Wells,Powys LD1 5SETheresa added: “I’ve had a tough life which Ithink has helped me to appreciate every minuteas well as instilling in me a fighting spirit. I wasadopted at the age of 15, fought and survivedcancer at the age of 25 and, after meetingmy wonderful husband and getting marriedover 30 years ago, suffered two miscarriages.I miscarried my son Izaac’s twin and then hadanother miscarriage before giving birth to myfire-cracker of a daughter, Libby, seven yearsago. I think all these trials have made me tough;I think they’ve equipped me with the tools tocontinue fighting, no matter what life throwsat me. By bringing this fighting spirit into yourwedding planning, I can ensure you get theday of your dreams, on time and in budget. I’mexceptionally good at controlling budgets andensuring couples get the best for their money.I also have the confidence many couples don’tto negotiate discounts, so they get the samehigh quality service but up to 20% cheaper. Inthis sense, I more than earn my fee and I oftensave couples more, so they have money left afterpaying for everything.”With a wealth of invaluable experience andknowledge, Aspire have awarded Theresa anAspire Certificate of Recognition for BespokeWedding Services.For more information,please contactTel: 01922 279584Web: Try ThetaHealing® WithAnne WhitehouseHolistic therapies have becomeincreasingly popular over the last25 years; in fact we’re sure all of youhave heard of at least some of themore common, but how many of youactually know what is involved in aThetaHealing® session?Aspire Sales Executive, Steph Lapidge, decidedit was time to find out more for herself. So shebooked an appointment with experiencedThetaHealing® therapist, Anne Whitehouse.Based in Oadby, Leicestershire, Anne is a certifiedAdvanced & DNA3 ThetaHealing® Practitioner,Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor, and a ColourMirrors Practitioner and Teacher. She provides oneto-onetreatments (face-to-face or over the phone),as well as accredited ThetaHealing® and ColourMirrors courses.Anne told Aspire: “Often other holistic therapiesdon’t go deep enough; they might help for awhile, but sooner or later symptoms or negativepatterns re-emerge, and you end up repeatingyour destructive patterns over and over again.ThetaHealing® works deep in your subconsciousmind; it allows you to change the negativeconditioning that has been ruining your life, andreplace it with positive wisdom. The results arelasting because ThetaHealing® removes the rootsthat are responsible for your stress. When you dothis, you are finally free of your past and free tostart afresh.“Many of my clients have tried everything elseto help with their stress, relationship difficulties,career issues, family problems, confidence andpost-traumatic stress before they come to me.ThetaHealing® is unlike any other holistic therapy;once we’ve resolved a particular issue (usually inone to three sessions), the changes are permanent.It totally changes your outlook on life and soaffects how the world sees you and reacts toyou; it’s a fantastic therapy, which can benefiteveryone. ThetaHealing® can help you to break outof situations in which you thought you’d be stuckforever. If there are aspects of your life that you’dlike to change, situations where you feel powerless,unhappy or afraid, then ThetaHealing® can helpyou.”Steph was delighted with her ThetaHealing®session and is hopeful for her future. She said:“I went to see Anne because I seem to go fromone bad relationship to the next and I’m readyfor things to change. I arrived at Anne’s and wasimmediately hit by a calming atmosphere; I felt atease and like I could really open up to Anne. Westarted with some basic muscle testing, in orderto see what my subconscious programming was.We discovered that my insecurities came from thebeliefs that I was ugly, that I didn’t deserve to be ina loving relationship, and that I would be betrayed.Anne then removed this negative programmingand replaced it with more positive thoughts.Obviously it is too soon to know how effectiveThetaHealing® has been, but I’m hopeful for thefuture. I can say that I immediately felt different; Ifeel like a new woman. I feel like a weight has liftedand I’m optimistic that my next relationship will bemore successful than the last.”Anne turned to holistic therapies in order tochange her own life. She added: “DiscoveringThetaHealing® was life-changing for me. I turnedto holistic therapies after being diagnosed withME; conventional medicine could do nothing forme, so I started on a quest to find therapies thatcould give me back my life. I came to understandthat the real problem was not my health, but wasthe way I saw my place in the world. I realised Ihad deep-seated conditioning which had drivenme to achieve, regardless of the cost to myself,resulting in years of enormous stress. I knew thatsimply relieving the stress was not good enough.To become truly well again, I needed therapies thatcould change my attitude to life on the deepestlevel, permanently. ThetaHealing® provided mewith the tools I had been looking for; tools whichcompletely changed the way I felt about life, and inso doing, gave me back my health and happiness.”Aspire have awarded Anne with a Certificate ofRecognition for Inspirational Therapist of theYear 2012.For more information on Anne, visit www.anne-whitehouse.comAlternatively, call Anne on 07779 230859 or emailinfo@anne-whitehouse.com10 ASPIREASPIRE 11

Meet In The MiddleCool ConferencesFor more information contact: Yarwell Mill,Yarwell, Peterborough PE8 6PSTelephone: 01780 782344Email: REFURBISHED AND UNDERNEW OWNERSHIP11 Silver Street, Whitwick, Coalville LE67 5EWTel: 01530 81566512 ASPIREFind tranquillity in the great outdoors atYarwell MillWhether your business is a global conglomerate,an international empire, a nationwide enterprise, aregional organisation or a single-person operation,a business conference is the perfect way to discussvarious ideas and initiatives, as well as passing onvital information to members of staff in order for yourbusiness to thrive.If you’re bringing all of your staff together for a meetingor a conference, finding the right venue is a must.Conferences can vary in size, from small meetings witha hand full of people to much large gatherings thatmay include hundreds of people. They can also takeplace almost anywhere. The location of your conferenceobviously depends on the number of people who willbe attending. Some companies have their own smallmeeting rooms within their office that can be used forsmall conferences, but a large conference with manyattendees will usually take place in a much large venue.There are numerous places you can hire for the day in andaround the Aspire region.It’s a sad fact, but many employees find businessmeetings and conferences a tad boring, so rememberthese handy tips in order to make your conference asuccess…• Provide attendees with an agenda• Stick to an agreed time limit and don’t get hung up ontiny details – give speakers an allotted time to speak, orwhy not introduce a specific object - a mug or a ball – forThe perfect location for a quietrelaxing holiday...Yarwell Mill Caravan and Camping Park is set inpeaceful Northamptonshire countryside, borderedby the beautful River Nene and provides fishingfacilities for guests.Located on the edge of the village of Yarwelland only six miles from the picturesque townof Stamford, there are many scenic walks andquiet villages to explore including Wansford andNassington.The historic Nene Valley Steam Railway is located ashort walk from the park along the Nene Valley Way...We will be able to accommodate 19 olderpersons for 24-hour care and are specialisingin early onset Dementia.Main benefits:• Peace of mind - highly trained motivatedcaring environment with a genuine desire tosupport your loved ones.• Intimately characterful, homely environmentin a period, Grade II Listed building whichoffers its unique charm.• The most modern-up-to date Aid Callsystems.speakers to hold whilst talking• Have a decision-making process in place so the itemsdiscussed are accomplished• If you simply need to update colleagues on an on-goingmatter, why not send an email instead• Don't be afraid of serving snacks or non-alcoholicbeveragesAfter suffering the stress of short time, redundancies andfinancial worries, many employees may still be lackingmotivation or feeling the stress of working overtime inorder to cover for redundancies. One way to give yourstaff a much needed morale boost is with a corporateactivity day, which may help employees focus better andgain self-confidence. By organising a day’s team building,away from your day-to-day environment, you may evenbe rewarded by their extra loyalty.When it comes to choosing an activity there’s anabundance of choice from the adrenaline fuelled rushof quad biking or paintballing, to the relaxing calm ofa round of golf, there’s something for every taste andbudget. Experience days are the very best way to getall of your staff together for some team building andlet them really have fun. Archery, clay pigeon shooting,go-cart racing, raft-building, mountain biking, 4x4 driving,bungee jumping, falconry, sheep dog handling, sailing,golf, abseiling, canoeing, scuba diving, paintballing, quadbiking, shooting and rock climbing are just some of theevents that could help bring your team of staff together.A Closer Look AtOadby Town Football ClubSituated in the suburb of Oadby inLeicester, Oadby Town Football Club isAspire’s choice for Local Venue of the Year.Ideal for wedding receptions, birthdayparties and family get-togethers, OadbyTown’s modern clubhouse boasts a fullymanned and fully stocked bar, a kitchen forpreparing food and a cold cellar to storefood – everything you need for the perfectparty, just add music and partygoers.The clubhouse is ideal for all day weddingreceptions during the summer, when theclubhouse is not being used by the footballclub. It is still available during the footballseason (August to May) but only in theevenings at weekends. You might be shockedat how inexpensive the clubhouse is to hire,just £150 for evening events and £300 for allday hire. Ken added: “There’s a fully mannedand fully stocked bar included in our hirecharge, as well as a kitchen where food can beprepared. You can also use our cold cellar tostore food. We have a music and bar licenseuntil midnight and our bar manager, Kelly, ishappy to show anyone interested around andanswer any queries you may have.”Originally established in 1937 as OadbyImperials, Oadby Town have a long history.In their first season, they won the City ofLeicester Medals Competition and as theirfirst season as Oadby Town in 1951/52, theywon the 2nd Division Championship in theLeicestershire Senior League. In 196263,Oadby Town were Leicestershire SeniorCup Winners and in 1963/64 they went onto become Leicestershire Senior LeagueChampions. The team won every major trophyfor which it entered including a League andCup double, culminating in a 4 – 3 victory overEnderby Town in the only Senior Cup Final toever be played at Filbert Street, Leicester CityFC’s ground at the time.During the 60s Oadby & Enderby dominatedthe Leicestershire Senior League, but duringthe 70s both clubs conceded their position toFriar Lane Old Boys, who emerged as LeagueChampions seven times in eight seasons. Theirreign from 1970/78 was only interrupted inthe 1972/73 season, when Oadby took the titlelosing just one game throughout the season.During Friar Lane's supremacy, Oadby finishedrunners up twice, in 1973/74 & 1976/77. Theclub's fourth placing in 1975/76 was the firsttime for 10 seasons that Oadby had finishedout of the top three.Oadby Town continued to win during the1980s and 1990s, winning: LeicestershireSenior Cup in 1980/81, 1993/94, 1996/97,1997/98 and 1998/99, the President Cupin 1983/84, the Harborough Charity Cup in1983/84 and 1988/89, Rollestone CharityCup in 1988/89, 1993/94, 1994/95, 1996/97and 1997/98 and the Battle of Britain in the1993/94, 1994/95 and 1996/97 season.In the last 12 years, Oadby Town havecontinued to impress. In 2000/01, they wereJoe McGorian winners, F.A. Vase semi-finalistsin 2002/03, eventually losing 3-1 to Brigg Townover two legs; this was also the season theteam were third in the F.A. Youth Cup for thefirst time in the Club’s history.Oadby Town receive sponsorship from anumber of local businesses, including Freewayand Greene King, but as a small footballclub just trying to survive hard economictimes, hiring out the clubhouse brings inmuch needed revenue. Director, Ken Farrant,explained: “As the football team only use theclubhouse before and after matches andat the end of the season for club and teamcelebrations, it sits unused for the majority ofthe year. So, we started hiring it out for privatefunctions and it’s been a great way to being inextra income. We’re a small club, just trying tosurvive. Hiring out our clubhouse for functionsis a great way to serve the community, as wellas supply the club within another source ofincome.”As well as being the perfect venue forcelebrations, Oadby Town FC clubhouse is alsoideal for conferences, business meetings andeven team building days, with hourly hire just£20 an hour. Tea and coffee is supplied.For more information or to make an appointment to view theclubhouse, please call 0116 2715728Oadby Town FC, Greene King Park, Wigston Road, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5QGOadby Town FCASPIRE 13

Diamond JubileeCelebrating 50 YearsOn The ThroneTIGER AWARENESSDrayton House, London Road,Wansford, Cambridgeshire PE8 6JDTel: 01780 784 799www.bohemeclothing.comboheme is a privately owned and runVivienne Westwood stockist.Stocking MAN and RED LABEL, Bohemeoffers the unique selection of theVivienne Westwood range of ladies andmen’s clothing. To complement yourchoice there is a range of accessories.Ten Things You Might Not Know AboutHRH Queen Elizabeth1. The Queen's real birthday is on April 21st, but it is celebrated officiallyin June.2. In 2002, at 76 years of age, The Queen was the oldest monarch tocelebrate a Golden Jubilee. The youngest was James I (James VI ofScotland) at 51 years.3. The Queen has received over three million items of correspondenceduring her reign.4. Queen Elizabeth II is the fortieth monarch since William the Conquerorobtained the crown of England.5. Over the course of the reign, around 1.1 million people have attendedGarden Parties at Buckingham Palace or the Palace of Holyroodhouse(The Queen ended Presentation Parties in 1958).6. Tony Blair is the first Prime Minister to have been born during TheQueen's reign. He was born in early May 1953 - a month before theCoronation.7. During her reign, The Queen has undertaken over 256 official overseasvisits to 129 different countries: she’s has visited Australia 15 times,Canada 23 times, Jamaica six times and New Zealand 10 times.8. The Queen is patron of more than 620 charities and organisations.9. She has sent around 100,000 telegrams to centenarians in the UK andthe Commonwealth. Along with The Duke of Edinburgh, The Queenhas sent about 37,500 Christmas cards during The Queen's reign.10. The Queen learnt to drive in 1945 when she joined the Army.Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 yearson the throne this year with a series ofDiamond Jubilee celebrations. She cameto the throne on 6th February 1952and her coronation took place on 2ndJune 1953. To celebrate, BuckinghamPalace has planned an array of events tocelebrate, taking place from Saturday 2ndJune through to Tuesday 5th June.Her Majesty will also be making a seriesof regional visits throughout the UnitedKingdom. Touring the country by road,rail, air and sea, The Queen and The Dukeof Edinburgh will travel widely acrossEngland, Scotland, Wales and NorthernIreland.The tour kicked off on Thursday March8th in Leicester with The Queen, PrincePhilip and The Duchess of Cambridge,Kate Middleton visiting the city. She hassince visited Manchester and Salford on23rd March and Redbridge, Walthamstow,Harrow on 29th March. HRH The Queen’stour also visits:• Cardiff, Margam, Merthyr Tydfil, Aberfan,Ebbw Vale, Glanusk Park on 26th & 27thApril• Sherborne, Salisbury, Crewkerne, Yeovil,Exeter on May 1st and 2nd• Bromley, Merton, Richmond on 15thMay• Burnley, Accrington, Warrington,Chester, Liverpool on 16th & 17th May• Nottingham, Burghley, Corby,Stevenage, Hatfield on 13th & 14th June• Henley-on-Thames on 25th June• Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunbartonshire,Renfrewshire, Perth from 2nd to 6th July• Hereford, Worcester, Birmingham,Shropshire on 11th & 12th July• Sunderland, South Tyneside, NorthTyneside, Gateshead, Durham City ,Stockton-on- Tees, Leeds on 18th & 19thJuly• Cowes, Isle of Wight, New Forest,Hampshire on 25th JulyThe Queen and The Duke of Edinburghwill make use of car, the Royal Train,aircraft and the ship Leander as theytour the United Kingdom. For moreinformation on the Diamond Jubilee,please visit www.thediamondjubilee.orgor www.2012queensdiamondjubilee.comProper Clobber is a family-runbusiness based in the north east ofScotland, and was established bymyself, Morag Carmichael, in 2008.My daughter, who is now nineyears-old,loves walking our dog(and jumping in as many puddlesas she can find), horse ridingand generally being outdoors.Proper Clobber evolved as I foundgarments for children & adultsthat were functional, ethicallymanufactured, affordable andstylish.Proper Clobber, Cookney Lodge, Netherley,Stonehaven,Kincardineshire AB39 3SAEmail: sales@properclobber.comTel: 01569 731333www.properclobber.comboheme is at the junction of the A47and A1. Please use Google map on thewebsite.boheme has easy parking so you canenjoy your shopping experience.Wansford also has several lovely placesto eat.Opening TimesTuesday - Sunday 11am - 4:30pmThe tiger is a critically endangered animal; thereare approximately 1,300 – 1,500 left in the wildin India and a further 1,500 in Russia, Vietnam,Thailand, Sumatra and south China. Tiger numbersare dwindling for a number of reasons, includingdeforestation, man-animal conflict, poaching (tigersare being killed at the rate of one a day) and humanconsumption of tiger body parts in accordance withtraditional Chinese medicinal beliefs.Three sub-species of tiger have become extinctin the last 20 years; the Bali, Javan and Caspian nolonger grace the forests of the world. UK charity, TigerAwareness, is working here in the UK and in India tofight for the survival of the remaining five sub-speciesof tiger.Founded in 1998, Tiger Awareness is a voluntary,non-profit charity that works in the UK and acrossIndia in Sundarbans, Bandhavagarh, Ranthambhoreand Dudhwa to raise much-needed awareness of thetigers’ plight.14 ASPIREASPIRE 15

Tiger AwarenessEarn Your Stripes & Help Save The TigerWith Tiger AwarenessWe’ve all had to tighten our belts of lateand the first ‘non-essential’ to go for mostpeople is their contributions to charity.However, for the smaller charities, thiscould spell disaster, which is why Aspirewould like to encourage you to continuedonating your hard-earned cash.Founded in 1998 by Phil Davis, Tiger Awareness is acharity entirely run by volunteers, working in the UKand in India, giving free talks to schools, the public, andother organisations, as well as supporting at ground levelsupporting local NGOs, who give safety advice on livingand working in forest areas.Phil says: “I’ve always thought the tiger was a beautiful,majestic animal, and from the mid-90s I ‘sponsored’ a tigerwith another charity, but I was inspired into action about15 years ago when I read an article about how few tigerswere lift in the wild; it’s amazing to me that there are nomore than 3,000 left in the wild but there are 5,000 inzoos across the United States.“I travelled to India in 1999 to learn about work atground level to increase awareness of the tigers’ plightand provide education on safety in the forests andsurrounding villages. Tigers live in forests and enjoy longgrass, which is high in the winter season, providing themwith good camouflage for themselves and their cubs.Tigers can live for up to 16 years in the wild and eachtigress will bring up her cubs for two years before theygo their separate ways. Tigers survive on a diet of meat,mainly chital deer, wild boar and samba deer, but theyhave been known to feed on cattle, often causing conflictbetween man and animal.“I have travelled to India on numerous occasions to helpand work with organisations at ground level. We givefunds in person at ground level, buying the items locally,which helps the local economy. We have also supportedorganisation that give alternative ways to making a living,other than hunting, also part of that, is education forthe younger generation, which also passes onto furthergenerations.”In recent years, Tiger Awareness has suppliedcommunities in India with:• mosquito nets, cycles and binoculars to forest guards inRanthambhore• bicycles in Buxa for the daily wage staff to help themmove more easily around the forest• stretchers to help the sick people in the remote hills inBuxa Duar• sleeping bags• binoculars for the forest guards so as to help them intheir duty to protect the forest and its mammals“We have recently funded six months mobile computerschool in Ranthambhore area, as this is helpful ineducation, gaining employment and giving a vitalunderstanding of nature and how we should help. Wehave also donated a computer to the forest department,for them to be able to collate Tiger information in thearea,” Phil added.Tiger Awareness is always looking for more donationsin order to continue their vital work. In the past Philhimself has completed numerous charity bike rides andmarathons in order to raise much-needed funds. He said:“We’re always extremely grateful for every penny wereceive. There are so many ways in which you can makea donation to Tiger Awareness; you can make a one-offdonation via our website or Just Giving, you can makea regular contribution with monthly donations, you canorganise a fundraising event, or you can leave a legacy inyour Will to ensure our work can continue into the future.Just don’t forget to Gift Aid any and all donations; thisenables us, as a registered charity, to claim the tax you’vepaid on that donation, so for every pound you donate, wecan claim an extra 28p at no extra cost to you.”Aspire Sales Manager, Stacey Wragg, has been inspiredby Phil and tales of the tigers’ plight, which is why sheis organising a sponsored bike ride from Leicester toSkegness in August to raise much-needed funds for TigerAwareness. Anyone wishing to join the bike ride shouldemail their interest Awareness use their funds at ground level in thefour main tiger areas of India: Sundarbans, Bandhavagarh,Ranthambhore and Dudhwa. They help villagers withfunds were they have cattle lifted by Tigers, outsideNational Parks; they have helped at schools who havebeen identified as conservation-minded; they help theforest guards with equipment that will enable them todo their job more effectively; and they support natureeducation, which encourages respect and understandingfor wildlife in its natural habitat.

Shepherd’sBathroomsSuperb bathroom supplies and installationHuge range to fit any budget from £249Extensive new showroomEstablished in 1925Summer HomesHome SweetHomeIf you’d like to know more about Tiger Awareness, please or follow @tigerawareness on Twitteror ‘Tiger Awareness-NON PROFIT’ on Facebook.Name:Address:Tel:Alternatively, contact Phil directly on 0116 2761221 or emailtigerwild@btinternet.comEmail:Donation FormPlease help ‘Tiger Awareness’ continue their vital work by making a donation today:I would like to make a donation of £ and enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to ‘Tiger Awareness’.Please fill in your contact details below...Please return this form toPhil Davis, Tiger Awareness, 11 Cheney Road, Leicester LE4 9NDRegistered Charity Number: 1117234www.shepherdsbathrooms.comOpen Monday - SaturdayRing us for moreinformation or call intoour showroom0116 255 435173 Hinckley Road,Leicester LE3 0TDHouse prices in the East Midlandsare currently £162,393; it’s not hardto see why so many first-time buyersare struggling to get on the propertyladder. The average first-time buyeris now aged 33 and although thenumber of mortgage approvals forhouse purchases hit a two-year high inJanuary (ahead of the withdrawal ofa stamp duty concession), with 38,092approvals that month, it’s still almostimpossible for first-time buyers to geton the property ladder.So if you already own your own home,consider yourself lucky and make themost of it, whether it’s a new build,character cottage or 1950’s semi. Withspring finally here and the warm weathermaking everyone feel good, now’s thetime to improve your home, whether youdo it yourself or get the professionals in.With interest rates so low, if you’ve gothard-earned cash sitting in the bank,now’s the time to do something with it, asit’s not making you any money sat in yoursavings account.A 2011 survey of estate agents carriedout by Rics discovered that manyhomeowners were considering makinghome improvements in order to beatthe housing market slump. The lackof mortgage approvals since 2008 hascreated an ‘improvements culture’,as homeowners try to curb theirdisappointment at not being able to moveup the property ladder. Rics discoveredthat the best ways to increase the valueof your home was with the addition ofanother bedroom, closely followed by anew kitchen or bathroom.If you’re one of the thousands ofhomeowners hoping 2012 will finally bethe year you move house, we have a fewtips to ensure your house attracts buyersby reaching its true potential:• If you’re using a bedroom as a playroomor for storage, clear it out and dress it as abedroom so potential buyers can see thepotential.• De-clutter and throw out any broken toysand donate old toys to your local charityshop - you’ll be de-cluttered and roamingin room in no time.• First impressions count, so don’t forgetabout kerb appeal. Place some planted upcontainers to add a much-needed splashof colour to the front of your house duringthe cold winter months.Don’t neglect your garden. Creating anoutside space to dine and even barbecueduring the summer is the easiest way tonot only add value but to create anotherroom for your enjoyment. Simple deckingor a paved area with a table and chairscan create that extra space you crave. Ifyou have a small garden and don’t knowhow to make the most of the space, thebest thing to do is enlist the services of aprofessional garden designer. They canhelp you achieve the look you want andon your individual budget, no matter howbig or small.18 ASPIRE ASPIRE 19

Balance Body & SoulFeelin’ GoodIt’s official; Britain has become a nation of stress heads. Facedwith hectic working lives, money worries and the pressure to bethe perfect parent, it can be hard to overcome the issues thatcause us stress. According to a study by Rescue Remedy, stresscan be brought on by just about anything and is likely to affectus all at some point. The herbal treatment brand surveyed 2,372people, with some shocking results. The company discovered that99% of people felt stressed out at some point every single day,whilst one in four admitted they felt stressed for up to 30 minutesa day.There are numerous complementary therapies out there that youcan try if you’re living with stress or a physical ailment including pain,depression and even life-crippling phobias…ReikiReiki’s natural healing energy works on every level, not just thephysical, and promotes the body’s regenerative self-healing ability. InJapanese, the word Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’. Eastern medicinehas always recognised and worked with this energy, which flowsthrough all living things. Reiki is a deep fully relaxing and blissfultreatment that not only heals but cleanses and purifies. It also notonly relieves stress but re-energises your whole body, improving yourstate of mind.AcupunctureAcupuncture is a holistic approach to health that is based onover 2,000 years of development and refinement in the Far East.The tradition is as much about the maintenance of health as themanagement of disease. Its focus is on improving the overallwell-being of the patient, rather than the isolated treatment ofspecific symptoms. Previously, it has proven effective in relievingpost-operative pain, nausea during pregnancy, nausea and vomitingresulting from chemotherapy, and dental pain. It can also alleviateanxiety, panic disorders and insomnia.HypnotherapyAccording to the Hypnotherapy Association, ‘hypnosis is a naturalstate of heightened awareness’. This leaves your mind open to‘beneficial suggestions’ so you can make ‘positive changes in your life’.Hypnotherapy has proven to be helpful in a number of areas. It hashelped people overcome those bad habits that can have an adverseaffect on your health, such as smoking and secret eating, and thosephobias that you’re so controlled by that they rule your life.Hypnotherapy can improve your life for the better, even affecting theway you feel about yourself and the world around you. It’s used bymany to provide a boost to mind and body, increasing motivationand overall well-being. It has even proved helpful in rememberingthe details of traumatic events and past lives.KORE TherapyAn amazing new therapy is leading the world in injury recovery,through its integrative medicine techniques; KORE Therapy uses aunique combination of Western diagnostic and assessments andEastern release techniques, combined with a mixture of psychologiesand philosophies to help people with the most chronic conditionsmake a break through to recovery and good health. Based ontreating all three levels of mind/body/spirit, KORE focuses on the rootcauses to your condition and why you are suffering. The first rule ofKORE is to not follow the pain, but search for the cause of the pain/discomfort. For example, if someone is suffering with knee pain, atrained KORE therapist will look at the pelvis and ankles, as well as thespine, kidney weakness and even head or neck strain, all of which cancause knee pain. KORE has been used to diagnose and treat a myriadof different conditions that haven’t reacted to conventional drug,surgery or physio-based treatments, so if conventional methods havefailed for you, Aspire urge you to try one of these alternatives.Body BeautifulFor those who are still counting down to their summer break andaren’t feeling body confident, there are numerous beauty treatmentsthat will give you a boost ready for the beach: body firming andhydrating treatments to boost circulation, skin polishing treatmentsto give your skin a real glow and spray tans to give your skin that sunkissed colour without the risk of sun damage.Open The Gateway ToA Brighter Future WithAs you sit reading this, there is probablynot one person that could not benefitfrom using hypnotherapy. It could be forconfidence building, sports performance,stress, depression, habit breaking, weightloss, smoking cessation, phobia curesor the more clinical issues such as painmanagement, IBS, skin conditions etc.Based in Leicestershire, Andrea Greenwoodis an experienced and highly qualifiedhypnotherapist who specialises in past liferegression and regression therapy. Andrea toldAspire: “I became interested in hypnotherapyafter reading a book by Michael Newtonabout between life regression. I started bydoing my Diploma in Regression Therapywith the Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA)and went on to study my Post GraduateCertificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy at TheLondon College of Clinical Hypnosis, gainingmy Certificate of Personal & ProfessionalDevelopment in Clinical Hypnotherapy andThe University of West London. I studiedPhysiology at The University of Edinburghand have a keen interest in psychology, soI believe that hypnotherapy marries thesetwo areas perfectly. The more I’ve learned,the more interested I’ve become. The mindis very powerful and is not only responsiblefor our thoughts and emotions, but throughour nervous system, it has an influence overevery cell in our body. It tells us everything weneed to know and hypnotherapy enables us tocontrol our mind effectively to get the desiredanswers/results.”Through Vision Hypnotherapy, Andrea can usehypnotherapy to help with pretty much anycondition, as she explained: “You name it andhypnotherapy can help; hypnotherapy hasamazingly positive results for the mind andbody. Even the conditions it can’t cure it canhelp to alleviate the symptoms. Your mind is avery powerful thing, full of untapped potential;hypnosis can help you tap into that potentialto improve your life, whether you want to curea phobia, break a bad habit, move forwardwith a career or relationship or alleviatephysical symptoms of a condition or disease.It’s all about changing our thought processesand fully utilising the resources available tous. Hypnotherapy is a very self-empoweringexperience.”Andrea is a certified member of the BritishInstitute of Hypnotherapy (BIH), one ofthe longest established associations ofhypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners. Shecharges £40 per session and is happy to travelanywhere within the Aspire region to meetclients (mileage is charged).Tel: 07595 962523Web: www.visionhypnotherapy.orgMoonwindShamanicWaysKim McMuldrow is a shamanic practitioner based in ShropshireShamanism is possibly the most ancient of spiritual practices, reaching backto the dawn of time.The well-being of all of us relies upon spiritual harmony and balancewithin ourselves and in our lives. Any imbalance/disharmony resultsin illness or disease which may manifest as disassociation, withdrawal,sickness, emotional or mental trauma, or simply a feeling ofemptiness…I facilitate one-to-one or remote sessions towards there-membering, re-empowerment and re-balancing ofindividuals, animals and the land.Tel: 07711 430812Email: RecommendationDo you have alittle girl wantingto be pampered?If so, then my Glitter ChicksBirthday Party could be for you.Glitter Chicks party includes;• Minx or Dashing Diva Nail Wrap onfingers or toes• Nail painting in a choice of funkydesigns & colours.• Glitter Tattoo, some sparkly ageappropriate make up applied by theother chicks.Choose from a variety of craftactivities including candle making andbead bracelets and not forgetting agift for the birthday girl.The cost is £10 per Glitter Chick(around 8 chicks recommended)The party will be around 2.5 hrsdepending on numbers and anyadditional extras.I would be happy to come to yourhome or a venue of choice. The partycan be adapted to all age ranges.Tel: 01604 821583Mob: 07738 RecommendationBrows are the ultimate framework of the face.The HD Brows look is a combination ofseven precision steps that produces naturalsculptured looking brows. HD brows creates afeeling of glamour and artistry in brow styling,our services are now very much in demandso WHY NOT EXPRESS YOURSELF IN HIGHDEFINITION !!!Highcross Shopping Centre Westgate ArcadeUpper MallUnit 26Shires Lane Queensgate Shopping CentreLeicesterPeterboroughLE1 4FRPE1 1NLTel: 07901 740418Tel: 07901 770365W:• Ergoline Sun Angel• UV Stand Up• UV Lay Down• Mystic Spray Tan• Tanning lotion andenhancers• Californian Tan• Fake Tan• After Care• SPFs• I-Tan• Amazon Waxing• Vitamin D – the next bighealth story• Slimming ProductsTel: 01325 Therapyby Sue BurgessMFHT, KORE consultant, MAcSCLA.Complementary Health PractitionerKORE is the world’s leadingphysical performanceenhancement programme• Health and recovery• Muscular and skeletalimprovement• Ideal for all sports, equestrian, racket andfootballBe balanced... be better!!Sue also offers:• Acupuncture• Aromatherapy, lymphaticand deep tissue massage• Indian head massage• Back, neck and shouldermassage• Reiki• ReflexologyContact Details:Huit Farm Lodge, Breach Lane,Earl Shilton LE9 7FBTel: 07951 185518Email: ASPIREASPIRE 21

Bowen TherapyRose Ward Named AspireBowen Practitioner Of The YearBe Beau*****************20% off all Elemis treatments*****************Elemis, Britain’s No.1 Spa &Skincare Brand, Comes To BirstallWith experience in the caringprofession since the early 1970s,Rose Ward is currently the clinicManager of Leicester Children’sBowen Clinic (LCBC), a fortnightlyclinic that provides Bowen TherapyTreatments for children from birthto 16-years-old, as well as theirparents. Alongside five trained,experienced and insured therapists,Rose runs LCBC from The KingCentre, on Bullhead Street inWigston Magna, LCBC is held twice amonth on Saturday mornings, from10am to 12noon.Aspire have recognised Rose’s experience byawarding her with a Certificate of Recognitionfor Bowen Practitioner of the Year 2012. Onhearing the news of her award, Rose said:“Thank you Aspire; this is a great honour toreceive this recognition. I’m excited by thefuture.”LCBC accepts children from Leicester,Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshireand Northamptonshire and they currentlyhave plenty of vacancies to treat children. TheClinic uses The Bowen Technique to help treata number of conditions, including:• Muscular Balance, Aches and Pains• Migraines and Anxiety• Asthma• Dyspraxia• Autism and Aspergers Syndrome• Global Development Delay• ADHD and Hyperactivity• Bed Wetting• Sleep DisturbanceThe next clinic is on Saturday May 12th andthen the 26th. Bowen therapy treatments forchildren at the Clinic cost £10 and parentscan be treated for free if there is a therapistavailable.Rose told Aspire more about how she cameacross Bowen therapy: “I originally trainedas a nurse because I wanted to be partof the ethos of the NHS, that believed inthe value of a person because they are aperson. For me, part of valuing a person isin giving emotional support, for them to feelrespected, informed and valued. I found thatBowen therapy could further augment thisaspect of care, because it so holistic, takingin to account the emotional, mental as wellas the physical health. My first introductionto complimentary therapies came througha hand massage course ran by LOROS. Thisdeveloped my sense of touch, a sense whichI replied on heavily in my nursing anyway,feeling for a pulse, swollen tissue or even afever. Complementary therapies so appealedto my sense of treating the whole person; Iset up my own practice in order to be morecreative in treating patients holistically.“Bowen is a gentle rolling of the skin overmuscle. The fascia, a layer of tissue under theskin, where the nerve endings are, receives astretch; this gives a profound effect throughthe bioelectrical circuitry of the body. Bowenis a great treatment which gives really fastresults – you see big changes quickly. Anupward spiral of wellness is created whentreating with Bowen; emotional problemsare addressed, improving the physicalwell-being, which then in turn lessens theemotional stress, improving the emotionalproblems further. In the past, we’ve has reallygood results with asthmatic children, andeven been helpful to those on the autisticspectrum.“There are certain changes that parents andcarers will see immediately. Children areoften calmer, their concentration is improved,they make eye contact, they have increasedexterity and co-ordination, as well as musclecontrol and they’re more receptive to furtherlearning. Although we treat the child, wereally help the whole family as behaviouralproblems, sleep disturbance and even bedwetting can all have an effect on the familyas a whole, not just the individual child. It’sall about improving the quality of life for thewhole family, reducing the stresses the wholefamily has to deal with, thereby improving theemotional wellness of the entire household.”Rose is also happy to treat adults and childrenat her home clinic from £25 per hour foradults and £15 an hour for children.For more information, please call Rose Ward on 07788 122488or visit www.leicesterchildrensbowenclinic.orgSituated in the bustling village of Birstall inLeicestershire, Be Beau is a new venture bringing topquality products to the heart of England. Experiencedbeauty therapist, Sammie Hanna, has thrown cautionto the wind and opened her own salon adjoiningShapes Hairdressing, located at the ‘Birstall Triangle’in the centre of the village.Be Beau offers a wide range of treatments, including:• Elemis Face & Body Treatments• Sienna X Spray Tanning• Shellac and Minx Nail Treatments• Vertical Sun-shower Room (220 watt new lamps)• Indian Head Massage• Full Body or Back Massage• Luxury Honey Waxing• ThreadingHaving enjoyed a successful opening day on St.Valentine’s Day, Be Beau offers the best in high fashionbeauty and spa therapy services. Sammie told us: “Iwanted to create something different, a salon like noother. I never been keen on the clean yet clinical feel ofmost salons and spas. I wanted to create somewherewarm, relaxing, pampering. To me, especially duringtough financial times, going to the salon, even forsomething as mundane as a leg wax, is a treat, so Iwanted to focus on creating an ‘experience’ for thecustomer, a place in which they could relax, and a placethey’d leave feeling refreshed, pampered and, most ofall, beautiful.”Be Beau’s big attraction is Elemis, the number one BritishSpa and Skincare brand, which is available in over 1,500elite salons, spas, cruise ships and department storesworldwide. Elemis is so exclusive to Be Beau that noother salon within a three and a half mile radius willstock the product or offer its treatments, making BeBeau the place to go for Elemis’ fusion of natural activeingredients and cutting-edge technology.ElemisSammie was kind enough to invite Aspire along to BeBeau to be pampered and enjoy a number of treatments.Graphic Designer, Lucy Crookston, was transformed witha Sienna X Spray Tan and Shellac Nails. She says: “I hadreservations about having a spray tan due to my lightcomplexion; I’ve been to salons before to have a faketan and they’ve been messy and unnatural. Sienna Xwas quick and easy, taking just 15 minutes to spray onusing Sammie’s industrial spray machine; it then driedreally quickly. It didn’t have the horrible, tell-tale biscuitysmell either. Sammie gave me some great after-caretips and some samples of after-care products to takeaway with me, which prolonged the life of my tan andhelped me avoid the downfall of white hands but tannedarms. I have been converted and will definitely have aSienna X Spray Tan again, as I received lots and lots ofcomplements on how natural looking my tan was. I thinkthis is because there are four levels of tan to choose fromand Sammie advised me to play safe as more tan can beadded, but it cannot be taken away once applied. I thinkwe got the colour perfect!“As for the Shellac manicure, it was amazing. Sammiestarted with a base layer, which was applied like normalpolish. I then placed my hands under a UV light to set thebase layer. She then applied two layers of colour, placingmy nails under the UV light after each coat; they werethen finished off with a top coat and a few more secondsunder the UV light. It was dry instantly so no smudges,which I usually have when painting my own nails as I’mtoo busy to wait for them to dry fully. With Shellac therewas no drying time, no waiting, just perfect nails in 20-25minutes. The colour is stunning and a week later, mynails are still perfect; no chips, no scuffs – they still have abeautiful high gloss shine. Having a Shellac manicure hasencouraged me to take care of my hands and nails moreso I’m pretty sure I’ll be having one again, maybe not ona regular basis, but definitely for special occasions andwhen I want a treat!”Meanwhile, Features Writer, Laura Hyde, spent an hourenjoying a relaxing Elemis facial, worth £65. Laura said: “Iwas really looking forward to my facial as I’ve never hadone before. I didn’t know what to expect but it was reallyrelaxing and Lisa, the Elemis trained beauty therapistwho gave me my treatment, was really friendly and gaveme some great advice on dealing with and caring formy spot-prone skin. She also recommended a handfulof products to me, but there was no pressure to buy anyof the products. I left Be Beau feeling pampered andrelaxed and I’d highly recommend the experience toanyone.”Call Be Beau today to make yourappointment to be pampered –0116 3677305Be Beau, 76 Front Street, Birstall, Leicester LE4 4DPShapes Hairdressing: 0844 445 7540Quote ASP257 to receive 20% offRRP of all Elemis face and bodytreatments at Be Beau.Valid until 31st August 2012. Voucher cannot be usedtogether with any other offer and is only available onElemis services.22 ASPIREASPIRE 23

Back On TrackWell-being For You and YourFour-Legged Friends FromHolidays & LeisureTake A ‘Magical Mystery Tour’Of BritainAlready popular in Europe and the United States, therange of Back on Track garments are a must for anysports man or woman, as well as dog and horses.The revolutionary range of Back on Track, Welltexceramic fabric products reflect the body’s own heat asan infra-red wave, which may help to alleviate painassociated with arthritis, inflamed muscles, ligaments,tendons and joints, increase blood circulation, reduceinflammation and swelling, reduce acidity and lacticacid.All the Back on Track products, whether for humans,dogs or horses, are all made of functional textiles withheat reflective properties using fibres of polyester andpolypropylene (some of the products are mixed withcotton fibres) with a ceramic powder fused into thefibres. When heated by the body’s own heat, the ceramicparticles radiate a back to the body as a far infra-redwavelength. This reflected heat is long-wave heatradiation, which is also known as long wave infraredradiation. The textile is a synergy of ancient Chineseexperience and modern scientific textile technology.Venetia Hawker, who took over the running of the UKbranch of Back on Track two years ago, said: “It is wellestablished and documented that long wave infraredheat radiation increases the blood circulation. Theincreased blood circulation in the tissues relieves muscletension and strengthens the body's own ability to reduceinflammation and heal injuries. . The absorption happensnot only in the skin but also deeper down the tissue,which makes the veins wider not only superficially butalso in the muscles and around the joints. The productsare therefore often used in cases where inflammation ispart of the problem. Another important application isinjury prevention, which you get when the protections areused for training and competition. There are no batteriesor wires; the product works using your own natural bodyheat. It can help in 99% of cases in aiding recovery and/orinjury prevention.”Available in the UK for the last six years, Back on Track’sstate-of-the-art products are available through retailers allover the world, including in Sweden, Norway, Denmark,Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Iceland, Hungary,Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iran, Canada, USA, Australia andNew Zealand.Back on Track were kind enough to send two of theirinnovative products to the Aspire office for our hockeymadEditor and Sales Manager to try.Editor, Claire Tipton, was sent a Back on Track Wrist Brace,which works well for those whose daily routine involvesmonotonous and repetitive movements, such as workingat a personal computer, as well as for people who makemore forceful exertions. Claire said: “I do suffer with mywrists thanks to years of playing hockey. The Wrist Braceoffered extra support during the two hockey games Iplayed and they didn’t ache like they usually do aftertwo games in one afternoon. I’d happily recommend thisproduct to my friends and will definitely be using it again.”Sales Manager, Stacey Wragg, was sent a Back on TrackKnee Brace with Velcro. She said: “This was unlike anyother knee brace I’d tried previously. It has an adjustablestrap across its upper edge, which is elasticised, and heldin place by two Velcro tabs at each end. The strap can betightened when exercising or loosened during relaxation.I regularly play two games of hockey in a row and myknees always ache afterwards, but that wasn’t the caseafter wearing the Back on Track Knee Brace. It was reallycomfortable to wear, I barely noticed it and wearing it ononly one knee, I notice the effect it had; I had fewer achesand pains in that knee than the knee that played twogames without a brace.”As well as the Knee Brace with Velcro, Back on Track alsosell a basic knee brace, which is very convenient and easyto wear. It’s ideal for wearing during the night or underslim fitting trousers, for example jodhpurs.People, sportsmen, horses and dogs around the worldare seeing the benefits of Back on Track, and use Back onTrack products on a daily basis. So, what’s stopping you?Contact Back on Track UK today and reap the benefits ofstate-of-the-art products.The Beatles, fish ‘n’ chips and red London busesare well-known symbols of modern-day GreatBritain. This great nation that we call homeonce ruled half the world as head of the BritishEmpire, during the 18th and 19th Centuries. ThisEmpire had a huge impact on the world and thedifferent races and cultures it came into contactwith.As time has passed and the Empire has all butdisappeared, what made this nation great hasn’t. It wasn’tour ability to conquer other countries that made us great;it’s our patience, our determination, our gentlemanlymanners and, most of all, our obsession with ‘taking part’and not winning that makes us Brits great!Earlier this year VisitBritain, our national tourism agency,predicted that the UK should attract 30.7 million visitorsin 2012, who will spend £17.6 billion during their stay,thanks to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June and the2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in July and AugustIf a holiday in good ol’ Blighty is good enough for ourforeign counterparts, it’s good enough for us. Britain maybe a relatively small county, covering 152,033 squareContact Patti Walker-BoothBraehouse, 9 Orchard Brae, Aberfeldy,Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2BFEmail: 01887 820 081| Mob: 07889 186, but it offers an abundance of places to discover andexplore, from chic city breaks to sunny seaside holidays,Great Britain has something for everyone.Ideal for families, couples and friends, the Great BritishHeritage Pass will allow you to explore Britain on abudget and skip those pesky queues. For a small priceyou can choose a pass that lasts between four and 30days, which grants you access to 580 stately homes,castles and gardens up and down the country, includingShakespeare’s birthplace. Get yours fromwww.britishheritagepass.comFor those who want to get outside, the 130,000 miles ofpublic footpaths that stretch through the countryside ofEngland and Wales offer a great opportunity to embracethe great outdoors. Whether you’re a serious rambleror fancy a leisurely wander, there are 15 long-distanceNational Trails providing beautiful scenery and the chanceto spot Britain’s native wildlife. Discover a route that’sright for you at the past by visiting one of Britain’s Heritage Citiesand discover the wealth of historical attractions thereare to explore. Six amazing British cities – Bath, Carlisle,Chester, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and York haveWe have two smart, stylish guest rooms on thefirst floor which are light and spacious, with ensuiteshower and bathroom facilities, luxurioussoft towels, bath robes and toiletries.Both bedrooms have luxurious, comfortable,super king-size beds, becoming singles ifrequired, with fresh white bed linen. There areflatscreen LCD televisions with integrated DVDplayers and clock radios with ipod docks. Hairdryers, mineral water, tea and coffee facilitiesare all standard contributing to a restful andenjoyable stay. You can still stay in touchwith business and home with our free Wi-FiBroadband.Breakfast is served in our light and airy morningroom or outside on the decking in good weather.Enjoy undoubtedly your best meal of the day, asyou take in the stunning panoramic views andwatch the red squirrels race up and down the oldoak tree.all joined forces to promote our nation’s 2,000 years ofhistory and royal connections. Find out more about thespecial events these cities have planned by logging ontowww.heritagecities.comFun and affordable days out can be found in abundanceat, with popular attractions inBritain’s cities offering discount deals and two-for-oneoffers to museums, zoos, aquariums and exhibitions.If you’re green minded and are choosing a British breakin order to limit your carbon footprint, you’ll also wantto ensure the activities and attractions you chooseare carbon conscious too. The Green Tourism BusinessScheme is an initiative that highlights those who strive toreduce their environmental impact by using local produceand being energy efficient. To discover the wealth ofattractions, eateries and services already on aboard go, with so many charming B&Bs, delightful selfcateringcottages, rural guesthouses and modern andluxurious city centre hotels across this great country,we really don’t see why you’d want the stress of goingabroad. For more info on holidaying in Britain, visitwww.visitbritain.comSpecialist shooting & conservationinsurance cover offered:• Shooting Syndicate Insurance• Clay Pigeon Club Insurance• Pest Control Insurance• Gamekeeper Insurance• Deer Stalking Insurance• Wildfowling Insurance• One Off Event Insurance• Bad Weather Shoot CancellationInsurance• Directors & Officers LiabilityInsurance• ATVs and all other Farm & EstateVehiclesTel: 01278 671154 | Web: | Email: uk@backontrack.euFor quotations offering a fast, efficient and friendly servicetelephone free on 0800 328604124 ASPIREASPIRE 25

Holidays & Leisure26 ASPIREHire a 6 berth caravan from £325 per week!Canwick ParkGolf Club LincolnCanwick Park offers 18 holesof golf on its beautifullymaintained parkland course.With its friendly atmosphere,we invite golfers to the club,where they can be assuredof a great time. The clubwelcomes societies, andprovides a coffee and bap, 18holes of golf and a meal for£26 per person.Clubhouse: 01522 522166Manager: 01522 Try beforeyou buy£8,500Certificate For Wales’ Hidden Gem 2012The Park Hill/Gwesty Bryn ParcAA/Visit Wales 4 Star guesthouseOur guesthouse is YOUR castle.The Park Hill is situated in an 1869-builtVictorian house with panoramic views overthe Snowdon foothills, 5 minutes walkingor driving from Betws-y-Coed. All the 8bedrooms have recently renovated ensuitebathrooms. It also houses a heatedindoor swimming pool (with sauna), freefor guests.Your hosts, Jaap and Ghislaine, aim tocreate a ‘home-from-home’ feeling. Morethan one hundred teddy bears are partof this. They know the area very well byown experience and are very pleased toadvise on local walking, climbing, fishing,attractions and so on.Rooms between £66 and £99per night B&B.Llanrwst Road, Betws-y-Coed LL24 0HDTel: 01690 710540Email: @parkhillbetwsSLWPA charming New England style cottage fortwo in Aberarth, situated on the CeredigionCoastal Path with sea views of Snowdonia.The Regency town of Aberaeron with itsrestaurants and pubs is one mile away, justhalf an hour’s walk.Accommodation is a double bedroom,separate shower room, open-plan living/dining area all tiled with underfloor heating.The kitchen area has ceramic hob/oven grill,dishwasher and microwave.Private parking is on your doorstep. Thepatio is accessed through French doors.Prices range from £255 - £355.Short breaks available.Contact Rosemary DavidsonT: 01545 570 102E: amongst 720 acres of arablefarmland and meadows, Carrick’s at CastleFarm is a family-run bed and breakfastoffering comfortable and welcomingholiday accommodation to holidaymakerslooking to explore and enjoy this stunningarea of Norfolk.Located in the banks of the River Wensumin Swanton Morley, Carrick’s at Castle Farmboasts three en-suite bedrooms and onedouble bedroom, with private shower, aswell as a drawing rooms with large openreal fire and a dining room which looksout over the lawn sloping down towardsthe river. A five-star Gold Award property,Carrick’s at Castle Farm is furnished in atraditional farmhouse style and offers peaceand tranquillity in abundance.Proprietor, Jean Wright, told Aspire: “Thefarm has been in my husband, John’s, familysince the 1920s; we took over six years agoand have renovated the house in order tomodernise it. The central section of thehouse dates back to the 1700s, whilst anextension, which contains the dining roomand a bedroom above, was added in the1870s.AvocaHoliday HomesThe Isles of Scilly, a group of 100 or soIslands approximately 28 miles south westof Land’s End, Cornwall.We have 5 inhabited islands, all with theirown unique atmosphere and charm.The population grows to 4,000 in thesummer so you’ll always find a place torelax.Our 4 star, ground floor apartments are onthe Island of St Mary’s, the largest of thegroup. Situated 5mins walk from the centreand 2mins from stunning coastal walks andbeaches.Open all year, our wish is for you to havethe best holiday possible.For reservations contactDeclan or KateTel: 01720 423183Peace In The Country At“We pride ourselves on serving local foodsduring breakfast and in our pre-bookedevening meals. We produce our own beeffrom our herd of commercial cattle, aswell as rare and traditional breeds and webuy local lamb and pork; I pride myself onknowing where our food comes from.“It’s quite magical here; the drive is aquarter of a mile long, so you don’t seethe house until the last minute and whenyou do, it’s set within the hollow, with thelawns running down to the river bank.Guests are often blown away by the beautyand tranquillity of the area. We have afive-mile walk made up of a series of interconnectingpermissive footpaths, whichtakes you around the outside of the wholefarm, where you can enjoy the stunningbeauty of this very special area.”Prices per night cost £95 for a double room.Discounts are available for longer stays.For more information, please call01362 638302 or Home-From-Home InThe Yorkshire DalesIf you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the greatBritish outdoors, be it walking, cycling or fishing,Aspire would like to recommend the peace andtranquillity on offer at Yorkshire Dales Cottage inthe hamlet of Millthorp, three quarters of a milefrom the charming market town of Sedbergh.Situated within easy reach of the Lake Districtand the Yorkshire Dales, this stone-built cottagesleeps up to four and is owned by Jane Garner.Jane told Aspire: “My late mum bought the cottageabout 20 years ago. She bought it from the previouslady owner who was selling as the whole row ofcottages were at risk of being condemned. Mumbought the cottage with this rick hanging over her, butlucky the cottages were saved.“The cottage was renovated and updated and todayboasts an open-plan living/kitchen area, which isdecorated in a modern style with essential appliances,such as fridge/freezer, oven washing machine. Theliving area also boasts a real fireplace for those coldevenings, whilst the rest of the cottage benefits fromcentral heating; the windows within this space overlookthe small garden and the rolling countryside beyond.The cottage has retained many original features, suchas the fireplace and beams, which complement thecountry-cottage style décor of the master bedroom,which boasts a double bed. There is also a sofa beddownstairs. Finally, there’s a bathroom with a shower.“Outside, the enclosed and secluded garden has agrassy area, which is ideal for children or dogs to play.There’s garden furniture and breathtaking views overthe surrounding countryside. If you appreciate peaceand tranquillity, this really is the place to be!”Jane’s charming cottage is located in the hamlet ofMillthorp, five miles from Junction 37 of the M6 in theYorkshire Dales National Park. Within a 10-mile radiusof the cottage, holidaymakers will find a whole hostof attractions, activities and countryside to explore.The market town of Sedbergh boasts all the facilitiesyou could need, with a butcher, Post Office, grocers,pubs, cafes, restaurants, and even a tourist informationcentre. It also has a delightful bookshop, a haven forbookworms, after all, Sedbergh is known as ‘the booktown’.Jane added: “The cottage makes a great base fromwhich to explore this wonderful area of the UK. Not onlyare you perfectly placed to explore the Yorkshire Dales,you can also easily get to the Lake District and theHowgill Fells, a small group of hills in Cumbria providinglong distance views of the Pennines and MorecombeBay. The area is great for almost everyone: dogs andtheir owners will love the array of walks for all levelsaround the area, as will keen ramblers who flock to thearea to walk The Dales Way. Fishermen will enjoy thechallenges of the River Rawtley whilst cyclists will lovethe challenges that the dramatic landscape of the Dalesand Lakes presents.”Linen and towels are provided. Prices start from £100for a long weekend (Friday to Monday) rising to £350 forweek. A £50 discount is available for senior citizens.Jane has a life-long passion for travelling, as sheexplained: “I’ve always loved visiting new places andmeeting new people but if it hadn’t been for mymum, my family would never had owned our belovedcampervan. We looked at a brand new V.W. Camperin Manchester many years ago but brand new it cost£35,000, money we just didn’t have! So we went toLeisuredrive in Kearsley, near Bolton and purchased oneof their campervans, converted from ordinary vehicles,including vans and ambulances. Our campervan hastaken us all over the UK, into France, Germany and asfar as Sorrento in Italy. Mum and I have toured andtravelled together for many years; the campervan islike our second home. We’re off to Cornwall in it withinthe next couple of weeks. It’s so much fun and offers somuch freedom.”Aspire are so impressed with the peace and tranquillityof the area that we’ve awarded Jane a Certificate ofRecognition for Rural Getaways.For more information onJane’s cottage, please call01942 216058 or07792 445257.ASPIRE 27

Spotlight On ScotlandBeautiful Bonnie ScotlandTop RecommendationPentlandLodgePentlandLodge Houseblends thespaciousluxury ofold stylerooms withcontemporary style and modernfacilities. As a family-run business, weseek the highest standards to makeyour visit comfortable, convenient andpleasurable, whether you are a leisureor business guest.With Dawn Star Boat Trips, you can experience the famousnaval harbour of Scapa Flow at a relaxed pace. Throughour informative commentaries, discover its history, itsimportance in the two World Wars, its seabirds and itswildlife.Trips depart from Holm Pier, St. Mary's, subject to weatherand tidal conditions.Open May - SeptemberTel: 01856 876743 | Mobile: 07759 944015Email: | Web:©VisitBritain/ Rod Edwards• Warm welcome• Comfortable night’s sleep• Refreshing power shower• High quality service• Tasty, cooked to order, breakfastOur 8 rooms can accommodatecombinations of single, double (allking size), twin and families. Oursuperior double room, “Middleton”,has great views over Thurso Bay.Pentland Lodge HouseGranville Street, Thurso, Caithness,Scotland KW14 7JNTelephone: 01847 895103Email: Self-catering HomeEmail: you are looking for a well located andrecently refurbished holiday cottage forrental, you have come to the right place.Chearsabhagh is a modern, spacious, homely,well-equipped bungalow. Accommodationconsists of 2 double and a single bedroom.Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom withshower cubicle and a lounge. Located in thecentre of picturesque Lochmaddy with anumber of facilities a short walk away.Despite its compact size, Scotland is hometo an array of attractions that are sure tooccupy every member of the family, nomatter what their age or taste. So, whetheryou’re searching for a family holidaydestination with attractions to entertainall, a romantic city for a weekend awaywith a lover, or just want to see somestunning scenery, Scotland is the place!With spectacular scenery, an abundance of fresh airand an unrivalled ‘outdoor playground’ Scotland isthe ideal place to enjoy a holiday this summer. Thecountry boasts an extensive range of cosy cottages,chic hotels, beautiful barn conversions, homey B&Bsand well-equipped campsites and caravan parks injust about every corner of this magical country. Notonly is the accommodation and hospitality in Scotlandgreat, but there’s so much to do and see in Scotland,you’ll be spoilt for choice.Scotland has some of the finest beaches in the world.They’re so varied with white sands, secret coves, rockpools, and unpolluted clear waters common sights;you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse ofseals basking on the rocks. It has been estimated thatScotland has 16,491 km/10,306 miles of coastline;in fact many Scottish beaches are often so desertedthat you can find yourself the only people there!Many of the beaches along the west coast are oftenphotographed and portrayed as the Caribbean inholiday brochures due to the white sands and crystalclear water.Scotland's breathtaking landscape offersholidaymakers the chance to refresh and enliven theirsenses, whether you explore on foot, on a bicycle orin a canoe! Scotland’s great outdoors make a unique,natural playground, combined with a wealth ofadventure activities, has blessed this small countrywith the prestigious status as Europe's AdventureCapital. Adventure seekers will find a host of excitingactivities in Scotland’s dramatic mountains, rollinghills, picturesque forestry, rugged coastlines and fastflowingrivers.Not only is Scotland an adrenaline junkie’sparadise, it’s also a rambling haven that providesthe opportunity to enjoy a gentle country stroll, abreezy coastal walk, trekking long distance routes orscrambling amidst the majestic mountains – there’ssomething for every rambler. For more than a century,walkers and climbers have been drawn to Scotland’stowering mountains, which are well-known foroffering many challenges and boast stunning views.The highest mountains are known as the Munros,which stretch more than 3,000 feet into the sky,but you don’t have to go to extremes to experienceScotland’s dramatic scenery as there are many otherwalking opportunities throughout the country. Simplygo to to find a route that’sright for you.If you’d rather explore on two wheels, rather than twofeet, there are also an abundance of cycling routesto discover and with trails offering family rides, hillyterrain and easy routes, all abilities are easily cateredfor. Find a route that’s right for you is also THE place for wildlife; The ScottishWildlife and Nature Tourism Operators Associationbelieves Scotland is the number one destination forwatching wildlife in Europe, thanks to the diversityof the landscape. Recent years have seen the reintroductionof many native Scottish species, mostnotably the Sea Eagle and Red Kites, which now gracethe Scottish skies once again.For more information on holidaying in Scotland,please visit visitscotland.comTop RecommendationSheigraSheigra is a longestablished, nonsmokingbed &breakfast, rated 4 Starby Visit Scotland, ina quiet residentialarea of Thurso, onlyminutes walk fromthe town centre,railway and busstations. There iscovered storage for bicycles and off-roadparking.Accommodation comprises one double/family bedroom en-suite; one twinbedroom with washhand basin, privatebathroom and shower. All rooms havecentral heating, hospitality trays, TV &free Wi-Fi.Rates are from £30 per person, per night.Email: chrisws@btinternet.comTel: 01847 892559Mob: 07570 890671Top RecommendationThe RowansBed & Breakfast4 star Bed and Breakfastwith a differenceThe Rowans is different to most B&Bs. Weoffer 4 star service and comfort, but withthe added flexibility and privacy of a selfcontainedsuite.Your accommodation is a one-bedroomannexe with its own shower room,kitchen/diner and separate entrance, soyou can come and go as you please. Wesupply you daily with everything youneed to make a substantial continentalbreakfast and packed lunch, in your ownkitchen, so that you are not restricted tofixed breakfast times and don't have tochoose from menus the night before. Soif you are walking or climbing, you canbe in the hills at first light, or if you arehaving a lazy day you can enjoy a leisurelybreakfast in your pyjamas.The Rowans offers unrivalled comfort as abase for climbing, walking, birdwatchingor exploring Skye, or just a lazy break fromthe frantic pace of modern life. We lookforward to welcoming you at The Rowans!Tel: 01478 640478Email: Jenny@TheRowansOnSkye.comwww.TheRowansOnSkye.comHoxa Tapestry GalleryLeila graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and returned home to Orkney towork, creating unique, hand-woven tapestries inspired by the rhythm of life andlandscape of Orkney. The Gallery opened in June 1996 with visitors coming fromall around the world. Such is its success that her commission list is growing everlonger. Daughter, Johan, also an ECA graduate and son, Andrew, have joined thefamily business, introducing a range of handcrafted rugs, bespoke and readymade, as well an online shop.Leila, Andrew and Johan Thomson are delighted to welcome you to theirworkspace and gallery. Artwork, rugs, cards and prints available to purchase.Leila J ThomsonNeviholm, Hoxa, South Ronaldsay, Orkney KW17 2TWTel: 01856 831395Email: ASPIREASPIRE 29

Spotlight On Scotland“Although the road has been long and hard toget to this point, I have enjoyed the steep learningcurve required to run a business in my own wayfrom a designer's point of view".Sheila Fleet is one of Scotland's leading designer-makers of gold, silver and platinumjewellery. Sheila creates her stunning collections from her Orkney-based workshop,where the islands’ wonderful sea, sky and landscape colours influence her designs.Sheila graduated in 1967 from Edinburgh School of Art, and was employed in thejewellery trade for 26 years before setting up her own business in 1993. Today thebusiness is renowned for its distinctive silver and enamel jewellery and has customersacross the globe.Sheila Fleet Jewellery is a major employer in Orkney, with over 30 skilled membersof workshop staff and another 20 employed between her stores and concessionsin Edinburgh and Glasgow. All of Sheila’s jewellery is designed, crafted, packaged anddistributed from her workshop in Orkney.The Bu Hoxa, St Margaret’s Hope,Orkney KW17 2TWTel: 01856 831366Email: lorrenagib@btinternet.comThe Hoxa TearoomsThe Hoxa Tearooms is a family-run businesswith a friendly atmosphere, newly openedin 2012. Its elevated headland position takesfull advantage of the panoramic views overScapa Flow. One of Orkney’s Heritage walks,which passes within 6ft of the Tearoom door,enables access to both WWI and WWII gunemplacements, as well as an abundance ofwildlife and still further views, across thePentland Firth to mainland Scotland. A popularspot with fishermen, birdwatchers and finwatchersalike, not to mention the abundantflora make it a must for any visitor to Orkney. Socome in and enjoy tea, coffee and Ssnacks from10am until 6pm, seven days a week.Castlehill, Evie, Orkney KW17 2PJTel: 01856 751228Email: Hidden Gem Of The HebridesLeumadair Guest HouseContact Leumadair Guest House today!Tel: 01851 621706Web:, spacious, comfortable & relaxing!The house is of modern design with spacious rooms, large comfortable lounge, additionalrest areas and tasteful dining facilities.The view from the house is one of the best in the Orkney West Mainland, making Evie aregular choice of venue for holiday makers & visitors.Tel: 01856 861 203Email: info@sheilafleet.comAll rooms have quality solid oak furnishings. Each room offers a king-size bed, good qualityEgyptian linen & bedding. We provide goose feather all-weather downies - up to 13.5 tog,so you can be assured that your room will be comfortable and give you a good night’ssleep. MP3/ bedside radio alarm, bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and fitted wardrobe isalso provided. Where – non-allergenic pillows are needed, we have these too.Relax & Unwind In BeautifulWestray, Orkney IslandsBoasting breathtaking views ofPierowall Bay, Pierowall Hotel inWestray is the perfect place to enjoy aholiday in the Orkney Islands. Ownedand run by Alan and Alison Dreverfor forthe last four years, Pierowall Hotel hasbeen welcoming guests to ‘miniature’Orkney for many years. The secondlargest of the North Isles, Westray canbe ‘done’ in a day, either on foot, bybike, car or organised tour; howeverto truly experience the tranquillity andslower pace offered here, Aspire wouldrecommend spending a week or twothere.With six bedrooms, four of which areen-suite, two of which are standardand share a bathroom, Pierowall Hotelprovides the perfect central base fromwhich to explore the unique flavourof Orkney’s Westray island. All sixbedrooms have comfy beds, FreeviewTV, hairdryer and hospitality tray, as wellas wonderful views across the island.Wi-Fi Internet access is available in theguest lounge. The Hotel also boasts awarm lounge bar with TV and extensivedrinks selection.Pierowall Hotel also boasts a restaurantcatering for up to 36 diners. Open tothe public and not just hotel guests,Pierowall’s restaurant is open from12noonuntil 2pm and then again from5pm until 9pm (6pm until 9pm in thewinter months) every day and offersa delicious selection of home-cookedmeals. Fish, shellfish and Orkney beef,which are all served regularly, arerenowned for their fresh and distinctflavours.Situated within easy walking distanceof the village shops, a children’splayground and playing field, aswimming pool and of course PierowallBay, Pierowall Hotel is the perfect basefrom which to explore this magicalisland.Prices per night range from £30 to £50with reduced rates available in thewinter. To find out more, or enquireabout availability, please or call01857 677472Twenty ShillingWood Caravan ParkWelcome to Twenty Shilling Wood,this pretty, secluded, family-run parkis set amongst magnificent woodlandon a south-facing hillside, only ½ milewest from the picturesque and friendlyvillage of Comrie.There is a laundry, modern toilet block(heated in early and late season), withshower, razor and hairdryer points.These facilities are always spotlesslyclean, with little personal touches.A car park is provided for residentsto use for second cars and whenthe security gate is closed between10:30pm and 8am, our quiet time.Twenty Shilling Wood Caravan ParkComrie, Perthshire & Kinross PH6 2JYTel: 01764 670411Email: alowe20@aol.comGourdon SchoolhouseBed & BreakfastWe are situated in Gourdon, Aberdeenshireon the east coast of Scotland. Within easyreach of Aberdeen, Dundee, Carnoustie(Golf Open), Montrose, Stonehaven & RoyalDeeside.The perfect environment for golf, walking,fishing, photography and art, with wild lifecentres at St. Cyrus, Forfar & Brechin.For cycling, we are on the North Sea CycleRoute, and the Coast & Castles North CycleRoute. Relax in beautiful surroundings withspectacular views over the harbour, villageand North Sea.Our comfortable bed and breakfast offerstwo double rooms and one single, withtea/coffee making facilities, flatscreen LCDTV/DVD players, hairdryers in all roomsand two shared bathrooms. A full cookedbreakfast or light alternative is provided.Sorry, but we have no facilities for youngchildren. No pets or smoking.Lorna Wilson, Gourdon Schoolhouse,Selbie Place, Gourdon,Aberdeenshire DD10 0LTTel: 01561 362598 | Mob: 07880 726731Email: admin@gourdonschoolhouse.comwww.gourdonschoolhouse.comExperience a true taste of Hebridean life and enjoya wealth of attractions right on the doorstep, witha stay at Leumadair Guest House. Located on thewild and wind-swept Isle of Lewis, this traditionalworking croft offers an authentic taste of islandlife and guarantees to create memories you’llcherish forever.A true beauty, the Isle of Lewis is surrounded by thewild waters of the Atlantic Ocean and is home tosome truly unique sites. Whatever the season, there’salways something to marvel at on the Isle of Lewisand a break can be enjoyed here at any time of theyear. If you’re looking for a real rural retreat, awayfrom popular tourist resorts, this majestic island isthe place to stay; for even more seclusion, peace andtranquillity, book an out of season break, so you canenjoy having the island all to yourself.With ancient history, intriguing traditions anddazzling light shows awaiting you, you’ll be spoiltfor choice when it comes to deciding what to do.The most northern of the Hebrides, the Isle of Lewisis home to 15 sites of Special Scientific Interest andremains remote, rugged and largely untouched byhuman hands.The jewel in Lewis’ crown, the world-famous CallanishStanding Stones are a must-visit attraction for anyoneholidaying on the island. An archaeological wonder,the Stones date back to the Neolithic period andare second only to Stonehenge in terms of their sizeand grandeur. A place of great mystique, these hugestones predate the Egyptian Pyramids and were oncea place of worship; to this day they remain a place ofpilgrimage and many people visit the Isle of Lewis justto take in this magnificent sight.Donald Macleod, of Leumadair Guest House, whichoverlooks these wonderful stones, says: “Samplesfrom within the peat pinpoint the first human activityon the islands to around 8,000 years ago and theearliest human remains here date back 5,000 years.The whole island was once native woodland and awealth of ancient artefacts, temples and communalburial grounds have been unearthed, but theCallanish Stones remain the most striking monumenton the island. I’m lucky enough to be able to glanceout of my window at any time and admire thesewonderful stones, which I believe have close links toour crofts.”The inspiring sunrises and spectacular sunsets ofLewis have proved to be a big hit with photographers,who come here from across the UK and beyond tocapture the amazing and unique landscapes; theHebrides are also a major draw for those wishingto witness the phenomenal sight of the NorthernLights, as the skies above regularly come to life withdazzling displays of red, yellow, green and blue light.Whether you’re an amateur getting to grips with yourcamera or an experienced photographer, Donald willbe happy to share his knowledge of the local area toensure you take fantastic images away from Lewis,as well as fantastic memories, he says: “The Isle ofLewis is a phenomenal place for artists and the artistcommunity continues to grow; many people comehere to paint the great landscapes because the lightis so clear, but the magnificent sight of the midnightsun is also a big draw.”To see and do all of this and much, much more,Leumadair Guest House is the place to stay, where awarm Hebridean welcome awaits all who visit.Donald, along with wife Nita, is extremely proud ofthe comfortable accommodation and hospitality onoffer at Leumadair. Nita says: “We’re all about makingsure people enjoy their holiday, we pride ourselveson offering good value and good food, and we aim tobe as welcoming as possible. It’s certainly the placeto stay if you’re looking for an authentic Hebrideanexperience.”Leumadair Guest House has four comfortable en-suiterooms: two family rooms with king-size bed and bunkbeds, one double room and one disabled-friendlytwin room. All rooms feature tea and coffee makingfacilities and mouth-watering Hebridean chocolate.Included in the price of your stay is a traditionalHebridean breakfast, complete with home-rearedbacon and sausages, free-range eggs and Stornoway’sfamous black pudding.Aspire firmly believe that Leumadair Guest Houseprovide every visitor with the best Hebrideanexperience there is, which is why we recently selectedDonald and Nita for our Certificate of Recognition forScottish Hospitality.Don and Nita have opened Pol’s Pantry, serving tea,coffee, delicious home baking and light refreshments,every Sunday from 10am until 6pm.30 ASPIREASPIRE 31

FeatureRoseCottageSituated in the quiet village of Gelstonnear Castle Douglas, Rose Cottage, winnerof Aspire’s Certificate of Recognition forRural Getaways, offers all the peace andtranquillity you could ask for, surroundedby stunning rural countryside. Datingback to 1760, Rose Cottage offers spaciousaccommodation for a large family orgroup of friends within two twin and twodouble bedrooms.All on one level, Rose Cottage boaststwo twin (one en-suite) and two doublebedrooms, as well as a large familybathroom; it comfortably caters for groupsof up to eight. Holidaymakers will find acosy lounge with fire, spacious kitchenand adjacent utility room with all themod cons, including washing machineand dish washer, a pine-lined sun room/conservatory used as a dining room, andviews over the surrounding farmland. Bedlinen and towels are provided and there isa TV in each bedroom, as well as a TV andDVD player in the lounge.Outside there is ample parking in thecar park, whilst round the back you’llfind a large garden with a decking area.Furniture and a barbecue can be provided.There is a stream and waterfall borderingthe property, which overlooks thesurrounding Scottish countryside.Owner, Kerr Steele, told Aspire: “My latewife, Sheila, and I ran Rose Cottage asa guesthouse, offering dinner, bed andbreakfast accommodation, for 20 years butwhen she took ill six years ago, we scaledback our involvement and turned thecottage into self-catering accommodation.I now live in a chalet at the back of thecottage. The cottage is modern andtraditionally decorated and furnished forthat ‘country cottage’ look. All rooms areSTB grade three, meaning they’re suitablefor some disabled visitors.”It’s not hard to see why Rose Cottage waschosen for our Certificate of Recognitionfor Rural Getaways. On hearing the news,Kerr added: “Thank you Aspire, I’m veryglad to receive this Recognition. It’s awonderful start to the year and I hope itboost my business, although I am startingto get booked up for this year; I hadsomeone book most of June this morningso we look set for an excellent year.”Aspire Sales Executive, Barbara Stone, said:“Scotland is such a wonderful country tovisit for a holiday, with the whole family.There’s so much to do in and surroundingCastle Douglas that Rose Cottage is theperfect place to relax after a long dayexploring. Alternatively, you can justrelax amid breathtaking and tranquilcountryside. That’s what I love so muchabout Rose Cottage; it’s so centrallylocated you can get to all the area’sattractions easily but it’s still set awayfrom the hustle and bustle, allowing youto escape the stresses of city living. I hopeour Certificate of Recognition encouragesmore Aspire readers to travel north ofthe border this summer for a wonderfulholiday in Scotland.”Aspire’s Editor, Claire Tipton, added: “Ithink Rose Cottage is the perfect place inwhich to sample the delights of Scotland.As it’s not too far over the border, itdoesn’t take as long to get there as other,more well-known parts of Scotland. And,because it’s not as well-known, there willbe fewer crowds, allowing you to trulyappreciate the scenery and tranquillity ofthe area.”A week’s stay at Rose Cottage starts from £360 per weekin the off season, rising to £624 per week, meaning there’sno excuse not to see this stunning cottage for yourself.A maximum of two well-behaved pets are welcome.Rose Cottage is an excellent base from which to exploreeverything Galloway and the surrounding area has to offer.For more information, or to discuss availability, please callKerr on 01556 502513.Kerr SteeleRose Cottage, Gelston, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire,SCOTLAND DG7 1SH32 ASPIRE

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