Operating Instructions (Compact) Issue 11/04 SINAMICS ... - Siemens

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Operating Instructions (Compact) Issue 11/04 SINAMICS ... - Siemens

Operating Instructions (Compact) Issue 11/04sinamicsSINAMICS G110

2 Electrical Installation Issue 11/042.4 Block diagramFig. 2-2Inverter block diagramSINAMICS G1108 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/043 Factory setting3 Factory settingThe SINAMICS G110 frequency inverter has already been programmed at thefactory (motor parameters P0304, P0305, P0307, P0310), for standard V/fapplications on Siemens 4-pole asynchronous motors 1LA that have the samepower rating as the invertersFurther factory settingCommand sources P0700 see Section 3.1/3.2Setpoint source P1000 see Section 3.1/3.2Motor coolingP0335 = 0 (self-cooled)Motor current limit P0640 = 150%Min. frequencyMax. frequencyRamp-up timeRamp-down timeControl mode V/fP1080 = 0 HzP1082 = 50 HzP1120 = 10 sP1121 = 10 sP1300 = 0 (V/f with linear characteristic)3.1 Specific factory settings for the analog versionDigital input Terminals Parameter FunctionCommand source 3, 4, 5 P0700 = 2 Digital inputSetpoint source 9 P1000 = 2 Analog inputDigital input 0 3 P0701 = 1 ON / OFF1 (I/O)Digital input 1 4 P0702 = 12 Reverse ( )Digital input 2 5 P0703 = 9 Fault reset (Ack)Control method - P0727 = 0 Siemens standard controlFig. 3-1Connections, analog versionSINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 9

3 Factory setting Issue 11/043.2 Specific factory settings for the USS versionInputs Terminals Parameter FunctionCommand source P0700 = 5 Via the USS protocolSetpoint source P1000 = 5 Frequency input via the USS protocolUSS address8, 9P2011 = 0 USS address = 0USS baud rate P2010 = 6 USS baud rate = 9600 bpsUSS-PZD lengthP2012 = 2 Two 16-bit words are in the PZD sectionof the USS telegram.Fig. 3-2Connections, USS versionSIMATIC S7-200Bus terminationG110 G110 G110max. 31 SINAMICSFig. 3-3Example, USS bus3.3 DIP switchesThe default motor base frequency of the SINAMICS G110 inverter is 50 Hz. Formotors, which are designed for a base frequency of 60 Hz, the inverters can be setto this frequency via a DIP switch.Bus termination on USS variantIt is necessary to terminate the last inverter on the network bus. This is achieved bysetting the Bus Termination DIP switches (DIP switches 2 and 3) on the front of theinverter to the ‘Bus Termination’ position (ON position). A common 0 V reference(terminal 10) is required between all devices on the USS bus.Fig. 3-4Motor Base Frequency DIP Switch and Bus TerminationSINAMICS G11010 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/044 Communications4 Communications4.1 Establishing communications SINAMICS G110 ⇔STARTERThe following optional components are additionally required in order to establishcommunications between STARTER and SINAMICS G110:‣ PC frequency inverter connecting kit (order no 6SL3255-0AA00-2AA0)‣ BOP, as far as the USS standard settings already kept in the Sinamics G110shall be changed (order no 6SL3255-0AA00-4BA0)PC SINAMICS G110 connecting KitSINAMICS G110USS settings, refer to Section 6.2.1, Page 17.STARTERMenu, Options --> Set PG/PC interface -->Select "PC COM-Port (USS)" --> Properties--> Interface "COM1", select a baud rateNOTEThe USS parameter settings in the SINAMICSG110 frequency inverter and the settings inSTARTER must match!SINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 11

5 BOP (Option) Issue 11/045 BOP (Option)5.1 Buttons and their FunctionsPanel/ButtonFunctionEffectsIndicatesStatusStartconverterStopconverterChangedirectionJog motorThe LCD displays the settings currently used by the converter.Pressing the button starts the converter. This button is disabled by default.Activate the button: P0700 = 1 or P0719 = 10 ... 15OFF1OFF2Pressing the button causes the motor to come to a standstill at theselected ramp down rate. This button is disabled by default.Activate the button: P0700 = 1 or P0719 = 10 ... 15Pressing the button twice (or once long) causes the motor to coastto a standstill.This function is always enabled.Press this button to change the direction of rotation of the motor. Reverse isindicated by a minus (-) sign or a flashing decimal point. Disabled by default.Activate the button: P0700 = 1 or P0719 = 10 ... 15.In the " Power-on/Ready" state, when this key is pressed, the motor startsand rotates with the pre-set jog frequency. The motor stops when the buttonis released. Pressing this button when the motor is running has no effect.This button can be used to view additional information.It works by pressing and holding the button. It shows the following, startingfrom any parameter during operation:1. DC link voltage (indicated by d – units V)2. output frequency (Hz)3. output voltage (indicated by o – units V).4. The value selected in P0005 (If P0005 is set to show any of the above(1 - 3) then this will not be shown again).Functions Additional presses will toggle around the above displays.Jump FunctionFrom any parameter (rxxxx or Pxxxx) a short press of the Fn button willimmediately jump to r0000, you can then change another parameter, ifrequired. Upon returning to r0000, pressing the Fn button will return you toyour starting point.AcknowledgementIf alarm and fault messages are present, then these can be acknowledged bypressing key Fn.AccessPressing this button allows access to the parameters.parametersIncreasevalueDecreasevaluePressing this button increases the displayed value.Pressing this button decreases the displayed value.SINAMICS G11012 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/045 BOP (Option)5.2 Changing parameters using as an example P0003"Access level"StepResult on display1 Press to access parameters2 Press until P0003 is displayed3 Press to access the parameter value level4 Press or to the required value (example: 3)5 Press to confirm and store the value6 Now access level 3 is set and all level 1 to level 3 parameters are visible to the user.SINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 13

5 BOP (Option) Issue 11/045.3 Cloning parameters with the BOPA single parameter set can be uploaded from an inverter SINAMICS G110 andthen downloaded into another SINAMICS G110 inverter. To clone a parameter setfrom one inverter to another, the following procedure should be performed:Upload (SINAMICS G110 → BOP)1. Connect the BOP to the inverter SINAMICS G110 which parameters you wishto copy.2. Ensure that it is safe to stop the inverter.3. Stop the inverter.4. Set parameter P0003 to 3.5. Set parameter P0010 to 30 to enter Cloning Mode.6. Set parameter P0802 to 1 to start the upload from the Inverter to the BOP.7. During the upload “BUSY” will be displayed.8. The BOP and the inverter will not react to any commands during upload.9. If the upload has been completed successfully, the BOP display will return tonormal and the inverter will return to a ready state.10. If the upload has failed:Attempt another upload or perform a factory reset.11. The BOP can now be removed from the inverter.Download (BOP → SINAMICS G110)1. Connect the BOP to the SINAMICS G110 inverter, in which the parameter setis to be downloaded.2. Ensure power is applied to the inverter.3. Set parameter P0003 to 3.4. Set parameter P0010 to 30 to enter Cloning Mode.5. Set parameter P0803 to 1 to start the download from the BOP to the inverter.6. During the download “BUSY” will be displayed.7. During download the BOP and the inverter will not react to any commandsduring download.8. If the download has been completed successfully, the BOP display will returnto normal and the inverter will return to a ready state.9. If the download has failed:Attempt another download or perform a factory reset.10. The BOP can now be removed from the inverter.NOTEThe following important restrictions should be considered when using theCloning procedure:‣ Only the current dataset is uploaded to the BOP.‣ Once the cloning procedure has started, it cannot be interrupted.‣ It is possible to copy data from inverters of different power and voltage ratings.‣ During download, if the data is not compatible with the inverter (e.g. differentfirmware releases) the default values for the parameter will be written to theinverter.‣ During the cloning process any data already held by the BOP is overwritten.‣ If the download or upload of data fails, the inverter will not function correctly.SINAMICS G11014 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/046 Commissioning6 Commissioning6.1 Quick commissioningSTARTThe quick commissioning function will adapt the inverter to the motor and will setimportant technological parameters. The quick commissioning can be omitted if a4-pole 1LA Siemens motor will be used, which matches the rating data of thefrequency inverter.In order to have access to all motor parameters it is recommended to set the useraccess level P0003=3 (see 5.2)Parameters, designated with a * offer more setting possibilities than are actuallylisted here. Refer to the parameter list for additional setting possibilities.Factory settingP0010 = 1 Commissioning parameter *0 Ready01 Quick commissioning30 Factory settingNOTEP0010 should be set to 1 in order to parameterize the data of the motor ratingplate.P0100 =...Europe/ North America0(enters the default motor base frequency and powersettings hp/kW)P0100 = 10 Europe [kW], frequency default 50 Hz1 North America [hp], frequency default 60 Hz2 North America [kW], frequency default 60 HzP0100 = 0, 2 NOTEFor P0100 = 0 or 1, the setting of the DIP switchmust be in line with the value of P0100 (refer to theparameter list).NOTICEMotor parameters must be accuratelyconfigured for motor overload protectionto operate correctly above 5 Hz.P0304 =... P0304 =... Rated motor voltage230 V(Nominal motor voltage [V] from ratingplate)The rated motor voltage on the ratingplate must be checked, regarding thestar/delta circuit configuration to ensurethat it matches with the circuitconnection configured at the motorterminal boardP0305 =... P0305 =... Rated motor current(Nominal motor current [A] from rating plate)P0310 P0304P0307 P0305P0308 P0311P0307 =... P0307 =... Rated motor power(Nominal motor power [kW/hp] from rating plate)If P0100 = 0 or 2, value will be in kW. If P0100 = 1, value will be in in hp.FU-spec.FU-spec.SINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 15

6 Commissioning Issue 11/04P0308 =... P0308 =... Rated motor cosPhi(Nominal motor power factor (cos ϕ) from rating plate)If the setting is 0, the value is automatically calculatedP0100 = 1: P0308 no significance, no entry required.0P0309 =... P0309 =... Rated motor efficiency0(Nominal motor efficiency in [%] from rating plate)Setting 0 causes internal calculation of value.P0100 = 0, 2: P0309 no significance, no entry required.P0310 =... Rated motor frequency(Nominal motor frequency in [Hz] from rating plate)Pole pair number recalculated automatically if parameter is changed.50.00 HzP0311 =... Rated motor speed(Nominal motor speed in [rpm] from rating plate)Setting 0 causes internal calculation of value.NOTEFor slip compensation, the input is absolutely necessary.FU-spec.P0335 =... Motor cooling(Selects motor cooling system used)00 Self-cooled: Using shaft mounted fan attached to motor1 Force-cooled: Using separately powered cooling fanP0640 =... Motor overload factor(Motor overload factor in [%] relative to P0305)150 %This defines the limit of the maximum output current as a % of the rated motorcurrent (P0305).P0700 =... Selection of command source(see Section 6.2.2 "Selection of command source")2 / 50 Factory default setting1 BOP (keypad)2 Terminal5 USSP1000 =... Selection of frequency setpoint(see Section 6.2.5 "Selection of frequency setpoint")1 MOP setpoint2 Analog setpoint3 Fixed frequency5 USS2 / 5P1080 =... Min. frequency(enters the minimum motor frequency in Hz)0.00 HzSets minimum motor frequency at which motor will run irrespective of frequencysetpoint. The value set here is valid for both clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.P1082 =... Max. frequency(enters the maximum motor frequency in Hz)Sets maximum motor frequency at which motor will run irrespective of thefrequency setpoint. The value set here is valid for both clockwise andanticlockwise rotation.50.00 HzP1120 =... Ramp-up time(enters the ramp-up time in s)10.00 sTime taken for motor to accelerate from standstill up to maximum motor frequency(P1082) when no rounding is used.P1121 =... Ramp-down time(enters the deceleration time in s)10.00 sTime taken for motor to decelerate from maximum motor frequency (P1082) downto standstill when no rounding is usedP1135 =...OFF3 ramp-down time(enters the fast stop ramp-down time in s)Defines ramp-down time from maximum frequency to standstill for OFF3command.5.00 sSINAMICS G11016 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/046 CommissioningP1300 =...P3900 = 1ENDControl mode(enters the required control mode)0 V/f with linear characteristic2 V/f with quadratic characteristic3 V/f with programmable characteristicEnd of quick commissioning(means: the start of the motor calculation)0 No quick commissioning (no motor calculations)1 End quick commissioning, with factory reset of all other settings2 End quick commissioning, with factory reset of I/O settings3 End quick commissioning, without reset of all other settingsNOTEFor P3900 = 1,2,3 → P0340 is internally set to 1 and the appropriate datacalculated (refer to the parameter list P0340).P3900=3 is useful in case of motor changeEnd of quick commissioning/ drive settingIf additional functions must be implemented at the drive inverter, use the followingSection "Commissioning the application". We recommend this procedure fordrives with a high dynamic response.006.2 Commissioning the applicationSTARTAn application is commissioned to adapt/optimize the frequency inverter - motorcombination to the particular application. The frequency inverter offers numerousfunctions - but not all of these are required for the particular application. Thesefunctions can be ignored when commissioning the application. A large portion ofthe possible functions are described here; refer to the parameter list for additionalfunctions.Parameters, designated with a * offer more setting possibilities than are actuallylisted here. Refer to the parameter list for additional setting possibilities.P0003 = 3 User access level *1 Standard (Allows access into most frequently used parameters)2 Extended (Allows extended access e.g. to inverter I/O functions)3 Expert (for expert use only)Factory setting16.2.1 Serial interface (USS)P2010 =...P2011 =...P2012 =...P2013 =...USS baud rateSets baud rate for USS communication.USS address0Sets unique address for inverter.USS PZD length2Defines the number of 16-bit words in PZD part of USS telegram.USS PKW length127Defines the number of 16-bit words in PKW part of USS telegram.6PossibleSettings:3 1200 baud4 2400 baud5 4800 baud6 9600 baud7 19200 baud8 38400 baud9 57600 baudSINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 17

6 Commissioning Issue 11/046.2.2 Selection of command sourceP0700 =...Selection of command source 2 / 5P0700 G110 AIN G110 USS SettingsSelects digital command source.0 X X –0 Factory fault setting1 X X –1 BOP (keypad)2 Terminal2 X X See 6.2.35 USS 5 – X See Digital inputs (DIN)P0701=... Function of digital input 0Terminal 31P0702 =... Function digital input 1Terminal 412P0703 =... Function digital input 2Terminal 59P0704 =... Function digital input 30Via analog input (AIN version only)Terminals 9, 10FF selection (15, 16) not possibleP0724 =... Debounce time for digital inputs 3Defines debounce time (filtering time) usedfor digital inputs.0 No debounce time1 2.5 ms debounce time2 8.2 ms debounce time3 12.3 ms debounce timeP0727 =...2-wire/3wire control methodDetermines the control method using the terminals0 Siemens Standard (Start / Direction)1 2-wire (FWD / REV)2 3-wire (FWD P / REV P)3 3-wire (Start P / Direction)Possible Settings:0 Digital input disabled1 ON / OFF12 ON Reverse / OFF13 OFF2 – coast to standstill4 OFF3 – quick ramp-down9 Fault acknowledge10 JOG right11 JOG left12 Reverse13 MOP up (increase frequency)14 MOP down (decrease frequency)15 Fixed setpoint (Direct selection)16 Fixed setpoint (Direct selection + ON)21 Local/remote25 DC brake enable29 External tripSee P0727 for redefinition of settings 1, 2, 12"P" denotes "Pulse"; "FWD" denotes "FORWARD"; "REV" denotes "REVERSE"Redefined Digital Inputs0Settings P0701 – P0704P0727=0Siemens standard controlP0727=12-wire controlP0727=23-wire controlP0727=33-wire control1 ON/OFF1 ON_FWD STOP ON_PULSE2 ON REV/OFF1 ON_REV FWDP OFF1/HOLD12 REV REV REVP REVDIN channelKl.6 P24Kl.7 0 VDebounce time for digital inputs0 ... 3P0724 (3)Function of digital input 00 ... 29P0701 (1)0 V24 V T 0&r0722r0722CO/BO: Binary input values0...29FunctionSINAMICS G11018 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/046 Commissioning6.2.4 Digital output (DOUT)P0731 =... Function of digital output 0*Defines source of digital output 0.5P0748 = 0Invert digital outputAllows the signals to be output to be inverted.0Status of DOUT at logically active signal (0 = Open; 1 = Closed)Frequent settings: Active Status0 Not Active1 Active2 Drive ready3 Drive ready to run4 Drive running5 Drive fault active6 OFF2 active7 OFF3 active8 Switch on inhibit active9 Drive warning active10 Deviation between f set and f act < 3 Hz11 PZD control (P0700=5)12 Act. Freq ≥ P1082 (f max )13 Warning: Motor current limit14 Motor holding brake active*15 Motor overload--HighHighHighHighLowLowHighHighHighHighHighHighHighHigh*Note: Motor holding brake active means the brake is open.0 (always)1 (always)11100011111010DOUT channelFunction of digital output 00 ... 22P0731 (5)Functions0...23Invert digital outputs0 ... 1P0748 (0)01-1CO/BO: State of digital outputsr0747r0747.021DOUT+24 V DC 50 mADOUT-6.2.5 Selection of frequency setpointP1000 =...Selection of frequency setpoint0 No main setpoint1 MOP setpoint2 Analog setpoint3 Fixed frequency5 USS2 / 5P1000 G110 AIN G110 USS Settings0 X X –1 X X see 6.2.72 X – see 6.2.63 X X see 6.2.85 – X see 6.2.1SINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 19

6 Commissioning Issue 11/046.2.6 Analog input (ADC)P0757 =...P0758 =...P0759 =...Value x1 of ADC scalingValue y1 of ADC scaling 0.0 %This parameter represents the valueof x1 as a % of P2000 (referencefrequency).Value x2 of ADC scaling0 V10 VP0761 > 00 < P0758 < P0760 || 0 > P0758 > P0760%100 %4000 hmaxP0760P0760 =...P0761 =...Value y2 of ADC scaling 100.0 %This parameter represents the valueof x2 as a % of P2000 (referencefrequency).Width of ADC deadband 0 VDefines width of deadband on analoginput.P0758minP0761P0757P0757 = P0761P075910 Vx 100%VADC channelKL8+10 VKL9KL10ADP0753P0757P0758P0759P0760ADCscalingr0754P0761P1000 = 2ADCdeadzoneSetpointr0752P0704 = x1 1.7 V 03.9 Vr0722r0722.3Function6.2.7 Motor potentiometer (MOP)P1031 =...P1032 =...P1040 =...Setpoint memory of the MOP0Saves last motor potentiometer setpoint (MOP) that was active before OFF command orpower down.0 MOP setpoint will not be stored1 MOP setpoint will be stored (P1040 is updated)Inhibit negative MOP setpoints0 Neg. MOP setpoint is allowed1 Neg. MOP setpoint inhibitedSetpoint of the MOPDetermines setpoint for motor potentiometer control.MOP ramp-up and ramp-down times are defined by the parameters P1120 and P1121.15.00 HzPossible parameter settings for the selection of MOP:SelectionP0719 = 0, P0700 = 2, P1000 = 1DINorP0719 = 1, P0700 = 2P0719 = 0, P0700 = 1, P1000 = 1orBOP P0719 = 1, P0700 = 1orP0719 = 11P0719 = 0, P0700 = 5, P1000 = 1orUSS * ) P0719 = 1, P0700 = 5orP0719 = 51*) SINAMICS G110 CPM110 USS onlyMOP upP0702 = 13(DIN1)UP buttonUSS control wordr2036 Bit13MOP downP0703 = 14(DIN2)DOWN buttonUSS control wordr2036 Bit14SINAMICS G11020 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/046 Commissioning6.2.8 Fixed frequency (FF)There are 2 types of fixed frequencies:1. Direct selection (P0701 – P0703 =15)2. Direct selection + ON command (P0701 – P0703 = 16)For P0727 = 2, 3: if more than one setting ‘16’ is used, each time the digital input(set to 16) receives a pulse, it will delatch the previously assigned fixed frequencythus “overwriting the previously fixed frequency”.For P0727= 1, 2, 3: at least one of the digital inputs is requested to be assigned‘setting 16’ to allow an ON command to be issuedP1001 =... Fixed frequency 1Defines the setpoint for the fixed frequency 1 (FF1) in Hz.Hinweis:Can be directly selected via DIN0 or USS (P0701 = 15, 16).P1002 =... Fixed frequency 2Can be directly selected via DIN1 or USS (P0701 = 15, 16).P1003 =... Fixed frequency 3Can be directly selected via DIN2 or USS (P0701 = 15, 16).6.2.9 JOG0.00 Hz5.00 Hz10.00 HzP1058 =...P1060 =...JOG frequency5.00 HzFrequency in Hz when the motor is beingjogged in the selected direction of rotation.JOG ramp-up/down time10.00 sRamp-up/down time. The JOG ramp-up islimited by P1058.JOGP1082(f max )P1058fP1060P1060tSINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 21

6 Commissioning Issue 11/046.2.10 Ramp-function generator (HLG)P1091 =...Skip frequency (entered in Hz) 0.00 HzDefines skip frequency which avoidseffects of mechanical resonance andsuppresses frequencies within +/- 2 Hz(skip frequency bandwidth).f out2 HzP1120 =...P1121 =...P1130 =...P1134 =...P1135 =...Ramp-up time(enters the accelerating time in s)Ramp-down time(enters the deceleration time in s)Rump-up initial rounding time(entered in s)Rounding type0 Continuous smoothing1 Discontinuous smoothing10.00 s10.00 s0.00 s0P1082(f max)f 1fP1120P1091f inP1121OFF3 ramp-down timeDefines ramp-down time from maximum frequency to standstill for OFF3 command.t5.00 s6.2.11 Reference / limit frequenciesP1080 =...P1082 =...P2000 =...Min. frequency (entered in Hz)0.00 HzSets minimum motor frequency [Hz] at which motor will run irrespective of frequencysetpoint. If the setpoint falls below the value of P1080, then the output frequency is set toP1080 taking into account the sign.Max. frequency (entered in Hz)50.00 HzSets maximum motor frequency [Hz] at which motor will run irrespective of the frequencysetpoint. If the setpoint exceeds the value P1082, then the output frequency is limited. Thevalue set here is valid for both clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.Reference frequency (entered in Hz)50.00 HzThe reference frequency in Hertz corresponds to a value of 100 %. This setting should bechanged if a maximum frequency of higher than 50 Hz is required. It is automaticallychanged to 60 Hz if the standard 60 Hz frequency was selected using the DIP50/60 switchor P0100.NOTEThis reference frequency effects the setpoint frequency since both the analog setpoints(100% P2000) as well as the frequency setpoints via USS (4000H P2000) refer to thisvalue.6.2.12 Motor controlP1300 =...Control mode0The control type is selected using this parameter. For the "V/f characteristic" control type,the ratio between the frequency inverter output voltage and the frequency inverter outputfrequency is defined.0 V/f with linear2 V/f with quadratic characteristic3 V/f with programmable characteristic (→ P1320 – P1325)SINAMICS G11022 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/046 CommissioningP1310 =...Continuous boost (entered in %)50.00 %Voltage boost as a % relative to P0305 (rated motor current) and P0350 (stator resistance).P1310 is valid for all V/f characteristics (refer to P1300). At low output frequencies, theeffective resistance values of the winding must be taken into account in order to maintainthe motor flux.VBoost voltageLinear V/fVmaxValidity rangeVn(P0304)V ConBoost,1000actual VV ConBoost,50BoostOutput voltageNormal V/f(P1300 = 0)ONOFF⏐f⏐P1310 active10tttf Boost,end(P1316)fn(P0310)f max(P1082)fP1311 =... Acceleration boost (entered in %)0.0 %Voltage boost for accelerating/braking as a % relative to P0305 and P0350. P1311 onlyresults in a voltage boost when ramping-up/ramp-down and generates an additional torquefor accelerating/braking. Contrary to parameter P1312, that is only active for the 1 stacceleration operation after the ON command, P1311 is effective each time that the driveaccelerates or brakes.P1312 =... Starting boost (entered in %)0.0 %Voltage boost when starting (after an ON command) when using the linear or quadratic V/fcharacteristic as a % relative to P0305 (rated motor current) or P0350 (stator resistance).The voltage boost remains active until1) the setpoint is reached for the first time and2) the setpoint is reduced to a value that is less than the present ramp-function generatoroutput.P1320 =... Programmable V/f freq. 0.0 Hzcoord. 1Sets V/f coordinates(P1320/1321 to P1324/1325) todefine V/f characteristic.P1321 =...P1322 =...P1323 =...P1324 =...P1325 =...Programmable V/f volt.coord. 1Programmable V/f freq.coord. 2Programmable V/f volt.coord. 2Programmable V/f freq.coord. 3Programmable V/f volt.coord. 30.0 Hz0.0 Hz0.0 Hz0.0 Hz0.0 HzP1334 =... Slip compensation activation range (entered in %)Starting point for slip compensation is P1334 x P0310.Upper threshold is always P1334 + 4%6.0 %P1335 =... Slip compensation (entered in %)0.0 %Dynamically adjusts output frequency of inverter so that motor speed is kept constantindependent of motor load.SINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 23

6 Commissioning Issue 11/046.2.13 Inverter/motor protectionP0290 =... Inverter overload reactionSelects reaction of inverter to an internal overtemperature00 Reduce output frequency1 Trip (F0004 / F0005)P0335 =... Motor cooling (enters the motor cooling system)00 Self-cooled: Using shaft mounted fan attached to motor1 Force-cooled: Using separately powered cooling fanP0610 =... Motor I 2 t reactionDefines reaction when motor I 2 t reaches warning threshold.20 Warning, no reaction, no trip1 Warning, I max reduction,2 Warning, no I max reduction, trip F0011P0611 =... Motor I 2 t time constant (entered in s)100 sThe time until the thermal limit of a motor is reached, is calculated via the thermal timeconstant. A higher value increases the time at which the motor thermal limit is reached. Thevalue of P0611 is estimated according to the motor data during quick commissioning or iscalculated using P0340 (Calculating of the motor parameters). When the calculation ofmotor parameters during quick commission is complete the stored value can be replaced bythe value given by the motor manufacturerP0614 =...Motor I 2 t warning level (entered in %)Defines the value at which alarm A0511 (motor overtemperature) is generated.⎛ r0027 ⎞2⎜ ⎟⎝ P0305 ⎠r0021P0310P0611P0335tr0034( i2 t )Trip threshold1.1⋅P0614Motori2ttemp.reactionP0610P0614Warning thresholdF0011I_max reductionA0511110.0 %P0640 =... Motor overload factor [%]150.0 %Defines motor overload current limit in [%] relative to P0305 (rated motor current). Limitedto maximum inverter current or to 400 % of rated motor current (P0305), whichever is thelower.6.2.14 Inverter-specific functions6.2.14.1 Flying startP1200 =... Flying startStarts inverter onto a spinning motor by rapidly changing the output frequency of theinverter until the actual motor speed has been found.00 Flying start disabled1 Flying start is always active, start in direction of setpoint2 Flying start is active if power on, fault, OFF2, start in direction of setpoint3 Flying start is active if fault, OFF2, start in direction of setpoint4 Flying start is always active, only in direction of setpoint5 Flying start is active if power on, fault, OFF2, only in direction of setpoint6 Flying start is active if fault, OFF2, only in direction of setpointP1202 =... Motor-current: Flying start (entered in %)Defines search current used for flying start.relative to rated motor current (P0305)100 %P1203 =... Search rate: Flying start (entered in %)100 %Sets factor by which the output frequency changes during flying start to synchronize withturning motor.SINAMICS G11024 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/046 Commissioning6.2.14.2 Automatic restartP1210 =...Automatic restartConfigures automatic restart function.0 Disabled1 Trip reset after power on2 Restart after mains blackout3 Restart after mains brownout or fault4 Restart after mains brownout5 Restart after mains blackout and fault6 Restart after mains brown/blackout or fault16.2.14.3 Holding brakeP1215 =... Holding brake enableEnables/disables holdingbrake function (MHB).0 MBH disabled1 MBH enabledNOTE0The MHB is controlled via thesignal of status word 1 r0052bit 12. This signal can beissued via the digital outputDOUT0 with parametersetting P0731=14 forcontrolling an external brakerelay.In firmware version 1.0 r0052bit 12 will be set when P1216time has been passed.P1216 =... Holding brake release delay (entered in s)1.0 sDefines the time interval during which the frequency inverter runs with the min. frequencyP1080, before ramping upP1217 =... Holding time after ramp-down (entered in s)1.0 sDefines time for which inverter runs at minimum frequency (P1080) after ramping down. DC braking & Compound brakingP1232 =... DC braking current (entered in %)Defines level of DC current in [%] relative to rated motor current (P0305).100 %P1233 =... Duration of DC braking (entered in s)0 sDefines duration for which DC injection braking is to be active following an OFF1 or OFF3command.P1234 =...DC braking start frequency (entered in Hz)Sets the start frequency for DC braking650 HzP1236 =... Compound braking current (entered in %)0 %Defines DC level superimposed on AC waveform after exceeding DC link voltage thresholdof compound braking. This value is entered in % relative to rated motor current (P0305).P1236=0 Compound braking disabledP1236=1 - 250 Level of DC braking current defined as % of rated motor currentP0305SINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 25

6 Commissioning Issue 11/ Vdc controllerP1240 =...Configuration of Vdc controller 1Enables / disables Vdc controller.0 Vdc controller disabled1 Vdc-max controller enabledNOTEP1240 = 1 prevents an overvoltagecondition of the DC link (F0002) inregenerative operation by extending theramp down time.SINAMICS G11026 Operating Instructions (Compact)

Issue 11/047 Displays and messages6.3 Series commissioningAn existing parameter set can be transferred to a SINAMICS G110 frequencyinverter using STARTER or BOP (see 5.3). Typical applications for seriescommissioning include:1. If several drives are to be commissioned that have the same configuration andsame functions. A quick / application commissioning (first commissioning) mustbe carried-out for the first drive. Its parameter values are then transferred to theother drives.2. When replacing SINAMICS G110 frequency inverters.6.4 Parameter reset to factory settingSTARTP0010=30 Commissioning parameter30 Factory settingP0970 = 1ENDFactory reset0 disabled1 Parameter resetThe drive inverter carries-out a parameter reset (duration, approx. 10 s) and thenautomatically exits the reset menu and sets:P0970 = 0 : disabledP0010 = 0 : ready007 Displays and messages7.1 LED status displayLED Meaning PositionLED OffInverter Off / No supplyLED1000 ms On/1000 ms Off Power On / ReadyLED On steadilyInverter Running500 ms On / 200 ms Off General Warning100 ms On / 100 ms Off Fault Condition7.2 Fault messages and Alarm messagesFault Significance Alarms SignificanceF0001 Overcurrent A0501 Current LimitF0002 Overvoltage A0502 Overvoltage limitF0003 Undervoltage A0503 Undervoltage LimitF0004 Inverter Overtemperature A0505 Inverter I 2 tF0005 Inverter I 2 t A0511 Motor Overtemperature I 2 tF0011 Motor Overtemperature I 2 t A0910 Vdc-max controller de-activatedF0051 Parameter EEPROM Fault A0911 Vdc-max controller activeF0052 Powerstack Fault A0920 ADC parameters not set properlyF0060 Asic Timeout A0923F0072F0085USS setpoint faultExternal FaultBoth JOG Left and JOG Right arerequestedSINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact) 27

SINAMICS G110Operating Instructions (Compact)Information about SINAMICS G110 is also available from:Regional ContactsPlease get in touch with your contact for Technical Support in your Region forquestions about services, prices and conditions of Technical Support.Central Technical SupportThe competent consulting service for technical issues with a broad range ofrequirements-based services around our products and systems.Europe / AfricaTel: +49 (0) 180 5050 222Fax: +49 (0) 180 5050 223Email: adsupport@siemens.comAmericaTel: +1 423 262 2522Fax: +1 423 262 2289Email: simatic.hotline@sea.siemens.comAsia / PacificTel: +86 1064 719 990Fax: +86 1064 747 474Email: adsupport.asia@siemens.comOnline Service & SupportThe comprehensive information system available round the clock via the Internet,ranging from Product Support and Service & Support services to the Support Tools inthe Shop. http://www.siemens.com/automation/service&supportInternet Home AddressCustomers can access technical and general information at:http://www.siemens.com/sinamics-g110Siemens AGAutomation & DrivesStandard DrivesPostfach 3269, D – 91050 ErlangenGermany© Siemens AG 2004Subject to change without prior noticeIssue 11/04www.siemens.com

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