Regular runner achieving the extraordinary

Regular runner achieving the extraordinary

• 100m athlete at school• Started with Tim Noakes in Cape Town 1983• Novice runnero Started walking on grasso Built up the distance• Moved to Johannesburg in 1987• Learnt from experienced runnerso 1 st marathon in 1989o 1 st Two Oceans in 1990o 1 st Comrades 1991 (4 th year of running)

• ITB first year, extending distance• Orthotics helped• Became ‘road hard’ with consistent training• Over-use niggles, backed off and iced• Did the long runs• With improvement running became moreenjoyable

• 1 st marathon, Two Oceans qualifier• The ‘Runners High’ 2 weeks after a hard2 nd Two Oceans, easy 3:45 marathon• 10 th & 20 th Two Oceans• 1 st sub 9:30 comrades• Running country wide – Skukuza, Knysna• Met amazing friends, fun times• My last Comrades

• “Men are too competitive, women gossip – theyare home before they know it.” Miles Sowden!• Pit stops• Menstrual cycle – take the pills• Family commitments• Not much difference between men and women• Fordyce – depends on the parents we chose• Mental capacity of the individual• Men run for longer than women


• Run with like-minded people• Commit - tell your family, friends, work colleagues• Draw up a program, work back from race day• Plan the qualifier, set goals• Measure routes• Build up slowly to avoid injuries• Comrades medals are not awarded in January• Missed runs are gone – no catch-up• Keep a log book – detailed• Avoid ultras too early in career

• Comrades is a strongrace, not a fast race• Don’t miss the LSD runs• Comrades is not flat – include hills• ‘Only gym, cycle, swim if you have extratime on your hands’ - Bruce• No need to run a marathon until March• Include lots of 32k’s

• Injury free for 30 years• Rest and ice ‘niggles’ immediately to avoidserious injuries• Don’t be in denial, don’t ignore muscletightness, strains, etc.• Professional help when necessary• Skip short runs to recover for the long runs• Stretching…..? I prefer weekly massage• Ice, ice and more ice

To run ultra distances;• requires strength, not speed.• you will become ‘road hard’ in time• during a bad patch remember others feel same• draw on encouragement of your fellow runners• run your own race – you are who you are• set realistic goals (3hr marathon men = silvercomrades ….ladies 3:15); and• appreciate all you have: training mates, health,resources

• Ended on a high• Comments from my son-in-law!• Round numbers – 20 Two Oceans, 15 Comrades• Achieved goals• Ultra training is a huge commitment• Still miss being so fit!

Set REALISTIC goalsBelieve in yourselfTrain well - finish well


In 1921 it all beganVic Clapham was a special manHe had a dream and saw it throughThe rest he said ‘is up to you’Like soldiers not so long agoAllay your fears and face the foeHave courage and do not despairThe Comrades spirit will get you thereThe day belongs to you, my friendJust do your best to reach the endYour courage is for all to seeBe humble in your victory

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