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MUHAMMAD ALIby Mujedin Shuki• Do you know who isCassius Clay?• He was a professionalboxer. His mostimportant job now istrying to teach peopleto treat each other withdignity and respect.

Cassius Clay• His career began when hewas just 12 years old.• “float like butterfly, stinglike a bee”

He won gold medal in OlympicGames 1960.• Time after time hebecome more popular;he was very surprisedwhen he returned tothe U.S. after hismedal.

First time professional championand shook up the world• He won the worldchampionship in 1964by beating SonnyListon. He said,”I amfree to be who Iwant.” Mostimportant for that timehe wanted freedomand rights for blacks.

In 1964 he change his name.• Cassius Clay hasadopted Islam religionwith a big surprise forall the world. Hethought Islam is wayto the peace,and theypray five times a day.“Everyone should livehow they feel.”

Ali refused to go to Vietnam war• In May 1967,theWorld BoxingAssociation took awayhis boxing license andhis title. He went tothe prison for 5 years.

Ali returned to the ring in 1970.• He lost for first time toJoe Fraizer.

• Ali had to fight withForeman becauseFrazer beat Foreman.He was youngerstronger; he wasfavorite to win. Aliwas successful and hewon.In 1974

For the third time the championof the world• In 1995 Ali beatFrazer and became afirst boxer in historyof boxing who wonthird time.

• On June 26,1979 atthe age of 37, Aliretired as a championwith a professionalrecord of 59 victoriesand three defeats.Ali lost title in 1978

In 1980 he lost from Larry Holmeswith a technical knockout.• Ali returned to the ringbecause he had alavish life –style.Heneeded money. It wasfatal for him.He won$8 million.

• After losing thefight to Holmes,Ali’s healthappeared to be on arapid decline: heseemed sluggish andweak in motorskills.Ali gotParkinson disease.In 1982

At the 1996 Olympic Gameshe lit the Olympic torch.• The world and hiscountry honored him.President Clintonwanted to see him..”The president stooddirectly in front of Aliand put his hands onAli’s shoulders. “Theywouldn’t tell me whowould light the flame,but when I saw it wasyou , I cried.”

Ali’s popularitytoday• Muhammad Ali wasnamed the athlete ofthe century.The peoplehave never forgottenhim and they neverwill. He was rolemodel for millionsacross the globe.

Ali…loved all over the world• Ali jokes with studentsand his fans• Magic

The Muhammad Ali Center• His dream to build thiscamp is becomingvery realistic in2003.This center canbe used by people allover the world,wherepeople can come to beinspired and learn tolove and respect eachother…

Credits• Photographs:– taken from the Internet.• Text references:– The Greatest by Walter Myers, 2001– BBC Sport News; CNN Sport Boxing; Associated Press articles

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