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Turn up the heat

Turn up the heat


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outdoor heatingTurn up the heatDon’t let the winter chill keep you indoors; invest in some externalheating and enjoy the outdoors all year round1Story: Sandra BatleyEntertaining outdoors is such apleasurable experience, but not if it’scold. That’s where heating becomes anessential component for any outdoor setting.There are a number of solutions to enticeyou back outdoors all year round and makeit a comfortable experience, no matter whatthe climate or the season. Depending onyour budget, you can create a warm, invitingenvironment outdoors with anyof the following:Patio heatersFreestanding patio heaters are availablein several sizes and styles for residential andcommercial use. They range in price from$300-$900. They provide warmth efficientlyand quickly and are really handy for smallgatherings if space is limited. They are idealfor courtyards, patios and decks. They give youthe flexibility to create warmth where you wantit. Mini tabletop models are also available.On the down side, patio heaters addsignificantly to greenhouse and air pollutionproblems. Also check for features such aswheels for easy movement, tie-downs forwindy locations, and a cover to protect itfrom the elements.Patio heaters also come in a number ofdifferent, durable finishes such as stainlesssteel and powder-coated aluminum. Thismakes them suitable for occasional exposureto the elements. When not in use, they shouldbe covered. If you live by the sea, the moreexpensive stainless-steel models would be best.Outdoor fireplacesThere is nothing cosier than the warmthfrom a fire. Outdoor fireplaces are becominga popular choice for heating and cooking —they are the Rolls Royce of outdoor heating.Still deemed a luxury item, they do howeveradd value, warmth and atmosphere.There are many fireplaces on the markettoday offering the option of either gas or14 new zealand Backyard & garden Design Ideas

1. This unique, individually handcraftedchimenea from Bella Fuego Pottery ismade with a special blend of stonewareclay. Not only does it radiate heat but italso acts as an interesting focal point inthe garden. (www.bellafuego.co.nz)2 An outdoor fireplace such as this onefrom Broadys adds ambience and warmthto your backyard no matter what theseason. (www.broadys.co.nz)3. A centrally placed outdoor fireplace createsa welcoming setting in this formal stylegarden. Photography by Michael Mansvelt.2outdoor heatingsolid fuel (wood and coal). Manufacturersnow have extensive product lines in a numberof different styles and finishes to complementyour particular outdoor setting and tastes.Whether it’s a plaster or schist finish youwant, your designer can help you choose theright design.Outdoor fireplaces can fit into a numberof situations including deck areas, courtyardsand poolside spaces. Position the fireplace asa focal point and have your outdoor furnitureand cooking facilities close to it. Incorporateother landscaping features such as lighting,built-in seating and planting to complement.Adding a windbreak wall or fence will helpwith keeping wind out and maintaining thewarmth.Selecting the fireplace usually startswith a simple question. Do you prefer theconvenience of gas or the better heatgeneratingcapabilities of wood? Both havetheir good and bad points depending onyour personal lifestyle and needs.3new zealand Backyard & garden Design Ideas 15

outdoor heatingdeepetchdeepetch54Gas benefits: Quick, instant, consistent heat Low maintenance Clean, effective burning Natural gas is safer to controlGas disadvantages: More expensive, the cost of gas canquickly add up. There are companiesnationwide which will deliver your gasbottles to your doorstepWood burning benefits: Ambience! The look, smell and feel of fire isintoxicating and romantic Can be less expensive to buy and operateWood burning disadvantages: Can be a bit smoky when surroundingair pressure varies You will need to keep a steady supply ofdry wood stored nearby More maintenance — open fireplacescan get messy Emissions — ask your retailer whether itcomplies with the new emission rulesBraziers and chimineasIf you like the idea of an open fire but don’thave the budget for an outdoor fireplace, thena brazier or chiminea could be for you. Firepits or braziers are not particularly safe aroundsmall children, but they do provide a quick,simple way of creating fire for a more casualinformal setting. There is something welcomingand primal about sitting around a fire.Chimineas are basically a less-expensiveversion of an outdoor fire. They are freestandingand wood burning. They usually have ahandcrafted finish, made from cast iron, castaluminum, ceramic or clay. It is best not toinstall a chiminea on a wooden deck without alarge approved non-combustible hearth pad.With so many outdoor heating options,there’s no need to let the chill in the air putyou off making the most of the outdoors. n4. This Kent Stainless Steel Bullet PatioHeater from the BBQ Factory is suitablefor any outdoor living area. It runs on astandard gas cylinder. (www.bbqfactory.co.nz)5. This brazier from Hard Yards is acontainer for fire, taking the form of anupright standing design. Used for holdingburning coal, gas as well as wood fires,the brazier is a source of light, heat,and can also be used for cooking.(www.hardyards.net.nz)16 new zealand Backyard & garden Design Ideas

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