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InnoMat• Objective: development of theframework for a new generation of railticket machines• Main target groups: senior citizens,people with limited affinity fortechnology, disabled people• Consortium lead: ÖBB (Austrian Rail)Funded by:

InnoMat: focus to identify how a new generation of ticketmachines should be designed to best meet theneeds of different user groups to learn from the actual experiences of users andidentify those particular elements that hinder use






InnoMatPlacementHardwareDesignTouchscreenFranceSource: parisbytrain.com


InnoMatPlacementHardwareDesignTouchscreenNew York

InnoMatPlacementHardwareDesignTouchscreenAustrian Rail

InnoMatPlacementHardwareDesignSoftwareDesignscreens must be light, highcontrastand different colourcoding should be usedSNCF

InnoMatPlacementHardwareDesignSoftwareDesignLarge input fields with plentyof space between these fieldsDeutsche Bahn

InnoMatPlacementClear, well arrangedstructure withoutunnecessary graphics oranimationsHardwareDesignSoftwareDesignNetherlands

The Current TendencyClosed !ServiceSelf Service

Challenge• Ticket vending machines should be accessible andusable by the widest audience possible.„It‘s normal, to be different“• The ability to see, hear, make inputs, read text orprocess information varies from user to user,across time and across situations of use.

Key Aspects for Accessibility• Ticket vending machines should be accessible andusable by the widest audience possible.• The key aspects to consider accessibility can besummarized as follows:– Terminal can be reached without barriers– User can reach and operate the controls, inputs andoutputs– Users can perceive and understand the operation ofcontrols, inputs and outputs– Consistent user interface across functions, time anddifferent terminals– Availability of equivalent accessible alternative services(Internet ticket, mobile phone ticket, etc.)

On the way to Design4all• The occurrence and the characteristics ofdisabilities are extremely diverse• The requirements of different disabilities are oftenconflictive• The development of a ticket vending machine thatis fully accessible for everybody will hit technicaland economical limits• The aim should be to design ticket vendingmachines, which are accessible and usable by thewidest audience possible• …supplemented by accessible vending alternativeslike Internet tickets, mobile phone tickets, etc.

Karin SiebenhandlKarin.siebenhandl@donauuni.ac.atFranz Pühretmairfp@ki-i.at

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