Junior League of Boca Raton - May Bridge 2009


Junior League of Boca Raton - May Bridge 2009

Volume 19, Number 6May 2009Women BuildingBetter CommunitiesMothers, League Role Models l Fun Times in SummertimeOne Person Can Make a Difference l Miles of SmilesWitness the Magic l Dollars and Cents II

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President’s Perspective by Kristen RossHere it is . . . time to write mylast Bridge article, and I’mstruggling with what to say. I’vestarted this article at least fivetimes on five different subjects.And as I sit here today, this letteris already more than twoweeks past deadline. All thesemonths I’ve had SO much toshare, and now that I’m downto my last opportunity, I’m at aloss for words. Me – at a lossfor words. That is rare.It could be that the pressure I’veput on myself to write the mostpoignant of parting thoughts has left me mute. After all, lastnight I watched the series finale of ER and went to bed thinkingthat after all the build-up it was really lame. (It seemsaccording to the morning radio shows that others were equallyunimpressed.) I’m not saying I’m aspiring to a Sopranosesquesign-off that’s the talk of water coolers for days tocome, but who wants to go out on lame?I think, however, the real reason I can’t find my voice isbecause I simply can’t find the right words to sum up thisexperience and what it has meant to me. The incredible workof our members, committees, leaders, fundraisers and communityprojects has left me utterly speechless. There are nowords that will ever adequately express the appreciation andgratitude I feel toward the active and sustainer membershipthis year for so fully and enthusiastically rising to the call ofvoluntarism. And, I am touched beyond words by the friendships—old,new and rediscovered—that have grown anddeveloped over the last twelve months and enriched me.Words will never do justice to all those feelings.When I embarked upon this journey last May, I offered threewords that characterize for me the essence of volunteering inthe Junior League: Passion, Purpose and Pride. In doing so,I asked you, collectively and as individuals, to seek and cultivatethese “Three Ps” (as they have affectionately becomeknown) in your own League work and experiences. Well,from where I sit you did more than seek and cultivate; thisyear passion, purpose and pride have literally radiated fromyou and from our organization.I also expressed my hope that as a League we would focus onwhat we can learn from each other, that we would embracethe opportunities to share what we know, and look to thewomen who inspire us as mentors. For that reason, readingthe results of our annual membership survey this year wasespecially rewarding. Many of you commented on how muchyou have garnered from each other, how much you havegrown from being in a leadership role and how much fulfillmentthose experiences have brought you. And those whostretched past their comfort zone by stepping into leadershipor trying something new reported that you are stronger fromthe challenge.For these reasons and so many others, you have my gratitudeand admiration. This year as JLBR president has been anamazing journey, one that has made an indelible imprint onme and an experience I will always cherish. As it turns out, Iknow exactly what I want to say: thank you.JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BOCA RATON“Women building better communities”WHO WE AREA group of women committed to improving thelives of children and families in the Boca Ratonarea since 1971.WHAT WE DOProvide trained volunteers and funding for communityagencies and partners.HOW WE DO ITProceeds from fundraising events and grants aregiven back to the community.OUR IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITYTotal membership of more than 750. This year theJunior League of Boca Raton’s members will providemore than 35,000 volunteer hours and havegoals to raise more than $250,000 to support ourmission and to help thousands of women, childrenand families in South Palm Beach County throughour placements and collaborations.OUR VISIONThe Junior League of Boca Raton will provideresources, knowledge and funding to the communitythrough the training, education and voluntarismof its members. The JLBR will be proactivein developing collaborative partnerships to addresssignificant issues in South Florida and will improvethe overall quality of life through a legacy oftrained volunteers.4 president’s perspective

Letter from the Editor by Leslie JacksonI, like Kristen, am way past deadline.However, unlike Kristen, I cannotcome up with something insightful towrite about. So, I will use this opportunityto say thanks to those whohave made this year a success.When I volunteered for this positiona year ago, my husband asked me ifI was crazy. He remembered theprevious times when I had chairedthe Publications committee and his memories were not asfond as mine. Sure, it might get a little hectic at times, but it’sa great committee to be on. The chairperson of thePublications committee may change annually, but the oneconstant, is our layout specialist Robin Philpit. Robin bringsto the Publications committee continuity from year to year, shewas there when I needed her those many years ago and shewas here when I needed her this year. So, to my friend Robin,thank you for you hard work and support this year.I think Lou Ann Such began writing the Sustainer Scoop thefirst year I chaired the committee way back in 2001. Lou Annhas entertained all of us, not just the sustainers, with her wittystories and updates on sustainer happenings. She alwaysmeets the deadline and has oodles of information to share.Thank you Lou Ann for your humor, your knowledge and yourcontinued support of The Bridge.The Publications committee was top notch this year. AreteFriedman and Andee Holzman were amazing chair-elects.Their combined journalistic knowledge and writing skills wereessential to the success of The Bridge. Reagan Such, DeniseO’Sullivan and Nondas Davis were also wonderful writersand kept us all entertained and informed with their featurestories. Kristen Huze was such a great help with the editing.Thanks to all of you for making this year so enjoyable for meand for sharing your skills with the membership.I would also like to thank all of the different committee memberswho wrote the committee news. Your participation wascrucial to the success of The Bridge and you are all amazing!I know I leave The Bridge in very capable hands. DorothyMacDiarmid will take control next year and I am sure she willdo a fabulous job. The Bridge is a very important part of theJLBR and I am extremely grateful that Dorothy, as a sustainer,is taking on the role of editor!Last, but not least, I would like to thank our advertisers andour patrons. Without them we could not continue to publishthe amazing full color magazine. So, please, support thosewho support us!Advertisers: Andrew Ress, M.D. l Antiques & Country Pine lBarbara O’Connell l Barbara W. 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Disher l Mr. & Mrs. Peter Donovan l Elysa &Scott Elk l Joanie Goldberg l Annie Green l Morgan& Oliver Green l Linda Gunn l Jillian Hasner l Chris& Forrest Heathcott l Diane Hopkins l Leslie Jacksonl LuAnn Jarvie l Amy Kazma l Debora & Ward Kelloggl Dr. Michael & Mrs. Cindy Krebsbach l Wendy Kulberg lMary Lavalle l Brenda Lusher l Dorothy & BlakeMacDiarmid l Linda McElwee l Janice V. Middlebrookl Shannon Moriarity l Lisa & John Mulhall l Laurel P.Murray-Boynton l Janet Nodine l Marion Norton-Miller l Denise & Robert O’Sullivan l ElizabethPankey-Warren l Robin & Tom Philpit l Karl & DorothyPreusse l Carole Putman l Mary Redman l Kristen &Kevin Ross l Peggy & Stephen Ruzika l NormanShapiro l Jamie Snyder l Lou Ann & Roger Such lReagan Such l Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Toomey, Sr. l Ron &Tina Towery l LuAnn Warner-Prokos l Dr. MicheleWeizer l Cathy Younis lletter from the editor5

Shannon Moriarity - Doing it All! by Kim FlittnerOur January Member of the Month isShannon Moriarity. She is double placed onHometown Histories and Kids in Distress.Shannon is always motivated, enthusiasticand goes above and beyond! She contributedmuch of her time to the HometownHistories classroom presentations.Shannon has shown to be invaluable to thecommittee by volunteering to be a presenter at each school foralmost all of the classroom presentations. Shannon is a naturalat giving the presentations and the children love her. She hasbeen an asset to the Hometown Histories committee since thekick off in May 2008. She never complains and gives of her timegenerously, even when they had to work through the summer!with a smile and open arms for that one foster child who will notstop crying and then spends the entire evening calming themdown.She is always willing to help out other committee members tocomplete projects. For example, when a committee memberwas suddenly called out of town on business, 48 hours beforeour Life Skill Seminar for foster teens, Shannon jumped in andprovided the teens with a lesson on etiquette which was a hugesuccess.When tasked with something, Shannon follows through and is apleasure to work with. She even stopped by this past weekendduring the new member project to lend a hand and brought ournew members lunch!In addition to her outstanding work on Hometown Histories,Shannon has been instrumental in helping the prevention effortswith Kids in Distress to stop the abuse and neglect before itstarts. She has coordinated a Birthday Card program for childrenat risk to make them feel special by providing them with atreat at their school on their birthday. She helped with the firsthome make over and has participated in many of the events forthe foster families. She somehow manages to always be thereShannon has been married to her husband, Sean, for 13 years.They have two children, Jack is 10 years old and her daughter,Cate is seven years old. Jack is a performer in the Show TimeTheatre and Cate takes Irish step dance at St. Joan of Arc. Thechildren are also on the Deerfield Dolphins swim team.Congratulations Shannon, we are proud to have you as ourJanuary Member of the Month!Alana Latiolais - A New Leader in the League by Kim FlittnerWe are celebrating Alana as our FebruaryMember of the Month! She is working onthe MSAT committee this year and goesabove and beyond as a committee member.From the very first committee meeting,she took the initiative to be treasurer.In that role, she has tracked all of theexpenses and updated the committee on amonthly basis. She is very detail-orientedand always on top of everything. She took the lead on thecommittees Life Balance Workshop. When the date of theevent had to change, she was very flexible and communicatedwith our guest speakers to make sure everyone was on thesame page. Alana also stepped up and created the newannual survey for 2009, after careful research of past surveysand results. She took us from 80 questions to 27 . . . and thenew members had a separate 20 question survey to answeritems that were only applicable to them. She created the icebreaker for the Cottage Meetings in February by promptingthe JLBR members to take the new survey. In addition, she puttogether the marketing for the survey on the JLBR website.Alana is a born leader and she is such an asset to the League!Most recently, Alana has been slated to serve as the Chair ofFlorence Fuller for the 2009-2010 League year. She wasselected to represent the League at the March ODI in Dallas,TX. In addition, Alana has begun serving as a mentor to achild at the Milagro Center this month. Wow!Alana is married to Tim and they have an Australian Shepherdnamed Ritz. She is a fabulous event planner and cook!Congratulations Alana on being selected as our FebruaryMember of the Month! You are a wonderful asset to the League!lllllllllElegant Designby Robin Philpit(designer of The Bridge Magazine, Woman Volunteer of the YearProgram and the Boca Raton Symphonia Program)Magazine & Newsletter DesignBrochure & Program DesignAdvertisement DesignAdvertisement Design“One of a Kind” InvitationsAnnouncementsBusiness CardsLuggage TagsEmergency Cards for Childrenfor more information callRobin at 561-750-9036(Junior League Member)6 members of the month

Dream Team Stacey Berger & Elizabeth Murdoch by Kim FlittnerDouble the applauseplease for our two MarchMembers of the Month!Elizabeth and Stacey areserving on Fund Developmentthis year. They werebig supporters of our newJLBR Boutique and theyboth were able to contributetheir own skills to create our first boutique item, the verycute and hip JL flip-flops! We could not have made the flip-flopswithout the combined efforts of these two fabulous members!Ellizabeth, who is a very talented artist, was able to listen tothe committees ideas and then design our flip-flops. She createdseveral different versions and was able to amend themas we worked through AJLI to perfect the logo design and theAJLI official color.Stacey, through her own business contacts, was able to find afactory in China to manufacture the flip-flops. She handledall the details of size, weight, texture and color. Next sheJody Baade, the Dynamo by Jamie Sauerlooked at various samples until she had the exact pair of flipflopswe wanted. Then Stacey negotiated a good price andhandled all aspects of the delivery from China and even dealtwith US customs!Both Stacey and Elizabeth will also play a big part in thefuture items in the Boutique, as Elizabeth is our go-to designerof all things cute and JL and Stacey is our chief importer ofall things cute and JL.Stacey just had a baby before we started the League year butthat did not stop her from jumping right in and getting theboutique up and running!Elizabeth is newly engaged and just bought a home. She isvery busy with wedding plans and home renovations!Both ladies have taken a leadership role in getting this fundraiseridea going and will help JLBR raise thousands of dollars!Congratulations to Elizabeth and Stacey on being selected to beour March Members of the Month! We LOVE what you’ve done!This dynamic new member began the renovationof the Florence Fuller teacher’slounge without hesitation. She initially hada co-chair for this large project, but a jobtransfer left Jody holding the reins. She hastirelessly lead six other new members in allthe tasks required to create this new, clean,place of relaxation for the deserving staff.Using her professional design skills, Jodymastered a plan for the room that improves functionality andmade much better use of the limited space. She has done everythingfrom searching for furniture in thrift stores to getting freeinstallation of new counters and cabinets. She selected newbright and warm yellow paint and gorgeous paisley fabric tobring together her design with the donated furniture. Making itall work with taste while having no money is a special talent.She recently presented the group project to the Florence Fullercommittee including professional scale drawings, project statuspoints, and pictures of the group’s work.She has faced challenges with grace, grown as a leader, andhas kept her team motivated and enthusiastic, even as two ofthem gave birth in the last three weeks. She has kept in closecontact with the staff director ensuring that from start to finish theteachers weren’t inconvenienced and that the remodel took asshort a time as possible (less than three weeks). She is busyorganizing with her team the big reveal day celebration for thehard-working teachers at the west campus, and she gave thegroup’s project presentation at the April GMM meeting.Jody was encouraged to join the Junior League by her father,who knew she would be successful in putting her talents andstrengths to work to better the community.Tobak’s Fine JewelryAffordable EleganceJewelry for all occasions l Custom design l Jewelry repairLoose diamonds l Wedding sets l RingsBracelets l Necklaces l EarringsFor Mother’s Day, give the gift of jewelry!TOBAK’S6363 North Federal HighwayBoca Raton, Florida 33487561.998.8363www.tobaksjewelers.commembers of the month7

Member SpotlightJENNY WICKER, NEW MEMBEREducation/Occupation: University of Florida,Economics. I’m a yacht broker at Sun PowerCMP Yachts. I love my job!Family: I have three sisters, two brothers-inlaw(courtesy of Jamie Sauer and MichelleRuff), and a set of wonderful parents.Other Community Involvement: As an activemember of Young Professionals in Yachting, we are going to beworking with Freedom Waters Foundation. Freedom WatersFoundation (FWF) is a nonprofit organization that provides boatingopportunities and marine related education for people withdisabilities and youth at risk.Current League Placement: I am a new member, and right nowI am working with Spirit of Giving on our new member project.We are working on life skills seminars for many organizations.Favorite Placement: I would like to see myself working with thecookbook team. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and think I wouldbe very passionate about that group.Favorite Thing About Florida: I love the weather. It is nice thatwe can walk outside every day enjoying the sun. It is also niceto know that we can go out on the water year-round.Favorite Restaurants: Stir Crazy and Morton’sFavorite Guilty Pleasure or Food: Ooh, this would most definitelybe French fries. They are the enemy!What Are You Passionate About? Friends! I surround myselfKIM FLITTNER, ACTIVEMEMBER, GOVERNANCECOUNCIL MEMBEREducation: Masters Degree inElementary EducationFamily: Husband of eight years,John, two children, Jack (4),Kate (1)Pet: Dog, FritzOther Community Involvement: Active in church and serve onMECE Preschool Board of Directors. Serve as room mother formy son’s class.Current League Placement: Nominating/ PlacementFavorite Placement: Nominating/ Placement - I love all the outstandingwomen I meet serving on this committee.Favorite Thing About Florida: The warm weather, beaches andeasy lifestyle.Favorite Restaurant or Food: I love Canyon in Ft. Lauderdale,especially their white chocolate bread pudding.Favorite Guilty Pleasure or Junk Food: Chocolate anything!What Are You Passionate About? My family, church, friends andthe League.Three Accomplishments You Are Most Proud of: My children -still a work in progressMost Notable Life Adventure: My many travels. My favorite tripwas to South Africa. What an incredibly gorgeous place!with good friends who keep me happy. I would not be heretoday without knowing them. They are wonderful!Three Accomplishments You Are Most Proud of: Graduatingcollege from the University of Florida, getting a wonderful job,and joining the Junior League of course.Most Notable Life Adventure: I studied in Spain when I was afreshman in college. It was one of the most amazing things Ihave ever done.Best Life Lesson Learned: If you want something done the rightway you have to do it yourself.What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? I am so happywith the job I have but, I cannot wait to be a mother one day. Iabsolutely love children and I think I will enjoy every moment asa mother.My Goal This Year Is: To make it through this tough economyPeople Would Be Surprised to Know That: I am proficient inSpanish.Person Who Has Influenced My Life the Most: My Grandfather.He was an engineer at NASA and the mayor of his city. He haslived life with a permanent smile. He has really taught me toendure every moment and never forget them. He is really sickright now and he still takes the time to laugh and that is worthliving for. I hope that I can be half the person he is.Favorite Vacation Spot: I am in love with the Abacos.Hobbies/Interests: I love everything that involves water. Sailing,skiing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing - I just recentlylearned that I have a new obsession with golf.Best Life Lesson Learned: Your character is essentially the sumof your habits.What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Retired onthe beach!My Goal for This Year Is: To get back to basicsPeople Would Be Surprised to Know That: I am a very shy personat heart.Person That Has Influenced My Life the Most: My paternalgrandmother. She taught me the importance of integrity andselflessness. She made me feel like the most important personin the world to her.Favorite Vacation Spot/Destination: I love anywhere new andexciting!Hobbies/Interests: Decorating, exercising, reading, travel and fun!Laura Ann Callaway, HTAPEnergy Therapy for Pets561-635-7963Serving North Broward & Palm Beach CountiesProviding Assistance with:Stress l Disease l Hormonal ImbalanceInjury/Post-Surgical Healing l Behavioral Challengesl Healing Touch for Animals7 energy therapy and animal communication l8 spotlight

JAMIE SAUER, ACTIVE MEMBERGOVERNANCE COUNCILMaiden Name: WickerEducation/Occupation: University of Florida:Finance Degree, Economics Minor, Master’sin Political Science with a Certificate in PoliticalCampaigning from UF. I am a fundraiser specializingin political candidates.Family: Husband, Eric, two sisters in JLBR, Jenny Wicker andMichelle Ruff, one sister at UF, Kelly, my mother a Sustainer, SueWicker, and my father, Spike WickerPets: Two Beagles – Charlie and Lucy, many fishOther Community Involvement: Board of the Historical Society,Kids in Distress, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Saint Andrew’sSchool, hurricane relief efforts.Current League Placement: Co-Chair of MembershipDevelopment and Co-Chair of Public Issues and AdvocacyFavorite Placement: Co-Chair of Kids in Distress. I love KIDsand everything that it does and stands for. I actually brought theidea of KIDs as a project to project development, and I am sohappy that JLBR took it on as a project.Best JLBR Moment: I have really enjoyed meeting the amazingwomen in and around JLBR and through the State Public AffairsCommittee as a PIA committee member. I met one of my bestfriends, whom I now get to work with on a regular basis andhave rekindled friendships with people I have known since elementaryschool and who have since become great friends. Asthe Membership Development Committee Co-Chair, I have hadthe opportunity to work with both sisters and to meet someincredible women who have so much to offer.Favorite Thing About Florida: The weather. I am a third generationFloridian who is honored to live here.Favorite Restaurant: Melting Pot, Houston’s, The AddisonFavorite Guilty Pleasure or Food: Pizza and chocolate!What Are You Passionate About? My family, helping childrenand families in need and making a difference through work andvolunteering.Three Accomplishments You Are Most Proud of: Buying my firsthouse all by myself at the age of 24, marrying my husband, Eric,helping great candidates get elected to office.Most Notable Life Adventure: I went to the Bahamas for a tripand met my husband there!Best Life Lesson Learned: With hard work, determination andprayer, you can do anything you set your mind to. The sky is thelimit.What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Someone whoreally made a difference.My Goal This Year Is: To be a great wife, sister, daughter, friendand also to help the new members really enjoy this year, learnabout the JLBR and fall in love with volunteering.People Would Be Surprised to Know That: I’ve been in waterskiingshows.Person Who Has Influenced My Life the Most: My parents. Theyare very loving and giving. I am who I am because of them.Favorite Vacation Spot/Destinations: Where my husband and Ihoneymooned in the Virgin Islands (Virgin Gorda, but I’ll takeany island!) and where we met – the Bahamas (Lucaya).Hobbies/Interests: Boating, skiing (water and snow), playing withmy dogs, college football and the Gators!SUE WICKER, SUSTAINING MEMBEREducation/Occupation: University of Florida,English Literature degree and homemakerFamily: Four daughters and two sons-in-law.Jamie, Jenny and Michelle now in JLBR, Kellycurrently attending University of Florida, husbandis Spike Wicker an attorney.Pets: One cat, many fishOther Community Involvement: Sustainer activities. Previouslyinvolved with Saint Andrew’s School and St. Paul Lutheran.Current League Placement: SustainerFavorite Placement: Children’s Place South (now Children’s Placeat Home Safe). I was on the committee that secured a locationand got it approved through the city and fundraised. Attendingcity council meetings to discuss the opening of Children’s Place,the room would be full of neighbors objecting to Children’s PlaceSouth because they were “certain” that it would bring “crime anddeterioration” to the neighborhood. Eventually those initial fearswere overcome, and it is a wonderful place.Funniest JLBR Story: Junior League members’ children took apicture for The Bridge. They all dressed up in outfits for theNutcracker Suite. Now many of them are college graduatesand some are Junior League members.Favorite Thing About Florida: Boating and the weatherFavorite Restaurant: The GazeboFavorite Guilty Pleasure or Junk Food: Maybe chocolateWhat Are You Passionate About? My family and my friendsThree Accomplishments You Are Most Proud of: My family, travels,and the friendships that I have maintained throughout my lifeMost Notable Life Adventure: Backpacking through Europe. Istayed in hostiles and met some very unique people. It was afterI had graduated from the University of Florida and at a timewhere I wanted true independence. I was able to accomplish itpretty much all by myself.Best Life Lesson Learned: I can survive by myself, but it’s a wholelot better to have friends and family with you.What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? To be a doctorso I can take care of all the ailments that come with aging.My Goal for This Year: To get my house ready for grandkids.No, none of my kids are there yet!People Would Be Surprised to Know That: I raised four girls.Jamie was 26 months old when my twins were born.Person Who Has Influenced My Life the Most: My father, a good,caring, and giving man, who used to pay it forward before it wasa movie. When he lent money, he would say, “don’t pay meback, just take care of the next person that needs it.” I was alsoinfluenced by my husband, who introduced me to many thingsthat I don’t think I would have experienced if it weren’t for him.Favorite Vacation Destination: Abaco, Bahamas and Venice, ItalyHobbies/Interests: raising orchids, boating, traveling, reading,pretending to play golf and the Gators!spotlight9

Caring HeartsThe Junior League of Boca Raton gratefully acknowledges the following people and/or companies for their“Caring Hearts”:Cendyn, Charles and Robin Deyo, Emily McMullin, and KurtHarfmann for the many dollars and hours they have dedicatedfor the past ten years to hosting and improving the JLBRwebsite, the JLBR’s technology advancement and overall supportof our organizationVirginia Kelly, Independent Business Consultant, for performingBusiness Operations Audit for JLBR Board. Virginia donatedmore than 40 hours of time in order to complete this audit.Hats Off to . . .Drs. Jacqui Moroco and Saadia Mohammed for donating theirtime and services so that more than 40 children from In thePines could receive dental care. Meg Tormey for planning awonderful Dental Day for the children of In the Pines.Dorothy MacDiarmid for requesting that the guests that wereattending her son Will’s birthday party donate bilingual booksfor the In the Pines Literacy Program instead of birthday gifts.League members who donated books for ITP at the VCRC or ata cottage meeting. The residents will love them.Maggie Dickenson for being the most wonderful co-chair. Youtruly have made this year both incredibly enjoyable and productive.Thank you for everything!VCRC New Member Project for putting together a fabulous PastPresident’s Panel!Miss Cathy from Kindermusik for donating her time to entertainthe children at Florence Fuller at the spring event.Kevin Ross and Matt Chaloux at Lynn University for providinga last minute venue for the VCRC committee’s Meet theFunders event on campus in the Amarnick-Goldstein Theater.Jennifer Brackett and all the staff at the Lilly Pulitzer Store forhosting a great day of shopping and the generous donation.Sheila Aucamp for being the fabulous sustaining advisor forFund Development.Anne Vegso for being a wonderful sustaining advisor to the Horsesand the Handicapped committee. Your knowledge of the organizationand your willingness to jump in and help are greatly appreciated!Cyd Alderman for creating a wonderful scrapbook for FlorenceFuller documenting the last two years of the nursery renovationproject and for also creating a great presentation for the AprilGMM. Jennifer Loft for arranging and securing Miss Cathy fromKindermusik for Florence Fuller’s spring event.Kim Anglemeyer for the great job she did on revamping andupdating the Options Catalog.Membership Development Committee for agreeing to donate$2,500 of their 2008-2009 budget to help pay for the muchneeded software for JLBR that will help us track members anddonors more effectively/timely and automate processes to makethe JLBR a streamlined, efficient organization.Cindy Krebsbach for being an amazing advisor toCommunications Council. Thank you for your advice, guidance,creative suggestions and hard work.Elegant Childof Boca RatonDistinctive children’s clothing,shoes, toys and books561-416-0152Mon-Sat. 10 am - 6 pmwww.ElegantChildBoca.com59 So. Federal Hwy.Boca Raton, FL 334321 block So. of Palmetto Park Rd.10 hats and hearts

Mothers, League Role Models by Reagan SuchOn Mother’s Day everyone should showappreciation for that special lady whohas made you into the woman you aretoday. The Publications committeenoticed how many active members arethe daughter or daughter-in-law of aSustainer. As the daughter of aSustainer, I can tell you that it is quite remarkable to share theLeague experience together. My mother joined the Leaguebefore I was even born, so I grew up listening to her talkabout it, and eventually volunteering alongside her. I neverwould have guessed that we would both end up being soinvolved together. It has certainly helped us become greatfriends. We asked other Actives to share their thoughts aboutfollowing in their mother’s footsteps.My mom, Catherine Toomey, has beena member of the JLBR since the early1980’s. I grew up with the League. Iwas always brought to events andmeetings so I guess it was only fittingthat I would become a JLBR membermyself. It is nice to attend functionsnow with my mom, knowing that together we are making adifference in the community in which I was raised. It is alsojust a nice way to be able to spend time together when ourlives are so busy. – Mary Glynn CullinanWhen I was growing up in Memphis, the Junior League was afamily affair. My mother, grandmother and my aunts all belongto the League. At my house my mother was always running offto a JL meeting or having the ladies over for lunch. I heardabout the League my whole life. When I told my mother threeyears ago that I was joining the Junior League of Boca Raton,my mother, now a sustainer in the Denver League said ‘Well it’sabout time.’ Now when I call her and vent about how busy withwork and League activities I am and why I haven’t called latelyshe totally understands. – Melissa WilliamsMy mother-in-law, Annie, introducedme to the League when I moved to Bocain 2003. We have shared so manygreat times chatting about what theLeague means to us and where our differentinterests lie. I have come torespect her not only for all her accomplishmentsin the community but also as a fellow Leaguer andfriend. I feel so fortunate to have such a completely cool secondmom! – Morgan M. GreenIt is great to be part of an organization ofsuch motivated, inspiring women! Iadmire our presidents each year for theamazing amount of energy and dedicationthey have. It is fun to imagine whenmy mother-in-law, Kathy Dickenson, wasa president of this League. I can still see. . . continued on page 12mother’s day feature11

her legacy around Boca Raton. Her picture hangs in theChildren’s Museum in Boca. My husband, J.D. watched his mothergive her time to this community and now he can better understandwhy his wife is never home on Tuesday nights! I hope mydaughter Sophia will continue this legacy! – Maggie DickensonVolunteering shoulder to shoulder withdynamic women over the past 90 yearshas been such a rewarding part of myfamily’s life. My mother and 88-yearoldgrandmother are JL members. Mygreat-grandmother was a charter memberof the JL of Atlanta. I am lucky to say I’ve never known aday without the Junior League, and I am so proud to be part ofthis wonderful family tradition. Throughout my Junior Leagueservice, I have felt directly connected to my great-grandmother,even though I didn’t know her very well. Times are very differentfrom when she was my age, but the needs of women andchildren remain oddly similar so many years later. As I sit hereawaiting the birth of my daughter, I hope she will one daybecome a member, too, and continue my family’s commitmentto community through the Junior League. The year I was JLBRpresident (2005-06), I wrote and spoke often about my personalJunior League legacy, but tried to convey that we are all apart of the 100 plus years of Junior League women ‘buildingbetter communities’. Each of us has a bit of the spirit that compelledMary Harriman, founder of the first Junior League, tovolunteer and improve the lives of women and children in hercommunity. It’s that commonality that connects us, and ourenduring spirit of volunteerism will ensure the Junior Leaguecontinues to inspire shared solutions in our communities foranother 100 years. – Dorothy MacDiarmidMy mom, Sustainer Andrea Kornblue,embodies the words that define a JuniorLeague woman: helpful, unselfish, intelligent,thoughtful, and fun. She hasbeen a member of the Junior League ofBoca Raton for more than 30 years.JLBR has been such a big part of ourlives. I hope I can make as much of an impact in this communityas my mom has . . . I am so proud to follow in herfootsteps. – Paige KornblueI am so honored and proud to follow inmy mother’s footsteps in the JuniorLeague of Boca Raton. Growing up, mymother, Anne Vegso, always impressedupon my sister and me the importanceof giving back to the community andhelping those in need. We watched ourmother dedicate countless hours to the Junior League andenjoyed seeing what happiness this involvement brought her.Now, Hayley and I are both Junior League members and wefinally “get it” too! It’s fun to be involved in this wonderfulorganization that my mom is so passionate about! I will beproud if I can accomplish a fraction of what she has in helpingothers. – Melinda BlonshineMy mother-in-law, Dottie Preusse, isTHE REASON I am in the League.When my husband and I moved hereseveral years ago from the Midwest, shedid everything she could to involve mein the Boca Raton community. Shebrought me to the Junior League new12 mother’s day feature

member information meeting and introduced me to many ofher friends. I was so impressed by how welcoming thewomen were and all that they accomplished. Her goodfriends and past presidents, Carolyn Cunningham andBarbara Hill, became my League sponsors. While she isnow a Sustainer, Dottie is always eager to know how myLeague placement is going and offers to babysit when Ihave a commitment. I am so grateful for our wonderfulrelationship and her ongoing support. – Heather PreusseI am honored toshare the JuniorLeague experiencewith my mother, SueWicker. I am alsograteful to have mysister, Michelle Ruff,on the MembershipDevelopment committeewith me, my sister Jenny Wicker serving as a newmember in JLBR and even my aunt as a Sustainer of the JLof Miami. Our family has benefitted from the League in somany ways, and we are so thankful to be able to give backto our community together. – Jamie W. SauerMy experience with being in the League with my mother,Sue Wicker, has been wonderful. My mother has mademany lifelong friends and continues to enjoy being aSustainer. We have enjoyed attending MSAT events andChocolate Decadence together. We share in the desire tocontribute to our community and JLBR gives us the opportunityto do this together. – Michelle RuffI am carrying on a tradition that mymother, Dale Workman started. I enjoyvolunteering on committees and doingDIAD’s that she helped innovate yearsago with her friend and peers, and theyare still going strong. – Alex GaglioFrom an early age my sisters and Ilearned about the importance of helpingothers through volunteering from ourmom’s Junior League involvement. Ican remember my mom, Kay Cook,preparing for meetings, organizing arummage sale, and testing out recipesfor Junior League cookbook. She always explained what shewas doing and involved us in her experiences. I am fortunateto share the JLBR experience with my sister, Kristen Oliver,also. Now that I am the active member I continue to learnfrom my mom’s and sister’s leadership and experience andwe enjoy participating in many JLBR activities together. Theysupport me by offering guidance and other perspectives, aswell as some babysitting for my daughter, Hannah, so I canattend events and meetings. – Kim AnglemeyerI think it was always just agiven that my sister, MegEnright, and I would join theLeague when we were of ageand living back down here.Growing up, ‘Junior League’was a familiar term in ourhouse. With my mom, SueCarey, still being an active member. She always told us whenwe were old enough she wanted us to join as a great way toget involved in our community, wherever that may be, andmake new friends. We love when she comes to the GMMshonoring Sustainers and we can go to the tea and otherevents together that benefit the League since it is such animportant organization to all three of us. I think she is veryhappy that we have carried on the tradition. – Kate CareyWhen I moved to Boca, I didn’t know anyone, so my mother-in-law,Pat McMechan, introduced me to the League andtold me I should join. I had no idea was it was about. ButI am so glad I listened to her because I have had some ofthe same friends for 10 years and I am still making newones. – Heather McMechan20 Years ExperienceS. Kapela SlipcoversOwnerCustom Slipcovers & Home FurnishingsE-mail: slk@SKapelaSlipcovers.comWebsite: SKapelaSlicovers.comRecommended by Cindy Krebsbach References andPhotos on Request4142 Palm Forest Dr. N. (561) 496-3838Delray Beach, FL 33445 Cell (561) 716-4036mother’s day feature13

Fun Times in Summertimeby Andee HolzmanSummer officially kicks off June 21, but with the “spring forward”time change, searing heat, and recent dousing ofheavy rains, we are already starting to feel its presence. Manyof us will take advantage of the great seasonal deals and taketime off for a much-needed vacation. There are others, especiallyin this economy, who will opt to stay closer to home andsave a few dollars. There is no reason why staying homeshould mean doing the same old thing. We are lucky to livein South Florida, as Palm Beach County offers a vast array ofday and night cultural events and activities for people of allages that will please even the most discerning of customers.Here is a sampling of local events for the entire family:May 2009Guided Tours and Shark Feedings (Ongoing): These toursprovide a splashing good time for all ages to explore thecoastal history and marine world through hands-on exhibits.Guests will encounter live animals like Atlantic fishes, a babynurse shark, and a Florida spiny lobster.Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday 12-4 p.m.Admission: $4. Host: Sandoway House Nature CenterContact: 561-274-7263, Sandoway House Nature Center142 South Ocean Boulevard, Delray Beach, FL 33483Glimpses of River History: Postcards from the Past (throughJune 16): Step back in time to see life on the river from NativeAmerican Indians and Seminole influence, pioneer families,maritime history and more.Host: The Loxahatchee River Historical SocietyContact: 561-747-8380, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum500 Captain Armour’s Way, Jupiter, FL 33469ALMAN & KATZ, D.M.D., P.A.FAMiLy & CoSMeTiC DeNTiSTRy l BLeAChiNG l CRowNS l BRiDGeS l iMPLANTSSteven R. Alman, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.7820 Glades Road, Suite 250Boca Raton, Florida 33434(561) 470-0007Beeper: (561) 936-5798Narrated Bus Tour of Historic Delray Beach (Monthly): Enjoythis one hour, 45-minute-tour of ten historic sites. Departs at 11 a..m.Admission: $10 for adults and seniors, free for children/teensunder 18.Host: Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion HistoryContact: 561-243-2662Clematis by Night (Thursdays): Clematis by Night is the placeto be every Thursday night in downtown West Palm Beach forgreat music, a taste of mouth-watering foods, and sidewalkshopping. Free admission.Hours: 6-9:30 p.m. in Centennial SquareContact: 561-822-1515Downtown West Palm Beach, FL 33401www.clematisbynight.netPalm Beach zoo (Ongoing): Check out the 1,500 amazinganimals and the 23 lushly planted acres of the Palm Beachzoo. Hours. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily Admission: $12.95 foradults, $9.95 for seniors 60+, and $8.95 for children 3-12Contact: 561-533-0887, Palm Beach zoo1301 Summit Boulevard , West Palm Beach, FL 33405www.palmbeachzoo.orgSpring Training and Florida State League Seasons (ThroughSeptember 6): Roger Dean Stadium is the only stadium in thecountry to host four teams: two Spring Training (Florida Marlinsand St. Louis Cardinals) and two Minor League (JupiterHammerheads and Palm Beach Cardinals - Class A). Comewatch these teams in action as they make Roger Dean Stadiumtheir home - a great time for all ages! Admission: SpringTraining: $25 - $31; Florida State League: $6.50 - $9.50Contact: 561-775-1818, Roger Dean Stadium4751 Main Street, Jupiter, FL 33458www.rogerdeanstadium.comCinco de Mayo Fiesta (May 2): The Hispano-Latino CulturalAlliance presents a family day with great food, entertainment,youth performances, and vendors, plus the 3rd AnnualChihuahua Race. Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Admission: $10 foradults and children 11 and up; free for ages 10 and underContact: 561-441-8009Old School Square Pavilion and Grounds51 North Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444www.oldschool.org14 summer feature

12th Annual Pineapple Grove Bed Race (May 5): Watch asnumerous bed racing teams compete for first place in anunforgettable race. Bed racing teams are made up of fourrunners, one queen or princess riding in the bed, and onesubstitute. The entry fee is $150 per team with a minimumage requirement of 18.Contact: 561-279-1380 Ext. 36, Pineapple Grove Arts DistrictOff Atlantic Avenue and N.E. 2nd AvenueDowntown Delray Beach, www.downtowndelraybeach.comArt and Jazz on the Avenue (May 7, June 25, August 20):Open house for restaurants, art galleries and shops alongAtlantic Ave. with live entertainment. 6-10 p.m. Admission is free.Contact: 561-279-1380 ext. 3., Mizner Park AmphitheaterCorner of Federal Highway and Mizner Boulevard, just southof Glades Road, Downtown Boca RatonCinema in the Park Series (May 15): Hosted by the City ofBoca Raton; feature film – Hancock. 7:30 p.m. (dusk).Admission is free.Contact: 561-393-7806 ext. 2, Mizner Park AmphitheaterCorner of Federal Highway and Mizner Boulevard, just southof Glades Road, Downtown Boca RatonDelray Beach Film Festival (May 19-25): Truly a “filmmakers’festival,” the Delray Beach Film Festival (DBFF) brings highqualityindependent short and feature-length narrative anddocumentary films - along with panels, workshops, concerts,contests, celebrities, and parties to beautiful Delray. This festivaloffers an impressive line-up of activities for filmmakersand festival goers alike.Contact: 561-213-5737, Downtown Delray Beach, www.dbff.usSummer Music in the Park Series (May 24): Hosted by theCity of Boca Raton; Boca Ballet performance. 7:30 p.m.Admission is free.Contact: 561-393-7806 ext. 2, Mizner Park AmphitheaterCorner of Federal Highway and Mizner Boulevard, just southof Glades Road, Downtown Boca RatonMemorial Day Concert (May 25): Hosted by the City of BocaRaton; New Gardens Band and Masterworks Chorus, directedby Owen Seward. 7 p.m. Admission is free.Contact: 561-393-7806, Mizner Park AmphitheaterCorner of Federal Highway and Mizner Boulevard, just southof Glades Road, Downtown Boca RatonJune 2009Sushi and Stroll Summer Walk (June 12): Summer nights inSouth Florida are something special, especially when they areaugmented with taiko drums and a cultural backdrop thatcan’t be beat. Add a cold beverage, a breathtaking sunset,and a walking path through a tranquil garden, and you’ve gotthe Sushi and Stroll Summer Walk.Contact: 561-495-0233, Morikami Museums and JapaneseGardens4000 Morikami Park Road, Delray Beach, FL 33446www.morikami.orgBarbie’s Back and She’s 50! (June 25-October 25): See hundredsof dolls and accessories that celebrate Barbie in all hercultures and careers since she made her debut in 1959.Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Sunday, 1-4:30 p.m. Admission: $6 general, $4 for seniors and students14-21, and free for members and children 13 and under.Contact: 561-243-7922 ext. 310, Cornell Museum at OldSchool Square, 51 North Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33444www.oldschool.orgJuly 2009Independence Day Celebration (July 4): Presented by the Cityof Delray Beach, enjoy a day of sand-sculpting on the beach,Patriotic Bike and Scooter parade, live beach concert, food,fireworks, and more. Admission is free.Contact: 561-279-1380 ext. 3, Downtown Delray Beachwww.downtowndelraybeach.comFabulous Fourth (July 4): The City of Boca Raton hosts thisIndependence Day celebration at FAU, highlighted by theexplosive fireworks spectacular. The festivities will kick offaround 6 p.m. with a carnival-style event featuring food,games and a free concert. The star of the evening is thepyrotechnics show, which starts at 9 p.m. and can be seenfrom just about anywhere in town. Blankets and lawn chairsare welcome; pets, grills and alcoholic beverages are not.Parking is available in lots 4, 6, 8, 9, and 11 along Lee Street.Admission is free.Contact: 561-393-7806 ext. 2, Florida Atlantic University777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431www.ci.boca-raton.fl.us/rec/specialevents/holidaysMARShA L. LOveInterior DecoratorTulane Kidd Interiors2263 N.W. 2nd AvenueSuite 101Boca Raton, FL 33431Office: 561-395-2848Fax: 561-395-9226mllseaside@bellsouth.netPast JLBRPresidentMore than two decades of design experiencesummer feature15

Dollar$ & Cent$ IIby Denise O’SullivanAre you tired of hearing about all ofthe depressive statistics regarding theeconomy? I know I am. Do you needsome changes in your life, withoutspending money? When was the lasttime you rearranged your furniture? Iknow that sounds funny, but it couldhelp you feel uplifted. I changed thepurpose of some rooms in my house,just by switching the furniture from oneroom to another. My family andfriends think I redecorated my house. They didn’t realize thatI used things that I already had. Even my mother and husbandwere amazed at how “new and improved” thingslooked. I feel as if I purchased new furniture, by seeing my“old stuff” in a new light. Walk through your house and takeeverything in. Then take time to think about how you can mixthings up. Call a friend to offer suggestions, or there areweb-sites such as HGTV.com that can give you ideas.Previously (The Bridge’s October/November 2008 issue), Iwrote how I have adapted my life to save money. I talked aboutcoupon web-sites, and how to be a frugal shopper. Well theeconomy has not improved much since I wrote that article, sonow it is time to think about other ways to stretch a dollar.Some years back, I had switched my safe deposit box to abank that was opened on Saturday. When my renewal noticearrived informing me that $60 was due for the rental, Iinquired where I do my banking about rates of box rentals. Iwas very happily surprised to find out that I qualify for a FREEsafety deposit box. One little question, and about 30 minutesof bringing the items from one bank to another saved me $60a year. And by the way, with all of the buyouts and mergers,my bank is now open on Saturday.companies out there now; chances are you can save moneyif you haven’t checked in awhile. I was troubled, when Inoticed a charge on my phone bill for $8, for one call fromWellington to Ft. Lauderdale. I was mad (considering I couldhave driven there for less money). When I started doing theresearch I combined some services with my DSL account andsaved my self at least $40-$50 a MONTH!Do you have a termite bond on your house? I do, and mypremiums keep going up. When the bond hit $600 per year,I started making phone calls. I was livid to find out that thebond would only cover two types of termites (how was I supposedto know that there are 19 types of termites?) So evenif I had the bond and got termites, I would never know whattype of termite I had. There is a good chance that the bondwould not pay to repair the damage my house would have.Well, through phone calls and inquiries, I now have a bondfor a little more money that will cover ALL termites. Do theresearch; it is amazing what you can find out.Tires anyone? I was speaking with my dad (a retired mechanic)when he mentioned that he needed new tires for his car.He would only purchase a good-quality name brand tire. Hehad priced them out at a local repair shop. I mentioned thathe should check one of the warehouse clubs. He hadn’tthought of that, and went to Sam’s Club. The exact tires heWhen was the last time that you reviewed your long distancephone service or your cell-phone plan? There are so many16 financial feature

got a quote for were $160 less at Sam’s Club. He was veryhappy with his savings to say the least.If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, run don’t walkto your nearest home improvement store, or call someone toget one installed. You can save hundreds of dollars a year, ifyou don’t keep your air-conditioner running all day. This is ahighly recommended way to help the environment by reducingenergy costs, and you save money at the same time.Have you ever heard about making an extra mortgage paymenta year towards your principle, or splitting your mortgagepayment into two payments each month? You could reduceyour mortgage by years and save thousands of dollars ininterest costs. Make sure that you have no prepaymentpenalty on your mortgage. You do not have to pay a serviceHonoring Mothers & Fathers by Roving Reporterto do this for you. Inquire with your mortgage holder, andthen create a payment plan that you can stick to. By addingsome extra dollars to my principal payment each month, my15-year mortgage will be paid off in 11 years (I am gettingclose), and I can’t wait.It seems like almost every magazine on the news stands hasarticles about getting out of debt or saving money.Everyone’s needs and circumstances are different; however Ibelieve that the state of the economy has encouraged us toopen our eyes about where our money goes. Look aroundyou. I wasn’t consciously trying to get the best deal whenthings forced me to take a closer look at where my moneywas going. By taking the time and doing a little research, Iam now saving hundreds of dollars a year. I bet that you cantoo!We are who we are because of our parents. In some way, ourparents have a hand in our emotional development. In Maywe honor our mothers and in June our fathers, so the RovingReporter asked League member two questions that relate toour parents:What is your fondest childhood memory of your motherand/or father?There are so many wonderful memories of my parents. Theyhave been “the best parents” a girl could have. My bestmemory is when we went on our cruise to the Caribbean.We were leaving our day in Mexico and we had to be backon the ship in ten minutes. My dad gave some guy $20 totake us by horse thinking the horse would get us there faster.The poor horse didn’t have much energy left and was goingas slow as molasses. My laid-back dad, sipping on hisCorona, was enjoying the ride, while my mother got so fedup, jumped off the horse, and ran to the ship. There wasNO WAY she was missing tomorrow’s shopping day inGrand Cayman. ~ Brittany Steelemanage my money and expenses without relying on a spouseor significant other. Most importantly, my mother showed methe importance of being a mother and humanitarian. Iremember my mother’s volunteer efforts! ~ Jen MintonFrom my mom I learned to be kind even if someone is notkind to you. ~ Alex GaglioI learned from my parents that a family’s strength is based onthe marriage. We were raised to believe that, as children, weare a product/result of their love for one another. This hashelped me be independent from my parents and put my trueself into my marriage and my own future. ~ Tina ToweryWhat did you learn from your mother and/or father that youcarry with you in your life today?To be a responsible, independent woman. I have learned toCarolyn Cole Arnold, Psy.D., P.A.Intelligence TestingPsychotherapyLicensed Psychologist#PY48507300 West Camino RealBoca Raton, FL 33433(561) 338-6995roving reporter17

Community CornerJLBR to Participate in NationalVolunteer Week 2009by Florence KizzaApril 19 - 25, 2009, was this year’sNational Volunteer Week, with the themeCelebrating People in Action. Throughoutthis week, individuals and organizationsacross the country planned and took part in numerouscommunity service projects.The Junior League of Boca Raton participated in the nationalevent throughout the week with a handful of Done in a Days:Monday, April 20th – Food drive for Boca Helping HandsTuesday, April 21st – C.R.O.S. Ministries Volunteer DinnerWednesday, April 22nd – Kids in Distress Enrichment SessionThursday, April 23rd – VCRC OrientationNational Volunteer Week is sponsored by the Points of LightInstitute and Hands onNetwork. It started in 1974when President RichardNixon signed an executiveorder establishing a weekto celebrate voluntarism.Every U.S. President sincethen has followed suit, signing a proclamation to promotethe week.One Person Can Make a Differenceby Jonathan GalkaSeven-thirty in the morning is an early Saturdayin my eyes. This was my wake-up call the veryfirst weekend I volunteered with the JuniorLeague, and it was difficult to imagine that myearly rising and frantic preparations wouldbenefit the community in the long run. Before my volunteeringwith the Junior League, I believed in a common cliché: one personcan’t make a difference. After dozens of volunteer hours, Ihave realized that one person can make a difference.However, many people make a huge difference.From time to time I have also assisted in some of my mother’scommittees such as WVOY and Chocolate Decadence, withmaking raffle baskets. The teamwork and commitment put intothese annual projects always creates a wonderful end result.I have chosen to volunteer with the Junior League because of thefact that their roots are spread across the entire country. At thestarting point of my volunteer hours, the head of my local honorsociety chapter explained to me that I should be diverse in myvolunteering. The Junior League is a diverse organization thatreaches out not only to women and children, but the communityin general. In the future, I hope to surpass my volunteeringexpectation. Whether I belong to an honor society or not, I willcontinue to volunteer with the Junior League.Jonathan Galka is the son of Active member Maria Galka.1199 So. Federal Highway l Boca Raton, FL 33432Phone: 561-395-BARK (2275) l Fax: 561-395-2243Rhonda Palazzo (JLBR member) l www.bark-tique.comOur Smiles Shine!Dr. Moroco, a Junior League of Boca Raton member, is a graduate ofPennsylvania State University and Northwestern University DentalSchool. She completed advanced specialty training in Orthodontics atBaylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, Texas. Dr. Moroco has practicedorthodontics in Boca Raton/Delray area since 1993.The Linton Medical Park4800 Linton Boulevard, Suite D-505 l Delray Beach561-638-9963What’s better than botox(r)?bring this ad in to receive$50 off botox or restylanefrom boca Plastic surgeon,andreW ress, m.d.to make an aPPointment call:561-347-16117284 W. Palmetto Park road, suite 105,boca raton18 community corner

Saadia & Sustainer JackieMoroco, D.D.S.Miles of Smilesby Saadia Mohammed, D.D.S.A hundred years from now it will notmatter what my bank account was,the sort of house I lived in, or thekind of car I drove, but the worldmay be different because I wasimportant in the life of a child . . .Forest Witcraft.One of my favorite quotes really embodies the spirit of theproject committee for In the Pines (ITP) this year. All day longwe hear about how bad the economy is and how people havecheated and looted others, but in our small sphere of influencethe ladies on the committee for In the Pines have lovinglydone small things, which will go long ways with the childrengrowing up at In the Pines. At the beginning of the year thecommittee decided to address areas which would truly impactthe lives of the residents for the long term.The following areas of life at In the Pines were touched uponthis year by the committee: art, education and health, in thefollowing ways:The Norton after school art program concluded with a trip tothe Norton Museum on a Saturday in March. Students got aprivate tour of Impressionism and Ansel Adams/GeorgiaO’Keefe exhibits. ITP students’ artwork will be displayed atthe Norton in June. One ITP student may a receive a scholarshipto a summer art program at the University of the Artsin Philadelphia to live and study art for four weeks.We met with the Global Education Center Director at PalmBeach Community College (PBCC) to review their goals andhow ITP students could receive assistance. We will be introducingour students to the Center and PBCC and working onthe long-term goal of establishing a scholarship.The bilingual literacy program took place on Saturday, April3rd at Pines South, coordinated by the new members. The literacyprogram trained parents how and why it is so importantto read to their children.The Miles of Smiles program took place at Palm BeachPediatric Dentistry on March 27th. The program provideddental checkups and basic preventive services of cleaningteeth, fluoride and radiographs for more than 40 childrenthat reside at In the Pines that have no dental insurance coverage.Sustainer Dr. Jacqui Morocco and myself, with theassistance of our staff provided the dental care.Lastly, we are so happy to report that residents at Pines Northwill be moving into their new homes in June. Our committee,along with other ITP Board members, will be providing severalworkshops to orient them with the new appliances and educatingthem on environmental issues. The new town homesare expected to receive a platinum LEED rating and the residentsare being encouraged to be environmentally conscious.In addition, our committee will be purchasing new vacuumsfor all of the residents to have in their new homes.We have had a wonderful year and are so excited by what wehave accomplished. The staff, board, and residents of ITPhave been so great! Thank you!community corner19

Mary Lavalle & Susan Saxton at New Member’s Past President’s PanelBetsy Owen & Sally Schmid at Past President’s LuncheonMarsha Love & Michelle Rubin at Past President’s LuncheonMelinda DeHoff, Tammy Balogh, Melissa Williams, Gillian DeMarco,DeLynn Trivision and Jackie Kohl at Cookbook Dinner PartyHalla Steiner from Kids in Distress, Tammy Balogh, Shannon Moriarity, AndreaGalecki, Liz Gallo, Sharon Robinson at Broward County’s Kid’s in Distress FacilityBritton Buist & Renee Thies at Kids in Distress Parent's Night Out EventRenee Duryee , Victoria Matthews & Gisela Martinez at Milagro PartyGina Greenwald & Natalie Warren at April GMM20 picture show

Kate Carey at Horses & the Handicapped Children’s CarnivalMaggie Dickenson & Becky Kenefick at ITP Miles of Smiles DayCarolyn Arnold & Michele ToomeyCheryl Cleary, Renee Holmes, & Kerry LoBello at Facebook ClassJanie Lott & Betsy Fletcher at Facebook ClassLinda Eckelson, Pat Moloney & Andrea Kornblue at Facebook ClassBrittany Steele & Kelly Korn at Placement FairBarbara Marsh & Katherine Regna at April GMMpicture show21

Milagro – The Miracle Continuesby Lisa HarmerI just got back from stopping by the MilagroCenter. I cannot believe it has been less thantwo short years since I first visited this miraculouscenter. What changes I have seen insuch a short time. Wow!First, let me say without question that onething has not changed at all. One thing always remains thesame here. The love and passion that fill the building throughthe eyes of the directors, employees and especially the childrenwho always greet you the moment you enter the door.Today’s visit was extra special for me as I was greeted by ourown new member Karen Willis, who has been the developmentdirector there since last December. She has done anamazing job and met me with the enthusiasm she brings withher on every project she is a part of.I had stopped by to see all the new inside changes and was notdisappointed by the progress made this year. Amongst thebiggest changes was the new kitchen. I could not believe thedifference from what had been there. It looks so beautiful,functional and fresh. I was very impressed. Also the tables thatwere purchased are just perfect and it was so nice to see tablesand chairs at the correct heights for children of all ages. Therewere new storage cabinets and another new sink for daily useby the children. A wall partition was purchased to help withclassroom division and noise control. Also, fresh paint on thewalls gives the center a more uniform look whereby the artworkwill stand out more. The colors are warm and inviting. Somuch had been done to improve the inside in such a short timeby our wonderful committee this year.While I was visiting, I was able to enjoy all of the amazing artworkdone by the children. They are so talented, and it is fabulousthat they have this center to learn and express their talents.I admired the cards the children made that the centersells to raise funds. When I was purchasing them, I went onand on about how beautiful they were and how I could notget over how the children actually designed them. Karensmiled and gave me the best reminder of the day when shesaid, “Milagro is an art center, you know!” Well said and howtrue.Lastly, I think that while much has beenaccomplished already both inside andoutside, there is still much work we cando here as a League. We must continueto support the Milagro Center sothat with our help the miracle of thisbeautiful center will continue for yearsto come. We owe it to the children ofDelray who call this place their ownmiracle five afternoons a week andwhose talents have blossomed throughits love and support.Kindly and highly recommended byJLBR Sustainers Gail Hackett & Joanie RobertsonWhen you need home or office improvements and smaller repairs,call your local team of experts for a free estimate and ask for Felix or Juan at:TMHOME IMPROVEMENT & REPAIRS OF BOCA RATON CORPORATIONOffice: (561) 955-9550 l Cell: (561) 245-0481 or 245-0482Boca.homeimprovements@gmail.comCustom woodwork, kitchen cabinets, closet organizers, wooden floors and decks22 community corner

We Witnessed the Magic!by Carrie O’DayAs the League year draws to a close, I am pleased to reportthe success of one of our new community projects, Horsesand the Handicapped. Starting with creating a waiting areafor the families whose loved ones participate in this remarkableprogram, and ending with a carnival which had nearly100 people in attendance we have all been proud to takepart in this amazing organization.After working with Horses and the Handicapped all of ushave had an opportunity to “witness the magic” and we areproud to have helped this organization which continues to bea benefit to our community.Initially, one of the projects we were asked to assist with wasthe creation of a waiting area for the families of the riders.For many of these families this is the one time a week whenthey are free to relax and recharge in the company of otherfamilies who are faced with similar challenges and there wasnot a comfortable place for this at the riding center. Not onlywere we able to provide them with places to relax and toshare a meal, but we provided and installed a set of bleachersso that everyone could be comfortable at special events.In October we participated with the organization of theBroward County Special Olympics and the grand opening ofthe Vegso Family Arena. It was a wonderful event, attended bymany riders and their families as well as other community membersand you could feel the excitement in the air all day long!Next, our hardworking new member committee helped to createthe sensory trail for the riders. This was quite an undertakingand the finished trail will provide stimulation to the riders’five senses during the therapeutic riding sessions.With only a few months left inthe League year we proudlyhosted the family carnival dayon March 29th. By hosting thisfun event we were able to providea day of family fun for all ofthe families involved withHorses and the Handicapped.A petting zoo, carnival gamesand prizes, a DJ and jugglerwere present and nearly 100people attended! Lastly, we arestill completing the addition of a playground to the family waitingarea so the youngest members of each family will have asafe place to play during the therapy sessions.community corner23

Spirit of Giving Network CommitteeMakes an Impact in the Communityby Mary RedmanSpirit of Giving Network is a collaborative of 22nonprofit organizations with a focus on children andfamilies in South Palm Beach County. Through itssupport of the Spirit of Giving Network, the JuniorLeague of Boca Raton is having an impact on improving after schoolcare, family services, and primary education of thousands of SouthPalm Beach County’s underprivileged and underserved children.Working with the committee this year has been a pleasure.I would like to thank them all for their time spent, theirideas presented and all the effort and heart that they putinto making such a significant impact to the Spirit of GivingNetwork. The committee members were Hillary Fey,Melissa Montes, Susan Sobkowich, Jill Patterson, KristenPetersen, Susan Davis, Mary Redman and Joyce DeVita(Sustaining Advisor).Spirit of Giving Network Committee – NewMember Project – Life Skills Seminar by Jenny WickerThe 2008-2009 Spirit of Giving Network Committee workedtogether during the League year to make a significant impactin the lives of the families that are a part of the Spirit of GivingNetwork. We started off the year by driving the Holiday GiftDrive to record numbers in the amount of gifts given to thechildren throughout the Spirit of Giving Network community.We received such a positive response from our organizations.The most common feedback given from the organizationswas, “The Holiday Gift Drive was very smooth and the mostorganized gift drive ever! Thank you. Every child receivedtheir desired gift.”The second half of the League year, our committee decidedto focus on fulfilling more than 200 wish list items for theorganizations. We first asked the organizations to review thelists to see where they could help each other. By doing this,they were able to fulfill 10% of the items. We then reachedout to the League in order to fulfill more of the items.Although the response was smaller then we had hoped, wewere still able to fulfill many wishes for the organizations.Throughout the year, Kristen Petersen and Mary Redman werethe liaisons with the Spirit of Giving Network new memberproject committee. The new members were assigned the taskof putting on a Life Skills Seminar for the 22 nonprofit organizationsthat are a part of the Network. Being able to mentorand guide the new members to a successful and fun eventwas our goal. We attended their meetings, helped connectthem to our organizations and gave them advice when theyasked. In the end, they put on an event that was a successand a huge value to the families that attended. (See the followingarticle written by Jenny Wicker).Kristy Brown, Kiersten Rutherford, Katie Brown, Whitney Turk and Jenny WickerOur new member project turned out to be a small but wonderfulsuccess. We invited over twenty organizations to participatein a Life Skills Seminar. The seminar took place onMarch 4th at the Youth Activities Center. Dinner was served,courtesy of Publix, and the speaking began. Dr. Marks, apediatrician who specializes in teaching children about obesity,spoke to the parents; while her co-worker taught thechildren about certain foods. The parents watched a presentationand the children played games such as red lightgreen light with food groups. It was really cute to watch thechildren stick pictures of foods with their corresponding lights(red light for bad foods and green light for good foods). Itwas even more interesting to see the parents’ reactions to af i v e - y e a r - o l dcheeseburger thatstill looks the sameas it did the day theyordered it in ahappy meal. Puttingon this seminarhelped our grouplearn a plethora ofinformation includinghow to deal withdonations, organizinga done-in-aday,assigningchairs and muchmore. I think everyonewould agreethat this seminarwas a great success.24 community corner

“All Aboard” Final Boarding Callby Toni GianfortunoThe Junior League provides funding and volunteer supportto develop and provide classroom presentations tolocal 4th graders on topics related to art, culture andthe history of Boca Raton. In a strategic partnershipwith the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Boca RatonHistorical Society, the Junior League will supervise, coordinate and executean innovative and exciting educational outreach program.As Hometown Histories comes to a close in the 2008-2009League year, we would like to recap the year of ourgoals/objectives and the impact Hometown Histories has hadin the community. Hometown Histories has trained all of itscommittee members to be presenters and go forward with theprogram in the area schools. The committee has completedfive out of the ten elementary schools before the winter break.During the blackout date with FCATs, we’ve had time toaccomplish preparing the kits that are left behind for eachschool so the educators may continue through the years withpresenting the program to the area 4th grade students. As wehave partnered with the Boca Raton Historical Society and theBoca Raton Museum of Art, we have had an awesome year.Hometown Histories kicked off the 2008-2009 League yearby celebrating the 100th birthday of the firstschool, a smallwooden structure built in 1909. The first presentation wasgiven to Boca Raton Elementary School in honor of being ourcommunity’s first school. The Boca Raton Historical Societyrecently partnered with Boca Raton Elementary School also tohelp celebrate its 100th Birthday.The mayor of Boca Raton, Susan Whelchel, read a proclamationfrom the city, and Palm Beach County Superintendent, ArtJohnson spoke about the change from the original woodenstructure to the new Boca Elementary, which serves as a technologymagnet school.Executive Director Mary Csar of the Boca Raton HistoricalSociety and Museum presented Boca Elementary Principal,Bradley Henry, with this year’s BRHS ornament commemoratingthe town’s first school. The other dignitaries in attendancewere Nora Rosensweig, Area 5 Supervisor, former Area 5Supervisor Carole Shetler, School Board Member FrankBarbieri, and former Area 5 School Board Member MarkHansen.As the schools finished up with the FCATs at the end of March,Hometown Histories was ready to start up with the remainingfive schools. It will be a tight squeeze to complete the last fiveby the end of the year. However, Hometown Histories remainspositive and on track to reach our goal. Our first school wehave lined up in April is Verde Elementary.The Hometown Histories committee has enjoyed the challengeand the honor to partner with the Boca RatonMuseum of Art, the Boca Raton Historical Society andMuseum and the Palm Beach County School District tosupervise and coordinate this innovative and exciting educationaloutreach program.community corner25

A Busy and Exciting Year for Kids inDistressby Tammy BaloghI can’t believe how fast this League year hasgone by. It seems like just yesterday our committeemet to talk about our exciting projectsto help Kids in Distress. There is a quote thatI have been using throughout the year andalways refer back to - as it pretty much sums up why we chosethis committee. “There is nothing more rewarding than leadinga child down a new path of positive change. You cannotchange the world, but you can change a child’s world.”We teamed up with the social workers of the Kids DiversionUnit who recommended two families each month for fourconsecutive months for our committee to help. We each tookturns shopping and even gathered coupons from friends andfamily to maximize our dollars. The families were elated tosee us, and they felt so happy to have so much food deliveredright to their doorstep. The children were very sweet and evenlet us give them hugs and take pictures! It was a very rewardingexperience and one of the many reasons we love to be apart of the Junior League.I can honestly say we took our task to bring passion, purposeand pride to the next level and have accomplished a lot insuch a short time. We have already shared stories of ourprojects with you in past Bridge articles and at GMM meetings,but here is a brief recap:For the 2008-2009 League year the Kids in Distress committeecoordinated donations of infant items such as diapers andwipes, uniforms and school supplies, hosted a parent’s nightout event to show appreciation to the foster parents who havewelcomed these children in their homes, completed a homemakeover for a family in need, created a child birthdayrecognition program, planned four very successful enrichmentseminars, still continue to fill a storage unit with gentlyused clothing, furniture and home items to help many otherfamilies in need and will once again send one or more fosterchildren to camp this summer. However, there are a few othergreat projects we wish to inform the League about.Helping to Feed Families in DistressPrevention is an important aspect of the goals that we haveon the Kids in Distress committee. Kids in Distress providesguidance and assistance to a number of families to ensurethat the families are functional and are able to stay togetherin a healthy situation. During one of our brainstorming sessionsat a committee meeting a few months back, we decidedthat we wanted to reach out and help more of these familiesin need. We wanted to go grocery shopping and stocktheir almost empty cabinets with all kinds of food and cleaningsupplies to get them through the month.Life Skill Lessons for Foster TeensOne of the ways we were able to help foster teens this yearwas to provide life skill lessons to better prepare them for livingindependently when they age out of the foster care system.Our first life skill was led by committee memberShannon Moriarity who provided the teens with tips on basicetiquette. Not only did they get pointers on eating and tablemanners, but she also reviewed what to do when meetingpeople, introductions, cell phone etiquette and sending thankyou notes. For our second life skill lesson we brought in assistancefrom TD Bank to educate the teens on credit and financialmanagement. With today’s economic challenges thiswas a great lesson for the teens.Foster Family Day at the zooIn March we welcomed more than 72 children and adultsfrom Kids in Distress at the Palm Beach zoo. We had perfectweather that day and the children had a great time enjoyingthe animals and spending time with their foster families. Thekids also loved playing around in the zoo’s water fountainafterward.26 community corner

New Member Home Makeover for KIDby Kristin ReyThe Kids in Distress New Member project this year was ahome makeover for a family in need. We all worked togetherto provide a home for Erika, a single mother of five, whois currently unemployed and trying to find a job, while workingtowards obtaining her GED. Erika has five children rangingfrom three months to seven years old. When we first metwith Erika she had just found an apartment with the help ofKids in Distress, but had nothing to fill it but garbage bagsfilled with clothing for herself and her children. Since she hadno furniture to sleep on, she would sleep at various familymembers’ homes with her children. The new member groupworked hard on gathering furniture, bedding, food and toysfor Erika and her family. For months, they collected donationsfrom League members, friends, family and colleagues, tomake their house a home. On March 8th, the day of thehome makeover, we sent the family to the Palm Beach zoo forthe day, while the new members worked 10 hours setting upand decorating the home. When Erika arrived, she was overwhelmedby what the Junior League had done for her. Thechildren were the most excited about their new rooms, toys,and very own beds! It is amazing how just one day changedthis family’s life forever. This was such a wonderful experienceto be a part of, and we would like to thank all those whohelped make this possible.community corner27

From a Cook’s Point of View by Mary LavalleIs summer here already? This Leagueyear has flown by. The Cookbookcommittee did a wonderful job promotingbusiness and working with membersto promote retail sales. Three cheersfor the committee. I look forward toworking with the new Chair, AlisonGatto, et al.What better way to spend summers butwith a barbecue by the pool with thechildren and/or guests splashing away and having fun. Savorthe Moment is right there with a menu that is ready and waitingfor you on page 41. I have tried just about everything on thispage at one time or another and you will love it all.325 degrees for exactly 30 minutes. Cool for five minutes.Place on a serving plate. Loosen the side of the pan with a knifeand remove. Spread the sour cream over the pie. Garnish withgreen onions, tomatoes and olives. Serve with additional chips.• Watermelon Salsa, page 44 (So refreshing and delicious)• Cocobeer Shrimp, page 44• Bali Wings, page 45• Gold Coast Potato salad, page 45 (A different slant to the usual)• Grilled Corn, page 45Barbecued Ribs (page 46)(The dream entrée that never requires your attention)1 onion, sliced5 pounds baby back ribsSalt and pepper to taste1 (14 ounce) bottle tangy catsup or chili sauce½ (12 ounce) bottle horseradish sauce½ cup packed brown sugar¼ cup Worcestershire sauceSpread the onion slices in a 9x13 baking pan.* Sprinkle bothsides of the ribs with salt and pepper and arrange over theonion. Cover with foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours.Combine the catsup, horseradish sauce, brown sugar andWorcestershire sauce in a bowl and mix well. Spread over theribs. Bake, uncovered, for 1 hour longer. Serves 8* I use the bottom section of my broiling pan.SUMMER MENUSouthern Citrus Punch (page 42)Firecracker Chile Cheese Pie(A perfect way to begin the afternoon)1 cup crushed tortilla chips3 tablespoons melted butter16 ounces cream cheese, softened2 eggs1 (4 ounce) can chopped green chilies2 fresh jalapenos, minced4 ounces Colby cheese, shredded4 ounces Monterey Jack cheese, shredded¼ cup sour creamGarnish: chopped green onions, chopped tomatoes and slicedblack olivesMix the crushed tortilla chips and melted butter in a bowl. Pressover the bottom of a 9-inch spring form pan. Bake at 325degrees for 15 minutes. Beat the cream cheese and eggs in amixing bowl. Mix in the green chilies, jalapenos, Colby cheeseand Monterey Jack cheese. Pour over the baked layer. Bake at• Stuffed bread, page 46• Raspberry Ribbon Cheesecake, page 47Remember as with all barbecues this one is calorie free!Your suggestions for this article are always welcome so keepthem coming; have a good summer and be safe.Dining Without Reservations, JL of Beaumont...........................$26.95Boston Uncommon, JL of Boston ................................................$31.50Charleston Receipts Repeats, JL of Charleston...........................$22.95Grouper to Grits, JL of Clearwater-Dunedin ..............................$26.95Cooking by the Bootstraps, JL of Enid ........................................$24.95Kid’s in the Kitchen, (New) FRP..................................................$24.95Grand Temptations, JL of Grand Rapids .....................................$28.95Peace Meals (New Issue), JL of Houston....................................$34.95Creating Comfort ........................................................................$26.95Come On In!, JL of Jackson.........................................................$26.95Always Superb, JL of Minneapolis..............................................$29.95Open House, JL of Murfreesboro................................................$26.95Notably Nashville, JL of Nashville..............................................$29.95Toast to Omaha, JL of Omaha ....................................................$26.95Worth Tasting, JL of Palm Beaches.............................................$29.95Southern Accents, JL of Pine Bluff..............................................$19.95Southern Accents 2nd Helping, JL of Pine Bluff .........................$24.95Simply Sarasota, JL of Sarasota .................................................$26.95Women of Great Taste, JL of Wichita .........................................$26.9528 cookbook news

Savoring This League Year by Greta GillisWhat a year it has been for the cookbookcommittee. I would like to thankthe entire committee for all of theirhard work this year. Everyone reallycame together to accomplish ourgoals and I am so appreciative of thecommitment everyone made to thecommittee.At the beginning of the League year,we set a goal to nurture our wholesaleaccounts to generate additional sales. I am very grateful toJanel Williams, Christina Wheat, and Bridget Boyd for all oftheir phone calls and visits to these accounts. Their tirelessefforts definitely sold more copies of Savor the Moment. Theyalso helped to “clean up” our wholesale account list, whichwill be beneficial to next year’s committee.As the 10 Year Anniversary of Savor the Moment approaches,we all brainstormed the future of the cookbook. We recognizethe hard work that went into developing Savor theMoment and are so proud of the amazing cookbook thatcame from all of those tireless hours. The committee wouldlove to see the Junior League of Boca Raton develop anotheraward winning cookbook, but this is certainly not a quickprocess. In the meantime, the committee came up with somegreat ideas to help celebrate this momentous anniversary.Look for these ideas to be put into play next year.We met with Dave Kempf, the President of FRP Publishing.Dave so graciously helped us think about creative ways tomarket our book and to approach new wholesale accounts.He also worked with us on some great ideas to help celebratethe upcoming anniversary. It makes our jobs so much easierwhen we have such amazing business partners.There is so much committee work that is unglamorous. All ofthose cookbooks are really heavy and getting them back andforth to the meetings can be back-breaking. Thank you somuch to Liz Goldring and Caroline Rhine for lugging all ofthese books back and forth from the VCRC and the EmbassySuites. Every committee member took their turn at sellingbooks. They got to the GMM early to set up books and gaveup their time to socialize during the cocktail hour becausethey were selling at the cookbook table.Even as we feel we have accomplished so much this year, thereis still so much more to be done next year, especially with planningfor the 10 year anniversary of Savor the Moment. I wouldlike to wish Alison Gatto much success in her position as chairnext year. I know she will be great in the position and JanelWilliams will be a great asset to her as chair-elect.How to Please Discriminating Guestsby Peggy JonesMany thanks go to Peggy Jones for writing about oneof her favorite menus from Savor the Moment. Youwon’t want to wait to prepare this meal for dinnerguests and Peggy’s tips will surely make your eveninga huge success. ~ Greta Gillis, Coobook chairThere are some dinner guests that just won’t go for the plainold steak on the grill. How can you please such discriminatingpalates? My choice is the Rosemary Roasted Rack ofLamb with Cabernet Sauce. This one is sure to please eventhe most demanding gourmet.The preparation is fairly easy; you canprepare the lamb ahead of time androast during cocktails. While it iscooking, your house will smellabsolutely scrumptious. Using freshingredients is the key to the success ofthis dish. In addition, to the ease of preparation, serving on aplatter surrounded by a few more sprigs of fresh rosemary helpsto stimulate the appetite and add to the overall “wow” effect.I like to serve the lamb with roasted tomatoes and rosemarypolenta. Of course a very good aged cabernet also helps toset off the taste.Whenever I have prepared this dish, compliments abound. Iwas especially pleased to hear one guest who frequents thebest restaurants in town proclaim while finishing the last bitson his plate, “you would not get a better meal at the BocaHotel.”cookbook news29

Chocolate Decadence Raises over $45K by Kelli BloechingerOn an unusually chilly evening inFlorida, the 8th Annual ChocolateDecadence drew more than 600 attendeesto sample the finest chocolate -hot and cold! - from more than 30restaurants! Our attendees enjoyedculinary demonstrations from six of thearea’s finest chefs in a Miele kitchen.Rock With U Entertainment kept theaudience entertained as the night progressed.Almost Joon delighted theaudience with their classic rock cover songs. Even in the chillyweather, our attendees feasted and danced the night away!As the Junior League year comes to an end, the ChocolateDecadence committee would like to thank everyone who attendedChocolate Decadence. We were able to raise nearly$45,000 to support the community projects of Junior League ofBoca Raton. With a challenging economy, we would not havebeen able to raise this money without the generous donationsfrom our sponsors: The Dermatology and Aesthetic Institute,Rock With U Entertainment, Paradise Bank, One ThousandOcean, Altier Jewelers, Plastridge Insurance, Exquisite Events,Almost Joon, Michael Anthony Photography, Law Office ofDavid Kovari, Melissa and Jay Whelchel, Susan and JohnWhelchel, Ed and Sue Deiner, RRA, and Harlee Ann Samuels.Also, congratulations to the JLBR new members for planning afabulous pre-event, Mix & Melt: An Amateur ChocolateCompetition. Below is the award winning recipe for DecadentChocolate Mocha Brownies by Cindy Krebsbach, which wonBest Overall.We look forward to seeing you again next year at the 9th AnnualChocolate Decadence!Decadent Chocolate Mocha Brownieswith Frosting24 oz Chocolate Chips, 2/3 cup Butter, 1cup sugar, 4 eggs, 2 tsp vanilla, 2 cups flour1 tsp baking soda, ½ tsp salt, 3 tbsp coffeepowder, 1 cup chopped nuts*Melt the 12 oz of chips and butter, pour into large bowl of electricmixer. Beat in sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Add flour, bakingsoda, salt and coffee powder. Stir in: 12 ounces chocolate chipsand chopped nuts. Pour in greased and floured 9x 13 pan.Bake for 35-40 minutes at 375 degrees. Cool fully.Frosting:12 oz of chocolate chips, 4 tbsp unsalted butter, 1 cup of heavycream, 2 tbsp coffee liqueur.Bring butter and heavy cream to a boil, remove from heat andadd 12 ounces of chocolate chips, stir until melted. Stir in coffeeliqueur. Pour into small mixer bowl and beat. Cool in therefrigerator until consistency similar to sour cream. Beat untilstiff. Spread on brownies.30 chocolate news

ODI Experience, Grapevine, Texas by Alana LatiolaisAs we discussed how to put ourOrganization Development Institute(ODI) experience into words, we justsmiled at each other. What a trulyinvaluable experience! There are somany words that came to mind aswe debriefed after each day of training.A few of those words are motivational,strategy, diversity, camaraderie,sharing, change, growth,and results.Melissa Nemeth and Melinda Blonshine were thrilled toparticipate in the Community Impact track. They learnednew strategies for increasing participation in communityprojects through education and membership satisfaction.Morgan Green and Alana Latiolais enthusiastically attendedthe Membership Development track. They were taughtstrategies on how to recruit, train, and retain members.And all of us learned about the importance of diversity inour Junior League.Each day we were in awe of the ideas and experiences thatthe fellow Junior League members had to share. Therewere moments that we just could not write fast enough tocapture each and every word, but we captured hundreds!We are looking forward to helping implement new strategiesand watching the knowledge we gained permeate intoour Junior League.There were Junior Leagues from across the United States andthree other countries which varied in size from 3,000 activemembers to as few as 50 active members. Each JuniorLeague represented was unique but we all share the samemission. Although we learned many new ideas, we were alsoreminded of how great the Junior League of Boca Raton trulyis. We were so proud to share the great practices of our veryown Boca League and were always met with excitement fromother delegates - they just couldn’t wait to get home to implementsome of our programs and techniques! We all appreciatethis opportunity and would like to thank each memberfor giving us this experience.left - right (top) Morgan Green & Alana Latiolais,(bottom) Melissa Nemeth & Melinda BlonshineMarta I. Rendon, M.D.and Skin Care ResearchSalutes the Junior League of Boca RatonThe Dermatology and Aesthetic Center880 N.W. 13 Street, Suite 3C l Boca Raton, Florida 33486561-750-0544 l www.drrendon.comCosmetic Dermatology/General Dermatology/Mohs Surgery/Researchtraining news31

Latest Scoop from MSAT by MSAT CommitteeLife Balance Workshop – February 2009The start of the new year is always a time to get organized,save money, and make plans for the coming year. How canyou do all of that and still remain as fabulous as you were lastyear? MSAT brought together a few speakers for the LifeBalance Workshop to help you do just that! The night startedoff with Back to Basics for Investment and Planning, presentedby Mitchell Smith of Gaines & Smith Financial Group.He delivered several great tips on how to survive and makesmart choices in today’s economy. Our next speaker wasSuzy Wilkoff from Tasks Unlimited. She affirmed that she is anexpert on time management and organization with her presentationon Good Time Management - Your Key to Wellbeingin 2009. We ended the night with How to Share YourFabulousness with the World by Kate Volman from the BocaRaton Chamber of Commerce. She simplified being fabulousdown to a few powerful bullet points:• Decide how you start your day• Decide your language• Decide whom you spend your time with• Decide your goals• Decide to be thankful• Decide to make a difference• Be familiar with your surroundings. Take note of any suspiciousperson or persons.• Follow your instinct. It’s usually right!• When heading to your car, always have your keys out andready. This not only allows you to enter your car quickly,but the keys can also be used as a weapon!• DON’T EVER GET IN THE CAR! If you are attacked andthey tell you to get in the car, DON’T GO!If you are interested in learning more about Billy Hodge andhis programs, then please visit his website at www.usfcbootcamp.com.Special thanks to Billy and his partner Tammy fortaking time out to educate our League on the keys to selfdefense!Thank you to everyone who supported MSAT this year byattending our events. Get excited for our Girls’ Night Out onWednesday, April 29th from 6-9pm at GiGi’s in Mizner Park.Buy your tickets online for $15 or pay at the door to receivetwo drinks and appetizers. All JLBR members and girlfriendsare invited!This was a great workshop which was echoed by all of youwho attended. It IS possible to have it all and be fabulouswhile doing it and thanks to this workshop there are moreJunior League members equipped to conquer the world!Self Defense Class – March 2009MSAT’s self defense class was a huge success! Our fearlessleader, Billy Hodge, has over 20 years experience as apolice officer, military trainer, fitness instructor and bootcamp guru. He showed us life saving techniques that wecan apply when being threatened or attacked by someonewho is trying to do us harm. We were able to apply andpractice these techniques with other class participants. Notonly did we learn techniques, we also learned some valuabletools:32 msat news

New Member Course Review by Jamie SauerThis year, the MembershipDevelopment committee has beenhonored to work with so many amazingwomen. Our goals: to havestrong advisors for the new membersto excel, to train the new members inleadership and volunteering, to teachthe new members about JLBR and tohave fun!This year started with a kick-off partyat Big City Tavern. Then, our first coremeeting introduced the new members to the JLBR starting witha 78-page course outline complete with agendas, dates,requirements, a “What to do When” section, the missionstatement, organization chart, Governance Council andoffice contact information, tax exemption form, informationon all of the committees, terms and definitions and Bridge,PR, reimbursement and donation form information.developed Chocolate Decadence’s Mix and Melt – an amateurchocolate cooking competition, produced a life skillsclass for the members of Spirit of Giving, designed and builta sensory trail for students to enjoy with horses to help withfine motor skills and communication, organized a health foodfair, implemented a reading workshop and provided booksfor the children of In the Pines, planned and marketed a PastPresident’s Panel – part of Leadership University and preparedand promoted Savor the Moment dinner parties with funmovie themes for JLBR members, friends and family to enjoy.The Membership Development committee has had a greatyear. The success is due not only to the committee, but especiallybecause of the new members. The new members areincredible, and we are so lucky to have so many great womenjoining our League.Super Saturday was early this year. We met in September andvisited the VCRC, Milagro Center, In the Pines (North andSouth), Horses and the Handicapped and Kids in Distress.Each offered amazing insight into the community partnershipand the good that they do for the community. The very nextcore meeting brought new member projects, which were awesome!Speakers at the core meetings included President Kristen Ross,President-Elect Linda Gunn, the VPs, Sustainers and KateVolman, founder of Female and Beautiful and VP of theGreater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, on Living YourDreams and Ezra Krieg of Community Leadership Consultingon How to be an Effective Leader. The training each speakergave presented a wide array of information from fundraisingto volunteering to success as an individual to informationabout JLBR. We offer a big thank you from our committee toeveryone who spoke at the core meetings and SuperSaturday.We also instilled a monthly section showing how an idea goesinto action at the JLBR. We started with a skit coming up withan idea. Then each month a new group came in includingthe DIAD committee, the entire Community Council and theBoard. At the end, we opened up the JLBR to the new membersby offering the new members the opportunity to go to acommittee or council meeting of their choice. We are sograteful to everyone who spoke and shared the JLBR with thenew members.As the JLBR year comes to a close, we will have a new memberparty to celebrate all the good they have done for thecommunity. In six short months, the new members of JLBRhave made over a house for a family in need, produced educationalbrochures and solicited food for shelters, created arelaxation area for the deserving staff at Florence Fuller,Home Health AidesCertified Nurse AidesHomeMaker / CompanionsLive-insCase ManagementAssistance with Shopping &AppointmentsHousehold AccountingMonthly ReportsA Nurse Registry Lisc # NR 30211019References ProvidedMary Kelly370 Camino Garden Blvd., Ste. 118PresidentBoca Raton, Florida 33432(a Junior League Member) (561) 368-7422www.personalseniorservice.commembership development news33

Sustainer Scoop by Lou Ann SuchHAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: Each oneof you is in a different stage ofmotherhood, or no stage if youchose a pet instead. We have anew Sustainer, Elizabeth Smith, whohas one-year-old twin boys. Doyou remember changing all thosediapers, getting up almost everynight for the first few years, wishingfor just a little sanity in your life?Now lots of you are all thrilled with grandchildren, changingthem, babysitting them, etc. What a different point of viewyou have; play with them and send them back to their mothers.Whatever stage you are in, have a fun day.LIz LOCKE: Did any ofyou go to Liz Locke’sclass at the VCRC forFacebook, Web 2.0and other social networkstraining? Boy,do I ever feel old, and Ieven have to use thecomputer every day formy real estate work. Lizwas so great, so forgivingand so informativewhen we asked really dumb questions. She did not evencrack a smile. Ladies, we must try to enter the 21st centurygracefully. So far, I am a dismal failure. If it weren’t for mydaughter, Reagan, heaven knows what I would wear or say.Thank you to Liz for bringing us a little way into the real world.BARBARA O’CONNELL: As you have probably realized, Idon’t do sad. These articles are to cheer you up, inform you,well sort of, and to let you know what is happening with ourLeague and the wonderful things Sustainers are accomplishing.Barbara O'Connell had her first art exhibit at the newBoca Library on Spanish River. The show was called “SeeingBoca Raton with an Impressionistic Eye.” For more than fiveyears, she has been working on this collection of 20 oil paintingsdone in the Impressionist style of painting. The Friendsof the Library had an opening gala on April 2nd. The showwill run through Memorial Day weekend. Do go see whatone of our own has accomplished.LISA MORGAN: Lisa was nominated Woman of the Year bythe Lupus Foundation, South Florida Chapter for theAmerican Cancer Society 1000 Plus Club. Lisa just quietlygoes about accomplishing all kinds of good deeds. Sheplanned our Ginger Bread House day and has another interestingevent in mind for next fall. Lisa is constantly helpingothers. Congratulations to Lisa for her great and welldeservedhonor.SPRING LUNCHEON: A big round of applause goes to ourzED451 luncheon planners, Linda Eckelson, Juana Franklin,Mary Schall and Sue Wicker. What a great place, great meal,great ambience, and a great time. These four ladies wentabove and beyond to create a really special end of the yearsend off. Thank you.CALDWELL THEATRE: Helen Ballerano has one more playdate for us, literally, Something's Afoot, a play at CaldwellTheatre on Wednesday, May 6th at 8p.m. The play is a murdermystery musical set in 1935 at an English country estate.What fun, sounds like Agatha Christie with music. We willhave a reception before to meet and greet. Do join us for ourlast fling.GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Tuesday May 12th isthe annual business meeting at the Delray Beach Club. Itis a dinner meeting, always a happy time. You need to bethere to honor our Sustainer of the year and our latestWoman Volunteer of the Year nominee, as well as theincredible WVOY honorary chair. These three great sustainersreally deserve this honor, as you will all agree whenyou hear who they are. Of course we all also love seeingthe 'passing of the gavel' by the past JLBR presidents on toour new leader, Linda Gunn, who I am sure will entertainus all! So come and have a new yearbook picture phototaken, come for a final party, social hour, dinner and briefmeeting to see our next year's president, Linda Gunn andto applaud our amazing sustainers.The JLBR In The Pines Committee wishes to thankMadras Cafe for their generous donation of food for the Dental DayMadras CafeDr. Saadia’s favorite Indian Restaurant1434 S Powerline Road l Pompano Beach, FLTel: 954-977-5434www.madrascafe.net701 South Federal HighwayBoca Raton395-346234 sustainer news

THANK YOUS: I wish to thank all of you who dedicatedmany hours to plan and execute all of our activities. If I listall of the names, we will run out of time and paper. Pleasejust go to our Sustainer web page, and look at our SustainerCouncil list. Every single one of those names represents a lotof time given by those ladies so that we could play this year.Most of these ladies have served for two or three years forwhich I am truly grateful. (To get to our page, go to JLBR.org,choose “members only” on the left side, sign in with youremail address as it appears in the year book. Your passwordis “Welcome” until you change it. Go to our Sustainer pageto see the long list of ladies who make your Sustainer Leagueyear more fun and interesting.)FINAL LIST: Fall Social, “Old Bags” Luncheon, DinnerGroups, Museum Trips, Bridge Groups, Ginger Bread HouseDecorating, Scrabble Group, Needlepoint Day, CottageMeetings, Festival of the Arts events, VCRC classes, SpringLuncheon and Boca Helping Hands volunteering; Did youparticipate in any of the events? If so, you found out what agreat group we are! If you did not, then I hope you will considerus next year. We swarm in on an old friend we haven’tseen like bees to the hive, and new transfer Sustainers areattacked for information and a warm welcome. Other thanphysically dragging you to some of the fun and silly things weSustainer Birthdaysdo, all I can do is invite you over and over again to join us.We want you to be part of our cohesive group. So, adieu forthe summer. Hope to see you next fall for an even bigger andbetter “Old Bags” Luncheon.MAY EVENTSBRIDGE GROUPS: Day: Friday, May 1st, Hostess – Elly RolfeRSVP 391-3730. Night: Tuesday, May 19th, Hostess – SusanSaxton RSVP 955-8597CALDWELL THEATRE: Wednesday, May 6th - Something’sAfoot. Cost is $38 includes reception before. Pay online orsend a check made payable to JLBR to Helen Ballerano.ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Tuesday, May 12th – 6p.m. Social Hour, 7 p.m. Meeting, cost is $39 (paid inadvance), Delray Beach Club. Come cheer our Sustainer ofthe Year, JLBR’s Nominee and Honorary Chair for WVOY.BOOK GROUPS: Groups I and III: Thursday, May 14, 5:30p.m., Hostess is Andrea Kornblue, RSVP 395-0758. Book isThe Birth House by Ami McKay. Group II: Thursday, May14th at Noon, Hostess is Susan LeBrun, RSVP 266-9965.Please Note: : If your birthday is not listed, please contactthe League office at info@jlbr.org or call 561-620-2553.May2 Brooke LibertyJane Lott3 Cynthia BrownSherry KieferKesia ParkhillDonna Seffer6 Pam BegelmanCaron DockertyChristine Kraft7 Ann Rutherford8 Anastasia SchauerJorganna Trachtenberg9 Kimberlee Poulton10 Karina Bahr11 Patsy Chamberlain-Hedrick12 Soozie ChildersLinda DuttonBarbara HillDale Workman15 Susan DavisLou Ann Such16 Katina GarciaJudith Hilsmier17 Shelly Sipp18 Lynn LawlessKaren-Christa Roets20 Kimberlee Stiles22 Sharon Budd24 Bonnie Koenig25 Mary ColemanAnna Morgan27 Nancy Ryder28 Anne Barron30 Shanna St. John31 Theresa ReyJune1 Robin Schnars2 Gay Bridges5 Christiane HeadJulia Trevarthen6 Rosemary AuclairCarole PutmanCathy Younis8 Jackie Slatkow10 Anne HendersonChristine Najac11 Linda Carl Olson MacLaren12 Suzanne DonovanCandice Heydt14 Lesley Hackett15 Gail Bonani16 Shelia MacFarland17 Gail Krumholtz18 Margaret Jones19 Suzanne Carey20 Constance Lee21 Diahann Koshi23 Janie CasassaLinda DavidsonPamela Steele-Unger25 Anne Green26 Marian Brooks27 Heather White30 Barbara ThompsonBarbara WeprinLynn WhitledgeJuly1 Julie Buser2 Carolyn Miller3 Jeanne BaurDiane Nestor5 Catherine Toomey8 Tracey DeFrancesJill Prentiss10 Cristy FimianiMarian Norton MillerShirley Rollins11 Ellen ColeJulia Finnigan12 Renee HolmesPatricia Moloney13 LuAnn JarvieMichelle Woods16 Linda EckelsonElizabeth Fitzsimmons17 Denise Alman19 Patricia DamronJoan Genest20 Johanna FelberbaumJeanne Gifford21 Pattie Babler22 Virginia BuckMartha NicolliMarsha Searcy24 Mary Schall25 Katherine DeLuccaSusan SaxtonA u g u s t1 Jean ComlyDiane Lindsay3 Kathleen JohnsonMarcela Schneider4 Janis Keyser6 Karen ArcherDiane Hopkins10 Margaret Mary Shuff13 Jane DeBoeSusan Whelchel14 Maureen FayLynn MacDougall15 Mary Andrea Goodman16 Betty AkersMichelle RubinDawn ZookColette Clark18 Christina Elbualy19 Cynthia KrebsbachEllen Malone23 Constance ScottKaren Sloan24 Carolyn Arnold25 Elena ArmbrustJoni GoldbergTracey Rossi26 Terry WhittemoreDenise Zimmerman27 Nancy Ingalls28 Janice KelleyNancy SchmidtNancy SchwadererSusan Spence30 Lois BakerSally SchmidCandace Vaughn31 Millicent DuvallSusie Cavalearsustainer news35

Bulletin BoardActive SummerBirthdaysMay1 Melinda Blonshine2 Lynne GayleMonica Pigna3 Jennifer MillerCarolyn Shimkus5 Alyson BaughJennifer Wolfe7 Rebecca Kenefick8 Darcy SimsCristina Stewart - Harfmann9 Mary-Randolph Scott11 Lorraine Thornton14 Jacqueline NicholsonWhitney Terry15 Tanya Rouce16 Lisa Daly18 Lana Rosenzweig19 Kristy LopezEmily McMullinConnie Rivera22 Martina MirandaHeidi Uuranniemi23 Morgan CarpenterCatherine Scheurle26 Cynthia Muench27 Leala DickensonAlex GaglioKristen Velasco29 Kristin CalderRachel HalperinDana ScheyNatalie WarrenCarla Zorovich30 Angela SarloJune1 Lisa Moss2 Katherine RegnaMary Beth Tate7 Nancy Wilkinson8 Robin DeyoMaggie DickensonKaren McDonough9 Kathleen Carey10 Meeghan Seoane13 Jessica Cohen14 Kimberly ReadMarti Soroka15 Kristy HartofilisDo you have frienDs inother Leagues throughoutthe country?19 Karen Schlesinger20 Paula Ciavolino21 Jami Guttenberg22 Reneé DuryeéMarya GillLinda Gunn23 Carrie Dillon24 Kelli Carter25 Barbara Marsh27 Jody Baade28 Marjorie Hollman29 Andrea GarciaKirsten TuzzoMichelle RuffJenny Wicker30 Jennifer HarperJuly3 Jody Beynon6 Michelle Bushouse7 Barbara Trevino8 Amy BrandElizabeth Johnson9 Megan Dangerfield10 Victoria KellyIf so, don’t you think they would love apair of the brand new Junior League flipflops? You can help us raise money forour League by sending your friendsinformation about our flip flops and givingthem our website addresswww.jlbr.org so they can order them.Karla Veronez11 Davida Nelums13 Susan Albertson16 Amy Kazma18 Marisa Ungerman19 Lisa Harmer21 Pamela Willis23 Tibisay Vasile26 Jacqueline KohlCarla Lowry27 Judith LandJulie Wolverton28 Gillian De MarcoMarion Godin29 Lara Hussey30 Jennifer Robertson31 Lisa Warrenaugust3 Crystal McMillin5 Christina Sloan6 Heather Borgioli6 Danielle Garrard9 Brittany Steele10 Saadia Mohammed11 Elisa GoldmanLeslie KennedyAlana Latiolais13 Ashley Schaller14 Melissa Montes15 Phoebe Chapman17 Ana DiazKimberly Rosemurgy18 Olivia Prescott19 Valorie Loomer20 Rebecca FairGina Pacelli22 Connie Muir24 Meg Enright25 Kimberly Holtrop26 Kathleen BuerosseAmy GioeniSusan HunterAlissa Waldman27 Laura McMullen28 Brenda BrowningKelly ClarkLayne Wolfe29 Nicole Mugavero31 Alexandra Drpic36 bulletin board

Bulletin BoardList of AdvertisersAndrew Ress, M.D.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Altier Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34Barbara W. Hill, P.A.. . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Barbara Winter, Ph.D. . . . . . . . . . . . 16Bark-Tique . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Boca Raton Fitness Bootcamp . . . Inside CoverCarolyn Arnold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Custom Art Online.com . . . Inside CoverDaniel O’Hara, M.D. . . . . . . . . . . . . 25Delray Beach Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17ego, the salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inside CoverElegant Child . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Green T Creative. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30Gregg Cesario, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage . . . . . . . 24Habitat for Humanity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23Health Care Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29Hirsch Architects, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Home Improvements & Repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22Jacqueline Moroco, D.D.S., M.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Krumholtz Orthodontics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29La Ti Da . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Laura Ann Callaway, HTA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Lil Spa Divas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12Madras Cafe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34Marta I. Rendon, M.d. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Marsha L. Love, Interior Decorator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15One Thousand Ocean. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Paradise Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Personal Senior Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33Plastridge Agency, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Robin Philpit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Rock with U Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36Saadia Mohammed, D.D.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11S. Kapela Slipcovers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Screamin’ Monkeys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16Shari Rosenbaum, M.D.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back CoverSteven R. Alman, D.M.D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14The Fae Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23Tobak’s Fine Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7From Our Hearts to Yours . . .The Junior League of Boca Ratonextends sincere appreciation toCharles Deyoand Cendyn for 10 years of unwaveringsupport and dedicated technology,marketing and operational expertisethat have benefitted the JLBR andimpacted our community.Little LeaguersThe JLBR Membership would like to congratulate thefollowing members on the arrival of her Little Leaguers:Mary Glynn and Tom Cullinan on the birth of their son, Thomas(Tucker) Kevin, III, born March 7th, 8 lbs. 8 oz., 20 in.Dorothy and Blake MacDiarmid on the birth of their daughter,Dorothy Clare, born April 1st, 9 lbs.Carrie and Ryan Dillon on the birth of their daughter, Abigail,born April 3rd.PassingsThe Junior League Membership would like to extend theirsincere condolences to the following members and their families:Kim Wheeler on the death of her beloved mother,Marguerite F. “Peg” MoreyMorgan Carpenter on the death of her beloved grandfather.Endowment FundThe Junior League of Boca raton wishes to recognize andthank those members and friends who have made a recent contributionto the Endowment Fund:Kris Killip, in honor of Debbie Kellogg’s birthday.Floraisa Mattivi, in memory of Tinca Thais Johnson, TibisayVasile’s sister.Peter Baronoff l Linda Eckelson l Jan Kucera l Darcy SimsMorgan and Dawn zookJLBR Annual May Dinner MeetingTuesday, May 12, 20096 p.m. Social - 7 p.m. Dinner and MeetingThe Delray Beach Club,2001 South Ocean Boulevard$39* can be paid online or by sending a checkmade payable to JLBR to the League office.Photographer will be present for yearbook photos!*Must be paid in advance, no walk-ins!bulletin board37

Bridge PatronsThe Publications Committee gratefully acknowledges the generous support of THe BRIDGe from BRIDGe PATRONS listedbelow. Your yearly contribution of $85 will help us give more to the community by absorbing some of our publishing costs.Thanks to you, we are well on the way to becoming a self-supporting publication! Send your check to the JLBR office.Sheila & David AucampCarol AuerbachGretchen BienemanSharon Sands BuddJulie BuserTami & Steve ConstantineStephanie CritchfieldMelinda DeHoffMr. & Mrs. Charles DeyoAnne DickinsonSue & Ed DienerMr. & Mrs. Scott B. DisherMr. & Mrs. Peter DonovanElysa & Scott ElkMay 2009Joanie GoldbergAnnie GreenMorgan & Oliver GreenLinda GunnJillian HasnerChris & Forrest HeathcottDiane HopkinsLeslie JacksonLuAnn JarvieAmy KazmaDebora & Ward KelloggDr. Michael & Mrs. Cindy KrebsbachWendy KulbergMary LavalleBrenda LusherDorothy & Blake MacDiarmidLinda McElweeJanice V. MiddlebrookShannon MoriarityLisa & John MulhallLaurel P. Murray-BoyntonJanet NodineMarion Norton-MillerDenise & Robert O’SullivanElizabeth Pankey-WarrenRobin & Tom PhilpitKarl & Dorothy PreusseCarole PutmanMary RedmanKristen & Kevin RossPeggy & Stephen RuzikaNorman ShapiroJamie SnyderLou Ann & Roger SuchReagan SuchMr. & Mrs. Edward W. Toomey, Sr.Ron & Tina ToweryLuAnn Warner-ProkosDr. Michele WeizerCathy YounisSunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday1 23 4 5 6 7 8 9Board MeetingCinco de MayoKid’s LifestyleSeminar10 11 12 13 14 15 16May AnnualArmed ForcesMother’s DayMeeting 7 pmDayApril 2009S M T W T F S1 2 3 45 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15 16 17 1819 20 21 22 23 24 2526 27 28 29 3017 18 19 20 21 22 2324 25 26 27 28 29 3031Memorial DayJune 2009Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday1 2 3 4 5 6GovernanceBoard Retreat Board RetreatCouncel Meeting7 8 9 10 11 12 1314 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 27Father’s DaySummer Solstice28 29 30July 2009S M T W T F S1 2 3 45 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15 16 17 1819 20 21 22 23 24 2526 27 28 29 30 3138 lines of communication

t h es a l o nsuccess secret #1“Give back to your community”all JLBR Members receive20% off any service561.395.8522139 east palmetto park road l boca ratonNatalee Steiber l owner l JLBR Member

Nonprofit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDBoca Raton, FLPermit No. 163261 N.W. 13th StreetBoca Raton, FL 33432Happy Mother’s DayMay Annual Meeting l Tuesday, May 12, 2009 l 6 p.m. Social - 7 p.m. Meeting l Delray Beach Club

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