May-June 2013 - The Journey Magazine

May-June 2013 - The Journey Magazine

Issue 70 | MayJune 2013HEALTH & WELLNESS | YOGA | HOROSCOPES | PERSONAL ENLIGHTENMENTtheJOURNEYthejourneymag.comA Mind, Body and Soul ConnectionFollowingYour HeartServing Cleveland • Columbus • Pittsburgh

Gregg Braden Coming toThe Journey Expo Cleveland 2013Best selling author and enlighteningspeaker Gregg Braden will be a keynotespeaker and will also facilitate a workshopat The 11 th Journey Expo Cleveland. Onceagain at Lakeland Community College,the Expo will be September 6,7 & 8.The Journey Expo Cleveland 2013features three days of lectures, workshops,demonstrations to spark you to higherlevels of consciousness. Vendors featuring;nutrition, bodywork, art, crystals, organics, psychic readings, yoga,music, astrology, aura imagery and much more!For more information and as well as tickets: Front Porch“Do what you feel in your heart to be rightforyou’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll bedamned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”~ Eleanor RooseveltFive Facts to Know about GMOs…and FiveThings You Can Do to Reduce Your Exposure1. What is a GMO? GMOs (genetically modified organisms,also known as genetically engineered-GE) are altered at themolecular level through laboratory processes that take genesfrom one species and insert them into another to obtain desiredtraits.2. Environmental concerns. GMOs may migrate and damageother farms and ecosystems. They have been known to crosspollinateand contaminate non-GMO crops; once they get intothe wild they cannot be recalled. Additionally, studies haveshown GMO crops often use more pesticides than non-GMOcrops.3. Safety. The safety of GMOs for human consumption hasnot been assured. Several studies have affirmed that GMOcrops have the potential to introduce new toxins or allergensinto our food and environment. There are no mandatory humant h e Jo u r n e yRead Me!See additional Front Porch stories at:www.thejourneymag.comWhile you are there, check out the additional gooodieswe have for you, with more being added constantly!Ma y • Ju n e 2013clinical trials for GMO crops, no requirement for long-term testingon animals, and limited testing requirements on allergenicity.4. Presence. As much as 60-70% of processed foods availablein U.S. grocery stores likely contain some GMOs. If youeat something with high fructose corn syrup, there’s a 90%likelihood that you are consuming GMOs.5. Labeling. Most developed countries, including the 15nations of the European Union, Japan, Brazil, Australia, NewZealand, South Korea, Russia, and China, have mandatorylabeling of genetically modified foods.5 Things You Can Do1. Buy organic. The USDA’s official organic standards prohibitproducts that were grown and made with GMOs. Organic foodand products are the best way to avoid GMOs.2. If not organic, look for the Non-GMO Project label. If aproduct carries the Non-GMO Project Verified Label, it hasbeen tested and found to have less than 0.9% GMO contamination.3. Avoid foods that are most likely to be GMOs. There arenine GMO crops on the market today: corn, soybean, cotton,sugar beets, alfalfa, canola, Hawaiian papaya, yellow crooknecksquash, and zucchini. Those crops often end up in thefollowing foods when processed: corn syrup, corn starch, cornoil, beef, milk, chicken, farmed fish, soy lecithin, soy protein,vegetable oil, and cottonseed oil.4. Write the FDA to demand labeling on all foods that containGMOs. Politicians need to hear the message loud and clear:we all have a right to know what’s in our food. You can addyour voice to the campaign by going to justlabelit.org5. Educate your family and friends. Spread the word by tellingpeople about the unknown and negative impacts of GMOs. (Doyou know that the FDA is close to approving GE salmon, theworld’s first genetically engineered animal?) Sign the petitionto have your food labeled and then pass it on: www.unclematts.comPa g e 7

The Front PorchPa g e 8O SHO“Look deep into your heart.Listen to the still small voicewithin. And remember onething: life is fulfilled onlythrough longings, neverthrough ambitions. Life becomesblissful only through theheart, never through the mind.Mind creates science, the heartcreates religion. Mind can giveyou better technology, bettergadgets. The heart gives youthe real, ultimate values: love,bliss, truth, freedom, awareness,God. And a life withoutthese values is valueless.”~ Osho“Let yourself be silentlydrawn by the strangepull of what you reallylove. It will not lead youastray.”~ Rumi,Essential RumiRock on....The Front Porchunder events.Ma y • Ju n e 2013Wah! In ConcertAn evening of songs and celebration. Wah! awakensa journey of love and expansion through her music.On Wednesday, September 4 Wah will be at BYSYoga Studio in Pittsburgh. For more information on thisperformance , please go to www.thejourenymag.comThen on Saturday, September 7 shewill again be a part of The JourneyExpo in Cleveland. That evening shewill be sharing her Healing Concertwith special guest Gregg Braden on theflute. The Healing Concert is a 2-hourconcert of meditative music, usingvocals, keyboards, special effects andBliss lights designed to inspire naturalhealing. The concerts are offeredin special locations as a vehicle forhealing our own hearts and for bringingMother Nature back into balance.Audience members can sit or lie downto receive the music.And then on Sunday, September 8,Wah! Will be facilitating a HealingSound Workshop. This enlighteningworkshop is a series of exercises, breathing and meditation led byWah! It is fun and easy to do, suitable for all ages. Come with a friend,come with a family member, come alone, be in sacred space together.We will use breath, toning and meditation to explore the elements ofsound, vibration and healing. More information can once again be foundat under events – Cleveland Expo 2013Wah! is as well known for her sultry grooves and festival appearancesas she is for her meditative music. If you have taken a yoga class in thelast 5 years, you have undoubtedly heard her music. Her Savasana CDshave sold over 60,000 units worldwide. She is an innovator in her field,using a deep understanding of music to create high energy experiencesthat are transformative and expansive to the soul. Wah! has performedwith Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Wayne Dyer and Neale DonaldWalsch.Do you have somethinginteresting you would like toshare with our community?The Front Porch is a place for community news and sharing,updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announcethat book and CD reviews will also take place here on the FrontPorch, so please send us any material you’ve written/recordedor anything you are enchanted by. Press releases for the FrontPorch, as well as submissions for the rest of the magazine, areencouraged, please go to the Front Porch section of The Journeywebsite and submit according to the submission guidelines.t h e Jo u r n e y

t h e Jo u r n e yMa y • Ju n e 2013 Pa g e 9

The Ultimate TruthAbout Being HappyThe world is full of searchers – all looking for the same thing:happiness and inner peace. There’s a good chance you’reamong them, because that’s what draws people to publicationslike this.As the editor, I’ve read every word in The Journey for the pastfour years. It’s helped me learn the truth about happiness and innerpeace, and I’m about to let you in on the secret.But first, a little about me.I am ordinary. Middle-class. Middle-aged. Middle American.With a wife, kids, dog, mortgage, demanding clients, and a predictableroster of worries to get in the way of what I want most: tobe happy.I practice a bit of yoga, enjoy a few drinks, and at any givenmoment am likely to feel as if I should be somewhere else or doingsomething different – which is to say: not at peace.I’m not a guru, shaman, blackbelt, spiritualist or anything else.Barely even a searcher; mine’s been more of a casual inquiry thana quest.So why am I qualified to provide the first, last and only adviceanybody really needs about inner peace?Because I know the answer. It’s a thread running through everyarticle I’ve ever edited in The Journey. It has come to me occasionallyduring meditation. Also while getting drunk. And working. Andsitting on the couch with my kids. At other moments too.You’ll have to trust me. Or don’t.The only thing that will make you happy is deciding that youare already happy.That’s it. My epiphany, my words.They’re not meant to be cryptic or ironic in any way. It’s literallytrue. And it’s the same thing every other interlude along the pathof your search has been trying to tell you – often, I’d bet, with lessbrevity and at greater expense.Pa g e 10By Bob RosenbaumYou have to reclaim happiness over andover again. Some days it’s easy; others itdoesn’t happen at all.You alone decide if a day is good or bad. Things happen aroundyou, and because you are human you respond to them. But youhave the power to choose how they affect your inner peace. Managethis power well and you can be happy.Crystals and aromatics are fine. So are prayer, chakras, astrology,golf, knitting and a thousand other things searchers stumbleupon in their quest for happiness. These may be your compass,your map, your ship, your shovel. They are not the treasure. Theycan’t make you feel the way you want to feel.They’re just tools to help you discover that happiness is alreadyinside you.Ma y • Ju n e 2013You’ve heard this before.Just like you’ve heard how to get rich (buylow, sell high) and lose weight (eat less, exercisemore). Believing it is easy. Knowing it – that’swhat the search is about.Some people are blessed; they stumble onit early. Others search forever and never findit. Many face really big obstacles – abuse, addiction,illness and all other sorts of suffering. Idon’t know how someone claws through all thatto find their happiness, but I’ve met people whodid it. They’ll tell you what I’m telling you: Innerpeace is always there. The hard part is clearingaway all the wreckage so you can feel it, if onlyfor a few minutes at a time.The first time you succeed you will knowwhy people always talk about this stuff in cliches.It’s because the cliches are true: Happinessreally isn’t having what you want; it reallyis wanting what you have.No matter how many times you hear that,you have to discover it yourself. So you strikeout on a path that has no markings or signpostsand you follow it – sometimes for years – withfaith that it goes somewhere and WHAM! fora brief moment everything makes sense andyou’re happy like never before and then just assuddenly you’re lost in the woods again.Once you’ve touched your happiness, you’llwant to do it again. So you keep following thepath, learning over time that it just goes onforever.I was checking in at a yoga studio recentlyt h e Jo u r n e y

and overheard a new customer tell the cashier, “No, Ihaven’t been practicing for long; just 12 or 13 years.”You don’t talk like that until you’ve felt the WHAM! afew times. As you walk your path, you discover there aretechniques that make it easier to touch your happiness– but never easy.These things may be your compass,your map, your ship, your shovel.They are not the treasure. Theycan’t make you feel the way youwant to feel.You have to practice being happy every day, and youwake up each morning to find you’ve lost some fromyesterday. You reclaim happiness over and over again.Some days it’s easy; others it doesn’t happen at all.That’s because – as another cliché says – happinessis a journey, not a destination.You’ve heard this too. You probably believe it. If youkeep searching, some day you’ll know it. Even if only foran hour or two at a time.Happiness is inside you. It isn’t anywhere else.That’s why they call it inner peace.Bob Rosenbaum is an independent marketing consultantand editor of The Journey, a part-time gig that leavesample opportunity to think about stuff like this.t h e Jo u r n e yMa y • Ju n e 2013Pa g e 11

A Heartfelt Journeyfor Healthy FoodBy Elbert P. Crarywas born in 1924 and I grew up ona 208-acre farm in southern Ohio.It was right along the Ohio River Iand stretched about a half-mile alongits northern bank. There was a stripof land under the bank that floodedseveral times a year.Above the bank was the bottomland that stretched anywhere fromone to 1,200 feet back to the foothills.Our farm had about 60 acresof flat bottom land and the rest wason the hills. When the river floodedAbove the river bank, the bottom land seldomflooded. During the depression we had no moneyfor chemical fertilizers but in the springtime wespread our barnyard manure as far as it would go.under the bank it left a layer of siltthat the rain and the streams hadwashed out of the hills. It was loadedwith natural mineral salts and humus.We never needed to fertilize under theriver bank. It was always planted withcorn. Our corn grew eight to ten feethigh with huge yellow ears.Above the river bank, the bottomland seldom flooded. Duringthe depression we had no money forchemical fertilizers but in the springwe spread our barnyard manure asfar as it would go.As far as the barnyard manurereached, the crops of corn, wheatand soy beans were almost as greatas the corn that grew under the riverbank. We did not need chemicalfertilizers on this land. Crop rotationPa g e 12was practiced on the bottom landand this kept it productive. However,we could always tell how far the barnyardmanure had reached.We had the G.I. bill, so afterWorld War II I didn’t come back tothe farm, instead finishing college atOhio State University with a teachingdegree. But my interest in the farmpersisted and I was keenly aware ofthe differences in foods from chemicallyfertilized soils versus organicallyfertilized soils.In my studies I learned how peoplethat live on foods from chemicallyfertilized soils have much greaterincidences of degenerative diseasesthan those who live on naturally fertilizedfoods. I saw the unnatural preservativesused in foods, hormonesfed to animals and the pesticides thatany chemist could detect in so manyof our commercial foods.As my family grew I wanted themto have the best nutrition so I usednatural foods as often as I could. Ieven found farmers who would sellraw milk for my children. I had grownup on natural raw milk without aproblem.However, I found that I couldn’talways trust the sources of my foods,so in the 1970s I began to look for alittle piece of land where I could growMa Ma y • y Ju • n Ju e n 2013 e 2013my own food. By 1976 I bought aneight-acre plot in Auburn townshipin Geauga County. I began to useorganic fertilizers, utilize crop rotationand when I went to the organicfarmers convention I learned aboutBiodynamic Agriculture.This was an agriculture that wasnot only organic but was also consciouslyfocusing on the use of thelife forces , which I had experiencedin my youth in corn that was grownunder the river bank. BiodynamicAgriculture used a method to reinvestthe life forces of the universeinto our soils.Rudolph Steiner, an Austrianmystic and founder of the BiodynamicAgriculture movement, wouldsay that we do not live by the materialin our foods, but by the spiritualforces the food carries.From my studies in modernquantum physics and metaphysicsthis made perfect sense to me.Modern physics says that we live inan electromagnetic universe. It is auniverse of life and light that is alsothe foundation of metaphysics.So I began to practice biodynamicagriculture on my little farmin the early 1990s.We did not have any real problemwith insects. We didn’t need insecticides.A chemical fertilizer used onmy farm would disrupt the flow ofthe life forces in our foods. The foodsfrom our vegetable garden were, andstill are, excellent.Continued on page 14t h e Jo u r n e y

BECOME A CERTIFIEDHYPNOTHERAPISTREADINGS BYTheresaLearn How to Use The Power of Your Mindand Help Others Reach Their GoalsYOUR POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED!EARN YOUR CERTIFICATE IN 3 MONTHSIN OUR STATE LICENSED PROGRAMFREE One Year Membership in the IMDHA*Personal GrowthSchoolof HypnotherapyState of OhioLicensed*IMDHA International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy AssociationPsychic Astrology • PalmistryCards • Business AstrologyPrivate Consultations • PartiesLectures • Astrology ChartsReadings atBucci’s Brick Oven on Smith Road in Middleburg Hts.Tuesdays 5:30 to 8:30 PMTheresa A. Manjas (440) 943-1814visit us online...www.thejourneymag.comt h e Jo u r n e y Ma y • Ju n e 2013Pa g e 13

The Akashic RecordsA universal library of personal recordsfor guidance and learning.Stephanie is an Intuitive and acertified Akashic Record Consultant.Through her ability to access your records and, withyour questions, insight is provided into your past andpresent. So that you may bring yourself into alignmentwith your future goals and objectives.Direction, tactics, and wisdom are just a few of theelements gained to allow you to advance andremove any blocks within your path.Your highest potential can be achieved by recognizingrecurring patterns which may often prevent or hinderfrom achieving your highest potential.For a consult please contact StephanieTel: 724-799-4200e-mail: symmetryof8@gmail.comContinued from page 12We have been doing workshops on biodynamic agricultureand I am willing to give a workshop to any groupinterested. I now have eight people who are interestedin working in my garden this summer. These have beendrawn from the workshops.This spring we are making plans for the new growingseason. I have sent an e-mail to encourage all those whowere at my workshops last spring and who have the heartto come and help to continue work to develop this typeof agriculture to its full capacity – and also get these freshvegetables for their own use.Some of them worked in the biodynamic garden lastyear, and they have had a hands-on experience that hasgiven them an understanding of how it works in the field.They have been impressed both favorably and unfavorably.I need to know if their experience in the workshopand/or the field has given them any interest in carrying theBiodynamic movement forward here in northeast Ohio, orfor their own personal use for the food for their bodies and/or for the movement.Steiner said we who work in the field would have towork these things out.Pa g e 14In September I enter my 90s. (I am thrilled. I just hopethat I can make it.) I can’t always judge how much I willbe worth in the field as time goes on. After all, this is thefirst time in my life that I have gone through this. How wellwill I wear?Whatever happens, I will have a biodynamic gardenthis year with or without anyone else.I see biodynamics as the method of bringing MotherEarth back to health after Monsanto et. al. Biodynamicsor something of its kind will need to be the agriculture ofthe future.Our material scientific methods have given us muchto enhance the welfare of humanity but its inadequacieshave caused us much grief in a polluted and degeneratedecology.Its limitations are from its lack of recognizing the otherhalf of our universe. We need to work with the spiritualhalf and develop its science alongside our material science.This is what biodynamics and metaphysics are allabout. So you see, this has truly been quite a journey offollowing my heart.Elbert Crary has been retired on his eight-acre farmfor 28 years, where he works, studies and writes. As alifelong student of metaphysics, he was drawn to RudolphSteiner’s Biodynamic Agriculture. He is now trying to test,further develop and plumb its depth – believing that it, orsome form of it, is to be the agriculture of the future for farmersand gardeners. He can be reached at 216-486-7240.Ma y • Ju n e 2013t h e Jo u r n e y

Rosanna O. Zavarella, Ph.DWholistic PsychologistBODY, MIND and SPIRITHypnosis • Energy HealingCeremony • Chronic IllnessStress ManagementWomens Health IssuesLife TransitionsHealth and Wellness Classesand Workshops3951 Erie St.Willoughby , OH 44094(440) 602-9977visit us online...www.thejourneymag.com5035 Mayfield Rd., #214Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124216-321-3025t h e Jo u r n e yMa Ma y • Ju Ju n e 2013Pa g e 15

Shortly after the birth of my third child I went throughmy house in the context of its Feng Shui. I createda career alter, rearranged appropriate artwork andbooks I loved and added houseplants. I cleared clutterand created a vision board, which encased many of mypassions such as gardening, motherhood and writing.Soon after, I enrolled in an online Medicine WheelFeng Shui course. The course allowed me to explore anddevelop my dreams.As I watched wonderful magazinesthat embraced homebirth ceasepublication, the idea for a magazineof my own was spawned. But howcould I do that, I wondered? I hadno publishing experience.My three children were born at home with midwivesand upon the birth of my first, a passion for empoweredmother-baby-centered birth was ignited.I had been blogging about homebirth for a coupleyears but wanted to do more. I wanted to spread the wordbeyond my blog.As I watched wonderful magazines that embracedhomebirth cease publication, the idea for a magazine ofmy own was spawned. But how could I do that, I wondered?I had no publishing experience.I daydreamed about creating my own magazine anyway.During the MWFS course I outlined what a magazineof my creation would entail. The vision was clear andPa g e 16Living by the Flutterin Your HeartBy Jenna HullMa y • Ju n e 2013came quickly. My magazine would provide a supportiveforum for homebirth, breastfeeding and midwifery ratherthan a battleground. It would include artwork by childrendepicting birth, breastfeeding, and life from their vantagepoint. It would have an advice columnist who shot straightfrom the childbearing hip, doting heavily on the use ofmotherly intuition and common sense – a lost notion intoday’s world of medicalized birth.I found an advice columnist whowas right in line with my vision andthrilled to hop aboard. I bribed mymom to proofread and before Iknew it, I had a 24-page document.My magazine would illuminate joy and positivity inpregnancy, childbirth and beyond through firsthand storiesby mothers, rather than the fear and uncertainty oursociety has brought into this arena. It would emphasizethat positive stories need to be told and heard. In mymind’s eye, the magazine was called Mother Wit.I set my vision board and notebook aside once theMWFS course concluded. I browsed through it from timeto time, placing it on my career alter until it would disappearcourtesy of one of my small curious children.Then I would find it and tuck it away again.I had no real plan of doing anything with this dream.However, looking back, I know the Universe had otherplans for my passion project.I happened across a new birth magazine online thatembodied all I was passionate about. It was printed bya third-party printer rather than in bulk quantities froma local printer. This meant it could be printed one issueat a time. I was intrigued. I browsed this printing website(Magcloud) and ordered the birth magazine (SQUAT BirthJournal). I waited for my first issue.Ideas about my magazine resurfaced instantly andI knew I might be on to something. I felt a jolt of excitementin my heart.When SQUAT arrived, it was glossy, professional andbeautiful. A real magazine created by women just likeme. I couldn’t wait to start my first issue of Mother Wit. Iknew in my heart the time was right.I learned the ins and outs of Magcloud and startedbadgering friends for their stories of birth gone right. Ihounded them for photographs of their children who wereborn at home. I asked my kids to create birth-relatedartwork, which they did with glee. I found an advice columnistwho was right in line with my vision and thrilledto hop aboard. I bribed my mom to proofread and beforet h e Jo u r n e y

I knew it, I had a 24-page document.Upon creation of my first issue of Mother Wit, I officiallywent into business. I uploaded the PDF to Magcloudand sent out emails to all my friends. The response wasoverwhelmingly positive and joyful.I attended area homebirth meetings, magazine inhand, and the midwives were happy to support and promoteMother Wit, which delighted me to no end. And awayI went, using intuition and gut feeling as my guide. Whenmy heart fluttered, I knew I was on the right track.Fast forward and Mother Wit is now two years old,with seven issues under her postpartum belt. The processof creation remains the most gratifying. Helping mothersbring their own dreams of being published to life isrewarding, something I had not foreseen in my originalvision. Many times women deem themselves unworthyof submitting their story if only because they have neverwritten anything before. The philosophy maintained byMother Wit is that if you can write your story, you areworthy and a writer. It’s that simple.Two years ago I had a dream. Today that dream isreality. My dream today for my future endeavors and goalshas evolved yet again and I find myself daydreamingoften. When I feel the flutter in my heart, I know I am onthe right track. When the time is right, I know my mostheartfelt dreams will come to fruition.Jenna Hull is a writer, garage saler and mother ofthree home-birthed babes. Her magazine website is She practices yoga at Awakenin Mentor, experiments annually in her garden whilethinking of her late grandpa, and loves to bake with herkids.4750 Cleveland Road E.Suite 1Huron OH 44839419-433-0888It’s Your JourneyMetaphysical SuppliesReadingsMassageWorkshopsEnergy WorkRemote Spirit • email: nancy@itsyourjourney.comvisit us online...www.thejourneymag.comt h e Jo u r n e yMa y • Ju n e 2013Pa g e 17

Heads or Tails?A Way of Lifehould I follow my heart or listen to my head? This question has beenasked since before Christ and will continue to be asked until there’sno life on the planet. As for myself, I am probably the last person inSthe world to ask it. I have absolutely not a logical bone in my body; there’sno earth in my astrology chart; and I have followed my heart in every decisionI’ve ever made.What about the decisions where I just couldn’t decide? I flipped a coin.By Eva StarrYes, I have made college decisions based on the flip of a coin – headsor tails. I’m not suggesting that any of you do this, although I must say it’squick, clean and easy.The trick is you keep a nice-sized coin in a special box, just for thisparticular purpose. I have a moon-and-star round ceramic jewelry box that Ikeep my special coins in. There are a few choice Archangels in there, and aspecial coin Louise Hay sent me commemorating her 80 th birthday.There are rules to follow, you never – and I do mean never – go againstthe flip. After all, what’s the point if you’re going to keep flipping until youget the answer you’re hoping for?The trick is you keep a nice-sized coin in a specialbox, just for this particular purpose… There arerules to follow, you never – and I do mean never– go against the flip.Pa g e 18MaMay •yJu•nJuen2013e 2013Do I weigh things out – making columns of pros and cons? Not really, Ijump in my car and leave a blossoming business, two beautiful daughters, agrandson, friends and family to drive 3,000 miles to San Diego in the middleof winter.If that isn’t bad enough, I leave with only what fits in my Nissan, withouta job or savings, no place to live and knowing only one person in the wholestate.Would I do it again? Absolutely!Your heart is the center of the spiritual chakra system. It is also the organthat beats 100,000 times a day,keeping you alive, filling 100,000miles of blood vessels with oxygenand nutrients to feed all your organsand cells. If your heart quitspumping, you’re dead. I don’t knowabout you, but I am rather fond ofthat organ and when it talks to me,I listen to it.Now don’t get me wrong, thebrain also plays an important functionin our lives. Physiologically,the function of the brain is to exertcentralized control over the otherorgans of the body. The brain acts onthe rest of the body both by generatingpatterns of muscle activity andby driving secretion of chemicalscalled hormones. This centralizedcontrol allows rapid and coordinatedresponses to changes in the environment.However, have you ever heardthe term “brain dead”? We can stillbe alive if the brain is dead … but notif the heart stops beating. Therefore,I’m going with the heart.Being a Cancer, my planetaryruling organ is the stomach. I havean innate sense to go with my“gut,” and it’s never been wrong. Iam a clairsentient and just “know”things.But what about you?Continued on page 20t h e Jo u r n e y

“You can feel the energyof the land; it movesyou. There’s no placelike it!”– Festival Participantsanctuary for the open mindCome Enjoy 2 Weeks Of Festivals During July 2013!Promoting creativity and spiritual growth in a community settingSIRIUS RISING“Home Is Where the Spirit Is”July 15-21BRUSHWOOD SUMMERFEST“Celebrate the Creative Spirit”July 22 -28PRICES:Sirius Rising $180 (7 days/6 nights) $80 Weekend Only (Fri – Sun)Summerfest $150 (7 days/6 nights) $70 Weekend Only (Fri – Sun)Go to or call 716-761-6750 for campground information and more details.LLCLongest event of its kind in the USAPresenters/Performers: Margot Adler-AuthorDrawing Down the Moon, Diana Paxson,Billy Woods, Eli, Ivo Dominguez, Primal Rhythm,Kenny Klein, Phat Man Dee, The Mickey’s,& Many MoreOver 100 Workshops: Mind-Body-Soul, Art,Drumming, Dancing, Sacred Fires, Kids' andTeen Programs, Sweat LodgeEnjoy: Nightly Music Concerts, Labyrinth,Hot Showers, Hiking Trails, Pool & Hot Tub.t h e Jo u r n e y Ma y • Ju n e 2013Pa g e 19

Continued from page 18If we look to Hollywood, it seems 98 percent of theromantic movies go with the heart. In Pretty Woman, howmuch logic did Richard Gere put into deciding, at the end,to go with Julia Roberts, a prostitute he’d known for onlyseven days? I’m with Richard Gere on that one, and all theother romantic movies that follow the same formula.What part does your soul play in all of this? Thesoul is who you are, the complete picture; your heart iswhere your passions lie. As stated in Genesis 2:7: “…and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and manbecame a living soul.”The soul is the breath of spirit, which stirs the passionsof the heart to follow its desires, put there by thealmighty Universe.Do you think for one second that you don’t have apurpose or a plan designed by your soul? Your heart’smission is to stir in you the drive, the passion and theimpetus to follow the burning desires of your soul.Ponder these people who followed their hearts:Henry Ford’s father wanted him to take over the familybusiness of farming;Thomas Edison worked 18 hours a day yet said hedidn’t work a day in his life;Bill Gates left Harvard to follow his heart;Walt Disney was turned down by over a hundredbanks;Albert Einstein was considered an “unteachable”fool;Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketballteam.What if Oprah had listened to the critics instead ofher heart?Unfortunately, there are people in this world whocrush dreams. Why? Because they wish they could dowhat you do, and wish they had the guts to follow theirdreams. Don’t let the dream crushers stop you from followingyour heart.Of course, there are optimal situations in your lifewhere your head and your heart are in sync, that’s calledNirvana.If you’re like me and still waiting for Nirvana … gowith the heart. Yeah, there’ll be some growing pains alongthe way, some senseless suffering and maybe even amoment or two of sheer agony. But you’ll know you’realive. Then that day comes when you look at yourself inthe mirror and say:“I do what I do because it resonates with my soul... Ilisten to the music of my heart and pick the instrumentsthat will complete the orchestra.”Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coast-to-coaststudying the various schools of thought. Starr now resides inthe San Diego area devouring the alluring buffet of wisdomthe West Coast has to offer. Contact her at & visit her new blog and herwebsites and us online...www.thejourneymag.comPa g e 20Ma Ma y • Ju Ju n e 2013t h e Jo u r n e y

diversity t h e Jo u r n e yMa y • Ju n e 2013 Pa g e 21

Following My HeartBy wah!olly Parton recently published a book titled “DreamMore: Celebrate the Dreamer in You.” It is a longerversion of a commencement speech she gave atDUniversity of Tennessee, where she told students thatdreams were the only thing that sustained her through apoverty-stricken childhood.Her parents were illiterate and she had little opportunityin her town. Yet she imagined herself a singer,a star – performing for chickens in a raggedy shirt butimagining a beautifuloutfit studdedwith rhinestonesand an audiencefilled with throngsof adoring fans.When she announcedat her highschool graduationthat she was “goingto be a star,” theaudience laughed.At the time she feltthey were being cruel,but later realizedthat no one in thattown had ever metsomeone who hadbig dreams. Dollydreamed big dreams and manifested them.I have brought many dreams to life and enjoyed wonderfulopportunities in my career as a singer and spiritualteacher. My dream at the moment is actually a feeling – afeeling of belonging, a feeling of being pertinent, a feelingof transcendence.Pa g e 22To dream this dream, I have to slow down my thoughts, slow down mybreath and create a space of awareness.It’s something I’m expanding in myself, and I weavepeople and circumstances into my journey to find it. Itis something I want to be.To dream this dream, I have to slow down mythoughts, slow down my breath and create a space ofawareness. And even though my personality exists in aless dominant way here, I often feel more connected tothe source energy that I know will make it all happen. Iwant to live the moment of creation as it happens.This dream is a process of following my heart. Itasks that I access emotions, imagination, meditationand healing within – the stuff of which is often expressedpoorly in words, if at all. My dream bubbles subterranean,underneath my words, underneath the writingsMa y • Ju n e 2013and conversations.I talk to people and I listen – but I’m looking fornonverbal signals. What’s happening in their facial expressionsand their electromagnetic field? I’m looking forsomething deeper than the conversation.My dream requires that I embrace the new – newfriends, new experiences, new work opportunities – stayingopen to new experiences and saying yes to any positiveenergy coming my way.I can’t do thingsthe same old way ifI am to follow myheart and find theexperience I seek.And so I embracethe new, in this moment,allowing it tounfold, embracingwhat comes forwardnaturally.Any experiencein the day thatcreates feelings ofpeace and wholenessis somethingI recognize, appreciateand notice. Iwrite it down. I keepa journal of these momentary highlights that remindme of my most open, wonderful experiences duringthe day.It might be a drawing, or a few words spoken bysomeone, or an affirmation. The experience dissipatesbut my book is lasting. It reminds me that I can and willfind what I seek. It’s right there in the drawing or thewords recorded on the page. It’s not a logical progression;I am simply jumping in and being it, and recordingthe moments that feel right.Eventually, I will piece together all my experiencesof noticing and expanding healing energy so it buildsstructure in my system. When I follow my heart I live inhealing energy.How can we talk about this? If I followed my head, Icould use logic and find the best way to get there. I couldpinpoint a goal and calculate a step-by-step process. ButI’m not following my head, I’m following my heart.The healing energy I seek is not accessed throughlogic, it’s accessed through electromagnetic field. It’st h e Jo u r n e y

accessed through the senses. I can feel the plantsemitting electricity and negative ions, sending merestorative healing energy.I can feel the wind on my face as I ride my bicycleon the beach. I can feel the peaceful energy of someonewho has meditated or prayed before meeting me.I look for signs of healing and wholeness, and my ownconnectedness to it. Following my heart means feelingconnected to all living matter.I can feel the wind on my face as Iride my bicycle on the beach. I canfeel the peaceful energy of someonewho has meditated or prayed beforemeeting me.Living things constantly evolve and change form,so instead of holding the form as my goal, I hold theenergy. It’s actually just a feeling.I have to know when I’m in it and when I’m not.In following my heart, I have to be keenly aware ofeverything around me. I must use all my senses todetect the good stuff. After all, you just never knowwhen beautiful energy will pop into form and greetyou.If I follow my heart, I engage in a dialogue withthe universe. It is a process of slowing down (inhale…exhale…) and then finding vast amounts of space (terrifying).The vast space is unwritten matter, the originof all cosmic possibility. If I take the vast spaces andfeed them with love and all versions of love (mantra,breath, openness, connection), my field holds a paradigmof that energy. I feel closer to the dream.I wrote a song called “Is It Love” whose lyric is“Love Love Love… underneath everything…” If I lookclosely, I often find love at the root of it all. It is theenergy that holds the dream, not the form.Abraham-Hicks says it is a vibration – it is somethingyou become and all form follows it. The processis not accessed through the conscious mind, andtherefore not easily described in words. Anyone whostates it is no longer in the state.Following your heart takes place in the realm ofdreams and imagination; you have to feel your waythrough it, not knowing how it will work out, and beingabsolutely sure of the love that sustains you.I join Dolly in encouraging you to bring yourdreams forward, say it loud, say it proud, nurture itdaily and become the dream.Wah! is a musician, record label owner, mother andone of the founders and leaders of today’s World Musicmovement. Her second book, an exploration of healingthrough sound, will be released in 2013. She will performher Healing Concert at The Journey Expo in Cleveland inSeptember, with opening flute music by Gregg Braden.www.wahmusic.comFeaturing:ReflexologyRelaxing and TherapeuticMassageTai MassageReikiQuantum TouchTarot ReadingsDrum Circles,Sampler Night, YogaSee our website for aschedule of our classeswww.theconciousnest.netCheck out ourFacebook Paget h e Jo u r n e y Ma y • Ju n e 2013Pa g e 23

Pa g e 24Planetary PathwaysBy Eva StarrMay: New Moon in Taurus. May 9, 8:26pm; Full Moon in Sag, May 25, 12:25amJune: New Moon in Gemini, June 8, 11:56 am; Full Moon in Cap, June 23, 7:32amMercury Retrograde: June 26 in Cancer, 9:08am –Direct on July 20, 2:22pmSummer Solstice: June 21, 1:04 amARIESMay – It’s time for the Ram to slow down a bit and taketime to smell the roses… Mother Nature is beckoning youto join with her and listen to the sounds of nature, along withSpirit, take off your shoes and get grounded in the earth –something the Ram needs to do more often. While you’regrounding yourself you’ll be more attuned to hear Spirit.June – Getting down and dirty in the soil did the Ramsome good; it’s as if a cloud has been lifted above thosehorns of yours… It’s time to awaken to your true self…listen to your heart and heed those intuitive yearningsstirring in your soul… you know what to do, and whatmoves the Ram. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.TAURUSMay – This is the month the Bullpen has lots of familyvisitors: the Sun, Mercury (1 st half) and Mars are coming.Hold positive thoughts and send healing energy to thefamily members whether they live with you, just visit youor have made their transition … and remember the oneswho frustrate you the most need the most love.June – It’s the month of love, because your rulingplanet is Venus. The Bull is no stranger to love; take adeep look at the issues surrounding love and everythingthat goes along with it – meaning intimacy as well… Itmay be time to quit pretending that everything’s OK whenyou still need to deal with issues. Deal.GEMINIMay – Venus just landed at the Twins’ doorstep andJupiter is hanging around for two more months…so takeadvantage of these beneficial planets and plan yourselfa much-needed vacation. While you’re at it, take a vacationfrom all those technical toys that Geminis love somuch… Do you really need to be glued to your lap top,and smart phone?JuneThe Sun is shining on the Twins this monthand Mars is coming for a visit… so let’s make it a threesomeand let Jupiter tag along because it’s giving you alast hurrah before moving into Cancer on July 1. You’reon a roll… Go ahead and take some more R&R time…just be wary with Mars: Watch your temper and yourtravel. Safety first.Ma y • Ju n e 2013CANCERMay – You keep saying you’re going to spend moretime in nature but you’re still hiding in that shell. Getto the lake, the park, the ocean… whatever speaks toyou… and breathe fresh air. While you’re at it talk to thefairies; I’ll bet they’ve been trying to get your attentionfor way too long.June – Venus showed up at the Crab’s doorstep thismonth, while Mercury the Messenger is going retrogradein Cancer. The good news is you listened last month,got out of Dodge and into Mother Nature’s wonderland,and got some inspired advice from Spirit. Your problemsare resolved so keep your eyes off the rearview mirror.Namaste.LEOMay – Just because you’re King of the Jungledoesn’t mean you don’t have a heart. I don’t carewhat the Lion says in the Wizard of Oz…you do havea heart, and it’s a generous one, so start listening tothe wise counsel of your true heart and honor thosefeelings you’ve been brushing aside, the jungle needssomeone like you.June – Now that you’ve got your jungle under controland you’ve been listening to your own heart, it’s timeto let go of the reins for a bit and take a vacation. Don’tworry; the jungle can run without you for a spell… callup the Bull, you can rest assured everything will be ingood hands; Bulls are stable and loyal.VIRGOMay – How many times do you need to go over everydetail of everything you do? It’s time to take a break,throw a party, get out and celebrate… make some newfriends… quit worrying about everything from A to Z…this month relax and get a little crazy. Invite an Ariesover…that’ll shake things up.June – OK, time to slow down. Spirit is talking to you,heed its message. Pay attention to your dreams, revampyour diet, take up Yoga… your higher consciousness isvalidating what you’ve known all along. Listen carefully,let your Spirit just be. It’s time for Virgo to come out ofthe cocoon and fly like the butterfly.t h e Jo u r n e y

LIBRAMay – Don’t quit three feet from gold; you’ve beendoing a great job of raising your consciousness, keepingup with your visualizations… now you can smell success.Keep your faith, it’s not time to let those shadows of fearcome creeping in… your desires are truly manifestinginto reality. Don’t tip the scales, breathe.June – Your success isn’t the only thing that’s shifting:Your circle of friends is transitioning…out with the old andin with the new. You’re lifting your vibration to a higherfrequency… making new choices along with new friends.Explore your world and follow your heart’s desire, whichin turn leads you to like-minded friends. Invite them in.SCORPIOMayThe Scorpion isn’t usually thought of as beautiful,but there’s something about the Scorpios this monththat exudes beauty…you definitely are an intense being,and there’s nobody that does passion like a Scorpio…solet that deep, intense, extreme beauty of yours out, justkeep that stinger tucked inside…the world needs yourbeauty, inside and out.June – You’ve definitely shown the world who you are,strutting like a peacock… now it’s time to awaken to yourtrue self. Dig deep; Scorpios are famous for their diggingand investigative abilities. Dig into that Soul of yours anddiscard what no longer serves who you are and who youare becoming. No more giving up on you!SAGITTARIUSMayThe Centaur needs a little bit of R&R…giveyourself permission to take a vacation…you don’t need topull out all the stops in typical magnanimous Sagittarianstyle…a little B&B, maybe some sightseeing…OK if youmust jump out of that plane than go for it…all the Centaurneeds is a jaunt in the magical forest to revitalize.June – Did that R&R do you some good? You’re stillon a roll, it’s time to shake that booty…a little body movementis just what the doctor ordered, get that bike out ofthe garage, start moving those hips, dust off those rustyJohn Travolta moves and get out on the dance floor…the planets are calling for you to move and groove thatbody.asking you to make music a part of your psyche thismonth, whether it be healing Tibetan bells, chakra musicor country line dancing. Pick up an instrument and sing,baby sing.AQUARIUSMay – This month your intuition is razor sharp – sohone it, don’t disown it. You are correct, the Angels andthe powers that be are sending you messages… keepa journal handy at all times, write down anything andeverything that you sense has meaning. The more yourecord the more you’re given. Trust in Spirit…trust yourgut without question.June- The Aquarian is one of the more detached signsof the Zodiac when it comes to romance, but things areheating up and I’m not talking about the kitchen. Exploreyour intimate self, heal any issues that may be holdingyou back; the body is meant to be expressed in the mostwonderful way. When the moment is right be ready.PISCESMay – Speaking your truth opened up your chakras,now it’s time to stand aside, surrender your will to thatbig fish in the sky and let the Powers That Be take over…it’s just like floating in that pond of yours: Let go andyour body will float. Release all that struggle and knowthat your situation is miraculously being healed as youtread water.June – You can stop treading water: rejoice, celebrate…kick up your fins, throw a party, invite the bigsharks over along with the minnows, throw in a Mermaidor two for good measure…don’t wait for someone elseto plan the shindig, recruit some help…there’s plenty offish in the sea…grab some.Eva Starr’s love for Astrology, inherent in her sincechildhood, is still a growing passion today. Visit her, and her new Contact her at Mind, Body and Soul ConnectionCAPRICORNMay – Looks like everyone in the Celestial Heavensneeds some vacation time, and the Goat is no exception.We know the Goat stays glued to its smart phone… it’stime to leave your office and go climb a mountain. Youlove messing around in nature, so push yourself awayfrom your To-Do list and schedule some R&R.June – It’s time to crank up the stereo, listen to thosesongs that keep repeating, (anything you hear threeor more times take note)… The planetary energies aret h e Jo u r n e y MaMayy• JuJunnee2013 2013Pa g e 25

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G r egg BradenBest selling Hay House AuthorJOURNEYEXPOCLEVELAND 2013MIND , BOD Y & SOUL E XPO&LIVING AND EATINGG R E E N E X P OFeaturing two days of lectures, workshops,d e m o n s t ra t i o n s t o s p a rk yo u t o h i g h e rl eve l s o f c o n s ci o u s n e s s . Ve n d o r s f e a t u ri n g ;nutrition, bodywork, art, crystals, organics,psychic, readings, yoga, music, astrology, auraimagery and much more!TWO E XPOS FOR T HE P RIC E OF O NE!September 6, 7 & 8thLakeland Community College, Kirtland, Ohio(20 miles east of Cleveland)Ad designed by Erinn Sneed 216.527.7079Wah Healing ConcertGeorge NooryTINA SACCHI“My Spirit is Not Religious!”DR. TERRY GORDON“No Storm Lasts Forever”DR. LINDA BACKMAN“Past Lives and the Time Between: ThePurpose of Your Live Today”of Coast to Coast AM108 DRUMSDRUM CIRCLE(First 108 DRUMMERS get FREE admission!)Must pre-register info@thejourneymag.comSponsored by:V GUIDELimited Vendor Space Available Please call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392For tickets and More Information www.thejourneymag.comt h e Jo u r n e y Ma y • Ju n e 2013Pa g e 27

Fellowships of the Spirit...A place your soul can call home Program Highlights for 2013 – Our 25th AnniversaryWe offer you on site Live Personal Training & Live Streaming WebinarsSpiritual Insight Training I:May 3-5 or May 17-19 / Sept. 20-22 or 27-29Spiritual Insight Training II:June 21-23 / Oct. 18-20Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, Rev. Jessie Furst, and Rev. Don ScottMARI® Mandala Assessment Research InstrumentShelley Takei, Ph.D.May 24 - 26Why Life Sucks: Enjoying the Lightness of BeingParam Srikantia, Ph.D.June 1Healing Geopathic Stress andSpirit Removal Techniques Psychic Tarot – The Door to Your IntuitionSharon Anne KlinglerJune 24 - 28The Bengston Energy Healing Method and Clues To Healing With Intention: June 28 - 30Bengston Method Advanced Training: July 1William Bengston, Ph.D.Be Your Own Shaman...Walking with SpiritSharon E. Martin, MD, Ph.D.July 5 - 7Psychic Fun FestJuly 13EGR Energy Grid Repair TherapyRev. Jamie SaloffJuly 14Every Path is SacredRev. Ron SkowronksiJuly 20Using Your Mediumship SkillsRev. Gregory KehnJuly 21Qigong Initiation Empowerment & Group HealingMaster Robert PengJuly 27 - 28Letting GO to Let INMarcy NeumannAugust 3The Master Mixer’s Class – A Lab Experiencewith Essential Oils Advanced Mediumship – A TutorialRev. Elaine D. ThomasAug. 10-11; Sept. 10-11; Oct. 16-17; Oct. 26-27Mediumship and the Akashic RecordsRev. Bill CollerAugust 17 - 18Re-Visioning-The Astrology of Intimacyand Commitment Spiritual AnatomyRev. Tom CratsleyAugust 31 - September 1Spiritual Clearings Level I & II: September 14 - 15Angelic Soul Retrieval: September 16Rev. Diana Burney RN, BSN, M.Ed., DDMetaphysical Marketing MasteryRevs. Anita Pizycki CA, and Jamie L. Saloff C.M.October 5 & 6Who Am I? Really??Martie HughesOctober 12The Oracles of Ezekiel & Daniel UnveiledRocco Errico, Ph.D., Th.D.November 2Vibrational Medicine & Medical IntuitiveCertification Training Pa g e 28Call 716-595-2159 or register online at www.fellowshipsspirit.orgFellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center282 Dale Drive, Cassadaga, NYMa y • Ju n e 2013t h e Jo u r n e y

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