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slide headerNew power enables new controlsArchLED 2010June 15, 2010Ryan CarlsonDirector, Product Mgmt

Overview• LEDs enable new thinking in power• New power enables new controls• Better controls reduce more energy• Allows buildings to be smarter• Sensors at every light• Better data means better decisionsArchLED 2010 2

AChigh voltageDriverAC Power:Distributeddi drivers ateach luminaireDClow voltageCentralizedDC:A new way todeliver powerArchLED 2010 3

AChigh voltage - Conduit /MC cableDriver- 80% efficient- Driver limitsluminaire lifeSensorDClow voltage- Class IIwiring- 95% efficient- EnablessensorsArchLED 2010 4

DriverSensorPer luminaireCostWiring installation time(Est.)2 hours@ $80/hrMaterial (e.g. MC cable) $20Total Cost $180Per luminaireCostWiring installation time(Est.)1 hour@ $80/hrMaterial (e.g. Cat. 5) $5Total Cost $85Central power reduces luminaire install cost > 50%ArchLED 2010 5

ArchLED 2010 6

11Central Power:Power / control up to 64 LED lights;Two-way communications to each luminaire;Rack mounted in wiring closet or electrical closetArchLED 2010 7

22Low Voltage Cable:Faster install, lower labor, lower material cost;Power and communication;18 AWG through Cat5ArchLED 2010 8

3Discrete Sensors:3Motion, task light, volumetric light, room temperature, tLED temperature, voltage/currentArchLED 2010 9

Web-basedcontrol software;access fromanywhere

Lighting Energy UsageReducedSchedulingOccupancySchedulingOccupancyLEDtechnologyFlexible SchedulingTailored OccupancyLED technologyCentralized DriverDemand ResponseDaylight HarvestingAdvanced DimmingBaselineBasicControlsBasicControls + LEDRedwoodControls + LEDArchLED 2010 11

Application example: Data centerMultipletemperaturesensors+Networkedmonitoring=real timethermal mapTemperaturewithin specTemperature out of spec email alertArchLED 2010 12

Application example: emergency responseReal-time occupancydata helps identifyfocus areas in anemergencyCurrently occupied;first responders start hereReal-time informationsent to smart phonesArchLED 2010 13

Application example: Conference room usageMultiple occupancysensors+Measurementover time=space utilization75% occupied (OK)50% occupied (OK)25% occupied(change location)ArchLED 2010 14

CostsShiftedValueIncreasedLuminaireCostInstallationCostControlsCostLuminaireCostInstallationCostControlsCostDaylightHarvestingOccupancySensingSchedulingRemoteMonitoringiThermalMapsSpaceUtilizationDemandResponseDaylightHarvestingOccupancySensingSchedulingCreateSmartBuildingsSaveMoreEnergyBefore AfterBefore AfterCentral CentralCentral CentralDC DC DC DCArchLED 2010 15

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